4 Double Standards That Leftists Keep Propagating

A French-Jewish essayist once said: “Time has come to deconstruct the deconstruction apologists.” This was in 2014. That year, our trend had already progressed much compared to the preceding years. I can remember the 2000s as a period covered by a lead cloak, a dull time to live, where most if not all mainstream culture was a disgusting mix of soft SJWism, r’n’b, miscegenation apology, socialism and the like. Since then, we managed to achieve a lot, beyond what anyone in the 2000s would have thought even possible, and this is still true even when not counting The Donald’s ushering into office.

Of course, this is only the beginning, and those who held the lead cloak of political correctness beyond our heads will not accept gladly that they are losing some of their grip. They were aiming, and still aim, at total victory—that is, the annihilation of white middle classes, the complete blurring of sexes, the irreversible decline of people of European descent, the rewriting of history, the destruction of the traditional family to the benefit of a brave new world, total SJW cultural power, gynocracy, and so on.

They will accept no middle ground, no peaceful coexistence: the very identities of so-called “minorities” are based on anti-white or anti-male resentment, and the very definition of what they call “progress” is the displacement and disenfranchisement of the white majority. Rabid SJWs will always push here and there—no lasting peace is ever possible with those whose sense of self lies in waging culture war in the name of “progress”, and this is why spineless, willing-to-compromise conservatives will always be cucks.

As we become mainstream and drill the cloak, it is necessary to focus on the right enemy and hit it efficiently. If we stop doing so, it won’t. Shrewd “white intellectuals—note the quotation marks here— will always find a weakness to exploit and send some useful idiots there.

Hence, let’s deconstruct the deconstruction apologists swiftly. This article is the first of a series about the leftists’ worldview and tools. Understand them better than they understand themselves, dismantle their thought structures, and catch them hamsterizing their contradictions or melt down into further hysteria.

Michel Foucault, an overrated homosexual militant turned professor: “What? People on the right doing deconstruction? I don’t want to hear about that, since I have started to deconstruct patriarchal capitalism I’ve got a copyright on deconstruction.”

Michel Foucault, an overrated homosexual militant professor: “What? People on the right doing deconstruction? I don’t want to hear about that, since I have started to deconstruct patriarchal capitalism I’ve got a copyright on deconstruction.”

We know how addicted SJWs are to blaming, accusing, negating, openly despising non-leftists, being perpetually offended and taking the moral high ground. Everything is good to them when it comes to have a pretext to enforce their narrative—that is, a worldview where we are always the bad guys, whereas they and those who identify as “minorities” are always innocent and can do no wrong. Their accusations often follow a pattern, and one of these patterns is the charge of double standards. For example, we would be “guilty” of distinguishing between white and non-white immigrants, or between men and women.

Having different standards for different people and situations is justified.  As Aristotle said (Nicomachean Ethics, book V, chap.3), fairness is not about equality—in the sense of a kind of abstract identity between different individuals—but about equity: equal standards between what is actually identical, not between what is different and ought to be.

Males and females are different. Their different social roles are consistent with both the inner needs of individuals and the outer needs of society, which relies on complimentary between the sexes, not on a weird inter-sexual competition.

On the same way, homogeneous societies are those where trust and metapolitical peace flourish, so, having a standard that aims at maintaining our homogeneity is pragmatically justified—not to mention the unfairness of massive population replacement against those who built the West. In both cases, we have different sets of standards for what ought to remain different, and these sets should never be “deconstructed” and boiled down into a multicultural soup.

However, it is also clear that all differences in standards are far from justified. An obvious example could be nepotism practised at the expense of a genuine meritocracy.

Likewise, the leftists who cry about our real or supposed double standards entertain themselves a lot of those. And those are not about Aristotelian equity, but about hypocritically granting different rights for different people… based on divisive “identity politics,” hidden behind taboos, and justified by an irresponsible pretense to “equality.” While normal standards are based on reality and on a healthy sociability, leftist double ones are justified by the accusatory leftist narrative of “oppression” or “inequalities”—in other words, their various sets of standards are circular and barely justified outside the liberal bubble.

Ultimately, all leftist double standards contribute to the current anarcho-tyranny, that is, to a strange mix between impunity for some and ultra-severity for others.

1. The right to collective identity


We have long been told that everyone would be better off if there were neither nations nor frontiers, as Lennon sung in “Imagine,” and that whites must be colorblind because taking race into account is “racist.” In the 60s these imperatives were already conflicting with the idea that “colonized” people had a right to self-determination, that is, to a separate collective identity, and with so-called affirmative action. Since then, it became increasingly obvious that only whites had to pretend to colorblindness. No liberal ever yelled at blacks for being communitarian. Only we who don’t fit into the “minorities” circle were supposed to deny our own identities and act as if we were abstract individuals.

Conservatives who noticed this double standard—so-called minority groups have a right to a specific collective identity, the silent majority doesn’t—mostly denounced it out of adhesion to nothingness. Everyone should try to blend away inside the melting-pot, not only whites or males, hence “the Democrats are the real racists!” Of course, this disastrous line means whites or males should accept to be milled into the melting-pot, and if you want to exist as you are, well, “you’re a racist!”

Fortunately, for once, it was the left who did a big leap forward. In the mid-2000s, after enforcing colorblindness for whites and sexblindness for males, they completely turned around and started to speak about race and “gender” all the time. This move seems to owe to an exasperation of minority identitarianism: after decades of building collective identities where there were none or very few before, they had to victimize themselves more and attack us more, hence being openly identitarian and divisive, to maintain their identity-building dynamic. We still don’t have the right to openly exist, but the very obsession of the left over “cishet white males” and “toxic masculinity” participated dialectically into making our very identity more existent.

This has been painful, but the left (involuntarily?) helped us to separate the red-pilled wheat from the mildly conservative chaff.

2. The right to self-determination


This one has been especially conspicuous when the UK opted out of the EU. Post-WW1, the dismantling of important European empires into petty countries has been legitimized on grounds of “people’s rights to self-determination.” The line was also pushed forth post-WW2 when local third world violent groups were given free reigns in countries almost wholly built by European colonizers by both hypocritical Americans and West-hating USSR. It has been used to justify as well the identitarianism and separatism of so-called minority groups.

(All these situations eventually turned into large-scale disasters, the first one summed up into the expression “balkanization”—must be a coincidence.)

Now look at what has been said about populist parties and the Brexit. “Populism” happens when the people, unrepresented by traitorous elites, wants to exist again through a leader it can identify with. Brexit happened as a result of Englishmen willing to cut off from the stifling EU bureaucracy and bring back their jobs. Both stem from the will to determinate oneself as a group—and it could be argued that collective self-determination stems from the same willingness than the desire to liberate ourselves from the SJW straightjacket.

Nonetheless, and quite predictably, our right to self-determination is either openly denied or framed as “regressive,” “oppressive” to some Big Other, and the like. Some can rule themselves, or at least pretend they have a right to do so; others ought to remain cattle under the managerial State-Corporations complex and its SJW minions.

3. The very right to exist


In 2009, the French newspaper Le Figaro ran a piece about Jews being afraid to “disappear on the long term” out of their failing demography. As a non-Jew, I can perfectly understand that Jews care about their people’s destiny. But then, why can’t we care about our existence as well? Those who promote miscegenation also say that opposing their influence-peddling is “racist.” I suppose wanting to maintain one’s identity and future is “racist” as well—when one is white of course.

In the academic world, some strange Jewish teachers have been busy redefining “whiteness” as a pure “privilege.” This equates to saying that our very existence is mostly, if not entirely, negative, unfair to the Big Other, and should be erased by all means. As The Occidental Observer writer Andrew Joyce aptly put it, this very worldview and its propagation are essentially “an act of inter-ethnic aggression” pursued at the heart of the System.

The twisting of people’s worldview equating “whiteness” or “masculinity” to “privilege” and “oppression” feed a double standard that grants everyone else the right to exist, such right being part of “progress” and “emancipation,” whereas our simple existence is associated to the most vile and perverse accusations. If you find the last sentence overusing quotation marks, this stems from how much common language has been twisted in order to create a subtle double standard in how the average Joe perceives people’s rights.

4. Undergoing social pressure to be “tolerant”

“I don't have to be tolerant, because I am tolerance incarnate, but YOU, filthy normal person, BE TOLERANT or we'll have you fired!”

“I don’t have to be tolerant, because I am tolerance incarnate, but YOU, filthy normal person, BE TOLERANT or we’ll have you fired!”

A long time ago, “tolerance” used to be an injunction asking everyone to tolerate difference. Read Locke’s Letter on toleration (1689): in a context of inter-religious wars, the author asks every belligerent to tolerate the very existence of the others. A few decades later, however, cunning anti-Catholic intellectuals started to use to “toleration” plea as a one-sided accusation. They equated the very Church with “intolerance,” hence casting themselves and their own ideas as equated with “tolerance.”

Used that way, the “tolerance” thing essentially means that an agent A blames another one, B, for being purportedly oppressive, and asks him to tolerate a growing aggressive faction at its own side. This tactic tends to cast B as a villain, puts B on the defensive if B cannot exit the tricky framing, and, most importantly, leads B to be completely passive while A can be active—in the name of toleration. After what, A can freely build influence while B remains frightened.

All those who asked for toleration turned into dictators and murderers, all those who accepted to be more “tolerant” ended up overthrown and killed. The Church’s mild tolerance got thousands of priests slaughtered by revolutionaries. Today, what has been going on is exactly the same: those who pretended to be oppressed and asked for toleration have grown into aggressive and cancerous groups. Whoever asks for tolerance wants more power for him and wants the other to remain passive whatever himself does.

The left intuitively understands that. Have you ever witnessed anyone ask a rabid feminist or SJW to be more tolerant? Of course not. Only we are supposed to be more “tolerant” while hateful minoritists grow—and I could bet anything that, had we not revolted through the manosphere, Alt-Right, or Trump candidacy, they would push their advantage until all “straight white males” got killed or willingly renounced to live.


The most perverse thing here is that these double standards are often taken as self-evident, so much that leftists themselves enforce them without even thinking about it.

