Facebook’s Newest Change Shows That Older Women Are Getting Desperate

Recently, Facebook rolled out a new change. As many people know, a person’s relationship status was—unless proactively hidden—a matter of public record on Facebook. Many people took delight in sharing their relationship status with the world. This became, for all intents and purposes, the hallmark feature of Facebook—a chance for people, particularly females, to brag about their new beau online.

Now, if your want to know somebody’s relationship status, you might have to press an “ask” button.  A host of people, mostly women, are now choosing to keep this information private. I did a cursory check the other day, and noticed around ten women I know—all single/single mothers—that have made the crossover.

I sense a whole new market for game theory here—how to successfully pick up women by using their “ask” button!


So why the sudden change then? Could something be amiss in relationship land?

In a recent CNN article, Facebook was noticeably evasive on the topic. MoMoZhou, a Facebook representative, stated that, “This feature provides as easy way for friends to ask for information that’s not already on your profile.” Hmm… ok. Another Facebook spokesperson stated that, “buttons have been available on mobile and Web for a few months for other profile information.” Ok, thank you for that.

So again, back to my earlier question. Why the sudden change? Let me go ahead and toss my hat into the ring on this one.

1. Single older women are having a meltdown

Her relationship status was fun five years ago, when she was “single and ready to mingle.” Now, her continual inability to grab a guy is becoming bothersome. People, particularly other women, are starting to talk. If she is so attractive, why can’t she catch a man? What’s wrong with her?


This fact becomes unbearable around Valentine’s Day. Single women are forced to watch the countless photos of flowers and chocolates that their married friends are receiving. It’s amusing to see married women take delight in torturing their single “friends.” They will inflict pain upon a single woman that no reader of ROK would ever dream of doing!

And of course, there is a blatant irony at work here—the fact that a single “modern” woman is hiding her relationship status. Wait a minute… I thought you were proud to be a “strong and independent ” woman? I heard for years how you don’t need a man. Shouldn’t you be proud of your single status? Shouldn’t you declare it loudly, instead of choosing to hide this fact? Well, as we all know, feminist hypocrisy knows no limit. It makes a profession out of saying one thing, but doing another.

Thankfully, Facebook has saved the day for these women. They will be allowed to continue their narcissistic romp across the information landscape. We will, for the time being, not be able to see that they’re perpetually single. They no longer will be perceived as a girl that cannot catch a man—now they are a mysterious possibility again. They have a “get out of jail” card for the moment.

2. “Modern” women, particularly older ones, are finding it harder to attract a man. And that’s a good thing.

Some people in the Manosphere claim that women, regardless of what they do, will never have to pay the piper; there will always be some thirsty beta to come and save the day. This may be the case in some places. However, this new move by Facebook seems to be suggesting otherwise.

Facebook felt the need to help women hide this information. It needed to protect their fragile emotional worlds from being damaged publicly. But what is the underlying cause of all this?

To better understand the issue, I think we need a statistical analysis. We can use the recent Pew report as a reference here. According to the nationwide report, the marriage rate in the US is at an all time low—down from 72% in 1960, to 51% today. Also, the divorce rate continues to be higher than it was in previous eras. Lastly, 40% of Americans now find marriage to be obsolete. Needless to say, the opinions of men are rarely polled in these studies. That being said, we can make this hypothesis based on the information; statistically, the institution of marriage is sinking like a Led Zeppelin.

What does this mean for the average single mother? Or, more particularly, a dysfunctional woman who destroyed her first marriage, thinking another sucker was just around the corner?

It means that there are fewer suckers than she thought. Given her hypergamous nature, a woman in her late 20s or early 30s will instinctively seek out an older man. Therein lies the problem. Many older men have already been burned. Some are in the midst of an ongoing nightmare with the ex: they cannot see their son, they are paying alimony, she left him for a ski instructor, etc. These men simply do not have the resources to make another mistake. They cannot afford to pick up the tab for a single mother with three daughters.



This leads back to Facebook and the new changes to its relationship status page. There were a plethora of single women who, even after advertising they were single, were unable to land a guy. They miscalculated plan B. They thought a quality relief pitcher would arrive to take over for the previous starter. Men would continue to arrive in droves, much as they did in her early twenties. But sadly, these guys aren’t arriving. The fact has started to hit home—and it stings. Houston… we have a problem.

By changing her relationship status to “ask,” she is essentially waving the white flag. She is saying that she lost a battle that she thought she could win.

Let’s hope that things continue to go into the tank for these women. It’s only when people have hit rock bottom that they are able to gain some humility. And if they gain nothing more than that, it will be a pleasant addition to their personalities.


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389 thoughts on “Facebook’s Newest Change Shows That Older Women Are Getting Desperate”

  1. This issue of desperate older western women would had NEVER happened had Englishmen THEMSELVES not become sexually thirsty. Wankers.
    No wonder pre-Victorian literature is full of sexually thirsty authors like Chaucer, and add on top of that the traditional cuckoldry ballads of England.
    English women only have themselves to blame why their own men have been marrying out.
    Oh, as for Facebook, thank goodness I never used that espionage material on a regular basis just to get attention.

    1. Chaucer was thirsty? He seemed rather avaunt guard and edgy (for his time period) as opposed to a meek, submissive “right with the Lord” type who would never dare tell of women liking things like oral sex. Curious what your thoughts are on this, if you don’t mind my asking?

      1. Well, some of his materials had been deemed that. If I remembered it correctly, he did write The Wife of Bath’s Tale. Otherwise, I might have been mistaken it for another of his work or Chaucer for another author.

        1. I never much take the deeming of others as sacrosanct. In the context of his time he showed the very strong hypergamous nature of women, and hinted at their natural impulse for unrestrained sexuality (I’ve read his work in the original as well as several modern “translations”) (Nun’s tale comes to mind).
          The Wife Of Bath is seems to me to be an analogy reinforcing and promoting the nascent Chivalry code of the time. It also shows the desire in women to control men (which feminism has shown to be rather true), though granted without the red pill corollary that it is women who actually wish to be dominated. Not so sure it’s a thirsty guy tale so much as a reinforcing of a then emerging and Royalty approved of meme. Interesting thought though, I’ll consider it a bit more.
          This is just my interpretation mind you, and I’m sure nobody is interested in my delving deeper on this, was just curious how it came about as an opinion of yours. Thanks for the reply.

        2. Actually the Wife of Bath’s last husband, the scholar, was pretty damn Red Pill. He smacked her ear and left a scar when she, being “unhaaapppppy,” tossed one of his books into the fire. She’s very much an Alpha Widow (to him, not to her five previous hubbies.)

  2. I think we should spam the shit out of these hoes with “asks.” Then if they affirmatively reply with their “single” status, we can reply with derision and a resounding collective “Yuck!”

    1. and i’m sure they’ll be crushed and devastated that a bunch of jackasses are harassing them.

    1. I honestly look down on women with Facebooks, which is virtually any of them in the first world.
      Just corrected that for you.

      1. during my 1.5 years in central america, i didn’t meet many women who weren’t on facebook. none that i can think of, actually.
        met a few in ukraine, but that’s because they’re on vkontakte instead.

    2. I honestly look down on men who post in these forums, which isn’t very many really.

  3. And the only older men willing to try it agaun sure as hell ain’t going to try it again with an older, wall-approaching, already divorced woman. ‘Yeah, I’ll go through all the risks of marriage which i’m already suffering with a woman who has already made another man suffer them. While I’m at it I’ll also take a bite of that apple that just got Eve kicked out of Eden.’
    So these womens pool is older men who are ahppily married, older men who are divorced and uninterested in remarrying, older men looking to remarry a 20-something, young men without cash or status, young men desperate to have sex and other bitter divorcee women. It seems the feminist lifeplan of ‘have lots of sex, marry at 28, push out a brat, divorce, remarry/become a lesbian’ is failing the bitches.

    1. “And the only older men willing to try it agaun sure as hell ain’t going
      to try it again with an older, wall-approaching, already divorced woman.”

      Unfortunately that’s not quite the case. Anecdotal I know, but my neighbor, who is around 49 to 50 (not quite sure) divorced from his wife about 2 years ago. He recovered, picked up a great paying job, basically has half custody of his kids (seems to be they’re there 50% on any given week) all that, so I figured, whew, he’s out in the clear. His “wife”, whom I’d thought at least a decent person, decided she needed to “find herself” and basically dropped the whole family off at the bus stop and sped off into the sunset. As I hear it, she’s now disillusioned with “men” in the “market”. Good.
      Anywho, guy has his shit together tight and managed to keep his house as his primary residence, and still gets to see the kids. Fan-fuckin-tastic. He goes and meets some broad who is basically his age. Fucker is engaged to her now. Unbelievable. It’s like he’s begging for the ass rape he didn’t get before. In any event, he didn’t go for the younger model, though he has the potential to do so (in theory). I just don’t get it. Sucker born every minute I guess. My wife leaves me or dies and I’m trading up for a couple of 22 year olds, I’ll tell you that much for free.

      1. Man i see it all the time too! Woman 4 kids cherry picks which bible verse to believe-anti abortion with the state sponsored children but pro divorce with husband and as for honour they husband… Cherry picks how she wants the state to treat her and others. Libertarian when she wants free speech- marxist when you speak.The hamster is off the charts. All relatively ok for me till the kicker is that she still gets male attention. Albeit in the form of one nighters but that’s still a free meal ticket for a couple weeks. The c section is the branding for a women well passed her free meal ticket.

        1. god almighty, do you guys realize how BERSERK and stupidly pathetic you sound? really. you do. honest.

        2. have you ever wondered why most men are sounding this way – it might be a case of self education if you took the time to find out.

      2. problem is younger chicks want kids…… picture yourself at 50 minus the baby momma with a couple of kids in tow… you need a replacement momma…. not a 20-30 something that wants to breed like a rabbit and put you though all that early child years all over again….. my dad divorced at 50, when I was 20…. and he ran into the same problem… the young ones all want kids… whereas at 50, with kids growing up, the last thing you wanna do is go back there…..

        1. But, he could have gotten a 30 something with kids or one of those 30 somethings that simply didn’t want kids (they exist, they buy dogs, God help us all), but opted for the, yes, overweight rather plain (even if she lost weight) 50-something woman who from what I can tell has the personality of a persimmon.
          That aside, why would he want to marry the 20 something? That was kind of my point in my last sentence, if I have 2 x 22 year old hotties do you think we’re settling down (outside of Nevada I mean)? Nah, spin the plates, drop’em when they get the “give me baby batter and let’s have kids!” thing and pick up some more.

        2. Hire a fucken nanny then….but not from Denmark. Maybe from one of those third world countries where the females are subservient and will get with you as soon as she lays her eyes on your magnificent appendage.

        3. True… older men with kids may want to hookup with younger women but to get serious would be better with older woman with grown kids too… when both ppl have kids it works out rather than one does and the other doesn’t

        4. Women who “don’t want kids”, are broken women. There’s simply something severely wrong with them. The occasional way remote outlier on a realistic Nobel track, possibly excepted.

        5. I agree that they’re broken. My suggestion is to use them and when they get boring or dangerous then kick’em to the curb. This is in the context of my neighbor or any man that goes through a divorce. Point being to not go back and embrace the same thing that left you high and dry and then put your life in legal thralldom to her.

        6. jesus, why would they want kids if they have a 50/50 chance it’s going to be male?

        7. with assholes like you around, “there’s something severely wrong with them”? men who call them “sperm dumps” and other charming names? why would MOST women want to have kids is MY question. you talk about “getting” to see your kids like you actually give a shit, but the impression you give is that you don’t give a shit about anything but your dick. yeah, use them, and then kick them to the curb.

      3. But therein lies the difference. He got a reasonable deal from the first broad. Probaly not a red piller, either, so his experience is divorce = not that bad. The same way a guy who was bruttaly finance raped by his first wife is very hesitant to join a new woman at all, a guy who got off easy is very warm to new women, especially those he thinks are like his ex. Men are hardened by experience, not by nature, and soft, sweet experiences can make a soft man.
        Unless he’s got seriously lucky, I pity the fellow.

        1. Fantastic response, I hadn’t considered it like that. During his divorce phase he seemed to be drinking a lot of rum so I figured it must be bad, but in examination yeah, he did seem to keep everything. No real life lesson learned, ergo, new marriage to way over the hill boring broad that he will likely lose his house to a few years from now.
          Good insight FranklySlavic, thank you.

    2. “Given her hypergamous nature, a woman in her late 20s or early 30s will instinctively seek out an older man. Therein lies the problem. Many older men have already been burned.”
      Yes, oh yes, they have. If they are smart, they will demand a pre-nup with sex agreement. Or -as Ghost suggests – just stay single and enjoy the open field.
      Their feminist plan is indeed failing. Off to lesbian bed-death for them.

