Solzhenitsyn’s Warning About Communism Applies To Today’s Culture War

I’d like to share a quote from Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian dissident author who emigrated to the United States during the height of the Cold War. Solzhenitsyn wrote about Communism and the Soviet Union mostly, but it is amazing the parallels that one can see with contemporary American society, in terms of the cultural climate. Keep in mind, the United States has changed from Solzhenitsyn’s time, so much so that the following quote now illustrates the current condition of western society.

Our present system is unique in world history, because over and above its physical and economic constraints, it demands of us total surrender of our souls, continuous and active participation in the general, conscious lie. To this putrefaction of the soul, this spiritual enslavement, human beings who wish to be human cannot consent.

One of the complaints of the early communists operating in western Europe in the late 20s and 30s was that the workers would not join their revolt. This astounded many of the early communists who could not believe that the workers did not want to overthrow the capitalistic system and all the accumulated historical legacy of oppression that they believed all workers inherited.

György Lukács was one of the early founders of cultural marxist thought who concluded that the workers did not join their revolt because of their “Christian souls.” What he believed was necessary was a re-education of society, a gradual changing of values and subversion of symbols until they no longer stood against global communist revolution. He and many like-minded left wing intellectuals would go on to found the Frankfurt school and continue disseminating these ideas of cultural paradigm change through language, ideas, and a pervasive counter-culture.

How much the times have changed where the counter-culture has become the dominant and only culture, the ideas all increasingly radical and the very English language changed to accommodate a pernicious left wing agenda of political correctness.

Because of this oppressive regime of thought, we are left without words to even articulate our opposition without immediately being castigated by a society-wide knee-jerk reflex, a defense mechanism programmed to act against reactionaries and traditionalists of all stripes. What Solzhenitsyn brought up about the Soviet Union is already steadily creeping up on us here in the west. The economic model of Marxism has failed, but the cultural model is alive and well, we see it in feminism, equalism, historical revisionism, native guilt, and disintegration of tradition on the grounds of it not being progressive enough.

It seems that to be part of the elite is to take part in a great lie. One must be able to mouth off their platitudes and adopt a vigilant eye for potential bait designed by the mob samizdat to lure you into making a mistake. Even worse, taking a page out of the New Testament and Jesus’s admonition of harboring any seditious thoughts at all to heart, progressives try to not only reform our behavior, but the very contents of our character as well.

Good becomes bad, bad becomes good. Death becomes life, perversion the norm, sophism a part of every lecture, and the right to dissent only accorded to a select few. Truly, Solzhenitsyn would be rolling over in his grave.

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141 thoughts on “Solzhenitsyn’s Warning About Communism Applies To Today’s Culture War”

  1. Solzhenitsyn gave a prophetic speech at Harvard in the 70’s. Pretty easy to find online and in it he discusses many many issues that today are in full toxic bloom.
    His accounts of people in the gulags in his book Gulag Archipelago are harrowing reading with the understanding that this is the road the USSA is heading down.

      1. “Every people must answer morally for all of its past — including that past which is shameful. Answer by what means? By attempting to comprehend: How could such a thing have been allowed? Where in all this is our error? And could it happen again? It is in that spirit, specifically, that it would behoove the Jewish people to answer, both for the revolutionary cutthroats and the ranks willing to serve them. Not to answer before other peoples, but to oneself, to one’s consciousness, and before God. Just as we Russians must answer — for the pogroms, for those merciless arsonist peasants, for those crazed revolutionary soldiers, for those savage sailors.”

        1. “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of its perpetrators.”

        2. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said here, none of which can be emphasized enough. I nonetheless am compelled to say that I think it would go a long long way if Putin apologized for the crimes of the KGB, and stopped the persecution of Catholics in Russia. As always, I’m open to correction.

        3. “I nonetheless am compelled to say I think it would go a long long way if Putin apologized for the crimes of the KGB, and stopped the persecution of Catholics in Russia.”
          What persecution would that be exactly? That Russians aren’t “nice” enough to a tiny fraction of a fraction of a group?

          “a 2012 survey[1] has determined that there are approximately 140,000 Roman Catholics in Russia (0.1% of the total Russian population)”
          O wait, here is the “persecution.”
          “Pope John Paul II for years expressed a desire to visit Russia, but the Russian Orthodox Church has for years resisted. In April 2002, Bishop Jerry Mazur of Eastern Siberia was stripped of his visa, forcing the appointment of a new bishop for that diocese. In 2002, five foreign Catholic priests were denied visas to return to Russia, construction of a new cathedral was blocked in Pskov, and a church in southern Russia was shot at. On Christmas Day 2005, Russian Orthodox activists planned to picket
          outside of Moscow’s Catholic Cathedral, but the picket was cancelled.”
          Maybe if your Pope Francis called off his followers engaged in open genocide of Russian ethnics in the Ukraine; Putin might pull some strings to get that new cathedral in Pskov built, those *foreigners* who wanted visas might get them, etc.

      2. Never been translated into English. However, Harry Enfield on BBC did a funny with his “History of the 2’s”. The takedown of Schama and Yentob was delicious.

        1. There was an english translation I found online a few years ago. I haven’t checked up but I’d wager it is still there.
          Next to impossible to get a book like that published in the states. Like Voltaire said ” To learn who rules over you simply find out who you cannot criticize”.

        2. Just watched it. Hilarious and really quite refreshing to see the mick being taken out of all those poncy BBC programmes. Just goes to show how downhill TV comedy has gone in the past decade or two as I haven’t laughed at much in TV recently.

  2. The fall of the Soviet Union was one of the worst things to ever happen to the West. Anyone who thinks Communism is dead is living in a dream world. Read the philosophies of Karl Marx and you’ll see that not only is his worldview alive and well, but it’s the dominant worldview in the West.

    1. Marxism is alive and well at universities throughout the West, particularly in English depts where one can graduate without reading Shakespeare but Derrida* and similar deconstructionist bullshit is required. Why are Marxist texts never deconstructed? B/C we know they are bullshit already….
      *It used to be Jacques Derrida and Paul de Man who were the two big guns in deconstructionism, until it was discovered that de Man had a case of “Waldheimer’s Disease” where you conveniently forget that you used to be a Nazi. Thus his name was stricken from every tablet, pillar, pyramid, etc.

      1. The socialist nanny state is the problem… it’s not really all out communism, since that failed as an economic model… even North Korea is allowing private enterprise to some degree…
        It’s Socialism with an enemy of the state, the mythical terrorist and corporate insiders, military industrial complex and politicians lining their pockets…
        We’re one step from a new Hitler taking power… a president can so easily declare a state of emergency…

        1. We’re one step from a new Hitler taking power… a president can so easily declare a state of emergency…

          A number of parallels can be drawn between present-day America and the decadent Weimar Germany and we all know how that story ends.
          Progressives revel in their influence now but if history is any indication, whenever society leans too far in one direction, a chain of events will violently push it back to the middle to recover equilibrium.
          It’s only a matter of time before a charismatic, Far-right dictator comes along and uses all that power, they’re falling all over themselves to give to the state, to undo all the “progress” they made and throw anyone even remotely subversive in a FEMA Camp outside of Kansas City, MO. Which would be turnabout’s fair play IMO.

