An Alternate Theory Of White Knights

According to, a white knight is:

“… a male that treats woman as goddesses and does nothing but shower then in compliments on how wonderful and beautiful and special they are.”

An alternate definition, also from Urban Dictionary, states:

“On an internet forum, a person who defends a member who is clearly wrong, usually with the hopes of gaining brownie points with said member.”

Neither of these definitions on its own is perfect.

But combine the two and you get a pretty accurate picture of what “white knightery” has become in the modern social media landscape: a perverse form of internet chivalry wherein men seek to protect women from criticism by a man, even if the criticism is valid, while perhaps also praising the offended woman for her courage and other positive qualities.

A Common Conception

I’m not breaking any new ground here by providing a definition of what a white knight is. After all, “White knighting” is a pretty popular topic of discussion around this part of the internet. But I want to offer an alternate explanation for why white knights behave the way they do… One that’s slightly different from the common theory (while still being related to it) and one which explains a broader range of behavior.

Let me start with some definitions. In any community of people (whether they be defined by race, nationality or gender) there seem to be basically three types of approaches to group interests:

1. Chauvanists: Those who, like uber-nationalists or racists, put their group’s interests above all else. Think of your classic Stormfront denizen or radical feminist.

2. Diplomats: Those who have a basic level of self-respect and who accept the group they belong to, while still respecting the others outside the group

3.“Uncle Toms”: These are the infamous sellouts that everyone else in the group loves to hate… The ones who suck up and try to win the favor of a group they see as being more powerful than themselves.

I’d argue that these three types of people can be found in ANY demographic group, be it men, women, minorities, straights, gays, blacks, whites, or anything else

Power And The Three Types

According to liberal-progressive dogma, “POWER” is something fixed. Either you have it or you don’t. You can tell they believe this when they say things like “Racism is a matter of power + privilege.” and “Only whites can be racist.” The unwritten assumption here is that power is a vertical relationship: one group has all power, the other group has no power. Their theory of power does not acknowledge the possibility that whites may have “power” in one domain while minorities may compensate for their lack of power in another domain, for instance.

According to actual reality, “power” is relative, contextual, and domain-specific. Somebody who is powerful in one context may be powerless in the next. A person who has some degree of power over another will not usually have absolute power over them, just a bit of an edge. And a person who has power over someone in one area may be powerless over them in another.

Imagine a young man who has a very cruel boss. The young man is charismatic, sexually active and good looking, while the boss is old, wrinkly and bitter. In the office, the boss will tell the young man what to do, he may even humiliate him in front of his colleagues. But imagine if the two of them met in a nightclub. The dynamic would be quite different.

The “Femocracy” Of Upper Middle Class White Society

My basic theory about white knights is that they AREN’T doing any of the following: trying to get laid, condescending to women, or trying to make themselves feel big and tough (at least not MOST of the time).

Instead, they are essentially behaving like male “Uncle Toms.” They are sellouts who think feminists are an all-powerful force whose ass they must kiss in order to gain favor. On the surface this might seem a bit exaggerated. “Feminists? All powerful? You gotta be kidding me!!” To a Gordon Gecko-like Wall Street CEO or a professional athlete this may be the case.

But consider the background the average male feminist comes from. In most cases he is white, upper middle class, relatively young, and addicted to social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr. He may have been raised by a single mom

In his “world,” the neutered world of the privileged white upper middle class, feminists really are the ultimate authority, or at least something close to it. Most schoolteachers are feminist women. Social media like Twitter and Tumblr are feminist outposts. For the young white upper middle class SJW, the pussy is not merely on a PEDESTAL, it sits proudly upon a lofty throne, dictating his very beliefs and feelings to him like a monarch dictates the law.


In truth, the term “White Knight” is an entirely inappropriate description. A real “White Knight” is essentially a STRONG man who displays a gallant and chivalric approach to women. This type was exemplified by the Knights of Christian Europe, whose honor code placed women in very high esteem.

It was the duty of Knights to protect women, but in exchange for this protection, they were given one thing today’s white knights sorely lack: respect. Every fair relationship in the world is based on give and take. Today’s “white knights” who suck up to women and kiss their ass at every available opportunity give women the world while demanding nothing in return. That’s not a white knight, that’s a slave.

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  1. I don’t think that the term “White Knight” usually comes from acknowledgement of any qualities of the person being referred to. Usually it is mocking how they perceive themselves.

  2. White knights are essentially the same as manginas and henpecked simps.
    They are a disgrace to men in general and have essentially been castrated by the feminist agenda of today’s western women.
    If you are any of the above, find a way to change yourself otherwise say goodbye to your self respect and identity as a real man.

  3. This term is fitting because of the degradation of the ideal of strong masculine figure providing protection. A white Knight is no longer desirable, the black Knight who carries her off is now preferred.

  4. It seems like 90% of men online these days are white knights. That’s a scary thought.

    1. I’m afraid it’s not just online. Look at any organization: academia, the corporate environment, etc. Most “men” appear to be neutered these days…neutered in drive, sanitized in spirit, in willpower…sucking up to and kissing ass from the nearest authority figure, which -as the author of the article above suggests- are the foot soldiers of progressivism and cultural marxism, and hence, feminism.

      1. They are the useful idiots who will be systematically disposed of once the society is under complete control, and the turn-key police state is fully operational. The future does not look bright.
        The millennials likely be the last generation of Americans who will know what having personal freedom and civil rights feels like. All links to the past are being severed. The WW2 generation is all but gone. They ferociously defended their freedoms. The baby boomers love their freedoms, but they enjoy their freedoms at the expense of the younger generations; i.e. over-the-top oppressive liberalism that only benefits them, enslaving the younger generation with educational loans, relentless promotion of cultural Marxism, massive expansion of the entitlement state for their own benefit, etc).
        Collectivism is being taught in public schools, not personal liberty. The main cultural struggle of the 21st century will be between personal liberty and brutal, North Korean style forced collectivism. That was the major theme of the 20th Century, but the world was not ‘ready’ yet for worldwide collectivism. The stage has been set over the last 100 years. Humanity is on the verge of worldwide collectivism. It will happen in the 21st Century, likely before 2050.
        The ultimate goal of tyrants throughout history has been to control the entire known world. Realistically, it has never been possible to control the entire world…until now of course.
        The 21st Century will be the bloodiest in human history, and it will usher in a new era of control of human beings. It will by no means be the end of humanity, just the dawn of a new, less productive, temporary dark age. This cycle has already been repeated to redundancy in humanity’s short history. With history as our guide, we can also predict that eventually humanity will emerge from it better off; more advanced, more enlightened, etc. Humanity will eventually reach the stars, similar to Star Trek. However, this will not be achieved without the typical bloodletting periods where humanity repeats it’s mistakes, briefly learns from them, and accels, only to repeat the cycle again after squandering consolidated gains.
        What does this all mean for us in the here and now? Well, we’re fucked. Star Trek’s timeline for WW3 was a little bit off. Fans of the original series know that WW3 was predicted to occur in the 1990s. That prediction, although wrong, was close. Humanity’s next major calamity is right around the corner. Only fools deny this.
        May you live in interesting times.

