12 Methods America Is Using To Turn France Into A Globalist Nightmare

Recently, Roosh shared with me an article in three parts on a conference that took place in Paris in 2010, initiated by the US ambasador to France, Charles Rivkin and aimed at many influencal figures of the state. The goal of this confidential conference was to deconstruct the French identity and sovereignty through different actions.

The document was released on Wikileaks and can be found here. It is a written proof of the will of the American government and investors to interfere in the domestic affairs of our sovereign state, something that we see in our daily lives. Here are the fields on which the multicuturalist and globalist decisions maker focus:

1. School


Being a former teacher, I noticed the introduction of constant changes since my youth and the education I received. An even stronger cultural masochism is taught to our kids at school. Racist and racism are the almighty go-to words that instantly discredit the hour-long argumentation of anyone, even when backed with research and scientific proof.

Educational lobbies are changing the school programs to teach the glory of African kingdoms and the expansion of Islam, instead of French history and civilization. Leftists call anyone who wants to focus on native history and its figures a “neo-colonialist.” As French polemicist Eric Zemmour puts it, destroying “the French National epic” and its heroes is the goal. The Rivkin program also includes redefining French history in the school curricula to give attention to the role of non-French minorities in French history.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Education Minister

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Education Minister

The decision of teaching more about Arab kingdoms than French kings belongs to the current Minister of education, formerly Minister of Women’s rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, a short-haired Arab woman born in Morocco who became French because her dad worked in France. She is fighting against sexism and inequality, is pro-abortion and stumps for the rights of the gay and transsexual lobby. I am obviously expecting an unbiased decision.

Rivkin states in the report of the conference, that the 1,000 American English language teachers employed at French schools will be provided with the propaganda materials necessary to inculcate the desired ideals into their French pupils.

2. Kids shows


The earlier the better. Back when I was a child, the cartoons I watched depicted mighty heroes crushing the enemy, often bloodily. There was a conflict between good and evil and a lesson taught. The story had a beginning, a chain of events, and an end. Now every episode has too many characters (all diversity-approved) who are often weak, but that’s ok because everyone is nice and worrying about the unknown is intolerant. The creators teach children that being a weakling is not a problem and that working on your looks is not important because true beauty is in the heart.

As the son of an ambassador, Rivkin had no experience in foreign policy and diplomacy. He was appointed because he had experience in including multiculturalist propaganda in kids’ shows and being the CEO of the Wildbrain company, which created Yo Gabba Gabba! among other things. Watch an extract of the show if you don’t know it, you will understand what I mean.

3. Language


People in France will be fooled into thinking that by promoting multiculturalism, they carry the French ideals of the Revolution and the Enlightenment brought by the French spirit of democracy. They would be insulting the memory of the Siècle des Lumières and the reputation of the “land of the human rights” by refusing more migrants or not adapting to all the tantrums thrown by the minorities on French soil.

The pledge for equality starts with our language. America brought us the political correctness. It is not politically correct to call a black man “noir” which is the name of the black color in french. Now it is better to say “un black,” since the English term apparently makes it ok. We cannot call a homosexual man “homosexuel,” so now we have to use “gay.”

And the list goes on. WTF, lol, parking, shopping, wifi, buzz, tweet, swag, like etc. now invades the language of our children and adults, already under the attack of ghetto slang. I have a deep love for English and pride myself in the knowledge I have of it, but like Sebastien Chabal, proud Gaul, said:


4. Food


The phenomenon of “malbouffe” (junk food) is smearing our rich culinary culture and became an essential part of our young people’s social life and diet. Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and other giants advertise everywhere and fast food “restaurants” just pop out of nowhere, even in the remote countryside. So does liquid sugar merchant Starbucks and its open support to homosexuals.

Our national agrarian system is now invaded by pesticides and automated agriculture. The opponents of it are quickly silenced. With the GMOed Frankenstein turnips and corn created in American labs, the plants mutate and the people will soon pay the price.

Small local producers disappear and the large companies put what they want in the food. We are still slightly protected by our national laws on food quality and protected labels. But for how long?

5. Influence on native youth


The Hipster-loving, tattoo-sporting, slut-celebrating culture as reached them and they love it. It makes them feel so special. So did lesbian and pansexual attention whoring of the girls, taught by pornography and the Hollywood crowd.

Promiscuity is on the rise, thanks to apps such as Tinder, the fashion of selfies, likes, attention-whoring, nudes sent on smartphones, Sex In The City, Instagram and the promotion of the hook-up culture, even if the young girls become more feminists. It goes only one way: against men.

The destruction of the nuclear family model and healthy relationships between men and women is the objective. The global culture turns our girls into unfuckable modern art masterpieces and our lads into fragile chicken-legged boys in skinny jeans and snapbacks for the urban predator to rob and attack.

6. Hollywood culture


The Hollywood sphere keeps unloading its filth in France. Open homosexuality, metrosexuality, narcotic abuse, along with Pitt-Jolie and their adopted African kids, brought around like a new handbag are everywhere in our tabloids. Everything they do is cool—changing religion like you change underwear, becoming a woman because you are bored, mudsharking, being gay as a three pound note. The words they say are followed by the mass like the bloody Gospel.

7. Destruction of nationalism


The civil rights and feminist movements that trampled the ideas of freedom of association and patriarchy inspired the plague that are the anti-whites of SOS Racisme (oh, the irony) and the anti-heterosexual male feminists of Ni putes, Ni soumises (“Neither Whore nor Submissive”).

Regionalists and nationalist movements and their sympathizers are filed by the police and intelligence services like they supposedly do with the potential jihadis.

Observe what happened in Corsica lately. The police services are moving heaven and earth to find the handful of men that broke into the Mosque and smashed the kebab place, but leave the youths that attacked the two firemen and the police officer that sparked the gatherings of the patriots in the first place. When a handful of Corsicans show more patriotic balls than millions of hand-holding JE SUIS CHARLIEs, there is an issue.

The objective detailed in Rivkin’s report is to monitor and counter any party that does not satisfy their agenda, namely nationalists and traditionalists, dubbing them “racist” and “xenophobic.” The words verbatim: “focusing on the decrease in popular support for xenophobic political parties and platforms.” This is to ensure that the program is working as it should to block the success of any “extreme” or “xenophobic” party that might challenge globalization.

8. Consumption


The consumerism brilliantly orchestrated since the end of World War II started with GIs distributing cigarettes and chocolate to French children after four years of rationing during the Occupation, and continues with the giant American corporations pushing us to purchase things we don’t need. Inside every French, there is an American trying to get out.

The explosion of advertising budgets of the likes of Pepsi, Kellogg’s, or McDonald’s shows it. Some courageous peasants lead by Jose Bové, seeing the threat, tried to take McDonald’s influence apart physically, by crushing one of their joints with their tractors. They failed, as they had limited means compared to the gigantic reserves of cash the corporation had.

Before, the French were champions of recycling and inventiveness. Now they throw away without repairing. There is an obsession with novelty and the newest gadgets. This also helps them collect your data and know your taste so they can propose more things to buy. “Oh you bought X Item, you will also like Y and Z item! Buy, buy, buy!”

9. Influence on non-native youth


The Quick burger chain in France now wants to have the cool halal image and will only serve halal meat in a few years. McDonalds France already serves halal meat but does not advertise it and admits serving it without explicitly warning their clients. So do KFC France and Flunch.

The halal market is a gigantic and lucrative one, as the client that buys it pays a tax directly to the mosques and their private funds on the pretext that they are the authorities that validate every kilogram of halal meat produced. Some large chains of supermarkets focus more and more on their halal clientele. In addition to the sanitary risks of halal slaughtering, the problem is that the natives have to adapt to the non-natives’ diet in the name of equality.

There is also a strong phenomenon of “thugization” of the black and Arab youths in the housing estates of the big cities. All of that thanks to the rap and gang culture, brought by American television shows and the gangsta clips on MTV.


“They confirm their deep culture of violence! Quick, give them more love and integration!”

10. Communication tools


The tablets and smart phones reach us younger and younger each year. Every schoolkid that can barely read already has a smartphone, an open door to porn, and the rest. Every family has one, and they replaced the baby-sitters.

Your position is always known thanks to your phone and they will listen to what you say if they want to. They know how many of you are in the house, what is your daily routine, what you buy, and what you read. The algorithms and data are kept.

The policy of “état d’urgence,” initiated following the Paris attacks, allows the government to bypass all the laws about digital privacy on the internet and is directly inspired by the Patriot Act that followed 9/11.

With the development of smartphone video games, more entertainment online, more immersive and time-consuming games where the mind is put on pause, you have fewer people thinking and questioning whoever is in charge.

11. Celebrations


Ah, Halloween. Another hardly disguised consumerist celebration. Occulting the autumn equinox and All Saints’ Day, trampling the tradition of family meals and flowering the graves of our loved ones, one pack of cheap lollies at a time. Overpriced costumes and diabetes for the kids, slutty behaviour and bad decisions for the grownups. Well, at least the pumpkin farmers thank you.

Santa Claus, invented by Coca Cola, pulverized Saint Nicolas that my father used to sing about and greet as a child. The cries of ungrateful brats under the Christmas tree because Barbie’s caravan does not include the picnic table replaced the Christmas carols. My grandfather used to say “When I was a child, we got an orange and a candy stick for Christmas. If we did not behave, we got a bag of coal. So don’t complain.”

12. Work


The salaries often drop to the legal minimum since Mr. Ford introduced his magic recipe for greater profit. You don’t want to work? We’ll hire someone more desperate that will. You are a number, we are a corporation and we have goals. The employees are highly replaceable cogs in this ugly new machine.

Back in the day, we could call a spade a spade in the workplace. The hard workers, with their fists like anvils that were the pride of our nation, getting smashed on red wine in the morning while smoking Gauloises and farting before whistling at the nice girl that was passing by, are muzzled or slowly replaced by robots.

With political correctness, you can’t joke, you can’t fart without offending the office’s year-round victim. Work used to be a place of manliness and brilliant banter, now it is a circus of tap-dancing haughty wusses, hypochondriacs, and harpies always between two pregnancy leaves.


Don’t be fooled—you are next on their list. Their end game is to submerge us into one big melting pot of global consumerism, to uproot every individual from an identity and heritage and replace that with the global shopping mall, and the “global village.”

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  1. I love France and French Culture…and I’m English…it’s a f*cking shame what’s happening to France(Rivkin is a Kike)

        1. We are reminded of this fact every time we look at the Statue of Liberty. Fucking with France means you’re fucking with pissed off Yanks as well.

    1. So it’s important that Rivkin the Kike is a Kike even though he’s clearly representing American Interests? Don’t get me wrong, kikes are overwhelmingly in favor of degeneracy but let’s not excuse the American or the French either. After all, the French Revolution and the French, including their “emperor” readily exported “liberal” values, and so did America. Postmodernism, liberalism and “the enlightenment” are mostly European diseases that were mostly exploited by the opportunistic or sick like (((Rivkin))).

