How 13 Hours Depicts Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Incompetence In Benghazi

The film 13 Hours perfectly encapsulates why there is zero doubt that Hillary Clinton should be in prison. Every presidential candidate has stated that Clinton should be rotting in a cell, except Bernie Sanders who has said “No one gives a damn about your emails!” As a result of apparent late-onset Alzheimer’s, Sanders is oblivious to the facts. On the other hand, Donald Trump has sold out theaters in Iowa to give people free tickets to see the film.

13 Hours Movie Review

benghazi explosion

Benghazi on fire.

On September 11th, 2012, approximately 150 Islamic militants stormed an American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. 13 Hours is a film directed by Michael Bay that portrays what happened over the course of that night.

The focus of the film is on six members of an elite security team assigned to Benghazi, Libya. They are independent contractors for the CIA, all former special forces military veterans. The members of the team are Jack (John Krasinski), Rone (James Badge Dale), Tanto (Pablo Schreiber), Boon (Dave Denman), Tig (Dominic Fumusa), and Oz (Max Martini).

There is a constant power struggle between the security team and the CIA chief on whether they have to obey him when the compound housing U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens is attacked. The six-man team repeatedly voices their desire to help defend the compound and rescue the ambassador, but they’re ordered to “stand down” by the CIA chief (David Costabile). Bureaucracy at its finest.

After seeing the mayhem from afar as the compound burns and is rushed by combatants, the team tells the CIA chief to fuck off and goes to rescue Ambassador Stevens and his staff. Throughout the brutal ordeal, calls are made to U.S. bases in Germany and Italy for air support and rescue. At one point a character requests for nothing more than an F-16 to fly overhead to scare the militants to buy some more time. All requests are met with silence. No help ever arrives.

One scene in particular involving the Ambassador and his staff locked in a bathroom trying to stay silent as militants raid the compound is particularly harrowing. The ordeal shows the militants failing to break a barrier, preventing them from entering the section of the house where the Ambassador is located. They decide to pour diesel on the floor, light the place on fire, and wait.

A very masculine movie.

Masculinity is depicted well in this movie.

As a fan of the series The Office, the casting of John Krasinski was surprising. However, he plays the role with the right balance of strength and realistic expectations for the outcome of that fateful night. His conflict between the duties of his job and the love he feels for his family evoked scenes from American Sniper. Most of the men in the cast are sporting beards, which are gaining in popularity because it is one of the few ways men can display their masculinity in our castrated society. But that’s another story. Krasinski exudes the American ideal, one that may not exist for much longer.

For all the artistic liberties taken with the firefights and explosions, this movie portrays how trained men behave in high-pressure, violent situations. The security team remains calm, take enormous risks on behalf of their brothers, and fight until the end. There is only one woman in the cast, and at one point she asks, “How can I help?” It’s obvious that she cannot do anything worthwhile in a life and death situation other than make phone calls.

Overall, the action sequences are well-done. The film is remarkably restrained for Michael Bay.

This leads us to the question, what role does Hillary Clinton play in the death of Ambassador Stevens and the others?

Hillary Clinton Ignores Requests For Increased Security

No reason to be concerned.

No reason to be concerned.

Hillary Clinton has publicly taken responsibility numerous times for the massive gaps in security. Moreover, she has claimed that of the 600 requests for increased security in Benghazi, exactly zero ever reached her desk. The odds of that are infinitesimally small, especially in light of the fact that she was receiving reports on Libya from her “friend” Sydney Blumenthal.

Blumenthal is an archetypal political snake who lives in the shadows. A Clinton friend and confidant, he has maneuvered the Clinton’s shady past away from the public for over 30 years. He also played a role during Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. Blumenthal has routinely provided Bill and Hillary Clinton with information about their Republican opponents during the process and how to create messages to attack them.

Clinton’s conspirator sent her 150 emails, all of which reached her desk. Yet somehow none of the 600 requests for security did. Clinton had time to take emails from her confidante to shield her from political fallout, but no time for emails to bolster security in an unstable region where a U.S. Ambassador was visiting.

What was Blumenthal’s role in Libya, anyway? He was advising business interests in Libya and also was doing work for the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton family’s sizable philanthropic endeavor. After Blumenthal testified, Blumenthal told reporters his work for the foundation had “nothing whatsoever to do with my emails to my friend.” Right.

Hillary Clinton Lies To The American Public


The death of this man could have been prevented

The official narrative of Benghazi coming out of Clinton’s State Department is that the attack was the result of Libyans protesting a video called “Innocence of the Muslims.” It is now known that this is an outright fabrication. The attack was perpetrated by Al Qaeda sympathizers who were gunning for the U.S. Ambassador and avenging the death of their comrade, Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was killed in a drone strike in Pakistan.

Morever, Clinton was well aware that this video was not the reason this attack occurred. In an email with the Egyptian Prime Minister, she admitted that the “attack had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack – not a protest.”

But why would she lie about this? One reason is self-preservation. After 600 requests for security and no response, a terrorist attack would reflect very poorly on Clinton’s judgment. She took the calculated risk that her political reputation could handle a “protest about a video” but could not handle a terrorist attack resulting in the death of Americans.

Furthermore, consider when this attack took place: 56 days before the 2012 presidential election. The democratic leadership was complicit in Clinton’s deceit because they knew that a terrorist attack so close to an election may have resulted in a Romney victory, a risk they were not willing to take. The Obama campaign in 2012 could survive a “protest about a video,” but not a terrorist attack resulting in the death of Americans.

The Next American President?

"Can't you just let it go? I'm running to become the second Clinton to lie in the White House!"

“So he’s dead, big deal! Can’t you guys just leave me alone?”

After being grilled by the House Select Committee on her role in the death and destruction in Benghazi, along with the tragic death of Ambassador Stevens, here is the statement made by Hillary Clinton:

Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?

Ladies and gentlemen: The 2016 frontrunner for the Democratic party.

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  1. It gets worse: she authorized arms to be sold to the Libyan “rebels” (i.e. terrorists) who would go on to kill the US ambassador, and broke Federal law doing it by green-lighting the sale through a private email server.