For those out of the Matrix, left-enforced double standards often give the feeling of something wrong, but they are also too elusive to be pinpointed. The whole narrative of “white privilege”, “patriarchy” and other contrived or cherry-picked stuff (see below) actually hides these double standards while also justifying them—’cause racism against whites is “social justice”, y’know.

Statistics about black crime

Now, these can be spotted in the intertext, as deconstructionist Jacques Derrida would say, of most SJW-poised content. Spotting the double standards makes them much less powerful and helps to understand the true structure and motives behind leftist sophistry. If you happen to debate a leftist, do not hesitate to call him out when he uses ones, whether he is aware of it or not.

Your humble servant being about to become a father—and wanting his future children to live in a world where they have a place—the series on leftism may run with some irregularity. I have just mentioned a few of the double standards that deserve to be pointed out and excoriated from their comfy mainstream intertext. So, stay in touch.

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  1. What country did the OP relocate to in 2012? If a man believes nationalism is the ultimate goal shouldn’t the OP be in his hometown nurturing the local culture and traditions and married to local female and raising his children there?

  2. white man makes a burrito – you should go to prison because cultural appropriation.
    the entire world takes in the creations of white man including (but not limited to): space travel, the inter-webs, mobile handset technology, combustion engine, commercial flight, and on and on and on – YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!

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          They are fucking nuts. I had this one little hard body talking to me at dinner for like 10 minutes about a post she made as if she was a Crim Defense lawyer who just won a case earlier that day.
          I eventually learned how to deal with them…to control the conversation while feeding just enough into their obsession without mocking it….in order to not go nuts and still close deal but man these girls are fucking nuts

        2. 5-10k likes per post? Thats not a typo? All 16 of IGs orig employees should be sent to the gulag for what they’ve done to society

        3. Nope. Girls will post a half naked gym pic and boom. That’s nothing compared to the big guns. Take a look at Jen Selter. I haven’t looked in a while but I bet you don’t find a single post on IG with less than 20k likes

        4. I dont use it. And something on that woman is fake, either the kaboose or the nose, I dont remember….yet 20k per pic!

        5. LMAO. My cousin just got divorced and was fawning over one of those online. He was writing a comment on one of her pictures ” I think you are beautiful.” Told him, I wouldn’t do that. Asks what I would write NOTHING. Pressed me to come up with something ” RU pre/post op tranny?” was all could think of. He stuck with beautiful and asked her out for Coffee. Oh do I need to finish the story?

        6. Why no picture eating microwave mac and cheese in low rent apartment with mismatched Ikea furniture.

        7. Lol. I don’t know any of the super famous ones but having dated some who aspired to that I honestly believe they would have cried at that line

        8. Oh they’re fucking insufferable. Any woman who gives attention whoring with showing body parts to innumerable faceless schmucks online as her only marketable skill deserve nothing but the worst in life!

        9. ” Do you have any attractive friends that are not whoring online.”
          ” who’s that hooker in the hotel hall.”
          ” have any hobbies not related to the bar.”

        10. No shit – they completely demolished exercise culture with the attention whoring and posers Instagram enable to proliferate the last few years. I’m lying in wait for it all to crash and burn like every trend inevitable does.

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    1. That’s funny, I make that same argument and bring that up in discussions often. Literally every advancement known to mankind, every infrastructure barring a very few, every institution worth a shit, was created by white men.
      Add to that, they’ve created the most incredible civilizations as a whole. In doing so, they’ve awarded themselves through the strife of this creation, the ability to destroy it in a manner no other race can imagine. The Gods of war. But see, to be the Gods of war, you first must be the Gods of creation incarnate.
      It’s quite a silly mistake to come up to “white men” in the aggregate, and poke him in the chest over n over and expect him to forever maintain his composure, no matter what your form. Once the pests have stepped in his progress, he’ll with the greatest efficacy, remove that pest’s pestilence. The white man, through his creation, is also the most charitable, generous person in the modern era, and has been for quite some time. Learning from his past mistakes better than practically all other groups combined.
      In my lifetime it changed from getting your ass beat for running your mouth full of whiney lies, to getting exalted for running your mouth full of lies. Leftists are simply immature, selfish, and operate primarily from the ego, and amoral phases of mental development. I have greater respect for children.

      1. Every institution? Every infrastructure? Only according to your government education I think…

        by Rudyard Kipling
        It was not part of their blood,
        It came to them very late,
        With long arrears to make good,
        When the Saxon began to hate.
        They were not easily moved,
        They were icy — willing to wait
        Till every count should be proved,
        Ere the Saxon began to hate.
        Their voices were even and low.
        Their eyes were level and straight.
        There was neither sign nor show
        When the Saxon began to hate.
        It was not preached to the crowd.
        It was not taught by the state.
        No man spoke it aloud
        When the Saxon began to hate.
        It was not suddenly bred.
        It will not swiftly abate.
        Through the chilled years ahead,
        When Time shall count from the date
        That the Saxon began to hate.

      3. So white civilizations created Mathematics? Medicine? Surgery? Language? Engineering? Architecture? Agriculture? Astronomy? Philosophy? Art?
        Are you really this ignorant? All of the major world religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism – white races created those too? Such delusions of grandeur.
        Egyptian, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Moors – the contributions of these civilizations mean nothing to you? Because all are composed of mixed race people that were various shades of brown.
        You’re overcompensating. Don’t let low self esteem, and a fragile ego cloud your vision. White people have certainly made their fair share of contributions to human history… but OBVIOUSLY not all of them.

    2. “…the creations of white man including…” oh, I dunno, civilization?
      Yeah, that ought to cover it.

      1. Civilization was created in the Middle East (Mesopotamia). The three earliest civilizations were Sumer, Egypt and the Indus River. None of these were European.

        1. All of them were built by white people who later migrated and settled in Europe and other places.

        2. Wait… Are you saying White people are not from Europe? Well then those cunts should go back to their own fucking countries.

        3. they made a real messopotamia of it……really though, built in the middle east, built by the white men….what the fuck does it even matter? That shit happened what, like at least 20 years ago…it is totally fucking irrelevant.

        4. Old Europe, located in modern Ukraine is an older civilization, from the 5th millenium B.C.
          Also, the mongols had not invaded the middle east yet and it was far whiter.
          The Indus valley was a white civilization, as seen in the partially white northern indians and a white village in modern day pakistan.
          And regarding ancient Egypt, it was certainly not a black civilization (except during the 25th dynasty) and since the middle east was far whiter and instances of white genes have been found in ancient Egypt it is certainly possible it was a white civilization.

        5. I am getting so tired of repeating this shit…
          First of all, Europeans, South Asians and Middle Easterners are all genetically related to one another. Some use the term “Caucasian,” others use “Indo-European/Indo Aryan.” Use whichever you prefer.
          As for Egypt, I never said it was a “black” civilization, although a “black” population, the Nubians, have existed there for centuries. The Egyptians, unlike many other populations, have remained more or less unchanged genetically since antiquity. The modern Egyptians are essentially the same as the ancient Egyptians.
          And how the hell is ancient Ukraine in the 5th century BC, older than ancient Egypt, which first came into existence more than 2500 years before that? Whatever you’re smoking I want some.

        6. I said 5th millenium B.C., not 5th century, but that’s an understandable mistake.
          Arabs are largey caucasoid but they have had mongoloid influence from asia through mongolians and turks, causing the arabs to be more non-white, persians and certain levantine populations are significantly whiter than arabs.
          I have heard that about ancient Egypt but I am not sure how true that is. Though I have also heard of large amounts of egyptians being classified as “white” before, but that was just in an online quiz.
          Dravidians are not white and they have been mixed into the south asian population.

        7. “White” people did not even exist in the 5th millennium BC. Physically modern Europeans have only been in existence for about 5,000 years.

        8. I highy doubt that white people have only been in existence for 5,000 years, do you have any proof?

        9. That article says that the phenotype for northern europeans came into existence around 5,000 years ago, Ukraine is in eastern europe.

        10. And in the fifth millennium BC, if you read, the ancestors of modern Europeans were still mostly outside of Europe at the time.
          Whatever ancient Ukraine was, it was not created by modern Europeans.

        11. Where does it say that? It says that the ancestors of europe were residing outside of Europe 15,000 years ago and 8,000 years ago for southern europeans. Both of these timelines would include the 5th millenium B.C. .

        12. “The modern Egyptians are more or less the same as the ancient Egyptians.”
          After being swamped by black Africans from Nubia/Kush from the south and Semitic tribes from the northwest, through mass immigration, (brief) occupations (16th “Hyksos” dynasty and 25th Nubian dynasty), and inter-breeding? Ridiculous.
          The oldest mummies from Egypt date from ~3400 BC (Pre-dynastic period). Morphologically speaking, the skeletons are those of Caucasians. Not Semites. Not black Africans. They still have tufts of blond-red hair. Well-preserved mummies all the way up to the 19th Egyptian dynasty tell the same tale. Do blue eyes (depicted in Egyptian art) and blond/red hair predominate in Egypt today? I don’t think so, except among a remnant (e.g., Copts).
          Here’s Tutankhamun depicted in a painting from his tomb riding down Nubians in his chariot while leading Egyptian warriors into battle and being fanned by Nubian slaves: http://archive.archaeology.org/1003/etc/tut.html. Further down the same page he’s depicted trampling a Nubian, and a Semitic looking fellow from northeast. The delineations between Egyptians, Nubians and Semites in this and other pieces of art from this and earlier periods are clear.
          Another of history’s great civilizations that reached its zenith as a cohesive, predominantly homogenous society down the tubes due to the wonderful blessings of (too much) diversity; a pattern that has repeated so often throughout history that it’s a complete mystery why leftoid retards have such a difficult time parsing the lesson.

        13. Dude, I know that no matter what I tell you you’re going to believe what the people on The Right Stuff and Stormfront tell you, so let’s just call this discussion closed, ok? I know that you don’t actually care about reality.

        14. We learned about haplogens in genetics class. From the “Garden of Eden” in east Africa, the humans that migrated north all share E1B1B1 which is the caucasoid haplogen. The humans that migrated south all share E1B1A1 which is the negroid haplogen. Egyptians, Ethiopians, and the entire eastern half of the Meditteranean share the E1B1B1 caucasoid haplogen. Their skin is dark only because of the low latitudes.