  2. With a few minor variations, this article could be about the US imposing its globalist / progressive nonsense on any country (the most recent examples being in E. Europe and the Baltics).
    All I can say is “May God Bless Russia” (and even then, I’m not too certain that Russia’s opposition may be in the elite’s plans).

  3. …and here’s how you can fight back:
    1. Homeschool your children.
    2. Kill the tube.
    3. Move to a semi-rural area and remove all external influence on your family.
    4. Get a small greenhouse and grow your own vegetables; learn hunting/farming, also see #3.
    5. See #1.
    6. Boycott Hollywood, also see #2.
    7. Study history, politics and religion (VERY important!).
    8. Stop being a consumer and start being a producer (farmer, small business, etc.), slowly reject consumerism and adopt self-sufficiency.
    10. Reject social media.
    11. See #8.
    12. See #8.
    Also, get in touch with extended/second cousins in your native country back home (for leads on good girls). Find and marry a traditional, conservative, religious, village girl. Have lots of babies (4 to 6, or more if you know what you’re doing). Follow 1 to 12. Teach your children to do the same.
    Stockpile gold and weapons (for self-defense) in case shit hits the fan. Spread the word and educate everyone else to do the same.

      1. “Too little, too late. We are witnessing Full Spectrum Dominance here. Agenda 21 is our future and anyone who doesn’t go along will be killed.”
        I respect your opinion; however; I believe it’s NOT too late. For most countries, it will take at least a couple of generations for all of the plans of the elites to come to full fruition. We have not passed the point of no return, far from it.
        In the process, more men will wake up to the Truth and start adopting 1 to 12 as many already have on this website. This is a long-term strategy. As they do, elites will find it increasingly more difficult to strong-arm their plans into place.
        Why do you think some countries are flirting around with banning homeschooling? Because they recognize raising children away from the school system with religious values as a threat to their oppressive governments.
        When shit finally hits the fan, men will be well prepared and real men will die fighting for what they believe in as they always have throughout the ages and not just give themselves up. Basically, I believe it will be something like a global version of the American Revolutionary war.
        Elites, along with their minions and sympathizers will be on one side pitted against mainly religious forces, ethical atheists and other influential non-conformists on the other. Elites will try hard, but they will fail and will finally be eliminated, root and branch and answer for their injustices inflicted on society.

        1. Too bad you’re a dreamer. I’m a realist. Being a seeker of wisdom does not make one wise. I’m sorry but I can’t take an Indian seriously, why isn’t your sorry ass back in India? We don’t need your kind in these here parts. Also, your whole mentality and world-view is molded by Sikhism which is an amalgamation of Hinduism and Islam. Turn to Christ, He has the answers you fucking Pagan.
          P.S. You are NOT a Philosopher-King so get a hair cut you knife wielding Shudra hippie!

        2. “Too bad you’re a dreamer. I’m a realist. Being a seeker of wisdom does not make one wise. I’m sorry but I can’t take an Indian seriously, why isn’t your sorry ass back in India? We don’t need your kind in these here parts.”
          Actually, you’re the biggest racist pussy on this website right now, congratulations.
          “Also, your whole mentality and world-view is molded by Sikhism…”
          Yes, I am a proud Sikh and a direct descendant of the same Sikhs who eventually destroyed the Mughal Empire, instead of just give up and allow ourselves to get slaughtered by Islamists.
          “…which is an amalgamation of Hinduism and Islam.”
          Keep telling that to yourself, third-world elementary school kids who can access Wikipedia know better. Many Truths are common across many religions. By your logic, Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism because Christ was born to Jewish parents? Are you an idiot?
          “Turn to Christ, He has the answers you fucking Pagan.”
          Too bad for you Sikhs have immense respect for Christ because he died for what he believed in instead of just give up like the pussy you are. Your divide and conquer bullshit isn’t going to work here.
          “P.S. You are NOT a Philosopher-King so get a hair cut you knife wielding Shudra hippie!”
          I’m not a Shudra, but nice try though. What do you got against them anyway, did one of them bang your mom or something?
          Sergeant my ass, you’re nothing but a NWO/Globalist hate-mongering racist pussy.

        3. Your whole stupid religion is nothing but liberal, leftist social warrior garbage. You niggers moving into white countries will lead to your destruction. There is nothing noble in your stupid religion or your stupid world-view. You follow a false religion and are an inferior nigger shudra dazzled by maya and drowning in samsara.
          (CNN)– Sikhism, the world’s fifth most popular religion, is a monotheistic faith that believes in equality and service to others, Sikh officials say.
          “Everyone is the same,” says Raghunandan Johar, president of the Guru Nanak Mission of Atlanta. “There is no distinction, no caste system.”
          Navdeep Singh, a policy adviser to the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, says Sikhs believe in freedom of religion, community service and inclusiveness.
          At temples, or gurdwaras, where Sikhs hold services, everyone is welcome.
          “You can come and be equal,” he says.
          This is pure 100% egalitarian social justice bullshit. You don’t belong here on ROK on anywhere in North America because you ARE the problem. You’re just too fucked up to realize it.

        4. “Your whole stupid religion is nothing but liberal, leftist social warrior garbage. You niggers moving into white countries will lead to your destruction. There is nothing noble in your stupid religion or your stupid world-view. You follow a false religion and are an inferior nigger shudra dazzled by maya and drowning in samsara.
          (CNN)– Sikhism, the world’s fifth most popular religion, is a monotheistic faith that believes in equality and service to others, Sikh officials say.”
          Lol you learn about religion from CNN?
          No wonder you’re so fucked up. Why am I even wasting my time with an idiot and a defeatist pussy like you?
          The social foundation of Sikhism is based on tribal patriarchy as it still is in Punjab right now, not egalitarianism. Almost nobody in Punjab has even heard of feminism (thankfully) and yes we do believe that anybody can connect with God, including women, regardless of their ancestry, color, race, religion, etc.
          You’re reminiscent of a 5’2″ tall man-child Kim Jong Un wannabe in a pointy hat who thinks only man-childs in pointy hats should rule the Earth. Thankfully, bigots like you are a dying breed.
          Fighting against elites who oppress and control the masses is what we do just as we did with the Mughal Empire and afterwards, instead of just give up and spread hate like you do.
          And yes, we don’t believe in any caste system full of mindless rituals and other oppressive forms of social control based on one’s birth.
          Good job on learning how to attach a Photoshopped image to a post. It’s never too late to learn.
          You’re just an angry old douchebag who lives every day of his life under his bed in fear of the future and the elites.
          Keep barking Sgt. Defeatist Pussy, you just keep proving yourself a bigger fool with every post.
          Better yet, take a cyanide pill since your pathetic life isn’t worth living.

        5. Lol calls me a raghead while you’re the one with a green diaper full of shit wrapped around your head on your profile pic. No wonder you have such a hard time thinking straight.
          Sorry, but I got no respect for hate-mongering defeatists like you and I had to bitch-slap you back to your senses after you started talking smack about my religion for no reason without provocation.
          Guru Nanak was actually born a Khatri, and not a Shudra. Big difference. Also, the actual physical form of our holy book is not even available online on Amazon (or anywhere), let alone any used copies. It’s only available from two sources in the whole world, precisely to keep it out of the hands of depraved animals like you. We don’t just hand out our holy book to strangers in street corners. All you’ll be getting are expoundings and explanations, so keep pissing away whatever money you’ve saved up.
          Evolution and time will take care of impotent, hate-mongering defeatist pussies like you.

        6. “May Yama rape your wife, ass fuck your father and wipe his ass with your mother.”
          Sorry, but Sikhs don’t believe in Yama or any other Pagan deities. As a Christian (which you’re obviously not), why are you putting your faith in Yama?
          Also, “Yeah, you sound like a Philosopher-King/Saint-Soldier.”
          Better to be a half-rate Philosopher-King/Saint-Soldier rather than an absolute NWO/Globalist, hate-mongering defeatist pussy, coward and traitor to your own fellow brothers like you.
          You sound so proud that two unarmed protesters were killed in a state-instigated riot as if that’s some sort of act of bravery. Most of those people in that video aren’t even Sikhs.
          For every two brave warriors killed, five more wake up and take their place. RSS and impotent Hindutva forces can’t do shit to us, we make up a very significant portion of the Indian Army. Also, Sikhism is actually slowly increasing in India as people (mostly Hindus and tribals) are converting to the faith. Islam is also increasing due to very high birth rates but that’s slowly curbing off. Hinduism is actually in slow and terminal decline due to falling birth rates and nobody converting into the faith.
          Many Empires and governments have tried to destroy the Sikhs and Sikhism, but they’ve all failed. Many will try in the future, and they too will fail.
          If I were you, I’d be more concerned about what’s happening in my own backyard as opposed to somewhere else, instead of talking about things you don’t even understand and making a bigger fool of yourself with each post before all the learned men of the world.
          Last time I checked, things aren’t going very well in NA/EU and you should concentrate on your efforts there just like the rest of us here are, but you’re a traitor to your own fellow brothers and a coward anyway.
          In the mean time, keep dreaming and leave the real work to real men.
          Truth can never be destroyed.

        7. HA! What a fucking joke! “and making a bigger fool of yourself with each post before all the learned men of the world.” – ALL THE LEARNED MEN OF THE WORLD? Where the fuck do you think you’re posting? This isn’t a place for THE LEARNED MEN OF THE WORLD you asshole, this isn’t Harvard or ancient Athens you fucking inferior nigger. It’s a place for horny perverts to learn GAME, not to change the world. You, like all sikhs, are a fucking terrorist. You are also a liberal SJW. What does it say on: http://www.sikhs.org/philos.htm ?
          Sikhism rejects all distinctions of caste, creed, race or sex.
          The Guru’s stressed the full equality of women,…
          You are a SJW. YOU are the fucking problem! You are the Indian equivalent of modern Neo-Con Trotskyites. You rail against the “Elite/NWO” and because the real men who post here also do not want to see the NWO succeed they falsely believe that you are on their side, that you are against SJW’s but in reality you ARE a SJW! Just like the Neo-Cons you are violent and war mongering but you push a basically Marxist agenda of social equality.
          You are an anti-American terrorist in disguise. Sikhs are Deceivers. You side with America against the Muslims presently because it is in your best interests, but in 1860 you would have been a violent abolitionist willing to fight and kill for Negro slaves that would have been freed for economic reasons without violence or bloodshed within the next 50-80 years anyway, as was in Brazil. 100 years ago you would have been on the Progressives side fighting for Womens Rights and Social Equality. You would have wholeheartedly been for Womens Suffrage and all of the social programs that promised to make everyone “equal.” You are simply a Marxist Sikh Khalistani terrorist, nothing more.
          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c0eb221f30318a6f015c8a8b534241043e1b80b856095873feb6cf00d7d2145.jpg Sikhs are anti-American and liberal leftist terrorists. Their values are Marxist and they stand for communist social leveling where everyone is “equal.” This IS Social Justice! Don’t be deceived America! This is the same ideology that killed over 1 Billion people in the 20th Century alone!
          Sikhs are Social Justice Warriors. They are Thuggees, Deceivers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thuggee

