The Revolutionary Implications Of GamerGate

At first I was confused why GamerGate was such a big deal. So feminists reportedly screwed their way through the video game industry and pretended to be victims of male aggression. Aren’t they always doing that? Aren’t there thousands of Zoe Quinns out there?

But then the censorship started, pervasively on forums such as 4chan and reddit. Then came a massive assault by the news media and video game industry. If this issue isn’t such a big deal, why do they so fiercely abuse their own consumers? Deep in my stomach I could tell something was very wrong.

The Internet Will Destroy The Press


Victor Hugo (1802-1885) once said, “The printing press will kill the church.” In medieval times, the universal church held on to power through the production of books. They ran the religion, government, commerce, every aspect of social life. People literally were executed for owning or copying important records such as the bible because it could threaten the church’s control.

But suddenly the printing press afforded the common man the opportunity to write his own books and spread his own message. After that, despite years of wars waged by authorities, the printing press prevailed.

The cathedral was overthrown and a new building rose in its place, one built by the common man:

“The press, that giant machine, which incessantly pumps all the intellectual sap of society, belches forth without pause fresh materials for its work. The whole human race is on the scaffoldings. Each mind is a mason. The humblest fills his hole, or places his stone. Retif dè le Bretonne brings his hod of plaster. Every day a new course rises. Independently of the original and individual contribution of each writer, there are collective contingents. The eighteenth century gives the Encyclopedia, the revolution gives the Moniteur. Assuredly, it is a construction which increases and piles up in endless spirals; there also are confusion of tongues, incessant activity, indefatigable labor, eager competition of all humanity, refuge promised to intelligence, a new Flood against an overflow of barbarians. It is the second tower of Babel of the human race.” (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo, 1831)

The internet is the next great invention. Today, anyone can create a website and spread beliefs. Everyone is connected and everyone contributes to some degree. We don’t need CNN to give us the headlines or to tell us what to think. But this freedom does not come without great conflict. Today, just as then, the authorities are not willing to give up their control.

Gaming: The Third Tower of Babel


Hugo called the printing press the “second Tower of Babel.” Without getting religious, let’s look at the reasons why the Tower of Babel fell. Civilization was going through a technological revolution at that time. The invention of baked bricks allowed the people to construct buildings like never before and to express their opinions and beliefs in architecture. It was a communication revolution. But then their language got confused. Their society fractured because nobody could understand anyone else. Each individual wanted things his way and that broke up society.

But “if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” And this is where gaming comes into play. So-called social justice warriors still cling on to the structure of the old days because they are frightened of a future without it. Their great crusades of social justice are nothing more than preservation of an antiquated belief system.

And it is true, the new system leaves destruction in its wake. Just look at the state of the music industry. Popular music gets progressively worse, and do you think peer-to-peer technology has nothing to do with it? Look at Hollywood in the age of YouTube, tumbling to the ground in a disgusting heap. Remediasation has very real and huge implications: we in the West are losing our language.

Gaming is a large part of that revolution, an industry for which revenue will soon hit $100 billion. In the UK, gaming already accounts for 40% of the entertainment industry. This is because gamers more than sit on a couch and consume a story. You become part of the story and influence what is going on. You interact with other gamers and build communities. How much power will they hold onto if any man can build and distribute their own story in this kind of medium?

This is why SJWs are so eager to attack gamers. This is why big-shots like Joss Whedon are so eager to compare us to the KKK, and why SJWs cry foul like a losing soccer player. The gaming medium will fundamentally change how we live, and they want the same authorities to remain in control, because that is what they are comfortable with.

We are learning little by little that the people who control the media, the celebrities, the gaming industry CEOs, the journalists, are just the same as the Church inquisitors of the dark ages. This is starting to really sink in. They call themselves “liberals” but they are just the opposite.


Return Of Kings At The Lead

The old authorities can hold on to power if they edge out new developers and control the discussion. But alternative discussion platforms don’t allow them to do that. All it takes is a few people to boldly say the old rules of political correctness are ridiculous. A backwards hierarchy where women dominate men and deviancy of all kind is rewarded will not stand. These ideas catch fire because they ring true.

The social justice warriors lust for control because they know there is no future for them. This revolution is what Roosh champions with Return of Kings. The individual is liberated and change an old-fashioned, perverse, unnatural social structure. We are less consumers and more independent creators.

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  1. They have been losing control. Anita is the tipper gore of the 2010’s.
    The SJW’s types of personalities have been around for a long time talking about censorship. The current crop is like the religious right of old, but the hipster puritans now want to be the thought police. In the past idelouges tried to censor:
    They tried with books – failed – 1950’s
    They tried with music – failed – 1980’s
    They tried with porn – failed – 1980’s to 1990’s
    They are trying with videogames – will fail.
    If you buy it, it will be produced. Its an international market, somebody, somewhere will meet whatever needs you want. This is Freedom.

    1. They really are the Thought Police, and we’re their Thought Criminals. One only needs to read the hilariously sad remarks in the petition to shut down ROK. They can’t simply say they want to silence their critics, so they have to say this website causes “harm” to the people who read it. When someone believes information causes “harm” they’re anti-free-speech. These people are Joseph Stalin wannabes. The fact is, bad ideas will naturally die in the intellectual marketplace. It’s only the good ideas and the truth that must be forcefully silenced!

