Being Funny Will Get You Laid (But Not For The Reason You Think)

Women don’t like men who make them laugh – they laugh at the jokes of the men they like. Sorry, funny guys.

There is, however, one way for a funny guy like yourself to leverage his talent into some fresh juicy vaginas. It’s also a damn fun hobby – and the subject of today’s post.


Stand-up is humanity’s oldest art form.

Comedy clubs are new enough, but human beings have been sitting in the dark and telling each other stories since the dawn of creation. If you’re looking for a creative outlet, an opportunity to teach men in your community about Red Pill ideas, or just another way to get your dick wet, here are three reasons why you should sign up for an amateur night in your city right now.

Comedy will get you laid

Amateur nights are mostly filled with socially awkward nerds, AKA stand-up comedians and their friends.

But hot girls dig comedy too, and you can’t go wrong when you’re on a stage in front of them with a microphone. Fame will get you laid.

Comedy (and any other sort of fame game) also give you most effective number close line ever: “You should come check out my show.”

Comedy also gives you a plethora of great topics to launch into at any point in the seduction process. Talk about the nature of performing in front of a crowd (“It’s a lot of pressure, you’re up there in front of everyone and they’re hanging on every single word and movement”) and give her a nice intense visualization of your high status. Run some Krauser-style Intellectual Mastery Game, and get deep into the nature of humour, and the biological evolution of our ability to perceive it.

When you tell women (or men for that matter) you’re a comic, you are setting them up for an incredibly obvious shit test: “Tell me a joke!” The best way to knock it out of the park is to use Norm Macdonald’s moth joke. Used correctly – make them really pry it out of you – that joke is Shiva, conqueror of rooms.

Comedy will tighten up your game

Stand up comedy and seduction are very similar.

Crafting a stand-up act is more than just memorizing words. A comic has to script every second of tonality, inflection, body language, and facial expressions. Practicing comedy forces a man to observe himself, and improve every aspect of his communication. Sound familiar, pick-up artists?

Stand-up will also give you lots of opportunities to watch yourself on video. For men whose social skills need work, this will be an extremely valuable and painful experience.

Comedy is heresy

Among the many illnesses afflicting the progressive mind, its dreadful seriousness is the most painful to observe. Can you even picture a feminist with a sense of humour?

But laughter comes easy to honest and politically incorrect gentlemen such as ourselves.  Stand-up is a fun and effective way to rub the noses of brain-dead leftoids in the stupidity of their beliefs.

If you were to see my act, you would instantly recognize the influence of the Red Pill. Big stars like Joe Rogan, Hannibal Burress, Patrice O’Neal and above all, the great Bill Burr – whether they read Heartiste, Roosh and Thumotic or not – have stumbled across the same glitches in the matrix as us, and have probably had ten times as much success in bringing those ideas to the masses. As Oscar Wilde said:

 “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”

– Oscar Wilde

Signing up for an open mic is usually simple enough. You’ll probably get a six-minute set. Put the time in to write, re-write, and re-re-write your jokes, then rehearse the shit out of it. If you’re naturally funny and you prepare, you’ll probably at least have an OK set and get a few laughs. You’ll have fun. Your friends will think you’re hilarious.

If you’re serious about it, stand-up comedy is a tough business to make real money in, but because of the importance of frequent live shows in small venues, it supports a lot more paid work then many other art forms.

So what do you say, champ: Do you want to have some fun, get some girls, and kick sand in the eyes of an unworthy ruling elite? Grab that mic.

