Stop Worshipping Women On The Internet

Modern men have unwittingly joined a pagan cult. This cult has no buildings and no formal hierarchy yet it is leading men to embrace degeneracy, encouraging girls to become sluts, and furthering the cause of feminism. This cult has no name but it it does have an object of worship: Women on the internet. Here are some of the most common manifestations of this cult.



S.E. Cupp

For some reason, men who identify as conservative really flock to any reasonably attractive woman who says conservative things. Conservative women pundits are a cottage industry that doesn’t exist on the left. This could be because men tend to be conservatives and women tend to be liberal. A lot of the success of Fox News can be attributed to Roger Ailes’ formula of having attractive female news anchors showing a bit of leg and reporting the news with a conservative slant.

It goes far beyond just Fox News anchors though. There are tons of conservative female pundits out there: Katherine Timpf, Katie Pavlich, Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp, Ann Coulter, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dana Perino, and Joanne Nosuchinsky. In addition to these women, who regularly appear on TV, there is another group of women, such as Tomi Lahren and Lauren Southern, who develop large followings on social media. The 24-year-old Lahren has half a million Twitter followers.


Tomi Lahren

Political pundits are an unfortunate by-product of democracy, but some of them do provide valuable analysis. The question is whether men are following these women because of their provocative political positions or whether it is just because of beta male thirst. A few of these ladies do indeed advance the political discourse in the country. Ann Coulter is the best example. Her book Adios America was the first popular treatment of the United States out-of-control immigration problem. It was Coulter’s book that swayed Donald Trump to adopt his now famous hard-line immigration stance.

But while some female pundits are worth their salt, most of the others are just cuckservative eye candy, or pundithots (a portmanteau of “pundit” and “thot”). Take Lauren Southern. The 21-year-old bleach blond has 187,000 followers on Twitter and just released her new 61-page book, Barbarians, How Baby-Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Ruined My Generation. Southern is known for espousing mildly Trumpian views and posting cute (not salacious, she’s trying to appeal to “conservatives” after all) photos of herself. Recently, she posted a picture with herself in anime workout pants—a nod to her Alt Right fan base.


Southern’s political views and reporting are not particularly remarkable—there are dozens of people who offer a similar slant, but Southern is attractive and she consciously uses her looks to gain a greater following. As she writes in her book:

If there was a moment in the 2016 U.S. election that epitomized this newfound hate for the young on the right, it was Republican consultant Rick Wilson’s infamous… declaration that Trump supporters were “childless, single losers who masturbate to anime.” Guilty as charged. Well, except I don’t masturbate to anime characters. I dress up like them and guys masturbate to me. (Emphasis added)

Does this sound like Southern respects her readers/followers? Here are some of their comments to a recent picture she posted:



Another problem with the pundithots is that the media elite use them to control the narrative of what is acceptable discourse. The 28-year-old Katie Pavlich was afforded a slot on National Review‘s “Against Trump” issue even though she doesn’t have a track record for providing leading edge Republican policy recommendations. Rather, it is a way to set the boundaries for conservative men. After all, you would not want the attractive Katie Pavlich to think you are a racist because you want to deport illegal Central American immigrants, right?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not opposed to all female political pundits. Ann Coulter did more to shift the Overton Window on immigration in the past two years than all male pundits put together. But don’t lavish attention on female pundits that push a cuckservative agenda merely because they are cute. Instead, support political outlets that are truly pushing the edge in political thought. I recommend checking out Taki’s Magazine, Social Matter, and Matt Forney’s new home Right On.

Instagram Girls

Pundithots at least try to provide a value-add to their eye-candy pics by providing some banal political commentary. Instagram girls don’t even bother to do that. They post photos of themselves in varying stages of undress on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get comments from strangers on the internet. Many of these women are more nefarious. They are selling porn or access to their web cam service or they are just wannabe prostitutes who secretly hope that wealthy Arabs will fly them to Dubai to service their friends.  Whatever the case is, you don’t want to encourage their behavior.

Even if the girl is not a prostitute yet, traditional men should not encourage girls to expose themselves on the internet. If you want a traditional society, you should reward chaste women who dress modestly. If you reward the internet tart, you are encouraging more of the same behavior.

Women on your social media


Anyone who has used social media knows the temptation. A woman you know posts a picture of herself on social media. The purpose of the picture is out there for one reason: To get compliments through “likes” or comments. How many times have you been tempted to “like” a picture just to be nice?

This is actually the least offensive method of worshipping a woman on the internet because you actually know the woman. If you are both single, you actually might have a chance of dating her. Still, it is a bad idea. It rewards women who engage in attention-whoring behavior and it still turns you in to a beta orbiter. Better to spend less time socializing on social media and more time doing it in real life.

Why you shouldn’t worship women—on the internet or anywhere else


You might be thinking: “What’s the harm in showing appreciation to attractive women on the internet?” It’s wrong because it is inherently beta male behavior. One of the best places to observe this is in a nightclub. In a club, you will find that an alpha male may be surrounded by two or more attractive women. The women all all vying for his attention in the hope that they can push out their female rivals. Beta males, on the other hand, are more likely to congregate in groups around an attractive girl and her friends. The attractive girl just sucks up the attention of the beta orbiters.

Attention-seeking girls on the internet are doing the exact same thing, except instead of having two or three beta orbiters, a popular internet girl can command the attention of hundreds of thirsty beta males at the same time. Instead of buying a girl a drink, you might end up with an internet girl’s book, product, or porn. It’s even worse though. At least in real life, you stand some chance of advancing on the attractive girl. On the internet, the most you’ll get is a “like” for your sad comment from the object of your infatuation.

In addition to putting you into a beta orbiter mindset, worshipping women on the internet also perpetuates the feminized society. If you are constantly trying to please women on the web, you are not going to openly oppose feminism, female careerism, or the ever increasing degeneracy of society because women are some of biggest supporters of those things. If we are too cowardly to even refrain from sucking up to girls on the web, we won’t be able to improve our own lives, much less bring about a return of the patriarchy. If you want to be a patriarch, act like one. Don’t worship some thot on the internet.

Finally, worshipping women on the internet is a colossal waste of time. You could spend the time you are sending compliments to some internet slag with self-improvement.


We must make defeating the cult of worshipping women on the internet one of our top priorities. While I wish that every man would give up this embarrassing behavior on his own, some are going to need our help. Remember, friends don’t let friends worship internet thots.

Be sure to check out Michael’s book Staying Married in a Degenerate Age

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306 thoughts on “Stop Worshipping Women On The Internet”

  1. Even worse is that may of these girls claim to be anti-feminist but they’re nothing of the sort. They believe in gay marriage, equality, have pre-marital sexual partners, think patriarchy is bad, etc. etc.

    These anti-feminist females are not traditional and not even conservative. They are liberals in disguise. You can ask them these questions to reveal where their true sympathies lie:
    “Are you against homosexual marriage?”
    “Do you believe it’s ideal for a woman to remain a virgin until she gets married?”
    “Do you believe that it’s best for children to be raised by a stay-at-home mother?”
    “Do you believe a woman’s choices should be constrained by her husband, tribe, or church with the intention of doing what’s best for her?”
    “Do you believe it’s wrong for a young girl to find herself by traveling around the world and trying new experiences?”
    Good luck finding an anti-feminist who says yes to even two of the above questions. I suspect the only girl who would is already married and a stay-at-home mother who happily submits to her masculine husband.

    Why The Female “Anti-Feminist” Is A Feminist In Disguise

    1. How did Karen Straughan respond to these questions? I noticed you were on her YouTube channel.

      1. I wrote the article after going on her show. She’s a men’s rights advocate who has children, so I believe she’s genuine about her position, though I wouldn’t consider her an ally.

        1. I don’t know about the “altered” (arms bent at right angle) swastika !! but the ORIGINAL form of swastika brings in good luck and represents “Lord Ganesha” (remover of obstacles).

    2. None of the mainstream pundits ever challenge the underlying premises of the ideologies of our age. They only rail against the more absurd novelties that these premises naturally bring about. Once the novelties become more common place they will inevitably accept them because fundamentally these pundits and the leftist agitators believe in the same things. And the pundits only resist the more radical initiatives of the left because they are shocking for their time. But both are just parts of the same train the left is the engine and the “conservative” pundits are the caboose. Only until we have ideologies on TV who challenge such premises (espoused as ideal in the French Revolution and now everywhere in the West) as the primacy of conscience, equality, and fraternity. We will be stuck with these avoritious sycophants.

      1. I love how the dangerous faggot tends to shill for liberal democracy even though he knows most of us are fascists and nationalists.
        It’s almost as if he’s pretending to be our spokesperson.