      1. Can someone explain to me just what the fuck that bullshit is all about? I see that petition failed to reach even 5k signatures. Lol. So what happens when they get enough sigs? How do they have any power at all to do, well….anything?
        I only ask because I did join that POS site to sign a petition to not expel some kid for challenging the idea of rape culture on college campuses. But ever since then all i’ve gotten is email after email from the site about why I should sign a petition to force tranny cock down my throat or some such feminist bullshit.

    2. This time the ideology trying the censorship is different.
      In the 20th century it was those “puritanical right wingers” trying to censor, and the left’s victory over them helped it win the hearts and minds of a generation.
      It would be funny of the alt-right did the same with GamerGate.
      Funny yet amazing.

      1. In the early 1980’s they tried feminist porn – failed and out of business within no time flat. I watched one – probably the most un-hot thing out there. While in college 1984, i got paid by guys to go and buy porn for them – they were embarassed. The shit you see online now compared to when i was young – holy shit.

      1. I kid you not. They went with these swarthy dudes and old women – it literally was like watching some old Soviet Style Industrial Film – but with Fur. Lots of Fur.

    1. ROK in the past two years never intended to be a major media outlet and so if it tries to become serious, it will be attacked for its prior “clickbait” record.

      1. You could become what playboy was in the 70’s media with an edge. Reading playboy was womens dirty secret.

        1. No, worries your secret is safe with me. Just promise me you’ll bring your female friends.

      2. That never stopped Oprah Winfrey. In the early days of her show, she was a half step above Jerry Springer in terms of decency.

    2. I really don’t want the big man from above noticing this place and flipping it to shit. If and whenever that comes, I’m sure most of the current readers are out.

      1. A lot of us will stay. Shut one site down, open 10 more up. These ideas will be shared no matter who shuts what down. If we can’t do it via internet, so be it. If we’re forced underground, so be it. In a way, I’d kinda like to see it happen just so we could put our money where our mouth is. Would be interesting to see how many of us are really ‘red pill’ guys whose masculinity thrives when we are threatened with takeover, shutdown and even civil punishment, and how many of us are just dudes behind a computer with big mouths. Personally my mettle hasn’t been tested in that kind of way, but I would like to think that I would stand on the side of truth despite potential consequences (beyond ridicule and belittlement, that is about all we get right now).

    1. I’ll make my own video games, with blackjack, and hookers!
      In fact, forget the video games!

    2. You can’t win a chess match by taking all the pawns.
      Also, there is a huge difference between can and will. Can the manosphere? Yes – if they/we go “big tent” and include those many manospherian figures stand ardently apposed to. Will that happen? Likely not.

    3. Maybe something we need is aggregation. There are many manosphere sites & forums, all with great information and positive discussion, but we need a way to gather them all together, a mortar to bring together our collection of bricks into a building.

      1. I’m surmising there would be a risk in us becoming a Dark Cathedral of our own once we’ve won. Would we crumble & fall under the weight of our own righteousness & egos in the long run once our enemies have been vanquished? I suppose I’m projecting a warning on a future that hasn’t come to pass yet..

  2. “We are learning little by little that the people who control the media,
    the celebrities, the gaming industry CEOs, the journalists, are just the
    same as the Church inquisitors of the dark ages. This is starting to
    really sink in. They call themselves “liberals” but they are just the
    Please do not impugn the Middle Ages.

    1. Sometimes it feels like we are living in the Dark Ages. In some ways they had it much worse, but also in some ways they had it better. It was normal to be masculine in those days. Children weren’t being indoctrinated, drugged, & having their sex changed by crazy lesbian parents, for example.

      1. For the record, I don’t hold to the common belief of the Dark Ages spanning the 5th to the 15th centuries. I define them as from roughly 400 AD to 800 AD. The collapse of the Western Roman empire and the settling/resettling of the Germanic tribes. Charlemagne effectively ended that period and ushered in the Middle Ages.
        I am aware that some academics disagree with me on that. So be it.
        The Dark Ages(by my definition) were indeed dark, with little to nothing in the way of cultural, intellectual or artistic value. It was a time of war, disease and decay. The Middle Ages were a different story.
        In contrast, the Middle Age offered some technological advancement (truly huge ones, such as the printing press and gunpowder) with proper societal norms as you note. It wasn’t perfect, but of course perfection is beyond us humans anyway.
        All of that said, I don’t think we are quite into another dark age just yet. I do see us as being on the cusp. The parallels with Rome are too hard to ignore.

        1. I more or less agree with you on this. To me the Dark Ages spanned roughly from 500-1000 A.D. After that, enormous advances were made that ultimately eclipsed the Romans.
          Many of the negative things people associate with the Medieval period actually happened in the Renaissance.

        2. The horse collar was a tremendous improvement, introduced into Europe in the 8th century. The old method of hitching a horse to pull a plow or whatever would cause a strain on the horse’s neck, limiting the amount it could pull. With the new collar it could pull more.
          This mattered, because with the old yoke, a horse ate five times as much as a man, but did five times the work, so you might as well have five slaves. With the new collar, a horse still ate 5 times as much as a man, but could do as much as 10 times the work. Huge economic difference, and huge increase in productivity.