        1. Excellent post.
          “Humanity will eventually reach the stars, similar to Star Trek. However, this will not be achieved without the typical bloodletting periods where humanity repeats it’s mistakes, briefly learns from them, and accels, only to repeat the cycle again after squandering consolidated gains.”
          According to Star Trek canon, “unproductive” and “socially undesirable” people where put en masse into so-called “sanctuary districts” in the 2020’s under the pretense of helping them get jobs in a severely strained economy. Of course, circumstances quickly deteriorated and a large part of the population suffered under the totalitarian rule of a centralized government.
          It’s almost prophetic, isn’t it?

        2. Television shows like Star Trek and movies like The Terminator do offer prophetic glimpses into a realistically possible future.
          Although no pop-culture movie has predicted the future quite as well as the movie ‘Idiocracy.’

        3. Actually, later Star Trek incarnations like NextGen and its movie “First Contact,” had WW3, or at least what they called a worldwide nuclear war, sometime between 2055 and 2075, so you’re pretty close on your predictions. It was so devastating that it opened the door to a sort of Second Dark Ages for a while.

    2. If that’s really your analysis, you might want to reconsider this whole “white knight” notion and your vision of the motivations behind it. You think that the 90% of men (it’s probably a lot more) that don’t think in lockstep with this community are really behaving that way for the reasons you all describe? It’s possible that some people do fit your little “white knight” definition, but doesn’t it seem infinitely more likely that many men, being their true selves, just don’t agree with you? There are lots of reasons why men wouldn’t parrot all this MRA stuff. Whereas the motivations for the MRA community seem much more typical: 1) can’t get laid; 2) got mistreated by some girl once; 3) feel like they aren’t getting what they are entitled to by virtue of being born white men.
      To most people, the most sad, nonmasculine, soft behavior imaginable is men sitting around in online support groups discussing their hurt feelings about not getting laid, getting mistreated by women, and searching all possible news articles for things that suggest bias against men. Flipping out when women criticize their video games would be another one.

      1. I don’t understand you David, why are you here? You’ve broad-stroked one person’s opinion and assume everything is about a woman here, either disenfranchised men who can’t get laid or some other form of emasculated presence. What does that make you?

        1. Dude, this whole article is about disregarding the opinions of everyone who disagrees with you by suggesting they are either emasculated or disingenuous. It’s like that, “If you meet one asshole in a day, he’s an asshole. If everyone you meet is an asshole, it’s more likely that you’re the asshole,” thing. You guys are so sensitive! You can make baseless, hostile generalizations about, what you’re suggesting, are the motivations of 90% of men, but if someone tries to turn the lens around and suggest that it’s more likely that your little fringe group has common, sketchy motivations than that everybody else does.
          Initially, I was just here for the laughs. But I’m sincerely starting to pity you guys, and I know that this monolithic consensus of angry and reductive voices is damaging to you all as individuals. I know that it’s comforting to feel like you’re part of something, but the more time you spend in this crazy echo chamber, with no dissenting opinions, the more alienated you will become and the less likely you will ever dig yourselves out of your ruts and make anythin gout of yourselves. You seriously need help.

        2. So, I touched a nerve? You went from assumptions of 90% of the male viewpoint to what everyone does and dialed it down to the “You need help”. I’ll assume when you say You, you meant most guys here. Here’s the thing, it’s the internet. You will see many viewpoints from bitter, enraged, enlightened and crude. Don’t be so sensitive and assume we all think the same. Even if I say the same thing as everyone else my reasons are my own. This site has about three purposes, give men a chance to talk about common issues, learn from each other and to vent. Some people do the venting bit more than others. However, what I’ve seen here is that many of us have similar issues. We aren’t hiding in any shadows to discuss it, and are going so far to come up with a solution as opposed to hating women. You seem like an advocate for male/female equality. Can you honestly say in today’s society that there is equality between the sexes?
          To answer your statement about being isolated and feeling my opinion or the aggression I feel towards the system women employ, ensures I am not looking for improvement in my life and looking quality and love from my life I say this: I am here to learn and grow from other men. I have experienced a truth that allows me to side with many men here. If you don’t agree with my truth that is fine. Don’t be a hypocrite and try to reverse shame because that is all you see members of this group doing.

        3. You’re right, I don’t know what your personal story is. But I don’t think it’s invalid to take a reductive piece like this and try to turn the spotlight in the other direction.
          I don’t think there is equality between the sexes. I think we are approaching parity, but there are always going to be differences. Overwhelmingly, men are better off than women, but you guys are right, you can find specific anecdotal evidence that there are situations in which women are better off.
          But the primary grievance here seems to be that the men here can’t seem to find themselves spectacularly beautiful women who are servile, submissive, meek, sexy virgins (see that bizarre article about Asian women that just went up), which is what they keep convincing themselves is what they would be entitled to if it weren’t for all the evils of feminism, white knights, and social justice warriors. They (overwhelmingly, I’m sure there are exceptions) are angry at the world that it doesn’t line up with an impossible fantasy that they feel they deserve. And ultimately, all they are accomplishing by doing so is cementing this fantasy, nurturing a persecution complex, and assuring that they will never find any kind of satisfaction from life.

        4. In some ways I can agree with your statement about women. The truth is most guys have stepped beyond what PUA has told the populace and touched on a fundamental truth, women are covert in their dealings with men. Men being mostly overt in their desires are at a loss at what to do here soo the young express outrage and the old express their weary moods. How this relates to feminism is the separation of agency. Western society has managed to separate a man from his status, core values and sexuality in one fell swoop with feminism. The fact that you can see a parity is disturbing because in the 50s that wasn’t so and same can be said for oldeer generations in different societies. Between broken homes, women teaching men to be men, criminalizing subjective viewing of women, and pushing women in roles almost exclusively given to quality workers over to women who are sometimes not as qualified, a schism has occurred. There is no reason a woman should be defining a man in any way. Yet now they tell us how to treat them, love them, be strong, be a provider and aside from a few groups the men have left men to fend for themselves for sex in some instances and eventual castration in others. The ultimate criminal affair by pushing the equality aspect into the realm of achievement men have been pushed out of a specific role, the provider. Without that role as a man, being taught how to be one by other men at pivotal times, and women providing for themselves, we men, are more objectified than any porn actress or swimsuit model in the history of man. Do you think men will be teaching your son masculine traits in today’s world? Personally, the rage here may be better seen as a stage of grief. We’re in rage. Feminism has done damage. This is the rebuttal

        1. Wow, you’re such a total alpha, bro. You’re full of insults and hostility toward everyone else, but turn the tables on you and you whine for protection from your authority figures. Another sad little half-man pretending that the “red pill” has turned him into some kind of tough, masculine superman, instead of just providing a refuge where he can safely project that persona while remaining safe from all of those mean men and women that have mocked him for being a semi-literate, trenchcoat mafia virgin. You can get me banned from your little circle jerk, but you’re never going to be a legit human being, and you sure as hell are never going to be a man. You guys love to call anyone who doesn’t swallow your bullshit a mangina, but crying for help after exhausting your limited repertoire of insults reveals that you are just a complete and utter pussy.

        2. This “dude” seems a little bitter. Shes commented huge diatribes on 10+ articles and actually went back and forth with members.
          Our mods should do a better job though. It really is tempting to reply to trolls, but most of us have enough resistance to avoid it.