        2. I doubt it. A president might officially, legally be able to do all kinds of things with emergency powers, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the government will abide it, nor that the police and military will enforce the authority of the state. A government is not some machine that mechanically carries out orders, it consists of real people with all the motivations and inhibitions of real people.

        3. I doubt it. A president might officially, legally be able to do all kinds of things with emergency powers, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the government will abide it, nor that the police and military will enforce the authority of the state. A government is not some machine that mechanically carries out orders, it consists of real people with all the motivations and inhibitions of real people.

    2. The USSR fell but the ideologies that drove it simply moved here.
      People that were born in the 1980s or later have no memory of how horrible communism is, and these lessons clearly are not being taught in most schools.

      1. They were not taught prior to the falling of the wall either. They were celebrated. Born in the 1960’s here.

        1. True, but back then it was possible to see that what was being taught was flat out BS because we could see how evil communism was with out own eyes. We also had the stories that people who risked everything to escape it would tell to the rest of us.
          The truth back then was plain in our faces. But now with communism for the most part gone, the youth of today can’t see the face of how evil it is, so they have nothing to counter the lies they are taught in the classroom.

        2. Communism is the end of a person’s spirit. I lived that for more than 25 years…. why do I feel the same way here and now?

    3. Very valid point. Contrary to popular belief the Soviet Communist Party did not “fall”. It just moved to the US.

  3. it is quite accurate to describe things as you have done. look at how people self-censor themseleves and no one would imagine it was a free society. all these fucking communist and feminist assholes make me want to puke.

    1. You’re free to say whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t contradict the message of “the party.” 😉

  4. There is another “mind control” operation going on as well.
    It’s in convincing the people who notice this stuff to try to go off living in the woods.
    Look, I have argued with modern socialists (marxists, all) and their arguments are so easy to take down it’s entertaining.
    But if I were trying to be some prepper somewhere off the grid, I would not be there to tell the socialists and everybody they are trying to brainwash how stupid they are.
    “Gee”…. the thinktanks thought…. “we can’t just round up those pesky patriots and libertarians. They have guns and that will make us look so tyrannical they will kill us. How do we get them to round themselves up and put themselves into frozen wastes or Devil’s Island on their own?”
    And they thought…..
    And came up at first with the “Back to the Land” movement that were the early form of survivalists of the 1970s. This ensured that when Joe Average Knucklhead parroted socialist crap at various places ranging from workplace factory break rooms to corporate boardrooms, there was no “libertarian in the room” to tell him how that crap has failed before and would fail again and it’s anti-human.
    No the “libertarian in the room” was gone – living in a cabin somewhere, until age and poor health causes him to end up having to live in a small town in a rented room our out of a camper van and work at Walmart as a greeter for minimum wage.
    I have known people put themselves into worse than Soviet Gulag conditions just for the exalted position of “living off grid” and for what purpose, ultimately, beyond chopping wood all summer to spend all winter by the stove?
    What does this have to do with the article? MUCH! Because to fight a culture war, you have to be present. I have seen way too many people answer to this by trying to escape it.
    Even the fellows who decide on expatriation are reporting that the crap feminist post-modernism is spreading. “Don’t go to Country A anymore, ‘it’ has spread there! Go now to Country B!”.
    What’s the end game, fucking penguins in Antarctica just because they are the only living being left that didn’t get raised on reality TV and “Sex and the City” reruns and hold degrees in womens’ studies?
    “Their” arguments, the socialist, the marxists, the SJW, and even the neocons (who have their roots in Trotsky BTW) are very easy to take apart. To think they won because they manage to fool the hordes of brainless sheep, who were always hordes of brainless sheep, and will always be hordes of brainless sheep, and then run away is to give them the store.

    1. In my experience, Modern socialist arguments are quite bluntly: muh sweden.
      They can have their Sweden, it serves as a great warning.

      1. Sweden was full of Swedes until quite recently. Same as Wisconsin. Both are swamped with Somalis now.
        Socialism and liberalism and capitalism and racism and racism and. Nazism work equally well if Swedes are doing it.

      2. Sweden just cancelled it’s snap elections that would have probably given the Swedish nationalist right (well right by Swedish standard) much more power.

      3. To counter the “muh Sweden” argument, I point out that Sweden is the largest arms manufacturing and exporting nation in the world per capita, and that Norway is rich because it’s basically the Saudi Arabia of the North Sea. Therefore, all that socialist welfare they have is only able to be supported by the wealth generated by good ol’ right wing guns and oil. Without that sound economic foundation, their society would collapse.

        1. and Sweden actually has pretty low corporate tax, hence why they are one of the best places to do business. They pay for their welfare with high income tax. Which I honestly find to be rational since it is for the benefit of the people, they should pay for it

    2. This times Infinity. Fuck them all. The SJW’S, the Feminazis, et all. No surrender. Ever. Death before dishonor. I’ve ever lived in a socialist city like Portland Oregon and not surrendered my beliefs. So fuck em all.

    3. You sir must be in possession of oratory gifts far above my meager faculties, for I have tried talking sense into these people, but they just won’t understand. And how could they, considering most men have never been punched in the face, faced death, or gone a day without eating?

      1. You will NEVER convince people nor change their mind.
        Behold! The power of argument!
        Yes the argument is all that’s needed. The average egotistical moron is not even going to allow themselves to have their mind changed, not even for their own good. Most of them clamor for things for someone else’s own good in the form of passing laws (also known as “at gunpoint”) because they know that the people they want to foist their values on are just as stubborn and thick headed as they are (and will never admit).
        The power of argument is more important than “conversion” anyway. I don’t want people dumb enough to be socialists for example joining my camp. They’ll just screw it up. I just want them to know that:
        – there is no “consensus” about their views as proof they are right.
        – they support a system that is notorious for murder and starvation (history proves that).
        – yanking the money from rich fat cats and putting political hacks and “commissars” in power still creates shortages and replaces one class system with another.
        – and all the people who fought for socialist paradise, when it does not come, become useful idiots who have to be killed.
        – they should be ashamed of themselves for supporting the same systems as Nazis and Soviets.
        – every idea they have is formulated into a law they want passed, and the need to be told that all laws are enforced with weapons, and asked “why do you want to point a gun at me to further your ideas? Would you support them if you had to hold the gun yourself instead of hiding in a voting booth?” (that really hurts their ego)
        The same principle, the Power of Argument, even works on White Knights, manginas, feminists (and you can even play a game like “what will she say first: ‘were done here’, ‘wow, just wow’, etc?”)