    At the time that Mrs. Clinton denied knowledge of the arms shipments, she and her State Department political designee, Andrew Shapiro, had authorized thousands of shipments of billions of dollars’ worth of arms to U.S. enemies to fight her secret war. Among the casualties of her war were U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three colleagues, who were assassinated at the American consulate in Benghazi, by rebels Mrs. Clinton armed with American military hardware in violation of American law.
    This secret war and the criminal behavior that animated it was the product of conspirators in the White House, the State Department, the Treasury Department, the Justice Department, the CIA and a tight-knit group of members of Congress.

    1. Funny, when Oliver North did something similar but far less pernicious, they made fun of the medals on his uniform and branded him a criminal.

    2. I can’t help but think about the sizable number of Americans who would vote for her, regardless of this knowledge.

      1. Sad but true. There are millions of women who only vote for whoever will let them murder their children after bar hopping.

        1. This is why women should not be able to vote. If the Femi-Drones could not vote the Democratic party and all of its socialist ideals would be little more than a joke. It would push both parties to embrace things like Small government and greater freedoms.

      2. They don’t have the knowledge, Mother Jones doesn’t tell them. Most liberal publications are now just rants that compare Trump to ISIS or some such nonsense. Seriously unhinged, they do have religious fervour.

        1. I find this on both sides of the political divide over in the US. Plenty of rants (tho they do seem to come more from R supporters I find) and facts come in sort supply often, or they are often slightly distorted to suit the political allegiance of the poster and often people are getting their info from biased (left wing/right wing) linked news sources. To me the nature of the political system in the US makes it so that there is really no great difference between D or R these days in terms of the big picture for the ongoing decline of living standards for the average US citizen.
          I have not seen the movie yet, and it seems it was a pet project of M.Bays so I guess he is not Hollywood left. The story certainly seems like a debacle at the end of the day given the global resources of the US. I don’t quite understand why their was an embassy in a hated/US hostile country to begin..apart from the obvious spying on Gadaffi.
          Someone mentioned earlier the hero soldiers..from what I read they were CIA hired contractors (not soldiers but ex soldiers) and they don’t come under the DOD (same with CIA agents) and cannot call on them for rescue. Embassy staff are a different story though and should have been rescued. Behind the scenes the US it seems was putting in a lot of effort to fire up the civil war, they should have had contingency plans for rescue mission of its people. I see posts from people saying it didn’t happen because of the upcoming election.
          Why would the potential fallout from not rescuing them be better than the glory of rescuing them back at the time?

        2. The American press is simply a propaganda organ of the democrat party. Most western press is exactrly that as they constantly push leftist propaganda and demonize their enemies.

      3. It’s the same Americans who wanted George Zimmerman gassed by the state of Florida just because he had a Jewish sounding last name.

      4. Mate I have people in my office, in London, who cannot understand why I hate her. They think she should be voted in simply because she’s a woman.
        One woman (from the US) claims anyone who criticizes Hillary does so because she’s a woman (and also because she’s a democrat). I said “no, its because she’s the lowest form of scum. There’s a difference.”

    3. Someone needs to summarize the worst of what she’s done, in a bite sized video and try and get it to go ‘viral’. The only way you will get a message to the ADHD masses is to present the information in a slick, brief way.

      1. According to Scott Adams, identity trumps analogy trumps reason. That’s why calling someone a nazi or racist or whatever is so effective, even when people know it’s bullshit. We are emotional creatures with the ability to rationalize, not logical creatures with feelings.
        As men, and mostly rational men at that, we rely far too much on logic and arguments. What we really need to do is attack their identities. The cuckservative meme is an excellent start, but we need more.

        1. Yeah, Scott Adams has had some very good analysis of this sort of rhetoric vs. dialectic kind of thing. None of us are as logical/ rational as we think we are, though, and logic has its own limitations.
          Thought experiment: Trump has been very successful with the “low-energy” label for Jeb!, and has hammered it home through repetition. The “logical” response might be to study this objectively, then call a press conference and announce:
          “We have measured Mr. Bush’s energy levels continuously for the past 5 days, normalized them for his body mass, caffeine intake, and other known variables, and are pleased to report that his energy is right at the 80th percentile, making him objectively medium to high energy.”
          How do you think that would work out? Would people think, “OK, Trump’s been completely disproved”? Would you? Or would you laugh even harder at Jeb!
          Dank memes are the answer. We must mock the other side’s sacred cows– mercilessly

    4. Benghazi , the Clinton Foundation ( aka slush fund) are the reasons why Hillary had a private email server with unofficial ,unmonitored email traffic. I pray that this will be discovered and finally this bitch and her perv husband be indicted or pay some sort of price. What bothers me was that there was no reflex to save the ambassadors and thebrave soldiers. Barack O was briefed on this , slept 8 hrs and then jetted off to a Vegas fundraiser. Hillary too ignored this. The planes could have been in the air i.e.”the cavalry it on it’s way” scenario. Earlier calls for increased security were criminally ignored but a rescue mission could have at least rescued the embassy compound for later evidence and the investigation to follow. If you recall CNN’s Anderson Cooper was the first on the scene and found , I think Ambassador Steven’ s diary and other important evidence. Again the President and the SOS did not have have the impulse to save Americans. Note to terrorists if you are going to kill americans or take over an embassy do so during the campaign season cause our whore political class will leave you be. Personally too Hillary makes my flesh crawl. She’s repellant. She hates men as evidence by all the dyke staffers she surrounds herself with. If they are any men it’s these eunuch, Ichabod Crane types. She and Bill are just low rent tawdry fucks….Shame on us if we elect her….

      1. They’re total slime. Democrat-socialists eat their young. They are happily destroying the civilization. In the end, they’ll be the very same people who will scream and shout about the injustice as they’re thrown off the roof of the nearest high rises.

    5. I would love to see how many of those committing treason at the top levels of government are Jewish, I’d guess Hillary is just the goy window dressing, just like Bill Clintons administration where everyone was Jewish

      1. You know, I’m just so tired of this “blame the Jews” bullshit. American liberals are fucking LIBERALS, first! they’re whatever they are; Jews, blacks, Latins, whatever, second. I know more conservative Jews and they’re just as pissed off as everyone else.

