Is The Anonymous Hacker Collective Promoting Dangerous Cyber Fascism?

Anonymous again finds themselves in news headlines. This time they are targeting none other than The Donald. This internet “hacktivist” group has known to target police and supposed members of the KKK; whom today is anyone who dares to dissent anything that does not fit the grand statist, leftist, or Marxist narrative.

Anonymous is usually present at every statist or leftist protest.

According to Wikipedia, the group Anonymous:

…has no strictly defined philosophy, and internal dissent is a regular feature of the group. A website associated with the group describes it as “an Internet gathering” with “a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives

However, the group’s actions totally contradict the above statement. Anonymous has an extremely defined philosophy and group mentality, especially in recent years that completely “operates on directives.” They were a clear presence at Occupy Wall Street. They also cyber attacked many police stations before due process was completed on the cases.

The group functions on the whims of the mass media and large government. One would go as far as to speculate that large government and media might fund Anonymous. Though a minor threat, the group also deems who is allowed to have the “right” ideas and the “wrong” ideas, as in the most recent incident with Trump illustrates.


Anonymous deems which individuals are allotted free speech and who are not allowed to exercise free speech. They serve their own brand of justice with force. They decide who is guilty of “incorrect thought.” The group has their own revision of the US constitution, to replace the “outdated” US Constitution. This new constitution is “more in line with modern times.”

If you did not know by now, the new constitution for “modern times” is the Communist Manifesto. Grown men in masks somehow feel that they know far better about political philosophy then the founding fathers, and are acting as cyber henchmen for the leftist and Marxist narrative. They are what you could call a totalitarian internet organization or “cyber totalitarians.”

This organization recently has become even more politically ideological in their hacking. At first, Anonymous was far more loosely based and relied on pranks (much like the merry pranksters of the 60s). Now, as the left has risen among nerds and the herds, they base their targets along strict political ideologies. They back the large federal government and big media in nearly all decisions of who are the “enemies of the state.”

They bully, threaten, and cause cyber injury to anyone who does not embrace their “perfect” ideology. This is the equivalent of using physical harm toward someone they may disagree with. Though they claim to support freedom of speech and are “pro-democracy,” their activities illustrate otherwise. If you do not agree with them, they will attack. They are the thought police and, historically speaking, represent the modern day cyber descendants of KGB men and SS officers.


In light of many Anonymous attacks, individuals speaking out and dissenting on issues may apply self-censorship in fear they may be targets of these cyber persecutions (bank accounts hacked, personal data manipulated, etc.). This limits free thought and free speech out of fear. These “hacktivists” are nothing more than the thought police, dictating what may or may not be discussed or investigated in our modern world.

The irony here is that they claim their fascist actions as an attack against fascism. Let us take for instance their recent attack on Donald Trump. Regardless of whether you agree with Trump’s speech on Muslims, he has the right to speak under our First Amendment and individuals also have the right to support him under our system of democracy (I do not need to debate his large base of support).

However, fascist Anonymous is causing cyber harm to men that exercised their first amendment rights and garnered democratic support. This is because Anonymous knows more than you at what you should think and do. They know more than you on what should be discussed. They know because they are the only ones with the “right” ideas. You have been warned of what to think.

Orwell made a great statement about such “fascism”:

…almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘Fascist’. That is about as near to a definition as this much-abused word has come.

In the eyes of Anonymous, individuals are not protected by freedom of speech under the constitution nor laws, but should rather be dictated and pressured by cyber violence and an unruly mob into what they deem as “correct thought”. In the end, they are nothing more than the bullies that they claim to fight against.

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80 thoughts on “Is The Anonymous Hacker Collective Promoting Dangerous Cyber Fascism?”

  1. It seems obvious to me that the NSA hacked Sony and blamed North Korea, and then hacked the Pentagon and blamed ISIS. Could not the NSA also be “Anonymous,” or, at least, easily pose as Anonymous at their convenience?

  2. Anonymous = false flag governmental “CointelPro-like” operations + clueless useful SJW idiots.
    And the worst is… it a winning recipe.

    1. these are just attention-seeking losers with no real power. There shouldn’t be an ROK article on these pussies, which displaces the other great ROK articles this week

    2. The only one I can think of was when they went after Scientology. Until then, not many groups were openly protesting that scam of a cult.

