Did SJWs Cost Russia Victory In The Eurovision Song Contest?

In a sign of our biased times, Russia’s 2015 Eurovision entry, Polina Gagarina, was “protected” by “anti-booing technology” during the recent song contest in Vienna. Rather than basing their reactions on the quality of the singing, and avoiding conflating one performer with her government, many in the crowd instead chose to voice their displeasure with the Kremlin.

The hosts had to request, without naming the country, that those present in the Wiener Stadthalle refrain from such rude demonstrations. Even last year’s winner, Conchita Wurst, received a sub-lukewarm reaction after asking onstage for people to cheer for Russia.

At the conclusion, despite leading halfway through the count, Russia came second, placing second and third in the viewers’ and jury voting respectively. To argue that there was a backlash against Russia only in the Wiener Stadthalle is beyond moronic. Gagarina’s performance may have placed well in popular voting across Europe, but the indication is clear that many held Russia’s anti-gay legislation and alleged sponsorship of separatists in Eastern Ukraine against her.

Whatever your position on these issues, it is undoubtedly unfair that a song contest devolves into retribution for which country did what when and how they did it.

I am reluctant to believe as well that many amongst the much more selective jury members, whose votes counted for half of the combined voting method, were not internally and externally swayed to also vote Russia lower, if at all. Just as The Guardian reflects the views and stereotypes of its readers, so too do Eurovision and its organizers and employees represent a certain branch of the “diversity at all costs” mentality.

It is a political and social association on par with many European political parties. If this is out in the open, fine, but the public overly trusts such bodies to be impartial. Eurovision performances with LGBT themes routinely place highly in the annual contest. The focus should be on the singing.

Eurovision is only encouraging such behavior

Is this meant to be “modern” Austria? Austria’s 2014 Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst, flanked by the all-female, two-thirds minority hosting trio. Social reengineering through media at its best.

The Eurovision hosts and organizers may genuinely have wanted every country’s participants to be respected, but even the chosen hosts constituted an attempt to shove diversity down viewers’ throats. Despite the paucity of African and biracial people in Austria, whose biggest immigrant groups tend to be former Yugoslavians and Turks, two of the three hosts had a black parent and are noticeably “ethnic.”

All three of the hosts, to boot, were female, for the first time in Eurovision history. Because their bearded drag queen Conchita had won last year’s contest in Copenhagen, the new organizers in Austria apparently wanted to go above and beyond in hiring hosts based on diversity first and merit last.

When Conchita Wurst “triumphed” in 2014, I had to admit that his/her (I’m so confused right now) voice was good. Yet the “camp-ness” invariably associated with Eurovision left me in no doubt that many were supporting Conchita not based on singing ability, however decent he/she was, but the image of a bearded drag queen defying her “many critics.”

I do not pretend that a singer’s attractiveness (Gagarina, albeit with heavy make-up), political position (LGBT advocate or not etc) or pure novelty (e.g. Conchita) don’t factor into viewers choices for both Eurovision and wider Western music. For example, if Taylor Swift weighed 200 pounds and didn’t use cosmetics to eliminate inevitable bags under her eyes, would her net worth be $1 or 10 million+, let alone $100 million+?

The shortsighted people who booed Gagarina failed to anticipate the criticism she herself faced at home. Vitaly Milonov, a key designer of the Kremlin’s anti-gay laws, lambasted her for embracing Conchita Wurst backstage. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Cyrill, added that he hoped Russia would lose because of what he said were sodomy-inspired themes within its performance.

Once again, condensing Gagarina’s appearance and Moscow itself is fraught with hypocrisy. This is mirth-worthy, though, as SJWs incessantly bash their enemies for making stereotypes and generalized statements about feminism, leftist politics and other issues. Supposedly these SJWs have the supreme wisdom to treat a singer and an administration governing 150 million people as one and the same.

Rename it “The Eurovision Leftist Popularity Contest”

Undermining the crowd’s reasons for booing Gagarina, Vitaly Milonov attacked her for her positive reactions to Conchita Wurst.

It’s nigh on impossible to have a song contest based on rewarding voice performances alone. But Eurovision no longer approaches, if it ever did, the notion of a legitimate contest. All entrants can clearly sing, but almost every winner over the last decade has umped the ante in jostling to demonstrate their non-singing idiosyncrasies.

