5 Reasons Why She’s Acting Desperate

I recently brought a woman home that was a little bit of a hipster. It’s not my usual pick but why not. Variety is the spice of life and all that. Red flags fell from the sky like rain when she began behaving desperately. Within one interaction she was ready to come to my place. It didn’t feel like it was because of an immediate urge to sleep with me. It felt like something else; like I was an opportunity in this girl’s game. Somehow I was being played. I couldn’t figure out why. It was enough that upon bringing her back, I didn’t sleep with her.


She didn’t want sex, she wanted something else. It felt like she was using sex as a weapon of some kind. That alone made me choose not to sleep with her. I called an Uber for her that night, and waited. I was not going to text her first. Two days later she texted me. She told me, “I can say three words right now that will make you never speak to me again.” My response was, complete curiosity. I had to know if her behavior correlated with this. I told her to tell me. She responded with:

“I have herpes”.

I hung up the phone, blocked her number, cleared my call history. She wanted to sleep with me so I would get herpes. Then I would be forced to love her. That’s what I believe she thought anyway. If I had given in, I’d be writing this post out of shame, not education. I was safe because it felt like something was wrong, and I didn’t ignore it. I listened to my gut, even though I wanted to get laid that night.

A desperate woman is an issue. It goes against female programming, and always has some sort of agenda attached to it. Below are five reasons why she’s acting desperate.

1. Secret STD

Andreia Thoughts Herpes Cell

Herpes. Not a good look.

My story above. If she’s acting desperate, it’s because there is something about her that’s broken. If you aren’t escalating and she already wants sex, it’s a cloak and dagger. Even if you don’t see anything, you aren’t safe. Herpes and other diseases often can’t be seen, but can still be caught. Condoms can protect you, but the risk still exceeds the reward. There are seven billion people on earth. You can find one that isn’t afflicted with a lifelong condition. She wants you to become what she is. That way it cuts your options down from everything, to almost nothing. That almost nothing of course includes her.

If you begin to have apprehension about a woman because of a potential std, stop and head to google. One image search for “Male Herpes” will have you out of her house faster than if it was engulfed in flames. Remember the risk and think with your brain, not your head.

2. Biological clock

Andreia thoughts biological alarm

When the alarm begins ringing, there’s nothing she can do to stop it. It’s often too late. Feminism empowers the career woman while science teaches her she can have a kid later. This leads to women doing anything they can to become pregnant when the wall finally hits. This can surely happen in earlier years when her value is higher, 18-24, but tends to explode when the realization registers that she is close to losing the gift of a healthy child. You can assume anything after 27 is the danger zone. Women want to have children and a family at any cost. Sleeping with one of these woman has many dangers, but below are a few of them:

  • Throwing a condom away, then using it to become pregnant. Always flush your condoms. Even if she says her plumbing can’t handle it. It’s a trap.
  • Lying about being on birth control.
  • Accidentally forgetting to take the pill.
  • Poking a hole through her condoms. Always use your own.
  • Says she would get an abortion, so you don’t need to wear a condom. Example Below.

3. She isn’t the online profile

Andreia Thoughts Beach Girl

I’m a typical beach girl

If you’re on Tinder or any other dating app you’ve surely came across this. You see a woman’s profile, then you see the angles. All of her photos advertise one angle. This is usually the face, the least disturbing feature. It’s hiding the true person that is morbidly overweight. If you’re gaming a woman online and the number comes far too easy, be cautious. Nothing is ever too good to be true.

A woman that looks like a model, and gives her phone number to you in the early stages of the interaction with almost no attraction built should concern you. It goes against all of women’s biological concerns to find the best mate at any cost.

Women screen men, compare them against other lovers, and discuss them with the hen pack. There is an entire television program that speaks about this issue known as catfishing. Remember, online you can be anyone, even if you’re an obese land whale. Seeing someone in person will always be better. There’s no guessing game that the girl you meet downtown is different than she appears. Emotionally, yes because everyone puts up a front. Physically you’ll be fine. The best way to protect yourself is to stay mentally agile through a proper morning routine. Here is the best routine I’ve found.

If you’re being aggressively pursued by a woman you’ve never met, it’s probably too good to be true and she’s lying to you.

4. She’s broke and in debt

andreia thoughts money woman

I like him for his personality.

Men’s value comes from assets, and achievement. Therefore, when you drive to pick up your date in your nice Mercedes, you become a knight in shiny green armor. Green, because of your bank account being able to fix her problems. Women want money, but don’t have the drive or ambition to get it as strongly as men do. Men want money for the sake of accomplishment, women want it for merchandise.

This isn’t an inherently bad thing, it’s biology and where us as men have value. You should keep in your mind, that when you do become wealthy, women will be attracted to you for this alone. They are amazing at rationalizing their tastes for your money. She may hate redheads, but can deal with it if you have money. This can be used as a strength if you have work to do on yourself, or be led into spending your money for a woman that only wants an extra comma in her bank account.

A simple test to see this: take a woman out for drinks. You get the first round, ask her to get the next. It’s not about the money, it’s about her reciprocating value you give her. Watch how she reacts. If she throws a fit about it, drop her. You know why she is with you. If not, that’s a good sign. More tests will be needed however. Women are good at understanding when they’re being tested or evaluated.

5. Ex issues

Andreia Thoughts | Man in Prison

My boyfriend moved away.

Issues with an ex-boyfriend can put your life into serious danger. Women love to be safe and secure. This is why a strong, muscular physique can increase your attraction substantially. If she pushes for you to become official too quickly, it could be a sign she wants you to feel obligated for her protection, or her offense.

She may have an ex that’s dangerous to her and even more to you when photos of you begin to dominate her Facebook. Some women look at men as tools. You may be recruited to make another man jealous. This is not a safe place for either of you to be. You do not want to find a woman who only wants you to fight her battles. Those that put your life into danger even more so. Because it can most definitely happen to you.

If she’s acting desperate, you must protect yourself. In order to be safe you have to develop your self-control. You’re playing with a Venus fly trap. Keep your guard up, listen to your gut, and don’t ever betray the trust you have within yourself. It doesn’t hurt to ask other men for advice as well.

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209 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why She’s Acting Desperate”

  1. 6. She’s at the age where she is no longer the cockblockee and is now the cockblockor.

    1. Oh yeah, the mom of the group? Interesting she carries the label mom, when in reality that’s the last thing she’ll ever be. Her main mission is to keep her friends from having fun because she’s miserable herself.

  2. The “beach girl” pic reminded me of this ad I saw on a RIGHT-LEANING site. WTF?!? Fat acceptance must be destroyed!

    1. Yeah, I get advertisements based on my search history, too. I see ones for new chainsaws all the time.

    2. Those models are quite big, but let’s be honest, it’s no comparison with the beach girl above imo (the “beach girl” in the article is as fat as those three together)

    3. Those ads are auto-generated, I think. Like it or not, they likely come up because the advertiser has a profile on you and thinks, based on your usual surfing behavior, that this is what you like. Heh.

      1. “Hmm, Bob Smith is browsing a hard-right, fat-shaming site. He goes on it quite often. Oh, but he went on Mother Jones ONCE to troll the comments section, let’s give him this sexy ad” lol

        1. That explains all the ads for ski masks & chloroform popping up on my screen lately.

    4. Fat acceptance is as ridiculous as saying cancer isn’t a disease we should except it. Chemo is oppressing us. That’s ridiculous. If you don’t lose weight, you’ll die.

