Congratulations To Feminists For Helping Import Actual Rape Culture To Germany

On New Year’s Eve, 1,000 men described as Arab and North African sexually assaulted 90 women in the German city of Cologne. Instead of being random, separate assaults dispersed across a very large city in the country’s most populous state, they all occurred in the vicinity of the Central Station, or Hauptbahnhof. Wolfgang Albers, the local police chief, called the incident (more like, dozens of incidents) “a completely new dimension of crime.”

Very unsurprisingly, the same feminists supporting ridiculously open borders are now using the pain and suffering of 90 German women to tackle “rape culture” and supposed German racism against foreigners. They have already started marching across the city in “anti-racism” protests that do not mention immigration, a sinister example of macabre opportunism. Whether before or after the entry of some 800,000+ economic migrants in 2015, any event or trend is twisted by feminists and other SJWs to support their narrative.

The German establishment can do nothing but blame others for their own mistakes

German SJWs allowed these rapes to happen with their cartoonish over-tolerance. And now they’re using them to try and prove their preposterous allegations of Western “rape culture.”

German police are clearly in damage control but under huge political pressure to avoid castigating either new foreign arrivals or established migrant communities. Justice Minister Heiko Maas of the Social Democratic Party (presently in a coalition with Merkel’s CDU) has made it his mission to clamp down on any legitimate outcry about Germany’s self-destructive open borders and mass immigration policies. Rather than blaming the men responsible, the male migrants his government accepted, he is doing everything he can to downplay the connection. He has even previously demanded Facebook eliminate “abusive content,” a poorly coded phrase for any commentary that emphasizes Germany’s right to preserve its indigenous culture and the social cohesion of its inhabitants.

Forgetting that his government unleashed the 800,000+ problem which German police are meant to tackle with the same, not more resources, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière is blaming the police themselves. The comedy of errors that is Angela Merkel’s government failed to heed any number of warnings about the destabilization of Germany’s social fabric. Cautionary advice from even socialist politicians like Thilo Sarrazin fell on deaf ears. And the nightmare in Cologne, which also suffered numerous robberies and other non-sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve, is one of the results.

Is Mayor Henriette Reker “victim-blaming”?

Henriette Reker is so obsessed with accommodating tens of thousands of “refugees” in her city that she’s demanding women take responsibility for not being raped by them.

The answer is an unequivocal “yes.” Because the perpetrators are men of Arab and North African descent, the female Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, is now issuing guidelines for women so they can avoid being raped. Let’s stop here for a moment. She would never issue these guidelines to prevent incidents involving indigenous male Germans allegedly sexually assaulting or raping women. The men would be held responsible, even without the documentary evidence and sheer volume of complaints accompanying the Arab and North African mass sexual assaults in Cologne.

We should also reflect on the fact that when a Toronto policeman, Michael Sanguinetti, called for women not to dress as “sluts,” it resulted in hundreds of feminist protests around the world. Sanguinetti is a Canadian beat cop, not the mayor of one of Germany’s largest and most recognized cities. If you object to Reker’s blaming of the 90 violated women in Cologne, feel free to contact her with some well thought-out correspondence or via Twitter. Reker is getting a pass for her incendiary comments purely because she is a female and a leftist, not to mention that the perpetrators are exclusively minorities and therefore a protected species.

So, feminists of Germany and the world, when will you call out Henriette Reker? Or will the Orwellian Newspeak of enforced cultural tolerance for culturally intolerant migrants continue?

The German governments, along with SJWs, deserve criminal sanctions for allowing these sexual assaults to happen

With this sort of disorder at the border, how can mass rapes be prevented? This is the question the German national government will not and cannot answer.

The sexual assaults and rapes in Cologne, like all the other crimes that night, were entirely predictable. For over a decade, from Norway to Italy, Spain to Russia, the overrepresentation of Arab, African, and North African migrant men amongst European rapists has been well known. So, too, has the presence of disproportionate numbers of able-bodied men, not women and children, on boats and other convoys of people either crossing the Mediterranean or making their way to Europe through places like Turkey.

Angela Merkel’s administration, together with the pro-mass immigration governments of certain German states, have done nothing to credibly increase police funding and resources, maintain systems to register and monitor migrant arrivals, or demand any semblance of integration into German society and conformity with German culture. Minority communities that arrived in Germany from the 1970s have not been properly held to account, let alone the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants arriving in 2015.

And so the slow (or not so slow) demographic death of Germany marches on.

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283 thoughts on “Congratulations To Feminists For Helping Import Actual Rape Culture To Germany”

  1. Well now as there are no white normal Christian males to blame for this all it is Politically Correct for liberals to blame women for Rape, we all know they have No Honor or guts or anything hard and solid what next will they soon embrace in the name of ‘diversity’ ‘Honor Killings’?

    1. The Leftists and the feminists will dream up SOME way to blame this on normal white Christian males, mark my words! They ALWAYS do…

  2. This will be used to usher in an oppressive police state. The people of Germany are getting it from both ends….immigrant invaders and their own governments.
    I want to believe that with awareness, courage and focus we can begin pushing back this globalist anti-border, anti-white agenda. I fear we may have lost Germany in the beginning stages of this obvious ramp up.
    Prove me wrong German men. Reclaim your goddamn dignity.

    1. Let Germany fall, like Sweden. The fire from their ruins will be the beacon, the call to action, for eastern European countries and all the awakened white European men elsewhere.

          Mr Jaeger also warned that anti-immigrant groups were trying to use the attacks to stir up hatred against refugees.
          “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” he said. “This is poisoning the climate of our society.”
          With such a fucked-up degree of delusion, let it burn to the ground I say. Nothing salvageable there.

        1. At least the French police can act and isn’t exactly known for being too kind. I bet many of those behind the attacks on Paris didn’t die, defending themselves or blew themselves up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police found them, they surrendered and they shot them anyway. At least I hope that’s how it went down.

        2. Yes, just like with Africans in America, though, there is a tipping point. In the U.S. “white flight” begins at around 10% African. With the MoozLames, 5% is already a terminal tumor. The French hung on to Algeria too long and are now something like 8% MoozLame. That’s a death sentence. France swallowed a cane toad.
          Listen to Donald’s snake lyric at his rally tonight. At around 41:00.

          The lyric is from Al Wilson:

        3. As of 2010, there were 4.8 million Muslims in Germany (5.8% of the country’s population) and 4.7 million Muslims in France (7.5%). I’d venture to guess at least 10% now in France and 7 to 8% of Germany

    2. It is too late for Germany! Germany is lost! Most of the German men here are leftist metro-sexuals who care more about their hair and looking cool than actually standing up for anything consequential.
      I live in Cologne, and from my observations, the muscular tough guys are all North Africans, while almost all of the German men are noodle armed twerps.