        15. Sure, in the broadest sense you can sort people out genetically as principally Caucasian, East Asian and African (Sub-Saharan). But it all depends on how you do the genetic sorting. You could make the case for many more “races” (or ethnicities) than just the 3 to 5 broadest categories. The ancient Egyptians were ethnically/genetically and culturally distinct from the Nubians to the south and the Semitic tribes to the northeast, and they in no way benefited from the mass influxes of foreigners from both directions. It destroyed their civilization. Historically, heterogeneous societies have a rather disorderly and bloody track record. The tend to lack the social cohesion of homogenous societies, all else being equal.

        16. No, you’re the one that says an article you linked to says one thing even though it doesn’t. I proved you wrong about the timeframes and you refuse to even acknowledge it. Now you are trying to stroke your ego by saying that I’m just a mindless moron and that you are truly free-minded.
          I do suppose it is possible the Old Europe civilization was not white, asians have created great civilizations before so I do know not only whites create civilization. If you could provide proof that whites didn’t exist 5,000 years ago or that Old Europe wasn’t white I could believe it. So I ask you for one moment to rise above your own ego and analyze your arguments.

        17. You proved nothing wrong. I admit I misread your statement that ancient Ukraine was in the fifth millennium BC as opposed to the fifth century, but you have produced nothing that definitively proves that it was settled by “white” European. First of all, it wasn’t even a civilization, as it did not meet the requirements of a civilization (no social stratification, no political elite) and could be described at best as a proto-civilization created by proto-Indo European peoples. These people were NOT the modern inhabitants of Ukraine.

        18. Genetically, King Tutankhamun belongs to the R1b1a2 haplogroup, which he shares with 70% of British men and half of all Western Europe. This haplogroup is present in below 1% of modern Egyptians. What was that you were babbling about? How “modern Egyptians are essentially the same as the ancient Egyptians”?
          What’s more, this haplogroup arose ~9,500 years ago in the area surrounding the Black Sea (i.e., Eastern/SouthEastern Europe).

        19. I take it you didn’t read Dominus Antonius’ comment. Read it and then get back to me.
          Hysterical faggot.

        20. Your inability to rationally defend your ignorant statement that “modern Egyptians are essentially the same as the ancient Egyptians” is noted.

        21. “Crim defense”? “Made a real messopotamia of it”? You need to change your name to “Butter” because you, sir, are on a roll.

        22. Nice strawman. I didn’t use the term “white” in any of my responses. I did use the term Caucasian. But that’s a very broad genetic population that includes many distinct sub-populations.
          One of the first DNA studies of modern Egypt was published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology in April 2003 (Volume 121, Issue 1, Pages 63-66). The study found that the present-day Egyptian male lines are of entirely mixed-genetic/ethnic origins. A couple of the most common Y Chromosomes present were haplotype V at 39.4% (Arab haplotype) and Haplotype IV at 13.9% (Sub-Saharan), with the gradient running North (Arab) to South (Sub-Saharan). This is perfectly consistent with my above posts (and the historical record) regarding mass influxes of foreigners into the core of the ancient Egyptian civilization from the North (Semitic) and South (Sub Saharan).
          Expanding upon the Semitic gene flow into ancient Egypt, the study also concluded: “Concerning less frequent Y haplotypes in Egypt, haplotype VIII is characteristic of Semitic populations, originating in the Near East.” Also consistent with my posts and the historical record.
          But about 5.5% of modern Egyptians belonged to Haplotype XV, which “is the most wide-spread Y haplotype in western Europe, where its frequency decreases from west to east.”
          Then there are the conclusions of British anthropologist G.M. Morant, who produced a comprehensive study of Egyptian skulls from the graves of commoners and royals from all parts of Egypt and from all times. He concluded that the majority of the population of Lower Egypt (northern part) were members of the Mediterranean white subrace. The further south (Upper Egypt) showed the same but an increasing Sub-Saharan admixture. He also found that with the passage of time the differentiation in skull types between Upper and Lower Egypt became less and less distinct; eventually becoming indistinguishable (Race, John R. Baker, Oxford University Press, 1974, page 519).
          “Modern Egyptians are essentially the same as the ancient Egyptians.”
          It’s clear from the art and written record of ancient Egypt that they saw themselves as a people distinct from the tribes from the North (Semitic) and South (Sub-Saharan). It’s also clear that “diversity” was in no way a boon for their civilization. Modern Egypt is a multi-ethnic/cultural shithole.

        23. ” I did use the term Caucasian. But that’s a very broad genetic population that includes many distinct sub-populations.”
          Glad we agree on that.

        24. “Among the peoples of the ancient Near East, only the Egyptians have stayed where they were and remained what they were, although they have changed their language once and their religion twice. In a sense, they constitute the world’s oldest nation”.[12][13] Arthur Goldschmidt Jr.

        25. I present to the jury Queen Nefertiti, ruler of an advanced civilization circa 1350 BC:
          And Anwar Sadat; typical of your modern-day Egyptian mutt and ruler over a backwards, 3rd world “diverse” shithole circa late 20th century AD:
          Leftoid plankton cloud orthodoxy sez diversity is our strength, but the modern left is a cult of useful idiots severely detached from reality and in thrall to an elitist agenda of global government.
          The global elite world improvers behind the “diversity” agenda have something quite different in mind for humanity from the preservation of true human biodiversity: an indistinguishable mass of malleable, deracinated consumer units lacking in any sort of racial/ethnic identity or national pride. Much easier to rule over that way.

        26. (((Arthur Goldschmidt)))
          They most certainly have not “remained what they were.” What a liar.

        27. Have a look at ASuperEgyptian and also 7phonecian7’s Youtube channels on Egyptians/ ancient Egyptians.

        28. Wow. You don’t believe him because he’s a Jew. Why am I not surprised.
          Not an argument, faggot.

        29. I think western whites are already “malleable, deracinated consumer units lacking in any sort of… national pride.”
          And you bought into it all by yourselves.
          Congratulations. You’re a cuck.

        30. Absolute stupidity. Ancient Egyptian DNA has been changed by waves of invasions. No population can remain the same over several thousand years.

        31. http://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-europe/danube-valley-civilisation-script-oldest-writing-world-001343
          The reason Old Europe was destroyed was because of the kurgan invasion, so yes the original population of old europe is not the same as today (and surely there have been more genetic infusions since then). But the second article is on the genetic history of Europe and it talks about how european genetics were largely developed by the time of Old Europe.
          The third article talks about how the population of old europe is likely the ancestors of later baltic populations (including some ancient greeks). Based on these 2 things I think it is reasonable to say they were white people.
          Yes, Old Europe was more egalitarian than later civilizations, but it did have tools, fixed residence, and a possible language. As shown in the first link. To say there was definetly no government seems a bit of a stretch but I agree that I should have to provide proof that there is a government to say it was a civilization, which I will do (if I can get proof), in a follow-up post.

        32. So with this in mind, I think a certain group of people should stop saying that “white” people have existed for 40,000 years (which they haven’t), created every civilization on earth (which they haven’t) and remained “pure” in Europe (which they haven’t). “White people” haven’t existed all that long.

        33. Since you clearly did not read Razib’s article, I post here for all to see:
          “One of the more ridiculous headlines I saw was this from CTV: King Tut may have been more European than Egyptian. I can see where they’re coming from, the haplogroup which Tut may have been a member of is present at over ~50% frequency in Western Europe, and ~1% in Egyptians. But this is just a single locus, a marker which traces the paternal lineage of an individual (assuming they’re male). To illustrate the obvious fallacy of this logic, recall that Dr. Daniel MacArthur is of the same haplogroup as I am, R1a1a. Does this imply that I am “more Scottish than Bengali”? Not really. In terms of total genome variation I’m South Asian, and Dr. MacArthur is Northwest European. Our paternal lineage is just one slice. Secondarily, why can’t we formulate it so that Dr. MacArthur is “more Bengali than Scottish”? There are more Bengalis than Scots by about 1 order of magnitude.
          This is not a trivial issue in relation to whether being this particular type of R1b makes Tutankhamun more European, or Europeans more Egyptian. This area is unsettled, but as reported in some of the media some researchers are arguing that the origin of this haplogroup is in the eastern Mediterranean and later spread to the west. In other words, Egypt may be closer to the point of origin of this patrilineage, and so closer to the root. The argument is that the high fraction in Western Europe is a function of the replacement of hunter-gatherers with farmers, and serial bottlenecks resulted in genetic drift which increased the fraction of R1b1a2. Using the strange reasoning in some of the media this would make Western Europeans a West Asian population!”
          Your move dickmunch.

        34. You do know King Tut is directly biologically related to 90% of British and half of Europe?
          Never mind the Greeks and their ansetors. There’s a lot you don’t know about

        35. You do know that that haplotype found in King Tut is only one small part of his genome, and in no way means that he was genetically European, right?
          In the words of Razib Khan:
          “One of the more ridiculous headlines I saw was this from CTV: King Tut may have been more European than Egyptian. I can see where they’re coming from, the haplogroup which Tut may have been a member of is present at over ~50% frequency in Western Europe, and ~1% in Egyptians. But this is just a single locus, a marker which traces the paternal lineage of an individual (assuming they’re male). To illustrate the obvious fallacy of this logic, recall that Dr. Daniel MacArthur is of the same haplogroup as I am, R1a1a. Does this imply that I am “more Scottish than Bengali”? Not really. In terms of total genome variation I’m South Asian, and Dr. MacArthur is Northwest European. Our paternal lineage is just one slice. Secondarily, why can’t we formulate it so that Dr. MacArthur is “more Bengali than Scottish”? There are more Bengalis than Scots by about 1 order of magnitude.”
          He continues to say:
          “This is not a trivial issue in relation to whether being this particular type of R1b makes Tutankhamun more European, or Europeans more Egyptian. This area is unsettled, but as reported in some of the media some researchers are arguing that the origin of this haplogroup is in the eastern Mediterranean and later spread to the west. In other words, Egypt may be closer to the point of origin of this patrilineage, and so closer to the root. The argument is that the high fraction in Western Europe is a function of the replacement of hunter-gatherers with farmers, and serial bottlenecks resulted in genetic drift which increased the fraction of R1b1a2. Using the strange reasoning in some of the media this would make Western Europeans a West Asian population!”

