Meet The Man Who Apologized After Being Falsely Accused Of Rape

Every now and then the culture offers us an important moment which suggests that the current generation is beyond lost, and the best thing we can do as aware men is to leave a record of the carnage for future generations so they can avoid our mistakes and make society a better place for both sexes. I think we have such a moment in the case of Max Temkin, a designer from Chicago who has consulted for Obama and created a successful party game for nerds called Cards Against Humanity, which has been featured in many news outlets.

Recently, Temkin was falsely accused of rape on Facebook by an old college flame. Instead of vigorously defending his reputation and attacking the accuser for her libel, he has decided the best response is to crouch into a foetus and whine that rape culture is a problem. You read that right: he is using his own false rape accusation to defend feminist talking points.

The type of guy who gets falsely accused of rape

Apparently he never even slept with his accuser:

I had a really brief relationship with this girl in college; her dorm room was next to mine, and after a few evenings staying up talking all night, we made out. We spent a few nights in each others’ rooms, but we never had sex and neither of us pressured the other into doing anything we weren’t comfortable with. After a few nights, I broke things off in the cowardly way that 19-year-old guys do, and I just stopped returning her calls and texts. I can imagine she was hurt by this, I know that I would be hurt if someone broke up with me that way.

Poor girl. She got “dumped” by a guy who didn’t even fuck her, and who must now e-mote to all that this may have been the biggest mistake in his life. All supremely gentlemanly ROK readers know that a young girl would never go ghost on on a man or stop returning his texts. All women are not like that. They are not attention whores who are rude and flakey and who reconstruct past events in order to incarcerate innocent men or abscond with cash and prizes in a frivorce settlement. We must treat all women with respect in order to have fulfilling everlasting relationships with them.

The accusation from this girl came ten years after the fact. Here is what she wrote on Facebook:

Several people that I went to school with have posted a Baltimore Sun article from 2012 about the success of Cards Against Humanity, a popular indie party game created by a Goucher alum.
That is my rapist.
Having his face pop up on my news feed unexpectedly in any context has the capacity to ruin my day. Seeing him praised in the press is giving me a panic attack.
He should not be held as a good example of the excellence that Goucher grads have, can and will continue to achieve.

The bolded statement clues us in that her accusation is bullshit. A girl who has been raped doesn’t speak like a lawyer and suggest her rapist “has the capacity” to ruin her day. News flash: real rape has the capacity to ruin a girl’s life, not just one 24 hour day cycle. Does our white knight hero Max respond like Michael Arrington, founder of Tech Crunch, who was falsely accused of rape and smacked down the accusation using the court system whereby his accuser had to retract her statements? Nope. He dives into a monologue about rape culture and apologizes to his accuser:

Part of rape culture that hurts everyone is that it makes it difficult to talk about what is and is not consent, and makes it incredibly scary for people to speak up when their boundaries are crossed. It is entirely possible she read something completely different than I did into an awkward college hookup. If any part of that was traumatic for her, I am sincerely sorry, and I wish we would have had a chance to address it privately. I’ve sent her an email and a Facebook message and given her my contact information, but so far I haven’t heard back (but she did edit her post to remove my name).

Only a sniveling, pathetic excuse of a man would apologize to someone who intends to ruin his life based on a falsehood that carries a sentence of several years in prison. Is this the type of gelatinous boobed man that we are supposed to be proud of creating after decades of feminist brainwashing that men must be sensitive, emotional, deferential, and non-masculine? We now have a society of men can’t even defend themselves when they were falsely accused, who sides with the false accuser and her political beliefs. Max even puts on his Social Justice Warrior uniform to white knight for all women who will falsely accuse their ex-boyfriends or hookups:

I spoke with my lawyer, and she thinks I have a clear case to sue this woman for libel and get a restraining order, but I have no desire to bully or harm her. Additionally, I’m not wild about the precedent that sets for other women to come forward in cases of actual sexual assault.

If you didn’t think this man could grovel any worse, behold:

I will continue to be a feminist and an advocate for women’s rights to the best of my capacity.


