From Fit To Fat

Ashley grew up in a small suburb of a small city. Her family is upper middle class. Ashley never wanted for anything; her first day at university she showed up in a car more expensive then half those in the staff parking lot. For the first 18 years of her life Ashley was on top of the world; while not facially stunning she was pleasant enough to the eye to be considered cute. She was big into volleyball since grade school, and all that running and bouncing in tight spandex had put quite a fit body on her by the time she wandered into our dorm with a small duffel bag over her shoulder and her mom and dad trailing the rear, pushing a pair of moving carts so full and heavy that slaves building the pyramids would have complained about it being excessively cruel. Of course the betas of the dorm crowded in to help, thereby forever destroying the chances of getting some touch off of Ashley.

Ashley had a tight bum, curvy hips (and not the fat kind of curvy – the good kind), a taut midriff and perky but small boobs bordering on a B cup. She had a natural tan from her job of planting trees all summer but she took care to use sunscreen so it was just a light browning, the colour of a perfectly roasted marshmallow – not the blackened saggy chunks that most girls feel the need to burn their skin to, where you’re like; “Goddammit, what do they make these marshmallows out of freaking napalm?!” Even Ashley’s hair was phenomenal, a light brown so long that it could curtain her bewbs if she wanted it to.


Ashley ala that September

She was hard to peg during our first week. Although Ashley drank like the liberated 18 year old woman she was, we never noticed her sneak off for some dick rendezvous. A few of the tell tale signs of future slutdom were there but none were too blatant. To her defence the worst two could be dismissed quite rationally. Most University students drink themselves blind during their first month, and the little rose tattoo Ashley had on her ankle (gotten as an 18th birthday present) was a typical safe ‘rebel’ move – the rose was small and out of the way so that it could easily be concealed.

Descent Into The Fatbyss

In October Ashley began her full descent. Although she, like many University girls, made a big show of eating salad for dinner or lunch more and more we caught her later in the day sneaking back to the dorm with brown paper bags or styrofoam boxes reeking of fried meats. A coffee drinker, it was not uncommon to see Ashley with a full cup before one class then catch her two periods later and see another in her hand. Evening cappuccino runs became religious with her, and the ice cream store in the strip mall closest to campus practically had a stool with her name on it.

Of course gone were the days of extreme work outs for Ashley. No longer would her then tight little body be bouncing around in gym class, during intramural and varsity sports and the numerous practices associated with them. She still went to the gym – though went is the most descriptive word. The few times I saw her at the university’s gym she was walking old lady with arthritis speed on the treadmill. With meals by mommy out of the picture as well her diet continued to be terrible even though as gross as they were our university café served salads, had a vegetable bar and numerous other healthy alternatives for food. The weekend became Thursday-Sunday for her; binge nights full of sugary vodka coolers, vodka mixed generously with Coke or exceptionally sugary mango juice, creamy liquors. And always McDonalds or pizza to look forward to afterwards.

That is, if Ashley wasn’t off getting laid. By November she had thoroughly passed herself around the guys she was willing to bang in our dorm. I was tempted…but I could do, and in fact did, better. In the first two weeks I probably would have. Yet even without Billy’s christening across her face Ashley soon had joined the massive pool of Campus Cunny, girls with which one could dependably get laid with minimal effort. Many nights and mornings our small group of guys walking back to our dorm from our conquests would find Ashley. We men were all smiles and laughs – Ashley always looked like she had just come back from her dad’s autopsy, preformed while he was still alive.

She wasn’t the only one; a brief misogynist aside here – like many negative stereotypes concerning sex, the walk of shame only applies to women. I never once saw a sad guy sneaking out of a dorm in the early AMs. Nearly every gal I saw stuttering along, heels or shoes usually held in her hand, always looked dead eyed and defeated. Some were crying. To contrast, whenever a big group of guys from different dorms would pass each other on the ways back, we often fell into two straight lines and began stoically high fiving each other as we passed, like players after a match saying; “Good game, good game, good game.”


She thinks: ‘I’m so liberated I can walk with my head down”

Now back on track; after Christmas break Ashley came back with a new tattoo – a tramp stamp – and a fresh piercing in her nose. One of the best burns I’ve ever heard in my life occurred during our first New Years party; Ricky, a shameless quantity alpha (he who cares more about the quantity then quality of his notches) pointed out Ashley in the crowded dorm room, shouting; “Holy shit! Rich girls even have diamond pimples!” Ashley cried and left as the room erupted into laughter. Not that his insult mattered to her; before and after, she’s gone home with Ricky so much that I bet he’s received more blowjobs from Ashley then her future husband – scratch that, partner – will.


