In Defense Of American Women

There are few absolute truths in this world. Before you condemn your culture for another, know what you are getting into. You are a gringo, more liberal than you realize. Deny your identity at your own risk.

This is a message of moderation to the manosphere about American and “western” women.

I am married to a Peruvian woman and I am happy. My wife brings my meals to the table. I do not ask to be served; I am served. The dishes, the laundry, the house-cleaning – she does it all. She cares for our baby every day. I change a diaper every other day or so (maybe 10% of total diapers). When we visit her family, her mother takes over these duties. As a man, I am expected to do none of this.

When I temporarily worked on a landscaping crew in St. Louis, I came home filthy and exhausted. My wife was horrified by my state, heartsick with concern. She insisted I remove my shoes so she could rub my dirty, sweaty feet. I would offer to shower first, but she would insist that I needed relief immediately.

It is not a free lunch. Every benefit comes with a cost.

Disclaimer: On the cultural spectrum, my wife ranks extreme on all the Latina stereotypes. So while my situation is rare, it also gives me the unique perspective to explain the virtues of gringa women.

The downsides you may not see


Any woman who worships you emotionally and physically is not going to understand personal space. She is not going to be cool with your getting shit-hammered at the bar until 4 a.m. Believe all you want about your game, but a woman whose happiness and well-being depend on you, by definition, will not be happy with you having fun with others.

She will be jealous and possessive – two of the most typical traits of Latin women. If you think you can have a woman who will wash and press all your clothes before rubbing your disgusting feet after you cut the grass, and then passively sit by while you go out on a bender, you may be deluding yourself.

I know many gringos married to Latin women. Some of these husbands have the freedom to go out and do what they want, but those wives are relatively westernized and do not do 100% of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry work. My wife is the opposite, but “personal space” does not translate to Spanish. If I asked my wife to wipe my ass, she would do it. However, if someday I said I wanted to do it myself from now on, she would protest. It might be tough to get that job back.

Plenty of gringos meet up with me in Colombia or Peru. My wife insists on coming along. Her English has not always been up to par, so she would sit at the next table without understanding a word. She just wants to monitor the happenings, to make sure there are no other women in the picture, no flirtatious waitresses, no unexpected personalities. Some gringos are reading this right now and laughing, “I had a beer with Colin  [in Lima or Bogota or wherever] and his wife sat at the next table the whole time, not drinking or eating, she just sat and watched us talk!”

Maybe you do not want to take on the traditional roles for men. We attended a basketball game in Peru. It was the city championship game, and I used to play for one of the teams. All the players are my friends, and I was tuned into the action when my wife said she needed to go to the bathroom. Sure, go ahead.

Instead of going, she looked at me, waiting. Seated on my other side, her police officer father told me that I needed to accompany her to the bathroom, or he would. So I walked her down the steps, past the court in front of hundreds of spectators, and to the bathroom, where I waited outside for her to finish.


That lesson reminded me of when I lived in Tucson, Arizona. I used to be at the downtown bus station a few times a week, and it was always crowded with Mexican-American youngsters. Coming from Missouri, it struck me how the young Mexican guys would always have their arm around their girlfriend. If not the arm draping, they would be holding hands or something – never just walking side-by-side like cold gringos.

Manosphere readers may call “BETA!” but understand you are judging from a liberal paradigm. My father-in-law explained, after we came back from the bathroom, that some other man could take my wife away. I doubt it, I countered. But it was no use. In a traditional family in a traditional society, males have gender roles too. You can try to fight it. You can also piss into the wind.

In the early days after shacking up, my wife sometimes asked for permission to go out with her friends after work. Being the liberal gringo I am, of course it was OK. I don’t care. She never went out on any of these occasions. She came home at the exact same hour as always every time she had requested prior permission (I now suspect she did this just to see what I would be doing).

I did not realize it at the time, but in effect, she ceased having friends. She still chats with them on Facebook, but they never meet. And her friends understand. In traditional cultures, family is life. Life is family. Any time spent with friends costs time with family. Maybe I have been in Latin America too long, but I have come around to seeing it this way too.

I have given up the idea of friends. I allow myself just once a month to meet up with a friend away from family. If a month passes without scheduling a hangout, I miss that month. No sweat. Are you willing to give up friends? Are you willing to spend seven days a week with your family?

Contrary to what you may believe about American women

The United States is a land of extremes. There are many obese American women, but American women are also the world’s fittest. While they may not be as overweight, the feminine Latina is not inclined to doing heavy barbell squats, power snatches, or burpees. After so much time in Latin America, seeing the athletic builds on women in the United States is always a surprise. Soccer, track-and-field, and CrossFit girls are a distinctly western breed.

Many American women want to be faithful wives and mothers. I lived with my college sweetheart for two years, a 100% American gringa. She was highly desired by other men and a social butterfly among women. She did the majority of the housework (I did a slightly less-than-fair share), and I had guys’ nights out. She had a gang of beautiful girlfriends whose mission in life was to get hitched and start families. All of her gang, including her, are married with children now.


Before coming back to Peru, I worked at a bar where a Catholic group of young adults had a monthly party. I worked this group several times and was always taken aback by the girls – they were beautiful and healthy. Definitely not the type to be at hook-up bars. Certainly some have been seduced by a player somewhere along the line, but most seemed to be looking for a husband while learning the teachings of Thomas Aquinas over a beer (rarely more than one or two).

What the manosphere presents about American women is real, but so is my reality in America. And mine is significant. It is not small. Those American women are not just my ex and the girls from the Catholic drinking events. I have cousins, friends, friends of cousins, and cousins of friends who want to settle down with a man and be traditional wives.

These are American girls who will not insist on you spending seven days a week with your family. They will not flip out over every girl who leaves a comment on your Facebook update. They grew up with the same cultural influences you did.

It is no coincidence that some of the top manosphere writers hail from Washington, D.C. The American women I describe are not in places like DC, New York, or Los Angeles. They are in Missouri, Michigan, or Georgia. They are in the suburbs and red states. If you live in New York, you might have to venture out to Long Island. If you live in Chicago, try the burbs. If you are in California, you may just have to leave.

Furthermore, these women are not childless at 30 years old. They will have found men to start families with by that age. You have to find them in their early-to mid-20s. If you are over 35 and want a traditional American girl, you either need to devise a cradle-robbing strategy or settle for a single mother.

Before you believe the grass is greener on the other side, you would be wise to see your own backyard’s benefits. The neighbor’s may have weeds that you cannot see from your side.

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363 thoughts on “In Defense Of American Women”

  1. As a man, who gives a flying fuck if your traditional wife/gf/whatever is not ok with you hanging out with your friends or going out on the occasional bender? Are you the man or is she? It’s nice and all that you found a traditional girl, but it is it really necessary to go to that extreme? Lay down the law. If she’s not ok with: NEXTED. You seem to be of the opinion that just because you found a traditional wife, you must submit to ALL of what she expects a traditional husband to be. She’ll get over it.

    1. True, though I personally think that should have been taken care of in the girlfriend stage.

      1. Exactly. Great that she is traditional/conservative and will cook, clean, and raise the family…. but at the end of the day a man needs time and space away from family to hang out with friends etc.

    2. You obviously don’t know the culture…. everything he says is true, especially once kids are involved…. latin american women are extremely possessive, jealous, clingy, needy and moody… their emotional game is ten times anything you find in the anglosphere….
      They will serve you until they are dead on their feet, but as an anglo guy you’re far more used to some space and separation and it can get really tedious having this wench hovering over you all the time… you are basically guilty of cheating if you nip out to the corner shop for a pack of smokes without telling her…
      Everything has a trade off…. The catholic culture is also mired in guilt and shame, which means she’ll tend to brush off alot of this shit onto you…. it is absolutely not an easy going, live and let live culture….
      There is also a lot of feminism amongst the middle class / educated women, with soap opera drama, women gaggling together to pull each others husbands to shreds -such that if one is getting divorced, then all the others husbands must be cheats and they want a divorce too…. there is a quite lustful attitude that if he’s cheating or she can find any excuse to divorce, that’s great because she can fuck new men immediately AND have more kids with husband no#2 or 3.

      1. Shit, just 1-3 generations removed Latinas living in the US are hardcore like this. This article should not come as a shock. Their whole family will lambaste you for infractions the average American White male would scratch his head at.

        1. I don’t see the problem with making family your #1 priority. I mean, kids are your immortality.

        2. Once you have kids it becomes your number 1 priority. Unless you’re an arsehole and just don’t care. Which I’m not.

      2. #1. Don’t get married to one, especially as a white guy.
        #2. Maybe everything he says is true. Still who is the man in the relationship?
        #3 FRAME.

        1. dangle your balls into the blender, press start and then tell me more about #3 FRAME.
          i forgot to mention the hyper active hamster shit testing and constant ‘i’m going to fuck someone else tonight’ game….

        2. Refer back to point #1. DON’T GET MARRIED TO ONE. Easier to maintain frame if you never get married/ have kids with her. If she is akin to having your nuts in a blender then what non-blue pill man would get hitched to her?

        3. if you really want a traditional family setup with a Latina you can do it…. but it’s no kind of walk in the park that people think…. you are NOT getting an easy going, feminine version of an American women… not AT ALL…. the stereotype of the matriarchal wife, beating the Mexican bandit on the head with a frying pan is about the size of it…..
          This article is actually very important, because while a PUA can travel to Brazil or Mexico etc. and find great feminine sexy, horny women and have fun dating them…. and may be tempted to think long term, the reality of the traditional LTR is probably worse than knocking out a kid with a americunt, paying some child support and sharing custody….
          what people miss is that these countries were quite impoverished until recently and in that situation the family is meant to be no#1,2,3,4 and 5 in your list of priorities….
          when you are just making ends meet and getting by in a huge city like Lima, Rio or DF, then it’s all about family, family, family….
          for a motivated, relatively affluent man with ambition, options and opportunity, family comes way down the list. There’s a good reason why Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Philipeans etc. are mired in poverty… people spend huge amounts of time, sitting about doing not much, all weekend drinking and eating with friends and family and a working week is just an inconvenience.

        4. As a previous commenter said, it is up to you as the Man to lay down the law during the girlfriend stage. If she is still beating you over the head with a frying pan as a married man, you fucked up.

        5. oh you can lay down the law all you like…. it’s a very long game ….. girls without kids are a completely different animal to mothers with children…… you started off playing rock paper scissors and suddenly find yourself in the finals of a chess championship…….

        6. One of the many reasons to never get married. At least in any country where the mother and kids always win at the expense of the father.

        7. The way to win with a latin is to stay in their country and fund them at a higher lifestyle than they’re used to…… if things get messy, you can always hop on a plane…. adios senorita…. she knows this so she will play ball… but everything has a downside….. too much dread and of course she clings like a limpet….

        8. I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t enjoy funding women’s delusional lifestyles. Guess It ain’t happening.

        9. the only way to run a relationship with a woman and have any balls or power is to not have her work…. if she’s not working, you are king of the castle….. it’s all trade offs, and in Lat. Am you live like a fucking king…. a full time live in maid is $100 a week….. i didn’t so much as change a toilet roll in 4 years.

        10. Seems the only way to keep her from working is to keep them barefoot and pregnant 24-7-365. I don’t want that many kids.

        11. Males can play tough all they want during initial stages. The female is highly skilled in bringing any man down to his knees in a million ways.
          I’m not saying the initial stage is not an important stage to lay down rules, but if you’re in it long term, dynamics change.