        8. “The Guru’s stressed the full equality of women,…”
          Actually, this is completely false and the Sikh Gurus warn men from feminism. Here’s a direct quote I know off my head among many others straight from our holy book:
          “In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, O Nanak, the demons have taken birth.
          The son is a demon, and the daughter is a demon; the wife is the chief of the demons. ||1||” (SGGSJ, 556)
          Another scripture, the Dasam Granth, contains the Charitropakhyan (literally the Wiles of Women) is an entire litany of the various tricks women use to deceive men among many other moral messages with warnings to keep your head up.
          You’re obviously not capable of doing any real research on the religion and its history and just referencing quotes from websites (most of them written by non-Sikhs) and posting pictures that fit your NWO/Globalist narrative, in your futile effort to spread hate to confuse and divide the people on this website.
          Sikhism IS based on tribal patriarchy as it still is today in the Punjab and honor killing, for women who try to elope or engage in premarital sex is prevalent here much like in the Arab world (the guy can end up getting killed, too). Girls here themselves don’t believe in absolute equality and nobody’s heard of feminism, which is a Western construct and basically doesn’t exist in the East. Why won’t you go there and see for yourself?
          “You rail against the “Elite/NWO” and because the real men who post here also do not want to see the NWO succeed they falsely believe that you are on their side, that you are against SJW’s but in reality you ARE a SJW!”
          You’re a total fucktard. The NWO/Globalist elites are enemies of all including Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. and not just Sikhs. You’re nothing but a NWO/Globalist racist pussy which is why you advocate men just give up and do nothing.
          “Just like the Neo-Cons you are violent and war mongering but you push a basically Marxist agenda of social equality.”
          Sikhism has nothing to do with Marxism, unless you think it’s Marxist for access to divinity be available to all, regardless of the sex, caste, race, tribe, etc. as that historically was not the case in India at that time. That’s the fundamental equality Sikhism advocates as per our holy book and that’s how it’s in Punjab right now.
          In Sikhism, right to divinity (which is really just a subset of right to your own conscience) and right to bear arms are inalienable rights, which is why baptized Sikhs wear a turban (first inalienable right) and also wear a sword (second inalienable right).
          Sikhism is a hidden gem and is actually very well thought out by our Gurus.
          Any ideas of “Social Justice” in Sikhism was in relation to uprising against the Mughal Empire and other oppressive governments when Sikhs were facing existential threat. Today, for a few misguided Sikhs (just like some Christians, Muslims, etc.), as the result of Western influence, it manifests itself in the West for whatever nonsense that passes off as “social justice” today and has no bearing whatsoever on Sikhs or Sikhism in the Punjab, where most of us reside and tribal patriarchy rules.
          Sikhs are not Anti-American just because one idiot (actually an Anti-Sikh, Congress Party shill in India) burned the American flag when a 40 year old white extremist killed 6 Sikhs in Wisconsin in a hate crime.
          The Khalistan Movement has nothing to do with America and was a reaction to the Indian Government atrocities on Sikhs in the 1980’s.
          You obviously have no idea about the history of the region or religion and are just talking out of your hate-mongering ass.
          My original post outlined steps to resist the agenda for all people of all religions, including Christians, as we are all under threat. You basically just told everyone to give up and do nothing and went on an anti-Sikh tirade without any provocation.
          The Globalist agenda is GLOBAL and affects everyone, Sikhs and Christians alike and everyone will have to unite for us to stand a chance against their long-term plans.
          I’m not a white Christian, but I do sympathize their cause and understand the NWO/Globalist agenda to subjugate Europe is just one part of a larger plan, which is why I’m advocating unity to strengthen everyone to stand up against our common adversaries whereas you’re just an Agent Provocateur trying to divide people along religious lines and telling everyone to give up because it’s too late.
          “Sikhs are anti-American and liberal leftist terrorists.”; “Sikhs are terrorists who eat off the floor like dogs!”; “You are simply a Marxist Sikh Khalistani terrorist, nothing more.”
          No, I am not a terrorist and I don’t advocate any kind of armed uprising. However, bearing arms for self-defense is a Constitutional Right in the USA. The “Marxist” tag is just bullshit as I’ve already explained to you above and everyone here knows how much I advocate against Marxism and push for renewal of tribal patriarchy worldwide, especially in the West.
          You’ll obviously reply with more talk about Sikhism which you don’t understand and is beyond your scope and understanding, complete with pictures.
          Anyone reading these posts can see you for who you really are. Have the last word and toot your horn Sgt. Defeatist Pussy, selfless hate-mongering servant of the NWO/Globalist elites; I’ve got better things to do than debate with an aging, brain-dead wannabe KKK in a pointy hat with a room temperature IQ.

          Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal!

  4. Sounds more like the French let women and NAMs vote – something America fought harder against than much of the West. That’s usually what causes this kind of stuff.

  5. Article excellent, Jean-Batave.
    Il m’a bien collé la rage.
    Excellent article, the amount of daily rage I feel watching our on decay would drive me insane if I hadn’t met a few individuals of this mindset.
    We used to be brave. We used to be knights, we used to be “Chouans” we used to be “Grognards” and now… we’re slowly killed by consumerism, hedonism and islam.
    If we don’t wake up soon, each of these men will have died for nothing.

    1. At least some of us woke up. It is our role to spread the word to the ones that still think. Whatever happens, we will not betray the blood that our ancestors spilt. La Garde meurt mais ne se rend pas!

  6. United States is the cancer of the world.
    France has a bad reputation among the uneducated for being weak because of WWII, but France is a proud nation with great history and heritage. Among the Western countries, it probably has the most robust nationalist sentiment, thus making it a threat to the globalist elites.
    What I’ve always admired about the French is that regardless of Right or Left leanings, the people are always willing to stand up for themselves. We’ll see if the people will rise up against the globalist force en masse soon enough.

    1. I have a lot of respect for French. Here’s a great experience (3 parts) of working with the French Military in Afghanistan.
      I found this part very interesting:
      “So, how might the French have felt about that picture, or about sexual harassment?
      When my team began operations, the French had a going-away party for the outgoing team. Males and females, officer and enlisted mingled over French food and wine. Europeans are really into DJing, so a French officer played music videos with a laptop and projector. Some of those videos were from huge discos in Europe where people strip and have sex on stage; in effect, the French officer was playing techno porn videos on a big screen to female soldiers. I saw this happen on more than one occasion.
      NOBODY CARED. There were no sexual harassment complaints, or threats of complaints. I never even heard of a sexual harassment incident among the French.
      When the French Marines took over, I attended weekly briefings with their battalion commander. The battalion commander opened every brief with a joke, usually a picture. One female officer was on his staff. At the beginning of one briefing, the BC showed a series of pictures of naked women painted to look like animals. All the officers in the room, including the female, laughed at each one. Then the BC told the female, “So you don’t feel left out, here’s one for you,” and showed a picture of a naked man painted like an elephant. The female laughed in appreciation. In the US Army, the BC would have been relieved.”

    2. So sad to see this sickness pervading every western culture. I am an American of white European background, and it horrifies me that it is our culture that is causing this cancer everywhere in the world. I don’t have tons of respect for the Chinese or the Russians, but please, someone, emerge as a new leader.

      1. I would expand your definition to “the interventionists”, simply because the Left-Right paradigm is a hoax; there are plenty of idiots on the so-called Right that think it’s the duty of America to spread ‘American freedom and democracy’ throughout the world.

    3. This is why there is the need for a new school of thought, so that our children will now the dangers of the Left from an early age

    4. err, i’m not sure about the “most robust nationalist sentiment”… If we really had this, the country would be better. Now the country has well entirely surrender to the leftist bullshit, only because it is the nation who created human rights, and they want to keep that reputation, no matter all the bullshit they have to endure for this.

    5. “United States is the cancer of the world.”
      United States is the oldest Democracy in existence. Our Declaration of Independence gave French revolutionaries their ideas and inspiration. Millions risk life and limb to cone here for a better life. Your statement offends and disgusts me, all the more if you are an American.

      1. Your sour feelings don’t change the facts. It’s the United States that’s spreading its degenerate progressivism out onto the rest of the world along with its Hollywood and fast food culture. Not sure why I have to explain this. I mean, you did read the article above right?
        As for democracy, your country is run by banksters and two corrupt parties. Your politicians are nothing but prostitutes for lobbyists and terrorist countries like Saudi Arabia. And don’t even get me started with all the democratic governments that have been couped by the CIA or all the dictatorships that your government supported (and betrayed once they served their use).
        America is mired with problems. Its citizens should focus more on getting their house in order instead of worrying about what other people say about their country. It’s like a fat chick getting offended about being called fat instead of doing something to lose weight.

        1. Your feelings are equally not based on facts. If you dislike American culture, you are free to consume it or pass it by. That is your choice. Whining that it is somehow being forced upon you is weak. Also, I mistook you for a U.S. Citizen. You are correct, as a foreigner, your opinons about the U.S. are irrelevant.

        2. Show me where I was specifically “whining” about culture being forced upon me or you’re a coward and a liar. Besides, I wasn’t the weakling feeling “offended” and “disgusted” for having his crippled (according to Trump) country called a cancer.

        3. Pro tip, calling names is a low form of discourse. Again, adults do not call each other’s cultures cancerous……they just consume that which they choose and let the rest be.

  7. VIV LE ROI!!!! MORT LE REVOLUTION!!!! This what happens when you overthrow your rightful King. VIV LE ROI!!!!! VIV LE ROI!!!!

  8. 13. LEGALIZATION OF CUCKOLDRY: by making paternity “social” instead of biological. You become the father of what a judge tells you, not of what the female you fucked gave birth. Even paternity tests are forbidden and are subject to fine.

        1. The groundwork was laid for him by the Frankfurt School. Just as everything that is destroying western civilization.

        2. The person you mentioned lived in the US for his last 60 years of life (and did his PhD there). Everything stayed in the anglosphere, by the way.

        3. These started in Weimar Germany, the Nazis, seeing the corrosiveness of the cultural change they wanted to disseminate shut them down and burned their books.
          Unfortunately they went to America where they were very well funded again by the same kinds of millionaires and started to spread their ideas again.
          See here an article by Andrew Joyce Phd

        4. The USA proponents of which always conveniently use “France is so much more progressive and superior to America” as their cover.
          You’ve been acting as cover for them, and now it’s come to bite you back in the ass.

  9. I’ve heard somewhere that all of this is a divine punishment for the regicide.
    And the regicide may have been resulting from the curse thrown by Jacques de Molay when Philippe Le Bel burned the Templars.
    Anyway, we’re doomed.