Ashley ala that June

A Life Lost In 8 Months

By the end of the year Ashley had more then a dozen different penii (that I know about) inside her. Gone was her well kept skin – increasingly numerous real pimples joined her increasingly numerous diamond ones. By the time summer rolled around Ashley’s skin was perpetually browner then a Samoan’s. Ear stretchers had made their way into both lobes, a tongue piercing had been added and, as I later out found during a game of strip poker she made unfun by forcing her way into it, Ashley had gotten both nipples pierced.

Gone too was the taut midriff that drives men wild; her stomach had become rumpled and loose, the beginnings of a brown stained pudge turning her once sexy expanse of flatness;


into something that looked like a battalion of Marines had just fought over it;


They played Taps over my dead boner

The second year merely accentuated Ashley’s slobbery. More dicks, more drinks, more snacks, more tats – and more pudge, more pimples, more tears and less romance. The first year, even as she was degrading, Ashley still had a couple of boyfriends, still had dates. Those trickled away to nothing.

I left dorm in third year never to live there again. Ashley and the unbangable dorm girls completely dropped off my radar. I graduated with my single ply of 20,000 dollar toilet paper soon thereafter, and having no Face Book I did not get to immediately see what I knew was to be the aftermath of Ashley’s university years.

A Most Unwelcome Reunion

Last July an old university buddy was getting married. He invited us all to his place for a big one week party. I jumped on the opportunity, psyched that a couple of girl’s I banged at uni were going to be there – and by their texts, they were most definitely DTF and thankfully still skinny and hot. I pulled up to my buds house, a fairly big two story just outside of the university town. I walked up to the door, my face stuck to my cell phone texting Kaylee – the first girl who I was planning to bang – that her prince had arrived and she could come over to get come over when I felt a squishy mass slam into me. For a moment I thought my bud had gotten a Beethoven sized dog – at least that’s what the smell lead me to believe at first. I pushed it away without looking and immediately heard; “RUDE!”

There was Ashley. She had gained fifty more pounds since the last time I’d seen her, yet her body hadn’t distributed it. She looked like a fully grown African child with one of those distended bellies. A few more piercings had found their way to parts of her nose, lips and ears that hadn’t been poked yet. Two sleeves of tattoos now run up her flabby arms, looking like a Japanese painter’s worst nightmare. Her small breasts have gotten slightly bigger and far more saggy. Her hair, once long and beautiful, had been cut down and shaved on one side for a short version of the Skrillex cut.

I greeted Ashley but refused to hug her, quickly pushing by to stake out a bedroom before spending the rest of that night doing my utmost to avoid her. She had uglified herself something fierce but at least if she was skinny Ashley would not have been completely repulsive to the room. She was though, and I saw it on the faces of most people there – many obviously hadn’t seen her for some time. Kaylee looked incredibly sad every time she looked at Ashley; for three months they had been BFFs, and to see how far her former best friend forever had fallen surely stirred mixed feelings of pity, guilt and relief that she didn’t look like that.

After banging Kaylee she admitted feeling genuinely horrible for Ashley and straight up said she could never imagine living like that. Ashley is not an amputee, nor blind, nor has any other horrible affliction that would make life horrible; she was just very, very fat. Kaylee couldn’t imagine living life as a fat girl; I sympathize completely with her horror.

Even the pig bangers had stopped hitting Ashley up and she is – to my knowledge – currently dating an alleged drug dealer in his late thirties. And even more unbelievably – or not when you think about it – Ashley has become a feminist. During her third and what was supposed to be her final year Ashley dropped her education major and switched to Woman’s Studies, with a minor in stereotypical cliché. Ashley has become a nightmare of a woman. And as I look back on it, she became worse the more she ate. The new tattoos and piercings didn’t appear until her belly did. Perhaps she consciously or unconsciously thought disfiguring other parts of her body would draw people’s eyes away from her belly. If so the time that would have worked was short lived. The damage began with her weight gain; all the uglification radiation of piercings and tats and body stretchers were secondary to the nuclear Hiroshima of fatness upon her once tantalizing midriff.