        36. As for the Greeks, the ancient Greek civilization didn’t fully form until around ~800 BC. Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus Valley had already been in existence for at least two millennia by then, particularly Mesopotamia and Egypt.

        37. “It is certainly possible it was a white civilization”… Really?
          To think Asians, Europeans, or any other group of peoples other than native Africans originated ancient Egyptian civilization is a myth long dispelled, but preserved through mass television and even books still holding on to such myth making.
          To believe otherwise is to state state that Europeans (or Asians) ventured 4000 miles into the heart of Africa, then accumulated all of the cultural, linguistic, spiritual, technical, religious and social trappings of Africa, with no influence by the surrounding African civilizations…. all the while remaining racially pure amidst the most genetically potent peoples on earth….
          How ignorant can you be?
          The first 1000 years of Egyptian civilization were undoubtedly black. And they would remain this way up until their kingdom ended by a slow but methodical influx of foreigners brought it down.
          Any non African genetics found in Egypt (Hyksos, Greeks, Romans, Persians) were originally allowed into Egypt for international trade, then international study (greeks), and ultimately colonial invaders would result in the demise of Egypt.
          As George Orwell stated, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” It’s pretty clear who controls the present. It just so happens to be the same people that benefit from your altered version of history.
          However, there’s no need to disseminate obvious distortions and manipulations to feel pride in your racial identity. Whites have plenty to be proud of. As do Africans, Arabs, Asians, Native Americans, etc.
          P.S. “The modern Egyptians are more or less the same as the ancient Egyptians.” <— Modern Egyptians are Arabs. They are recent colonizers who have inhabited the land and taken claim to a culture that had nothing to do with them.
          This is the equivalent of a white guy who is 1/32nd Native American that operates a tribal casino somewhere in Oklahoma.

        38. My loyal troll and ad hominem adversary. I see you’re as undisciplined as ever in your speech and can always be counted on to be devoid of facts or relevant commentary.

        39. Great vitriol and contempt against a race of people! You should stop using their language and inventions then, right? Pointing out lack of consistency in flawed arguments is like shooting fish in a barrel. I see you use Tyson as an avatar. Keep trying maybe one day you’ll be as smart as he is. . .

        40. Lol, using Sadat as an example of a “modern-day Egyptian mutt”? He was predominantly Nubian, coming from a Sudanese family as the very article stated. It’s this fact that earned him derision from the Egyptian populace who stated he “wasn’t Egyptian enough”. You claim that Egyptians are mixed yet point out Sadat’s obvious phenotype and cultural differences from them. Terrible example, as if there were any. Overall you’re yet another white supremacist faggot who lies and spreads deceit in order convert the general populace. Sorry, but you ultra-nationalists times’ are long over and people are going to genocide and replace the “subhuman shitskins”.

        1. Thanks, bro, now I finally get what that old brain-addled actor, aka “President Raygun” was trying to do with “Star Wars” space program – a big fukkin’ space wall to keep them damn aliens from dikkin’ with humanity’s genetics, again.

      1. I love this clip and have brought it up several times. “white people” forget that other than the mayflower crew who all settled in new england, have been at yale for a few generations and use summer and winter as verbs….all of them, the italians, the irish, the scots, the french, the slavic….they are all niggers. I always laugh when i think of an irish or Scottish or italian looking down on the blacks…its no different than watching light skinned blacks argue with dark skinned blacks over who is more white.

        1. Depends on the scots. Like everyone there are the ones who matter and the ones who don’t. The ones who matter went to Ivy schools and have loads of money. The ones who don’t shine their shoes

        2. lolknee, it does not matter, the WASPs are not ruling your country anymore. let them have their delusions . Jews have been running the show for the last 40 years.

        3. I think tribalism is natural. It’s only when it’s selectively allowed that breeds racism.

        4. My take from this clip is more cultural than racial. Superior anglo cultural values of economies of scale, understanding of science, and delay of gratification allowed an island of marginal resources to conquer 1 quarter of the world’s population. These values reflect in the success of the former colonies today [compare the success of former British colonies relative to the former French or Spanish colonies]. I’m not even Anglo. To demonize a group that improved the standard of living and individual liberty beyond anything thought possible, and not expect a racial awakening, is naive. This naivette is what the media has dubbed “whitelash”.

        5. I gotta be honest—i really don’t care about any of this. Be nice. Enjoy sex. Die well

        6. Are you suggesting it isn’t the WASP’s running everything like Hollywood and the media.
          But this Hollywood movie just clear as day said it was them (WASP’s) that rule the roost and hold contempt for everyone else. Hollywood doesn’t have an agenda, surely. Heh.

        7. In America, there’s a high correlation between earning power and being socially respected. Anglos, indians, asians, nigerian americans are held in high regard because of their high economic status. It tells me if a group of people want to escape social prejudice, start entering respected fields like medicine, law, engineering.

        8. (((hollywood))) is telling us they do. Now why would they do that.
          When was the last time you saw a Jewish serial killer, rapist or over privileged rotten human being depicted in the (((media)))
          We sure do see a lot of WASP’s in those roles.

        9. This is probably one of my favorite, but equally controversial, comments from you. The term ‘white’ is probably the most divisive and idiotic term ever used to create useful idiots.

        10. And they sure are takin’ a pounding in the privates (and other orifices) by their other guests….

      2. This is (((Hollywood))) just reaffirming to its audience that WASP’s are the elite and the ‘true’ enemy.

        1. They love to implant those nefarious seeds of division amongst the gentiles to keep them ignorant of the real threat.

    3. A BLM female activist insinuated to Richard Spencer at Texas A&M that the space program was the product of black minds.
      Yeah, right, the product of the same black minds who through centuries and centuries didn’t discovered the wheel.
      For your fun here is the clip:

    4. The trouble is that these inventions don’t exist in a vacuum. You are always standing on the shoulders of giants.

      1. Sure but typically those giants are of anglo decent. Facts are facts. Instead of calling every white man a racist maybe we should try to understand why the pigment of ones skin has such a high correlation to innovative thinking ( me thinks the harsh climates that white skinned people have been exposed to through time may have something to do with it). In the same way , I would love to understand more why many groups of east asian decent have relatively higher IQs than other populations.

        1. in that same vane, i’m sick of hearing about slavery, indian rights, etc etc. you hit the nail on the head, you shouldn’t take credit for what you didn’t do. so no, I didn’t own slaves, no i didn’t take indian land away, no i didn’t hold women back, and so on and so forth.

        2. Then you should feel comfortable burning all your children’s inheritance and anything you have tried to provide for their future.

        3. These double standards didn’t come to pass by accident. It is deliberate psychological/cultural warfare.
          There is no appeasing it, their is no public discourse that allows a dissenting view of it.
          No matter how much you submit, give and sacrifice you are condemned to be a white piece of shit that needs to be exterminated.
          I’m done metaphorically trying to bargain my existence to the devil and expecting fair play.

        4. It just proves that IQ is highly inheritable.
          Race too is an inherited trait so it goes together.

        5. I’m sick of it too. Whites ENDED slavery, they SHOT THEMSELVES in the foot and still get nothing but flak in return. Modern day Arabs STILL HAVE slaves. In Dubai and the rest of the UAE they have Asian maids and labourers whose passport they confiscate and who work for next to nothing and have no rights. Where is the left on this?

        6. But it’s not a fact. The dominant empire in the West prior to the 17th century was The Ottoman Empire. This was the centre of arts and sciences in the West for decades. And then there were the Moors. And don’t get me started on the Mongols who were tearing the Russians apart while Western Europeans were having kittens wondering when the Mongols would visit them.

        7. Don’t be a moron. I said to not take credit for what you have not done.
          Doesn’t mean that the good things you have inherited shouldn’t be protected.
          Also, future inheritance made by ones own self is something else than past inheritance made by someone else.

        8. Naturally.
          To be clear the good things our ancestors achieved have to be nurtured and protected. Based on what you make of them you can claim credit for it.

        9. Then the civilizations and nations built by unique tribes can be taken credit for and should be protected no?

        10. Spare me. I said no one should take credit for something he didn’t do.
          Who do you mistake me for?
          What a simplistic way of thinking.

        11. Did your children ‘earn’ their inheritance or did you?
          If they cant in some way take credit for it what is the point of family. We may as well be robots.

        12. “Blacks built the pyramids,” said the Negro. “Browns invented astronomy,” said the Arab. “Whites invented modern technology,” said the racist… Irony?

        13. You take what you can get. However taking inheritance is something else than taking credit for it.
          One may be proud of his father and family or of what he has but shouldn’t use it in a manner of elevating himself.
          It is what it is and only what we contribute to our country and the inheritance of our fathers matters.

        14. I bought a truckload of heavy-duty toilet paper from Costco, I’m gonna be the Santa Clause of Sluts this Christmas.
          [“Saint Neek of the Sharameet”, and the Moslem Brethren know what I mean]

    5. In University of Ottawa this year, there was a big stink over a white woman teaching yoga. Cultural appropriation you know. They fired her and found someone of Indian descent.
      Wonder if it’s ok for Asians to teach classical music.

    6. “the entire world takes in the creations of white man including (but not limited to): space travel, the inter-webs, mobile handset technology, combustion engine, commercial flight, and on and on and on – YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!”
      Francesca told me that black people actually invented all of that you white shitlord.

    7. Exactly! Every other culture emulates us. Steal our technologies, come to our countries, just to fucking complain about us.

    8. Ahh yes, cell phones. Where would the world be without dick pics and Instagram? I can’t say that the world is a better place because of any of those inventions. The more important question would be: who invented Mathematics? Medicine? Language? Engineering? Agriculture? Astronomy? Philosophy? Art?

      1. of course you missed the point. would the rest of the world actually GIVE up all the creations from the very people they despise and disrespect? you have no inclination for critical thought just like the rest of your liberal pals. you have no ability to see hypocrisy even if it came up and slapped you in the face.

