8 Essential Rules For Banging A Single Mom

Men here know there are countless reasons dating a single mother is a terrible idea.  Any man who unwittingly wanders into the clutches of one of these harpies is doomed from the start. Once she has her talons in him he’s stuck raising another man’s offspring and before he knows it, she’s off looking for an alpha fux (her ex in a lot of cases) to compliment her beta bux.  A no win situation for the poor sap.

But every once in a blue moon we run into a baby mama that not only passes the boner test, she has the art of mimicking a quality woman down pat.  She’s feminine, takes care of her body, and seems to know her way around a kitchen.  Now before you guys start frothing at the mouth let me be clear:  I will never advocate commiting to, dating, or God forbid, marrying these women.   But if you absolutely must tangle with these tarts or are just starting out in game and looking for quick and easy lays to get your feet wet, here are 8 rules to follow to get what you want out of them (easy sex) without ending up like this…


8. Do not completely avoid giving off provider vibes

First off, I’m not suggesting that you act like Captain Save-A-Hoe. What I am suggesting is that giving off a bit of a provider vibe every so often can work in your favor. The reason is that the most important trait to an SM when hunting for a target looking for a man is his ability to provide for her children.  When her radar picks up that provider signal she’s desperately looking for she’ll do anything to lock you down. Blowjobs on command, back massages, after-sex sandwiches, strip teases, you name it.  She’ll pull out all the stops to show you what a fantastic and unique and amazing woman she is in hopes of getting a commitment from you. Of course you’re not looking for commitment or anything close to it but she doesn’t know that and as long as she thinks there’s a chance for it she’ll continue to chase that carrot like a starving jack rabbit. 

7.Never babysit for ANY amount of time

“I need to run in for cigarettes.   Can you watch Timmy while I run in?”  DON’T DO IT.  Watching Timmy for four minutes will turn into watching him, his spoiled rotten sister, and his kid brother who needs his ADD medication every 30 minutes on a while she and her slutty friends have girl’s night out.

Nip this in the bud the first time she tries it because this is also a shit test.  Fail it and you’re done.  If she raises hell about it, next her.  There are plenty of hot sluts out there without any snot nosed baggage.

6. Turn her into a bowling ball

Regardless of how hot a single mom is, her SMV is lowered because she has children.  They would never verbally acknowledge this in public but they know the score.  Not having much else to bring to the table she will concentrate her efforts in the bedroom to balance the baggage created by her rug rats.  Take full advantage of this—turn her into a bowling ball and penetrate all three of her luscious holes. She will gladly participate in any debauchery your dirty mind can dream up to keep you around.  Anal sex, parking lot blow jobs, sex tapes, and nude pictures are just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing is off limits and neither are any of her orifices.

5. The very first time she withholds sex, NEXT HER

A single mother withholding sex from you is a mathematical inevitability.  The reason for this is that they’re used to their vaginas being pedestalized by betas so they underestimate your need for sex. With this in mind, they attempt to pull this all-too-familiar power move to gain control of the “relationship.”  But a man like you has options and if you don’t tolerate the hot, childless 22 year old putting your dick on detention, putting up with it from a 31 year old with a couple whipper snappers is a joke.

The first time she attempts to close her cooch for any reason simply stand up, smirk at her, say “It’s been fun” and walk out the door never to be seen or heard from again.  This is your only move in this scenario.

4. Use her as a fuck buddy, nothing more

Single mothers make great fuck buddies. They’re unselfish in the sack and available all the time (watch how quickly they can find a last minute babysitter when alpha cock is calling). But making her anything other than a coitus companion is a huge mistake.  As soon as she gets the idea that she’s anything more than a moist hole for your salty swimmers she’ll expect to be treated like a girlfriend thinking you’ve finally taken the bait.

“How ’bout the occasional coffee date?”  Nope. Bang buds are for banging, not having romantic little chats over lattes with.

“What about watching a movie at her place?” Two conditions:  1) Her kids aren’t there.  2) It leads to sex.  Bounce like a bad check when the dirty deed is done.

“Friends with benefits?”  Negative.  She is not your friend and you ain’t givin’ her benefits.  Leave that to her orbiters and the government.

Giving an SM any allowance of your time, money, or attention only leads to trouble.  Underestimating her ability to weasel her way into your resources would be a gross misstep on your part.  Don’t give her that opportunity.  Fuck buddy is the only status she deserves.

3. Do not get close to her children

Children of single mothers are yearning for a strong male presence and as soon as one makes an appearance, they latch on and don’t let go.  Who can blame them? When a child looks up to you, mimics you, and gives you a hero’s welcome whenever you walk in the door it really has an effect on you.  I know this from personal experience.

Do yourself a favor and do not connect with her children.  Avoiding them all together is probably the best course of action.  This should be quite easy as there is usually a custody order in place which requires them to spend a couple nights a week with dad.  Schedule your trysts with her on nights when he’s got the kids and this shouldn’t be an issue.

2. Do not pay for anything

This one is simple, gents.  There is absolutely no need to take out your wallet for a woman who gets food and shelter from the government, financial favors from white knights, and monthly payments from the father(s) of her child(ren).   Period.

1. Do not get into an LTR with her

As obvious as this is there are a lot of men out there who don’t understand that single mothers are damaged women that make terrible significant others so let me sum this up as succinctly as possible: a single mother wants nothing more than to trap a beta to provide for her children so she doesn’t have to.  As soon as she secures a commitment from said provider via shared residence, marriage, etc., she assumes her children are taken care of. On this assumption she then goes on the hunt for alpha cock to take care of herself, thus, satisfying her hypergamy.

Believing anything different will lead to your undoing.


Single mothers are at the bottom of the totem pole as far as LTR material goes but they do make excellent pussy pals if you know what you’re doing. Her mission in life is to lock down a beta provider for her young at all costs. This makes gaming them is child’s play and they will often treat you much better than their younger, hotter, childless competition.  As long as you understand what they really want out of you and treat them accordingly, you’ll have no shortage of these venturesome vixens willing to suck the life out of you for a chance at that social and financial security they so richly deserve.

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409 thoughts on “8 Essential Rules For Banging A Single Mom”

        1. And that whole “remove the dentures” thing has got to have some advantages you’d think.

    1. You got that right. Advising men on how to date single mothers is not only stupid, but downright reckless manosphere journalism.

      1. Why? Not a damn thing wrong with it, especially if she’s hot and willing. Just be smart and control the situation. There’s too many rules around here. Men need adventure and variety. At least those with a pulse do. Yes, it’s more than tough out there but no reason to curl up in a ball. If you want to go for it. Just be smart. If not leave it alone and hunt elsewhere.

    2. Next on ROK, 8 essential rules for dating fat chicks & trannys without your friends or the mamosphere finding out.

  1. I’ve got a much simpler solution it only requires one step really as soon as you find out she’s a single mum (british english) bail, make your excuses and get out there’s plenty of fine childless young women out there. Just don’t risk it with the single mum to begin with.

    1. I agree unless it’s a night out and its just a ONS then it’s kinda irrelevant how many lil shits she’s got.

    2. Single moms are extremely dangerous. A lot of them want to trap you through some of the ways listed in the article above and through another pregnancy. They figure that if they pop out a bastard for you that you’ll help take care of her, her other kid, and yours.
      I’d recommend against fucking single moms. It’s just too goddamn risky.

      1. Absolutely, the way I view it is that unless the single mum is a lawyer, doctor, CEO or in some other high paying job she’ll be struggling for money or just barely providing. Therefore this is going to give her an incentive to trap a poor fucker into taking over another man’s (the father’s) responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong I feel extremely bad for the kids that will have to grow up under a single mother household, but it’s NOT YOUR DUTY to take care of the mother and bring up the kids.

        1. Correct, except the “taking over another man’s responsibilities”. The State has him firmly in its grasp most of the time, sometimes to the point of suicide on his part. She wants more than the free ride Uncle Sugar is giving her. A single mom that can hang out at a bar or social event to capture men isn’t poor and struggling as much as she’d lead on.

        2. Aye good point forgot to mention the governments part it’s a bastard of a situation right enough. On this point with the government I found a gem here its an edition of the Leykis show but its about the story of the man who even though he wasn’t the biological father of the kid of the single mum he was seeing he was forced to pay child support as he had an affinity with the kid. Truly shocking stuff indeed tell me what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh1BDzYCTEU

      2. Was in that exact situation with a divorced mother (nurse) I met last year. Came on hot and heavy at a party, really good conversation and shared values except she’s got a kid and ‘asshole ex-husband.’ Planned to meet up another night though alarm bells were going off.
        Kicker was random call from her following Friday –
        ‘Hey, what are you doing?’
        ‘Working. What’s up?’
        ‘Oh, I just finished work and wanted to see if you could meet up…’
        Instant erection remembering the sparks.
        ‘Hmm, maybe…’
        Then I blurted out w/o conscious thought:
        ‘So when do you ovulate?’
        ‘Why do you ask? Why does it matter?’
        Instant loss of erection and cold sweat.
        ‘It matters a lot! I don’t want to become a dad right now, if something happened even with a condom.’
        Her hamster goes into overdrive.
        ‘Well, I don’t know but I’m probably pretty close to ovulating, yeah. But you don’t have to worry, I’ve been thinking about having another child before it gets too late so if anything happened it’d be fine. I wouldn’t expect anything from you…’
        I half-listened, realizing this woman was honestly deluded about her unconscious desire to trap me into creating and likely funding a future degenerate criminal, teen mom or both.
        I ended the conversation smoothly and quickly, saying it was too late and maybe another time. Changed her name to ‘ignore ___’ and did just that. After a couple texts from her later, no more contact.
        Could have turned out a helluva lot differently…

  2. > When a child looks up to you, mimics you, and gives you a hero’s welcome whenever you walk in the door it really has an effect on you.
    Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. But when you turn away from these children, remember that they don’t need families:
    “In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.”
    — Dr. Mary Jo Bane, feminist and assistant professor of education at Wellesley College and associate director of the school’s Center for Research on Woman

    1. I couldn’t do the kid thing, especially if his/her eyes lit up when I walked into a room and he/she clearly was begging for a father figure through his/her actions/words. Soft spot in my otherwise hard, darkened heart for kids, especially abandoned kids (or perhaps better put, kids where the State, at the bequest of the mother, puts a gun to his head and removes the father by force from their lives).
      In that event I’d go with Jeeb’s advice below, just don’t do it.

      1. Just remember that, in another decade or so, he’ll be voting to take your guns, income and freedom away. Well indoctrinated, hence willing, cannon fodder for the progressive oppression machine.

        1. I’m well aware of that. Though he could also turn out the opposite, having seen what a whorebag his mother was, how his father was enslaved and as a result decides to be the opposite of that.
          Yeah, I know, hope springs eternal is not realistic, but it’s all I got.

  3. Great article.
    But you missed out on the #1 rule which is to always use protection no matter what she says about birth control.

        1. This is going to sound ridiculous but I head straight to the bathroom and fill my condom like a water balloon.
          Not to the point of bursting but enough be sure there aren’t any ‘mysterious holes’
          It sounds paranoid but I’m a meal ticket for a lot of these girls.

        2. Just about lost it with laughter at your comment “fuck her plumbing” well in dude.

        3. I banged a mom with 2 daughters last week. She told me not to flush the condom because of her plumbing. I laughed and said I always flush it.
          Jesus now I realize what she might of done if I just threw it in the trash !

        4. I nearly spewed out my latte reading your posts. Great advice about pre bang testing of the condom. Though, if you fill the condom full of water isn’t harder to get that thing on your wang??

        5. No no! What Tom Leykis advises —> is that you carry a packet of extra hot tabasco (or habenero sauce) with you and fill the condom with it … to “kill the sperm” before you toss it.
          So when she reaches into the garbage in an attempt to fertilize herself… she burns her OWN cooch INSTEAD OF YOU.
          Some bitch tried this on a guy who phone in the Leykis show and told his story. She went into the bathroom and he heard intense SCREAMING. She ran out crying. Then she tried to SUE HIM for it. But he was exonerated and won a $350,000 settlement. Then phoned Tom back to say THANKS!
          Fucking EXCELLENT. 4 cases of this recently in California. There are NO LIMITS to what these cunts will do to trap an otherwise responsibly behaved man into fatherhood.

        6. Facebook, Youtube, Microsoft…
          Despite their big words they’re still part of the “cathedral”.

        7. I’m glad you liked it. The water ballon test is for confirmation AFTER the fact. You still have to do the deed but if anything is amiss you know immediately.

        8. I would have posted , naturally,, but the video(s) were yanked from youtube You will have to Google “leykis condom habanero” and see what you can find.
          The videos were titled:
          • “It happened
          • “Leykis Habanero Sauce in Condom”
          • “Dave (and the) condom”
          But I assure you, it’s not fake. Women ARE doing it to get their claws into your wallet. Why do you think they have 11+ forms of birth control and men only have 2???
          They don’t WANT you to protect yourself.

        9. Wait, I have a copy!! Of “leykis condom”…. in mp3 format I will have to listen and make sure it’s the same story. Don’t have time now, but I will put it online and send you a link. Tonight or tomorrow.

        10. If she has any problems about the plumbing, just tell her OK, then flush it anyway and say you threw it in the trash. If she calls you on it later, what the fuck was she doing looking in the trash for your used rubber? Run and don’t come back.

        11. I understand that condoms are designed to simply explode if there is so much as a pinprick hole has been made in them. I have to say though, it would be one nasty female to go through toilet trash, remove a soiled condom and inject the contents into her vagina.

        12. My buddy caught a female poking holes in his condom with a needle a year or two back. She already had one child with a music producer which, in retrospect, was most likely an unplanned pregnancy. It’s more common than you think. Protect your neck.

        13. Good looking out. Better also make sure she swallows and brushes afterwards too… 🙂
          I guess other advice is bring your own fresh pack to each session.

        14. Jeez. That is absolutely insane that we even have to do that these days. But in the interest of self-preservation…

        15. Tom Lykus is a damaged misogynistic piece of damaged heart telling all you poor men what he thinks you need to know which is NOT in any way your best interest.

        16. Counter suits are a thing; defamation of character, fraud, and mental distress are the usual suspects here.

        17. Doesn’t matter if he’s ugly, he’s disgusting on the inside and so are all these other shitheads that agree with him.

        18. Yes oh no she may!!!…not want to have to call a fucking plumber to fix her fucking toilet because some stupid piece of trash decided to be a dick and destroy her plumbing. Fuck off you twats.

        19. Yes I’m sure you’re a “real catch”, what with all the being a giant asshat who preys on these women for his own jollies but doesn’t have any shred of decency in his body and calls THEM low and terrible people. I hope you never meet another because they don’t need to come in contact with such a toxic piece of garbage.

        1. Save a bunch of your sperm at a reputable sperm bank first.
          Vasectomies are reversible most of the time these days, but the success rate diminishes as time goes by. My tubes are tied and I couldn’t be happier!

      1. TRUE. I have had this happen to me twice. They want to bank on you being chivalrous and a white knight who will look after them and shotgun wedding them because they *always* (roll eyes) have a big problem with abortion, despite that they either outright lied to you about their birth control status, took the used condom or forgot to take the pills.
        Ironically, they seem to have absolutely no recollection of their distaste for abortion when you get pissed off and dump them because they lied to you and you tell them your not raising a kid with a liar. They threaten that you’ll have to pay child support, but when you say your going for full custody and THEY will be the ones paying they usually find their way to the clinic pretty fast.
        Had to pull rank like that twice. How they can play such cavalier games with children is beyond me.