Most people live in the dark times, thinking that there is a positive correlation between demonstrated, objective ability and pecuniary rewards, accolades and other “achievements.” Like Hollywood, where you would struggle to find more than several self-declared (moderate) conservatives who have won some of the last 100 acting awards (which span 25 years), Eurovision has become the domain of those either espousing acceptable SJW views or distinctly failing to challenge those same views.

My rendering of Eurovision can be taken on even by those who support gay marriage and other causes. The measurement of a winner should not be which political stances they take for or against, but rather (largely) what they do on-stage. This is nonetheless very difficult for leftists to admit, as the more attention such political performers get, the more weight it adds to the causes leftists themselves support. It is self-interest at its most potent, reducible to “I support those who support what I support.”

Next time Eurovision comes round, I suggest you either wait for an ROK article about it, or just sleep. Any nightmares you have will be far less grim than what you see in Sweden next year.

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144 thoughts on “Did SJWs Cost Russia Victory In The Eurovision Song Contest?”

  1. Contests not decided on merit, but on SJW talking points? No problem. Keep creating red-pill converts, especially among women.

  2. The great irony is that 50 years ago all the leftist sjw’s were traveling to Russia to view first hand the great Socialist experiment in “eqaulliteee”. Now in the west they are trying to herald in a new age of socialism where we are all equal but some are more equal than others……I hope Mother Russia reaps a whirlwind in the fuking EU…. any man that fights for the EU is an imbecile…..

    1. And the irony is, all Russia did was say “Hey, homos, leave the kids alone!”.
      Nobody is getting rounded up. Nobody is being told “no penis in asshole”. They are just being told to leave the kids out of it.
      Goes to show what western SJWs are really all about. They are after the kids. They are perverts.

      1. “Give me a child for 8 years and I’ll give you a socialist for life”
        These SJW’s know exactly what they’re doing by targeting innocent children. Russia is standing proud and tall against them, and while I’m not particularly certain I’d want to live under Putin, clearly the Russian people seem to approve of what he’s doing, so more power to them. Would that we could have held the line effectively against these perverts here in the West.

        1. That’s basically my position as well. Though I’ve heard you can own firearms over there now, but I’ve not really seen it confirmed.

        2. Well yeah, but twenty years from now we might get a change in “leadership” whereas Russia, eh, probably not unless he “gets a cold” like Soviet leaders of old.

        3. Their laws are comparable to Illinois laws and lately they are also permitting concealed carry.

        4. In Russia? That’s promising if true. The only thing keeping me here is my gun collection, but if I can transfer out with my Tommygun, I’m golden!

        5. Hey, I like the classics, what can I say? The Tommy is for fun, the StG-58 is for practical combat and the Remington Model 788 is for long distance fun from towers. It’s all good.

        6. Sure thing. And I’m serious. My email is in my profile. Standing offer to any regular on here, with advance notice of course.

        7. Eh, I’d take a stab at it, sure. My son has an ongoing love affair with that rifle.

        8. I think to some degree the Russian People may be in the boat of having no choice but to like him, (it’s kinda fishy and all that Putins Critics wind up dead) I think Putin is a lot more Masculine and Macho than Obozo could ever dream of Being, so I like him for that ,but you are absolutely correct about children being targets of socialists and SJW’s, the brain of a child is like that of soft clay, easily molded into whatever shape desired, where as an adult is like ceramic and a lot harder to manipulate. Also the way Russia is handling Homosexual Propaganda and SJW Propaganda is commendable.

        9. I was watching Deadliest Warrior and they had the Tommy Gun on, and I got to say, .45 ACP @ full auto is pretty impressive.

        10. Actually, it has fuck all to do with morality and everything to do with the government cracking down on deviant behavior that leads to fewer kids being made….which then grow into soldiers to help them continue their glorious Russian expansion.
          I’m not necessarily knocking Russia here but their laws on indecency are not morally motivated, but motivated out of a need for soldiers in their future occupations. Nothing more nothing less.

        11. It’s all your Hollywood movies. Russians, not multi-ethnical Russian passport holders, not Ukrainians, but deep-routed, Russians are the thinkers, culturally and spiritually thriving people, moving mountains for their country and their people. People like you, desiring 2nd amendment ultimately are not good for anything other than to hold a gun and have fun with it. I didn’t mean disrespect. If I point out the flaws you might change into a better being. So no disrespect.

        12. In a world soon to be devoid of whites in Europe and the Anglosphere, can you blame them? Not from some KKK standpoint, but from a basic self defense standpoint?