You will not harass or threaten the woman making these claims. I am not looking for a mob of people carrying pitchforks on my behalf. If you harass her or go after her in any way, you are not a friend of mine, and you are not a friend of Cards Against Humanity.


If you see me this weekend at GaymerX, I could use a hug.

Being falsely accused of rape is one of the worst things that can happen to a Western man, especially in a society that presumes him guilty. That isn’t helped when men void of testosterone like Max Temkin enable lying women to destroy their lives without suffering any repercussions. Instead of groveling, he must fight. At the minimum he must vigorously defend his reputation while shaming the lying accuser. If a man is not willing to defend himself, he doesn’t deserve help from others.

Max is the expected result of a feminist society that teaches everyone women can do no wrong and must be protected at all times. He has been afflicted by a sort of Stockholm syndrome whereby he refuses to get angry at the force that wants to see him destitute. I imagine if he was an African slave in America’s south before the Civil War, he would argue that his massa is actually a good owner, cares about his well-being, and is hoping that slavery will be gradually phased out within the next five hundred years.

I hope cases like Max’s become more publicized, because they will serve as an alarm for men without boobs to begin understanding that our culture is broken, and the power given to women to destroy men’s lives must finally be checked.

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  1. I wouldn’t doubt if he actually made the story up to make me people think he got pussy before he got successful. What a fat fucking faggot.

    1. Exactly. Max Temkin looks like he’s lactating. Who in their right mind would believe this man is capable of or even has the testosterone required to rape?

    2. In a world of unrestricted female hypergamy, how would it be even possible for a guy like this to bed a woman? Any woman.

      1. I had a friend that played lacrosse at Goucher and he said there is zero talent at that school. My guess is that she is a whale. Plus they only made out….in college…in bed.

    3. Do you think false rape accusations are logical or rare? Read the case of the false accusation of Michale Arrington, founder of Techcrunch, by his ex-dumped-girlfriend. Arrington was falsely accused, he sued and got a retraction with incontrovertible evidence and corroboration from the false accuser’s girlfriend and ex-boyfriend. He was not even in the same state on the date he was accused of rape and the bitch continued to contact him after the date of the alleged rape. Stop supporting the feminist agenda.
      Comments from Valley Wag after Mike Arrington got a retraction and dropped the lawsuit will chill you…

      Guy is now going to have the word rapist next to his name on Google searches and Wikipedia. Good. 12 upvotes

      Won’t someone think of the poor oppressed rapists! They’re the TRUE VICTIMS(tm) here!

      Another rapist escapes justice by intimidating his victim. Money and power is the only things that matter in this society.

      We won’t know if it’s false if there’s never any trial.

      Stop supporting wicked women who try to destroy successful white men.

        1. More:
          1 Out of 4 Women Will Be Raped In College – FALSE

          Our research found three sources for this “statistic.”
          1. A 1996 survey funded by the Department of Justice. However, the survey itself was hosted and compiled by an online Rape Survivors website. In addition to already having a biased sample pool, the survey included things like regretting sexual decisions later and kissing someone while being intoxicated as sexual assault. Yes, according to the survey if a drunk girl approaches and kisses a sober man, she was sexually assaulted by the man. Ignoring that, the study actually found the rate to be 18.5% of women will experience sexual assault at some point in their lives. So not only is the number wrong (18.5 compared to 25) but the specifier is wrong (sexual assault compared to rape)
          2. A 1982 study found that 15% of women experienced rape at some point in their lives, with another 12% experiencing attempted rape. This provides a number of 27% which fits with the myth. However, Dr. Christina Sommers of the American Enterprise Institure on Public Policy led a team to review this data. They found that the wording of the questions in the survey, much like the above DoJ study, counted women who regretted encounters they had consented to as rape. Later questions in the survey, however, identified that less than 23% of women identified as victims by the survey considered their experiences met the definition of rape or assault.
          3. A 1987 article of the tabloid magazine “Ms.” spread the 1 in 4 rape statistic. Written by Mary Koss, this article is what helped spread the statistic across the country. However, the article has been fiercely criticized for poor methodology. The entirety of the sample pool consisted of sorority girls at University of Virginia. 73% of women Koss labeled as rape victims said they were not raped and denied the charge. Additionally, 43% of the labeled victims continued to be engaged in sexual relations with the “rapist” after. This last statistic does not directly mean the rapes did not happen, but does prompt speculation.
          Why this is harmful: besides spreading lies about prevalence, it also fosters an attitude that treats all college men as potential rapists. This “statistic” is the justification for many university policies that target men as all perpetrators of rape.
          Sommers, Christina Hoff. Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1994. Print.

