Beejoli Shah’s Public Accusation Of Rape At UC Berkeley Raises Many Questions (UPDATE)

(The man who Shah accused has given a statement. Scroll down to the end of this article for that update.)

Not even two weeks after the UVA gang rape story published in the Rolling Stone fell to pieces, the mainstream outlet Buzzfeed has published a rape accusation by freelance writer Beejoli Shah in an article titled How My Culture Failed Me After I Was Raped. Nine years after the fact, Shah details how she was drugged and then raped by an Indian man while she was a freshman at UC Berkeley. In spite of claiming to have evidence from a drug test and rape kit, she did not report the crime to police. Thanks to a reader tip, ROK has discovered the identity of her alleged rapist.

Shah’s accusation fits the pattern of a false accusation that I addressed in All Public Rape Accusations Are False. When a girl avoids going to the police to instead share the story nationally in full public view, there is reasonable suspicion that she is using the accusation to push a false narrative onto the masses, relieve symptoms of mental illness, gain attention and validation, or get revenge on a former lover who didn’t pursue a romantic relationship with her. Shah’s breezy story, which supposedly took place nearly a decade ago, does not offer an especially convincing account, especially since she was flirting with her alleged rapist for weeks before.

Here are some excerpts:

What I didn’t expect was being roofied, not remembering the rest of the night, and waking up in Neil’s bed covered in bruises.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I remember snippets of the night. I fully remember insisting no alcohol be in my beverage when Neil offered to pour me a mixed drink — a choice integral to my plan of presenting my best self. I remember a very hazy moment: walking down a hill toward Neil’s apartment, daring him to let me wear his shirt. I was definitely drugged by then, but eight years later I remember that brief moment of flirtation I surely was complicit in.


I do know that when two of [my girlfriends]  took one look at my neck, covered from side to side in a macabre grin of angry purple bruises and bite marks, they knew something had happened that wasn’t supposed to. I told them what I remembered from that evening as best I could, and they were incredibly supportive, especially given that none of us had dealt with anything of this nature before in our eight months of friendship. But it also didn’t stop them from asking, “Are you sure you guys didn’t just accidentally hook up last night?” After all, they had seen mine and Neil’s ill-advised flirtations in the weeks prior.


Neil and I had been flirting here and there in the weeks leading up to the party. If I hazily remembered flirting with him on the walk home, who’s to say I didn’t say no when push came to literal shove? Even though I’d never blacked out, and don’t remember drinking at all, did I maybe just get really drunk? I logically knew the answer to all those questions pointed to no, this wasn’t my fault, but if I couldn’t even believe myself entirely, there was no way I was going to be a believable victim.

The reason that she didn’t want to report the rape is to protect her reputation:

Going to campus police was never an option. It’s not that our Indian community wasn’t having sex, but we sure as hell weren’t talking about it. I wasn’t explicitly talked out of wanting to press charges, but it never even came up in the discussion process of how to move forward. I was worried about others in the Indian scene finding out, and the rumor mill dropping the non-consensual aspect of me having had sex…

Either she was raped by a man who seduced her over an extended period of time and got her to voluntarily come to his apartment (she stated giddiness at the prospect of wearing his shirt), or she felt guilty for sleeping with a senior [removed] too quickly after being dumped by an ex-boyfriend that stated her “liberal” behavior as the main reason. We have no police report, no hard evidence she was drugged, and no account from the alleged rapist. There is one of two things we can conclude about Beejoli Shah’s account:

1. She was raped and because she failed to report the rape, she allowed a rapist to remain on the loose for nearly a decade. We can only speculate at how many more women were raped because Shah didn’t go to the police and experience a few hours of inconvenience to put a dangerous criminal behind bars.

2. She is lying about her rape. The rape did not occur and is instead a revisionist or implanted memory that surfaced because of America’s current hysteria surrounding rape.

Neither of these options paint Shah in a favorable light, but at least the second option would mean that less women have been put in danger. The problem with this less harmful scenario is that Shah gave enough information in her article that her alleged rapist was easily identified by a tipster. Consider these three facts:

A. [removed]

B. [removed]

C. removed]

I have contacted him and am waiting for his reply so I will not go the extra step in publishing his name until he is given a full day to respond. Since Shah’s alleged rapist took only three steps to find, that leaves the responsibility on her to either issue a retraction to her Buzzfeed article so that it no longer points the finger to an innocent man, or to do the right thing for the safety of women everywhere by contacting the police immediately to put this rapist beyond bars before California’s 10-year statute of limitations runs out.

I contacted Shah to confirm or deny that the man I identified above was her rapist, giving her time to respond before this article’s publication, but she gave me a fake email address in response:

Beejoli Shah on Twitter   .@rooshv And if you need some advice on how to properly ask for comment on an article in the future, please email

And here is a tweet she sent me earlier that urged me to commit incest:

Beejoli Shah on Twitter   So kindly fuck off @hgfrog @zelcorpion and @rooshv, and go back to tongue fucking your siblings instead THAAAAAANKS

This story comes hot on the heels of Lena Dunham publicly accusing “Barry” of raping her in college in the same memoir where she admits to digitally penetrating her little sister’s vagina. Once Barry was identified, Dunham came out with a retraction (on Buzzfeed, ironically) so that she was not exposed to legal liabilities. We shall see if Beejoli Shah, whose claim to fame is getting her toes sucked by Quentin Tarantino, follows in her footsteps.


I contacted Shah’s alleged rapist with her accusation. He has vehemently denied that a rape took place:

Unequivocally deny that here was nothing other than consensual activity. I should have said no and refused her oncomingd [sic] as it was clear she was trying to get back at her boyfriend by “hooking up.” I welcome her to go to the police now (and urged her at the time as well) and felt compelled to do so myself at the time once she started mentioning that she didn’t remember anything.

He states that if any drugging occurred, one that has yet to be proved by Shah, it was not done by him:

If for some reason she may have been given something that night it wasnt by me, with my knowledge or even perceptible to me as she was completely coherent (verifiable by friends from undergrad who i stil [sic] know today).

With his strong denial, the onus is on Shah to provide evidence that a rape did indeed take place. Since it doesn’t seem like this will be forthcoming, an impartial observer must now conclude that Shah has falsely accused this man of a horrendous crime for personal gain. It is unknown whether he will pursue civil action against Shah.

Follow-up Article: Buzzfeed Has Removed Several Details Of Beejoli Shah’s Alleged Rape After We Questioned It


291 thoughts on “Beejoli Shah’s Public Accusation Of Rape At UC Berkeley Raises Many Questions (UPDATE)”

    1. That kind of reckless shenanigan got my granduncle LYNCHED by the Ku Klux Klan at the word of an American WF, for the exact same false accusation.
      Seriously, this kind of blame game only ends in death of the innocent.

      1. With the threat of a false rape accusation (how’s fraccusation as a neologism?) followed by a lynching, you’d think Black men would stay away from white women. I’ve read somewhere that apparently Black women back then were a lot more chaste and wouldn’t put out until after marriage whereas white girls were reportedly easy.
        So these men were willing to play with fire to score some free poosy. I find that price a little steep.

        1. Never mind the fact even an American black lesbian woman in her senior years told me “even my WF counterparts got their own men LYNCHED too”, much to my surprose.

        2. Considering Margaret Sanger and others of her ilk, not surprising.
          It is possible to be a racialist (preference for dealing within your own race for dating, marriage, business, etc.) without being a racist (contempt for others). I have yet to see a white racialist who judging from their writings isn’t a racist.

  1. Lol get a load of this moron. Dear all readers of this malicious, ignorant, raving spittle-flecked masturbator: stop reading him, educate yourself, and reconsider the bad decisions that have led you to click on this page. It only gets worse from here.

    1. commentating, given your posting history you seem rather more interested in critically evaluating conservative claims than those of the left. What’s up with that?

  2. Get ready for the butthurt Gawker readers to invade the comments. They are not pleased on Twitter at the moment.. lol

    1. You did not do anything but attempt to discover the truth about an accusation about a heinous crime. Consider yourself a seeker of truth and justice for all regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. I admire your courage.

      1. Since these morons don’t think about anything, who cares what they say when they’re pretending to?

    2. You did the best thing…you called out another attention whore.
      Fuck… these girls need a hug!

  3. My sister just gave birth to a baby girl, and I can’t but help wonder the kind of environment she will be brought up in. Remember, a child is moulded by the environment she is brought in. While she will be raised hopefully with good values by her parents, she nonetheless will be also influenced by other elements, such as the kind of friends she has, the whole girl power culture and other female garbage being shoved into our faces such as the smartphone and “selfie” culture.
    It appears that the whole rape epidemic is now turning into a lifestyle choice for a lot of women and contributes greatly towards the decline of morality and good values that women no longer seem to possess.