    1. I couldn’t listen longer than about 15 seconds after I heard “man up”.
      Men sacrifice themselves for an illusion. It makes me feel sick, too. I’m not sure what the exact sensation is – not nausea. It’s a peculiar sort of disgust.

      1. I love how immediately after that (at 1:18 ), she all but calls him a pussy to his face:

        “What ‘Man’ would take such a raw deal, I don’t consider that a man.”

        and the anchor, a pussy in the purest form, has been so thoroughly debased he didn’t even wince. Lol. Poor guy. I bet his wife, who no doubt wrote these talking points on his bag lunch, was at home fucking the UPS guy during this segment.

        1. I guarantee that his wife is gross and old and has given up on fucking anybody long ago, likely shortly before she married him.

    2. @ 1:00
      “it still doesn’t absolve men of the responsibility… to stop complaining even though the cards are against them, and man up and become men… because you don’t become a man until you assume responsibility”…
      @ 2:50
      “Why hasn’t a man written this book?”
      “Because men can’t speak up, I’m here to speak up because people will actually listen to a woman”
      Dr. Helen Smith, Danielle Crittendon, GirlWritesWhat, Jordan Peterson are IMO some of the best academic spokespeople for the MGTOW movement (of which I include any branch of red-pill) that I’ve seen. They give some public legitimacy to red-pill so we don’t just look like a bunch of psychos.

      1. Agree. I thought it was very telling of how our society (even on Fox News) was so quick to say that a man needs to “man up” and take responsibility…even when this woman presented factual evidence of the man being screwed in the court system (with divorce, child support, alimony, etc…).
        You would never hear of women accepting that kind of deal and being told to “woman up” – with a bad deal attached to it. I still don’t see any of them lining up outside the court rooms protesting for “equality”.
        Women are getting a great deal so no….life is good for them. It just shows you how they only want equality sometimes (when it’s good for them).

        1. Yeah, but decode the Fox anchor’s “Man Up!”
          It really means;
          “Men have to live how I lived or I will be forced to confront the fact that another option was there. I can’t handle the regret of having chosen to yoke myself to a 180 pound she-man whose daily focus is on making me unhappy. I will shame those who made a different choice, negate that option to my own mind, and maintain my cognitive balance.”

      2. That was something that stood out to me as well, but you didn’t focus in on it well enough:
        In one sentence he dismissed the male perspective entirely saying “Men need to stop complaining” and then in the next sentence he asks why men aren’t listened to.

    3. Wow…just wow lol seriously though its been a while since a woman really impressed me with her brain. She had me when she said that men cant tell their side of the story and its so true.
      I believe that men do really get a deep sense of satisfaction from taking responsibility for others, but thay has nothing to do with marrriage and involving the State in your relationship.

      1. My eyes have also been opened. Three Christians are taken prisoner by their Islamist governments for merely being Christian. One is an American man, one is a foreign man, and one is a foreign woman.
        Who do you think will get the most attention in contemporary liberal American culture?
        1. Miriam Ibrahim (woman imprisoned in Sudan)
        2. Yousef Nardarkani (Iranian imprisoned in Iran)
        3. Saeed Abedini (American Pastor imprisoned in Iran)
        Let’s say Muslims kidnap a hundred girls and a hundred boys. The girls for rape and slavery, the boys for killing and dying in battle. Do you think the boys will even be mentioned by the President’s wife? No.

      2. I love the glare she gave him when he said that; you could see her thinking, “Wow, what an idiot.”
        That thing that gives you a deep sense of satisfaction is not responsibility, it’s influence and social status. It’s true that in some cases that comes with a cost which is increased responsibility. But you wouldn’t just go up to random strangers on the street and ask to become responsible for their life affairs (without getting anything in return). Saying ‘responsibility gives men satisfaction’ is ludicrous.

    4. Did I hear that right? Almost sounded like someone filming gave half a clap as the good doctor stated her reasons why men are opting out of marriage. At 1:02.
      The mangina does sound like an Uncle Tom. Maybe his wife gives him his balls for 15 minutes a night, after he goes grocery shopping with baby strapped to his chest?

      1. Lemme tell you what ‘Like a Virgin’ is about. It’s all about this cooze who’s a regular fuck machine. I’m talking morning, day, night, afternoon, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.
        Then one day she meets this John Holmes motherfucker and it’s like, whoa baby, I mean this cat is like Charles Bronson in the ‘Great Escape’, he’s digging tunnels. Now, she’s gettin’ the serious dick action and she’s feeling something she ain’t felt since forever. Pain. Pain.
        It hurts her. It shouldn’t hurt her, you know, her pussy should be Bubble Yum by now, but when this cat fucks her it hurts. It hurts just like it did the first time. You see the pain is reminding a fuck machine what it once was like to be a virgin. Hence, ‘Like a Virgin’.

  5. When I hear women say “chivalry is not dead”, its usually when they are asking for something, like give her gas money, or carry her high heel shoes because her feet hurt. It pisses me off. Whatever meaning it used to have is mostly lost. Its more often than not a red warning flag signaling manipulative behavior.

    1. They want to switch between chivalry and equality when it’s convenient. This is why a woman’s word means nothing.

      1. Sad but true. Right up there with the statement, “I will always love you” it deserves the same amount of ear time as your favorite song, 4:52 seconds max. Then forget it and let the truth sink in, you as a man, her man, are there because you serve a utility. As long as you continue to serve her utility you will stay on as her guy. If you find joy in this role keep going that way. The truest test of love is whether you are allowed to follow your own path and she says “Yes Dear, I want you to be happy.” Especially if she doesn’t jump on the carousel immediately saying this isn’t working. On chivalry, know the code, apply 1/3 of it with women to get what you need. Never give a 100 percent. You will be trampled in the dirt for it.

      2. Agree…women want the best of both worlds. It’s why you don’t see them bitching or protesting to sign up for any of the bad shit that men go through (they only want the control and more power).
        Why would they want to sign up for Selective Service or have everything in the courtroom “equal”?

    2. I tell women that Chivalry is a system around men called lords and women referred to as ladies. Key word is “ladies” and for there to be chivalry therefore must be ladies in that equation.
      (at this point they get my point and walk away lest they go deeper into the truth)

    3. Funny thing about Chivalry.
      Only one to two paragraphs are devoted to how a Knight is to treat a woman.
      The rest is all about battlefield courtesy.