          90% Of Women Do Not Report Their Rapes – FALSE

          This was the lowest statistic we found being used on various websites. However, no source was ever provided for these numbers. The one source we have found is from RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incent National Network. RAINN’s studies concluded that 54% of rapes with a female victim go unreported. This is compared to 95% of rapes with a male victim going unreported. In fact, the lowest statistic we found for male reports of rape was 81% going unreported.
          Why it is harmful: this is mostly because it spreads false information. The truth can be hard to swallow, but it is better than lying.

          False Reports of Rape Are Very Rare – FALSE

          We recognize this is the myth that we will likely receive the most hate for posting. However, we feel it is our obligation to provide reputable sources and address this myth in an honest manner.
          There is an important difference between a rape allegation and a rape accusation. An allegation is simply a claim that there was a rape. An accusation is when a victim identifies the suspect. ~80% of proven rapes involve the victim knowing the rapist. When the victim names a suspect, rates of false accusations are very small. Less than 1% of all rape allegations are false accusations.
          However, false allegations are much more common. Most scholarly review puts the rate between 8% and 15%, which is over twice the rate of false allegation rate for other crimes (4%), according to the FBI. Current FBI statistics put the false allegation rate at 8%, although this statistic is not based on uniform studies.
          A report by the National Institute of Justice found that 25% of accused suspects were proven innocent by DNA testing. This rate held true over a seven year analysis.
          The most accurate and in-depth report on false allegations of rape was conducted by Dr. Charles P. McDowell. McDowell’s team analyzed 1,218 reported rape on Air Force locations. 460 of these reports were proven legitimate through evidence, with 212 (19%) proven to be false (meaning the victim admitted it was a hoax). The remaining 546 cases were unresolved. McDowell’s team then reviewed the remaining 546 cases, which, in addition to reviewing evidence, had accusers take a polygraph test. 27% of these accusers admitted to faking their accusation before or immediately following the polygraph. When there was doubt in an investigation, the investigators classified the case as “unproven.” McDowell’s team then had three judges independently review the “unproven” cases against a set of criteria established by commonalities among false accusers. These judges found 60% of the unproven accusations to be false or unfounded. A final rate of 45% false allegations was established.
          A follow-up investigation compared these rates to the false accusation rates of a Southwest town and Midwest town. These towns requested to remain anonymous. Comparable rates of false allegations were confirmed. McDowell does note, however, that a sample size of 1,100 people is not representative of the entire country, but that it is a starting point.
          The Finnish police estimate that 1 in 5 rape accusations are false. They believe this is due to many women making accusations while under the influence.
          NOTE: This does NOT mean people should assume victims of rape are lying. Rather, people need to remember the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.” Unfortunately, the Dept. of Education only requires a preponderance of evidence (50.1% likelihood of guilt) for universities to punish the accused.
          Why it is harmful: it fosters the attitude that all accused are guilty until they can prove their innocence. This is a terrible, terrible idea to spread. False rape allegations ruin lives. When you say they rarely if ever happen, you deny the rights of the falsely accused.

      1. Thank you. Men dont really realize that many women have false rape on their holster of weapons she will pull out when she gets her “heart” broken, right alongside fake pregnancy and fake abuse. Its really scary when you discover how much space rape occupies in these creatures’ minds. If you break things off with a girl and get successful (or starting fucking hotter girls), she will retaliate because they want all their exes to suffer for dumping her, after all she’s a Western princess.
        I have had at least 5 “I think Im pregnant” texts after a breakup. One time I broke up with this chick and she randomly shows up to my house a few nights later. We talk for a few hours and end up fucking. The next day I reiterate that I dont want to date her and she texts me “so you basically just raped me then?”. I never answered it and never spoke to her again.

