An Introduction To The Machiavelli Of The East

A man is born alone and dies alone; he experiences the good and bad consequences of his karma alone, and he goes alone to hell or the Supreme abode. – Kautilya

As with that of great emperors, history also has numerous examples of “kingmakers”: men who ran great empires, while being the actual power behind the throne.

One such notable but little known ancient example is that of Kautilya (also known as Chanakya, c. 350–283 BC), a philosopher, jurist, teacher, economist and royal advisor widely credited for having played an important role in the establishment of the Maurya Empire, which was the first empire in archaeologically recorded history to rule most of the Indian subcontinent.

His social aphorisms and radical political treatise – The Arthashastra – shares commonalities with The Prince and The Art Of War, and has garnered contemporary spotlight in The 48 Laws Of Power – also eliciting comparisons with the likes of Machiavelli.

His life: the rise of a kingmaker

Those who seek to achieve things should show no mercy. – Kautilya


Born into a priest family, Kautilya was educated at Takshashila, an ancient educational centre located in north-western ancient India, where he then became a professor of economics and political science. Later he was introduced to the Nanda king, who humiliated him at the royal court. Kautilya then untied his lock of hair, and swore he would only tie it back once the Nanda dynasty was destroyed.

Subsequently, he discovered Chandragupta, who according to Buddhist texts, was the son of the Maurya clan’s chieftain. Highly impressed after seeing Chandragupta leading a band of local youth, Kautilya picked him as the leader of the anti-Nanda revolt and to mentor him.

What followed next was a ruthless rise to power after years of strategic planning, complete with brutal political and military blindsides masterminded by Kautilya with his protege Chandragupta. These resulted in the destruction of the Nanda empire and even forming alliances with the Greeks to consolidate territorial conquests.


After the formation of the Maurya Empire, Kautilya served as the chief advisor to both Chandragupta and his son Bindusara. Kautilya’s death, however, is shrouded in mystery and legend: some accounts say he ritually starved himself to death, while other versions say he died as a result of a court conspiracy during Bindusara’s rule.

His literary work

Kautilya’s lasting accomplishments were however in his two treatises: The Arthashastra (code for statecraft), and the Nitishastra (a collection of aphorisms selected by him as a manual for social life).

The Arthashastra is an ancient encyclopedic treatise and manual on kingship, statecraft, economic policy and military strategy (but can be exhausting to read).


..a book of political realism, analyzing how the political world does work and not very often stating how it ought to work, a book that frequently discloses to a king what calculating and sometimes brutal measures he must carry out to preserve the state and the common good. – Roger Boesche

Centrally arguing how an efficient and solid economy can be managed (in a culturally diverse autocracy), its prescriptive text lays out rules and norms for successfully running a state and conducting international relations. However, it abounds in generalities and is not descriptive of specific historical events.

The text remained influential until the 12th century (when it disappeared) but was rediscovered in 1904, later published with the first English translation in 1915. The disappearance of these texts for eight centuries could possibly be also a contributing factor for the subsequent lasting blue pill decadence and societal feminization, seen through India’s checkered history.

Kautilya’s wisdom in these texts has been exemplified in The 48 Laws of Power:

One should not be too straightforward. Go and see the forest. The straight trees are cut down, the crooked ones are left standing. – Law 26: Keep your hands clean

Rulers see through spies, as cows through smell, Brahmins through scriptures and the rest of the people through their normal eyes. – Law 14: Pose as a friend, work as a spy

The remnants of an enemy can become active like those of a disease or fire. Hence, these should be exterminated completely completely. One should never ignore an enemy, knowing him to he weak. He becomes dangerous in due course, like the spark of fire in a haystack. – Law 15: Crush your enemy totally


Henry Kissinger in his book World Order calls it as “a combination of Machiavelli and Clausewitz” that lays out the requirements of power, which is the “dominant reality” in politics: containing a realist vision of politics long before the Prince – while German sociologist Max Weber once called it “truly radical ‘Machiavellianism’…compared to it, Machiavelli’s The Prince is harmless.”

Kautilya’s treatises also offer much wisdom on various topics besides statecraft, some of which has already been discussed earlier here:

1. Education


Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.

One whose knowledge is confined to books and whose wealth is in the possession of others, can use neither his knowledge nor wealth when the need for them arises.

2. Focus on the present


3. Friendship



4. Meritocracy

A man is great by deeds, not by birth.

A man attains greatness by his merits, not simply by occupying an exalted seat. Can we call a crow an eagle simply because it perches on the top of a tall building?

5. Wealth

He who loses his wealth is forsaken by his friends, his wife, his servants and his relations; yet when he regains his riches all those who have forsaken him come back to him. Hence wealth is certainly the best of relations.

6. Women


Test a servant while in the discharge of his duty, a relative in difficulty, a friend in adversity, and a wife in misfortune.

The heart of a woman is not united; it is divided. While she’s talking with one man, she looks lustfully at another and thinks fondly of another in her heart.

Untruthfulness, rashness, guile, stupidity, avarice, uncleanliness and cruelty are a woman’s seven natural flaws.

The beggar is a miser’s enemy, the wise counselor is a fool’s enemy, the husband is an adulterous wife’s enemy, and the moonlight is the enemy of the thief.

The learned are envied by the foolish; rich men by the poor; chaste women by adulteresses; and beautiful ladies by ugly ones.

Courtesy should be learned from princes, the art of conversation from scholars, lying should be learned from gamblers and deceitful ways should be learned from women.

The power of a king lies in his might, that of a priest in his spiritual knowledge, and that of a woman in her beauty, youth and sweet words.The world’s biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman.

One single object (a woman) appears in three different ways: to the man who practices austerity it appears as a corpse, to the sensual it appears as a woman, and to the dogs as a lump of flesh.

We should always deal cautiously with fire, water, women, foolish people, serpents, and members of a royal family; for they may, when the occasion presents itself, at once bring about our death.

Whores don’t live in company of poor men, citizens never support a weak company and birds don’t build nests on a tree that doesn’t bear fruits.

When a man has no strength left in him he becomes an ascetic, one without wealth acts like a celibate, a sick man behaves like a devotee of the Lord, and when a woman grows old she usually becomes devoted to her husband.

7. Self-preservation


One should save his money against hard times, save his wife at the sacrifice of his riches, but invariably one should save his soul even at the sacrifice of his wife and riches.

8. Fear

As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it.
Once you start a working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest.



Kautilya’s harsh political realism and social red pill wisdom echoes ancient red pill truths which have been espoused by many other great men of different cultures throughout history.

The contemporary relevance of his ancient aphorisms further indicates that not only has there been little difference in the nature of women throughout history, but also in the nature of societies throughout the world through time as well.

