How The Half-Life Video Game Series Mirrors Our Current Reality

Since the release of its first opus, the Half-Life series has had an almost mythical aura. Sure, its gameplay was well-thought, its graphic engine quite advanced—but beyond that, the series has a good story arc and a compellingly immersive universe. This has been true for both Half-Life (1998), Half-Life 2 (2004) and the following two Episodes (2006-7).

Video games are often derided on the manosphere as a beta-tailored false reality that encourages escapism. Indeed, the typical beta male flees from the harshness of the outside world and rushes into a fantasy where he plays the adventurer, the hero, or anything else he wishes from behind his keyboard. Even worse, the collective man cave of video games has been invaded by restless SJWs who poised the place with stinky blue pill propaganda.

Half-Life did not escape this fate: the second part and following episodes have thrown on the player’s face a strong-and-badass-womyn character, Alyx Vance, who has been complacently placated on Half-Life 2: Episode 1 cover.

Muh strong womyn! At least she’s nice to Gordon

Yet, as with anything in life, what matters is less the thing in itself than the use we make of it. I usually enjoy playing management games to learn in a light-hearted way about accounting and market mechanisms. Likewise, in the Half-Life series, I have found a brilliant example of (mis)management, and although the stroke may seem exaggerated, there is definitely something to be gleaned from it.

A hero with a crowbar

Everyone knows about Gordon Freeman. A young scientist and engineer, he also happens to be a fairly good adventurer—by the player’s efforts—a lone ranger, and a mute-but-purposeful man. In the first Half-Life game, Gordon arrives at the secret base of Black Mesa, participates in an innovative experiment that, (un)surprisingly, opens a multidimensional portal.

The aperture floods with wild, ferocious animals from previously unknown universes, and what happens mirrors exactly what happened in real life when European explorer set foot on remote islands: the “evolved” animals they brought with them, especially cats, crushed the insular less-evolved ones. HL1 consists mostly in escaping from alien teeth and claws. The gameplay is entertaining but there is not much to say about the narrative.

Half-Life 2, so to speak, is another story. Waking up from an unexplained ten-years sleep, Gordon Freeman finds that the multidimensional portal attracted not only wild alien beasts, but also an intelligent and more dangerous entity, the Combine Empire.

A multidimensional entity, highly advanced and organized, the Combine seized up the opportunity of the open portal to send an enormous army on Earth. When Freeman arrives, the Combine has annihilated untold millions. Only cities survive under the Combine rule whereas the wild aliens met with in H1 wander wherever they can find food or a suiting environment. Most, if not all of HL2 and the following episodes, happen in or around City 17, nothing being said or happening anywhere else.

At first glance City 17 looks like a mishmash between the Soviet Union (or 1984) and your classical sci-fi novel. The Combine treats people like cattle, forcing them to pass through an indefinite number of checkpoints every day under the cold look of masked soldiers. Intimacy is but a distant memory.

Flying security cameras, force fields and blue metal Combine furniture set the tone for daily life. Wallace Breen, a “wise elder” type, tangentially Gordon Freeman’s ex-boss, appears all the time on giant public screens spouting pro-Combine propaganda.

In real life, this shill would work for Conservative Inc.

The background once set, Half-Life 2 may look like an immersive shooting gallery. It is so, but once again, more than this is at stake. For Gordon Freeman knows right from the start what he must do and who he must attack. Imagine for a second that you were teleported into a kind of futuristic Big Brother State: would you know with certainty what you should do if at all? Well, Gordon Freeman does.

Namely, he attacks the Combine Empire, this seemingly all-powerful entity that managed to annihilate and enslave humanity. With a cool head, Gordon’s choice should seem nonsensical: how could a lone ranger, arguably helped by a loose resistance, fight a heavy, highly advanced empire?

The answer: with determination and a plan. First, Freeman manages to find secret passages in City 17 so he can move on even when hunted down. Second, he scrounges on weapons and makes contact with anti-Combine resisters. Third, he targets key Combine places, such as industrial facilities, officers’ mess and high-security prisons, as to weaken their hold over City 17.

Sometimes Freeman takes the more discrete way, and then he must face nasty alien animals, yet he knows these are just animals: there is no time to lose destroying them. Instead, Freeman manages to get some of them on his side, and as the Combine organization eventually crumbles, their soldiers will find themselves overwhelmed with these.

The tenacious Freeman thus focuses on the right enemy, no matter how nasty the headcrabs or antlions you spend half of the game shooting at. By these deeds, he manages to gather and inspire resisters so much that they rise up against those they spent years frightened of. At the end of Half-Life 2, as City 17 is completely torn apart by the war between Combine soldiers and human resisters, Gordon Freeman makes his way to the heart of the Empire on Earth, the Citadel.