    3. Ironically, women in the manosphere are most likely proponents for second wave feminism and are not following any traditional ideals. They are not advocating being submissive to their husbands, they are not being mothers, they are not being wives and homemakers. They are career focused narcissists.
      The culture war has not been won, it has been subverted.
      – Homosexuality normalized (Milo)
      – 1st and 2nd wave feminism normalized (Shoe + Lauren + Straughn etc..)
      – Transexuality normalized (Mr Blair White)

      1. Yes! This article hit me at just the right time. I have already been thinking about Blair White, and the other examples you gave are right on the money, too.

        1. I know. I was thinking about Blaire in terms of normalizing transsexualism. It’s insidious.

      2. women, gays, and jews: exactly as I mentioned in another comment. These three groups will subvert any and every group that White men try to set up for themselves, and it’s always the thirsty beta simps who let them in.

        1. No apologies between friends. Given the context, you are actually right but unfortunately, not just white MEN but MASCULINITY is being attacked. Time for us to stand UNITED.

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        3. Although I agree with everything that has been said in this article and in your comment, I think we shoudn’t worry about this for the time being.
          We can’t afford to be divided between our fronts while fighting the real enemy, that is liberalism and globalization, even if it means leting gays, women and jews fighting our fight.
          Be realistic, we can’t win alone. The real Red Pill men are few, and even fewer are the ones who have significant influence on our political and social squads.
          After we destroy liberalism completely, women will be put in line naturaly and we will intensify the fight on gays and jews.
          As a community, the best we can do is embracing the alpha provider role and plant the seed for the future. That’s a real and objective impact we can make.
          No matter how many ROK articles will be put out, no matter how many speeches and books Roosh put out, the real impact have to come from us.

        4. I don’t disagree with what you’ve said….but we should keep in mind, if we don’t go directly to the source of the problems, we will only spend our lives battling symptoms, with few results.

        1. Nobody is born gay so yes he can help it. Furthermore for him and those like him who struggle with such afflictions they should be living quiet penitent lives not pedastalizing their immoral and degenerate proclivities.

        2. Bingo. “He can’t help it” and yet he goes on a tour that he names “Dangerous Faggot” and uses his deviant sexuality as a sales tool with almost every breath he takes.
          Guys who think Milo is some sort of brilliant thought leader or alt-right figurehead are even bigger losers than Fox News watchers.

        3. Riiight so instead of fighting against our mutral enemies and destroying their narratives, he should piss off to some garden grove.

        4. Yes because normalizing sodomy is the narrative.
          When your fighting to restore tradition, morals & masculinity and your vanguard is a sodomite you’ve already lost.

        5. Brilliant thought leader? No. But he is kicking ass and taking names. And you are doing what?
          Milo is moving the Overton Window. Will I rejoice on the day it moves far enough to the Right to make Milo a pervert to be institutionalized? Yup. Does Milo realize what he is doing and the end game should he ‘succeed’? Good question.

        6. You don’t get it bro.
          WHY do you think Milo was given – yes given – such a massive platform from which this flamboyantly gay jew can spout his love of taking black cock in the ass?
          Just think about it long and hard man. Surely you are familiar with the term ‘controlled opposition’.
          Hint: The company that GAVE him the opportunity to reach an audience of millions is Jew-run from top to bottom, and promotes cuckservative values at every turn.

        7. When you are fighting to restore some semblance of cultural health to your pozzed nation, surely a foreign homosexual jew with a miscegenation fetish is the man to represent the movement! kekekeke

        8. It’s called the Hegelian dialogue. By engaging the left with a sodomite we automatically give ground. Though we may win the immediate battle we will never get the ground back so as the left keeps up the successive battles of the culture wars we will inevitably be moved into cultural Marxism. Just look at it this way all those who elect to have Milo represent them can now never fight to make sodomitic unions illegal. They have yeilded the field just by taking it with such a man.

        9. Let’s be honest here Milo’s while schtick is: I can do whatever I want with whoever I want. He does this by being a contrarian, a “conservative homosexual.” But this isn’t conservatism nor the right it’s liberalism.

        10. Stop calling himself a conservative and start calling himself for what he is; a sodomite reprobate with a few libertarian values.

        11. We’ve never institutionalized gays. They should stay in the closet and that’s it. This isn’t Iran or Saudi Arabia. Some of you guys are nutjobs

        12. Can you see Milo in the closet? It wasn’t too long ago any gay so “out” would have been put away and given shock treatments. If the ‘left’ side of the Overton Window only put gays back in the closet I’d be happy to accept that result too. I was being a bit trollish.
          My natural inclination is to let people do what they want in private. However the gays have been such poor winners that it is time to shove em back in the closet for a generation or three and MAYBE let em peek out again and let us see if they will be willing to stop at asking for ‘grudging tolerance’ instead of seeking to ruin anyone who won’t submit to them as superior beings.

        13. No enemies on the Right. Learn it, live it. Milo shoots at the enemy and doesn’t shoot at the Right. You aren’t required to support him, you are required to avoid shooting at him so long as he doesn’t shoot at you. I also laugh out loud when he triggers the snowflakes like Trigglypuff but you are not required to laugh; you are free to dourly stand in the corner with a rod up yer butt if that is your thing. Just keep your fire on the enemy.
          Oh, and Milo doesn’t support marriage redefinition. But even if he did I’m free to disagree and so are you. Peaceful disagreement and free debate are ideals we are fighting for.
          I don’t agree with most of the 1488 guys, but I will not shoot their way so long as they can also keep the peace and direct their fire at the enemy. (Most of the 1488 types are Nazis and I can accept the Nationalism but not the Socialism. But we can argue that without shooting until the enemy is a lot less threatening than they are now.)

        14. is shooting at the enemy. No enemies on the Right. If the Overton Window moves far enough Right we might find the sides divided up differently, but that time isn’t now. You aren’t required to support them, you are required to avoid shooting at them so long as they aren’t shooting at you.
          Milo is triggering the holy Hell out of people who we should both consider enemies and opening up opportunities to gain converts on the universities, actually bringing them over is our responsibility. Let him fight his way, it is unconventional but it appears to be effective. So is the rest of I know I certainly don’t agree 100% with Breitbart or Milo. Heck, I don’t agree 100% with anybody. But I’ll cheer ’em all on as long as they are shooting at people I disagree with darned near 100%.

        15. Milo is a business product. That’s all. He will not make us any good in the long run. We don’t need gays at our side. For God’s sake, it was less than 10 years that I was publicly using faggot as an insult and everybody was OK with that!!!! We’ve lost so much in so little time!

        16. Milo is now a champion for the very demographic he is attracted to: red pill males.
          Mission accomplished.

        17. He did exactly two things right, he did not allow other people to shame him or shake his frame. And he would relentlessly shame and mock anyone who tried to.

        18. And that’s what it’s really about. If these so-called red pill males allow this so-called man to lead their fight, you will be just as good as dead as Nazi Germany.

        19. Very simple case of being an attention whore with that one. I found out about him here a month or so ago and I have to say I am fucking shocked at how many people here support his antics

        20. No enemies to the right makes them free to attack us, but we’re not free to attack them.
          The 1488ers are bolsheviks in trad clothing. They are a liability due to their fundamental anti religious nature, their socialism, their imprudence. Read Leftism Revisited (at least the chapter detailing the NatSoc pedigree). Find and replace class with race and they argue like Marxists. They are a remora fish who will betray us at the first opportunity.
          They are cracked mirror images of Antifa, same slogan shouting, herd mentality, collectivism, love of violence for its own sake. They confuse white skin with God and Jews with the Devil.

        21. I must admit that at his start I did like him, but after the third lecture I said to myself, why do I listen to that kindling? In truth in the end he subverts the alt-right through promoting “friendly” homosexuality that can catch to normies, while on the deepest crevices of the alt-right people in cc (I will point out only that they are the most intellectual) promote homosexuality through their works. If one wants any proof the book that is reviewed in amazon called “The Homo and Negro” is the best example…
          Though, I add that the subversion is not that successful, excepting Milo, due to him having success to already subverted people.

        22. Eh hem… I am surprised that people continue supporting him! He was fun at the start, but being an one trick pony he has nothing more to give. Still for some reason normies like him…
          I cannot understand why…

        23. “Nobody is born gay”
          If homosexuality was a choice EVERY horny young hetero man would switch to gay to get easier access to no strings attached sex.
          L O G I C people.

        24. Well his gay status shields hims somehow in “homophobia” accusiations… forces people who try to assasinate his character look and sound contradictory somehow. He is a walking contradiction himself… and makes brilliant humour out of his contradictionary nature… that makes his audience laugh and libertards angry… It is this triggered anger that expose libertartds for what they trully are…. Neo-Nazis preaching “acceptance” and “inclusion”… instead of “racial superiority”. Their objectives remain the same… just the hype is a bit more “trendy”

        25. Nah, attraction isn’t a choice. I’m against normalising homosexuality and rubbing it our faces but I don’t think it’s a choice. It’s like trying to cure my preference for Indian women by telling me I can just snap out of it and prefer white women. I can’t. It is what it is.