    1. Early socialization is the key to raising decent non-deluded non-feminazi daughters, and it is a hard process since there just too much external factors we cant control here

    2. I have two daughters, being raised without a mother, and I can say confidently they want no part whatsoever of feminism.
      Conversely, teaching girls that their sexuality makes them special is a recipe for what you see here. It causes me physical pain.

  4. Speaking from personal experience, Indian girls in the West are absolute nutcases. They manage to retain the worst aspects of Indian culture (sexual prudishness, a princess/daddy’s little girl mentality from years of being spoiled by their rich parents) while absorbing the worst aspects of American culture (SJW ideology and feminism and narcissism).
    They’re not that attractive, either. Indian girls have decent asses, but their butts are always squishy and soft, even when they’re young, and they have too much body hair. At least they’re not as obese as the general population.
    Additionally, virtually all of them are afflicted with a creepy racial inferiority. Indian girls hate being Indian, secretly want to be white, yet obsess over the “superiority” of Indian culture (a nation where poor people shit on the streets) as a way to make themselves seem “unique.” You think the male IRTs infesting the forum are bad, try dating an Indian chick if you want to experience true pain.
    The worst Indian girls are the ones adopted by white couples. I have yet to meet a single one who isn’t a complete psycho. One of the nuttiest girls I ever dated was an Indian with white parents: she was a borderline who would provoke me into fights hoping that I would haul off and punch her, because she got off on the drama and the violence. (She was also a squirter. Take that for what you will.)
    Beejoli Shah is almost certainly lying about being raped, because she is almost certainly insane. She’s not attractive enough to get attention from the white men she lusts after and she despises her co-ethnics for being “creepy” and “sexist.” Even if she’s telling the truth, the way in which she went about exposing her rapist shows that she’s not all right in the head.

    1. IRT’s? Indian Something something?
      On theredpill subreddit there was a post by an Indian guy lamenting how other Indian guys complain they can’t get white girls or something. He didn’t have the same issue. I assume it is something like that.

        1. Inferority complex is very strong within Indian girls. I have seen many of them desperately trying to be white, and it looks ridiculous.
          Indian girls are some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, but their personality disorders and inferiority complex are the biggest let downs for me.

        2. clearly you never seen latinas man. Less body hair,better features on average,less drama and more curves. Plus better personalitys, they tend to be more down to earth. They may be spicy but not that mad.
          you can go on yahoo answers and you can see posts on white guys regretting to marry into indian and pakistani families.
          if thats not enough to scare you,assuming you know about how theyll chase you down over “honor killings n shit” Indian women dont age well,get fat quickly and are hairer then half of white men.
          Im a hairy dude(mini roosh) and Ive met 5 of the top of my head that were about as hairy as me give or take. Even on the face.

        3. Indian guys HATE with a passion when white guys date their women. Me, it makes me laugh with delight–muhahahahaha!!!

        4. As a guy who’s second gen indian on my fathers side, i utterly cringe when i hear IRTs come into the threads.
          If its worth anything, the one’s born in the west are not so bad. And also most of the IRTs tend to be darker skinned southern indians (double inferiority complex because they are low on the racial ladder at home as well).
          I basically look latin/spanish/mixed-moroccan/whateverthefuckitdoesntmatter depending on what time of the year you get me.
          There was a cool theory i heard about why various groups tend to humiliate themselves (germany and their GGG girls and pee porn, japan with all their humiliation porn) someone said that a country that surrenders its masculinity (usually by surrendering in a war) tends to express that humiliation in its culture. It might be that india still has inferiority complex (think of statist little dick syndrome) compared to brits (who were top of the hierarchy for 200 years) and lighter skinned indians (lower than brits, higher than everyone else). Anyway this whole worrying about colour thing is a waste of time.
          Re: IRT, Maybe they began coveting white women as the be all and end all then.
          Or maybe its because indian women are so goddamn horrible.
          who knows.

        5. i’m just going to lay this one out. punjabi girls are hot (they look sorta like persian girls) but they are verifiably fucking crazy. avoid them at all costs.
          its like BPD 24/7 and they dont give up enough pussy for the crazy to be worth the hot

        6. latinas having less drama?
          thats the first time i’ve ever heard that said in a conversation!
          but when compared to indian girls that would be true. oh so true.

        7. for any guys insecure about dick size on here, check out the get hung section of good looking loser for how to go up an inch or inch and a half. might be difference between a laugh and a hump

        8. Inferiority complex is very strong within *Indians*.
          Whenever they lose at cricket, the other team was ALWAYS cheating. Always. Even though sub-continentals are the biggest cheats in the game.
          Civilisation’s greatest underachievers.

        9. have to say its the women. People with inferiorty complexes can be dangerous. Example blacks were looked down on and now they are considered strong tough and athletic. The russians were always taken over hisotrically and now are consdiered the toughest europeans.
          While the vikings 1 of the most feared warriors now have the most beta gay men on the planet….sweden

        10. ya I was comparing latinas to indian and middle eastern women in the family. So to us, they dont seem so bad. But they are quarlsome nonetheless. White women are seen as ok but passive aggressive and the ones that married asian girls…well lets say they seem the less stressed of them all.
          from crazy to sane women its like this
          indian>middle eastern>latin>islander>white>asian
          havent met the black women in the family so i cant say

        11. well duh, you guys ruined your women and now are ruining the other ones. Plus there are more indian males then females, so competition is fierce,even for scraps because they are expected to “man up” and marry their own.
          So since your women suck you have everything to gain while indian,asian,middle eastern,slavic and latin have everything to lose. Cant say I blame em when these non western men get mad when we come.

        12. When I was growing up,durinng when hip hop was cool, the indian guys wanted to be darker to be more black and macho to pull women.
          But those IRTs in usa are south indians whose parents are hard studying nerds. So course theyll raise him beta. While in Canada we got the indians have alphas too like BIndy Johal, Dosanjh bros,Randy Naiker,etc whom came from normal working class families and are more alpha. Think surrey jacks.

        13. i would disagree slightly on this. i think its more parallel.
          indian and middle eastern are same or similar levels of crazy
          latina is less crazy than middle eastern and indian but still pretty fucking crazy. think hot passionate but insane.
          islander not really familiar with that as from britain.
          white women. you have to categorise the difference between eastern european/russian women and western woman.
          western woman run the whole gamut and spectrum all the way from batshit insane feminazi to beautiful traditionalist.
          unfortunately over time its skewing to become more and more on the crazy end.
          eastern european/russian woman are very cold upfront but once you warm them up they are beautiful, traditional obedient and loving. so they would be very much on the sane end. They want someone to give them gina tingles and act like a goddamn man about things, and support them too. in exchange for this, they provide cooking, sex, a beautiful girl to look at, being a good mother, and marriage. this is the epitome of rational decision making.
          asian pinay and thailand etc women are the ultimate submissives and about same tier as EE women (in sanity ratings)

        14. First/second gen latinas can be dramatic. Straight off the boat/over the fence latinas aren’t. Most are pretty laid back actually. Most can cook. Many are damn sexy and they take pride in dressing/looking good.

        15. I am married to a Filipina and the word submissive does not come to mind. They are like all women and want their way. They just go about getting it in a different way from their white sisters. Now, let me tell you that they behave like a human being, not a goddess, so the result is much more pleasant. They also treat wife as a job title not a retirement plan.

    2. ” Indian girls in the West are absolute nutcases. They manage to retain the worst aspects of Indian culture (sexual prudishness, a princess/daddy’s little girl mentality from years of being spoiled by their rich parents) while absorbing the worst aspects of American culture (SJW ideology and feminism and narcissism)”
      Absolutely agree, i can totally relate to that

      1. You can see it so clearly in this case exposed by Roosh. The girl rejects her Indian upbringing by being a drunken, Western slut then pulls out her Indian card all of a sudden when she needs it, by not reporting the rape due to all the Indian culture ramifications. She gets everything she wants. Not only through the feminine imperative but by playing her ethnic card.
        1. Drunken, slutty fun just for the sake of it and to recover from being dumped.
        2. Remove guilt of debauchery by misremembering it as rape
        3. Manufacture drama/pseudo-rage/martyr thrills of being a rape victim, gaining all kinds of progressive cred.
        4. Erase legal accountability of crying rape (without reporting it to police) by pulling out the Indian card.
        Every step of the way she cashes in on a different aspect of her identity to either get what she wants or to feel how she wants to feel about her behavior.

    3. as an indian guy I have to admit, you’re pretty accurate on most points. There are a few amazing indian girls out there- but the vast majority do definitely have that inferiority complex and make up for it by outdoing their white female counterparts when it comes to partying and men.