    3. just watch their last video declaring war on ISIS… the most cringeworthy thing i’ve seen all year
      wouldnt surprise me if anonymous turned out to be a bunch of pimply faced LARPers

      1. It seems the cyber branch of NATO. Perfectly aligned with its objectives, ISIS is the enemy now, there they go.

        1. ISIS is the enemy in the media only. Several nations, including the US continue to supply it. The Pentagon actually revolted against President Obama when they realised that the Free Syrian Army had completely evaporated and that supplies were going directly to Al Queda and ISIS.
          Obama pushed ahead anyway and allowed the atrocities that are happening in Syria now to occur despite warnings. He is the most incompetent, evil and hypocritical president on US foreign policy ever. He and Hillary are responsible, personally responsible for the mess in Syria.
          When he did his crying routine I was disgusted both as a man and as a human being at his hypocrisy.

        2. Obama is a sociopath and the staged “cry” was an emotional ploy for his dulllard fanboys (as he issues dictats that are meaningless). When that retard is out of office, you will never find anyone admitting voting for him (just like Carter).

    4. There was a story a while back of Anonymous members being killed off by a Mexican Cartel group (I think it was Los Zetas?). Turns out that the Mexican Cartel has unlimited supply of money, so they recruited top notch hackers to track their locations down. I don’t remember when it was but I do know it was a big deal and a big blow to their operations against the Mexican Cartels…but what do you expect when you go after a group known to be extremely creative when it comes to violence?

        1. SJWs only go after soft targets that cannot defend themselves legitimately or otherwise (ie. by capping your ass)

      1. I heard they were not killed, but one was kidnapped. The cartel told him they would not harm him, but if he or any other anonymous wannabes went after the cartel again, the cartel would find an innocent Mexican or two and kill them. Last I heard the nerds picked up their mountain dew cans and went home.

      2. Anon got owned by the mexican cartel. It was all sh*t and giggles for Anon until someone really started to sh*t and giggle.

    5. I’m pretty sure they are just a handful of kids who make youtube videos. There has been no actual achievement of anything they have proposed to do. The fact that ROK felt they were serious enough to even mention, much less do an actual article on, makes me believe that ROK has fallen for the prank that it is. If a 1 hour denial of service attack is all they can muster, then there are code kids still in diapers that put them to shame.

  3. Anonymous is just a default nick on 4chan. I’ve seen “Anonymous Bastard” as a default nick on other message boards as well. I’m Anonymous, you’re Anonymous, come on we’re all btards here or is this just a sign of me getting old and needing to take my Geritol

  4. I have kept an eye on many a “hacker account” on social media and there has, for a very long time, been an effort to push them leftwards. It’s intentional and for this kind of purpose. The ones who are prominent (to whatever extent you can be while being anonymous) suspiciously have a lot of leftoid things to say, but they rarely get caught.
    Neutral hackers who were more into trolling and capers have gone silent.
    You need only know who is in charge by who they do not attack.
    Because they are headless, on the public facing front, anybody can claim to be anonymous. So the potential for fuckery is high. Their strength is also their weakness.

  5. As society crumbles there will be many pseudo organizations claiming to have “the voice of the people”. Anonymous is no different.
    I tend to think that Anonymous has several sects among them….one of them being the NSA.

  6. Anonymous is a complete joke. It’s just a bunch of 14-year old teenagers making threats on the internet. I don’t think they ever achieved anything. Nobody is scared of them.
    Not long ago they announced a supposedly huge operation to unmask “KKK members” and they named a bunch of politicians. Nobody cared. It didn’t even go to the news because it was such a joke.
    They declared “war” to ISIS. What have they done? Yeah that’s right, nothing.