        13. You do mean disrespect so fuck off.
          Any government that has no trust in the people to be armed is not a government to be trusted. If you are an American, I would suggest you go live in Sweden.

      2. “Scratch the average homosexual and you will find a pedophile.”
        -Kevin Bishop, South African homosexual and pedophile who promoted NAMBLA.
        Like many before him, he too was molested as a child (when he was six), and it was then that he became homosexual; he was NOT “born that way”.

      3. Yeah, but the SJWs are just useful idiots. The Real Power wanted to make Russia look bad, and it wasn’t because their breasts heave with indignation for thwarted gay pedophiles.

        1. there is a suggestion though that Obama is gay
          not that he’s the power behind the throne, but I’m sure he has some say

        2. The rumor is so strong and persistent that he’s at *least* a bisexual, which predates his showing up on stage in 2007, that I think that the rumor, combined with his overt LGBTWXZY shoving it in our face policies, makes it likely true.

        3. in an sense its not so much the shoving it in our face that makes me think its true as the fact that he’s innoculating himself from potential fall-out if the press publish a photo of him with john travolta’s cock in his mouth … for example. I’m fairly sure the rumour is true

        4. Those rumors go back many years before he was President. Chicago doesn’t have the “gay mecca” reputation of some other cities but the presence there is strong, if more underground due to the entrenched social conservatism of the midwest. I’m not going to go into great detail here but check out his childhood “mentor” and the inner workings of Reverend Wright’s church for possible evidence.

        5. they sit very close to each other on the couch don’t they … as all straight-red blooded chaps do. As for the Reverend Wright’s church in Chicago – that worshipful community seems to be the gift that just keeps giving. Can’t decide if Michelle is just a beard though – people who seek power often have a bisexual side

    2. When I was first introduced to the “manosphere”, I thought that everyone would be like me: striving for excellence and hell-bent on self improvement. The more I’ve been around, the more I’ve realised that the whole thing is a facade.
      One of the main characteristics of a cult is that it has an arcane private language that doesn’t have much to do with reality, although the members are convinced it is reality. Think of Scientology and its bizarre concepts.
      Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, “Alpha Fux and Beta Bux,” hypergamy, rationalization hamsters…these are concepts without much in the way of referents, which means they are words that don’t “point” to much in reality. Example: I’ve had people tell me that men who murdered children and women are “Alphas.” That’s just bullshit. They’re murderers, plain and simple.
      The more our concepts conform to reality the better they work. “Jumping out from a plane without a parachute and floating down to earth” is a concept that does not work, just as “Women are hypergamous untrustworthy whores who look for Alpha Fux and Beta Bux” is a concept that not only does not work, but will also poison a man’s soul.
      This private language allows the possessors of it to feel superior to Outsiders. “I know the Truth, and they don’t! How superior I am!”
      It also allows the deluded to define themselves as Alphas and Sigmas (“How superior I am!”) and the heretics/blasphemers as Omegas, Gammas, etc. It’s called scapegoating, and it’s the basis of human sacrifice. Unbelievers cannot be tolerated and must be attacked, ostracized and expelled.
      Then there are cult leaders. There are always the cult leaders. Their acolytes believe they possess the Ultimate Truth and so their followers gather around, memorize their beliefs and then imitate them. Think of Roissy, who is a nihilistic destroyer.
      Everyone has a philosophy of life that they live by, whether or not it’s conscious, whether or not it’s articulated. Many of the ideas in the Manosphere, not-good ideas, have been articulated so the simple-minded can memorize them.
      A religion is supposed to refine the beliefs and make them simpler to understand. Cults go the opposite way.
      When a belief system becomes ossified it’s all over for it. It will ultimately be replaced. The Manosphere is already ossifying with its cult language and cult beliefs. The believers in its concepts already cannot change their minds, since they are convinced they know the Truth.
      It’s a bitter place, mostly written by bitter guys. Retelling stories of “being alpha” and an asshole to girls is a front for the bitterness most feel at the hands of our opposite gender. Mostly due to not being successful with good looking girls. This sounds like a trivial and cliche attack you’d expect from a girl who’s stumbled upon the “manosphere”, but it’s true. There are very few legit people whose lifestyles match those of which they’re talking about.
      I’ve seen pictures of some of the people writing in the “manosphere” and I thought to myself, why the hell would I listen to this person for advice? Some of the guys’ pictures are out in the open, some have been seen by accident and some I’ve seen without their knowledge through the connections we have.
      It’s really opened my eyes. Some of the most well known guys on here are absolute losers, but their writing is good and they get a lot of attention because of it. What can these guys teach me? Honestly? Nothing.
      They can’t teach me about style, they can’t teach me about having sex with beautiful women and they can’t teach me about how to earn lots of money. Why? Because they’ve done none of it themselves.
      It poses a pertinent question. If these guys are writing about the behaviour of women, what kind of women are they interacting with? Are their experiences relevant to you? Is their obvious bitterness due to the fact that they realise their real level and can’t write about hot girls like some of us are?
      The whole concept of the “manosphere” isn’t one which I originally thought. It’s turning into (or has always been) a bitter cesspit of guys not having sex with hot girls and writing about experiences as if they are, and defining characteristics of hot girls with their experiences of ugly or fat girls. When your opinion of women is based on ugly and fat girls, then I can understand the bitterness.
      But for those of us that have experienced high quality women, we sit cringing at some of the content being written. I’m getting a bit disillusioned with all this “manosphere” stuff and am probably going to stop writing for a while. It’s not really adding to my life anymore and I don’t have much motivation to carry on writing.