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84 thoughts on “An Introduction To The Machiavelli Of The East”

  1. Ironically, Buddhism, the ascendance of which Chanakya aided in his desire for vengeance, destroyed India.
    By teaching the value of all life, even that of animals, and enforcing vegetarianism amongst the “purest” (the priest caste, the Brahmins), this sick pacifist ideology robbed India’s philosophers and theologians not just of their ideological purity (after all, Chanakya was just quoting the Bhagvad Gita, written several hundred years before, when he said one ought to totally destroy one’s enemy). It also robbed them of red meat – which was eaten avidly in India, and so consequently robbed them of their testosterone. This biological factor is, in my view, the biggest reason why Americans are so aggressive, and Indians are so passive, in comparison. (And there’s studies showing that vegetarianism is the result of mental illness – and worsens it.) The country’s leaders became mentally ill and pacifistic en-masse.
    Buddhism, the personality cult of laziness and enlightenment through pacifism, devoted to the worship of a fat and lazy nobleman who lived off the wealth of others, destroyed India’s leaders’ backbone, both ideologically and biologically. This is the reason why India became a country unable to defend itself after Asoka popularised Buddhism (and the Brahmins adopted Buddhist practices) throughout India.
    Unfortunately, even the smartest leaders fall prey to the law of unintended consequences.

      1. Yes absolutely, that is in addition to the lack of testosterone. Instability, emotionalness and childishness follows. This is also the reason Indians are so damn gullible and forgiving – like children. The suicidal ideation they have with their love of whites is the best example. 300 million+ killed through starvation taxes over a hundred years and they fetishise Brits. Nehru (who was banging the wife of the governor) was happy for India to remain a colony. Upon independence, he didn’t annex Nepal and Bhutan (consequently the country has a huge defensive vulnerability). He even gave up India’s security council seat so the PRC could have it. The PRC attacked the country a few years later. Gandhi, with the power of 300 million Indian peasants behind him, easily able to destroy the British occupation forces, chose to follow a policy of peaceful protest, and helping the British in WW2 in exchange for dominion status (independence was an unhappy accident – many of them preferred to stay as a dominion rather than go independent).
        I can’t think of any reason other than mass biological alteration and resultant feminisation for such behaviour. If it isn’t something so systemically widespread as social vegetarianism, Indians are an inferior race that have only survived by breeding like rabbits – r strategists. Although we know that not be to true, historically. Really sad, what happeend to a once mighty people. This should confirm perhaps the oldest of Red Pill truths (although I wager many Men don’t pay much attention to it these days): you are what you eat.

        1. I watched a program on how different races responded to different diets. An Indian guy when fed a high calorie junk food diet without any exercise (cardio or resistance) and which included many sugary carbs became jacked in a month.All the white participants on the junk diet became fat and bloated. They put it down to racially gifted genetics.

        2. I really doubt that is unexceptional. Maybe South Indians are different but North Indians are the same race as whites, and it’s only in the southernmost parts of India that there is a distinct aboriginal race.
          Most Indians are pretty similar to other caucasians genetically and they suffer (and benefit) from the same diet. Just from my experience, eating a lifetime of Indian food led me to very poor health, but eating western food (along with a lot of supplementation) over the last few years has made me strong and masculine by Indian standards. Maybe in a few years by Western standards too. This terrible diet is also part of the reason India performs so poorly in most sports and is invisble at the olympics. The country certainly has an elite population large enough to support sportsmen.
          Further, if it is the case that aboriginals respond to junk food in such a way, we wouldn’t have seen the obesity epidemics amongst native american and australian aboriginal communities, which has happened simulataneously with the junkification of their diet.

        3. people have gotten strong off of indian food. Problem is the limited meat and ton of carbs. Make sense like witht he koreans its peasent food. When they got rich then they could afford steak and were able to grow taller.
          It was the case with ancient europe poor northen europeans were taller then southern europeans because they consumed more wild game while the south ate more carbs

        4. Many foreigners when they think of India,first thing they say to me is gandhi this or that.But not many people know is most of the Indians ,at least the older lot,hate him with a passion..I have never heard so many colourful ways to describe a man.
          Nehru too..

        5. Indians don’t eat beef because Buddhist influence made that part of Hindu culture/religion. Only the Muslims eat lamb. You can’t get much from just chicken and fish.

        6. I wish you write here more..may be an article too..Love hearing your thoughts–Fellow Indian

        7. I have thought about it. Maybe when I am older and wiser I will submit an article.

        8. Well muslims eat ll except pork.
          sure you can actually. Per 100 grams the protein is between 20-30 grams with all meats. As a hard gainer Im always looking for the best protein sources. Chicken is most widely consumed and tends to be the cheapest and p4p go to meat to eat. Ill even go out and even say better then beef for the most part. But always check the labels and usually chicken is better especially you save more so you can buy more of it. Most people I know bulked mainly on chicken.
          That Jason Momoa guy that played khal drago consumed like 8 chicken strips a day to bulk to 256lbs. Had a buddy from kazahstan whom did the same thing like 6 chicken breasts on rice. And central asians are strong some good ameuteur boxers are coming out there along with good wrselters and sambo players.
          Pacific islanders like fijians tongans samoans east plenty of fish and honestly the strongest people Ive come across. Protein is protein end of the day. But always look at those labels and calculate it. Comparing all meats I tend to go for chicken.
          Indians just need to consume more thats it, not a few bits of meat like its chow mein.

        9. Protein is almost irrelevant. You need to get zinc, iron and various other minerals from beef and, to a lesser extent, other read meats. These minerals are hardly present in chicken. You’re focusing on the vanity aspect, I’m talking about mental functioning, balls and masculinity. You can get big from eating lots of protein. Fine. That doesn’t matter at all if you’re a shrinking violet, or an idiot. Compare the civilisational achievements of pacific islanders to beef eaters: French, Germans, English, Americans.

        10. zinc, iron and other minerals tends to be easier found in nuts, fruits and veggies. Muscle is more then vanity, when you train you strengthen and sharpen your mind and how it functions, even old sholin monks know this. And thatll help you get more masculine and confident and if you do mma then dominance. Skinny or outta shape people tend to be the idiots or shy ones.
          you can look fate of civilizations by john sir glubb or youtube guns germs and steel….Beef and minerals is not some magic bullet mate.

        11. I don’t know if you’ve been reading vegetarian propaganda or you’re culturally biased for whatever reason, but you are really very poorly informed on this subject.

        12. You make it sound like annexing Nepal would have been easy. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Gurkhas? If India had attempted to annex Nepal right after WW2 with batallions of Gurkhas returning home, it is possible Nepal would have annexed portions of India instead. Most people don’t realize that a lot of Indians fought for the Nazis at the time (“the enemy of my enemy is my friend”), but the German Indian Legion was so useless and ineffective that they are barely a footnote in history. India is wise enough to maintain 6 Gurkha regiments of their own these days FYI. Basically, the only two respectable warrior regiments in India are the Gurkhas and the Sikhs.
          I remember reading about some retired Gurkha who single handedly defeated 30 armed bandits on a train. This was in 2011 I believe.

          Also one Gurkha laid serious whoop ass on over two dozen Taliban in Afghanistan, single-handedly.
          And this is the link for the Nazi Indian Legion.

          Come to think of it, ROK should write an article about the Gurkhas. Don’t let their baby faces fool you.. they are stone cold warriors through and through.