      1. The feminist plan is not failing, as long as women can avail themselves of men’s resources via the state. The only two differences between feminists taking your stuff directly, and them doing so by having Uber Alpha Obama take your stuff and redistribute it to themselves, are 1) the creation and maintenance of a small priviliged hierarchy of feminists’ fellow travelers, and 2)the acquiescence to the latter by hordes of dimbulbed drones with the gall to call themselves men.

        1. That is an unbelievable statement (alpha Obama), staggering in it’s ridiculousness. However, I think the point he was getting at is that women SEE the prez (whoever he may be) as an alpha figure. Reality doesn’t matter to these broads, just the veneer. But as long as the government holds the monopoly on violence, that’s how things will seem to a woman. They aren’t capable of sensing the winds of change, so they don’t comprehend that it’s best to find a young man on his come-up and assist him in building his empire than to try to snare a man who’s already highly successful. That would be straightforwardly logical.

        2. but they’re capable of sensing the winds of bullshit that come out of your asses.

  4. I think this is another manifestation of women “keeping their options open”. Of course the single spinsters don’t have many options, but given the fluidity of relationships among younger generations, it serves their interests to not deter potential, superior suitors with an “in a relationship” stop sign.

    1. I purposely am not pursuing relationships at the moment for the exact same reason. Now that is REAL equality with accountability.

  5. This is like a self-generating meme…. “If you have to ask, she’s a spinster.”

  6. “Let’s hope that things continue to go into the tank for these women. It’s only when people have hit rock bottom that they are able to gain some humility.”….
    Unfortunately that is NOT how things will work…..In the end… the Government (where ever that may be) will think of ways to make us man pay for it…one way or another…
    That is the way of the world…women fuck up and we pay for it.

    1. There is a way to save yourself, but it is not easy.
      As a man, you have to decide for yourself what is more important — cohabitation/relationships with today’s man-hating toxic females, or your own happiness, sanity, and safety.
      Women have made the rules, completely in their favor and without any concern whatsoever for equality, honor, justice, or even common decency — so you have to choose whether to play their game and follow their rules, or simply decide that you have had enough and decide to not play their one-sided game any longer.
      It isn’t easy, but know that you are not alone.
      MGTOW — when the only winning move is not to play.

      1. Agree 100%.
        That is the path that I follow…MGTOW (light)….(No exclusive relationships…No LTR….No cohabitation……)
        Life is SO much better and simpler this way!

        1. Agree. All this shit gets talked on MGTOW, and I get it in the extreme cases. I’m an individualist, I don’t really like to join subsections of movements. But I’d say I have MGTOW leanings–no marriage/LTR is one of those. I still go for some PUA action when I’m in the mood–but it’s when I want to do it for my own enjoyment, rather than a life path I follow every day. For me, focusing on oneself and disdaining fem-centric society is the core of MGTOW…then again, I’m speculating. I’m no expert on these definitions.

    2. How have we been fucking up if we’ve had no say in the world? You have such a weak ego that you would let such powerless wretches control your thought process.

      1. “No say in the world?” “Powerless”?
        Women have consistently voted for the coercion of labor and the deterioration of property rights

        1. You’re right, but you’ve gotta stop replying to sloots. Just start a new comment thread and discuss the thing you want to say objectively. High five

      1. It sucks because I expect these problems will get worse. I only had a brief experience of what it is like to really talk to people. As I was leaving middle school… all these websites came out of nowhere and everybody is texting. Such a shitty way to communicate. It’s only made people more narcissistic, irresponsible, and unfocused.

        1. a business associate of mine left school at 12 and can’t write well….. so we always talk on the phone…. amazing guy, super smart and great business relationship because it never boiled down to some stupid angry email or text message……

    1. I had a Facebook account in 2012 for about 6 weeks. Then I said FUCK IT! and pulled the plug on it. Waste of my limited time.

  7. Facebook has unleashed women’s narcissism like nothing else. Between the insipid motivational/inspirational quotes they post like crazy, the “you go girl” crap they write in response to each other’s posts, and the general drama they import from their daily lives onto social media…it does not reflect well on today’s women.
    Then, in response to the last paragraph…are women actually capable of humility? Most women I come across anymore act like their shit doesn’t stink. Humility would seem to require the ability to admit that you have flaws, don’t know many women who do that.

    1. I’m a narcissist. And I blame you! However, I’m glad and I like being a narcissist, so thank you. 🙂

  8. I was speaking to a master in martial arts and a rather devout adherent of Buddhism. He spoke to me about not wasting women’s time. That they have a biological clock and if you are in a relationship you should not eat away at their time to have a family less they miss said opportunity. At this point feminism has reversed the natural order where women are wasting men’s time. Men have far more important societal obligations than to idly wait fro the moment to provide the last call family that these women desire.

  9. I was speaking to a master in martial arts and a rather devout adherent of Buddhism. He spoke to me about not wasting women’s time. That they have a biological clock and if you are in a relationship you should not eat away at their time to have a family less they miss said opportunity. At this point feminism has reversed the natural order where women are wasting men’s time. Men have far more important societal obligations than to idly wait for the right moment to provide the last call family that these women desire.

    1. No man should feel guilty for leading a woman on about a future together. It is an advantage men get to take, granted by the freedom from gender roles. Remember the feminist curriculum taught in ‘diversity’ classes at public universities and grade schools across the country? Yup, those are the ones. If a woman gets out of being a mother when she’s hot 18-28, then a man can get out of being a father when he’s handsome, 18-58 (maybe 68 if you have really good genes).
      I know this sounds nasty to think about, but dating over 60 is a man’s paradise because it is mostly women that live to older ages. If you stay in relatively good health, you will have plenty of company. As long as you can find the wet spot in one of those wrinkles.

      1. “As long as you can find the wet spot in one of those wrinkles.”
        Made me both chuckle and want to throw up.

  10. Quit Facebook. Quit paying cover charges at bars and clubs (subsidizing attention whoring of chicks). Make a game of picking up chicks for the fewest dollars per bang. Quit all activities that feed attention whoring. Commit to Reagan’s idea of starving the beast and all will be right in the world again.

    1. I agree with the move and i have quit all those except fb. If there was a way to delete the page while retaining the messenger capabilities i would be all for that. ATM its a free way of shooting someone a message who i have not seen. But the time wasted on that site for me is blight on my life.

      1. Sure there is. It’s called email. Your phone probably has an email app on it, give the FB folks you like your private email and tell them that future comms need to be routed to that mailbox as you’ll be deleting FB soon. Easy peasy.

      2. It’s much more effective to just….. disappear. I did it. It was magic. The ones who matter WILL seek you out. The rest do not. When they do and the ask “how come you’re not on facebook anymore?”
        “I’m wanted for crimes against humanity in 20 states.”
        Instant ‘gina tingles.

    2. yeah exactly…. no red blooded male gives a shit about facebook…. can that garbage from your horizon….. facebook stock is probably a good short…. i read that younger kids don’t like facebook, because they don’t want to be friends with their parents… so they are all moving off to other sites where mom and pop aren’t hanging out….
      once sheryl sandberg has finished dumping her stock to build a war chest for a governor or presidential run… she’ll be gone and zuckerbum will be left holding his dick and his ugly asian wife….. who marries an ugly asian btw ? there are so many cute ones if you are that way inclined….

      1. I heard it was because of her family’s money(SE Asian drug couriers, I think).

    3. I use facebook to make sure the chick is not batshit crazy. I will never stick my dick in crazy again. I refer to it as spybook.

      1. You don’t need to use tFB to determine if they are batshit crazy. They all are.

    4. Avoid going any public places where females attention whore. Clubs, Malls, the Beach..

  11. “Some are in the midst of an ongoing nightmare with the ex: they cannot see their son, they are paying alimony, she left him for a ski instructor, etc.”
    I really liked this article. The only thing that struck me in a weird way was “cannot see their son”. Just due to the nature of the site it came across to me like the author assumed a man wouldn’t care as much if he didn’t get to see his daughter… which I doubt is true in a meaningful sense here.

      1. yeah most likely.
        Just due to the nature of the site and the range of people that drop by I’m being picky.

        1. I inserted “daughter” when reading to fit my case. I didn’t take any negative meaning by it.

  12. Like that, after trashing their first marriage/looking for the next sucker around the corner, thing.
    Luckily I was determined never today be that sucker.

  13. I don’t want to aggrandize here but I honestly believe the manosphere has much to do with this. Red pill may still be a niche little corner of the internet but slowly it has started to spill over in to mainstream culture. Perhaps even in articles demonizing us as a bunch of basement dwelling, small penis, psychos – but then a guy links over to ROK or Rational Male or CH and suddenly – BAM.
    A fucking light goes on and he realizes that all those vague, nebulous, concepts that he has been feeling under the surface of his psyche are brought to the surface and exposed… the scales fall from his eyes and a new convert is made. Over time this consciousness expands throughout the male population. Of course, many of them have internalized red pill beliefs without any of the jargon just through life experience. Through the divorce rape courts,etc.. and now with less men willing to be suckers the parasitic empire of the female imperative is in serious jeopardy.
    So they step up the shaming and the name calling and the whining about “privilege” and “misogyny” but the game is almost up. And they know it. It’s like the high value of men of America are “Going Galt” and jumping ship because they have at last realized that there is no virtue or nobility in being a host for moochers and parasites… They have begun to see that they don’t owe anybody anything, that their lives are their own – and that modern western women are simply not worth the effort. They are a net loss. My friends, we have at last come to the point where things begin to truly change – the turning of the tide.

    1. Great post.
      I’ve been in this spot before… I saw glitches in the Matrix all my life but it wasn’t until recently that I saw how horrific it can be when you pull away the illusions.
      I agree that this is gradually going to hit the mainstream… or rather… the mainstream underground.
      You can’t talk about this stuff in public without risking losing your job or being seen as a freak/loser, so the men will keep it to themselves most of the time… until they have that moment of “Shit man you came to the same conclusions too eh?”.
      Eventually it’ll hit critical mass and there will be a social shift of somekind.

      1. Japan has entered such stage already. By 2050 it will have 30 million less citizens, while half the population will be over 50. Marriage is death, and birthrate, along with the taxable base, will be unsustainable. The same will happen with Europe, USA and Russia.
        The middle east and Latin America will last a copuple more decades, and hopefully will learn from such mistakes.

        1. Yeah beware of straight line projections…wasn’t so long ago people were ringing their hands about what are we going to do with all the people every country is going so fast!!??

      2. That’s why when I got into a certain discussion with a girl on the job about why I didn’t want to date women with kids, I gave her the skimmed version of “I’m just not ready for that yet.” She was saying that women with kids deserve to find love too, I wasn’t about to say “but they don’t deserve me. i want my own kids, not another man’s kids.”

        1. I work with a broad like that. Shes always pissed off and has a huge attitude. Probably hasnt had a dick in her in years.

        2. “Women with kids deserve to find love too”? That’s a laugh!! What they’re looking for is NOT “love” — what they’re looking for is a sex-starved male who is desperate/stupid enough to be a combination mule/jackass, wallet, and ATM.
          Too bad for them that more men are finally waking up to the scam that they are running.
          Besides, didn’t women say that “they need a man like a fish needs a bicycle”?

    2. Yeah. Our equivalent of winning the battle of Britain. We still have to storm the beaches of mainstream society, but their ability to go on the offensive has been neutralized.

      1. So, what’s your objective here? To kill all the women in the world. I guess you’ll always have one another.

        1. Bitch, what did I tell you? You’re not allowed to post on here. Get the fuck out and don’t come back. Go read Cosmopolitan or some shit.

        2. Lisa send me some Nudies of yourself. Do something productive with yourself, woman. You name reminds of Lisa simpson. She was an ugly bitch. Are you an ugly bitch? That’s why you hate men so much, huh?

        3. No my objective is to hire a female assassin to kill you. Then expose her. That way I ruined two bitches life. Two birds with once stone. No man wants a pathetic excuse of a woman like you anyways. You are most likely ugly, hair, fat and haven’t gotten dick in over 5 years. Face it, ugly face, you are not sexually desirable. You’re genes are so bad and useless that you hit the wall in your mid 20’s. Hee Hee Hee ha ha ha. I will verbally destroy you!

        4. Remember the first rule: do NOT respond to a bitch.
          Women crave attention, just this slut Lisa does, and by responding to her you are just giving her what she wants.
          Wake up and smell the bullshit.

        5. The user “Guymalemanboyfucklisadumbbitch” is a troll. Those in the manosphere use “the shiv”, and this person just said juvenile nonsense.

        6. not ALLOWED?? really? and what are you in your silly little manosphere with all your pathetic manosphere power going to do about it? asshole.

        7. that is a poor objective – the best objective would be that women start honestly talking and start realizing that men are human and not something to just use and dispose off after the wallet is empty. Start looking around you – SCUM Manifesto, #killallmen, and various other items. Do we need to start being honest or not?