        12. Don’t think you’ve even had a woman anywhere near you, much less funding their lifestyles.

        13. Most Expats didn’t speak Spanish before going. Spanish is easy to pick up, even if you struggle to pick it up, most girls speak English anyways. And girls in general are hotter/hornier in most Latin American countries than the States.

        14. Hey man that arm touch was very erotic. And nothing says true love better than old mickey d’s.

        15. For one saying I have no imagination you sure don’t grasp sarcasm. But yeah sure man. You’re dominating bro!

        1. Again – predictable. you got no imagination man – which says a lot about how you behave around women.

        2. You are so wrong and you just don’t know it. You don’t understand the game with women – it’s so obvious. Your statements and responses reveal who you really are, and yet you don’t get it. Go over all your responses and initial posts and look at how you are exposing yourself.

        3. If the upvotes I get are any indication, most people on here seem to agree with me. Maybe you’re the one out of touch? Not that upvotes are everything.

        4. It’s funny you say I should go back and look at all my comments. Why are all your posts private? Don’t want anyone seeing all the brilliant posts you’ve made?

        5. I can’t believe you looked into this, and researched me – I haven’t looked at anything you have posted in the past. I don’t even know what your past comments are. I told you to have a look at your previous posts as a fuck around. Most of my previous posts are brilliant and insightful though. I have many fans.

        6. Most of my posts are reactionary, violent, braggartly, and couched in language a four year old would find childish, and yet I too have a legion of fans.
          Followers does not indicate quality of content.

        7. And you aren’t? Bragging about how your posts are insightful and brilliant and putting out your ‘fan count’ as proof?
          Most people are stupid. RoK has a slightly lower stupid count, but it certainly has it’s share. Popularity does not indicate validity, as clearly indicated by the popularity of marxist thought, feminism, and egalitarianism.

        8. Stop talkin’ to the wiminz – You can get your pee-pee whacked for doing that around here! Plus, as you can see above, they never STFU! The din of a quarelsome woman never tires of chiming in. It can even drown out the sound of a church bell!
          Btw, it’s kinda interesting, ain’t it? Here we are talking about an article of the nature of females being clingy and not leaving men alone for a moment… and what do we see in greater society? Women showing up in droves to men’s sites like this one, trying to regulate what men should think and say – AND NEVER STFU’ing. Hmmm… it amazes me how few men see women’s totalitarianism as innate, when it is right in our faces everytime we talk of these medusas in any manner whatsoever!

        9. I’m fucking joking – most of my posts are a joke. None of what I post is insightful or brilliant, and I make that fan stuff up. So there is your stupidity count.

    3. easier said then done. When you want a traditional woman, you must live up to your end as the traditional man.
      This type of attitude or game wont work with them. Theres a reason why they look down on us and dont see us as long term mates. We usually get the more liberal or slutty one of their community. We may not realize cause shes not that bad,compared to what were us to,but we are not getting the gold the other men are getting.
      Example lets say its taboo for women to drink,but yours does despite she does her duties as a wife. We are so liberal that we settle for less.
      have to go with ray wolfson on this.
      Think we had it so bad that we appreciate scraps from other nations. Like an indian man appreciating a latin woman because shes not as crazy as indian women,but doesnt change the fact latinas are crazy. Same story with black men chasing white women since they had black women to deal with etc.

  2. I’ve been to every major Anglosphere country, and In defense of American women I must say that, if they are FIT, they are a hell of a lot better girlfriend or wife material than your average Australian or New Zealand woman.
    Aussie and Kiwi chicks have hideous language, telling everybody to “fuck off”, or “fuck off ya dick”, and even throw around the word “cunt” every second sentence. American chicks never resort to such low-rent verbal sputtering, and “cunt” isn’t even really in American vocabulary in general.
    Aussie chicks are extremely snobby, loud, uninteresting, high-maintenance, and routinely look down their nose at “nice guys”. Mr Rogers could still get some poon in the USA, but definitely not in Australia or New Zealand.
    Aussie chicks at least look somewhat decent and have an appropriate beach culture. New Zealand is absolutely FULL of plain Jane’s and they dress like men. Wearing hoodies, beanies, and all other manner of androgynous attire. Go for the scenery, leave the women behind. Oh, a lot of Aussie and Kiwi guys wind up with American wives, while few American Men bother with their Southern Hemisphere counterparts. That’s saying a lot.

    1. And I have never been to a country which encouraged women to ditch their femininity and take part in the most masculine of pursuits more than New Zealand. I mean women’s RUGBY!? Ugggghhhhhh!! Most unsexy thing to watch ever.

        1. You can’t even see the American Football women in the picture because they are covered with body armor and a helmet covers their face.

    2. I’m Australian and, yes, the women here are highly over-rated.
      Culturally they’re increasingly taking the cues of American women, with their arrogance and entitlement soaring as their physical allure drops significantly.

    3. I lived down under in AU and NZ for 10 years and never dated (or fucked) a local – I always ended up with Mediterranean women, first generation immigrants that had a little class…
      Where the US was built on large amounts of violence and women played a softer more feminine and auxiliary role, AU and NZ were built by convicts, peasant foot soldiers, homesteaders, farmers, sailors, literally the scum of the barrel of the British empire… until the mid 1990s the countries were considered almost 3rd world and anyone with any ambition gravitated to the US.
      Thus you have a dreadful combination of peasant stock genes, largely from Scotland and Wales, mixed with a wealth, feminism and entitlement…
      Where the US cowboy’s wife was in a soft supportive role, the aussie or kiwi woman was out working the farm alongside him… heavily masculinized, in large part due to the sheer remote nature of the place and lack of man power, combined with much less violence, enabling her to work alongside men. Bad mixture all round.

      1. Same with me Ray. While living in Aussie I had a Canadian fuck-buddy for awhile and in New Zealand I had a relationship with an immigrant from South Korea.
        My 32-year-old best friend from Australia now has a beautiful and sweet 24-year-old Brazilian wife he has taken back to Melbourne.
        The local talent in much of Australia/New Zealand both in looks and especially personality wise is just trash.

        1. I arrived in New Zealand with a hot Spanish wife…. who was circled by every thirsty man in the country and that was the end of that…. quality women just don’t exist, so importing one can be equally dangerous…. still she did me a favor, as we split without a penny changing hands…..

    4. So true mate! Only 21, but hopefully when I save up money I gotta travel abroad to Europe and Asia. Not impressed by the locals here, and ever notice how most dudes here date-down by at least 2-3pts on the looks scale?

      1. I’m in Melbourne. I see White guys with 1st generation Asian chicks left, right, and center. They either can’t bother with their Anglo-Celtic female counterparts or those chicks are off riding the cock carousel abroad.

    5. The “anglosphere” is just different shades of vanilla. I’m not sure comparing aussies to candians to brits is a meaningful discussion.

  3. I definitely agree that every group of women has its ups and downs. My problem with the U.S. though, is the laws. VAWA, no-fault divorce, community property, alimony, etc. If it weren’t for the legal situation, I’d be a lot more eager to marry an American girl.

    1. ” My problem with the U.S. though, is the laws”

      Agreed. Incentives matter. In a legal environment that encourages and rewards frivorce, more women will frivorce. As such any man with any amount of financial substance (or future potential for financial substance) would have to be out of his mind to marry in the legal jurisdiction (and contemporary feminist culture) of the USA. You say NAWALT? I say OK, maybe that’s true but you don’t know what you got until its too late. And the odds are not good.
      True, the battle does not always go to the mighty, nor the race to the swift, but that’s the way to bet.

      1. The NAWALT defense is moot anyway when someone is speaking in generalities. I’m tired of people trotting out exceptions to refute general truths. The internet is infested with that.

    2. What’s more troublesome is the never ending creation of new laws as time goes on.
      Take where I live in BC, Canada – I live with my girlfriend but they have recently changed the laws here to state that if you do not have a pre-common-law agreement drawn up, you are 100% considered married in the eyes of the law for all common-law property, custody of children etc. etc. Essentially, living together for two years without such pre-common-law agreement is tantamount to going to the court house for a civil marriage by a justice of the peace – ie. legal marraige.
      Yes, I know this was always sort of the case – it could be argued that you were married if you presented yourself as such to family and neighbours – it was one of the reasons people DIDN’T make pre-common-law agreements before, because doing so clearly indicated that you were, indeed, entering into a marriage like situation.
      The idea behind forcing you to be married after two years is so that it will be clear what kind of relationship you are entering… so they say. At any rate, it will cost my girlfriend and I around $6,000 to have proper legal agreements made up to avoid this situation after simply living together for two years. We have to figure out how property will be split, how – in case she “accidentally” gets pregnant – the custody of our not-yet-born (nor intended) children will resolved, which also means I will have to have my income imputed with a pre-arranged child-support schedule in place, just in case… well, you get the idea. I basically will have to have my life processed like a divorced man in order to NOT be married, for christ’s sakes!
      I mean, this is a pretty shitty thing for everyone who has been happily living together for years without problems to have to go through all of a sudden.
      Poof! They just change shit on you all the friggin’ time.
      Heh-heh, the interesting thing is that, since we now have gay marriage, this also applies to same sex couples, and there have been warnings about how easily this slippery slope of a law could be used by one room-mate against another… remember, since the creation of marital rape laws, there is no expectation of sex to occur inside of a marriage, so a heterosexual room-mate of more than two years does, indeed, have a legal case to make that they were common-law married simply for living under the same roof.
      But, no other contract in the world is like marriage in that it is constantly renegotiated AFTER it has been agreed to by the original terms and conditions.
      Can you imagine buying a car for cash and three years later the dealership takes you to court and raises the price, paints it blue, and says you are now leasing it rather than the 100% owner?
      My father got married in 1955. He did not sign up for No Fault Divorce. It simply WAS NOT the contract he signed on the dotted line for. Nope, but 15 years after the fact, the government opened up his contract with my mother, and rewrote all the terms and conditions of the original agreement.
      How they can get away with this in family law is beyond me.
      If the rest of the legal contract system were able to be changed at a whim after the fact, our entire society would descend into chaos.

  4. Amazing article, good sir. I do not personally agree with everything on the manosphere about American Women. I’ve dated a few good ones that would make excellent wives and mothers that weren’t fickle or fake or in it to play games; just straight up legitimate women looking for a partner. I’ve come to learn to take things from the manosphere with a grain of salt and not as absolute truth. I’m glad to see there are other like minded individuals and posters here, too.

    1. You say ‘a few’ and I think that’s the whole point. It’s ‘a few’ in a country of 160 million women. No one is saying that there isn’t a good woman anywhere in America. They’re making the judgments as a whole. Both sides of the issue have to be on the same page or the argument is eternal.
      One guy might say; “American women are sick with obesity”
      White knights like Singlemalt will say; “But, but…I saw this girl in the mall three weeks ago who was fit…”
      Go to a mall in Rio or St. Petersberg and get back to us.

      1. Your point is well taken in the sense that every point of view is a point of both insight and blindness. You will find what you look for.
        I’ve spent the past six months or so immersed in manosphere blogs, forums, etc., loving 99% of it. Then, I come up for air, go out into the real world and POW! I’m suddenly aware of how narrow and insulated my focus has been. So I adjust and adapt, using what I’ve read and learned and absorbed to form a new perception of the real world. A better perception, a clearer perception, I hope.
        We’ll see.

    2. Funny you should mention this, as I’ve experienced a “bit” of the same. The shitter is when you’re mid stride gaming women and you encounter one of these girls (you suspect anyways) and they lump you into the “too dangerous” group of guys based on reputation to pull women. Call it a game backfire, but adaptation to environment has it’s drawbacks, there’s always an opportunity costs with every decision.