        1. You know, if you did the same thing with liberal WASPs you’d have to have an encyclopedia. How about blacks? We’re talking 90% of an entire population. Seriously, this doesn’t help the cause, all it does is point to more bullshit.
          This site doesn’t “focus on feminism.” it’s focuses on manliness, the defense of men, and the promotion of being a man.

        2. Im not worried about the symptoms im worried about the cause of the problem. Any feminist can tell you almost all the founders of modern feminism are on that list. Why would I care about stupid gentile sheep when im looking at the cause? Every single liberal WASP in your encyclopedia if you traced his brainwashing back you would reach the original jew. I know you think your being “nice” to jews while trying to solve feminism but you might as well beat your head on the wall to solve your toothache. By running cover for jews you are as destructive as any Betty Friedan, Rosa Luxemborg, Gloria Steinem, or Susan Sontag.
          Neo-masculinity is a direct response to feminism, which is mental poison invented by jews, just like porn, homosexuality, gender bending, communism, atheism, political correctness, and every thing else that destroys us. You actually want to know where all this shit comes from? You want to spend 30 minutes learning something you wont ever see on the talmudvision but affects your life every single day?

        3. Yeah, I know the Frankfurt school…I also know Plato’s Republic which formulated a communist state way before Frankfurt…is Plato a Jew now? So, how do you account for conservative Jews? I’m Catholic, are we part of the problem, too? Admittedly, the current Pope hasn’t done much to stem the collectivist tide, he’s added to the problem, but does that mean I’m going to be on your target list? My children, too? The American suffrage movement was founded by three WASPs, for God’s sake.
          Furthermore, I’m not running cover for anyone. If you’re a liberal, you’re a socialist, if you’re a socialist, you believe in marxism, communism, leninism, stalinism, maoism, et., al. It’s all Collectivism, and I don’t believe in any of the racist bullshit that’s attributed to Jews. The worst murderers in history haven’t been Jews. Are there liberal Jews? Are they a problem because they’re Jews or because they’re collectivist slime? The answer’s pretty simple: Collectivist slime come in all sizes and shapes and colors. Should they be fought at every level? Yes, absolutely. Targeted, because of religious beliefs? In my opinion, the only PURE collectivist faith is islam…and they’re certainly not Jews. You’ve even used the term, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder,” that’s from a radio personality who’s a NY Jew living in San Francisco. Is he on your target list, too?
          What you do when you do this is minimize the real cause of feminist ideology, Collectivism, and all it stands for. This isn’t a Jewish problem, it’s a Global problem for all of us, and it’s going to destroy our civilization. Of course, when that happens, people like me are going to hunt people like them…I have Jewish friends who are on our side in all of this. Wake up.

        4. Jeez where to start, Plato was referring to communization of a nation state, he was referring to everyone putting their nation before even family and personal profit. Which makes him more of a national socialist than a jewish communist.
          As far as the Catholics are gonna be rounded up threat that is made up, national socialists were made up of many Catholics although you right there more Cuckolics now. Jews on the other hand are an ethnic group that puts their interest above everyone else. Here is what jews think about your cuck gentile ass

          Roosh as well has warned of jewish tom fuckery

          The Damaging Effects Of Jewish Intellectualism And Activism On Western Culture

          Here is pretty much every single conservative jew coming out in a full on attack of Trump, a white nationalist like me, unlike me he probably doesnt hate jews but we still have a year of this election cycle left. A year of being attacked by EVERY. SINGLE. JEW. left or right or moderate the mask comes off when jewish interests are at stake.

          And finally as far as jews not being the greatest mass murderers of the last hundred years is hilarious because they ARE the greatest murderers in the history of humanity, they are responsible for at least 100 million deaths this century alone.

          that video was made by Dr Pierce one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century, and he came up with liberalism being a mental disorder in the 90s.
          I hope you can get in my head once you go through these links. If not im sure others can

        5. Well, identifying national socialism as separate from Collectivism is what the Left does…while in political science the professor (I don’t remember the fucker’s name, anymore) placed a chart on a wall with a circle and links national socialism to the Right and Communism on the Left…such bullshit…they’re both on the Left. Communism IS Collectivism. OK, we’ll move on.
          Marx’ influence was Hegel, a German philosopher who develops a “logical” thought process (which I totally disagree with) that provides a framework for Marx’s work…Immanuel Kant develops the moralist framework for Marx…neither of these guys were Jews…Kant’s an evil SOB, because his bullshit requires a person to suspend reason and objectivity…which results in a flawed economic philosophy of collectivism; altruism.
          So, here we are. There are as many people to blame for this bullshit as your single-minded identification of the Jews. For me, it’s anyone who thinks that altruism is a valid concept, when self-interest is so much more obviously correct. This is a fundamental part of the most successful economic structure of Capitalism and requires men to operate as freely as possible. This is a direct contrast to the Marxist concept of economic warfare among competing groups.
          Modern Feminism is founded upon the school of 1960’s angst of “deconstruction.” Which is the most idiotic form of philosophical nonsense the Left has constructed, to date. The whole idea of feminism is built upon a house of cards, which is obvious to anyone who chooses to take a close look. No wonder women are all screwed up!
          Finally, I know liberal Jews…I have two best friends who are liberal Jews. Neither practices being Jewish…however, arguing with them needs to occur face-to-face when you can confront their illogical arguments…hell, it doesn’t matter, liberals are liberals first, and that’s my point. I do get your point, we’re on the same politically-oriented side, I just think we’re going to have different methods. Unless the whole society falls apart, which it probably will, neither one of us will become mass murderers.

        6. Your right we do agree on alot, 2 last points ill mention, National Socialism is neither left nor right, that political scale is designed to shoehorn people into certain pre determined parties. The only philosophy a NSDAP government has is, is this good for the german people? Is it healthy? Does it ensure the German nation survives into the future? The tactics can be “left” wing or “right wing” all that matters is the end result.
          And your left wing, not religious(???), jewish friends I would assume like every other jew in America, have a deep irrational hatred and fear of Donald Trump, something that almost no white americans have. Am I correct? Why would that be??