    1. jacques de molay, grand master of the christian templar monks or jacques de molay grand master of a secret society accused of worshiping the Baphomet. The French Revolution was also said by some to have been masterminded by secret societies dedicated to the overthrow of all traditional authority not just that of the french monarchy

      1. I like to believe that Jacques de Molay was a “good guy”, but I’m afraid we have no way to be sure.
        For the Revolution, they were several clubs and secret societies involved for sure. Fingers are often pointed towards the Free Masons, but they were splitted too (I’ve read somewhere that they were infiltrated by the societies you’ve mentionned) For example the most notorious anti-revolutionary thinker was himself a catholic free-mason : Joseph de Maistre.

        1. Just been reading a book which cites the claim that “many freemasons were amongst the founders of the jacobin clubs” and which mentions the similarity of organisation, manners, greetings etc https://goo.gl/Zuzvn4 (pg xviii)
          More conspiratorially there is also the abbe barruel http://www.strobertbellarmine.net/books/Barruel.pdf although I haven’t read this yet
          I am aware this is shadow history but if there’s anything in it it may give one pause to wonder what the foundation of modern france is really built upon

        2. Thanks i’m checking it out right now. That’s interesting.
          Modern France is the corpse of what France used to be.
          Living in modern France, for someone who is aware of its history and tradition, is living surrounded by the ghosts of the traditional Holy France.
          A bit like living in a softened version of the Soviet Union.

        3. I always wanted to spend a year in France, learn the language etc. At least since Hollande has taken over its lost a lot of its lustre. I’m sure it will rebound as it has to do many times before
          PS look at the title of chapter X of Barruel, Of the Spoliations and Violences projected by the conspirators, and concealed under the Name of Toleration.
          Tolerance: some things never change

      2. “The French Revolution was also said by some to have been masterminded by secret societies dedicated to the overthrow of all traditional authority not just that of the french monarchy” – It was and they were/are called the Illuminati.

        1. there’s certainly a case to be made that they were in whole or part behind it, but proving it definitively is unlikely. Did the Illuminati become communism – the revolutionary theme is the constant?

  10. France, who else in the world celebrates the pure mental joy of being alive like your great Nation. The French to me have always represented a form of human life that’s in essence dedicated to so much more than the brutal, mean, economic facts of life, where people accumulate, then live and die, like assets on a company balance sheet. To the French, such an (Anglo- Saxon) philosophy seems ugly, crude and devaluing to the idea of humanity.
    I always, hope something of your Nation’s great spirit lives on in our world, who else in the world can teach us about the finer and truer qualities that make civilization still a noble and honorable cause worth defending in these dark days.
    Vive la France !

    1. Thanks.
      I am an American, and while I admire much of Anglo-Saxon culture, I feel attached to the French and France, a love for it, and I think much of America’s greatness has to do with France’s great military and cultural influence as much as the great contributions of British theorists.

      1. I agree. I feel that French culture and civilization more than perhaps any other, never separated the notion of “culture” from the normal provenance of a person’s everyday existence. The French are brilliant conversationalists and they can discuss over lunch for example anything from politics, rugby, opera and the love life of the President with seamless aplomb.
        Another aspect of the French I admire is their natural “comportment” and manners. They know how to “hold themselves” in different types of social situations with a certain je ne sais quoi that most other nationalities lack.

        1. I now want to come to French literature.
          I personally think that America and the Brits have produced the best overall novels, but the old French novelists and poets are really great. Victor Hugo is perhaps France’s greatest poet and one of its greatest writers, alongside Proust, Flaubert, Rabelais, Stendahl, Camus, and Balzac. It may not be as well known to us as the British and American (or even Russian) traditions of literature, but the French do have a rich literature which we can greatly love (I wish to become more fluent as a reader and a speaker of French so that it becomes as natural to me as English) and be enriched by.

        2. I’ve great admiration for people who take up learning a new language. The rewards are eventually great, as it, teaches you to think and understand the world differently when you’re using another language. You appreciate how people can see things from another perspective and this is a good and healthy process that everyone should be encouraged to do. Also, it gives you a such a degree of confidence and reward when you’re in the country and the locals don’t even blink an eyelid at your speech.
          I remember, this happening in my own case when going through security checks at the rail station in Saint Petersburg and the police were convinced I must be a Russian as I spoke and looked like one! They only believed me when I eventually handed them my passport. Unfortunately my knowledge of French is quite elementary, but, by studying her great literature as you’re doing you should become fluent in gold standard French.
          A classic French author I really like is
          Joris-Karl Huysmans who’s use of the French language when rendered into English is remarkably vivid and lucid and captures the richness of his varied ideas. He’s a somewhat contrarian Author who wrote about the decadence of the modern world, the loss of the France’s rustic customs combined with a deeply acute religious sensibility of the Catholic variety. I’d be a little bit wary of Victor Hugo, some of his works can be very repetitive and are just plain boring at times, others are excellent in places, but, I would’t read him from start to finish.

        3. As for Hugo, I think he’s a master, though many of his best works are long and are not “light” reading.
          I intend to finish Les Miserables, his epic masterpiece, though it will take me a long time. Even his “boring” sections are beautifully written.
          I then want to read Hugo (and his masterpiece) in French, as well as Proust, Flaubert, and Rabelais.

        4. I love the humor of Rabelais. I read Flaubert’s Madam Bovary years ago..hmm, I know it’s a French classic, but, I found it a little disappointing (I really liked his novel about Saint Anthony). I think the Author was an interesting idiosyncratic character who dedicated his life to perfecting his writing due his near pathological aversion to the outside world. Proust, I’ve only ever dipped in and out of over the years, but certain images of his have stuck in my mind- squadrons of airplanes falling like meteors against the gas lights of the Moulin Rouge- the main character (I forget his name) in SLT who’s elderly mother dies in her bedroom and the way it was told without any excessive emotion, but still poignant, is masterful.

        5. Oddly, the last bit of music I listened to this evening after Roy Orbison was extracts from Maurice Ravel’s L’enfant et les sortilèges Fantaisie lyrique en deux parties that came up on my i-pod with the random setting I had on. His music, although never religious seems to capture so many ideas from the spirit of France’s distant past. Even the idea of the French rural countryside and the influence of the seas and ocean around France appears to glisten like sparks of sunlight upon the surface before disappearing once more into another motif….

  11. “People in France will be fooled into thinking that by promoting
    multiculturalism, they carry the French ideals of the Revolution and the
    Enlightenment brought by the French spirit of democracy.”
    Oh they’re not fooled, they’re carrying the Englightenment ideals, as they’ve been brainwashed to do.
    In a non-openly physically violent way, for now, but it’s still the same crap.

    1. I remember been in Nantes a few years back and there happened to be a brilliant exhibition on in the city hall about the life of Charles De Gaulle. There were extracts from letters he’d written and pictures taken of him throughout his long and unique life as a Frenchman. I was extremely impressed and to me, he in particular represented that unbroken continuum in french history that went right back to the ancien régime of your Nation’s forefathers. During the second world war, I believe it was this sense of France and her unique history that he seemed to embody in person that successfully allowed him to resist, not only Hitler, but perhaps more importantly both Churchill and Roosevelt who despised what he stood for.

      1. He’s a controversial figure among nationalist ranks, for some can’t forgive him the loss of French Algeria, some regret Vichy.
        But I like him too, for the reasons you’ve mentionned.
        By the way, if you look at the French Resistance, this was mostly done by French aristocrates from the far right.
        They’ve done so much more and acted so much efficiently than the late stupid communist resistance, that kept killing German officers in the street and thus getting hostages executed.
        De Gaulle was, in his youth, a monarchist, a reader of Charles Maurras (the thinker of the modern French royalist movement). Also, a very educated man who read all Plato. As you said, he was representative of the old noble France.
        The mistake he made, in my opinion, is getting soft at the end of his life, and not having the raging communist agitators from 1968 shot in the street.
        They’re a lot of old school characters like him in late French History : an example come to my mind : one of his best enemies : Hélie de Saint Marc, deported in Buchenwald when he was 19 and served as an officer in the French Foreign Legion after.

        1. Great comment. Algeria was indeed his Achilles’s heel, however in hindsight he was correct, but, you’ve paid for it in terms of allowing so many disgruntled Algerians with a sense of “entitlement” into France. This was his most serious error I believe and the majority of them from my experience in France have nothing but a sneering contempt for the French Nation.
          Well, your point about him not having the Communists shoot in 68 is the conundrum of being French is it not? To do this, would be, I suspect for even for a charisma French leader like De Gaulle, be the very negation of the very notion of being French in the first place? This is why he wasn’t a General Pinochet, because he knew in his soul, despite his own instincts, that he was a leader of a civilized and cultured Nation that owed it to the world to hold onto her values and beliefs in a time of national crises.

        2. I agree 100% about what you said about the migrations.
          I don’t condone shooting at peaceful protests (sometimes I really want to though…).
          France always has been a liberty loving country, always, and this long before the Enlightenment.
          But in 68 they were not protesting anymore, it was mayhem, riots and debauchry in all Paris, instigated by open supporters of totalitarian regimes.
          In that case shooting at them would have been perfectly legitimate.
          There even were some Gaullist milicias just waiting to intervene ( I know it because my grand-father was in it).
          De Gaulle was also not so kind and not so moral with the pro-French Algeria terrorists, had he dealt with the communist and maoist scum the same way, maybe our decay would have been slowed down a little.

        3. I’m not a Frenchman, so I’ve no frame of direct reference with regard to how Communists and Maoists have undermined so many of the ideals of your Nation. I don’t necessarily doubt any of this at all, but, I know from my time in Chile for example, despite the very different culture and history of that Nation, a lot of ordinary, decent people were assassinated in the most arbitrary and brutal manner by Pinochet’s regime after he ousted Allende in 1973. This is why despite everything that Communists go on about, when people show you pictures of essentially children who were their sons and daughters in their homes in Chile who were wiped out for nothing other than being just perhaps stupid and young, I have to disagree with the use of violence against ones own citizens in a Democratic State.
          However, there are of course times where any Democratic States has to defend itself through force, but, to this wisely it must know who its enemies really are, and, this can never be it own citizens.

        4. I’m no democrat, actually. I’m a Royalist. But what you said about how you perceive the use of violence in the Democratic State would also apply to a Monarchist State.
          I’m no fan of dictatures neither.

        5. I’ve a lot of sympathy with Royalist ideals. However, the eternal/infernal problem is how to treat the people right, and it’s ironic that the Maoists and Communists could never accept that fact that these “Champions of the People” treated the people horrendously in comparison to even the most degenerate Monarch. That’s why I parted company a long time ago with people of this ilk.

