On The Importance Of Family

It’s often said that you can’t choose whom to, with whom and what you’re born as, but you can choose whom to relate to. That is the ‘real’ family you’ll build in your tenure on this planet. Don’t misunderstand me; most of us are already born within our ‘real’ families. While some aren’t, even if they have a nominal family – and they have to find and create theirs.

The unit of the ‘family’ provides us with a sense of being rooted, loved and supported in this world, a great blessing for any man to have. The most important trait of a good family, or that of its family members, is of unconditional love and support. Ideally, the man who lacks any of these family members must at least have substitute figures to represent these missing familial archetypes right from his childhood. If not, he will have to fend for himself.

Some men are born with an entire ‘family’, but the family fails in fulfilling its roles, thus  resulting in a dysfunctional family. So these men are no better than the men who were born abandoned at birth or childhood, or  those who lacked one or more pivotal family member influence while growing up.

To elaborate, let us look closely at the roles of each family member that one is born with. or rather, the dysfunctional versions of them.



An ideal mother is the mother who loves, guides, nurtures and protects her child unconditionally. But a dysfunctional mother can damage her child more than what she can possibly imagine, because she often represents the first individual a child attaches to. And her memory, if she is around in his childhood, will always stay with him throughout his life. Her personal lifestyle, attitudes and character will often indelibly influence his psyche, as most individuals tend to inherit most of their character traits from their mothers. Thus the responsibilities of a mother towards her child are towering.

An emotionally distant mother, abusive mother, reckless mother, manipulative mother, controlling mother, hypocritical mother, slutty mother—all these dysfunctional mother archetypes will often psychologically scar a child.  More so, if the child is male, because the relationship he will form with his mother will inevitably influence his relationships with the women later in his life. Solipsistic mother-sister combos are a double whammy situation which can further corrupt his perception of women.

Raising a Slut

An overly possessive mother will create an emotionally dependent man who can’t disconnect from her. Her emotional manipulation and shallow displays of love are nothing but a ruse to maintain her control over her child, thus stunting his growth as an individual. Having a dysfunctional or emotionally unavailable mother will result in lack of female nurturing within his life, and as an adult he will often unconsciously seek to either get it from other women through ‘neediness’ (opening himself up to manipulation from women), or he will develop indifference and contempt for the female sex. However, the often seen ironical hypocrisy is that modern feminist society inexplicably demeans and blames such men for having ‘mommy issues’, without blaming the mommies who created them.

If the mother is not present during the child’s childhood, then the mother figure who substitutes her should have the qualities of an ideal mother to bear the responsibilities. If she fails to, the child will continue his unconscious attempts through his life to find his ‘mother’ through the opposite sex, or worse, end up no better as being born with a dysfunctional mother.


Cronus Saturn

The Greek mythological figure of Cronus represents the controlling father who swallowed up all his children in the fear that one day one of them would overthrow him.

A Cronian father archetype becomes even worse if this father is blue pill. Not only will he frustrate your attempts to reason with him, but he will also try to prevent you from asserting your independence by constantly trying to limit and belittle you, to eventually devour your freedom, growth, happiness and eventual existence. Fathers indeed need to impose limits on their families to maintain discipline, but the Cronian father’s limits are often nothing but enslaving shackles. He will forcibly try to beta-size you to keep you plugged within the Matrix he has visualized for you and micromanage your life, to maintain his stranglehold over you . The problems with this type of father is that he cannot ‘let go’, and neither can he accept or see the outdatedness and error of his ways, as he considers himself to be infallible, thus taking no responsibility for being a bad parent.

Life is a never ending relay race, in which one generation completes its lap of life, and then passes the baton for the next lap to the succeeding generation. The Cronian father insists on running your lap as well while refusing to pass the baton to you, out of fear of losing control. The result is that you would be lagging behind your peers in the race of life, because of the limiting influence of your Cronian father’s power games, which would instead occupy your precious time to free yourself from it.

Another trait is that he often exhibits emotional manipulation when his direct attempts to subdue you fail. He keeps restricting you in the name of love and concern, justifying himself as omniscient being who knows what’s best for you without producing a scrap of reason or logic to back up his claim. He wants to have a say in what you do, where you go, whom you hang out, and even the vaginas you must fuck (your choice of women). The Cronian father thus is the Oak tree who protects the baby plant growing in its shade, yet prevents its complete growth by restricting it from the nurturing sunlight.

Cain and Medea


The first human murder on this planet, according to Abrahamic scriptures, was a fratricide committed out of sibling rivalry. Though born from the same parents, Cain killed Abel out of jealousy. Similarly, the Greek mythological figure of Medea represents a woman who first killed her brother out of love for her lover Jason, and later on kills her own children she sires with him. Both Cain and Medea represent dysfunctional sibling archetypes. Sibling rivalry is often the first dose of rivalry that a man experiences in the world as a child, but it can be healthy only as long it is within limits. Else, it creates a dysfunctional paradigm within the framework of a family.

Men growing up with dysfunctional sisters often have a problem respecting or trusting women in general, while those growing up with parasitical brothers will have a problem believing in male solidarity or brotherhood. As with dysfunctional parents, growing up with dysfunctional siblings can contribute to dysfunctional men.


Surviving a dysfunctional family

Dysfunctional families are a curse, and often produce emotionally damaged men. The lack of nurturing that these men received from their families can manifest itself into misanthropy, loneliness, or emotionally needy behavior which seeks to substitute familial love through external relationships. This could result in reaching out to cunning older individuals, friends or women who could exploit these men even more.

Not all mother figures or father figures might have the best interests at heart for these men, as the adage “Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill” often holds true in today’s often hypocritical world.  The man, who has never received proper female nurturing within his family while growing up, will then seek to substitute it through the love of an ’emotionally nurturing’ woman. However, he is then at risk to become over-attached to women, and can get often henpecked if he falls in love with a manipulative woman, who would sense his desperate need for emotional nurturing, and possibly exploit it to her own benefit.  Similarly, manipulative friends can exploit a man who has a need for fraternal love which he didn’t receive within his family.

The solution to a dysfunctional family is thus tricky, but fairly simple. It can be solved by:

  • Moving away from your dysfunctional family
  • Finding the correct substitute individuals who can fulfill those roles, beginning first with your extended family of relatives (both near and distant), and then your social circle of friends. For married individuals, your spouse’s family could possibly provide effective substitutes too. Build your own tribe from them.
  • If everything else fails, get professional counseling to build a support base.

Moving away will provide you the necessary freedom to break out from the debilitating influence of a dysfunctional family, and help you to focus on self reliance and create new relationships. A dysfunctional family often causes emotional isolation and suffocation in an individual, thus moving away is the first step in breaking its psychological stranglehold which limits your freedom and growth as an individual. You don’t need to martyr yourself for being born in a family which doesn’t love or support you.

The second step is indeed the tricky part. It will often entail a lot of trial and error, but exercising rational and correct judgment to select your substitute family figures can solve this easily. It’s easier to start with your extended family first. Your aunts and uncles could possibly fill the roles of parent figures, while your cousins and friends could fulfill that of siblings. A lot of great successful individuals who were either born in dysfunctional families, or had no proper familial upbringing, built their own tribe or family by choosing their own family members from their friend or social circle. A mentor can be a great father figure, while a great friend can be the brother you wanted badly at home but couldn’t have.  If you’re lucky to find one, a good woman could simultaneously fulfill the nurturing role of a mother, the intimate role of a lover and the supportive role of a sister, but it will take proper judgment from your end to identify and select her.