        7. Of course, they hate Trump and especially Cruz. It’s a visceral hatred of these guys, too. Why? There is no real cognitive response from them! Trump: He’s a racist, a demagogue, a whatever. Cruz, because “the Constitution is 150 years too old…” direct quote from one of my best friends, an attorney! I just laugh at him, frankly. My response is that the Constitution is the most valid document, today, and that the Founders were RIGHT in its construction. Furthermore, the arguments we’re having today ALREADY occurred among the Founders! I’ll say it’s all in the Federalist and ANTI-Federalist papers! They’ll say, “the Constitution was created in a spirit of compromise…and the government should work the same way…” No, the Constitution is a document which created a government with a mechanism for change, but the government itself is to be governed as the document states, it may have been created by compromise, but the results are absolute. (they hate that!) However, it’s just a logical conclusion, unless you’re an idiot.
          Finally, I respond to the alternatives: Hillary and Bernie…how can you possibly think that Clinton shouldn’t be in Fucking Jail??? or that a socialist, where socialism has FAILED, EVERYWHERE, could possibly have any validity in the world, let alone here?
          It’s hard to argue against facts when you use emotion for justification of your position. I’m the youngest and fittest in a group of guys that meet every month, we’re 50-50% between conservative and liberal…believe it or not, a couple of the liberals are actually coming around…only the pure idiots cannot see the writing on the wall about what’s coming.

        8. I agree with you that the Constitution is up there with the magna carta in its advancement of humanity. If only George Washington had of included the 1790 Naturalization Act in the Constitution would be rock solid today still.
          The 1790 Naturalization Act limited naturalization to immigrants who were free white persons of good character.

          But we have a certain ethnic group making up a significant amount of lawyers in this country with ZERO respect for the the Constitution going wayyy back. And theyve infiltrated the top law schools that churn out “Constitutional scholars” like Obama.

        9. Feminism up to the early 1900s was WASP; no question. Post-WW2 is another story.
          The Church was traditionally a conservative institution, but has been degraded by homosexual and other entryists. Certainly since Vatican II, it’s had a lot of problems. This is not the fault of traditional Catholicism, but reflects how it has been degraded by modernism.
          “worst murderers” You mean like Lazar Kaganovitch? Genrikh Yagoda? Trotsky?
          You would benefit greatly from reading Kevin MacDonald’s “The Culture of Critique.”
          r.e. “conservative” Jews– name a single Jewish organization that supports immigration restriction.

        10. Catholicism in the US was impacted by American homosexuals who found a place to hide from the Vietnam war, and essentially took over the American Church. I attended Catholic school, it didn’t help that we turned a blind eye as to what was going on…oh, yeah, we all knew.
          Were the “worst murderers” collectivists? Of course they were. Was Mao, who murdered the most, a Jew? Was Hitler? (I know the argument here) Stalin, certainly not. Pol Pot? The Great Leader Clan? You can combine all the religious wars of history, and ONLY Islam can compete with the deaths due to collective secularism…of course, islam will definitely give Mass Murder by secularism a run for the highest number.
          MacDonald’s book…ok, I get that…my exposure to him has been minimal, except where he mentions one movie after another to lament Jewish liberalism as these movies artistically illustrate the “wonderful effects” of collective dogma upon “dysfunctional Capitalist societies…” How wonderful our right-elites are when describing another’s tribe. However, this isn’t unique to Jewish culture…hell, watch a Lena Wertmuller “classic” sometime if you want to see the joyous outcome of the working class proletariat v. the propertied bourgeoisie. Lena is a Swiss Catholic, for God’s sake! Essentially, “our” collectivists are as bad as “Jewish” collectivists. To restate, ALL collectivists are better off dead, than RED.
          I’ll illustrate the concept more clearly: I’m against EVERYTHING that the “savior-n-chief” stands for, NOT because he’s black (or white), I’m against the slime, because he’s RED. Frankly, my favorite color is green, and to me that’s all that matters. (earned honestly, of course.) As for your last comment/question…immigration policy of American Jewish organizations has never been examined, except for those men and women I knew in college who were openly Zionist, and were heading to Israel after graduation. Granted, they weren’t a group of people that I hung out with, hell, no one did. However, I never heard a single claim from any of them that socialism was a superior economic or cultural model. never.

        11. The Church had some problems earlier, but the 60s was when it really went downhill.
          You’re right about Stalin: I’ve never seen any convincing evidence that he was Jewish. Yet after Lenin died, who was Stalin competing with for the top spot? Trotsky, Zinoviev, and Kamenev– all members of the Tribe. That’s not a coincidence. Bolshevism was very disproportionately Jewish. This was well known at the time, but has since been memory-holed. Check almost any primary source from the late 1910s- early 1920s. Most of the non-Jewish early leaders were non-Russian ethnic minorities, like Stalin (Georgian). Stalin managed to outmanouver them, but overall Bolshevism was Jewish. I suspect I’m wasting my time here, as your post seems more than a little disingenuous, but I meant to organize some of this anyway, so:
          Don’t believe me, believe Winston Churchill. In an article published in the February 8, 1920, issue of the London Illustrated Sunday Herald, Churchill noted that Bolshevism is a:
          “worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality.” The eminent British political leader and historian went on to write:
          “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews.”
          *[Lenin was actually 1/4 Jewish– would have qualified for emigration to Israel]
          or Jewish author Norman Cantor, in his 1996 book “The Jewish Experience”
          “The Bolshevik Revolution and some of its aftermath represented, from one perspective, Jewish revenge. . . . During the heyday of the Cold War, American Jewish publicists spent a lot of time denying that—as 1930s anti-Semites claimed—Jews played a disproportionately important role in Soviet and world Communism. The truth is until the early 1950s Jews did play such a role, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. In time Jews will learn to take pride in the record of the Jewish Communists in the Soviet Union and elsewhere. It was a species of striking back.”
          The other Communist movements of the time were led by Jews– Rosa Luxemburg and her abortive Communist revolution in Germany, Bela Kun’s reign of terror in Hungary.
          The largest circulation Communist newspaper in the US was not the Daily Worker, but Morgen Freiheit, a YIDDISH language paper. Jews are what, 2% of the US population? That’s remarkable, isn’t it?
          Soviet spies arrested in the US were VERY disproportionately Jewish. This did not reflect “anti-semitism”, but reflected the demographics of Soviet spies.
          You could also read “200 Years Together”, by Aleksandr Solshenitsyn, Russian dissident, gulag survivor, and a Nobel Prize winning author whose books sold millions of copies, which covers the history of Jews in Russia and under Communism. You’ll have to read it in Russian, though, because no English language publisher is interested in coming out with a translation. Remarkable, isn’t it? It’s almost like some group doesn’t want it published, and has the power to do so, despite our “free press”.
          No, Mao wasn’t Jewish, but the Comintern (which got the Chinese Communist Party started) was heavily Jewish in the 20s and 30s, and you might want to look into the role of the following people in Chinese Communism:
          Sidney Rittenberg– first American to join Chinese Communist Party. He worked closely with People’s Republic of China (PRC) founder Mao Zedong.
          Israel Epstein– a naturalized Chinese journalist and author. He was one of the few foreign-born Chinese citizens of non-Chinese origin to become a member of the Communist Party of China.
          Solomon Adler– Soviet spy, worked to cut off US loans to the Nationalist Chinese while serving as as US Treasury representative in China, later defected to Communist China and worked for twenty years for the Chinese Communist Party’s Central External Liaison Department, an agency involved in foreign espionage.
          Also Frank Coe, Sidney Shapiro… While there were non-Jewish Americans who were Communists and spied for China, I’m not aware of any who actually defected to China, became citizens, and played important roles in the Chinese government, like these men did. Perhaps you know of some.
          MacDonald analyzes Marxism, Freudian psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School/ Cultural Marxism and does an excellent job of showing what they have in common as Jewish movements. An intelligent, highly ethnocentric group with a dualistic in group vs out group morality can do a lot of damage in a high-trust larger society with universalist values. Read it, you’ll learn something.
          Immigration– every single Jewish organization in America supports an open border policy for immigration to the US, while defending Israel’s status as an ethnonation. There are hundreds (thousand?) of Jewish organizations in America. Prove me wrong. Just give me an example of ONE that supports immigration restrictions.