        1. Rule number one: Stop frequenting these feral alley cats.
          Rule number two: Stop comporting yourself like a rutting bonobo.
          That should take care of your “rape” problem to an about 99% success rate right then and there.

        2. You still dont get it. I used to think like you. This is the reality of most American women. If you piss off an entitled, narcissistic white girl she will react aggressively, especially if you have been fucking her right. These girls all seemed quite normal and all I did was break off a sexual partnership because I dont want to be tied down. If that makes me a chimp/bonobo then I will be a bonobo for the next 10-15 years.

        3. entitled, narcissistic white girl = feral alley cat (in disguise)
          Make more sense now bud?

        4. the solution is to record your dates over the phone. Some have started using hidden motion cameras at home. That would solve 100% of false rape accusations.

      2. American law enforcement now get federal pork bloating dollars to manufacture faulty and inflammatory rape statistics….which may actually be illegal!!!

      3. Feminist and other bdp/npd women have destroyed the definition of rape for me. A girl I met last year told me she was raped and to myself I was like, “sure you were”.

  2. what do you expect? the estrogen level in men these days is spiking to levels higer than women experience. The fact that even succesful men have been brainwashed by society is something we should be very worried about. Feminism is getting worse by the day and it’s frightening to know that this is just the beginning..

    1. I don’t think it’s so much the brainwashing of successful men, today.
      You have to remember that our society, as a whole, prays to the church of ATM (money). Everything else is secondary.
      Think about it. Almost every aspect of our lives revolves around money first with anything else deemed ‘important’ a far distant second (i.e. education, healthcare, etc…).

  3. “If you see me this weekend at GaymerX, I could use a hug.”
    He could also use a slap upside his head.
    And I’m sure his accuser wasn’t reprimanded in any serious way for her antics.

  4. This is one of those situations where you wonder who’s really more to blame; her for lying, or him and people like him for enabling/incentivizing her and people like her to in the first place. Take away the incentives women have to do this kind of thing, and put in place the proper punishment, and marvel at the pavlovian whiplash created by the drop in false accusations. False rape accusations can be reduced to nearly ZERO tomorrow if you simple held women accountable for their actions.

    1. She is more to blame. Absolutely. But yes the guy is a fat, sorry, misguided pussy.

      1. Just think of it as poetic justice. I wonder how many times this mangina encouraged women to throw other men under the bus and now he is ensnared. How fitting.

    2. Women is fully to blame. If someone enables me to act up, I will still not choose to act up.

    1. It’s a shame because I was in poon heaven the last time I went. 4 different trysts in a month. Loved it. This Rape Culture jazz in Denmark might well be related to enrichment and the Rapey darks washing ashore in the Harbour. Of course the legal PC freaks will attempt to point the system at Danish blokes.

      1. I dont think DK has ever been pussy paradise unless you go back to the 50ties or so.

        1. I’m English so I had a small advantage there. Plenty of Brits around of course but I had a good trip. I had a flashy apartment next to Christiania which must have helped. Paris Bar next to the Architecture school was a good pick up joint.

  5. Actually the way the guy responded to this was GENIUS. He basically socially engineered the situation so that the claim was retracted and he looks like a fucking saint. Everyone screaming at what a mangina he was… if YOU were falsely accused of rape you’d all probably burn. This guy handled the situation with acumen and tact.

    1. I don’t agree with this mentality. This is just giving into the system. Anyone with more than three brain cells knows this cunt had no case. It was 10 years ago and he’s successful now. Even in this shitheap country, people can do the math. He’s not even suing for libel. He’s not a genius. He’s just a huge fucking faggot.

      1. +1
        Also, as someone said above, this asshole will now have his name associated with the word rape on Wikipedia and every major search engine for the next decade.
        Short of categorically denying the claims, there is literally no way to engineer or contrive a favorable scenario from a rape accusation. Even if he got off [no pun intended] his reputation is ruined.

    2. Everyone screaming at what a mangina he was… if YOU were falsely accused of rape you’d all probably burn.

      Integrity has a price, a steep price sometimes. Don’t defend feckless behavior just because the outcome was preferable.