        3. About slavery…this illustrates my point of the Middle Ages. Roman era slavery, gave way to the Serf (quasi-slavery) to the peasant, who was more free than we are in many respects(land ownership). All that occurred naturally, without any industrial slaughters or even laws being passed. During that time (roughly 1000 AD-1500AD) slavery in the west was simply a non starter…it was only with the discovery of the America’s and the seemingly endless, fertile land and the cash crops that that entailed, that revived a dead institution.

        4. The Renaissance began in the Middle Ages and can be traced to the Crusades where Western Europe was introduced to a superior culture and was more or less exposed to it for two centuries.

  3. I wonder how much of the money presently in Joss Whedon’s bank account came from the pockets of Gamers.

  4. The manosphere needs to continually expand it’s own microcosm of blogs, YouTube channels and websites. Anyone of us who is articulate enough needs to blog or vlog. In a few short years, it could become a tidal wave.
    Just look at what a guy like Alex Jones has achieved. Love him or hate him, agree with him or not but he went from a fledgling “nut” on a couple of radio stations to becoming one of the most influential people in the US. 40 million daily viewers/listeners, more than a billion YouTube views across all his channels and videos. And he did it all by virulently taking on the mainstream like a mad bulldog. I’m sure TPTB (The Powers-That-Be) would just love to whack him but it’s too late for that.
    The manosphere is in a much better position than where Alex Jones was 10-15 years ago, with the HUGE advantage that the movement is decentralized and does not revolve around any one individual. Even if the TPTB wanted to bottle up the movement, they would have a near impossible task because there are just too many targets.

    1. Alex Jones is controlled dissent. He is part of the Jewish mass media control aparatus.

  5. “So feminists reportedly screwed their way through the video game industry and pretended to be victims of male aggression. Aren’t they always doing that? Aren’t there thousands of Zoe Quinns out there?”
    PRETENDING to be victims of male aggression? You’re saying this as you write hateful, AGGRESSIVE, articles on how women are ruining life in general. You say we deserve to be dead and how useless we are. Huh. Yeah, must all be in our empty little heads. We’re just too stupid to realize that you’re trying to teach us with your hate.

        1. This site is not right about everything, far from it, and the ‘women they bad’ meme on here gets tedious, but in terms of Zoe Quinn, they are bang on. She is just a hypocritical little slut; whoring herself to progress her career and now there is a concerted attempt of censorship and misdirection in an attempt to protect her. Its just how it is.

        2. There is no “women they bad” meme. We just don’t pedestalize and defer to women like you are accustomed and expect.
          It’s all in your faggy little head.

        3. The only way you can believe that this site is not unremittingly negative about women is if you are a faggot; and clearly the only thing you got going in your empty faggot head is your boyfriend’s cock; which is why while he skull fucks you he tells you what to type.
          I like this site, I think some of the articles are spot on and funny, however the whole ‘women they bad’ thing is boring and devalues many of the points ROK raises about feminists, and men and women in general.
          At the end of the day, its not perfect, and so fucking what anyway.

        4. Naw.
          Lots of articles articulate positive traits of quality women…. especially foreign ones. This site clearly takes issue with women heavily influenced by feminism, but you mischaracterizing this site as “women bad” is faggy.
          But hey at least you didn’t screech MISOGNEE like most white knights.

        5. Your bf articulates a reasonable case, but it untrue this site never endingly shits on women, for no other reason than they are women.

        6. Blah blah blah. Reality is reality, sorry to upset your bf’s emotional relationship with this site.

    1. When you insult gamers and spew a bunch of names at them like a cunt, you don’t get to cry victim when they strike back. Got it bitch.

      1. I’m a gamer, have been since I was playing Kings Quest back in the 80’s. I would never call gamers names, I have never and will never insult them. I don’t care to be in the industry, ether. Nor do I care if the game I play is made by a man or a woman. Also, I never claimed to be a victim. I was simply pointing out a flaw in the logic of this “article” where it was written that women *pretend* to be victims of aggression, when this is a very aggressive article against women. I’m not a bitch, or a feminist. I actually believe that women should stay home and take care of kids home and husband, should they choose to have them.
        I despise bullies, which is what this site is all about, let’s be honest here. None of the “gentlemen” who spend their time posting (trolling) here want to do anything but be insulting and in control. When one of you can truly debate these issues, with some form of intelligent input, not just cleaver things like “bla bla bla,” or name calling. I’d be interested to hear what you’ve got to say. though, I doubt any of you are up to the task.
        I’m sorry your moms failed you, boys. You all either needed more beatings, or love. You sound like a bunch of spoiled rich kids who aren’t getting what they want and blaming everyone else for it.

        1. “I despise bullies…”
          “You boys have mommy issues…”
          Next time please let the paint dry on your bullshit before you reveal your inner cunt.
          Ok bitch

        2. You sound like a bunch of spoiled rich kids who aren’t getting what they want and blaming everyone else for it.
          No bitch, you mistake us for feminists!

    2. Your problem is that your feelings are hurt. Which isn’t a problem.
      Take that away no feminist issue has a leg to stand on.