    4. This was great. 9/10, would read and kek again.
      Kidding aside though, there’s always been something not quite right about the Indian women I’ve ran into. There’s a lot of them that go to USF in Tampa, and the only way to describe them is *creepy*.

      1. lol if any women are going to be creepy its indian women and I guess you can throw middle eastern girls into, since staring in those countries are not taboo. It has nothing to do with IOIs, they are just like that, even grandmas

    5. Just reading your post reminds me of how India was a British colony during Victorian England. Yes, the same Victorian England that unleashed sexual thirst, false rape accusations against Englishmen to the point they either left England altogether or “man up” (read: stay and get executed for a false accusation or falsely accused of being Jack the Ripper).
      I swear, I’m already cringing at this Victorian legacy at India’s expense.

        1. Yikes. I like your idea. Why should I stick with false rape accusations when I can accuse men of having murdered me? (I got better.)

        2. but now its all ‘1 in 5 women in university will be murdered by jack the ripper each year’ or thereabouts

    6. I see quite a lot of attractive Indoam girls but you summed up their personality pretty much spot on.

    7. I live in a heavily Asian, affluent community – borne of technology employers. Asian, of course, includes Indian. Most of the east Asians, that is, Chinese and Korean, girls (high school age friends of my daughters) are wonderful. Bright, charming, endearing.
      The Indian girls are insufferable. The households, I guess, are matriarchal. The girls are, well, they make me want to punch them. They’re just awful. The sense of entitlement is infuriating.

      1. now you know why indian men are stereotyped to be abusive and want white girls, among my generation its asian and latina or polish if living in uk.
        Hell talk to any indian girl, shell complain “why do indian guys abuse us,but when they marry other races they are so nice to them”. Heard this numerous times, I just walk by them and say ” cause they dont bitch, fight,cause drama and chew their brains out”…..their rants die right on the spot.
        Indian culture is considered “patriarchal” but “matriarchal” makes more sense. In fact more so with south Indians where its confirmed that they are matriarchal since the eldest woman(grandma) makes all the calls even if shes a village retard and you are a doctor.
        North Indian is just standard but theyll bitch their way to getting what they want.
        And dont get me started on bad they are at mothering(thats an article of its own)…master of guilt and manipulation. Like all the guys I know including me whom have indian moms are beta.
        But the ones that had non desi moms and indian dads they are normal or alpha. Like Manny Malhotra or Brandon Chillar, or my drug dealing playboy cousins(their moms white),among others ive known.

        1. Indian mothers and fathers remind me a lot of Jews. It’s ostensibly patriarchal, but the fathers are figureheads, under the mother’s control. The girls can do no wrong and are little princesses, while the boys are rendered helpless and effeminate. Jewish and Indian men, both self important and both secretly ineffectual.

        2. true that. Even we call our mom a jewish mom and our jewish neighbor has said this too.
          But indian/jewish mothers know how to emotionally manipulate and break down their sons. And the girls that complain about them being under their moms, do the exact same thing with their sons.
          plus lotta sterotypes are similar among jewish and indian men. Cant play sports,nerdy,loves money,big noses,hairy and has problems with those outside of his cmomunity. While their women are bitchy princesses 2.0.
          We get talks of boycott western women, then we should totally boycott indian women because they are worse. SSame can be said about muslim and jewish women.
          will explain why latinas, slavic and east asian women are the most popular brides.

        3. Totally agree, fortunately I saw through all the drama three years back and started to live separately, best peaceful time of my life.

        4. Indian women in India too are one of the worst, be it north or south doesn’t matter, right from birth they are coddled into man hating monsters who just want to suck the blood out of all sane men.

        5. The Jewish single moms I have dat- er, fucked have told me how weak and useless Jewish men are. Yet they pamper and weaken their sons.
          I wonder if Jewish men are sexually violent.

        6. Ya they clearly dont see what they are doing to them. Cycle of abuse . Even seen with half indian kids. The ones with inidan mothers are beta as fuck, ut the ones with indian dads with other race moms are either normal or they are alpha.
          They could be. An outlet will occur somehow. Like many jewish males are in porn.
          But indian men, they either are hyper aggressive like arab men or uber beta.

        7. pretty much. They are almost as bad as black american women. Only difference is the indian woman is more drama queen but least shes chaste, which makes her alil tolerable. But they lose that then its fuck it, even a white woman here in the west is alil easier. Gotta background check the hell out of her. I hope the redpill flies fast to indias mainstream. Gotta spread the word somehow.
          But what also plays in the role is the gendar imbalance in India. Too many men for women to choose so a 4 is suddenly a 6 there. Its like a reverse from russia where women outnumber men.
          If I was born in India. Id get jacked,practice game to get numbers(cuz ntoches arent possible unless you find a niche like foreigners),get money and game girls in latin america,FSU and east asia.
          At least indian men have a good rep there. Like in FSU(russia ukraine kazakhstan etc) see inidan men as good loyal loving husbands thanx to bollywood during communism. Phillipines, they love everyone,japan they are seen as smart(plus herbivore men makes it easy), in korea its possible since some pakistanis and benglis have married in even though they have low statues.SIngapore more inidan males marrying chinese females then vice versa. But all in all money talks in those 2 regions.
          hailand is an option but you have to show you are genours and nice, indians have a bad rep there.
          Latin america youll just blend in.
          DOnt even know why westerners say indian women are hot. The hottest ones tend to look latina any ways without the curves cuz they dont train like they do.

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    8. Too many Indians act white and adopt the white style of radical leftism
      It’s one thing for a minority to be a pro-equality liberal for the sake of self-interest, it’s quite another to be a fucking left wing imbecile

      1. exactly, when they use left wings to preserve their culture like latinos in america or muslims in europe, it makes sense. Because even a guy from a village knows how fucked up we are now. they dont need a degree to know that. Honestly they come here to make a living in a safe environment not to screw up their kids with swag fags like Bieber and Cyrus. Those pc fag media and teachers teach us to shame our parents and break us up too,by calling them backward,uneducated fobs and to evolve and be pro slut pro career woman and pro fag among other things.
        I have more respect now adays for immigrants that hang on an dont integrate in terms of values and dress. As long as they work and know the language its no problem.
        Makes me happy to see dutch shoes,kimonos,saris,hijabs,turbans and german leaderhosen among others and not acting like androgynous pc fags. ANd Im saying this as a westernised descented of immigrants. Too bad I didnt appreciate in my teenage and childhood years.

    9. It occurred to me, new question but more general. You say sexual prudishness is one of the worst aspects of indian culture. I assume you don’t mean chastity but an actual repressed sexual expression.
      But if chastity is meant, is that not what is desired of women? Obviously woth those other issues no, but in general.

      1. Yes, prudishness and chastity are two different things.
        Prudishness refers to sexual repression and anxiety. Many of the sluttiest women are also prudes. It seems like a contradiction in terms but it’s really not. They are slutty in response to their sexual anxiety.
        Chastity is the innate female instinct to control their own sexuality in the interests of forming a pair bond.
        Indian women grow up in households of weak men. Some of the softest men I have ever met are Indian. The gang rape culture of India stems from the suppression of male nature. It’s the gender frustration boiling over.
        The women are awful, just awful.

        1. thats true. i’ve met some slutty women that have fallen for me, and then wanted to take things slow ‘because they like me’.
          bitch you showed some other guy your asshole and you wanna take things slow with me? the fuck is your self worth that you think like that

        2. Roosh called it “soft cuckolding”.
          Try not to hate on her too much. She’s just following her inner drive. If she wants to pair bond, she knows she has to demonstrate chastity.
          If it’s just “monkey sex”, she’ll pull her panties aside within minutes of meeting you.