    5. I think they made a typo-shouldn’t it read ‘beached girl?’.

    6. Swimsuits for Fat Girls
      I always substitute PC nonsense for the real words. I believe in “honesty is the best policy”.
      You’re fat honey…lose a little weight and buy a regular swimsuit.

    7. Look on the bright six, least they are one pieces. Realistically swimming is also a good habit for these whales to get exercise while avoiding injury… If they actually used them to swim in (water obscuring their ugliness) instead of sunning.

  3. Good points. I might add that its better to avoid online profiles all together these days. Online dating and social media is a garbage dump. Everytime you open your inbox, there’s a 90% chance the message will be a basic bitch saying “hey there :)” like every other basic bitch online. Most women are so into contour makeup, angles, and inst filters that they look nothing like their profile pics anyways.

    1. Yes! In person is always better. You can avoid so many awkward scenarios. I can recall picking up many girls on tinder, to then drive away as their walking toward the car. Why? Their gross and not who they say they are. Who’s the asshole? It’s them for trying to trick you.

      1. Glad to know I’m not the only one that has driven away from a girl LOL I’ve done it several times. I’ve had girls give me their home address (how stupid are these women to invite a complete stranger over?) and upon seeing them look exceedingly less attractive IRL than their online pics, I just got back in my car and drove home.
        Then I’ll get a text calling me an asshole, and telling me to delete her number. ..to which I say “don’t worry I already did”

        1. Lol… I’m gonna start doing this. I’ve always had to endure the “out with a chubby” girl scenario. We’re there at the bar, and clearly I’m disinterested because she looks like a hog compared to her photos. Something always tends to come up, and it turns into “Oh sorry, I’ve gotta doctors appointment that I forgot I had!” yeah right… at 1030 at night?

        2. I always felt awkward trying to make an excuse. Then just once I looked her in the eye, left without saying a word. It felt amazing. Once you do it the first time you will do it forever.

        3. I’d give them an hour…. might have hot friends. Then leave. It’s when they insist on walking you back to the car, that’s a major red flag.

        4. Agreed after seeing her I going to need therapy too next time take her on an all can eat date at a salad bar…

        5. Do they really think you’ll keep their number after you saw them and noped the hell out?

    2. “Hey there” that is exactly how every woman initiates a conversation with online dating. Of course the same woman’s profile will read as ” and guys ,please dont use hey there or hey or hi ,or whatsup? , try to be more creative and put some effort into your message or i wont reply” .

      1. Gets dull real fast. I used to use a standard opener, online dating is a numbers game. Occasionally you’d get some jumped up, self important bint getting all self righteous about copy paste messages. I’d sometimes explain to them the cost benefit analysis that I get from it, as opposed to writing a unique post, based on their profile. Hamster wheel exploded.

    3. I constantly get requests from women on skype to connect. I figure they’re all scammers, either golddiggers or maybe an old fat Russian guy pretending to be a hot Ukranian chick.

    4. “Online dating and social media is a garbage dump.”
      Depends on the agency. The few foreign dating agencies that I have associated with (I go with several just to be certain that women are being consistent about appearance, profile and personality) are run by Westerners who have found their wives abroad, and are very meticulous about verifying identity (so you aren’t just writing some fat Russian guy), and give you good advice (not as good as ROK articles, as their advice is fairly blue-pill).
      I will agree wholeheartedly about online appearance vs. real life appearance (especially with EE girls), although I have dated a few that were better-looking in real-life than they were online.

    5. Met a girl from online. She had that weird angle from above and big boobs.
      Saw her in person , considered driving off.
      From the chest up she was smoking. But she had a severe muffin top and -1 ass. She we’re gonna bang that night and I couldn’t bring myself to go through.
      Have not done online dating since.

      1. If she doesn’t have a full body pic in a bikini, while standing next to 2 of her friends for size comparison, she isnt hot. Women always show their best features. A hot chick will be showing off her bangable body. A hot chick will be showing off that she has friends as well.
        Any “myspace angles” is a dq right there. If she has weight fluctuations in her pics, shes in the fat stage of her life. If you dont see collar bones, she fat. If she doesnt have skinny arms, shes fat.
        Any woman that goes online and tricks a man into meeting her is to be avoided at all costs. These are the bitches that never get quality men in public. So they trick guys online into showing up, and since the guy is always higher value, the woman offers easy pussy and she gets fucked. And this is the only way they ever get fucked. And you can bet a weeks pay, shes done this with 10 other guys.
        You probably saved yourself from getting herpes by walking out.

        1. Collar bones aren’t even a good tell. I dated a woman who had easily visible collar bones. Turned out she’d had lap band surgery before, but hadn’t had the excess skin removed. She’d always dress really conservatively in the winter when we met so it wasn’t until she came at me naked I found out. I’ve lived through some terrible things, but no way could I have sex with a pterodactyl I bailed ASAP!

      1. Sometimes the bad ones just work that way…have no clue why. Might have something to do with men’s middle school experiences.

  4. 6. She got knocked up by another man, and sold it to her husband as being his, and he found out it wasn’t.

  5. #3 happened twice this summer with deceptive photo after the 2nd I became even
    more picky and 4 another date liked me more once she found out I had a nice

  6. Shit. I threw the condom to her garbage. How long does sperm last in the condom? Is it easy to self-inseminate herself? It was a ONS on tinder. Muslim caribbean girl, 27 years old. It was a morning bang, she went to work right afterwards.

    1. I’m not a doctor but I’ve heard that when sperm meets air it dies rather quickly. 5-20 minutes. Still, check on this, always flush in the future.
      It can be easy to self inseminate I would assume. You’re probably fine though.

    2. If she went right to work then she clearly wasn’t thinking of fishing out your goo from the garbage and getting pregnant by it. No chance she works all day and comes home to throw your goo down her snatch to snag child support from someone she barely knows. Don’t worry.

  7. #2 is the most common for me. Every female over 25 is looking for a guy with his shit together to start a family and settle down. With slut culture in full effect now, girls are hitting the wall younger and younger. A girl that starts riding the carousel at 16 is ready to get out of the game at 22 and she will pursue men with resources desperately. It can stroke a guy’s ego and make him think she really wants him but like the author said it’s completely against female programming.
    Personality disorders could make the list also. Bipolar, BPD and most nutcases are clingy beyond belief. She’ll be ready to move in with you before you even meet in person.

      1. I’m living with a case right now. She doesn’t know, but this thanksgiving when she visits her parents, she’s gonna get a text from me saying “Don’t come back, I’ll ship your clothes out to you.”

        1. I like the phone number idea… as for moving, this is my sanctuary. I pay for all of it, and therefore as my property I will stay here and defend it against the wiles of an uncouth woman.

        2. Seriously! But as a man you still have reason and the ability to bring an unholy hell on anyone who dares disturb your life. Just trust this fact and expect the woman to back down. As an extra security instill in a lady if things come to this she will wish they were all successful in taking you down when you see her again. And just like that, all the police, SWAT, the army, and society, all subside and you will have just you and the lady to discuss things like civilized folks.