        1. And anyway, your point is not so much as to convince the Leftist moron, but to demonstrate to any third party watching that He/She/It is a fucking moron. Your arguments are an inoculation for the observer, not a cure for the diseased.

    4. yes, you are right and for the reason of politics i always wanted to live in the US… graffiti the train stations, smash up parking meters, slash tyres of police cars, do anything to make some noise and cost the state money… the state will fail only when the money runs out. !
      better to go down in a ball of flames than malnourished in a log cabin….
      here is a game changer… technology always beats the state in the end…

      1. Gonna need to see him do that from 1/2 mile and not 50 yards. Also need to see it against moving targets.

      2. Ah technology. Yes indeed. I could wax poetic about this for days on end.
        Take the high capacity magazine for example. Socialists just LOVE this “mob action” stuff. That’s why whenever people are pissed off enough to want to protest, before you know it these marxist organizations move in and take them over. Even if the gripe was valid, before you know it you will see “The peoples this or that” running things.
        These are the same people who despise the high capacity magazine. One person having a say against their “democracy”, in a land where who outvotes who (as they think they control the votes or the voters) determines who is free; and then a 30 round magazine can be said at that point to contain 30 votes – to them it’s like a cross to a vampire.

      3. “the state will fail only when the money runs out.”
        This is all that really matters!
        The key to becoming ungovernable, is to ensure one costs more to govern, than what can be squeezed out of one in surplus value add.
        That guy is cool, but will have an “accident” one day, unless he takes the adage of not pointing his guns at anything he’s not willing to destroy. That muzzle was pointing all over the place….. And on an experimental gun with a motorized, remote control trigger to boot….. brrrrrr.
        I suspect the drones that will revolutionize guerrilla warfare/terrorism will be small, simple, cheap throwaway ones, rather than advanced, high profile ones. Outside of a videogame, this thing would be very easy to shoot out of the sky before it gets close enough to do much damage. Even by automated, “patriot technology” type defenses. Some guys I’ve worked with, are putting together portable mosquito killers that rely on radar and sonar to spot and track the insects, and bright laser to damage their eyes sufficiently to essentially kill them. It’s a thing of beauty. Or at least will be once it runs reliably and without dependence on stuff only the military can legally get hold of. Would make being recluse in the Alaskan Interior ( 🙂 ), much more pleasant than having to run around covered in Deet.
        But tiny suicide bomber ones, with just enough payload of explosives or toxins to kill one person, or poke a hole in the Trans Alaska pipeline….. Manufacturable by the millions in the West Bank (or in a barn outside Fairbanks) for a buck a piece? With GPS and Google earth and ever more sophisticated open sourced algorithms for autonomous operation allowing the operator to be long gone by the time the bird flies….
        Or, even more subversively, collars attached to animals/birds/insects/fish, who will gently “shock” them into turning and walking/flying/swimming in desired directions. While otherwise eating and sustaining themselves for long journeys…. Carrying a payload….. Military sponsored research have already demonstrated “remote controlling” rats by direct insertion of probes into specific neurons that motivates them to turn left or right. But unless precision is an absolute requirement, which it never really is for “terrorists”, a simple “shock collar” may just be good enough to get within range of a target. Especially when the sheer cheapness of it all allows for virtually limitless retries. And while you won’t see them on “animals rights” policed youtube, I’d be hard pressed to believe I’m uniquely clever enough to invent the idea….

      4. You affix those Quadrotor guns with suppressors and shoot police tires from the air. No need to slash them in person and risk getting arrested.

    5. “Because to fight a culture war, you have to be present…” yeah ok – you go ahead and fight the women bro ~ that’s who you will be facing when fighting the culture war; socialists, marxists, SJW, politically correct sheeple, special snowflakes, special interests, corporate control, state sanctioned misandric legal system and prison complex – this is all backed and supported by women – all women benefit from this cultural war and they aren’t going to let it go until it no longer benefits them. With less and less men resisting the women they will not have a target for their hysteria. Within a short time they’ll turn on themselves and fight amongst themselves. I guarantee this. Presto – we win.
      Fighting a cultural war directly is what feeds it and serves to increase the resolve and purpose of women and their white knight mangina supporters, men who’s sole purpose in life is to protect the ‘little ladies’. The harder they push the harder they fall when they are pushing on each other. Like a martial artist who uses the opponents tactics and momentum against them instead of fighting back and giving them something to push against, someone to hate, control and destroy.
      Maybe being absent from the culture war is the best way to kill it – cultural marxists push for control – pull the support out from under them – become a parasite on the parasite – MGTOW. A war of attrition.

      1. Many radical feminists are “useful idiots”. Being idiots they are not actually on their own side but doing their work for the benefit of others using deception to enlist them. It can be argued that much of what passes for feminism is a viral meme designed to create “useful idiots”.

        1. The genius of feminism is that it is a personal ideology much like a religion. For each person who subscribes to feminism they will interpret it differently and respond to it differently in their lives. An ideology such as this can’t be defeated through logic because it is so illogical.

        2. “As GK Chesterton put forward you can’t argue with those who are truly mad. His example was this. If someone claims to be jesus how can you refute his claim because Jesus’ claim was refuted too?”
          Take madman claiming to be Jesus to a pool, lake, or other large body of water. Say: “Walk on this.”

        3. to which the madman/jesus might reply – ‘not today do we tempt the lord thy god for the lord moves in mysterious ways and have faith that tomorrow hence I will walk on water… if it be God’s will.’

      2. Women are malleable. If you wife one up, or LTR one, she is putty in your hands, if you’re actually a man and not a script following weakling.
        Libertarian here (except for “open borders”). No retreat, no surrender.

      3. Why did your brain automatically go into some mode of thinking that I’m sitting here trying to do the husband/father/white picket fence routine as a means of “fighting them”?
        And where did I say that is what I’m doing?
        Open your mind. When one thought is funneled into another automatically that’s a programmed response. Always keep track of where your thoughts go. There are hordes of pros who took everything from scripture to psychology to get people thinking the way they want them to. For example when I say “resistance” people automatically go into “rambo” and “revolution” – two things that would do more to centralize the state then destruct it.

        1. right – you got me – I was thinking what you thought I was thinking when I misinterpreted what you said you were doing when reading what you wrote? oh yes ~ I was projecting therefore you aren’t… thanks for reading what I wrote I guess – MGTOW seems to be the best form of resistance, not rambo or revolution…

    6. A lot of the survivalist folks have simply retreated to more defensible territory in rural America. The cities and universities are lost to any voice of reason.