      1. I think you missed the fucking door….it’s this way ——————————>

        1. I’ll be on my way right after you lick my balls and swallow my load you brainwashed cultist.

      2. I think conflating the public with the posts is not a good practice. Even though there are many things to fix in the “manosphere”, the core truths that are stated in this space ie. men and women are different, that most women are unable to understand causality and extrapolate consequences, that women cannot love men, at least not in the way men understand love, that women are hypergamous (women attraction mechanisms are not based entirely on physic attributes like men, but in markers like relative status, perceptions of personality, financial status whether real or perceived etcetera) are truths that were common sense 150 years ago, before the advent of the “Victorian mores” and “women rights” aka feminism. Thesse truths are spread all over the classical literature of the West (The Bible, The Classics et al) for anyone who can read and comprehend what he is reading.
        It says a lot more about you than of than the representatives of the “manosphere” that you reject obvious truths because you don´t like the messengers. By the way self improvement is obviously a core of being a man.

        1. What if I made your same arguments, but about race instead of sex. Would you agree with historical precedent that when freely given the chance most Caucasians would willingly separate themselves into homogeneous social units? Or are you only a sexist and find racism deplorable?

        2. What if I made your same arguments, but about race instead of sex. Would you agree with historical precedent that when freely given the chance most Caucasians would willingly separate themselves into homogeneous social units? Or are you only a sexist and find racism deplorable?

          Here we go. I support the desire of everyone to join whatever group they like. Forced integration is not my dish so to speak American. I am not a racist if by racist you mean someone who wants to set up concentration camps and send undersirables for cleansing or reeducation, however I think that if Blacks want to immigrate to Europe for example, they must abandon their culture and do their utmost to assimilate the positive aspects of Western culture (those that still remain in this fucked up society). The same goes for other racial groups. Multiculturalism and forced integration are a recipe for failure.
          And unlike what you think men of every race (yeah that includes blacks) understand where civilization came from better than any woman of any race. I love women, but not for the things they do not have but for what they really can offer.

        1. No thanks bummer….”you should know that sudden serious brain injury causes the victim to bite down hard, in fact I hear the bite reflex is so strong they have to pry the victims jaws open with a crowbar….”, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V…….

      3. This place is hardly cult like and the overall situation is grim and getting grimmer all the time. My kudos to you and your “high quality” women.

    3. Irony also that Eurovision was specifically made to improve relations from after the war, yet is now doing the opposite.

    4. SJWs and the new feminism is a disease. It spreads to ensure that woman (and others) have the power and control (not equality like some many are to believe). Equality jumped the shark a long time ago. The folks are after power…plain and simple.