        26. Whereas he definitely suffers from delusions of grandeur and overblown narcissistic personality disorder I think he did a great job at tearing up SJWs from inside and confuse the shit out of them.

        27. I’m not really shooting to the right. I’m just a nobody making a comment on the internet. I have sat by silently and not expressed my negativity about Milo or Breitbart for quite a while. But now that Trump won, there will be a lot of splintering into different camps. It’s inevitable. You’ll have the alt-right, the alt-light, the cucked right, and the zionist right. Pretty obvious where Breitbart and Milo belong. And it ain’t in the alt-right. Yeah, they were useful, but now they are becoming a liability. Exactly as they were engineered to do.

        28. That is why No Enemies on the Right is so important. The reverse is how the Left manages to keep their incompatible factions united in fighting us.
          At some point, if we are successful, some of our erstwhile allies will find themselves on the left edge of the new position of the Overton Window. Then they won’t BE on the Right and therefore a valid target unless they shift rightward. Getting that rightward ratchet cranking is what we should be focusing our efforts upon.

        29. I think he is well aware of what will happen if the Overton window continues to shift to the left; Islam will take over and he will be thrown off a very high roof. So, I do not suspect his motives at all.

        30. That isn’t an argument it’s an opinion, there’s nothing to further. Just because someone isn’t born a certain way doesn’t mean that it’s their “fault”. Also, we’ve all seen kids in early school who were gay. I’m not a scientist (that’s who were supposed to ask now right ?) doesn’t meant that I want my kid learning about anal in school. That penance thing is a lot to demand of someone.

        31. “But now that Trump won, there will be a lot of splintering into different camps. It’s inevitable.”
          Secret agents, how does one separate the wheat from the chaff exactly?

        32. Fighting to restore tradition is a very vague and easily fractured concept. This is an isolationists position.

        33. Breitbart purged Ben Shapiro when he refused to stand with the right. I’d going take a lot to convince Mr that they’re cucks.

        34. I understand where you are coming from. I wouldn’t say its a choice like picking out a brand at a supermarket, rather that external factors like: childhood trauma, bad parenting, public schools, ect. act upon an individual who may have certain internal tendencies that predispose him to falling into this vice. This however does nothing to abrogate the responsibility one has to amend their life. Also I must say your argument can be equally applied to fat people.

        35. The more deeply we fall into vice the more we must suffer to amend our lives. Therefore severe penance is required for those who have totally given themselves over to lives of impurity.
          As for casting blame entirely up in those who choose the sodomitic lifestyle I completely understand where you are coming from. We live in a very sick society that prays upon children vociferously. It is therefore not a persons fault that they are so exposed to trauma and evil that it may take a heroic act of virtue not to succumb to immorality. However we are all ultimately responsible for conduct of our lives. Thus this responsibility cannot be abandoned because of past injustices, much like a degenerate alcoholic is held accountable for his actions even though he may have been raised in a terrible house with alcoholic parents.

        36. Im cool with ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” As a business owner, I follow the 80/20 rule. Fuck perfectionism. Give me some big wins.
          I think gay rights and abortion are both lost causes for now. All I care about is saving the economy, immigration, and stopping the police state. Anybody in that camp is alright with me.
          I might raise my standards in four years though.

        37. The ones that do the splintering are usually the chaff. They are never doing something constructive, but try to pull down anyone that is.

        38. How can that be applied to fat people? Nobody prefers to look ugly. There’s something to be won by doing to effort to reduce. It’s a huge effort but there’s a prize. Forcing oneself to have sex with somebody you don’t feel innate tingles for delivers no prize other perhaps than to be ostracised less but the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

        39. You are a moron with zero knowledge. Homosexuality also occurs in animals it’s a condition that afflicts a percentage of population. It’s not something you can control.

        40. Yes sorry in regards to the fat comment I conflated your argument with another posters. Basically the argument i hear that is often given is I can’t help being fat: I was born this way, it’s my genetics, why would anyone choose to be fat, I can’t just snap out of my body, I’ve tried everything, etc etc.. Basically the same arguments.
          Also attraction can be malleable thing, I used to dip I used to love the smell, now if I get a whiff of a can of chew it makes me nauseous, quite a big difference when it comes to sex but you get my point. So somebody who has had a traumatic childhood or been indoctrinated in the noble homosexual myth in public school could form their attractions around unnatural things as a function of desire towards their percieved identity.

        41. I called it first!
          Seriously, I’ve been complaining about him for the last year. Only now are we realizing the fact he’s a dumb persona non grata in the British media who wants to make a fortune off gullible loons.

        42. I’m just happy that he is busy slaying Feminists. As far as I’m concerned there is no greater enemy then feminism at this point in our history.

        43. Amen. This is how I know rok houses true patriarchal masculine culture, not a bunch of anime watching and masturbaing pussy edgelords

        44. Either Reagan or Gingrich said the people who agree with us 80% of the time are our friends.

      3. So called red pill women are shit disturbers that should be banned in the manosphere.

      4. I can’t count the number of sycophants who praise Blair White’s “attractiveness” and would bang among pseudo-alt-right fans. I wouldn’t touch with another man’s penis.

      5. Now we just need to wait for the pedophile who criticizes leftists for pushing pedophilia.

        1. There is a libertarian faction, friends of Ian Freeman for example, who play games with the notion that it’s edgy to question the illegality of kid fucking.

        2. There is also Todd Nickerson, the “virtuous” pedophile cyborg who apparently deserves an award for jacking off to kids rather than raping them.

        3. “Salon” already has a pedophile writer and they’ve published two of his stories about how he’s not a monster and he’s actually the victim, because others judge him, etc..
          You can Google it. Just Google the word “pedophile” with “not a monster”. It should hit and someone will link the articles together.
          The most disgusting, farthest-left sites to me, are “Salon”, “Slate” and “Vox”. Just pure microwaved llama shit, mixed with turtle piss and served on a bun!

        4. Yeah, Ive seen that creep. Its funny how pedophiles have a trademark look to them.
          I was mostly thinking of a hypothetical situation where there is a pedophile spokesperson that all the cuckservatives ironically look up to, like they do with Milo.

      6. Milo’s got an “in” and he makes good arguments in forums that would otherwise not tolerate any dissection. Regarding strictly feminism, he makes a LOT of strong arguments in front of a LOT of hostile recipients. Personally, I’m not really that hung up about him being gay.

      7. I don’t get the promotion of 2nd wave feminism. Anyone read the vile misandry of 2nd wave’s leaders? I’ve known how destructive it was for a long time yet somehow only version 3.0 is terrible? I think not.

      8. One of the best comments I have ever read concerning the landscape of our “faction”.
        This is what the landscape of the alt-right looks like now. Time to shift our movement again. At least we still have neo-masculinity

        1. Do you also have this niggling feeling inside that this has been a long executed plan to kill traditional families? Merely a slow march beat over generations, two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward, one step back.
          For each step back we claim victory, but in reality we have lost tremendous ground.
          Step forward. 2nd wave. Step forward. 3rd wave. Step back. Second wave. The sleeping cheer, we watch on in sorrow.
          The women and the children have already fallen. Once the last true men start to fall we will really see societal decay.

        2. Killing traditional families was always one of the objectives for their larger goals. If it must be done by covet means by infiltrating our own ranks by mixing “good intentioned” sodomites and slutty women, then certainly, I see it unfolded before me.

        3. Actually, it was a plan. That was admitted to already. That “gay marriage” was just made to look like the goal, but it never was more than a stepping stone to the complete destruction of the nuclear family. I won’t tell you what’s coming next (legalized). After all, I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprize. Keep a barf bucket handy though! 🙂

    4. Agree. I was thinking about those exact same points just recently. In fact, it’s so backwards these days, that in the past when I bothered to waste my time by giving online dating a shot, I found myself being on the receiving end of those exact questions. I was being questioned on whether I accepted or believed in gay marriage and if I didn’t, my date would cut the date short and go back and answer her other 100 emails from other thirsty guys around. It’s that bad these days. Basically, today, females have all the privileges and opportunities and then-some that men had back in the 1950s. Today, women are the men and men are the women.

    5. “Good luck finding an anti-feminist who says yes to even two of the above questions.”
      “Do you believe that it’s best for children to be raised by a stay-at-home mother?”
      Shouldn’t it read worst rather than best then?

    6. They are even worse than feminists who admit that they are indeed feminists. At least for those feminist clowns, we know who they are.

    7. They also sadly believe that a conservative red pilled guy should marry them. I remember seeing an interview with Lauren Southern where she was literally complaining about how no guys would marry her.

      1. Yeah, “no guys would marry her”.
        I’d bet that the problem was that she wasn’t finding any guy “good enough” (i.e., “rich enough”/”handsome enough”/”romantic enough”, etc.) for her NOW.
        I’d also bet that she was likely driving scores of guys away from her when she was in her twenties, but “her career came first”.