      2. chastity is desired if the women went freaky karma sutra style when they’re with you. unfortunately whats happened is that series of negative self worth systems have built up inside indian women because of how strict their parenting and brainwashing has been. so they are sexually even more stunted than their forebears were.
        controversial opinion ahead:
        in my opinion hinduism is the ultimate religious expression of classism and racism. The fricking system is hedged from the start to have people assigned to arbitrary ranks (that are not placed on merit which would be fine) so the fucked upness transfers across to the people passed down from generation to generation.
        This is totally antithetical to the libertarian and capitalist mindset which is ‘everyone gets a chance but there will be winners and losers’.
        Instead what hinduism breeds in people is ‘not everyone gets a chance, so if you’re born a loser you’ll stay a loser’. This helps entrench a inferiority mindset which is so distasteful to other people

    10. As a half indian I have the following to say about your comment:
      this is freaking awesome,just was saying this on the other 2 rok articles today(the black women and cops false rape story).
      OMFG. It feels so fucking good to hear a non indian guy say what I been warning my friends and guys online about this for years before I found roosh 2yrs ago.
      And with all those feminists tweets, articles and videos I ve seen thanx to him, its been confirmed. South asian women(indian pakistani bangladeshi) seem to be the most common race next white women I noticed in that part of the net. Dam feel so relived to hear this like if I blew a big load on russian 10.
      P1: Agreed 100%, though I have no problem with prudish women if they are saving their hymen for the diamond and will be a fuck machine for her husband(perfect woman will operate this way). But yeah they take the worst aspect,
      in fact feminsts in India use western feminsts tactics too to advance their goals, they claim to help poor women but they only use em for thier own ends. ROK should watch out for feminists activity there and I hope the red pill aid relief will find its way there too. They need it bad.
      P2: totally agreed but they get fat as fuck after having 1 kid, in fact they become bigger thier man. Even the petite 90lber at 5’4″ after 1 kid will be 170lb and fat. Im not shitting you. Latinas and white women that married into the family age better then that.
      P3: True about this. I can even manipulate this too for fun with the indian women i know from ages 15-80. Heres how I get under their skin, just compliment or dare I say it date a white girl(or now a days an asian girl is just as effective or more). The indian guys just want to nail white women(cause thier women arent easy) cause they are slutty(as we all know on rok) and they look better then indian women.
      (check “maddy” the indian girls comments, so typical)
      The girls have a strong egotistic and narcissistic motive to be white and hot. But Ill say this Indian culture is better then the current western culture thats just going to shits right now. Morally they may see themselves as better
      espically sexually, but the women just want to look them.
      But indian men may get alil complex due to their mothers shooting them down on it, so they wont game white women, like black and latin men do. They see them as a threat.
      P4: cant confirm, but they like to play the damed if you do damed if you dont.
      Ex: youre mad, you punch a wall and you leave to go for a walk or go to your room to cool off. She will berate you, and call you a little girl, alittle beta gay bitch etc. For not being a man and being direct with your anger and being ” passive aggressive”.
      But if you take the direct masculine approach, you are the bad guy for being confrontational or even violent even if you restrain her or block a slap…. I can see why their husbands are either uber domineering alphas or beta doormats with no inbetween. I can talk to any indian kid growing up, they all say they are full of drama, even fellow half castes like me. When they complain, Ill say “let me guess your moms indian or her side of the family”…..never been wrong. Indian dads and thier family side…no problem.
      Can see why they chase white girls, like black men do away form their crazy women. But now lately been seeing more indian guys dating asian and latin girls in my area.In fact some have married into the family, and wait my cousins tell me, they are fucking awesome in comparison. COurse the women complain about it in the family but who cares…happy days.
      P5: Ya the girl is the indian female version of an uncle tom. These girls will claim rape so their family wont look down on them and will use the “honor killing” excuse as to why they haven reported it. They changed the meaning of that defintion so they will always be the victims no matter what even though men are just as likely in fact mroe so to be victims. And that females are also part of master minding these crimes too, But of course theyll twist it to make the man look bad.
      “relieve symptoms of mental illness, gain attention and validation, or get revenge on a former lover”
      sounds like indian women: mental illness is an issue with them according too mefil magazine(not desi men thankfully), princess complex is very strong from birth and known to be vindictive to get revenge. LIke false dowry reportings have become an issue to get her grooms family in trouble.
      Even groom kidnapping is a thing, but even the indian media doesnt say shit.
      Matt, Im glad you brought this up and I hope you watch for the feminists hotbed in India and call them on thier bullshit because they can spread back here too. When that word finally spreads and more indian youths take the red pill as a result, youll have many men willing to take a bullet for you there. I am sick of what they are doing to india and how they behave in the west. Femisnims is no longer a western problem,its a global problem
      #Solidarity is for white women…indeed

    11. >Indian girls in the West are absolute nutcases
      My friend this is the most accurate comment ever.
      100% without a doubt testable verifiable truth.

    12. I’m glad you make this comment because I actually did not know any Indian girls in college, so I knew nothing about them. I always assumed they were good girls, because they are smart, and was planning on making a connection with this one indian girl who is a friend of a friend.
      But I ain’t doing that after reading these comments. Probably dodged a bullet there.

      1. You’re not missing anything. The majority of the time they absolutely ignore white men, anyhow. But given how many I see with excessive cellulite on the thighs and pudgy stomachs, it’s no loss to not be involved with them. (Obesity is a very Indian trait for those women)

      2. Indian women all have princess complexes and think if you look at them for even a second, they’re too good for you. Most Indian women are not as good looking, so I guess they have to imagine their superiority to make up for their looks.
        Again there are exceptions, and you might see the occasional good looking Indian girl, but most of the time it just doesn’t happen.

    13. You have spoken like a true prodigy.
      I still can’t wrap my head around to why Indian women would want to act white…this goes for all other races especially the eastern European countries such as Poland and Bulgaria.. They tend to act more American.. than Americans themselves LOL

      1. They want to act white to get more attention from males. It is very simple. White women get tons of attention. Our entire culture, and all our modern “values” (or lack thereof) is streamlined with the goal of pleasing them. For example, I mentioned in a comment on another article that the only valid criticism of movies and books anymore is a criticism of whether the movie or book has strong female lead characters.
        The truth behind #yesallwomen is that it is in the interest of all women to adopt a woman-worshiping culture.

      1. Fucking bone chilling. ” I don’t need proof. The proof is in the patient’s heart.” Unbelievable.

    14. I can top that.
      You know what’s worse? A female Indian college professor in social studies or related departments who first words out of her big fat pie hole on the first day of the semester was about how her first act if defiance to the patriarchy or something was to come to America instead of getting married.
      Then she started a fight with me 10 minutes into the matter over how I looked bored. At 11 minutes I was out of there and not only did I drop that class, that was the end of college for me. I would complete my college in night school while serving in the military.
      Away from cunts like that.

    15. In defense of Indian chicks I had 2 sane ones – one growing up in London and the other one in Singapore. They were quite fun and sane and had no inferiority complex, but I am sure that there are lots of other not so positive examples out there.

      1. sane, but were they quick tempered or easily emotionally riled up?
        Like you jokingly say “maybe you gained weight” after she made some comment about her husband cant carry her no more, and she looks at voiced raised “how bout a kick in your nuts” as oppose to a calm “yeah maybe” or “come on I didnt get that much”.
        If its the latter those are unicorns…or men

    16. I though about the indian with white parents and you could be right. Think this explains why indian parents are so strict on them in the first place. Liberal white parenting will ruin them….well more so then their own kids.
      Then again, can you really say white people(non slavic) know how to parent now adays? LIke what values do they push on them? As long as its legal its ok? You are special and everyone is wrong? NO matter what mistakes you make well bail you out so you dont have to learn anything?
      Like something has to be up that white men want asian brides or that white women are willing to give up freedom to have a muslim man.
      Honestly Id like to know, because those from conservative communities dont want their kids marrying into those families. They see white men as whipped but unfaithful and white women as bad housewives(cant cook or clean) and are sluts. basically what we sterotype here on rok about american beta men and bitchy women with the unfaithful part spun in.
      When I look back, when we tried to rebel with traditon like many kids have to be blue pill like our white friends, because we want freedom and instant gratification, It was foolish. Im glad I found the manosphere to appreciate tradition and not follow that bs pc liberal culture that ruined the family unit and society. Too bad others of my generation and community didnt find it.

    17. It ought to be obvious by now.
      Whenever a woman makes a BIG PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT that she’s been raped, she’s usually lying.
      She’s an attention whore, looking for a big trick.
      Women who have really been raped are usually ashamed, and usually report their rapes immediately to the police under the assurance that they will remain anonymous in any court proceedings that follow.
      This Beejoli (even for an Indian, what kind of name is that?) is likely just another slut looking for her 15 minutes of fame, so she can convert it to cash or some kind of career advantage.

      1. If not ashamed (I mean, if you were REALLY drugged or had The Christ beaten out of you by some asshole, there’s no shame there, that’s just plain demented and in those FEW cases I do sympathize with them) they still sure as still don’t practically write it in the sky!

    18. A lot of feminist “theorists“ come from India (Gayatri Spivak, Nikita Dhawan). These women lead the current „post-colonial“/marxist school of thought. That should tell you everything you need to know about indian women.

    19. I have come across instances of indian parents trying to obtain prescription only high potency steroid creams so that could smother the creams onto their children’s faces to try and make them whiter. Fucked up boyond belief

    20. The racial inferiority complex is true – Indian men will try to marry a white trophy but failing that will settle for a light skinned east Asian (usually Chinese) woman so they can have light skinned kids. I shit you not – the varna/caste system mentality is alive and well within Indian culture.

      1. Maybe white skin is just more attractive to men…
        It sure has seemed to be the case with so many different people in so many different cultures and time periods.