    7. The only way to fight the system is to not engage in the system. The only safe way to fight the system is to go Rambo. Let them come to you. Don’t be on the offensive. Think about all the work place purges. They can easily fire you and find a replacement. For nearly all jobs, no matter how specialised you are a phone call away from hiring someone with half the intelligence but none of the lip. No matter how wealthy you are, you are not immune. That is what Donald Sterling saga proved. You don’t get many men who are wealthier and more connected than DS and he was taken down. The last big fish for them is Rupert Murdoch. So my warning is this. Be quite and be subversive. Do a part time cash job and save money to spend overseas. Being a hero with a last man standoff is not the way to go. Every martyr from T. McVeigh to A. Breivik has proven this timelessly. This is not how uprisings are formed. Wait till unemployment spikes. Guaranteed with immigration and automation. Wait till the debtors call the debt in on the US. Wait till the social atmosphere is so cut throat that there is not even the slightest semblance of democracy. Only then can you leave the safety of the forrest and come home. For a king who was banished from the realm will always be welcomed back not the thrown when he can lead his people to salvation.

    8. > Even the fellows who decide on expatriation are reporting that the crap
      feminist post-modernism is spreading. “Don’t go to Country A anymore,
      ‘it’ has spread there! Go now to Country B!”.
      It’s because they spread it. Doesn’t matter if you’re ‘red pill’. If you’re from a western society, even if you’re red pill you’re still the vector of a dangerous and infectious culture that destroys everything it touches. Once the infection has happened, feminism is just one symptom of it.

      1. I have to agree as someone from the west that travels. I come from the West and as much as I hate it, I can’t help but think that I carry the culture along with me. I want to be a hard ass, traditional red pill middle easterner (or Russian or Ugandan etc.), but I could never be one. Hence I spread it through my mannerisms, speech, fashion, hobbies, and other subtle things. I can’t control it. Really if the last bastions of traditionalism want to survive they should just ban all westerners from entering their lands.

    9. If I could up-amp +1000 doktorjeep’s reply I would.
      I hear ya, good sir.
      Running off and living off the land simply is not practical for 99.999%. You are correct that eventually age and stamina catch up, and I couldn’t imagine anything worse than having to crawl back to socialist society and take some god awful demeaning shit job just to survive, all the while people despise you for existing. What would be the point? In fact I would opt to terminate my life instead
      We need a civil war to take back the usa.
      Indeed the freedom of many other countries is connected to what happens in the united States, pure and simple. The usa is the leader of the free world, with all the countries sucking at our teat.
      There is a strong argument to staying put, embed, and reinstate the U.S. Constitution.

        1. That there should be no recommendations. We’ere in the right place: who is it that wants “structure” and “plans” and rules and “gospel”?

        2. “That there should be no recommendations. We’ere in the right place”
          What exactly do you mean? Just do nothing? Does it just eventually do itself in?

    10. I agree that ‘to fight a culture war, you have to be present’. But I don’t see men doing much ‘fighting’ – at least overtly. And that’s significant.
      My read of the masculine response to the feminized, social-Marxist culture we now find ourselves in reflects the ‘equal and opposite’ nature of the sexes.
      Feminists overtly joined together to form an army of millions to engage with society’s formal power structures in order to be granted the things they sought.
      Red Pill men covertly share information to form a million armies of one who disengage from society’s formal power structures to take the things they seek.
      The feminists used the female herd instinct to leverage their natural pre-disposition to be ‘acted upon’. It was essentially a passive tactic reliant on powerful institutions (read – men) to give them what they wanted.
      The Red Pill uses the male ‘pack animal’ instinct to form loose and dynamic groupings of men who act in their own best interests. It is a fundamentally active tactic that results in denying the institutions some or all of the wealth, effort and support they rely on for their power.
      I see this cultural battle unfolding as it began, but with an equal and opposite dynamic. So, right now, instead of the 1950’s style self proclaimed patriarchal society we have a thoroughly feminist culture that denies it’s own existence. Instead of seeing feminist ‘consciousness raising’ and academic groups being formed, and MSM being co-opted, we have red-pill knowledge spreading via alternative channels. Instead of legislatures and the judiciary making rules and laws to force change we have red-pill guys finding ways to avoid, subvert or by-pass State entities to live the life they seek. Instead of the mass of men producing enough for themselves, their families and the State, we have increasing numbers producing just enough for themselves.
      And this is the way it has to be. Any sort of formal grouping of men to fight for their cause is as doomed as the ‘prepper’ eschewing modern society to escape. The first will be infected by SJWs and feminists. The second is an irrelevance.
      The way this battle will be fought – is being fought – is the way it has always been fought. When society is structured to deny men their productivity as a method of sexual access to women then men will deny society their productivity.
      Big Daddy Government can only be the alpha provider when it has the funds to do so. But it is just as much subject to hypergamy as the lowliest man. And when the wealth runs out, it will share the same fate.

    11. It’s not those who wear Marxism on their sleeve that is the problem. They’re just court jesters anyway. “Arguing” with them and “winning”, is simply wasting your time playing their game. Besides, it’s unbecoming, in the “look, maa, I’m cleverererer and prettierer than he/she is!!!” sense of the word….
      In practice, the ones that keep the oppressive machine going, are all those who claim to be “against the Commies”, yet still are first in line to join the lynching of those who “don’t pay ‘their'(???) taxes” or don’t “pay what they owe” to oppressor supporting banksters.
      Or who don’t recognize Tim McVeigh was a freedom fighter, even if perhaps a bit clumsier in the ring than Floyd Mayweather. Or that “enemy of my enemy” applies to all those who fight the oppressive progressive machine. Even God fearing traditionalists who haven’t yet degenerated to the point where they believe petty slogans like “separation of Church and state”, means the Church should just disappear and let the state rule omnipotent.
      Living waayy off the grid in subsistence poverty, beyond Fairbanks or wherever; is an extreme example, and hardly realistic for most people. Nor what most “preppers” actually do.
      Instead, the idea is to build enough of a buffer, to minimize the extent simple material expediencies, forces one to lend implicit support to the oppressive regime that lay claim to “providing” “essential” services. “Without schools kids will be illiterate” doesn’t really sway homeschoolers. And “who will build roads” is pretty irrelevant if your vehicles are not dependent on them. “There will be looting in the streets and food shortages”…. who cares, I’m stocked for 3 years, have a farm, and streets suck as places to spend time anyway ………. “Someone will just raid your farm if there are no cops”…….. We’re 300 guys in this redoubt, who all have nothing better to do than practice shooting guns and reloading. If it wasn’t for cops, we’d just start shooting everyone who comes within rifle range of our hilltop looking even remotely threatening, no questions asked. Etc., etc.
      While parts of the last paragraph are perhaps a bit over the top, fact remains that the longer you can last in some minimal comfort without dependence of services currently formally provided by the state and their acolytes, the less easy you are to break. Armies lose when their supply lines are broken at least as often as when they are simply outgunned in open battle. And they certainly don’t lose because the other guy fancies himself to have the cleverest arguments. And those should be important points for anyone who consider themselves opposed to the current progressive machine. Doesn’t mean you have to move to the sticks. Read up on Ferfal, for urban survivalism.