    5. No. If I was the president, I’d say, Russia is not going to be involved in any wars unless our neighbors, Slavic neighbors ask for help. Russia helps, Russia is hated. Russia is hated and Russia is still asked to help. Too much BS. Also Russia is multiethnical and in Russia not everyone is called Russian. There are words that define whether you are just a carrier of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION passport and MANY OTHER WORDS. To foreigners that don’t know their language and history everything is Russian. Real Russians are very different, they are the bearers of the greatness, but none make it to politics. No shit, all politicians of the world go into politics to make big bucks $$$ for themselves and their families. So back to the point. I would not let the country waste it’s men for other countries. It’s been enough of bloodshed. Don’t like Russia? IDC. Hate it? Your choice. But my word would be ultimate. I’d save the Russians and would bring them to their roots. Look at what multi-ethnicity has done. USSR had a lot of good about it and culture was thriving, but the bad was that politicians told and you had to cross the border, like Afghanistan. Russian roots=defense, not offense. Russians blood bearers are different and would not risk their own people. Now the country is also filled with pigs that shit in it and when the law comes they are innocents. You know, like chechens and that kind. So no. I would isolate Russian people from your wars. Know what a real Russian is, because too many of you know the bad name for the great race, given by the people that don’t posses ”The Russian Spirit” <= if you don’t know what than your education is completely hopeless. I am sorry if I got a bit carried away, but I only want people to learn some history and facts that foreigners fuck always up with their ”history re-writings”, aimed at that country since 1800s.
      Why should real bearers of true Russian blood die out? They make great architects, warriors, poets, etc. I think you better learn the history and visit some museums , like Slavic exhibition in Vatican, look at archaeological findings. That where West and media, movies drive that country is how they want it to be. I’d cut you all off from them once and for all. Look at your countries and see how much wrong is happening. Why destroy the greatness? You destroy those that move the world in non-violent ways, e.g. culturally and what you’ll have left is ”people” with an intellect of monkeys and axes at hand so brainwashed by porn and stupid humor, that you can then safely put a big, fat cross on all of them. As for the rest of Slavs, they will be unable to replace the so-called Russian Slavs, because turn to history and foreigners called the greatest Slavs those that were from where Russia is, not Ukraine, or any other Slavic country. So there it is. Humanity will fuck itself up and if you don’t trust in how Russians are important, your foreign elites of old did give even that much to these people. Start reading books and preferably not American ones (case of rewriting history, that was started with Russia by German professors in 1800s and then followed by England, West).

      1. You are romanticizing Russians.
        Russians are pigs, but they still one ounce better than nazis from the USA
        Also, Russians and Ukrainians and even Poles are the same nation.
        Don’t fall to wrong western Anglo-German lies.

        1. Bad wording, not the same nation but the same race/culture if you strip away all the outside influences.

  3. Lol… Why would any self respecting man pay attention to Eurovision… Eurovision is terrible music period. Who cares if the Russians lost in a contest that means nothing?

  4. What else do you expect? The Eurovision contest is very popular among gays. Austria even introduced “gay-friendly” traffic signs on some places:
    I entirely stopped looking at this popsong shithole contest. Variation among the songs is almost completely absent. The jury members are rabid SJWs. Remember Poland last year?

    These chicks received the most votes from viewers in some countries (like in the UK), but the jury in those countries decided otherwise. Of course, Poland’s victory would have hurt the feeeeelings of too many women…

    1. they’ve decided to keep the gay traffic lights for good on account of ‘popular demand’ – 20,000 progressives signed a petition apparently.
      It’ll be interesting to see how many pedestrians get run over because they were too busy gawking at two little red wimmin holding hands instead of keeping an eye on the road.
      My only complaint really is that they didn’t go the whole hog and have an entire rainbow of traffic lights for those who aren’t comfortable with either red or green and would prefer to ponder their sexual identity while waiting on the pedestrian crossing …. until a heavy goods vehicle comes along

    2. I appreciate the hot, slavic chicks. But at the end of the day it’s polish rap, which I now vehemently oppose.

    3. what do you have against them? they are round, squishy and wet.
      but did they had to add that fat one?
      edit: misread you.

      1. You lookist! She’s beautiful just like she is! And don’t you forget it, you biased cisgendered full figure woman hating misogynist shitlord!
        Heh, the shitter is that I probably can’t make up stuff more insane that actually passes for their dialogue.

        1. i’m not a lookist, i’m a purposeist. what purpose does that beautiful meat ball serve me?
          – procreation? nope.
          – fun? maybe, by laughing at her.
          – bullet protection? i don’t have that many enemies.

    4. Agree. I used to watch Eurovision for a long time but got really annoyed last year so I skipped 2015 event. Now I’m glad I did.