        1. LOL shes 21, she already looks like shes 32, so that wall came crashing down.
          She sounded so two faced in the interview, one second shes saying egalitarianism feel good bullshit, and then complains about how an alpha Chad won’t pay for her because of feminism ruining societal structures of marriage, despite her being a sympathizer of first and second wave feminism.
          This post even shows how in her own book she rejoices over her beta male fanbase rubbing one out over her, so she clearly loves the attention.

    8. Thank you Roosh for saying what I was thinking.
      These “allies” are as useful to us as communists were to the French resistance against the Nazis. Let them do their work, but don’t put them in charge or plan on them having any role or trust after “the war” so to speak.
      In fact, plan on doing away with them when the greater enemy is done. That is in our case, once the SJW scourge is dealt with, leave these cam girls (and gays and trannies) to their own obscurity. if they are popular for whatever reason fine, but they are not us and we are not them.

    9. I don’t get the Manosphere. You tell us to not put women on a pedestal, yet you respect PUA’s who do nothing than chase pussy.

    10. The hunger is so strong when a plain old chocolate comes in a shiny conservative wrapper people flock to take a bite.
      I think the problem is cognitive dissonance. Men want so badly for women to behave traditionally that they will take anyone that even mildly outwardly supports that viewpoint.
      The reality that no woman that has a fanbase or a need for excessive external attention will ever have traditional interests at heart, is largely ignored.
      Take Lauren Southern for example. I think she’s great
      but if I’m really being honest that is only a function of how blonde and long her hair is.
      If she cut it short, or got fat and still had the same conservative views I don’t think I’d ever look twice.
      Another thing ‘prominent female conservatives’ are ignored for is that most of them have a high T level.
      Not as much as the sjw butch lesbians if the left but that High T nature is still there under the surface.
      If you’ve ever met a good girl chances are she is largely apolitical, and raised somewhat sheltered upbringing and traditionally. Not really a large yapper and more agnostic about everything than strongly anything. It’s upto you as the man to train her to think better, but women that usually are loud and vocal themselves are wolves in little red riding hoods clothing.
      What many famous female conservatives do is dress the way they know men will appreciate them but if you dissected and extracted their personality you’d see they were mostly ball busters.
      I appreciate them in the way they can be used to hurt the left but let’s be honest in that most are fame whores just doing a different trick.
      If you’re a conservative girl you won’t be very politically vocal.
      If you’re a attention seeker, you’ll do anything to carve out a niche for yourself to get attention.

    11. But why are you trying to bed all these women if you feel its best for them to remain a virgin, essentially sleeping with the wife of their future husband?

  2. Additionally there’s a “one of us” syndrome that has an effect on people with a minority view point. This shows up frequently in libertarian circles where someone of an assigned class turns out to against what that assignment says he should believe and starts talking like a Rothbardian.
    I believe “one of us” is reaction the leftist attacks on everything that disagrees with them as racist, sexist, or something else along those lines. Thus when a woman or black man or whatever shows they are like-minded it is grabbed on to like proof of invalidity of the leftist attacks.
    The left has also made it socially unacceptable for men and especially white men to voice certain things. Even things that are nothing more than historical facts. But the leftists cannot attack a woman or person of an approved minority for saying them without making themselves look bad much of the time. And when the left does attack them it is as ‘traitors’ and other weak less effectual attacks. So those who are denied a voice can find a voice through such proxies.

    1. You are absolutely right about the psychology behind it. But to fall into that frame that they have set for us, and play by their rules, at this stage of the game is beyond pathetic. There is no excuse that would make it acceptable.

  3. I agree with this heavily. Like/follow commentators on the merit of their commentary, not on their attractiveness.

    1. i think it’s something like “that hoe over there” or something. An undesirable woman in any event.

  4. I don’t understand why anyone would listen to pundits period. They are hired by the same networks that show fake news. It should go without saying that the networks that have brought us the fake news stories of Iraqi WMD’s and Trump polling shouldn’t be be trusted when a they peddle a bimbo out in front of the screen for eye candy. I always find it funny when people say things like: “I know Fox News reports stories wrong,” but then they go ahead watch and trust Sean Hannity or Megan Kelly.
    Here is another example say you buy bottled water and one day you discover poison in your water bottles. Are you you going to keep buying water from the same company when they change their salesman?

  5. What these women are doing is what every unattractive woman would die to do: making money from attention whoring. Attention whoring should be publicly and actively shamed. How many mediocre sluts would go back to mediocre income levels or mediocre jobs instead of making thousands of dollars for just showing up physically appealing? The world would be a much better place if men wore the pants again in society.

    1. OMG! What a comment ! You NAILED it !!
      Don’t have words to praise. I am your fan now !

        1. IMO, there’s something off about her face. The way it bulges out around the nose/lips and the nose itself.
          There’s also, in the spirit of this article, her horrible liberal feminazi values…but even if she weren’t the liberal “Fifth Column” of the Trump family, I’d still be “weirded out” by that face.

        2. A true role model. She should be the barometer for woman all across the world because she has class, is smart and of course has the looks.

        3. Just imagine what it looks like without all that spackfiller on her face.On second thoughts….don`t.

    2. Yes, and a primary unit of currency is male attention.
      Starve Facebook, Instagram, etc. Men will not wear the pants as long as they are participating in the gay parade that is social media.

  6. Women are good for raising children and preserving culture and traditions. Try to turn them into men and you get modernity lol

    1. And these days, they are SHIT at those things as well. They can’t cook, they hate cleaning, they don’t want children and when they do have them they are shitty mothers, and they are the biggest traitors to culture and tradition.
      I mean, it sounds harsh to say it, but more and more I’m thinking their ability to carry a baby to term is the ONLY redeeming value they have!
      Take two twin babies, separated at birth, and let one be raised by a single mother, and the other raised by a single father. I guarantee you the one raised by the father will end up being a far better human being, barring extraordinary conditions like alcoholism and abuse.

      1. I have to seriously strain to find much use in women beyond sex and intimacy.
        They refused everything else feminine like raising children or lißtening to their family/husband.
        There are only 2 solutions : removal of female rights and turning women into property or sex bots.
        Anything less is cucking

  7. Great article, great insights.
    Watching supplicating, beta behavior from thirsty mancunts makes me physically nauseous at this point. The weakness, the pathetic lack of awareness, the self-humiliation, it just makes me want to wreck them physically.
    The phenomenon you mention is very real, and it’s driven by two things: one which you covered is that these are thirsty beta faggots we’re dealing with here. The other reason is that these half-men are living in the female paradigm, where if they consume any “bad-think” it must come from a female or a minority in order to put the cuck stamp of approval on it. This explains the popularity of Sheriff Dave Clarke as well.
    It’s essentially a psychological way of “getting permission from mommy”. They think that if an attractive woman says it, then it gives them cover to believe it themselves. It is a thoroughly cucked, pathetic, and degenerate mindset. And it has afflicted roughly 98% of ALL men, whether on the left or right.
    These are the same cucked faggots who see nothing wrong with watching N!ggerball obsessively, and then pretending to be red-pilled race realists (you know who you are – only cucks watch n!ggerball).
    There are three groups who will absolutely destroy any serious movement from within, without fail, every single time, if you allow them to gain any traction: women, gays, and jews.
    With jews and gays the problem is obvious: subversion is their middle name. But with women it’s trickier. They may genuinely believe what they are saying, but it will always be inferior to male commentary.
    Women make shitty comedians, writers, and political thinkers. Always and forever. Paying attention to them is for retarded homosexuals.
    The manosphere is about due for a serious housecleaning. There are so many weak normie faggots attempting to dilute the movement of neo-masculinity or whatever the fuck you want to call it. These losers just make the rest of us look like fags by association.
    I haven’t pedestaled a single woman since a decade ago, and I’ve never felt happier or more in control of my own life.

    1. In addition, another area that drives this behaviour that needs to be touched on is the entertainment industry fairy tale nonsense. Males are force fed this “romantic notion” that good people are rewarded. Be nice and in time the woman will realise that the perfect partner was there all along, just be patient and supportive. So many men fall into this trap of developing an infatuation, give time and compliments waiting for the other person to develop feelings and an attraction.
      Unfortunately in the real world, the other person is attracted to you or not, and being available for every problem just lets yourself be used. It took me awhile to see the truth and break free from this garbage. Men need to wake up and realise that a woman will see a value proposition. If you are unattractive, have nothing to challenge with and just agree because that’s what hollywood says, you will get nowhere. Invest in your appearance (physique and clothes), think for yourself and then most importantly stand for your beliefs, this will go a lot further.
      I honestly do not understand why someone would want to like or comment on some random photo of an attention seeker. There is nothing to be gained except letting them feel better about themselves and making a living selling slimming tea or some other nonsense because people cannot be bothered to learn about nutrition and put the effort in to go for a jog.
      Rather than aspiring to push society forward, giving likes and unrequited comments on the internet to some poser sums up the times, similar to the bucket of crabs analogy where people drag others to their level instead of trying to step their game up.