Even the supposedly ‘nice guys’ of our group shunned her. That week our host seemed to coincidentally wait until Ashley was gone off with another group before inviting us out on his boat. Early 20 something’s, all in good shape, sharing beer’s and laughs on a lake – it’s the stuff of Budweiser commercials. I got to flirt and swim with this every day;


If Ashley would have been around, we could have been blessed with seeing this;


Fatness is depressing

It’s depressing to be around, it’s depressing to witness and it has to be absolutely depressing to live. Fat people aren’t pleasant. Fat people aren’t happy. Ashley had the opportunity to have a halfway decent life. She threw it away one Cappuccino, bacon cheeseburger and Toblerone at a time. Then when people responded to the lack of respect she showed herself she decided to join a hate mongering movement in order to force people to respect her. Does that sound like the kind of person you want to be? Or even be around?

A Plea To Fatties

We know there are at least a few fat people reading this. For those of you who are, whatever your reason – stop. Please stop being fat. I know it seems hard, and it will require long, hard work, but you need to do it – if not to make the world more pleasant for the rest of us, then to make the world more pleasant for yourselves.

It requires determination and hard work but weight loss is simple. Forget all the diets or quick weight loss schemes; there are only three factors to weight loss: calories, exercise, and time. Keep track of your daily caloric intake, and if you are currently obese try to find and maintain an equilibrium between 1400-2400 less to really begin your weight loss.

Exercise constantly, no matter how you do it. You don’t need to be in a gym to exercise – walk as much as possible. Take the stairs, park at the back of a parking lot instead of driving around for 5 minutes trying to find a spot closest to the door. Find a hobby that requires movement and stimulates mental thought process – playing a musical instrument might not seem like hard exercise, but it will use up calories and help keep you from being bored and wanting to eat. Watching what you eat and exercising, you’re on your way – time will do the rest, but if you’ve let your body become a mess it will take awhile to recover. There is no shortcut. Do us all – including yourself – a favour. Stop being fat. Don’t be like Ashley. You can change.

And if you refuse to – yes, refuse; nobody buys that you can’t you whining hamplanet – then for god sakes don’t die in a building. If you feel a chest pain coming on get outside quick so the paramedics and fire department don’t have to cut a hole in the wall and drag you out with a forklift. It’s embarrassing for everyone and a pain in the ass for emergency services which have better things to be doing. In fact, if you’re not going to stop being fat you should go out to the woods right now and just lie down and die; at least your bloated fatness will be able to feed some animals. Winter’s coming, and unlike you they need all the food they can get to keep themselves from starving to death through it. Animals make the world more beautiful. Fatso’s don’t.


And no, you don’t count

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75 thoughts on “From Fit To Fat”

  1. Fatness has changed. It used to be rare, so it could have somewhat of an endearing quality to it (young women excepted). A group of boys might have the one fat, funny kid. Your one aunt who was fat and sweet and happy. But now it is so pervasive, with so many haggard fat people. It is unbearable.
    BTW the bad attitude, tattoos, and piercing are more unforgivable than the fatness, IMO

    1. Die bona stanston!
      You should have posted with the name Stephen Hawking, so in the future I could include a blurb onto each one of my articles;
      “This is what needs to be said.”
      – Stephen Hawking
      It’d really give my next article about building and staffing your own sex dungeon some real pizzazz.

  2. God she used to be pretty. An ugly chick who becomes “real” is no great loss but a hot chick who packs on the pounds is so, so sad.

    1. Die bona Merkage!
      I agree completely agree.
      Time can be a terribly hilarious shit storm. I find it depressing to watch older movies, seeing a beautiful woman in them and knowing that, even if she was alive today, there is absolutely zero chance you’d ever stick your dick in her. Faye Dunaway from Bonnie and Clyde – mega fox. Today? *shudder* That blonde chick from Goldfinger who gets painted? Holy christ 1960s! I wish I was a time traveller.
      I can sort of understand how someone who is fat (I’ll throw a bone to the fat men here and include them; even though the fat acceptance movement was created and perpetrated almost completely by fat women) from their early childhood, say 6 and beyond, can stomach being overweight. They don’t know anything better. But for the guys and girls who were in shape for a good chunk of their life and suddenly put on the poundage around 19-29? How can they stand to see themselves go? How can they handle the extreme change of their lives after that?
      Especially once attractive girls still in their 20s or teens. Most of us know about how women in their 30s begin to drop off the radar of most men but at least they got to ride the carousel. Imagine being like Ashley in the article, where you’ve been getting constant attention from guys since you were 11, date nights were perpetually full, you got to dance with people you found attractive and who liked you right back.
      Then in a few months that’s all gone, you’re a non-being, nothing. And all your girlfriends, still in their prime, still thin and attractive, are having the time of their lives while you’re at home watching Community and eating Oreos. I can’t imagine a worse kind of hell then that – knowing for a fact your life shouldn’t be this way; it should better.
      But they make that choice. Overweight people who refuse to change are bad enough, but the ones who announce that we should help alleviate their sorrow? Fuck them x infinity. There are people in the world with genuine problems beyond their control that I’d rather give my pity to.