        12. I’m not going to attempt to refute what you wrote here. I’m sure it’s factual. Contextual, especially as you’re quoting Churchill, I could question. However, I’m not going to write a graduate PolySci paper here. Hell, I KNOW what you’re saying is accurate, I’ve had these socialist assholes as professors in PreLaw for God’s sake, if I were to write their names, you’d probably recognize a few. I was a dumb-shit college kid, and knew I couldn’t win if I challenged them, but I lacked the intellectual weapons.
          You mention all the WWII era Jewish spies in the Administration of Roosevelt…well, that’s the problem…Roosevelt, undoubtedly a WASP intellectual, helped to destroy European Jewery and didn’t raise a finger to stop the genocide. “His” Jews were undoubtedly collectivists FIRST, and Jews, second. As were the REST of the Americans, Brits, Germans, etc. who spied for the Soviets, they were all collectivists, first. This is my primary point.
          My Jewish friends are going to have to get on these blogs and defend themselves. I’ve told them this, too. However, if a mob were to come to burn down their homes, I’d be forced to come to their defense. I also realize that to say I don’t believe in genocide is hypocritical, because I do believe that islam should be wiped off the planet. (Islam is a political/economic system of Collectivism steeped in the bullshit of a cult.) I believe that collectivism is evil and should be wiped off the planet. What’s a guy to do?
          All I can say is that I have more conservative Jewish buddies than liberal ones, and the liberal ones are simply not violent enough to beat the shit out of…they’re just pussies, and I’m not a bully. It’s hard to worship Jesus as the Savior of Humanity and then turn around and condemn the Jews in their entirety. Where’s the logic?
          I cannot give you one example of a Jewish organization that supports “closed” US borders. I’m not even going to try. Politically, Israel is our only real friend in the region. They have their own internal problems dealing with their intellectual collectivists and religious conservatives who don’t think they should defend their own homeland. Talk about a conundrum.
          We’re all on the same side, here. In fact, should the leftist elite ever get their way, we’re all going to the gallows.

      2. Let’s be bipartisan here– The neocons of Project for a New American Century and George W’s administration

        1. The only difference between Bill and George, was Bill hired straight up jewish zionists for all the main posts in his government, George hired straight up non-white, zionists (yiddish speaking black secretary of state anyone?) for all the main posts in his government

    6. Yet the media and the Democratic party have conspired to protect her. She has shown already she will continue the tradition of lawless Presidents pushed over the top by Obama. We step closer and closer to being little more than a Banana Republic with each election. The only good news is the lawlessness is so blatant that every day more and more people are waking up. The bad news is the Republicans are little better and actually for the most part share many of the Democrats end game goals.

    7. I am not familiar with the internal US Govt machinations when it comes to supplying weapons to other regimes/rebels but really was the US Govt wanting (then supporting) regime change in Libya supposed to be a secret?
      The US is supplying Syrian rebels now, and also in numerous other countries in the past decades when it didn’t like the ruling political party or maybe that government was going to war with another country it disliked (ie Iraq vs Iran). Why was Libya instance different?

      1. No, but they were a little worried because the transfer of the weapons (including Stingers– shoulder-fired SAMs) from Libya to the “moderate Syrian rebels” via Turkey was underway. They had an unfortunate little problem where the UAE and Qatar (intermediates in the arms deal) diverted some of the Stingers to the Taliban, and they were used to shoot down US helicopters. The American public might have been a little unhappy about this if it came out.

        1. So the Libyan rebels were taking weapons supplied to them and selling some of them on to Taliban. I see, though I assume early on it was green lighted to give them to the anti Gadaffi rebels, but at some point when the US got wind of them showing up in Afghanistan they pulled the plug on the supply. Was their a rebel group in the dept of defence that still continued to supply the libyans in secret? Deja vu in US foreign policy..

        2. Actually, DoD was against it almost unanimously. It was State/ CIA, with of course Hillary and the Republican leadership on board. Hillary’s “friend” Sidney Blumenthal seemed to want Qaddafi overthrown very badly. Something about his business interests.
          DoD was not excited about going into Syria, either. (Not surprisingly; “we’re intervening in a civil war to fight against both sides” is not an appealing idea to most straightforward military types).
          The diversion to the Taliban was by our “allies” in Qatar. If you’re interested, the most complete writeup I’ve seen, with multiple links to primary sources, is at:

          Why we repeatedly back Salafist crazies against stable secular governments is another story.