The Foreign Elite

When the player enters the Citadel, he is struck by the cold, strange architecture, which features unsettling asymmetries and drops. All he knows is that the top of the building is a dimensional portal—and if Freeman makes his way up there he may destroy it, thus cutting the Combine’s communications and pinning their forces on Earth. By hitting at such a focal point, Freeman keeps his momentum and forces the Empire’s managers, that is, the top enemies, to show themselves.

So far in HL2 there are no managers in sight. Combine soldiers and policemen are enforcers, not decision-makers. The “wise elder” Wallace Breen himself is but a spokesperson, a hired face. So, it should be asked, who is in charge of this whole stuff? Is there a Deep State? Well, there is—and at the end of HL2, Breen can be seen supplicating one of its members: it is made of fat, amorphous, ugly, but also hugely intelligent and telekinetic power-endowed creatures referred to as Advisors. In all aspects they seem like a caricature of a degenerate managerial elite.

From the beginning of their existence, the Advisors were a highly intelligent species. These excellent engineers managed to pair biological with robotic expertise to create bionic creatures and master technologies unknown to man. Top supervisors as well, they excel in distributing whatever goods and service—and constraining—whoever is ruled over.

Their information-managing facilities seem rudimentary, but their production lines and machinery are impressive: it is powerful enough to, say, dry an entire sea by sucking up all its water. This means they can handle very complex calculations by head and are likely to have a wide memory. They don’t have the computers we use for making calculations because they simply don’t need these. And they can handle objects at will through sheer telekinesis. Impressive, isn’t it?

Two Advisor aliens. One of them is taking breakfast

On the other hand, they are completely degenerate and unfriendly in every aspect. In addition to their sheer physical ugliness, they have no sympathy or feelings for anyone or anything but themselves. All living organisms working for them, human or otherwise, are manipulated and automatically surged without remorse.

They have no sense of beauty or aesthetics: their architecture is functional, the Citadel’s plan makes a lot more sense once you understand it was thought for them to dwell in next to their core facilities, yet even then no beauty-sensitive being would have designed it this way. They also behave like extreme cases of autism in at least two respects.

First, they dwell so much in their own Citadel they never get out of it even once—until Freeman’s daring attacks force them out. Second, they show rigid thinking patterns by either plundering and mistreating any place or thing they are interested in or abandoning it completely, without any ability to nuance.

The Advisors’ most striking feature: they are spineless cowards. Having spent an indeterminate time in cushy pods with everyone around obeying them, they lose their mind when meeting a clever and courageous opponent. The end of HL2 hints at this.

As Freeman rushes into the Citadel, any Advisor could step out his pod and use his telekinetic power to immobilize him and rip him apart. Well, no one does. Instead, they keep sending soldiers—an astonishingly stupid decision as Freeman can kill them all with ease. None of them dared to go face to face with a single human and their lack of courage allows Freeman to destroy the trans-dimensional portal at the very top.

From the heights of a not-so-stable power

In Episode 1, as the resisters get the upper hand and the Combine organization lines crumble, the Advisors choose the way of slightest effort . They won’t face the resisters even if they still have plenty of soldiers and synths: instead, they start overheating their own nuclear heart in order to destroy the whole city.

Gordon Freeman manages to stabilize the heart, once again without any Advisor confronting him directly. In the course of the episode he meets with an Advisor… who merely sends him waves of psychic attacks, hiding inside his pod.

In Episode 2, as the battle moves to the countryside, the player sees an Advisor in an out-of-order pod who strolls with at least fifty soldiers and machines as convoy. Does a mighty being need so much protection against an impoverished guerrilla?

Eventually, driving in the woods, Freeman notices a crashed Advisor pod. Inferring the alien’s closeness he searches it out and finds it hiding inside a life-support facility itself tucked inside a barn. If he just considered the balance of power, Freeman should let the grubby alien alone: instead, following his intuition, he forces it out by attacking the cocoon. Reluctantly, the creature appears. It instantly disarms and lifts Freeman. It could snap the hero’s neck and put an end to the whole war. But, once again, it doesn’t.

Instead, the player can see the Advisor hesitate—for too long: an explosion happens, the creature is wounded, and instead of finishing the job, it freaks out, releases Freeman, destroys half of the barn to make itself an armour, and flees. It also sends soldiers to do what it could have done much more easily if only it had the courage.

(((Our Benefactors)))

An exclusive screenshot of Half-Life 3. Note the improved level of detail on the Advisor’s face

Beyond the sheer video game qualities, the Half-Life series shows us a credible sci-fi dystopia with a logic of its own. In my opinion we can find it both a lesson in intelligent warfare, as the crowbar-using hero never loses focus on who he must attack relentlessly amidst the headcrabs and laser shots, and a creative caricature of foreign, degenerate elite.

