When James Bond Met A Lesbian

There was a mediocre article recently in The American Conservative about the enduring masculinity of James Bond. It had one great quote worth sharing…

That’s what a half-century of self-entitlement does to a society: it takes the backbone out of people while simultaneously giving them notions of grandeur. This makes them malleable. Make enough people malleable and you can make them, en masse, believe in any fancy or whim. Want to know why gay marriage is inevitable? Because today’s man, coerced into believing in his own emasculation, would introduce himself to a lesbian named Pussy Galore by saying: “I respect your lifestyle choice.” When James Bond met a lesbian named Pussy Galore, he slept with her.

James Bond: the opposite of self-entitlement.

The reason that liberalism gets attacked so frequency in the manosphere is that it’s seen as the ideology that promotes entitlement and emasculation. Conservatives are full of enablers as well, but liberalism seems to lead the way. If you consider that feminism has used the liberal platform to advance its agenda, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

19 thoughts on “When James Bond Met A Lesbian”

  1. Because respecting someone’s choice to sleep with who they want to, instead of forcing them to sleep with you, is such a bad thing?
    I have not seen any Bond movies, so I don’t know what happened with Pussy Galore. If she was actually bisexual, or willing to make an exception for one guy, or slept with him because she had some ulterior motive, fine. If he just “slept with her” despite her not wanting to, then the article is pretty much glorifying rape.

    1. Makes a comment about an insignificant point and mentally masturbates over it….yup you’re a woman. You must be lost, this isn’t pintrest.

    2. You haven’t seen it, your comment admittingly comes from complete ignorance. You have nothing to offer. Move along.

  2. You haven’t seen any James Bond movies? Maybe you should watch Goldfinger and From Russia with Love, so you can understand what he is trying to say in this article, instead of making some ridiculous statement about glorifying rape.

  3. What they’re trying to say here, SR, is that what James Bond wants is more important than what Pussy Galore wants. I happen to think that makes James Bond, Stephen J Tippins Jr, and Roosh assholes; apparently some readers reach different conclusions. This doesn’t necessarily indicate poor reading comprehension, but rather poor mental hygiene.

  4. Making apologies for maleness is such a mistake. For expample, my wife told me I’m too hairy when she was in bed with me last night. She said that I should shave like all those pretty boys running around. I told her if she wanted some skinny hairless thing then she shoulda been a lesbian.
    She just nuzzled into my chest opened her legs wide.

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