        1. Keep it up,son. You’ll be Bubba’s bitch someday. Don’t worry about integrity because useless shits like you have no backbone.

    3. No way, you gather every legal piece of artillery available to you and shoot the accusation down immediately.

    4. If/when you are falsely accused and use this method in court perhaps you can tell us about it from your prison cell.

  6. Read all he wrote and I think his strategy is not too bad since there is no way he can actually “fight” it anyway. At least not without opening dozens of other cans of worms.

  7. Lets get commentors on this forum get laid. Look at the dudes on the ROK Facebook page…they are all average to below average men…sorry but guys who get laid don’t post butt-hurt comments about women

    1. You are my muse, Lolatcock, you inspired me to write a poem:
      Mom’s basement
      Small penis
      So creepy
      I just can’t even
      Sad Loser
      No girlfriend
      So creepy
      I just can’t even
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      What the actual Fuck?

    2. Go get your T checked.
      If your a womyn, it’s probably too high.
      If you have a penis it might be, too low.

  8. Noodle Dick’s incredibly confusing blog post has 3500 upvotes and counting.

    I will continue to be a feminist and an advocate for women’s rights to the best of my capacity. Cards Against Humanity will continue to hire amazing, talented women.

    You will not harass or threaten the woman making these claims. I am not looking for a mob of people carrying pitchforks on my behalf. If you harass her or go after her in any way, you are not a friend of mine, and you are not a friend of Cards Against Humanity.
    I am probably going to take a brief internet break; the last few days have sucked. If you see me this weekend at GaymerX, I could use a hug.

    I had a really brief relationship with this girl in college; her dorm room was next to mine, and after a few evenings staying up talking all night, we made out. We spent a few nights in each others’ rooms, but we never had sex and neither of us pressured the other into doing anything we weren’t comfortable with. After a few nights, I broke things off in the cowardly way that 19-year-old guys do, and I just stopped returning her calls and texts. I can imagine she was hurt by this, I know that I would be hurt if someone broke up with me that way.

  9. Coincidentally, I played Cards Against Humanity with some work friends the other day. Due to its clever concept that was shamelessly plagiarized from the more family friendly game Apples to Apples, CAH is good for a few cheap laughs. However, after playing a couple of rounds, it became painfully obviously that the cards were written by a collection of blue-pill pussies like the flabby feminist loser pictured above. It’s a game that cheers on the cultural rot, so needless to say, I won’t be buying my own set of cards.

  10. didn’t even take the opportunity to sue her when it was dangled infront of him? wow.

  11. Rape? By this orgasm donor, I bet he’s beating the ladies off with both hands.

    1. He’s beating off with both hands alright but something tells me women aren’t involved.

  12. Shit! You really have to be brainwashed to justify the attacks you are getting and condone your perpetrators. This is so pathetic at so many levels

  13. He’s running Beta Game to protect his reputation and it may actually work. If it does this is pure Kaiser Soze-level brilliance on his part. The mark of true mastery is to be strategic – not reactive – when threatened. As it is, he might have the feminists themselves defending him.

    1. I hate this but I’m inclined to agree with you. We’re talking about a v serious felony and I imagine his lawyer advised him to tread lightly. I would not want to be in his shoes and ever have someone from my past falsely accuse me of a crime and have it potentially damage/destroy a business that I was building. These are very f’d up times in which we are currently living in this country.

      1. I agree. He should keep his candy ass out of the sex offenders wing of the prison. He’d be mad to go up against a femcunt judge.

        1. Not to mention that the manboobs would invariably attract the attention of the more “corpulent” and “hands-on” inmates. Ouch!

      2. Idiot said he was sorry on a public forum! A lawyer can twist that into an admission of guilt. Lawyer up, shut up and chin up, then ride out the storm.

    2. That’s an interesting interpretation, for sure. I like it but I wonder if it is really true. I want to believe it is, but my guess is the guy’s a f-king tool.

    3. I think you might be giving him more credit than he deserves. I doubt that he has thought it through with that level of Kaiser Soze-like cleverness. I think he really believes what he says.