        6. “Communists could never accept that fact that these “Champions of the
          People” treated the people horrendously in comparison to even the most
          degenerate Monarch.”
          Exactly. That also applies to the proto-communists that were the French Revolutionaries.
          If you don’t know about it, I advise you to read about the Vendeen wars.
          They tried to exterminate an entire region, because the people refused to abandon their Catholics beliefs.
          The comitee of public safety, endangered by the brillant guerilla warfare the royalists were leading in this region (Napoléon, who was campaigning in Italy at that time, wrote in his memoires, that he could not believe how such completely untrained peasans were able to resist and defeat several times a disciplined and battle-hardened army) , clearly stated that the entire region should be wiped out to be replaced by a “republican population” afterwards.
          Between 200 000 and 400 000 deads : people burnt in churches, gun powder lightened into women’s vagina, cannibalism…
          It’s funny now because at this time they were bragging about they were doing, today it would covered up.
          “Twelve “infernal columns” commanded by General Louis-Marie Turreau were
          ordered to kill everyone and everything they saw. Thousands of people —
          including women and children — were massacred in cold blood, and farms
          and villages torched.
          In the city of Nantes, the Revolutionary commander Jean-Baptiste Carrier
          disposed of Vendeean prisoners-of-war in a horrifically efficient form
          of mass execution. In the so-called “noyades” -mass drownings — naked
          men, women, and children were tied together in specially constructed
          boats, towed out to the middle of the river Loire and then sunk.
          When it was over, French General Francois Joseph Westermann penned a
          letter to the Committee of Public Safety stating: “There is no more
          Vendee… According to the orders that you gave me, I crushed the
          children under the feet of the horses, massacred the women who, at least
          for these, will not give birth to any more brigands. I do not have a
          prisoner to reproach me. I have exterminated all.”

        7. This is truly an awful account of proto socialist zealotry of the most determined (real evil) kind . It reminds me of Shostakovitch’s tales while being the USSR’s “blessed” composer, of his stories about comrade Stalin’s treatment of bourgeois elements within the artistic communities. Everyone was of course “bourgeoisie” in those days, but, often in order to to get a confession from artists who’d even obliquely told the truth he’d have them boiled in snow, an unusual but very effective way of getting false confessions before their immediate execution.
          No, Utopian idealists in paper are fine, in practice they’re devils.

        8. Pinochet: Brought to you by IT&T Corp and the CIA…the story was “prevent socialism”; the reality was “to preserve astronomical profits”.

        9. Makes you wonder why people have a slightly cynical view of American interventionist foreign policies.

        10. Not really, I don’t wonder at all. My amazement comes from the masses who have zero clue of what really happened and why.

  12. if not wanting your people to be replaced is racism, then maybe you should start owning racism and xenophobia instead of being afraid of it

    1. Yes, this is easy to say, but, the notion of liberty (not the same as liberalism) is a defining idea of French culture. You’d be asking the French people to castrate a key part of their identity for the Barbarian’s agenda. Strong Nations like France should not be dictated to by organisations that have given NOTHING to humanity but wickedness and brutality.

      1. liberty and other forms of western humanism are ideological indulgences – they should be suspended in times of crisis

        1. That’s nonsense. Once you give into that mentality you’re a busted flush. Besides, if you appeal to the “times of crises” mantra then you allow politicians to erode our civil liberties even more, like my inalienable right to free speech or free association. No, they’re not “indulgences” they’re the absolute non-negotiable bedrock of a free and open society and I don’t want them suspended, thank you.

        2. Nobody has an inalienable right to anything, that itself is a western construct. Ethnic nationalism demands the occasional revolutionary storm of blood and steel, everything else is superfluous
          Your inflexible principles make it hard for societies to react against hostile forces internal and external – adhere to them at your own peril

        3. What do you mean it’s a western construct? That’s like saying that common law in England is nothing but a construct, that the American Bill of Rights is nothing but a construct. This is a fallacious attempt to reduce key defining ideas of western civilization into chimerical word play and semantics. This is not the case, these are key concepts that we all thankfully enjoy everyday in our countries that allow people even in a forum like this express their opinions and beliefs in a free manner without recourse to any outside censure.
          I don’t have a clue what you mean by “Ethnic Nationalism” as surely this is a contradiction in terms in an open society that allows free expression? What for example would such a definition mean in America? I don’t ever want any privileged ethnicity, creed, sexuality or whatever else getting into a position of power in a democratic State where they can say what people can and cannot say? Why, because this is the day you know you’re living in a dictatorship and not a democracy, where the tyranny of the State has become the enemy of the people.
          I don’t believe I have inflexible principles, sure they’re general and malleable but they represent ultimately the people and not some cabal of the left or right which I find is a lunge into intellectual and ethical stupidity.

        4. The idea that humanist values like freedom, rights, equality, democracy etc are infallible virtues is a western construct. You don’t find these things worshipped in non-western cultures. They can all be tossed out when necessary
          Ethnic nationalism is the perpetual pursuit of ethnic self-interest, in which the values above may or may not play a part, and can be increased or decreased for the purpose of the ethnostate
          In its purest form, the ethnostate is a technocratic dictatorship where males and ethnic, racial, religious, and sexual majorities are intentionally privileged above the rest
          You’re speaking from a perspective of western values – I’m telling you that those values are flawed

        5. You are absolutely correct but don’t hold your breath waiting for confirmation around here. Plenty of “men” here with brains and balls but no wisdom. Most here are what C. S. Lewis called Men Without Chests.

        6. I think he’s saying that to call it a mere ‘construct’ is reductive of a tradition and history that works as a guarantor of freedom and civil liberty (in the case of common law, habeus corpus etc)

        7. “You don’t find these things worshipped in non-western cultures” Well, that’s precisely the point, they’re not western countries, so I wouldn’t expect them to share our values, even though most of them are trying to copy our superior values.
          Again the values you mention are not western constructs, they’re founding ideas and principles of the western mind. The fact they’re not “tossed out” when it suits us for expediency means that they’re ideas of great and durable importance to who “we are” in the west.
          ” In its purest form, the ethnostate is a technocratic dictatorship where males and ethnic, racial, religious, and sexual majorities are intentionally privileged above the rest” Sounds horrible and ridiculously childish. It was tried in the west and it failed miserably because the people found it an affront to their native instincts.
          “You’re speaking from a perspective of western values – I’m telling you that those values are flawed” I’m speaking from the best values that this Planet has ever had. Besides, aren’t all human values by their very definition going to be flawed? Can you honesty say that that the values of China and Japan are superior to western values. What have these strictly controlled Nations ever produced in the sheer quantity and quality of inventions, artworks and ideas in comparison to our “flawed values” in the west. It think the answer is very little.

        8. your reply doesnt really follow my previous comment
          But if this is just about conceit, then very well:
          Perhaps the best values that this Planet has ever had will dig you out of the hole created by the best values that this Planet has ever had

        9. It follows your comments faithfully. It’s not about conceit, it’s about being truthful to western ideals which I’m gratefully a full inheritor to in my bones.
          “Perhaps the best values that this Planet has ever had will dig you out of the hole created by the best values that this Planet has ever had” Never doubt the power and resilience of the western mind.

        10. So, no one has an inalienable right to, say, sunlight or air? Or our own divinity? There are many things on this earth that are in sheer abundance, and yes we have an inalienable right to those things. You sound like a tyrant.

        11. Unfortunately, that is false. Many die at the hands of their enemies without ever taking up the sword (think of native americans before the Conquistadors or most Buddhists when facing Islamic threat -> that’s how Kalachakra was born) . On the other hand, any sentient being (even animals) has the necessary skills to know who is his foe.
          This pacifism your sentence reflects is something new in the world, as it assumes war as degeneracy and easy to start. War is a difficult path to liberation (purification). It is actually the “way of the Warrior”.

        12. It’s not a question of pacifism. Over the last 50 years or so, countries like the US have been involved in numerous wars around the world. In earlier times there was a clear enough rationale behind why the war was been fought. However, the US led wars in places like Iraqi and Afghanistan have seriously undermined why coalition forces were there in the first place. Who and what were these soldiers fighting and dying for? A better world or for special interest groups who were using the US Government to essentially secure their business interests in the region? I think these wars were essentially unnecessary and degenerate “theaters” created by special interests, why should soldiers die for Big Corp PLC?
          The notion up just taking up the sword can be an entirely reactive principle predicated by raw emotions and not strategy when placed in the wrong hands. You only have to see this unfortunate scenario every couple of months in the US were some half-witted teenager goes on a shooting spree.

        13. Actually, I disagree. There is the “common knowledge” version of the how/why a war is fought; take WWII as an example. BUT, unless one does an exhaustive research on it, that will suffice for most and at best give you a skewed version.
          Most war even in medieval times was socioeconomic and ethnic. The problem today is that everyone has the attitude of “what’s in it for me?” to include the progressive college students who pushed “policy” regarding places like Viet Nam. Without those progressive bleeding hearts, that war would have taken a very short time to raze all opposition to the ground. But, political correctness prevented that from happening.
          Soldiers died in WWII for Big Corp PLC. Germany began their actions based upon the unfairness of the Versailles Treaty. Poland was invaded based upon socioeconomic and ethnic factors. But it’s easier to have someone tell you what the reason was over finding out for yourself.

        14. Yes, there might be some truth to this, but, soldiers will fight and die for their country more readily then for BIG CORP PLC, even if that’s the truth many times.
          I suspect most professional soldiers know this and they see being in the army as career where they can use their talents regardless of the rationale behind a particular campaign.
          I agree with your assessment about the socioeconomic rationale behind wars, even, the famous religious wars in Europe were often more to do with papacy reclaiming its lands in Germany so that the coffers could be replenished to finish off the Great Dome of Saint Peters. Likewise, ISIS in the middle east has a religious, economic and social rationale behind wanting to establish its caliphate.

        15. Also unfortunately, this time you are right.
          The notion of war has been poisoned since it was detached from the tribe/nation, where it belonged. Nowadays formal “wars” are fought at the same time the traditional reasons for war are being left unatended. Also this shows how a certain form of capitalism has used something of value in a negative way. But as we don’t condemn conventional families for “white male supremacy” as some feminists have been doing so far, we should not take a stance against war in human life. It has a sacred role in our existence as a species, and even more importantly, in the evolution and selection of stronger groups, cultures, systems.
          Also important is the difference between a Warrior and a skirmisher. A Warrior has a clear purpose and acts against an enemy of respectable strength. A skirmisher is just a warmongering brute person who is easy to use as an instrument by a third party.
          A Warrior is also someone different from a fanatic.A fanatic is someone who is an outsider, who battles only for the destruction of his enemy. A Warrior stands for his comrades, and battles his enemies because he knows that is the only way he and his fellows can build something new.

        16. “A Warrior stands for his comrades, and battles his enemies because he knows that is the only way he and his fellows can build something new” That’s very nicely stated. Hmm, I really like that idea, noble and honorable. I didn’t think about those different distinctions in this way before. Interesting. Thanks.

        17. You are welcome! It took me years to understand that small words sometimes contained more wisdom than large books (and that we are easily played by others when we don’t pay enough attention to them).
          If you want to know the beauty of the “Way of the Warrior”, I recommend the “Tao Te Ching”, the “Book of Five Rings” and the Eddas. They turned my vision on these matters much clearer.
          “Know the smallest things and the biggest things, the shallowest things and the deepest things. As if it were a straight road mapped out on the ground … These things cannot be explained in detail. From one thing, know ten thousand things. When you attain the way of strategy there will not be one thing you cannot see. You must study hard.” from The Book of Earth (1st of the Book of Five Rings).