        8. hatred is fuel to the feminists and becomes heavy on you – indifference is the best policy, – then you get to watch the parade of old ladies pushing shopping carts filled with cat food.

      2. Off-topic, but keep your women in check! My granduncle became a LYNCHING statistic because the Ku Klux Klan LYNCHED him at the beck and call of a white female in 1938.
        Back on topic, please do not glorify England again; the fact English women sold out to Vikings became censored out to history.

    3. Outstanding observation. Women have made great efforts to keep their husbands in the dark and prevent them from comparing notes. They are “happy” as long as men are distracted with talking about stuff like sports, cars and BBQs and the shortest way to get to work.
      But when the subject is “women” they begin to panic and take a VERY KEEN interest in what the boys are talking about. Most men know under their skin what is really going on, and one or two manosphere visits will ping their consciousness and awaken a sleeping giant.
      Women are convinced men are stupid.
      That’s their hubris. Use it to your advantage.

      1. Women are convinced men are stupid.
        That’s their hubris. Use it to your advantage.

        That’s a money quote right there. Men who haven’t need to study up on Sun Tzu. It’s an easy read, you can do it in a few hours, then sit and re-do it slowly and ponder his every point. We’re wired for tactics and strategies, logical, let’s start re-learning how to fight war and apply it to fighting feminism.

        1. I’ve re-read Sun-Tzu more than I’ve re-read physics papers because of the depth of meaning there. Whoever he was, he was likely the greatest author who ever lived.

        2. men are stupid, because although they are more rational, less emotional and can make dry clear cut decisions, especially when it comes to building technology and researching science… they still fall for the oldest trick in the book…. and they toss and turn and lose sleep over some random chick they lost their mind for…..
          when it’s over…. women just flash their tits and spread their legs and move on… and they see poor men struggling with oneitus and they think we are stupid… and we are….
          that’s why so much shaming goes on when the guy finds a hotter younger chick and ditches the old bat…. because he’s figured out their game…..

        3. That’s tangential to what I was saying. Unaware men are everything you state, no disagreement. This is why we have to study things like Sun Tzu (and Game, etc), to purge this “Hey, boobies, let me stop everything! Boobies!” mentality and expose it for what it is (no pun intended). When the effect of “Boobies!” as a primary response is reduced to “Yes, those are nice, what does that have to do with the discussion” we’ll gain a lot of power back.
          Say what you will about the “old times”, but back in the day men had emotional detachment as a weapon against the hysteria and manipulation tricks of women. It helped provide an effective check to their tricks. Time to re-learn that, methinks.

        4. That is the case with so many of the canonical old masters that are left out of education these days. They are excluded for a reason.

        5. “We’re wired for tactics and strategies, logical, let’s start re-learning how to fight war and apply it to fighting feminism.”
          This is exactly what I want to see happen in my lifetime.

        6. Men are indeed stupid to fall into the post-feminist, women centric world trap we live. Men are indeed stupid to allow rampant hypergamy. Men are indeed stupid to fall for oneitis and to become a beta provider, aiting for their turn to marry a woman who has hit the Wall.
          But it has backfired. The post-feminist, women centric world trap we live in has reached a critical status and the whole of western society is collapsing, with consequences for both sexes.

        7. Sun Tzu was brought before Ho Lu, the King of Wu, who had read all of
          Sun Tzu’s thirteen chapters on war and proposed a test of Sun’s military skills. Ho asked if the rules
          applied to women. When the answer was yes, the king challenged Sun Tzu to turn the royal
          concubines into a marching troop. The concubines merely laughed at Sun Tzu until he had the head
          cut off the head concubine. The ladies still could not bring themselves to take the master’s orders
          seriously. So, Sun Tzu had the head cut off a second concubine. From that point on, so the story
          goes, the ladies learned to march with the precision of a drill team.

        8. Not consequences for both sexes.
          Just one.
          A “consequence” is the result of someone’s deliberately hurtful actions. A man who suffers a miserable and costly divorce is only experiencing the consequences of signing a marriage contract and allowing women to vote. He didn’t actually do anything wrong.
          It is his ex-wife who will experience the “consequences”…. as millions of them will be packed into nursing homes where nobody will visit them because they so shamelessly divorced their husbands and aborted their young.

        9. I believe that at the end, it was the King of Wu that announced his victory. He was grieved at the massive loses his harem took. Showed us that in war, we need to find the other sides heart and lay siege to it, forsaking all the other shit that simply distracts. Since love is like war, protect your king, and keep the other in check till all the pieces on the board move the way you want.

        10. Brother, if you want to see emotional detachment you should see Afghan men talk about their wives being killed by US drone strikes. They are not so much heartbroken as pissed off – the way you might be if someone smashed your car. Of course they will get a new one – but what a pain in the ass.

        11. I agree which shows you the power of pussy. Examples are endless. Bill Clinton / Lewinsky , Spitzer/hookers, JFK/ Marilyn Monroe et al… Think of that pathetic idiot Sterling losing his basketball team to a not so good looking DUMB bimbo….
          The want of pussy is so primordial it takes a supreme effort to not be addled by it. Dudes like Marcus Aurelius seemed to me completely indifferent to tail and look how great a leader and legend he was .

        12. Omg for real…the Afghan men are so hard core. So these Afghan fellas don’t mourn for their “lady love” but rather for losing a good worker or property??? Damn…..

        13. (Paraphrase) “We find women being less happy across every age, race and marital status to be confusing because things have shifted towards favoring the woman.” Quoth the woman.
          I don’t think RoK readers are surprised. Women have no idea what they really want (in a long-term sense). If you give them everything they want, they can barely survive. It’s like letting a 4-year-old child buy whatever he wants from the grocery store, and eat only that. The kid will ‘want’ candy and sugary cereal, along with whatever has the most flashy designs on the box or toys inside. Give the kid everything he wants, and the little twit will kill himself by way of malnutrition.
          The exact same concept applies to women. They want whatever emotionally pleases them at the moment with almost no thought given to the long-term consequences. That’s why 80% of ads are directed at women. Because men generally could give a shit about fun-sounding lies. We know that if we want something great we have to work on it, build it, know deeply about it–it’s never free and rarely easy.

        14. Indeed the “comfort” of emotional attachment is something that is afforded to men only by a good mother. But once that comes to an end, it’s gone FOREVER. To attempt to get that comfort from any other woman is folly and disastrous. Those of us who had good mothers can only cherish those memories from our childhood – that comfort.
          But from what then do we derive our comfort is any other woman is an enemy or potential enemy in the nest (or to be more accurate: her hamster is the enemy)?
          Get that stuff we like OUT OF THE (man)CAVE. Let’s get back to the fellowship of mens-only or gentlemen’s clubs where we can let our guts hang out (just guts – don’t get weird) and trade information. Imagine the experienced 40-somethings of today who have been through the mill talking to the romantic and dumb 20 somethings.
          Women might actually have to change, and that would be the end of the goal of the feminists (which is to destroy femininity and western society).
          Yeah, let’s do this.

        15. People in the United States for the most part fail to realize that in many countries in the world – lives are cheap.
          Kind of sad really.
          What is a life worth?

        16. Watching/sensing a woman having a breakdown when she realizes being flirtatious and using her body will not work on you is a sight to behold. Sure she may not start having spasms, but you will be able to easily pick up on her confusion and panic.

        17. The only people doing the shaming are old women who are terrified of being ditched for a younger, hotter, more fertile woman. Can’t tell you how many women in their 20s are secretly attracted to men who are decades older than them.

        18. Have you ever read “The Misandry Bubble”? The author predicted that around 2020 the femcentric political, cultural, and economic systems would collapse.

        19. I’m game. I always like having side projects, even ones in the brainstorm phase. I’m thinking franchise opportunities here. We’ll need, among other things: a name, a logo, an idea on locations, a menu, a theme, a hiring guide, design ideas, etc. Feel free to email me at [email protected], my RoK correspondence email. My spidey business sense is tingling. I sense money.

        20. Remember, marriage in many societies is, and has always been a business transaction – usually arranged by families.

        21. that’s how you deal with them dumb bitches!! if they won’t obey you, cut off their heads!! you’re fucking brilliant!!

        22. I’m stupid enough to get their panties down around their ankles before they realize what’s going on.

        23. I’m 38 and my girlfriend is 19 and we’ve both never been happier. Before I found the red pill I tried to date the jaded used up women in their late 20’s and 30’s and it was nothing but faded looks, jaded attitudes and lots of entitlement mentality. I’m my 19 year old girlfriend’s first love and it’s so awesome and refreshing being treated like a king. This is all due to the red pill. It’s made my life and my girlfriend’s life much better and more fulfilling. She loves the manosphere by the way.

        24. Scarcity, or the perception of it lies at the root though.
          A close friend of mine is as beta as you can get, and yet when he knew he had all the power in a relationship with an older woman (he was working on something younger on the side) he behaved, naturally, like a guy who would be labeled a player.
          To the point that I said to him, “you need to act like this around women you actually like,” but he can never do it. He always reverts back out of fear, most men do.
          Speaking of, I saw a picture of him kissing the stomach of his pregnant, single mother, girlfriend (she had a boy previously). I knew he was finished when I found out he got her pregnant. Well, I knew before then really.

        25. Congrats, bro! I’m happy for ya. Yes, dating older women is difficult. Their expectations are super high, yet what they have to offer is really low. So they use shaming tactics to try to manipulate people into thinking there’s something wrong with what you have, but there’s nothing wrong. It’s completely natural. I bet you get some nasty looks when you two are out! haha

        26. Curious, did you just tell her up front your age? If so, what was her reaction?
          I’m 35 but look like I could be a senior in highschool (combination of baby face and short stature) and I get attention from really young women (and old, unfortunately).

        27. Problem is, they us males when we’re young. It’s extremely tough to overcome that kind of conditioning.

        28. Bro, take advantage of the young women while you can, as long as it’s lawful. If you don’t plan on marrying them it doesn’t matter. They probably are looking for a good decade of promiscuous sex before settle down. If they assume you’re young make no fuss and just go with it.

        29. I told her the truth up front. She didn’t care, in fact she likes that I’m older and everything that comes with it. In truth I didn’t realize she was 19, I thought she was in her early 20’s. She’s really attractive too, blonde, athletic and has double D’s which is a pretty rare combo. I’d love to post a picture to encourage folks but it would be inappropriate. After seeing how easy and hassel free our relationship is, I think younger girls and older guys were meant to be pared up. She doesn’t have any if the nasty bitter attitude of older women. I’ll never waste my time with older women ever again after this.

        30. Not really. Our society has become such a freak show that who’d notice or really care. I do know that a lot of people talk about it. Apparently older single divorcees absolutely hate it. However, I’ve become a hero to a lot of people I’ve never even met apparently as well. It’s crazy, 2 years ago before I discovered the red pill I would have never seen myself happily dating a 19 year old, or anyone for that matter. If fact, I was in a depression and lonely. I had totally given up on women and relationships. The redpill had answered a lot of lingering questions I had from a traumatic break-up from an evil which of a woman.

        31. They also get DEEPLY pissed & hate you forever if you don’t fall for their tricks. They don’t handle rejection well. I’ve experienced this many times…even with married women. I’m safe because I’ve internalized the fact that I’m that man who “does not have the resources to make another mistake”. What resources I can garner will go to MY CHILDREN not someone else’s nor some vapid, pretty parasite.

        32. “mistakenly thinking that if you give women what they want, they will finally shut the fuck up & we can now carry on living harmoniously”; this was my error, that & assuming I was dealing with a reasonable adult, despite all evidence to the contrary. Besides nearly impoverishing me, my two divorces irrevocably convinced me otherwise. I now do what I can to dispel these notions in others.

        33. It amazes me how even though I know that a particular situation is a trap, my biology, my feelings lead me into it. We are not strictly stupid. We get situationaly retarded. Whenever we are in oneitis, we want to believe what we are told.

        34. It’s an honest mistake and every cultural signal tries to convince you that “if you are just the guy she says she wants… _____ enter bullshit here_____”. It’s up to us to pass it on.

        35. Men don’t ‘allow’ rampant hypergamy. They cause it through their use of game theory. If there were not millions of guys out there humping and dumping, there would not be millions of women being humped and dumped.

        36. You figured out the score! Granted, I’m still in the learning phase of red-pill dating, but I’ve also found that when you’re in your 30’s, girls around the 19-year-old mark are much more pleasant, pretty and respectful. I’m starting to think that by 22 the girls who tend to go to clubs have probably been ran through so many times that they’ve broken their ability to have anything resembling a decent relationship. And by relationship I refer to even casual dating.
          Also, isn’t a female at 19 at a similar SMV stage as a male around 35? In 10 more years, the female will be 29 and the male 45. Except that a successful man at 45, if he’s been taking care of himself, may be at his peak value whereas a woman at 29 is probably a bit past her peak. But a solid 15 year age difference at least tends to equalize SMV values somewhat.