    4. The reactions from those he was trying to appease are somewhat less than desirable from his point of view. If he was guilty until proven innocent before, his apology has all but wiped out any doubt of his guilt in the minds of sjw’s. I’m also inclined to believe that this public statement has pretty much gutted any chance of a libel case being successful now, so clearing his name in a legal fashion ain’t going to easily achieved any time soon.

  14. What a goddamned disgrace this manboobed toolkit is.
    He’s no man…he’s an enlarged vagina molded into something resembling a human male form.

  15. “If a man is not willing to defend himself, he doesn’t deserve help from others.”
    “Max is the expected result of a feminist society that teaches everyone
    women can do no wrong and must be protected at all times. He has been
    afflicted by a sort of Stockholm syndrome whereby he refuses to get
    angry at the force that wants to see him destitute.”
    That really hits home…I know several men who have been victimized by the feminized system we live under. One of them had a girlfriend who cheated on him with a guy on his softball team…he took her back and forgave her because “that’s what my heart told me, man”. I told him it was a mistake.
    They had a baby together (yes DEFINITELY his, he looks just like him). After she gave birth…no sex. She grew distant and cold. She banished him from his own bed.
    He acquiesced. Not just for one night…for months. I told him “go back in there and retake your place…that is YOUR bed. You are a Man. She is shit testing you and you are failing fucking hard.” I had to explain to him what shit test was. When I did, he replied with his trademark self assured scoff accompanied with a smirk. “Nah man, she doesn’t do that, girls don’t “test” you to see what you’ll put up with.” *laughs*. He’s always been cocky for a cuckold.
    A few weeks later, on Father’s Day…Father’s Day…he finishes his work with about 2 hours to spare. He asks to go home early. Always looking to save money on payroll, the boss allows. He walks into his apartment. He hears sounds coming from the bedroom. Rhythmic sounds. Thumping sounds. He nears the bedroom door. “Oh god…oh god…fuck me….”
    His woman was cuckolding him, again. In the bed that he allowed himself to be banished from. On Father’s Day. With his son in the next room. He walked out without saying or doing anything and got fucked up on liquor, which his loving, caring woman later said was irresponsible of him to do on Father’s Day, what with how he “left his son in the lurch.” Her exact words.
    Cuckolded on Father’s Day. He was emotionally devastated. A few weeks go by. He talks to me about the current situation. “I’ve decided man…you know about that house I’ve had my eye on? I’m gonna go for broke…” He’s gonna tell her to fuck off and buy the house for himself, I thought. Finally, some sense. “I’m gonna tell her about the house, I’m gonna tell her I’m in this for the long haul, and I’m gonna ask her to marry me!”
    I felt sick. Is this some elaborate ruse? No, he was serious. “You’re a stupid fuckin cunt, man…” He was shocked. “You think you know it all, but this is love. You’ll know some day!” He was age 30, to my 24. I was soon off, and went to the gym to make some constructive use of my rage, and set a new, yet still mediocre personal record on my deadlift. My fellow man, already a cuckold, whom scoffed at my advice, was now telling me I was ignorant of relationships? What does he not understand? How can he be so weak?
    She accepted his proposal with almost as much enthusiasm with which she cuckolded him. He wanted me to attend the wedding, but I told him I could not be part of the ceremony, even as a spectator, without being ashamed of myself, and that I could not associate with him on any level beyond the professional.
    They’ve been married about one year now. Had another kid. This one…doesn’t so much look like him. There are rumors that she’s fucking his boss now. I don’t blame her anymore.
    I have given up on my fellow Western man. Let the chips fall where they may. I can’t continue caring if they enable and foster the mentalities that make them cuckolds. I will not bear that burden.

    1. As much as I hate myself for saying this, in such extreme cases they really ought to take him for all he’s worth. By God when you become THAT whipped you really do deserve everything that comes your way. It’s like nature’s way of bleeding the weak dry before discarding them to make room for the strong. Darwin approved 100%

      1. By God when you become THAT whipped you really do deserve everything that comes your way.

        Right on. He’d better get used to the sight of this:

        1. Well, the woman does require strong vigorous seed as per her genetic imperative. Can you really blame her for seeking what is simply ordained by nature?