The good part is that in this planet of 7 billion people, we can all choose and build our own tribe from people who’ll love us unconditionally, even if we didn’t receive it in the family we’re born into. Those people we choose, can be our real family – to restore balance to our lives.

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  1. Bill Price of Spearhead fame recently had a son, and looking at his post on it you realize you never see that on feminist-oriented sites.
    And today in Slate a 36 year old feminist “writer” announces her refusal to have a child until her husband signs a parental equality agreement so she can have equal time to put into her equally important writing career :

    1. The grandiose delusions of women like Rebecca Onion always astounds me. My favorite response to her post was:

      It’s so cute how she thinks that at age 36 she has more time to decide. Yeah, biology often doesn’t work that way. It frequently does, but more frequently it does not.

      Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is what Rebecca looks like…

      1. She’s a writer.
        That’s like being a “shitter” or a “telephoner”.

        1. She has a website and is working on a book.
          I am being unduly harsh.
          I hope she has children, drops the unrealistic expectations of marital equality, devotes herself fully to them, and enjoys many years of happiness as a mother and grandmother.

        2. I hope her husband dumps her and she writes about how he has kids with a 20yo new wife.

      2. Oh man those teeth. She needs some whitener. After age 27 a gal’s fertility drops dramatically. I think at her age the natural ( no turkey baster ) pregnancy/ conception rate is about 40% . She should book an appointment with the fertility doc right now.

        1. Wow! is it really only 40% at age 27? If that is true then they have done a really good job distorting reality in the media; I honestly thought it would be 40% after like 32 or something. Fuck, most chicks don’t even consider kids until around 30.

        2. Her case reminds me of a mid 40’s old woman who worked with my friend before. A great expert of anal, she had been fucked by half of the men she had dated in her ass (my friend dated her too and he told me that). At 45, she decided to limit anal sex to her newer boyfriends (bad luck for them) because she wanted to get pregnant. My friend broke off with the relationship with her, because she stopped giving her asshole to him in bed.
          What would be her chances of conceiving? My friend told me that she had been revealed to him that she had cystitis before because of ass to cunt fucking (the men fucked her ass before, and went up her cunt without washing).
          It just shows how women think that they can have their cake and eat it too.

        3. Just cytisis ? I very much doubt it. I’m sure that such sexual acts would have resulted in very bad, nasty infections that could have reduced fertility. And at 45 on top of this ? I have more chance of winning Powerball twice than she has of falling preganant.

        4. Actually that is wrong. A woman is in her prime childbearing years until around 35 (genetics and lifestyle heavily factor in). Even after 35, she is still fertile though the chance for miscarriage does start to increase and it *might* take longer to conceive, but it isn’t drastically hard in most cases. It is the women who are 40 and above who are in serious decline in regards to fertility. Sometime after 45 a woman will start to go through peri-menopause, which is like the pregame for menopause. At around 51 most average women will be in full blown menopause.
          So it is still reasonable, safe, and OK for women in their early to mid 30s to have children. In most cases it is even better, women in their early 20s are still immature children and way too flippant and irresponsible to take on the role of invested and dutiful mother.
          My wife had our child at 32 and she bounced back from pregnancy in a relatively short span of time. Contrary to popular belief she did not get fat, her pussy did not expand into a huge cavern, and gravity did not make her breasts sag. Maybe it is because she works out every day. But she is firmer, more shapely, and better in every possible way now at 34 than she was when I met her at 22, and she was smoking hot then!
          My point is, the men here need to drop this ridiculous notion that women in their late 20s and 30s are menopausal, barren wastelands. The ones who take care of themselves and possess a shred of common sense and decency are far better than some 20 year old hardbody who cares more about racking up likes on her latest Instagram selfie than trying to be a respectable human.

        5. Keep telling yourself that. When you get your information from the Daily Mail everything is possible.

        6. That is about the age range I had always thought. That being said, most women do go to shit after pregnancy. The ones that don’t are very disciplined and probably have pretty decent genetics. The saggy tit thing is true for most women after pregnancy, even if they lose the weight. I think one of the main reasons men want a younger woman to have children with is that the woman would have had less time to sleep with lots of men (and therefore is more likely to stick around and raise the kids in an intact family). Sounds like you got yourself a keeper.

        7. He’s not lying he’s just lucky with how it turned out. Early 30s is still a fertile time for most women. But the writer at 36 had better stop dwelling on losing her personal freedoms and start getting serious about conceiving.

        8. Saggy tits if she eats crap throughout her pregnancy and doesn’t work out before during and after. Do not let your woman eat junk food during her pregnancy. She might as well be smoking and drinking as well.

      3. Honestly she isn’t bad looking (probably not the best pic) but 36 is too old to start a family for a woman (I assume she is the 36yr old writer being discussed?). Biology sucks, you can’t always get what you want.
        I have noticed that a lot of the more intelligent women take this attitude and they also tend to have a more masculine disposition; perhaps this is genetic? Or maybe gender roles have become so blurred this is the inevitable result (there are also plenty of feminine guys). Anyone that has worked in an office environment lately knows that corporations want their employees to be gender neutral worker bees.

      4. At least her last name fits her appearance. She’s all shriveled up and makes me want to cry.

      5. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/sci-tech/fertility-ethics-tested-by-threeparent-babies-20140704-zstc9.html
        Wouldn’t be so sure- biology may not work that way but when you can use the genetic materiel of a younger woman and mix it with your materiel. you can effectively cut normal reproductive biology out of the picture with modern epi-genetics. Women may well be having children when they retire from the workforce. As frankenstein esque as that may sound.

      6. ^yikes
        who the fuck would want to impregnate that creature? She looks like she just escaped from a zombie film set.

    2. Danielle Chrittendon has written on this topic of putting career first and ruining your life.
      I know girls where I work that say since they don’t want kids, all that matters is career. I wonder if they will feel the same when their looks start to fade.

      1. Career is just a career, honestly, it doesn’t matter THAT much. Women should be focused on starting families and raising kids. Unfortunately, I just got out of a bad marriage, so it will not be happening to myself anytime soon.

    3. If you wanna blame feminism, you’ve got the wrong culprit. The problem is modernity and modern society. Everything in our society is completely backwards and the problem with modern society is simple: there is no skin in the game.
      In modernity, everyone is able to shift the risk of their decisions onto other. This is what creates our depraved culture. The death of the family structure or of the way women behave is just an example of it. The worst part, IMO, is the treatment of things that should be sacred (ex. the environment). This is the kinda shit that happens when you remove all parts of tradition and culture from the society: you get a society like the one we have today.

      1. ”The worst part, IMO, is the treatment of things that should be sacred (ex. the environment)”
        WRONG. inc. ENVIRONMENT. Modernitys desacralisation of life includes that of environment/nature/place

      2. Everything is completely backwards? Are you sure about that mate?
        If you find yourself speaking in absolutes then you are probably wrong.