        18. Yes, I need to broaden out my thinking somewhat. I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to this side of things as I don’t practice martial arts and I’ve read comparatively little oriental literature in my life. Additionally, Asia is the one part the world I’ve never gone to (or had the desire to visit) so I don’t have any natural “points of reference” on this subject. For example, I never know what to think about the aphorisms made by eastern masters, are they being whimsical, witty, or simply demeaning of the natural world? Can they be taken seriously, well, perhaps they’re not meant to be! You, see it’s a bit confusing, and perhaps eastern wisdom doesn’t really sit ideally in the western mind and vice versa.
          But, I will take your advice, and explore these areas in more detail over 2016. I like the sound of the Book With Five Rings which I can buy with one of my countless Christmas book vouchers!

        19. Visiting Asia can be disappointing, if you are seeking their knowledge. Maoist communism destroyed the connection between the Chinese and their culture and history and Japan never recovered its brilliance after WWII.
          From my experience as a Western, dealing with Eastern Philosophy is a totally different experience than dealing with ours. They teach us to accept things as they are, not to invent a new world everyday. They teach you to be yourself, to know how many moves you can make in a given time, with what you have. They probably don’t teach you how to become a king, but how to be a happy subject. The funny thing is, Western philosophy makes you frustrated in the end, Eastern Philosophy brings you gratefulness (and prosperity, if you stick by it). We once knew things as they did: if you read the Eddas (specially the Havamal) and you read the Tao Te Ching, you’ll see the similarities. The same thing applying to “De Officis”, by Cicero, and the “Book of Five Rings”, by Myiamoto Musashi.
          I believe you should begin with Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching”. It is a magical book, in the sense you read it once and you get a thing, you read again and it teaches you another, it is truely as if the Old Master was whispering his knowledge to you. The right state of mind is needed, too. If you read the book as anyone would read Dan Brown’s latest best seller, you’ll find it a boring collection of aphorisms. If you read it as someone who is needing advice for difficult life choices, you’ll ever find here and there the sought-after answers.

        20. Thanks for the steer. I like your insight about western philosophy being a source of frustration. It depends, it can be of course, but, I’d concur with you and say that the right “frame of mind” is the only correct way to approach either philosophy. There are elements of Stoicism for example that teach a man the correct virtues like modesty, strength, fortitude to acquire for his life here and perhaps elsewhere, which has some similarities to the eastern way.
          The really interesting thing that strikes me in what you’ve written about in the last few posts, is the lack of connection (generally) between the body and the mind in western philosophy. This tendency to separate both in the most absolutist manner in the west was a serious historical mistake I believe. I think for example this might be the reason why we still view our own bodies in the west in the manner of a technical machine which exists in a state of largely disconnected systems. From a medical perspective this is important, but, I think we still suffer from a completely isolationist point of view when we try to treat diseases in the west. The inter-linkage between the body and the mind from my limited knowledge of eastern thought seems to interwoven into an overall holistic frame that incorporates the entire being. I must ponder more!
          Thanks again.

        21. Indeed… I must specify that when I referred “Western philosophy” I was making it a whole that progresssed in a “dissatisfied” manner (maybe it would be right to say “proto-revolutionary” or “pre-revolutionary” mode). When I introduced “We once knew (…)”, I was contemplating Stoicism and other Classical schools of thought.
          The spirit/body compartmentalisation is something that Christianism and its hebraic legacy stirred us to. Lucretium, in “De Rerum Natura”, or even Hippocrates (the “father” of Western Medicine), with his Humorism, viewed us, Humans, as a whole, body and mind.
          You detected something fundamental in our current view of the world. I think it can also be linked to the fact that we had a bad experience passing from metempsychotic theories of the soul to the rude, “chemical” scientism of our days (even in Freud’s work, we can see this working, at a distance). It shook our culture too deeply and gave rise to militant atheism (as we denied the ethereal and fully embraced the chemical and physical), then anticlericalism (why should we have a church, if God and soul are uncertain?) and finally, marxist class struggle (if clergy were removed, why would aristocracy be spared?). Other factors may certainly be involved, but our “evolution” can be traced to some of these crucial turning points.

        22. I am a lurker here. I usually don’t comment. I have agreed with many of your posts in the past. However the Asian gentlemen has been in the right on most of his points in my opinion. The truth is, most of the things that encompass “modern western civilization” really are just social constructs. And that includes the bill of rights, as well as the U.S. constitution. The truth is, natural law supersedes man made law in every way. The notion that people have “inalienable rights” is laughable for most of the global population. The truth is, the only rights that anyone has are the rights that they are able to defend. That’s it. End of story.

        23. The concept of inalienable rights might be laughable to non western minds because they value human life differently. We in the west, a culture and set of values created by white men of Christian and noble origin disagreed with seeing our fellow man as mere subservient slaves that can be be used and abused like some Asiatic vassal.
          These rights are not mere social constructs (a great Marxist term if ever) my friend, but, are the rights that our white forefathers believed were worthy and dignifying of the white man’s estate on this planet. Why do your Asiatic friends constantly try to ape the white man in all his natural virtues. Sure,they say we suffer from altruism and concern for the common good, but, it’s the white man and what he represents who had the capacity to lead through his ingenuity, his thinking and his ultimate fellowship that gave us a type of humanity that’s worthy of being called human. I don’t believe the rigid ethnicity of our oriental friends would ever have reached out the “Olive branch” to those beyond its narrow tribe.
          So, fundamentally I disagree with people who don’t understand the key living concepts, like rights, that are the life blood of the Occidental and in my mind, superior view of humanity and our fellow man’s place on this planet.

        24. Our values are not flawed to us. In fact they represent the core principles that unite us. Nice job hypocritically taking advantage of the “constructs” of freedom of speech, association and conscience to bad mouth and denigrate those that defend and uphold them.

        25. I often made the distinction between warriors and soldiering. Soldiers are warriors that fight for Interests; hence the warrior is a class and soldier is an organized occupation. But sometimes warriors are those who fight for their own causes and not neccessarily a larger entity’s interest.

    2. Yep. Not only is racism a good thing because it is required for survival, everyone is racist. Just a matter of degree and direction. The people who want so much immigration that it harms the country and the people are racist against their own kind.
      I predict massive civil war in the future. Nationalists vs traitors (pro-immigrants) and immigrants.

      1. the people are racist against their own kind.
        Libtard: “You’re racist.”
        You: “I’m not racist. You’re anti-white.”

    3. Racism is believed to be a word invented by non-other than Trosky. Its a word designed to allow strangers into your nation which will eventually dilute the natives. Once everything is multicultural then you keep power by divide/conquer and Hegelian principles.However, I have yet to verify the Trosky allegation further. Commies will obviously deny it.

    4. Damn good points, Terry. I tell people all of the time (if and when they bring it up). I own it – if the shoe fits.
      The worst thing you can do is let someone try to shame you for wanting to preserve your own culture. The sad part is that society will do it for every group (openly) on the planet except for white people – all white people. If you’re white and want to preserve anything, then you’re a racist (see Germany and Sweden today for a good example of nationalism rising due to the massive influx of illegal immigration).
      Yes- I tell people. If those views make me a Nazi, a racist or part of some xenophobic group then I am part of it. But my counter question is always:
      Then doesn’t that make the rest of you racist as well?

      1. as i said to someone, if preserving our culture is racist and xenophobic (a classic bullshit spit by motherfuckers leftists), wasting a culture with multiculturalism and rejection of traditionnal values is simply masochist racism and xenophobia.

  13. Noticed that happened in Germany well over a decade ago with Austria in close second as well. It was strange seeing countries lose their nationalism.

    1. Germany has been in a state of protracted guilt since the second world war, oddly, the Germans with the most nationalistic outlook tend to be from the old east. I don’t agree on Austria, it has a strong sense of its own identity and culture and unlike Germany it didn’t go down the guilt trip to the point of national self effacement.

      1. You are right, however Austrian modern identity is rooted more in denialism than anything else, striving to deny any Germanic links with Germany even though these territories were linked for almost a 1000 years.

        1. That’s an odd thing, but, the actual Austrian people don’t look typically Germanic at all. They’re mostly of medium size, often swallow skinned with brown eyes…I know it’s a slightly superficial observation, but, it always strikes me when I travel by rail from somewhere like Leipzig to Vienna, to observe this difference in Germanic appearance between these two regions.

        2. Not so much. Germany was an amalgamation of tribes that shared similar languages and used to live in a larger territory than today (Königsberg is in Russia today). Similar differences can be spotted in the Bavarians (somewhat shorter and darker hair than their Northern Brethren in Niedersachsen ie. Hamburg, Bremen).

        3. Interesting. I was in Lithuania a while back and they’re very proud of having been established as a distinct race by the Teutonic tribes that arrived around the 12th century.

  14. I hate multiculturalism and globalism, but let’s not pretend that Europe wasn’t more than happy to open its arms to American culture , particularly African American culture, and you have been ever since you people were masturbating all over James Fenimore Cooper, a century before the American Empire started (you were also happy to open your legs to those nice black boys, but that’s another story).
    Also, let’s not forget that up until about 5 years ago you were all clucking your tongues about how “those terrible awful Americans are so racist and xenophobic, why can’t you be citizens of the world like us?” Ah, but you’re all nationalists now, crying about “muh culture!” so you have a new reason to hate us.
    And isn’t it funny how almost all of your anti-Americanism comes from America? Like the “murica” thing that none of you really get, but you all run around quoting it anyway.
    You hate the American Empire? So do I, because it’s literally the only empire in the history of the world that benefits other people more than itself-and you can look up who provides the majority of NATO’s funding if you don’t believe me.

    1. Quintus Curtius is the only American here that accurately knows French History. You are nowhere near that but you can work on it. The Left of our country is also a pile of shit and guilty. Accept the criticism and let’s carry on forward. We, masculine men are all on the same boat.

  15. The wiki leaks article made me feel fucking sick how dare those cunts interfer in the affairs of a sovereign democratic ally. As far as I’m concerned, as an Englishman the French are our kin we’ve had our differences (read a thousand years of war) but our heritage is anglo-saxon Germanic/ Briton Celtic the French are Gallic Celtic/ Frankish Germanic not to mention the Bretons, Normans and Basque the French are the #bloodofmyblood

    1. You inspired me to read some of the Wikileaks article, yes is sick and a bit surprising to see how deliberate America is about pushing “rights for minorities” and “equal opportunity” in other countries. They just want every country to turn into a multicultural mess and lose their culture / assimilate into an American global culture. I think the invasion that is going on at the moment has probably got some other secret US stuff helping it along.
      Of course it’s not all America though, there’s plenty of leftists within Europe..
      Should say, they do sound “well meaning”, but of course that doesn’t make them good or right just mislead

  16. “The consumerism brilliantly orchestrated since the end of World War II
    started with GIs distributing cigarettes and chocolate to French
    children” <—I seriously doubt soldiers gave cigarettes to children. Unless you are one of those modernists that counts anyone between 12-18 as a “child” or a “teenager”.