  5. It’s hard to assign a single personality to all the women in the United States, one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world. You have everything from ultra-devout Southern Baptists to porn stars to radical feminists. But I will say that from my personal experience, American women are some of the coolest I’ve ever known. The average American woman I have been involved with was faithful, laid-back and easy-going, and content to split a bottle of wine and a bag of weed in the nude in her apartment when her roommate left for the weekend as a romantic evening.

      1. What’s wrong with the second from the right? Is she OK? Somebody needs to get her to a doctor.
        Not me.

        1. I think she’s a plant. You know, like the people standing behind a politician during a stump speech who look as if they’re of the opponent’s demographic and ideology?
          She says, “Look, opposing girl clique, we’re more tolerant than you because we let this uggo pal around with us!”

      2. I’ll straighten you little boys out. The one 2nd from right is wearing makeup to make herself look retarded. Even her stockings are on backward. In point of fact she’s the best looking one in the group with the best body and legs. The others have that typical thick boned lower class look.

        1. At least Chinese women are prettier looking then American women, and obviously less obese.

        2. ‘obviously less obese.’ i feel like the word ‘obviously’ is not a strong enough adjective in this case.

    1. I’ve had the same experience in the US…. chicks with a bag of weed and coke, getting me high even though i’m jet lagged to hell, they’re insisting on me staying over and chilling (and fucking)….
      They are reasonably intelligent, you can have a conversation at least…. and they are easy going on the surface…. like American culture in general, it’s all quite superficial though, I suppose because people move around the country alot, they are both more social, but also less prone to make long term ties with anyone….
      As Brad Pitt said in Killing Them Softly…. America is a business and I want to get paid… people are always looking for advantage and connection from you…. thus friendships are materialistic and built on “what am I going to get out of it?”

      1. “As Brad Pitt said in Killing Them Softly…. America is a business and I want to get paid… people are always looking for advantage and connection from you…. thus friendships are materialistic and built on “what am I going to get out of it?”
        Yup. This is certainly the case in NYC and LA. Americans have forgotten the significance of being human.

      1. I don’t get the one in the middle… since when is hollywood manjaw attractive? No, yes, no, no, yes.

    2. “The average American woman I have been involved with was faithful, laid-back and easy-going, and…. ”
      Hahahahahahaha………haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……. haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..
      Then you put down the crack pipe.
      Where on the net did you find that photo of those 7’s ?

      1. You would call them 7’s? Maybe the one second in from left, the rest are 4’s and 5’s.

        1. I’d rate them 6s. Any white female under 150 lbs is considered above average in appearance in america now.

        2. Yeah I hear ya. This is based on relativity to other females in Amerika. If we put these same scags in east europe then indeed they fall lower down on the totem pole of attractiveness.

    3. Your comment just said american women are good for pump and dump, nothing else. You’re just confirming stereotypes.

    4. Everything changes when its time to start a LTR, thats what American men are realizing. Once she decides you are marriage material (which more than likely means you are passive and gullible) she turns into the most annoying, manipulative, shit testing, demanding creature imaginable. Other sites like Chateau Heartiste tell men how to maintain power and control in a relationship and even all of that stuff gives me a headache reading it.
      Life turns into a power battle with entitled, arrogant, spoiled brats, no matter how nice and cool she may be. They have been conditioned to see men as useless idiots and unless you spend all day battling for control if your own house, they will make your life living hell.

    5. Perhaps the content of the manosphere requires greater concentration on discovering the signs of the so-called psycho-chick as well as the continued emphasis on the legal aspects of marriage. Particularly the latter since this is where parasitic women are granted intensives to fleece their significant other.

  6. I’ve been waiting for someone to write an article in this light. There’s always a give and take of beneficial behavior in relationships. On one end there lies wanton promiscuity behavior and on the other, utter clinging from lack of social alternatives. Each of us must find where on the many poles we find an enjoyable life.

  7. Solid article, it helps put things into perspective in terms of how other cultures operate. I have always felt blessed to have been born in the West, despite its flaws. There will never be a perfect culture, because even though I believe man can do great things, we are all too human and nothing can ever be perfect.

  8. There’s a lot of truth in the manosphere about female psychology, but there is a lot of truth here too. The bottom line is that if you want a traditional woman, but only game chicks at bars, clubs, etc… you shouldn’t be surprised that you don’t find many worthy candidates, and the girls you meet conform to the worst stereotypes. Not that these observations don’t hold true to some extent in flyover country too, but you’ll find a higher percentage of quality women. Realize that in the major cities, unless you are in an established neighborhood with an ethnic identity or a longstanding culture, you’re probably dealing with women who migrated there to escape something. Nice girls don’t move to some hipster enclave in Brooklyn to live on daddy’s trust fund while riding the carousel. Nor do they move to Manhattan to work 100 hours per week at an investment bank.

  9. Sorry man. I respect the effort and respect any writer but I have to disagree;
    (of 200 countries)
    American women;
    physical appeal —-200th
    legal/financial benefits for men attached to American woman— 190th
    They are absolutely running the table on being the worst women in the history of humanity.

      1. Actually, I don’t hang out with them (see above). A little bit of white knight creeping into your persona, Singlemalt? I’m sensing a touch of it.
        If you’ve never left America then you’re hardly in a place to have an opinion. And due to the opinion you gave, I’m almost certain you haven’t spent much time overseas.
        Don’t worry though. My post is judging American women en masse, top to bottom, as a whole. I wasn’t spotlighting your cute little oneitis girl.

        1. “If you’ve never left America then you’re hardly in a place to have an opinion”
          Exactly. And I suspect the author of this article has never been out of the US for enough time neither.
          This article almost reads like a secret feminist astro-turfing piece that is attempting to hijack the simple fact that American females are broken.

        2. Right. And you know all the women in the world. Delusion thy name is melmoth. You AFC’s need to understand that your failures are not the faults of others.

        1. Did not say American women were all women.
          In my prior corporate life, I heard countless times groups of losers of both sexes complaining about the other.
          It was patently obvious, the source of their failure. Dumpy, poorly dressed, ill-mannered people are depressed and lonely and need someone else to blame.

    1. Not sure I would rank them *dead last* in physical appeal, but in the lower half, sure. And Personality and Femininity, agreed–perhaps there is worse out there somewhere but I don’t want to ever experience it. I’d rather go talk to a 60 year old Mexican grandma than an American college girl.
      I read / saw something from Roosh talking about the lack of sweet, high pitched, soothing, feminine voices, and wow, ever since then, I can’t stand to hear the voice of these Americunts. Do you guys notice this? It’s sick.

      1. Genetically they certainly can’t be dead last or even ranked for that matter. Because the gene pool is so diverse. But the obesity alone makes them last. So it’s really a kind of miracle that they can collectively be so unattractive when the gene pool runs the gamut.
        Their voices these days just nutshells the whole scene. They are TRYING to be unattractive and doing a damn fine job of it. That flat, “I WILL NOT BE DENIED” tone in their voice, even when they’re simply chatting with a cashier or some such innocuous moment has gotten so far out of hand. It says it all really. Now all the guys who’ve never left the country and are beating it to that blond 170 pounder down the street can call me a loser, etc. I don’t care. It’s so freaking exaggerated that I can’t believe how anyone can’t see how bad it is in the US. .

  10. >Latina is not inclined to doing heavy barbell squats, power snatches,
    So what? I’ve lifted for ten years and I don’t care for the chicks in the free weights section. The ones who lift heavy themselves are masculine in appearance and personality. Yoga chicks are a different story. The women who try to be the “fittest” are following a male life script and it shows.

    1. I agree on chicks who lift for bulk. Unseemly to say the least. I disagree on your last comment, though. My wife stays fit because, in her words, she “likes to be thin.” Hard to argue with that logic.

        1. She is, but she was raised right, at least in the “stay healthy” department.
          When she was in her early 20s, she would complain that her mother made her and her sister have “body issues” and be obsessive about weight. After we were married she stopped saying that. I think she looked around and figured it out.
          Her mother — thin. Her sister — thin. Her — thin. Most of the women around her — not thin.
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not woman worshipping here. Marriage always equals putting up with some amount of shit you would prefer not to. Any guy who says differently is just a submissive beta trying to convince himself he’s in a perfect marriage. There is no perfect marriage.
          I’ve been married 14 years and, in my opinion, what keeps a marriage strong is sex and attraction. A good fuck will solve a lot of small marital issues. And it is a hell of a lot easier for a man to maintain sex and attraction for a wife who is fit.
          PS — I’m new to the site. I look around, and most men I see, especially the married ones, are basically completely neutered. They’re happy with their man cave, and the fact his wife “lets” him watch a football game for a couple of hours, and the rest of the time is her manservant. Single guys are worse, either scared of women or pretending to be feminists. So nice to see a few non-neutered men out there.

        2. “A good fuck will solve a lot of small marital issues.”
          You don’t get the “good fuck” before issues are solved. That’s the result.
          I read a story about a woman who said her husband was always attentive during sex and she’d typically orgasm, but she didn’t WANT to orgasm, with him.
          A lot of guys think sexual performance is all that’s required (not that you’re necessarily implying this) but it’s a common misconception.
          You mentioned “attraction.” That’s by far, the most important.

    2. That’s my observation. My gym is total fat camp with almost no thin women, like most gyms in america now. But the very few attractive females aren’t into anything that’s real weight training. Some girlie squats, planks, 5lb dumb bells. They aren’t really working hard. I think its mostly eating behavior, that makes a woman slender. Most american women fail miserably there. Most american women want to eat like men.

      1. they want to eat like men but cant; that latin chick from Desparate Housewives opened a women-only steakhouse.
        It closed a few months after it opened.

      2. Absolutely, American women eat to many carbs, which is the 100% reason for their thickness. Same for men, but they must over-carb far more before it shows.

      3. Most any chick I see at the gym that’s a head-turner is with her boyfriend. Mate guarding in full effect.
        One chick was using a machine next to me and I got the feeling she was trying to get my attention (rubbing and patting her thighs). I looked at her out of the corner of my eye but wouldn’t look direct. No sooner did her man come walking by making a comment toward her I didn’t quite hear, but her response was humorous. “Calm down dude, what do I look like?”
        This dude was twice my size. Needless to say, I got the hell away from her. They are fucking shameless.

  11. This needed to be written. I don’t agree with everything said, and goodness knows the litany of complaints about Americans girls on this site contain more truth than fiction, but I married an American girl from Michigan, one of those workout-queen FitGirls you mentioned. She’s definitely one of the good ones.
    Good women are out there. It is just a damn shame they are so difficult to find. I found mine when I was 24. I gave away some prime years nailing 20 year olds, but she has been worth it.

    1. Agree. Either here (in the U.S.) or abroad you’re going to find pros and cons with woman. It’s finding balance…that’s the key and how you handle each situation (woman).
      I believe everyone here is a little liberal and conservative. Liberal with prostitution and conservative with gun laws..just one example. With women (anywhere) it’s the same…find the balance and make it work for you. Be the prize.

    2. “Good women are out there. It is just a damn shame they are so difficult to find. I found mine when I was 24. I gave away some prime years nailing 20 year olds, but she has been worth it.”
      Be sure to come back and post after the total degeneracy of Amerika has thoroughly infected her, causing her to decide to ‘move on’ and cash out by fleecing you in divorce court.

      1. You do realize that you sound like a bitter old hag living with eight cats, right? You are just on the opposite side of the argument. All men are pigs, all women are cunts, blah, blah, blah. Rinse. Repeat.
        You know nothing of me, my family, or our financial situation. Your statement comes across as exceedingly dickish.