        3. thanks for the reply + link, when I get a chance I’ll read up a little more on it, I was just surprised because it seemed the US had it in for Gadaffi for many years.
          In the end with the civil war in full swing the US threw ships,fighter jets, spy drones and loads of armaments to other EU planes at him.

        4. Interesting that US/ France/ etc attacked AFTER Qaddafi gave up supporting terrorism and made all kinds of conciliatory moves towards the West. The major impetus for the intervention seemed to be Sarkozy and Blumenthal/ Hillary. Make of that what you will. Oh, and Qaddafi had been making a lot of noises about stopping the flow of African immigrants through Libya to Europe…

    8. This was essentially an assassination of one member of the US Gov’t by another. Exactly why or what the motivation requires further investigation but it is not the first time this has happened.
      The details concerning this event are as suspicious and strange as those surrounding the Osama “execution”.

    9. Not necessarily American hardware, but hardware facilitated by the Americans, yes. This was after Barry couldn’t whip up enough support to go invade Syria. So, as an alternate plan, after Gaddafi was toppled it was easy enough to take piles of weapons from his stash and run a ratline straight into Syria to support “rebels” who could not even be properly identified. Waddya know, those rebels were actually al Quaeda and/or ISIS elements with no interest in spreading democracy. And you thought only Bush was interested in regime change and “nation building.”
      The whole thing reeks of another Iran Contra affair and this has barely been noticed by the lapdog media.

  2. Hillary’s base, the Free Shit Army, doesn’t give a rats ass about emails or anything else political. All they care about is the continuance of their freebies. They will never vote to stop the handouts. That being said, the Clintons political future and Hil’s personal freedom are in the hands of Obongo. He can simply ignore a recommendation to indict from the Fibbies or he can turn Lynch loose and sink the Clinton ship once and for all. Many variables will influence his decision. Possibly the most important and damaging(to Obongo) is the question: what kind of dirt do the Clintons have on BHO. Can they ruin his “legacy” when he retires a year from now? If the answer is “yes” then he will probably leave her alone. If that is the case, this POS and her rapist husband could very well move into our White House on 21 Jan 2017.

    1. I like your term “Free Shit Army.” But we must also remember that the democrat party is literally the party of “victims.” And as victims they can justify any action because, after all, we are their evil “oppressors.” All is fair in their eyes (including lying) to get back at The Man. And, lets be honest, democrats are not very moral people as a rule. So Hillary will be nominated.

    2. “Hillary’s base, the Free Shit Army, doesn’t give a rats ass about emails
      or anything else political. All they care about is the continuance of
      their freebies.”
      That works on so many different levels
      (FSA = getting free shit, it’s an in-joke)

      1. substitute Syrian for shit and you’d get his meaning. It’s not just dumb broads in the west who get free shit, it’s guys with long beards in Benghazi

  3. Yet Hillary supporters spam the internet saying how dumb Trump and his supporters are.
    North american men who are tuned into manosphere content such as RoK, my condolence goes to you. I honestly can only hope stuff gets better for you guys.

    1. Hopefully her classified email treachery is the set of felonies that finally nails her. She’s gotten away with defying subpoenas, perjury, failure to defend American assets while Secretary of State, and (theoretically) conspiracy to murder.

  4. I remeber reading an essay on RadishMag about why democracy never works. It had 4 parts. Part 3 and 4 dealt with an interesting phenomena.
    For a democracy to work, people must be informed on their surrounding reality, but how can they ? The world is enormous, there is no way to keep up on all things happening. Therefore we need media, to tell us what’s happening. And there lies the problem. Think about it, if this news came out right then an there Barack Obama might have lost and this would have changed the last 4 years drastically.
    People’s understanding of reality as well as priorities are built by the media. US is on the brink of economic and social failure, yet people are more concerned with tranny’s in bathrooms than anything else.
    There are still people who would vote for Clinton NOW, even after everything we now, HOW ? It’s because the media is sure to distract with something more important, like news about men not checking their privillege, which is way more important anyway
    In our world the power of kings has been transfered to the media. Those who control your perception of reality, control the future. Not only that, the media and the universities(which are the new churches basically) are consensus makers. By screaming something at the same time, they create the illusion that everyone agrees with them when this is not a case. That’s how it worked the last 50 years. That’s how they push homos, demonize men, promote gun grabbery.
    Gamergate showed just how corrupt media can be, but sheep still laugh it off as conspiracy when you tell them that the media magnates are in cahoots, but they are. Think about it, commands came from top to not make this thing public, people were lied. Right now in Europe, the German goverment is trying to censor the mass rapes.
    It’s not working so well in the age of internet, luckily for us.
    Right now, 90% of news media in US is controlled by 5 corporations, all controlled by jews with quite similar views. Interesting coincidence isn’t it ? But of course, it’s just a conspiracy.
    This why democracy will never work. Most people are followers and progressivism is the new religion, media and universities are the new priests.
    The only form of “democracy” that might work is an authoritarian constitutional republic. Even then, it’s a risky thing. Which is why monarchies ruled for millenia and even fascism is more attractive at this point.
    Either you create the reality or someone else does it for you.

    1. funny you found this info using Google controlled by jews. Interesting coincidence isn’t it?

    2. With the media, it’s not just at the magnate level. Google “journolist” (with a “o”).
      I think one of the general principles is: if the NWO/ chosenites/
      cucks hate a person, institution, or idea, you should take a closer look
      at it; it’s probably good. Patriarchy, family, tradition, community,
      Christianity, nation, race, belief in innate human nature vs. blank
      slate– all of these are bad things, you dirty goy.
      I think your avatar is triggering Mr. d18. He wants to SHUT IT DOWN.
      If you want to see the depths of the distortion of the whole Benghazi/ Libyan rebel/ Syria story, take a look at my response to Roosh’s comment (it’s long, don’t want to clutter up the thread by repeating it).
      The whole “Innocence of the Muslims” video is kind of a side issue, a distraction really, but it’s even more ridiculous than it’s usually presented. Not only did it have nothing to do with the raid in Benghazi, but it had nothing to do with the protest/ attack on the US embassy in Egypt (the crowd wanted the Blind Sheik– I forget his name– released from jail). So they first used it as a false reason for the Egypt episode, which really WAS a mob that got out of hand, then figured “Hey, we’ll just repeat the whole story, protest and all, for Libya!”
      Of course, the two contractors that were killed were killed by MORTAR FIRE. OK, maybe in Libya, people might bring their AKs to a protest. Seems a little much, but I could accept that. But crew-served weapons? The fact that this story which was wholly lacking in any face validity or internal consistency, was pushed uniformly by the entire MSM, tells you all you need to know.