  5. Eurovision has never been about talent. It’s all about appealing to the feelings of the people who are doing the voting. That’s what wins the race – the people who vote.
    Those people, of course, are mostly young women of the progressive kind. The ones with a Tumblr and a degree in some useless humanities field. The ones who see a marriage between men and proudly declare that this is the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen and that anyone who opposes it is barely human in their eyes.

  6. Admittedly, Wurst’s beard is a good example of a well-trimmed beard. Notably, it’s not on the neck, unlike some of these creatures I have seen around Seattle, who apparently were on some kind of hormone treatment but having the facial hair of a gamer who just spent a week locked in their basement.

    1. Apparently it’s au courant now to emulate Dwarf culture. Bearded chicks, Christ almighty, how grotesque. We used to pay to get into sideshows and gawk and mock these people, now we’re supposed to take them seriously?

      1. Not to shitpoast but when watching Hobbit I could not avoid the feeling that Peter Jackson’s dwarves (deviated from the way Tolkien described them) were an allegory for Jews.

        1. How could you watch that? The first episode I endured because it at least had some of the actual scenes from the book in it. The second one, gotten for me as a Christmas gift, had me gagging at the Grrrrllll Pwwrrrrr ™ and nearly (but not quite) whole deviation from the book, up to the very end where they finally get into the Mountain.
          After the second I vowed that I would skip the third and whatever else Jackson puts out. God only knows how pro-feminist The Silmarillion will be if he gets his paws on it.

        2. I haven’t seen the third Hobbit yet, and don’t plan on it. Eventually I’ll run into the DVD at Goodwill (and will not have passed money to Jackson and his SJW agenda). Same thing for Feminist Road.

        3. you should really write an article about your interpretations. your radicalness never fails to surprise and inspire me.

        4. the whole of middle earth would have runaway inflation in an instant – however I think you’re right, those dwarves (jewish or otherwise) are sitting on that pile.

        5. Careful what you wish for. My thoughts are like computer viruses for the brains of others.

        6. putlocker is the website you’re looking for is you want to watch stuff for free. I mean you don’t want to line someone’s pocket for a shit film i.e. Mad max

        7. The centre for disease control and prevention can sit on its finger and swivel lol.

        8. you know, I do wonder whether the SJWs etc who monitor the internet for things to shock them sit behind their computers the whole time wearing those white bio-hazard suits to minimise the risk of catching any politically incorrect thoughts

      2. I’ve been hearing chicks say that dwarf from game of Thrones is hot since The Station Agent, or whatever it was called. More power to him/them.

        1. he’s got a nice looking missus, but whenever they’re out and about being snapped by paparazzi she especially looks really miserable. Maybe real life isn’t like in the (dwarf) porn films

  7. Very interesting to note how time changes things. When the radical leftist Bolsheviks took over Russia, most of Western Europe was more “rightist” with strong feelings of nationalism, patriotism, and morality prevalent. Now in 2015, it’s completely flipped. Western (and most of) Europe is the new leftist melting pot of ideas. And Russia stands as the only country left standing adhering to more “traditional” values and principles.

      1. Very true Michael. I’ve noticed that the switcheroo happened when Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine documentary was released, focusing on Ukraine when it was still on Russia’s side; it was portrayed as Nazi, racist and homophobic based on a minority of hooligans from Donetsk. As if people from the West were not the same.
        When in the Soviet Union the many races and ethnicities were portrayed as labouring together towards a glorious race, religious and ethnic neutral glorious socialist future, the blacks couldn’t even sit on the same bus as the whites.
        Nowadays, the Russians are portrayed as the evil whites, when in reality they are not that bad, and the west as the super gay loving country. Plenty of people in the west hate gays, probably more than in Russia but hey ‘Murica is the land that dictated freedom.
        If it wasn’t for gay rights they’ll find something like mosquito rights and so on.

        1. Don’t blame us ‘Murcan citizens mate, most of us loathe what’s going on. Unfortunately our Soros financed electronic voting machines tend to not accurately represent what levers we pull while voting.
          A couple of weeks ago I heard a gaggle of straight white middle and upper middle class women complaining bitterly about the whole Gay thing being pushed twenty four seven, and they were not being kind nor holding back. That’s kind of an indicator of when the Left pushes too hard, when even women reject it.

        2. yeah, we’re all supposed to love those ukrainian nazis….sorry freedom fighters for democracy now that the ‘peaceful’ maidan revolution has aligned them with europe.

        3. The American mid west states still stand strong and have a “Germanic” ethic about them. Sorry about the comment but I was only referring to the people in charge.