        1. First, I’m not liberal. Second, what point are you making? Would white culture give up all of the creations from the people they despise and disrespect? Obviously not. As they shouldn’t.
          Judging by your commenting history on this site: You are weak, hyper-emotional, and you have way too much time on your hands.
          Since when did the red-pill involve victimhood? You’re a white male. The world has been setup for you to succeed. You must have been raised by a single mom or a weak father.
          Here’s some advice. Instead of complaining on here, go workout, read some books, make some friends, play a sport, build a business, make some music, or get some fucking pussy.
          There are a million more productive things to do other than complaining on the internet.

        2. I’m not liberal. Would white people “give up all of the creations from the very people they despise and disrespect?” Of course not, as they shouldn’t. I’m not sure why this irrational hypothetical scenario you’re upset about is even worthy is being brought up. Let alone becoming emotionally frustrated about.

        3. you mean like burritos and sushi? stuff like that? the point is white men created EVERYTHING that is advanced in this world. Why? we have better DNA. Why? white skin = hard weather hardship = think to survive. if you don’t think white men created 99% of advanced technologies leading to our current advanced civilisation, I cannot have a decent argument with you.

        4. Burritos? Are you really that ignorant? Africans invented Mathematics, Medicine, Surgery, Engineering, Architecture, Agriculture, Astronomy, Philosophy, Art, Religion. Not to mention Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism – all created by brown people.
          I’m happy that you’re proud of your race. That’s fine. But don’t be too arrogant to realize that you’re standing on the shoulders of giants. White culture has only been dominant for a relative blink of an eye in human history.
          Also realize it’s completely hypocritical to simultaneously take credit for the achievements of your ancestors (achievements you had nothing to with). And at the same time deny responsibility for sins of your ancestors. Pick one.
          I’ve looked at a lot of your comments and you seem really angry. You’re really overcompensating. Don’t let low self esteem, and a fragile ego cloud your vision. White people have certainly made their fair share of contributions to human history… but OBVIOUSLY not all of them.

  3. Let’s ponder some outrageous teachings that counter the leftist ones.
    You are only allowed to tolerate Christian theology. Doing otherwise is Christophobic hate speech punishable by law.
    You are only allowed to support agency for white men. Doing otherwise is racist sexism, because you are attributing agency to people who just can’t demonstrate agency.
    You only have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if you are white. After all, we came up with the idea of human rights when we didn’t even consider blacks people.

    1. You can only speak English or use technology, modern buildings, modern vehicles, modern clothing, etc. if you are white. We came up with it – you’re appropriating our culture.

        1. No, it only applies to non-whites.
          Besides, prior art says peanut butter was an American discovery (technically the native cultures, but we can stretch it).

        2. No no, George Washington invented peanut butter after kicking some English ass at Lexington

      1. Did you personally invented any of those things? Because if you didn’t then you shouldn’t use the pronoun we.

        1. You see, you’re thinking like a rational person. You need to think like a ridiculous ideologue.
          “We” did it, because someone who looked like us and who may or may not have been related to us did it.

    2. Human rights or natural rights? Who’s we? Black people were in Europe a long time before slavery.

      1. I was going for outrageous. It is not necessarily that I believe we ever thought of Blacks as non-people (though some probably did – there are bad apples in every bunch), but that is the Leftist narrative. By exploiting it we can create a counter argument that ultimately balances their nonsense (theoretically).
        As far as human vs. natural rights, I am not entirely sure I see the distinction on a philosophical level. If the concept of human rights has a basis, it must surely be in the conception of human rights derived largely from the Bible by philosophers of the Renaissance. And, if so, we can use the Leftist bullshit generation engine to come to such a ridiculous teaching as I proposed.

        1. I guess I questioned human rights because of the political connotations attached to them. Natural rights are based on logic and are political neutral.

  4. “The twisting of people’s worldview equating “whiteness” or “masculinity” to “privilege” and “oppression” feed a double standard that grants everyone else the right to exist, such right being part of “progress” and “emancipation,” whereas our simple existence is associated to the most vile and perverse accusations”
    I think the deconstruction of the deconstruction has already started. The concepts of ‘progress’ and ‘equality’ – for better or worse – are going to take some pretty hard knocks in years to come. It’s funny: a lot of the above was presented as a way to overcome unhelpful ‘binaries’ created by the powers of oppression / privilege, yet what do we so now, in the age of obama / trump – whites squaring up against minorities, men squaring up women (or at least feminists), heteros against queers. All of the subtle sophistry of the last century or so looks like its breaking down into another gigantic clash of interests. Maybe its just time to inject some honesty into the proceedings; let people express their self-interest, collective and individual, while rejecting manipulative arguments that progress that benefits one group is also progress for the group that doesn’t benefit.
    Re. Focault, I’m in two minds about that splendidly queer egg-head, or rather egg-shaped bald-headed egg head. He gave us relativism, and did a lot of damage to the idea of truth (which cannot be disentangled from regimes of power / knowledge) but he was in some ways more neutral and conservative friendly than the marxist scum who’ve mostly taken over the academy. Radicals have actually made cunning (and utterly dishonest) use of both foucauldian relativity and marxist oppression ontology. When leftists want an ‘objective’ description of oppression – i.e men oppress women etc. they look to the marxists to provide the theory: we live in a world where men as a class oppress women as a class bla bla.
    That schema is much harder to describe in relativistic terms: at best it’s just a reflection of the current configuration of power knowledge in the institutions of the land. Its neither true nor false, even if it might still be seen as emancipatory rather than reactionary or whatever). I think that’s a bag of tricks that needs to be brought down so the progs can no longer exploit such double-ontology to their advantage – or failing that we should learn to use it ourselves – use relativism when it suits us; realism when it doesn’t. I’d prefer to stick with straight-forward red pill telling it as it is. It doesn’t do to copy cheats and liars

  5. One of the aspects of the Red Pill knowledge, is that you can not un-learn it.
    One fact of our Red-Pilled lives today, is that we can not pretend that the Culture War will win itself in our favour, with us being just bystanders with no stake in it.
    But nor can we pretend that we are helpless, that we have no power in changing the outcome, that we will not be responsible if the Culture War is lost for us!
    The time of a general offensive towards the mainstream is NOW, and not just for ourselves, but for the sake of our future sons and daughters.
    It is a man’s job to go out to conquer the world and to make it a good place to live in for his own people.
    Our turn to fight for what we belive in – what we know for a fact being true, that is why we believe in it in the first place – has arrived, and we will not fail in our duty!

      1. I think probably the paranoia and fantasy displayed by the author.
        The irony of an “anti-miscegnation” article appearing on the website of a man who is the product of “miscegnation” and is famous for virtual miscegnation on a grand scale.

        1. neither of us care for that, but there shouldn’t be anything too sensitive to address. Its better if things are discussed openly but responsibly rather than becoming just one more unmentionable thing.
          We are governed after all by what we cannot say.

        2. Well said bob. However, I’ll give ROK the credit for being a big tent with loads of diffeeent readers and not a single view which every article conforms to

        3. That’s fine. What I object to is how commonplace this particular view is becoming on this site.
          And we all know that it’s one-sided. This is perfectly fine and even to be encouraged:
          But this is a monstrosity and we see stormcucks littering the comment section FOR DAYS afterwards:

        4. Yeah I don’t get it to be honest. It is one aspect of the site that I don’t really like but there are aspects I like a lot. If I want a site to be exactly the way I want it to be I can make my own.

        5. I would guess part of it is that one pair is about a thousand times more likely to end up with a single mother mooching off the taxes paid by the rest of us and raising their daughters to be the next generation of single mothers and their sons to be felons. While the other will likely lead to some really hot daughters and some nerdy sons that are really good at math and will gift humanity the warp drive. Or at least some creepy looking sex bots.

        6. Of course it is demonized. Because that is man taking one of our women. While in the first photo it is one of ours taking their women. It is called conquest. It is called masculinity.

        7. True, but to leftists and feminazis the opposite is true. First pic: rage; second pic: YouGoGrrrl!

        8. Don’t you think that says something about the alt-right and SJWs? Like maybe the reason they hate each other so much is because they are mirror images of each other?

    1. Actually it’s funny you say that. I was just thinking about taking a hiatus for this very reason. Not the articles mind you, which are still a mix of 1/3 I really like 1/3 I think are dumb and 1/3 that are ok….but the comments section…it seems that the idiots to not idiots ratio is changing and not for the better

      1. Fact-bombing CNN or Jezebel comment sections are always a nice reprieve from the manosphere. Give it about 48 hours, you’ll develop withdraw and realize the oasis ROK truly is.

        1. Maybe but jezebel and ROK aren’t that different and I don’t watch CNN. I like how the world is. I’m not a revolutionary. Entertain me or go home ya know

        2. I live in the USSA. If my mental health is OK is thanks to ROK. Otherwise, I would have hanged myself already.

  6. Its pretty insane. I have run both guy and girl profiles on dating sites like okc, and the amount of legit ‘nice guys’ on there is staggering – What I mean is the scree of ‘no nice guys’ is of course bald face lies. Then these girls wanting a ‘nice guy’ drop their pants for the ‘yo girls’ muscle bound freaks.

  7. The left does not argue in good faith the only reason why they argue for the platforms they do is because they believe them to be the quickest and most effective means for our destruction. Everything they say and do is calculated to destroy us and grant themselves power. Therefore it is of little point to make note of their hypocracies because everything do is driven not by the principles they claim for themselves but the desire to destroy and dominate. A Serpent is to be more admired.

    1. There still are plenty of people in “no mans land” where it comes to these topics. Make no mistake, articles like this one is not aimed at the far left. Pointing out the most egregious hypocracies is the best way to recruit those that may otherwise vote in the next hitlery clinton (or worse).

    1. I’ve quoted him before and will quote him again, as DMX said “I’m tierd of weak ass niggas crying over pussy that don’t belong to them, da fucks wrong wit them?”

    2. Stage two of red pill:
      Anger: “WTF! Bitches are all like this! They have no honour, no loyalty, and they don’t really love anyone but themselves! Fucking cunts!”