  7. I must be so far outside the loop. I have never heard of this at all.

      1. Yeah, I am not even motivated enough to google it. I have a huge blank spot when it comes to tech stuff.

  8. We need to spread the Truth within technology circles and get programmers, engineers, etc. on our side because they will be a vital asset in the near future.
    Since the traditional medium of propaganda to manipulate and shape public opinion (TV) is dieing slowly day-by-day, the NWO/Globalist elites will try to silence opinion and dissent on the internet.
    For now, the internet is a largely uncontrolled domain (we must keep it that way) and presents a serious threat to the power of the establishment. TV was an expensive, tightly regulated medium only accessible to a few and was a one-to-many mode of communication, which is why it was so effective and deadly as a propaganda tool. The internet, by contrast, is a many-to-many mode of communication.
    It is extremely cheap to communicate your ideas to the world using the internet and anyone can comment and share their thoughts with you. This makes it very difficult if not outright impossible to control public opinion and dissent. If it wasn’t for the internet, the news of the 100+ rapes in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s would never have been reported.
    That’s why we need to make an extra strong effort to get programmers on our side.
    In short, TV is a very tightly controlled expensive medium whereas the internet is the opposite.
    The big problem with tech circles is that the guys are extremely left-wing beta Marxists, making it doubly-difficult to get them to accept the Truth. However, they do have a very logical mind; they’re just misguided.
    However, if one of them does accept the Truth, they can become a real force to be reckoned with and they will stand up their beliefs to the very end.

  9. Anonymous appear to be pretty SJW identified at the moment – which is sad, but remember if they aren’t some kind of cointelpro operation or otherwise managed from above (its possible I hope!) then their origins, and instincts should be anarchistic and anti-statist rather than aligned with the kind of elite, convergent collectivism that you would normally associate with SJWism.
    At least that’s a tension that could be usefully amplified. Most of the feminist baiting seems to come from these types – at the risk of equating anonymous types with 4 chan types. Most likely there’s been an attempt to commandeer anonymous for the ‘progressive’ causes but it should be fairly straightforward to undermine such attempts – just keep on pointing out the truth: that everything progressive is part of the system, part of the collective, part of the statist / international statist. matrix that anonymous is almost by definition destined to oppose

    1. “anarchistic” everyone, I mean everyone, who calls themselves an anarchist has degenerarted into an SJW socialist who believes in free university education, AA and unemployment benefits. The term anarchism is lost.

      1. Anarchism doesn’t have much of a history of success, and at worst it degenerates into pure destructive nihilism (hardly distinguishable from socialism / communism prior to statism). I reserve judgement with respect to certain kinds of anarcho capitalism (conservative / liberal). I’m not that familiar here, but the focus here tends to be upon having as little government as necessary in order to maximise individual liberty
        I used to feel quite positive towards Robert Paul Wolff

  10. He who posted this article has no idea what Fascism is, as he incorrectly uses the term as a synonym for bully. They do not uphold any tenets of Fascism seen in the Fascist movements or defined by Fascist authors. As this author of the article states, Anonymous imports heavily from the communist manifesto in their various declarations, and are clearly sided with the left and liberal camps.
    Fascists, NS and other such traditionalists (actually currently being bunched into the “AltRight” group) are entirely opposed to anonymous because of their marxist beliefs and clear connection to the talking points of the established marxist culture.
    Fascists aren’t leftists; that should be obvious considering their unbroken history of opposing anything remotely culturally marxist that Anonymous never fails to uphold.
    Jon, you must know what fascism is before you associate it with a group we’ve opposed since its inception.

        1. Typically yes that is correct but my question to that is can we, theoretically, have a Fascist right-leaning government? It seems somewhat paradoxical seeing as most right-leaning people want limited government.
          Perhaps if they focused on forcing their views on social issues like gay marriage, etc?

        2. The left-right paradigm relates to European socialist parties in the 30’s. Today it has been expanded to the point of meaninglessness. When an American is called “right wing” it is an attempt to slur them and connect them to nazis (=national socialists), but their idedology has nothing to do with socialism (left or right). Nazis, communists, socialists, etc… all hate the conservative ideals of freedom, liberty and self governance and is completely antithetical to the socialist rooted dogma.

    1. Yeah yeah, and “faggot” means “a bundle of sticks”. Whatever its purest underpinnings, Fascism has become a byword for political bullying and totalitarianism, thanks to its implementation by a number of murderous regimes.

      1. It’s interesting because fascism has homosexual roots. Homosexuals seem to gravitate toward fascism.
        Also, both the word “faggot” and “fascist” originally meant “bundle of sticks” if I remember correctly.