      1. Spot on, terrific comment. I used to believe the fairy tales too. But it really is true that women decide how far they will let you go sexually within the first five seconds of seeing you. Just like Damone said in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, lol. But it’s the fucking truth. Maybe in 2 or 3% of the cases you could change her mind, but why would you want to?

        1. Women aren’t men. We know within 5 seconds if we’ll fuck a chick. And why shouldn’t we. We don’t get pregnant and are bigger so there is much less risk for us.
          Women take longer. It’s biological. They have more to lose and a mans social is harder to ascertain than a fertile silhouette

      2. “I honestly do not understand why someone would want to like or comment on some random photo of an attention seeker.”
        Indeed. In my opinion, it’s like throwing stone of “pile of shit” !

    2. “Watching supplicating, beta behavior from thirsty mancunts makes me physically nauseous at this point. The weakness, the pathetic lack of awareness, the self-humiliation, it just makes me want to wreck them physically.”
      Bless you, well said. TRUE feelings of the real MEN.

  8. That is good advice as I can see that in myself of in a way waiting in anticipation for her next [insert here] vs. what really matters of being concerned with the real relationship in my life (which in my case is my wife).

  9. Great article that’s giving me a lot of food for thought. I have definitely fallen under the spell of youtube personalities like Lauren Southern and Shoe on Head. In times past, it was people like Megyn Kelly.

    1. Megyn Kelly is perhaps the most recognizable face of this idiotic phenomenon – and just look how she turned out. A traitorous cunt who was working for the enemy the entire time. And filed a false sexual harassment suit against her boss who had made her career. This is all women, when they have the opportunity.

      1. It does seem true that Kelly’s “conservative” philosophies are conveniently lowered or even dropped now that she’s gone from Fox.

        1. She did more to turn White women against Trump than even Hillary Clinton did. Fortunately it didn’t work.

      2. Sadly, MK did take steps to (coyly) refute that she was politically conservative prior to the Trump smack-down, but folks just didn’t want to listen.

    2. Is Shoe even pundit? I’ve always thought of her as more of a comedienne. Even her Doctor Seuss face is enough to get me laughing.

      1. Shoe is definitely not a pundit the way Lauren is. But there’s plenty of anti SJW content in her stuff.

    3. To be fair Shoe one Head is funny and easy too look at. Her sense of humor is a legitimate skills she earned herself so she has my respect for that!

    1. haha that was pretty good. He’s sounds just as disgusted by this as I am. I stopped paying attention to him a long time ago but it looks like he’s grown a little more realistic about women. Back in the day, he banned me for saying something mildly sexist in his comments, so I was like fuck this cuck.

      1. I really don’t agree with him on everything even now, but he calls bullshit when he sees it and sometimes he’s dead on.

    2. “I’m a younger, hotter, not-as-anorexic Ann Coulter with big titties! Like me!”
      This video is gold. Thanks! Looks like a good channel to sub.
      Also, great username and pic. Chris Reeve is my Superman.

      1. No one has yet topped Christopher Reeve as the true Superman.
        It’s like Al Pacino to Scarface.
        Or Wesley Snipes to Blade.
        Or Heather Brooke to iDeepthroat.
        Or Stephen Hawking to Batmobile.

        1. I disagree.George Reeeves,the one and only.And his superpowers didn`t end when he fell off a horse.

      1. I like him but he hides behind nihilism and has no interest in having children as far as I can tell.
        He shoots everyone down yet stands for nothing.

        1. He’s his own man and pretty much a libertarian but seems a bit jaded by the years he wasted in finance.

  10. Karen Straughan circa 2012 was the real deal as far as I could tell. Her video “Fempocalypse!!” is still one of the best breakdowns of the red pill I’ve seen by a woman.

    1. Yeah… Karen actually carries her salt well. She is one of the reasons I still believe that women can be original and intelligent lol. I would dare say not many men could keep up with her. However she is certainly the unicorn in the room.

  11. In our modern society run by traitorous cucks and their (((thought leaders))) women and non-Whites only have to be about a tenth as talented as a comparable White man in order to get the job. Every time I hear people raving about some new e-celebrity bitch and I go watch a video of hers, I feel like 100 guys could have made the same exact video and wouldn’t have gotten 100 views between them.
    Who needs women to enforce the gynocracy, when weak men are more than happy to do it for them?

  12. Fox did their research and realized they would get bigger audience doing the exact same thing by using attractive females instead of men in suits. That’s just business I don’t fault them for making money. News is a manufactured commodity that is sold.

    1. They are entitled to make money and we are entitled to switch them off, for the preservation of our integrity.
      That doesn’t mean they aren’t dogshit. Doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be savaged at every chance. They are fundamentally liars. They say they are giving their audience fair and balanced news, and in reality they are selling a Neocohen fantasy to disgusting beta bois.

  13. to me it’s really unbelievable to see grown men on the web drooling at any comment section of any social media site gloryfying average 5’s and 6’s elevating their ego to the max i just dont get it they attach themselves to the 1 in a million lowest chance of them somehow ending up banging their goddess its completely unrealistic day dreaming theres no way around it if only they knew that by doing this they only push themselves further away from ever achieving their fantasy.. this was one of the first things i stopped doing in my short post-redpill life , browsing the web to see these man (im talkin grown men here some even 19-22 years older than me) still at it it’s mind boggling to me.

    1. couldn’t agree more. what’s even more perplexing is that these idiots will spend hours fawning over some stupid attention whore in the hopes that maybe they will see some cleavage or something, when all the hardcore porn ever made is only a click away. It’s like standing in line at a bar to pay $50 for a Budweiser, when you already have a case of it at home in the fridge.

      1. As a reformed “beta”, I’ve made a New Year’s resolution several years ago to never click “Like” on a girl’s selfie ever again.

        1. My resolution is to write “thot” on every selfie of every female aquintance I know.

  14. I have never met a truly feminine woman who had a serious interest in politics. They are just play-acting to get male attention. Even my girlfriend does it. She’s awesome, but she pretends to be far more conservative than she probably is in reality, because she knows it pleases me. But truth be told, she’s very feminine and would rather cook and clean for me all day than talk about boring politics.

      1. This article could have been written about her specifically.
        Didn’t know or care who she was but have been hearing her name around several times lately. So I check out her YouTube today, and it was exactly this. Young, blonde, good-looking girl with a mediocre, watered down, pseudo-controversial message.
        The thoughts expressed in this article were running through my head already before I saw it.
        I was laughing to myself, because Mike Cuckovich constantly brags about how many Twatter followers he has, but these bubbly-titted 22-year-old know-nothings have like 20 times the amount of followers after just a few months. Funny shit. Hey Mike, you’re not nearly as big-time as you like to believe. Grow a pair of tits and you’ll see what real success looks like.

        1. Lauren Southern spoke out against white nationalism. Fuck libertarianism. Libertarianism won’t fix shit.

        2. Exactly. It’s disturbing that truly brilliant minds like Roosh and Sam Hyde have less than a tenth or twentieth the followers as some bubble head

        3. Libertarianism is retarded. It’s only acceptable as a brief stopping off point on your way to the right wing.

      1. Bah. I was just trying to troll someone into saying that I missed the entire point of the article. Didn’t work.

    1. she probably flicks the bean thinking about being manhandled by a group of migrants playing tarryrush lolz

  15. “Stop Worshiping Women on the Internet”
    I have two only two words.
    Kayla Tausche.

  16. None of the conservative female pundits are truly conservative. Ann Coulter is a 50 something spinster with no children. Lauren Southern lavishes her attention on a hedgehog. She’s basically a crazy cat lady but with a rodent instead of a feline. Se Cupp pushed out one little bastard in her mid to late 30s. The youtuber “blonde in the belly of the beast” mentioned she had dated a sikh rag head. On and on.
    True conservative women live in small towns and you will never see them on youtube or on twitter.

    1. To be fair to Ann Coulter she does have fairly enormous testicles for a woman. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn she was always infertile.

      1. but she’s a stone cold careerist – hardly a traditional woman in any sense of the term. She has more in common with Sheryl Sandberg than June Cleaver

        1. The chicken and the egg. Did she end up with a manjaw after decades of careering, or was being a careerist the best option she was left with after getting stuck with a manjaw?

        2. That’s something that always baffled me about this Ann Coulter worship, especially here at ROK. For all her conservative credentials, she sounds a lot like your typical American woman. Careerist, bitter, old, wrinkled, no kids, always picking fights, blonde, and she’s not making sammiches for the Fox News staff. But at least, unlike Instagram whores, at she’s entertaining.

        3. Nope. Counter accepts the consequences of her choices. does not promote her lifestyle as the ideal. And doesn’t pull the woman card when a man fires back at her aggression
          She is not typical.