The brilliant engineers and managers of a multi-dimensional empire are also maggot-like, autistic creatures who lack most human feelings, have no aesthetic sense, live in complete isolation from the world(s) they haughtily manage and flee from much weaker enemies.

Psychologically speaking, they seem to have a very high performance intelligence and a low verbal one. Perhaps if we reverse this makeup, so to have a high verbal intelligence paired with a low performance one, we get a hostile elite that looks less like “our benefactors”—Breen’s in-game expression—and more like (((our greatest ally))). That is, an elite that looks down on blue collars and engineers but is glad to use what they produced.

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  1. I’ll admit that video games are not inherently bad for you (as an occasional pastime) they can be far too time consuming and addicting for their intended audience; Teenage boys.
    Fortunately I realised this quite early, although my classmates were not so lucky.

      1. The one problem I have with these modern video games is that they have really awesome stories…as such there is a commitment. When I was banged up and couldn’t get off the couch and on pain meds after a surgery i played Skyrim (it was just out then) and I FUCKING LOVED that shit. But I was playing for hours a day every day for a few weeks. If I picked it up, played for 45 minutes, put it back down for 10 days, picked it up again, jumped in for a half hour or so bla bla bla I never would have go the kind of enjoyment out of it that I got from like 4-5 hour oxycontin fueled game fests. Now that I am healthy the idea of coming home every single day or even several days a week and playing a video game for a few hours just seems counter intuitive when I have a whole city filled with the greatest restaurants, bars, cultural attraction in the world and parks and beaches and women and all this other shit. Maybe if I get a really shitty flu and I am bed ridden for a week I would be like ok im in, but given all the other things I could do the time one has to dedicated to really immerse oneself into the story of a game seems kind of intense.

        1. Same thing with all these “Great New Series’s on TV you gotta see”. I just cant manage the time commitment to properly immerse myself in all the nuances of the story arcs, characters, etc.
          I mean, by season 2 of Ren and Stimpy, if you missed an episode you were lost….

        2. I feel that somehow purgatory is basically a place where you go and are forced to watch all the shit that you said you would but never did. Like ok, and now season 6 of The Strain. Then on to Breaking Bad. And here are the 80000000 movies you said you wanted to see at some point and don’t even remember.

        3. Old folks homes in 30 years are going to be pretty hilarious imo…
          I will definitely be signing up for the International Geriatric Starcraft Tournament.

        4. The Strain! My Chinese roommate and his girlfriend would binge watch that sjw shit, real smart go-getting couple too, I could not see how they found it interesting. It was literally 30 minutes exposition dialogue and two (censored) grisly murders.

        5. Yeah but your vision will be shot, your hand/eye coordination will be shit and your gnarled hands will be too arthritic to hold the controller. On the other hand, you’ll be too demented to notice.

        6. Stupid show, no one in NY notices a public vampire infestation full of zombies with proboscises.

        7. Dude you were out for a bit and picked SKYRIM? That’s like going from your first beer to doing lines off a Filipino hooker’s asscheeks with no transition.

        8. Yeah, that’s the thing with video games of that size, they suck the life out of you, and it’s the reason why I’ve stopped playing them. It’s helped me immensely. I can’t believe the things I’ve missed in real life for playing video games. I might play one or two on occasion, but I’ll never return back to being dedicated to them. Never again. Too much wasted time.

        9. There are plenty of famous TV shows I’ve never watched for this exact same reason. It requires too much dedication and I simply don’t have the time(or energy) for it. This makes me a hipster to my generation. Not that I necessarily care, but it can be really irritating when the people around think lowly of you over such an obnoxious thing as not watching the latest famous TV Show on air currently.

        10. Like anything well made it takes a certain commitment on your part to fully engage it. If it becomes background noise its a disservice to those who created it.

        11. Buncha old folks getting super pissed about a bullshit call of duty death….

          Can’t wait

        12. I sold my Xbox 360 because I couldn’t stop playing Fallout/Skyrim. The struggle is entirely real.

      2. Harmless, aye. But ultimately unproductive. Unless you happen to be a Korean virgin who spends 90 hours a week in the Internet cafe perfecting his ‘esports’ game, which, yeah, you yourself might be, but I doubt it.

        1. Not arguing there. I could dig out the Xbox and load up the phenomenal Red Dead Redemption (most modern game I own) and have fun just walking around in the game world. Or I could finish up reading this business book, or look into putting together this drone racing starter.
          I’d find more enjoyment in the latter two as they will benefit me as well as allowing me to relax (I think I have a fair chance to crack semi pro drone racing).
          I may be coming off as a hardliner, but I want my time to benefit me a s much as possible.

        2. Videogames help people relax, just because you find other hobbies more stimulating, doesn’t make them more productive.
          What do I accomplish by reading novels for hours a day? Sure I’ll be cultured, but that doesn’t pay the bills.