    3. What AGGRESSIVE articles are you talking about?
      What the fuck does that even mean in this context?

  6. I notice the classic distortions that swirl around, like when you call a women out on her lack of ethics as well as calling out the industry, you get the cries of “misogyny” and “you’re trying to keep other people out”. First of all, no one ever gave a shit that women played videogames, it’s just another fictitious example of feminist paranoia and fear. And second of all, many young men growing up who were isolated, alone, and bullied turned to videogames as an outlet. Calling them “misogynistic” is like asking why a dog is mean after you’ve kicked it every day for years.
    Ultimately I don’t play that many videogames, they take up too much of my time. But I think it’s important then men fight back here and not give an inch. Another thing that I noticed is that again, whiteknights and mangina accept that there’s a widespread problem of misogyny in videogames, with very little evidence(most of which anecdotal). Similar to the sexual harassment complaints where trad-cons accepted the new draconian laws. I think one of the things that pisses women off is that no one cares that they’re a woman or gives them special privileges like in real life, that must really suck. No one bends over backwards for them if no one knows they’re a woman.
    Plus it shows what bullies these SJW types are, really aiming for the low-hanging fruit. What do I mean? I mean they’re simply picking on people they know on the social ladder are beneath them. I’m not saying every guy who plays videogames doesn’t get laid or whatever but a lot of them don’t. And that’s fine. But for these people who have more than likely had the PRIVILEGE of a social life, the opposite sex going for them, and pretty much easy access to friends and boys due to their body(I think we all know which gender I’m talking about), they should be the last group complaining. So fuck them and fuck everyone that defends these SJW types. Coming from an ex-loser and ex-fat guy, you SJWs can all kiss my ass.

    1. Games were another (or mostly) “male only” space that women had to invade (like locker rooms and old clubs). They “had” to get in because they weren’t in….they really didn’t care about the place once they actually got in.
      This is why more men need to post signs that say “Women stay the fuck out”.

      1. Women do this generally in their relationships. They feel a constant need to be involved in whatever it is you are doing. They don’t care what it is that you are doing just that you are doing it with them.
        On an individual level, this is cute and charming and only slightly annoying. I believe it is an evolutionary trait in which women would start to panic if you weren’t around, if they didn’t know where you were since if you vanished, they would die and the children would die. So being involved with what you were doing meant at least they knew where you were and that you were not going to abandon them.
        However, this trait has become severely perverted by its institutionalization. You have a group of women, who cannot get a man and suffer extreme self-esteem issues, and who are completely alienated from men, who have generated feelings of deep resentment to the men that do not want them. A monster is born, given life by weak men, who suffer similar self-esteem issues because they fear the strong. And so, instead of merely wanting to know where their beloved men are, these women and their male allies simply want to destroy what they cannot have. This is deeply psychopathic behaviour.

    2. I asked my neighbor’s kid about Gamergate yesterday and this normally goofy and quiet gadget-addict came to life and gave an impassioned and articulate speech all about feminism and SJWs. It truly was a thing of beauty.
      And if 16 year olds like him are speaking with the fire of men twice his age–men who have actually been smashed in the trenches of life–this might be sign of good things to come. “I want my MTV” has become “I want my PS3, bitch!”

  7. I just really hope game developers don’t cave in to the demands of feminists. If women want to change how females are portrayed in games, no one is stopping them from developing their own games. But don’t tell the men that make games how to make their own games

      1. The majority of gamers are males aged 18-35 and this is the demographic that make these game developers their money. Females can simply fuck off with their whining. Developers know who makes them their money.

      2. And that has been the problem with corporate America. They cave to the dollar so they cave to these SJWs (and their agenda).
        It’s the very reason why things are so fucked up, today.

        1. I’m referring to journalist and gaming devs. More journalist caved as well as devs such as Ea, Bioware, Naughty dog etc. Not sure why people misinterpreted my comment.

        2. Your comment was misunderstood because it’s not clear or logical. And you haven’t actually answered my question.

        3. Camel “I just really hope game developers don’t cave in to the demands of feminists.”
          Me “Most will cave. Shitting on your consumers isn’t good for business.”
          As in journalist & devs will cave to SJW. Shitting on your consumers, gamers, isn’t good for business. I never insinuated that women are the consumer because it’s obvious they aren’t.
          10 people caught that…. it’s logical. And I answered your question twice now.

        4. Actually you had 10 up votes. Not the same thing. Anyway, speak for yourself not others.
          Treating journalists and Devs as the group is confusing and invalid.
          The strong implication of your initial comment is that Devs (only) will cave to SJWs because shitting on your consumers (women) is bad for business. Obviously this is nonsense hence people are confused. Introducing another unrelated group (journalists) only adds to the confusion.
          Rather than wonder why people misunderstand you perhaps take ownership of your words and express your points in an unequivocal manner.

        5. “Treating journalists and Devs as the group is confusing and invalid. ” yes because both obviously have nothing to do with the article, or the comment I originally responded to /s. One person misunderstood, two if we include you. It’s common sense when I said shitting on your customers meant men. Driver got it in his response to me.