      1. McVeigh was a bit of a prick. Breivik was something of a nutter but he really shifted the political reality in Norway and Sweden and possibly Denmark. A berserker like that is worth far more than a U Haul full of fertilizer. The left in Scandinavia was forced to take stock of the Multicult in a real way. McVeigh scored an own goal.

        1. It’s just hard to have much sympathy for someone whose goals just as big and asymmetrically powerful a state apparatus in order to keep “those guys” out, as the current one does keeping “these guys” down.
          Blowing government controlled stuff up, simply because it’s there and belongs to a government, is just a way more justifiable use of limited fertilizer than going all gaga over some collectivist cult built around arbitrarily drawn nation state boundaries.
          No matter what Brievik and acolytes think and say, facts are the 50% taxes they pay, are paid to white guys and girls. Taxes are much lower in Afghanistan than in Norway. Gun laws much more humane. Feminism much less of a burden. Contemporary Muzzies may not be all that in the big scheme of things either, but by any reasonable measure, they’re still way ahead of what we’re currently struck with.

    12. I would never tell anyone to retreat and go live in the woods, eating bugs in solitude but it would be just as ridiculous not to be prepared. I’ve been through hard times, I’ve been near starvation and have felt the sting of the cold when there’s no electricity so I no longer bury my head in the sand. No, I’m not saying give up your job at the law firm to become a prepper but I am saying buy a couple acres of land in the country where you can farm if necessary. you don’t have to live there but its a nice back up should you find yourself on starvation like two million dead communist found out the hard way. Every man should know how to hunt and farm. My grandpa worked in the mines, held down two jobs and still had a garden big enough to feed eight kids. He grew up during the great depression and he also understood how quickly the economy can collapse. For some reason americans have become so comfortable with their squishy easy lives that they don’t realise that literally overnight their money can become worthless and all their savings and accomplishments were just a part of their imaginations. My advice is to fight like hell where you live but don’t forget to have a plan b.

      1. I never said do not be prepared.
        But let’s have a little quiz here.
        Say you are going to fuck over two people.
        Person A will respond by trying to escape, go live in a cave somewhere.
        Person B will shoot you in the face.
        Which one will you be more afraid of?
        When “they” see all this preparation to go live in a cabin somewhere, where it’s only a matter of time that, after the collapse, the “solution” is to put people in red (or brown depending on which direction the stupidity goes) uniforms getting into every little nook and cranny.
        And then when that cabin is spotted, it becomes an afternoon project for the local “tactical team”, complete with media on the scene talking of “those evilbitterclingerwhiteracistbigothomophobegunownerfoodhoardermarshamarshamarsha” people were found and… oh they have appeared to set their own cabin on fire while still in it….”

    13. Thank you for this comment, it is scarily relevant… I’ve been engrossed in naturalist literature and many a times in a day, all I can think about it running far away from this disgusting ‘culture’, if you would even call it a culture at all.

    14. True. Even if people look at you funny for saying right wing stuff, they don’t really mind that much. Everyone with a bit of technical understanding knows that the case for liberal sacred cows is weak.

  5. One of the most important pieces I’ve read so far on your blog. Great work. Last week I read Prof. Peter Lawler comparing Solzhenitsyn to Plato. A. Solzhenitsyn is someone we could all read and benefit from in our everyday lives.
    Also, our American students, oblivious to the totalitarian hell that “pie in the sky” leftism has created on Earth, have no idea who Mao, Stalin,& Pot are. I am able to read A Day in Life I.D. with my accelerated middle school kids and they are amazed when they find out about Stalin, eradication of religion,& Gulag-style law enforcement.

  6. The current capitalist/managerial class in the West has fully surrendered to cultural marxism. Not that they ever put up much of a fight. Some of it (feminism, mass immigration) they were fully on board with from the beginning.

  7. A great thinker and a true prophet. One Day In the Life Of Ivan Densovich puts life’s problems in perspective well.

    1. I.D. faces an ideological machine unlike any other that we can complain about and at the end of the day he is able to know it, confront it,& maintain gratitude for his own existence… Amazing stuff! Surviving in the belly of a tyrannical, flesh eating beast…

  8. Although the more aggressive form of Marxism known as communism has failed, the more benign version known as socialism has succeeded thus far….
    What we are facing is not a move back into communism, but the death throws of socialism. The state model of the 20th Century is failing, running out of money, full of corruption and doomed as a model of governance for the greater good of the people.
    The socialist beast will most likely prove far more destructive to human kind, as it begins to fail. We will see many fanatical streaks eg. Homeland Security, NSA etc. used against the people to try to prop up the broken state machinery.
    Socialism with Nationalism (ie. enemies of the state or terrorists), as a driving cohesive force is called Nazism. National Socialism with corporate insiders and corruption is called Fascism.
    Know your history then you can know where you are coming from and where you are headed. What we face is more akin to a new Hitler than a new Stalin.

    1. This using of law enforcement against the can already be seen in the disgusting practice and abuse of that practice in asset forfeiture. Law enforcement agencies all over the country plan their annual budgets around the idea that they, the State will essentially steal property from the citizens. This practice is going on virtually unchallenged and is getting worse every day. Soon it will be a common practice for all police pigs to do.

      1. yes, a use of law enforcement to maintain a political agenda, rather than protect and serve is typical of a fascist system. Corporations will be blamed, rich will be blamed, cuts in government spending will be blamed, but all comes down to a rotten ‘for the good of the people’ nanny state that makes all sorts of claims but operates only to keep it’s parasitic self intact at everyone else’s expense.
        What’s worse is that Hitler’s third Reich actually had a vision of the future, it was built on imagining some great new world, that might have been attainable…. but plunged into madness and fanatical stupidity….
        The current system is simply going to plunge into pointless madness and stupidity to prop up a broken model that has no place in the 21st Century. It has no purpose. It is simply derelict and out of date… It’s like your 1990 468 PC rebelling against the new pentium chip to halt progress….
        Socialism is dying…. lets just hope they run out of money fast enough that they don’t get to use all their bullets and weapons…… you need lots of money to pay people to pull the trigger… if the money is gone, the weapons are useless.

        1. True ‘when they run out of money’. The old cold war ‘arms race’ was really just a race to see who could bankrupt themselves the quickest – us or them? We came up with the $500 toilet seats first. I guess we won that ‘race’.