      2. “It’s been fun” and “watch how quickly they can find a last minute babysitter when alpha cock is calling” are the two most important. Never be afraid to kick that bitch to the curb when she’s not putting out & ensure she knows you Alpha, you not the Beta sucker. Funny enough she will love the alpha so much that she’ll try so hard to make him “Hubby” and that’s when you need to ensure that you pound that pussy so hard that she knows she’s nothing but a loose wet hole simply there for providing pleasure. Shawana Wright here I cum!

    1. Second that motion. Even if she claims to have taken the morning after pull in lieu of a malfunction. 18 years, 18 years.

    2. Shitty article. Exactly the reason why Western Civilization is falling because of this “advice”.

      1. My mother was, ‘a single mother.’ I watched her play men like fiddles for whatever she could get. These kinds of articles are a little gross, but not exactly off the mark.

    3. This article is the most misogynistic piece of shit i have ever read and this writer of this article is wrong. Period. He has NO idea what the hell he is even writing

      1. Truth. I hope all you dicks that agree with him die alone because no one needs to put up with your stupidity.

      2. I’m a divorced man, and I couldn’t agree more. I think he’s just spewing his anger and frustration and calling it an “article”….

    4. I had one chick use the ‘Its OK I’ve got a coil in.’ routine. Then she asked me why I didn’t cum inside her. I made some weak ass excuse. Them post wall bitches be crazy.

  4. The only single moms I hold out any respect for are widows. There is a gray area for women who were legitimately beat the hell out of, but given how every woman in the world will say that she was ‘abused’ because her hubby came home one day and in a slightly irritated voice told her to be quiet for a bit, that status is really, really hard to determine. But widows, yeah, no fault of their own assuming she didn’t kill the guy off herself.

    1. Technically, widows and divorcees aren’t really “single moms.” A single mom is a woman who makes the conscious choice to have a child out-of-wedlock. A divorcee with children at least made an attempt to do things the right way, although she (in most cases) has proved that she is not worthy of commitment. Regardless, I think the rules in this article would apply equally to women with kids in all of these situations.

      1. I think the rules in this article would apply equally to women with kids in all of these situations.
        Absolutely agree. Single mom to me means a mom who is single, the why of the single-hood is irrelevant. It’s a “new word” so it is basically trying to take the place as a meta-level type adjective-noun combination for other more specific definitions. In this case, widows, divorcess and out of wedlock mothers.
        Kind of like homeless took the place of bum, drifter, migrant, hobo, panhandler, etc.
        When in doubt I stick with Occam’s Razor on most things, heh.

    2. And even the Christian bible allows provisioning a widow, as long as she is old and unable to secure provision from a family member. If she is young she is told to remarry or enter permanent ministry where she will not become an “idle gossiper”

    3. As with everything in this cesspool called the Western civilization the language has been so corrupted by our lords and masters that black is white and gay is right.
      The first step to any sanity is to reclaim our language, the sluts referred to in this article are not “single” moms these are unwed mothers, bastard spawner or other precise terms but not “single” mom as mom is a verb and the bitch certainly does not act as one.
      Also these cancer on our societies must never be normalised no matter how much the Hollywood decrees otherwise

      1. Yes, very true. Like him or hate him, George Carlin was keenly good at pointing out the corruption of language on so many levels.

      2. Good point. Up until the 70’s, children born out of wedlock were called bastards. They were branded for life. There used to be something called SHAME.
        On the flip side, you had to be practically engaged to get any sex. That sucked, too.

        1. It didn’t suck actually. When you engaged, most of the time you were engaged to a virgin who would form a deep pair bond with you since you were her first. She became loyal because her ability for love wasn’t destroyed by riding 100 cocks over “that crazy spring break in 2010!”.
          So you didn’t get to bang everything in a skirt, but the skirt you did get to bang was usually high quality of the sorts you younger men may well never know.

        2. This is true of the era, but after marriage things usually went south for most couples. While I do know many people from that generation who are still married (the majority really), many, if not most of these marriages are pretty unhappy.
          No matter which way you look at it, women have always been difficult to deal with long term. Just because the older generation stayed married, doesn’t necessarily mean they were happy about it.
          Furthermore, marrying a virgin is certainly not all it’s cracked up to be. Women will always use sex as a weapon, regardless of marriage status, societal norms, etc.
          While I do have a feeling the older generation had a better system for managing gender relations, Looking at the past with rose-colored glasses isn’t the right way to go.
          Women have always been and will forever be difficult to deal with. Period.

        3. yes…. i have reached the same conclusion to some degree… childish fuck bags to breed with and that’s about it…

        4. Harsh, but true. Smart, thoughtful men from all eras of history have all arrived at the same conclusion. It’s called truth, no matter how politically incorrect it is.
          Women are just the way they are. Their nature will likely never change. Across the board they are fickle, selfish, childish, irresponsible, and all-in-all, they represent a HUGE liability to men. Always have, always will. Much of this is just biology. Men and women are not friends, never have been, never will be. Nature never intended them to be. For most animals, the mating game is adversarial and zero-sum. But nature doesn’t care about that. Nature cares about procreating the species. Mother nature is quite good at this. There are 7 billion human beings on this planet after all. The human population far exceeds the numbers of any other large mammal on earth.
          Women are good for little else than fucking and raising children…both are questionable in the modern era.
          This is not cynicism. It’s simply reality.

        5. yes, i think there are better ways to leave your mark on the world than having some brats carry on your namesake…. if you can’t find those ways then the world is a better place without your spawn.

        6. I’m not so much looking at it with rose colored glasses, I’m looking at it as a guy who caught the very tail end of that era and snagged a traditional, first gen American lovely farmer’s daughter. I don’t disagree with your statements, btw, but it really was better for men and marriage in general “back then”. Today though, crikes, no friggin’ way would I ever get married should the wife pass away.
          It’s true that women have always used sex as a weapon in any age, there’s no way to deny it. One interesting and fun thing about days previous to this though is that if you snagged a virgin, which was fairly normal, you could train her to be precisely what you want in bed, assuming you were not a simpering beta simp.

        7. Pity Ghost…these guys really don’t know what they’re missing. I’ve been able to find a few of these types on “Christian” websites(and within that category, only for my denomination). but they are few and far between. If you can find a virgin that’s a very good sign and what you are saying is absolutely true. They bond hard, are very loyal(almost puppy loyal), and tend to want to make you happy.
          You can also stop the aspect of women using sex as a weapon if you know how to get them addicted. Due to biology they’re capable of much more intense orgasms than we are and if you know their biology(and how to use their mind), then you can flip that script and make them depend on your co-operation if they want that pleasure.
          Also ghost: [email protected]
          Since I’ve got no small share of haters on here who would LOVE to dox me(which I’d advise against. Any physical action against me will result in me defending myself in accordance with my legal rights. Interpret that as you will), make sure that you throw in a bit of extra chatter as well. Message me later on here and tell me what you said so I know which one was you.

        8. This is true. There is something to be said for a virgin woman and a reason they are highly prized.

        9. Women may use sex as a weapon but so can you. If she’s not giving it up you can go elsewhere with ease. If a woman does not meet her marital obligations, why should you?

        10. Make sure you shoot a YouTube video of you and the gang dragging that punk behind your bike…

        11. I really don’t get what so many guys are on about with women being difficult to deal with etc.
          I would say this however, instead of trying to hunt down an easy lay from a SM why not man up and go get some real alpha women who don’t have baggage? You realise that there is no changing a person unless they want to change and so finding some women loaded with baggage just because you don’t think you can get anything better .. well you kinda get what you deserve I suppose.
          Leave the SM’s for Beta guys United.. there are tons of em out there. Snap up an alpha women who you don’t even have to play stupid games with. Women playing games are beta.. they do this to try get power thus it highlights their insecurities.
          Be direct, be yourself and most importantly brand each attempt as learning instead of a failure. This protects your self esteem and pushes you forwards so each consecutive attempt gets closer till you start to win.
          My personal preference in women are those who have tried a couple guys already. When you find a women like that and show them a few things in the bedroom and in general how you don’t resort to typical beta mud slinging in a heated discussion, they begin to see the clear differences and pretty soon value is determined.
          There was this content I found ages ago which got me on the right path.. funnily enough when I tell mates about it they all act like they are getting all the women they want when they clearly aren’t.
          If you want to get your shit together and increase in abilities etc.. check out this guy called Carlos Xuma he actually does know his shit. some of it like the palm reading and shit cold reading doesn’t work that well as it just comes off too fake but the bulk of what he has to say is pure gold my friends .. pure gold 🙂

        12. “Harsh, but true. Smart, thoughtful men from all eras of history have all arrived at the same conclusion. It’s called truth, no matter how politically incorrect it is.
          Women are just the way they are. Their nature will likely never change. Across the board they are fickle, selfish, childish, irresponsible, and all-in-all, they represent a HUGE liability to men. Always have, always will. Much of this is just biology. Men and women are not friends, never have been, never will be. Nature never intended them to be. For most animals, the mating game is adversarial and zero-sum. But nature doesn’t care about that. Nature cares about procreating the species. Mother nature is quite good at this. There are 7 billion human beings on this planet after all. The human population far exceeds the numbers of any other large mammal on earth.
          Women are good for little else than fucking and raising children…both are questionable in the modern era.
          This is not cynicism. It’s simply reality.”
          This ^

        1. Seriously, it’s OT, but this whole monsterous gay push has gotten vomit inducing. It’s not just propaganda, it’s marching in Red Square with ten thousand troops and twenty thousand tanks propaganda.

        2. Yep. And now you and I and all the men here are “cis-gender priviledged.”
          (made up victimization for made-up genders and who-even-knows-what)

        3. that is not even a fucking word! “Cisgender.” These people make me sick.

        4. Great start, but let’s travel a little deeper down the rabbit hole, gentlemen. Who do you think is behind this rift between men and women? Who do you think has the most to gain? While today’s media (which is largely controlled by gays and lesbians) depicts men as bumbling morons and women as rulers of the universe who can do no wrong, at the same time it’s bombarding us with this “love is love” and “anything goes” B.S. Propaganda like that can only thrive in chaos; indeed, the LGBT lifestyle is inherently chaotic (i.e. high suicide rates, rampant depression, multiple diseases), and chaotic people are drawn to and thrive in chaos. What better form of chaos can there be than the maelstrom that’s created when men and women start going at each others’ throats? It’s like what happened on medieval battlefields. After the battle was over, and bodies were strewn across the field, opportunists, ne’er do wells and scavengers in general would swoop in and steal whatever they could. The battle was the culture wars of the late 60s to present. The bodies on the field are the millions of broken families that might still be together if right-thinking men and women were running our government or at the very least our media (and were promoting preservation of the family–which is something you NEVER see these days), and the scavengers are today’s ultra-liberal, left-wing nutjobs, who are free to ply their respective trades while we’re distracted with visitation schedules, child support, unreturned text messages and Sh*t tests. It’s one hell of a rabbit-hole, indeed.

        5. I suspect that part of it is that there are a lot of gay writers/producers in Hollywood and advertising. Women are massive consumers and much of advertising is designed for them. The main purpose of standard TV programming is to get “you” to watch advertising. So the main audience for TV/Advertising is women. As such, TV Shows reflect their fantasies, (bumbling men, women in charge, etc.). To be fair, most of this crap I don’t even watch so it doesn’t bother me that much.

        6. I agree that there’s a strong moneymaking component to this. That can’t be ignored. But that’s a relatively short-term goal. Everyone (except maybe a petty thief or a drug dealer) has a long-range end game. We right-thinking men have the endgame of going back to a time when a man worshipped his God, loved his woman (who loved him back) and raised his children as he saw fit and in a way that made them a credit to their community. The endgame of feminists is a world where all but 1% of men are eunuchs, and where those in that 1% (made up of poolboys and bad boy wannabes) are passed around by all the women like a maytag in prison (for as we all know, 95% of the women only want to actually bang 1% of the male population in any given city, state, or country). The endgame of the LGBT? Well, it’s twofold. First off, you use the media to constantly show male/female relationships in a state of turmoil (Nip/Tuck, anyone?) while portraying LGBT relationships as being all the rage. You never let anyone show a gay couple fighting, arguing or doing anything negative…they’re just frolicking through the dandelions hand in hand. You don’t promote seminars that coach men and women on getting along and making their relationships work; instead, you say “well, YOUR marriages don’t work, so you’d might as well let US get married, too!” This is ultimately disastrous, because while only a handful of man/woman marriages are actually “open” marriages, over half of gay marriages are like that (I read that in an old NY Times article). Here’s the second part, which I think may be a little farfetched to many, but could possibly be a real thing. With all these men and women breaking up, you’ve probably got a few “poachers” in the LGBT who feel that they can “scoop up” these disgruntled individuals and “convert” them. They’ve given us multiple examples on TV already. Look at “Nip/Tuck” again. One of the main characters’ wives went from a disgruntled housewife who was living a lap of luxury and didn’t have to work a day in her life to a single, “free” woman who started dating another woman (presumably because she was fed up with all the men in her life who had supposedly “disappointed” her). Little surprise that the show was created by an openly gay individual. I’m just saying, money’s a big motivator, but “programming” is an even bigger one. That’s why I turned in my cable box months ago.

        7. Yeah, it started with just pandering to a consumer base (i.e. women). But now these jokers have marked the whole world for assimilation (yes, that was a Borg reference, and yes, resistance sometimes seems futile, but it’s only futile if we give in and say it’s futile). That Michael Sam debacle last week wasn’t aired on Lifetime, the OWN network, or HGTV. It was aired on channels that WE primarily watch. I feel like pulling a Michael Biehn and yelling over a speakerphone “Listen, and understand! The Ultra-Liberal Agenda is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are converted.” Damn, sometimes I feel like Riddick going up against the freakin’ Necromonger Empire up in here. Problem is, at least the people on “Chronicles” saw those Necromonger ships looming overhead and had sense enough to try to fight or at least run. The majority of people you talk to don’t even have a CLUE of what’ really going on.

        8. The fact of life for many decades now is – as consistently verified by marketing and advertising research – that in the US women decide about how about 80% of all American household $$$ are spend. This is one of the reasons why advertising is so disproportionately focused on women.
          Not only female “nest feathering” and “providing for” kids and family in general PLUS “treating self” (overpriced Starbuck coffee, massages, shopping for this and that) but these hards stats are the reason why advertisers aim where they aim.

      3. quite agree… any Red Pill man should shun single mothers….
        if Red Pill doesn’t have some morals and ethics, then it’s just a bunch of layabouts trying to stick their dicks into things….
        if that is your take on life….. go try a park bench or an apple pie….. the effects are about the same.

    4. Don’t mean to sound harsh but all these distinctions mean nothing to me. Single mom is single mom. Of course there is a varying in degree of ‘badness’ but they all are bad investments.
      1. mothers that had their kid out of wedlock are scandalous people, whores of the highest order. No concern for the kid whatsoever.
      2. Divorcees lack insight/have bad jugdment.
      3. Widows are the least bad investment of the bunch but still a bad one. Widows have a tendency to glorify/idealise their deceased husband. They will continually compare you to him.
      If you have a desire to start a family start one from the ground up. Don’t insert yourself in a exsisting ‘situation’. You’ll always be the third wheel.