        37. I’d actually lean towards female biology as a cause of hypergamy. Game is just a set of tested behaviors that make a man more desirable. A good man with no game is not going to find success in today’s marketplace.

        38. that scenario is happening again – As the older embittered feminists are left with their cats the younger ones will have to learn or face the same fate.

        39. Reminds me of a relative who dated a Thai girl in college. When she graduated, she went home to her arranged marriage. He was heartbroken and said ‘You didn’t learn much while you were here’. He never bothered to learn anything from her. He was later screwed over in a divorce.

        40. “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,” spoken by Zara in Act III, Scene VIII.[2] (This is usually paraphrased as “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”)
          The Mourning Bride by William Congreve 1697

        41. “I just found myself with my current girlfriend without even thinking or trying”.

        42. Yes, and then look at his son… Marcus demands our respect and admiration, but a great man does not guarantee that his progeny will be good men.

      2. That’s because you ARE stupid. if you’re going to use old latin at least put them in italics like one is supposed to. Sheesh. Anyway, It doesn’t matter your intelligence, your miserable lives are spent trying to get back into your mother’s cunts, at any expense.

        1. Should you be at Salon or Jezebel? Get out, Lisa, you’re not welcome here. Shut up before I make you orgasm.

        2. PLz no feed troll, dat ban.
          It is funny, though, that she thinks the whole purpose of mens’ lives it wanting vagina. Projection much? Men built all of society, everything that it means to be human other than our monkey bodies. Women never really moved much out of that monkey-body centric, animal phase of their evolution. Men have all sorts of grand designs, from space mining to studying the Earth’s core. Women just want someone to bring them food and fight predators while they groom themselves in comfort. We’d all still be living in caves if men had the mentality of women.

        3. Boom! Great comment, and great burn. All of it 100% true. I love scorched earth when it comes to dealing with feminazis.

        4. Remember the first rule: no response to women.
          Lisa sounds like one of those fat, ugly, bitter cat ladies.

        5. You are right on money. Men are gods when compared to women, who are little more than overgrown children -spoiled, bratty, narcissistic ones.

        6. Okay that comment earned you a spot on my very short “following” list.

        7. Wouldn’t it be awesome if feminazis were banned from using anything invented by a man? Don’t like dudes? Don’t want to fall in line? Okay then. How about you don’t drive our cars, use our phones or internet, or eat our food? Go fend for yourself if you are so awesome.

        8. sorry, we’ve been too busy taking care of your kids and wiping your asses to make great scientific advances.

        9. Don’t forget that it takes 2 to make a child. Please stop omitting important facts just to forward your agenda.

        10. Do you know how long it usually takes for a woman to have an orgasm? Who the fuck cares? Men are only replicating the tactics used by so many women these days: Getting in and getting out with as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

        11. why yes, i do know. if it’s someone who knows what they’re doing, it doesn’t take long at all. but they’re few and far between.

        12. Sounds you’ve liked screwed an entire army platoon. Bet you could fit a basketball in there.

        13. Oops! Would you wipe my crusty ass. Seems I came down with a case of the “Hershey Squirts”.

      3. An Important Red Pill Test:
        1) Tell your mother, sister or other women close to you about basic red pill truths about women: hypergamy, love of bad boys, hatred of betas, infidelity, the misandry of VAWA, etc.
        2) Watch her squirm, bob and weave, deny-deny-deny, and defend team woman. Watch her lie to your face.
        3) Learn that women (including close family members) will NEVER support fairness and equity for men; women are almost universally incapable of taking the red pill.
        4) Thank God you took the red pill.

      4. An Important Red Pill Test:
        1) Tell your mother, sister or other women close to you about basic red pill truths about women: hypergamy, love of bad boys, hatred of betas, infidelity, the misandry of VAWA, etc.
        2) Watch her squirm, bob and weave, deny-deny-deny, and defend team woman. Watch her lie to your face.
        3) Learn that women (including close family members) will NEVER support fairness and equity for men; women are almost universally incapable of taking the red pill.
        4) Thank God you took the red pill.

        1. My mother and girlfriend are red pill. My mother has always said women are frivolous and capricious. She also thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. She’s pretty awesome. My girlfriend meanwhile condemns her generation for being a bunch of idiot whores.

    4. instead of change you can believe in….. change you can bend over and nail furiously from behind… i like it !

      1. Yup. Acquiescing to income tax (and other types of coercive back end taxation) is a failure

        1. While I wouldn’t even consider replying to this dumb ho (waste of time/BAN), I will comment this to you. Isn’t it funny how bitches will cut off their own nose to spite their face? I’m sure she has no actual comprehension of what she’s alluding to, although you seem to have caught it. And by that I mean, for whatever reason, she’s sounding a call to arms for men to refuse to offer ANYTHING to a woman–aka, nothing for her to mooch off of. Being a man can be a painful thing sometimes, but I’ll take that over being an obvious fucking idiot.

    5. There are many fem articles literally calling out the manosphere and it’s misogyny as the chief cause of what Elliot Rodger did. I’ve never seen that before and that will only lead to some curious men who will want to find out what the manopshere is all about. I’ve seen some fem writings that say they should ignore the manosphere because giving us any kind of plug or publicity will only validate us and increase our traffic.
      Yet it is ironic because psycho Rodger hardly doesn’t represent the manosphere. Sure there are woman haters here just like there are man haters in the fem community.

      1. 5 years ago, Rodger would have done his killings without leaving references to PUA’s, or anything else tangentially related to the manosphere. That means it is growing in reach and the public’s consciousness. That’s a good thing.

      2. Yes when the feminists all say that Elliot was a part of the manosphere, it becomes painfully obvious how delusional they are. If they can’t get simple facts right, how can they synthesize the information around them to form a rational philosophy (feminism)?

        1. Whoops, I got tripped up on the words there.
          The point I meant to make was that these women’s attempt at making a good feminist theory has been a train wreck, full of bad science and biased history.

        2. It’s their ‘misinformation’ campaign to deflect criticism of them. I still wonder why his rich dad didn’t buy him a few hookers.

      3. 5 males dead, 2 females dead – it was not misogyny, it was a person with deep psychological problems who did not get the help required.

    6. Fuckin’ A. I see it myself everyday. I constantly try new ‘approaches’ with friends and associates, figuring out what way they can most easily absorb the main concepts of the manosphere. This in turn prompts me to do more research, more female approaches and refine my sales pitch, as it were. I’m having great success with gaining converts. And the ones who really can’t understand are dead to me anyway, so who cares?
      “…there is no virtue or nobility in being a host for moochers and
      parasites… They have begun to see that they don’t owe anybody
      anything, that their lives are their own – and that modern western women
      are simply not worth the effort. They are a net loss.”
      ^ This. Women are an expensive plaything, nothing more. That’s in case you’re not knocking her up, at which point she’s like another child you have to take care of–one that can flip out and take half your stuff and then demand payments for life. Is it possible for a woman to be more than a strict liability? It’s possible, but not under our current legal system. Therefore, the best and brightest are avoiding marriage like the plague. Simply withdrawing our consent has broken the backs of the feminist hordes. I’m remembering how much I love the word NO.

      1. You’re still paying taxes to fund progressive/feminist idiocies. Remember to say NO to that as well. No matter what the supposed consequences are claimed to be. Just NO to absolutely all of it.

        1. I can’t tell if you’re attempting sarcasm or if you’re actually hardcore about personal liberty. Nonetheless, I agree. I’m not scared of the ‘supposed consequences’ of saying NO to oppression, because the consequences of saying nothing, doing nothing…these are orders of magnitude worse. It’s not just something clever to say when I state, “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” It’s a fact about my philosophy and my resolve.

        1. as a fifty year old woman you must be aware that things are not working very well – do you care? All the women coming behind you, do they matter? When are the wise fifty year old women going to stand up and say ” we need to talk” – without a reasonable approach to true equality we will all spiral down the drain.

    7. Whilst this sounds like a good analysis of a reversal, I would like to see facts and figures.

    8. A fucking light goes on and he realizes that all those vague, nebulous, concepts that he has been feeling under the surface of his psyche are brought to the surface and exposed… the scales fall from his eyes and a new convert is made. that’s what happened to me. granted my first impression was not a good one. but i gravitated here because I can openly say what is wrong with society with no censorship and without apology. and that with things I’ve been through in the past with women, everything said here and elsewhere in the manosphere makes sense.

    9. Women were hardly ever worth the effort. I’d rather respect prostitutes, at least they are not hiding what they are.

      1. Whats the difference between prostitutes and ever other woman?
        At least prostitutes are honest about what they do.

    10. Cody, I couldn’t “thumbs up” your comment enough. This is exactly my experience about two years ago. “I’ve had it and I’m not taking your crap anymore.” I’m just gonna focus on bettering myself (spiritually, mentally, and physically) and minding my own business. To the rest of the commenters, your words here at ROK are as inspiring as the authors.

    11. Actually, if we apply the old saying “Flak means you are over the target”, I think you may be very correct on your assertions.
      Note how rapidly the clip-hairs took to blaming the actions of Elliot Rodger on MRA/PUA before any real facts were known. Note how he was an anti-PUA type. There is one clip-hair prominent on twitter that I argued with and challenged to tell me where in PUA/MRA doctrines it is said to foster the manifest or mindset of Rodger and resort to such actions. I did not get an answer and then she went on to write an article lumping Rodger in with MRA/PUA when clearly he was a PUA hater.
      The fact that the internet clip-hair brigade and their mangina auxiliary appears to be operating under a central talking point (or “Marching Order”) is good evidence that the manosphere is starting to make a difference. What they seek is what I call “The McVeigh Effect”. Basically due to the actions of Timothy McVeigh and the bombing of the Murrah building in OKC, the media used that incident to paint anybody who argued against the more liberal or socialist/democratic regime with the same brush. The feminist movement wants to paint the entire manosphere with the blood of Rodger’s victims and shut it down, because a difference IS being made. A generation of women ending up with a house full of cats, or having kids so late they end up obese and huffing and puffing behind their autistic toddlers will wreck their movement.
      And much of feminism depends on men being afraid to get labeled “gay” or “unable to get laid”. It depends on betas and white knights. Even someone with beta tendencies who gets some red pill, even if he does not become a PUA, is still going to see the scam of feminism and female programming (for both men and women) for what it is and not sign onto it.

      1. All those false articles and self-absorbed trending hashtags will lead droves of males to the manosphere.
        I first discovered the crimson arts when people who practiced game were squaring off with the MRAs a few years ago. Back then I was only aware of the concept of misandry and the fact that sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive.
        Now with social media and females being addicted to showing their outrage through retweets, shares, and postings, they give us all the publicity that any business would kill for: ‘word of mouth’. That’s how Chipotle became successful.

      2. It has been said by some that McVeigh wouldve been more popular if not for the children.

    12. Female power is completely dependent on male cooperation. Despite their talk, women can’t run the world alone, and they secretly don’t even want to. Women who are both providers and nurturers are way outside of their evolved roles. In hunter-gatherer times, a woman who did both roles would’ve been in serious trouble. Life-threatening trouble. It’s no surprise then that as feminism spreads, so does female misery. See the 2009 paper entitled, “The Paradox of Female Unhappiness.”

      1. Thanks for the post, I like reading these academic papers.
        Interesting note: when I was in Davis CA a few years ago, my friends were all post-doc philosophy majors. I had a couple of years to attend the post-doc seminars, classes, etc. I learned a fuck-ton. It changed my life.
        Anyway, while there I knew a woman in the program who was working on her doctorate dissertation. The subject: happiness–what it is defined as and what causes it. Typical subject matter for a woman, but interesting nonetheless. After years of study, one of the only universal predictors of happiness she could find (actually THE only one) was the amount of charity work one engaged in. Whether happy people give more charity or charitable people become happy, this is unknown. It’s merely a positive correlation.
        To the point: women are net takers from the system, recipients of charity, not givers of it (in general). Women receive alimony, tax breaks, special grants and social nets, among many other things. And yet the more they take, the less happy they become. So my hypothesis is this: women, by refusing to be generous, charitable and giving, are abandoning one of the only things that consistently predicts happiness.
        Thank you, this woman who shall remain nameless, for doing this research. Please continue to punish my ex-friend by controlling his life. I’m irritated with him, but I doubt my punishment would be anywhere near as severe as what you’ll give him. Ride him to his grave. You’re doing my work for me, albeit slowly and with little true comprehension.

    13. The tipping point may come when the older generation – – the parents of these precious snowflakes – – realize what is going on. They will say, “No, I will not support you through yoga school. No, I will not support you for a doctorate in counseling. Go find a husband you tramp because you have been wasting your life and depriving me of grandchildren that were supposed to enrich my life in my old age.”
      Once they lose their sponsors the game will end for them.