        2. When I think about the third reich I envision Rocketships, jets, Autobahns, automatic weapons, volkswagons, Mercedes, Messerschmidts, dishwashers, fridges… I also see an unenriched European population. Not saying certain populations wouldn’t have been enslaved…I don’t see a dystopia necessarily.

    2. Exactly. This crap is collapsing under its own weight. It will be a deflationary event also. That is especially sweety because it is what the Fedgov and the Banksters fear most.

      1. It is hard to fight when people continue to send their children to public k12 schools that pump unfiltered marxism straight into impressionable skulls full of mush.

      2. And some want to believe that the cause of our current problems can adequately be described by a one-liner.

  9. Thanks for that I just finished reading the gulag archipelago last month. Solzhenitsyn had many warnings for the West predicting the slow spiritual decline with the end result being the disaster that passes for culture today.

  10. Cultural Marxism is not dominant. in fact its so weak that even the deluded need constant reinforcement from dead air Dinosaur Media that can’t draw flies. Rush Limbaugh is a talking head on AM radio and his audience is ten times that of Fox News! Back in the 1980s, the only people who listened to AM radio were people driving junky cars without an FM stereo. This has passed the ability of satire and gone straight to farce. The Government propaganda is looking more like a Marx Bros movie.
    This isn’t Karl Marx! Its Groucho and his brothers! Hail, hail Freedonia land of the Brave and Free!

  11. Good old fashioned communism was totalitarianism you could see. The extreme left may still make the same mistakes over and over again, but in terms of propaganda and persuasion techniques and in terms of technologies of governance they have learned from their mistakes. Nothing so crude as Stalinism will emerge again. Look at ‘the Interview’ a film about defeating an old style communism state and ushering in ‘democracy’ – except that kind of propaganda is exactly how the ‘new’ left positions itself, distinguishes itself from the kind of regime it wants to distance itself from. Its out with the hard in with the soft. The new totalitarianism will be fluid, changeable, camouflaged. It may or may not be communism in its essence, not least because communism may always have been a cover for particularist self interest. But it will be no less totalitarian and collectivist on account of it

    1. Nothing so crude as Stalinism will emerge again.

      I must respectfully dissent. Crude Stalinism, or whatever “ism” they end up calling it is exactly their goal. The “American” left would love nothing more than to see those of us who oppose them dead.
      Look at how they destroy people with whom they don’t agree. They would love nothing more than for the state to do the same.

      1. I’m not suggesting they’re too moral for stalinism, or that in full swing that they would hesitate to silence dissenters in any way necessary but rather that they have learnt that in order to effectively control people you need them to believe they’re the ones in control. Stalin, Kim Jong Un etc require heavy top down repression which people can easily identify as totalitarian. The trends towards totalitarianism in today’s society, which focuses upon controlling speech and language, favouring particular ‘protected’ groups, and grounding this in progressively more repressive legislation, can still be presented as democratic in its purpose. It serves the leftist regime in the US well to be able to distinguish itself from North Korea by squaring up to it over ‘the interview’ for example despite the fact that marxist theory arguably inspires both regimes. In other word North Korea, Pol Pot’s Cambodia etc should be doing the job of warning people against extreme leftism instead they are helping them to look better by comparison

        1. Stalin, Kim Jong Un etc require heavy top down repression which people can easily identify as totalitarian.

          Consider laws like the various incarnations of the “Violence Against Women Act” which result in all men being presumed guilty of domestic violence just because a woman in a house calls 911 and says all the right things. This law keeps getting expanded to ensnare more men every year it seems.
          Also consider recent laws like “Yes means yes” in California and the proposal to make consensual sex into “rape by fraud” in New Jersey. Couple this with the “guilty even if he proves himself innocent” rape kangaroo tribunals that go on at many colleges and universities these days.
          This is all “Stalinism-lite.” The more the above perversions of our rights are accepted as “normal” the harder they will push to broaden this, until one day we’ll wake up with full Stalinism.

        2. I agree that the tendency of such laws are totalitarian. I’m not so sure though that one day we will ‘wake up’ to such a world. To the extent it is effective we may not even know it. That’s to say the totalitarianism of the 21st century may for the most part be covert, and all the more malignant for it.

    2. This is much worse than Stalin. You could at least fight to your death, defect to the Nazis or the West. Broadly speaking Stalin simply the slit the throats of Trotsky types anyway. Everyone else was a slave.
      Where can any of us escape to now?

      1. not too sure we are worse off than under Stalin but if I understand your point correctly it would be fair enough to say that under stalin the idea of communism in one country implied that the rest of the world was less prone to infection. Now we suffer a kind of plague which as it were is carried by the wind, or perhaps by rats or fleas. It is ever harder to defect

        1. Stalin killed Trotskiites. Admittedly he did have tribal henchmen and hurt Russians badly.

        2. Stalin is essentially used as a Piñata for cunning Pale-ites like Annie Appelbaum or Simon Sebag Montefiore. These critters rarely mention Trotsky and various Pale Riders who profited from Communism.

        3. Surely Russians were the main victims, even if he did steal the revolution from the Trotskyists

    3. The Cultural Marxism in “The Interview” is strong. The joke in that film is not on North Korea, but on the Western audiences, including no-doubt many families, going and exposing themselves to such sheer vulgarity.

  12. This is shite writing. I expect a lot better from RoK’s. Please don’t let this become a trend to the norm.

  13. This is shite writing. I expect a lot better from RoK’s. Please don’t let this become a trend to the norm.

  14. I often wonder at the fear of being “castigated”. Yes, if you’re super high profile I get it, you lose your career. But normal everybody men? Fuck that. Say what you will, laugh at these parasites, confront them, destroy them and mock their weakness. So they “castigate” or try to shame you, so what?

  15. There was a particular Japanese who had descended from a samurai family who lived from 19th to 20th century. Apparently in 1918, when he was going off to practice his swordsmanship, he was confronted by socialists thugs who demanded that he support their cause. Apparently these idiots didn’t seem to realize that he was carrying his sword with him. Showing amazing restraint, this Japanese guy smashed the face of one of these thugs with the butt end of his scabbard and broke his nose. From then on, no socialist or any SJW of that time came to bother him or his family.
    Lesson here. Feminists & SJWs will only dare confront those weaker than themselves. If we can all figuratively smash the faces of these ultra left degenerates, they will back down like the cowards that they are.