      1. YOu can be thin and be a feminist. There is not correlation IMO between being fat and feminist, though I get your point about fat girls looking to litterally force people to accept their conditions.
        As a European, I’m always in shock to see to what extent American girls can go when it comes to weight. This is simply disgusting. Nothing is easier than eating some vegetables and fruit, nothing is easier than just walking/running everyday. Eating disorder is not an excuse – I had one for ten years, fight hard against it, and got my little 6/8 size back.
        For me, it is as criminal to encourage overweight than it is to encourage anorexia. Both are unhealthy lifestyle – I don’t see WHY on earth we should accept overweight as a norm. It is not, it is dangerous and it is gross. Just like bett dito for instance (this girl made me actually stop eating sugar. One day, I just accidentally saw a picture of her…never again.) How can mainstream media accept that she does overweight apology ??? Imagine her having the same speech the other way around (encouraging not even anorexia, just slanderness). Reactions would be so different I’m sure.
        Am I the only one who was deeply shocked by Drop Dead Diva message ? This main actress would be beautiful if not stunning, if she would loose weight. The girl is obviously morbidly obese – but yet, everyone seems to encourage her to remain like this, absolutely disgusting (double chin, incredibly big stomach, round legs and arms). The worst sight of the show was to see her eating donughts or deep fried sh*t. What the f????
        By the way…please do an article on this Drop dead diva show. It is urgent to stop that stupid, criminal, unresponsible and unhealthy message that “big is beautiful”, it is so dangerous and misleading.

        1. Size 6-8 is fucking huge, fatty. How are you even European? You’re like a European landwhale.

    2. I have looked up some of the girls I knew in high school in Facebook that I almost hooked up with. Imagine my disappointment when I saw from their photos how much weight they had gained. I didn’t attempt to contact them for that reason. Really dispiriting.

      1. Women from my former college are married, with kids or in the process. Most of them gained 6-10 kilograms, even before the kids. I knew them at 23, and now at an average age of 28-30, I wouldn’t hit on them even if they were single.

  3. I thought this article was quite good as it was realistic and didn’t seem particularly one sided, it just told a story that had some valuable lessons and thoughts in it.
    I think fat people can be happy….but only through denial or low standards, and we are always going to have fat people…..
    I hope those that read this article ignore the parts that may be offensive or a little ‘ROK’ orientated and instead take the message here which I think is this:
    If you let yourself fall into bad eating habits and let those habits control you and your life decisions, you may end up with a very messed up, sad life.
    I hope this article helps some people.

    1. Well, the message I took out of it went something like this:
      “If you’re a fat lump of shit, please, please go to McD’s and order triple servings 5 times a day minimum, that way you’ll die sooner and we won’t have to look at you (or pay for years of health care).”
      See, I have zero sympathy. When I hear about a morbidly obese person (guy or girl) losing weight to become “just” obese I don’t clap my hands, no, I just think, “Fuck off and die already, cunt.” Maybe I’m in the minority, maybe not.

      1. While i appreciate your gusto, I would point out that there are plenty of fat fucker guys in America and other places…..
        If someone is making a concerted effort to unfuck themselves, I say ‘semi bravo’ until they’re completely unfucked, and then it’s an enthusiastic and genuine bravo.

