Europe Is Gonna Have A Bloody Summer

Did you think the 2011 riots in Greece were bad?  That’s when their youth unemployment was only 40 percent.  Now it’s at a staggering 55 percent, and increasing exponentially:

As one Zerohedge commenter astutely noted,

Looks like we get to 100% youth unemployment in Spain and Greece sometime around 2017.

Which is impossible because at that point there would be full-scale youth militias robbing and pillaging in order to survive.  But the hilarity of his point stands.

Combine this with the fact that Europe is going to have to impose harsher forms of austerity this year due to the political impossibility of more bailouts, as Merkel is up for reelection and most Germans aren’t too keen on bailing out Greece for a fourth time, let alone the much larger economy of Spain, and we have a recipe for total chaos.

It’s almost guaranteed that the ECB (European Central Bank) will print a couple hundred billion to paper things over, but it will not reduce the need for austerity.  Which brings us to the main point: civil unrest.

Examine this graph from eXiled and tell me if you disagree:

After the riots start in Greece and Spain, it will probably spread to Italy and southern France (especially with their large Islamic population) as they face similar problems.

Will this come to America?  I’m not sure, but I’m wondering if I can travel to Greece this summer and experience a pussy paradise: I get a fun night, and she gets a bite to eat?

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102 thoughts on “Europe Is Gonna Have A Bloody Summer”

  1. I’ve read about a “neo-Nazi” party gaining a lot of popularity in Greece because of their stance on immigration. Blaming ethnic/religious groups for economic issues… where have we seen this before?

    1. Playing the Nazi card? That’s record speed on Godwin’s Law, dude. Congrats!
      Yeah, the third world immigrants being being shipped onto white lands are tearing white countries apart. Australia, Europe, America….all have been overrun by third world leaches.
      Conversely, there are no third world countries complaining about a massive influx of whites. Everybody wants what whites build. Parasites feasting on the corpse of Rome.

      1. Um tjere was a influx of europeans during colonial times tje americas an austrlaia new zealand sure he natives complained tjose are not white qatar uae malaysia an singapore tje native malay an arabs r out numbered by immigrants an no complaints.even saudi hs 4million migrants outa 25 million biggie to them.glad im in canada aint no problems..go play on stormfront..europe deserves whats comin

      2. I put “neo-Nazi” in quotes because they aren’t my words. I am neither for or against the party, I’m just saying that those of us with a basic knowledge of history won’t be surprised when Samseau’s “predictions” come true.

      3. Golden Dawn is a party which sympathises with the Neo Nazi cause openly in case you didn’t know, nothing Godwin law about it. They are fascists. How ironic that your mum named you after an important Jewish king btw

      1. Wait a second….a group of Greeks wants the country of Greece to be filled with….Greek people?!? That’s just crazy, dude!
        The land is theirs, not the land of the third world hordes. If the Greeks stand up to the invaders, God bless them. The land is theirs by birth right.

      2. Um there was a influx of europeans during colonial times the americas an austrlaia new zealand sure he natives complained those are not white qatar uae malaysia an singapore tje native malay an arabs r out numbered by immigrants an no complaints.even saudi hs 4million migrants outa 25 million biggie to them.glad im in canada aint no problems..go play on stormfront..europe deserves whats comin

      3. @David, just fyi, that’s not entirely true, only the Basques and Sami are truly indigenous to Europe…the rest arrived via migration at one point or another.

      4. Oh, you’re so learned!
        You’re claiming Greeks aren’t indigenous to Greek, and Europe should be invaded by third worlders.
        In other words, you have a homicidal hatred of whites and you’re a pathological liar.