    1. Yeah, man. too much time playing videogames as a teenager.. thanks God I stopped before college.

  2. Somebody should invent a game and call it “Game” and it features dudes hustling women in a bar. You get points for banging any of the women at the bar. (1 point for a woman who’s a 1, 2 points for a woman who’s a 2, etc.)
    Once any woman says, “Let’s fuck”, you get the Bang Points and you move on. You can use these points to get cars, clothing, accessories, and stacks of cash. Each of these gives you higher SMV.
    You can’t bang a 4 till you have an SMV of 4. Can’t bang a 5 till you have an SMV of 5. You start with an SMV of 3. So you have to bang 1s, 2s and 3s initially. Each woman you bang gives you the corresponding Bang Points. So if you bang a 3, you get 3 Bang Points. Every 10 Bang Points you acquire raises your SMV by a single point.
    A woman who has equal SMV can reject you for absolutely no reason at all. A woman with a lower SMV cannot reject you. Once your SMV is 10, no woman will reject you – but she might play hard to get. You can follow her to different rooms of the bar, for example, and you can spend your points on drinks for her. Or you can buy her clothes, flowers, or give her greeting cards, which are available at the bar’s online store. Or you can pick up another woman if the one you are chasing is a cunt.
    You compete against other males who are CGI males, or actual males who are hanging out in your mom’s basement with you. Basically, it’s like real life for hard-core gamers, except when you get rejected it isn’t as likely to make you commit suicide and you can’t catch any venereal diseases.

      1. Show of hands, is Vinny Pringo the best freaking name outside of one that contains Wolf/Wulf, like, ever?

        1. Wolf Blitzer was gifted with one of the greatest names known to man. And what did he do with it.

        2. Yeah, I have noted the same thing. That name belongs on somebody who looks and acts like Duke Nukem.

      1. That game was a hoot. A stupid blue pill hoot, but a hoot.

    1. You need to have roving gangs of Asian men that will wander into the game to beat you up, bang all the women and then steal your job.

    2. Oh yeah, I think that ones already out. Out of 100 reviewers 20% had a great time, while 80% gave it a thumbs down.

    3. I used to make games once upon a time.
      I’m thinking the SMV can be a bit more dynamic than just determined by Bang Points. SMV can be determined by a sort of DnD-like stat system, some stats are improved through constant rejection (charisma, strength, intelligence, etc). I’m thinking there would be some sort of time management system with constraints that vary according to SMV and affect your stats. You know, to red-pill the player about the value of self-improvement and the like.
      It would be an interesting system, but the problem would be simulating the pull. Point and click dialogue, detecting the frequency of keywords…
      I think Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball had a somewhat similar system with the gift store, but I’ve only watched a “Let’s Play”.

      1. In video game terms it’s equivalent of Sonic running into endless spikes and losing all of his gold coins.

      1. Gandhi says “duh” and Vinny Pringo says “slam-dunk” but there’s no such thing as a sure thing. That being said, unless the line changes drastically in the next five hours (which is entirely possible), I’m all over it. Yankees -135 Money Line, +$120 Run Line (they have to win by at least 2 runs) – play ’em both…

  3. half life is one of the few games I still play, and can still play with my old graphics card
    But what is with the gratuitous anti-semitism. Its making me wonder whether ROK has gone establishment, because policing gratuitous antisemitism is the cornerstone of the system (see that’s an alt right antifa criticism). Seriously, do we really want to give power to the SPLC

    1. Post modernism is attractive to some Jewish fellows who harbor resentment for the Jewish question.
      In the 18th-early 20th centuries, Jews refused to culturally integrate (the most noticeable being their choice of garb) making them the tribalism “other”. It also didn’t help they were (and some still are) rather tribalistic. This caused resentment among the non-Jewish populations, resulting in antisemitic action. And in reaction to this some Jews embrace ideologies to the abolition of national identities so they will not be resented for being tribalist and not integrating into the national culture.
      Hitler believed that Jews were causing depravity when they were merely jumping on the bandwagon.

      1. I think all of that is true, although I would be inclined to think there’s more to it as well. Anti-semitism isn’t just a gentile thing, but also a self-hating jew thing. The latter has I think sometimes been misunderstood, since it has often amounted to a battle between hereticial / atheistic (often sabbatean) jews antagonistic towards orthodoxy and orthodox ‘talmudist’ jews – the traditional rabbinate. The reason I mention the SPLC etc is that this dynamic has often been exploited by those in the establishment (not necessarily just jews) to prevent certain kinds of scrutiny. I am not for a moment however saying that anti-semitism is not therefore real (i.e. as well as leveraged) or that jewish fear of a rise in anti-semitism is absolutely genuine. The sad fact is the sabbatean types have little to fear from an increase in anti-semitism to the extent they are not always self-identifying jews) whereas the majority of jews, who eat bagels, wear yarmulkes, and go synagogues or who simply have a jewish name have no such protection. That’s why I believe one should be careful about making any statement that isn’t carefully justified, even if nothing should be beyond responsible scrutiny