        3. Be sure to check the state and local laws on cohabitation and renters. Private property isn’t what it used to be.

        4. ” And just like that, all the police, SWAT, the army, and society, all subside and you will have just you and the lady to discuss things like civilized folks”
          Dude, what’s the color of the sky in the fantastical Disney-esque world you’re living in?
          Time to put down the crack pipe.

        5. It is a lot easier than you think to deal with a woman than play the game of equality. I’m talking from someone who got to see the world of domestic violence first hand. The same fear and demand to control that leads to having the police called on any man, can equally be flipped into the same police leaving and the woman swearing up and down the man is the best thing to ever happen to her. You don’t get that, that’s fine.

        6. “I’m talking from someone who got to see the world of domestic violence first hand ”
          If you don’t mind my asking, are you with the police? I just find your rationale very unrealistic. Perhaps I’m missing something in this equation, and quite frankly I sure hope I am – I take no pleasure in being right. But it seems in the States the dysfunctionality is out of control, especially when the system is playing on the stupidity of women just to throw innocent men in jail.

        7. And abandonment is the core issue with BPD. They have abandonment issues from shitty parenting.
          They tend to create horrible environments that people don’t want to be a part of, then pitch a fit when people leave them to lie in the shitty bed they made.
          Sometimes, they will go to extra lengths to get people to stay. It’s usually in the form of some kind of trauma where they are a “victim” that puts you in the bad guy position for leaving her in such a “bad time in her life” when she “needs you the most.”
          That is the emotional manipulation trap they use, and the highly advanced cases are like psychological wooshu black belt masters with shit like that.

        8. Not with the police, just had the unfortunate aspect of seeing domestic violence in different homes from the age of 5 on. Have seen the police called on husbands and every time, without fail, the onus was on the woman, who would often call off the cops. The lady in question would inevitably lord over her power to yield the law while fixing her man a plate of food, to tell him he should just behave and this “wouldn’t happen”. It was a cycle I grew disgusted with early on so this isn’t advice I give without any chagrin. You should aspire to never have to deal with any woman who the law has to be an option with.
          You are right thoroughly on the dysfunction of both our legal system and sexual relations between men and women in America. Sometimes I believe third world has it far easier with much healthier sexual dynamics between men and women.

        9. It crazy how textbook they all are. The girl I knew wih BPD, her father left their mother (also BPD) while I was with her. It was a license for her to be a raging bitch and anyone that had a problem with it was inconsiderate to her difficulties.
          At the time I thought her father was an asshole but now I have a ton of respect for him. He made sure his daughters graduated college and then left and moved in with a sane woman. He literally packed his shit the day after his youngest daughter’s graduation ceremony.

        10. It’s like they follow a script. Be a bitch, and then bitch because nobody will put up with their bitching. It is the typical mindset of “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.” They actually think that gives them license to give you their worst. Any women that claim to be Marilyn Monroe fans, rings like a big warning siren to me.

        11. There’s no ‘sometimes’ about it. Say what you want about the “third world” and its ills. But a man dealing with a outta control bitch generally isn’t one of em.
          I agree entirely. When things are hard, a woman quickly falls into her proper role in life. We in the – so called – 1st world have thrown the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to our egalitaian experiment with females.
          The irony of it all, is in our quest to make life easier for women, we made ourselves obsolete. And in return they show their appreciation by ruthelessly exercising their unchecked “independence”.

        12. There’s no ‘sometimes’ about it. Say what you want about the “third world” and its ills. But a man dealing with a outta control bitch generally isn’t one of em.
          I agree entirely. When things are hard, a woman quickly falls into her proper role in life. We in the – so called – 1st world have thrown the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to our egalitaian experiment with females.
          The irony of it all, is in our quest to make life easier for women, we made ourselves obsolete. And in return they show their appreciation by ruthelessly exercising their unchecked newfound “independence”

        13. As a lady cop I don’t side with females, I’ve actually pissed off quite a few by telling them I’m not taking their spouse to jail. Women do call the police and tell us to take him to jail because hes cheating or drunk, or they claim assault and I don’t see any evidence. In those situations I tell them if you don’t like it then you leave, if you’re in fear of your life why are you still here??? Meanwhile the husband is super calm and cooperative.

        14. Scroll down, and take note of edicon’s comment. And definitely check out cohabitation laws

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      2. Once you get entangled with one it’s easier to spot them. I was with a BPD girl in college so I can tell when I meet another one.

        1. I think my sister is one.
          This seems fairly accurate. In my experience, you will see bad substance abuse, usually legal and quasi-legal drugs, as in alcohol and prescription mind drugs which she has connived a doctor into writing her. You will see almost a manic-depressive mood swings, but they aren’t huge and slow like bi-polar, it’s just giddy and happy then *WHAM* bitch mode.
          She, and these are almost always women, can’t handle her shit. She will do very well, and be a perfectionist, for a while, then she crashes the car of life. She’ll be down for a bit, then get help and get a new car of life, which she will then drive very well, then faster, and more dangerously, down worse roads, then wreck it again.
          She will call you for END OF THE WORLD EMERGENCIES and then hang up on you when you can’t help her right then and there like you must hate her or something, but then, next week, it was no big deal, she fixed it, everything’s great, and she wants to continue your nice relationship even though she said unforgivable things the week before while frantic.
          It’s like mild, somewhat socially-functional, bi-polarism.

        2. A simple thing I do is say no to something. If she loses her shit & starts the manipulation, guilt trips, & drama cut all contact.

        3. Many red flags but the biggest are:
          1. Extreme clinginess. I mean extreme, and it was from abandonment issues so she was afraid that I was leaving her anytime we were apart for a few hours.
          2. Hypersexual. Always initiating sex, talking about sex, making sexual jokes, everything looks like a penis. Tigress in the sack with porn star moans and performances.
          3. Despised females, femininity and basically wanted to be a guy. Most likely high T and only had male “friends”. Feminist and wouldn’t let me pay for dinner, hold doors open for her or call her Ms. or Mrs. Believed most females were weak doormats and she was strong and independent.
          4. Zero intimacy. No warmth in her at all. Hated being touched and thinks a male wanting intimacy is the weakest male on Earth. Attracted to ubermasculine men with criminal histories but will pretend to “love” lesser males to use them for validation.
          5. Loves “helping people”. I just read an article on Chateau about this and many other men agreed. She was always involved in charity work and painting herself as a good person. Several trips to Africa, soup kitchens, environmental activism, etc. These types are usually trying to compensate for being a shitty human being.

        4. If your sister is one, there’s a good chance your mother is also and you probably have some codependent traits as a result.

        5. Seems like a a good pump and dump.
          Link to the article? Would make for some good reading.

        6. I think it came from my dad’s side; my aunt is crazy that way, too. Any codependency I had was beaten out by living on my own the last 50% of my life.

        7. There are no feminists with only male friends. 3 makes no sense. A feminist who despises females?

        8. There are alot of “feminists” that subscribe to whatever feminist ideas fit their insecurities. Girls that aren’t feminine and want to be sluts will parrot feminist buzzwords about societal gender norms and slut shaming. They’re not traditional feminists but they’re to be avoided just the same.