      5. @David, I didn’t make any political argument I simply stated what the historical record tells us. I think immigration, particularly illegal immigration, is having a lot of consequences that are hurting both Greeks and immigrants, so I’d be in favor of just and sensible solutions being proposed and put in place. However, it’s simply false to argue that, in the long view of history, Greeks are truly indigenous to Europe…they aren’t. That doesn’t mean that Greece shouldn’t be Greek, it’s just a matter of how the Greeks got there.
        In other words, one can be honest about the historical record while at the same time recognizing the fact that Greece has the right to make and enforce its own immigration laws just like any other sovereign country.

      6. Sure. I just don’t buy anything you say, chief. You can strike a pose as an educated history teacher all you want, but you’re still full of shit.
        And I love the, “tells us”, and “we need to” and all these collectivist lingo. Dude, speak for yourself.

      7. So you’ll be employing the “la la la la I can’t hear you!” school of rhetoric. Intriguing choice, though it shouldn’t surprise any of us.

      8. Wait a second….a group of Greeks wants the country of Greece to be filled with….Greek people?!? That’s just crazy, dude!
        The land is theirs, not the land of the third world hordes. If the Greeks stand up to the invaders, God bless them. The land is theirs by birth right.
        While I certainly sympathize and mostly agree with this stance, the land is “not theirs” – the land of any country belongs only to those willing and able to hold it through the exercise of violence. The land belongs to the people who have taken it, and will belong to the same people for as long as they can hold it.
        Thinking in this historically realistic terms removes the victims excuse too many fellow conservative Americans use – we lost America. We gave it up. Prez DingleBerry and Co. Is doing what any leader would do whenhis people have taken a land. difference is, in America, most are so deluded to even know they lost, let alone see that they must take it back. Breads and Circuses,my friends. TV more important then integrity.

    2. The fringe parties in general have become stronger in Greece, even the Communists. All of them have a scapegoat ideology.

      1. You don’t grasp the definition of “scapegoat”. It means assigning blame to a blameless party. The third world hordes invading white countries (and the elites orchestrating this) are not blameless.

      2. No it means blaming your problems on one single cause because you are a simpleton. Illegal immigration is a problem but certainly not the cause of everything. The illegals simply exploit an opportunity to potentially benefit themselves, opportunities that arise because of natives. Simply dissing illegals gets us no where.
        I am European, my country is on the front line and no it has nothing to do with your illusions about the ethnic cleansing of white lands’. It is a problem in all of the Med, even N.African countries and Israel are having difficulties. Us Southern Europeans get shafted by the Northern countries too and we end up bearing the brunt of it all.

      3. Really? Al Arabiya newspaper? The Saudis’ answer to Al jazeera? Way to go. Next you’ll think Russia Today is an accurate source of info about what’s going on in the States. The wall is primarily there to stop Palestinian suicide bombers among other things

      4. I love the “Really?!?” opener. Femcunts and gays say that.
        Sorry that you hate Arabs so much that you dismiss any newspaper article from an Arab paper….but the article is right. Israel is a race-based country. Over 50% of the rabbis are atheists. They determine Jewishness by genetics. This is fact.
        It’s not just Arabs you hate, you also want to see whites genocided. Here is a video response to your wish:

      5. Christ, you Storm Front knuckle draggers are all the same: predictable, boring and utter fuckwits. Go and stick your head down the loo and pull the flushing.

      6. Don’t know what Stormfront is, but you say “fuck” more than a feminist, faggy.
        Anyway, yeah, keep fantasizing about murdering white people.

  2. Go to Spain, not Greece. Prostitution is legal, so is pot, and the age of consent is 13. (Not saying you like 13 year olds; just that chance of stat rape is zero)

    1. SPAIN is a NO-NO!!!! You see what they are doing to men in Spain? If you are a man ACCUSED of domestic violence, you are GUILTY. You are not allowed to even speak on your defense or even a lawyer to speak on your behalf. Feminism in Spain is GROWING!

  3. I think the youth in Europe get more support from their parents and are eligible for government housing and welfare payments, so it’s probably not as bad as it sounds. In any case the people of Europe are disarmed so all they can do is throw tantrums like children until Big Brother’s riot troops take the belt to their asses.