  16. That’s communism. It’s cancer. Wherever and whenever it can metastasize, it will seek to do so. It is an ingenious method cooked up by control freaks and megalomaniacs alike.
    At one time, in the US’s proud history, we understood the tyrant king, the totalitarian despot or even the “democratically elected communist chairman” were one and the same….and this country stood as a bulwark against it.
    Now we’ve embraced it in our current elected leadership these past 8 years. The people are starting to feel the pain that Solzhenitysn spoke of when he explained the “demands of the total surrender of our souls”. Whether or not the people will ever wake up to the fact that they’ve surrender their souls, along with their government, to a cabal of statist hacks remains to be seen.
    I agree with Dr. Jeep and Axia77, it is our job to articulate the fight to the brainless sheep masses that they’ve been played and the pain their lives are subject to comes from the very American communistic government that promised them utopia. If the American grass eaters can be swayed to live under communistic suffering, it should be no stretch to sway them back to the light and the foundations that made the US the last best hope for mankind on Earth.
    Freedom never goes out of style, the people marketing it right now just suck at it.

  17. It is so amusing to see the Leftists act like the counter culture. They don’t seem to realize – or pretend not to realize – that they won the culture wars. The are “the man”.

  18. I’ve mentioned this before, but Leftism claims to be “intellectual,” but it’s really just a secular religion that’s infiltrated the government. Perhaps “cult” is a better word, because they’ve removed the deity aspect. Things that were once handled privately by religion are now handled publicly by the government.
    A prime example is charity (i.e. helping the poor). Religions used to collect money and redistribute it to the poor. Now that’s handled by the government. Just like religion once claimed all souls are equally in the eyes of God, Leftists claim all humans are equal. Ironically, they claim to be intellectuals, but there’s absolutely no evidence to support the claim of human equality. All evidence I’ve ever seen suggests that humans are NOT equal, nor do they actually want to be equal. They want to be better, they want to be in charge.
    If you dare question any of their claims, you’re personally attacked just a religions used to do. Instead of being called a “heretic,” you’re called a “misogynist,” “racist,” etc. They impose their morality on others by using shaming tactics, or attacking the person’s source of income (modern day excommunication). They attempt to suppress or downplay scientific information that doesn’t conform to their faith. For example, evidence that shows male and female brains are wired completely different, or that different races have different IQ scores.
    They use ad hoc rescues to explain away anything they don’t understand. For example, everything bad in the world is explained away as “Patriarchy,” which is the new substitute for “the Devil.” They’re constantly on modern day witch hunts. You see this the most in the “rape culture” hysteria, as we seen at UVA, the “Drunk Girl in Public” hoax, etc. They suppress and downplay the fallout of false rape accusations, just as they used to do with people who were falsely accused of witchcraft.
    Leftism has all the hallmarks of a religion/cult. They simply removed the deity so they could bypass the First Amendment.

  19. I hate the Left with a passion and I hate certain elements of the Right, however I believe in these discussions we often leave out some of the bigger picture.
    1) All economics systems are predicated on growth and continuing growth(yes this includes marxism and socialism absolutely). Like a ponzi scheme, if we don’t grow, it implodes.
    2) Debt-based fiat currency system that requires an increasing amount of loans to pay off those debts, etc, etc. Until the debts pile up so high that it’s beyond belief. The dumb people in this country never will realize that paying it off is virtually impossible. Only when we tossed out central banks(under Andrew Jackson) that we were a debt free nation. Again this fuels the first point because without ever increasing loans, you cannot grow, hence every economic crash ever.
    3) There’s a finite level of energy on the planet, yes alternatives exist and will become more prevalent but they will never replace the edifice of fossil fuels with a patchwork of alternatives. We don’t have the time, the will, the money, and probably the resources to build it themselves.
    4) For about the last 200 years we’ve been living in the boom times, by far the best time to be alive is right now. So soak it in and enjoy it while it lasts. Stop focusing on everything that sucks about the world because you’ll always be miserable and unhappy then(which is the benchmark of leftist thinking, being a cynical and depressed a-hole constantly). The hallmark of so many people’s live is how outraged they can get before they go to bed. That’s it. How sad.
    5) Enjoy the small things in life as well as the big things. Because this gravy train ain’t going to run forever, if you don’t believe in resource/environmental constraints then it’ll certainly be in the form of economic/financial/geopolitical constraints. But do not despair, of the time and hour I do not know and honestly I don’t care. That’s why I hate 98% of conspiracy people, they use it as a crutch to be miserable like everything else.
    6) Don’t go off the grid in the conventional sense. Do it in the unconventional sense, disconnect from toxic friends and family, be a visionary and an entrepreneur, keep in good shape, stop watching the news, learn to communicate well, and most importantly enjoy the ride while it lasts boys, because it ain’t going to be here forever. In my most optimistic opinion, it will still seem like a brief blink in human history.

  20. Typical M.O. – money changers press state to begin yet another purge and kingpin players wager for power grab during flux and shift in chains of command. Any state in any land is fully capable of disappearing masses and fudging records. The state is dirtier than dogshit in its core and has never been anything but. From the local judicial oligarchs to the commissioned and tenured wall of useless eater bureaucrat parasites, they resemble the exact same stock that comprised the elite communist party members of post bolshevik countries.
    It was always a misconception that the Soviet Union was communist. What they had effectively was STATE CAPITALISM where the state owns all the shares and the members of the communist party receive the dividends. Russia NEVER became communist. It was STATE CAPITALISM. Pure communism is THEORETICAL ONLY and has never been practiced in any large scale outside of a Jewish kibbutz or commune. Even Red China was really just old school FEUDALISM only under martial law, but COMMUNIST? Hell no.
    KEEP YOUR GUNS and there will never be a purge of citizens to begin with. Look how quick Saddam’s disarmed populace saw their country overrun compared to the armed tribes in Afghanistan. Common and non-military Iraqui citizens had been LARGELY DISARMED by Saddam. Iraq was a piece of cake to take compared to the armed tribesmen of Afghanistan. Try Switzerland if you have the balls. Come on, try it. Anyone can piss on the floor. Be a hero and SHIT ON THE CEILING.
    TAKE IRAQ? Saddam fell in two weeks. TAKE THE UK? The question is WHO will take it and when? TAKE ANY BANANA REPUBLIC WITH DISARMED CITIZENS? These ‘citizen disarmed’ countries are ‘kept’ commodities as such and will probably be handed over to the Chinese who will come in and simply and quickly kill the installed junta and their brass. The disarmed people will have no say in the matter of course.
    The truth is that ANY STATE that tries to take your guns IS ALREADY THE ENEMY of everyone in the land. They ARE the first wave of the invading force. Don’t wait till red dawn. The suits and bureaucrat schmucks pushing to disarm countrymen may well be the second wave of invaders. The first wave was there all along. The tribe of money changers.

    1. i couldn’t agree more… at the very least everyone should have a 9mm and a 1000 rounds on hand….