    21. That is what happens when India forms a partnership with the evil Jesuit-controlled state of Israel.
      The effect of the partnership, is an extremely high amount of feminism, an international film industry that is corrupt, and along with an insane quantity of evil mainstream news media outlets spreading pro-Jesuit propaganda.

    22. Indian guy here, another +1 for you. To add though, Indian girls’ problems stem from a deep insecurity. Maybe it comes from the combo of being a minority + conservative Indian values, but they often lack confidence so they try to conform to what they think American society is or rebel against their families cultural values. The result is they don’t have a good compass guiding them and either slut out or just have a super negative opinion of guys and dating in general.
      The best Indian chicks I’ve dated, like anyone else, are really confident in who they are. Appreciate or own their cultural heritage, but essentially do what they’d like without being tied down by rules.

    23. It reminds me of that Indian doctor who had the meltdown in Miami and trashed that Uber driver’s car. Total Nutcase.

  5. So a woman, at Berkeley, claims she was raped and didn’t say anythingfor 10 years? Given that this is likely the epicenter of the rape culture universe, I call bullshit.

    1. Dr. Cosby developed a rape drug that paralyzes the victim’s ability to report a rape for 10 years per mg.

    1. When I was a freshman at Berkeley Bill Cosby came by my dorm room with some Indian food, it tasted weird but I ate it. Later in a daze I woke up covered in Jello with an ugly sweater on. I went to my Indian girlfriends room and they said I was acting strange that night and begging for his pudding pop……

      1. That’s nothing… When I worked in the White House, I had an inappropriate relationship with the CIC for years but even though the entire world found out about it in a way that I did not choose, and my name was dragged through the mud for years with tons of inappropriate conversations about my stained dress and where the cigar disappeared to, I still didn’t cry rape because he was the highest status male in the world. My inner hypergamy will never be as satisfied as it was during my lay in the oval office.

        1. That’s nothing..After Bill Cosby drugged and raped me I was so ashamed due to my Indian heritage that I transferred to UVA. My flight to Virginia had a layover in Colorado and I had to stay overnight at a hotel were Kobe Bryant was staying and I had consensual sex with him, but then he forced me to do anal. I did not say anything about it and just caught my flight to Virginia. Once there I met a cute guy who was in a fraternity and played lacrosse, after a game vs Duke I went to a frat party and was raped by the Duke LAX, and a UVA frat on a broken glass table. Top that, I am the superior victim here you insensitive asshole! I am calling the Rolling Stone on you!!!

  6. Interesting….an attempt at confirmation of a slanderous accusation is met with insults.
    The cow has been milked dry.

    1. The interesting part is who gets sued out of this if it’s defamatory: Buzzfeed for failing to fact-check and ask the guy his side of the story given how easily he could be identified, especially given the current shitstorm that Trolling Stoned is enduring on the UVa story — or her?

  7. Good look on this one Roosh! This is what you do about with these false rape accusers, put them on blast! If you claim you were raped then go to the police if you want to be believed, otherwise it is unnecessary and wrong to publicly accuse people. Buzzfeed? You get raped and you announce it on Buzzfeed?! I call BS on that.

  8. I suppose I dodged a bullet by passing on Indian girls when I was in college. I knew two who I found very attractive but even in my blue pill days, their entitled princess attitudes prevented me from escalating. It’s a real shame I see so many Indian and Middle Eastern faces in social justice campaigning against white people. I love brown skin but the attitudes make me cringe.

    1. thank you for acknowledging that. I swear everyone online is so focused on the white sjws and faminazis, but miss the next two most common races of women in those circles, south asian and middle eastern women.
      I can see why my cousins and countrymen try to pass off their latina gfs in the beginning as one of us to the families(moms mostly) to slowliy get their approval.

  9. If a girl doesn’t file a police report IMMEDIATELY after the rape, then I don’t consider it rape. Bullshit gray areas like “I thought he was hotter last night” or “I don’t want to seem like a slut” don’t count and shouldn’t be grounds for publicity stunts and attention whoring by fucked up little girls.

    1. exactly women are the biggest tattle tales around and will jump on revenge as soon as they can since they cant do it themselves

    2. Really, that is the litmus test, which is unfortunate.
      It also means that the perpetrator is less likely to get away in the event of a real rape. My sister-in-law was raped and didn’t report it. When she finally did tell her parents, her father went to the police, but the statue of limitations had passed. The police did say that they knew about this guy and that she wasn’t the only one.

      1. The greatest(and most unfortunate) irony of all, isn’t it?
        On the one hand, we have a slew of rotten bitches like this onion bhaji chick lying out of her ass about a rape that never occurred…
        …and on the other we have women who get legit raped and tell nobody about it, neither family, friends or the police.
        Female nature never fails to astound me when it comes to such important and serious subjects like these.
        But then again, it’s that same nature of their that drives them to “fall in love” with serial rapists and murderers like ted bundy, whom [allegedly] received 100’s of love letters including marriage proposals in prison from women.

  10. The funniest part of her exchange with Roosh was when she expressed disbelief at the prospect of “doxxing” her rapist, as if exposing the person who caused her such great mental and physical harm and anguish was a bad thing.

    1. Seriously, she wanted you to know who he was while feigning that she did not so he could take the heat, and she could play the victim. If Roosh found him in three clicks anyone else could. Indian, LAX, Berkeley and a date to work with? She was not trying to protect anything but her bullshit narrative.

  11. I particularly liked this portion of her article:
    “Even in this retelling, I’m hesitant to admit what I remember because there’s less culpability in not remembering”.
    Freudian slip anyone?

    1. LOL
      She basically just admitted in open language that she’s an attention whore with that statement.

  12. She is an OK looking girl but what I can’t understand is indian womens’ propensity to fall for SJSP (social justice shit-puppet™) propaganda.
    One thing about indian girls is their inferiority complex and amazing low self-esteem. probably has cultural roots, in India the caste one is in correlates vaguely to squinting, the darker the skin, the lower the caste.
    Don’t get me wrong, at first this makes for a great girl to have around. Attentive, submissive, and usually demure… until the low self esteem becomes self-destructive and impossible to be around.
    The fact is, in north america an indian/brown girl is a fetish. And how does one get attention in 2014? The SJSP playbook. Oh, it’s the wrong kind of attention, the cat cryogenics & spinsterhood kind of attention. The pathetic 24/7 self-indulgent kind of attention, but to a woman, any attention is good attention.
    What girls like Beejoli need (other than a less stereotypically awful indian first name) is a man to tell her what to do all day every day… but who will bother when there are higher value targets elsewhere who require exactly the same amount of work.
    This one has forever ruined her reputation, as even a cursory google search will reveal this article and the hundreds of tweets pointing and laughing at her now increasingly tentative connection to reality.
    Basically, the best she can hope for is a thirsty omega, or some bulldyke who will physically abuse her.
    I feel bad for her and those like her.

    1. now adays everyone is in the sun. Ive met brahim indians darker then me and some lower caste guys and vice versa.
      End of the day, fair skin looks better on the fairer sex. We are programmed to like it since light skin absorbs more vitamin D from the sun for pregnancy.
      Even europeans the fairest race loved light skin in females until recent years. It was even in their hollywood back in the more masculine days. The women were pale blondes while men were tall dark and handsome.
      Honestly on average whose hotter white woman vs black woman….white of course unless you have a fetish

  13. Good piece. The story also comes on the heels of Lady Gaga’s rape accusation where there was no suspect in sight — and if true also enabled a rapist to be on the loose for a decade.

  14. “here is a tweet she sent me earlier that urged me to commit incest:” BAHAHAHA
    “In the morning, I snooped through Quentin’s belongings while he was in the bathroom and now know his e-mail address.”
    Aww shit…this is going to be good…I can tell.

  15. “In the morning, I snooped through Quentin’s belongings while he was in the bathroom and now know his e-mail address.” – Beejoli
    Confirmed fuckin crazy, there is zero chance this rape story of hers is real.

  16. Forget reporting to the campus police, they’re only useful for reporting a stolen bike.
    Why didn’t she report to the real city police of Berkeley? They have the real resources for evidence collecting, and they wouldn’t be concerned about saving face for the university. The police would have written up a report and brought the accused male in for questioning, and wouldn’t have gone public with the incident or notified any other parties if she didn’t want that so her privacy would have been covered.

      1. Which is useless evidence that wouldn’t hold up in court because she could have tampered with it. Real evidence collection must be done by police. This sounds like a hoax.

        1. There should be a police report if she is telling the truth(Which I doubt she is.), because hospitals can not do a rape kit without calling the police.

        2. Are you fucking kidding me?! I wish my Twitter did not have my professional connections on it I would troll this chick to death. Roosh should call her out on the rape kit and the Flunitrazepam, if it exists then there is a record. It is the same as showing up with a gunshot wound to the hospital; if a rape kit/drug test is made the doctor on duty must call the police and the kit is preserved and entered into a digital database even if she does not press charges or cooperate with the investigation. If the doctor made a rape kit and drug test and doesn’t call the police it is violation of state law and he/she could lose their license.