      2. Fascism is a reaction and answer to the political bullying and atrocities of communism. National Socialism is more or less the same but a little more racial in character. Both ideologies are intensely focused on practical outcomes for the people.
        For instance communists in Spain had started to threat Soviet Style purges and had begun to assassinate Priests, Nuns and commit other crimes when a General Franco organised any army that conducted a counter insurrection that eventually became a civil war. We also had several partial revolutions in Germany, Hungary.
        The Soviets had already 4.5 killed millions in the Ukraine alone and more in the rest of the USSR in years of post revolutionary violence.
        These communist threats were not idle.
        National Socialism can be explained in this way: the idea was that capital, labour would be harmonised by government for the benefit of the people.
        Communism sought to abolish private property whereas the National Socialists sought to moderate it. Communism sought to abolish nations. National Socialism sought to optimise them for each countries and peoples unique requirements and character.
        For instance in National Socialism
        1 If companies became abusive of their workforce the Government would step in to support the union.
        2 If unions became troublesome (ie start to ferment revolution for ideological reasons rather than work place fairness) the government would control the unions.
        3 If companies used their wealth to interfere with politics the government would stop it. For instance companies bringing in cheap labour as immigration is a logical impossibility for a National Socialist because it diminishes the people biologically.
        The government ran propaganda and managed the economy to ensure a sufficient birth rate.
        Remember, at the time unions were creating labour disputes because they wanted revolution and some had Soviet connections.

    2. “Fascists aren’t leftists”
      Yes they are, but leftists are desperate to bury that history. Fascism was founded by Benito Mussoluni who was the leading member of the Italian socialist party and big supporter of international communism early on. Fascism and communism are simply different sides of the same coin.

  11. These people declare war on many things but never get any work done! War on Trump? Why not a war Hilary,Bush or Blair? ISIS? after 30,000 years their decide to intervene. They seem to be a controlled bunch with a master;s hand up their poop chute.

  12. You have to figure that Anonymous is a pretty fractious, loosely-bundled association of relatively free agents, but that revelation would diminish their perceived power. Thus, you probably have really great freedom fighters under that umbrella, as well as the very worst kind of petty little wannabe despots.

  13. I couldnt agree more.I’m not sure if my comment last week had any input but said something similar in another ROK article. For the most part I like what they do as far as going after corrupt countries and ISIS.This week they hit a bunch of Japanese websites in retaliation for their illegal and barbaric whaling practice which I can get behind as well as going after the usual corrupt political cronies.
    I get their news feeds in my facebook page. I commented and defended a bullshit article on Trump. I pretty much said trump was right going after un vetted muslim immigrants. I told them when the day comes when they have to move out of their mothers basement and live in the real world, they’ll eventually come around to other peoples views that oppose their current view. I told them they’ve finally jumped the shark.
    The next day when I woke up and got online, my computer connection was down. My roomate called verizon and they said they didnt shut the line down. So…Im pretty sure they’re attacking people that dont share their views with DDS attacks.
    Anonymous have made it very clear they’re going after Trump.Every day theres some stupid article from their feed on what a meanie trump is. Im sure they’re attacking his computers on a regular basis.
    Its clear that anonymous now are what they supposedly oppose. They are the internet social justice warriors trying to shut down anyone that doesnt share their naive views on muslims or anything else. They are the ultimate cyber bully. If you comment against them expect them to at the minimum do a dds attack on you I.P address.

  14. Their motto is never forgive, never forget…..where have I heard that before?….. their hacks have been hackneyed.
    Total intelligence front with a few genuine useful idiots thrown in

  15. Anonymous is politically sympathetic to SJW types, occupy wall street, black lives matter, that crowd in the US. They could hack ROK to shreds if they wanted but they don’t give a fuck.

    1. Symbol of resistance created by indentured low paying labour. “We are anonymous, we buy our masks on Amazon with Prime!” 21st century protest with a modern corporate supply chain.

    2. And the patent to that mask is owned by Warner Brothers (or some other movie studio). So whenever they buy one, the establishment they so hate gets a cut.

  16. Damn…there goes my article idea. I was getting ready to call out these fuckers. I’m sick of their moral superiority bullshit as if their opinion was the only one that mattered.
    And yes i’m well aware that there are different branches of Anon but in general they still promote the idea that they speak for the masses.