  17. Tomi Lahren: with a degree from the university of nevada los vegas, you know she’s got a brilliant mind! lolz

  18. Meh. Lauren ain’t groundbreaking but she’s not offensively awful in her opinions either. If normies need a pretty face to be their bridge to more dangerous conversations then I’m still happy to have her around.

  19. Think about outnumbered on fox news: all these mid 30s – 40s women showing off their legs, the camera positioned just so to show their legs while some little faggy cuck in his ill fitting suit covering 100% of his pasty skin sits there looking dazed

  20. “Attention-seeking girls on the internet are doing the exact same thing, except instead of having two or three beta orbiters, a popular internet girl can command the attention of hundreds of thirsty beta males at the same time.”
    Social media has enabled them to get the attention they seek rather than having to dress provocatively when going to a nightclub or bar. It’s a high that has never come so easily before.
    Social media is to women what porn is to men.

    1. “Social media to women is what porn is to men”
      Well said! it corrupts the mind and gives a false sense of reality. Women are more verbally minded while men are visually minded. Same long term effects though. The mental masturbation erodes you smv over time.

  21. So much can be learned from seeing conservative female pundits, columnists, talk show hosts. Especially how misandric modern society is and how much better and easier women have it than men.
    Lauren Southern or the other female pundits don’t write nearly as well as a number of ROk contributors but they are destined to remain unknown because they aren’t cute like little becky.

  22. Strategy: put attractive white women (Lauren Southern, Meghan McCain, etc) in heels and skirts on tv so all men salivate and covet white women
    Put only unattractive or faggy white men (Greg Gutfield) on news shows so no one will want white men.

    1. at least we have some decent guys in Hollywood. A lot of Thai chicks still think those hollywood stars are the pinnacle (i.e. captain america), so they transfer some of that on to American men as it stands now.

    2. You’re a smart guy Waldemar. You see exactly what’s happening.
      To put the icing on the nation-wrecking cake, they are sure to put plenty of large, masculine black men in the frame with the dainty, petite blonde women.
      It’s very deliberate subconscious emotional programming. By the time a young White girl reaches 16 years of age, she will have already seen literally millions of images in the media depicting miscegenation as normal, blacks as desirable, and White men as pedos and fairies.
      It’s a war.

        1. We must make our own media and entertainment.
          Long live Sam Hyde.
          Long live Emily Youcis
          Long live Red Ice
          Gas the cucks, Meme wars now.

      1. To be fair I kinda see the opposite. Black men get it bad as well. They are usually portrayed as being gay or thugs. Also black men have been cucked by social engineering so badly that the tyranny of the matriarchy they live under is worse then the matriarchy of white men.
        Of course I see the war against white men but its only after they demolished black men. Now its simply a war against masculinity and the fastest way too do that is to pit men against men in order to keep them distracted.

  23. I believe you can quantify the misandry of a society by comparing the number of m2f transexuals to the number of f2m transexuals.
    I don’t think it is coincidental that you have a number of m2f transexuals who are also prominent in the men’s rights movement – Blair White, Theryn Meyer. Caitlin Jenner also claims to be a Republican.
    The more society favors women, the more men will elect to become women.

    1. Women are encouraged to use their sexuality while men aren’t permitted to demonstrate any sexuality.
      Female dress for an anchor or professional: fuck me heels, leather leggings, miniskirt. total skin coverage: 30% (legs exposed, arms exposed, cleavage showing)
      Male dress code for a professional: jake from state farm khakis or monkey suit. total skin coverage: 95% (only the hands and face are visible)
      Moreover, despite what people say: women are not hitting the wall. Most of the female anchors etc are in their late 30s or 40s. Men are sent to the glue factory SMV speaking around 25. Don’t fool yourself.
      I predict; HUGE increase in the number of M2F transexuals, especially among older men. A man in his 40s knows women don’t want him, not even women his own age. But if he were to become a woman, his prospects would be much, much better.

      1. SE Cupp is 37. What male at that age has a similar degree of sex appeal? None.
        Take Bruce Jenner: 60 something washed up guy no one woman would spit on if he were on fire. Sex change + plastic surgery and now “he” is considered beautiful, stunning etc and will get way more sex or dating than he could have as bruce.

        1. Maybe it is just me, but I don’t think being gangbanged in the ass would be all that enjoyable.

        2. Every 50 year old dude is Hollywood can easily bang cupp. No 50 year old actress will be getting banged by the 37 yo. Male equivalent of se cupp

        3. I think that the fuss about Bruce Jenner’s sex change was a lot of PC/Hollywood hype and media “fake news” — look at the time period when it happened.
          Only ten years ago, it would have been viewed as sad and pathetic.

      2. No way man. I’m in my late forties and I bag more women in their early twenties now than I ever did at that age, and with far less effort. They all have daddy issues, man.

      3. Moreover, despite what people say: women are not hitting the wall. Most of the female anchors etc are in their late 30s or 40s.

        Makeup does wonders.

        1. DA TRUTH! Check out the different sites around the web that show celebrities with and without makeup!
          Watch Brooke Shields (the girl from ‘The Blue Lagoon’) transform into’ The Creature From The Black Lagoon’!

      4. Why on God’s green Earth would a man want to become a woman? Women are always comparing themselves to men, not the other way around.

    2. I think in some way m2f tansexuals are worse for females than for males.
      Like they’re making a mockery of actual women.

      1. Look around the web now — “born female” women are starting to become ‘concerned’ about the transgender men who want to pass as ‘women’.
        I call them ‘fake females’, for the simple reason that they’re NOT women: that won’t happen until they change their chromosomes to ‘XX’.

    3. There is no such thing as a f2m transsexual (the number is ZERO), they can cut dicks off, but they can’t stick them on.
      Maybe you’re confusing transsexuals (gender change) with transvestites (clothing change).
      In Thailand Toms (f2m transvestites) outnumber Ladyboys (m2f transvestites). Only about 3% of Ladyboys become transsexuals, most keep their dicks and like to use it.

      1. No. They do have surgeries to make a penis. Same thing is used when a man has his dick cut off in an accident or by a vengeful woman. Not saying it will be a great cock but it’s a “penis”

  24. Lauren Southern is an attention whore to the core. I kinda liked her at first, but then after I watched just several of her videos I came to a conclusion that she’s basically just THE SAME.
    I watched a video on YouTube which she was being interviewed about a political issue. Her answers were very off topic as if she was being asked list of questions about HERSELF;
    Q : “So what’s your opinion regarding x?”
    Lauren : “Unlike other girls, I was raised blahblahblah… That’s why I despise liberal views. Unlike other girls, my dad taught me to hunt, shoot, blahblahblah… that’s why I’m not spoiled like most girls of my generation. I grew up as a tomboy, blahblahblah.. I think that’s why I have uncommon views on social issues and I think differently than girls my age.” and on and on about HERSELF. I noticed that she was trying too hard to emphasize how “unique” she is.
    “I’m not like other girls” my ass.

    1. Never heard of Lauren Southern. But the way you describe her reminds me a bit of Penny from The Big Bang Theory.

    2. She is like Jaqlyn Glenn and atheism.
      She is like Gryffix to the Skeptic community.
      The only girl worth checking out is Emily Youcis. She is the perfect example of a non-atention whore female yotuber and sadly the only one I know.

      1. That’s exactly what I thought when I heard “red-pilled women” for the first time. I thought “OK, maybe this one would be different.” Then I checked them out. They were all seemed to be alright at first, but then they started to contradict their own previous statements. It’s ridiculous.
        Not worth anymore of my time.

      1. I don’t care. An attention whore is an attention whore. She’s one of those attention whores. Just with different methods. It’s all “I, I, I, me,me,me”

  25. If you ever want to see some of the most cringe-worthy, supplicating lesser Beta (or Gamma) grovelling/emoting, have a quick glance at the comment threads below some of the utube reporting videos for the chicks mentioned in this article.
    Jeezus, and we wonder why western countries are in trouble. It is like an orgy of projection, pedestalising, and mewling pleas for help. A lot of sad sack guys out there who’d be willing to do anything for these FemPundits in return for a few seconds attn.
    There should be a warning above the threads: Gratuitous Approval Seeking Below – Have Sick Bag @ Ready

    1. Haha yeah. the comment section is filled with ” if only all women were as smart as you”. Or the ” I’d love to marry you”, lol. Pathetic thirsty men…..

  26. None of these “conservative” women have a tenth the mental capacity of someone like pat buchanan but because pat buchanan doesn’t look as good in a skirt, no one pays any attention to him while they all subscribe to a 21 year old bimbo

  27. I was guilty of this once but yeah. Women talking about politics, whether they’re liberal or conservative, is a huge turn-off.

  28. attention seeking girls are the most despicable and mediocre form of women we can find these days. Beta who worship them are just the bottom of the barrel of masculinity. All in all, they fit perfectly together.

  29. the guy/girl ratio on the internet is stupid. Nobody in their right mind would attend a sausage party to find a girl. Why do it online?