        1. The fact that you got very defensive and insulting says a lot. Hit a nerve did I? Perhaps in the back of your mind things aint what you think they are? Perhaps the more society becomes red pill you realize your position is based on a delusion?

        2. While he is not necessarily correct his observation is not necessarily incorrect either. I have witnessed (first and second hand) significant, negative transformations in women during the course of a marriage. It is surprising what one can become after a period of time. Hopefully, this will not occur in your case (if your marriage has already lasted a significant amount of time the chances of her becoming problematic are fortunately not high), particularly since I take no sadistic pleasure in watching another individual be destroyed.

    3. There are good women out there- temporarily.
      The entire world is pretty much networked now, she could be a great girl and stumble across a poisonous website. It honestly reminds me of the Matrix scenes when avg people are on the phone and the agents assimilate them. You cant really escape or plan for what can happen anymore.

      1. I’m happy to report that my marriage can stand up to a fucking “poisonous website.” Whether you want to believe it or not, there are high value women out there who want a high value man, and could give two fucks what the feminist establishment says one way or another.
        Everything in life is temporary, including life itself. I’m cool with the life I have. And seriously, the red pill thing is a great analogy for seeing past the veneer of bullshit in society, but isn’t one Matrix reference enough? There are other movies…

        1. dude calm down. Im honestly glad things are good in your marriage, point Im making is there are entirely too many ways for people YOU WILL NEVER MEET to upend your good thing bc internet. BECAUSE INTERNET.
          Its an assault from all sides, how do you hold off the assault? do you really wanna spy on her web searches(or she on yours)?? Spyware apps on her fone maybe??
          She is probably not the problem going forward, but the internet is…it always will be.

  12. HEY! You;re whiter than me! Don’t call me a gringo!
    Well… okay no actually I am much whiter than you. Hell, I don’t even know if you are white… so yea… nevermind.

  13. American women? Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules? Mark this post zero!

      1. See, that other article on here about Polacks going degenerate is already getting validated.

    1. Pretty sure the creator of this site lets the articles/posts through? maybe ask him why it’s on here.

  14. Sounds like your experience with your Peruvian woman is very similar to a lot of men who marry Thai girls.
    They are loving, loyal and appreciate a man’s needs, but they are SUPER-jealous and possessive.
    That actually sounds quite nice to me, who has only ever experienced the defensive, emotionally-witholding Western woman archetype.

    1. It doesn’t help when you import a woman and her natural family female ties and support system is cut… then the husband has to play, father in law, mother in law, sister, aunt etc. all rolled into one….

      1. Send money every week. The only alternative is have them come over and live with you, which is the worst possible scenario.

  15. Solid article. Gives the “other side “to traditional foreign women. No situation is perfect. There are quality American gals but you gotta find them. The midwest, the south, the rural areas..

    1. When Hugh Grant got busted in his car getting blown by some raggedy-ass black whore there was some feminist who smugly said: “Men who enjoy the finest of home cooking never have to eat out at restaurants.”
      And the brilliant New Zealand-born comic Tony Martin said: “Well, if the kitchen is closed sometimes you have to use the drive-thru…”

      1. And a random woman in the audience of Sally Jesse Raphael (don’t ask), on a show about cheating husbands said:
        “I don’t know what these women are doing, but I make sure that when my husband leaves the house he’s too tired to have an affair even if he wanted to.”

        1. Any woman who won’t suck her man’s dick on request, despite how little effort is required, is just an arrogant piece of shit who should be cast aside.

        2. Fucking idiotic statement. I’m amazed it got that many upvotes. You’re either inexperienced or a fuckwit. Most women will suck cock without even being asked – they’ll just do it. It’s obviously a personal fetish you have.
          Learn to make a woman come and you’ll have some real power idiot.

        3. Glorious!
          Isn’t interesting how now a days the media publically shames any man who’s been cheated on as apparently unable to please his wife.
          Yet a guy cheating on his wife, well … we need (even) more campaigns teaching little boys and men to “respect women” and what it means to be a “real” man.

        4. Need to respond again to this ridiculous shit. If a woman isn’t sucking your dick voluntarily – you’re a fucking loser. A woman will be asking you if you want your dick sucked if you have any idea of what you’re doing.

        5. This is so true! My husband tells me that I wear him out too much for him to cheat on me.

        6. More blow jobs would mean peace in our lifetime. If a guy is getting his dick sucked then he is not out committing crime and has no desire to make war on anyone.
          Less road rage, fewer traffic accidents, and if he knows that he can come home to more throat fucking then he will pay attention and not be an industrial fatality.
          Gridlock? If all you Republican and Democrat bitches in DC would gobble some serious knob maybe the country could be run effectively. Politicians would not have to engage in dick-measuring exercises if it was buried in your gullet.
          Would jihad, IEDs, airplanes into buildings, suicide bombers and shit actually be a problem if these guys were getting their dick sucked on a regular basis?
          Roger Elliot was a completely useless misanthrope but is there any doubt that if he was getting his dick sucked then there would be a dozen people still alive today?
          Having said that, I am not in favour of 13 year olds having “rainbow parties” or indulging in the idea that oral sex is somehow less intimate than saying “I love you”. But ladies, if you are over the age of consent then consent: suck dick for the sake of humanity!
          We can talk about AF/BB until the cows come home but the reality is that as men we are rather simple creatures: suck our dick and all will be well.
          I live in China and decided to wife up. Her English is ok but needs work. I teach ESL but what was the first thing I taught her once we got serious? Grammar? Vocabulary? No, I taught her how to suck my dick! Throat fucking and facials were not in her nature but if this training sticks then we will have a great marriage.
          I suppose I might be preaching to the choir here because there are, what, 2 females who will ever read this post?
          A man’s home is his castle. Typically, there will be a leather recliner that serves as his “throne”. A woman should worship him at the throne. Make him a sandwich, get him a beer and then get on your knees to suck his dick while he watches the Superbowl.
          Those few gestures have now secured another year of BB

        7. Some need a bit of training. They will think it is icky and too salty and all sorts of shit but once they clue into the fact that blowing you is much less traumatic than taking it up the ass or being fucked silly they will give you head to placate you.

        8. Evolutionary psychology aside, women are not natural cock suckers. They need to be encouraged and taught.

      2. On balance I would take the Peruvian over the American any day. She knows her place and I know mine. I have no issue escorting my woman to the bathroom to make sure she’s safe. Getting married and having a family should be all about your family. This is what builds strong respectful children. Marriage is all about sacrifice. The key of course, is waiting until you are ready to make that sacrifice. When you have kids, “friends” are overrated.

        1. You are close to the truth. A good marriage is not sacrifice – it’s compromise. You’re right though – it is all about the family. There’s a lot of wisdom in your post.

        2. “Marriage is all about sacrifice”
          With unfortunate frequency it turns out to be a false sacrifice in which too much is given up for too little in return. That’s a swindle, not a sacrifice.
          “When you have kids, ‘friends’ are overrated”
          Sounds like what I imagine is the rationalization of a married man’s justification for neglecting/cutting off his friends after he strolls the altar and she squirts out a sprog or two. See it all too much. In so many ways a kid can’t do for you what a friend can and does. And if you expect that grown-up kid to reciprocate the support favor when you’re in your dotage, chances are fair you’ll be disappointed. In many ways, kids are overrated.

        3. Yeah I’m not married mate.

          kids are overrated.

          I am thankful that my father did not hold to your point of view. Thanks to him not putting his “friends” before his children I am the man I am today. If your kids don’t respect you it might be because you didn’t put them first. My father always put us first and I love him for it. By the way, sacrifice means receiving nothing in return. It’s immature to give to receive my friend.
          I am reaching the age where I am realizing the crucial significance of children. Passing on your genes and your legacy. Are you going to pass on your legacy to your friends? Are they going to look after you in your dotage?
          It is time for you to grow up and leave feminist ideas behind my brother.

        4. Really I meant sacrificing material items, nights out at the bar, chasing tail etc. These are the things you sacrifice to raise healthy children.

        5. Finally a guy who doesn’t have his head screwed up His ass.
          Marriage is a compromise NOT a dictatorship where the man gets off by being a duck to his wife.
          Women are a gift from God, given to be a man’s partner NOT slave.

        6. Thanks. I don’t post on ROK anymore though. Got bored. I was starting to put up silly posts just for amusement.

        7. Marriage is NOT a sacrifice; it is a meeting of minds. The only thing you sacrifice is all the alternative poon, but some modern marriages don’t sacrifice that and wives can be trained to levels of debauchery you could never hope for in a plate.

      3. You have to understand that there are two types of whores and two types of Johns. In one case, the guy pays for the girl to get in his bed. In the second case the guy is paying for her to go away once they are done. Hugh Grant, back in the day, could pull more tail that any of us could hope for. He paid a skank to be his cum dumpster and then get the hell out of his life.

    2. I truly am astounded as to where you get all your material – where do you get the time to do this? Do you work?

        1. Thanks – you must be tracking me. If you really track me you’ll note that I have always treated this site as entertainment. My comments are mostly just fucking around. I have truly read some of the most dumbass and ill informed shit ever since I’ve been on here.
          ‘You go girl’ – what a fucking lame response – come up with something better.

        2. You again ? This is not vaginal space, don’t cha’ know? Don’t you have purses or shoes to buy lady? Stop wasting our time or we will have you banned.

        3. Go on – ban me. Who’s going to do that? You? I reckon I can say anything I like and I won’t get banned. “stop wasting our time” – I would say that you are wasting your time. Probably company time. Lot of tough talk on here by grade A wankers.

        4. I’m now thinking I should take this as a compliment if it is ‘unbelievably brilliant’.

        5. I don’t want to fuck you. I was just pointing out to the world you’re a female. Don’t reply to me.

        6. What a crap response – totally lacking everything. I am not a female, and you are shit at arguing a point. ‘don’t reply to me’. What? You fucking scared or something? That has to be the most weakest response I have ever seen.

        7. ‘Don’t reply to me’ – that has to be the weakest thing I have ever read/heard. You’re a total soft cock.

        8. crap response again – come up with something better. Why don’t you ask me a question so we can start a discussion?

        9. Immature fucker. Grow up. ‘Yawn’ is such a Bitch response – similar to ‘whatever’.

        10. LOL. Typical woman. You tell them to not do something and they just can’t help themselves. You remind me of this girl I used to beat. She loved egging me on till I snapped. Made her all wet.

        11. OK. You’ve lost all momentum. You’re gone. No one is going to upvote you on this gay shit track you’ve gone down.

        12. You’re a plant. Trying to catch guys on this site out. You’re a woman trying to catch guys out.

        13. Not getting any upvotes cocksucker. Know why? No one wants to touch a weak piece of shit that utters ‘bitch’ terms and terminology. ‘yawn’ – can you get any weaker than that? If you had any balls or any semblance of masculinity you would argue, but no, you resort to the weakest fucking responses of all – the ones women use.

        14. Sean Connery would agree with me, arguing with women isn’t manly… so by that logic I’m outta here. Enjoy your “drama,” hope it fills your empty life.

        15. ‘ If you really track me you’ll note that I have always treated this site
          as entertainment. My comments are mostly just fucking around. I have
          truly read some of the most dumbass and ill informed shit ever since
          I’ve been on here.’
          These are my sentiments exactly, but the level of fuming vitriol is a little strange?

        16. I’m just fucking around. This site, Its articles and comments just go round and round in the same circle. I like to add a little bit and a lot of ridiculousness/vitriol just for effect. I get some strange comments – one poster thinks I am a woman on my period.