        1. Nice distinction. Ironically and a little OT religious Jews are far more right wing.
          I think most social problems reflect an intra tribal civil war. American history is the continuation of an intra Saxon conflict that definitely goes back to the English civil war, maybe back to the reformation, and could even stretch back to the Norman conquest. It’s one sub tribe of Englishmen and another sub tribe hating each other. I think other peoples including the Jews, are similar.
          Jews are not a monolith, in practice they spend more time hating each other then they do thinking about anyone else. Knowing Jews the idea of them coordinating a worldwide conspiracy to dominate the world, muahaha, is laughable.

        2. Knowing Jews the idea of them coordinating a worldwide conspiracy to dominate the world, muahaha, is laughable
          Few people actually believe this, it’s organized jewry we have a problem with and the overrepresentation of Jews out to destroy the west. Some of it my be intentional, some of it may be genetic, but proportion matters, and so does the end result.

        3. Exactly, this guy wants to make us get lost with “why”‘s. I don’t give a damn about “why”, I care about WHAT. And the issue is here is identified very clearly.

        4. History is complex. Unfortunately, the jewish part in history is something that tends to be played down, i.e. in terms of causality, despite the fact that some messianically minded jews do see themselves having a historical mission so to speak to make the world a better place according to their vision. What that ‘better place’ consists of, and how influential it may be as a political goal is not always easy to say, including because – as you say – jews may disagree with each other about such things, and again to play down their influence. I don’t necessarily see such things as ‘conspiratorial’ but they may be both very significant in terms of impact, and more-over lacking in transparency: I do think organised jewry, is particularly inclined to influence from behind the scenes. They may be no different in that respect to other groups, except in the sense that they appear to be far better at achieving their aims. I would also point out that referencing the ridiculouslness of a world-wide world wide conspiracy is often a good way to obviate having to address any issues addressed at all. I think there are many good and thoughtful jews out there who disagree with or have issues with behind the scenes activism, but are always too afraid of dealing with it too openly or directly because of the fear of consequences either in terms of increasing antisemitism amongst gentiles or because of ostracism from their own communities. This in my opinion is contributing to absurd all or nothing situation where jews are either behind everything (worldwide conspiracy) or are completely innocent and anti-semitism is just the product of psychiatric pathology or the cultural equivalent. What’s worse is that a lot of jews seem to simply take this as a given – check out the comments of the jewish post etc. everything is explained in terms of irrational hate etc. I consider that to be cultivated groupthink, and I would say it has an impact in encouraging the opposite phenomenon amongst non-jews i.e. reflex antisemitism

        1. There was no conspiracy to have the scorpion sting the frog, it was the nature of the scorpion to do so. The alt lite and the alt right would do well to keep that in mind.

        2. So who’s cattle are blacks in the NBA?
          You can see the exactly same pattern in porn.
          duckduckgo for ‘jews and basketball’.
          Ron Jeremy when it comes to how porn was and look at dogfart today.
          No pattern there?

        3. Jews are involved in the entertainment industry the same way Germans are involved in beer making and dairy.
          That includes the seedier part of entertainment in the Jewish case and it becomes self perpetuating.
          It’s just how ethnicity works.

        4. lol
          Read some Richard Wagner.
          Beer making and dairy needs skills. The skills to create something.
          Jews lack that.

        5. OK now you know you’re full of shit. Jewish craftsman have been famed since antiquity and high level movie making requires real skill.
          Believe they eat babies if you want, but saying Jews lack creative skills is hilariously idiotic.

        6. Agree, you seem to have really kirre sense of humor, or better a lens of humor, through which you see the world.
          Mine is different.
          When it comes to lenses and optics, maybe look up Jena and Carl Zeiss.
          After that, and an apology, we could maybe continue to communicate, but to someone like you, I’ll only speak down.

        7. It gets even better.

          It originated in South America.
          A girls Sport in Germany.
          Jews – as girlish as they are – made it a fags sport in the USA.
          And then, like always evolved it and put their cattle on the new field.
          The most emasculated community in the USA.
          Keeps black kids busy, out of real jobs, and has all the backsides of modern days sport.
          It is even, when you compare it with Soccer pretty girlish, everyone on the smaller team is a winner.
          It is without touching.
          And interesting, isn’t it? Even when America is a nation crazy for sports, at least it looks like that, nor English Wiki entry, as if someone desperate tries to hide something, so people couldn’t draw the connections.