    1. As long as government welfare checks are coming, many can be pacified. But that’s drying up. And once funding for the riot troops dry up……. Unarmed people unwilling and unable to defend themselves are useful for target practice, and little else. As is should be. Even Europeans will figure that out one day; at least some will. And the rest…. oh-well! Life goes on without them.

    1. This article is very surprising. I’m french and i didn’t heard this news anywhere in the french media.

    2. France is BROKE anyway! That’s why they are invading Mali to try and get a hold on resources! That’s why they backed USA in jacking Libya of its gold!

      1. Libya had fuck all to do with gold and it was the USA that was dragged into the conflict. Mali also has little to do with resources. The North had become a lawless state and no one wants Islamists turning it into another Afghanistan as they are trying to do. Stop talking out of your arse.

      2. @Barrani
        That’s incorrect. The West, with the UK and France in front the USA from behind, armed the various Islamist groups to overthrow Gaddafi’s regime.
        These Islamists then attacked Tuareg nationalists in the north of Mali.
        France’s interest in Mali is natural resources, just like it was in Libya.
        The interest of the USA and the UK is to keep growing Chinese influence in Africa at bay, for reasons of geopolitical and strategic significance.
        Islamists more often than not have been on the same side as the USA and its allies. From the war in Afghanistan against the USSR, to the proxy wars in Caucasus against Russia, through to the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, the recent war in Libya, and now the civil war in Syria where al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. are all on the side of the USA/UK/France which seek the removal of the Assad regime.

      3. You know sweet FA about Libya. No, the whole country rose against him, not just the Islamists. The revolutions in neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia and his brazen murdering of civilians had something to do with it. France and the UK followed with interest because Libya happens to be a strategic country at the gates of Europe and a major transit point in illegal immigration. Intervention was needed to avert a humanitarian crisis on their shores. The fact that they found the opportunity to get rid of an unpredictable bully like Gaddhafi was also a plus.
        The Islamists were present but they are present everywhere, most Libyans were not affiliated and they fought with the weapons they pillaged from depots apart from their own. The US stuck to bombing Qaddhafi’s forces and supporting them. Stop listening to Alex Jones and Glenn Beck.

      4. As for the Islamists attacking the Tuareg nationalists, LOL. They initially allied together to attack the Malian government. Now it has degenerated into a feud between various factions. The leader of Ansar Deen took part in previous Tuareg rebellions. The Tuaregs were also allies of Qaddhafi.
        Islamists have shared enemies with the US but that does not make them allies. Their sponsors like the Saudis are allied to the US, purely out of necessity and they do much to give them US aid and guns. If you want to argue that the people in charge of US policy are corrupt or fucking morons then I might agree with you.

  4. I moved to Spain about eight months ago, so I think I got a pretty good first hand impression of the sentiment. Many folks are poor and others work very hard to get by. But in general I don’t sense impending revolution. Yes, demonstrations are common but they have not reached a level of violence you will find in Greece. There are always radicals of course – thus far it’s a minority.
    Interestingly I have heard that four out of five young unemployed have little interest of finding a job. They know their generation is fucked and they don’t seem to really care much. Many remain at home into their thirties and collect government assistance. Very few kids speak a second language here, which is unusual for Europe. I was raised in Gemany and speak fluent English and some French (and now Spanish). The educational system in Spain seems to be extremely deficient when it comes to teaching young children languages and this has resulted In a very insular attitude among most Spaniards. I would even dare to say that among Europeans the Spanish are the least cosmopolitan. It is for instance difficult to find a bottle of non-Spanish wine in a supermarket. Same goes for food – it’s mostly Spanish food you’ll find here and I have seen more diverse selections in the boonies over in the U.S.
    So most young Spaniards find themselves trapped here and it seems to me they have very little interest of leaving for greener pastures. Sure there is a minority that is learning Geman or perhaps English or Chinese to further their career chances, Some have left for Chile or Argentina but it is small minority.
    Given all this you would think we’re sitting on a powderkeg over here. But strangely it feels rather tranquil thus far. Perhaps this coming summer may be the inflection point. Which is why I keep a pretty light footprint here – ready to leave the second I sense the heat coming around the corner 😉