    4. Hear hear. Though we do tend to approach redpill issues with a predominantly male perspective, the fundamental truth is that redpill knowledge ultimately benefits BOTH genders immensely on the crucial condition that they are able to swallow it down whole and internalize it fully for the benefits to really assert themselves. After all, purging oneself of highly damaging brainwashing is something that we can both come to appreciate, amirite ladies (we know you read these blogs so don’t act so surprised)?

  2. “being rooted, loved and supported in this world”
    Only faggot manginas need that.

    1. and MGTOW misanthropes don’t need that.
      Man is a social animal, not a solitary animal.

        1. Nope. Were you born all by yourself?
          Who raised you? Who breastfed you?
          You taught you to walk, to speak, to eat, to wipe your ass?
          We still had someone to look after us when we were young, correct? That’s where the family comes into the picture – of being rooted, and supported in the world. Even if you were raised in an orphanage, or a trash can. Someone raised you, and that person(s) is your family.

        2. Liberals are actually anti-family, because they corrupt women with feminism and render them useless to function in the unit of the family.
          Red pill and patriarchal values promote the concept of the family, because the family is one of the traditional role model unit of a society. In today’s world however, with the sluttiness and whorishness of modern women, the family has itself become a dysfunctional role model for men to commit to. There is no incentive for men in that. But the family is not promoted by liberals.
          The only ‘family’ liberals promote is the one where over the wall sluts and whores are wifed up by betas who’d support them after these women are tired from riding the cock carousel. And then this family will be dismantled by these women in divorce courts as per the whims of these liberal women. Liberals are anti-family, because they create dysfunctional women unworthy of marriage and families.

        3. Liberal professors rarely suggest you have a warm family life. They waht you to denounce dad for being racist and say that your mom is shopaholic lesbian.

        4. What they want is to displace fathers and for the state to take over their role.

      1. MGTOW are not misanthropes, they are realists. Drink the milk, leave the cow. U mad?

      2. Man is whatever the fuck a man wants to be, either a social butterfly or living solo in a cabin in Siberia. MGTOW is all about self-reliance, the highest of all virtues.

  3. “be good to your family, man. they’re all you’ve got.”
    -Dimebag Darrell, days before his murder, to random young fan who – when given the opportunity to speak with his hero – told Darrell that he related to Pantera/Damageplan’s music b/c of his shitty upbringing.

  4. Eminem largely represents the move of ghetto culture being pushed on to white suburban kids-to not have a strong father figure and to hate discipline. He has your standard urban ghetto upbringing. 1) drug addicted mother 2)no dad. He later talks about how he hates the above song. “cleaning out my closet” as his mother was doing her best given the circumstances. His affection for his daughter is also another point. Feminist sites have used the slogan that Eminem is scared because “his daughter( who he loves dearly- as per songs) is dating someone who listened to his music growing up”. I think that feminists have taken this as a quote of victory is telling of two things 1)that they think that music has influenced culture(i.e music)( culture never happens in a vacuum) it is a by product of the predominant culture. So what minim fears is that someone is dating his daughter who is part of the predominant culture. that is someone who either walks out on women or is a would be deadbeat Dad. 2) it also speaks of the level of hypocrisy that surrounds feminism in that many women make no effort to critique men or women of the qualities that should be critiqued. That is latent hedonism. They feel that there is no problems with a dysfunctional society yet expect that respect will be given in such a society. A total absurdity. Now i feel that this site benefits front eh collective wisdom of many people but i have read many an article and posts on people who value the notional value of family but rarely have i seen a post on what could create an atmosphere where men and women could feel more inclined to create a family unit rather than fvck and put useless, dysfunctional, liberal children who clog up the system under the one roof.

  5. I never realized it, but the best thing I had was a wonderful family. My cousins are like my brothers. I remember when I was 19 when my cousin came to visit me for a month and basically forced the red pill down my throat. I didn’t know it was the red pill at the time and it was difficult for me to handle, but I thank God for that experience. It was really hard to take, but I’m blessed to have family that care about me that much.
    It’s really unfortunate to see most people in the West who have no semblance of a family structure at all. It’s extremely sad.

    1. Lucky you! A lot of men however are not as lucky as you.
      A supportive family is a blessing for men.

  6. The hell with family! It does not work. Man always gets the raw deal.
    Human relationships have become a commercial exchange – “If you give me something, I will give you something”. We do not want to accept it because it destroys the myth that human relationships are something marvelous extraordinary.
    It is nothing but mutual gratification. If that is absent, no relationship is possible. We keep the relationship going for social reasons, or for reasons of children, property, and security. All this is part and parcel of the relationship business. But when it fails and does not give us what we really want, we superimpose on it what we call “love”.
    The whole culture has created, for its own reasons, this situation for us through its value system. The value system demands that relationships be based on love. But the most important element is security and then possessiveness. You want to possess the other individual.
    When your hold on the other becomes weaker for various reasons, your relationship wears out. You cannot maintain this “lovey-dovey” relationship all the time.
    The relationship between a man and a woman is based on the images that the two create for themselves of each other. So, the actual relationship between the two individuals is a relationship between the two images. But your image keeps changing, and so does the other person’s. To keep the image constant is just not possible. So, when everything else fails, we use this final, last card in the pack, “love”, with all the marvelous and romantic ideations around it.
    The hell with relationships.

    1. Ok, so YOU be the one to not deal with other human beings in a transactional manner. That’s not a retort, it’s a challenge and an opportunity. You’ll be happier than practically everyone on the planet if you eschew quid-pro-quo as a default modus operandi for your personal relationships.
      In this modern age of hyper-convenience, it is actually easier than ever to eschew transactional relationships since all our needs and creature comforts are so readily available at the push of a button. You don’t really need people, so you definitely don’t need to be usurious of them. Instead, you can enjoy your relationships with them independent of the toxic paradigm you describe accurately – which is in fact quite pervasive in our society – but need not be applicable to you yourself. Think of it that way.

      1. If I was having a relationship with another man, maybe but with women is business as usual.

    2. What you’re saying is true, but it’s not the only way. You’ve just been blinded from the other path because of how fucked up society has become. I confess that I can be as ruthless as they come if I need to be (the evil in us is here to stay), but likewise I often (I try to at least once a day) “love” others with no expectance of anything in return. Men, women, it doesn’t matter – though for obvious reasons (reasons you red pillers should be more than aware of) I keep most women at a distance. The trick in life is to love others, especially those who don’t deserve to be loved. We may not heal their broken hearts 100% of the time – hell even 20% of the time, but we don’t need to. Bit by bit, the more people that do this, and the more people that are healed by your love, the more we can grow to trust each other. The lack of trust in society is slowly poisoning us, but there are still many many good people out there. Also when it comes to women, learn to love them “intelligently”. Taking a philosophical stance on women is absent in most places today but it is precisely what’s needed. Women have no natural (biologically ingrained) integrity, and even the highest (most moral) woman I’ve met, was only so because of her husband who was equally (perhaps more so) virtuous. Love women intelligently and guard them from their baser natures. Living this way is good for you as well. This of course doesn’t mean being a doormat, but living this way restores your virtue as well. Society has taken it upon itself to institutionalize virtue thus robbing it and gratitude from the people – and resulting in gross abuses and dependence. We can reclaim virtue and every act of unconditional love brings us closer to the goal.