        3. Mike Cernovich is on Twitter mocking her and her friends so all is good without me jumping in.He is ripping them a new one with common sense, it is a riot!

  17. Somebody needs to call T. Rees Shapiro at the Washington Post with this story. At this rate he’ll be able to make a career out of digging out the truth behind false rape accusations.

    1. “I was raped!” is the new “I never had a solid father figure in my life so I do whatever I can to net attention & validation”

    2. Ever since the media has started turning “rape victims” into international stars, women in general have realized it’s an incredibly efficient way to attention whore. All she needs is a good rape story. Next thing she knows Brian Williams is talking about her, social media is flooding her with encouraging and sympathetic words, people are protesting in the street, and 20/20 is setting up an interview. There’s an incentive to lie now.

    3. You’re soon going to see female athletes with the words “HE RAPE ME” on the back of their jerseys.

    4. I wonder if they’ll make NFL players do PSAs saying “don’t rape” or something to that effect. Perhaps it’ll coincide with breast cancer pink jersey month?

  18. While I see rape as a horrendous crime there’s so much rape hysteria an so much false rape claims in western countries that when I hear a woman claimed she was raped I now take it with a grain of salt unless there’s real tangable evidence to back it up. The feminist obessesion an extreme hysteria about rape culture in the west is a joke when you consider women in the west are safer an treated better than any women on the planet. Yet these same feminists are also obsessed with bringing in soft migration laws an bringing in anti discrimination laws to bring in men by the thousands from countries where women are opressed an have a real rape culture.

    1. You are right. This contradiction is one of many in the Western leftist, and it is proof that leftism is a knee-jerk’s ideology. Serious people should not be liberals.

      1. People who can actually had common sense an can actually see things for how they are and come up with practical solutions should never be liberals

    2. I was with you till you white knighted on your ethnic bros. Western style feminism plays a role in those nations as well and use the same tactics as well. Like false rape is an issue in india or the changing defintion of honor killing so its applied to females. I think they bring immigrants in so they can blue pill them and send them back to fuck up their lands too.

      1. I don’t see see how I white knighted my ethos. I was just making an observation based o. What issue from feminists in the West which is basically they label all white men as evil female hating oppresers but refuse to put the same label on any other group.of men that arnt white. If a group of white men gangraped a women the PC almedia an feminist army would be mobilised about rape culture an how Australian men have negative attitudes towards females, if a goup of Muslim men do the same you won’t hear shit from them about a rape culture inassociated with them.

  19. The female attention-whoring instinct is so strong that its gravitational pull will devour anything in its vicinity. The fault for much of the rape hysteria lies not so much in the behavior (women have always had latent tendencies to cause mischief) but in the culture that promotes, abets, feeds, and empowers it.
    The checking mechanisms that used to work in society have been dismantled. Any woman can accuse any man of basically anything, with no repercussions.

    1. There’s a certain point that some (not all) women get to where after they’ve been tossed around so much that they seem to lose their free will. For some this is a temporary state of wrath, and for some it is a state of life.

  20. “Even though I’d never blacked out, and don’t remember drinking at all, did I maybe just get really drunk?”
    This doesn’t even make sense. How do you know you never blacked out, but don’t remember and also question that you were drunk?
    Surely one of the above scenarios must be correct?
    If not, she’s saying that she 1. Never blacked out, I.E. was fully conscious, 2. She didn’t drink, so therefore she was 100% sober, and 3. Surely the previous 1 and 2 tells her she was 100% sober.

  21. Sometimes I wonder if all the rape and sexism accusations from universities are not just another ploy to prevent boys to succeed at school. For example, in a Halifax university, dentistry students are being investigated for making rape jokes on Facebook. These highly intelligent students who worked their asses off to get there might lose their dentist career because of it. And then feminist talk about “male privilege”…

      1. we minorites think differently. We think well be the first to throw out right away if we dont have a speacial use. Like the article says they only got in due to their physical talents, so thats what saved them. An unathletic black man I say would have a hard ass time.

    1. I don’t think so. It is just an example of weak, bitter, insecure women shaking their clenched fists at men.
      And then the betas empower them by taking their hamsterizations seriously.

    2. Yes, good call. I’ve said this. Claiming there is a “rape culture” is actually a call to get “male culture” off college campuses — in the same way schools were rid of male culture.

  22. New rule applies. If the story is not being told in court under oath with accompanying evidence being presented and a chance for the accused to defend himself, I don’t care.

    1. It’s not a new rule. It’s the rule of law, and was meant to be like that since Blackstone – or even earlier, if you use Maimonedes’ 12th century formulation.

  23. I read this interesting book about why some veterans fake stories about war crimes. The author postulates that a mainstream culture which once honored heroism in war came to glamorize trauma in war. I think perhaps something similar is at play here. Since “rape” is the new badge of honor among feminists it’s all the rage to be a rape victim.

    1. Not to mention nearly every trashy romance novel written today has the heroine raped at some point.

    2. Similar pathology applies to those who fake being veterans at all. Brian Dennehy was one of those. The book “Stolen Valor” makes for good reading in that area.

  24. Most of these b*tches are flat out delusional. Most decent human beings believe that rapists deserve to burn in hell, or at the very least be shot or tortured: there is a deep hatred reserved for rapists that transcends that of even murderers in most societies, even the backward ones (even in prison). I mean the Roman Republic basically came about because the son of the king raped a woman and the people were so pissed off they decided they didn’t want to live under a Tyrant anymore.
    Why is it then a surprise that when a woman: a woman who admits she likes to drink and party a lot, admits that she was kinda of flirtatious with a guy (who she later accused of raping her), and one who admits once again that she f*cks around quite a bit, is met with skepticism when she accuses a man of rape-with-roofie, which to be a 100% honest, meets all the standards for an act of street justice?
    These narcissistic bra-burners want all that hatred to be aimed at a man, someone’s brother, friend or cousin, not based on evidence, but based off their feelings and stories that they tell?! Perhaps they believe that a society that doesn’t have an instinctive contempt for men like they do, without any evidence, is normal?
    But wait – 1 out of 5…smh!

    1. Hard to watch this and not conclude that she’s just attention whoring again – but this time at a much more dangerous level.
      She needs to suffer the consequences of making serious unfounded accusations like this, and those consequences need to be publicized to give other attention whores some pause before they replicate her behavior.

    Notice the uncomfortable shoulder posture trying to cave inward the fat gut while simultaneously pushing the small tits together

    1. sad part is her skinny fat titless ass would be considered 7-8/10 in india..where the competion is weak.

    2. As said in my other comment, she’s a -10 SMV to me. Such ugly females are invisible to me except when Roosh publishes an article about one.

    3. What’s with college age Indian girls and guts? Each and every Indian girl I ever saw at university had one.

      1. Indian women get so caught up with becoming a successful independent women, they don’t give a shit about their physical appearances as much. This is prevalent with a lot of women, not just Indian women.

  26. When I was in college I had an apartment next door full of international students, all girls, from India. They would cook dinner for me and compete for my attention. Amazing years. All of them except for one of them were virgins because they were engaged to guys back in India, but that didn’t stop them from doing “everything but”. It was only a matter of time before they talked and figured out I had been with all of them. Oh well. Anyway, the Indian culture is extremely Victorian era/conservative to the nth degree. They don’t really discuss sex and don’t have sex ed. During one of these sessions as she was giving me an HJ and BJ, she asked me if she could pregnant and if this was sex. She wasn’t a stupid girl. She was actually working on her doctorate in Chemistry. I say all this to say that maybe, just maybe, this girl Beejoli thought she had sex but it was really just an HJ or kissing. Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    1. sucks to be their men at home. Cant trust women when they go overseas. Hope those guys at least partied with russian women in goa. But if they talk among themselves and gets out,which everything some how will, theyll definatly be on the chopping block, but wont be schocked if they pull the I was raped card.
      An indian girl did similar this with me when I was 16, I said lets tell the cops, she bitched at me for it, me being beta….ok. Felt bad for her until finding the manosphere and now realize shes full of crap.

      1. Good comment.
        Only one had met their fiancee, the others were engaged in word only because their families said they were engaged. The one who had met their fiancee was an abusive ass-hat so I felt no guilt about what I did, and neither did she. I know he was abusive because he came and visited her and I saw it first hand.