    1. I couldn’t agree more with your analysis. I am a Spaniard living abroad for now 6 years and every time I go back to Spain, I expect several people to ask me how to emigrate, but instead they just ask me half joking that if I can find a job for them, they can maybe think about to move abroud….. To me sounds like a lost generation….

    2. You are correct. Been to Spain many times the past few years. You don’t notice any impending panic among the youth there. More just a silent band of lost hope perhaps. Others I know who have travelled outside of the Madrids and Barcelonas of Spain note the same.
      Maybe it’s the quiet before the storm?

    3. I spent some weeks in southern Spain and I saw the exact same thing. I met very few people under 35 who had a job and there were lots of “We’ll teach you Chinese/German/whatever and get you a job in another country!” commercials and yet very little bilingualism as you mentioned. Still, very little angst in the country, I guess unemployment benefits are still good enough that people can get by relatively comfortably, but if that goes, who knows what happens next. It’s a shame because it’s a lovely country with great people…it’d be nice to see some light at the end of the tunnel but in all honesty that seems pretty unlikely.

      1. As long as unemployment and welfare checks flow freely, chilling at the beach, bar or dayddy’s couch may be OK, but once they dry up (and they will, since government revenue is predicated on young people moving in and getting taxable work as elders fall off), there will be a double whammy. Immediately, the young unemployed will get hit. Then, their parents, whose local businesses depend partly on money spent by this horde of unemployed’s, will see a large reduction in revenue. And, given they are levered up, they will go under, and banskters will move in and take over. Which, since they can no longer afford to pay their mortgage, will happen to their homes as well. That’s not a situation conducive to civil order…

    4. I was in Valencia, Spain for a wedding back in November. The people all looked relaxed, they dress well, and the city was alive.
      I didn’t see any signs of potential social unrest even though the economic indicators coming out of Spain are horrendous.

  5. streetfood-close after clubs/bars pulls big punches especially when ppl are broke!
    A slice of pizza makes an easy lay….even in big cities.

  6. i was stationed in Rota, Spain for 3 years. i lived in El Puerto De Santa Maria. Look for Sevilla on the map, it’s just south on the of Jerez. i speak spanish. i can vouch for the unemployment there. my sponsor was married to a girl from Jerez, before i left i was messing with a girl from Jerez. she was amazed at the fact that i had my own pad. and it was nicer than her families. i POSTED about my time in Spain as proof.
    my land lady told me if i hadn’t rented the house, she was going to have to sell it. she was BEGGING me to pimp out her house because they couldn’t afford to keep it. YOUTH couldn’t find jobs…
    NO ONE could find a job. if you landed a gig at a supermarket you held on to it like mad.

  7. This kind of thing isn’t a joke to me. It’s a very serious matter with many painful consequences for A LOT of people.
    Will this come to America? Most definitely. And the entitlement generation won’t like it, so you could probably expect even more unrest in the states. In fact, this will actually affect the entire world economy before it’s over.
    I expect the DJIA to top out around 14,000 soon at a new high, followed by a steady 3 year decline into triple digits. That’s insane. We’re talking about the greatest depression ever.
    With that said, if you manage to secure your US dollars under your matress, there’ll be a lot of investing oppurtunities and many people will miss out on them. I’ll I can say is be prepared. Have food/supplies, a gun, gold, silver and cash on hand. No joke. I’m not an alarmist…just realistic.

    1. Guns, gold, silver and cash mean nothing if there isn’t a market to except them. If a person has a farm, there’s more benefit in working the land with them than there is in any gold or silver.