      1. Love women intelligently and guard them from their baser natures.
        I see your point but the forces of the culture is too far gone and nullifies all our efforts, so why bother?

        1. That’s how men should often love women.
          Using their heads, and not hearts.
          That’s what is called as love women intelligently.
          Unfortunately, men automatically stop loving women when they understand women.

    3. You’re right about the transactional nature of families today. As long as there is transaction in human relationships, it cannot constitute a family.
      But that’s not a family in the first place itself. A family is a unit of unconditional acceptance of the other person (what you can define as ‘love’). Your friends can accept you for what you are, with all your shittiness. They then become your family or tribe. The woman who accepts you with your flaws has the potential of being a life partner – minus the transaction part.
      But again all relationships are not based on “take, take, take. ” You must give also. If not love, then at least attention – especially when it comes to women. All relationships require attention. The greatest relationships which don’t require attention at all – that’s why they are often unconditional, which are the hallmark of familial relationships.
      Most stable marriages are not marriages which “cootchie-coo” in public. These are showy marriages where people often indulge in public foreplay to gain attention, than to actually show love. The phoniness can be seen from afar.

  7. I’ll be honest. Sometimes I avoid ROK for a week or two because my fucking blood pressure goes through the roof when I’m ceaselessly reminded how goddamn depraved this culture has become. Sometimes, I think that West deserves it’s coming conquest for forgetting and betraying the basic “red pill” truths of humanity.

    1. Same here. The more you know, the greater the anger. The red pill inoculates but it sometimes comes with a fever. The trick is to consume the red pill without letting it consume you. A couple of my recent posts were over the top, which I regret. Time to take a break for a week or two.

      1. This is largely due to the significant cognitive dissonance between what we thought we knew (i.e. had been indoctrinated with) and what we now see grim reality to be like. Had we been brought up in direct Spartan reality from the beginning we may not have been too happy about it, but at least we would have know from the get-go exactly what’s what. It is the traumatic transition (i.e. taking the red pill) combined with the realisation that we have been lied to and betrayed that makes it insufferable. Furthermore, I venture that many (if not most here) are actually honourable men of integrity at their core who realise that they will never be able to exercise their true noble calling to the fullest given the depraved environment that surrounds them. And being flanked by hordes of degenerates on all sides who essentially live and die like wild weed does not exactly help things in the long run. Yes, we can play the fiddle watching as Rome burns and, though we know it to be wholly deserved on its part, this does not mean that we may not shed a tear at some point thinking of what should have been.

  8. The fact of the matter is that most men are wise to distance themselves as much as possible from all family members and build their own family of choice.
    Even the slightest amount of dysfunction can be enough to throw you into a tail spin psychologically. Family today is for cordial (and guarded) hellos at Christmas and that is about the limit of it.
    The only thing you have to pass over now is the odd little emotionally blackmailing poke, and the odd critical patronizing comment.
    Other than that, in my mind they can all go fuck themselves. I always did better out on my own than with any family member buzzing about. The hardest part is that they want to attach themselves to your successes, and try to fix your failures, none of which does any good at all.

    1. “The fact of the matter is that most men are wise to distance themselves as much as possible from all family members”
      “Family today is for cordial (and guarded) hellos at Christmas”
      This is really, really sad.
      “The hardest part is that they want to attach themselves to your successes, and try to fix your failures, none of which does any good at all.”
      The problem is the way we view “success” and “failure”. In this modernistic society, success is gauged by things like material wealth and there’s this unhealthy consumerist society where people care more about making money than having character. How is someone who effectively raised a strong and vibrant family not successful? Well, this is the society we live in.

    2. “The hardest part is that they want to attach themselves to your
      successes, and try to fix your failures, none of which does any good at
      Christian Bale comes to mind.

    3. “The hardest part is that they want to attach themselves to your successes, and try to fix your failures,”
      Close, but from what I’ve seen, they’ll try to claim a stake in the credit for every success while blaming you alone for your failures, not even trying to fix them.

    4. Sounds like a meeting of mafia dons discussing territorial issues with all the warmth and love to boot. How lovely.

  9. My mother and sister were a complete bitch to me, so it’s no wonder that I view white women as scum and nothing more than sex objects to be thrown away. I guess chasing after brown and black women is my way of trying to find balance. The white race is fucking evil (I’m a white man).

        1. yea it definitely makes you hard and not give a fuck, which is an “alpha” trait, I guess…

      1. I guess I’m thankful because without having undergone such abuse, I would have remained a beta male mangina who worships women. Sometimes we have to suffer in order to grow. In fact, the more you suffer, the more you grow. Fuck my mangina piece of shit father for being such a weak fucking faggot. I hope he fucking rots in hell.

    1. It’s so true! They were horrible to me, treated me like shit, and wonder why I don’t talk to them. It’s like, bitch, I couldn’t get away fast enough. Of course dad was a fucking pushover so that didn’t help.

      1. Women are INCAPABLE of taking responsibility for anything. Even if they kill their own children, they blame it on a man.
        Women cannot be given freedom. American women are all the proof you need of this.

        1. Sounds like you guys need a strong Muslim hand to slap your bitches into place. You sure you picked the right “enemy” going after the Middle East? Look at your own domestic situation for Christ’s sake.

        2. I want to state on the record that I never said I hated Islam, and that there are way too many people on this site that are like HURR DURR dirty muslim brown people. It’s like, okay? And your solution is to bring back the christian conservative patriarchy? Good luck with that I say. I mean look around, do you think these dopey christian manginas will really fight when push comes to shove, nope, but Islam will. Personally there are a ton of tenants of Islam I agree with, even as an atheist.
          And then when all these Muslim immigrants move to Western Europe people complain, oh they don’t want to integrate. It’s like…well no shit. You think the average muslim man sees how the average european mangina lives and goes, “Yea I want that”. Fuck no. All the muslim man sees is people, especially women, walking all over the White Western Man. And the “hate crime” laws are literally so insane it makes more sense in most European countries to convert to Islam. Oh you want to make death threats because someone disagrees with you, not a hate crime. Oh you talk about Islam and point to crime statistics, hate crime. If I lived in Europe, I would play chameleon, learn about both cultures before believing all the anti-Muslim media hype.

        3. it’s not a religious issue. It’s a RACE issue. White men are weak faggots. It doesn’t matter what religion a white man embraces, he will still be a weak faggot.
          I hope to see the white race eliminated within my lifetime.

        4. I think it is more of a cultural thing, there have been a lot of very strong, masculine, patriarchal white cultures. It’s just hard to see because most of the white Western empires are not the shit anymore. They’re just a shit. I think that wealthy white nations(as well as Japan and South Korea) are perfect examples of mice living in the utopia as it talked about in the other article. You would think that having food cheaper than ever and other advantages would make whites churn out babies like crazy indefinitely. But pretty much the opposite happens, it makes them weak, degeneracy grows, birth rates go below replacement, and eventually the group of rats lost things like social skills.
          Personally I think the White race is on it’s way out. Some will try and protest this and whatever, but virtually all white birthrates are below replacement. They’re even lower in Eastern European countries, ranging generally between 1.3-1.5. Western countries range between 1.4-1.7. I could get angry but it won’t change it either way. I don’t really feel a huge attachment to my race as other people do. But I see it in all races of people, especially second generation immigrants whose parents don’t place strong limits. They try and adopt the American culture, causing the greatest amount of untold misery, especially to the beta immigrant male. My advice would be to reject integration to the fullest extreme and maybe look to move back to your home country with morals, jobs, and opportunity.