  8. If your best quality is an accident of your birth you are a chump….being white, black or whatever has nothing to do with what you have done as an individual.
    The miscegenation folks never seem to like it when people say they don’t want blue collar whites mingling with their white daughters because you are just the help and don’t belong in a social interaction with people of means
    Hell, most of the people here don’t like it when I say that not being from Nyc makes you second class citizens in my eyes

    1. I think the over-arching point is that all ethnicities/minority groups are allowed to make accusations of cultural appropriation EXCEPT anglo saxon cultures. Most whites have just let it go up until now as they simply want to get on with life (dont tread on me), but when it comes to brass tacks they will be forced to pull out that which is the most inconvenient truth. To wit: if minorities are adamant about making this into a race war, the whites will have no other choice but to lay bare the fact that indeed almost all of the modern conveniences we have are thanks to that group of unmentionables or deplorables if you like. This is way less about bragging over ones accident of birth and MUCH more about shutting down the race war that other groups have so gregariously encited.

      1. I don’t know man….sometimes I wonder if that is just all shit on the internet. I have dated in and out of every race and religion I can think of and have rarely found any kind of people who didn’t want me (except for this pentecostal chick I was fucking…her parents were sooooo mad and she was eating it up).
        To wit: no minorities have ever tried to make a race war with me so I see no need to try to make a race war with them. I will be honest….if I were to have kids I would want to find a white woman with blonde or light brown hair and blue eyes so that our kids would look just like us. I would think that blacks and japs and jews and whoever probably would generally feel the same.
        But fucking is fucking. You want to bang some asian broads or hispanic chicks thats fine and when leroy wants to pipe out helga thats fine too.
        Where I get all eye roll is when people think that their race somehow makes them special.
        To me….there is one thing and one thing only that matters…personal accomplishment. Your family was kangz? vikings? Emperor of Japan? doesn’t mean dick. Let me know what YOU do and I will let you know whether or not I respect you. When I look out and see people….white, black, asian, hispanic, jew, christian, muslim….fuck….most of them are just niggers to me. I don’t want to hear about your ancestry. If you haven’t accomplished shit in this world then know your fucking place and learn to shine my shoes.

        1. so we are in 100% agreement that meritocracy is the way. the only contention here is whether or not race bating/identity politics happen in real life or only within the confines of the bitter troll comments across the web. for me, i see it as very much a part of real life, and especially if you include gender politics as a category alongside race politics.

        2. My experience is limited to my own periphery and I don’t claim to be a man of the world…but I have to say that in my life in both my first and current career and in my social circles single childhood race bating/identity politics have not played a noticeable role.
          Maybe I am lucky or maybe I am blind but it just isn’t a thing for me. Most of this stuff I learned on ROK ironically. And seeing it here I see it other places on the web but then I unplug and honestly don’t see it in my life.
          I won’t speak for everyone…only for myself in my little corner of the world

        3. I agree with alot of this race identity stuff being on the internet and kind of bummed this site is starting to pander that crowd strictly. Not that it wasn’t here or there back in the day, but i felt alot more varied articles got posted.

        4. And most of the ideas they use to sell people on Identity politics can usually be disproved or taken out of context. That’s not to say you cannot be proud of your heritage, whatever you are, but to try and unite under the color of your skin is as dumb of an idea as safe spaces and “the patriarchy”

      2. Just saying man, are you confusing the term “Anglo-Saxon” for “Germanic?” Anglo-Saxon refers to the inhabitants of the British Isles. Germanic refers to a group of western European populations (English, Germans, Dutch, etc.).

        1. Dudes be on some white power ish and don’t even know they’re old tribes. Gauls were northern western eurpeans and anglo saxons were the north eastern.

      3. The greatest fear open and undercover Marxists have in all political debates is the idea of European people having strong racial identity and rejecting cultural Marxist policy.
        They will defend it relentlessly and never cede ground, it is of highest priority it seems.

        1. Herman was his germanic name I believe. He crushed the Romans at Teutoberg forest forever ending Roman exspansion into Germania.

        2. Yea, so I know about my heritage. It’s my German, Scandinavian hertiage…not my white heritage. The Romans were white and spent alot of there days enslaving gauls. not much white power there

        3. Well I wouldn’t expect a subversive to use ‘Karl marx’ or ‘Zionist goyim slayer’ as an internet handle.

        1. Succeeding there can very well be an accident birth too. It’s not like generational wealth doesn’t exist there.

        2. Generational wealth is a different story but in the end…people here are simply more important.

        3. It’s the generational wealth that own the institutions and have the utopia building influence from which that proximity based importance is derived.

    2. Individually, yes, you are the master of your fate. However, law of averages exist when applied to groups of people that have different tendencies and intellectual capabilities. We recently had another mas stabbing at a mall in St Cloud by a Somalian immigrant. Meanwhile, our local Korean and Norwegian immigrants are busy getting degrees, having families, not stabbing people at malls… you know, shit like that.

      1. Yes. Games have rules. I’d be better at basketball if I could shiv a guy who was posting me up. I was born and given a game to play and I intend to win rather than be upset at the rules

        1. Fuck that. Accepting a culture that is 100% cool with cutting heads off is retarded. If every culture was equal, we wouldn’t need borders.

        2. It’s a game and I am ahead. I would not want to see this world change one bit. I’m fine with it as is. All that time spend in revolution you could be playing and winning the game instead

        3. Buddy, I’m winning in life, let’s not get confused. All I’m saying is being vigilant towards groups who tend to be violent (regardless of race) is survival instinct. Race be damned.

        4. I’m pretty sure you are the first person to ever tell me that. I get out more than most.

        5. I was being a bit facetious.
          There are places in the world that are a bit more violent than Manhatten and being the minortiy in some of those places will get you a bullet.

        6. Hahaha every place is more violent than manhattan.
          Yes being a minority in those places might be bad. Not sure why people are ther

        7. As long as they keep it there, and themselves for that matter, I really don’t care.
          Thanks for the “Rat pack link”.. will watch over the holidays. I have been listening to Lightning Hopkins of late because of you. LOL.

        8. He is the man. That rat pack link is, for what it’s worth, in my personal opinion, the single best thing on the internet

      2. The best way I can describe Somalia is that the worst of sub-Saharan Africa met the worst of the Islamic world and had a fucked up hybrid baby.

      3. yeah its the strangest thing that all of these somali’s just ended up in one of the coldest climates in the USA. who’s idea was that? lets take all of these folks and dump them right here in good ol MN. The sheer arbitrary nature of it all has to make one sit and ponder…unless you’re a liberal!

        1. Right on man, I’m across the river here in ND. From what I witnessed being deployed to the Somalian border, is that the terrain is brutally unforgiving, causing Somalian culture to be naturally cut throat over the most basic resources. This is opposite to the altruistic Germanic culture that pre-dominates our corner of the country. Tension is bound to arise. I really believe the purpose of this insane relocation is to turn red voting districts blue.

    3. That’s because everyone else thinks being from New York city is an automatic 3rd class status.
      😉 😉 😉
      Had to do it! 😀
      About that, so as an actual real New Yorker, does it get on your nerves when people move to NYC and after a year say they’re “from” NYC?
      There was a similar thing that went on in Newport. (California.) Yuppies would move there and go around saying they’re “from” Newport. Meanwhile anyone actually from Newport would spot the tourists from a mile away. 🙂

      1. Ha. Nah. It’s kind of hard to get on my nerves in RL. I’m kinda a happy go lucky type. But I know people who get annoyed by that stuff

  9. I voted for Trump because of the last 8 years of demonizing white Christian males. I foreseen another 4 or 8 yrs of the same with an emphasis on “males”.
    Before my son was born I had not thought that I would have to teach him how to maintain his identity along with how to use tools or play ball. Hell, I even started wondering what I am supposed to be, (the correct version). Asking me to be apologetic because of what I am is as offensive as dropping racist slurs to newest disenfranchised minority. Sincerely WCM

    1. actually, I think that, thanks to sites like this one, a lot of young white guys are getting better at that. in the 80’s, 90’s and even the 00’s I saw a lot more guys playing “nice guy” game than I see now. There have always been men with their eyes open who knew how to deal with women, but I think that, for the first time since the mid 80’s, we are seeing the power dynamic shift…..at least as far as fucking goes….hopefully marriage is next

      1. I was also doing nice guy game in the 00’s. This is how I got my first girlfriend in my WE country and this is how my friends got theirs. I am not particularly happy of having had to “learn game” to interact with women. There was something called Christianity that used to put people in check and maintain some societal order. Now that is gone and our countries are being flushed down the toilet.

      2. ” I saw a lot more guys playing “nice guy” game than I see now.”
        You no longer see them that much because they’re all tipping chaturbate girls for the right to moderate the chatroom against alphas who call them out on their beta cuck behaviour.

        1. I must be so fucking old. I swear dude I have no idea what that means

        2. Ah it’s a real-time cam site where beta cucks pay girls to strip or dildo themselves. They have the nerve to chastise free-loaders there, not realising that I’m the one having a laugh at their expense.

      1. If you are saying what I think you are saying we agree 100%. You can’t blame women for being women. If a dog misbehaves you blame the master.

  10. Kinda slow in the comments section here lately…I wonder if a bunch of people bailed after they started demonizing the Alt. Right again during the election.

        1. no, 2 bottles of wine, a bottle of islay scotch and Dean Martin playlist on spotify for a friday night at home explains it

        2. Gotcha. I’m at home, too. No alcohol. No Dino. “Just me and the pygmy pony, over by the dental floss bush…”

        3. Will be posting some MBM articles along with the usual cover for a special holiday edition. Probably within the week.

        4. That’s fantastic. What is also fantastic is that you knew full well that you had to explain to me how to look at it because (wrt computers at least) I am a moron

        5. Nah, it’s just because you’re buzzed. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I just wanted your artistic criticism, because I value it. Now I’ll take down the article…grazie signore.

        6. It was a fun read for sure and the pics are great. I’m looking forward to finished project

        7. Long week at work. Could use booze, old rat pack performances and wine

        8. This is the rat pack show I am currently watching where Johnny stands in for Bishop. Full and uncut on your tube. Best hour and a half on the internet

        9. “Frank and I just flew in. We didn’t even take an airplane, we just flew right in. Now I have some special requests but I’m gonna sing anyhow”

    1. Or maybe ROK has gone stale. Comment threads are predictable: alt-right trapped in stage two red pill anger, religious tradcons trapped in stage one red pill denial. ROK has become boring as all fuck.

      1. Eh, people who get bored are themselves boring. ROK doesn’t exist for entertainment, it exists to educate young (and mentally young) males.