      1. You mean accept instead of except. And I didn’t mention anything about the market disappearing, there’ll always be a market. I won’t accept words being put into my mouth.
        History shows that there’re always times of optimism and of pessimism. We are in an increasing period of negative mood and it’ll be the worst one yet. There’s more to fear than just deflationary depression.

  8. Please recall your history. The American colonists put up with a lot of crap from King George before the revolutionary war. It could be another stamp-tax, poll-tax, tea tax, etc that sets off a MINORITY of wealthy influence leaders to say, “enough is enough.”

    1. America is in charge this time. Their debt is huge and lot of people rely on entitlement programs to get by.
      How do you think people will react when there’s no more retirement money? No more welfare and foodstamps? When unemployment reaches 30% or more? When you have to stand in line for hours for a roll of toilet paper and food and fuel is scarce because of rationing?

      1. Won’t happen. All you’ll see is people forced to get off their butts and help out, it’s pretty simple. No point in toilet paper if there’s no one manning the sanitation facilities, picking up garbage, or working at the McDonalds. If you’re picturing a Mad Max type of future ( which had a lot of gaps) Who drills for oil to make fuel if there’s no incentive to work? No one. Fuel is a waste byproduct of oil refining.

      2. I’m not saying the market will completely shut down, but that there’ll be massive spending cuts and increased authoriatarianism.
        These times if negative social mood (which is just getting going) always end in major wars. On top of that, they’ll be natural and man made epidemics, starvation and muder.
        By the year 2050 or so, the death toll will far surpass that of The Great Depression/WW2 era. Probably in the billions if nukes enter the equation.
        Mark my words. You can call me Brandondamus from now on.

  9. greek people as a community enjoy revolutions and displays of democracy. Relax europe is getting back on its feet and the youth still have iphones with internet porn there not genuinly going to revolt a la arab spring.

  10. The problem that America has is that all we are is a promise. We don’t have a uniform history, culture, religion, and, yes, race, the way these European countries do. They can count on a level of stability that we cannot. When that promise dies as the wealth, jobs, opportunities, and freedoms disappear, we will turn on each other. Don’t count on our police forces or military to keep things under control. The police will most likely no longer exist due to budget cuts at the local level and our army could not keep Iraq or Afghanistan under control. Yes, we will go after each other in all the ways that you suspect, and some ways that will be a surprise.
    It’s going to be very interesting to see how American men in a Yugoslavia-not-Army-Of-The-Potomac-Vs-Army-Of-Virginia style civil war will react to dealing with obese and entitled women. That’s never happened before. Even if starvation from war shortages causes them to lose weight, they will have a lot of droopy skin due to losing it too quickly.
    However it works out, it will be the most horrifying thing ever to happen – worse than WW II. Even America’s fiercest critics admit that violence and death is something at which we excel.

  11. Europe is shutting the door on immigrants and going head-first into fascism and there is less than 4% non-european immigrants there. What is the figure for the UK, US and Canada?
    Europe will still be European long after the US is speaking Spanish, the UK Urdu, and Canada Tamil.

  12. I love It gives the best economic analysis. The kind of red pill stuff that never gets mentioned in the mainstream media.

    1. Best financial site out there. Gets pretty tiring their doom and gloom scenarios but they speak the truth and back it up with facts. A lot of this stuff takes years to rise to the surface so it doesn’t make their rantings any less true.

    2. Don’t kid yourself. Zerohedge is a cesspool of conspiracy theories. It holds absolutely no value. No investors or traders read that blog. It’s a joke. Read up on Bloomberg News or pick up the Financial Times. Zerohedge =/= Economic Analysis

  13. Take it from me the blacks and muslims don’t need much excuse to riot, they cause alot of crime & trouble anyway and are the first to riot at the drop of a hat. They need removing in all honesty, and if their is turmoil in europe the conditions may be created where it could happen. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Europe could be rebuilt. The debts built up by massive immigration and giving these third worlders housing, medical care, handouts, policing them, schooling them will disappear. Their burden on society removed. The story is not so different in America with your black and hispanics either.