      2. It’s even worse than that. Strip her of all she possesses and throw her in as a prisoner of the Columbian FARC and she will still scream at the top commander about equality and her rights. They really do see themselves as above all others and completely untouchable – absolutely deluded with hubris. It is only when she sees the prisoner next to her suddenly executed by the commander’s sidearm that she realizes the true vulnerability that befalls her (right after pissing herself in shock).

    2. It’s interesting you observed this because sisters, and mothers (to some extent) provide the training grounds for young men to relate to women in their later years. They are essentially the bone on which you cut your teeth so to speak and as such, they won’t be being extra nice to you because you certainly won’t get that kind of treatment in the big bad world ahead of you. Similarly, boys annoy their sisters/mothers as a way of learning how to push back – in a relatively “safe” environment where you are allowed more latitude than if you were in the outside world.
      I know of mothers who appear “mean” to their sons because they really really worry about their sons growing up to be pushovers or pussies.
      Of course some women might hamster this to justify bad treatment of their male relatives. But honestly, if you can’t deal with mothers and sisters, how can you ever hope to relate to women unrelated to you by blood ?

      1. The kind of psychological and emotional abuse I went through was far beyond “trying to make sure I didn’t grow up to be a pushover or pussy”. And fuck you asshole, for trying to justify such abuse.

        1. Calm down. And think. He does have a point. If you cant deal with bitches at home how can you deal with bitches in general?
          Take this as an opportunity to find out how bitches tick.

        2. Nice strawman, bro. And don’t insult my intelligence. I know the difference between emotional/psychological abuse and merely “being hard on kids”.
          Either way you sound like a fucking retard, you sound like the kid of guy stupid enough to marry an American woman. Once again, fuck you for trying to justify such abuse. But in the end I am thankful for it. Without such abuse I never would have woken up and actually figured out how women think, and thus realized what vile creatures they are. Women are good to be fucked and chucked. Only betas get married anymore.

        3. I do not deny that you are abused. Perhaps it is a misunderstanding on my part. However it does not nullify my point. You have more power than you know. It is important to work through your anger. However at some point you must pick up the pieces and move on. The best revenge is living well. Rather than throw insults over the Internet figure out how to overcome.

        4. In my experience there are some women that are suitable for marriage (even American women) but it would take a trained eye to spot them. From what I can tell they can’t be too smart or too stupid; there is a magic intelligence range that works out great. They have to be dumb enough to conform to a religion and they have to be smart enough not to think they can do whatever they want and just be “forgiven” by their God. Think about your interactions with women – most of the slutty club type girls are really fucking stupid, right? They all listen to rap and try to fit into black culture? Then you have the feminist career types – they focus on their work with some action on the side (they aren’t flashing their tits every weekend like the club girls but they still have recreational sex). The most attractive girls tend to be the dumbass club girls but there are also some attractive career girls. The challenge would be to find an attractive woman in the magic intelligence range that hasn’t gotten around (almost impossible, I have known many of these girls and they are hardly ever virgins when they marry – less than 5 partners for sure but not virgins). I have reached the same conclusion on marriage as you but if it is something you might want someday keep your eyes open for a religious semi-intelligent woman and hope for the best.

        5. Doesn’t matter even if you find a good woman in America. The divorce laws are too anti-male and so you’d be insane to marry any woman in America, even if she is “good”.

        6. I’m not going to say I had it as bad as you, but I did have it pretty bad. These people all act like, “oh gotta be tough on the kids”, these people are fucking retarded, the father must be tough on the kids. This teaches them discipline and respect. A mother who is hard on her kids is nothing but a psychological abuser, she knows past a certain age she cannot threaten physical violence, so she must use other means to destroy you. The means my mom used constantly while growing up was giving me ALL of the house work she could have done. Not even giving 1/10th of it to my sister. In that way it created a sense of intense jealousy, that I had to be stuck doing the vast majority of shit work while they both just sat on their fucking asses.
          Both picked on me relentlessly too, teasing me for times where I was single, where I was tired, just treating me like a beast of burden. Those people who say, “oh well if you can’t stand up to them than maybe you’re just a bitch blah blah blah” have no fucking idea what it’s like, especially when this pattern of behavior was bred LONG before puberty, and pushed on you. You start thinking it’s normal, like it’s how it’s supposed to be. It was also re-enforced by my bitch father who did nothing to stop it, hell he was more whipped than I was even at my worst.
          But you are right that in a sense I never put white women on a pedestal because of it, just like you. Generally especially in the town I grew up they just made me angry, if nothing else besides having that same narcissistic, brutal, entitled, abusive, twit attitudes my sister and mom had. But boy when I started going for Asian and Indian women, it was like a gigantic breath of fresh air. I became enamored with just how pleasant, kind, and friendly they were by comparison. Not trying to bring you down constantly, enjoying your company, it was incredibly refreshing to say the least. Once I started doing that my anger and depression levels diminished significantly, I finally figured out how bad my mother was(I even labeled her a tyrant), and got out of that town as soon as possible.

  10. About a month ago, a woman and her mother assassinated a Spanish politician (female) out of vengeance and spite because the politician had sacked her daughter. The Spanish media went into a frenzy.
    The mother had used a revolver, purchased on the black market, and shot the politician at close range while she was crossing a foot bridge.
    The MSM did not point out that this was an obvious cat fight gone wrong, but they did say that the mother was overbearing. Worst, the mother was the wife of the local chief deputy. He was not involved. Imagine being the husband/father.

  11. Often we talk here about how society needs to return to a more family oriented, patriarchal format, and about how feminism and women’s “sexual liberation” has killed chivalry and deserted the “good men” while rewarding the “bad boys”, but I’ve come to a sobering realization as of late.
    If we were to return to the old ways, where the good men, the men who could provide for a woman and the children he would have with her, the men who were fundamentally “good” were rewarded with sex…I would be absolutely destitute. I have become so accustomed to being the Alpha douchebag dickhead just to get pussy that I don’t think I could hack it in a market where you actually have to BE A GOOD, STABLE MAN to get pussy.
    I make 42k a year, which works only because I live for myself (I’m a modified MGTOW, “modified” as in I have basic game that I use to satisfy my need to fuck, unlike other MGTOW who are outright celibate). I have not bothered to rise and gain new marketable skills to make more money because I don’t have the impetus that the prospect of wife and family would provide to do so…and I don’t have that impetus because marriage and family have been so thoroughly dis-incentivized by our feministized government and its Divorce Industrial Complex (DIC).
    If, overnight, society returned to the old ways, with no (or at least a much weaker) DIC, slut shaming instead of slut-encouraging, etc etc…women would not want me. Lucky for me, I don’t see the current system collapsing for a long, loooong time.

    1. Ahhhh, but don’t forget: if society did return to the old ways, women would be leaving the workplace in droves, thereby driving up mens’ salaries overall. You would most likely benefit financially from such a move “backward,” i.e. in the right direction.