      1. The home of the Waffen SS and Fallshirmjager finished? Full of ”noodle armed twerps”?
        There’s always a minority(and it’s always a minority) willing to fight on, no matter what.

      2. >Most of the German men here are leftist metro-sexuals who care more about their hair and looking cool than actually standing up for anything consequential.
        There is nothing wrong with looking stylish as fuck as long as you remember there is still a war going on.

      3. And the feminists are lies spreading good-for-nothings, without a shred of intellect, courage, compassion or empathy. They are botched abortions…

        1. Perhaps you’re being sarcastic, who knows, but what Feminism has wrought is nothing less than the destruction of Western Civilization.
          We are headed for a Bronze Age style collapse. It will be complete and total and it appears that there is nothing that anyone can or will do about it.

      1. We’d love to! But how? She’s doing Americas bidding(aka destroying Germany and Europe), so she’s well protected…

    3. The current situation is disastrous. The people will need a major “wake-up moment” like the French had in Paris.
      But don’t believe Germany is lost.
      We Germans have the charasteristic to take political ideologies to the extreme. We had Hitler, now there is Merkel and there will be a third one soon. And the third one will make Hitler simle in his grave.
      Sad but likely true.
      Belatuc, German Soldier

      1. God speed brother.
        Also, find new ways to share news of resistance. News media and social media are clamping down. The information war is already in full swing.

        1. Yes they definitely do, kill all these terrorist invader’s whose only aim is to kill Germany.

        2. My grandparents had a farm. My grandma couldn’t become a kindergarten teacher, cause it would have been “Landflucht”, which was punishable by death. They had POWs, but all of their POWs were treated well and most of them stayed in touch and kept visiting, long after the war was over.
          She often told me that Hitler might have been a loon. But damn, it was safe! You could leave a suitcase with all your money on the street when the bombers attacked…it would still be there when you got out of the bunker.
          There was a guy who beat his wife. One day, the SS came and took him. 4 weeks later, they brought him back. For the rest of his life, he never laid hands on his wife and just looked out the window from a rocking chair.
          Not saying that this is the only way to go. But for sure I think it beats the hell out of what we have now!

        3. Evidently they weren’t Jewish, Gypsy, Political dissidents, or Christian leaders trying to stop Hitler’s cruelty and madness.

      2. From what I’ve seen and read; the push back by Germans against these immigrants is already taking place:

      3. Even if we had a Paris, it wouldn’t help. I think they could wipe out an entire city of half a million, like Dortmund or Stuttgart. They still wouldn’t do much and too little, as always.

    4. I agree. German citizens are getting it now from both ends with a police state to follow:

    5. Western men are rubbing the noses of suicidal liberals into that MoozLame pooh good and hard. We will decide when they’re allowed to breath clean air. Western men are in the driver’s seat.
      Maybe this guy will launch the counter attack in earnest.

    6. How could we prove you wrong? If you’d live here, you couldn’t either, believe me.
      If you and your gf go for a walk and some Arabs come to rape her…what could you do? You aren’t allowed to own or carry a gun. Even if you have a knife and manage to kill them or even just make them run away, be sure you’ll be severly punished. At the very least, you’ll receive a huge fine.
      If you demonstrate or actively try to change things, better be rich, cause you’ll definitely lose your job. This society is so full of insane leftist kooks who WANT this to happen!

      1. Take some risks or let it happen. Those are the two choices remaining.
        Start walking in large groups. Make some male friends who are concerned about their GF’s well-being and patrol your neighborhood with some baseball bats. Put fear into the “refugee”. Molotov cocktails are cheap, bats are cheap, shivs can be easily made.
        Find like minded people who will provide safe haven and alibis in the areas you wish to operate. You’re going to have to get creative. But the choice remains clear: Submit or fight. We’re taking about your country and culture here, these are things worth taking risks for.

      1. You may volunteer to translate them to Swedish, while I would be willing to help in translating them to German.

        1. I would be glad, but I’m not Swedish myself. I just suggested it in a sense that Swedish people need such articles too.

        2. Ok, I see. Then I misinterpreted your previous comment. Anyway, it is a great idea. Return of Kings should consider reaching new demographics by offering other language versions. As of now, I think that Return of Kings is mostly consumed by more educated men when it comes to non-English speaking countries.
          By offering at least some articles as translations, the movement could surge by getting men involved who are not fluent in English.
          I would be willing to translate one article per week into German as my personal contribution.

        3. Swedes seem to be one of the most nationalist and anti-islam people in the west. Their nationalists are the largest party nowadays (despite being neo-nazis 25 years ago and still attacked by leftist media because of that), and there are many far-right/anti-immigration swedish sites. A swedish man between 18-40 is very likely to have views like people on this site.

  3. All these logical incongruities (no sexism but welcome “refugees”) come from the same source problem: women in politics. They want to be mothers and sluts of the planet.

  4. eh, maybe some of the women raped were equalists themselves
    and didnt someone try to assassinate that mayor

    1. Yes she was stabbed just before the election where she won and is now in power telling women to walk an arms length away from people on the street rather than calling for a closing of the boarders and heavy handed police action.

  5. This was inevitable but I am amazed that the immigrants are trying to make things difficult for themselves and others like them.

    1. Why are you amazed? They are animals. Thinking is not one of their qualities. I am not surprised at all. These people would rape anything that moves, from goats all the way to german women.

        1. Like deer that run into oncoming headlights? Some animals are too stupid

        2. If they notice that nobody will stop them, why would they think of what they’re doing as unproductive?

        3. seems like they’re essentially laughing at the west. “look, the infidels are conceding their land and their women to us without a fight. truly allah is mighty.” as so on.

  6. Social Justice Wankers will more than likely do their best to prevent news of this from hitting the MSM. In an era where they’re trying to convince the masses that WHITE MALES are raping college age women at mind numbing rates … there’s no time for legit sexual assaults outside the U.S. of A to garner attention.

    1. it’s mind blowing how many sheep see the news and take it at face value. especially older people. that’s how MSM gets away with absurd and irrational lies over and over. much of the population is just too fucking stupid and trusting to question whatever they’re told.
      as long as these rapes aren’t in their local paper, they still wont believe it

    2. MSM has reported it also internationally but avoid giving it much significance or time.

  7. CNN just couldn’t bring themselves to in any way say that these men were migrants, Arabs or Muslims. Obviously, it wasn’t native Germans. Let the rape party begin. These goofballs stood there with their welcome sign. You sowed the seeds now reap what the winds have brought you.

  8. So now they have a real Rape culture to complain about…but they won’t. Idiots.

    1. No, they won’t.
      Look at the protest, it’s not against rape and assault, it’s against sexism and against racism.
      Soon they will walk in protest of German men causing the imported savages to rape German women.
      You can only wish that these traitors will bear the full consequences of meeting a band of savages, while the band of brothers are on the other side of the town drinking beer and being racist by default.