  6. “But consider the background the average male feminist comes from. In most cases he is white, upper middle class, relatively young, and addicted to social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr. He may have been raised by a single mom
    In his “world,” the neutered world of the privileged white upper middle class, feminists really are the ultimate authority, or at least something close to it. Most schoolteachers are feminist women. Social media like Twitter and Tumblr are feminist outposts. For the young white upper middle class SJW, the pussy is not merely on a PEDESTAL, it sits proudly upon a lofty throne, dictating his very beliefs and feelings to him like a monarch dictates the law”
    I agree as someone who had to deal with that. It really is the worst of all worlds and I’m glad I saw through all the bullshit at a young age. Even when I was as young as 14 I recognized that what I was taught and what actually worked were completely opposite. It created a high level of cognitive dissonance and it’s scary(especially without the redpill) to try and create a roadmap for why society isn’t right. I see many men now in the five stages of grief with this matriarchy, I like to think most men have moved out of denial phase(70’s, 80’s, and 90’s) onto the anger phase. a handful men have made it to the bargaining phase. And redpill men(or redpill minded men) have advanced beyond to depression and acceptance stages.
    From what I saw with my friends is that the women is in control of the household(exception for immigrant families). Such a model is inconsistent with the actualities of male and female behavior and courtship and has led to great deal of unhappiness. In other words equality in the relationship is an farce that leads to most men being less attractive to most women. All of these school shooting of the past two decades were not the fault of guns(as liberals want you to believe) but of men getting stuck in the anger stage at a society that routinely lies to them. Obviously Eliot Rodger and George Sodini come to mind, I’m surprised cases like this don’t happen on a weekly basis. Not by any means saying what they did is justified but when you have a society that lies to men constantly and when men are given no roadmap to their own happiness or satisfaction, I expect some men to act violently and irrationally.

      1. Poor bastards, I feel sorry for them. That’s something that is completely beyond their control. I can only imagine how fucked-up I would be if I were raised exclusively by my mother. Can you imagine being a young male adrift in this society without any male influence?

        1. I do have a bit of sympathy for young males and young girls who are being raised by a mother with a feminist mentality. A majority of women will gladly handicap their sons w/o question and think nothing of it. Growing up in NY I couldn’t image where I’d be if I didn’t have the influence of my dad, big brother and seven uncles.

        2. I know several guys my age (33) that were raised by single moms. I have to say, none of them are quite right. Very few of them have strong, lasting male friendships. A few are womanizers, and legendary ones too. But none of them put off a vibe that they can be trusted. They tend to be flighty, and flaky. They have a very self-serving attitude. I can totally see why. Never trust a man who can bed women easily but has no close male relationships. Such a guy is usually a liability. This has been my own personal experience, and your personal experiences may differ.
          I have a handful of close male friends that I have known since adolescence, who I still interact with on at least a monthly basis; and I do not use Facebook. All of my close male friends come from intact families. No divorces, no bullshit. None come from religious families either. I guess you could say those are my kind of people. Hard to find these days, to be sure.

        3. Let’s keep in mind something that is very important, too.
          Society wants us all to believe that a woman gets pregnant and the man walks away (the victim role). That isn’t always the case in many of these relationships. Some women either have kids without the father knowing or have the child with the father protesting (because of financial reasons or other).
          It’s a woman’s body so it’s her decisions (that’s been drilled into us forever) but it just goes to show us that men have no right at all. She wants a baby, he disagrees and she says ‘too bad I’m having it’….it does happen and the man has no rights at all (he pays for 18 years).

        4. Even kids movies (I have nieces) are starting the narrative that single moms are heroes and 100% were abandoned by men. The narrative is coming. The truth doesn’t matter at all and the money shift to single moms, while already extraordinary, is going to be mind blowing once Hillary gets in.

        5. It is worth noting that feminists think the male reponsibilities associated with pariarchy are fine. It is only the few benefits men get that are evil.

        6. There is a reason bastards have been mistrusted throughout history. That said they are still men and that makes them light years more reliable than women.

        7. The problem is many of mothers out there are subconsciously trying to make up for all the boyfriends that mistreated them and want to “soften” their sons. Later on, they get frightened when the son is grown and meets a sexy woman who might dominate him. This is why father’s always have to pull their son’s aside and let them know what the real world is like. One must start early.

  7. Chivalry has a well deserved bad reputation, but it wasn’t always so. It was originally a code of conduct for warriors of the first Crusade. It wasn’t until the Renaissance that it devolved into pre-modern chick lit. Heck, even the venerable Catholic encyclopedia of 1917 had bad things to say about it: “As a consequence there arose a new type of chevalier, vowed to the service of some noble lady, who could even be another man’s wife. This idol of his heart was to be worshipped at a distance. Unfortunately, notwithstanding the obligations imposed upon the knightly lover, these extravagant fancies often led to lamentable results.”

  8. It is subconsciously a mating strategy where those men get high on the notion that at least one woman acknowledges their existence and agrees with their White Knight viewpoint. Even if it never leads to sex, being once praised by a moderately pretty girl is for guys like Manboobs a tremendously important quasi-sexual experience. That is also why many young men align themselves with the feminist dogma despite constant reminder in real life that women fuck the “jerks”.

    1. What a weird picture…
      Don’t miss the spectators in the top-left and bottom-right corners sharing the same regretful derp cringe as our hapless hero.

      1. damn it, that is the sexual dimorphism characteristic of hyenas and many reptiles. What are we evolving into as a species. We’ll be like those male spiders who get eaten by their mate after mating for the first time

        1. We’re totally gonna devolve into some kind of naked molerat with males growing soma matriarchy at the rate we’re going…

      2. News Flash: Women who suffer PTSD are more likely to overeat. So we have covered thyroid, hormones, PCOS, and addiction to food. We have never gone to just plain stuffing your fat face because that would be just the truth..

      1. I love the smell of fat chicks in the morning, that yeasty sour smell, it smells like obeastity.

    2. This isn’t a white knight. White knights often have jobs with the local police force, and have daughters. Internet white knight maybe.

    3. “Even if it never leads to sex, being once praised by a moderately pretty girl is for guys like Manboobs a tremendously important quasi-sexual experience.”
      A better description than mine.

    4. “Quasi sexual experience”: sometimes it’s like a sub licking the vinyl boot of his mistress, an S&M humiliation act groveling at her feet.

      1. They did attraction tests on so-called chubby chasers. 99,9% of those preferred slim or athletic girls. They only had a greater tolerance to lower their expectations. Otherwise you would see plenty of successful or famous men living with land-whales. They only found in studies that sometimes marginally overweight women were preferred when people were dying of starvation in a country. And even then as soon as the situation improved men preferred slim athletic girls again. Men are inherently programmed to NOT like fatties:

  9. I propose a third term for the white knights/manganias……I propose the term “panty sniffers”. Lets face it these sorry excuses for men will only get a sniff of a cnuts panties for riding to such a hose bags defence. It also insinuates that while he’s back at her place in the “friend zone” the stupid kunt will slovenly sneak off to her room for a quick smell of her smalls…..
    I have an ex friend who personifies this kind of panty sniffer. Runs to the defence of a ladiee on Fukbook when she’s being a total cnut. I’ve seen him in action with total fuking gold diggers (he made a lot of money in property), he has a taste for the black meat….. goes on protests to suck up to Kuntz, etc…..a prime example of a white knight/mangania/panty sniffer…….

    1. That is a brilliant new word to use and describe the manginas/white knights! Hopefully panty sniffer term will spread across the internet and be used as artillery to destroy the white knights out there. I’ve always viewed them as the vital supply lines for the feminazis so it’s always essential in any war to destroy your enemy’s rear and support areas.