      1. Do you?
        What’s your highest level of education? What achievements have you produced? Enquiring minds want to know.
        Just for everyone’s information this is a guy, not a woman. A severely butthurt ( and most likely sociopathic) guy for whom the red pill means staring down his own inadequacy, rather than living in denial and blaming everyone else.
        Dime a dozen. Always treat them the exact same. Disqualify. Feel pity ( but not too much- these types can be quite vicious). Mock savagely. Keep your distance. Always.
        And don’t try to rationally debate with their kind. Everything is an ad hominem with then because they completely lack substance. Ultimately, their ideology is basically an attempt by nature’s rejects to shame nature’s beautiful and heroic. You just have to ignore it. Doesn’t matter if it’s wealth redistribution, video games, sexuality, etc. They lack the ability to nobly accept mediocrity and their natural inferiority, so they invent a false paradigm in which they are king, and try to subvert their betters, whom they know they cannot face ( let alone best) in natural competition according to natural rules.
        When you wrestle with a pig you get muddy. And besides, the pig likes it.
        So only give one post to these types. Condemn and mock, and move on.

        1. Fucking wanker. I shoot pigs (and deer), and get my local butcher to divide it up. Achievements? Ever made $134K in 20 mins? Thought not. You’re the dime a dozen jerkoff posting here – your sentiment is the same as everybody else’s. There are some good posters on here, and I reply to them, but you’re not one of them.

        2. Lmao.
          You must leap from tall buildings and be faster than a speeding bullet too.
          My three year old is better at playing pretend.

        3. I am a woman – why as a woman are you having a go at me when I am just trying to stir them up?

    3. The interesting thing about a post like this is – do you actually believe this? Are you getting/ have you gotten this? If not – why not? I also note your tendency towards humiliation and sadism. Is this a mommy issue?

    4. as the world westernizes and its ugliest bits move in witht he ugliest of their nation. Youll appreciate american women more.
      llike look at these posts from sjw india.
      I think they need some redpill relief aid and some manosphere missionary. Every ground these feminists go,well salt their earth before it grows….for tradionalism and the patriarchy.

    5. 156 upvotes to a cartoon woman getting fucked from behind. Sad fuckers all of you. Belly full and balls drained – you all gonna go far.

      1. It is true that the posts that get the most upvotes tend to be the most obvious, immature and/or vulgar. That said, I did have to stifle a giggle when I saw that one.
        That said, there is an implication in that cartoon that a woman satisfying a man is a duty rather than something she simply wants to do. Its a problem if a woman thinks that letting you bang her is an obligation.
        Sadly the cartoon itself really doesn’t have anything to do with the article.

    6. Amen! It is so easy to make a husband happy-full stomach, empty balls.
      This is probably why my husband calmly tolerates my infrequent womanly emotional storms.

    7. I am a better cook than my fiancé. I prepare the food and then she cleans the dishes. I think I need to train her to make a good sandwich.

  16. I’m actually living in Saint Louis right now (I moved here last year from Long Beach, CA to take care of my dad) and I fucking hate it here. There are no attractive women here at all. I’m not sure where all the “fit girls” the author said are, because all I see are fatties or skinny-fat girls.
    Maybe the author’s standards are different than mine, but I’m not into average plain-Jane white girls at all. Would be nice if he could write an article on becoming an expat in South America though.

    1. As an ex-expat I’d say there are really only two simple rules you need to follow to becoming an expat anywhere in Latin America:
      1. Get on a plane
      2. Bring money
      Yes, there are more fine details, but almost all of them can be handled by Rule 2.

      1. Where do you live? My main concern is how to get permanent residency in whatever country I decide to go to.

        1. “Where do you live?”
          ” . . . how to get permanent residency in whatever country I decide to go to.”
          See Rule 2. In Latin America, the paperwork always follows the money. If you don’t have that kind of money, snowbird it; 6 months there, 6 months here. My stepfather did the math once, and he figured he could live for 6 months in Mexico for his heating bill in Vermont.
          He was reasonably good at living like a local though.

        2. Mexico is easy you can get an FM3 visa… I had plenty of canadian and american friends who were legal… you need a reasonable lawyer and the savvy not to pay him gringo rates…. and the patience to go through apostilled documents and a ton of baloney a white man just doesn’t find necessary…. and a few afternoons in squalid offices with broken AC and queues of peasants from everywhere else in Lat Am. There is a lot of inter immigration between the Lat Am states, so they are quite busy and quite strict… especially in Mexico they are big on deporting people, since everyone from south of their border, is entering Mexico trying to get to the US…. when they fail they all try to stay on in Mex…..

    2. Da fuck cameljockey aren’t you married to some broad already? The hell you doing chasing after women in st. louis?

      1. I divorced her last year because she kept threatening suicide and trying to manipulate me everytime she got mad. She would text me pictures with a knife to her wrist, or a handful of pills, and enough was enough, I sent her back to her parents

    3. St. Louis is known for fat black women. In Southern Califorina you had the beach culture, so women take better care of themselves physically because they might be on the beach 6 months a year. Also the entertainment industry is a magnet for women making a career out of their appearances. It raises the standards for all the women. But in LA the divorce rate is now like 66%, with average marriage lasting 7 years. Women there bed hop like trying a different restaurant.

  17. “any time spent with friends costs time with family” This is somewhat true in most Asian cultures too. If you are a Westerner, living in a non-Western culture can be extremely stifling. Relatives are constantly up in your face. It’s part of collectivism and clannishness that is endemic there.

    1. Not to mention that in the poorer SE-Asian countries family members will see you as little more than a walking ATM.
      That’s why, if you marry a Thai or a Filipino, you should set concrete rules as to how much money you will send to her family each week. Because it will be expected of you.
      And never send a cent more, no matter how much she sulks or what lies her family will send your way to suck more money out of you.

    2. extend this into a real family with kids, and suddenly you are supposed to chew up an entire sunday having lunch at someone’s house because their kid goes to the same school… it’s all fine, but the time disappears and the company often sucks ass….

      1. Be a man. Say ‘No’.
        Just say you want to spend the weekend relaxing at home since you busted your ass 40-50 hours that week working.
        No man will ever judge you. Only women will. So fuck ’em.

        1. problem is you can’t relax at home on the weekend with this clingy witch buzzing about you…… i’ve been there and done it… you can pull out a hand gun and threaten to shoot her unless she shuts the fuck up, it won’t make a difference…. she wants YOU 24/7/365. That’s what you got… a dog is for life not for Christmas….
          if putting you in an early grave she can visit with flowers every weekend is the only way of accomplishing that goal… in her mind the job is done….
          attention, entertainment, drama, affection, needs, demands, chores etc. you are never off the hook…
          and if you really do just put your foot down and do your own thing…. she’ll close up like an industrial freezer for weeks at a time…. then you feel like you are living in a low security mental prison….

        2. you missed the point entirely… she DOES NOT want to do anything alone…. you can say whatever you like… it doesn’t change her mind, attitude or expectations…. .
          if a crack addict points a gun in your face and asks for your wallet you can tell him whatever you want… he’ll shoot just the same….
          that’s the whole point of this article… there is no easy get out with some wonderful feminine lat am, woman…. it’s a trade off…..
          what you gain in compliance, servitude, sexiness, femininity etc. you lose in freedom, space and easy going attitudes….

        3. Would you say there is a difference between Western European Spanish women and South American Latina women?

        4. yes, big difference…. I’ve spent a lot of time with Italian, Greek, Portuguese, French, Spanish… they are more modern and easier going…… much less catholic fear and guilt, less trying to put a finger up your ass the whole time, less conceited peasant mentality, less proud about wealth, brand names and nonsense….
          the problem with poorer countries is that people are poor and so they put great stock in displays of value and wealth, which is incredibly passive aggressive and beta….
          Europeans know what wealth is, they are less impressed by it… it’s more about attitude, lifestyle, enjoyment etc.
          in Lat Am. they are more open and casual and friendly like in the US, but it’s superficial and when it comes down to it, they are very narrow minded, traditional, real lower middle class family mentality and lazy as fuck…. everyone has maids, nannys, home help, no one a couple of rungs up the ladder lifts a finger…. they are just interested in entertaining themselves, party, dinners out, lots of socializing etc… and little quality in everything, it’s all about showing they are not impoverished peasants any longer…

        5. Agreed. Been there, done that also. Lucky to have had the balls to leave it. You can put your foot down and tell her you’re not going to a lame dinner party but the relentless slow-motion passive aggressive stew she’ll marinate you in for the upcoming weeks is hard to escape from.

  18. Thank you for this. Frankly, I’m surprised ROK printed it. The “American Girl” Tom Petty sings about is out there, but you won’t find her in the big cities or in victoria’s secret catalogs. Get out of tinsletown and fly or hop in the car and go to the “heartland.” You’ll spend less time and money traveling than you do entertaining these spoiled city whores at the bar down the street. The heartland is where you’ll find the great women and you better know it when you see them, because they are never single for long. When seeking advice to follow, always heed the advice of those who have accomplished what you want. Don’t take 6 pack ab fitness advice from an obese guy hooked on mcdonalds and don’t follow love advice from gurus who are single! I have an 25yo HB 9 midwestern babe and I’m here to tell you: Ignore Colin Post’s hard earned wisdom and advice in this article at your own peril 😉

    1. it’s definitely true that there are decent intelligent women who want a partner and a life time commitment… both in US and EU… the problem is that conservative, traditional family life is fucking tedious….. draining, demanding, expensive…. so even if you do find the proverbial unicorn, unless everything goes 100% smooth, financially, healthwise, with kids and etc…. one day you’re going to be fucking tired and look at each other with dismay and end up having a huge row…. damage done…. you can panel beat the car, but the dings are always there….. it’s down hill all the way from there on….

      1. Very true Ray! You could argue that “Darwin” and evolutionary biology has played a cruel hoax on us all. The feeling of “love” burns out on average in 4.75 years, yet we are required to stay together 18 years to raise offspring. it’s an imperfect system to say the least but this is not all the fault of women. contrast this to sharks: they “get it on,” the male swims off the female drops the eggs on the ocean floor, the young hatch, swim away and figure it all out for themselves! that’s what 450million years of evolution buys you versus our 3 million years! One alternative is polyamory which is what Will and Jada Smith practice. This is something I am discussing with mine. There is a vast difference between a great woman and a terrible one but ultimately all are female and part of a great dating/personal/business life is accepting the limitations of others and oursleves. I don’t expect my Ferrari to haul my furniture, my bengal tiger to not claw, nor my DD breasted hot 25yo blonde to go back country hiking 🙂

        1. might work with the right woman… a chick that is into bisexuality could be a hell of a companion….. ultimately though, women attach to men and they do so sexually / emotionally… so letting her fuck someone else, is like setting her free….. then she’ll just reattach to someone else….
          women are also constantly angling to increase their value and be shot of the current man, letting her fuck other people obviously increases her value and gives her more fire power in this department…. they never stop…. just like dogs never stop begging for food, women never stop angling and testing to see if you are worth it… at least not until they are 50+ and kids are totally off the menu.
          then they aren’t worth much anyway…… all the hormonal issues and health problem begin to kick in.

  19. It’s one thing to have a woman’s pussy on lock, but to have a life-lock on a women who first accomplished her own social impoverishment by projecting the behavior on you via cultural norms is something I don’t think 90% of American men are equip to deal with.
    Americans have expanded the gray area of trust into a massive cosm. A place where the woman is most definitely the prime benefactor, unless the man is heavily armed with game and the understanding of the female emotional mechanism.
    Technology has made the verification of trust (esp. all forms of fidelity), nearly impossible to guarantee unless you go full retard stalker mode. It boils down to stress testing an LTRable American girl enough early on in the relationship that you’re convinced she’s incapable of actionable influence from the loose-culture America offers both genders.