  5. You have actually understated Hillary’s responsibility for the fiasco. Among the emails on her server already released to the public are Chris Stevens’ travel plans and security arrangements. Some going to Blumenthal who’s email was hacked.
    The Benghazi attack was very well coordinated – probably from intelligence gathered from Clinton’s careless disregard for security.

    1. taken together your two posts might suggest the ‘hack’ was some kind of plausible deniability. Either they deliberately let Stevens die or they didn’t surely?

    2. careless? what makes you it wasn’t all deliberate? It was planned and deliberate, all right. Careless and disregard for security and protocol? Absolutely not. Stevens had to go: he was a lackey who had served his purpose, and once he got wind of the true nature of the criminal enterprise … ie shipping Libyan arms to ISIS fighters, he no longer wanted to play ball.
      What I hate about these Hollywood propaganda movies is how they slickly and sleazily present some facts, fabricate others, to … to change the entire truth of the matter. There was **no** incompetent CIA station chief on the ground; oh, he was there, but he deliberately delayed sending in the rescue squad so as to ensure Stevens was dealt with. Why do it that way, and not simply blow up Stevens in a car bombing or an “unfortunate heart attack”? Many sensitive documents had to be burned or removed from the compound.

  6. No help arrives because somebody in the White House expressly forbade any help. The inside story is that General Carter Ham (Africom Commander) was relieved of Command at gunpoint when her tried to send a relief force.
    The Marine Corps Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams (FAST) based in Southern Spain would have been the logical choice for a relief force. No question that they could have gotten there in time to save lives.
    Admiral Charles Gaouette, Commander of the Stennis Strike Group – part of which was in the Mediterranean – was also relived of command on trumped up charges because he also tried to send a relief force.
    Two General Officers relieved inside a week – nothing to see here.

    1. It was gross incompetence with advance warning of a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11, which they tried to cover up as a fake “protest”, because it was an election year and obama was crowing on about he had triumphed against al queada.
      Consider this also, obama was partying down at the white house on his birthday with black rappers on the day the navy seal team that killed bin laden was blown out of the sky. The timing could hardly be considered coincidental. Al queada timed it to discredit obama as an incompetent ghetto fool in way over his head. But reporting it that way could be considered ‘racially tinged’ and had to be spun to fit the narrative. Juxtapose pic of obama drinking champagne in the white house with rap music at max volume, with pic of america’s greatest military heroes being burned alive as their helicopter falls out the sky.

  7. Look, Obama was not even American citizen by birth and he was still installed in the White House TWICE. So better get used to it – Hitlery is going to be your next Presidentess. Modern US presidents get installed not elected.
    The funniest thing is that they fooled you again with Trump as they did with Peron before.

    1. Obama’s mom was an American citizen, which auomatically made Obama a citizen at birth. “Natural born citizen” means born to one parent that is a citizen (even if born in another country), or born in the US.

      1. Obama derive his citizenship by his mother and he is not a natural born citizen and he should be illegible to run for president.
        A given person is a natural born Citizen of the United States if and only if:
        1.- The person was born in the United States.
        2.- Both parents of the person were Citizens of the United States when that person was born.
        3.- The person has been a Citizen of the United States, since birth.

        1. You’re incorrect. Only one parent has to be an American citizen, not both. And if one parent is a citizen, then the child becomes a citizen at birth, making him a natural born citizen.
          How do you think Ted Cruz is able to run for president, when he was born in Canada? Only reason people made it an issue for Obama is because they didn’t want a black president.

        2. “Only reason people made it an issue for Obama is because they didn’t want a black president.”
          Bullshit. People didn’t want Obama as president because that didn’t want a marxist raised dupe with no track record ruining the country. Sorry you bought into the “racist” meme. There were mainy reasons why he should not have been POTUS, but insinuating “racism” was just a method to shut people up.

        3. Ted Cruz did not run for president he run to be candidate first. Donald Trump repeatedly questioned whether Cruz met the qualifications of being a natural born citizen, Cruz applied to formally renounce his Canadian citizenship and ceased being a citizen of Canada on May 14, 2014. And please don’t bring the race victim card of Obama. Obama is shielded of criticism because he is black is becoming old. If Obama born in Hawaii he is natural born citizen, if Obama born in Kenya he is not, the white house release his Hawaiian birth certificate as proof.

        4. Does it matter if he ran to be a candidate first? Why would he run to be a candidate if he’s ineligible to run for president? Do you even know what you are arguing about? Ted Cruz was not born in America, yet he’s running to be a candidate in order to run for president. So obviously that means he’s eligible since he was born to one American citizen parent

        5. Why would he run to be a candidate if he’s ineligible to run for president? Because he can get away of it just like Obama did.
          Obama was not born in Hawaii, but was actually born in Kenya.
          Obama’s mother was in Kenya in the late stages of her pregnancy and airlines at the time would not let her fly back to Hawaii at such an advanced time of pregnancy.
          That Obama’s grandmother on his father’s side, a half brother, and a half sister all say Obama was born in Kenya.
          That Obama was born on August 4, 1961 but his birth was not registered in Hawaii until August 8, 1961.
          A GOP research team sent to Mombosa, Kenya, found a certificate registering the birth of Barack Obama, Jr. at a maternity hospital indicating his birth to a Kenyan father and a U.S. mother.
          That if he was born in Kenya, he cannot be a U.S. citizen because the law stated that his mother would have had to have lived 10-years in the United States, 5 of which were after the age of 14. Since she was 18 at the time of Obama’s birth, she did not meet the residency requirements for passing U.S. citizenship to Obama.
          That when Obama’s mother married an Indonesian man and took Obama to Indonesia when he was 6-years old, he would have lost his U.S. citizenship and become Indonesian. Indonesia at the time did not recognize dual citizenship.
          That when Obama was registered to attend school in Indonesia, the registration form listed him as “Barry Soetoro” (his stepfather’s last name), listed him as Indonesian, and listed is faith as Islam.
          That according to the law at the time, Obama’s mother would have lost her U.S. citizenship by marrying an Indonesian and living in Indonesia. Four years later she returned to Hawaii and divorced her Indonesian husband. She could have regained her U.S. citizenship by taking an oath of allegiance to the United States but that there is no record that she did. Therefore, Obama would not have been able to regain his own citizenship until the age of 18 and himself take an oath of allegiance to the U.S. not only may Obama not be eligible to be president, but that he may be an illegal alien.
          That Obama traveled to Pakistan at the age of 20 and traveled using an Indonesian passport. Had he regained his U.S. citizenship, he would have traveled using a U.S. passport.
          In response to questions about his birth, Obama posted a birth certificate on his campaign website, forensic experts have determined that it is a altered version of the birth certificate of Obama’s half sister, Maya Kasandra Soetoro, who was born in Indonesia but whose birth record was also forged to make it appear that she was born in Hawaii.
          That when Obama registered for the Illinois Bar he lied and said “none” when asked about any former names.