    2. You’ll read one of the girls account in Germany how her and 11 friends were attacked, robbed and groped but then CONTINUED on with their night! They got attacked a second time when they were going home!
      Hopefully our women will wake up when the balance tips after getting a taste of real rape instead of the one’s they fantasize about.

  9. This is exactly why Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are correct to keep these migrants out. Maybe it’s time for those four countries to invade Germany and liberate that sad country.

    1. Yep. These non-mainstream countries will hopefully stay strong and remain a safe haven for the European people and their culture. In all honesty, it’s all on their shoulders now.. because the “A-list” nations from that continent are already ruined by PC culture and lack the balls to resist immigration and SJW critics.. as of now, at least.

      1. man, hope i don’t live to regret moving to one of the larger countries here rather than one of the smaller more nationalistic ones..

    2. they should break off and form an eastern european version of the EU, one based on actual nationalism and not cosmopolitanism

      1. No, grouping up into one big lump is one of the root causes of our problems. Separate nations for separate people. Cooperation is of course still possible.

        1. Cooperation between these countries is absolutely necessary because their total population is greatly outnumbered by the rest of the world.

        1. it’s got to go.. just need a few more countries to quit, maybe Finland will be going, and some of relevant parties which want that to gain strength..

    3. Heh. I was born in Hungary, could probably get a passport. Never thought I might actually have to escape the West and move back there.

      1. Any Hungarian woman is a princess in comparison to a standard western one. If you have not started your own family yet, consider going back a friend’s advice.

    4. I live in Czech Republic and while most of the population is strongly nationalistic, my generation (16-20) is very very pro-refugee and leftist in general. I tried to explain this to my best friend i have known since I was 3, but this country’s youth is very americanized (= pretty much brainwashed), and while he is intelligent, he just can’t understand that multuculturalism is actually a bad thing and that is stripping us of our identity. Since my grandpa died I have yet to meet another red pill thinking male and it is a shame.

      1. Sad, I am around your generation and hear their little debates at work. Not even approaching anything intelligent, simply he who hurts the least amount of feelings with his approach to a problem wins. They talk about bullshit like cashless society based on bartering, humanity for the refugees etc. If I even step in with historical references they are lost, or even ask them if they know why a certain side is in a certain war. They don’t read, simply throat the media and cough it up. Nobody’s thought process stands for something or has any balls amongst these kids.

        1. Generally speaking, European generations get worse and worse as they are replaced by the next one. This is because we had a good starting point (being Europe the cradle of our civilization and families cared about that legacy), but we have a constant “environmental” risk factor (leftist doctrines poisoning education and mass media).
          Also, as you mentioned, they are becoming dogmatic and irreflexive, as they have no true knowledge (newspeak is not based on facts, but on “feelings” and vague moral concepts) to support critical thinking.

        2. I believe that the biggest problem is that Leftist schools only ‘indoctrinate’ — the last thing that they want to do is teach students how to think.

        3. “simply he who hurts the least amount of feelings with his approach to a problem wins.”
          well said, and it’s the same here in the US for most people i know.

      2. I am too from Czech republic, bit older than you (26) and I have to say – hearing about your friends – that things are really turning to worse. I can only advise you to sit your friends down and discuss history or religion (with logical arguments) with them. That is the easy way, harder way is to send them to a trip to mid-east to learn first hand what they would allow in their country.

        1. Let them watch videos of how these immigrants act once they get to your city (YouTube). Let them see how they acted in other countries (Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Italy, etc….) and then see if it helps.
          Many of these immigrants with their “peaceful” religion left a wave of destruction behind them. How would you like to clean up your once clean and beautiful town once these groups have come though it? Let them watch the videos.

      3. I am from Czech Republic and I am your generation aswell, but I’ve got to say that basically all people from my class are quite heavily against immigration in general (a lot of politically incorrect opinions), including some teachers I have spoken to or those who voiced their opinion out loud.
        I imagine only people from large cities like Prague or Brno are more pro-immigration, pro-refugee, but as I always say.. Prague is a completely different world compared to a typical Czech city. The exposure to the newest ”cool trends” and leftist biased news that infest the internet does this to our generation. Everyone starts with a leftist mindset by default nowadays and one can only turn to right-leaning views with higher consciousness. I considered myself a leftist not a long while ago and thought Bernie Sanders is cool, but I turned over when I started to study the problems of the contemporary world as I realized the left doesn’t offer any real answer.
        But I am pretty optimistic about the mindset in our Republic. For example the ”white guilt” is something that has basically no relevance in our history or anywhere else in the Eastern Europe, while it is a card that is played constantly by the left in Germany, France and UK with their relative history.
        We had no colonies and most of the people were second grade citizens themselves in the former empires that span throughout the Eastern Europe and it was us who were meant to be replaced by German, Austrian, Russian or Turkish colonists.
        Our history is definitely not something that can be used against us and we should be proud of it and cultivate it as it gains a completely different depth in the current days. It is a story about those who didn’t give up on their homeland and defended it with their lives.

        1. I wonder, where do you live? I lived in Prague virtually all my life, except for when I was very young and lived in Naples (I’m half Italian).

        2. I’m from Přerov and I visit a school where 99% of students are males, so there’s that.
          But I guarantee you schools that have a higher number of female students share more of a left-leaning mindset, which comes from ignorance only. I am talking about people who only see the main news footage where you are shown ”the poor sick kids and the dirty disabled old folks”. Obviously females are more prone to such footage.

        3. Ah well I go to a gymnasium where females are represented slightly higher so that explains a lot.

        4. You know how you cure those people with the leftist “cool” trends? You send their ass to live in the Middle East for a couple of years…that will straighten them out.
          Many of these women (Sweden, Germany) thought that this immigration thing was a good idea, too, until they got ganged raped one night. Now, I’m sure, many (including their families) are taking a second look at it.

        5. not sure about that. i was in a touristy area of turkey once, and about half the turks there spoke great russian. i can’t imagine czech is much more difficult.

        6. i hope so. seems like the rank-and-file leftist response to this has been pretty muted. i saw only two of my female leftie friends mention it on facebook, somewhat negatively, but only as harshly as “maybe i’ll have to rethink the refugee issue, and that scares me.” come to think of it, both of those women were american. nothing at all from my european friends. seems like people are still scared to speak up for fear of being branded with the R-word.

        7. Most of these ‘poor sick kids’ and ‘dirty disabled old folks’ are still in Syria, not fleeing to Europe. if only there were young, fit, able bodied men of military age to defend them against ISIS and Assad’s forces…
          Oh wait, those men are all running away to Europe and leaving their families behind to die. Disgusting.