      1. I have been aware of the JQ, more thorougly, ever since I read Kevin MacDonald’s book A People That Shall Dwell Alone and The Culture of Critique (in 2009 and 2011). Also some additional IQ studies by Richard Lynn, Greg Cochran and others, and later articles by for example MacDonald have been important to get a more full picture.
        The thing is that the Jewish personality profile and their high IQs (110 among Ashkenazi) are important but can far from explain the extreme over-representation in academia, Hollywood, politics and so on. Many Jews are indeed very talented and score high on every trait of the Big 5 personality factors. This means that they are hard-working, creative, extrovert, good at socializing and neurotic – perfect for the film industry. But in the end there is ethnic networking going on. Same phenomenon in politics among the neocon.
        I don’t dislike Jews in general and have a more nuanced understanding: they are not monolithic. Actually, one of the best critics of multiculturaism is Jewish, Byron Roth, who wrote the book The Perils of Diversity in 2010 at Richard Spencer’s publishing house Radix that I wrote about extensively in Swedish and have red pilled many with. But how many in the mainstream have read it? Same thing with Paul Gottfried, another conservative Jewish academic whose work has been largely ignored by the mainstream.

        1. Ethnic networking. This is where you need to stop. Forget about IQs and self-praising propaganda from them. Jews flow very well in societes like ours, that’s why they hate (others’) ethnocentrism. I always think of jews as some sort of global alumni club. I’m in academia and their internal influences are just ridiculous. Take a look at the graph above. It is a scandal. And with the CNN reddit thing they are already getting a little bit too far. People don’t buy their holocaust suffering anymore: we are in fucking 2017 and ethnostate Israel is sterilizing black women for God’s sake.

        2. Yes, more or less. But you should also keep in mind that the academies that give these prizes are full of Jews, so it influences the results. I do not deny that there are talented Jews, but influences also help them a lot.

      2. I’m fine with making clear criticism of particular actions or policies where this is clearly evidenced. But using half life as a spring board to make a vague attack on elites is not going to make the situation better except for those who can then point to such things as ‘evidence of a problem’.

        1. U.S Lawmakers seek to criminally outlaw Boycott campaign against Israel

          But now, a group of 43 senators — 29 Republicans and 14 Democrats — wants to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine. The two primary sponsors of the bill are Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland and Republican Rob Portman of Ohio. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is the punishment: Anyone guilty of violating the prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.
          The proposed measure, called the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (S. 720), was introduced by Cardin on March 23. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports that the bill “was drafted with the assistance of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.” Indeed, AIPAC, in its 2017 lobbying agenda, identified passage of this bill as one of its top lobbying priorities for the year:

        2. Absolutely, one can clearly show why that is an abuse of power and influence, and why AIPAC and other organisations are not compatible with either democracy or sovereignty

        3. That will get smacked down so really, really fast by Circuit courts and SCOTUS, that it’s not even funny.

        4. Lets hope so. But how did it even get that far.
          America is in a tizzy over an alleged foreign nation, Russia, influencing its elections when Israel and AIPAC holds a commanding influence on American politics.

        5. Lots of silly bills get proposed that you’d think wouldn’t even get a hearing.
          I do agree that Israel gets this *huge* freaking pass to mess around with our government, no question at all, and if you say something about it in public you become some kind of pariah.

        6. Lets count the dual citizens in our house and Senate!

          What a steaming pile that is even allowed.

      3. People will always argue against the facts when compiled and shown. There is one group that is insulated from criticism that is supported by mountains of evidence.
        The 3ews are beyond criti………………………………

    2. Thanks, the anti semitism is just such horseshit. Our real enemies are plain as day and some guys just want to gargle Hitler’s one ball.
      They confuse Jews with the devil. Jewishness then becomes a synonym for evil.
      The truth is evil is an equal opportunity employer. Anytime a man sees a way to money and power that requires ignoring your soul, he has a choice. Some men go for it. Ethnicity has close to nothing to do with it.
      It would be nice to have a clear simple enemy, just get rid of them and your troubles are over. Problem is every society that’s expelled the Jews still had corruption take over. The Jews aren’t the problem.

      1. Jews were expelled from so many societies because….
        A. Jealousy
        B. Blind prejudice
        C. No reason really.
        D. Behaviour
        C. The goyim know! Shut it down!

      2. Jewishness is not a synonym for evil, just extreme ethnic corporatism that some of us do not want to deal with anymore.