        6. Don’t assume people know you’re smart. People say stupid stuff on here all the time. If you rather not go through the tedious process of explaining yourself try to structure your comments so an idiot can understand you , especially idiots like me

    1. “If women want to change how females are portrayed in games, no one is stopping them from developing their own games.”
      How they react when it is suggested that they do this is the evidence that that is not what they want.
      ” . . . don’t tell the men that make games how to make their own games”
      As that is what they are actually doing, that is actually what it is that they want.
      To be fair, a few have written what they want. The notorious Depression Quest has come to stand as a model for what these would be.
      If this is not exactly what gamers want, I think it should be noted that it lowers the bar of development so low that virtually anybody could be a game developer, promoting whatever ideas they wish, over the course of a weekend, maybe two.
      As it’s the control of ideas in games that are the target, the more they win, the closer they come to losing, so long as gamers don’t agree to shut the fuck up and blow away.

    2. The thing about social justice types is that they are incapable of creating anything of value on their own. Every thing they make for the sake of showcasing their values turns out to be a piece of shit.
      Complaining is kind of like parasitism, it’s their way of survival by getting others to do things for them

      1. “Complaining is kind of like parasitism, it’s their way of survival by getting others to do things for them.”
        Spot on. I tip my hat to you, good sir.

    3. Well, western developers already have been taking feminist suggestions on board for a number of years now. Bioware being the most blatant example, they’re getting pats on the back from SJW’s for their box art for Dragon Age 3 where the main focus hero looks like they could be of either gender. Course the thing is, is that for the most part gamers don’t really give a stuff HOW a women or gays or whatever are portrayed in a game, as long as the game is good. Fallout: New Vegas being a good example there.
      Crap games pushing an agenda that get rave reviews and awards however – you can bet your ass that gamers will complain about that.

    4. Even if major game developers did, the nice thing is that the entry barrier for producing a game gets lower all the time, and gaming customers can always vote with their wallets.

    5. I actually haven’t noticed females being portrayed as anything in games really, certainly nothing out of the ordinary. Its a wonder what these feminists are upset about. Its not like games are replete with half naked buxom broads everywhere you go.

  8. I agree that Gamergate is important, but there is some terrible misinformation in this article!
    “In medieval times, the universal church held on to power through the production of books. They ran the religion, government, commerce, every aspect of social life. People literally were executed for owning or copying important records such as the bible because it could threaten the church’s control.”
    People were never, ever punished or executed for owning or copying Bibles. Before the printing press, Bibles were handwritten by monks. This was why the bibles were chained to the pews in some cathedrals; because the cost to replace one was hundreds or thousands of hours of work for a monk.
    When the printing press was invented, one of the very first things that were mass-produced were Bibles, which were then bought by or freely given to the masses. No church tried to prevent this and, in fact, the Catholic church played an active and important role in printing and distributing them.
    The lies which you are presenting as fact are from the myth of “The Dark Ages”, which became popular when used as propaganda during the Protestant Reformation. It was said to extend from about the 6th to 13th centuries, but as we have learned more and more about that period, historians and scholars have continued to decrease the duration of it, with many modern experts on those centuries now avoiding the term completely because it is misleading and inaccurate.
    Both the editors and the authors on this site should be more concerned about the accuracy in their articles if they really want to lead the charge in reporting. You are only making things worse when you spread popular lies without researching anything (and this research is BASIC, I checked the wikipedia articles for “Dark Ages” and “Printing press” and everything I’ve referenced is right there, waiting for you to verify.)

    1. ”The lies which you are presenting as fact are from the myth of “The Dark
      Ages”, which became popular when used as propaganda during the
      Protestant Reformation.”

    2. The reformation was a protestant response to the Catholic church’s iron grip on theology in Europe. Bibles were freely available, but they were written in Latin, a language which most of the serfs and peasants could not understand. They relied on the priests for interpretation of the scriptures. Naturally, the priests abused this position to gain ‘indulgences,’ essentially bribes in the form of cattle or produce from serfs in return for mediation between God and the church to reduce an individual’s time in ‘purgatory.’ This cycle led to the formation of the religious elite and strict control of information. Eventually Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Wittenberg church door in 1517, kickstarting the renaissance equivalent to “gamergate.” Actually, that is a bad analogy. It was more like the renaissance equivalent to the invention of the internet, providing a medium for the common people to begin questioning TPTB and eventually leading to translation of the scriptures, the protestant reformation and a gradual reduction of the influence of the catholic church.
      Were people punished for ‘owning’ Bibles? I don’t know, but people were certainly punished for preaching what they actually said, for translating them and for distributing the translations. The Church strictly controlled the interpretation of the scriptures and branded anyone who provided a personal interpretation contrary to the Catholic view as a ‘heretic.’ I would encourage you to look into the history of figures such as Thomas Cranmer, Jan Hus and Theodore Beza. Many figures of the protestant reformation were silenced by imprisonment or execution, and book burning was common. Many of the tactics used by the Catholic church included shaming or discrediting, which is echoed by modern day SJWs.
      If you are interested in reading up on this topic, a great set of books is this one:
      They are old but relatively easy to get hold of.
      Other great works to read would be Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion.” There is a lot of background pertaining to the cultural climate contained in this otherwise theological text.
      I read a great book about the attempted silencing of Tyndale which I have forgotten the title of, I will edit in a link if I find it.
      Go beyond wikipedia. It’s not neutral and don’t think for a minute that the faceless authors of wikipedia don’t have their own agendas.