  10. Another variant of the white knight is the male BFF of a slut. Thankfully, these cretins are rare to be found but I actually did discover such a creature. His fair maiden in his life is a single mum with more tattoos than skin on her body who regularly smokes, drinks and “entertains” clients at a high end club. Obviously when I mean entertain, I mean she fucks some of them. But Prince BFF is always there for her no matter what she does!! Lol…facepalm*

    1. I once knew a ‘house mouse’ like that. He had two lady stripper friends and he lived in their house. He cleaned, did their laundry, etc. When I met him he had his own place with parties, sluts, bonfires, harleys. Over 20 years he turned from ‘house mouse’ to king of his own biker castle. I guess the strippers were too much like wild animals to beat him down and domesticate him. He would have long since been buried if they were fat christian mingle women I guess.

  11. One aspect of white knighting that epitomizes their POV is when they standby advertising what they think is a ideal man that the woman they’re attracted to should want. Then instead of showing the women that it’s them they should be interested in, they simply leave it up to chance and women don’t do the chasing or choosing in a legit way. They stand back in hopes of being chosen.

  12. White Knights, like liberals, are one of the following; 1) full of youthful idealism, naivety of an elder generation, or severely misinformed, 2) naturally inferior, and thus parasitic and effeminate, or 3) deliberately destructive, masquerading as ‘good guys’.

  13. White Knights are basically slaves to cunts who don’t give two shit about them at all and would throw them under the bus as soon as the WK is no longer needed or wanted. Useful idiots who defend the gynocentrism that women enjoy at their own and everyone else peril. Masochistic Dogs that enjoy getting whipped by their masters. White Knighting is basically a failed matting strategy.

  14. Interesting. I have actually heard “white knights” admit to this, albeit not in so many words. When I ask why, for example, females should be able to behave in hypocritical and outrageous ways they say “cause she has the pussy and you don’t.” Clearly “pussy” is power in their minds, and she clearly has it, therefore she is absolved of all wrong doing.

    1. That’s why I think there’s no use telling them anything – white knights believe women are and should be in control and we the rest should just accept it. They’re essentially male bodies with female minds. They’re no different than the women who troll these kinda sites.

  15. “A real “White Knight” is essentially a STRONG man who displays a gallant
    and chivalric approach to women. This type was exemplified by the
    Knights of Christian Europe, whose honor code placed women in very high
    This is actually a myth. In reality, knights were the brutish thugs of their day who often raped and/or killed women. The fact that women fantasize about “chivalrous knights in shiny armor” speaks volumes about female psychology: a beta’s chivalry will be rationalized as misogyny and an alpha’s misogyny will be rationalized as chivalry.

    1. No need to deal in absolutes, they hardly ever do human issues justice. There was a code of chivalry, and it was adhered to to varying degrees. Just like every other code of conduct backed up by social consensus that has ever existed.

  16. Of course there’s always the possibility that men who are successful, happy, and popular with women don’t share all of the resentments, insecurities, paranoid delusions, and persecution complexes rampant in this community, and are simply capable of treating women as human beings, rather than sex objects or enemies.

      1. I don’t know. I thought you might benefit from occasionally hearing the opinion of someone who isn’t a virgin.

        1. I thought that with that username ud be a latino. I didnt think latinos were beta (Well Im not). But obvioiusly I was wrong.

        2. I’m from the U.S. I’m sorry that the world doesn’t fit into your little category boxes. But I don’t think that spending time in your little community here complaining about how oppressed you are represents behavior anyone outside of this support group would consider to be “alpha.”

        3. Ha ha. Who uses category boxes again? Oh, man. You managed to cancel yourself out in just half a computer screen.

        4. David Alvaro the mangina is pussy whipped. Hes gonna get fucked over by the cunts the hard way.

        5. That’s funny. Because you guys seem to be the ones who have built a culture around whining about how women hold you back or fuck all the men but you. You guys are the ones who are obsessed with the power of sex. Most of the rest of men in society just carry on with functional lives. I know that stupid simplifications of the complexities of life make stupid, simple people feel not quite so stupid and simple, and I know that creating a giant oppressive entity that you can hold responsible for all of your shortcomings as a man allows you to let yourself off the hook for all of your failures. I also know that in order for your crackpot beliefs to not cause cognitive dissonance when you leave the confines of your support group circle jerk, you need to convince yourself that the only reason that men could disagree with you is that they are liars or “Uncle Toms,” because attempting to understand or empathize with others would shatter your reductionist position. I feel bad that you feel so ostracized and alienated from the world, that you find yourself so unable to function in normal society, that you have to view yourselves as some core group of freedom fighters against an alliance of evil women and sellout men. I hope that you learn to see beyond this myopic persecution complex and actually learn how to better your situation.
          For the record, I am Cuban-American.

        6. I shouldve known considering that most cubans I know are fags. PS your country sucks. Whats it feel like knowing that mexican/whites tourist go on sex tours with women in your home country? If your country was any good then Mexico wouldnt be filled with cubanas. But theyre good in the sack so I cant hate on them haha.

        7. Considering that the Cubanas dont even like their own men. I feel even sorrier for you. And what gave you the impression that im sad and bitter? I never said I hated women.

        8. Well, either you are a sad, bitter bigot who sincerely can’t complete even one of your rudimentary fifth-grade sentences without some kind of racist, misogynist, or homophobic slur straight out of a junior high locker room, or you’re a sad bitter little man who isn’t actually consumed with all of that hatred and bigotry but is just talking like that in here to seem like a big man to impress your little peer group of friendless, hostile, introverted virgins living in their parents’ basements and posturing as tough guys on the internet.
          Don’t feel sorry for me. Since I don’t have to expend all the time and mental energy that you do in justifying your lack of success and fulfillment as a liberal, feminist conspiracy and simultaneously grasping for straws to devise explanations for feeling better than every person whose gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation isn’t identical to your own, I’ve been able to receive a doctorate, find a lucrative and satisfying career, build positive real-world relationships with other human beings, and have great sexual success among women that I have treated as human beings.
          Real men handle their business, improve the lives of themselves and their own, and take responsibility for things rather than seeking out scapegoats and inventing conspiracies. They know that stereotypes and bigotry are just a stupid man’s response to the complexity of the world. A real man is not the posturing, preening, calculating “alpha” that you nerds fantasize about being, but someone who is secure enough in his abilities and potential that he doesn’t feel threatened by any gender, racial, ethnic, or sexual group and doesn’t waste his time running them down. I hope someday you become self-aware enough to realize that all you accomplish with all of our ridiculous slurs is broadcast your fears and insecurities.

        9. Dude I hope you realized by now im not even readin your bullshit paragraphs.
          “I’ve been able to receive a doctorate, find a lucrative and satisfying career, build positive real-world relationships with other human beings, and have great sexual success among women that I have treated as human beings. ”
          Nice little fantasy story you wrote there. (Unless said incident happened outside of the U.S.)

        10. Well, it sure sounds like you read it. I’m so sorry that your life is so pathetic that this seems like a fantasy. And for the record, my Ph.D. is from an American ivy league school.
          I’m sure you alpha the hell out of your McJob though.

        11. Dude get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. None of us cares about Ph.D in betatude. And if this place was a “circle jerk group” like you claim it is then why the hell are you even here. I think Manboobz is the site for you Castro cock sucker.

    1. “men who are successful, happy, and popular with women” are those men who know that a woman in reality cannot stomach a white knight any more than can the men he threw under the bus to “impress” her. They’re a little old for that high school game that never fooled anyone in the classroom.
      And all a woman has to do to bring him to his knees and sell out is shake her ass. Just pitiful.