      3. The truth of any situation is usually somewhat grey. Having said that my comment was really about the non-specificity of naming ‘our benefactors’ or whatever in the context of a game about alien attack. The problem here is any kind of generalised anti-semitism encompasses ordinary jews, most of whom will just be going about their business and who are not ‘players’, activists or revolutionary change agents, even if there politics may tend in one direction or another (which is their prerogative). I do think jewish activism is something which has an enormous impact on the world, and I don’t see why that cannot be responsibly scrutinised, not least because it affects people who are not jews, and who therefore may not have a say in the matter. I agree with some of the sentiments you express above, but equally it is not clear to me why non-jews should be passive or oblivious too messianic or other forms of jewish activism when the effects appear to be so considerable. It doesn’t help that jews tend to play everything down and take the ‘nothing to see here’ attitude.
        One last point, jews are not about to be expelled from anywhere

  4. I used to have a friend who was really into video games. I mean, REALLY into video games. So into video games the guy would probably identify himself as a video game player before anything else. He had a lot of creative ideas, aspirations and ambitions. He talked a lot about all these things he wanted to do.
    The end

      1. I did my part. I would try to drag him out all the time, just to do.. something. Ha! Now that I think of it, he was one of those guys who complained about having bad knees anytime I invited him to do something that required any sort of physical effort. My friends and I gave him hell. We made fun of him all the time, mocked him, “awwww my knees hurt. Quit being a bitch!” He would just laugh.

        1. They really do deserve their fate. They do this to themselves and refuse to walk out of that bad place.

        2. He used to be a tough kid. Growing up, we used to barenuckle box just for fun. Then one day he just decided he didn’t care about being tough anymore. And when I say don’t care, I mean, just nothing, gone.

        3. In the days of Vassalage, adolescence was the age that you took young men out to face the world, and tested them by the training you’d given them. Adolescence and perpetual adolescence are the trappings of decadence and wealth and way too much leisure time.

        4. yes. Adolescence is used as a holding pattern bewteen childhood and adulthood, not a time of development, challenge, failure, and success as it should be.

    1. I have a nephew like that. He’s 17, going on 12. My brother in-law and his wife are absolute failures as parents – it’s very sad. I’ve tried like hell over the last 3 summers to take him with me to work, but to avail. Just like his parents, he finds numerous excuses to stay home and sleep all day and game all night. The few occasions that I was actually able to get him out of the house, the Entire Day is filled with video game references, as though he’s literally living inside the actual video game.

      1. That’s pathetic.
        I was at a friends house a while ago. His ten year old son was there and he had a friend over. Both turning into human snails hunched over in front of the TV playing video games. I had my Jeep stripped down, doors off, top off. I was gonna make a run to the store and told them we’re going for a ride, thinking, I would have loved that when I was ten. They came along, it was a nice day. I’m hauling ass, I look at the kid in the front who looked like he didn’t really care. I look in the back and the other kid is hunched over clutching his body, head down, holding himself like he was really cold. It was ninety five degrees. What a little pussy.

        1. Funny you mention taking them for a ride – I had the exact same experience with my nephew last Thanksgiving. He stayed 2 nights with us and we needed some groceries, so I took him for a ride… Got on the highway and blasted through a few gears, look over at him for a response – Nothing – like we we’re sitting still. He’ll be 18 in 2 months… he has no driver’s permit and has absolutely no interest in getting his driver’s license.

        2. Yeah, that’s just wrong. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with anything that had a motor. And going fast always gave me an adrenaline rush. What’s wrong with these kids?

    We’ve seized onto every teased tidbit about Half-Life 3 finally getting made, even though logically we know it’s never going to happen.

  6. I have played more videogames than I care to remember during my life, starting with an Atari 2600 with Combat, through the 2nd gen consoles, PC gaming on the C-64 and Amiga, the Xbox family, on up to the present on the PC, where I mostly screw around with simulators and wargames.
    Back in the old days the games weren’t stimulating enough that you’d want to sit and play them for 14 hours straight. It was, play 10 games of space invaders, then “this is boring, let’s go out and play guns, I’ll be the Germans.” Out till after dark, mom called you back, or someone broke something.
    Games now create whole worlds to explore and get lost in. To the point it replaces the real world. While the technology is wonderful, I can see where kids lose themselves…coupled with fractured families that have no time for them. No wonder kids withdraw into themselves and their own worlds, and “autism” has become so commonplace. I didn’t know one single “autistic” kid growing up.
    Like anything else in life, moderation is key. Video games have even sparked my creative faculties from time to time. Taking nice breaks playing and reading the lore of Morrowind (along with whiskey and cigarettes back when I smoked) got me through writing a long ass doctoral dissertation years back.

  7. Half-Life 2 was great, basically like an FPS version of Children Of Men. The shit about opening portals to Xen could be similar to our elites messing with CERN.
    Also to be fair, a female hero in a game isn’t inherently bad, as long as they’re not written with a misandrist overtone at the expense of the male characters and audiences. For Half Life 2’s case, Gordon was the badass hero leading the way, as opposed to Max Rockatansky taking the back seat in Feminist Road.

    1. A good example of a female lead was Lara Croft (the original, not the shitty remake one where 80% of the time she’s going “ahhh, ahhh, oooooooh” like she’s having constant orgasm). Sure, you can argue that it’s not as believable as when a man does the things she did, but they were fun games, and it NEVER had misandrist tones in their games.
      It also doesn’t help that every time a game comes out that has a female character as lead, progressives and feminists will sing its praises, and naturally people will want to avoid the game because of this.
      We really need a new Duke Nukem game to shit on all them.