      3. my ex filed a restraining order against me filled with lies and accusations and I was kicked out of my own apartment that I paid for, thrown in jail for being at my apartment even though she left and my child was taken from me. she sent me dozens of texts saying how she was sorry and just wanted to teach me a lesson and she wanted to move back to our home town. she’s a psycho.

      4. I know psychology fairly well. Any girl that is clingy with the people around her and seems to want to meld with others is 9/10 a borderline.

    1. “#2 is the most common for me. Every female over 25 is looking for a guy wih his shit together to start a family and settle down”.
      Back in the day when western society was normal that was a good thing, but as already been witnessed by red piller men in the manosphere, there are no more unicorns; no decent female to wife-up today.
      ” It can stroke a guy’s ego and make him think she really wants him but like the author said it’s completely against female programming”
      Agreed. Any man who doesn’t understand that the term ‘husband’ is synonomous with words / phrases: ‘useful idiot’, ‘piece of shit’ and ‘chump” (to name only a few) is in for a very ugly and rude awakening. We are way through the looking glass on this one.

    2. I’m older (36) and, due to grad school then job not at home, I was pretty damn insular and fat. I blamed it all on being fat, and was fat from 20 to 33. I then lost 80 lbs, of which I have kept off 50, and will get back going here once I finished moving.
      I got thin, and pretty decent looking, easily banged a couple of ok girls, and then the red pill shorted me out and made me realize that I rate a good looking, good minded woman, but the very few this polluted society has allowed to remain are already gone to traditional midwestern, married at 21, marriages.
      Most of my social circle is still not yet there, as I still live in a shithole, but am moving to a nicer town soon. I fully, fully expect to be bombed by retired carousel riders once I do, and the only positive thing to a decade of being fat and making money hand over fist is that the notch count is still low, so I get to actually virtue signal a little and be like “Yeah, I’ve been with X, you’ve been with a LOT more, so that make you a ho, goodbye.” It’s a bulletproof counter to the equality argument for notch counts, even though it’s not alpha, it’s more lone wolf.
      Incidentally, that’s why I don’t write game articles, ain’t got none to be had.

      1. I’m 28 and refuse to entertain any female over 25. They all lie about their past, pretend to be innocent/chaste, and try to get information on my financial situation. It’s like a script they’re all reading from. I can only assume that it’s just instinctual female mating behavior. Plus most of them are overweight and worn down from work and the carousel. American women really need to take better care of themselves as they age.

        1. Exactly. When you turn thirty, you are at your most handsome and confident. The women your age however are fat, miserable, tired, they’ve fucked 50 bad boys, and somehow they have puffed up egos… Maybe Because they think their career or financed car and mortgage means something to us. (Nope.)
          Every unmarried American man should start learning spanish and take as many mini trips to latin america as possible. There are still young women there, isolated from the feminist culture, waiting for their prince. When you first experience it, its almost like cheating.

        2. Uh… dont know if you guys have seen this or not…
          Like a comment to this video says “un pc anti-humor is the future!” It’s red pill humor that touches on MANY red pill points, give this a try gents you wont be disappointed.
          lol “the dating show where 30 stops being a number, and starts being an inescapable way of life!”

        3. That’s the plan. I know a friend that went to Guatemala and still hasn’t stopped talking about the women there. I’m going to do my best to go down there next summer.

        4. Yup. In Latin America at age 38 I banged a 21-yr-old who was almost a virgin. Notch count of two. She was almost six feet tall and quite beautiful. I would’ve continued with her but she was getting married (to notch #2 lol).

        5. Teach me. What’s your story man? Was this a vacation or are you living there? Which city may I ask? I’m 33 and I’m ready to take the plunge and move to latin america within the next year. I spend about 1 month down there per year, but I’m so home sick for the English language when I’m there. Plus I’d feel like a traitor to my country. Did you ever experience that?

        6. I was living several months in Colombia, home of the most beautiful women in the hemisphere. Any city will do, but Bogota and Medellin have the best women. (The women along the north coast, called costenos, are too brown for me, and their accent is really ugly and indecipherable.)
          They truly don’t care about age difference down there. A 15 year spread is typical. I had a 45-yr-old buddy tagging 19 yr olds, just pulling them off the street, but his game was super tight, and he had perfect Spanish. I did well using a dating site or two, but next time I go I’ll just day game cause my Spanish is really good now. If you use dating sites, pipeline them before you leave. It paid dividends for me: three incredibly beautiful women in the first three weeks.

        7. Re: English, it’s hard speaking so much Spanish at first but gets easier with time. Live in an Airbnb with other English speakers to alleviate that. It worked for me, and I made some great friends too. Complete Duolingo Spanish course for good help there.
          Have a good backstory. Women like to know why you’re in their country. I was getting divorced and on sabbatical from work, so I could talk about that.
          Act alpha. Colombian women literally get confused by beta niceguy stuff. Be strong strong strong. Take control. That will extend to the bedroom. Also, dance a little bachata (it’s easy) and learn to love reggaeton. If they see you can move well, the panties fly off.

        8. You mean somewhere down there is a Flores girl and I can have my own Elena (or Isa, no judgy) of Avalor?

        9. Is fucking a 21 year old who has already fucked two guys the ideal unicorn we are aiming for here? Where is my 20 year old virgin?

        1. I’m 6’4″, so I was never unfunctionally fat, just unattractive. Calves are normal.

      2. It’s not Alpha but it sure is Delta.
        That in itself is barely beneath Alpha in general and sometimes even greater even so it’s damn okay if you ask me

    3. Amount of single mum’s that have been chasing me in the past 3 years is hilarious.

    4. I have told younger men to be patient. They have no idea that their value (SMV) is growing as they age and a woman’s value (SMV) is declining as they age.
      A man approaching 30 – his value is just starting to rise where a woman approaching 30 is looking for a sure bet (a man who can provide security, a kid or two, a good income, etc…) because she’s done riding the carousel.
      Society has done a mind job on younger men telling them to “man up” and take in these women who have been reckless or irresponsible (the single ones approaching 30). Double points if you take in one of these women with kids (so you can raise another man’s kids…no thanks).
      A cardinal rule: do not take in single mothers with kids. This rule used to be the norm in our society where single mothers were looked down on as a liability (unless the husband died in a war).

      1. Agreed and I also think men have been brainwashed into LTRs with women their own age. From my experience the relationship dynamic is much healthier when the man is at least 3 years older. 30 year old men with 30 year old women is a recipe for disaster but it happens everyday here in the West. Women will try to shame men with younger girls.

      2. I would feel better raising another man’s kid if I could see his corpse. Even then though in this cheating cuck culture odds are the kids belong to someine she was cheating with while soldier was abroad.

      3. Interesting dev adv: my friend is enamoured with single mothers, as they’re more down to earth, in his experience. He knows no rp philosophy besides his own natural game (50+ lays,of varying quality). I’m up with all the rp theory, and advise him against single mothers, but I can see where he’s coming from given the epidemic of narcissism in single millenial women of today. Child-rearing beats that out of them pretty quickly, making them better people, up to a point.

    5. Personality disorders should definitely make the list. I encourage everyone to learn more about them, especially the Cluster B women that social media tends to breed and enable.

    6. It is absolutely true that they lie about being on the pill. I dated a girl who was just trying to get pregnant and lied just about everything.

    7. I was given an advice once to date girls whose mother and father are still married and together. They really are a lot better material than girls from broken homes, but such girls are difficult to find nowadays.