    2. Die bona Kane!
      I consider my writing akin to the Bible – there might be some things in there that make you scratch your head, but most of it is truth and you must have faith and believe in everything I have written for thee.
      The saddest fact of this story is that it now happens every year. Every graduating High School class in most western countries will have, within 4 years, formerly thin people who have ballooned to near or complete morbid obesity.
      This endemic is avoidable. In fact, I’m going to outright say that it’s hard to be fat. I’m currently on 1600 calories a day and it is expensive as hell to maintain since the stuff I like to eat are naturally low in cals, and those foods are expensive and time consuming to produce. I nearly have to overeat on brown rice and spinach. I love olives and habaneros – there are 5 cals in each olive and a half cup of habs are 15. I’d have to gorge myself to sickness to reach 16 hundy a day on that stuff. There’s a reason why we were all skinny before heavily processed cheap snacks and fast food chains. A single bacon cheese burger and medium fries from McDicks is 700 calories – and that’s ignoring the massive amounts of sodium in that stuff. How many people do you see just eating a small meal like that at fast food stores?
      Back in Uni I used to see kids who had a cheeseburger and a deep fried side at lunch, complete with a coke of course. Then another soft drink in the afternoon, then a big ass supper, then they’d pound 12 beers and go to whatever fast food or pizza joint was open after the bar and scarf down another huge meal. When I knew I was getting drunk I had a salad at some point in the day and that was it – I got 1800 cals off the beer alone. And that was one night a week. Some of these kids are consuming nearly 5000 calories every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. – with zero or minimal exercise attempted during the rest of the week to burn it off. Even if they ate frugally Sunday – Wednesday (which they didn’t) that’s still a massive intake.
      I hope this article helps at least one person as well – but they need to realize the only one who will help themselves are themselves.

      1. Yeah, I saw the same thing when I went to uni. The one chick in my class who was hot and got all the guys became a heffer within a year. Then the next year the same thing. Then the next year the same thing…

      2. This. I remember at Maquarie Uni trolling up and down the supermarket figuring out the cheapest source of calories. Turned out to be cheese quesadillas, homemade obv. Problem further compounded by selling blood plasma for said funds. It was like bailing water out of a canoe using a tennis racquet

      3. I appreciate and share your megalomanic streak.
        I recently travelled to America and put on 2 to 3kgs….in about 3 weeks, which was scary.
        People in America have massive portion sizes and the food is mostly crap and sugary…….
        Seriously like I don’t think i had anything without sugar in it, except maybe water….and even then i’m not 100% sure…
        What effect does the sodium have exactly?
        I live in China and I can tell you….10 years later and it’s gonna be just like America in terms of fatties, except the Mc Donalds here is EVEN MORE unhealthy.
        I am freaking out about gaining this extra 3 kgs as it’s the heaviest i’ve ever been in my life (6f1, 93kgs).
        My recent trip to America was quite amazing as there were SOOOO MANY FAT PEOPLE.
        I went on a cruise ship that had all you could eat all the time, there were fat people in wheel chairs that couldn’t even walk because they were so obese and they were stuffing their faces.
        I think it’s something that won’t change until we enter some ‘fall out’ kinda era and there is no quick and easy mc donalds.
        Oh and just in closing for a bit of a chuckle, my families tradition when we see fat people is to make whale noises, good times!
        I hope that the fat people who come in contact with FSW or at least this article gain some motivation to SLIM DOWN instead of just getting all angry and outraged.
        Kane Vast

  4. Women of mediterranean races can stay quite fit by 28 and some even into their 30s. Czech, hungarian and italian women can be gorgeous even by very late 30s.
    On the contrast, many white anglo-saxon women, (particularily brithish and americans) develop wrinkles and veinly hands by 25. For many races the wall begins at 28 and hits by 32. With the current obesity epidemic, feminism and unhealthy lifestyle, many white anglo-saxon women face the wall at 24 and hit it by 28. It is a cruel race for women, and the most reason for them to hit the gym and stop bingedrinking and smoking no later than 24.

    1. I think this is due mainly to lifestyle and diet.
      I am sure that genetics play some role in this…but overall peoples lifestyles and diet make a huge difference in how they age ect ect.

    2. Its because Czech and eastern block women are harder workers. Most I know are big on keeping the house clean and cooking for the family. I saw a study a while back that said women are getring fatter because they stopped doing housework

  5. College girls getting fat… I saw it today with my own eyes.
    A girl who started out chubby and was borderline bangable turned into morbidly obese in just a year.

    1. Die bona usual!
      Lol, soon it’s not even going to be the freshman 15 any more – it’ll be the freshman 50.

    2. I’d say a good 40 to 50 percent have substantially high BMIs especially the shorter ones…their BMIs are approaching 40

    1. Die bona Ronin!
      Honestly, it’s telling of the sad state of today’s kids when I don’t even need to add “Based on a true story” because we all have a similar one of our own.