  17. The French gave us deToqueville and the means to fight our Revolution. We had a great friendship going.
    The Left hated us first and have damaged us and now turned their sickness on France.
    I am sorry for both our nations, and their people.

  18. @Jean-Batave Poqueliche
    Je ne veux pas faire chier vieux, mais d’une manière ou d’une autre, l’Europe est finie. Avec l’immigration musulmane et le taux de natalité de ces arrivants, versus celui des “pure laine”, ils seront majoritaires dans un horizon pas si lointain. Ne va pas croire que ça me fait plaisir d’en arriver à un tel constat…

    1. Le constat est complètement dégueulasse en effet, mais nécessaire. Les faits sont là, l’avenir s’annonce pas glorieux. Mais tu me proposes quoi, entre m’asseoir et regarder le bateau couler et m’enfuir, ou essayer de faire ce que je peux pour éviter le désastre?

      1. On manque d’immigrants qualifiés dans plein de domaines au Québec, si tu as les compétences requises, apprends le dialecte québécois, incluant les sacres, et viens ici! 🙂

        1. Ah, j’ai plusieurs fois vu la belle Province et j’aime ses sacres. Merci de l’invitation, cousin Beaulieu, mais malheureusement vos femmes, mêmes belles, deviennent féministes comme les nôtres et la tête d’ardoise Trudeau me tape sur les nerfs. Mon avenir est à l’Est.

  19. Yeah, this right here is what led the Germans to vote for Hitler and dump the Weimar Weiner Republic. This is about as American as lox and bagels pal. Americans are as trditional as Victorians in England. The “culture” is a sewer pipe from Hollyweird that apparently now reaches Paris. We all know what the real cancer is don’t we boys and girls. Capitalism, Communism, Globalism, Free Trade, Outsourcing, etc. etc. etc. All from the same deluded mind that brought you equality and feminism. You French should have sat on the beach on D-Day and told DeGualle to take his bankers’ debts and shove them into Soho.

  20. So a liberal jew ambassador holds a conference in 2010 and, as a result, the USA becomes the scapegoat for France’s decades of degenerate leftist policies? Weak sauce. This is a bit like pointing to the embarrassing words on the statue of liberty and saying it proves French elites were plotting the invasion of America by 3rd world hordes. If the French are looking for someone to blame, they should direct their ire at the native leftist establishment.

    1. I don’t know my history well enough but have spent a lot of time in France and observing the culture and can only agree that leftism, socialism runs very deep over there, since they cut the heads off the aristocrats in the revolution, sure some American conference might have made it worse but they’re well into guilt for colonial crimes in Algeria without any American assistance. There was also the expulsion of the Huguenots, a further sign of home grown French leftism. A country needs to have healthy agendas then it will not be invaded or infiltrated by other countries. Why is Ukraine vulnerable to Russian invasions and Finland not..

  21. It has to occur to someone as they are either teaching or learning about African or Arab kingdoms that schools in those kingdoms are not teaching about France (or any other western nation) in a good light if at all.
    Overall the west is boned. The only thing that can stop capitalism from running amok like this is government. Governments are so corrupt that they are part of the problem. There is really nothing to stop it. Before anyone says “people can stop it without government” realize that government represents people no matter how poorly they do it. If people did things so grand on their own there wouldn’t be any government at all.

  22. As an American, I love French culture and all their refinements. Many of the items on this list are things rational Americans do not condone or endorse in any way. Europe is a much more open society than America and tends to adopt the worst trends in American society. An analogy would be a child that is completely sheltered and released into the world, to his own devices. Having been all over Europe for business and pleasure, I will opine that societal order in western Europe is why these trends explode as they do. There is a level of conformity that simply doesn’t exist in America.
    On a side note, my grandparents loved going to France and frequented there often. My grandmother was in in her 70’s about a decade ago during one of these excursions. A pickpocket was in the process of taking my grandfathers wallet and she noticed it. She calmly gave him a 1-2 combo that knocked him out cold. When he came to he was in handcuffs and began bawling uncontrollably. They still love going to France

  23. this is pretty sad. I mean I know France has a bad rep among Americans for being “pussies” but I certainly think of French culture = exotic (minus the Foie Gras and Frog legs) …. I can do escargots though. … interesting culture and language sounds sexy as fuck. But it’s pretty sad to see France being overrun by Algerians, Moroccoans, and other Africans and Muslims.
    I mean would we still see the Eiffel Tower standing? It’s up to the Frenchmen. Defend your women. If you don’t then you deserve what’s coming to you.
    Defend your women, your children, your culture, and your country. You have long years and ancient culture to be proud… don’t tarnish your ancestor’s name and do something about it. If you are serious about preserving your culture and roots then you shall do everything no matter what to preserve your culture.

  24. “Educational lobbies are changing the school programs to teach the glory of African kingdoms…”
    I wonder if it’s all that fabricated nonsense about the supposedly “black” Egyptians and Phoenicians that hucksters like Sharpton and other deluded souls are always going on about. There evidently exists in the minds of some so-called academics an Afrocentric bizzaro world where historical figures like (the Greek Macedonian) Cleopatra and (Roman) Cicero were actually black Africans.
    While it’s true that the 25th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt (next to the last dynasty before the Persian conquest) was Nubian, that was a result of Kashta’s invasion of Upper Egypt, which was long after the people who built the pyramids of Giza were gone. The ancient Egyptian art depicting Egyptians in chariots running over what are clearly hordes of black (Nubian) Africans puts things into their proper perspective about who the rulers of ancient Egypt were (not to mention mummified remains, DNA evidence, “Nubians keep out” markers at the border, etc.).
    Ancient Egypt is actually a cautionary tale about where all this multi-racial/cultural open borders let the world in scheme leads to in the end: modern-day Egypt. The original inhabitants started importing large numbers of Nubians and Semitic people to use as laborers and mercenaries. A combination of immigration, misgenation and the discrepancy in birth rates between natives and immigrants eventually led to a tipping point where the original inhabitants ended up a minority in their own land. The conquering of foreign lands as empires tend to do sped up this whole demographic shift, which the empire didn’t survive. The rest, as they say, is history.
    These education lobbies sure aren’t referring to any glorious kingdoms south of the Sahara: a people who, when first encountered by Europeans, hadn’t even mastered the wheel, written language, a calendar, mechanical devices, multi-story buildings, or agriculture beyond minimal subsistence-levels.

  25. The world is paying for the bullshit that came out of the French Revolution such as the metric system, redesigning society and future Marxism. I call it a draw.

        1. Metric >Imperial, c’mon bud, imperial is only good for hipsters. I quite like the Prussian foot myself.

  26. France & the whole free western Europe is FUBAR !! In another 25 to 30 years it will be a shithole like Africa & Mid East ….

  27. It is the Left that is corrupting France, just as it is corrupting America and many other Western nations. That you seek to lay blame for it on an entire nation speaks volumes about your character. Instead of posting an a whiny article about how America to blame for French problems, perhaps you should look to French leadership. Leadership that is just as corrupt and incompetent as American leadership right now. France is where it is today by virtue of French citizens voting for French leadership that decide French policy.
    If you have such a moral objection to the current state of France, Mr. Poqueliche, then perhaps in lieu of penning an article that beats the already pulverized “Blame America for everything” dead horse, you could redirect those efforts to effecting some sort of postive change in the state of French affairs.

    1. Terminus, the left is indeed guilty and the weaker part of our citizens too. I know that I am doing my part. Are you?

      1. I’d like to think I am. In the entertainment and information world, I eschew all forms of television. I don’t support Hollywood. I don’t go to movie theaters because there’s nothing for sale that isn’t politically charged garbage, nor do I buy mainstream films. My entire movie collection fits on a small shelf. I don’t subscribe to any streaming services, nor do I buy any of what passes for “music” these days. I prefer to read more than anything else.
        Financially, I refuse to do business with any of the major banks. I stick with a local homegrown credit union. I spend my money where possible on local, conservative minded businesses where possible, especially those who create and maintain American jobs. I refuse to give my money to organizations with leftist leaning agendas. I donate to verifiable conservative organizations.
        Politically, I support conservative candidates that share my ideas. While I have my own misgivings about the extent at which my “vote” matters, I’ve also come to accept that inaction is probably worse than voting liberal. I am a staunch advocate of the 2nd Amendment, with a reasonable collection to back that up and the will to use it on anyone who might force a contrary opinion on that. I also try my damndest to get my friends and family to do some if not all of what I do, and encourage them to do the same with their friends. One less person voting liberal is a victory.
        What I am not doing, however, is blaming France or any other European nations for the current political climate here. I know who the enemy is and that it knows no nationality, nor is it unique to America. It exists everywhere. You seem to share many similar conservative beliefs. Might I suggest that instead of writing an article about blaming the USA for France’s problems, you instead post articles about how like minded conservative individuals separated by an imaginary border might come together to effect a positive change at both ends of the line? What are you doing over there that we can adapt for our use here? Likewise, what can conservative, traditionally minded individuals here share with you guys over there?
        In short, as a writer here on ROK, you should be sharing ideas and fostering discussions that are of mutual benefit to everyone in solving the universal problem of the Lefist scourge. We can argue endlessly over who spilled the glass of milk later. Preferably after the term Lefist is nothing more than a punchline in a bad political joke.

        1. It about covers what needs to be done. But America intervenes in our affairs. Fact. I will support the masculine cause, fight multiculturalism/the Left and will write on subjects of my choice.

        2. Any outside influence on French affairs is exerted only to the extent that French leaders allow. Leaders that French people vote for. I should also point out that the actions and events that take place across the whole of Europe, France included, have an effect on America as well.
          You are undoubtedly free to write on subjects of your choosing. I have never suggested otherwise. Keep in mind that anybody can blame everyone else for their problems. However, it takes an altogether different kind of person to accept responsibility for their problems and take steps to remedy them. The fact remains that America is much more than the dozen negative influences you’re complaining about. Try presenting ideas on how to solve your problems and spend less time aboard the same, tired old “Blame America!” bandwagon. You might get taken more seriously.

      2. JB would be curious to hear your opinion on Le Pen and whether she will be able to have a good effect on France. I’ve watched her speak a few times and wonder if she will make it and what will happen if she does.

        1. The main problem is that she remains a woman, butch yes, but still a woman. She gains popularity, but French leftists would rather be gang raped by migrants than seeing her President. But better the devil you know, I would say.

        2. The leader of the German right wing party is also a woman, Frauke Petry. There’s a few in power in Scandinavia, maybe it helps to get get them accepted by the liberal MSM if initially these parties are led by women. Still Geehrt Wilders is a man as is the Hungarian leader and Farage from the UK who is well popular. You might know a French speaking one from Switzerland Oskar Freysinger, who is also a man..