  8. Variation on #2.
    She tells you she’s pregnant. You tell her you had a vasectomy.

    1. That shit happened to a friend of mine. He told her he was sterile. Then she confessed to lying about it. What a bitch.

        1. Hook into the tom leykis show on Youtube. Her coochie when she digs it out of the garbage can.

    2. Or when you sleep with a girl a few times and she tells you she is worried about getting pregnant and you tell her “No worries, I have had a vasectomy” and she looks disappointed. hehe

    1. Rent the movie Fatal Attraction and google image search “male herpes” and this will scare any man from even saying ‘hello’ to any female today.

    2. Any man who runs game long enough is going to run into their first Fatal (or near Fatal) Attraction. I don’t know if you can avoid it. It’s part of the learning process. The stats of at least 25% of women having some sort of mental illness is not an exaggeration — not at all!
      I had one crazy Fatal Attraction bang a while back, who after nearly a year of blowing off still is searching for me online and offline. I’m sure she views me as the most stable, accomplished man in her sordid life.
      Being a former professional “whore,” (stripper/dancer now turned new-age spiritualist and and message “therapist” who also reads the tarot ), she’s thinks she’s now a princess deserving of a normal life with a “good man” who will provide for her and pay her bills and adopt her horrible cat.
      She’s pretty hot (in dim light) with perfect, albeit fake tits. But in the light of mental clarity, I knew after 30 minutes with her that something was a bit off. I learned much from that experience. I’m much more selective so as to myself both from STD’s and the mentally ill psycho bitches. I dodged a bullet. I don’t want to do it again.

    3. Not just that, but calling the cops and trying to charge you with DV. And 9 out of 10 times the cops will arrest you even with the 8 stab wounds and the blade still in your back due to the bruise on her wrist from when her hand slipped off the knife!

  9. What about the most important point? She’s mentally ill.

    Codependency and engulfment concerns resulting from this boyhood dynamic are then transferred onto all later attachments. There’s an automatic reflex that comes into play with a mother-enmeshed man. Sensations of closeness are entwined with loss of Self. Thus, his inner narrative becomes; “if I get too close to you, I’ll have to relinquish too much of me.” Commitment has gotten confused with engulfment, which means having to give up important needs and freedoms. Hence, profound control issues have evolved, and he’ll only choose females with whom he thinks he can maintain the upper hand. A needy, BPD female perfectly fits this paradigm–at least at the onset. Any male who persistently gets involved with borderline personality women, has severe attachment fears of his own.

    From: http://gettinbetter.com/BPDclient.html

    1. Jesus, you’re so serious sometimes, You’ve no concrete understanding of females, it’s all so abstract to you,anyway here’s some classic Gordon Lightfoot for poor old tom.

  10. As someone pointed out below, Herpes is very common and most people are unaware that they even have it. The gal was being honest with you, and was probably hoping you would tell her that you have it too. Politely telling her that you aren’t willing to take that risk, and thanking her for being honest with you would have been the appropriate response. And simply because she is a “hipster”, does not mean she is any more or less likely to live with an STD/STI.
    Herpes often times, carries zero symptoms or symptoms no longer occur for those who have carried it for many years. Educating yourself about the topic before writing a piece about it would have done wonders bro.
    Be careful going forward, as you have now invoked the wrath of karma. The next gal who is carrying something may not be so honest with you.

    1. The way I read the article, she was pressuring him to have sex before she told him she had herpes. The gut instinct of the OP told him something was wrong with her behavior and he ended the interaction before having sex with her. In other words, she would have infected him if she could. Did I read that wrong?

      1. It’s one interpretation. I guess we’ll never know. If he had made his move on her instead of calling an Uber, would she have told him before he slipped it in? He even stated “She didn’t want sex, she wanted something else.”

        1. He made a sound decision by any reasoning and you need to deal with the fact that herpes will never be attractive or acceptable

        2. Just always wrap it up bro. Because most of the time, you will never be able to tell if someone has the virus or not because there are no symptoms. And 99.9% of the time they won’t be upfront about it.

      2. Not necessarily. Pressuring him to have sex, sounds a bit forceful, I’d say it was more like being very affectionate and giving out indicators she was up for it. She was upfront with her STD the next time they chatted, and because of that I’d say she would have been the same on the night. She easily could have fancied the OP (girls being DTF on the same night is not unusual for some of the men here) and it was more likely this that was inspiring her than wanting to infect a guy (though the author says he sensed this was not the case). Telling someone you are into that you have an STD is not an easy thing to do, and chances she was was leaving it till the late stage, hoping the author would be full on horny and into her and be happy with a rubber for protection. In my and my friends experiences the woman having herpes ‘tends’ to make them a bit more reticent when it comes to sex if they are really into the man. The dumping this girl got will have happened to many of them (same for infected men too) after they break out the news they got an std, a number of times before.
        Its a good article and guys need to keep their wits about them, though I’m sure most will instinctively go for the bang, and walk when any of these issues crop up. The white knights or the desperate for a gf guys, or guys that are having sex with a girl hotter than they usually get, likely will stick around.
        Hanging out with good looking, good career men late 20s-mid 30s, is when you will see desperate women of the same age bracket (case #2 but also they are at the settling down stage combined with fading SMV)

    2. There are multiple strains of herpes. Cold sores are different than a festering pus filled vagina/cock. I don’t care what is “common” I care about what I want and my needs. I do not care to dance with any chance of disease, bro.

      1. That’s fair. But it’s important that your readers understand that a pus filled vagina or cock is typically a worse case scenario and not the norm for the millions of people who have genital Herpes. That was fear based b.s. they fed us in high school sex ed classes, and an antiquated stigma.

    3. Yeah right. hiosters are loose with it and are a bad scene not only in terms of std’s but also superficial, “equal” bullshit relationships. Not just the women. The guys make poor friends as well. Also, you’re too deep into the stigma reducing campaign bro. That shit is foul.

      1. People got complaints about the hipsters, but they marched and eventually bent public will to get the Vietnam war stopped. Jack Keroac spouting hipster millennial sjws’ self-satisfaction is through the roof because they squeal like stuck pigs on twitter, about diversifying society with burka-clad Muslims, and redundant causes that absolve blacks and females of all accountability, while wars rage unabated. What a thoroughly pathetic generation they are, by any metric.

  11. I’m fighting for two types of disability from living hard and fast till now so I don’t need some leech on my sack.
    I’m immune to women’s bullshit thanks to the things I learn from this site and others.

    1. You and I both. I never believe when I woman says “omg… this is like, my first time.”

  12. Nevertheless, you’ve got to take a gamble if you’re into this type of thing, otherwise, you’ll end up dull, boring and “safe”.

    1. Yeah, well I’d rather be dull, boring, and safe instead of having some nasty incurable disease. I don’t give a fuck if people consider me dull, boring and safe.

  13. Although an outright disgusting experience that it is, I agree with the author that every sexually active guy should image search “male herpes” as it will make him very aware of the double edge sword that the art of gaming / seduction can be. And condoms are not enough protection – do not let some dumbass governmental health official tell you otherwise.
    The whole STD issue has made me more prudish than ever. And with today’s scags now ‘experimenting’ with third world shit-hole dindu’s, group sex, farm animals, and some being Dubai shit-sluts, I’m certain there will be more nasty, incurable STD’s on the horizon.