  20. Your actions are beta because you have totally bent to the culture of your wife not vice versa. Latin women also respect strong men, and I’m not seeing anywhere where you have put your foot down or insisted on your way. You do know that in most latin cultures men, especially rich men always have mistresses right? I have to mention too the peruvians are about the bottom of my list for pretty latins. And as far as gym I’ve seen more hot latin girls in gyms than I have American girls.

    1. it’s funny though you talk about these things like you know all about it… i’ve actually been there and done it, learned the lingo, had super apartments, live in maids, immigration paper work, mistress, the whole 9 yards…. it still sucked and no amount of ‘red pill’ and ‘i’m the man’ saves you from the endless hassle, drama, turmoil and fuss…..
      an educated white man, has a completely different out look….
      firstly he wants peace and quiet and tranquility to rest so he is fresh…
      secondly he’s prepared to go the extra mile, all the time, to meet his own life goals, challenges, and ambitions… that means sacrifice which is not well understood in countries where half the population is on the poverty line and the rest are either filthy rich, or just making do at some middle class level, where employment is a necessary evil.. a means to an end… and cheap partying with endless acquaintances and family is the priority….
      me i’ll work 48 hours straight and sleep all weekend if that’s what it takes… i’ll start work at 6am on Sunday, i’ll go until I drop…. whatever it takes… but in Lat Am. you down tools at the first possible opportunity… that’s why the place is a mess and nothing ever gets done, because no one has a real work ethic…. they have a family / party ethic and an I’m important ethic….
      If Bill Gates had been born south of the border, Microsoft would be taco stand outside a night club that sometimes isn’t open even on a busy Saturday night….
      My friend asked his gardener to move a small tree in his garden, so the guy chopped the trunk at ground level and shoved it back into the ground with no roots at all… job done in 5 minutes…. he shoved off home….

      1. Great post. I lived there too and saw the same things. Martyrs are a big part of Catholicism and I think it trickles into their lifestyle. They love a good tragedy and don’t really want things to work or improve. A lot of similarities with the American Progressive.
        Your tree transplant story reminded me of one down there;
        I remember walking up to a guy who was behind the meat/cheese/condiment window in a classic deli. I asked him if they made sandwiches, off-hand, kind of a dumb question on my part. The guy gazes out the window, thinks about it, and finally answers, “No. No sandwiches here.” A DELI. He couldn’t bring himself to make a sandwich as a deli employee.

      2. Your whiny story makes you sound even more beta than the OP and your Bill Gates story is a fail because of Carlos Slim. I’ve lived and worked in SA, even got off for a while going to the roughest parts, AKA Colombia 10 years ago, and Venezuela more recently. Nothing wakes you up so much from a sleep-walking existence as the possibility of a gun pointed at you. And nothing wakes you up from pussy boredom as a hot blooded latina willing to satisfy your every naughty fantasy. How men can go down there and fuck all that up is just beyond me. Its like giving someone a hundred dollar bill and watching them drop it right there in front of you.

  21. American women are soulless, heartless sluts who make terrible mothers and even worse wives….. there is no defending them

    1. Coming to a town near you. American women are just like any other women on earth. Same animal. They just live in a country that spoils them by way of legislation. Other parts of the world are becoming more and more like North America. Watch ya bitches

      1. Endless bitching or endless observations of what is true? So if someone points out what American women have become then is he ‘bitching’ or ‘observing’? Hmmmm……I think the fact that this argument is even on the table sums up an awful lot.

        1. “6. Off-The-Boat Russian or Eastern Europeans — Like modern-day La Femme Nikitas, the women of the Eastern Bloc are totally sexy — only their target isn’t assassins, it’s the local mall. The classic highmay Slav embraces consumerism, commercialism, the gauche, luxe, and pretty much everything that is wrong with America. At best, they’re shameless flirts who value flash over substance. Anna Kournikova never took the time to volley her way into the top ten, but she did make the time to land several large-scale modeling contracts and an Iglesias to boot. At worst, they’re man-eaters, gold-digging their way into a man’s bank account, walking that fine line between prostitution and intentionally marrying well. While you have to respect a woman for using her wiles to get what she wants, when these Red Sonjas tell you they love you, it’s not your sense of humor.”

        2. The generalizing in your comments says more about the commenters than it does about american women. Of course the argument is on the table…….here, obviously a gathering place for men who’ve been screwed over and want to blame it on ALL. women.

    2. American women are for the most part ruined. It wasn’t always like that, but it is now and there’s no going back in time.

    3. of course the Russian women who love luxury brands more than their own parents are what we should chase..sure..

  22. Finally some realism on ROK as it pertains to making it with women from non western cultures.

  23. I’ll still pass. I don’t have a single bad memory of an evening spent with a Brazilian, a Filipina, or a Latina. Or even a Canadian or Mexican for that matter. The only ones that piss me off with the relentless testing, manipulation, and bottomless narcissism are the trashy American ones. I’ve also met fantastic American women, but unfortunately, most of them were/are religious and married and I’m not yet at the point in my life where I’m willing to make that kind of sacrifice. Mostly because the laws surrounding marriage are garbage and no woman would agree to them were the tables turned.
    The strength of your frame can polarize women towards the feminine, but with the white vanilla ones her masculinity usually kicks in eventually.

    1. Ha ha. Yes. “Her masculinity usually kicks in eventually”
      I agree. It’s amazing that this is the issue some are addressing;
      “Keep your frame, use game and it will stave off her masculinity.”
      If that’s even on the table then it’s time to leave. If one of the first concerns you have with your lady friend is finding a way to delay her masculinity display then it’s really a lost cause, isn’t it?

      1. You may as well call Torontonian women American women at this point. There is no longer any difference between the two.

        1. 90% of canadians live within 100 miles of the US border, so there’s not much difference. Maybe french canadians are different?

      2. What’s your opinion or French Canadian women? I’ve met a few on my travels and they seem to be very sweet and good looking. This one girl in particular was cool but her friends were very keen on cock blocking me.

        1. French Canada incorporates a lot more of the… how do you say… c’est la vie et bon vivant aspects of life… much more of a work to live sort of European attitude.
          They are less brainwashed by television than Anglo-Canada because they actually have a culture and aren’t depending on imitating the US to feel like a part of the world. They got their own thing going on. When I was in Montreal women would occasionally look at me and smile and giggle… It blew my fucking mind that I didn’t have to “run game” to enjoy the presence of women.
          I’d say the most masculine women in Canada are in Toronto and Vancouver, the most beautiful and lovely women are in French Canada, and the hardest partying sluts are in butt-fuck-nowhere Manitoba or Newfoundland.
          If you’re chatting up a sweet French Canadian girl, I envy you 🙂

  24. OK so women are a pain in the ass no matter where you find them.
    I suppose if all I wanted to do with my life was eat, sleep, shit, and work and be an economic mule I could get married or something.
    But that’s not my role.
    The only reason for a man to get married is if HE decided on progeny. And then he finds the right woman who will take care of his offspring. And a man will swim in shit every day for 16 hours a day if he has to, to ensure the welfare of his family. It’s never been any other way.
    Until “they” ruined everything and swimming in all the shit in the world won’t ensure a damned thing.
    So in Country A you have to walk the woman to the bathroom.
    In Country B you will be creepy if you do, so she goes alone, texting a flock of orbiters on her way to and from it.
    Fuck it. There are better things in this world to be dealing with.

    1. In Country C, you have to walk your woman to the bathroom 8 times a day, because she eats 6000 calories a day. Wonder what country? Best of luck rimming her that night, btw.

      1. And in cuntry “D” you have to hold her coat and wait outside the stall until she finishes sucking off the janitor.

  25. Not all American girls are terrible, but look at what this Filipina said to me on facebook tonight:

    1. Not the best English obviously but “our drugs is [sic] our husband”
      American girls need to get on this level.

    2. Nonsense, It’s become good business for Filipinas to sell their religious good wife gimmick. I have tested there, majority are phony. Their number one priority is their wealth and their family. But sorry, not the family you make with her, but her dad’s family.
      A “conservative catholic country” with an astronomical amount of prostitution, homosexuals and single mothers? The truth stares you in the face.
      Many a western men have been burned by seemingly “ideal wives” they picked from that country. The good wives in the Philippines are reducing at a high rate.

  26. The exception does not make the norm. The overwhelming majority of western women are spoiled little shit that spend their best years jumping from dick to dick and then have the arrogance to demand that the top of the line men marry them. I’m 25 I live in Perth Western Australia and the hypergamy over here is just insane.

      1. Maybe the Nawalt label is so popular because… wait for it… it is true! (By that, I mean that men always make this stupid argument – it is part of woman’s innate sexual power).
        Who coulda thunk it?
        Men have been writing about NAWALT for at least 800 years (I can prove it), and yet, here we are NAWALT’ing one more fucking time!
        Btw, 800yrs is only the last counting on my part – I haven’t researched, but I’m sure I could find the fucking NAWALT argument back much earlier… for example, in Genesis 39, we are recounted of the details about how Potiphar’s Wife railroaded Joseph into jail and slavery because of a false rape accusation.
        Obviously, this is NOT a new phenomena that humanity has yet had to deal with. Don’t the Salem Witch Trials remind you, even a teensy bit, of the modern day rape hysteria? Not even a teensie bit? It’s the popular abuse of the day, so women flock to it.
        In 100 years, women will be claiming orange coloured aliens are raping them… and we will lynch all aliens and pass a plethora of laws to outlaw the lustful behaviour of aliens.
        It is as it always was.

    1. let us know how the so called Eastern European Gucci Loving Unicorns or the Asian Snobby Over Achieving Cunts work out for ya.

      1. Theres nothing we can do.
        I don’t know why, but I think it is hilarious at 1:07 when the assistant at the internet provider runs into his boss’ office and asks ‘what can we do’, and the boss’s ‘response’, because the systems are failing from too many photos being uploaded.

  27. Don’t know if that is a smart trolling article or anti-Game article.
    I don’t want to denigrate your experiences and trust that some Latinas have those kind of behavior patterns, but I don’t consider that healthy or common at all. Even “good” women in Asia, FSU, EE don’t behave the same way. What you describe is not traditional family lifestyle – it is essentially non-stop mate-guarding and trying to spend 100% of your time together with the partner. That sounds like prison to me. I would take the average hot American girl and hire a nanny and housekeeper instead of going into that kind of deal.
    If that is traditional, then I don’t want anything to do with it. Also I detect some kind of feminist viewpoints as you believe that a man above 35 cannot possibly get a hot 20 year old girl in her prime for marriage. You seem to be almost Blue Pill here. I think that those rural and fit family oriented American women exist, but somehow I doubt your ability to differentiate between Alpha widows and truly non-promiscuous women. A Player in the midst of those “beautiful friends” of your ex might wreak havoc among them – before and after marriage. You just do not recognize it.
    But I guess 24/7 mate-guarding is going to solve it all. Njet comrade – that is not frame-control, that is just a bullshit deal and not Red Pill.

    1. I dont know her personally, but have heard the story about how they met. I have seen pictures and videos of her. Colin is a lucky man with a beautiful sweet wife. Any of you guys would be so lucky to find one like her.

      1. I hear you and she may be beautiful, feminine and faithful. But giving up friends? Giving up almost any kind of freedom as a man? What if he decided to get himself some male hobbies, is she going along with him on every bloody endeavor except for work? Constant mate-guarding as some kind of “traditional achievement”?
        I would not exchange a perfect 10 with those kind of negatives. Never being able to enjoy a beer with a friend? Fuck that.