      1. The thing is, the more time you spend in these little Yay Men! support groups, the more you guys really believe this, that you represent the norm of men and that anyone who disagrees with you is doing it for these “white knight” reasons you love to discuss. You have lost sight of the fact that there are many, many reasons why men might disagree or do things differently than you guys; it’s you reactionary MRAs that have such simple, dysfunctional motives. You are the monolithic group: everyone who disagrees with you is just everyone who isn’t screwed up because some girl was mean to them or wouldn’t fuck them or because some girls make more money than them or whatever.

        1. Yeah, “all you guys, not me, I’m special and the women love me for it!” You are not the least bit unique. In fact, you are a typical feminized, liberal patronizing little man.
          Cheap men like you make me sick.

        2. There are so many errors in your comment that it is invalidated.
          I think you should spend your time more productively than typing things about subjects which you clearly do not care to understand as would a rational, well-reasoned man.

        3. I never said I was special. That’s the opposite of the point I was trying to make. All I said was that you guys are losers.
          You’re right though, women do know when a man is just pretending to be supportive in order to get her in bed, but they also know when a man is legitimately a decent human being, and when one is a a basement-dwelling virgin who blames every one else for his own inadequacies. I don’t do anything in a calculating manner to get women to sleep with me- neither the “white knight” patronizing behavior you are attributing to me nor the ridiculous “alpha” techniques that you people espouse. I just behave the way that I want to. And women are attracted to me. Women of value respond to actual human behavior, sincerity, and confidence. I’m sorry that you’ve never experienced that. But the deeper you stick your head in this misogynist sand, the farther you will get from that possibility.
          Your hostility and regressive attitudes may win you the respect of the other angry, reductive misfits in this community, and may give you a transient feeling of moral superiority over people whose motives you can’t begin to fathom, but they are never going to improve any aspect of your life.
          Guys like you make me sad, and evoke my pity. You are really only hurting yourself.

        4. Nice comeback. When you spend all your time talking with people with the same pathology, you can start to see that as rational and everything else as irrational. I know there is comfort in that, but you’re never going to be more than trustee to the asylum. Breaking the world down into a very simplistic, reductive system may seem provide a rational understanding for the shortcomings in your life and make you feel wise, but it just draws you farther and farther away from reality.

        5. It’s not a “comeback”, but rather a response.
          The thought processes I have, and the man I am today is indeed because of reality. Cold, hard, harsh reality.
          Not going to argue with you. What you write doesn’t make sense.

    2. Cause you know… the term “Patriarchy” treats men as human beings. And yea you use the term. So STFU.

    3. The problem with your comment is that you’ve made statements implying these “delusions”, resentments, and so forth are not based on real, factual problems, when in fact they are.
      Man-shaming doesn’t work on men who actually are men. Go throw someone else’s gender under the bus.

  17. There’s one thing which I think helps maintain white-knighting beyond what has been mentioned so far. I often marvel at how shameless white knights / male feminist supporters in their complete betrayal of their own sex, but I think it goes deeper than any kind of surface reward. There may be something in what the author says, that these men are not just chasing pussy, but are chasing power. That is undoubtedly the case insofar as the reward system in place that creates huge potential opportunities for anyone who buys into the system, plays the white knight card, or better still takes a leadership role in pushing forward the feminist, progressive agenda. Men become rich pushing that agenda, so it could be explained in purely self-interested in terms even if no white knight had ever got laid by any of his damsels in distress.
    The issue that is missed I think, is that these men can smell where the power lies, can identify the royal route to power (if not necessarily pussy) while at the same time, buying into what feminism offers him what that the manosphere, the red-pillers, the men trying to persuade him that he’s being lied to, never can. Feminism offers him the lie, the appearance that HE is part of the dominant group, and he subscribes to that belief because he wants to believe that he’s the one in power, not the one getting trodden on in a bizarre cultural variant of sado-masochistic sex. He has bought into a system which trades his actual value, his actual power for the pretence that he’s really the dominant one, that’s he’s really in the alpha group. Buying into this fantasy enables him to play the white knight role. In this feminism is simply extending a strategy women have always used with women: to persuad them that they are big and strong and powerful, so that those men will, having had their egos massaged, will step forward to protect them, indeed will compete to have the privilege of so protecting them even at great or absolute cost to his person.
    It is therefore the vanity of men, or rather a particular kind of vanity, that allows feminism to get away with this, because he really does get something in return, the illusion he needs psychologically to feel good about himself, to feel important, to feel sexually potent, even when his manhood is pretty much being lopped off one millimetre at a time.
    Feminism is nearly always an extrapolation of ancient feminine wiles and manipulations into the broader political realm, in this sense. One thing to bear in mind though is that to some extent there may actually be mutual benefits to be had. Anyone who’s ever happened upon Vilar’s the Manipulated Man has probably wondered why it isn’t more widely known: the reason surely isn’t just to do with censorship, but with self-censorship. Both women and men are fond of believing that men are on top and women on the bottom. Their is a devilish pact involved here, and we need to look at what maintains the symbiotic relationships before we just seek to pull it apart.
    I say that because I think the author is fundamentally right about where we need to be looking. The issue of power, how it is measured, where we look for it etc is crucial. There is a great deal to be considered on power, and how its operation has radically changed over the last half century or so, but don’t underestimate how shit it may make us feel, if we end up persuading ourself (in contradistinction to the white knight who in this sense may be more psychologically health on account of his self-deception) that we are the weaker, more fragile and vulnerable sex.
    Let us cull the out of control white knight population, but with due regard for the likely role they play in the wider pussified eco-system.

  18. “Think of your classic Stormfront denizen or radical feminist.”
    Feminists usually regard MRA’s and even anti-feminists as misogynists and “radical”. You’re either with them or against them.
    By the same token, feminists needn’t be radical to be chauvanists. Most of the “moderate” ones are simply entitlement seekers. How many feminists do you know became feminists because they were concerned about equality being in favor of women against men and looking for women to give up things for men? Most women reject the feminist label even if they buy into the entitlement thinking which shows that those that do embrace the label probably are closer to Stormfront without having to be “radical.”
    The few women who are self-proclaimed feminists and aren’t man-hating I put into two categories one of which is the naive, ditzy girl who buys into equality and hasn’t thought it through OR the apologist: A gal who even seems like an MRA at first sight (Cathy Young, for example) but in the end, it’s about rationalizing and showing that feminism can support men’s rights but first and “NOW”, women’s goodies have to be given and then later, when “feminists” such as them (in the minority) get around to it, men’s interests will be considered. That’s “equality”.
    Feminism is man hating. It needn’t be radical for it to be man hating. By definition, it’s man hating otherwise it wouldn’t be called feminism.

  19. I do not understand why or when red pill started equating a man that is nice to a woman wants into her pants. This is a really low opinion of men that we think only with our dicks and whatever guarantees the most pussy is how we act.

  20. White nights are pussy begging Pathetic pieces of crap. They are like jews working with the nazis.

    1. And most of them are begging for 180 pounders. If our nation was full of Victoria’s Secret models then I guess I would be more tempted to succumb a little. But fall in line for these pigs? Geez, get a passport already.