      1. new duke nukem. We waited a decade or so and then it turned out to be shit. I’d love a good new duke nukem game but I wouldn’t hold my breath

        1. You mean Duke Nukem Forever? I thought it was alright. I’ve played much, much worse FPS. Then again, I had no expectation when it came out, so that’s probably why I enjoyed it.

        2. Yeah, DN Forever. I really wanted to like it, but the humour seemed strained and the action just didn’t compare to the previous game. I just checked that game was called Duke Nukem 3D and it was released in 1996 – fifteen years prior to Forever.

      2. Oooh man, Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary were the shit! The 2013 game was just a dumbed down Uncharted Clone. I miss the puzzle solving that took me 30 hours to get through in Anniversary. Classic Lara Croft was made by guys for guys, and thats why SJWs hate her.
        I generally avoid most western games nowadays because of the SJW bullshit that keeps popping up, and I agree with the Duke Nukem part, I miss the days when a character like Solid Snake was celebrated by the press.

        1. Yeah, a lot of the mainstream games are filled with that pandering shit. Despite all that, a few gems will make it through the cracks. Doom from 2016 was solid, and it both sold well and pissed off feminists. Good times.

        2. Yeah I’m also looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar still makes quality games while thriving on their politically incorrect image.

        3. I truly hope they don’t ever bend to political correctness. Watching SJWs sperging because of their games is one of the few joys from today’s industry.
          And fuck yeah for Red Dead 2.

  8. Many people will always argue against the facts when compiled and shown. There is one group that is insulated from criticism that is supported by mountains of evidence.
    The 3ews are beyond criti………………………………

  9. Hm. I haven’t played any new games in years. I think the last one I played was Demon’s Souls and that’s it. Lots of other things to do outside.
    Still have fond memories of Mega Man, Castlevania and Contra, however.

      1. That actually looks interesting.
        I’ll check it out during the weekend, thanks for the info.
        I always liked Mega Man more, and I’m hearing there’s a new cartoon coming this fall and it seems it will be shit from what I heard at the office, I don’t know.

  10. The Vorts express their approval of this article by saying this, “Churr gully churr…Gah galah gulligah!”

  11. IMHO, the final battle in HL2Ep2 when you defend the base against the hordes of Striders and Hunters is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Pure insanity, yet not impossible.

  12. The author should have mentioned how the aliens restricted human reproduction. That was a big part of the game and it is similar although less subtle than what is happening in white societies today.

  13. Excellent analysis, what I find horrifying and fascinating is Breen who is helping his own species demise – worse when confronted by Gordon his last words are (minor spoiler) “you need me”
    For what? negotiating with a hostile race better conditions? I think Breen actually believes the pseudo intellectual crap he speaks over the screen he believes that wiping out most of the human race though not letting it breed, that enslaving them, that turning them into trans humans and that shipping them off to fight wars on other planets is ‘evolution’ thats Horrifying to me.
    Say what you will of the advisors – but at least you can say that they are following their own self interest. Even if they have no real idea about how to deal with Gordon at least they are rational about it. And at the end of Episode 2 they send absolutely everything near to hand to kill that rocket (which for some reason closes the portal they need to get home and send reenforcement) Their moves are therefore credible.
    I just find Breen’s level of treachery to be compelling I mean he helps the destruction of his own race over a period of time.

    1. For me the biggest question is the G-Man. We don’t know almost anything about him. Plus he recruited two action survivors, who defeated alien invasions.
      Who is he supposed to represent?

      1. I’ve been trying to figure this out since I was a kid. Does he work for the US/Shadow government, the combine, or someone else?

        1. I believe, that he is someone else. He was behind the whole Black Mesa Incident and the destruction of the whole complex.
          Also , look at his movements in Half-Life 2. They aren’t human at all.

  14. After researching the conspiracy I think its a mistake to say its the jews. They have suffered just as the children of these macievelians suffer. And that suffering tends to make them a machievelian too or the strongest opponents of it(just as an alcoholic might become a strong advocate for sobriety). Really its all people who believe in the dark aspects of the world who collude to get their power-betray or be betrayed,torture and kill children, create monopoly, poison humanity in word and body, etc. In judaism they are told to study the kabbalah at wont understand conspiracy until you have lived a little. And you can see how much Israel is controlled just like any other country..central bank and a poor nonworking underclass who wont join the military pitted against the rest. Divide and conquer.

  15. It’s too bad, I was liking ROK. But, if you want to be taken seriously, you can’t have illustrations like the one above. ROK is relegated to jerk-off land.
    Can’t recommend it to anyone, lest I get smeared by that filth. Big mistake..and one, a smart person, with morality, would never have made.

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