  28. Probblem with american girls, even the suburban ones is that most of us guys with real jobs, you know ones that pay bills live in the big cities where all the scummy women coagulate. Sure if I move to but fuck nowhere I might find a decent girl, but then I am in butt fucck nowhere and still have to dig through trash to find treasure. Might as well find yourself a third world girl who you have better chances with for less money.

  29. I don’t think the American Woman needs much defending. She’s got the govt, schools, courts, press, corporations, and manlings for that. Oh and the ‘church’.
    This piece gets under the surface of Latin-American traditionalist culture … especially the clannish family behaviors and imposed social mores. I like the honesty of this article. The Expat Chronicles blog also is informative. It’s not easy to find accurate, largely unbiased accounts of ex-pats in foreign cultures, that isn’t focused on the club scene etc. Men is the west, especially America, definitely need more first-person ex-pat reportage. We can’t trust our governments or media to give us the true local scoop. It takes individual men embedded in the foreign nation, willing to deal with the (inevitable) hassles by U.S. officials and others.

  30. Nice to have a fresh perspective on here. American women get an unfair wrap in the Manosphere. Having moved to NYC a year and traveled the world, I’ve met some fantastic American women. There’s a lot of shit to sift through, but there are some diamonds in the rough.

  31. marriage seems like a big, big fucking hassle. I couldn’t imagine explaining or getting nagged for the random shit I do. Play guitar at 4am, watch 2 bond movies in a row, whatever. A lot of hobbies the wife would be demanding I show her more attention FUCK THAT. I don’t want to have to explain every little thing I do.

  32. Marrying a woman from another culture..fuck that shit. AND she isnt white. Fuck that. If I were to marry from another country, shed have to be smoking hot white. This bullshit about marrying asians,etc…the only good thing is your kids will be interrsting looking. You will be alone in your marriage. Your children will most likely have HER culture.
    Its hard enough marrying someone from a different part of the country. Your kids will be speaking spanish as a first language.
    Ive spent nearly a decade working with all kinds of immigrants. I see very little about their culture that I would want to deal with on a regular basis. I hate this country now, but I am a white American new yorker. And thats that. I go to a polish deli and I wanna fuck the girls there. Thats all i want from these people. I dont want to hear their fuckin languages all goddamn day.
    Slavic languages are harsh and unsexy. I dont want that shit.
    I want to keep western civilization going. Not fuckin guamanian civilization , regardless of how cute and tiny those wet little pussies are. Theyre not “better”. They re just as manipulative. ALL WOMEN ARE MANIPULATIVE. THEY HAVE TO BE.
    There are plenty of feminine girls out there. You wont find them in clubs and bars. Stop fucking going to bars. Alcohol is garbage.
    Foreign women are for fucking. Sluts are for fucking. Dont expect to find a virgin, but raise yoir daughters to be virginal. Teach your dumb wives, and lead like men. READ THE GREAT BOOKS. If yiu want a modern example, Copy the Islam model because theyre fucking right. Theyre not the ones losing their culture and the culture war. We are. NEVER marry outside your culture/race unless youre sure she will change completely for you.
    Asian American girls are basically white american, so thats fine. They dont have to shave their legs. Some asian bitch from another country is bullshit. Make sure your kids apeak ENGLISH FIRST.

      Here endeth the lesson.
      Because if God wanted you to read Aristotle in Attic Greek he wouldn’t have made him an Englishman.

    2. I could never have half-breed kids. When I want a wife to have a family with, I’m going to go back to Lithuania and find myself a Lithuanian or Russian women, won’t be a problem as both languages are my natural tongue. I’ve fucked girls from other races, but would never start a family with one.

    3. Disagree. As an american I find the stronger the foreign accent, the less feminist bitch face, and the lower the obesity rate.

  33. I still prefer Latinas over gringas. Beauty, femininity, family and sexuality are still the predominant ideals Many are not as traditional and extreme as Peruvianas, although possessiveness will always be factor. Most American men lose their friends once they are married, too. Who wants to get shit-faced at 4:00 AM anyway (after a certain age)?
    I have been a big fan of Expat Chronicles for a long time. Loved the new book about The Mick. Thanks for the post Colin.

  34. Colin, I am intrigued to know who you are. I too live in Lima (Miraflores), have done for 2 years. Beautiful girls all over, it’s like a paradise.

  35. Would it be fair to say that most of the guys on here hate American women/women period just because you can’t get them? And keep them in line? I see so much soft cock infantile bullshit on here, when so many are proclaiming to be Alpha and getting so much pussy? I’d say 85% of commenters on here are hardly getting laid on a yearly basis, yet talking tough on how a ‘bitch’ should behave. Hardly the type of people who should be giving advice when guys come on here seeking advice.
    BTW this whole idea that foreign women are better is for fucking idiots – do you really think those women don’t see you coming from a mile away?
    And no – I’m not a woman.

    1. American women are easy to get. They’re just not worth keeping after a couple of bangs. Why would you want to keep someone in line that has had so many different cocks in her?
      It sounds like you’re the one not getting laid.

      1. American women are short term investment. They live in the moment. They make themselves that way. Its cultural.

      2. American women are all over the map. Some want cock, some are whores, some are prudes, but all mentally fucked up. The foreign women, they just want your wallet, expect you to be an over-achiever, and have severe ADD. Pick your poison.

      3. ‘It sounds like you’re the one not getting laid’. – It must be poor, unimaginative response/comeback cliché day.

        1. You’re the one that initially insinuated that the men here hate American women because they can’t get them, and I simply replied back with a rebuttal that stated the real reason we don’t like American women. Why do I need to be more imaginative than that? I like to get straight to the point.

    1. Why do you fucking care?
      After your period is over, go find a weak nothing of a beta, be happy, and leave us the fuck alone.
      In fact, I suspect the kind of man you’re talking about wouldn’t even have the dignity to wait for your period to be over before dipping his pen in your inkwell.
      Why do so many of you douchebags show up on men’s sites to illustrate the EXACT cuntish behaviour we all abhor and want to run away from?

      1. We can’t help ourselves – we want to really know what men think. It’s so confusing. I talk about this with my girlfriends all the time. ROK gives us an opportunity to really examine what real men think. There’s so many women posting as ‘guests’ on here it’s crazy.

      2. Oh, by the way, checked your understanding of markets, technical analysis, the gold price, and why you were a fucking idiot to hold onto gold stocks that were tanking – you have no idea what you’re doing or talking about. Absolutely no idea.

  36. I hail from a traditional country, and I agree that both men and women have traditional sex roles in traditional cultures. Its perfectly normal and healthy and satisfying for both partners. Problem arises when an individual lives in a liberalized cultured with twisted gender roles, and marries a partner from a traditional culture. They realize that men have to play an integral leader, provider role. It may not be what they saw while growing up. Yes, you will have to live like your grandparents. But in my opinion its worth it, because its very likely that your wife will not divorce you, take away your money, children, happiness and self respect. Moreover its likely that she will not be a slut and will remain sexually faithful to you.

  37. Colin Post knows what he is talking about. If you’re interested in Latin women, listen to what he has to say – he’s given you the decoder ring.
    When you meet a girl like his, you can be blindsided by the shift. How did the independent, fun-loving hotty get so jealous and irrational? “I don’t know what happened… she’s acting crazy!” (Yes, she is.)
    The game changed and nobody told you. She’s playing a role and using a rationale that you aren’t familiar with. The men from her culture “get it”. As far as she is concerned, you’re the one that is out of line and stepping on your crank.
    The courtship is over and she’s thinking about a family. This is how she’s gonna be from now on, so take it or leave it.

    1. Agreed. But it sounds like he’s failed to maintain frame in a different culture, because game is “cultural” and what works in one culture doesn’t work in another. His wife’s behavior sounds more or less like the cultural norm, all his wife’s female friends have husbands who have mistresses, so she’s mate guarding in an unsophisticated way that doesn’t sound all that difficult to deal with.

  38. My wife is Latina. I am happy as a clam. However, as the writer points out, there is a trade off. I am cool with it, but others might not be.
    Good article.

  39. Kudos to the author if this lifestyle suits him but I couldn’t handle this level of cling. I’ll gladly do my own laundry if it means getting some me time and having the freedom to do as I please. I’ve been with Latin women and they are very feminine and sexy but the cost he describes is pretty accurate. Also, the thing about not having friends anymore is concerning. We need a good core group of friends in life-its all about balance. My close friends are family to me now.

  40. Good article. Definitely a different viewpoint that made me at least reconsider a couple of my viewpoints. It’s good to have that sometimes.
    Sometimes we (well, I) get kind of entrenched in a viewpoint just because it’s become a habit, and it’s good to have someone say or do something to make me rethink it. Doesn’t always make me change my mind, but it’s good to at least reconsider things and take a second look sometimes.

  41. That’s misleading to use a pic of Maria Kang as representative of American women. First of all she’s asian-american, making her 5% of the american population. Secondly, when she posted her facebook pics about how fit and trim she is after having kids, she got dumped on by MILLIONS of fat ugly american women on the internet for putting an “unrealistic” body image out there.

      1. She’s attention whoring, that’s the american side of her. But its not obvious she’s perverted skank. That might be as good as it gets for any kind of american female.

        1. She’s just another face in the crowd in east asia, but pick her up and move her to america and she becomes a high value milf.

      2. She’s a completely westernized asian – probably the worst kind. They double down on all the bad American traits because they’re trying to ‘overcome’ their ‘uncool’ asian culture. Avoid at all costs.

  42. Great post. It’s good to hear the pros and cons from someone who’s actually living the dream. That being said, I’d rather take my woman to the bathroom, put up with her clinginess and jealousy and possessiveness than American women. You’ve got it good. You’re married to a woman who you never have to worry about cheating on you. I know it probably gets a little old being around her all the time but that’s a small price to pay for a woman who literally waits on you hand and foot. Just my $.02

    1. Seconded.
      I’d rather have the woman who’s complete attention is on me as well. I don’t have to worry about what she’s doing otherwise. If that means I have to put all my attention on family, I could live with that. That’s really what you’re supposed to do anyway.

  43. I had quite some laugher with my wife reading this article. She is a beautiful Thai and yes, she cooks, cleans, serves me and all that. But is not possessiv or jeaulous. Because i don’t let her. When I feel like going on a motorbike trip for one week or three, i will do it. I have always been the faithful type, so she knows it and doesn’t worry.

    1. Thais are Asian, and are therefore more laid-back and don’t have the hot-bloodedness that Latinas have.

  44. tgis is a good analysis. grass is greener on the other side deally is the case here. ill say 1 nice thing about western women theyll love you even if youre broke. traditional women just love money and status. and yes traditional women are clingy be it arab indian latin n possibly asian they expect you to be possesive and cut time on freedom and friends and yes they expect that you get no privacy. its normal to them. they maynot always be as devotional with sex and massage but domestic chores and possiveness is what you can expect. cultires vary but always have to be with your wife.. physique was very good to point out the foreign women are just more average.

    1. LOL yeah Western women still love “broke guys”.
      Does this site get any stupider with some of the comments?

      1. women may love money, but in the west its not unusal for them to waste their best years with a broke aloof alpha then a stable beta.

  45. Nope. Been there, done that, got the Tshirt. I know enough about American girls. I’ll take my chances with feminine jealously over entitled, smartphone addicted, attention whoring, fat-in-weird-places, talks like a man American cunts.
    Worst article on ROK. Just sayin.

    1. Agreed. But I won’t deny other men their preferences. That’s just less competition for me. I try to keep an open mind for the exceptional american female, not that I’m ever encouraged to do so.