  21. 4. White Knights are brainwashed idiots.
    Seriously if you ever talk to these guys they actually believe the shit they say. This is not about women’s approval… they will repeat the same crap when no women are around… and do so with conviction. The ray rice incident was eye opening. If you ask a White Knight…. women constantly suffer at the hands of those evil people with penises regardless of the facts.

  22. White Knights and their retarded cousin, the mangina, are the scourge of this Earth….there are far more of them than there are of us. All you have to observe is the Ray Rice fiasco….the narrative has been completely re-written as though she was this shrinking violet shivering in the corner of the elevator who was unilaterally punched with zero input and contribution to the argument on her part. The punch was just unprovoked.
    The sportscasters on TV are literally trying to “one up” each other on who thinks Ray Rice is the biggest woman beater. It’s fucking pathetic to watch and listen to.

    1. And for all the speculation and talk, no one has suggested that maybe she had been beating him regularly and he finally had had enough. “Oh, he was twice her size.” Google them together. She’s taller and she’s no waif.
      “I’ve eaten burritos bigger than Ray Rice.”
      —J.J. Watt

  23. Speaking of this topic, my own younger sister asked me, “Why are you not being a White Knight (context being in this concurrent conversation)?”
    Instead of answering her question, I made her realize the same bitterness of the very medicine she was shoving down my throat and since then, she became wary about talking to me since. Her loss. Not only she lost my trust as her brother, but she also failed a certain test I dished at her when she least expected–in her own words, “moment of weakness”.

  24. Unfortunately, the ‘damsels in distress’ the White Knight thinks he is saving are not ‘Ladies’. Most of the time, they are not even in distress, but causing it. There is nothing wrong with saving a damsel from a dragon or ogre, but most of these damsels are surrounded by a group of fellow damsels carrying pitchforks and torches and trying to drive some poor ogre out of his own home.
    Of course when I say ‘damsel’ I mean feminist, and ‘ogre’ is code for men.
    So, a true White Knight will save a damsel in ‘real’ distress, then go back to his castle where the real Ladies are…the ones who act like Ladies, and treat him as their defender and Lord.

    1. Ha. Ha. Great stuff. Women in our culture have had everything from the start. Chivalry has been around for centuries. The culture is based on pedestalizing, protecting and honoring them. Then they got bored and decided they wanted their own Disney character arc in their own lives. It looked like fun, playing around with being a ‘victim’. Nothing is more fun than being a victim when you’re not. All kinds of fun, false drama and you can opt out anytime. Go back and forth from victim to victor several times in a day. That’s feminism. So they asked for their own Disney movies dramatics (feminism) and got it immediately, like everything else they ever demanded. Feminism is a toy for them to play with. There is no distress at all. You’re dead on.

  25. “My basic theory about white knights is that they AREN’T doing any of the following: trying to get laid, condescending to women, or trying to make themselves feel big and tough (at least not MOST of the time).
    Instead, they are essentially behaving like male “Uncle Toms.” They are sellouts who think feminists are an all-powerful force whose ass they must kiss in order to gain favor.”
    That would be a MANGINA.
    The difference between a white knight and a mangina can be subtle at times but it is basically that the white knight generally perceives females as inferiors that need his protection while the mangina perceives females as his SUPERIORS that he’s simply sucking up to ala Stockholm Syndrome.
    However, in BOTH cases the primary aim is to be rewarded by positive female attention.
    Note I say female attention and not necessarily sex. This is an important point!
    I realize it’s hard for many of you to understand what it’s like to be —that— fat or ugly.
    Fartell and his ilk don’t really do what they do for sex (they’re not stupid.)
    They do what they do because for people like Fartell any ***ANY*** affection from a reasonably nice looking woman MAKES THEIR DAY!
    If even a semi-attractive woman deems to spare a MINUTE of her valuable time complimenting Fartell on his blog he’s on Cloud 9 for the next 36 hours.
    It’s actually quite sad.
    I’m starting to wonder if a kind of Warren Farrelish ‘mangina outreach’ might be in order.

  26. The modern white knight/slave analogy is very accurate. The womanly tactic of trying to bring all other men down to their level of enslaved bewilderment shows their stupidity, their hopelessness how they really are the blindest of the blind. The women they burrow themselves beneath can see the real picture ten times clearer.
    And in this they believe they have found their empowerment as a white knight? The only power they have as such is the narrow and specific power and authority to attack and bring down and do harm to the patriarchal male. In effect they’re like a cancer among men.
    They practically have field judicial powers wherever they go. Their word is gold to all mangina cops present, and any white knight bastard can openly wield himself about as a deputy agent enforcer OF FEMINISM. There is nothing closer than CANCER or WALKING DEAD ZOMBIES to compare them to.
    If they ever wake up – and quite a few have – WE SEE THEM COME SCREAMING out of their dungeons. When we see such a brother come out, help him, advise and teach him. Have him TURN NAMES on the bitch power networks wreaking havoc in the area. WE GRAB THE BITCH BY THE HORNS ! ! YAAARGH ! !

  27. White Knights are really the enforcers of morality.
    Today’s morality is sick, filled with the feminism that produces cat ladies. That’s why we hate White Knights, but a healthy society would need white knights (slut shamers, fat shamers, etc).
    Also, white knighting will not get you laid. No matter what a girl says, the facts are simply that white knighting is not attractive behavior, at best it is neither attractive or unattractive.

    1. Yes, it’s one thing to sell out one’s self, but an entirely different matter indeed to sell out one’s gender.

  28. Honestly, I don’t buy the alternate theory presented by the article.
    It would require the White Knights to actually believe that feminists are an all-powerful social force to begin with. Seriously, the Manosphere is about the only place where such a belief is prominent. Whether the belief is actually true is largely irrelevant, what matters for the theory presented in the article is whether the White Knights believe so or not.
    Besides, if the feminists are such an all-powerful social force, it would follow that they get to dictate what the official truth is, and have it assumed to be true by wider society. And what the feminists would tell you is that no, neither they or any other women have any power to speak of, it’s all held by the Patriarchy. Thus, a White Knight sucking up to feminists would take their word for it, and have no rationale for being Uncle Toms.
    The article essentially requires that there is a large mass of men which has come to believe that feminists are all-powerful and that they need to kiss feminist ass for their own good, but who still feign belief in the feminist claims of their own powerlessness and the prevalence of the Patriarchy. If that really is the case, shouldn’t some of them have come out by now? Where are all the ex-white-knights whose anonymous Internet testimonies back up this theory?
    No, a typical White Knight is just a blue-piller who has conformed to the contemporary idea of how to be a Good Man (TM), bought the claims of feminists hook, line and sinker, along with the excuses contemporary culture makes for women who act in selfish, immoral ways. Is there any reason we need to come up with conspiratorial alternative theories of White Knights? How, exactly, is this “classical” theory of White Knighting insufficient?

  29. Plus, there is only one part of chivalry that pertains to being gentlemanly towards women. The rest of it is medieval battle etiquette. One time I walked into a gas station and didn’t hold the door for a woman behind me. I heard her mutter that chivalry is dead.
    So I challenged her to single combat.
    Chivalry is alive and well. That woman is in the hospital.