      1. Wikipedia was not my source for this. I have read multiple books on the era and this issue. I merely brought up Wikipedia to demonstrate how readily available this information is.
        Yes, of course the Church rejected personal interpretations of Scripture. This is because it was the Church who compiled it in the first place. The selected books were chosen out of hundreds of available texts specifically to present the message of Christ. If a passage or book was shown to be against the message of Christ, then the passage or book would be discarded, not the message.
        Widespread misinterpretations of Scripture and the decline of scholarship brought about by the rejection of the Church hierarchy is nothing to be proud of. In fact, I would compare the Protestant Reformation less to Gamergate or the invention of the internet (as you do) and more to feminists burning their bras.
        Practicality and critical thinking was thrown out the window. For a few (like Martin Luther and the priests who responded to his criticisms), it was a difficult discussion that needed to occur in order for the proper changes to be made. For most, however, it was rebellion for rebellion’s sake.
        Martin Luther shared an important message with the Church, which led to a cleansing within it, but even he was displeased with the loss of unity and scholarship it brought to the world.

        1. Definitely an interesting perspective, I would be interested to read some of the sources that you have used. The general history of the catholic church, however, is that of a fairly totalitarian institution, with widespread extortion and a tight control on information to maintain power. Simply reading the Bible destroys the 16th century catholic theological tradition – the reformation in essence was an attempt to interpret the scriptures as they were originally intended, and by extension actually led to the industrial revolution, the formation of modern British government and the separation of church and state. In the light of this, i cant reconcile your views with reality, but i would be interested to read further into it.

        2. “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization” by Thomas E. Woods and “Why Catholics Are Right” by Michael Coren are both excellent.

        3. ”Yes, of course the Church rejected personal interpretations of Scripture.”
          Can’t scripture speak for itself? Why is it that only the Romanist church can say what the scripture says?
          ”This is because it was the Church who compiled it in the first place.”
          The early church already recognized the authority of the scriptures passed down from the apostles as well as the old testament. They did not bring them about in the 1st place.

    3. That is a debate we don’t need to have. We don’t need to infight about who did what thousands of years ago. My point was to illustrate that the issues behind GamerGate have always happened throughout history, so we should take courage that revolution is inevitable. The oppressive SJW culture attacks us all, Protestant of Catholic, liberal or conservative, black or white… we can’t get distracted from the real enemy here. But I will say one thing, Wikipedia as a source? Have you seen their article on GamerGate?

      1. I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my comment and hope that, if this article will not be corrected, then future articles you compose will be more thoroughly researched.
        Wikipedia was not my source for this. I have read multiple books on the era and this issue. I merely brought up Wikipedia to demonstrate how readily available this information is.
        I disagree that this is not a debate we need to have. If our principles are based on false history, than how are we better than SJW culture?
        They also use lies to support their ideas.
        Your example is false, and you are now aware of it. You should fix the article using a real-life example.

  9. There is an air of inevitability concerning the failure and fall of feminist dogma and influence. I’m glad GamerGate came along, and more so that its protagonists are as fierce as a pack of wolves; and the pack survives anything.

    1. Yes!
      When you are insulted as ISIS terrorists, rape and child abusers, bigot pigs, fascicts etc. in public there is no other option as to win and that means to not back down. These cowards behind twitter or the media are dickless faggots in real live anyway. Not one time in my live was i so insulted as a person just because i support a great idea. And i would like to fuck up all these twittor nuts and media hippys in real live for it. That is the consequence you usualy face when you are a man out there in reality and show some balls.
      I had a little discussion with 3 or 4 idiots on twitter supporting these marxist assholes and told them even where they can find me in reality, and i made no joke about it! No answer from them about a little meeting. NONE!
      And that is a major problem today. These cowards are used to get away with everything but when things start to get a bit “real” they show no honour or anything a man MUST have. They are all pussys!

  10. Their great crusades of social justice are nothing more than preservation of an antiquated belief system.

    Nailed it. The liberals and SJWs think of themselves as the underdog fighting against an oppressive system, when in fact they are the oppressive system.

    1. Agree. You can see politicians do this during every election cycle. The new batch consider themselves “Washington outsiders” until they get in….then it’s business as usual (no matter the party).
      Watch…every cycle this happens. It’s truly sad because “the people” are the ones who lose out.

    2. Feminists want to go way, way back. About 100,000 years back, give or take. A time before civilization.

  11. Social justice faggots can’t stand dissent, that’s how the mentality of these people work. They just justify it to themselves by saying “Tolerate everything except the intolerant”.
    This is why there should be a separate movement apart from Gamergate, one that attacks social justice faggotry directly.

    1. Naw.
      She was offering free blow jobs… So they simply pulled out their cocks. What is pathetic though is all the white knights that she didn’t blow white knighting for nothing.

  12. I thought this was a site for masculine men, not a bunch of fat boys crying over childrens games over and over. How disappointing.

    1. I believe tradition holds that you’re supposed to say “you have a small penis” or “you couldn’t get a girlfriend” or……, there’s just those two.

    2. your second post about the same thing and still you dont understand it. Maybe you “read” it and stop being a faggot!

      1. I understand that grown men have no business wasting time arguing about little boys’ games. Leave them in the 8th grade where they belong. Fatty.