      1. Or they will just take their parents to court (like Rachel Canning) and sue them for all kinds of miscellaneous made-up, psychological BS.

      2. I have told more than one person that sending a woman to school for a Liberal Arts degree was a complete waste of money and time. The reactions are priceless. ‘How can you be against higher education?’ is the standard reaction. I then explain to them that the US Service Academies didn’t offer LA degrees until 1976, the same year they started accepting women. Therefore, LA degrees are worthless pieces of paper meant to impart a useless title to compete with the legitimate ones(science). Another form of counterfeiting.

    14. I have noticed last year just how many angry and vocal commentators there are on the internet, no longer tolerant of women’s bullshit and calling them out on their shaming tactics, self-serving logic, lack of accountability, and crocodile tears.
      10 years ago, such red-pill opinions were virtually nonexistent (or at the very least completely silent.) and I couldn’t be happier watching women get knocked off their unwarranted pedestals after 30 years of their male-bashing and self-praise.

  14. One other reason that I don’t see mentioned. Tindr, or other dating apps that link to FB. Now a girl can hide her relationship status and not feel guilty at all when hooking up with a random guy… because he should have asked. If he didn’t ask it wasn’t her fault.

  15. Absolutely lolololove this. They are freaking out – en masse – and this article is right on.

    1. Yarr…I’m seeing this as well. Having almost reached 50, I am being contacted on FB by females from when I was 18-22 – they are usually divorced and with kids – asking whether I might consider a return to the UK.
      Prior to red-pill I might have considered such queries to be harmless, conversational gambits but now I see the agenda.

      1. Yes it certainly does seem harmless. In fact, I am 100% certain even THEY believe it’s harmless. But that’s how women are wired. So that she can claim plausible deniability.
        Observe the question: “I was wondering if you would ask me to the prom.” This is how the aggressive female with an specific agenda “harmlessly” gets a man to “ask her out” while making it look like HIS idea…. while ALSO putting her in a position to “reject” him if he ask for anything else.
        This strategy then becomes “I really want to get married. You have until Christmas to propose.” Then, when you propose and then she fleeces you….. she gets to sit back and say “Well the marriage was YOUR idea. After all YOU proposed! Men are the oppressors of women.”
        Nothing “harmless” about any of it. They want you to pursue them to make themselves feel like they are still a catch. Congratulations to you for seeing the agenda for exactly what it is.

        1. One of the tactics I love seeing them use is feigned aloofness (not to be confused with the genuine variety) in order to get you to chase. It’s fucking hilarious when you know the score and…..don’t chase, lol.
          It’s to the point where it’s not even exciting anymore. I know too much.

      2. ‘Been around the world and I can’t find my baby…la, la, la’. Look within yourself and not outward. There’s a novel idea!

      3. I just turned 30 a couple months ago and now women are starting to contact me on FB and Linkedin. Hell one even looked me up in the white pages and called me at my house. These are all women that I went to school with too. How common is this phenomenon?

        1. My brother, age 60, was contacted out of the blue by his college sweetheart. Hadn’t heard of/from her since Donna Summer was queen of disco. “Sweetheart” nuclear-broke their engagement for someone “better.” Ha ha, brother would have been better,or at least faithful! Now she’s a divorced granny. Being a Christian gentleman, brother didn’t say what he thought. Just blocked further contact.

        2. Phenomenon? Hell no, my friend. It’s an epidemic. You gotta be like Neo dodging bullets to avoid it.

        3. It seems to be pretty damned common, from my experience. Like Tom, I’ve been hit up by women I haven’t spoken to in 15 years or more, and are on the other side of the globe. The desperation is palpable.

        4. @ 14:50, old hag calls in to pick a fight.
          Hag: “I’m 44 years old, and”
          Tom: “You’re HOW old?!”
          Hag: “44.”
          Tom: “Ya sound SIXTY-four.”
          LMAO! Too funny. That whole exchange was funny as hell. I highly recommend.

        5. Common. There was a girl I was pretty close with in college, back when I was 21 and she was 18. Spent a whole year together, really. At the end of what was a fun casual (but daily) relationship, I commented that I’d like to keep seeing her during the summer, etc. To which she replied that she wasn’t ready.
          Then, a couple years back, as the bitch is approaching 30, she calls me up and asks what I’m doing. Oh, I’m still self-employed and have a nice house in Cali (at the time). She literally asks if she can come move in with me, she needs to get out of Chicago. Let’s be honest here, I fucking toyed with her emotionally and then smashed her hopes. Bye by single 30 something. The gravy train pulled out of the station years ago. Have fun with that degree in baking you got, or whatever that was. Retard.

        6. Badass youtube clip. For those in their 20’s, take note.
          I wish I could explain to any man 29 or younger: you think you’re gonna be “old” at 30. You are as wrong you can be. at 30 you become a “young man”. Not a 28 year old boy. Your SMV skyrockets at the exact time your female contemporaries fall the fuck off the map. Make sure to spit on your hand and give them the classic “good game” handshake as you pass these “falling angels”. You made the bad decisions, now enjoy them in SMVHell. You won’t be surprised to find the devil is female.

        7. Actually had an ex gf from 20 years ago [she broke it off saying I wasnt abitious enough] contact me with my old dog tags (I was stupid and gave them to her), so we met and had dinner … and wow how she dropped SMV.
          And then she had the audacity to ask me out. LOL, that boat sailed a LONG time ago.

      4. Here’s a related story. At 18, I went into the Army. I got a Dear John letter almost immediately. She went back to the guy she was dating previously. 9 years later, she separated from another man she suckered into marriage. I take advantage and nail her, all the while knowing she’s simply trying to replace hubby. Now, fast forward 16 years. I get a high school reunion letter in the mail. After responding(I don’t do Facebook, for good reason) she has my current address and sends me a Christmas card. This card was sent from another town where she was living in a rental house. She had previously lived in her own house on her family’s land. So, she’s lost her house. She has 3 teens while living in a rental in another town, in another state. She’s over 40 years old and thinks maybe, oh maybe, she can ‘con’ me this time. I didn’t even open the card. I might, in another 16 years! I’m just not that curious.

    2. I’m seeing this in my life, too. I say revenge is sweet. Use Western women as cum dumpsters and save the good parts of yourself for women who are worth it.

    3. While there is still plenty of blue pill betas, many more are wising up to the marriage scam. Women are 10 years from killing the golden goose.

  16. As men are initiators in 90% of the ocasions (with more and more going their own way and not bothering about females or not wanting to game in virtual life) this is just another move for women to be asked for and feel that they are still on the market cause someone is asking. Attention whoring in disguise.

  17. Odd article that jumps to conclusions a bit too quickly. Ever since the news feed rolled out plenty years back, I realized the value in the relationship status radio button. If you have it on nothing then flip it to single then it blows the news feeds of people who view your page the most. It was a solid way of baiting a lady stalker into texting you “Hey! How are you? It’s been a while!”, or something close to that.
    Now I just leave my status blank because it is one less thing to maintain. I have a Facebook so people know where I currently am, and they may have a means of contacting me. Reading through the news feed now-a-days makes me sick.

    1. Why do people need to know where you currently are all the time? Serious question, I’ve never understood this need by people to have everybody privy to their every move. Not trying to bait you, just trying to gain some perspective.

      1. I’m just referring to which city I live in. I don’t believe in that checking in non-sense. I like having my city up just in case a friend is passing through town or moving to town and looking for someone to catch up with.

  18. Don’t forget the other reason for hiding their status: it allows them to amass hordes of beta orbiters without displaying the fact that they are taken – so they can lead on their little bootlickers that much more by taking a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward their relationship. Then there is also the opportunity to express her hypergamy by leaving herself open to all suitors, regardless of the fact that she’s been in a relationship for years.
    Women really do want to have their cake and eat it too, in all spheres of life. If we don’t bring down the crushing iron fist of patriarchy soon, we are doomed as a nation and as a people.
    When some libturd flaps their gums about “oppression” just smugly remember that you are doing nothing less than saving your people when you speak out against cultural marxism and egalitarianism.

    1. Taken? By some “bf” who isn’t marrying them? Relationships are either married or not married. If there aren’t serious thoughts about marriage, it’s childs play.

        1. It’s how boy and girls both justify it. I think the only thing lasting about relationships are kids–those can’t be broken up or divorced. Everything else is fleeting.

        2. Well technically they can be murdered in the womb by the mother at her whim and without the consent of the biological father. But yeah, otherwise…

        3. that’s right sucker, they can. when you can get pregnant and carry a child for 9 months, then you can open your fucking mouth.

        4. George, there’s a difference. The woman has 9 months to “chooooooose” (coldly and deliberately) and the guy has one sexual deposit (in the heat of the moment).
          Once she “choooooooses” to keep the baby then he is on the hook for minimum 18 years and the REST OF SOCIETY IS ALSO ON THE HOOK.
          Or she can “choooose” to abort his biological descendent – with ZERO consent from him or obligation to even report the pregnancy to him.
          Best part is when she has 4 guys lined up for paternity tests. Talk about roulette.

      1. No, “taken” by a pirate, a sheik, or a secret billionaire carpenter.

  19. Obvious but brilliantly articulated breakdown of how the ‘need’ for this new ‘feature’ was ultimately born out of women’s hatred for one another.

    1. I love how the men on this site avoid feeding the bait-whoring. It probably drives the dumb cunts crazy.

      1. Discipline and restraint, key male traits that this site is teaching young men about. Absolutely agree and it’s one of the best thing to come from the recently established policy. Keeps the discussions brisk and to the point. Scan back a year ago and Christ almighty, guys would line up to bat down stupid comments by women or to suck up to them, the entire conversation would be derailed.

        1. Agreed, and the most important thing to remember is that NEVER respond to a woman.
          It cannot be stated often enough.

        2. I say it every single fucking time I see it. In a friendly way, of course. The policy is amazing, and I say that as a free-speech enthusiast. The freedom to speak extends to the freedom to withhold you speech. Thank you to all the men who collectively make this site, this experience of sharing ideas, possible.

        3. Remember: Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Most women have not figured that out yet.

        4. i, personally would crumble under the weight of your brilliant sarcasm and ability to totally “wreck” me for posting on your pos site.

        5. their hamster wheels spin faster when you ignore them – indifference is the best policy – then they wonder what is wrong with themselves and no one is answering.

      2. yup, i’m just going crazy here cause nobody’s paying attention to me. just fascinated and revolted by the hatred on here. what a waste of energy.

    2. Courtesy of this website, at least I am passing shit tests my own female family members have been pulling on me in real life.
      And as for my own sisters’ comment why I “fully trust complete strangers than [my] own flesh and blood”? They lost my trust forever as punishment for those constant shit tests. I am shit testing them back and will do so for the rest of their lives.
      Now that is TRUE equality with accountability.

  20. I seem to be using Facebook less and less with each passing day. Fads come and go, seems like FB is slowly on its way out. All it consists of is attention whoring status’ and pics. Not to mention the 10,000+ duplicate baby/kid photos of said baby/kid in slightly different positions in every photo. Ridiculous!

  21. Ah, The Predatory Female with no more men to sink her fangs into. At least, none who are willing to let her.
    She enjoyed the Alpha cock carousel in her youth and peak SMV, now that the biological clock is ticking, the womb is desiccating, and the You-Go-Grrl attitude is wearing thin as she grows tired of climbing the career ladder all alone, she is willing to compromise and let one of those hardworking Betas, now as his peak SMV, that she shit on, into her cage? Oh, but wait, the Betas are starting to figure out the ruse?
    Reap what you sow, ladies.

    1. From personal experience you are right. The funny fact was that all this years she knew about my existence. She appeared from nowhere and even told me she wanted someone “stable”. Well, after couple of months I realized that she used to be “The Slut” in her early 20’s (now she’s in her late 20’s).
      Almost forgot. I did see the difference between her old photos and her looks today: she is not in her prime anymore + stable rise in amount of makeup (disgusting).

      1. I know a girl who was a virgin till 19, then jumped on the carousel – direct quote: “relationships aren’t for me!”.
        Let’s see if relationships better suit her taste once she hits 30.

        1. “Relationships aren’t for me [YET]!”
          Women always leave out key words that they should be saying. My favorite is [ALPHA] male privilege.

        2. Same with her. She could be married in her early 20’s to a very decent guy. Add the fact that they were first to each other. At least I’m sure she was his first because she is a pathological slut. I mean she was probably a slut even before she went on cock carousel – she truly believed she need to fuck and try other guys (or as she told me: “to feel desired and feminine”).
          Well, after he proposed her, she said something like: “I don’t know what I want in this life, yet”. In other words: “I wanna fuck till I die”. I’m almost sure she regrets now when she is almost 30.