  6. Just like that Native American reacting to litter in the old PSA, I shed a tear when a fine babe of yesteryear lets herself go. Anyway, props for at least giving tips on shedding pounds at the end. Weight loss is not impossible and don’t forget that the FAT IN OUR BODIES is a huge source of energy so reducing caloric intake and making the body use fat for energy is key.
    Extreme case in point:
    “In 1965, a severely obese man starved himself and survived off his body fat for 1 year and 17 days. He was continually monitored by University of Dundee medical staff in Scotland who only fed him yeast, multi-vitamins and occasionally potassium for his heart. They kept their eye on his condition and took routine blood tests. After all was said and done, he had dropped from 456 pounds to 180 pounds. He was weighed again 5 years later and had only put on 15 pounds.”
    Taken from:

  7. The only girls I saw in college that exercised were the ones that were already in shape. Never did I see an overweight person (unless it was a big dude that could bench press a Honda Civic) disgrace us with his/her presence. It was a shame some of those girls got chunky during the 4 years of college. However, I respected the girls with the tight bodies that came in and worked their asses off to maintain that image. That always put a smile on my face and a boner in my pants.

    1. Die bona Remington!
      You literally just described everything a chick needs to do to win at life.
      Create and maintain tight bodies, put smiles on peoples faces and put boners in men’s pants.
      Any woman who can manage that will have a very, very happy life.

    2. Very true…I know some fat women who have managed to lose weight but it seems to be mostly the fat men I know that work out. This is most likely because losing weight doesn’t real affect the ability of the fat woman to get laid…it only affects the quality of the men she attracts. The men know in order to get laid AT ALL, even by fat women themselves…they must lose weight. Most women I see working out are already in shape and plan to stay that way.

      1. Women being fat definitely have less options when it comes to getting laid….
        I think people are probably less likely to give a fat woman shit compared to a fat man.
        Women can always safely play the victim in stuff but when men do it they are pussies……so i’d say that a lot less people criticise women about being fat (outside of highschool) than they do men, hence why women have less motivation to work out.

        1. Also I think men don’t use food as a ‘comforter’ for bad emotional states as much, due to culture and a few other things.

        2. Disgustingly fat women have infinitely more sexual options then disgustingly fat men. Just because the woman may not want to sleep with these men available to her doesn’t change the fact that she CAN. Besides people who are legit chubby chasers, there is always some thirsty dude with no other options trying to get it in. Some of these dudes may even be thin, good-looking men who just needed to get a nut off. A obese man will never fuck a fly woman just because she’s feeling horny and thirsty and will settle for him because she can’t get anyone else that night. Obese men have far less options, and unless they are wealthy or famous, they are basically left with the scraps of female society (other obese women, the disfigured, the creepers, the social outcasts, the ugly). Women will only start working out and becoming thin when their sexual options completely diminish. As long as they are still receiving 20 messages a day on OkCupid, they have no reason to lose weight…it’s not like they care about doing it for the health benefits, ha.
          The women I know that are fat and workout, have done so because they want to compete with their thin friends for the same male attention. They are sick of being stuck with the ugly or fat guy of the group who approaches them. They want a handsome successful man too. They are basically jealous and want a proper arm-piece to conjure up some new-found status.

  8. A sad but frank article. It shows the slowly progressive self-destruction one sees when a woman “lets herself go”.
    I find it quite annoying that such women place themselves in the position of becoming much less attractive to men, yet become even more bitter and in denial, causing them to become bitter even more. All while secretly being of being vicious towards slender, attractive women ..all while attempting to redefine fat as “beautiful”.
    The increasing number of obese women only serves to make attractive, healthy, & socially warm women that much more valuable.

  9. Haha, the good game good game analogy brought a smile to my face. Residence life was good fun. It was always funny asking guys which room they was in and bonding over the fact that you’ve all boffed the same chick at some point

  10. I enjoyed this read very much. It’s an in-your-face example of what can happen to beauty and I find it terrifying in that sense. Personally, I have a fat-phobia in the context of being afraid of becoming fat or even average. My body type is considered to be very desirable in our society/culture and for that I am thankful. To maintain it I work out, eat very healthy and indulge far less frequently than as a kid. I don’t really drink, but I do smoke weed. If anything, that says a lot about my dedication to fitness because if even the stoner can acquire and maintain an attractive body then why can’t a fat girl restrict her diet? It speaks volumes to laziness and the utter refusal for people not to lose weight.

  11. This is a quality post about fatness, top quality. It’s not as harsh as most fat shaming articles have been, but oh so tragic to read.