        1. When i saw that the feminist new enemy is the male gamer, and that they refer to video games and gamers as “grown up men playing boy games”, “man children”, “feminists vs boys” i started to support the gaming male community.
          Because after all, 95+% from the teenage boys are… gamers. So, if this demography (the male gamers) is being indoctrinated from young age with feminist poison… say bye-bye to the red pill community. Even though schools are the main promoters of feminism… most boys don’t pay attention in the school (that’s why boys fail at schools, they receive lower grades compared to the girls). But all boys pay attention for their video games.

  13. I have no interest in video games. Never had, never will. I’d rather lift weights or do some MMA .Time to turn off the PSP and get back to the real world.

  14. I’m not a massive fan of computer games but your article is accurate with it’s comparison of games and the printing press. It’s a dangerous line to walk as they seem to offer redemption and condemnation simultaneously.

  15. Perhaps I’m missing something but does Gamergate only apply to online gaming?

    1. This question cant be answered seriously… sorry. But thats just wrong to ask!
      Gamergate is … how can it be about online gaming when IT IS about ethics in journalism, no agreements behind closed doors, the push back of political agendas aka SJW bullshit etc.

      1. Thanks…. So what you’re saying is that it is being forced to be made about ethics, politics, “social issues” and other non-relevent stuff when it should be about the games? (well that’s obvious)
        Was this actually reported on the news?

  16. I just tried to log into to leave the following comment before I received the ‘Access is denied’ screen:
    “Rather than engaging ROK to tell them why they are wrong, your first reaction is to ban them from public discourse. This reaction is typical of Stalinists / fascists. With that reaction, you already lost the argument.”

  17. I haven’t been able to completely shake off my gaming
    addiction. Looking at some of the current games and filtering them through red
    pill truths some facts seem to stand out.
    A lot more of the main characters are women. That’s not a
    problem, usually I don’t even notice this. But most of these women seem to have
    very masculine personalities. Just a man re-skinned and re-voiced to look and sound like a woman. An immersion breaker at the very least.
    As it stands now it looks like most games have a checklist.
    Women in important positions throughout the game narrative, check. Black/Asian
    characters – even if completely out of context, check. If the game has some
    form of relationships, a gay guy/girl, check.
    Sometimes its fun just to watch a game struggle to incorporate
    such a checklist into a story that normally cannot support it.

  18. For the non-gamer haters here. When i saw that the feminist new enemy is the male gamer, and that they
    refer to video games and gamers as “grown up men playing boy games”,
    “man children”, “feminists vs boys” i started to support the gaming male
    Because after all, 95+% from the teenage boys are…
    gamers. So, if this demography (the male gamers) is being indoctrinated
    from young age with feminist poison… say bye-bye to the red pill
    community. Even though schools are the main promoters of feminism…
    most boys don’t pay attention in the school (that’s why boys fail at
    schools, they receive lower grades compared to the girls). But all boys
    pay attention for their video games.

  19. A few points: just as the press was first dominated by the left, so the internet was initially very left-wing. There is a fleeting period of “evening out” at present, but the left will move to gain total control over the internet, just as they now have total control over major media. Folk need to be on their guard against this. If our strategy is to allow leftists to dominate us apart from the brief moments when technological change allows a fleeting power of dissent, we’re doomed.
    Second, you act as if the printing press freed people from “the Church’s” exclusive power to make books. But surely you can see that people have always had, and still have, the power to write their own books more easily than to get a printing press together. Whatever power “the Church” had to write books (really, just monks here and there copying manuscripts; it’s not like every Medieval book was produced in a giant room at the Vatican while the pope whipped the scribes and ordered them to work faster!), was held by everybody else.
    I don’t know where modern men get their disinformation about the Church, the Inquisition, etc. Well, yes I do; they get it from the cultural founts of leftist opinion. The *principle* that law should be subordinated to justice, and that justice was rooted in moral philosophy, and that the source of infallible moral philosophy was Christ, Whose teachings and traditions, given to the Apostles, were held in stewardship by the Church, was admitted in the Middle Ages. I find this all to be rational enough. But in practice, this principle was often resisted and the Church did not exercise anything like the complete control you portray.
    The records of the Inquisition have recently been completely opened and analyzed. The reality is far less shocking than the mythos. And as to killing people for having Bibles, this is absolutely false. The Church translated the Bible into popular dialects constantly: there was the Vetus Italica and the Latin Vulgate (“vulgate” means “common tongue”); the Old Slavonic version; the Gothic Bible; King Alfred the Great and St. Bede the Venerable translated huge swaths of the Bible into Old English and encouraged the clergy and laity to read it; the Irish were translating Psalms, Gospels, etc., into Old Irish as early as the 7th century. There were more versions besides; I mean, for crying out loud, the Catholic Douay Rheims Bible was completed before the King James Version! All of this was done with the approval of the Ecclesiastical and Civil authorities.
    People like Wycliffe, Tyndale, etc., got in trouble with the authorities because they deliberately mistranslated in some places, and made very odd choices for translation in others, with the goal of privatizing the truth and fomenting a revolution. In other words, they fought against the principle I described above, whereby society was structured according to reason and reasonable authority. They additionally fomented controversy and published irrational pamphlets hither and yon. Thus, in addition to merely mistranslating the Bible, they were also flooding society with ignorant, revolutionary dreck and fomenting actual bloodshed. A populace and its government has an interest, and a right, to curb such activities. If they had simply translated the Bible, without manipulating it for their agenda, nobody would have cared.