        1. A website that has gone stale is like a satellite in declining orbit. Its hanging out there but nobody knows why anymore and its only a matter of time before it falls apart. ROK is on decline trajectory for irrelevant omega males that have no game.

  11. What happened to this site not having a bias…this shit reeks of “muh white identity”

        1. How fucking dare The Jew be called to account or criticized for their overwhelming involvement on the poisonous pervasion of the west and globalist tyranny. That’s Anti-Semitic!!!

        2. I’ve read enough Voltaire to be able to criticize Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. This shit is just as corny as the black power bs

        3. I don’t care what you’ve read. At this point you’re either completely ignorant, a coward or have a dog in this fight.

        4. What? White power? Romans (southern Europeans) enslaved Gauls (northern Europeans (germanic)) , britians enslaved the irish, and everybody enslaved the slavs hahaha. Mainly because they all didn’t consider the other being white. Whites are just a bad to other whites as they are to other races. To try and promote an ideological based purely on the color of your skin is dumb as hell *edit* I’m also chuckling that you can’t even come out and say it. you have to hide it behind sarcasm.

        5. You’re deflecting into some tangent where you demonize white people that somehow draws conclusions of ‘white power’ and reduces race to skin tone.
          Why are we not allowed to criticize the Jew? Why do you believe the Jew is above reproach?

        6. I don’t see where stating history of how Europeans treated each other as demonizing whites… and then here comes the “reducing race to skin tones.” Ok if you want to get technical yes we are all Caucasian (White), but do you know who else is Caucasian? Persians, they’re actually the original ayrans…Semitic people or….Jews are Caucasian and Hamitic or berber, Egyptian. So explain to me what you mean by the whole race thing?

        7. Further evasion and sidetracking.
          Why are we not allowed to criticize the Jew?
          Why do you believe the Jew is above reproach?

        8. I don’t believe their faith is above be criticized. I would suggest you read Voltaire so you have an idea of what I mean. Criticizing Judaism for have crazy law that forced them to do crazy things like getting circumcised you can do all day. Saying there is a Jew conspiracy out to ruin your already mundane life is stupid. That’s some shit you come up with on a bad acid trip

        9. Judaism transcends faith. Otherwise they wouldn’t conduct DNA testing to verify Jewishness for Israeli citizenship.
          You didn’t really answer my questions. Conspiracy theory is something a ‘Lolknee’ shill would try to push.

        10. Or maybe someone who lives a pretty good life so he doesn’t have to create fantasies in his head that his existence is so significant that an entire collective of people has been sabotaging his life since birth. It’s not the jews bro, you’re just average.

        11. It’s not about their “faith.” Some of the worst Jews (politically) are secular and non-practicing.

        12. Oh man don’t bother. Drago here is really bottom 1%. I’ve done this dance with him already. He is a) emotionally caught up in his belief system for one reason or another b) suffering from the worst form of reaction formation this side of BLM protests and c) most likely one in a very long line of morons who have passed rubbish genetics along with idiotic beliefs down for many generations.
          Read Voltaire? I’d be surprised if this dufus could get the point of a bugs bunny cartoon

        13. “It’s not the Jews bro, you’re just average”
          I can see this on a shirt. Jews, patriarchy, white man, ar15s etc etc etc

        14. So you are just the bosses of the whole world are dicks…hmm a boss being a dick….havent heard that one before

        15. Have you seen the new anti Semitism bill? Its not good for free speech or for living in a world where all groups are held accountable

        16. I’m all over the map on this one. I think the government doesn’t has the ability to actually block free speech because it will either A) go underground or B) new “Loaded words” will be created. This is both a taitic of left and right wing politics. Passing laws like this are the equivalent of people proposing bills about the desecration of the confederate flag for the right. If it passes, it seems like the main place it would take place is on college campuses, which do generally have an unwritten code about shit you can and can’t discuss. In the environmental department i worked with at my time in college it was always a bad idea to be skeptic of global warming, I actually wrote a anti global warming page one of my English classes and my teacher threatened to fail me if i didn’t not rewrite it. It’s just the overcompensation of people on the left.

        17. well as the link indicates the bill was proposed by one democrat and one republican. It can’t be described as of the left or of the right because the issues it covers are cross-party, however it does seem likely that it represents an attempt to address and stifle the BDS movement which certainly is of the left. Now, you rightly point out that such a thing might have the opposite effect – i.e. be counter-productive, but equally when such things are reflected in legislation they have a declarative effect – it applies to education for the moment, but just as it proceeds originally from a state department definition of anti-Semitism to update the province of education, it may well as a definition come to be ‘rolled out’ more widely within society as a whole. I don’t think you can underestimate the importance of education as an arena that sets the agenda elsewhere. Moreover they are not merely trying to clamp down on anti-semitism or attack the BDS movement in a general way, they appear to be trying to effectively pass into legislation the idea that anti-zionism is necessarily or at least typically anti-semitic in substance – hence the explicit references to Israel. So you get the usual concern about ordinary (jewish) people’s lives (which may well sometimes be in danger, or otherwise damaged by anti-semitism) being attached to an apparent attempt to equate criticism of a particular foreign state (and by extension perhaps any foreign policy that might seem designed to aid or benefit that state).
          Even if the this stays within academia the affect will be considerable and negative – don’t misunderstand me: I’m not a BDS supporter, or anti-Israel (at least not necessarily – though I am pretty anti neo-con) but I do think this is the kind of thing which will threaten academic freedom, freedom on campus etc. If I thought it was just a response to jewish students being made to feel uncomfortable or bullied, I might be more sympathetic, but even then I could see better ways of addressing that. I don’t think this is about protecting ordinary jews. It’s about dissuading political dissent

        18. Yes Ad hominem

          short for argumentum ad hominem, is a logical fallacy in which an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.

        19. None of you will answer why you so strongly believe Jews should hold this unique power above all others to be beyond reproach.
          Your devoid of logical argument reactionary emotional attacks on my character or anyone else who may paint the Jew in a critical context suggests you’re blindly protecting your own.

        20. Arguing with drunks, morons and the mentally ill is never a good use of ones times. I don’t know if you drink, but two out of three is still too much.
          There is simply no one that is going to bother arguing with you because you are an emotional twit with a low IQ and inability for honest critical thought.
          Don’t bother responding. You don’t need to thank me for the insight. I would suggest you try to apply it to your life and grow as a man but we all know you are too much of a wussy ass bitch for that.

        21. I get where you’re coming from but I have a little sympathy with where he’s coming from. That’s to say it can sometimes seem as though jewish groups want to be unaccountable and above any kind of criticism. Right now in the US there are some worrying threats to free speech coming from this new anti-semitism awareness bill (relating to education)
          As men concerned with ensuring free expression, sure we can acknowledge the concerns of jewish students who may have been bullied, but this is dangerous overkill. We should all stand in solidarity against this stuff, don’t you think

        22. Mobius: you have a valid point and have shown you are a man to be taken seriously (agree or no) and who a real conversation can happen. I will be happy to discuss this you any time that isn’t pre game Saturday.
          My point with Fago isn’t that there is nothing whatsoever to look at, discuss and think about but that he isn’t worth consideration.
          Further, while I am not about to castigate a whole group of Jews I can surely, as a sane individual, recognize the harm that Soros and co are causing.
          I’m just not going to have the discussion with a mental deficient and moral degenerate

        23. Appreciate that. I agree that there may need to be ‘parameters’ or if you prefer ground rules for debate – provided of course they are stimulative of debate rather than the opposite. My position continues to be that nothing should be ‘off-limits’ at least in principle, and that engaging in debate is the option that best guarantees things get better / safer rather than worse – that probably includes Drago & co but that’s for you to decide. Ultimately there must be nothing that is unsayable. There is no holy of holies after all
          Pleasant evening to you

        24. Nothing should be off limits ever with the caveat that some people are simply not worth talking to.

    1. Identity politics are being pushed from minority groups (funded by soros et al) onto whites not the other way around. In more stable times most whites could give 2 fooks about their white identity, myself included.

        1. Agreed. And it is quite ironic how the liberals ride the coat tails of the hard work of good folks that came before them and then rant on about priviledge.

        2. Both sides of the political spectrum ride the coattails it’s just one shames it and the gets the wrong idea and overly embraces it. You honor those who came before you by continuing building on the greatness they achieved. Not by squabbling and pissing it all away.

    2. Selectively allowing groups to show pride in their heritage creates racial tension. BLM led many blacks who otherwise lived comfortable lives, to become militant towards whites. Nature hates a vacuum, so now more whites are becoming more militant out of backlash.

      1. Do you know how you really show pride in your heritage? By getting a job and contributing back to society in positive way. I do that every day so it does not upset me when a fringe minority gets on a soapbox and starts spewing shit. Blacks as a whole make up 13 percent of the US population and the amount that are in BLM is what maybe 2-3 percent? The rest are working like every other race. Trump got elected,that racial tension stuff is over

        1. We just had another mass stabbing at a mall by a Somalian immigrant in St. Cloud, Minnesota. You will never hear this on the news. Yet, if a white man so much as wears a MAGA hat, he risks getting pulled out of his car and getting his ass beat by a bunch of ferals. Funny how none of our Norwegian immigrants are joining gangs or burning down neighborhoods, or you know, stabbing people at malls.

        2. A mass stabbing….that is literally how pussified america has become. Maybe one or two people getting stabbed should alert you to this guy…by that time you should have already grabbed something like a pole or even your sure..thrown it at the man and bum rushed him. Mass stabbings just prove how lazy and sheltered Americans have become

        3. One of the victims was a little kid. Perhaps he should’ve known how to take on a grown man? Different groups have different intellectual capacities. None of our Norwegian or Korean immigrant groups are stabbing people at malls.

        4. So all the adults the surrounded that child were to scared to do anything to protect the child. If you are in a mall the amount of shit on hand you could use to disarm a guy with a knife is astronomical. It was the in action of the people and the idea that “Our government should protect us from everything” “MUH BLUE LINE” causes stuff like this. Someone could have tackled this dude from behind and then everybody dog piled on him and it would have been over…

        5. Thats the difference between liberal Minnesota and my gun happy state across the river. He would’ve had his head blown off trying that here. My original point was if every group was equally intelligent we wouldn’t need borders. Saying otherwise is naive.