  12. there are only three factors to weight loss: calories, exercise, and
    time. Keep track of your daily caloric intake, and if you are currently
    obese try to find and maintain an equilibrium between 1400-2400 less to
    really begin your weight loss.

    Wrong. See among others.
    1. Eliminate carbs (<20 grams per day for 2 weeks, then <50), but eat as much fat and protein as you want. Snack on pork rinds. Eat eggs or meats or (non starchy) vegetables. Some cheeses. You will stop wanting to eat when you are full (leptin) and probably drop 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks.
    2. Exercise is unnecessary to weight loss but is healthy.
    3. Time matters, only that you must keep it up and never return to the sweets and starches.
    Insulin tells your body to store fat. Every time you eat something that raises blood glucose (starch or sugar), the pancreas raises insulin, so the fat goes into the fat cells, so you are starving inside since you aren’t able to use the fat in your blood for energy so are always hungry and tired and weak.
    When you eat only fat, your body shifts into ketosis – where everything is burning fat (including your brain), the insulin isn’t there so the fat comes out of your fat cells and your hunger goes down (since all that extra fat inside is available for energy). You just need to get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals. When you eat a bit you get a release of leptin that makes you feel satisfied and full.
    If you are fat, and have tried everything else, try a low-carb, high-fat diet, like Atkins, Primal, Paleo, (Zoe) Harcombe, or others. You can lose weight and keep it off.

    1. 100 per cent correct.
      Amazingly many people do not know these facts.
      Also it takes great effort to get off the carbs.
      In our grandparents day there were not the vast availability of carbs out there.
      Take a look around the next news agents or supermarket you enter, and you’ll see 99 per cent of the food is sugar, flour and corn syrup based with vast amounts of calories that don’t combat peoples hunger for long before they feel hungry again.
      And remember, fat is not good. Everyone feels better when at a healthy weight. But this issue is not restricted to women, look around and you’ll see many fat men around too.

  13. I sit here with my coffee and sugar free creamer, and after reading her diet, strangely I put it back down without thinking?
    Sad, very sad. When you walk into a room, and remind people that what they are doing will lead to you if not immediately finished has to be mortifying. I guess it takes great strength to quit that mountainous mass of body gelatin waves; but getting there seems to be most of their problem. It is as if they had already admitted defeat.

  14. Billy Chubs you’re my hero. This article and the last one you wrote especially are incredible.

  15. The best article of fat shaming week. Indisputable, real life evidence of how and why, someone can let themselves go to such a degree.
    Anything can be changed – it’s simply excuses people use to allow themselves to fall into such disrepair.
    Why on earth is she taking pictures of herself now?? It’s an insult to my eyes.

  16. There are lots of fat men and fat women in the West today – especially in the USA.
    This is a problem of both sexes.
    Genetics and basic character have not fundamentally changed in two generations.
    The cause is an addiction to carbohydrates – sugar, corn syrup, fructose, flour based products, fries, chips, crisps, pasta, pizzas, rice, bread etc etc.
    This is where the focus needs to be. How do we get people away from being addicted to these foods.

    1. Removing sugar quotas and banning HFCS would be a good start. Next: tax soda through the nose, especially Diet Coke.

        1. Obviously. Go watch Lustig’s Sugar: The Bitter Truth again, but pay closer attention this time.

        2. Indeed; I’ve always found the truth makes for better decision making, but if you aren’t going to listen to the world’s formost proponant of classifying HFCS as a toxin, you aren’t going to listen to me.

        3. Indeed; I’ve always found the truth makes for better decision making, but if you aren’t going to listen to the world’s formost proponant of classifying HFCS as a toxin, you aren’t going to listen to me.

        4. If you’re trying to say that you agree that HFCS is worse than sugar by posing the rhetorical question about lowering the price of sugar to reduce its demand, you really didn’t make yourself clear.

  17. Although objectively speaking obesity definitely has been on the rise lately, this subjective focus on being overweight has really made the issue bigger than it seems. I don’t mean to be rude, but being around fat people doesn’t make you fat, you’re not obligated to bang fat people or even talk to them if you don’t want to, so I don’t see the point in shaming them or bad-mouthing them, whether it’s their choice, or whether it’s genetics or a bit of both it’s THEIR issue, not ours, and I know plenty of overweight people who are very nice people, and although I would like to help them become healthier, it’s not MY JOB and them being overweight doesn’t affect me in the slightest, and by producing articles such as this it just makes non-overweight people seem very petty

    1. “. . . it’s THEIR issue, not ours . . .”
      Until they join a fat acceptence movement which berates lean people for being biggoted haters simply for being lean.