    1. Well, we’re just going to have to keep the internet free. And let’s pray that it will remain so. Assuming it does, then we have an excellent chance, and if you push me I’d say near total certainty, to finally jettison the left, perhaps not entirely but at least to “molt” them from their position of cultural dominance. Why and how? Answer: the internet…for a variety of reasons, top of my head, it renders current leftist infested institutions (old media and, yes, even academia) totally obsolete. This disruption is occurring, heck, ROK is one part of that emerging curve. Moreover this is happening while many other conditions caused by leftism are becoming critical i.e. the deficits, economy, foreign policy etc…~ 70% of the people in the US think we’re headed in the wrong direction and overseas all kinds of grassroots nationalist movements are taking hold. Indeed, barry the potus, has provided us with a full record of the most extreme leftist policies, which are all failing! And men of all stripes are waking up, slowly perhaps (for now), to a bizarre world that openly calls for “equality” and no discrimination yet in the same sentence declares men inferior with the same gusto of an SS officer to a Jew. Many, not just in the manosphere, sense change (real change) on the horizon…could be catastrophic, so be it, or we may get off easy as things like iCulture (the ability to individually custom make your own cultural experience) will molt collective centralized culture like a snake does to its skin. Apparently, bitcoin technology (namely the ability to transmit value) holds the potential to further decentralize the world…and we want decentralization. If you want to see unnatural things such as women being portrayed as vastly superior to men, like a 90 lbs waif, beating on a 210 MMA fighter, you MUST have a centralized cabal managing that illusion, otherwise, reality itself acts to discard that incredibly unlikely event whole cloth.

    2. Like I said, for the sake of unity I’m not going to defend what I claim happened in the Dark Ages. On my own website I posted a few sources. But what this is really about is keeping power, and the excuses you make are similar to what the SJWs are saying about GamerGate. “They were mistranslating” or “they fomented controversy” is the same rationale of the anti-GamerGate media. A government does NOT have a right to ban books, to ban free speech, to ban new technology. If you are confident in your morality, allow people the freedom to consider your reasons and then decide for themselves.

      1. Precisely speaking, the government does have the right to ban speech and other activity which is contrary to justice and right reason; precisely speaking, people can have no “right” to do what is not right. I can agree that states, as people, often fail to exercise their rights and fulfill their duties adequately. I can agree that toleration is often at the service of the greater good. I can also agree that the government has no right to ban speech and other activity that is morally just.
        “Human rights” is a way of hedging one’s bets in a culture that has become more or less officially agnostic about the truth. The end game of that, is the SJW culture, which proves that the bet was a bad one: even the human rights you thought you had will be taken away. The fact that the SJW’s complaint is the same as the morally upright man’s complaint (regarding stirring up controversy) doesn’t really amount to anything. It’s just that the SJWs complain about justice after they have installed their modern system of injustice, and the just man complained of this installation beforehand. The just man is still objectively right, even though the terms of his complaint are analogous.
        The goals and philosophy of the Protestants were objectively irrational and immoral, and posed a grave danger that did not admit of much toleration because its adherents insisted upon vociferous, antagonistic and often violent activism in favour of their cause… just like the SJWs of our day. Indeed, the SJW culture at present is a direct development of the Protestant principles and methods. The idea of permitting just any idea and activism to flourish, is what has got us into the SJW mess to begin with. Rational, moral ideology and action has a right to exist; irrational, immoral ideology does not. Toleration can be extended to some extent to persons in a private capacity; but when hordes of lesbians, socialists or theological illiterates make it clear that they are going to conquer every social institution and pervert every concept of justice in your society, it is a pure act of self-defense and moral uprightness, to take suppressive action. The rhetoric, principles and methods of every successive wave of dissent since Protestantism, has all been of the same ilk.

  20. This is a wonderful article that touches up on few key issues. One of the most important ones is assault on internet Freedom, assault on Free speech.
    It is always about control. Controlling the language is controlling the narrative and controlling the narrative is dominating discussion. Fisting-plus activists trying to spread what in political circles called soft power or cultural dominance. This is obviously laughable to any Free-thinking man.
    I’m unfamiliar with GamerGate beyond the name and I think it is just another battle in the Great Information War. It is most certainly a clash of old and new but this is also a old straggle between Freedom and tyranny. The totalitarian system of control is failing and a new world is emerging. The old rules of thought control no longer work and thus facilitating the formations of various Free coalitions and communities. Both world and societies are evolving at exponential rate due to free exchange of information that cannot be stopped or controlled anymore.
    There is a minor inconsistency I’ve noticed about Tower of Babel. It isn’t factual. according to archeological records Babylon was a dominant and technologically advanced empire of the time. What happened is Babylon kicked jews so hard they invented a story about some tower that never actually existed. This gave birth to general judeo-christian beliefs of fragmentation of unity of language. In reality it was the death of Israel.

  21. This article is a thing of beauty. It reminds me of that wonderful old anti Communist, anti SJW quote: “Fuck you hippie! You ARE the system!!”

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