        6. I’m not in disagreement there, I would say it’s more cultural upbringing over intelligence though.

        7. Some cultures value high restraint over emotion. Germanic, Anglo, Japanese, Korean, etc. come to mind. They may not like individuals different than them, but they’ll tolerate the differences to a point in the name of civility. Every Muslim country I’ve been to has zero concept of tolerance or impulse control. I think intellect is an extension of the culture.

        8. You’re trying to reason with a cultural Marxist in ‘Arminius’.
          They will mentally twist and contort all points of view to protect their destructive ideology whilst attempting to appear impartial.
          They will relentlessly attack all racial identity politics (except Jewish) in this manner and greatly downplay or misdirect any negative issue including the obvious assault on the white male.

        9. Blaming the victims? And you drop “they should have…” … thats great hero. If only you were around to save the day.

        10. “I think intellect is an extension of the culture.”
          And you can measure the culture by what they produce, invent and build that is copied by other cultures. The fact that more new books are published in 1 year in Spain than all books printed in arabic tells you those in the muslim cultures are not big readers.

        11. The christian god teaches one to submit, obey, and wait for divine intervention. My god’s tell me they do not care whether i live or perish so the power to change things is within me.

        12. False. Your grip on christianity is weak. Islam actually means “submission” in arabic BTW and if you spent time in muslim countries you would see alot of waiting around for divine intervention.

        13. Spot on, man. Muslim science has been third rate since the Mongols torched the House of Wisdom in 1258 AD. Even then, it’s no coincidence their contributions were overwhelmingly achieved in provinces of the former Persian and Roman Empires. Not Arabia. Happy New Year btw.

  12. The left claim that the right uses straw men and false equivalence to argue their points, but they only perceive it that way because of presumed rightness and the inability to accept that their might actually be any given number of acceptable views on various social/political/econonic subjects. The appeal to complexity is really just a smokescreen to push their agenda of equality. What they are seeking to achieve will cause further imbalances, thus multiplying the risks of causing real social harm exponentially.
    The extreme arrogance kills me though. ‘We are progressives looking forward to a better social order’ etc, ‘It’s progressives that improve society, no progress would occur otherwise’ etc. If so called ‘progressive minded’ people were all that were needed more revolutions in history would have been successful. The fact is that societies are most successfully maintained through a delicate balance between conservative and radical forces. It is a yin and yang style dynamic that is essential for providing social stability.
    Only a profoundly ignorant person would give such undue weight to the value of ‘progressive’ influences when considering the growth and development of social systems. Left unchecked ‘progressivism’ ruins societies because it doesn’t learn the right lessons from history and regards tradition as a relic to be swept aside for the latest voguish utopian vision. On the other hand, too much conservatism results in static movement. It is the dialectical engagement of these forces that matters, and people who think otherwise should never be given any serious power.

  13. “They will accept no middle ground, no peaceful coexistence”
    And neither should we. Destroy the enemy.

  14. This was a fantastic article.
    I’d add to the tolerance section how they have stance against racism sexism and homophobia but often use “Cis-straight white male” as insults thus making them gendered and racial and straighphobia slurs.
    The sad fact is tolerance had been warped beyond tolerating & accepting and into support.
    It’s no longer enough to accept homosexuality, transgender, people of different races ect, you have to outright support them and their cultures because if you accept them and don’t impede or act hostile to them, which is tolerance, but don’t support them you are labelled racist, bigoted, ect.
    So if you have a view of being perfectly happy working with Asian people and encountering them on the street and them having equal rights and so forth but don’t support ‘Asian pride events’ your told your intolerant and must learn Asian culture because to tolerate is not enough.

    1. You could see the fear and the “Look at me everybody, look how tolerant I am- I’m definitely not a bigot!” in most of those rainbow flag filters a mile away…

  15. Affirmative action is all about the federal government claiming credit for employment trends. And does it really benefit so-called “protected groups” to be figuratively classed as teacher’s pets? I vote “No”. As uncomfortable as it was to be greeted with a “you can’t sit here” wall of contempt, it was worse to be perceived as an affirmative action hire. Yes, AA benefited some; the whiners and crybabies who cry racist and discrimination whenever they don’t get their way. But for those already making it on their own merit, it was and remains obnoxious to have the government claim “you didn’t build that”.

  16. You try to teach children to share. They don’t learn to share, but they learn to tattle.
    It is amazing how fast you start to hear…
    “HE’S NOT SHARING !!!”

  17. This talk about “oppressed minorities” dissimulates the very real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and serves to deny us from our rights to public empathy, to dignity, or to even basically survive in a world of our own.
    Diversity means Whites will need spokesmen. Not spokesmen for protecting borders and a melting pot. Spokesmen for WHITES.

  18. This article is about double standards that leftists use and majority of comments below are about race LOL
    I mean race discussions never ends. Always circular and always about “Oh no My people had it worst then your race” boo hoo cry me a river sob story lol.
    Too much victim mentality from many different races.
    If you are a white man who is still complaining about how the world is ‘anti-white’, then how is that different from a black man and other minorities who are complaining about “system keeping him down”?
    If you have positive and winner’s mindset, your race should be very insignificant.

  19. Yo, long time lurker here, like the site…but if I get 1 more fucking pop up add I ain’t coming back. Getting retarded now.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been a lurker for years, and I hate the pop-ups, too. However, I’m assuming they’re important to keep the site up and running.

  20. “All those who asked for toleration turned into dictators and murderers, all those who accepted to be more “tolerant” ended up overthrown and killed. The Church’s mild tolerance got thousands of priests slaughtered by revolutionaries.”
    Let’s not rewrite history. Until 1789, censorship was scrupulously operated by priests. They did not stop censoring opinions because they became tolerant. They simply lost their power to prohibit and to enforce the prohibition of the publication of works contradicting the Bible in France.

  21. Brilliant piece! And some of the comments/posts down below….also brilliant. Where the fuck have I been all this time? I’m thinking if I can just articulate the way I feel, people will see the world as I see it, as it is: a mock/twilight zone version of our ancestor’s Western Civilization. Apparently you guys got the jump on me. I don’t feel so alone and tortured in that view any longer.

    1. discovered this site YEARS ago, and started contributing comments years ago, as well. I’ve been gone a while, but I came back, because this site is a treasure trove of information.
      If you’re new here, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

      1. Yes, I don’t think I can be. It’s not that I’m inarticulate, rather I’m intellectually lazy and don’t apply the effort to analyze and understand my thoughts. After a handful of articles here at ROK I’m discovering that not only are there others out here that see the world as I do, they are sharp enough to express their feelings and pass it along to the rest of us. And I will now do the same. Liberals think I’m insufferable now………oh just wait. That redpill is one hell of a drug.

  22. The word “privilege” being shouted at you means only “jealousy” or “envy”. I’ve been called “privileged” by my loser relatives. Clueless individuals that think that good fortune rains from the sky.
    If their numb neurons would allow them a moment of clarity to think up and actually observe why I’m so privileged:
    – That I busted my arse non stop at school through a uni degree that allowed me transparent mobility regionally and abroad. (Not like studying law, school teaching, medicine, that would require long paperwork to recognise foreign diplomas and qualifications).
    – That I started to save up 75% of my cash, once I landed my first job.(at the matter I was a noob at game, so it didn’t matter anyway). I lived a minimalist and frugal lifestyle while being a basement dweller.
    – That I devoted most of my free time to read up endlessly, and master my English skills, while self teaching myself French and German. ( I eventually went to language school once I could pay for it).
    – That I knew where I wanted to live and I found my way to land on my promised land while also having to decide between two countries in different continents.
    … and yes, I am “privileged” for having a pretty relaxing job in writing, renting up a modern loft in the city with views to the river, involved in the scene I always dreamt and dating beautiful Slavic girls occasionally. Like I was born into this.

  23. Well-written. I offer up a suggestion: instead of saying they “take” the moral high ground, I would say they “claim” the moral high ground. They cannot take what isn’t theirs to begin with. They can only claim it is theirs, and their claim is false.

  24. People like this fagot can talk, talk, talk. And thats it.
    The proper way to deconstruct their leftist bullshit is with a club colliding with their head. Nuf said.
    This is the only language able to stand the test of time. Worked for our stone age ancestors, works for us.

  25. It’s always somebody else’s fault. White men playing the victim card when they were simping from day one and are now being spit on by the same women they were simping for. Purpose of colonialism imperialism and empire? Serving her. And what do they now have to show for it? Rampant homosexuality alongside cuckoldry and gender confusion of the metrosexual. CIS scum is the new N word. The monster has been let loose.
    Either you fuck off back to the plantation as slaves to pander to the whims of western women, or go MGTOW in which case you have the option of collecting your balls and doing something different the next time around. Simping is simply not an option any longer.
    SJWs are not the cause of the problem. They are a result of white male simping going back decades. WWI and WW2 established a global hierarchy that has slowly been dismantled. Somebody in these pages ought to stand up and take responsibility for the debacle. Blaming the symptoms of western decline on people who clearly want to undermine western civilisation is about as logical for blaming the fire that burns down your house for being unkind.

    1. That was quite a vehement screed, brother.
      Thanks to you, I have come up with a leftist-sjw-like term for today’s “women”: The Menstruosexuals.

      1. If you can find a hole in my argument by all means bring it to my attention. Somebody has to take responsibility for the debacle. The time for pointing fingers is not now.

  26. Some of the writings on here are decent – but when white guys play the victim card too hard like this guy, then you know you in angry whitemenistan

  27. A latino can wave a Mexican flag and support La Raza (the race)…perfectly acceptable to the leftists. Yet if a white American is proud of their own culture or want to defend their own culture its called racist and xenophobic by the leftists?
    Black Lives Matter can say “kill white people”. Which is fine to a leftist.
    Yet if a white man points out that Planned Parenthood is higher concentration in black neighborhoods and was born out of Margaret Sangers Negro project… he is called misogynist.
    A white woman can promote her gender and it’s not sexist. Yet if a man promotes men to equally be successful, strong, and powerful… its called “sexist” by the leftists.
    Total hypocracy.
    And its getting old.

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