        2. You are basically a hyper macho crypto feminist.
          I suppose strong manly men should be allowed to go around raping women as that is just part of his nature?
          Men obey the laws of civilization that is how it manages to functions, if women can’t do the same, they should have their rights stripped from them.

        3. You are missing the point completely here. Women are naturally attracted to more brawny men when ovulating, but they will also respond to character and firmness of will (the more evolved ones anyways). Hence, a buffed up yet wimpy meathead may lose out to a somewhat physically smaller guy as long as the latter expresses superior personality, frame and social proof. There is nothing here about manly men going on rape sprees, as it is the female that ultimately decides her interactions with males as per Briffault’s Law. Frankly, I have no idea where you pulled that last one from.
          Now, on the other hand, if you happen to be somewhat weak, frail, AND a total wimp to boot, then you are simply genetically fucked as per the example discussed here. The female will use you for your resources, but will claim her seed elsewhere, as yours will viscerally revolt her at the hindbrain level. Not that this justifies her actions from a societal perspective but from a base evolutionary one, it is absolutely understandable. It may not be fair to YOU for having lost the genetic lottery but that’s life. Better to understand it in its raw cruelty than to live in delusion and then snap at some point from cognitive dissonance overload like some psychopath having finally gone off the deep end.
          The real crime is in society blindly enabling the basest female instincts with no regards whatsoever to social harmony, peace, and continuity, by way of an overzealous and lowbrow law enforcement apparatus. It is a dangerous failing that is responsible for many of the problems that we are witnessing now, and a point on which you are quite correct.

    2. He wanted me to attend the wedding, but I told him I could not be part of the ceremony, even as a spectator, without being ashamed of myself, and that I could not associate with him on any level beyond the professional.

      As sad as this story was, good for you. Your choice reminds me of the 10th Law of Power: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky

      You can die from someone else’s misery—emotional states are as infectious as diseases. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you. Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.

      You did the best you could for him but your friend has chosen to walk the cuckold’s path and he’ll have to walk it alone.

      1. Spot-on observation @helmuththeelder:disqus. I only wish I could upvote your post more than once……….

    3. Your friend suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, from the sounds of it. People with this disorder are usually cocky on the outside nut broken on the inside and when someone hurts them, they feel the need to prove themselves to that person. They are gluttons for punishment, always trying to prove that they are not inadequate. These are not the actions of a mentally healthy individual.

      1. ur wrong. narcissistic people are evil. this man is a broken man. narcissists will NEVER let someone walk all over them, r u serious? i know this because my mom is one and she’s evil incarnate and so “powerful”. and my mom is the total opposite, shes pretty and acts sooooo innocent, like a lamb, manipulates people into thinking shes the victim, but inside? shes a ravenous monster….u got it upside down

      2. Wrong. A narcissist would never allow themselves to be walked on. Narcissists perceive disrespect even in non-disrespectful actions, so actual disrespectful actions towards them are not going to be ignored or rationalized.

    4. damn. men do cheat too but it seems like women, as they’re more emotional, know how to be especially dirty.

    5. i think its obvious that this man has serious issues. he may have had a narcissistic mother, a mangina for a father and this is all he knows. his mother may have emasculated him at an early age and so he has never been an actual psychological man, even though physically he may look like one….he had no one to help him, no father to show him what a man is…..thats just my assessment of the situation…or if his family life wasnt like this then perhaps he was raped or molested? he could be gay? the point is that this man is not a man by any stretch of the imagination

      1. Supposedly his Father was generally good, and took no shit especially from women, but became an alcoholic and began abusing his Mom. The first time that he hit her, my friend was there and broke a Squier Stratocaster over his back. White Knight in training.
        Odd that you mention his mother; when he found out that his woman had cheated on him the FIRST time, with the softball guy, her advice was to “tough it out” and…wait for it….”MAN UP”. The 2nd time, on Father’s Day, her advice was to “work it out for the baby” and that “She loves you so much, she has a son with you, what she has with that other man is just sex. You need to look past your pride and do what’s right for your family.” Fucking another man in his bed, on Father’s Day, with their son present…and he has to do what’s right.
        And he fuckin listened.