      1. I forgot about that, excellent point. As I recall, the Suffragettes were partly funded by a few Big Business Bigwigs because they knew that the more people were in the workforce, the less they could be paid. Supply and demand and all that.

    2. What you currently have is the ideal for me, man. Enough cash to live independently and do whatever the fuck you want.

  12. “The solution to a dysfunctional family is thus tricky, but fairly simple. It can be solved by:
    Moving away from your dysfunctional family
    Finding the correct substitute individuals who can fulfill those roles, beginning first with your extended family of relatives (both near and distant), and then your social circle of friends. For married individuals, your spouse’s family could possibly
    provide effective substitutes too. Build your own tribe from them.”
    The person who comes to mind is Hollywood actor Christian Bale.
    He grew up being exploited by his tyrannical father, and then being exploited by him financially.
    “The root of the famous Bale temper, intense and wild when unleashed, is exploitation by his father. As a teenager, Christian Bale supported his father financially, paying a hefty mortgage for their home.”
    His father then married feminist Gloria Steinem. Bale does not talk to the ‘bitch’.
    But it didn’t end there. His mother was no better than his dad.
    “Sources tell TMZ Christian Bale has had a long-standing difficult relationship with his mom and Bale’s camp believes the motivation for the whole assault charge may be $$$.
    We’re told when Christian’s mom and dad divorced nearly two decades ago, his mom forced him to choose between the two. Christian picked his dad, and father and son moved out to L.A. in 1992, where his dad became his manager.
    Somehow Bale’s relationship with the mom has been “bitter” ever since. Bale has told friends his mother was extremely jealous of both his and his dad’s success.”
    The much public feud in 2008 was because his mom and sister wanted to leach off his wealth and fame.
    And his wife ‘supported’ him in his ascent, whom he never planned to marry.
    It’s true; you can’t choose the family you’re born with.

  13. This article hit home for me. Seriously, this was like reading a check-list for me:
    1) strong sibling rivalry growing up (in reality, it was a manifestation of my older brothers issues that led him to therapy during his middle-school years
    2) The enormous destructive influence of my mother on the family unit as a whole. She developed borderline personality disorder when I was 10 or so. After that, it just spiraled downwards
    3) The blue-pill views of my dad. We’d see him get verbally beat down my mom every day. He would never stand up for himself.
    Both my older brother and I made it out and became functioning members of society. The key to it was exactly what the author suggests – move away.
    The sad part was that my younger brother (14 years younger), was borne into my family at the height of it’s dysfunction. He never stood a chance, and was coddled in the most bizzare and unhealthy ways imaginable. Now, as a 20 year old, he speaks, acts and behaves the way a 6 year old does. There’s nothing physically wrong with his mind (he wasn’t born with any kind of autism or anything). My parents literally raised him to be helpless.

  14. The sad reality is that the unit of the family has been destroyed today with modern permissive and feminist values.
    A western man grows up into a dysfunctional family, and grows up into an even greater dysfunctional society of sluts and whores. He travels elsewhere to find a ‘good’ woman to build a family of his, someday.
    He sleeps around with women he seduces. And the more he seduces, the more he realises that woman are flawed and can be trusted less. He sees women around whoring themselves for money and benefits.
    What are his options between the Devil (the dysfunctional society back home) and the Deep Blue sea (the materialistic, whore producing, rapidly westernizing societies abroad)? The best option would be non-affiliation to the thought of creating a family, while continuing to enjoy women around the world. That’s the safest option.
    The only family which you could count on the end are your friends. So choose them wisely, for more often than women, they will be the ones who’ll watch your back.
    All other ‘relationships’ – especially the ones with women , are often purely transactional in the modern commercialized world.

  15. Really great post! Most of the problems we face in society today can be traced back to dysfunctional family life and/or a lack of unconditional love and positive regard in childhood.

  16. I recommend Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
    There’s a pretty good meditation about Family, Tribe, Race, Species going on in the film. I went to go see it in a major American city and was surprised to see so many black men and women at the premier screening. Is it a Black Cult franchise? I would have thought the obvious racial overtones would be repulsive for blacks.
    Any way thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Caesar was a very interesting Alpha Male, so was his human antagonist and Kerri Russel was quite cute if a little hippy dippy.

  17. Fathers teach your sons game like a master. Discipline your wives with grace. Your sons will see the strength and learn. While brush fires of femme hysteria checker the land, take your clan to the mount upwind of the smoke and give your sermon. Let your wives and daughters know it is their destiny to be gamed by noble and virtuous patriarchs. They will have no qualms knowing the truth. They are above the burning land.

    1. True word: http://abusesanctuary.blogspot.com/2006/10/characteristics-of-narcissistic.html

      Everything she does is deniable.
      There is always a facile excuse or an explanation. Cruelties are couched in loving terms. Aggressive and hostile acts are paraded as thoughtfulness. Selfish manipulations are presented as gifts. Criticism and slander is slyly disguised as concern. She only wants what is best for you. She only wants to “help” you.
      She rarely says right out that she thinks you’re inadequate. Instead, any time that you tell her you’ve done something good, she counters with something your sibling did that was better or she simply ignores you or she hears you out without saying anything, then in a short time does something cruel to you so you understand not to get above yourself. She will carefully separate cause (your joy in your accomplishment) from effect (refusing to let you borrow the car to go to the awards ceremony) by enough time that someone who didn’t live through her abuse would never believe the connection.
      Many of her putdowns are simply by comparison. She’ll talk about how wonderful someone else is or what a wonderful job they did on something you’ve also done or how highly she thinks of them. The contrast is left up to you. She has let you know that you’re no good without saying a word. She’ll spoil your pleasure in something by simply congratulating you for it in an angry, envious voice that conveys how unhappy she is, again, completely deniably. It is impossible to confront someone over their tone of voice, their demeanor or they way they look at you, but once your narcissistic mother has you trained, she can promise terrible punishment without a word. As a result, you’re always afraid, always in the wrong, and can never exactly put your finger on why.
      Because her abusiveness is part of a lifelong campaign of control and because she is careful to rationalize her abuse, it is extremely difficult to explain to other people what is so bad about her.

      1. Truth in every word. People who haven’t experienced this cannot understand. A weak, passive father multiplies the devastation. The only cure is distance.

  18. The men of ROK view family as an unnecessary accessory because they do not possess the qualities needed to be an exceptional father. Many grew up in so-called “bitch families,” and (though they would like to think otherwise) are incapable of developing the skills needed to be a quality parent. Sadly, they are disillusioned in thinking that they can overcome this damage with the red pill lifestyle, when in fact, such a lifestyle is a reactive (not proactive) response to the damage previously inflicted. The men of this website act responsibly by refraining from procreation. Keep up the good work.

    1. “The men of this website act responsibly by refraining from procreation.”
      – ROK promotes procreation, but only with women of good character, who follow traditional values.ROK promotes the formation of family, but only with women worthy of it. There are so many articles which have discussed falling birth rates, how to select a keeper, the considerations a man has to keep in mind before starting a family, etc.
      If you think sleeping around with sluts but not procreating with them is bad, then so be it. It’s actually being responsible on the part of men if they choose not tor procreate with sluts. Because sluts and whores, being dysfunctional, cannot raise a family. These slutty women (even though being produced in hordes today in the modernized socieities of the world) are only good for sex practice.
      You must learn to differentiate about which vagina is for procreation and which vagina is for practice. That’s why men have always wanted to marry virgins and fuck sluts or whores. And this will always remain because of the biological differences between men and women.
      Responsibility in procreation is not only in choosing when or whether to procreate, but more in choosing WHOM to procreate with.