        8. can’t really compare. I know Russian is very challenging, but Czech has a lot of byzantine grammatical rules which make it very slippy when learning. If Erdogan shoots down another russian plane those linguist turks may need their russian in earnest

        9. i’ve heard that polish is significantly harder than russian, but i’m not sure about czech. i imagine most of the slavic languages are similar in difficulty. i noticed in my travels in europe that wherever they go, arabs are pretty good at learning the local language. i think that has to do with arabic being so complicated. i’ve heard that it’s even tougher to learn than the slavic languages.

        10. That makes sense. It seems to be much easier to move from a difficult language to an easier one than vice versa. That’s probably not just psychological but to do with the comprehension one gets through tackling complex cases, declinations etc. I think Czech is at least as difficult as polish but there probably isn’t much in it. My polish brother in law reckons you need about 5 years to have a reasonable understanding of polish and i think for an English speaker that’s about true for any Slavic language unless you are particularly able. You might be right about Arabic but Turkish seems reasonably friendly. Hungarian may have a Turkish influence but seems to be about as hard as the Slavic languages as far as I can tell

        11. i’ve actually heard that hungarian is much harder than any of the slavic languages. it’s uralic, and most linguists i’ve talked to seem to agree that the uralic languages are the most complex on the planet. when i lived in ukraine, i had a few colleagues who worked in hungarian-speaking villages and tried to learn a bit, and they all agreed that ukrainian and russian were child’s play compared to it.

        12. I’ve never heard of anyone who considered Hungarian to be easy. It seems to stand on its own for the most part, albeit with some odd influences from all over the place. I’ve been to Budapest several years in a row and can’t say I’ve picked anything up. I would hesitate to try to learn it unless I intended to live there. From memory I think it also has more cases than any language except Finnish which doesn’t help

        13. yes, finnish is in the same family (uralic) as finnish and estonian. tolkien based parts of his elvish languages on finnish. i’m a huge tolkien fan and i’m obsessed with languages, so i’ve always thought it would be fascinating to learn a uralic language, but i’m not sure i have the innate skill at language learning. getting conversational in russian was one of the hardest things i’ve ever done, and i think finnish or hungarian would be vastly more difficult. like you say, it would probably only be likely to happen if you lived in one of those countries, and even then, extremely difficult.

        14. I didn’t know that. I guess if you’re a Tolkien fan then I guess you could skip learning a Uralic language and learn middle English – I think he also borrowed from Beowulf etc. He was learned in a great deal I think. I am not a natural linguist as I have discovered. For me the best strategy is to consolidate what I’ve learned: Improve French, work on Czech, and maybe Swedish as a runway to learning some German down the line. I always wanted to learn Russian so kudos for that but I think that might be on the difficult side for me even if it’s also Slavic. It would be a fine thing to be able to read Dostoevsky in the original though

        15. yes, i’m actually reading the idiot in russian right now. it’s great, good for your brain too.
          you’re actually thinking of old english, sometimes called anglo-saxon. tolkien used old english poetry as a source for many of his stories. it’s another interest of mine, far easier than learning a uralic language, especially if you know some german.
          with languages you just have to work on it every day and not give up, even during the lengthy periods when it seems you’re making no progress. it’s a lot like weight training in that way. you sound like a younger guy, so hopefully you can find a way to live in some of the places where they speak the languages you’re interested in and sample the women, while using ROK wisdom to avoid marrying the wrong ones. wish i’d known about neomasculinity before i met my russian ex, would have saved me a lot of pain and wasted years.

        16. No, I’m in my forties, but just getting into languages and taking some time out to abroad. Like you wish I’d learned of the red pilll / ROK years ago. Stand corrected – I’m confusing Beowulf with Chaucer – middle english actually being fairly easy to understand unlike the former. I think the weight training analogy is a good one, although it reminds me I haven’t used my gym card in half a year. I’m fairly lazy when it comes to languages but equally I tend not to give up (as I have in the past) I quite enjoy it, and although I learn very slowly when I find something is starting to make a little sense I get a lot of pleasure at it. Having said that I keep expectations very low, compared to where they were when I first started learning

        17. ps the idiot is a fantastic book. Good red pill morality tale even if that isn’t how it was intended. Keep away from girls like Natasya Fillipovna or whatever name was

        18. fortunately, forties is still relatively young for a man. just thank god you found neomasculinity and the manosphere. if you hit the weights regularly and study your foreign language/languages every day (no excuses), and have a solid plan for getting overseas, you’ll be good.
          about middle english, i think the main interesting thing about it is that it gives us native english speakers some insight into how portuegese much look to a spanish-speaker, or ukrainian to a russian speaker, since there are no modern languages that similar to modern english.

        19. yeah, not such a bad age for a man. That’s a good plan, but I need to get more disciplined I think. I never used to be interested in languages and will probably never be very proficient but the more you learn the more fascinating they become, which is probably a pre-condition for learning well anyway

        20. The complexity of written Slavic languages can be even more challenging, especially, when the Cyrillic alphabet is used at least in half of them.
          I came across that when I was at a Ukrainian Orthodox Church .. The pamphlets, although written in Ukrainian, used Cyrillic instead of Western alphabets.

        21. I actually found learning the alphabet by far the easiest part when learning Russian. I don’t think a Slavic language that uses the Latin alphabet would be significantly easier than one that uses Cyrillic.

    5. IMO Germany deserves to be invaded militarily. They are importing millions of foreign criminals attempting to destroy Europe. They are causing a lot of damage and must be stopped.

      1. Germany isn’t to blame. America is. America founded and promoted ghetto culture as a cool and hip thing. America also was behind soros and other neoconservative neoliberal types.

  10. It’s just like how the SJW/feminist rape platform changed in an instant when Bill Clinton’s history of rape and sexual assault allegations resurfaced. Now, the platform is all women should be believed lest their names are Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, or anyone else who has accused Willy. It isn’t victim blaming if you blame those women or refer to their accusations as “bimbo eruptions.”

  11. Those molested Cologne ladies should start a slutwalk. Need to teach those Musloids “No means No!”

    1. LOL. Yeah my favorite part of the article is that when faced with actual rape, they quickly retreat to tactics that actually work to prevent rape and all the SJW nonsense is immediately trashed (don’t be out alone by yourself after dark, don’t go with strange men, don’t get too intoxicated, don’t dress like a slut, etc.).

      1. that shows how this mass migration and the events that follow lead to sad changes in the society as a whole.. the European women start to become more like American women as the society becomes more multicultural in a reckless way, more fearful of men in general, as the population of men becomes less civilized.

      2. Yes. All practicable steps which the ‘evil Patriarchy’ set down ages upon ages ago. Man made comforts & left wing fantasy fueled ideas dulled their wits & instincts. Takes a bit of old fashioned primal fear to get them reconnecting with reality.

  12. Lefties and liberals have no idea that an open door policy for refugees in a feminist-lobbying society are utterly incompatible.