        13. Nepal offered to join India but Nehru thought it would make India look aggressive.

        14. A convenient hypothesis bandied about without any substantiation. I’ve seen articles that state the same with no actual corroboration.
          It is very doubtful that Nepal “offered to join India” since:
          1. Nepal had already established diplomatic ties as an independent nation with the United States among others;
          2. The vast majority of returning WW2 Gurkha veterans had no desire to join the Indian Gurkha regiment;
          3. Nepal was never controlled by the British Empire, was never a protectorate of either the British or India, and was not a “princely state” within India at the time;
          4. Nepalese people do not identify as “Indian” nor do they identify as “Desi”.
          5. Annexation by force would have resulted in fighting battle hardened Gurkhas not just in Nepal, but probably from the Nepalese populations in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Burma etc which could have risked a lot more territory for India ultimately.

        15. If Nepal did not want to join, India should have had the balls to do to it what the Chinese did to Tibet. Unfortunately this lack of fortitude and iron will is what has come to characterise our people.

        16. then care to throw out your data. Im no vegen but you seem to have an oust against indians, they had a great civilization too, but like everything crumbles even our western society is hitting the dirt

        17. The Gurkhas of Nepal are mainly Hindus. Racially they have some Tibetan and Burmese blood in them. This gives them a mixed appearance of being north Indian, Tibetan and Burmese. Therefore, Gurkhas can usually and easily be recognized as Gurkhas, looking different from other Indo-Aryan Indians of north India, and the Dravidian Indians of south India. Gurkhas have served bravely and famously in the British Indian military, and then in the independent Indian military.

    1. So Buddhism turned the East Indian into fat brown tasty (grass eater) Eloi. Buddha looks like a fat cow. Is he (she) to be emulated? Is it any coincidence India looks like a big ‘crotch’ or pubic triangle? A more advanced stage of the sinai ‘triangle’ peninsula where the bitches rule not through their ‘dickchopped’ men but with their body odor alone? A racial ‘post rendering’ version of every Earthly cookbook of philosophy, race and ‘snake eating it’s tail’ ‘return to the pussy’ (climbing back into your own mother’s hole) deconstructionism.

      1. It could have been the greatest country in the world. I still hope one day it is. I come from a long line of warriors, even my father was in the military. But I have little hope for the country. With the population explosion and accelerating westernisation/McShittification the diet will get even worse and the conservatives will become extinct. There are few men of my generation with morality or backbone – at least half or so of the Hindus of previous generations had balls. Gandhi was, after all, killed by a Hindu nationalist. The country is notorious for communal riots, lots of village violence to defend land / honour and so on.
        The spirit of self-reliance still exists in the country but, without political direction, it manifests in uncontrolled ways. Hinduism is a political religion – it is a religion of rigid caste heirarchy and knowing one’s place in society. Those who exist at the top must rule those at the bottom, but not for their own benefit, but for the social good. And those at the bottom must obey those at the top, not for their harm, but for the social good. And the exceptional may intermarry into other castes over several generations. But this religious and social system exists in opposition to the Indian state, which is anti-Hindu and anti-caste, but pro-Muslim, pro-Christian, pro-lower caste and now pro-female. The misandric laws in India are far more extreme than in the West. The government divides the people to rule, against the interests of the majority, just like the British did. And like every other liberal government in the world.
        Ultimately, the leaders have, for a long time, lost the ability or desire to harness India’s proud masculinity for the social and national good, even if this masculinity is a stunted version, one that exists with a biological handicap.
        But wherever there is an abyss of dispondency, there is hope. India will be the last major country to industrialise – it will have all the technology open to it when it does. Maybe the people will be able to fix themselves over time. Although, I doubt it. Probably it will lead to the fastest and greatest onset of degeneration seen yet.

        1. I ask this seriously, but I’m wondering if Indian men could benifit from kratom and combination of dessicated liver bovine protein powder with weightlifting regimin, pua game taught by pumped dads and the first lady promoting this diet in the schools. I’ve met plenty of Indian couples and the woman seems to lead the man when it’s time to ‘go’ as if on an invisible leash. He could even be a doctor but I can still see the ‘house arrest’ look on the Indian women’s faces when they look at the man with a peculiar stare. It seems this bitch control shit is taught and handed down mother to daughter as it is in agrarian white western culture. I say open polygamy (as in legalized with higher status men in politics and science attaining and retaining loyal harems) along with revived caste system and borrow some sharia disciplinarianism and abolish male circumcision. In other words, take the best proven customs from all reaches and combine them. This would solidify and harden a patriarchal order like a rock that NO ONE could bust.

        2. Polygamy can only function when women are taken out of workforce and are forced to stay virgin till marriage..letting your wife work is like intentionally opening yourself up to cuckoldom

    2. You’re correct, the biggest reason for the dramatic decline of Indian civilization and its conquest by first the Muslims and then the British was no doubt Buddhism. As Buddhism grew in popularity, its supporters and followers were people who had been disenfranchised by a caste system that was nearing the end of its life. It had flourished at the highest points of Indian civilization, but by the time of Buddhism had become corrupt. The Kshatriyas (kings/rulers/warriors) became greedy and didn’t care about the state of their kingdoms. The Brahmins (the highest in the caste system- the priests and spiritual advisers) who became too egotistical, attached to money, lost their true spirituality, discriminated unfairly against the lower class people, etc. With this decline going on, the Buddha’s message of equality, peace, love, nonviolence spread like a “grassroots” movement and found popularity with the disenfranchised lower classes. Then even Kshatriyas started embracing Buddhism to appease the lower classes. What happened was that the Buddhist philosophy was completely the opposite the duty of the Kshatriyas, which was to protect and rule the kingdom. It was no surprise then that immediately following the spread of Buddhism, India soon came under the rule of the battle hardened Islamic conquerors.

      1. Notwithstanding your criticism of the caste system, you are right, except on one point. The degeneration didn’t happen straight away. Over generations we degenerated and continue to degenerate. First India lost some land to the Greeks. Then to the Muslims. Then the Mongols, then the turks/persians, and then finally the British. After the Muslims, each invader was weaker than the one before, but it still managed to defeat the country. This is a clear indication, in my view, that the diet has led to many generations of progressive degeneration.

        1. Let me just start by saying that, based on reading your other comments on this article, I think we’re both coming from the same viewpoints and I agree with almost everything of what you’re saying.
          I wasn’t criticizing the caste system, I was just saying that by the time of Buddhism, the system had been operating for a very long time and had by then become corrupt, which angered some people (mostly from the lower castes), and this is one of the reasons how Buddhism managed to gain a popular following.
          I was wondering what you meant earlier by saying that even the Brahmins became vegetarian due to Buddhism. I am a Hindu Brahmin myself. From what I know, Brahmins were always vegetarian. The only time that killing of animals took place involving Brahmins was only in certain specific rituals done by Brahmins, for Kshatriyas, as this was one of the duties of a Brahmin. I would say that Kshatriyas becoming vegetarian due to Buddhism was definitely impactful, since them turning to nonviolence made them become weak willed, thus causing the kingdoms to be poorly defended and weakly protected.

        2. I remember reading that the Brahmins participated in some post-sacrifice feasts before the Buddhist influence, and the Buddhists were critical of this. However I do not remember the source, so you may well be correct.