      1. I don’t disagree, I’m not suggesting date one, God no. Just noting that of the three, honest widows are the ones with no actual full force blame for their lot in life.
        I do find the language bending with “single mom” to be breathtaking. It’s to be expected though, since feminism is trying hard to eliminate marriage, and things like “out of wedlock birth” and “divorcee” point a blaming, glaring finger back at women. So, group all women without husbands up regardless of cause and call them “Single Moms”.

      2. Agreed. I’d have no problem tu support widows with my tax money, but I won’t get involved with one with kids. I’m not raising another man’s spawn, period. Well, actually I’m not raising any kid because they’re expensive and annoying.

      3. I agree re. widows and how they glorify the late husband. You can’t compete with a ghost so don’t even try.

      4. How dare you say that???? you think that if I’m a divorcee I lack insight/have bad judgment what the hell do you know about it??? did it ever occur to you that a divorcee was actually doing the best thing possible to have a better life for herself or her children?? If a woman was ignored, or abused or treated badly she should stay with that person? otherwise she is dumb and lacks judgement. I think it takes tremendous strength to leave for her own safety or happiness… shame on you

    5. My ex claimed that her previous husband beat her and her kids.
      What I discovered was that never happened. She did manage to turn her sons against their dad. The one thing I managed to fix was the relationship between the sons and their dad before I left that marriage.

      1. sorry to tell you that this is a rare thing. the average women would never do that to you … Maybe your picker if off.

        1. Not really. My mom did it. My friend’s mothers who divorced did it.
          Ever hear the statement, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…”
          Divorced / single mothers represent the largest group to commit child abuse.

    6. I wouldn’t include divorcees in the “Single Mom” category. My mother is a divorcee and I don’t think she should be in the same category as a woman who had their kids out of wedlock. Like the guy below me said, at least divorcees made the attempt to do the right thing. Sometimes the guy wants out of the marriage or the guy is abusive or is crazy. Believe it or not, some times Guys can be at fault. That shouldn’t be a black mark against the woman.

      1. A divorcee was either:
        1. Stupid enough to marry a loser, so she has a history of bad choices.
        2. Married a beta after riding the carousel, only to realize after a couple of children that she needed alpha cock.
        3. Married a good man, and destroyed him; through a combination of nagging, sex denial, and refusing to dress sexy or clean the house, she sapped away all of his vitality and he turned into a beta loser.
        The only possible exception I can think of would be if her husband suffered neurological damage that changed him into a different person – in which case, maybe. I suppose if her husband came out of the closet on her, that might be forgivable as well..

        1. Agree 100%.
          But even if he did suffer some sort of neurological damage… that still isn’t your problem and you shouldn’t marry a divorcee.

        2. And it is almost always number 3, she took a good man to the cleaners in the scam they call divorce court.

        3. More or less. While there are always exceptions to any rule, due to the way things are in most cases you are better off assuming the worst until proven wrong.

    7. Not sure about widows. All that black will get depressing after a while…
      lol j/k but I once dated a woman who dressed in nothing but black when she went to work. I couldn’t understand it.

  5. All of this is so true. A few months ago, I hooked up with a hot, single mom. And I banged her 5 or 6 times on that first date back at my place. Had her leave by 1am. Had her come back several times after that. She’s still texting me…have not met her kid. Will never meet her kid. Always wear protection. And completely maximize the sexual experience as this article states because it all there for the taking. And pounding.

  6. Dating a single mom is like playing with fire. Don’t do it unless you know what the hell you’re doing.
    And most men do not know what they are doing when it comes to regular women, much less single moms.

    1. The worse part is when they ply Facebook, talking about how much they love their children. Then, after they log off, they spill lies into little Billy’s ear about what a prick Dad was.
      Somewhere along the way though, even they cannot buy their own lies. It’s one of the reasons she can’t stop jamming Haagen-Daz into her grill.

    2. Amen to that.
      The best way I can put it when dealing with women: If you’re going to swim with the sharks, then you’d better be a shark. It’s a bad idea to do so if you’re a seal.

  7. “On this assumption she then goes on the hunt for alpha cock to take care of herself, thus, satisfying her hypergamy.”
    Like all women they are just trying to use you. Then they will try to pull some of the lowest down shit after she thinks that she doesn’t have to perform to keep you around, which is why you should never feel sorry for a single mom. They’re always trying to play the pity card.

  8. The dregs of the prole women (single moms) exist so the government can punish and tax the prole low IQ men (who are veritable slaves anyway). This occupies a significant portion of male competitive resources, thus enabling a high IQ, high income red pill man a lifestyle that a prole would not fathom exists.

    1. It’s actually the high IQ professional types who pay more taxes. The low IQ, low income proles and the rich don’t pay really much.

      1. But us high IQ professional types still have wayyy more than enough money left over – even after paying taxes – to still enjoy life immensely more.
        Think of it as the cost of doing business.

  9. I gotta agree banging single moms is playing with fire, not to mention they’re damaged goods. However, they do make great lays, but lately I’ve found myself avoiding single moms.

  10. I thought I’d hate this article, but you won me with the phrase “turn her into a bowling ball.” Great imagery. You are the Charles Dickenson of tri-fucking.

  11. The dregs of the prole women (single moms) exist so the government can punish and tax the prole low IQ men (who are veritable slaves anyway). This occupies a significant portion of male competitive resources, thus enabling a high IQ, high income red pill man a lifestyle that a prole would not fathom exists.

  12. By the author’s own admission, single mothers are desperate to trap you and lock you down. This means they will even sabotage birth control – poking holes in your condom, lying about being on the pill, or – I have even had a chick yank the condom off of me right before I came. There is also the well documented tactic of fishing the used condom out of the bathroom trashcan and shoving it up her cooch.
    Just way too dangerous to risk it at all. Plus you don’t want to reward these skanky hoes. They deserve to be alone.

    1. Reward? If you follow the authors advice, you’re not rewarding them at all. You’re giving them what they deserve, good n hard

      1. You’re still giving them both hope and validation. Complete “won’t look at you, won’t touch you, won’t talk to you, won’t acknowledge your existence” is on another level of non reward altogether.

    2. A woman has a few more holes aside form her vagina. Using them is the best birth control method short of vasectomy.

  13. I don’t disagree with most of your points, but any situation requiring me to do all that bobbing and weaving isn’t worth the stress and the very real risk.
    One other thing: dating women lawyers, or any woman involved in the justice system, is VERY dangerous.

    1. This is why good, decent men invented fake I.D.! When you get up to hit the can after taking her three ways to Sunday and she gets into your wallet and at your license she’ll be hot on the trail of one Irwin M. Fletcher who lives, oddly enough, at the same address as Wrigley Field.
      Assuming she’s young…and she better be young or why are you banging her…she will have no idea what any of it means until it’s too late and her older lawyer associates are laughing at the prank you pulled on her, Mr. Fletcher.
      Also, just to be safe, when she asks what you do for a living, answer “shepherd”.

    2. Bobbing and weaving? His article was a list of things you DON’T have to do. It was about how much easier it can be with SMs.

      1. A man can’t relax for a minute around an SM. He has to be on his guard all the time, because she’s hunting him.
        And there’s a nagging feeling it’s a total waste of time and energy.

  14. you’ll be sorry as even if you treat her as a fuck buddy she’ll want more and drama will ensue which most of the times goes to extremes because she is desperate. extremes being false charges, cops coming into play. avoid them at all costs. In addition how do you like your face re-arranged? A lot of single mommies like to make their ex jealous and “arrange” you and the father in the same space with his kids. don’t play white knight and understand this is this guy’s kids and back off no matter how hot she is. Also like paying child support for a kid that isn’t yours? buy little timmy 1 lollipop or take timmy 1 time to a baseball game with him and mommy and the state now considers you a father figure. she dumps you and files for 16 years of child support FROM YOU. state is in full support now of those laws.

    1. which states allow women to pin babies on a man who is not their biological father like that?

      1. So far I’ve heard of cases in the Northwest, California, Northeast, and all of Canada. Mostly liberal areas. In more conservative areas it’s happening but it depends on the judge. good luck though…it’s Russian roulette on what judge you’re gonna get

      2. It’s up to the judge. That’s what government is about; making arbitrary decisions affecting the lives of others.
        Just like they can arbitrarily take your children away from you because being Mormon is no PC in Texas.
        Or shoot your wife because you prefer living in the woods of Idaho and denouncing them, instead of wantonly cheerleading for them.
        Or gassing you because you are Jewish for that matter.
        There’s no limit to what they can do. The drones have been told democracy is great, after all. And, since they also think it’s just OK that the government should know how much you own and make, it’s easy to see that you have enough to provide for some cute little bastard, all dolled up for the courts. Hence, you are mean for not volunteering; while they are nice for helping the kid by forcing you to pay up.
        That’s life in Dystopia.

  15. Single mothers are sneaky, they try to get you emotionally invested first and DO NOT tell you about their motherhood until they’ve known you for a while and see you are ready to be conned, they know they will scare you off if they tell you right away, It really is disgusting, but that strategy works for them pretty flawlessly i bet with the 85% beta male rate out there, a classic normal woman is plenty evil so folks, you’ll get your dose from them , no need to go 100 steps down for all the disgusting evil you can possibly handle. Excuse me while i vomit. Now, always run like hell from these women and don’t look back

    1. LMFAO! THIS!
      “a classic normal woman is plenty evil so folks, you’ll get your dose from them , no need to go 100 steps down for all the disgusting evil you can possibly handle. Excuse me while i vomit. Now, always run like hell from these women and don’t look back”

  16. OK guys, pro tip here. I say pro not for some position of superiority or advanced knowledge, only really bad experience as a result of dumb moves.
    Here’s your tip:
    I did.
    And you know what I was told when she got all her kids under one roof (one child was living with a relative)?
    She told me she can’t be a wife and mother at the same time. So my job was to shut up and pay the bills.
    And she quit her job too.
    Then she would not sleep in the same room with me. Said I slept too “stressfully”. Whatever that means. (Gee, wonder why)
    I have my own bedroom and my own bathroom – all spartan, bare. The rest of the house immaculate.
    I was using credit cards to get gas to get to work and scrounging under the seats of my truck for change to buy a bag of chips for dinner. She and the kids had mounds of junk food.
    And I put up with that, because I “made a commitment”. I was also convinced that everything was my fault too.
    But you know what? No matter how beta you are, there’s still a part of the mind, that reptilian part, that wants to survive, and it led me to realize thoughts I did not want to have – my mind rebelled out of survival (slow starvation physically and emotionally will do that).
    Eventually I left that cunt.
    Do not marry them. It’s a trap. The best thing you can do for a single mom is to give her a tube of sealant to close up that snatch until her kids grow up.

      1. I should start a website and call it “tales from the beta side” or something like that.
        Should I be an aspergian alphatard instead and pretend I never made a mistake and I’ve been “on top of my game” my whole life? Would that be more constructive?
        If the cost of being a warning to others is having to deal with the occasional type like yourself, then so be it. If you have something to hide, your story is worse than mine.

        1. Preach it, dog.
          I’d rather hear real-life stories like yours no matter how embarassing they may be for the teller. The price of real experience is incredible. So much to learn.

        2. I have other chapters that are also cringeworthy. 4 years before I got married a dated and lived for a couple of months with a woman who had a kid. She claimed that her husband tried to kill her and that’s why she fled from her home state. On further investigation, I discovered from her actions, her conflicting stories and FROM HER OWN FATHER (twice I was helped by the fathers – this is why the feminists and their media work hard to keep men from talking to each other) the following:
          1. Her husband did not try to kill her. At best she trashed an apartment.
          2. She didn’t flee her home state, she split because she got caught cheating and didn’t want to lose custody and needed a window of opportunity which was created by having her husband hauled off to jail.
          3. She was pregnant with the guy she cheated with but since he didn’t want anything to do with her, she aborted the baby.
          4. Once she managed that, they tried (albiet too soon) to get knocked up by me so she could rope me in.
          5. At 15 she ran away from home and went to be a stripper but told all her friends that her dad raped her and for a time he was being hunted down by a pack of white knights wanting to kill him.
          And this was 4 years before I got married to the other bitch. But I didn’t marry this one.
          Like I said, I made almost ALL of the mistakes. The only thing I didn’t do it make a kid. My balls must have a safety shutoff value when the signal from the brain is lost.

        3. Sadly, I have you beat. You name it, it’s been done to me.
          There is no better teacher than experience.

        4. If you have more stories like this, you should seriously consider writing a book or at least recording them in blog. It would be like scared straight for men.

        5. fuck that, man. You figured it out your mistakes and are focusing on doing the right thing. Nothing more Alpha than that.

        6. Good point about the families there. NEVER get seriously involved with a chick before you get the dirt on her from her family.

        7. 😀 Yeah I started realizing that today as I was writing. I could call it “The Facepalm Chronicles”. Maybe if I get into a good drunken rant infinite monkey mode I’ll make my memoirs available to the public. I have around 5 nephews who are also coming to that age where they are going to need “enlightenment”. My sisters are not bad women, our mother went to an all girls catholic school and married at 19, and my sisters are middle aged but one is a fitness queen and the other is the one who trained the fitness queen so they both get told by their doctors that they are too lean. You see I think one of my problems is that I actually grew up around fairly nice women and by a good respectable mother, but that left me with unrealistic expectations when going out into the real world.

        8. Your stories scare the shit out of me, brother. Just wanted to let you know it’s a great gift to all men here that you’re sharing them, even though it must be painful for you. I sincerely wish you the best. Karma must repay you in the end (that, and the first hand red pill wisdom you must have).

        9. Good thoughts Imbroglio. It takes a big man to admit mistakes and move forward to correct them. It is the sniveling little pricks who are too cowardly and who are afraid of the judgment of others and thus never admit errors who are the weak ones.
          Using your life experiences as a teaching tool is a fine thing to do. Some won’t grasp this though, such as gigidy. Turns out, some kids have to touch the stove directly to learn why you shouldn’t touch hot stoves.

      2. Posts like this are less than worthless. I’m glad to be educated by Imbroglio’s life stories.

    1. If you don’t mind me asking mate what were the arrangements of the divorce are you paying the cunt or is it a ‘no fault’ divorce?

      1. No Fault just means that she doesn’t have to have an actual reason to divorce you, meaning she can walk in and whine that she’s “unhaaaaaaaaapppy” and she’s granted a divorce. The settlement is an entirely different matter unrelated to “No Fault”.
        Used to be, you’d have to have done something wrong to Little Miss Daintycheeks for her to file for divorce. Now, not so much.

        1. Ah all clear cheers mate while you’re here is your friend suing the texting driver that knocked him off his bike or what?

        2. According to him he’s lawyered up and doing something, but I’m not entirely certain what. It was the first time I’d heard from him since at least last summer, and the conversation was brief because rain was coming in fast and we all had to scoot out to our homes lest we get drenched. Will know more tomorrow.

        3. If he doesn’t have a good firm yet, he could try Law Tigers. They won a suit for the local ALR president after someone pulled a left turn out in front of him and then tried to lie about what happened.