    1. I worry about that too. What will be the next AIDS to pop up and start offing people? Scary. The mainstreaming of anal sex, dirty sanchez etc still boggles my mind. I had a buddy the other day casually tell me a story of having his wee-wee covered in poo which he made the girl lick clean. He said it like it was as innocuous or innocent as something like; “Then she walked in the room topless. It was great” It was so offhand and casual but he was talking about utter depravity.

      1. lol… I know that feeling. When I was still in the navy there was this bright eyed girl who came onboard our ship as a new IT girl. Of course, she was all the talk on the mess decks. Fast forward 1 year, the bright eyes turned into a scowl, the cute body gained some weight, and the innocence in her eyes was all but lost.
        I asked a buddy of mine what happened. Since information gets passed pretty quickly onboard, it was discovered she engaged in the most animalistic, barbarian like sex with nearly every guy onboard the ship. Shit-eating, piss-drinking, you name it.
        You just stand there like fuck… women have no sense of self control.

      2. ” still boggles my mind. I had a buddy the other day casually tell me a story of having his wee-wee covered in poo which he made the girl lick clean. ”
        Aye… so this is what passes for guy chat over beers these days? Were you able to change the conversation topic?

        1. Ha ha. I didn’t have to work to change the subject. He said it so casually and offhand that the conversation just moved on. There was no gravity or drama at all in that guy’s mind. Just a minor laugh from him and he had other things to talk about, unrelated. He’s not someone I consider a sick freak or anything like that, even though he must sound like he is based on my report. He’s more or less normal. That’s what makes it so disturbing.

        2. What he does in bed will never have any effect on my life. Because I’m not a faggot. Only a closeted and/or latent homosexual (you) would think to end a friendship due to their buddy’s fetish with women. Because the latent homosexual (you) would be sizing up their style and deciding it’s not in their interests. You gave yourself away on that one, man. There’s nothing you can say now. Just delete your account and regroup. You are a confirmed faggot.

        3. On one hand I want to dump that friend for creating a shit eater…
          But she was always a shit eater. He is just doing us the favor of informing us.

      3. In fairness to the girl who inspired the article, at least she owned up to having herpes before they had sex. There are women out there who have an incurable and highly contagious STD who won’t tell you about it until after they’ve exposed you to it … if they tell you at all. Wrap it up, guys.
        Despite the existence of incurable STDs like herpes and HIV, not to mention bacterial infections like syphilis and gonorrhea which will become incurable when we enter the looming post-antibiotic era, there are idiots out there who will pay a hooker EXTRA to go bareback. The mind boggles …

        1. That’s true. Male Thirst is insane. For this woman, yes and no. I fear that I could have had sex with her that night and she wouldn’t have told me. She also could have though, but things still would have ended. Great point to Add Steve.

        2. …and bug chasers on ROK who want “raw dog” from club skanks then brag about getting it

      4. WTF, anal/ATM should never involve shit as it is supposed to be the female’s way of demonstrating her unshakeable confidence in her irreproachable hygiene. That is what is supposed to make it sexy.
        Your “buddy” (again WTF?) and that disgusting sow should be quarantined my men in hazmat suits then burned like bug chasing faggots

    2. Don’t forget all the conformist, PC, SJW, fruit fly, fag hags who now are not only stupid enough to think they can convert their “gay” guy friend but take it in the anoose from guys who they know are bi because the ignorant female thinks it is the same as her being bi and doesn’t know it is much more risky.
      Nobody, not even doctors, knew what they later called AIDS existed or what it was in the late 70’s early 80’s when the fruits started dropping like flies.

      1. Bisex men, and the disgusting petri dish trollops that grant them reprieve from being fully-fledged homosex, are bringing seriously filthy germs into the hetero pool. Not that there really should be a pool anyway – the one man for one woman system is the only scientifically sound model, as far as hygiene (and social stability) is concerned.

  14. Number 5 is what happens when dumb parents meet a woman’s arrogance. If a son is being taught how he’s “supposed” to treat women from parents who fill his head with typical nonsense, they’re setting him up to be destroyed. Teaching a kid traditions of chivalry that haven’t been relevant since the ’60’s, is like giving him a water gun to go hunt bears. Meaning, if guys aren’t told the TRUTH about the nature of women as boys, they’ll grow up resentful because soon enough, that epiphany hits them — that what they were taught was literally worthless when it comes to getting women.
    The flip-side to this “inadvertent” sabotage is that random bitches will use guys who’ve been indoctrinated with chivalry, in order to gain something (money, time, protection, etc). THEY’VE been taught the same traditional bullshit, and will play a part in that fairy tale, to get what they want. It’s hard to win the game, when the other team has your playbook.
    I was programmed in such a way that after getting pussy for the first time, as the nice guy I was “supposed” to be, I felt like I lost a bit of my soul in the process. I did all the goofy shit like buying her gifts, doing the arbitrary dinner and movie nights and I got nowhere. Fact of the matter is, I only got pussy after I severed all communication with her for about 2 weeks. Later on I would find out that she had an ex that was currently in prison, which she neglected to mention of course. After finding that little tidbit out, I never spoke to the bitch again.
    I’m glad this site exists because I’ve always subdued the red pill behavior in me, that would manifest itself as a, “why the fuck am I doing this?” gut feeling whenever I did some emasculating shit to try and get women. These scandalous bitches need to be put in their place, and I’m glad I can succeed where their worthless parents failed.

    1. “Meaning, if guys aren’t told the TRUTH about the nature of women as boys, they’ll grow up resentful because soon enough, that epiphany hits them — that what they were taught was literally worthless when it comes to getting women.”
      I cannot stress enough how this is pivotal to men these days, namely young men. It will save a lot of them from anger and resentment.

    2. It’s too bad that parents can’t teach sons to be masculine. Thankfully there is sites like this, men like us. Future generation of boys will have some hope because of us.

  15. No offense to anyone, but fuck online dating. Do you really wanna have to tell your future children you met your bitch on PlentyofFish or Tinder? Or Match.com?

    1. I don’t care personally. A prostitute I knew would have made a better wife than most career women I dated. Really. Women can afford such drama but men can’t.

    2. Just because you meet a woman through work or at a friend’s party, you can’t assume she hasn’t done the rounds on Tinder or POF a few years back. You can ask her, and she might be upfront or she might say she did it for a little while but it sucked as all she met was losers (but for sure she wont tell you how many of them she slept with). Just saying because you dont meet her on there don’t discount she’s been on them for a while. As for your future kids, you can tell them you met each other wherever. Online dating is already mainstream now let alone in 25-30yrs time there wont be any stigma, but I think you’re better off using it for fun not looking for future wife.

      1. Ahh, I get you. Yeah, I agree with you on that point. As far as a wife goes though, I think I wanna find a girl from Sicily or southern Italy. Gotta love those Italian women!

      2. I’ve started to see all the sluts (covered or uncovered) from work on Tinder. The number is increasing often. I’ve crafted my profile carefully so women would notice the high value and social proof.
        Whenever I spot their profiles I go and send them an “EXTRA LIKE”, some of them never match back, others do, quickly. By this point I never text them
        Then I proceed to blatantly ignore them around in the office, the kitchen, cafeteria,… it so confuses them lol.