    1. True. Western feminists are also silent on the widespread African/Muslim practice of slicing off a female infant’s clit. You’d think that would be a practice they would loudly abhor. But you’d be wrong because, as Libertas points out, feminists only care about wresting power away from white men.

      1. And they’re silent on the Jewish mutilation of boys.
        Odin and Zeus never wanted their followers to mutilate their children.

        1. They suck baby penises. Google jewish mohel std and see what you find.
          Baby Dies of Herpes in Ritual Circumcision By Orthodox Jews

  13. Oh, the Germans… It’s no use trying to “save” them. Legally, they are bound to a constitution which is terrible on these matters. Working people are always oblivious to politics. Furthermore, the youth is so brainwashed (since birth, and including the “special camps”, the foreign exchanges and the SJW doctrines they are fed as worldly knowledge) and stupidified, they are lost with no hopes to be found. They developed mechanisms of thought-blocking any discussions who drive them away from PC speech and they believe the lifestyle and economic stability they have had since 1945 is indestructible (on the other hand, peripheral Europeans, who came from communism or who had to cope with multiple financial crisis, know how this is false).
    Few countries in Europe can disappoint me to the level Germany does.

  14. There was one man who tried to stop all of this over half a century ago. Shame The Germans cannot look to such a person these days.

    1. Maybe. But if he witnessed what’s happneing, he would have an immediate apoplectic fit.

      1. Seeing how Austria was part of “Germany” until the 19th century, it can at least be said he was Germanic.

  15. This is a crime of United Nations proportions. Politicians past and present must be held accountable. ‘Just obeying orders’ is not an excuse.
    The West including Europe, Canada and the US is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans everywhere have the self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without regard to the claims others make upon it.
    My country was my home. Now its a hotel. And they want me to be a waiter. NO.

    1. Actually, they want you not as a waiter (who is paid at the end of the month), but as a slave (someone not paid for his job and who is punished if disobedient)

      1. Right. Your job (as a citizen), now, is to serve the state by continuing to work to give your tax money (to pay for these new immigrants). Not only do these politician put the citizens in harm’s way but you are paying for them to come in (housing, clothing, money, food, etc…) for them to live.

    2. All of this would have never happened without the 50 years of the wrecking ball of Feminism. Feminism is what stripped men of all of their rights in their own homes in 1st world countries. What can men do to stop their own corrupt governments when they don’t even have any rights within _their own homes?_
      First you strip half the population (men) of all their rights under the fraud of ‘women’s rights’ then you set up a totalitarian police state with no resistance.
      And of course the Feminized society, media and Feminist teachers have turned a whole generation of boys into effete wimpy men who will not only do nothing about anything, but are so brain rinsed, they even _encourage and cheer_ the destruction of their own country and call anyone who cares about the white race ‘racist.’
      And of course Feminism is also to blame for the fact that all whites in all 1st world countries have been below replacement birth rates for decades and one BILLION aborted in the last 30 years. Abortion=Feminism=Suicide of a Race.
      A Traditional society with real men are the ones who created 1st world countries in the first place and our ancestors didn’t tolerate any of this insanity of letting people invade their country. What is the very definition of a 1st world country? A country built, maintained and invented by WHITE MEN.

      1. All the Germans and French I met when I traveled around Australia last year were vehemently anti-nationalistic. I’m American, and it was pathetic that I had to explain to a Frenchman (and ex-French soldier at that) why he should be proud to be French.
        Europe is fuuucked.

        1. These sorts of people will always be anti-nationalistic because it would ultimately prevent them from traveling freely and taking advantage of other cultures for personal gain.

        2. How so?
          I’m an American who travels around the world frequently, and I’m nationalistic. Nationalism and curiosity aren’t mutually exclusive.

        3. Do you travel to places where people are nationalistic and don’t like Americans for example?
          The cosmopolitan way relies heavily on watering down nationalistic tendencies across the world.

  16. For some reason a certain German phrase starting with ‘schaden’ and ending in ‘freude’ springs to mind here, but nobody would want these women to go through what they have.

    1. Yeah it’s to bad what’s happening.. On another Note, regarding the “Peaceful” Immigrants, is it to Much to ask the Germans to get those Ovens fired Up again?

      1. Maybe they could have all the refugees take a mandatory shower to remove any pathogens they might have bought with them.

  17. Simple Solution, Germany adopts Yes Means Yes Laws.
    Feminism sought Making Men into boys by feminizing them, and removing Competition from Men, and preferring Sensitive Males over Strong Men, and having Males follow while women lead, and what has it brought? A weak society where foreign invaders do as they please, and the Native Male population does nothing because of Years of Feminist Indoctrination, and the women get Raped, and it comes around full circle to Bite feminism in the Ass, because everything feminism hates about Men, are the same things that would have prevented this catastrophe.

    1. Don’t you love it when your enemies invite their chickens to come home to roost?
      Such WONDERFUL schadenfreude!

  18. Anyone in an official position who is still positive towards immigration is a traitor. We need to get rid of these people.

  19. Let them eat rape. Disenfranchise your caring and helpful white men and let the hordes in… good luck

  20. The slow death of Germany as a Christian land has been greatly accelerated under the likes of Merkel and Reker.
    Germany already has one of more squads of Sharia Police patrolling the streets of Wuppertal and the authorities are doing nothing about it.
    What is so mind-boggling is that in spite of the very hard evidence to the contrary, German policians along with a compliant press are continuing to support the massive influx of Muslim men into their society.

    1. The Christians started this downfall. A strong Pagan nation would not have let this happen.

      1. “The Christians started this downfall. A strong Pagan nation would not have let this happen.”
        And a strong Smurf village would never let Gargamel capture and run off with Smurfette and the Smurflings.
        In the real world, in the long run, the only two civilizations in contention are (Eastern) Orthodoxy and Islam. Anyone not joining forces with Russia and Orthodoxy is de facto aiding Islam, and that includes neo-pagan romantics.

        1. “Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship the same god.”
          They all worship the same God eh?, Wrong, fundamental Islam is only similar to Judaism. Christians don’t regard non-believers with nearly as much contempt and hatred as Jews and Muslims, in the latter bracket atleast muslims hold Jesus with reverence of his personality whilst Jews call Jesus a bastard who is ‘boiling in hot semen'(cant make this up). Christianity is the only force that has the potential of saving the world from these two diabolical religions that are possessed by envious malevolence.

        2. The practices that are keeping Christianity afloat are their use of Pagan holidays and Pagan gods disguised as saints. Without Christmas and Easter, Christianity would have no followers.

        3. you’d be so negatively surprised to find out how many quite nice-looking russian girls prefer getting married to arabs, indians and pakistanis to spinsterhood…

        4. You need to tell that to the Christians. Muslims are just doing what YHVH told them to do. Zeus and Odin are much better deities.