    2. Unfortunately, I don’t think betas are wising up. They just aren’t the “first pick.” I’ve seen it too many times.
      One close friend was fucking a woman almost 20 years his senior (she looked fucking disgusting). He’s since left her and gets a single mom pregnant, although she was much younger (whatever that’s worth). Another friend impregnates a 40 y/o woman when he was 30…
      These dudes out here are desperate and I don’t see it slowing down.

  22. The problem is with facebook by the time a guy is in his late 20s early 30s he sees how much women lose their looks. Even if he isn’t red pill most don’t think most women are hot enough to wife up even if they are betas and have a hard time getting laid. Add to that your friends who are married and how much bs they put up with from their hag wives and you have a recipe for disaster of women.

  23. I think this gets to the essence of the REAL reason for the #YesAllWomen “movement” on Twitter. It is occupied mostly by women that are frustrated that they cannot get a man to commit to them. They will not say that publicly, but they still feel a need to express their anger at their own failures in life. So they lash out at men by making things up to be angry about, like how much they are oh so hurt when a man looks at their ass and so on.

    1. #yesallwomen = humblebragging. It’s a way for them to say men pay them attention without having to come out and say that, which would be considered arrogant.

      1. LOLOLOL i knew you guys were stupid, but you’ve really hit a new peak with this crap.

    2. About that Twitter hashtag, even “#YesAllWomen” get another auto-complete option to “YesALLWhiteWomen”. I wish I’d be able to get a screenshot, but Snipping Tool isn’t letting me.

  24. As FB’s user base grows older, female users hitting the Wall are discovering their inability to land commitment from alphas and even beta providers,
    unlike the entitled (though still hot and young) women of 18-25, who command
    plenty of attention via several social media profiles.
    Marriage is dead as we knew it for a century. Burned men do not want to commit
    again. Alphas do not want to marry. Betas are afraid of marrying, given the
    great recession and cost of living.
    Many men and women will not find suitable partners, and we will see a cultural
    collapse of western civilization within the next 50 years. It has already began
    in Japan.
    While men have the option of going MGTOW, learning game and/or keeping fit and ripped
    until their 50s, women only have a limited window of youth and beauty to secure the
    validation and commitment from a suitable male, along with motherhood and

  25. Remember men, being the hopelessly spoiled children that they are these desperate western women gravitate to this site hoping for any attention from you. Even your worst insults are preferable to them than the horror of being completely ignored, so you know what to do!

    1. Well said. I have sometimes made the mistake and responded to a woman.
      Never again.

  26. You are making some incredible leap on logical thinking here: How you can rationally link a trivial facebook policy change to “women are evil” is really delusional.

    1. Heh. You make claims of the author being delusional for something he didn’t say, yet your avatar is “truther”. I lol at the irony..

  27. Found this from another ROK article about one writer’s visit back to Femerika, he observed the same about older skags:

  28. Quote: “Many older men have already been burned. Some are in the midst of an ongoing nightmare with the ex: they cannot see their son, they are paying alimony, she left him for a ski instructor, etc. These men simply do not have the resources to make another mistake. They cannot afford to pick up the tab for a single mother with three daughters”
    Unless of course the man is a Mark “I can’t function without a woman in my life” Minter.

  29. If y’all are so busy having success with young 21 year old’s, why spend so much time hating on older women?
    Look, just ignore older women if you don’t like them. Too much hate makes you look obsessed for good reason.
    I have never seen women write blog posts about how undesirable short men are (they just don’t see you guys – you don’t exist to women).

        1. You seem to have missed the “From Rollo Tomassi’s post” thing. That means he or somebody he knows gathered the links and that, follow this closely I’ll type in small words, I didn’t. D’oh!
          Reading comprehension, get some. Remember, readers are leaders! ™
          Since you’re the same troll from yesterday, further communication to you is terminated. You are dismissed.

    1. That analogy is off. The proper analogy would be if a guy was 6’2″ in his 20s and wouldn’t give certain girls any attention, but then in his 30’s had shrunk to 5’8″ and was suddenly showing those same girls all sorts of attention.

  30. Ok this:
    “Some people in the Manosphere claim that women, regardless of what they do, will never have to pay the piper; there will always be some thirsty beta to come and save the day. This may be the case in some places. However, this new move by Facebook seems to be suggesting otherwise.”
    I think the “problem” might be more economic. Fact is, the beta must be the provider, meaning a paycheck and steady job. This is something that men are having a harder and harder time maintaining in this economy. So it’s the high standards of these women whose shelf-life is expiring – and still being high standards because to drop down a bit will crush their ego – that may be the root of the problem. It’s also a fact that a lot of men won’t pull a George Costanza and have an opposite day where they tell women they are unemployed and living with their parents. Hence these betas, ever the wannabe provider, think they have no chance as long as they have no job or a good job and don’t even try.

    1. And when you start talking about wife #2, the level of anxiety and mild paranoia starts to play into this and when you present the pre-nup, they go ballistic.

  31. But..but..but…I thought women did not need a penis anymore. I thought licking each others vaginas was sufficient?
    Guess they figured out how horrible the pussy smells…

  32. Excellent article as always, hit the nail on the head for a lot of women I know.

  33. Go a bit deeper: why did Facebook do this?
    Facebook is not an altruistic organisation with a mission to help women, they are a business run for profit.
    Because the internet, since web 2.0, is for women; it’s all social media and shopping. Facebook and all those other companies like them need women to keep posting their lives to the internet. This brings in the thirsty men, they’ll go where the women are. Women love taking about relationships, especially their own, this feature encourages talking about them. Before, the status was just in the open, it sparks no interaction, but with the ask button, well, it’s the potential for multiple posts, asks and responses if she deigns a response worthy. It’s all bout getting women to post more on the internet. Indeed, to live more on the internet.
    Incidentally this is also why Facebook and Twitter take women’s hurt feelings on the internet so seriously and amp up the censorship, under the guise of stopping violence, because if women don’t have a “safe space” they’ll stop posting, and Facebook loses business. Facebook is not helping women, they’re using them, they are the product.

    1. You’re right. It’s takes a woman to loosen up a man’s purse strings for big ticket items like weddings, and house, and lots of expensive shit to put into said house.

    2. Alpha males have been deserting the site since day 1. They slowly found out it was a mixture of part witches coven; and part fertility shrine. A whirlpool of mutual self obsession.
      Without males on the site, the females will get bored and spend their time on ashley madison etc.
      maybe facebook want a slice of the dating/mating website action??

    3. Well Said. I don’t believe that this FB change was aimed at older single/unattached women; if they were “desperate”, they would probably want it known that they were looking, to bring in the highest possible number of suitors. An “Ask” button would slow down this process and discourage men with options. It appears to me that it was more likely aimed at women in a relationship who were not ruling out a better option – in other words, hypergamy writ large.

  34. I think if you don’t set a relationship status, it defaults to “Ask”. I’d have to view my profile from a friend’s account to confirm. I don’t have a relationship status, and I just went to see if “Ask” was an option and it is not. I’m wondering if other people see “Ask” when they view me.
    If so, that kinda torpedoes some of the premise of this article, but it was nonetheless an entertaining read.

  35. It’s no surprise that Facebook changed it’s policies when you consider WHO were the first people that used it. Facebook’s earliest adopters in 2004 were college men and women aged 18 to 22, because the service was open only to people with .edu email addresses for almost 4 years.
    Ten years later, this “Facebook Generation” is now around 28 to 32 years old. As the red pill has taught us, this age range is about the same time that unmarried women start to panic about their biological clock and think very hard about their future. Throw in the fact that their college education and media influences them to wait later to settle down, you have a large population of unmarried women who are moving out of their prime years. They are desperate to marry and will use any tool at their disposal to lure an unsuspecting beta. Millenial women have been weaned on facebook hookups, so they will turn to the social site as the solution to their problems. The Ask button is a flimsy pretense for entrapment.

    1. We’ll never know why Solonge attacked him in the first place, people acting as if her attack was justifiable.

  36. Yeah, it will be hilarious to see this simple economic facet hit home. Men whether alpha or beta, knowing the scam marriage in the Anglosphere, and suddenly walking away. Women can still expect the in-kind payments in the huge dating market that exists in the form of dinners, drinks, movies, and even motherfucking cupcakes! But the catch is, is that men will drop this cash for the hope of obtaining sex but men won’t give you the keys to the castle. So what we’re seeing here is a huge influx in demand for marriage and a short supply of willing men ready to get suckered in our Soviet style divorce and family courts. When the media is recognizing the problem, then the state has an issue. No where else but in the Anglosphere have I seen so many attractive and unmarried twenty something females. Men are simply getting wiser everyday from the corner street thug to the Ivy League grad, where we all are starting to recognize the extreme liability western women have become. It’s not that more men are “alpha” but as a wise man once told me, “the quickest way to wake a son of a bitch up is to punch em’ in the face and/or steal his money.”
    And men have noticed, our peers, even our vaunted icons “Tiger Woods, Schwarzenegger etc” have gotten taken, and men are simply telling the corrupt judges, greasy lawyers and parasitic women… fuck you. Not only that but personally I no longer believe the term “bastardization” is applicable to out-of-wedlock children due to the immense risk of western marriage. If a man needs to only expose himself to one financial liability in a relationship, let it be for your children and even still try to obtain custody. In financial terms in 2014 and beyond until the Trotskyists in our government are expulsed, no man who possesses an IQ at least above a 100, should ever and I mean ever consider being a married male who’s a citizen of the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. However, the Anglosphere is the absolute worst. To me any man expressing plans to get married has been quickly demoted in my book. And who the fuck are you getting married for anyway? A bitch who’s had 100 dicks in her in college? The faggoty, corrupted western churches who were destroyed back in the 60s? The same queer Protestant churches and post-Vatican II Catholic churches that threw their male parishioners under the bus a long fucking time ago for a ride on that multiculti money train? A real church would have went out on its shield, destroyed under sword in order to preserve the faith as the Orthodox did under the Bolsheviks. So in essence fuck marriage! MGTOW…

    1. “Women can still expect the in-kind payments in the huge dating market that exists in the form of dinners, drinks, movies, and even $20 gluten laden motherfucking cupcakes (just to appear fashionable)! But the catch is, is that men will drop this cash for the hope of obtaining sex but men won’t give you the keys to the castle”
      I don’t even think that will last much longer. Just as women want a guy to “work” for her affection and intimacy guys are no longer willing to spend money hand over fist on women left, right and centre who at the core want nothing more than a free meal or drink without proving that they are worth more than either a second-look or a second-bang (cue entitled slut that wants to be treated like a princess after banging less than an hour after meeting a guy).
      Thankfully guys are waking up to this, and they are slowly waking up to the realization that “We don’t need this shit” as evident that marriage is dropping to terra-firma. And then they are waking up to the notion that their lives are easier without women, and focus more on their own self-development and in turn (if they have any) are being better fathers for their children by allowing their true selves without the psychological imprisonment of a heartless marriage or divorce to shine through.

      1. Still though, what I call the “in-kind payments system” aka dating, will still exist because in lieu of prostitution or even viable outlets of affordable prostitution, men will still gamble their money in hopes of sex. Simply put, most men will never master overcoming masturbation or their sexual impulses but men do know what getting hit in the pocket feels like and that will be the main impetus. It’s no secret the greatest men in history did their greatest works in the absence of women in terms of company and “love.” For the man on the go and who’s building his legacy, let’s face it, women serve only one purpose in this man’s life; sex. Outside of sex until a man has achieved all he wants to achieve, a woman is an extreme liability. However, given that western governments will not betray the pussy cartel with legalized prostitution, expect the in-kind payments system to continue and flourish.

        1. With the rise and rise in hypergamy I expect the “in-kind” payment system you mentioned to be limited to Beta’s in their 20’s (and even then it will probably disappear) and the off chance where one cannot split the cheque. Beyond that I don’t think even Beta’s will be able to afford things like buying drinks or dinners he will be up to his eyeballs in alimony and child support payments – and also probably an avid reader of ROK
          You’re right for the man who is content with himself women do not serve a viable or attractive financial or romantic prospect in terms of marriage and relationships. Sex is the main driver but that’s it, nothing more.

        2. Agreed. But still the central question must be asked given the nature of our sexual drives as men… What is man to do, albeit red-pill or blue-pill, if affordable sexual access vis-a-vis prostitution is cut off to him? That leaves only one alternative, right?

        3. I wouldn’t say ONE alternative, the alternatives are already prevalent – Promiscuous women, although some of that relates to GAME. Underground prostitution which is downright dangerous, or selling up and moving to a more enlightened part of the world.
          seeing how its all playing out I can see America in particular moving towards another “Prohibition Era” where instead of moonshine, its sex by moonshine. in Australia we had the razor gangs in Darlinghurst where Brothels and Brewhouses were underground and thriving. Truth be told the outcome is as predictable as a feminists tirade I only hope we do not have another Richard Elliot and people start waking up to the real-world problems from the mostly silent mass.