        1. “…sluts (covered or uncovered) from work on Tinder” Oh really. I’d get a kick out of seeing women I know like that. I find the very-quite attractive women I know (30+) tend to not use online dating (well so they say). They don’t have to as they have a good social network and plenty of options IRL. I get the impression lots of young millennial women (even if attractive) will do it because its easy enough, its another ‘rod in the water’ to meet a hot guy with low investment, they have more adventurous spirit and to get some online dating stories . Quite a few women on Tinder will say they are just looking for friends or a relationship when that’s just a cover story. Your like then ignore approach…that’s cruel lol Its not like guys dont get that, but given that you know each other, for sure it fucks with their mind. I’m surprised 1 or 2 have not cornered you and ask what happened. None that you wanted to bang, or you just dont want the potential work drama?

        2. These are mostly women under 30, than I’m talking about. Only one that her profile showed 35 and confirmed my suspicion of being a burn-out carousel rider just exploring a niche that might put an end to her adventures. Well, you guessed right too, the approach is totally to expose them, that “I know what you’re after” and it’s indeed with the sole purpose to screw with their minds, while avoiding workplace drama and gossip.

      3. The amount of cross-dressing men who appear on dating sites is staggering now. They’re probably hoping to make some money from a switch-hitter that will take them on holidays. The online platform allows them to create their illusion and blend into the 2D smp without disclosing their ownership of a penis. Considering many look better than the average female online, it would take the stigma to another level (if people copped what was going on).

  16. Whew! Glad you listened to you gut instincts man! Many years ago, in high school I had a lesser experience but only with (curable) head lice instead. It made me really start thinking about the situation you’re talking about.

  17. Why get married if women are the way they are? I’m far past the anger stage and have accepted reality.
    My next step is to start cold approach. But when i think of a family and kids all i can think to myself is the shit that comes with it…
    Should I just get a vasectomy and call it a day? This shit that I’m seeing around me is borderline depressing…And I’m just starting to bloom at 23, I have more work to do on myself but I’m getting there.

    1. Middle-aged twice-married former BP chump here. You are absolutely right, the SMP is an utter shitshow right now. But guys barely 10 years older than you will tell you it wasn’t this bad even then. (I’ve had 35 years of observing it and it was pretty bad even in the 80’s) Think of it like a stock chart; right now XX is in a bubble and XY is in a depression. And both have been externally and culturally manipulated into those states. When women can seriously believe they “run the world” now and that men are “obsolete” (unless they have washboard abs, natch), we are very near Peak Delusion.
      Just like the real economy is going to shift in a majour (and for most, unexpected) way in the next 10-15 years, the sexual economy is going to snap back to a mean sooner or later. Females your age are already passing their peak of marriageability; your future wife isn’t of age yet. Build your brand, power, wealth. Make yourself antifragile. Don’t even consider marriage until you are at least 30 years of age. There is a new crop of 22 yo.’s coming on the market every year; yours is still just a seedling.
      It’s a common human tendency to take the way things are today and extrapolate them out 20-30-100 years. Don’t bother, it rarely works. Don’t cut yourself out of the gene pool just yet.
      Hell, worst case scenario is Sharia law coming to North America. So your woman will either be living under it or seeking shelter and protection from it. Either way, you’ll be dictating the terms of the relationship.

      1. Thanks for the advice. And I totally agree with you, on the not even thinking about the marriage till 30 that was my aim from the age of 19 lol. Again I’m far past the anger phase of the red pill, but its crazy the amount of (blue pill guys) options these females have.
        The main thing i have to work on is saving. I bought a car that Im regretting now. (2007 Acura TSX) Dumb purchase, too little on the down payment, and not enough money going not my savings…Lesson learned, I wish I would’ve read rich dad poor dad sooner…SIGH.
        My cousin from the islands, whom i met today, has at least 13-15 different guys in her inbox (for boredom of course)…One guy asked if she loved him…CREEPY!!! I honestly can’t blame women for curving me in my blue pill days, i was a weirdo. And I rejected some hot ones because I was insecure…Damn I hope i didn’t sound like that when I was younger…

        1. Hey. Enjoy the car. Keep it clean, run it well, pay it off, and KEEP IT. Put 200k miles on it, at least. If you do that, you will recover and be money ahead. Have things you enjoy, you could die tomorrow. Save a bunch, but have some things that bring you joy.

    2. Marriage is reserved for unicorns. There are marriageable women on this planet but they are getting more and more scarce, especially in the West. Asian and Hispanic women are your best bet. I’m 28 and have no intentions of marrying anytime soon and I plan to go to Central America when the time comes. All of my married friends are miserable and all sex stops a few months after the wedding. Once kids are born the husband is obsolete, just a walking, talking wallet. Women want weddings, babies, money and sex with alphas, not love, happiness, romance and fulfillment.
      At 23 you’re learning this stuff at the right time. Learn game and have casual encounters with women until you find a unicorn. Just don’t commit too much time and energy to the wrong woman, it’s the worst mistake a man can make.

      1. This is correct. One big thing is that you can live like a KING on a medium salary many places in the USA, whereas a family man would barely make it and need dual income. I can buy whatever I want, whenever I want, and I still make more money than I need. Yeah, I get lonely, but the upside to it, and this causes “concern” at work is that I don’t need raises or promotions, and they are pissed that I don’t care more. I tell them “pay me with respect,” and then they go promote the incompetent feminist. /shrug

      2. Thanks for the advice man much appreciated. Brock Samson is the pinnacle off manliness lol.
        Is it lonely living alone? I LOVE spending time by myself. But my aunt keeps trying to convince me that living alone for the rest of my life is going to leave me suicidal. I know she married a hispanic dude and now that he doesn’t make enough money they’re living in dire financial straits, plus a baby smh.
        They were good before they had a kid now its, “Im soo stressed out” “Marc doesn’t make enough”. She doesn’t work of course and my grandmother is paying for HER college…She raised me in place of my mother but she’s still a woman and by taking the red pill I know (sadly) even the most amazing of women can turn into idiots. She still cooks and cleans though, so its not all the bad.

        1. Is it lonely living alone? Hell-to the-fuck NO! It’s awesome. The “lonely, bitter old man who dies alone” is a fucking myth. It is a shaming tactic. It makes men turn to committing themselves out of fear.
          Don’t fall for that bullshit. Those old men they try to say is your future are lonely because they choose to be bitter assholes that no one wants to be around. A lot of them made choices that lead to a shitty life that they become bitter about. What is certain though is that none of those men’s lives would have would up any better if only they found “the right woman”.

        2. Yea I agree, just wanted your thoughts on the subject. My aunt is a firm advocate of the “marrying so you don’t die alone group”, she brings up marriage whenever I talk about living the life of a bachelor.
          I might stay a virgin till I’m 25-27 so that I really have 0 regrets about starting a family when i really do enter the dating game…Thoughts?