        1. huh, normally when women say a man is abusive, I take with a grain of salt, cuz theyll say anything to make a man look bad.
          Since this is personal experiance I cant knock it as if it were personal rationailzation, since indian women are fucking crazy. Im western raised,cultured and shit. But dam If I were to marry an inidan woman, Id be the typical husband, either the beta doormat or the abusive alpha. They aint easy women to llive with. White guys that I known andread posts online on yahoo say the same thing.
          But I dont agree with this coveting promised girls, because its worse then banging someones gf since they never got to sleep with them. Its like a soft cockhold. I feel bad for those guys, espically since there are more men then women there. So they try being the best beta provider as possible to get them and lotta times those girls arent all theat. Plus notch counts ruin women. I dont like the idea how itll ruin a future conservative family.
          Like if C .Contrary’s article of amonging guys by challenging them to fights in front of theri gfs is infuriating so should this be.
          It would suck to be the beta(and future kids) that worked hard and got no play to have a used car for a wife and mother. All the parts of the land that isnt promiscuous, I hope it stays that way. I dont want more nations to get as fucked up as we are.
          Thats why Id ont mess with them. I think game should be used more carefully.

        2. I totally understand about the abuse thing. I mentioned in my comment above that I saw the abuse first hand when he came to visit her. He had a bad case of short man syndrome to say the least.
          And like I said, we did “everything but”. They wanted to save their virginity for their husband and I was respectful of that.
          I can neither confirm nor deny that they are crazy women while married since i didn’t know them in that capacity.

        3. well technical virgins I wouldnt consider virgins. LIke a rapists wont be considered a rapist because he didnt penetrate the vagina. in that logic
          so curious,
          does he know? Or will this be a secret? I take it he doesnt
          know otherwise you wouldnt be typing this. Say what you want about how “beta “indian men are, if anything will throw off the edge its their women and anyone involved. Even a little beta can be dangerous when that adrenalin and rage goes through their system.
          For me I can understand them since this is the only pussy they can have in their life and they want to make sure its untouched. Honestly you dont need to be a redpiller to know it would suck to keep used goods.
          When you say abuse, what does he do? Do you get involved or just lay back?
          So I take it you are american so therefore you dont have much indian exposure like canada or uk.

      1. apperntly its the guys doing all the moves while the girl just follows along….typical of women eh

    2. I thought their culture created the Kama Sutra? They should’ve been able to teach YOU a thing or two from those chapters.

      1. I suppose I could have finagled that. I wasn’t able to get any group action but we’d do a lot of me plus two of them sleeping in my bed together clothed and me making out with both of them. I recall one of them being worried about being replaced because a new group was coming in due to a new semester starting lol. When it was one of them alone, they’d be more open but when two of them were together they’d keep it pretty PG/PG13. The meals were definitely a plus out of the whole situation. It was fun while it lasted.

  27. Her responses were pretty hilarious. She doesn’t want to play the witch hunt game unless it’s on her terms. And her responses show that like most millennial “freelance writers” (code for basement-dwelling unemployable or trust fund baby,) she has not an ounce of professionalism, nor the foresight to realize she should filter her tweets and emails. What a sad drama we’ve seen played out so many times now. Next step is of course, to hire some hack public relations firm.

    1. It used to be that someone who publishes in a national media outlet might give you an earful of cussing and invective on the side, in private- but most considered themselves professional and open/fair/objective. Now it is standard expected behavior. It’s almost like they teach writers (I won’t call them journalists) to behave this way.
      What if next time someone calls me at work and complains about something I published, I tell them to email my boss at [email protected]

  28. You kiss your children with that mouth honey?? Oh, wait you’re childless? Tic toc , tic toc, I think that is your biologic clock ticking baby. Sands thru the hourglass. All people should use less profanity but it’s somehow worse when women use it. My god “tongue fucking your siblings”??!! What western civ does to women nowadays.

  29. Is there any particular reason that it’s always unfuckably ugly girls falsely claiming to get raped lately?

    1. Because the fuckably beautiful girls have plenty of thirsty men willing to give them money, favours and fame without having to allege sexual penetration without consent.

    2. Next false rape accusation, they should use that as a defense.
      “Your honor, her face makes me flaccid and when she passed out we put more clothes on her. Even If I was shit faced drunk to fuck her, Id be whisky dicked. Either way sober or drunk, I was in no condition to fuck, especially since her make up was running showing more flaws on her face and the smell of her vomit doesnt help either. If I was caught fucking her, Id be ostricized and ridiculed not for rape but for having low standards. Ask the jury, would you fuck her………exactly, if you plan on going to prison to get butt raped the girl better be worth it like a swimsuit model”.
      Case dismissed
      If that dont work ask the court to see if you can get hard in front of her to prove it. If flaccid you cannot convict…..destroy her on the stand

  30. Jesus Christ, getting raped is the next to getting the new iPhone on the Americunts to do list these days.

  31. This is probably a home project for a Berkeley wymin’s studes course. And looking at her replies to Roosh’s questions she is an A+ student, one of their best and brightest.

  32. They even use the same propaganda in india to shem men with flase facts like rape.
    when they say a woman is raped every 20min in india that comes from this estimated wiki figure. And sometimes they use the 1 in 5 bullshit. Per captia India is tied with canada. With all these protests they make it sound like the country is like congo due to its population size.
    an worst part is they also dont acknowledge false rape which can give you the death penalty now in india thanx to leftist protesters in 2012 even though those men were going to be prosecuted anyways. They just couldnt wait because there are few workers but many poeple, so takes along time to get to cases.
    If false dowry wasnt a wake up call(which is becoming a problem),, this should be
    think its time to not just boycott white women but indian women as well. AH hell making it muslim and middle eastern women too since they have a similar mindset.
    Theres a reason why eastern european,latinas and asians are the most popular women in the world and among redpillers. Hell a motherland african would be a good option too.

      1. sorry I dont. But hey why need to. Its common knowledge to marry a virgin until recent years.
        hard to tell guys now not to turn a hoe into a housewife.

      1. ya, it says alot of well they were treated by “evil misogynistic backward patriarchal islamic” cultured guards and officials that they were protesting against.
        If they were half as bad as they say they are, theyd be dead and wouldnt dare to try that again. Their ‘strong and independent” mindset would die so fast. IF they did retaliate in such a way. I doubt anyone would feel bad for them.
        even in islamic culture, women have privilege. ANd heres a white woman to prove it.

        1. This was worth the entire half hour I spent listening to it. Very insightful commentary and VERY eye-opening and educational.

      2. Looking at that bottom pic, of him doing the chockehold,makes one one to say “please God give us Eric Garner and well give you FEMEN”.

        1. Must be European advertising because they would never have that in the States. Actually, that ad would look good framed up on a wall. Conversation starter.

        2. Agree.
          “When you gotta look your best for any and all situations.
          Drag Down Bitch Suits For Men”

        3. Well, I should hope so. You can’t press out the creases in a decent pair of pants unless the bloody iron is properly warmed up.

  33. Why do any investigating ? If you do not report to cops it didn’t happen. If you report maybe some thing happened the investigation will determine what if anything happened. But seriously you don’t report you weren’t raped

  34. Must be hard being one of these woman.
    1) Cant understand hard stuff like math, physics, computer science and dont want to put in the effort..cant get a job doing nothing useful
    2) Dont want a family and children because im like u know, strong and independent and stuff and that would just be the patriarchy holding me down and besides, gender is just a construct..and also I have to travel the world and get 2000 cocks first so u know..
    3) want six figure salary and i wants to be a superstar dammit but have no skills but im me sooo!
    4) Ahhhhh !! solution ! I cant do nothing at all butttt !! people talk about RAPE all the time..I JUST HAVE TO CLAIM THAT I WAS RAPED AND THEN..I’M THE NEW LADY GAGA..JAJAJAJJAJAJA.

  35. Beejoli Shah claims she was raped,
    (The UVA claim here not aped!)
    Yet nine long years hath passed
    Leaving lies, not truth, amassed.
    Oh Beejoli, failed by all,
    Forced by men to take the fall,
    A grateful tribe of simps and hoes
    Awaits your call to suck their toes.

    1. Trollin’, trollin’, trollin
      Rolling Stone is trolling
      False rape shit keeps goin’, no priiiiiide
      Journos are dispprovin’
      Gonna keep this story movin’
      Don’t even matter that the “victim” liiiiiiiieeeed
      Don’t see how bad they’re livin’
      But hey, that’s Western women
      It’s why Roosh will not be back

  36. I was in New York visiting a friend and on 2 occasions where I saw women acting belligerent and, for lack of a better term, cunty. Both were young Indian American girls.
    I was going into a bar with my friend which was packed. He tried squeezing between a group of girls to get to the bar and the one Indian girl in the group yelled obsenities at my friend. My friend was pissed and told her to shut the fuck up. Her insult literally came out of nowhere.
    The second time was later that same night when we met up with some girls and were waiting to get into a club. It was about 2AM. There was one young drunk black guy yelling at the bouncers outside saying how he was coming to come back and shoot them. The young black guy was in his early 20s and was scrawny as fuck. The bouncers were black, jacked, and in their early 30s. The young guy knew that he could take shit and threaten because the bouncers wouldn’t hit first because of a lawsuit. Anyways, with the young black guy was a short cunty young Indian chick talking shit to the bouncers as well. Finally the young dude swung and the bouncers took him out. There was a guy bystander videotaping the whole thing and laughing and the Indian bitch came up to him and started cursing at him and hitting him and trying to take his phone, classy girl right.
    I’m sure there are decent Indian girls but my experience has only shown me their ugly side.