        4. Will be talking to him tonight, assuming he shows up, will pass the word to him on that. Thanks.

      2. Actually leaving her was my idea but as that was basically little more than an extension of my present status (being a ghost in my own home) but I opted for a separation. Her cunt sisters paid for actual divorce papers and nobody asked me, but in the long run, and by the time they did it, it was a good idea (they thought they were sticking it to some evil man, they did him a favor).
        Because we didn’t have kids together (you need sex for that) there really was nothing to pursue but I cut off her cunt sisters at the pass and took the credit card debt with me so they would not have anything to bitch about. I also kept the ex on my health insurance role for an additional year until the paperwork was final. I would spend the next 18 months paying off around 10 grand in credit card debt. Considering that I stayed out of the courts and didn’t get reamed by additional cunts and mancunts and was able to walk away from the whole thing, I got off easy. I would say that start to end, with me ending in no longer contacting her or answering her messages AS SHE WANTED TO SEE ME STILL and move in with me and “try again” (the reptile refused and I actually got physically sick when she asked that) and her final message begging me to get back to her was a span of 5 years of hell. But to this day my health is still clawing it’s way back to where it was before I got married.

        1. Gotta ask, what the hell did you ever see in the cunt to want to marry her in the 1st place?
          Even if she was putting out like a porn star early on, there must have been warning signs, things that seem obvious in 20/20 hindsight.

        2. Glad to hear you go off the hook with not too much damage. I’m still amazed how shameless and parasitic women can be…and I’ve been reading red pill material for a while.

        3. Heh. Look at it this way. There was a problem with one of her kids hacking into his grandpa’s computer and viewing porn (if you think I was beta, her oldest son wears the crown – There are things he is doing that made me cringe) and I was basically trying to find a way to deal with it, but at the time communicating with “wifey” from a distance and wondering why I was having to go through “extended” measures to put a stop to this problem that she was for the most part enabling, and her dad says “be careful you are dealing with a master manipulator and I’m not talking about her son”.
          I actually have some very good alpha radar and can see through most of the BS but how could this one get under the radar? Very simple: I fell for that ideal that “there’s always that one that’s special and not like the rest”. Ho ho did I fall for that one. While I was able to be very critical of my observations, I was still falling for that “holding out hope” crap that someone special would come along. When I see people parrot that tripe I want to sneak up on them and hammer punch them in the brain stem. If that one element had NOT been affixed in my head I could have steered away. If there had been ROK back then, I would have had the cognitive tools.
          Remember kids, there is NOBODY special. That one right woman who won’t fuck you over is probably herding some goats over in Pakistan and looking 30 years older than she actually is by now. Forget it.

        4. Christ dude so whats your situation now are they (the cunt and her sisters) still hounding you or are you in the clear? Your story is just one of countless numbers of people falling for the single mum, its best to break conversation as soon as you find out the cunt has a kid therefore avoiding the potential hazards that can take place. Good luck to you mate.

        5. I have not heard from the x or any of her family and not even her friends (the 2 or 3 she had) since late 2009.

        6. I have sat across a table or had some “romantic walk” on many a date with the woman telling me “tales of woe” that involved wrecked cars, run-up credit cards, people getting killed in accidents, substance abuse, entire sports teams sucked or fucked, wrecked lives and families – and they orchestrated most if not all of it.
          Like a complete idiot, I would just have to ask “well, why did you do it?”
          You know what the answer was? It was the same answer and they all had the same look on their face when they gave it.
          The answer always started with (because at a certain point I stopped listening after hearing it) : “Well I was diagnosed bi-polar”.
          When a woman is diagnosed bi-polar it’s basically her license to wreck her own life and everybody around her and not take one iota of responsibility. I have heard some sordid tales and I wonder what the hell the shrinks are putting into the heads of these women. But considering where the shrinks get their education and the need to weaponize people for certain ends, I would not be surprised if it was intended to take every troubled woman and turn her into a pure force of destruction and despair.

        7. I’m no longer shocked or amazed by anything modern western women do. If they could legally cut your dick off and have it legally force fed to you, they would. Then they would make you pay for the whole thing.

        8. HAHA! I actually have a counter story for you. I dated a chick who was truly bi-polar. She had to take Lithium for it. That’s heavy shit. As it turns out, she really was one of the more fun and level-headed chicks I’ve ever dated. At least when she was on the Lithium. She’s married now to some poor hipster bastard who doesn’t know about her past.
          In the manosphere we make a lot of generalizations. Frankly, most of them are true. But we must also remember to take every woman on a case by case basis.
          Famous last words…perhaps.

        9. Parasites cannot exist without a beta host. Which is why i don’t understand why some betas want to do all this work for women to be stung in the end even harder. Women reward your efforts to please them with grief
          Women are like a mouse trap, you can get a small piece of the cheese but it’s gonna hurt really bad, i suggest finding a hobby with better returns on your time of pleasure vs effort

        10. Women are our individual idea of them. That’s enlightenment. Make them whatever you want to be in your eyes just like a movie, but know it’s all just theater and don’t take them seriously, i tend to think of them as an exotic pet, or some brainless organic robotoid. It’s the right attitude to have.

        11. The biggest problems these betas have is a complete lack of power…..they’re so desperate for companionship that they’re willing to sell their balls down the river to do it.
          They also aren’t aggressive enough or confident enough to do what needs to be done to prevent that behavior. You’ve got to be able to control a woman’s mind, and these guys lack the confidence, the willpower, and the sex skills to do that.

        12. My dating life got a lot better once I gave up on the idea that someone would just come along. The better philosophy is to focus on building up your own personal power so that you can attract what you want into your life.
          I narrowly avoided that trap myself….and it was because I tolerated disrespect. The biggest thing was that I had no clue how to influence the female mind.
          Make no mistake: the basis of all game lies in understanding the female mind. You need to know what turns them on so you can sell that to them, and you need to understand what influences their thought process so that you can effectively control their mind to your benefit.
          Be the player, not the played…..even if you’re in a square relationship. The dirty little secret of my good marriage(that no blue pill dating guru will ever admit) is that I continue to use mindfucking and mind control techniques on her. She knows more or less what I’m doing(but not how), and is more than happy to be led that way.

        13. just like a wiseman once said….”first you can’t get hold of them…. and then you can’t get rid of them…”

        14. That’s deep knowledge right there. I’m taking notes. Despite what some guys think, the game doesn’t end when you stop dating and get married. It just goes into overtime. “Married game” is a reality, and more of us need to learn it and master it.

        15. Most blue-pillers get stuck at the first part of your analysis. “Just what exactly turns women on?” they ask. I just do a facepalm when they tell me what some woman told them she likes in a man. It’s more like what she WISHED she liked in a man, but doesn’t.

        16. Man, I know so many guys who married or moved in with single moms in which her first act was to quit her job.

        17. “I actually have some very good alpha radar and can see through most of the BS but how could this one get under the radar? Very simple: I fell for that ideal that “there’s always that one that’s special and not like the rest”. Ho ho did I fall for that one. While I was able to be very critical of my observations, I was still falling for that “holding out hope” crap that someone special would come along. When I see people parrot that tripe I want to sneak up on them and hammer punch them in the brain stem. If that one element had NOT been affixed in my head I could have steered away. If there had been ROK back then, I would have had the cognitive tools.
          Remember kids, there is NOBODY special. That one right woman who won’t fuck you over is probably herding some goats over in Pakistan and looking 30 years older than she actually is by now. Forget it.”
          LMFAO!!! This^

        18. “Women are our individual idea of them. That’s enlightenment. Make them whatever you want to be in your eyes just like a movie, but know it’s all just theater and don’t take them seriously, i tend to think of them as an exotic pet, or some brainless organic robotoid. It’s the right attitude to have.”
          This ^

        19. I read somewhere once that around or more than 85% of the people in the psychology field are women.
          So….woman acts like a psycho: bi-polar. They give her some pills. The pills do nothing but make her crazier because she’s just a bitch. Oops…we misdiagnosed you: Borderline Personality Disorder..
          What can they do for that? Well, women grow out of it (grow out of being cunts…). You have to be understanding…blah, blah, blah…
          Psychologists, for the most part, are just female priests who excuse all manner of wrongs for women and give them drugs when they want them in a safe, government funded, way. Keeps them from having to go suck a cock for their fix.

        20. “Women are like a mouse trap, you can get a small piece of the cheese but it’s gonna hurt really bad, i suggest finding a hobby with better returns on your time of pleasure vs effort”
          So sad. But so true.

    2. Good lord. Have you got to pay vaginamoney (aka alimony) or child support to that bitch. Thanks for sharing man, histories like this need to be spread around so men know the truth about getting involved with one of these parasites.

      1. My stones appear to have an emergency shutoff valve that triggers when I get stupid. Or too much radiation during military service might have damaged the seminefrious tubules or something – or sheer luck – who knows. No kids (that I know of)

    3. Right on.
      The problem with single moms, is that they’re most likely looking to rope you in and play you. It’s a minority of guys who have enough game to deal with that…..I’ve yet to see anyone on this forum(except maybe Jefferson) who can deal with it, and since I’ve never put myself in that position I don’t know if I’d be completely immune to it.

      1. Given the legal mess that comes from saying more than “hello” to single moms I don’t think I’d even bother to take the risk quite honestly. Not that it matters to me that much given that I’m married, but if I were not, meh, I’d stick with the fresh young 20-30 something non-mothers.

    4. Do not marry any woman, kids or no kids.
      I’m recently divorced and got off relatively easily too.
      It just isn’t worth it anymore. Sure, the hot sex can last for
      a while, many years even (my wifie was Russian), but in the
      end they all turn into bitches.
      It’s southeast Asia for me for the rest of my life! Variety is
      the spice of life!

    5. Join the club, my man! Yes, I was guilty of marrying a woman with a child, albeit she was hot as fuck and had a sexy Russian accent so I didn’t mind.
      I gladly played father figure while we were together. But when she eventually became an intolerable bitch and I was forced to resign myself from the marriage, I resigned myself from stepfatherhood as well. While I’m financially responsible for a child who is not mine (the government-mandated child support isn’t a whole lot so I don’t let it bother me), I am as divorced from the child as I am my ex. I made a commitment to a woman and her child when we married; once divorce came along my moral and emotional commitment to both ended and I haven’t got a single fucking regret. She thought she had married some white knight mangina who would carry on as the father for her child even after her supreme bitchiness had forced the end of the marriage. The last thing she’d figured was that I’d go nuclear, which meant emotionally severing her child as well as her from my life. Heh heh.

    6. that’s too bad you had that experience but I can assure you that is rare. Most women don’t do that. Most mother’s don’t do that. I have a lot of girl friends and not one of them me included would ever do that in a million years. there are some bad apples I’m sure but it’s not the norm…. Mothers are generally very kind and generous. good luck. and sorry for what you went through.

      1. lol……they all do that!!!
        You’re either a troll or a woman who is trying to mind fuck the guys on here.
        Women can be generous and kind – to their kids and the men they love.

  17. If you want to play this game, you must, absolutely must, be shooting blanks. I am in my early forties so my easy targets are the 30+ crowd and single moms. You cannot trust them; I am just not sure which is less trustworthy. The added benefit to being snipped is the extra pleasure that comes from the peace of mind of no risk even if using a bag that breaks. Just do yourself a favor and get a quality job. A lot of docs are not qualified or do the in office quickie which can give you problems. This is the best investment I ever made and opened up, yes, many opportunities for fun.

      1. If she is a young single mother, 20’s, no. Bag it for other reasons from the start as that is what she expects. Really soon she wants to raw dog. Probably the same hormones that are the reason for being a single mom shut off her brain. Universally, they are disappointed once they find out, but the sex is great for year or less. They really want to tie down someone. I have wealth so it is looking for a beta provider and that is how I play it here. You play it as an alpha who might settle down. If she only has one kid it is an issue. 2+ she will keep you and hope that you want a ready made family.
        If she is older single mother, I tell usually after a few, one or two at the outset. They know that life is already limited for them because of what they are; it is going to be shit if they are pregnant after 30. It is a positive. This is also beta provider game, alpha with emotional closeness.
        Here is something that I learned. With young, prime females it is a plus since they want to ride the carousel before getting a beta wallet. Alpha game with money and mystery is how I play this. They also really like sex without protection and if it does anything it increases the length and satisfaction of the LTR for both of you. This is probably due to having sex during her peak fertility without reservation and maybe some chemical reaction to your fluids. They really get into it.
        One last thing if you are snipped that really exposes the way that their screwed up minds work. I have had two single moms want me to have their daughters once they got to legal age. One even went as far as to ask me to do certain things to her. I guess since I was safe in two ways. My disbelief made me wonder if some sort of messed up threesome would be the next request. Now I know why it is such an issue with stepfathers and their stepdaughters; the mothers play a role in promoting it but will never take any responsibility for doing so.
        Hope that this helps someone.
        Really, I mean it. Don’t get a cheapo snipping. Research, they did an ultrasound on me to see anatomy, real operating room, small incision, no puncture with a scissor BS, open vas on the testicle side, gonna cost you, but worth it.
        Brave New F***ked up world.

  18. Euww why would you want to bang a used up cum dumpster like that? If that is what passes as a hot alpha this day I’ll pass. You guys are a bunch of manginas.

    1. The author fails to mention the extra large vagina size these women have after child birth, so i guess you would need the bowling ball grip

      1. That’s a myth. Things reform back to their original state. Lots of guys have banged mothers who had tight or normal vagina sizes. Let’s not get carried away with flights of fancy, heh.

        1. I put it to you sir, that it is fact. It can bounce back, but only so much. Like driving a totaled car after its been “repaired”. more often than not, the shit just ain’t the same. I’ve banged mommy’s a-plenty, and I can tell you Given my druthers, I’ll take the fresher coochie every time.

        2. Vouch for that. Bitches that have had a kid or kids are as loose as fuck.
          Almost need to strap a board to your ass to keep from falling in the hole.

        3. The tightest poon I ever tapped was a single mom with two kids. It was gutenteit, as the Germans say. Good enough that I might have done something dumb if it weren’t for the rugrats. Worked out well, because she turned out to be a leeetle bit kooky.

  19. Man oh man – I’m just hoping the baby in the 1st photo is adopted for that poor guys sake!

  20. All doable advisements, but honestly, the number 1. rule of dating a single mother is: DON’T FUCKIN’ DATE SINGLE MOTHERS.
    The bitch could easily own you, period. After only a mere few months of banging her she could go to a judge and have him declare YOU the legal father of her child. It happens, and could easily happen to you.
    I don’t give a flyin’ fuck how hot some single mother looks or how well she takes your tube-steak down her throat; it’s a trap.
    Avoid single mothers like you would avoid someone with leprosy. If you don’t, you’ll be sorry.

    1. if you are just fuck buddies she cant do that, you dont even live with each other lol

      1. Actually there is case law now where precisely that has happened. Keep up with the news.

        1. So you just hook up 5 times with some whore with kids and you have to pay? How can she even prove you two fucked?
          Thats nonsense. Link it please.

        2. I deleted the reply because I re-read your post and you indicated fuck buddies. That’s correct, your assertion.
          If you do move in with her, you’re on the hook in some places.
          Money quote:
          A surprising number of men end up paying child support for a child that is not their own. The basic rationale for this result is that the laws that revolve around child support are
          more focused on ensuring that the child grows up with the support of an identified father or that the state is relieved of providing financial support for a child.

          Move in and attend some little league with him and bam, you’re “dad” and on the hook.