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13 thoughts on “Being Funny Will Get You Laid (But Not For The Reason You Think)”

  1. I’m MGTOW, but yeah, I’ve performed in Florida and New York. Was class comedian in grade, high, and college and figured why not. After 4 whisky sours, I was still nervous as hell. My jokes are very funny, but my timing needs plenty of work, I’m sure. My sets were between 10 and 15 minutes. I heard more female laughter at each set, so I figured I’d see if it could get me laid. I sidled up to prominant parts of the bars and waited. When women walked bar and smiled in recognition, I smiled back, raised the glass and simply said “Hello” in a way that would indicate a conversation could occur. Smile, act pleasant, not boring and they’re putty. Tell them you like to “unwind after sets” so you buying them drinks won’t be an option in their minds. Tell them, true or not, that you have an interesting full time profession as well as dabble in stand up. If you can sense that they really thought you were hilarious, slyly and indirectly infer that you’re looking at “scripts.”
    Putty will melt to mush

  2. It’s hard work but I encourage anyone interested to give it a try. Wasn’t my cup of tea but am glad I at least tried it. Getting up on a stage in a setting like that puts hair on your balls.

  3. I can actually confirm this. Indeed, this IS my way to get laid. You don’t need to stand up in a scenario (though it helps), it just works while having some drinks.
    The key is: women DON’T like jokes. But they DO love some smart, witty, a bit ironic (not too much), funny but at the same time insightful conversation. Do it and you will get laid.
    BUT (and here comes the bad news) you must be good at it. If you’re not able to be in a party and have a whole group around you shutting up and paying attention every time you open your mouth, you’re not good enough, and you should look elsewhere about how to get laid. Everyone has his strength. What you have to do is just discover yours and use it.

  4. knocked it out of the park with this article couldnt agree more. then i realised you’re frost and i routinely agree with your articles so keep up the good work [and update thumotic a bit more!]

  5. “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”
    The Oscar was definitely right on this one.

  6. I did amateur stand-up a few times and the best advice I can give to red pill comedians (as the author states) is not to perform to mostly female audiences – especially in college towns. Girls don’t understand the concept of audience engagement. Quite the opposite, you will notice girls openly talking to each other during the set or looking at their stupid phones the entire time. Also, forget anything topical or relating to any type of news besides celebrity bullshit – it just goes over their head.
    Men like comedy that challenges the status quo. Women hate it. This is why men love George Carlin and women love Dane Cook.

      1. “Dane who? (I’m a guy.)” – brighten my entire goddamned day bro. I can’t stand that no talent hipster douchebag-and-a-half.

  7. Too many stand-up comics are just hacks with little or no insight or clarity involved or presented. One of the last ones I saw was a guy trying to lead the audience in singing sitcom theme songs.
    I’m pretty sure that things I think funny and worthy of mention and consideration would not be considered so by an average female audience member.
    I would get credit for just have the balls to stand up in front of a crowd and engage them. If done in a manly way would demonstrate higher social value.
    I prefer to hold forth with women over cocktails that I’ve met from internet personals. Focused conversation works well for sharing personalities and creating attraction.

  8. The process for learning a routine for game’s sake and learning a routine for comedy’s sake is very similar.
    I just do both at the same time, so I kill two birds with one stone.
    Don’t tell people you’re about to tell a joke. Set it up through conversation, and let that shit fly. Approach anyone you feel like. Girls will approach you if they see you lighting up the room.
    “Who is this awesome guy?” they might think.
    Don’t count on it, though. But, you’ll be surprised where your momentum will take you.
    When I go out, I consider it part of my “work” to test out jokes and game at the same time. Don’t take that literally. There’s a balance to everything.

  9. I’ve started doing stand up the past few months. Only four gigs in: Good gig, Ok gig, Good gig, Killer gig. First gig was local so I had people coming up and shaking my hand, patting me on the back saying I was hilarious but I already knew them so I wasn’t willing to fully trust their opinion. Next two gigs were small crowds so you end up talking to people after but the few people who were there were couples. Fourth gig was a big student crowd and I killed and I have to agree with this post, hot women like comics. I am not attractive in the slightest but after my set women were stopping me as I was walking to the bar, they were telling me how funny I was, flirting with me and wanting to know where else I do gigs. Unfortunately I was staying in a hotel room with my dad(who was also my lift) so I couldn’t take any further than chatting for a bit. That said, I’m planning my next few sets to be in local cities where I can crash in mates houses and hopefully bring some women home. Being a comic mightn’t always get you laid BUT it will open every set in the room for you if you’re good at it.

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