  46. Very happy to have read this article! I understand the emphasis on the manosphere’s narrative of American women. They continue to be praised/glorified more than they deserve. But I know there are traditional girls here too.
    I’ve learned that hooking up a lot fucks with your head, and in the feminists’ world it gives them power over you. They can claim rape a month after you hit it. They can spread lies about you and ruin your reputation.
    If I found a girl that had hooked up once but learned from it, a girl with integrity that was honest with me about her past, and since learning from her mistakes maintained her traditional values, I’d be on board.
    I’ve fucked girls I shouldn’t have fucked too. But I learned from it. MGTOW

  47. Truth number 1 – there will always be a balance of power between men and women
    Truth number 2 – women and men will eventually try to adapt as much as possible to meet each other’s demands
    The consequence is that women from your culture will probably be the best for you. (I have said that I am not as anti-marriage as others on here.) The women who are not crazy in the cities of America really have done everything they can to be attractive. If there are guys like you in America, there are girls like you in America. The question is- can you like yourself?
    The conservative religious girls in America will be a good fit for the kinds of people on this site. The only problem is the religion…

    1. American women have no monopoly on religion.
      The reality is the cultural aspects that make men attractive aren’t the same as what make women attractive. American men are much more desirable internationally than american women. You’re working from a false assumption that everything is more or less equal among gender dynamics. If you think american women are attractive for their obesity and feminism, that’s your value judgment, I won’t argue with you. But don’t drag me down as an american male, and suggest I have to reconcile with that.

      1. Except not all American women are obese or feminist. Like I said, both women and men can and will bend to one another’s will. There are tons of girls trying to get fit or stay skinny in America, especially when you get out of the country.
        If you go on a dating site you will find many attractive American women. Then, if you search Russia…the American women will get blown out of the water… but still, I’m saying American women might be the best for us.

  48. when you think about it american women shouldnt be ugly. since they are a mix of various euorpean groups much like latinas. before feminism obeisty an sluttiness they were a catch. a traditional girl would be aggressivly jealous even if you were goin to saudi while ypur western wife is cool with you goin to vegas.
    you are right thogh we are librarl and dont realize it even among redpillers since the condionin is so deep its habit. easy to ne one online hard to cruise on it in real we ruin foreign women becasue we hold her to lighter standard n not realize it.cant say i blame foreign to cockblock us.since the media is a strong engouhj influence. theres a reason why rok started here in west n not saty russia. its sad the betas inhertited the earth after the alphas died.

    1. when you think about it american women shouldnt be ugly.
      When I went to Kiev, I mentally compared the girls there to those back home in the USA, and except for those American girls who are fat or butcher their hair, there really isn’t that much of a difference. The only real advantage men have in Ukraine is less competition due to there being fewer fat slobby hair-choppers driving up the price as with the better American girls.

      1. true its the habits of them that kills it but genetically they shouldnt be bad in theory. But least the slavic women pulled it off with hard work. To think last generation slavic women were very masculine

  49. many of us have wondered when we meet foreign from brazil,iran or india on why they want a western woman. Assuming they are chasing after a slim one before 2000 that isnt a slut, looks like they are chasing after freedom. Away from always having to chaparon their woman and be able to relax with their boys too.
    In their homelands when you got married you basically had to say good bye to them. And those women expect to be really jealous possessive of them..constantly. An american woman here can be cool with you looking at another woman maybe even saying “whoa her tits are huge,you thnk they are real?”,but a foreign would lose her shit over a glance.
    Plus they like to police what discussions you are having with your boys to prevent any future game plans that could affect her.
    If american or western women never went through the slut and obesity route in combination with shit laws against men,there wouldnt even be a discussion of gaming foreign women since they are all bitches in different ways.
    this is a good article, we dont really realize how foreign and librarl we are until we hang around trational people.

    1. The problem is there’s so few of them they get tons of attention, which turns them into insufferable narcissists. Plus, due to all the horny men they get fucked whenever want, and are thus completely hollowed out by the time they’re 30. No one wants to marry some jaded bitch with a 1,000 cock stare.

      1. Thin white women in america are entitled to the point of bitch face. Because obesity rate is 50% in america. Go to other countries where obesity rate is 5% and feel the difference.

  50. From what I gather, This poster is saying that waiting for your woman to use the bathroom or dealing with her being jealous/lonely when you go out with friends is bad?
    Um, okay…
    If I had a woman that took care of me I would be fine with staying in and having friends over for cheaper drinks. The bathroom thing may be a bit much, but compared to American women I see no downsides.
    Waiting for your chick who lives to 0please you pee vs dealing with an entitled fat cow who is working on putting you in prison or taking half of all your stuff..
    I think I’ll go with plan A Bob

  51. I disagree with this article on most of its points. Latina women are basically superior to American women ON AVERAGE. Reasons include:
    1) America women are more obese than “cross fit”. Also, if you watch Brazilian or other Latin television, those women could compete with any “cross fitter” woman going. There are plenty of really HOT Latina women who are in great shape.
    2) Traditional Women >>> Feminist women. Sure they might be “annoying” in some manners but overall they are far more loyal, have children younger and aren’t disrespectful BITCHES that most American women have become
    3) “Beta” men get a much better deal with Latina women who they can marry in the PRIME of their lives rather than with American women who get FUCKED AND CHUCKED by Alphas in their 20s and early 30s. After the American woman is used goods, she wants to marry the beta in her mid 30s. This is a huge difference.

  52. I thought this was well-balanced. I was married to a South American for a few years and encountered the same “drawbacks.” While it’s better for her to be the jealous one, sometimes it drove me crazy. Like you said, there’s always a cost.

  53. My woman from Tokyo takes excellent care of me in every regard and supports my every endeavor, and I come and go and do as I please. And I don’t even have a job.
    It’s a travesty that there are so many smart, hard-working, beautiful women in Japan deprived of male companionship. Really. Perfectly good women going to waste. It is a grave injustice.
    It’s like there is a shipwreck full of gold bullion just off shore, and all anybody need do is wade into the knee deep surf, but nobody can be bothered. What is wrong with young men today?

  54. Dude im mexican and mexican chicks are just as bad as the white cunts. Youre better off with a central american or cuban chick…

    1. the single mom / attention whore phenomena is also creeping south of the Mexican border. I’ve been running into them more and more.

  55. Excellent post. I agree. I sometimes am amazed at all the American girl bashing I read about in the manosphere. Not because I don’t believe it, but because I wonder why these men never think to look elsewhere than bars and clubs for women. Girls worth marrying don’t spend their time there. If you don’t want a carousel rider stay away from the carnival.
    A woman who wants to be a wife and mother knows even if only subconsciously that she has got to reign in her lust for every alpha in the same way a man who wants a faithful wife has got to reign in his lust to poke every pussy he sees. A beta man who understands game can learn to be alpha to that one woman who wants what he wants. Marriage and family. A man only has to be an alpha to one woman. His wife. He only has to maintain his frame with one woman. The mother of his children.
    I am convinced that the manosphere been available twenty years ago and had I learned then what I know now, I would still be married to my first wife. I listened to both her and all the blue pill Christian teachers when they told me what she wanted and needed me to be. Their absolute wrongness, their blatant contradiction of the clear teaching of scripture, is what feeds my anger at our current culture. But thanks to the internet, change is coming.
    Everything I’ve learned since taking the red pill has helped me be a better husband to my second wife and made my wife a better women to me. And that’s exactly the way I want it.

  56. I like your article, but aren’t the women from Missouri, Michigan, and Georgia likely to be fat? I live in NYC and for all their faults the women are in good shape.
    Why didn’t you marry an American?

  57. This is a great article based on realism for a change. There are up and downsides to both western and more conservative oriented women from non-western countries.
    The truth is that there probably are many PUAs and gamers on this site who are not ready for a full scale traditional latin relationship. They are more liberal than they would like to admit.
    I would for sure go crazy in this sort of relationship as the article descibes. Better to know ones cultural roots firmly. And accept the fact that european traditionalism is different from latin or other non-European traditional sex roles. Culture is decisive when marrying. And choosing a woman from your own cultural background has a far higher chance of lasting in the long term.

  58. Hispanic/Latina…the worst of the bunch…magic pussy? funny… friend of mine waxes womens crotches for a living…by far the worst smelling women out there…diet maybe? who knows all I know is i love it when they start in with the Im a spicy hot latina bullshit…I love telling them to their face its nothing more than bipolar behavior and a serious indicator for their lack of intelligence…the facial experession rocks..I enjoy it so much i fear I might have a problem.

  59. 41 here. I’d rather drag my dick through a tackle box than get married to a single mother. If I bumped my head hard enough to decide marriage would be a net gain in my life, it would be to someone akin to the 24 year old Russian that I am dating at the moment. I guess my cradle robbing strategy is working.

  60. Well written article, and good food for thought. But I still remain convinced that, regarding American women, the negatives outweigh the positives, and that American men are better advised to seek mates abroad. The culture here is just too destructive.
    I also respectfully disagree with the idea that rural women in America are somehow less tainted than their urban sisters. Not so. Rural America is destroyed by obesity, drugs, indolence, and torpor.

  61. I am a girl. I don’t even remember how i stumbled on this but it’s really interesting. Especially since I am latina but born here, and i will say these traits are still true of latinas born here just to a lesser degree. Anyway, I wanted to know what is a good workout for girls that doesn’t make them too masculine? They say if you train like a man you won’t look like one because we don’t have the testosterone, but that’s a lie. I see women in the gym who train hard and they are just slim with muscles, or the thicker ones look a bit manly. I don’t want to look like that. Squats are good for the thighs and legs and the heavier, the rounder the ass. What would you suggest is good exercise for women? Should we just stick to the elliptical, or yoga, or dance? They say the weights are what tone us up, so what do you think?

  62. Sorry if the below comment seems out of left field. I was trying to reply to what someone said and it brought me here.

  63. Maybe is pointless to say this, but as an university-educated upper-middle class South American, I may guarantee you that not all latino-women are like your wife, not even in andean countries like Peru. My girlfriend gives me a lot of personal space, doesn’t matter if I stay with my old high-school mates for some beers after a saturday soccer match, as long as I don’t do that too often (like more that once each two months), neither her nor her parents expect me to walk her everywhere, she may walk alone to the ladies’ room while I wait comfortably seated. In return she’s allowed to hang out with her female friends like once in a month (they just meet to chat, cook in somebody’s place and the like).
    Of course al that feminist crap is gaining a lot of aceptance, it becomes more usual to see over-30 women not married and still dreaming of the perfect guy, or single moms, divorces are becoming more usual and almost are laws have been rewritten to benefit women. Even so acting like a whore is still an strong social stygma and marrying and giving birth before 30’s is still an accepted femenine aim.

  64. I have long thought that the manosphere complaints only exist in cities and major suburbs, and even then, not totally. I see long lasting couples all the time in a suburban area of a major city.

  65. I’m in STL MO and it’s definitely not the land of milk and honey. Hot chicks here are as whorish and annoying as they are anywhere else. That said I do see a bunch of decent quality women getting married in their early twenties that seem to want to be a good wife or whatever. So, if you’re looking for a 6/7 that might make a good wife you could do worse but 8+ it’s hard all over.

  66. The grass is always greener in the side. Coming, from a traditional culture I enjoy living in America and banging sluts. I think America, is a young alpha guy’s paradise if he can play his cards right. Now if you want to get married, that’s something else. However, who really wants to get married, nowadays?

  67. Thank’s for this insightful article man. I don’t think American women are that bad, having dated one for two months. I think they are fine to have a short-term relationship of sex and joking around but nothing serious.

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