        3. You will be the “father figure”, but the mother can kick you out and cut you off and you are still on the hook. The state doesn’t want to pay for the little bastard as the state is broke. I have a feeling that this shit will get worse. Never move in with a woman who is not your mother or sister. You are just a resource to the woman and nothing more. Just another way that the government is extracting resources from men and transferring them to women.

    2. There are cases and the precedent is set where men are required to pay support for children that are PROVEN not to be his and the reasoning of the court was “someone has to pay”.
      If that’s not a cue to keep the pants on and go wank or get a hired escort under an assumed name, then I don’t know what is.

      1. Seriously, please cite or link me to these cases. I’m starting to get a little worried here…

      2. What is really screwed is when a man can walk away from all his obligations. If the mother puts the kid up for adoption the man is freed from all his responsibilities. Women of course can choose whether or not they want to pay for/look after a child.

    3. After a few months of dating she can sue you for child support???? I’m gonna actually need a few concrete examples of that. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but that sounds like a made up urban myth.
      I’ve been dating a single mom for over a year. Is this really true? I need to know. I’m not being sarcastic. Can a chick really take you to court and win child support for a kid that’s not yours after such a short time? What states can this be done in?

      1. Check out your state’s laws about “Common Law ” marriages. Some states will treat you as married if you stay with a chick for years even without any actual marriage. So say you live with a gal for 3 yrs she can say “well we were as good as married”….

  21. Disregard this article, there is only one essential rule for ‘banging a single mom’.
    You don’t

  22. A “single mom” that brings short term boyfriends and fuck buddies around her children is the lowest form of all women. Modern american debauchery pats her on the back for this but I don’t.
    I’m one of those traditional type fathers that will make a man regret the day he ever directed a cross word at one of my kids.
    On a more alpha level I would have to say visiting any bang buddy with her kids around is a 100% beta move anyway. If single moms make up a large part of your bangs then you are a beta scavenger.

    1. The real deal sleazeballs, are the guys that trade drugs for bangs from single moms. I used to know of an older guy who had a stable of single moms in rotation that he would bring coke, and even crack, to. And “party” while “her kids were asleep.” Another guy would take their foodstamps for pennies on the dollar in addition to bangs, in return for drugs. It’s all par for the course in this progressive wonderland of the US Of absolutely nothing worth preserving whatsoever.

  23. I learned at a early age that single moms are users; one pregnant senior asked me, a sophomore, if I was going to buy her baby some pampers. I pissed her off when I asked in a clearly “hell no” tone, “isn’t that the father’s job?”
    But that was high school; college was filled with single moms, some with the father still in the picture. I knew I didn’t want to date a single mom because it’s not fair to the kid with men coming in and out of his/her life, not that I cared about the single mom. I had known better that the typical single mom got pregnant by a guy she knew better than to get pregnant by.
    This MUST be the song of the article. Ironically enough, the downfall of western civilization is all over this song; the male outright telling the single mom’s kids that he’s fucking her, the mom neglecting them, on welfare, doing crack. But hey, party!

    1. Non-middle class black men are VERY red pill, we have to give them that.

      1. we don’t love these hoes!
        it’s a shame. when I was a pre-teenager I’d be shocked-SHOCKED I say-if somebody referred to a woman as a bitch or a ho, or referred to a vagina as a pussy. But after the things I went through with women in all my teenage years, I drop those words like candy nowadays.

        1. HAHA! I agree. When I was really young my older brother got really pissed at me when I called my shitball girlfriend at the time ‘My bitch.” He got all fuckin’ white knight on me and told me off about it.
          My bro is a great guy to be sure, but he’s married to his miserable harpie wife who he was high school sweethearts with. He was really popular in high school; captain of the soccer team, track star, the whole nine yards. All the girls wanted him. She was easily the hottest chick in a school of over 2000 kids. She’s still really hot (fortunately for him) but she’s a major pain in the ass.
          I don’t take any pride or pleasure in the fact that my bro has to deal with this shit. Its really quite painful, actually…to see your loved ones get butt-reamed by a woman. But it’s just interesting how our paths in life regarding women have totally diverged. He’s super trapped in a horrible blue pill situation, while I’m somewhat more redpill, just because my experiences with women have been so rotten over the years.

        2. I suppose he confides in you about all this? He at least oughta know he can’t allow her to treat him like dirt.

        3. “. when I was a pre-teenager I’d be shocked-SHOCKED I say-if somebody referred to a woman as a bitch or a ho”
          That was no doubt back in the days when society was SHOCKED at unmarried mothers.
          ‘Bitch’ and ‘ho’ were strong insults because bitches and ho’s were the exception, but in time like today those words aren’t insults because bitches and ho’s are the norm.
          Personally I don’t feel the need to call these woman bitches and ho’s in conversation because they are so inferior to me they don’t deserve for me to notice them, and that can be more impacting then any amount of words when they realize this
          is never going to happen.

        4. No, we don’t talk about it. I don’t feel like it is my place to do so. He’s in pretty deep. He loves his kids, which keeps him going.
          My bother used to be quite a stud; good looking, very athletic, honor student, everything. Now he’s just another shlub who’s married with children and upside down on his mortgage. Its very tough to watch a good man get destroyed slowly before your eyes.
          My oldest brother’s situation is even worse. He used to be the life of the party. Loved by everyone, always a smile on his face, always the funniest jokes. Then he got married to a shitbag moocher emotionally damaged feminist. I havent seen him smile or heard him laugh in nearly a decade, which is about as long as he’s been married.
          Take caution, Lads. I’ve seen it all go bad first-hand. Ive seen much better men than me ruined by a rotten woman.
          My father always laments the fact that his son’s are in such dire straights. He thought he would lose his sons to the military, not some selfish, childish spoiled women.

        5. i know their look. i have seen it in my own.
          your brothers are already dead every day they continue. look into their eyes, let them see their wive’s reflections in your eyes, and then smack them without ever expecting forgiveness. done with skill, they will know who hit them in that moment was not you, they will see that they can strike that visage back, and they will confess and align to the one that shows it knows them better – you or their wives. which ever happens, it will be their choice and you will be absolved from their failures.
          i know of no other way. they are in substantial pain, as you already know. it won’t get better. but they can’t hide or let go, they have to control it, remember it, believe that they can use it, and invoke it at will. at their will alone, and never again at their wives puppeteering.

        6. It’s simply this, if you’ve decided to commit to a woman who’s fucked, sucked or jerked another man, even if it was one, she’s tainted whether in a small or big way, she’s not suitable for marriage. She simply goes from being a woman you could have elevated on that virginal throne of being your one and only, to being your bitch. Any woman you foolishly decide to commit to in the West who isn’t a virgin (99% of them) should hence forth be known as your “bitch.” I use(d) the same lingo with all my-exes and surprisingly they had far more respect for me than they do their current simps. I still get calls to fuck these women on the side.

  24. One of the best articles on ROK lately; succinct, practical, 100% pragmatist advice… and cruel. The shiv is strong in you. Which leads me to add a #9; DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR HER; she’s a single mom BY CHOICE. She made a free choice to get impregnated by an unsuitable man and it’s she who has to deal with the outcome of HER DECISION. You’re already doing more than enough if you pay taxes. Pump and dump at will gentlemen, for that’s what they deserve and may their fate serve as an example for the next generation of women.

    1. Except for widows, who may have started out as good women and lost their husbands through no fault of their own.

      1. While such women are unquestionably superior from a moral standpoint to unmarried sloots and Eat, Pray, Love divorcees, they are still generally a bad option for anything more than a short term fuck buddy.

        1. I many cultures where widowhood is more common, it is customary for the dead husband’s oldest brother to take her, and her kids, under their wing. Of course, in Dystopia, it’s more convenient to let your nieces and nephews be gang raped by the professional pedophiles at the CPS.

      2. Captain Obvious is…obvious. I think my post makes clear enough that I’m not including widows in this lot.

        1. Pointing out the facts, not white knighting, idiot. I’m not fond of the changing of language that the feminists are doing with “single moms”. You apparently are fine with the feminist push however, right, feminist?

    2. Fuck single mothers. They are skanky hoes. They think they are goddesses and heroines because of all the toil and trouble they go through to keep their disgusting snivelling turds alive. Go into the grocery store in a big city and see them with their little rug rats screaming and annoying everyone in a two mile radius while the bitch is totally oblivius to society.
      The gubmint gonna pay fo my babies.
      Dont know who I hate more, single moms or the slimeball “playahs” that knocked ’em up.

  25. Here’s what I’d like to get opinions on from those of you here who have been overseas & in relationships with foreign women (I have, too).
    I’m wondering what you think about say for example a sexy Colombian woman with a kid.
    Granted, obviously not my first choice but I’ll be honest and admit I’ve given thought to a few but didn’t yet. Fine looking women too; given what I know about women & men in latin countries I understand there are a lot of single mothers, being that society is not the same as in the USA for example.
    Curious about opinions.

    1. Sexy Colombian women with a kid <<<<<<<<<<< ditto without one.
      You have but one life on this planet. Why waste it raising a bastard?

    2. They start young in Colombia. The men are worthless and will not stick around to be a father. Many girls have babys at 16, 17…
      Love Colombianas with or without kids.

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking so far. Especially since child support is often not enforced, lack of feminist influence, etc.
        The women I’ve met overseas (friends of friends, or acquaintances, etc) were not the same as I see here typically. I realize, and can’t blame them, for wanting a man to take the place of the missing father. However I get the sense that’s not always what they’re really shooting for, basically in many cases just wanting a non-machisto man.

    3. I had a relationship with a single mom from the FSU for 2 yrs. The sex and “love” blinded me to where I was going. She leeched off my cash till I got into debt; and left me for a richer target.
      But I don’t regret that she left me. In hindsight, I’d say it was the best thing that happened to me when she left.
      Single moms are the same everywhere. They are not seeking for a man; they’re looking for a host, very much like a parasite. If you got the cash, take the plunge into the abyss.

    4. Depends of the female and your own financial situation.
      As long as you can approach the relationship similar to owning property and / or a home in a third world country — dont ever invest so much money in it that you couldnt just walk away from it completely unscathed…

  26. I really don’t see how this differs from the correct way to deal with any woman who isn’t a virgin ready for marriage and motherhood.

  27. Good article. Having made that stupid mistake once several years back, I will never do it again. I’m now one of those “assholes” who cuts them off at the pass if I find out they have kids. If more men did so, maybe those bitches would think twice about popping those little bastards out.

  28. I don’t think any man, barring age or geographical circumstances, should EVER have to resort to having sex with a single mom. When a woman makes the conversion to non-mother to mother their entire thinking changes rapidly. They are now no longer in it for themselves, it is now almost always the child’s needs come first. (At least mom’s that aren’t totally screwed up). This is going to play out to its natural conclusion – she is looking for a provider and will do whatever it takes to lock him down. She is not having sex with you because you were the fastest talking Alpha male in a bar. She is doing what she thinks you want her to do in order to breakdown your guard and eventually pounce. STAY AWAY.

    1. Plus, no matter how much she works out or how young she is, it’s always clear she had a kid. But she has holes that require fucking and you have a peepee so put your peepee in her peepee hole and pee in it.

    2. a technicality: invalid supposition of event sequence. stay away is nevertheless correct.
      when a woman makes the conversion from non-mother to mother, their entire way of thinking doesn’t change at all. in fact, their patterns of thought stay largely the same, untainted by reality or consequence. it’s about them. it’s always been about them. the child is merely a convenience. an excuse that every one, even you, willing buys: men buy it because the truth of the vapidity of women is otherwise damnable, and women buy it because they know it’s a lie that they too hope to exploit one day (the women see their mirrored want, naked, and must put clothes on it, though they sense acutely that it will never be worthy of the fabric of civilization).
      what changes is just how manipulative the supposed mother reveals herself to truly be since before the relationship’s inception. she continues, now postpartum, exactly as she did before, now wickedly using the child as a financial tool for her ends, an unwittingly devoted emotional toy, exploiting the very life-force and bond of parent, of motherhood, of family, of joy of life itself, to support her parasitic behavior in a take-shit-or-leave-it ultimatum. an ultimatum answered either by the equally unforgivable act of killing her – and subsequently the already damaged innocent child – or by leaving her in the mud and still the child dies. wonderful.
      so, i’ll agree that she changes, but only in her level of deceit, not in her choice to finally care for some one other than themselves. but at the very moment she might being trying to go ever deeper into deceit, she’s actually becoming all but transparent. and even still, far too many men buy it.

      at this point, all i can do is laugh, reading an article like this, and thinking hope. we here, all of us, have no idea how bad this shit is going to get. hahahha. how many men can say they long to hear an actual child’s screams of hunger go unanswered for sake of punishing vampires? long for it – and like it? ha! none!
      out of hope, men will try to salvage the idea of life so dear to us, out of savage selfishness women will eat and eat and eat until they consume even their own children’s souls, and through it all the betabackstabbers desperately cling to the lies those soulless succubii knowingly con us all with; everyone so desperate to live even though they and their children are already dead, dead before their very eyes, permitted by their very hands.
      wonderful. sure, go fuck single moms, brilliant idea, while you’re at it, revel in watching the desperate con the desperate cons still trying to con life itself. and while you’re there, whatever you do, don’t remember the point in which you ejaculated in ecstasy born of lies and hate. not if you want to keep coming, that is. no, just hold dearly to your path brave stallions! horse blinders and all! see only what your dick sees, and if its fuckable, fuck it! eyeah! just fucking wonderful.
      fuck the dead? feminism is making necrophiliacs of us all. maybe if she has really good tits…

  29. Good rules, great writing….but still man, banging a SM like playing with fly paper; the more you fuck with it, the more you’re stuck with it.
    Still, I can only thank all the gods for the half-retarded, dumbass, do-gooding, ATM-machine, white knight that married my ex in spite her having shat out 3 chilluns. Yeah I gotta keep a close eye that they don’t look at this clown like some kind of example, but thank god for morons, otherwise I’d be shelling out a helluva lot more.

  30. There is only one rule for banging a single mom, DON’T. They’re trash and you don’t want to let them into your life in any way shape or form.

  31. ROK men need to be looking for challenges: (someone here always picks the shortest straw). If the wife is a ‘widow’ and thus not in the same category as a typical divorcee then gaming a single parent is fine….(best advice for the beta) since he will be looking for long term commitment anyway.

  32. I can see why you’d have very definite advantages to dating a single mom with a pretty little girl, but why all this worry about what would happen if you “took Timmy to a ballgame”? Who would date a mother with just a boy, unless he had a cute sis?

  33. Lol, I never looked at it like that! I always went back for the great sex and cooked food! Once I could tell she was getting way to close or saying the L word, I left! Now just thinking about it, the only regret is I miss the food 🙂

  34. Never babysit for ANY amount of time
    Never be alone with (her) children. You risk a false charge of sexl abuse.

  35. Just out of curiosity, do the laws of single mothers still apply if the husband/father of the child died? Say he was killed in action or something and when she married him/got involved met the low bed count/feminine/loving caregiver/submissive qualities required for a good partner?

    1. The rules apply. Dont date or fuck widows either.
      Any woman with a modicum of decency wouldnt go spreading her fucking legs for another man after her husband died. She should show respect for her dead husband.
      That is pure decadent whore behavior.