    2. Bullshit. All the men reading here would make great Dads.
      I encourage all you young men to seriously consider children despite how much our current culture is tilted against you.
      There is nothing better than children. No professional, academic, or adventurous achievement compares to the simple pleasure of watching your kids grow and develop.

    3. There are not many skills required to be a good father.
      -provide for your family
      -tough love
      -pass on wisdom

      What do you believe that men that grow up in broken homes lack that cannot be regained from taking responsibility for oneself?
      Admittedly, I think I would make a great father, even coming from a severely dysfunctional family.

    4. on the surface level you maybe right, you may also be right in regards to men in their 20s and 30s that want to play the field and have some fun.
      you are however completely wrong in the bigger picture, because the society, the women, and the social order doesn’t support men to be good fathers. everything is pushing more and more in the wrong direction.
      for a smart man today, having a family is like planting a tree in the middle of a river…. if you are lucky enough to have it grow it’s still going to be underwater.
      the other problem is that today’s demanding plugged in lifestyle, doesn’t allow for family values, like sit down meals, group activities (without a dozen LCDs involved), and there just isn’t enough time to work a demanding career, make enough money, and spend quality time with family.
      family is for peasants, and ultra wealthy… anyone in the middle is just going to be endlessly frustrated.

  19. I had the fortune to have a mother and sisters who had class and self respect. But I would also say that this left me unprepared to deal with the walking shitbags I would meet in life. What happened was I entered adulthood with a high expectation and spent a lot of time in a facepalm from what I found.
    You see one of the most important tools in dealing with evil is to be able to wrap your mind around what motivates an evil person. One of the reasons why tyranny grows in so-called “democratic” states with state-run schools is due to people not being able to fathom the notion that their governments are run by outright criminals. They could not even see a reason why.
    So heading into life without being able to fathom how rotten, in many aspects, a woman can be let me wide open to the abuse I experienced. I was like a kid who grew up watching cartoon bears and then finds a real bear in the wild. Imagine the results of that, and that’s pretty much what I ended up with.
    As for having a “tribe”, I would encourage all men to do this. You see “they” destroyed the family. We are in a societal collapse. We expected “Mad Max” for a societal collapse, what we got was every other person being a retard, every other person being an autist douchebag, every other person being a backstabber. For this reason, we have to even look at some of our own family the way we should be forced to look at a loved one who got bitten by a zombie and became one. We have to say “they are gone”.
    So what we are left with is having to seek out good people who are not products of this collapsing post modern civilization and put them in our tribe. This could be family, this could be relatives, or friends – it could be anybody. But we have to be good at finding people who are not dysfunctional or fucked in the head and form circles with them.
    Our lives will depend on this.

    1. On the plus side I was able to figure out my mom was not a good person when I was about ten and could hear her screaming at my sister when I was upstairs in the shower. She was really loud. I was just rational enough then to come to the decision to put a bit emotional distance between myself and my mom and I can say it has definitely paid off. If I hadn’t I would be 100% fucked up today instead of only about 45% fucked up.

  20. True. If you don’t have a good family, find good people to create your own.
    Friends who can become your siblings, and a good woman to have children someday with. Mentors who can be your parent figures.

  21. I was driving my 8-year old daughter to a birthday party today and we were shooting the shit. Here’s one of the things she said, “Girls get presents from boys, then we marry them, then we leave them and take more!” I could do nothing but laugh because it was fucking funny in a really sad way, but it just goes to show what today’s boys will be up against in the future. If you think you’ve got it bad now, the next generation of men is totally screwed. Now it’s ingrained in girls’ heads before they hit puberty.
    She probably heard that from her mother or one of her mother’s bitch friends.
    If she keeps thinking like that I won’t leave her a fucking damn thing when I die, since it’s so ‘easy’ for gorgeous girls to take advantage of gullible men and get ahead.

    1. “If you think you’ve got it bad now, the next generation of men is totally screwed.She probably heard that from her mother or one of her mother’s bitch friends.”
      That’s a pearl of wisdom. Women eventually resemble their mothers.

    2. Which is why I’m sometimes grateful I don’t have a son. Future world belongs to the pussy!

      1. To be honest, it’s great to have a daughter because if you’re a good father she’ll love the fuck out of you unconditionally, and really, how else can a man receive unconditional love from a woman?
        But since it’s so easy for women to get the fuck ahead in today’s society, I may not leave her a damn thing. If you look at the Rockefellers, all the money and power was left in male hands; females were relatively left out. That’s kind of how it’s been in my family. I may get my tubes untied someday in the hope of having a son to leave things to, but the mother will be left in her third world country.

      2. Looking at pretty much all my friends who have sons, how they folded to their wives, how they gave up their manhood and dreams…I am ALWAYS grateful I never had kids.

    3. i hope you at least corrected her and told her how disappointed you were for hearing her say something like that. saying nothing is just as bad as her mother teaching her that stuff.
      a father can has a very powerful impact on his daughter if he chooses to use that power. even when he has women around offering opposite information and undermining him.
      your daughter was essentially shit testing you and it was a perfect opportunity for you to step up and earn a little respect from your daughter while teaching her a think or two about what it means to be a good woman. she would admire you for that more than you think.

      1. Ha ha, you’ve been reading too much. 8 year olds don’t shit test, they just repeat what they’ve been told. You have to be diplomatic with a child. You have to win them with love and affection first so that they respect you. Once they get old enough to understand, then you tell them.

        1. Allright, I gotta ask, since I have two boys. When your daughter is older, will you counsel her to be submissive and feminine? To prioritize her man’s pleasure above her own? To not seek an ambitious career?Not trolling, I’m truly curious.

        2. of course he won’t be. he’ll be spending all his time trying to win his daughter over with love and affection instead of guiding her when she needs guidance.

        3. The problem is that society at large will water down that advice, faster than a shot of whiskey in the Niagara Falls.

        4. I have two sons and a daughter.
          There isn’t a great deal you can tell a daughter that she won’t ignore. Constantly blah blah blahing in her ear doesn’t work. Equally you have to be very careful what you tell your boys as they will listen and follow what you say.
          I’m inclined to send the females to all female boarding schools.

        5. You’re right.
          You can’t do much with your daughters really. For a daughter to really connect to you, the mother has to play an important role in the picture. If you got your wife under control, the daughter will inevitably follow suit. Now if your wife’s pissed with you, she’ll influence hate against you in your daughter. How strong the connection your wife shares with your daughter determines how much hate your daughter will lap it up.
          Isn’t it common to see that sluts usually are raised in families where dads are non-existent and moms call the shots? Because the feminist societies in the West supports women.
          The situation is however different in parts of Europe, especially EE, where women still fear their dads. In the west, a dad is nothing but an old fart for a woman. Plus you have the media and Hollywood which demonizes fathers as irresponsible worthless bums, to women.
          One of the biggest faggot movies was “What Women Want”. Shows how an alpha becomes a feminized beta at the end. But there was a scene in the movie which shows how dads have to buy affection from their daughters. Women are the same in the feminist West: whether they’re wives, sisters, mothers, or daughters. More often than not, men have to buy their affection. If you don’t, you’re a jerk.
          It’s only in traditional societies, that daughters continue to respect fathers.