      2. Interesting. When you think about it. The West currently embraces values derived from Budhism (through the 1960s revolution). That may be why it lost pace.
        In comparison, Islam, Judaism and Orthodox Christianism are much stronger ideologies.

        1. Yea but The “ISRAELITES” know, only the “LAWS”
          of (The Most High) matters!!!
          Everything else is ” just a religion” & ALL religions are idolatry.

        2. Buddhism, well “westernized”, is the trendiest goddamn thing with corporate drones and managers. Real SWPL shit this foreign ascetic tradition…that is directly at odds with the lives of Americans so fascinated by and respectful of it. It helps you “go with the flow” of being a corporate tool. It is good for business.

    3. I had an Indian friend who, during college, took up bodybuilding in a serious way. Part of this lifestyle change involved him eating meat regularly for the first time, as a departure from his mother’s vegetarian home cooking. In two years he went from a 160 lbs skinny Indian to an absolute beast 230 lbs body builder. The rapid transformation was truly shocking, and it made me wonder if his experience was phenomenal or if other Indians could make an equally rapid physical transformation if they changed to a meat eating diet that complemented a weight training regime. I say this about Indians specifically, because every other Indian I know is either a little fat or skinny. I had literally never seen an Indian bodybuilder before my friend become one, and his lifestyle change provides (anecdotal, yet reasonable)) evidence that the average shape of Indian males may very well be overwhelmingly a function of diet, irregardless of physical effort.
      Of course, some may say my friend was on steroids. I would be the first to admit he has used them, considering he talked about starting them last year, and that his personality is very prone to both pushing limits, and addictions. However, having not seen him in about a year, I’ve heard that he’s gained yet MORE mass, which surely is beyond the natural limits of bodybuilding. Therefore, the initial jump up to 230 lbs would be completely natural and subject solely to diet and exercise, further proving that the introduction of protein into the diet of Indian males can lead to massive increases in muscle mass over a relatively short period of time.

    4. the details are off..But more or less correct..But Ancient Indians till the Guptas tended to be non-theistic..they based their fortune on their own hardwork..thats why they could kick the ass of Huns and Arabs..something the Romans and Bryzantines could not do…..
      Problem started when Indians started having more faith in some personal God to rescue them..Vedic sacrifices were done in a matter of fact..We feed the Gods, the gods are dutybound to help us….But Bhakti movement turned Indians into sappy emotional pansies dancing in male sarees in front of Supreme God , as they are in love with him..WTF? Puranas and Bhakti movement robbed us off our masculinity, Buddhism laid the groundwork
      Good points about Buddhism: No reliance on a Creator God
      No stupid theory of an invidual soul
      But then again these concepts were present in an obscure manner in the Upanishads themselves
      and the most sacred Upanishad, Brihadaryanaka extolls the virtue of eating red meat (beef) in order to get a good masculine son ..Beef apparently increases the strength of sperm..I donot disagree
      Bad points about Buddhism and later Hinduism: They extolled the virtue of celibacy for whole society..lifelong celibacy for monks.. lifeling celibacy for married men after occasional cohabitation with the wife in order to get children
      Most modern studies show prolonged celibacy of a few months seriously undermines your Testosterone Levels
      Most modern studies show prolonged celibacy of a few weeks, seriously undermine your quality of sperm..
      BOTTTOMLINE: Too much celibacy and you age prematurely..there has to be a balance between celibacy and sexual exhaustion
      That is why meat eating, women fucking Muslim invaders could kick the ass of Hindus..
      Now the interesting part: The Hindu Kings who fucked back the Muslims were vigorous enjoyers of women..They just didnot have sex during campaigns (which was a punishable offence ..death)
      Shivaji had eight wives
      Krishnadevaraya had twelve wives
      Bajirao had two
      These warriors were instumental in breaking the stronghold of the Muslims..
      We can put the concept of lifelong celibacy in the dustbin of History…temporary celibacy is wonderful to achieve your goals..but lifelong celibacy is like amputating a part of your being…
      Brahmacharya FTW

  2. So much has been obscured and erased from the ancient Indian legacy. Even the ‘forever browning’ of their racial profile is like the ‘total annihilation of enemy’ Kautilyan concept. India is forever eternally raceless. India is large and ain’t very Jewish or undergoing potential radical change like similarly ‘very not Jewish’ China. ‘Forever brown’ India can sit on it’s hands for another matriarchal millennia as the world turns. It’s hard to pull shit out of thin air to say about India with so much of its ancient line obscured and severed by matriarchal PUSSY GLOP. Oil wells piss out black gold and Indian pussies gush forever with perhaps the only protein source that the grass eating, pussy licking men can get to keep their lips from drying.

  3. Man I am so happy that you’ve written an article on Kautilya. One of many remnants of the great Indian civilizations of the past. I wish that more Indian men would look up to men like Kautilya instead of being the beta drones that they are now.

    1. Sorry,friend it’s too late.Beta,leftism,putting women on pedestal…..everything is embedded firmly in our culture.Not even a single man has the guts to stand against leftism.India can never produce a red pill culture.Men in the West recognized the hypocrisy of feminism,and thus platforms like ROK and RVF were born.A nation where women are treated as goddess(huh?),can you expect the red pill bloom?

      1. India is the anti-hindu state, and the Hindus themselves are throwing away their culture for the wonders of iFucks and SmartAIDS. There is no hope for India. Perhaps one day it will become a Caliphate or partition again. Who cares really. It’s impossible to live life feeling constant remorse for a future one will never have. Just enjoy the cheap wages, make some money in the country by opening a factory and hope for the best, I think.

      2. You are absolutely spot on. I tried watching Indian entertainment awhile back since all my Indian friends are fanatics of silver screen shenanigans. The sheer amount of vomit inducing blue pill espoused by Indian movies and dramas are terrifying.
        Female character whoops pathetic or sniveling male character= comedy
        Male character hurts females feelings = he deserve to die a painful death!!!
        Frankly speaking I’ve never seen such male masochism in any other culture. Case in point I came across many Indian dudes in America and Europe who were forbidden to mingle with chicks from other races. Their tyrannical mommas have the final say in everything. Indian gals on the other hand often indulge in wild fun with different dudes from all racial persuasion. After they are used worse than a public lavatory by foreigners, they go back to India acting like innocent gals and entrap unsuspecting Indian men.

        1. Unfortunately very,very true.Modern indian women mix western culture and indian culture and create a distorted,vulgar culture,worse than tattooed,hipster American women.They flaunt their so-called beautiful Indian culture but in reality ,they are career,attention seeking women who don’t know a bit of what Indian culture is.

        2. Oh yeah. And what you mention is probably the reason for the rise in rapes and violence against women in India. Men there have had enough, and you can’t keep oppressing them with the unfair and hypocritical social constructs.

      3. I’m sorry to hear India is in such dire straits. I’ve been long fascinated by India and its beautiful culture ( and that’s coming from a WN.) I hope that your people turn things around, for the world would be a great real poorer if it fully adopted this generate sham of a culture.

  4. I just want to say thank you for compiling this list of quotations. I was just reading quotations from Dr. Samuel Johnson, another Red Pill writer, and your article complemented my reading quite nicely!