      2. This is true. I spent loads an a girl once and that fell apart. Never again. Even as a blue pill I said never again. Itll be halfies at most from now on.

        1. exactly, and some will scorn you and some will dismiss you as a cheapskate or a loser. and then there will be the types that will almost rub it in your face that they are paying their own way, like its some major new development or worthy of praise.
          One of the many (sadly there are always many) trials as a Red Pill is to ignore the brat who shirks you, laugh at the woman who wants to guilt you and dismiss entirely the one who will jab at your masculinity for not effectively, doing what she wants which includes but not limited to:
          – Paying for her dinner
          – Picking up her tab
          – Tolerating obnoxious behaviour (I don’t care who it is or how attractive they think they are, if someone acts in an obnoxious manner either towards me other others while i’m with them, cut them loose)

        2. i don’t know where you guys are meeting women. in alleys? dive bars? standing by the side of the road? what? i don’t get you at all. there are plenty of perfectly nice, civilized women who pull their own weight, love their partners and are loved in return. you guys sound like you’ve been burned by trash and are now trying to take it out on the entire population of women. if the kind of women i’m talking about don’t want anything to do with you, it’s most likely your problem, not theirs. take a good hard look at yourselves. none of you sound like decent, kind human beings. you won’t find any with the attitude and hatred you seem to be harboring. i hope my beautiful, self-supporting daughter never runs into any of you.

        3. Guy I won’t go as far as saying you’re a
          woman, but either a shimmering white knight or a blind beta you can most
          certainly be.
          To all the readers on RoK – Listen up!! What
          we have here is a classic example of how feminists rebuttals usually run,
          ironically it also runs true for the gf where their beta who probably had a decent
          point to make or single dad’s getting back out there in the dating world. For
          the sake of argument I’ll put up my observations in descending order of
          1) You can never give an honest recollection
          without it being reduced to pure bitterness and jaded point of view – it’s
          seems to be the ultimate trump card in the replies, regardless if you were
          screwed over, reminiscing about some failed dates in an objective manner right
          up to getting your dick cut off it is always put into the “you hate the
          world” basket.
          To this I say no; a guy may have been
          put through the ringer it doesn’t mean he’s bitter, nor does it mean he’s out
          for blood. In fact my own experience is given usually in a manner to help
          others, with this “guy” ignoring the fact that I am not going to
          tolerate bad behaviour which any reasonable person would do. Ironically this
          moves onto point
          2) shifting blame and carrying fault – the
          other side of point 1 is that it’s rarely a woman’s fault, shown by his
          “where I am women aren’t like that” and that somehow our supposed
          “bitterness” is a manifestation of our own personality and thus WE
          have to change as a gender to better conform to women so we aren’t seen as
          bitter or even upset? Again to this I say no, ask the recent Red-pill initiates
          and they will all agree that in changing to suit their respective women they
          lost a part of themselves and looking back they put their better morals and
          virtues on hold to accommodate a human who practised little except
          double-standards and an ever-changing set of T’s and C’s.
          3) “Women aren’t like that where I come
          from” – unless this guy is Amish or there is a real world Camelot the
          statement holds no water these days. Almost down to either blind faith or blind
          ignorance or grasping at straws to flesh out their argument this person is
          either lying by omissions or denying what is right in front of them. Sure this
          person may have a grain of truth in their observations however it does not make
          it true for the majority. Falling back to point 2 if this person was serious
          then the well-documented cases that cause the manosphere would be their major
          concern, not trying to convince us that we are solely at fault and require
          copious apologies and change to placate them.

    2. A wise man once told me this quote;
      If you want the marriage experience, find a woman you hate, than buy her a house.

    3. Quote:”But the catch is, is that men will drop this cash for the hope of obtaining sex but men won’t give you the keys to the castle” 
      Just wait. The lawmakers could make no -cohabitating dating become defacto marriage. Then after that defacto marriages is defined by the number of times you fucked the bitch.

      1. Lmao… I wonder if soy latte consuming male public will finally revolt by then.

  37. You wanna get a girls panties wet really easily, don’t have a Facebook, twitter, instagram, basically any internet foot print. Its simple, your now mysterious in her eyes. Your different then all the other beta males looking for validation on social media. Your a real man who knows his worth. They also know how much time they waste on those sites so now they are thinking about all the interesting stuff your doing with your life because your not wasting it online. There’s nothing more different then not following the masses. The first thing a women does when she gets your name is she tries to find you on Facebook. When she can’t it becomes a game to her. Her interest is now peaking and she is feeling something she hasn’t felt in a long time. She usually always finds the beta males online who are constantly looking for validation and she quickly dismisses them. But not having your life online makes you different. And if she asks why you don’t then just say “its not my thing”. Don’t bash on Facebook, just make it none that you would rather spend your time doing interesting stuff instead of paying attention to other peoples lives. Tell her that when your on your deathbed you don’t want to look back and think about all the time you spent on social media, you want to attack life and make it the best life possible. Cant tell you how many girls I’ve had look at me differently just because of this, its an instant turn on because its completely different then all the other beta males online posting every sorry thing in their uninteresting life

      More guys need to heed these words. You are contributing to the beast and its evils by being part of its organs when you engage in all the feminized social media they make available. Dont be that bitch…..you are/will probably be treated like that bitch.
      What need does a man have for social media? Aside from the players looking to hook their next lay what purpose does it serve you? It’s kind of shameful really when I see all these guys so interested about their social media. Like buzzing flies looking for that sweet pile of shit to gorge themselves on they flock to see if some shallow moronic female or another mangina “liked” what they said or whatever faggot picture they posted.
      NO ONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT YOUR GODDAMN FEELINGS! Not the women in your life, not your mangina friends, not your govenment, NO ONE. If you are a male in western society you are fucking expendable bottom line. The sooner you realize that shit the sooner you can get a hold of your true masculine self and lay aside all this petty female SHIT. It fucking stinks doesn’t it? Well stop wallowing in it for fucks sake!

    2. Good point, and valid M.O. which definitely works the ‘mysterious’, ‘he has a life’ angle effectively.
      But better is to have the Facebook account, intermittently (1x or 2x per week) post something that’s both a. interesting and b. non-PC-approved yet non-hostile, and have a great quantity of ‘likes’ and comments on everything you post – some of which have to be from attractive women. It does the preselection work for you (the most powerful panty-peeler on earth). More powerful an aphrodisiac than not playing the game at all.

    3. Agreed-I do unfortunately have a FB but I don’t link up with any potential new talent. As far as they are concerned, I have no FB. Some of the more clever/creepy ones still find a way to friend request me(not sure how since I’m private) but I just let that request fester in limbo. That site causes more problems than it solves anyway-waste of time. Not having one, you’ll just have to be ready to respond to the suspicious types who will accuse you of hiding something(mainly women between 28-33). Just hit em with a witty “I’m on the lamb from the law, you know how that is…”.

  38. Women… you tried your best to marginalize men in pursuit of your selfish, whorish nature and it’s boundless desires. However, in the process, you completely underestimated the ability of men to realize what’s going on and to adapt accordingly. Now you’re all bitching about the unintended consequences of a century of male trivialization.
    Welcome to the Jungle!
    Ya bitches can suck it! But you ain’t gonna suck me no more. I delight in playing you game right back at you, but better and harder. I’m better at it and have more resources to win than you do.

    1. WRONG!!! YOU are the better resource, so keeping yourself to yourself is WINNING 😛 haha we shall call it “you go bro-ism!!” see if it pisses off the feminists enough, only instead of fat acceptance we have FACT acceptance.

  39. Excellent article! I do interpret this as a sign the used, rapidly (and badly) aging, rotting ovaried wymmin are in desperation mode.
    Like the Klingons said:”Revenge is a dish best served cold.”
    Time to invest in sex toy and battery companies.

  40. Sucks for the ladies doesn’t it? There is some poetic justice in there
    for the hot ones that thought the party would never end. Now the scales
    tip in the men’s favor and we’re telling them to go f themselves.
    Makes me smirk a bit. It’s amusing to see girls my age(I’m 36) that
    I’ve known who haven’t been able to secure any LTR’s marrying some
    schlub they wouldn’t have given the time of day 10 years ago. It’s blatantly obvious to me and I assume others that they gave up and grabbed whoever was willing. Sadly these barely beta men think they’re getting some sweet ride when in fact, they’re just getting a beat down rental car.

    1. and that makes you smile..why? lol so petty..y’all need hugs and shit smh..I feel bad that you all are happy women get old YEA! lol and yet the funny thing is you are too but for some reason you all think of us as haggard yet believe 17 year old becky truly loves old ass you o.O word? smh

      1. Tell me again what’s the norm. established women paired up with loser 25 Year olds or established men dating a 21 year old?

  41. To the author, and those that believe women will always have someone to come and get them–the stats say otherwise. Women’s sexual activity (on average) severally decreases after forty five, to the point where many don’t have any at all. Men’s of course tappers off as well, but they often continue to have sex well into their sixties (on average). This is a statistic I read from a scientific study, but I cannot cite it at this moment.

    1. Men stay horny forever. That’s what sucks about senility, you’re still just as sexually driven, except now you’ve got the ol’ cotton balls situation going on. The idea a male’s sex drive somehow disappears with age is a MYTH.

  42. Never EVER hook up with a women from your past, especially if you desired her in high school or college and the feeling wasn’t mutual until you were ‘mature’ and ‘established’. These women can be the biggest con artists out there because they prey on a man’s sentimental feelings about his past and his youth.
    Ive had women tell me 12-15 years after we last hung out at school that they ALWAYS liked me and wondered why i never asked them out. This has happened to me 4 times between the age of 30-35(current age) and only one case was genuine. I know she was genuine because we kissed a few times and she was friend’s with my sister and used to talk about me a lot with her. The rest were fakes. One of them in particular only used to hang out with me when the alphas in my social group were too busy. I was just a chump to her in high school; an amiable time filler. But recently she told me that she used to fantasise about having sex with me. Yeh right! I wasn’t so hopeless with women at 16 that i couldn’t read a ‘i-want-to-fuck-you’ sign from a woman.
    Men need to be aware of these manipulative tactics because they are very common. Whether they are consciously employed or not is irrelevant because the goal is the same.

    1. Just read through what you said – glad you realised, cannot begin to imagine how many guys have been caught in the “but why didn’t you do (insert obligation here)??”
      it’s a common fallback, women feel the need to have some form of control in these situations; whether its the laughable denial when a guy rejects them after they opened themselves up, or they put the onus back onto the male for not doing enough or doing “something” that in retrospect is flimsy at best, but not flimsy enough to be doubted in its plausibility. Once again I say logic should be the overriding factor – we all know that if a girl REALLY wants a guy, you wouldn’t be her chump (not ripping guy im using your case as an example) you would be getting the vibe long long ago.

      1. well i was a chump. I thought if i hung around her and did things for her she would like me, like so many other clueless men have done in their past, but i wasn’t stupid enough to miss a clear sexual sign, even at that age.
        In two cases i told the women point blank that if we were going to hook up it would have happened at the time and that it’s pointless now. They didn’t like it but they got the message.

        1. exactly, and you saved yourself a world of hurt if you had have fallen into it – consequently you would have felt better after rejecting them.
          and contrary to most feminists beliefs; that feeling “good” after rejecting them isn’t as malicious as some of them like to make out, its simply just knowing you made the right choice rather than be played like a fiddle.

        2. question..if this situation were reversed and a woman crushed on him that he didn’t find attractive…would this talk be the same? If she wasn’t attracted to you back in the day can’t mean her taste can’t change. it doesnt always indicate fake bitch lookin for a comeup and using you. I mean really..i thought luke perry was hot back in the day. now he is just a brooding peanut headed…anyways, i digress. And as rational and logical as some of you try to come across, then you must understand that as men you want visual hotness (attraction) and we want a confident man who knows who he is in this world & kicks arse being him (that is friggin hot). I know i wasn’t all that attractive in high school so if a guy from then hit on me now, WHY GET ALL REVENGE OF THE NERDS? And for a female like myself (not trying to GET anyone) your pump and dump would backfire. lol trust me…I’ve annoyed a couple of men who wanted relationships & after riding I politely got up & left. DELETE. What if the one you are SOOO SURE YOU KN0W SO WELL, was like me? Your whole lil setup would be so damn lame. Life is short, don’t assume to know anyone..not even you. Nemo is the same. If you just want ass…just get ass but revenge, iz waz tha geek now iz a god, edmund dantes shit is just wack, silly and sad. Take your red pill (i really must hear you guys actually define it in your words) and rule tha damn world happy. allons-z

    2. If they are still attractive, pump and dump. Call it a revenge fuck if you like.

  43. I noticed a long time ago a pattern of women who were dating posting they were single on facebook to avoid stating they were in a relation. I suspect it was they noticed a steep decline in beta male attention who back off when they see a taken woman.