        6. American law was derived from British Law and what is in question is mostly allegiance. Here is what William Blackstone wrote on this topic: :
          “Yet the children of the king’s embassadors born abroad were always held to be natural subjects: for as the father, though in a foreign country, owes not even a local allegiance to the prince to whom he is sent; so, with regard to the son also, he was held (by a kind of postliminium) to be born under the king of England’s allegiance, represented by his father, the ambassador.”
          and added:
          “…by several more modern statutes these restrictions are still farther taken off: so that all children, born out of the king’s aligeance, whose fathers were natural-born subjects, are now natural-born subjects themselves, to all intents and purposes, without any exception; unless their said fathers were attained, or banished beyond sea, for high treason; or were then in the service of a prince at enmity with Great Britain.”
          Here is what James Madison said on this topic when deciding is someone could serve in congress:
          “It is an established maxim that birth is a criterion of allegiance. Birth however derives its force sometimes from place and sometimes from parentage, but in general place is the most certain criterion; it is what applies in the United States; it will therefore be unnecessary to investigate any other.”
          Pretty clear that being born abroad to an American citizen doesn’t exclude you from being considered a natural-born citizen (with a modern adjustment of mother=father).

        7. He got a significant portion of the white vote and 99% of the black vote. so, who are the racists among us; the whites or the blacks?

      2. Actually what the constitution states is a native born American, which is open to more interpretation. I am no birther, but clearly the intent was to limit the office to someone whose only loyalty is to the US. And also clearly, that is not the case with o’bummer.

    2. I believe you are referring to Perot, an American CEO billionaire, and not Peron a deceased past president of Argentina.

  8. Most American women do not even know where Libya is. Thus, they could care less about what Hillary did, or didn’t do, there.
    As long as their cell phones have flashy apps, which allow them to send text messages to Chad Thundercock, then they are satiated. Also, $5 Starbucks milkshakes are vital…

  9. Don’t you dare talk about US security when the US and W. Europe made sure that Lybia, Gadaffi and Al-quaida got into a fight.

  10. Benghazi is the symptom. Imperialism is the disease.
    The only threat Ghaddafi posed to the U.S. was abandoning the US Dollar (fiat currency) for the gold standard Dinar.
    A recurring theme in the Global War on Terror is going after groups that do not adhere to our debt based currency (Saddam wanted Euros, N Korea trades in Won, Iran recently abandoned the Dollar).
    As more countries abandon the Dollar, expect GWOT to get bigger and more delusional.
    As for the jihadists, if the situation were reversed, and they invaded us, I’d pick up an AK and assault their embassies without mercy.

  11. In pre-civilised times, an attack on a man was an attack on his entire tribe. Other men in the the tribe would have his back. They would fight to defend their honor. We now live in times where strength and honour have been replaced by weakness and suicidal insanity. Globalists and their puppets (Hillary) have absolutely no loyalty to their tribe. They are traitors and in sane times would be hung for treason.

  12. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I just finished the book it is based on. While the author provides a brief overview of the political controversy surrounding security issues and the administration’s response to the attack, the book really focuses on the tactical decisions and personal narratives of the men who fought and died there. From that perspective, much of the blame is pointed at the CIA chief who repeatedly ordered the GRS operators to stand down, presumably because he did not want to reveal their presence in Libya.

    1. So they prefer secrecy over a persons life. I just saw the movie today on Amazon prime.
      This movie perfectly shows how beta males get into positions of power (CIA Chief) over the alpha fighter males.

  13. I have my own, little life to live so I can’t make any judgments now or without further follow up, but this has all seemed quite damning from the beginning and it seems rather shady that Hillary Clinton still remains a viable candidate for any office whatsoever.

  14. Never mind what she got up to in North Africa: the threat is closer to home for my American cousins.
    This ghastly creature said that women’s accusations of sexual assault/rape should be believed until disproved with evidence.
    So here is an aspiring leader of the free democratic world who DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE.

    1. Benghazi links her to the entire US misadventure in the middle east. Potentially it is well beyond an Achilles heel

      1. Send ’em back, no need to kill them. When was the last Muslim terrorist attack in Japan? How many Muslims are there in Japan?

    1. You do realize that both parts of the “We have to bomb them over there, so we can bring them over here” policy are a creation, not of the American people, but of our overlords, don’t you? Let these various desert tribes solve their own problems, in their own countries.

  15. She wants the video to explain away the attack as having been spontaneous as opposed to a planned one that she should have been aware, or should have been made aware, if not for ignored emails, was a possibility to protect against.

  16. Anyone with half a brain knows she lied and wasn’t qualified for the job. The idiots over at Gawker and Jezebel were all touting how HIldog “Showed those men how powerful a woman can be”
    I think she put another nail in her political coffin. I hope this email server blows up in her face all the way to Federal Prison

  17. I received a very detailed un-classified briefing from the former Commander of Marine Security Forces about 2 years ago on the subject. His honest assessment was the State Department fucked up and fucked up badly. Never got political, rarely does when you are briefing that high up and no need for it to be when brutal honesty of the facts are allowed to be given. How she has yet to be called to task over this is beyond me.

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