  30. I agree that it’s beta behavior, but I’m certainly not going to join any campaign to try to get betas to cease and desist. Rollo wrote a great piece one time about how these betas are invisible to women but temporarily get “seen” by them when they provide validation. It’s a piss-poor reward, but it’s all many of these betas can ever really hope to have. I do pity them, but anything beyond that would be a waste of time.

  31. Do not give validation to women by going on Tinder!
    The illusion of Tinder for women is that every male who appears on her Tinder feed is approaching her, in order to be accepted or rejected. In real life, most of these guys would not approach her. So this only feeds her ego, making her more of an entitled bitch in real life..
    On the other hand, going on Tinder hinders your game. It is the easiest fucking thing to fuck sluts who already declared an interest in you. You take no risk, you do not approach, so your game does not inmprove.
    Forget Tinder. This is a devised application to further destroy male-female dynamics and society.
    Choose real life.

  32. I have noticed a big difference between women in Ukraine who post pictures of themselves on social media and women in the United States who do the same.
    Here when my wife or my female friends post a photo of themselves its something tasteful. I have a fifteen year old student who only posts photos of herself if something beautiful, like a church, is in the background. My wife will post pictures of herself with our cat or with her friend’s baby.
    In America women do the exact opposite; they look like strumpets, posing for selfies while making the infamous duck face.
    When ever I see women positing promiscuous photos of themselves on the internet, I understand why Muslims treat their women like shit. They do it because if women have free reign over their lives they will abuse their liberty and behave irresponsibly.

    1. Makes sense, the cultural assault is really against the males. If the males can be convinced to accept something, then it becomes acceptable. A while ago threesomes and lesbian sex was considered sick and weird. Then a push for it was made and eventually all the girls started having sex together.
      In Ukraine, the males do not accept all the cultural bs of the West, hence there are consequences for bad behavior. In the West, everything is OK, the males are utterly emasculated and even the non-emasculated are disgusting, so attention whoring becomes the order of the day.
      The moment the fighting males decide, “this is bullshit”, then it stops.

      1. tits, schmitts. Any girl that shrugs her arms together like that will have a nice looking cleavage long enough for the photo.

    1. Average at best and that explains why she’s got them tats; she just wants to attract a bit of attention.

      1. Tattoos scream “20% off” to me. Yeah, there are bargain hunters who go for chicks with a lower SMV for a easy lay. It’s “look at me I’m cheap!”.
        Goes to show you that those women are compulsive and have no long term vision of themselves. Do they think that 40 years from now when they become a grandma, and have their grandchildren gather around to read “The Poky Little Puppy” that the grandkids will find her faded tatted sleeves to be endearing?

      1. For this?? I think the red pill will not help ?? Maybe Viagra & even I doubt it ?? Those sleeves put me off ?? Sorry blokes, can’t get up when I think of those sleeves she’s wearing ??

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  34. As the article gets around to at the end, the issue of beta thirst worshiping women on the internet is simply a subsection of beta thirst worshiping women in general.
    At this point, being a beta simp is like smoking in the 2000’s
    Yeah, there was a time in this country when everyone knew smoking was a bad habit buuuuutttt it wasn’t terrible, right? I mean everyone smoked.
    However, if you start smoking now knowing what we know about how truly terrible smoking is for you then you, my friend, are a dumbass
    The same with pedistolizing women. Yeah, at some point you might have been a good, even if naive, guy and while your bad habit may not have been the best thing how bad could it be?
    However, with the information we have today on a) how putting these Trollops on a pedistol only makes things worse b) how they will immediately see it as weakness and take whatever they can c) will instantly bore of you and jump on the next cock not attatched to a simp then if you are picking this habit up now it’s your own fault

    1. Have you seen the cam sites? There are thousands and thousands of these women “working from home”. The industry must be worth a couple of billion a year. Like what the fuck? All that money just gone….mortgages, travel, cars, motorbikes, snazzy threads, etc., etc. Think of what these guys could be doing rather than beating off to some hose bag on the other end of the tube……
      Guys need to wake up, there is a whole world of real women out there.

      1. I’ve never actually seen bem but have read about how crazy it is. Meanwhile I’m thinking best not to beat off in the shower because chances are I’ll get laid later.
        That people might check these out for a lark is one thing but yeah, people destroy their lives over this

      2. Mentioned something like this a loooong time ago. The amount of HOES that milk loosers of their burger joint paycheck is stunning.
        A lot of “struggling” uni students do it.

      3. Back in the days of 1-900- phone calls I knew a guy that about sent himself to the poorhouse with that stuff. I mean the guy actually PAID a few bucks a minute to get women to talk dirty to him.
        I expect it’s worse now with the web cam thing.

        1. Thumbs up for anything involving Buford T Justice. I think I know what to watch this weekend.

      1. Thanks Jim. My son & daughter explained that this is short for ‘that ho over there’. Pardon my ignorance everyone, I’m old & solitary & always generally disdained slang & all things ‘trendy’.

  35. There’s a message and then there’s a messenger who carries the message. Identify the merits of the message. Apply critical thinking while removing your dick’s reactions to the merits of the messenger as key factor when this is going on. Repeat process where appropriate.

  36. …an alpha male may be surrounded by two or more attractive women…

    How can two people surround you?

  37. They’re just furniture, scenery. You can no more ‘worship’ these people any more than you can a particularly pleasing tree. And similarly when you’re done looking, you either walk away or cut it down and make it into something useful!

    1. Nice insight.
      About the only difference is that trees don’t have a big ego and get a superiority complex from some fools who want to worship them.

  38. The Instagram part is right on the money, don’t believe just scroll though the comments on a hot girl’s page and prepare to cringe. My current piece showed me some messages random guys have sent her via social media and it’s just embarrassing.

  39. I thought Southern showed courage walking into Slutwalks and telling them we are not a rape culture. I watch her Rebel stuff and read the book quote as a joke. I get what the article is saying but I think all these women would leave men alone to live their life and not attack them over twitter and try to dox and get you fired like the weirdo’s on the left.

  40. What I don’t get are the Instagram ‘models’ who do nothing but post half naked pics of themselves. Likes and followers don’t translate to an income. Sure, ridicule the thirsty men following them but these women are basically doing soft core porn without the pay so who are the real idiots here?

  41. Not only should we stop worshipping women on the internet (and anywhere, for that matter), we also need to start shaming the ever living fuck out of any guy we see doing it.

  42. I appreciate the alternative viewpoints expressed in new this article. You’ve given me a lot to ponder over and think about. Although most of what is talked about in his article isint anything I would agree with personally I still thank you for voicing your opinion and sharing.
    I still believe (also hope not to offend anyone) that this article could be better summed up as: Don’t Pay Too Much Attention To Social Media. People have been putting way more stock into what the see portrayed in social media. Studies have even shown that depression rates increase when people view and compare themselves to individuals on social platforms it’s a real issue. I just don’t believe attacking woman or anyone directly serve any purpose from the real issue which is menatl health

      1. Thank you for your question. I would love to answer you directly. In short the reason I’m here is to understand what the other side has to say on certain subjects. Also to expose myself to different opinions that I don’t agree with. Getting outside your bubble and all that. I hope that answers your question 1love✌🏿

        1. Well, if that’s the case then carry on.
          Just stop trying to push your PC vocabulary, we don’t go to where you hang out and do that, extend the same courtesy to us at the very least.

        2. I’m happy we came to an understanding here. Although I wouldn’t need your expressed consent to “carry on” I can appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. As far as my “vocabulary” is concerned, you have every right to voice your opinion as I do. I won’t stop posting on this site simply because you disagree with my opinion either. Opening up a dialogue is the only way to move forward as an individual. I welcome you to voice your opinion or expose yourself to this whom you disagree with by visiting other “liberal” sites as well. So long as we all are being constructive only great things can come from this exchange.
          Thank you👍🏿

        3. I don’t particularly care if you continue posting or not, to be honest. You can do whatever you want.
          I *was* curious about what a sanctimonious blue piller was doing here, but now that my curiosity is satisfied, I doubt I’ll waste more time on you.

        4. I was unaware the words “sanctimonious” and “blue piller” were considered curse words in the PC community. You guys have such a long list of microaggressions I can’t memorize them all.

        5. I thought you didn’t want to “waste” any more of your time? I could go over some examples with you. However you seem to already have a keen grasp on some of these terms, like “micro aggression”. Kudos to you👍🏿Yet since this exchange isint constructive or remotely thought provoking I’m afraid I’ll have to excuse myself. Hopefully in the process you’ll get an example of leaving when you said you would🤗
          Stay blessed👍🏿

  43. Any social website that involves girls also involves betas, cucks, liberals, and feminists. Not worth the headache.

  44. I know this is off-topic but does anyone else have success at meeting women at wine walks?
    I think it is hands-down my most successful day game tactic ever, if it is actually a tactic. Wine walks attract semi-affluent women who have a little more education but are still down to get tipsy. Its the most lopsided m/f ratio I have ever seen; I estimate that 70-80% of wine walkers are women. Some are way old but SO many are mid 20s and pretty decent.
    Plus you usually get a commemorative glass to remember your conquest by.