  5. Great article, haven’t heard of this character before.
    This phrase made me think of the mgtows and the predictability of their existence.
    “When a man has no strength left in him he becomes an ascetic, one without wealth acts like a celibate, a sick man behaves like a devotee of the Lord, and when a woman grows old she usually becomes devoted to her husband.”

    1. Yes ! Great & wise man… Haven’t known nothing about him….
      Thank you for the article…

    2. He was INSTRUMENTAL in making the first and largest Hindu empire..Not even the present Indian Union is as large as Maurya empire..and Maurya Empire gave a tough time to the Greeks to the West..on break-up of the Mauryas, the Greeks would again encroach to the northwest of Indian subcontinent, but this time they would birth one of the greatest treasures of mankind—Greco-Bactrian Buddhism..,This Hellenistic area of Afghanistan and NW Pakistan would be pivotal in shaping Mahayana Buddhism and later Buddhist art and architecture..

      1. And Chandragupta was the grandfather of Ashoka, who converted to Buddhism and sent missionaries to Egypt, two centuries before Christ. Perhaps there is something of Buddhism in Christianity?

        1. There are some ethical similarities especially in nonviolence..but Buddhism extends it to all sentient beings, while Christianity limits it to humans.
          (Though there is a lot of hypocrisy in Buddhism about this, true blue nonviolents are Jains and the long extinct Ajivikas)
          Doctrinally Buddhism and Christianity couldnot be farther apart…It is like one is a book on motorcycles, while the other is a book on Tigers… No similarity whatsover..Why?
          Buddhism doesnot see the need of a soul…Christianity bases its existence on the doctrine of the individual soul
          (Concept of Anatta)
          Buddhism doesnot see the need for a Creator God..without a Creator God, there is no Christianity
          (Concept of Dependent Origination/Co-Arising)
          Well Christianity can be interpreted in a plethora of ways, but these two things kind of remain constant…more or less same case with Buddhism

    3. It always amazes me that all the sources of ancient wisdom speak of wariness when it comes to women. All different sources from all areas of the world spout what we would call “red pill” truths and while these ideas would be met with cries of “misogyny” and mobs with pitchforks, they were taken for granted in times gone by.

      1. Yupp.
        I’ve read passages in the Bible and they speak of women’s torrid nature openly. It wasn’t absurd to speak of a women behaving deceptively and whorish in a negative way. Nowadays we celebrate this behaviour but a few decades ago it was common knowledge that men and women have conflicting interests, and women were not above reproach.
        Nowadays it’s as if the only evil done in the world is by men when women play an important role in promoting injustice and selfish behaviour.
        They’re pushing for totalitarian levels of control, but men like us know that if we play along we’ll most likely just get fucked over in the end.

  6. Stop falling on your swords for Indian wisdom.Yes, there are a few winners in ever part of the world, but India as a whole is a joke and its men are the betas of the betas. Take any Western country, look through it’s history for the last hundred years and will find more than enough equally smart,wise,or impressive men to match all of the ancient Eastern wise men put together. China,India and the Middle East have all got some wise and awesome dudes, but the West has probably rediscovered those peoples insights into life a hundred times over in more than manageable ways for the average Western male to truly learn from. I understand Easterners love of their own,but I despise the Wests obsession with wise Easterners fetish with a passion. In the little texts left from Greece and Rome alone we could gather more wisdom than what the East offers us.

    1. If you call a nation a joke,then maybe you’re a joke.Each nation has its ups and downs.I won’t go about bragging India’s past like a beta or a hypocritical pussy but each nation flourished and was annihilated due its own vices.India attained success earlier(check the links in the article) and was turned into a nation of betas earlier.Today where western men know about red pill and point out the futility of feminism,Indian men are zombies whose necks are bound by women.West attained success later but destruction is inevitable.India has problems of nationalism and the typical attitude of putting women on pedestal,betaish culture,and criticizing its own culture for the likes of Obama.You’re making the same mistake….learn to acknowledge your weakness.No jerk is coming and saying that Indian culture is better than western culture.But have space for self improvisation rather than being too full of yourself.When India lost men like Kautilya,there was no one to fill that void.But when this happens in the west,you become the worthy successor.I learnt my weakness.You also learn yours.Being nasty or irritating like American women won’t help.Peace.

      1. This cyclic/evolving nature of gender relations is pretty interesting.
        The west is indeed moving towards betatardation with a few apex alphas littered here and there running the show.
        For how long has India been feminized is what I’m curious about?
        I’m not concerned with being in a “masculine” culture so much as I want to be a part of a healthy culture. Where sex is not utterly perverted and used against the masses like a carrot on a stick, and men have some leverage in society’s trajectory.
        In the modern West men are basically expected to be apologetic about their base impulses. We gotta “check our privilege”. Which privilege though? To pay taxes for lazy people in exchange for humiliation? For men to show signs of turning their backs on women shows just how crippled a society really is.
        Look at Japan.. half the men there are checking out… Western countries are showing a similar pattern. If we can draw on the long history of places like India we might gain some insight.

        1. One could argue that Buddhism came around as a result of widespread hedonism that swept over India before that period. Perhaps the prosperity created by Indian unity led to the kind of problems that such success inevitably leads to, and this was followed by hedonism, widespread pacifism, and “idgaf” attitudes. The Kama Sutra was written in this period, after all. However, in the Indian case, society seems to have adopted a fatally self-destructive cult. In his post above Tim mentioned the insanity caused by vegetarianism – copper imbalance also makes people very stupid and stubborn. So perhaps these social factors combined with dietary ones to “bed in” a pacifist society for the long term.
          I don’t see that happening in the west. Better watch out for the Greens though.

        2. Check authors and freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi,Nehru,Aurobindo Ghosh,Tagore…..Though I respect them,I don’t hold them in high regard.Too Beta.Manipulation of culture(indian feminism ruined my favourite comedy show),beta movies,white knights like Aamir Khan…everything is responsible for Indian degradation.Indian social customs(jobs,marriage and then a woman-worshipping beta) are also to blame.Men learning game are considered a taboo and his parents are socially ostracized.Aurobindo Ghosh once said”Respect Women and then only some good can happen to a nation.”A typical beta patriotism.Indian women and white knights combine their hypocritical thinking and massive egos with third wave western feminism and give rise to an infuriating form of feminism in front of which Lindy West will look like a puny fat-headed chick.Indian festivals are full of feminism(check Raksha Bandhan or Durga Puja)….the mythology is entrenched with men as demons,and powerful men coming to save damsels in distress….So friend stay away from western women claiming India to be great…they want to rob you of your manhood…I realized it,thus today inspite of many struggles and unstable career…I consume as many red pill truths as possible and take out at least 15 minutes to stay with the affairs of manosphere and try to enforce neomasculinity…