      1. and that’s different from what lean people are doing right here in this article etc. because?

        1. Other than the clinical body dysmorphia (shared with anorexics and body builders) and the whole “acceptence” thing; nothing.

  18. Wow, I hope I wasn’t as stupid as you troglodytes when I was 18. Do women have any agency of their own with you guys? Women are people. They have thoughts, dreams and hopes just like we do.
    I know I’m not your target audience – I’m a gay man in my mid thirties. But the way you boys talk about women is really… I suppose creepy is the word? I did my fair share of slutting about when I was younger, but this attitude you guys have just makes my skin crawl.

    1. This girl destroyed her life and her future. What’s wrong with saying that a culture that encourages and enables such things is bad?

  19. Sad story. I don’t know why the medical establishment doesn’t call obesity an “eating disorder” just like anorexia and bulimia . Likely something happened in this poor girl’s life and she “snapped” and went on a perpetual eating bender. I’ve heard sugars stimulate the same addiction centers in the brain as drugs…
    Not mentioned in this story but I would bet big $$$ her politics are now radical fem/leftoid/prog/libtard. Fatness =Feminism=liberalism

  20. I’m pretty much the exact opposite of a lot of my classmates (both male and female) from high school. they were all pretty much skinny or fit, but after HS ballooned up to chunky, chubby, fat, or obese. I, on the other hand, used to be a chubby kid, then I stopped drinking soda and leaned out. After college, I finally started taking health seriously, and I am lean and muscular. I wish that I had started sooner, because I’d probably be taller, more competitive, etc..

  21. I take it you’re not around many fat people, because you could not be more wrong. Fat people tend to be both pleasant and happy. It’s the thin people who are neither. Your views of the world are so warped that I honestly wonder if you ever interact with anyone at all.

  22. You get an internet connection in your mom’s basement? That’s cool, keep on writing I guess.

  23. I may be sad when a woman gets fat in college, but it’s sadder still when she does it after getting married. I recall one particular smoking hot slip of a woman, a career girl who married a guitarist (she could afford a toyboy hubby). She now looks like a 5′-high barrel with a trapezoidal head and no neck. The fact that she is still bubbly and nice somehow makes it worse. I am nearly overcome with pity when I meet her.

  24. Wow. I sincerely hope this article is a joke, as it (and most of the comments) are just pure abuse. Really horrendous things are being said with so little understanding of the issues surrounding why some people are overweight or obese (and it’s not just ‘they’re lazy and eat too much’). ‘Masculine’ doesn’t equal ‘incredibly offensive and shallow’. I’m a guy and wouldn’t dream of being so judgemental on looks, it really isn’t the be-all and end-all in a person. There’s no point in going on, but something had to be said as it’s this kind of shitty attitude that really screws up people (p.s. don’t assume all girls want to hook up with you back)

  25. In fact, if you’re not going to stop being fat you should go out to the woods right now and just lie down and die; at least your bloated fatness will be able to feed some animals. Winter’s coming, and unlike you they need all the food they can get to keep themselves from starving to death through it. Animals make the world more beautiful. Fatso’s don’t.
    That was the funniest thing I ever read. I am still giggling as I write this.
    Thanks billy, I decided to get in shape as it is, this only encourages me.

  26. I agree with just about everything in this article except the science.
    Fact is, you can’t tell someone to eat less calories and they’ll lose weight. That’s not how the body works, and science has clearly shown that. They have to fundamentally change what they eat. The sugary soda and cookies and candy have to go. The simple, high-in-carb foods like pastas and breads have to go. Fatties need to be eating lots of vegetables, lots of monounsaturated fats, and lots of lean proteins.
    Chicken breasts, fish, veggies, salads, berries, etc. They need to be stuffing their faces full of truly healthy food, and they need to be engaging in high intensity interval training. The fat will melt right off.
    But its exactly like you said. Its not easy. Its hard, and it will require time.

  27. Corporate Matrix it´s highly interested in a fat population.
    – Compulsive eaters are compulsive consumers (cool for banks and stores)
    – Fat people abuses of process food (cool for those poison makers)
    – Fat people have more diseases (cool for drug companies and health insurance companies)
    – Fat people uses more private transport (cool for oil producers)
    And so on…

  28. It appears you don’t know the difference between then and than so you can indeed flush your “impressive English degree” down the toilet.

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