  21. Until the Germans are willing to go full on Anders Breivik they are on the slippery slope to eradication.

    1. shekel cupcakebergstein you are correct. I don’t get how white Christians are so easily manipulated by the tribe.

        1. Well, they were massacring Jews for hundreds of years. Generally whenever something went wrong or the Crown wasn’t paying enough attention.

  22. This picture was on Chateau Heartiste. This is very typical of what you see on German streets. German men are not what they once were. They have neither the will, the strength nor the fortitude to defend their loved ones let alone their homeland.
    This is an example of Germans inviting Syrians into their homes. Any bets as to how long it will take before the Syrian fellow in this picture is banging the Geman gentleman’s girl?

    1. We all know, how she is gonna get plowed later that night.
      The beta chump would be looking out through the window, the same way he is doing now, while ignoring the noise upstairs.

      1. Nah I bet he enjoys watching his wife getting fucked. A lot of white men are into that for some reason.

        1. I think it stems from not impregnating enough women… Maybe it’s an evolutionary survival mechanism.

    2. She’s already getting that Syrian shish-kebob piked up her clam hole, the real question we should ask is how long will it be until faggy boy there gets fucked in the ass as well?

      1. Read body language, facial expression, etc. I’d say you’re totally right on all counts. Seems obvious. That bitch couldn’t be happier, and certainly she proposed it to her beta-huzz.

      2. what’s to say that wasn’t the idea to begin with: “Accommodation available for Syrian refugee. Minimum 8 inches

      1. funny to see that in the two pictures, each girl are looking like bitches craving for dick, and the boyfriends very weak and beta…

        1. Merkel isn’t the only Traitor,

          Note how this cunt has dressed herself for walking into a ‘refugee camp’ of well fed and healthy young Muslim men to greet them. Would you care if she got herself arse raped, would she care?
          Is she worth risking your life for, so that she can do this?
          Don’t put women on a pedestal unless they’ve earned it by displaying loyalty. She’s probably blaming German men equally for the train station rapes.

        2. I bet she dressed like a whore to give free kisses to refugees, just to have her moment of glory on stupid social leftist media. That sucker.
          of course no, i won’t put her on a pedestal nor give a fuck if she got raped. But i’d rather slap the shit out of her if i were a relative, like her father or her brother.

    3. heheheh #MuhDick
      I might start a porn site called “Kebabed” and just show masculine arabic men dicking down these aryan feminist beauties

  23. Reker was stabbed a few months ago. Just sayin’. She clearly doesn’t take her own advice very well.

    1. …it is looking like like this left winger did it to himself, what a nutter! So desperate to say that he was attacked by right wing radicals that he attacked himself with a knife then reported it to the police. How wonderful to see the narrative unraveling, just shows how desperate they are when reality doesn’t deliver they try to fake it. Forensic doctor examined the media report, the injuries and the fact that it was only reported one day later online… Well he’s in shit now! hope they don’t let him get away with it.

  24. Have to admit its amusing – all this raping is caused by one Woman Angela Merkel, then it gets even more amusing when another woman Henriette Rekel tells women they have to take responsibility for not getting raped which goes against the leftist policy that women shouldn’t take responsibility for not getting raped men should stop behaving like that. Then add what feminists and leftists have done for years everything they can to turn European men into a continent of Beta’s now the hordes are storming in at least European women can now live out their “rape fantasies”.

    1. The largest hamster in the world has been spotted in Germany running on a wheel bigger than the Hadron Collider attempting to split the atom of society itself.

    2. Your comment was even more amusing. Love it! “Rape fantasies”. ROFL. Man, some of them deserve it soooo bad.

  25. An eye witness account of a hotel bouncer who was working across the street from the attacks/riots. (With English subtitles)

    1. This guy is Croat working in Germany, as a fellow Croat I’m proud of his actions. He’s actually a MMA coach, and almost 2m tall so he had no problem chasing the Arabs away.

      1. Yet still, Croats, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Serbs, Moldovans etc. who are hard-working immigrants in Western European countries are constantly seen as second-class citizens, while these 3 world monsters get warm welcoming parties every single day. And look what happens. When will the West learn?

        1. When will the West learn? When there’s a Leftist decorating every tree limb, signpost, and streetlamp.

    2. He thought it was all right wing propaganda until he witnessed it firsthand.
      No amount of left wing propaganda can stop them from seeing the truth if it’s right in their backyard.

  26. It pains me to say it, but when it comes to Germans – who voted in retards like that mayor, and PM Angela Merkel, there is only so much sympathy to be had.
    Don’t white knight for Germany – you can’t save something that doesn’t want to save itself.

    1. angela merkel wasn’t elected for this — she’s supposed to be a conservative
      granted, “conservative” in modern western europe basically means washed down neo con but still.

  27. It’s just the beginning. German leftists are so stupid, i nowadays think they deserve the shitstorm they will be going throught. Enjoy your multicultural decline suckers, but keep that shit inside your borders.

  28. Allowing these animals into their country, is legitimizing the feminist cause; The more rape and sexual abuse, the more Germany needs feminism! It’s the ol’ glassmaster’s son breaking windows again.

  29. As a german nationalist i see this development positive and helpfull.Remember all these women would shout at you if you would try to convince them with reason.Most people can only be convinced with pain which means suffering the consequences of their behavior.Cologne will be known in the future as a turning point.The media and Merkel are in free fall meltdown.The coverup by the media and the leftists makes it even worse.The only thing that is missing is a major terror attack with thousands of deaths.That may happen on carnival.If that happens its over for Merkel.To fight back one have to wait for the right moment.You need to have the masses of people behind you and the psycke warfare operations of the enemy totally discredited.

      1. You and I both know that it won’t. Germany, France and Sweden are dead. End of story. The rest of Western Europe is soon to follow.

    1. when is carnival? sounds like a powder keg. apparently the 130 body count in paris wasn’t enough to convince them. apparently need thousands to change their minds

      1. Carnival there is pretty much Shrove Tuesday and the weekend/Monday running up to it. Essentially ‘Cologne Mardi Gras.’ (Roman Catholic majority city.)

        1. jesus man idk wtf ‘shrove Tuesday is’. I was hoping for a date but you speak cryptically

        2. You live, presumably, in a Western country, you could simply Google ‘Shrove Tuesday 2016,’ your seeming ignorance of this simple process does you no credit. If you insist on being spoon fed, it’s February the ninth this year. It changes most years because it’s associated with Easter, which is set (more or less) as so many full moons after Christmas. It’s always worth taking the trouble to expand your knowledge base.

        3. Easter (associated with the Jewish Passover) is based on the lunar calendar; Easter is on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.
          The Spring Equinox is usually March 21st, but it can vary by a day some years (since it is an astronomical event).