  17. I’ll admit to very much enjoying the video where they hack the Westboro Baptist Church during a live YouTube interview, but other than that their actions are despicable and indicate they have a clear leftist agenda.

  18. in the words of pink floyd. “We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control”. Anonymous are a bunch of cowards that wear masks to cover their identities like the terrorists that sadly exist in this world. They will never front up to guys like Trump because they are spineless cowards.

  19. Total controlled opposition. They are either directly NSA or being fed inside information by the NSA. Another possibility is that companies like Cisco and Juniper have employees actively assisting this group. Many of their major attacks have come by way of fairly high level exploits in IT hardware. This leads me to believe that their is a connection to either or both mentioned above.

  20. For a while Ive suspected they were just the C. I. A. or F. B. I.. Or a bunch of kids who caught by them and are now their slaves for a reduced sentence or some shit. How do they prove they arent the Big Gov just phishing/trolling for computer savvy, laid off IT guys?

  21. There is no Collective. It is just 1 faggot who picks up the mantle of “Anonymous” and does something. There is not a James bond Villain type lair of super hackers working towards a common goal.
    Most of these faggots will find themselves on the receiving end of some quality muh dik in a prison shower, as many have already found out. How much ‘street cred’ does Jamal give to some 130 lbs computer nerd in prison?

  22. I wouldn’t call it fascism. Fascism is nationalistic and promotes masculine virtues. Anonymous…well, the name says it all.

  23. They have no binding philosophy of purpose. They’re rats on a ship whose main shield is the little dark places they can scurry to & lay low in. A useful (or annoying) presence spreading electronic based plague. Their strengths are based on this shaky anonymity & the limitations of the electronic engineered structures they infest.
    Seemingly powerful but also one EMP shockwave away from being truly fucked if someone took the time & effort to rat them out..

  24. Eventually, they’ll tangle with the wrong person/group, who will get REALLY mad and surprise them by fighting back and destroying them in some unexpected way.

  25. Cucknonymous in its original form was cool enough, like reddit. Feds shut them down and bagged their members and disappeared them. Then replaced them, just like feddit, but more extreme in transition. Trust us goyem, we are interweb.

  26. Even more so than being a “politburo” for the Left, enforcing ideological doctrine, Anonymous has several ties to the Islamic State.

  27. Am I the only one who’s comment has been deleted three times because it was detected as spam?

  28. Anyone with a voice synthesizer, a Guy Fawkes mask and a YouTube account can play Anonymous. And to illustrate what a paper tiger Anonymous is, some time ago, it threatened online attacks on Mexican drug cartels, but, not surprisingly, chickened out.

  29. Anonymous is about 85-90% wannabes and a small percentage of true, talented hackers with a clue. I’d like to hope it’s the former group generating all of the left wing political crap posing as libertarian causes.

  30. I don’t know if these are the new Brown Shirts or Black Shirt or whatever, but they have some shirt and they are a scary threat to democracy rather than some beacon or defender of it. I would not shed a tear if the fascist forces of America raided their IP address and locked them in a 6×10 room for a long time.
    They are certainly much more dangerous than the 150 rifle-wielding yahoos that have taken over a federal wildlife reserve.

  31. Between the government and these keyboard vigilantes I have decided to further reduce my internet foot print. I will probably have to abandon this ID and set up yet another email account in the next 12 months and just keep all these fuckers at arms length.

  32. The author clearly doesn’t understand the difference between “fascism” and mob rule.

      1. Trotsky-ism isn’t mob rule. Mob rule actually doesn’t have a defined political stance on anything. It’s just when the population becomes angry about something enough, that they start becoming vigilantes, flash mobs, etc.

  33. Even as a kid in high school, I was wary of Anonymous. Self-appointed arbiters of right and wrong? They sound just like the feminists: losers who are power-tripping because it’s the only taste of power they’ve ever had in their loser lives.

  34. Well written and expressed.Anon should also take into account Trump may have good reason to have them caught by Federal agencys and prosecuted as Trump is now protected by the secret service. A cyber attack or physical attack against a candidate for US president may get them wearing the orange suit without the mask.

  35. The British parliment couldn’t ban Trump they knew it would blowup in their face and no vote was taken..

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