      1. So if your spouse dies, you must become asexual? Seriously? Does that apply to men as well?

  36. My grandparents had a traditional Eastern European arranged marriage,
    and even though they’ve been married for 45 years now, they absolutely hate
    each other’s guts, but would never get a divorce because that was just
    simply not done back then. Even though they are both great people on
    their own, they really should have gotten a divorce, which would have saved my family from a lot of problems in the long run.
    Honestly, my grandmother would have been better off being a single mother than put up with the shit my grandfather put her through and vice versa. So, in that sense, and with any deserving woman for that matter, I’d give her a pass.

  37. I had just finished boning one on the bed when she got up and went
    to do something in the living room… I glanced in there as I
    walked to the bathroom, and caught her literally sprinting around so she
    could get back to serving me quickly. Yes, they are desperate. And it’s what they chose.
    Don’t ever, ever, entertain the idea of having any feelings for her. I like to be honest from the start that I’m not looking for a relationship, just enjoying peoples’ company, so there’s no guilt and no guilting me. They may feel like that’s a game, that they can win you over. No problem.
    The pussy can be surprisingly tight. Not ideal, but reasonably tight. It seems that pussies are turned to garbage by reaming over time, not by major temporary trauma.
    I realize now that I fucked up by giving her the tadpole soup. She could’ve easily netted me, and then…

  38. Quite a conservative, 1950s train of thought this. Think we are all pining back to days gone through nostalgia-glasses? On the other hand, easy to say that when it isnt your head on the chopping block. So in this sense it is quite a refreshing point of view, if not a little bit harsh to mine delicate ears

  39. Excellent points here.
    I prefer to stay away from single moms now. But I’ve had a few in the past. They will definitely get down and dirty in bed. Want a woman that likes getting fucked in the ass? That’s most single moms. Weird how that works. ATM? Their up for that too.
    You cannot emphasize the money issue enough. You are already paying for kids through your taxes. She gets free public school and all sort of other shit, plus tax deductions that you don’t get if she has a job.
    In today’s American, Julia is married to the government. And the government is the daddy of her kids. Let the government therefor do all the paying. You just use her for the only thing she’s got left to offer – sex.

    1. “Want a woman that likes getting fucked in the ass? That’s most single moms. Weird how that works. ATM? Their up for that too.”
      – Nothing weird about that. Single moms often develop a second pussy in their assholes.

  40. Yes, fuck them up even more. Bonus points for teaching the kids that their mom is right, men ARE assholes.

  41. I agree with other posters that this is the most dangerous prey to deal with in the Western world. Anywhere in the world, actually and every country has their own spin on this problem for men.
    It’s insane to associate with an individual who is already adept at gaming the system. The rare instances of an innocent, high-quality unwed mother make the exceptions irrelevant and trick us into thinking they’re more plentiful than unicorns.
    This is where the heart of MGTOW conflicts with PUA/game as in ‘whatever it takes to get your wang wet.’ I have started growing a beard again, something I did during my early commitment to MGTOW. I ignore most women I see out unless they smile at me first. I’ll talk with guys and pretend women don’t exist. It’s interesting how much they do crave attention. Single moms are the worst, especially those starved for adult interaction and a masculine presence. I feel for a number of them but they simply don’t care for me in a sufficiently selfless way to warrant the risk of extended association.
    If you have totally anonymous sex in some isolated instance you’re probably fine. The most she knows about you, the more dangerous it is. They have already proven fertile and capable of gathering resources to raise a child – the weapons a woman is furnished with at birth and through socialization aren’t to be underestimated.
    I have been tempted by a few recently, partially because I value kindness and a woman who can at least pretend to listen / care. However the alarm bells ring louder and louder the closer I get to parting the jade gate. With nearly 4 decades under my belt and far more unwed mom experience than I’d like to admit to, the trends are unmistakeable.
    We each have to follow our inner guidance at whatever stage we are in life. I’ve gotten very adept at turning women down when my intuition says ‘don’t do it!’ I hate it, they hate, but I prize my relative freedom from stress and entangling connections. The more time I spend without a woman, the more discerning I am about the qualities a woman I would choose to spend time with MUST HAVE, even as raw material.
    I am more in love with my work, my hobbies, challenging myself than seeing all this freedom slip away because of a woman’s whimsy or a few errant sperm.
    I will probably never sleep with another woman again who does not arouse the deep sense of rightness within me. I debase myself too myself (and masculinity as a virtue) succumbing to baser instinct to fuck a woman who does not bring equal femininity to the table. I only see this in women overseas, outside the US, and that is why my path inevitably leads me to foreign lands.
    The propaganda of taking in ’empowered single moms’ to your inner sanctum is the ultimate Trojan horse for any red pill man. Avoiding this snare is the final gauntlet to pass on your way to true self-mastery. I wish for none of my brothers to experience indentured servitude or an early death due to a few moments of ill-considered orgasmic delight.

  42. Just keep clear. There are plenty of other women out there to get involved with rather than this lot. Sure, they are generally sluts and easy lays, but they do your head in.

  43. Great article, and some stellar posts in the comments section. Really eye opening.

  44. A mother who is willingly single has betrayed the purpose of her fertility, hence her vagina.. or at least satisfaction from it. Single mothers should only be offered anal sex, or next’d

  45. I’m gonna be straight with you all. I detect way too much woman-hating in these comments, and in the post itself.
    We’re always trading-off when it comes to women (and in everything). If I meet a hot 9.5 single, childless chick, but I have to put up with a lot of her shit (like most 9 and above), then I probably will if I just want her just for sex, even for a LTR maybe is she´s way too hot (again, this is trading-off). Having said that, many single moms I know, or banged, or dated, are really hot (think 8.5 and above) and for that I’m willing to go the extra mile. In short: if she’s worth it, go. Either for a ONS or a LTR. Good women are scarce! Trust me, I’ve been in the game long enough (I’m 41).
    Having said all of the above, I’m definitely NOT willing to support another guy’s child financially.

    1. You may wish to reconsider the LTR part of your “willing to do” list.
      Also consider, why is she divorced? 60-70% of divorces are initiated by women, so chances are fairly high that she initiated the divorce. Now why would a “8.5 and above” totally terrific type woman divorce a husband and take his kid? Surely they are not all victims of “abuse”, and surely most of them were not cheated on, right? Or do you buy those lines (serious question)?
      You get into an LTR with one that in any way involves co-habitation, and she takes a fancy to your income, you’re hosed brother because guess what…you get to support another guy’s child. Absolutely hosed. While she may not, the point is that legally all of the power lay in her hands. And why would any man risk that kind of situation just for some trim?
      Read some of the horror stories of guys that have hooked up with “single moms” on this thread. Talk to guys in real life who have hooked up in LTR’s with ‘single moms’. There is a consistent theme to them, with only a few outlier exceptions.
      You’re your own man and can do as you wish, but to observe realities about a very predictable and well known class of women is not “woman-hating”.
      Be free and do as you will though.

      1. Good point of view.
        There may be some differences in culture, as I’m South American. Also, in my country it’s not required to support another guy’s kid… that is forever his duty by law, no matter how well-off you are.
        Thanks for the insight. I might have come out a little off, but what I really wanted to point out is that there are exceptions, and I’d say it’s above 25% here. We also have the complete opposite in my country… blood sucking MILFs I call them (usually hot Colombians or Russians).
        BTW sorry for my English, it’s not my native tongue.

        1. Well then, you find yourself in a happy situation and I’m glad for you. The exceptions apparently exist in your part of the world, somebody else below was commenting on it as well, so that’s a ray of hope to all of us.
          Your English is very good, by the way, no trouble at all understanding you.

    2. Too much woman-hating?. Maybe single mom’s habit of using men as walking ATM’s, playing emotional manipulation games using their children and living off tax money has something to do with it. And good luck if you try to have a LTR with a single mom and expect her not to pressure you to get involved with her kids.

    3. “Women-hating”? Hate is too strong of a word and connotes that women have been unfairly misappropriated with hate, for just no reason at all. The word you should be using, is “resentment” and rightfully so. If a group of men came into your house, ransacked it, stole your possessions, and gang-banged your wife, all with her approval and laughter, as she looked at you, bound and gagged, would you not feel resentment? Now apply this scenario to what use to be Western Civilization. Women on the aggregate, mainly the Anglo women, were willing co-conspirators against all men, whether consciously or subconsciously. Everything that was build up over the course of 2,000 years by great men on the battlefields, thrones, offices and laboratories of Europe and America was torn down within a few decades with the gleeful cooperation of women with the Cultural Marxists and other subversives, which shows you the ultimate treacherous creatures they are by nature. So yes, forgive me, if I feel a tad bit, bitter.

  46. And as temping as it may be DO NOT fuck a fuck buddy more than 1 day per week; they WILL start to get delusional thoughts that they’re more than just a warm hole.

    1. At least 2 days? Some fuck buddies really come through in the clutch. Lol… I mean if you’re drunk, and you don’t feel like mustering up enough energy in procuring the average American bar-whore, there’s always one or two fuck buddies who are always down. Lmao… I know I can’t be the only one.

      1. Very good points.
        Occasional pinch hitting? Ok. But then the “Let’s go for breakfast.” or “”What are you doing tomorrow?” shit starts. Their hamsters want to validate. I really don’t want to deal with that shit.
        I’m brutally honest (to the point of it being a negative, but I am what I am) and let it be known up front that “fuck buddy” literally and only means “fuck buddy”, and they don’t convert to LTR’s or any other such drivel.
        They’re all interchangeable holes; treat them as such and don’t let anything complicate that.

      2. Disagree. The once a week rule is pretty much written in stone. Unless you want to have the overt conversation about it.
        Everyone understands that the moment you (drunkenly) attempt a 2nd ‘get together’ in any particular week – you’ve just surrendered your right to be free from her cackling/asking/demanding for ‘more’. Don’t be so foolish as to think those tapes won’t play in her head if you try to violate that rule.

  47. The ultimate rule for banging a single mom : HAVE ONLY ANAL SEX.
    No other type of sex – whether protected vaginal, oral blah blah.
    Before the time she eventually tires of giving up her poop chute, you’d already be exhilarated for fucking her irresponsible butt and then dumping it.

  48. The 8 rules for banging single moms:
    8. You don’t bang single moms
    7. You don’t bang single moms
    6. You don’t bang single moms
    5. You don’t bang single moms
    4. You don’t bang single moms
    3. You don’t bang single moms
    2. You don’t bang single moms
    And as the absolute number 1. You don’t bang single moms!!!
    Seriously leave damaged goods where they should be in the bargain bin for the omegas to get.

  49. “she has the art of mimicking a quality woman down pat”
    Wow! Such wisdom in a single phrase.

  50. What does a single mom’s asshole do while she’s having an orgasm?
    He sits at home with the kids.

  51. Single mothers are the scum of the earth. What women does not know how their cunt works in the 21st century.
    Hey whores. Let those feral little bastards run lose. We’ve got Stand Your Ground laws for that.

  52. I suppose widows don’t count as your typical single mom, right? I know a woman who lost her husband to cancer. She wasn’t even 30 when he died and was left with 2 kids.

    1. I don’t hold it against widows, or even some divorcees, at least the ones where it actually wasn’t their doing (which is the minority) but the single woman who gets knocked up is an irresponsible scumbag. Seriously, how difficult is it to use a rubber?

  53. I got into an LTR with a single mother once. God that was a nightmare. Traded her in for a cutie 10 years younger and never made that mistake again.

  54. I came across this site through Facebook. The fuck is this anyway? A guide to being the biggest asshole you can be? A manual on how to manipulate women into giving you what you want without having to endure any repercussions on your disgusting behavior? A website to create a brotherhood among little bitches, and cowards who call themselves men? Please, someone on here, fill me in. None of you are fuckable material, and no one wants your sperm. No woman wants to recreate thedespicable creatures that you are.

    1. Calm down with the shaming language slut.
      If you bitches weren’t such sluts, maybe we wouldn’t have to treat you like that.
      I refuse to treat a slut like a wife material. Bottom line.

  55. More dudebro manvice that will ensure that you remain “that guy” that everyone hates. You are not an “alpha male” and never will be. You make yourselves look like little bitty boys. B.O.Y.S.

  56. I followed this to a tee 2 years ago.
    Fucked a Polish single Mom at her place 4 times. It was ironically the best sex I ever had. The stuff you pretty much see in a porn movie.
    She knew the score eventually and ended it by cutting contact lol
    Definitely a fun time.

  57. I have to support some of the below. Be careful with your boys. Your condom, not hers, you dispose of it (toilet not trashcan). If you know you don’t ever want kids get snipped. If you’re not sure make a deposit in the sperm bank (processing and storage are pretty cheap) and then get snipped. She tried it once, she’ll try it again.

  58. The worst are the chics that lie about having children, to deny your own kid, that is the epitome of evil. Had two chics pull that on me. You have to have sympathy for those kids.

    1. most of them are afraid they might be dating a member of sites like this one.

      1. So that gives them the right to lie about something so significant? What kind of woman would deny her own children? A woman that will deny her own children deserves no respect.

        1. nothing makes her right for lying. it is still fairly easy to speculate on her motivation.
          what gives someone the right to use smoke and mirrors to use women as a cum dumpsters because they are single with children? if those children are so precious that she would be wrong to lie about them, why are you using their mother like an unpaid whore?
          or is it more that she doesn’t have the right to use some smoke and mirrors, too?

        2. I understand the motivation, many men, myself included don’t want to get involved with a woman that has children and I can empathize. I did not “use her as an unpaid whore”. I don’t take advantage of the weak. “Smoke and mirrors”? All of us, male and female, use psychology in every interaction. Flirting is a form of manipulation. You can hate on sites like this but the “manosphere” helps a lot of guys that for one reason or another never learned how to interact with women. I am pushing 40 and am constantly amazed at how inept with women many men just 10-15 years younger than myself are due to the socio-economic changes which have taken place and the poison of feminism. Men that can not satisfy the need for female companionship….not a good thing, think Elliot Rodger and what the treatment of women in India.

        3. i am not accusing you of doing so. i was speaking in regard to the behavior suggested in the article.

        4. Because that is what she is other wise she would be in a committed relationship with the child’s father. (wife)

    1. No. Why? Because men get better with age as his earnings & status increases. Women don’t have that luxury as they’re screwed post 30. A man could have 10 kids and be single, as long as he is able to provide, women will still flock to him.

  59. chill guys, it can be good. I’m seeing this single mom for an year now, once a week. Amazing sex, every time. However, rule 5 is good, without the sex there would be no relationship. Also add the rule “do not get exclusive”. You can break all the other rules above, but banging other women will keep you aloof enough automatically.

  60. You have actually managed to hit bottom; I’ve read the articles on here and vary in my level of agreement with them but this one is the below the whale sh** on the bottom of the ocean.
    I’m the product of a single mom and a guy who manned up, married her, adopted me and 37 years later are still going strong. I’ll date a single mom because there are women and, more importantly, children out there who need a real, stand up guy to show them what being a man really is.
    We live in a society where 1/2 the marriages result in divorce and girls who never know how to relate to a man and boys who have no clue about being a man – not game – but the day to day responsibilities of being a father and present for his family.
    If you want to act like a child – use women and toss them away – then you’re free to do so but if you want to act like a man and step up to responsibility, dating a single mom can be one of the most rewarding experience of your life.