    2. l.Remember all these women would shout at you if you would try to convince them with reason.Most people can only be convinced with pain….
      Only that it’s 100% true for women. Maybe after this lesson women will understand that it is best to stay in the kitchen and have four or five white kids. They wanted this. They actually screamed for this and now they are getting it. I hope some of you women now understand what we white males can give you. F***ers.

  30. Giving menopausal women a significant role in the making of public policy produces these kinds of disasters.

    1. Don’t get me started about the Italian Speaker of the House L.Bo ld rini (suing everyone for sexism over the Internet), who wants to move the whole Africa and Middle East to Europe and says their customs will soon become ours… they are “resources” who’ll pay our pensions!
      and to make things worse, we got a clueless menopausal Defense Minister too!
      Their motto is “Europe is asking us to do it”… and they haven’t been even elected by people!

    2. It doesn’t matter if they are menopausal or not. The problem arises with the vagina brain.

  31. Can you imagine if foreigners did this in Tangiers? The Muslims would have all foreign men lined up on the beach to be beheaded the next day. Must have been a candy shop for those animals in Cologne.

    1. One of the most severe beatings I ever got was after walking down the wrong ally in Marrakech in the mid 1990’s. To this day is still have fluid in my left ear.
      That was for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can only imagine what would have happened if I really did touch a woman there.

      1. Nothing new, google what the Zebra killings were in the 70’s or better yet read the book by Clark Howard. It’s free on, nobody wants to print it again. All happened on US soil to boot, scary shit.

  32. I am really shocked by that. And you know what’s “best” about this? Those rapists probably wont be sent away. I just read it on some random online news website. I mean WTF??? Germany? Are you kidding? Where is the nation of writers and thinkers? It’s astonishing what half a decade of brainwashing can do to a country of 80 million people.

    1. The Germans have been brainwashed before, remember? Seems like they have a disposition for it.

      1. It’s true. Germans are very receptive to brainwashing. They are obedient dogs, always ready to follow their big daddy government. However, let’s be fair: hundred years ago germans, eventhough they lost the war and were poor and demoralized, still were able to defend their country from bolsheviks, way before Hitler. At least they had a sense for self-preservation back then.

        1. After WW1 they were beaten, but not broken. After WW2 they were beaten AND broken. And still are.

  33. The Mayor is a typical woman politician who was elected only for her gender and any time there is a serious event has no ideea what to do.

  34. How’s that welcome the invaders, feed them, house them, and then they’ll be nice to us plan working out?

      1. This is from Life Magazine dated April 13, 1899.
        Glimpses Into The Future 1976 The Last American
        The last white man surrounded by foreigners all laughing at him while the infrastructure around him is crumbling.

        1. Truth. First world women who accuse Europe and North America of having a rape culture haven’t lived or traveled in countries that do IMHO.

        2. women in western/white societies just don’t realise how pampered they really are.
          that’s why they’re oblivious to the dangers of travelling alone to turd world countries or undertaking journalism or aid work in these places, and it’s not just the muslim lands. india is gang rape central.

        3. In a first world country a modestly dressed woman has a reasonable expectation that she can go to work, school, etc., and if she is raped/assaulted, the law and culture will back her up. Both mattress girl and shower girl are exceptions. One was having sexy times with a man not previously unknown to her and the other stripped off in a shower with a strange man – kind of the definition of blurred lines and mixed signals which may be why their cultural support is mostly from SJW try hards.

        4. “women in western/white societies just don’t realise how pampered they really are.”
          They are oblivous. Do not take them serioulsly at your own peril.

  35. What is most absurd is some German official said that this incident will not affect their asylum requests! What the f***? It should be exactly opposite: if an asylum seeker commits any crime his request should be automatically denied, and he should be deported as soon as possible. One strike, and you’re out!

    1. Nope. Those times are over. Now the invaders can do whatever they please and still get permanent visa.

      1. His name is Obama and no we do not, what we need is restoration of our old moral order.

        1. ok then maybe we need a francisco franco or pinochet. we need a great man to get rid of the rot

        2. Definitely agree with you on that but the true method for cleansing must start from the ground up. I believe speaking out about these things and putting out ideas to share with others in regards to these things with places like this is a good start to that.

    1. They already have one, her name is Merkel she is just as deranged on ‘gender’ as the fink with the funny little mustache was about ‘race’.

  36. Remember, you don’t tell women how to avoid rape, you tell men not to rape. You wouldn’t tell a homeowner to lock their door, you tell the theives not to break in.
    Oh wait!?

      1. And the feminists will screech about how “logic is a tool of Patriarchy”. Stupid bints.

  37. All of this would have never happened without the 50 years of the wrecking ball of Feminism. Feminism is what stripped men of all of their rights in their own homes in 1st world countries. What can men do to stop their own corrupt governments when they don’t even have any rights within _their own homes?_ Hm?
    First you strip half the population (men) of all their rights under the fraud of ‘women’s rights’ then you set up a totalitarian police state with no resistance.
    And of course the Feminized society, media and Feminist teachers have turned a whole generation of boys into effete wimpy men who will not only do nothing about anything, but are so brain rinsed, they even _encourage and cheer_ the destruction of their own country and call anyone who cares about the white race ‘racist.’
    And of course Feminism is also to blame for the fact that all whites in all 1st world countries have been below replacement birth rates for decades and one BILLION aborted in the last 30 years. Abortion=Feminism=Suicide of a Race.
    A Traditional society with real men are the ones who created 1st world countries in the first place and our ancestors didn’t tolerate any of this insanity of letting people invade their country. What is the very definition of a 1st world country? A country built, maintained and invented by WHITE MEN.

    1. 1 bilion abortions? can you give me a source? All I know is that 50 million have occured in the USA.

    2. ‘All of this would never have happened without the 50 years of of the wrecking ball of Feminism’
      Those 50 years would NEVER have happened if we didn’t grant women the right to vote. 100 years of women being able to vote has ruined the West.

  38. Germans are efficient, Germans have good trains, Germans brought in young male migrants on the train.
    Germans have literally created rape trains.

  39. The Liberal elite keep trying to convince us that Not All Muslims Are Like That, but they have no problem throwing the gates wide open for the ones that are, and this is what happens.

  40. The EU has formed a new military force that will be stationed in Warsaw-primarily made up of German soldiers. Their job is to man the borders of Poland and other countries with a border outside of the EU. Scary!

  41. The german authorities response is insane but its difficult to determine whether its just denialism or some kind of opportunism. Rationally this must create tension within the with the race / feminist alliance (lgbt being third pillar of the tryptich).
    I find myself wondering how this came about though. How was it organised, by whom (specifically) and with what purpose? Was it deliberately designed to damage race relations, as a FU to the german people. The only thing I can think of that is comparable to this are the kind of mass gropings / sexual assaults found in the egyptian colour revolution.
    BTW feminists – how’s that giant safe space your building going? Least it was only actual rape and sexual assault, and nothing so serious as someone calling you fat and stupid on twitter, which could have ruined someone’s life.