    1. You forgot the Gypsy minority in Europe, which is just about similar to Blacks and Mestizos. However they tend to be a bit more peaceful than Blacks and are usually content with only begging and stealing from you, without killing you. Though there have also been murders committed by Gypsies.

      1. Just about every ethnic group on the face of the planet has members who’ve committed murder so that seems a spurious thing to cite. Anyway the relations between Roma-Sinti and the rest of Europe vary from country to country, in Spain for instance they don’t have nearly the same reputation for theft as they do in other places. What you mention is something that’s not at all universal IMO.

  14. You can tell this was written by a Yank. First of all Europe is a very diverse continent, Greece is heading for political turmoil and infighting for many reasons, it is unlikely that others will go down the same route. In Spain it is the Catalan independence movement that has become strong, but the fact that they would have to rebuild their own economy and reapply for EU membership has somewhat dampened the whole thing. No you will not be seeing Tahrir square in most places

    1. Wishful thinking. The entire world is heading into a deflationary depression. The debt isn’t just going to disappear.
      It’s like a game of musical chair where the chairs are money. When the music stops (money runs out) you’d be glad to have some cash on hand.

      1. Well, don’t expect it to happen overnight in Spain. Eastern Europe also seems to be in the toilet but still no sign of mass civil disobedience. Just disillusionment, resignation and scepticism about the EU.

  15. I’m in the military stationed in Germany. I have been waiting for the euro to collapse for about a year and a half but Germany keeps bailing everybody out. Already the Germans have no desire to bail everybody out indefinitely. This next year might see an upswing in Greek travel when their money is worthless….. It will affect America but we’ll be alright just like Germany will.

  16. Don’t forget that there’s 50 million people in america are eating with food stamps. You can already have your fun night for a piece of pizza. America will be in the same trouble as Europe.

  17. You can tell whoever wrote this has never been to Europe.
    Loads of ppl work in the black market and Sp, It and France are still great places to live, particularly France.
    Most of them are emigrating on masse to the UK/Nordic block/Germany

    1. Exactly! In a country like Greece, a large number of people that make up these unemployment rates still work and make money somehow, there’s too many ways to mention right now.
      Another factor that’s difficult for Americans and Western Europeans to grasp is the role that the family plays in these countries, it’s a very tight bond and they protect each other no matter what. That’s why it’s rare to see people living on the streets or having nothing to wear or eat!

      1. No government can replace the family and blood ties. Family is everything, we in the Med know this very well. The differences between the West, South and East makes me doubt whether the EU will really be meaningful long term.

  18. im living in berlin now and its crazy how many young spanish people are coming here…i guess not only because berlin is an amazing city but they just have no opportunities in spain. it seems a lot of them are learning german and heading this way

    1. Chill out, it’s not going to happen unless one of those bearded Muslim terrorists gets his hands on a nuke and detonates in London or Manhattan. Not even Kim Jong Un is interested in war. The people in Europe, even less.

    2. Yea, these things always end in major wars, but typically not until the end of the second downturn (we’re still in the first).
      That’s a couple decades away or so, fortunately.

  19. Of course there is going to be war. Freeloaders riot and destroy when the spigot is turned off whether in a slut or an entire country. Greece is europe’s sec 8 welfare whores. China has 30 million extra males with no women for them due to the 1 child policy and executing women. Obama supports islamic terrorists in libya, eygyt, and syria.
    The best hope is make an assload of money fast and go live in equador, panama, or another such haven where living is dirt cheap.

  20. “is this really what social collapse is all for?”
    Yes. It’s war by other means. Defeat your enemy and take his women.
    I’ve been in Portugal since 2006. The hookers took up 1 1/2 pages of the classifieds in the paper that the bar has daily. Now it takes up 4 pages. If you’ve got spare cash, come over to Lisbon and live out your 3 girl fantasies by college girls who gosto bumbum. That applies to you to Jenibear, lots of range-fed young men with respectful attitudes too.