  44. “And if they gain nothing more than that, it will be a pleasant addition to their personalities”… was very well said..

  45. It doesn’t sound like you know very much about women!! How old are you, 90?
    Seriously, I (and my friends) got hit on like mad when “forced” to put single on FB. Most of us didn’t want to lie by putting that we were in relationships but dang, it just got to the point where we had to because it wasn’t worth all of the strangers sending unsolicited messages and compliments, trying to move things into getting themselves laid. So we began to put “It’s Complicated”. Now we can just take the whole thing off? Good, let’s see if that slows down the desperate creepers half our age trying to get some.

    1. I agree. For most decent looking women, going online (or even going to a bar, alone) is a sure way to get laid and hit on by hundreds of men. Most of these men are wasting the woman’s time, of course. This has been the paradigm for the past century or so since casual dating has been accepted (in the past, men courted women at their homes under the approval of her family.)
      As the author notes, I don’t think “hiding” relationship status will fix the problem but rather make it worse: It will actually make the “ask” button into the ultimately safe pick-up line. Before when he might have had to come up with a line to send to an friend invite to a single woman, now just clicking ask is sufficient to state one’s intentions.

  46. I’m going to regret asking this, but at what age do you all consider a woman “past her prime”? Also, even if you really feel like all women are parasitic whores, don’t you still want to have children or want genuine companionship one day? Everyone is flawed. Some just more so than others. Most of what I’ve read here just makes me sad (for both sexes). But, some of it has actually given me some things to think about.

    1. “at what age do you all consider a woman “past her prime”?”
      >It all depends on genetics and health, Some women hit the wall at 25 and some don’t hit the wall until they are 40. It also depends upon the male partner’s general standards and sex drive, If the male is extra horny and is more easily turned on by a less ideal woman, than that would in theory extend the woman’s subjective attractiveness to the male and elongate her prime. Hence, a females “prime” is a subjective response to the Male partner she would be engaging. Some men perceive a 6 as an 8 this depends usually upon the male’s status and “settling” or some men just are more responsive to female vanity. Some men are turned off by lard, some can ignore it, some are turned off by wrinkles, some ignore it. This is all subjective. The dating market is based on supply and demand, scarcity, and is VERY related and easily compared to economic and financial markets. We are like a stock. Our fitness level, sexual talent, personality, all add to our dating resume’s and project value. It is all based on who the competition is, and convincing the aspiring partner using what most theorize as a “game” , however i see it from a scientific perspective as a pseudo “dating market theorist”. the word “game” is rather vulgar, though for some men it helps relieve the anxiety to project it as a game, and therefor tries to add an element of fun to the “dating” human mating activity, i think men who view it as a game subconsciously are already taking sex too seriously, Sigmund Freud and most psychologists state that more than half of our neuroses come down to sex, 2014 and beyond will be a revolution in information about gender relations and we can all improve and become educated so we can heal as a society , it may seem toxic at first, but this knowledge will cure us, we have bragged about our technological achievements as a society while completely ignoring our psychology, no wonder people are neurotic. The revolution of understanding the human MIND, is the next frontier in human advancement, All problems in society originate from it’s conscience yet when is the last time you bothered to read a philosopher or psychologist. Mental ignorance is our problem. We can create planes, towers , computers, space travel, But we have ignored the brain in our culture which has caused a toxic relation.
      “genuine companionship one day?”
      >Being one’s own best friend is the ultimate form of companionship. It’s extremely reliable. Only YOU can rely on yourself, ONLY YOU can TRULY understand yourself. You can’t fill a void through another person. It turns them into a victim and traps them into serving you and having to please you, this causes you to eventually take them for granted and sets off a cycle of downfall, its unhealthy. Seeking some sort of a “void filling” is an unhealthy approach doomed for failure. I could write a volume on all of this but i haven’t the time to spill my brains into a long comment.
      “Everyone is flawed”
      >Just because everyone is flawed does not make those flaws into virtues by some delusional default so i don’t know what your point is.

      1. I think what I meant (and didn’t articulate well) by “everyone is flawed” after asking if all you red pill guys still plan to reproduce is that a lot of the comments here say all women are exactly the same. Gold digging whores or whatever. But, let’s be honest….at least half of the guys on here are married or will get married one day and have or will have kids. If you all hate women so much, but half end up married anyway, what exactly are you settling for? What flaws are deal breakers? If all women are bitches, what about your mother’s, sister’s or daughters? Obviously these blanket statements some of you guys make, you don’t really mean. If you really meant it, you wouldn’t ever get married. You would never have children. I guess you wouldn’t ever call your mom. You guys have some horrible opinions and feelings about women. I can’t say that SOME of them don’t have merit. Stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason. You all talk about what whores women are, but still spend a ton of time and energy trying to fuck them. All this game shit sounds like a lot of unnecessary work. If women are so slutty, why do you have to put in so much effort? I don’t understand why you basically hate women for giving you what you want? Why invest the time and energy to fuck a woman, when you find them all so repulsive? I don’t understand the hypocrisy of that or of hating women but ending up married to one anyway. Also, wanting to spend your life with someone you care about and respect is not the same as trying to fill a void. What you said about all that is very true. But, it wasn’t an actual answer to my question.

        1. Thank you! You said basically everything I was thinking. For IF I hated men..I wouldn’t have a desire to screw one. I am trying to understand this also. And yes..daughters…how do you relate and raise a xx with a healthy esteem…when it appears that you dislike the gender?

        2. Fucking them with minimal financial damage, that is what it’s about. Pretty simple.

      2. Lol I am truly unique in…how I see and do things. I feel in love my freshman year in college with my first…we married, had 2 kids, did the military thing, grew up together & grew apart yet stayed friends til recently. I’ve had 2 boyfriends over the years since that had to force me to let them (as they called it) “spoil me and let men be men” I was HIGHLY INDEPENDENT. Never dated for money, looks or any other calculated reason. I’ve been fat, and skinny, ugly and beautiful. I could be manipulative yet have no desire to be. And I have no delusions of THE GAME. I think we think too much in this society & back ourselves into a hole vainly patting ourselves on the back for being oh so clever in figuring people out, when in actuality we can’t even figure ourselves out. I’ve never played women games when in love & found love when content with my life. My main desire as I am 40 now & in crossroads is sending my spawn out into the world, as happy healthy functional adults. If love and marriage happens again..fine, if not i’m good. That being said…you all call yourselves red pill males correct (nice matrix reference tho I prefer to cocktail my reality with a lil bit of escapism)? what is your goal for instance? Do you all desire love or just fwb? Do you wish to procreate? And may I ask…what kind of woman do you all, gravitate to…(outside of the physical appearance)?

    2. same feeling I got. It’s like a pointless misunderstood war…and will be a pyrrhic victory. started as simple desire to feel important and now men feel as though they are getting screwed. Most women that I know are just Mirroring what men they’ve dealt with has done to them..but to the wrong guys. This is just, a clusterfuck. I am sooo glad to be an introvert who enjoys my own company! I have a neighbor who cannot be without a man for like a week or she loses it. To me, that is true insanity! Maybe words like prime are problematic also, we are not meat.

  47. Almost everything wrong with human society today involves not enough Humility and too much Entitlement.

    1. It’s exactly the other way around. If people started acting like they’re entitled to democratic elections, personal freedom, decent jobs, housing, healthcare, etc Earth might become a decent place to live. It’s misplaced humility that’s holding humanity back.

  48. I came here because thought catalog has an article from this site. I enjoy analyzing people..objectively and felt that the author was the same. This article though has a undertone that I am noticing seems to be growing in popularity & has me wondering just how our society is going to recover. I know my thoughts & questions most likely aren’t welcome yet I will ask anyways. My male friends by now know that I am curious & they don’t mind. Ok ..to put my thoughts in order. 1. Would any of you honestly say that you hate women? I ask because what I am sensing (not just this article..many like it) is a MAJOR CONTEMPT towards females. 1a. If yes..won’t that dislike, hate, or whatever eventually cross into the lines of mating? 2. Do you believe these theories to be true of all women regardless of looks, upbringing, income, etc? (I doubt that you do) 2a. And if that answer is no, could you direct me to an article with opinions of other types of women. I have a ton of thoughts right now but my main thought is now it seems that men are in the very spot that we were in before the feminist movement. And it seems logical that there would be growth, and understanding between genders yet,..the anger and resentment expressed on both sides (plus black men HATE ONE OF US daring to even say we are feminist) is growingly alarmingly. I just wonder what kind of man is this producing for my daughter? My dad was my world & did not just spoil me. He knew what i’d face as a black woman & he didn’t mince words. My ex husband unfortunately suffers ptsd (ex marine) & is not the dad my kids remember. So he can’t do as my dad did with me. The raw schadenfreude some of you seem to get from this perceived life you think women are living is kinda disturbing. I take things at face value and if you say you aren’t bitter…ok. But how do you deal with a healthy AMERICAN woman who isn’t looking for a husband, who is comfortable with younger prettier women, who isnt catty and snarky and depressed cause her queendom went to shit?

    1. your daughter is heading into dark waters – The Western civilization is going into a serious decline spiritually, morally and financially. Men are walking away from relationships because the are very hazardous to them – the radfems have applied all their hate and bias into the legal/social systems to destroy relationships by destroying the men in them – men do not hate women (except for feminists – note: there is a world of difference between dictionary feminists and actual feminism ). MGTOW is growing and will keep growing with every oppression against men – We are not in the same spot feminists were as they had help from men to make things better – men only have themselves. For dealing with a “healthy” AMERICAN woman – glad you are not looking for a husband.

      1. um ok lol that last sentence seemed unnecessary. I don’t know. It just seems to me a lot of red pill men DON’T WANT TO GET ALONG WITH WOMEN. It seems to be all about putting us down. And how does one hope to have a healthy relationship when one frankly seem to despise the very thing they desire?

        1. Try checking what happens to men who get into relationships that fail – what price do they pay? When you finally see a complete picture then you mat be asking “why have men put up with this for so long” – then you may realize that most men are not privileged but live lives just trying to survive – they do not need to be destroyed by an unfair system that uses women to victimize them.

        2. I do see the complete picture. But unlike you. I am not blaming every man. Just as I dont blame every man for what led to the feminist movement. NOT EVERY MAN IN HISTORY MISTREATED WOMEN. Just as not every woman is out to destroy men as you seem to think. I have issues with the word victim in cases as these. for you are lumping every into gender when there are soooo many other things in this equation. I am friends with a lot of men. I know for a fact that lots of men have fragile hearts just as many women so I am sorry but I cannot be lumped into what your assumption of most women are/think/do

        3. You are right that not all women or men are the same but the ones who do not have enough good qualities end up destroying their partners leave an imprint of others – unfortunately men are far more damaged by divorce because the legal/social system decrees it.

      2. oh and btw…women only had ourselves during the fem movement. re check your history doll

  49. This one is pretty good:
    Richard Martinez Anderson Cooper CNN – Reverse speech reveals Boston marathon reference

    Richard Martinez Rails Against NRA CNN Reverse speech –

    Reverse speech analysis of Elliot Rodger’s ‘Retribution’ Video

    Richard Martinez CNN interview Reverse speech –

    Elliot Rodger’s Video Manifesto – Reverse speech on Elliot Rodger

  50. It’s like this: the women know the jig is up, so they go for a Hail Mary. The Hail Mary in this case being shaming tactics and emasculating insults.

  51. After being in relationship with emma for seven years, he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the spell caster, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much. I was so happy and went to him, that was how we started living together happily again. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful spell caster who helped me with my own problem and who is different from all the fake ones out there. Anybody could need the help of the spell caster, his email: [email protected] you can email him if you need his assistance in your relationship or anything. CAN NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT YOU SIR HIS EMAIL ADDRESS

  52. Not just that, you see alot of women are cock spinsters spinning from one cock and then onto the next cock. What would it look like if they were changing their relationship status every month? The betas would then realize hey this girl is fucking 12 guys a year and I ain’t one of them, bullshit! And put the girl in the “uncomfortable” position of having to explain, why she isn’t fucking him but fucking “losers” and why she keeps spinning cocks. The beta boys fake view of women would be shattered and there’d be alot less betas. Most beta men think women hardly have sex and aren’t into sex because this is what women present to them.

  53. I remember at this finance conference this 36 year old unmarried investment banker was giving a lecture/speech when towards the end of his speech this group of mid thirties women all high earning started a cat fight amongst themselves apparently they had arrived at this particular speech because they wanted to “hit” on this unmarried, high earning I suppose Alpha male. But if they these very desperate women had done their homework they would have realised that he was dating a very attractive 26 year old who was actually in the audience watching these desperate women.

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