    1. LOL mangina pussy.
      She the fuck up and let the real men speak.
      Go elsewhere with your beta bullshit.

  61. I don’t agree with all SMs being after a provider. I’ve had great sex with two of them and they were just looking for fun, the last thing they wan’t is more kids (although I agree with taking precautions). I also agree that all holes are available and they’ll cater for most perversions – asked them both to lick my arse (and for ages too)

    1. That’s what they want you to believe but deep down they want to lock you down someway

  62. I couldn’t stomach more than a couple sentences of this trash piece. All I can say is, people who start sentences with “First off,” are too stupid to making money writing articles. “SharpShooter” needs to go back to 3rd grade.

  63. And yet another article lumping EVERY single mother into a negative loop and we are ALL unworthy of your love… I don’t need a daddy for my kid he already has one.. i don’t need your money I have my own. I just want a decent human man to have fun with and spend time with. that’s ALL… I’m not planning a wedding. I have three nights free kidless that belong to you and you can have it. I won’t even show you pictures of him. I just want you all to myself. OK???? You must know I pray that not ALL women are like this. Just because we have a kid doesn’t have to change my social romantic life. don’t rule us out and stop reading this CRAP.

    1. “Just because we have a kid doesn’t have to change my social romantic life. don’t rule us out and stop reading this CRAP.”
      Yeah it does, you will forever be a pump and dump for any man gainfully employed. Should’ve thought of that before producing bastard offspring.

    2. Well if all you want is some dick to have fun with then what is the problem with the article. Any man that reads the article and takes it to heart should be your kind of guy.

      1. in what moment did I ever say all I wanted was a dick to have fun with? I was trying to say that there are a lot of women worth dating who have kids and this article is total crap!! I would prefer to be with one man and have a great relationship and why is me having a child a bad thing? Just because of this article… BS Greyghost you need to work on your listening skills

        1. “in what moment did I ever say all I wanted was a dick to have fun with?”
          Read your own comment and that question is answered. There are no single women worth dating if dating is defined as vetting for a long term commitment. Single moms are for having sex with if they are sexually arousing to you. That is it. The fact that they are single moms says they do not honor commitments and are only a burden. There is nothing there to love. You can have fun but there is nothing there in a single mother worth the sacrifice. I have three kids would I give up those three for you a single mom. The father of those kids of this single mom did. The single mom could not care any less for their father other than get child support. That alone says she is not worthy of a commitment but ahead and enjoy her openings if you like.
          Remember when it was shameful for women to be single mothers. That shame was to protect you from men seeing you as you are. You rejected that for selfish reasons and now men see you as you are. You are not worthy of commitment and men are learning just as the few men that read this and have a better understanding why.

  64. Consumerism, geared towards females, has them completely brainwashed and in full control of the dating scene. Why? Because as men, we are just as disposable as her cell-phone and she knows this. She can look for (and get) the best deal for the least amount of effort and/or work.
    Men are on sale and women want the best bargain.
    Why? Because we men are letting the feminist agenda dictate to US how relationships are going down. We’re allowing the entire system to tell us OUR self-worth and value – in the eyes of selfish, entitled, bratty bitches.
    When all men decide, as a whole, to value themselves much higher then we are right now (in our own eyes – not women’s) , then and only then can we take back our God given masculinity. Holding high-self esteem in ones own eyes while defending against the feminist approach to diminishing it, is paramount to achieving this end goal.
    Until then, men are on sale, and most are dirt cheap. Think about that next time you find yourself browsing the aisles at a store, because what you’re doing, is what women have been doing with us for quite some time now and they perceive their own value as limitless and special – and ours as quite low, with an expiration date and very, very disposable.
    Single mothers? Well they just see men as walking ATM’s and for the emotional, physical and spiritual black-hole succubus she actually is, f&*k that.
    Most women today, ARE NOT WORTH IT.

  65. There is a girl at my gym that I thought was rather attractive. I see her all the time and have been working up to approach her. I’ve seen her checking me out and thought maybe she was just shy whenever I came around her. I found out tonight that she’s actually a single mom and even posted on her FB wall that she was looking for a new man to help raise her kid. After I read that I lost all interest and attraction to her. Reading this post now, I’m glad I dodged that bullet by not investing more time and energy into her. Now I’ll just leave her be whenever I see her from hence forth.

  66. You are all disgusting, sexist, immature jerks. I hope you are all struck down by impotence and no one has to live knowing that you are their father. Because that would truly be a living hell.

  67. This is the scariest thingI have ever read. I’m a single mother and stumbled upon this – ahem – article by complete accident. This upsets and worries me in equal measure if this how most of the men I meet see me, and I feel compelled to say my piece, even though I can tell from the level of disgust directed at single mothers here that this is going to fall on deaf ears. Still…
    I am single and I am a mother but I don’t parent my children on my own (I have an awsome family); the last thing I am looking for in a potential partner is financial support or a father figure for my children (they already have one) – just companionship. I provide for my little family without much help from anyone, which is something I’m quite proud of.
    Having had 2 children in wedlock (for 11 years, now divorced) I have absolutely no intention of having others. Protection is common sense for millions of other reasons, but I don’t understand why anyone would think single mothers thrive on the situation they’re in so much that they’d want to perpetuate the cycle over and over again – I, for one, wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It’s lonely, stressful beyond belief and sometimes a bit depressing (especially when, like in this article, you are made to feel like you are damaged goods) but, in my case anyway, the alternative (staying with my children’s father) was even worse.
    You are, of course, entitled your your opinions and choices but please, give a second thought for those of us single mothers who do it because they have to, not because they want to.

    1. the last thing I am looking for in a potential partner is financial support or a father figure for my children (they already have one)

      That’s what they all say. We all know single mothers want that extra paycheck, and help with the kids. Of course, they’d never admit it. We don’t expect you to, but at ROK we know how women work and there’s no bullshitting us. Further, most men want their own family, they don’t want to be drafted into raising other men’s offspring. That’s a fantastic way to be removed from the gene pool.

      1. Thank you so much for kindly taking the time to address damaged goods like myself, although I’m not sure why you deemed it necessary to just re-hash what’s already been said. You don’t like single mothers, I got it; that’s entirely your prerogative. I just wonder whether you could find it in yourself to present your case in a less demeaning, patronising and condescending way.
        I don’t know you but I’m fairly certain I have never done anything to insult or hurt you personally, so I’m sure you’ll understand why I don’t like being insulted personally (that’s what you’re doing by calling us all damaged goods, but then again I’m sure you know that already) and made to feel worthless by complete strangers on the Internet – this may come as a shock to you but even damaged goods have feelings. That being said, I wish you all the best in whatever path you’re taking, and more importantly, I hope I never have to cross it.

        1. If you want to feel the fluffy warmth of personal validation you’ve wandered into the wrong internet neighborhood. Go to huffpo or Jezebel if that’s what you want. At ROK, and in the manosphere in general, we focus only on hard truths, even if it’s a cold, painful slap in the face. It’s not personal. “Feelings” are not our culture or concern here.

        2. I landed here by accident, you’ve got that right.
          You clearly haven’t taken the time to read my comment; never mind, I guess some are better equipped at understanding people than others… Your answer reeks of patronisation (I don’t want to feel the fluff of anything…), and the sad thing is that you are under the illusion that you are making a point. You are deluding yourself if you think ROK or the manosphere (whatever that means) gives anything like ‘hard truths’ – just a bunch of ‘bros’ / wannabe ‘alpha males’ [insert correct reference here] slapping each other on the back under the strange common belief that what they have to say is compelling, new or worthwhile. It’s not cold or painful, it’s just condescending, cheap, mostly badly articulated, vulgar and entirely un-necessary.
          Meanwhile, the rest of the world looks on as you get stuck in centuries past.

        3. The rest of the “world”?
          Such as the Islamic world? Yeah they are big on “single moms”.
          Or the African world?
          Or the Asian world?
          Only in the pussy, gynocentric western world are single moms not treated like the SLUTS that they are.
          That is why the West is dying.

        4. The rest of the world?
          No man with any business going on in his life is going to stoop low enough, tear down his ego and self respect far enough to take care of another mans progeny and their damaged goods single mother. You had one goal in life, one mission to accomplish for your children and you managed to fuck that up.
          If you do come across a man with any business and he shows you any affection, doesn’t mind your children? Run the fuck away because hooty tooty he’s coming for your daughters booty. Real talk.

        5. Thank you for your reply Jason. You obviously put of lot of time and thought into these profound words of wisdom; so eloquently put, so intelligently conveyed, so unique and original – went straight to my heart and gave me food for thought. The world is blessed to have someone like you and your manosphere brethren, the heroes of our modern times. Simply put, you make our world a better place. Real talk.

        6. You’re welcome Sophie, I can only hope to prevent further harm to your children. Being the progeny of a single mother is shameful enough, no need to damage them further by being molested by mother’s boyfriend.

        7. Duly noted Jason, and so true. Please understand that you opinion matters to me more than you know, and I can see you are coming from a good place, out of genuine concern for my children’s wellbeing – your empathy is heart-warming, and I’ll be sure to pass the message on not only to them, but maybe also to other single mothers who aren’t yet blessed to have engaged with you or this site, and who quite frankly would do well to finally get a good dose of reality (the cruel to be kind type, very clearly) in your caring and thoughtful hands. This is the day things change Jason, and it’s all down to you.

        8. Unfortunately it isn’t, I can’t stop the onslaught of single motherhood and its destructive influence on children and, indeed, all of society. All I can hope to do is damage control.

        9. Of course Jason, such a noble cause. And you do it so well. Keep the fight, you’re an inspiration.

    2. Who gives a FUCK what you think.
      Stupid single mom sluts are useless and deserved to be treated like the SLUTS that they are.
      Unless you are a widow, you are not worth anything in terms of a LTR.

      1. How cute, a well-spoken, educated man able to express his views without personal attacks and swearing. Any woman will be proud to be called your wife

        1. Actually, single moms are mostly looking for a meal ticket.
          They will “tolerate” bad language, etc until marriage. Then after getting the sucker on the hook, there is a VERY HIGH chance she will divorce him for assets.
          At best, he will become her slave in marriage. He will pay for another man’s child as well.

        2. It could be that there is a cultural difference between where you and I live: in my side of the world, no woman, whatever her status, will tolerate bad language. Or maybe that’s because the men around here are better educated than you; who knows…Either way, rest assured that I’d be the last person to pursue you or anyone of your enlightened kind: you see, I’ve taken the time to get informed on what this site is since I first posted and I can now rest easy – nothing to worry about, just a group of boys looking for vindication and an Alpha-manly shoulder to cry on… Sweet, really. Please do carry on, some of your contributions are sometimes even quite entertaining.

        3. This lady is butt hurt and knows the gig is up. She is just for dumping semen in and knows it. She also thinks it is just the men on this blog that sees it that way. She is wrong nearly every high school kid sees single moms as just pieces of ass that they are.

        4. I have no clue what you’re trying to say, my friend – this makes no sense at all. Never mind – agree to disagree, yes?

    3. “I don’t understand why anyone would think single mothers thrive on the
      situation they’re in so much that they’d want to perpetuate the cycle
      over and over again”
      There’s your reason. Too many of you bitches try and take men for their money & resources. They get pregnant on purpose to increase child support payments so they can get paid enough per month to sit on their ass and not work.
      They play victim & cry in front of a judge for alimony because they’re women and the courts favor women.
      They make false abuse claims & play “victim” to get the sympathy from everyone around them and get everybody feeling sorry for them, making everyone around her help her raise the kids, take care of the house, buy diapers, etc. therefore replacing the husband. All without her lifting a finger.
      Single mothers are the bottom of the barrel, this “I do it because I have to” bullshit needs to stop. If the husband was physically beating you to a pulp, that’s one thing, (and mental abuse is bullshit and a complete cop-out made up by women to justify their divorces) but in today’s society, 70% of the time, the wife initiates the divorce because she’s not haaaappppyyyyy. Abuse has nothing to do with it.
      I personally gave a single mother a chance at having a family and I treated her daughter as my own. In the end, she never fully allowed me to be a father to her as she always second guessed my parenting. Now, the ex is back on welfare. The same way I found her when I met her. Good riddance.
      Single mothers will be playthings from now on as far as I’m concerned. This successful, well off man will no longer take them seriously. They blew it with me.

      1. I realise I’ve not taken the time to read your story properly – I apologise, I didn’t mean to be that flippant, this isn’t like me. My story, in exchange: when we met, my ex (my first long-term relationship) told me he was abused by his father, amongst other stories which later revealed untrue. By the time I figured out he had lied to me (about serious things and irrelevant things in equal measure), I was already married and had children. He was also very disrespectful to me, and hurt me in ways I wouldn’t want to discuss online. I had to leave, I had no choice. He was truly awful to me, yet I know it’s just him, and he doesn’t represent all men. I’m the only divorced mother in my family and social circle, I’m educated, I work and don’t need anyone’s help. I have recently met someone who has gone through a similar heartache (he has no children, though), and we’re taking it one step at a time. I have no intention of using him for his money, I’m used to looking after my children by myself and I know my kids are my own responsibility.
        I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience with your ex, but not all women are like that; no more than all men are misogynistic, calculating users.

    4. Well Sophie, at least you know what guys to avoid(the ones who follow this advice)!

      1. Haha, yeah. Two years on, I’m still with my childless guy, we didn’t add to the brood (neither wanted more kids) and we’re happy. He’s also handsome, over 6′, very well educated and has a really nice car. Something for the Alpha-wannabees to ponder, I guess…

  68. That’s not what I want. I want a man- my man, the man I can bond souls with. I crave a deep connection. I need a man I will WANT to succumb to, to cater to, to care for, to want to please.I want a man who will protect me, defend me if needed. To jump at him after work, to embrace his neck so tenderly, to have passionate sex with him, to cuddle with him. I want my companion, family, I want a man I will want children by. For me to develop such feelings I must be absolutely sure about him- I must be sure that he is willing to be mine and only mine, that he loves me more that I love him, that he possesses particular qualities that are attractive to me in men. Do I want him to provide for my daughter? No, I need him to want to do it. Simply because he will love her. If he doesn’t love her, what on Earth do I need him for? I don’t. I definitely don’t need a man like you in my life or life of my daughter. A man with your mentality will not even come close to me or her. And trust me- your “supporter vibes” will not even make my head turn in your direction)))

    1. I want to be able to flap my arms and fly like a bird, neither of us are going to get what we want. Tough shit, maybe you should’ve waited for that winner of a man before you got knocked up.

      1. I don’t think so. The child was one of my biggest priorities in life. [My husband and] I planned my pregnancy, prepared my body health wise. I honestly think that it would be irresponsible of me to wait for my knight in shining armor till I’m in my 50’s and infertile, or at least in my late 30’s and having huge chances of giving my child all sorts of syndromes.