        4. I know, I just wanted to take a stab at our clearly rigged elections more than anything.

        5. yes, but I meant that the nazi thing has been whitewashed insofar as a lot of the neo-nazis fought for the pro-europe side and against the pro-russia side. This was perhaps clearest in the fighting that happened in the trade union building in odess that resulted in anti-maidan protestors getting burnt to death when the building was set a light.

        6. The USA is actually a very conservative country. A big reason Obama got elected was because whites thought it would help resolve racial conflict. It didn’t, and we’ve practically had the “long hot summer of 1967” all over again.

        7. I think you missed the point of them asking whether chimps are human. The point is, “Is it ethical to do medical and pharmaceutical testing on chimps?” And, for once, I’m siding with whoever is asking this question (SJW or not).

        8. If you spoke Russian language ( do you?), you’d be shocked at the strong anti-western hate propaganda being disseminated daily in the Russian msm. It’s very disturbing.

        9. must be a regional thing. i can’t imagine anyone publicly speaking ill of homosexuality here in denver without being immediately ostracised socially, possibly losing his job, or worse.

        10. Denver. So yeah, it is a cultural thing. You can easily talk against fag culture in the midwest and other non-blue areas.

        11. The propaganda is fine, we need to clean the Earth from evil neonazi USA, and without some hate it will be hard to push the button.

        12. The Russian’s are far from saints. The master propagandists at the Kremlin are still feeding that anti-American feeling left over from the 70s and 80s.

    1. They are even trying to take the World Cup away from Russia now because of the FIFA bribery scandal. I heard them openly call for it on the local sports talk radio station. No evidence so far… But they don’t care.
      It’s a leftover attitude from the Cold War with some Americans: Everything Russia does is bad. Russia does indeed to do many things bad but they’re not the devil.

    2. Btw, along with the United States, Russia is currently one of the most aggressively expansionist states in the world. They are not the “good guys” any more than the US is.

  8. Of course they use these events to have their petty victories against evil Putin.Totally degenerated event.She was hated because she was the traditional female role model.The so called anti gay legislation is for protection of children.Russians dont put up with cultural marxist teaching five year olds the art of blowjobs , masturbation and homosexual anal sex as it is done in the west.And thats why Russia needs to be punished.You are not sure what side are you on ? Are you nuts ? The same with this FIFA scam selective enforcement.Of course they were corrupt,thats not the point.The point is that Blatter is not following orders from Washington.They just dont want the soccer world championship to be in Russia.Of they wage this ongoing psycke warfare not only against Russia but against any normal european.When it comes to pick sides it seems some want to weasel themselves out not to be put into a corner.Well you are already in one.Just take it as what it is.

    1. It would be a nightmare for US and Britain is either France or Germany get chummy with Russia. Technology + a shitload of cheap resources and mammoth industrial plants to build technology.

    2. Though a certain genre of movies from Russia does tend to tolerate a lot pf hetesexual anal sex

  9. Popular vote, without Jury voting:
    Place #1 : Italy (3 normal looking guys).
    Place #2: Russia (normal looking woman).
    Place #3: Sweden (normal looking guy).
    Landwhale (Serbia): Place #10
    Feminist (Georgia): Place #13
    Man+Man and Woman+Woman kissing on stage (Lithuania): Place #16.
    Not that bad.

        1. reminds me of a guy i knew on the internet once. he admitted that he was more attracted to women but chose to be gay because – since it was wrong – the rejection didn’t hurt that much.

        2. I think there is a lot of Gay Men who settle into Homosexuality, because to Them it’s easier.

    1. Don’t blame this on capitalism, we haven’t had anything vaguely close to capitalism, as in laissez faire free markets, in over a century.

      1. Too true. The modern western elite have far more in common with the corrupt Soviet oligarchs than with their own grandparents.

  10. I know this article is more about SJW’s and their agenda.On the other hand these bullshit singing shows are on the way out. Finally American Idol is being cancelled and wont be back for another season. People finally got hip that NONE of these winners actually end up doing anything with athe so called big record deal and actually get tied up in contract hell where these “winners” end up indentured slaves to these sheisters behind the show. These performers cant do anything, even sing Karaoke at a dive bar until their contract is up. Recently some recent idol winners have gone to court fighting to get released from their bullshit contract and won.
    Hopefully this is the sign of a new chapter and eventually “reality” shows will go the way of the dodo. If we see enough scandals involving pedophile brothers and step fathers, suicides and bullshit singing contest winners, then hopefully this shit will go away.