  45. I agree with the entire premise of the article. And Lauren Southern isn’t especially attractive.

  46. I never understood why men even care about attention whores on social media. I have absolutely no interest in a woman I cannot potentially bang. Zero. Zip. Nothing. What is the point?

  47. I feel kind of sorry for the betas and tradcucks who fall for these anti feminist bandwagoners. It seems like their natural desire to find a nurturing woman is getting the best of them, they will all learn the hard way sooner or later.

  48. Women today say they don’t like feminism because it’s unfair to men. Yet want to benefit from the legacy and privileges First and second wave feminism have created.Do NOT trust women today.

    1. I’d upvote your comment a million times if I could!
      I’ve been saying that ever since it became trendy and fashionable for women to say how “they’re not a feminist” or how “they’re against feminism” — but they still want to enjoy all of the benefits of feminism, especially all of the advantages that they have over men.
      They talk a LOT, but how many of them ever actually do ANYTHING about ending VAWA, “No Fault” Divorce, Affirmative Action, government-funded entitlements, ‘women-only’ scholarships, etc.? How many “anti-feminists” support the idea of having proven False Accusers given mandatory 20-year prison sentences?
      You want to find out how much of a ‘non-feminist’ that a “woman against feminism” is? Ask her if she’ll be taking her husband’s last name if she marries. If she hesitates or says no, you have your answer (but we men have also found out how women will not hesitate to lie, either under oath or before God at the altar).

  49. We should def stop liking and giving thumbs up to girls on social media. It turns us into their little batteries. They get the self esteem boost without giving anyone anything.

    1. Yeah; as if they don’t have enough ‘self-esteem’ nowadays just by being born with a vagina and having boobs.

  50. There are a few key points that get missed here: 1) BIG difference between rightist gals working for rebelmedia, infowars, breitbart, takimag, and Neocon outlets like the TheBlaze (Lahren). The Non-Neocon women were taking Real professional risks is tying their brand to what were essentially taboo/fringe platforms.
    Any right wing pundit who opposed Neocon policy was actively marginalized by Deep State & GOPe power brokers between 1994 & 2015, so give props to all pundits (not just the ladies) who had the fortitude to speak truth to power when it was very risky to do so. 2) The women in the Alt Right get more attn because they are refreshingly feminine compared to the likes of the shrill CNN/MSNBC talking heads. Agreed it is silly to given them vanityfests w/ undue praise, but they are the opposite of many 3rd wave feminists who get legacy media platforms, and guest spots on talk shows.
    3) The women in the Alt Right are getting attn even when they are not swim suit models. It is simply a sign of tribal loyalty that we give support to those who support us as kindred spirits. The likes of Margaret & Lee Ann on infowars seem like decent types, as do the guy hosts. That the ladies are attractive is incidental. We simply need to win some battles, and support our allies, while cutting off support to the legacy media scumbags.

  51. so rule number one of patriarchy and masculinity is : “stop worshipping women and girls and females wether they are good or bad or sluts or beautiful or hot or treated you good, no excuses”
    waiting for rule number two

  52. No real man should have a Facebook or an Instagram period!! And don’t give me this “I only use Facebook for social events, or to laugh at people, or try to bang chicks”, I’ll say it again, no real man should have a Facebook or Instagram!

  53. Why is it that almost every anti-liberal women that I’ve seen on the internet (and irl too) sound like they have a high level of testosterone for a female. First, Southern and then this lady

  54. WHY DON’T PEOPLE LISTEN TO COMMON FILTH. he predicted this beta worship would lead to ruin in the internet right wing “intelligentsia”. look at how the betas all worship blaire white, now they think “traps are soooo much better than real women, they try to be feminine, they cant have kids, they are more submissive, etc.” i have actually heard that exact argument on various places on twitter and the chans, yet the twitter 14/88 kiddies want to “preserve” the white race! lol.

  55. This made me so angry. These women only need to depend on their looks and body to gain fame and money. Most guys I know need to work their asses for wages.

  56. It’s such cringeworth when I see comments like “your such a hot babe” even when he knows that he is not going to get anywhere…

  57. If a guy has this need to worship a woman, maybe doing it with an Internet celebrity instead of actual women around him is the lesser of two evils.

  58. If you worship or white knight for women even if conservative you don’t belong in the manospehere and definitely aren’t red pilled. A true conservative women would know her place too, and only speak on issues when needed, not amass followings of weak willed betas who think they are red pilled alpha patriarchs

  59. Another thing – if she isn’t genuinely rooted in Christian moral philosophy – she’s most likely a thot.

  60. So there’s this rap song where the artist states in part of his verse: “I’d love to fuck ho’s that Slut Walk with Amber Rose but I won’t get my hopes up cuz they’re half naked screaming no means no! If you ain’t got the game to bang a chick that’s promiscuous, then hop off her instagram leaving compliments and simp shit. That aint getting you no closer to the pussy, boo loving her twerk vids got her thinking you a wussy.”
    This blog post reminded me of that verse. It just seems that too many men are simps online. Helping to justify women’s actions and behaviors with likes and compliments and DMs…it gets on my nerves but I guess really am no better. Still doing my best to work with the Red Pill and not against it.
    – Mojo

  61. male centric-artificial wombs, masturbational-sex machines, or sexual-self containment tactics, would solve most male centric dilemmas. But as usual, the world will catch up in approximately 25 years after the undeniably-unstoppable signs of the worlds population decline has undeniably accelerated at such a rate and far beyond replacement value… 2042 +/- 5 years.

  62. Just think of it in terms of a power stuggle. You give them attention you give them power. You ignore them, they start dancing in your face. You ignore them some more, they implode in a mess of insecurity. Women need the empowerment of male attention. Only you control that. Stop feeding them. It’s better for everyone.

  63. I agree with the following women on Instagram. There is something so frustrating about seeing an attractive women I’ve never met, nor will never meet and definetely won’t have the chance to get nasty with.
    After a while the teasing effected my moods, so I cut down who I follow on IG to around 50, cut out any girl who I didn’t personally know or was selling her body online (all those “pay for mypremium content” on a paid service girls), and only follow people I know personally, guys that inspire and motivate me.

  64. Holy crap, stop worshiping Latin American girls! I am a (caucasian) Latin American guy and know for a fact that they aren’t worth crap. They are just pretending and you fall for it. I’d say they are way, way worse than the white, western girls you always criticize. Also, their mix of a million races make them ugly, ugly, ugly. Frankly, I can’t understand why you think they are hot. I’ve yet to see a non-white Latina who I consider to be a 7, let alone a 10.
    I know this will be hard to believe, but let it sink in: most of the prettiest, smartest, and most feminine girls I’ve known have been French, German, and American white girls that I’ve met while living abroad. You just have to know where to look.
    So, you want a sane woman of healthy morals who will cook for you when you come tired from work, and you are looking for her in bars and NIGHT CLUBS? Seriously? Good God! What are you morons thinking?
    To be fair, some of the good girls I’m talking about were from rural areas, away from trashy cultural influences in their immediate surroundings; but I assure you that you absolutely may encounter good girls in urban areas if you know what you are doing!
    The truth is staring at your clueless faces and you aren’t able to see it!
    But I know that many of you will still not believe me.
    I’ll go meet white girls while you go for your Latina gold diggers. I’d say go for it! stay in a relationship with them, maybe then you’ll understand your mistake.

  65. I see pundithots as trying to be men, as “thought leaders” — it’s just another slap at patriarchy.

  66. Finally someone that can see this hidden niche. It’s almost like women have developed some kind of strategy for garnering attention. Don’t fall for it.
    If they want to join the fight no sweat but don’t expect any special treatment unless you have something good

  67. Pretty sure Lauren was joking about the anime masturbation thing taking a shot at Rick Wilson’s comment.

  68. “If there was a moment in the 2016 U.S. election that epitomized this
    newfound hate for the young on the right, it was Republican consultant Rick Wilson’s infamous… declaration that Trump supporters were “childless, single losers who masturbate to anime.” Guilty as charged. Well, except I don’t masturbate to anime characters. I dress up like them and guys masturbate to me. (Emphasis added)”
    Hahahaha, wow at that quote! And male anime fans wonder why they’re not taken seriously by women at all.

  69. I just don’t see a point in this type of validation when it’s not real. I don’t really understand what these girls get from it. I have met a lot of girls in small online communities who make a whole fake persona of themselves to get attention from all the males there. They will put on makeup and make themselves look thinner with camera angles. if that’s not who you really are then what it is there to be flattered by? Same if it’s men you have no intention of ever getting with. For a woman the only validation they need should come from being a wife and mother, and I think that is what many of these girls are missing. If a woman is a wife and mother and still behaves this way, then she has bought the lie that her family isn’t enough.

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