  69. This article is complete and utter shit. A single mother who makes four times your salary, doesn’t live off of the government, has goals, has the father of her child still actively involved in her child’s life. None of this reflects a single mother. All of the points you raised in your article are insanely idiotic, and only further push shitty stereotypes that don’t exist. Women who have children, are not automatically damaged people, who are emotionally unstable, or incapable of managing stress effectively. Women who don’t have children are prone to damage for other reasons, they too have failed relationships that they have moved on from. See that’s what happens, you move on, which is why you consider someone else. Women are not trying to find new fathers for their children, who already have a father. Single means you aren’t married. A father is not the same thing as a person of sexual or romantic interest. Why would you conflate the two? A dedicated mother, would make sure the man is not a big piece of shit, like the author of this article, and she would not bring him around her children or near her home. She would make sure the encounter with the potential was worth her while before wasting time. It would be easy to do by giving it time to play out. There are usually red flags that give that away. Why have you written a title that describes half of the population and lumped it into a shitty category? If you don’t admire a person that you are intimate with, and you feel like they are a freeloader, then that says a lot about you! You sound like a scum bag with very low standards, possibly very insecure, and having low self esteem yourself. That is not a woman’s problem. That is an entitled, manipulative, sociopathic person problem (hence the not being upfront, and leaving a person abruptly in a situation where they want honesty, you sound mentally unstable). A person who manipulates another person by using them, is no better than the qualities listed in the article! It is very possible to be honest and up front ahead of time, in doing this, everything is out in the open. A woman can say no thanks, or she can decide to go forward. As long as the man is understanding and not a pressuring asshole who makes her feel uncomfortable. A mature person can handle that. However, the person who wrote this drivel, is a fucking idiot, and anyone else who thinks this is the way to do it. A woman or a man, with kids, moves on, and is human, they would like a connection with a person again. This is fine.

  70. Donovan you need another article on how to determine if she is a mother and how to avoid dating a single mother. Lately in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) I have had a string of bad luck finding women who have children. Sorry have no interest in them at all.

  71. Don’t give her the time of day unless she’s skinny and easy. I don’t waste any significant effort on damaged goods.

  72. Great wisdom about how to deal with with withholding sex. I remember a chick I was seeing who had a great personality, was willing to try anal, would let me choke and slap her during sex and was tight as hell.
    The first time she pulled that shit with me I told her I’d call her that weekend and never dated her again.

  73. I’ve fallen into this trap right now… she’s several years older than me and, let’s just say, she’s kinda throwing herself at me in every sense of the word. I need a way out, and quick.

  74. I’ve just come out of 2 year relationship with a single mom. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Backfired on me terribly. The kid thing is absolutes correct. Kid has huge issues because of ex husband. How the fuck I got involved with this shit is beyond me. Now I’ve been told “that she’d rather be friends”. There goes another dad. Pity as I was also attached to the kid. I spent the 1st 8 months of the relationship sorting out her ex husband issues. Lawyers and custody stuff etc. she tells me if I had asked her to get married things would have been different. Hahahaha. Nedless to say, I’m the Cunt. Says she loves me dearly and now completely ignores me. Good luck with finding another cunt to do what I did to help u and your kid.
    its amazing after reading this article. I realise my problems are not unique.
    Most of what u say is 100%. The rest is hilarious and I’m sure applies to lots of others😆

  75. What if the woman doesn’t receive anything from the child’s father and the dad is no longer part of the child’s life period? I’m dating a woman with a little girl and the dad is not in the picture at all. She has a good career and doesn’t need help from anyone. This article is to vague and should only be directed to those SM with no jobs. Everyone is different. Baby daddy drama and I’m out period but in my case I would end up adopting if it come to marriage

    1. More than likely, she’s an alpha widow and as soon as her Alpha shows up, she ‘ll start doing him on the side, behind your back.
      Remember this: there is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy. Despite what the sisterhood will tell you. So your girl getting pregnant required the following affirmative actions on her part:
      1. not on the pill
      2. No condom
      3. Unprotected sex
      4. Didn’t take plan b
      5. Didn’t have an abortion
      6. Didn’t put child up for adoption
      You think about all of this. Why’d she let this happen if she wasn’t trying to lock him down?

  76. I have no idea what single mums you have been dating but this post is awful! I’m a single mum through a mutual breakup and I’m NOT looking for someone to raise my kids or provide for them! I want something thats literally casual but to be able to do things, like watch movies, go see a band, crank out a fire on the beach with a couple of Corona and some decent chat! I don’t want that person to have anything to do with my kids at all! I do not want them to provide a home, I have one, I don’t want them to pay for anything, I work, I have my own money! I don’t want them to raise my kids they have me and their own dad for that, who would confuse the kids with that shit? And making sure you take the used jonny with you? Seriously more children is the last thing I would want! Maybe this is the difference between a single parent “girl” and a single parent “woman” who knows!?

  77. Depends on your age, if your near your 30 or older. You can’t expect women not to have kids. That boat already left. You’re a f##ing idiot if you expect that… lol

  78. Ok what kind of bs is this fucking article? You honestly believe that just because a woman had a child with someone else that they have become pure trash and are just desperate for more children? What the fuck could possibly be wrong with all of you pathetic douches that you would believe something as fucking stupid as that? As if it isn’t hard enough to pick yourself back up again after having to deal with the asshole ex, now you have to worry that there are ridiculously moronic jerk offs out there that think you are some kind of harpy after their sperm. Yeah like us women would ever want to procreate with you pieces of shit. Get over yourselves and shut the hell up.

    1. Well at least single moms know what kind of guys to look out for by reading this article!

  79. It’s been interesting reading these articles & the comments. It’s as if the men actually believe they are somehow better, morally, than the women they are putting down and treating horribly. Clearly they are not, based on their own bad behavior and the hate in their hearts for nearly every woman on the planet. This is a scary site, for everyone, and I can only hope that at some point they will wake up from their nightmare that ALL women are monsters just because some may be, so they can have peace in their lives and stop teaching young impressionable men to hate & treat women who’ve done nothing wrong to them, like trash. Generalizing is wrong, as we are all unique individuals with different stories & morals. What’s most interesting to me is that this site was created to fight back against extreme feminism (at least that’s my understanding), where women hate men & mistreat them. Is the answer to basically do the same thing except in reverse? I understand the frustration with extreme feminism, but is copying their attitude and behaviors making anything better? You also claim to want to get back to strong families and the way it used to be but I fail to see how the majority of the articles on this site promote this worthy goal at all. What I see is this. Feminism has done a pretty good job of causing men to hate women, and your vile & hateful site is doing an even better job at sealing the deal. At this rate, no man who comes here and believes what they read will ever choose to marry and have kids. Sad.

    1. Point for your comments about feminism. However, as much as you see us as hateful bigots, those of us with some experience find ourselves nodding along with this article. I’ll give you 4 examples from my life. The common thread is this: I was a reasonably presentable single guy, no kids, but with a good job and income, and very willing to engage in LTR at the time.. basically a good catch for a single mom. But they still managed to fuck things up with a pattern of terrible decisions they seem destined to repeat. Oh, and they were all under 30.
      1. I went out with a girl who was a single mom. It was a day date which began & ended back at her place. Her young daughter was there (being baby sat). The mom had taught her daughter a song, which they both sang for me: “The man’s job is to make the money, the woman’s job is to spent the money”. I thought, what a nice thing to teach a young girl.. and what a great first impression for your date. Some days later, a friend told me that a co-worker had gotten together with this woman, and “cut my grass on me”. I replied that she was no lawn of mine, far as I’m concerned she’s a public park.
      2. Met single mom thru the internet. She had 5 kids at the time. We got along pretty well, even having online sex (LOL) for quite a while. She kept inviting me to her place, but I was a little reticent. Then I get news she’s pregnant with her 6th, from some dude she let raw dog her.
      3. Another girl with a young son I really liked. We were getting along pretty good, went out a couple of times and had some fun. Again, I get a message she’s now pregnant by some dude she hooked up with. They tried to make a relationship of it (with me hanging on like an idiot).. then he cheated on her while she was pregnant. I did the bolt at that point.
      4. Hooked up with a girl in a nightclub, single mom with 6 kids (that’s right, 6) to god-knows how many different fathers. She lived in a trailer. She gave me her number and everything. Thank god I didn’t ring back.

      1. Thanks for sharing your stories and I’m truly sorry you were unfortunate enough to run into 4 women who truly didn’t deserve a good man. I can certainly understand why people in general become disillusioned when they meet one person after another who just has no moral standards whatsoever, and who does not treat others with respect and consideration. I know there have been times in my life where I have felt that most men weren’t very nice when I met several in a row who treated me badly. However, I’ve really learned over the years that despite bad luck in meeting men, or just people who for one reason or another weren’t taught how to be kind and respectful, that every individual truly is unique. I am extremely cautious when I meet people and it takes time to learn whether or not they truly have good character, but the truth is, good people, both male & female do truly exist in this world. I know this for a fact because I am a good person and my friends are good people who treat others with respect. I think this is why I have such a hard time reading what I read here; because I, and those I know just aren’t this way and it’s really hard to imagine people could act this way and treat others so poorly. I’m not claiming to be a perfect human being, but I was taught
        to follow the golden rule so I would never treat someone else in any way I wouldn’t want to be treated. Bottom line, I wish those who write for this site and those who read it could realize that even though they may be coming into contact with some pretty lousy women, not all women are bad people out to hurt men or use men. The women I know, myself included, would love nothing more than a good man to give our love to and treat with kindness (which I do, and he is appreciative). I’m just baffled by all of this so maybe I live on another planet or something where women aren’t bitches. Peace.

      2. One more short comment about this. One of my best friends is a single mom of two, who had to finally leave her husband after many years of emotional abuse. She is a GOOD, GOOD girl, kind to all who never deserved the abuse she received from this jerk. In any case, she eventually found who seemed to be the nicest guy ever, and they developed a relationship. She was finally happy and everyone loved this guy and thought he was just what she needed and deserved after the abuse. Then she started noticing suspicious behavior, and long story short, she caught him red handed, cheating with his ex-wife. That was just it for her. It’s been about 6 years and she hasn’t dated since and I mean she hasn’t even kissed a guy. I believe she’s actually given up, but what she never does is speak badly of all men in general to anyone. It’s true her bad experiences (ahh right…her first husband, prior to the abusive one, cheated on her as well and this is what ended that marriage, I almost forgot) may have caused her to leave the dating pool and perhaps even give up on meeting a man for the rest of her life, but she does not poison the minds of other women against all men. Trust me… for every woman in the world who treats a man badly, there is a man who is treating a woman just as badly, and it’s all sad. As I said though…there are still good people out there so I hope you all don’t give up on those with good hearts. They do exist.

        1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I should point out, I don’t think these women were horrible people, and I don’t feel animosity towards them. They just found themselves in a situation. In fact I’ve probably been hurt more by non-moms who were complete bitches. In the end, it’s a learning experience. The only one I really regret was #3.. she was a genuinely loving, kind, beautiful person, and her son was the loveliest little boy you ever met. I *really* felt a strong paternal bond there. But she just made some terrible fucking decisions (and I got friend-zoned), so I had to say goodbye.
          I reckon most people on this site feel the same way as I do.. we don’t hate on single moms, in fact I’d say many of us feel sorry for them. But the harsh reality is, every single man needs to protect himself these days. Like I said, the worst thing that can happen is, a man forms a LTR with a single mom, falls in love with her kids and helps raise them as a caring step-dad.. only to split up with her, and having no legal recourse to ever see those kids again. I’ve seen it happen, and it breaks you.
          Oh BTW, don’t worry I’ve known some women who have fallen prey to some downright assholes. This kind of thing knows no gender boundaries.

        2. You’re welcome, and your replies to my single comment have given me a little hope that perhaps not all men who come here hate all women as much as it seems. Perhaps they really are just frustrated and are exaggerating at times. I understand being frustrated and wanting to vent. However, I do wish that whoever is writing some of these articles would just stop making it seem as though ALL women are monsters, and unworthy of relationships. It’s very disheartening when I know differently, from personal experience (being one, knowing many). Anyway, I truly appreciate your feedback, feel sad for your #3, especially in regards to the little boy (heart-breaking), and especially appreciate your acknowledgement that this kind of thing knows no gender boundaries. I know this is absolutely true, but to read the articles on this site as well as the comments, one would think that men are flawless and all women are the devil. All the best to you. Karen

  80. You can take or leave the other points as you see fit.. but take heed of #3. It is the most poignant, and if you’re not careful, it can leave you with a broken heart.
    Remember, you’re not their daddy.. if you start building an affectionate fatherly relationship with those kids, and she boots your ass out the door, you have no recourse (legal or otherwise) to ever see those kids again. Most men have a deep-seated paternal drive, and the “save the ho” instinct involves the need to save children from fatherless destitution as much as saving the mother; recognize it, and don’t fall into it. It will only end in tears.
    (Unless of course you’re willing to wife her up.. in which case, good luck.)

  81. Problem is, the thirst is so bad that no one wants to wait for a woman with no experiences. Virgins exist, but you’d have to wait several months without sex. I would personally get married as soon as I felt comfortable, within a year of dating someone. Most virgin women wait years upon years, when you tally being friends first, dating, and engagement.
    Think of it this way: if you can convince a virgin to have sex with you, and then you decide to marry her, the only difference between her and a good portion of broken women is that she got lucky. Whether or not you leave is completely up to you. However, it damages her for life. If the same thing happens to her again with another man, forget about it.
    So basically, we now live in a system wherein marriage is impossible, except for scattered circles. On the one hand, you have good girls who can’t get a guy to wait and get ignored as the sluttier girls jump the line. A lot of these girls are fed the narrative that they should go to school get a career, take a hundred years making sure boyfriend is the one, etc. On the other, you have thirsty guys who become more and more deprived of fulfilling sexual relationships and are vulnerable to the line-jumping sluts. These are all the pretty good people of society, just no one can make a connection.

  82. I’d rather just not date I give up on men after reading this, if every man is a selfish ugly pig I’d rather be alone for the rest of my life.

  83. I have the opportunity of fucking a single mom because i teach her daughter english(she is spanish) should i go for it?? let me clear that i am 20 years old i am not interested on married and that stuff

  84. Donovan, you don’t get laid much, do you? I hope all women read your article, single moms or not, to understand what an angry loser you are. By the way, you are the first person in my life I have ever used that word with; but, you’d earned it.
    What if a man meets a special woman who happens to have a child? Nope! She’s out of luck. How many opportunities have you lost with your attitude? How many opportunities will men lose if they take your advice? According to your perspective, as soon as a woman is a single mom or divorced with a child, they are marked for life as unmarriageable. That’s even worse than the Islamic view. The worst part is, you said that young children “even have that effect on you” of emotionally affecting you, so “don’t get close”. Another opportunity you’ve lost to experience something special. But given your attitude, the kids got lucky; both their mom And them dodged a bullet.
    Thank you for the warning of what Not to act like around single moms; if I just don’t act like you but behave like a human being capable of treating them like humans (and not objects, like you advocate), and treat their kids like humans and not “rugrats”, then I have a good chance at happiness. So you have provided a service by negative example, and for that, I thank you.

  85. Mysogynistic aside, this is sooo outdated! Was it written in 1986? Most single moms these days share 50/50 custody of their kids. Second, women in their 20s and 30s are, for the first time in American history, outearning males. I know a lot of single moms with 50/50 custody who pay child support to the dads. I was one, until I remarried. And now I still pay child support to my ex-husband even though we have joint custody because I earn more. When I was a single mom, my guard was up and I was wary of losers like you…the last thing I needed was to provide financially for a sorry ass man in addition to myself and my child. 😂😂😂 Go get a job where you earn a lot of money and feel good about yourselves and you won’t need to read pathetic articles on how to bag a skank because you’ll be worthy of a higher caliber female.

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