  37. My God look at the size of her face. Just look at it! If we all crashed in a small airplane in the Andes, we could probably cut a few decent steaks out of that gigantic puffball she calls a head.
    More importantly — she’s in trouble. She just publicly pointed the finger at a man and accused him of rape. Here we go. This is how it starts. She can not back away now: Bring in the authorities, or prepare to get your ass sued for defamation, bitch.
    This will be interesting to watch.

  38. She actually tweeted to me personally saying that she had done a Rohypnol test and had done a rape kit, which means that she has DNA evidence. When I responded by saying that this is great news, since she has a a Rohypnol drug test and evidence, the rapist should be in prison. I also mentioned that an ex was mine was raped and 3 young men went to prison for years. She just let a rapist run free. She deleted that tweet by now.
    That said – a specific Ryhipnol test is not easy to come by. The tests usually have a great number of false positives, since they detect benzodiazepines generally. Sometimes certain food additives can even trigger a positive. A reliable test would have to be done in a professional lab. Together with her collected DNA evidence via the rape kit the police could have easily conducted the necessary tests and likely convicted the rapist.
    But what likely happened was that there was no roofie drugging involved, she got drunk, passed out in between or didn’t, they had sex and he did not call her back. Rapists nowadays should always get at least a text back.

    1. And if a Rihypnol test is only determined by detection of benzodiazepines generally, it obviously won’t be conclusive evidence if someone is abusing or taking benzos as a recreational drug — as some do.

      1. Exactly – that’s why a positive is only a prelude to the extended lab test which is quite expensive. Also when you are raped passed out there is a different set of evidence that the police can easily obtain. My ex was raped while being passed out drunk and it was fucking easy to convict the 3 guys – 2 of them left DNA evidence and one just sat there watching and was convicted for that too.

  39. The lovely Islamic State has just published a sex slavery manual on how to rape female captives:
    This is the real rape culture that is present here. Not the kind of phony whining crap from western feminists complaining about campus fraternity behaviour or some other lies and nonsense. Bejooli Shah should move to Iraq or Syria to get the full treatment at the hands of these ISIS monsters before making all kinds of hysterical false accusations.

  40. Love the comments on Indian girls here: so true. Some of the worst smuggest little psycho princesses the world has ever produced.

  41. Women that cry rape publicly years after the alleged crime happened need to shut the fuck up. That’s like me getting beat up and robbed but never reporting it, only to write about it years later just for attention.
    Real rape is a serious traumatic experience. All of these women should be extremely ashamed of themselves for crying rape after regretful sex when there are real victims that are scarred for life after being gang raped by 5 guys and left for dead

  42. The only people who should report claims of rape years after the fact are people who were raped as children since they wouldn’t have a grasp of what happened until they are older. A neck covered in bruises and bite marks and you didn’t report it or even photograph it? That’s irresponsible no wonder these women want government freebies, they can’t do anything for themselves like report a rape. I’m pretty sure that campus police would love to work a felony once in a while rather than break up parties and hand out parking tickets.
    Well next week we will be subjected to another unfounded rape allegation at some college. It will be up to the manosphere to poke holes in the story the investigative journalist never bothered to verify.

  43. I sincerely hope that this woman’s victim (yes, he’s a victim) consulted a lawyer before making any statements.
    And it is sad and unfortunate that these victims must spend their time, effort and resources paying for legal services to prove themselves innocent of a crime.
    No doubt that others besides RoK can determine the identity of the victim as well. I hope he considers a lawsuit as a remedy for this attack on his reputation.

  44. Let’s hope he pursues legal action, this girls life needs destroying. She’s a taint on indian women and women in general. She should be made unemployable.

    1. I’d rate her 5, or 6 with beer googles. She’s fits the profile of the typical jersey chaser at college. Low self esteem because she’s not one of the hot girls. Chases any jock she can to validate ego.

  45. “Are you sure you guys didn’t just accidentally hook up last night?”
    How the fuck do two human beings “accidentally” hook up? Cars accidentally crash in the streets, dick doesn’t accidentally insert balls-deep into vagina or butthole!
    People are fucking really strange sometimes…

    1. Well, hey, come on. All it takes is a mistimed erection, a woman bending over to make some sheets, a banana peel and a shopping cart and all of a sudden you’ve got accidental fucking all over the joint.

      1. Oh yes, of course! And lest we forget all these people that gallivant around in public places naked (especially where children congregate!) and “accidentally” hook up in broad daylight for The Republic to witness! Fucking scumbags!

        1. I think we’ve found a new reason for Rumer Willis and Amy Schumer to put their fucking breasts away already: the more clothes you have missing, the more chance someone could accidentally stick his dick between them and blow all over the place. Public safety and all that.

  46. Amazing how in her “recollection” she dances around all the details that would make or break her credibility. Lots of “I’m not sure”, “Maybe”, “I can’t remember” and “This part is hazy” being spewed. Weak. What a fucking fraud!

  47. The alleged rapist didn’t go far enough. He should PROMPTLY sue her for defamation or libel, as quickly as possible, whichever is more relevant to the case, and force his accuser to face the law. Rape is no joke, and a man’s reputation is all he has. He must not allow any wannabe rape victim to sully his good name.
    In today’s America, I sometimes wished I was a lawyer. I would go so far as to provide pro bono service to all these alleged rapists, so I can force these brainless accusers to think it through before they pen their nonsense for the world to read, or before they show up on CNN and claim to have been raped 40 years ago.

  48. Roosh, we need this kind of transparency on public rape charges on a regular basis: Find the alleged offender, get a statement, put the ball in the “victim’s” court and watch her squirm. There needs to be a weekly column on this epidemic.

    1. Damn straight – more of these women need to be called out with a bright spotlight on them. These type of false rape allegations need to have consequences (including jail time).
      We need to “right the ship”.

    2. “There needs to be a weekly column on this epidemic.”
      Funny, last night I thought how we may need a Rape Columnist. If these false accusations keep coming in, I’ll add one.

  49. She must be lying. If she’s the one in the pic above the article, well, that’s a -10 SMV to me, an eyesore not even a dog would want to mount. The true crime of that poor man she’s dragging through the mud was to get involved with her at all – that’s what thirst can do to your life.
    On another note, I think her name is “Beaujolais” but she doesn’t know how to spell it.
    That tweet about “tongue-fucking your siblings” says something about her, and it’s nothing good. I hope her parents compel her to say sorry to Roosh.
    More seriously, the dude she’s accusing should sue her for slander and whatnot.

  50. So he calls her bluff, she blinks and now ten years later, once the climate has changed she senses she can earn some feminist Street cred while getting her revenge on the guy through the media. Yeah not buying it.

    1. That “Daniel Roberts” @ironmikegallego guy seems to be going all in:
      “@beejoli you are the shit. Seriously. You know you’re doing good things when you scare dickless little boys like that.”

  51. I saw both articles headlines and couldn’t help but think “These stories of women who were raped years ago are so brave for coming out, ready to throw a man or men under the bus because they regretted consensual sex.”
    Then I took a look at the picture of Beejoli Shah.
    **vomits again**

  52. Where have I seen that smiling expression before? Oh, yeah. The rape-mattress girl who was also lit up with happiness once her night of drunken slovenliness got magically transformed into rape and national exposure.
    “It’s working!” You can see it on their faces.

  53. I am not at all surprised this involves a westernized Indian woman. Educated Indian women in the west have got a severe case of colonial hangover as well as a major “me too!” complex when it comes to social commentary. They see SWPL women doing it, so why should they let them have all the fun?

  54. This doesn’t surprise me at all, since feminists have culturally expanded the definition of rape, and in some instances legally as well. But “having more women come forward” is having an adverse effect on the legitimacy of actual victims of this horrible crime. That is a cruel irony.

  55. Claims to be a conservative prude in one story, claims to have footwanked Tarantino in another. A Fantasist par excellance. No doubt her rape story is 100% bogus.

  56. She is probably lying. Ugly Indian girls, I bet she has a disgustingly squishy ass. Bang her, not!

  57. OMFG – Who would want to rape her…. Not hot at all. I guess there are plenty of blind college students!

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