        6. “The situation is however different in parts of Europe, especially EE, where women still fear their dads.”
          Ah yes I can certainly relate to that. I have some of that in me too though, being raised in the West, it is not as pronounced as for those directly out of EE. I actually think of it as a good equilibrium – not overly domineering in a brutish macho way but also most definitely not a doormat either. Even so, Western women reflexively attempt to dominate the situation when I’m with them and even appear surprised that I don’t automatically cave in to their attempts at taking the lead – as if they were simply expecting it to be automatic for a man to roll over and show his belly in submission to them. When they realize this they simply turn away and disappear. As for the occasional EE woman, the moment she discovers my EE side – poof! Gone like the wind.
          Sign… Can’t win I guess.

        7. Well, it’s midnight here and I’m off to the bars.
          I’ll get back to you on that.

    4. haha….. i dated a girl once who announced all her family plans and when i mentioned that pregnancy and kids can be tough, she replied, “i only have to carry them for 9 months, you have to pay for 18 years.”
      i had to fuck her after that, but any LTR was basically out of the question.

      1. And pray do tell where you find these gems of utmost diplomacy I might ask. Even here I have not (yet) heard of them becoming that blatantly forthcoming. But when they do, it’s endless cats on the horizon for them I should think. Most men have simply checked out.

    1. What makes conditions favorable to family is a tradition of patriarchy. Not a system or instutition of patriarchy but a strong developed natural order of man rule. Take away the man rule and our women become like dumb animals without souls. Observe the micro-society in subsidized housing projects. Acting like beasts of the wild, the bitch mother in heat puts out her attracting swag, and whichever baboon comes running from the bushes the quickest gets the gold ring. Where the term MOTHERFUCKER comes from doesn’t refer to actually ‘fucking’ your dear mother, but referrs to the welfare ‘mother’, the fat breeding mare in heat. The ‘MOTHERFUCKER’ is the low game retard who gets a bottle of ripple for romance with the welfare ‘bitch mother’. Each child sired by different men who are successively dispatched or killed off praying mantis style from her life by ‘family control’ once she notifies them that she has been successfully fertilized. Yes, when we live by the same rules governing the animal kingdom WE BECOME JUST LIKE DUMB ANIMALS WITHOUT SOULS. The rule of patriarchy keeps our flesh on a level above that of the wild beasts running about the planet.

  22. Oracle, you really nailed it with this article and it home for me big time. Without going into excessive detail, I grew up with an emotionally and physically abusive mother and a father who was always trying to placate her. It was pretty horrible. It’s caused me tremendous difficulty through the course of my life. Women have a tremendous amount of power and influence over their sons’ lives, and they by no means exercise it with care just by virtue of being mothers.

  23. I was raised by a Freidanian-era feminist mother (born in the 40s, full wrath of her hatred to my 1970s-80s upbringing, on my brother and me). My sister is a complete feministCUNT to this day. Our blue pill dad took out his small-man aggression on his two sons (my bro and me) most of our early lives (beatings and psy-ops). Fortunately, it made us tougher and more cynical. We’ve both gone on to live, legitimately, Alpha Male adulthoods, with success and loving wives and great families. The greatest gift our dysfunctional, completely fucked up childhoods gave us, was a radar system against feminism. I have had NOTHING to do with my parents for 25 years, and they have been the best years of my life.
    Oddly, I have ran into tons of other men with the same story, all of them glad they cut ties.

  24. I’m a long-time Muslim “revert” (covert) and I can tell you, not only will more American men turn to Islam (and marry women from abroad), this will be a majority-muslim country in about 25 years, if we stay on this path.
    There will be an “othelo moment” in which the board flips and all the sudden white American men wake up to the reality of Sharia and how it is the way THINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE>

      1. I call this the “Teeter Totter” effect. While the american men will rise again, the arabs will tank and become pusywhipped.

  25. The part of Cronus is so common in the western world as mentioned in this article. The Cronus part resonates with my Dad. But he didn’t do it out of domination, he tried to control me out of love and strict conservatism. My emotionally unavailable mother compelled him to do fulfill both the roles of mom and dad. When men start acting like mothers, the problem worsens. Because some men then become possessive and manipulative to their children, like mothers. He made a lot of professional mistakes in his life, but I’m no one to judge him for that. But the worst part was that he kept interfering in my life, and screwed up a lot of opportunities in my life.
    To be frank, I love both my parents very much – even if they’ve behaved ‘dysfunctionally’ towards me (overly strict and conservative). So the most painful decision I had to take is to move away from them. I don’t have a brother, but I had an elder sister who messed up things even more, by interfering in my personal affairs too, because she paid for my education when I was growing up. I was caged from all sides. I realized I wouldn’t achieve anything in my life hadn’t I moved away, so it was necessary for my personal growth. I was killing myself with them.I was indulging in a lot of self abuse (smoking too much as the result of the anxiety around them). I simply had to move away. I just hope they could understand my decision. I live far away from them now, and I am slowly improving and gradually achieving my goals, towards self-reliance.

  26. The teen in the slut pic has a cute heart shaped ass, resting on the sink. But the mom in the background clicking her pic – welcome to the 21st feminist century.
    Wonder how many women would corrupt their daughters for the next generation? Non-existent fathers, and indulgent mothers = the perfect combination for the production of sluts.

  27. Agree with this article. I lived through it: distant mother, controlling blue pill father.
    Feminism destroys families. That’s actually one of its goals. Nuclear families are thought to be oppressive to women, so society must be remade. Families don’t enter the picture. Instead, you get this regression into a more tribal pattern of living. Instead of mothers caring for their own children, the “community” takes over that work, freeing up women to do whatever they want.
    The problem is that modern tribalism looks like socialism/communism. Mothers aren’t handing their children over to loving grandmothers and aunts. Children are being sent to unloving day prisons. And the tribe isn’t being headed up by the chief that knows you and cares about your well-being. Everything is overseen by anonymous and probably psychopathic government officials.
    End result: people with severe attachment disorders and no real guidance.

  28. I prefer my friends. I look on them as the family that I myself have chosen.

  29. My family was like this: Fem Mom and Mangina Father. I hope more articles like this are published in the future.

  30. this post is very true but it misses the very most fundamental reason for dysfunctional families in america…..that is circumcision AKA RAPE AND MUTILATION, when this is done the family is destroyed, the boy doesnt get a secure attachment, he becomes brain damaged, sexually ruined, and is subjected to a stockholm syndrome like relationship with his mother. i know people dont want to admit this because it admits that in the past 100 years ovevr 150 million boys have been raped and mutilated without a thought in the world, but the reality is if you want to look at dysfunctional families…then well this is a great place to start.
    the other thing this article ails to address is the entire PUA scence….look guys, you cant be mansluts and thus ruin the few remaining good girls out there and encourage slut behavior and then whine at the decline of women. you want an old fashioned good wife? then be an old fashioned husband. what i mmean is act like your faather and grandfaather.

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