        3. Oh undoubtedly. But you can avoid that relatively easily. There’s even a small scanner that sends data to a mass spectrometer, that could be used to test for genuine organic food, even if the DARK act gets passed (it was successfully crowdfunded for a million or 250, irrc). I don’t use a microwave anymore because of the non-thermal but still harmful radiation leak, and I don’t use my mobile phone much either for the same reason (and no wifi). These compromises have costs, but my health improves.
          You can filter your water. Distiller is best, then reverse osmosis. Bad working conditions aren’t avoidable though. Just a cost of living I suppose. Masculine life is possible, it just doesn’t come handed to us on a plate like it used to.
          These chemicals and environmental factors fuck women too. Why do you think they’re acting like amped up junkies all the time? And add to that, the pill is the god damn worst invention ever. It turns them into monsters, at least in my experience. My girlfriend normally is sensitive, loving and annoying. On the pill she’s aggressive, emotional and tries to dominate me. She becomes much stronger, too. It is like testosterone for us. But she’s small and easily affected – it happens to a lesser extent with most women.
          I’m making her take a bunch of supplements to improve her health and mental health. I don’t know if it’s worth the time. She’s becoming nicer over time. She was a virginal, but “strong independent” type girl when we met and I’m biologically modifying her. Is it a NAWALT quest? Probably. But this is the first one I’ve tried with to this level, and only because she was virginal. I’d like to think that their problem is not just behavioural but also biological, and if I can fix the biological, I won’t have to fight against the constant flow of societal propaganda as much. I know I used to act like a pussy before I ate better and supplemented. I used to be a commy feminist with dreams about revolution – maybe most women and most blue pill men are also biologically afflicted. If I can become human, I hope they can as well.
          So yes, economics shapes us ultimately. But we are not isolated actors – through the market we can shape what others believe and buy. I don’t believe in the top down totalitarian conspiracy story. It’s too simple, and doesn’t account for the ways people shape economics, rather than just vice versa.

        4. feminization of India started with rise of Bhakti (devotional) cults which used to see their own god as the Supreme Creator God and would ooze out emotional love for this God..
          Prior to this Indians kept the question of Ultimate creation as an open ended mystery …also the question of individual soul was never treated thoroughly..they were kept myseterious by the sages (Nasadiya Sukta Rg Veda)
          Basic religion was that there were a pantheon of Gods whom we were duty bound to offer sacrifices through fire rituals and they were in turn dutybound to help us in our WORLDLY quests..such as ships returning back, warriors winning wars, porsperity and so on..Practical religion..But these Gods came after creation
          Buddha also denied Creator God and denied the existence of individual soul.
          But the worst thing Buddhism,Jainism did was rampant pacifism, hatred for hunting . meat-eating ,weapon makers, chariot-makers and wars..
          You could do all this but in the grand spiritual scheme of things you would be seen as a second class spiritual citizen..
          Hindu Brahmin high-caste priests were alarmed that so many were deserting Hinduism and the caste-structure and embracing Buddhism (North-India was majority Buddhist till 650 AD)
          So they dispensed off with the old fire rituals that date back at least to 1700BC and institute this sappy emotional religion of Devotion (Bhakti)..where individual Gods of the pantheon or New Gods were elevated as the Supreme Creator God and emotional songs were sung to them..
          Ohh you would have to be vegetarian too now to be a good disciple of the Lord..on top of that celibacy was being prescribed all the time..the best of men were being encouraged to be either Hindu,Buddhist or Jain monks (the irony is the best monks came from the warrior castes, severely depleting them of quality and above all morale)
          The best warrior genes in India died out when the Warrior-castes took to monkhood..Buddha was a trained warrior..His exposed shoulder carried the marks of the bow ..(the weight of the bow used to sink through the skin)..Mahavira too was a trained warrior
          and the lesser male who still followed family life were advised to undergo married celibacy..that is no conjugal relation with wife other than what is necessary for child-bearing
          Prolonged celibacy reduced T-levels as well as the quality of sperm.
          Prolonged celibacy, vegetarianism, disappearance of the best warrior genes, ban on beef and an overt reliance on a Supreme God to deliver you from adversity did India in…
          Thousands of nonviolent pilgrims were slaughtered by Central Asian Muslim invaders on the steps of Somnath and our God could do Diddly shit..In all total 80 million Hindus were genocided during the 500 year with Islam
          But the warriors which beat back the Muslims were vigorous enjoyers of women..they just didnot have sex during campaigns..(which was punishable by death) Shivaji had eight wives, Krishnadevaraya 12, Bajirao 2..
          Now you know why Indians seethe in anger when Western people admire Gandhi..He embodies all that is wrong with Indian civilization: Nonviolence, vegetarianism, celibacy (married celibacy in his case), overt reliance on God, dislike for material comfort, knack of giving too much importance to women.
          Indians love Subhash Chandra Bose ..He kept his spirituality private..Married..Had the audacity of raising two seperate armies..and progressing within the eastern flanks of India with brutal fighting..Ohh he managed all this within Four Years!
          Before 700-750 AD (when Bhakti was not still in full force) Indians used to be as good warriors as any settled civilization on earth..Indians beat back both the Huns and Arabs..something Romans and Bryzantines failed
          This Bhaktification of religion happened around 500–1000AD.. from 1000 AD onwards Indians started losing to fierce Central Asian horseborne 1192 AD India was firmly under the foot of Central Asian Muslims..this went on till 1680

        5. +1
          How an 1836 Famine Altered the Genes of Children Born Decades Later

        6. Look up to Bhagat Singh, Gobind Singh, Shivaji, and Prithviraj Chauhan. All recent leaders who are warriors and masculine.

      2. From your name I assume you might be a little biased. From your comment you yourself seem to think India has a long way to go as well. Besides I was under the impression that India was like the U.S.A. built from many different cultures? A territory designed by British colonialism legacy? Anyways, I apologize if you took my comment as an insult. I support your quest to enlighten your fellow Indian men just as much as I want my fellow Anglos enlightened to the same plight you speak of. I’m sure Kautilya was important to your people and I do accept that knowledge is beneficial from any source , however, I feel that it is more than likely the knowledge this Indian provided could be more readily acceptably to the average Anglo if presented in a format consisting of like minded Anglo thinkers from our Anglo or Western past that had similar directions of thought. Eastern fetishism for the western world is ridiculous and deeply destructive in my view. It isn’t like minded exchanges of thought , it’s more akin to picking backwards beliefs over modern views for merely sounding/looking exotic. I’m sure you struggle in your own ways against those same backwards beliefs ,because your own people are set in them.I do not want to import them here ,so that I struggle with them as well.

        1. You don’t really know anything other than your own culture, and as a consequence your opinion is, at best, coincidentally accurate and, at worst, self-destructively inaccurate. To say something is backwards, based on your West-created prejudice of that culture, is foolish and arrogant. Your great civilisation is burning to the ground, maybe there are lessons to be learnt outside your bubble. Or is your arrogance worth more than your survival?

        2. The Great Civilization I come from is burning inside from self doubters,well-placed subterfuge and greed! I’ve seen much of the world and the West is a far better place that has been ruined with notions of everyone opinion matters/equality of outcome creed. Get bent with your subjective B.S.!

        3. The truth is that Kautilya is forgotten.Indian people now look up to Obama,Melinda Gates or Gloria Steinem…and rural Indian people look up to Indian actors who are white Knight themselves.India’s culture was long lost.You don’t have to apologize for saying something about India,a lost cause.You got some things wrong…I just pointed them out.If a fellow red-piller apologizes to another,it will not be different than those passion less men apologizing to women for nothing.There will be no brotherhood.Everyone tends to make mistakes.