  30. Here is a third definition: “A term of abuse invented by men within the PUA community to attack men outside the PUA community who might have actual empathy for women.”
    You roll out this essay about “white knighting” as if you are describing a real thing, widely acknowledged outside the PUA echo chamber. But that just isn’t the case. The term “white knighting” is used almost exclusively within the PUA bubble, and is just a concoction of PUA ideology.
    Sure, some men try to get laid by appearing to be Nice Guys. But those guys have a lot more in common with Pick Up Artists than with guys who just honestly have empathy. Being a Nice Guy is just a passive-aggressive way of doing exactly what you are doing. The only difference between PUAs and Nice Guys is they use the opposite strategy.
    PUAs believe the way to get women into bed is by being assholes–er, having Game. Well, Nice Guys just run a different Game. Both PUAs and Nice Guys are men who, for whatever reason, are unable to attract women when they interact with them in a normal, relaxed way. So, they both adopt these goofy strategies to try to reduce the messy, complicated business of human interaction to easy, step-by-step formulas. It’s ridiculous. Life doesn’t work that. You guys need to get over yourselves.

    1. I dunno…I’m a married man and the “reluctant” patriarch of my household (by that I mean I don’t keep her on a leash, but she knows where the lines are drawn), so I wouldnt ever call myself a PUA. (In fact a lot of the commenters here on ROK hate my fucking guts because I have the audacity to tell them they’re being narrow minded assholes). That said, the kind of behavior that is called “white knighting” is, undoubtedly, a form of boot licking. Or sexism. However you want to look at it.
      When someone defends members of his group for no other reason than that those members are female (ie – the WK’s retort does not address the critic’s argument but focuses on his “tone” or “word choice”) then he is boot licking, at best. Now whether the cause is because he wants to fuck them, or sees them as the real source of power, etc, is debatable. My only point was to say that WK’s are real and, judging from my WK best friend, their “game” often comes at the expense of their autonomy, masculinity, and self respect.

      1. If a man truly takes a woman’s side solely because she is woman, then he deserves to be criticized for it. But the term “white knight” is used FAR more broadly than that. Pretty much any man who supports any woman against any man for any reason risks being accused of “white knighting.” The term implies some kind of gender treachery, as if having empathy for a woman is a betrayal of other men. I like the term “boot licker” much better.

        1. Agreed. Readers of this site often differentiate themselves by how hardline their positions are – similar to politicians before a Primary election. They see anything less than their narrow opinion as White Knighting, or Beta Male behavior, and decry the individual for his supposed weakness.

  31. Feminism is taking huge hits from anti-feminists. What are anti-feminists? Anti-feminists are those women that realize that women had it way better before feminists started to denigrate men. Anti-feminists like feminism, but not when it degrades an anti-feminists ability to use men for men’s utility and wealth transfer from men to women. Feminists and anti-feminists represent two sides of the same coin. Anti-feminists don’t like that feminists are killing the golden goose. Feminists think that the golden goose will keep laying under any circumstances. Given the failing birth and marriage rates, it looks like the anti-feminists might be the most pragmatic of the bunch.
    The real test is going to be whether or not American men stand up to the deeply misandric policies and laws that exist and those that are going to get passed in rapid succession. Given the decades long revolt against marriage and child bearing, men are winning. How do women and white knights reverse this trend? They do what they’ve always done. Emasculate men to the extent possible. More and more, this strategy will fail. Why? Men are wising up. Men can literally feel the misandry in the air wherever he goes. Men are increasingly opting out of marriage and family. Single heads of households now rule.
    MGTOW thinking represents an existential threat to the gynocracy and powerful white knights. MGTOW represents the death of gynocentric privilege and white knight rule. What could be more terrifying to women and white knights than that? Nothing scares women more than men, en masse, turning against women. White knights feel that they’re losing their power as well.
    Women know that there’s a line they cannot cross. Instead of crossing that line, they know that they can use social, economic, psychological, physical, emotional, legal and financial warfare – but only as long as a majority of their carefully brainwashed, naive, ignorant white knights run the show. Ever wonder why women vote white knights into office and not other women? Now you know. A woman in office would wake men up very quickly. Conversely, women know how truly deceitful and cunning most women are. Funny – is it not? Even women recognize men are chivalrous morons and that women in office will destroy centuries of gynocentic privilege.
    Why the mad rush to eliminate Ray Rice and the NFL commissioner? What if the NFL commissioner said that Ray simply defended himself against his attacker and would suffer no punishment? Can you imagine the uproar? Can you imagine the disillusionment amongst feminists? What if all of the NFL hierarchy agreed with this stance? Would Obama send in troops to invade the NFL? Did you notice how the media carefully hid the fact that Ray’s wife hit him repeatedly before he struck her? Ever wonder why no one in the mainstream PC media dared to speak in Ray’s defense (except his own wife)? Anyone that speaks against the Nazi, politically correct, liberal, feminist mainstream media would be socially, economically, politically, legally, physically and spiritually ostracized. Behold the power of the poody.
    Women need white knights to protect their gynocentric privilege. They will therefore use any and all means to destroy any man that stands against them. Women will eliminate the “bad powerful men” and replace them with white knights they can trust to destroy other men without hesitation. If the MGTOW line of thinking permeates the majority of male thought processes, the fascist feminist party goes down in flames quicker than you can say KKK. MGTOW will therefore be deeply hated and hunted down by all women and their white knight simps. Everything is about the social control and brainwashing of male thought and actions. Everything.
    MGTOW are the “Oskar Schindler” to the feminazi’s many Hitlers. Who’s the current feminazi Hitler, in a long, long line of feminazi Hitlers? Anita what’s her name. Who are the Nazi sympathizers and Uncle Toms in the gender war? White knights.
    Legislation is being pushed and passed as quickly as possible to counter male independence. You have “Yes Means Yes”, attacks on the NFL, VAWA, the redefinition of domestic violence to include denial of monetary resources, the redefinition of cohabitation to include palimony, the elimination of fraternities, title IX, etc. What do all of the aforementioned seek to accomplish? Destroy the patriarchy (natural male dominance) and institute gynocentic dominance (elevate the leeches to positions of power). How can this possibly accomplished you ask? Through misandric laws and policies instituted by misandric feminists, anti-feminists and white knights.
    MGTOW is the cure. Starve the beast that hates you. How? Deny women, en masse, your resources, utility, protection and essence until they, en masse, back the F off. Hooah.

  32. One thing not included is that sometimes dudes come off as whiteknight cause they just aren’t looking to deal with that much negativity. Can women be vindictive and capable of causing a lot of emotional, financial, and physical harm? Yea for sure but they aren’t scum of the earth by nature. Not all the authors/contributors here come off that way, but a few definitely do. So even the most alpha of dudes is going to eh whiteknightish when an author goes a bit too extreme.
    With that said whiteknight in real life guys need to remember women are people and demand equal rights and opportunities. However it’s not a one way street, men are not obligated to do anything for any girl. Just cause a woman asks you for something doesn’t mean you have to do it! No more than you would for your male buddy. It’s just that simple.
    Does that mean I gotta be an asshole or heartless prick? Naa, I’ll still give a drunk girl a ride home just because I don’t want her getting a DUI or crashing and hurting someone. That doesn’t make me a whiteknight, just makes me not a dick.

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