  42. IMO Germany needs to be militarily invaded and punished for their crimes of mass importation of criminals against Europe. Other countries can’t tolerate this behavior. Germany have a terrible military. Try to cry “racist” to stop a military invasion, assholes! Using force will solve this problem.

  43. Europeans are sick of the Jewish hypocrisy…
    Barbara Lerner Spectre said it best…
    Barbara Lerner Spectre Co-Founder of European Institute for Jewish Studies has stated.
    “I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural.”
    “And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place.”
    “Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that.”
    “It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make.”
    “They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role.”
    “But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”
    Barbara Lerner Spectre Co-Founder of European Institute for Jewish Studies.
    Barbara Lerner Spectre reportedly supports a Jewish state but promotes, and deliberately undermines European cultures.

    1. Of course she’s full of it and so are her masters. She’s a front for bringing in the NWO with it’s headquarters in Israhell. To do this they must first get rid of all national borders between countries and it looks like they’re starting with Europe.

      1. Anonuser37
        Jews are flooding European Nations with 3rd world non-white parasitic criminals.
        Then the Jews turn round and demand that Israel remain racial pure, while insisting the U.S. pay to construct huge walls to keep 3rd world non-whites out of Israel.
        The Jews argue that huge walls were built to keep them safe.
        Don’t Europeans have the right to be safe???
        Europeans are sick of the Jewish hypocrisy.

        1. Jesus tap-dancing Christ.
          Jews are fleeing Europe as they are being targeted by the “relgion of peace.”
          Europe is ruled by a thug socialist state and are running out of slaves to feed it, hence the importation of more “slaves of allah.”
          There is a shitstorm coming due to 2 corrupt ideologies.

  44. For those who want a glimpse of what the Jews are calling for, watch the video below.
    The video is one hour and thirty minutes long…
    Google: Hellstorm – Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany.
    or… Click link below…

    1. What is this? Nazi propaganda? It’s informative but would be received better if it wasn’t a one sided glorification of Germany’s suffering. All of Europe suffered in this war and all nations/sides did nasty things.

      1. TheHammer.
        Excuse me foe asking but are you a Jewish Zionist???
        In 1944, Henry Morgenthau, Jr. the Jewish adviser to Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed the Morgenthau Plan for postwar Germany.
        Look into it…

        1. Simply making an observation on how the documentary was presented. I almost gagged within the first 6 minutes because of the “poor Germans got it worst” cry fest… and I’m no hater of Germans… it’s just that they dished out the same sort of terror onto others. Everyone did. War is ugly, very ugly.

  45. “HAHA! Keep my passport. I’ll get a new one tomorrow. You invited me here and I can do as I please”
    Said a Syrian refugee to a police officer that very night.

  46. lol, #muhdick
    im glad this happened and i hope it happens again. let the leftists and SJW start feasting on each other, they will be their own demise.

  47. The sad part in all this is that the SJW are saying that the reason all these men are coming here is cos they are the ones who have to speak for their women and have to go with out them.
    This is another case of SJW avoiding the issue via deflection.
    White male? FU!
    Anyone else? We cool

  48. The reaction of the feminists is expected. I know that many here will say bad things about my comment, but after seeing ‘white destruction’as a porn tag on certain sites, along with the female comments there, I can only say that these women want to get raped, but by a dreamboat immigrant only. End feminism and womyn’s rights and I’ll gladly help. But after decades of male hatred and hatred of the countries and cultures that helped them behave like idiots, I say protect those 90 girls in Köln and give the arab guys the phone numbers to the main German feministas.

  49. This may be the end of Germans as a biological race. Its an unbelievable sadness.
    There are only 11 million Germans between the ages of 16-36 that can reasonably be regarded as being fertile. Each woman is having only 1.30 children instead of the 2 needed. (a decline of 35% every 20 year generation, i.e. fertility window).
    There were over 1.5 million invaders last year and another 2.0 million this. This will lead to 7.5 million family reunion applications as the right to family is guaranteed. Almost all the invaders are fertile aged people who have considerably more than 2 children, often 4. Hence Germans will be a minority in 20 years at most 30 years.
    How can Germans even afford to have children with the pressures the invaders will bring?
    Women are far more likely to be natural traitors, lacking in loyalty. Look at the Government ministers in Germany, full of left wing women even in the ‘conservative’ parties. Then look at the courts which are staffed with female judges and lawyers. At every level women bureaucrats, voters and politicians made this happen.
    Absurdly they now blame German White men, the unbelievably civilised, orderly and affable White German men equally for committing these mass rapes that are unpresented in German history and were committed by Arabs Muslims in what was clearly highly coordinated.
    Women can’t be trusted with the vote. Too many are illogical. Ann Coulter has said women don’t deserve the vote. I know she is one I would trust but too few of them are sensible to the thin veneer of civilisation.

    1. women get a sick pleasure in destroying their own men.
      in USA I read article after article of white women saying how happy they are once white men are the minority

  50. 1. I can’t help but think about Hitler. Would Germany allow a “new Hitler” to solve this problem?
    2. I don’t understand why able bodied men that are even allowed in. Preteens, women, and people over 60.

    1. fuck that, don’t let in any young people. they inevitably become ‘military age’.
      they should all be kept out

  51. This will probably get quite a few thumbs down, but I lived in Germany for three years. German men can’t fist fight their way out of a shopping bag. That combined with the uber restrictive gun laws the Moslems will say and do as they will ~ almost ~ unopposed.

  52. Is that Germany’s fate now? To go so far around the circle of the political spectrum that they end up back in a totalitarian state?

  53. The natural outcome of liberalism. Only a totalitarian leftist dictatorship remains to be imposed for it to be completely successful.

  54. Are not women then stood with signs “refugees welcome!”Why now the panic?(•‿•)

  55. THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON – by Rudyard Kipling
    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.
    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.
    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.
    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.
    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  56. The tack taken by these femmes is that it is a ‘male crime’ as patriarchy is the cause etc because of course it’s mostly a male activity. As insane as saying that the Hutu, Rwandan violence was a problem of all men.

  57. Humans never, never learn from history. In almost all cases like the refugee thing going on, the people invading the host countries bring problems with them. SJW’s for millenia have disregarded the facts that the invading people come from different cultures with their own generational behavior, and also most importantly, are disenfranchised and prone to criminal behavior from being uprooted. Imagine the frame change you’d have if you had to flee and lose everything. It’d twist your mentality. We have the same thing here illegal Mexicans who drift from state to state, only staying in one place for a couple of months and then moving on. Many get to know an area only long enough to rob and indulge in what we consider crime, and then they move on and start all over again because they can’t be traced or caught.

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