        4. SJWism is a natural progression of Christianity. It just replaces God with The Good. Look up Aurini’s video on Atheistkult, it is principly similar.
          Hinduism also had the seeds of its own demise – its caste system was rigid (for good reasons), but this inevitably led to fallout and heresies which denied the caste heirarchy – like Buddhism.
          Have you lived for extended periods of time in any culture other than your own, enough to feel that you belong? I have. I have little subjectivity. You can read my other posts in this topic to see that for yourself. I just don’t have arrogance. Maybe you could develop a more balanced perspective if you learned more about other countries’ history.

    2. India and the Midde East is where all of “white” Europe and black Africa got its knowledge. It was the center of world civilization and knowledge. it will be there again.

  7. Chanakya was instrumental in the defeat of Alexander by Chandra Gupta Maurya. In India, to be called a chanakya is an honour..
    I recently read a book called chankya in you by radhakrishna pillai..nice understand the depth of his teachings,arthasastra should be read in Sanskrit..
    There are institutions in India where you can do more research and learn from teachers in the field..
    I was planning to read it but have a long queue of books to read before it…
    Thank you for writing this article..

  8. Bianca.. I am not a young female willing to do porn movies for money.. I am an elderly man & I don’t think that they would pay me money to do porn.? Even with you….??
    So Bianca Mazel Tov in your new money making life !

  9. Great article. Glad light was shed on this relatively unknown but formidable character.

  10. Great article. It’s for these occasional gems that I frequent these sites. I have read Machiavelli, Clausewitz, Schopenhauer, and others, but I had never heard of Kautiliya before reading this article. I look forward to getting my hands on those two books, especially the book of maxims.

  11. the more I’ve embarked on this radical change of thinking, red pill wisdom and in general becoming the worlds biggest skeptic, the more I am convinced that so called fiction and mythology is accurate. This is to say I am day by day more convinced than ever that our ancient forefathers were light years ahead of us in wisdom, and quite possibly technology. In keeping with fiction and mythology, civilizations usually vanish with little explanation…..well anything 2000 BC and prior yet it is there we have the most curious of stories, and the most curious of civilizations. Wisdom not yet found by the modern man and technology like the pyramids that will forever baffle us and countless structures that inexplicably stand the test of time.
    I am convinced the history of earth is like so…..Adam Eve….big boom in civilization and wisdom and technology…the flood resets it(curiously every civilization has a flood story)….a rise again but not quite to pre flood levels….tower of babel resets….and i believe it has take us a few thousand years to hit another peak….low and behold every culture and religion under the sun calls this the final days…..this is also a fairly common fiction story…..ancient civilization is more advanced and we just living in a shadow of ancient civilizations glory and we are trying to figure out what they figured out.
    believe in God and religion or not….but I am convinced our forefathers are smarter, wiser, and stronger than we could ever hope to conceive.
    articles like this just prove it.
    Hell I am half way convinced our forefathers could have invented TV but were smart enough not too for fucks sake Ancient Egypt inexplicably can perform successful brain surgery not to mention one of the worlds greatest mysteries those blasted pyramids that have stood forever….which begs the other fun question how the fuck did they know to operate on the brain without some kind of cat scan device? you can’t tell me they can crack open the skull, cure a man, but can’t invent TV? Me thinks they were smart enough to not invent TV or internet or social media.

  12. I had before never heard of this man. Put the book on my Amazon wish list. Thanks.
    What several gentlemen posted about Indian culture going effeminate at some time in the past got me thinking: most Indian women are ugly as fuck in my eyes. Would there perhaps be a parallel with the negroes and their titted gorillas? And worse, as the west is becoming effeminate as we speak, how ugly will the still beautiful women of these be some generations further, when any shambling uggo will be able to secure dick (reproduce)?

  13. “The world’s biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman.”
    All is said. wise words.

  14. Ancient Indians till the Guptas tended to be non-theistic..they based their fortune on their own hardwork..thats why they could kick the ass of Huns and Arabs..something the Romans and Bryzantines could not do…..
    Problem started when Indians started having more faith in some personal God to rescue them..Vedic sacrifices were done in a matter of fact..We feed the Gods, the gods are dutybound to help us….But Bhakti movement turned Indians into sappy emotional pansies dancing in male sarees in front of Supreme God , as they are in love with him..WTF? Puranas and Bhakti movement robbed us off our masculinity, Buddhism laid the groundwork
    Good points about Buddhism: No reliance on a Creator God
    No stupid theory of an invidual soul
    But then again these concepts were present in an obscure manner in the Upanishads themselves
    and the most sacred Upanishad, Brihadaryanaka extolls the virtue of eating red meat (beef) in order to get a good masculine son ..Beef apparently increases the strength of sperm..I donot disagree
    Bad points about Buddhism and later Hinduism: They extolled the virtue of celibacy for whole society..lifelong celibacy for monks.. lifeling celibacy for married men after occasional cohabitation with the wife in order to get children
    Most modern studies show prolonged celibacy of a few months seriously undermines your Testosterone Levels
    Most modern studies show prolonged celibacy of a few weeks, seriously undermine your quality of sperm..
    BOTTTOMLINE: Too much celibacy and you age prematurely..there has to be a balance between celibacy and sexual exhaustion
    That is why meat eating, women fucking Muslim invaders could kick the ass of Hindus..
    Now the interesting part: The Hindu Kings who fucked back the Muslims were vigorous enjoyers of women..They just didnot have sex during campaigns (which was a punishable offence ..death)
    Shivaji had eight wives
    Krishnadevaraya had twelve wives
    Bajirao had two
    These warriors were instumental in breaking the stronghold of the Muslims..
    We can put the concept of lifelong celibacy in the dustbin of History…temporary celibacy is wonderful to achieve your goals..but lifelong celibacy is like amputating a part of your being…
    Brahmacharya FTW

    1. Most modern studies show prolonged celibacy of a few months seriously undermines your Testosterone Levels
      Most modern studies show prolonged celibacy of a few weeks, seriously undermine your quality of sperm..

      1. do a search..if you cannot find anything ina few hours..come back and I will shower you with dozens of studies…you seem you want to be convinced about prolonged celibacy
        Sex is good, just porn addiction is poision

        1. Ok, I’m back … sources?
          In the meantime, he disagrees with you and provides a whole set of reference.
          While a few men have reported abstinence associated with higher T, the vast majority of men who are tested (before & during) report no significant change. Since many factors (stress, exercise, diet) can affect T levels and lab results, we need to be cautious with an occasional anecdote.
          Many studies report similar testosterone levels in healthy men and men with chronic ED (1, 2, 3, 4).
          As stated, the preponderance of animal & human studies suggest that neither abstinence nor “too much ejaculation” have any effect on blood testosterone levels. However, there’s evidence that ejaculation to the point of sexual satiation triggers multiple brain changes – including a decline in androgen receptors. and increases in estrogen receptors and dopamine-blocking opioids in several brain regions. Full recovery takes about 15 days and is quite apart from addiction-related brain changes.
          There is no consistent correlation between sexual activity, or abstinence, and plasma testosterone levels – other than a one-day transient spike (46% above baseline) following seven days of abstinence. Wide fluctuations in male testosterone levels (10-40%) are normal.