    2. In my opinion communism has never been successfully achieved in the literal except for when mankind was in a much smaller and more primitive state. You would think that people would rationalize this by saying a bigger state that’s well organized cannot be communist because it would simply be a cluster fuck. So they become state capitalist or like you said, another dolled-up form of feudalism. Other problems arise in communist nations become more like autarkies with no trade, not being able to trust any nation with trade even when it’s allies.
      The anti-gun people don’t even realize their own history, that some of the first anti-gun laws in America were introduced by klansmen aiming to disarm Blacks so it would be easy-pickings. Also anti-gun people fail to understand that many Marxist thinkers believe the worker should be armed and needs to be armed, they willing-fully forfeit their own rights away to the state. Why? Because modern day liberals hate the idea that they would be responsible for fixing the government or defending themselves, again it’s a major dodge from responsibility and accountability. Communists in the 21st century greatest failure however is their view of the “ruling class”. They fail to see how the communist vanguard party = ruling class. They simply replace one group of bureaucrats with another, big whoop-die fucking do.

      1. Communism was an attempt to exterminate the Russian middle class. It was the revenge of the Pale Riders.
        Multicultural Multiracial America is the revenge of New York intellectuals.

      2. With global and national power elites, the ‘changing of guard’ occurs like clockwork with each revolution of the planets it seems. Old bureaucrats out and in with a new crop of ‘crats’.
        It has been at least as long as the turn of the nearest greater star system since the guard changed gender and mankind fell under absolute ‘bitch rule’. Many changes in groups of MEN ruling, but not recently have we seen a landslide of women grabbing clubs and wagering for a mad power grab. Of record, acient Egypt was the last to fall under severe bitch rule with the priestess judges. An era of bitch rule in a technological age could last longer than a lifetime before it is exhausted and collapses.
        Gender cuts across all lines – racial, religious, political, cultural – it is a vector that divides every other category. Every pie graph with which you can categorize humans into separate groups is skewered through the middle like a shishkabob when you factor in gender.
        Under ‘bitch rule’, women donning the robes of power and seizing the ‘guard’ is the final stage of arrested development for humanity. I’ve personally experienced and seen women in action hundreds if not thousands of times. Should they be allowed to rule? I will testify HELL NO.
        Picture if you will the laughable Darwinian cartoon depicting the drawings of the chimpanzee gradually becoming upright and finally there stands a European man in a suit with briefcase. (and it is undoubtably a cartoon that must have spawned such theory). Then imagine reversing the diagram. Begin with a picture of a patriarchal family, tribe or klan, and devolve it to its most failed state of dysfunction. The picture of the rock bottom gutter for humanity would be a picture of a large burly muscular female holding a whip over a castrated male.
        No system of culture or law can survive and remain consistent with the right brain deciding all matters on a whim and a monthly bout of complete psychosis. Our civilizations would never get off the ground. Rome would have been like an etch a sketch tablet. Its foundations shaken and erased monthly. Rome would have NEVER BEEN in other words. No civilization could ever arise until man dominated woman. No matter how much trading the baton from one monthly bedridden damsel to another fresh femme runner, the overriding downward flush would quickly sweep humans under the rug.
        This goes for all races – We must all get back control of our women or else we are all looking at entering a long dark age of animal like baby eating barbarism.

  21. I see the parallels too. It’s extraordinary how the psychologies and behaviours of active compliance in the great lie and fear of the State have taken hold in the West since the fall of communism in the East.
    In the New Year the UK will probably join the unenvied countries in which fear of the State extends into close personal relationships. The Home Secretary, Theresa May, will introduce legislation by which a man can be denounced for “controlling and abusive” behaviour by his woman, and then arrested, charged, tried and imprisoned basically on her word against his. The regular police and prisons in the UK are already overwhelmed by real crime and this new law will generate a tsunami of accusations. I expect the natural next step to be the creation of a special service to deal with the arrests, processing and imprisonment of the victims of May’s law. Prison camps may become necessary. Call it an archipelago if you will. Meanwhile, heterosexual men still walking the streets (but no longer at liberty) will live in fear of denunciation for any gesture of resistance to the Feminine Imperative. It’s a horrible prospect.

  22. One should try to get hold of his book “200 Years Together”. It’s not been translated into English because it resembles Cicero’s “Pro Flacco” so much.

  23. ‘György Lukács was one of the early founders of cultural marxist thought who concluded that the workers did not join their revolt because of their “Christian souls.”’
    Leftism (and ideo-politics in general) is an attack on God the Father, and by extension, an attempt to exterminate fatherhood and masculinity from the planet. Christ and his servants are the only perennial enemy of this. As with the State, the western ‘Christian’ churches have been co-opted incrementally by communism, feminism, and New Age fem-faddery . . . always using the cover of moral and ethical superiority — Equality, Egalitarianism, Race-politics, Progressivism, and the ‘liberation’ of females-en-masse from their purported ‘oppression’.
    Excellent article, thanks.

  24. I’m going to go ahead and blaspheme here for a moment. To a certain extent, I admire the old Soviet Union and their Warsaw Pact buddies, I suppose in the same way Otto Strasser and Ernst Niekisch did. Things were really put into perspective for me after reading some of the works of Aleksandr Dugin and reading even further about the “national Bolsheviks”. When I was in Eastern Europe, I saw something in those men and especially women that had been members of either Komsomol or the Young Pioneers socialist youth. There was something about these women that had fond memories of their experiences in the Pioneers. I don’t know if I can put my finger on it, but they valued discipline, duty, family, militarism. They also seemed to have a greater sense of culture and purpose. Despite a communist upbringing, they were fascists. Perhaps since Stalin took over, it was always understood though never spoken. The kids raised by Soviet/Stalinist-style communism were a vastly different breed than our SJWs. They were no “cultural Marxists”. That’s for sure.

    1. So send young people to non-pc summer camp, or draft them into the army for a year or two.
      Just don’t try to take over every aspect of my life and expect me to compliment the taste of that shit.

      1. Check out what the Russians are doing with these girls. Now compare to what we do (or don’t do) with our teenaged girls.

  25. Solzhenitsyn also wrote a book called “Two Hundred Years Together”. Of course it’s never been translated into English. Google the book and I’ll leave you to decide why that is.

  26. A society That demands conformity and frowns any individual thought from those who don’t bow down to it’s liberal overlords. Yes this is a very dire warning that we on the same path as the old Soviet Union

  27. If you can read Russian, read another of Solzhynetsyn’s books, “200 Years Together” (Двести Лет Вмести), a very /cautious/ and understated analysis of the Jewish nature of communism. Although private translators have translated some chapters into English, the work is far too un-kosher for a publishing house to touch with a 10 foot long nose.

  28. Capitalism and Cultural Marxism are perfect allies. Both seek to dissolve all differences between peoples(cultural, linguistic, racial, sexual , gender). In the first instance, to create the global shopping mall…in the second, because they can(you wouldn’t get this sh*t in any non-white country)

  29. All one has to do to understand the horror of communism is to read Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. Absolute terror.

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