    1. It’s unfortunate that social criticism often comes across as being against Americans. Its not productive nor useful and people need to be a little more careful. I’m certainly sorry when that comes across like that to someone like you.
      France has been the author of many of its own problems and if American influence was removed they would still be heading down the same point at a slower trajectory.
      Unfortunately the Globalisation of American culture is now so pervasive folks from other countries literally can’t ignore it even when they try and mind their own business.
      When someone criticises the trashiness of the Kardashians, Lady GaGa and American movies which infect everything with American racial politics its hard to avoid.
      Many of us know where the true poison comes from.

  28. Europe is full of pussies who want to fight fire with flowers. From my side i never trust a man who is proud of never picked up a fight.

  29. Another magnificent article,maitre jean!
    I have travelled extensively throughout france and in spite of my being a foreigner I couldnt agree more with you (unless I had a second brain maybe).
    And it is not limited to France I should say one only needs to visit any random neighbourhood or village in Spain or Germany to see how exquisitely sabotaged and progressively nullifies the local culture has been rendered by the god of globalization
    (Je suis le meme mec q avait demandee sur l armee russ mais qui est trop vieux pour le rejoindre)

    1. Heavy Metal Death Metal Rockers under the high camp and melodrama are often shrewd commentators. Below is a translation of the Rammstein song “Amerika” which is normally sung part German and part English. The more acerbic parts are in German (translated to English below). Rammstein were young part time unapproved artists in communist East Germany, effectively musical and artistic outlaws. It’s Ironic that often those exposed to communism in Eastern Europe remain the most independent in thought. The band normally isn’t overtly political.

      Rammstein – Amerika lyrics
      Unofficial Translation ©2004 Jeremy Williams.
      We’re all living in America
      America is wonderful
      We’re all living in America
      America, America
      When there’s dancing I want to lead
      even if you’re whirling around alone
      Let yourselves be controlled a little
      I’ll show you how it really goes
      We’re making a nice round dance
      Freedom is playing on all violins
      Music is coming out of the White House
      and Mickey Mouse is standing in front of Paris
      We’re all living in America
      America is wonderful
      We’re all living in America
      America, America
      I know moves that are very useful
      and I will protect you from missteps
      And whoever doesn’t want to dance at the end
      doesn’t know yet that they must
      We’re making a nice round dance
      I will show you the way
      Santa Claus is coming to Africa
      and Mickey Mouse is standing in front of Paris
      We’re all living in America
      America is wonderful
      We’re all living in America
      America, America
      We’re all living in America
      Coca-Cola, Wonderbra
      We’re all living in America
      America, America
      This is not a love song
      This is not a love song
      I don’t sing my mother tongue
      No, This is not a love song
      We’re all living in America
      America is wonderful
      We’re all living in America
      America, America
      We’re all living in America
      Coca-Cola, sometimes war
      We’re all living in America
      America, America

  30. their mind control is too strong. the west is doomed, as long as it is under democracy it is bound to disappear.

  31. “When a handful of Corsicans show more patriotic balls…”
    Sometime all you need Is one particularly driven Corsican to start the ball and get the job done. Hope you get another one. Just make sure he doesn’t wander too far east.
    Bonne chance mon ami.

  32. Les Francais sont “screwed.” Unless they start a new French revolution against the Eskimo directed multiculturalists….
    But my guess is that too many of the real men in France were killed off in two world wars, and the remaining French will not give up their comfortable (for now) way of life to do what is necessary…

  33. An article by some crybaby French-frog bitching about America ruining his country? Hard to sympathize for a people that voluntarily imported millions of Muslims, which are now 10% of France’s population. Go f*ck yourself France

  34. Postmodern theory has been just as destructive as the Frankfurt School, if not moreso. In fact, most modern queer, feminist and racial theory has more in common with French postmodernism than old school Marxism.
    The French are to blame for postmodernism. There is no doubt about that.

      1. Yes but philosophers have shown more resistance to those ideas than other academics in the arts/humanities. Even French philosophers who worked under Derrida, like Bernard Stiegler, criticised them greatly even if he was influenced by some of their ideas.
        You are correct that American academics took ideas from French postmodernists and applied them to their own social context. Those ideas were more influential on American institutions than they were in France for decades, but now that the immigrant population is growing I’m sure things have changed.

        1. I don’t think it was America first. France was the first European country to see antiracism becoming its core ideology, with the creation of SOS Racisme in 1984. By 1990, it was already a hotbed of globalism with the signing of the Maastricht treaty which its elites co-wrote, and which implied the removal of all borders.
          Spiritually, borders were removed even more efficiently than in America, because there wasn’t any Reagan revolution, or Thatcher. Instead, the “moral majority”—which could be found among both patriots and communists (yes, being linked to Moscow back then, they weren’t socially liberal)—, was completely ousted from power.
          You seem to know more about philosophy than I do, however.

  35. I’m born and I live in France (really closed to Germany and Swiss), and I think, and a lot of the people that I know thinks that this country is actually the greatest human living trash you can find in the western world (not in the history, but since the 80’s especially)…Mostly composed of dumb, crazy people, hipsters, selfish and violent bastards. Muslims who got the all rights can beat you in street, steal you or kill you whenever they want, in the day (the State is OK with that).
    The cost of life is the most expansive in Europe, the taxes too (we must pay the 5 stars prison, the familial helps…).
    And, oh god, I never understood why every men of other country that I met found the french girls “hot”, “class” and even “the best in the world” (yes, I ever heard that a lot of times…). Please, seriously. Come here, and I promise you that can’t find a girl without mental illness, suicidal tendencies, lie addiction, who will cry about street harrassment and call you a pig when you wants to “drague” with ’em. They are the worst sluts, ego and overrated girls in Europe, if you compare with the Italian or German chicks, they can’t be taken seriously (and they never smile).
    The most part of the population is leftist/centre-rightists and hate this country. Look at our president. Citizens like me who got a different vision became rejected of the most active part of the society, and called “fachos”, “losers”, “frustrés”, “moyen-âgeux” et j’en passe. Nationalists are many, but apart.
    Free thinkers go to prison for that, trials, justice harrassment, and with this governement is amplified (censure is everywhere, and you can’t fight it).
    Here we talk about Front National like It was 20 nuclear bombs combined in one entity.
    And yes, the most of the people speaks in French, BUT with a lot of anglicism. “C’est too much”, “Trop hard”, “On va faire un brainstorming”, “C’est awesome”, “Please, donne moi ça”, “Moi je dis yes”, “Fuck la vie” etc…
    The only recognized bands and artists sings in english (Daft Punk, Phoenix, Justice, C2C, David Gâteau…) the most of the actors prefere now to play in american movies (Dujardin, Cotillard, Van Damne (he’s belgian I know), Christophe Lambert, Omar Sy…). In fact, I feel people are ashamed of being French and dreams only about anglo-saxon language, cultures and countries.
    And, yes, the food turns really bad. EVEN THE FOOD. And I’ll can continue for hours, but I Think It’s enough to be disguisted of the actual hell hole where I live.
    And we don’t always complain…But when things are bad, it’s good to say it.

    1. scroll down a little. They love our country as much as we hate it. As for the language, I’m afraid we are past the point of no-return and we’re left to wish for a new revival of the language by means of some technology or policy.

  36. You guys on the manosphere have started realizing that something is terribly wrong with liberalism. You are right. But you need to join a movement that provides you with a hope and a future. We are waiting for you on the alt right.

      1. for an official feeling movement – radixjournal.com
        for satire (roflol funny stuff) – therightstuff.biz
        for news – amren.com
        many other sites out there. Those are my favorites.

        1. Thanks for that, I spent about 40 minutes looking at them today. I think therightstuff possibly grabs me the most.. I have a feeling ROK is probably better but will have to spend more time there. I devoted a phase of my life to learning game increasing the bedpost notches to a respectable level so that is a reason why I’m probably here, have things in common with Roosh and the other authors. But good that the right is now appealing to broader section of the community. I read a bit about Africa on one of those sites and can see that there is some really new well thought out ideas about the threat that jews and their culture pose to western civilisation, and healthy suggestions of how to deal with it.

  37. As a brazilian patriot and fellow fighter in the Culture War, I praise the French and hope they too keep resisting The Enemy. We are latin brothers, and we fight the same foe. Greetings from Northern Brazil, and PRAISE TRUE FRANCE

  38. The salaries often drop to the legal minimum since Mr. Ford introduced his magic recipe for greater profit.
    Too bad, the author doesn’t understand even basic economics. That Henry Ford made car production easier this socialist-influenced guy sees as something evil. It made cars available to all and therefore improved the economy immensely, in a myriad ways. And since more efficient production meant more could be produced, that meant more would be employed by the car factories. And the lower prices on cars meant that people could spend money elsewhere, which meant people could be employed in those other industries.
    But all this Jean-B guy sees is “Oh no, capitalist did something! It must be evil!” He is either unaware of ignorant of that Henry Ford also made sure to give the workers higher salaries than comparable industries.
    Crying about Halloween? Jean-B probably thinks it’s an evil capitalist conspiracy. Socialists are harping on this theme all the time: “Holidays are evil! They are just a way for capitalists to sell stuff!” If there HADN’T been holidays, the money would STILL be spent, just on other things. And you think the evil capitalists can just conjure up holidays for their profits, right? Wrong. If that was the case, why not have a holiday each month, or each week? No, we have holidays because people want them. Halloween is fun, so people want it, and there was no other holiday around that time for Europeans. Get this through your head: People love holidays, and they will have as many holidays as time and money allow. Not because of a “capitalist” conspiracy. In the past we had much less celebration, but now we can afford more so now we have more.
    Claiming Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus just shows Jean-B to be dumb as bricks. Santa Claus comes from Germany and is the same as the “Saint Nicholas” you talk about. There, some history learned.
    Oh no, the evil GMOs are coming to get you. “Invented in an American lab”. Dumb. They are not “invented in a lab”, they are in fields. But you want to create a bogeyman image in the reader’s mind, so honesty has no place, right, Jean-B?
    To all the ignorant laymen out there: All plants are “chemicals”, if you will. And plants are constantly changing. Which means their DNA changes. This has happened throughout history. There is nothing wrong with including more Vitamin C in rice for countries that don’t have much of that vitamin. Stop watching Hollywood’s propaganda, aimed at Western science. Didn’t you claim to be against the media? Funny how many amateurs who turn to nationalism still act like leftists even though they think they don’t.
    As for fast food it’s no more evil than chocolate, which people have used for a long time. People want to have fun and eat that which tastes good. The only problem is when people eat too much of it, but that’s the same problem with chocolate, alcohol, anything. So why target only McDonald’s and the like? Oh, because they are American. Typical Frenchman.

  39. So.. Going through this shit I at least learned that some loons hold their manliness in farting. lol What a big fart this piece of shit-talk is.

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