        2. Sperm Quality:

          the above one was a big study

          again fairly big study but let me summarize the points of above study as it doesnot deal with the sperm quality
          Semen Volume: Increase Highest on 6th day and dips on 7th
          Sperm count/ml : Increase Highest on 7th day
          Total Sperm : Increase Highest on 6th day (day 7 sperm count hike could not counter this)

          Biggest study with eight years and over 6000 men
          An elaboration of the above study follows in the next two articles

          Now regarding serum Testosterone levels..It seems if you donot ejaculate your body bumps up testosterone on the 7th day with the expectation that with increased testosterone you will be forced to have sex ..the bump is on average 46.7%
          but then it returns to baseline and even goes slightly lower for the next 9 days..

          Another study which I couldnot hunt down but was cited by a MMA doctor said that prolonged celibacy (no ejaculation) of 12 weeks reduces Testosterone to that of the level of a child

          So optimum level for a man is to shoot for sex every Saturday night till 60, and get his projects finished in the space of a week when he is celibate
          7 days is optimum for functioning
          There you go.. Happy?

        3. All your studies were reviewed and debunked in the link I provided above. Check it out.
          The conclusion is that there is no consistent correlation between sexual activity, or abstinence, and plasma testosterone levels – other than a one-day transient spike (46% above baseline) following seven days of abstinence.

        4. Nope Sperm quality assertion remains…YBOP didnot debunk the claims of researchers on sperm quality.
          and if we go by the the Chinese study..Testosterone levels actually decreased from day 8 to day 16 compared to day 1 (though minutely)..and it is my assertion, along with the assertion of the MMA doctor that extreme celibacy of the order of a few months or years will decrease T-levels severely (provided there are no wet dreams?)
          Go through the sperm quality studies again ..and make charts and tables of your own..and will come to the conclusion that sperm quality suffers after 5-7 days of celibacy..
          after ejaculation on the 7 th day Body makes a final push to get you to have sex and bumps T by 46.7% (this happens consistenly from 5th to 7th day)..if not it falls back to 100% (baseline) and on the continuing the celibacy streak till 16th day gives slight decrease…
          The above result; the MMA doctor’s assertion, sperm quality stiudies are pointers enough that too much celibacy makes you age prematurely and robs you off your masculinity
          of course these are not conclusions directly evidenced from the studies, but any sane man can pick that up..the overarching theme is that things drop a little after 7 th day

        5. I have done my own experiments where after THREE month of total abstinence, my testosterone measured was in the higher range and I manage to impregnate my wife with a son.
          Furthermore, once I did half a year “marathon” and did not notice any signs of low testosterone.
          The truth is that there is no straight causation between sex and testosterone levels. The variable affecting T are far too many, sex being one them – age, time spent outside, diet, genetics, exercise, etc, etc.
          In my opinion, the vegetarianism played left a big impact on Indian men than the celibacy culture.

        6. Every time I think about going vegetarian, I just can’t do it. I like food too much. Or I like food culture. I am currently working and traveling overseas- Balkans, Caspian Region, Mediterranean, I cannot deny myself the 100’s of ways in which just Lamb is prepared over here. I lift weights, play sports, read books and chase girls, and I love eating MEAT! Life is too short, bro. Gotta taste ALL OF IT!

    2. “Problem started when Indians started having more faith in some personal God to rescue them..Vedic sacrifices were done in a matter of fact..We feed the Gods, the gods are dutybound to help us.”
      Feed a god, starve a child.

  15. > the actual power behind the throne
    Indeed, the throne (i.e., government) is pretty low in the pyramid of power.

  16. ROK needs to hire a better editor. This author wouldn’t know a compound complex sentence if it bit him in the ass, and the parenthetical use is atrocious.

  17. Indians were/are a peaceful people and therefore doomed to be conquered and subjected by the more savage people.
    Just look at the history and you’ll see it’s a combination of technology and mentality that makes a group of people successful. The Muslims and Moghuls were superior in warfare, because of the simple fact that they were raised to be warriors. They had the mentality to fight other people. But besides fighting they were nothing more than dumb savages who were unknown to a structured and civilized society. These dumb apes invented nothing and got their technology from other civilizations.
    Indians on the other side were superior in technology and weapons, but they’d never seen a brutal type of warfare where innocent children and women were raped and all the men were beheaded. Islamic warfare was very brutal. Indian warfare was soldier to soldier and citizens were not harmed in battles. They were not taught to act like brutal animals. This “weakness” got them conquered.
    It’s just how this world works. You can be smart and intelligent, but if you don’t have the mentality to stand up for yourself, other people will run over you. Indian and Chinese men are the perfect example of this. They are considered the weakest among present-day men.

  18. Thanks for the recommendation. When I saw the “Machiavelli of the East” tagline I assumed it would be about Han Fei.

  19. Hey fellas I’ve been lurking on the Manosphere for a year or so, first comment. It seems to me that there really is no point in attacking the women who identify with a radical ideology. They are so convinced that they are aggrieved with cause, that to debate them will only in their confirm their own beliefs. It’s a self confirming bias. They look for all instances to confirm their hypothesis and reject all instances that do not. We end up being dragged into their circular viscous spin cycle and come out more angry and bitter than before, both sides actually.
    Perhaps a switch in strategy is needed. Instead of defending ourselves and attacking ad nauseam on every possible facet of society and gender relations, it may be more prudent to remind ourselves and women how good most men are, alpha, beta, zeta what have you. The men I know in my life are all hardworking, respectful, law abiding, intellectual , ambitious, loving, charitable. We tend to take all these good characteristics and contributions that men make for granted – feminists with a evil patriarchy mindset obviously do, and curiously so do most men. We all so engaged with a subset of ungrateful, unreasonable women, that we allow them to define men as a group, strip away our character, drag us into unending, vicious, complex producing typing fights. It also allows them to frame the debate, by focusing on the negative things that a minority of men do and we’re always on our back foot on the defence. In reality we have nothing to defend, on the contrary there is plenty for men as a group to be proud of. We must remind feminists and ourselves of all the good that we have done for our families, society, yes even with all the wars, strife… Freedom is not free.
    So essentially we should apply cognitive behavioural therapy on feminism. It really is a mentality that is no longer balanced, it’s thinking is skewed, distorted, and needs adjusting. And this can only be done by reminding and presenting evidence to feminism on the contributions to humanity by the everyday man. Who is also her father, brother, teacher, friend. Instead of being led into a negative debate, reframe to the positive, without necessarily attacking.
    The masculine like the feminine is equally important. Men who are masculine are just as worthy of respect and not disdain as from modern day SJWs. Just as the women’s movement is spurned by a you go girl mantra, the men’s movement, although it may sound duplicitous, needs a similar attitude, you go bro! Lol or whatever is clever haha.
    Just my thoughts thus far in the ever exciting, high blood pressure inducing world of gender politics. Hate it but can’t stop lol
    Interesting article by the way, got me thinking about strategy hence the post.

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