        3. With relatives, ya might have to use some tact, but usually, I just laugh arrogantly when people (it’s almost always women ) say I’m gonna be a bitter lonely old man. I usually call them out for what it is. Solipsistic psychological projection. I will say something like, “You imagine that YOU would be miserable alone, so therefore you assume I would be without taking into consideration that I derive my happiness from within and not from other people. YOU are uncomfortable alone without giving thought to that fact that I am not”. If you can say this in a joking manner, they will usually take it. However, be prepared for the fact that they will think you’re full of it no matter what you say.
          But I would highly advise you not wait so long to have sex. Sex is beautiful fun and you should have as much of it as possible while you are you. Ya just gotta do it smart.

        4. “…The “lonely, bitter old man who dies alone” is a fucking myth. It is a shaming tactic.”
          It’s projection, the very same as how women project all their worst character flaws onto all the men that they don’t like or who refuse to be their tools.
          Along with getting old, losing her looks, and being ignored/unwanted by the men that she wants, being lonely and living alone is just one of a woman’s worst fears.

        5. Hahahahaha! Funny how you touch on the point of projection. Everytime I woman tells me I am going to be a “lonely old man”, I bring this up.
          “No. Ma’am. You assume as much because you imagine that YOU would be bitter and lonely if YOU were alone, and therefore are projecting your solipsism on to me. I don’t derive my sense of self and purpose based on other people. My happiness comes from within and I am blessed with people that appreciate that and who I am. So I will never be lonely even though I am alone. And since I have been alone my whole life without bitterness resulting, I feel pretty sure I’ll be OK in the future. YOU on the other hand will statistically die after your husband leaving you, guess what sweetheart, ALONE with no mechanism for coping.”
          Some times, I literally get hard seeing the look of hatred on their faces as I laugh my most Don Draper-iest arrogant laugh.

  18. A bottle of water and reviewing your code(what ever that is) is your morning routine?
    Well whatever works for you.

  19. I feel a bit bad about writing this, but it’s as if Roosh and other “heartistes” kinda ruined it for men interacting with foreign women. Even if American/Western men travel to non-Western countries, their intentions are soon uncovered and girls lose their interest very fast. Avoiding desperate , broken, disease-ridden American women is of course a must. However, choosing high -value Eastern European, Latino or Asian girls who’d make great wives, only for fucking and the dumping them….not cool imo.

    1. Exactly. I think this illustrates how men themselves spoiled American women: they wanted sluts and they got them, for a while at least, until they evolved into the train wrecks we see today. Game gets a guy laid but leaves behind a culture of women expecting ass clowns to entertain them.

  20. You forgot insecurity issues, some women jump from man to man cause they can’t stand being alone for a second.

  21. Desperation is indeed a red flag and i have to say it always seems weird to have a women pursuing you without a fight. Every single time it happens to me, i just ignore it and run from it.

  22. When it’s too good to be true, it usually is, and especially when it comes to women.

  23. Regarding #5: Gentlemen, unless you absolutely have to be on there for whatever reason and you have little or no choice, I highly recommend that you GET THE FUCK OFF OF FAGBOOK.

  24. Please do not flush condoms down the toilet. They don’t bio-degrade and are reaking havoc on your local waste-water treatment facility.

    1. The boundlessly greedy modern folk care not a whit about the environment in any way. Everyone wants it all and wants it now. Though your urging is sound, it will be disregarded before the next tinder notification sounds.

  25. I just turned 31 and i stay my butt home. I play civ5 and Akyrim modded. Not ashamed. I did my time in the army so I still look better than almost every dude I encounter. Will hit the gym again, but I’m marking some financial moves now. Anyway…
    the few times I go out I get random chicks staring. Random girls getting nervous after I mishear their invitation to chill (female friend informing me cause I don’t pay attention) and random women complimenting me.
    Meanwhile, all I can think of is how these hoes all chose Chad over me when I was a naive blue pill 16-25 year old.
    I’ve got no sympathy for these dumpsters. They aren’t even worth the risk. I save my money for trips overseas where I bang 18 year pods who don’t even speak English.
    And I’ll retire that way.

      1. Did you even read my post? I go overseas to bang. Not marry. Not make a wife.
        Just dump my load and be out of there without a care in the world. Meanwhile she will be looking for a Mr Bill Oriely who supposedly raped her.

  26. Story #1 is the reason why you need to exercise caution and find out her health history. I have never see a woman who has admitted that she has an/ any STD. The all vehemently deny everything, even when I found out who she was with last, they are all sociopaths, they will lie and try to fuck you over, they have no soul.

  27. Read up on BPD also. Many of these hide it well until something triggers it. Alcohol can be a truth serum as well and sometimes allow those red flags to come out easier. I’ll share a recent encounter.
    We had a couple drinks then she started mixing her own, she’s horrible at mixing her own and was making them way too strong. We get hungry and decide to go after some food. The ride to get food was non-stop chatter from her internal hamster literally changing topics every 10 seconds, then she starts talking about all of her options (read: other men). I just remained silent and listened, at this point I already know what I am dealing with but I’m a curious bloke and hungry, and were just going to get some food.
    We get back with the food, she takes one bite and says I’m not hungry. LOL seen that one coming a mile away. I just looked at her and kept eating. She pouted a little then proceeded to eat again. After we were finished with the meal, I picked up a little and in the process put her empty drink glass in the sink with mine. That’s when all hell broke loose.
    She sees her empty glass in the sink, accuses me of dumping her drink and calls me a loser. LOL I just sad babe you drank it and I cleaned the table off, if you want another you know where the bottle is. She screamed at me that I can’t control her and swiped at my neck cutting some fairly deep cat scratches. I grab her by the her upper arms, holding them down at her sides so she cant take a swing, picked her up and sat her on the couch and told her to cool off. She punches me in the face several times while I just stare her in the eye and ask if she feels better now LOL, she jumps up and gets a few more in in my chest and stomach, then finished it off with kicking me in the shin which ended up breaking her toe.
    At that point she says “I’ll just prosecute you, you shouldn’t hit girls” LOL I took my shirt off exposing the blood dripping from my neck (it looked like a bear had swiped me) and the bruises on my front and I said you’re right you shouldn’t be hitting, where are your marks other than your self inflicted broken toe, by all means call the cops if you desire. She broke down into sobbing at this point, and spent the next couple hours sobbing, apologizing and puking.
    So yeah definitely screen for BPD, bi-polarism and other mental disorders, and of course monitor/control their alcohol intake like you would a child if they are on your property. Unfortunately some are better hiding their shit than others so be diligent about exposing any before going into anything longer term.

    1. “I’m not hungry..” I started to chuckle from this point… so predictable what was coming next.

  28. Please, for the love of fuck, stop flushing your goddamn condoms.
    The Building Management, and everyone at the Water Treatment Plant.
    If you’re paranoid about a trap rinse out the condom in the sink when you wipe off your dick. If you’re setting up for some great text messages later, you can even refill the condom with a splash of drain cleaner or other caustic chemicals you find digging in the bathroom cabinets. I guarantee this will do more to eliminate sperm than your millennial Manoverse old-wives tales and near religious worship of the bottle of Sriracha you carry with you at all times, you hipster fucks.

  29. My ex was psycho. Way more than BPD– the court appointed psychologist defined her as a ‘psychopathic deviate’, which is fancy language for a sociopath. I’ve run across crazy women my whole life, and there is often a pattern that those with BPD, or worse, usually don’t have many female friends, and those she might have are only of a short duration.
    I can’t generalize this, but it is something I’m always on the lookout for.

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