  21. “it will probably spread to Italy and southern France (especially with their large Islamic population) as they face similar problems.”
    Absolutely love this site but that’s codshit. It’s widespread institutional xenophobia and poverty Samseau NOT islam you donkey.

    1. ya plus dont migrants typically concentrate in urban areas…they never go to small towns

  22. I’ve lived in Andalucia in Southern Spain for thirteen years now. Despite 30% general unemployment and over 60% youth unemployment, there is very little sign of despair or general poverty here. There are practically no beggars on the streets. Things are very calm. Many complain about things being tight, but those with jobs are hanging on to them. The young people are either moving to Northern Europe or are sitting things out in their parents’ house. The ones who have stayed are very complacent. Unemployment here in Spain is a different concept to other places in the world. Family ties are extremely strong and that is where people turn to and receive support. People get very little from the government and don’t expect it.
    Here’s an example, some time ago I needed some photography work done so I asked a friend’s kid to ask at her university if any students in the photography department wanted to earn some extra cash doing the job for me. No takers, all too busy with other stuff. This is not the material that revolutions are made from.
    The mass demonstrations seen in Madrid and other cities last summer were mostly public sector workers, ‘funcionarios’, protecting their narrow interests. The rest of the Spanish people have limited sympathy for them. The minor rioting from the Occupy fringe element got a very tough response from the police. Many heads were cracked. The police here tend to be respectful and very relaxed when you are a normal Joe. As long as you are not taking the piss, they will generally try to avoid making life difficult for you. Most are not on the same power trip that you see with your typical American cop, but do not put it up to them or you will see a very different side to them. Everybody here understands this.
    My prediction? More grinding depression, but no revolution. Not in Spain.

  23. Economist here: It’s all the ECB’s fault. Even Germany is in recession, the Euroland GDP deflator at a very low 1.3% or thereabouts (despite repeated VAT increases), and yet the ECB refuses to cut interest rates for no intelligible reason.
    That’s the story — very low inflation despite VAT increases, fiscal austerity, very slow growth, and tight money from the ECB.

  24. A lot Spaniards have been coming to the UK for work.
    Barbarians at the Gates. The current situation and illegal immigration in Europe reminds me of just that, the fall of Rome.

  25. News flash… countries will go bankrupt for overspending their incomes. Economist have just came up with this ridiculous theory

  26. what the fuck does race and immigration has to do with this? the vast majority of europeans are white..over 90% in most countries. Almost all of their political leaders are also white! I am a black-american and i frankly do not give a fuck if greece, spain, or any other european country wants to “ban non-european immigrants or not”. or any native european views on immigration. I you do not want me to visit your country for a couple of weeks, spend my hard earned money on hotel fee, resturants, art galleries and other tourist attractions, I will simply choose another travel destination, latin america, asia, south pacific. or any other place i feel welcomed. that said..brown and dark skin immigrates did not wreck these countries economies! not africans, arabs, asian or any person of color who immigrated to spain, or greece for example. (most immigrate entered these countries legally BTW). The reason why Greece, Spain and other EU countries are so fucked up is because the people keeps electing greedy, corrupt, and competent politicians. period! Any ban on immigration is not going to chance…lol These fucking facist are sad pathetic losers! emusculated sexually frustrated chumps! chronic masturbaters of american porn! no wonder many of their “women”are dating out their race. Rooshv; the creater of this blog is Persian..he also does not have any problem banging european women! especially eastern european despite the death threats he get from these angry white nationalist!
    Loser like these guy posting racist comments above are the reason why i will do not have any interest in becoming an MRA!

    1. Dude… what would you be called if you were up in a tree with a bunch of monkeys?
      Branch manager.

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