  11. The reason Russia lost is simple.Most of Eastern European nations hate Russia and Russians for obvious reasons.And Eastern Europeans are main watchers of the show. Everyone in Eastern Europehates russians to guts.
    And by the way that cartonish “Antigay” russian character is mentally handicapped. Basically, he is a moron. Using him in your “articles”is a massive devaluation of any argument.
    Also watching Eurovision- a show for gays and primitive houswives is very very gay. It does not exist in the world of normal men.
    There is an unusually high number of faggots on the website. One was writing about Kratom, another keep wanking on pictures of men in gyms, with some pseudo-scientific sports advice and now fucking Eurovision. What next? A report from Turkish saunas, as a last “man space”? A gay parade?

    1. Also watching Eurovision- a show for gays and primitive houswives is very very gay. It does not exist in the world of normal men.

      The only thing that made sense from your comment. The rest are fallacies (the guy is retarded, hence gay’s campaign is good) or that self improvement and exercise are for fags.
      What´s next, reading is for fags?

      1. I know the language and can simply distinguish between a retard and a person with a normal levels of intellect.The guy is a retard.

    2. I am from the Czech Republic and Eurovision is not even on TV. Literary most people don’t even know what it is but I reckon the Poles and the Baltics might like it.
      You are right that many Eastern Europeans hate Russia which is funny because Eastern Europe is doing worst than ever and is soon gonna collapse. (Low fertility rate , huge emigration etc).

      1. If Eastern Europe could exist without external intervention, it wouldn’t be “collapsing”. It survived just fine for thousands of years.

        1. The main problem of Eastern Europe of course is that it has been colonized by the west which causes high emigration and low fertility rate. It also looks like the Turks would like to expand into the Balkans once more.

  12. Please don’t read this article or the comment stream: both are stupid and hateful.

    1. “Young team” – no offense, but that does conjure up the image of a middle age man trying to groom teenage boys.

    2. Yes….keep listening to our politicians, our mainstream media, etc..they are the truth. Others lie to you.
      Reminds me of the old days with Germany and the Soviet Union.

  13. Anybody who’s watching the song contest is a loser with no life or braindead. Either way nobody really cares about this irrelevant event. As a side note Austria is actually quite conservative and nobody gives a shit about political correctness or takes those freaks seriously. Girls aren’t total morons and degenerates either, like the manosphere portraits them in many countries.

  14. We’re assuming, of course, that Eurovision actually had any credibility to tarnish.

  15. Eurovision is and always has been about politics, and this is not actually news to anyone.

  16. Conchita Wurst. What an appropriate name for a transsexual (Wurst means ‘sausage’ in German).

  17. Many Americans, with their dichotic political attitudes ( everything is “left” or “right”, good or bad, with no middle ground) readily lap up the idea that since America is doing bad things in the world and Russia opposes America, that Russia is therefor somehow good. Not true! Both of these nations currently rank among the most belligerent nations on earth when it comes to military aggression.

    1. Not only that, Russia is basically a fucking Mafia state where journalists and political opponents are routinely and openly murdered by Putin and his Kremlin thugs.
      Putin is no “saviour” or hero. The guy is a mafia thug who has used his political power to rob the Russian people and state of a lot of money and amass it for himself.

  18. Any criticism of media manipulation or any manipulation is welcome, how else do you slowly undo its work? Or do we let it go so far that the only way to put things back to normal is with the return of a catastrophic event?
    If ever you wanted to be sure on how much media manipulation works on us then travel.
    Travel to countries where t.v and mobile phones are almost practically non existent to the masses and see how amazing it feels, the interactions with people, the solidity of communities, the strength in family unit and respect the young have for their elders, relationship dynamics etc etc it’ll blow your mind if you’ve only ever known the west.

  19. Why the hell ? Russia want to be in this Euroshittyvision ??
    Last year Conchita Wurst, this year, was it Chiquita Chorizo ??

    1. I agree, what a faggoty thing it is. Manly nations like Russia should boycott that shit.

  20. Is racism a new SJW hobby? Because discriminating based on ethnicity/nationality smacks of Germany ca 1933.

  21. They certainly did it last time when they choose that bearded, cross-dressing faggot instead of the hot Polish chick the people really wanted.

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