        1. Yeah – some men are so afraid to “become like their crappy fathers”, that they do not realize that even Dark Triad fathers had good and bad sides. You learn from the good and try to forget the bad.
          That is what I tell some young men or youth in my extended family. One cousin has a father who is in prison. I told him, that his father is simply a Dark Triad Alpha – he is not all bad, he has his strong sides which you can learn from, but have to realize that he also has weaknesses, because he cannot control his temper. Many men also forget that even their alcoholic negative fathers loved them, but could hardly express it. You may limit your contact with your parents, when they are abusive, but harboring some anger or hate is never healthy. Because then those guys fall prey to the thinking of their almost equally negative mothers and become manginas like this guy.

        2. Yeah but narcissists don’t love anyone else but their own egos. So imagine being raised by a narcissist mom and having no father figure around, nor even masculine ones like brothers. I understand the cuckold of that story, having internalized the feminist mindset myself quite a bit because of the former situation i just described. It is brainwashing : letting your enemy think for yourself and talk through your mind and mouth. Talk about oppression… at least men let their violence be visible but women make you internalize it and make it invisible, thus unaddressable.

        3. My guess is that he has suffered some kind of abuse, maybe even sexual abuse. It is not normal for any man to respond that way.
          Ray Romano wouldn’t have proposed to her after something like that.
          He disgusts me for putting up with it but, not just the women that do such a disgusting thing, but the women that take advantage of someone that weak, seriously disgust me too.

        4. “The first time that he hit her, my friend was there and broke a Squier Stratocaster over his back.”
          Honestly, there has got to be a special circle in hell for filth that actually ASSAULTS their fathers for “hitting” their mother.
          I mean, you don’t have to stand by idly, but if you actually use violence that can lead to injury on your own father, you are not a man, you’re a puke.

    6. You should have your buddy DaQuan, hook up with her. Most Hoes love da thugz. It might be enough to wake your boy up.

    7. At that point you really should have beat the fuck out of him just to knock some sense into his head. Jesus Christ…

    8. That story would make Hitler cringe… You’re a good man for trying with him though.

      1. Trying to make a man out of that cuckhold is like making chicken salad out of chicken shit.

    9. Thats about a fucked up story as I have read and had I read it 10 years ago I would thought you a liar, but my experiences since then makes this a common story.

    10. Honestly, man, I have to commend you for trying to save your friend, but like Helmuth said, he chose his path, and now must suffer the consequences of his foolishness.
      That being said, and while I get where you’re coming from, I wouldn’t be so quick to give up on our Western brothers just yet…at least not the younger ones. As once said by Benjamin Franklin, “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure.” In this particular context, you can prevent the mentality of cuckoldry in younger guys who are new to game, than try to cure someone who is quite possibly older and set in their ways…unless they are willing to make the change. I think it will be far more worthwhile to mentor someone younger, setting him on the right path. If you can do that, then mission accomplished.

    11. It seems more and more to me that mankind and also the male part of our species deserve the rulers and the shitty system that is in place. In times past we did not have access to alternative information and there was a certain justification in our delusion.
      Nowadays you have access to all the info you need to find out the truth about a matter – whether relationships, women, real attraction science, medicine, economics etc. There is no excuse anymore! If you cannot see truth and still do not see that the emperor has no clothes on, then you cannot be helped.

    12. That was hard to read without wincing. If this guy filled you with rage then you are a normal man for these pussies enrage me too. Too bad this cunt isn’t.

      1. Lol, look at the male version of the muffin top he is wearing. What do you call that: a noT-shirt? An E-Shirt? A wank top?

      1. Make your own meme. Collect ’em, trade ’em with your friends. Post it on the bulletin board at work.

    1. He was actually extremely smart.
      I doubt he regrets shit, but apologizing and framing yourself as a feminist, while in the same apology describing what actually happened makes it more credible. This is actually a PUA technique, where you don’t even take the girl seriously. The vibe of his “apology” says “She screamed rape, don’t blame her, that is just what women do. I understand why she would do that, maybe she was hurt by [real account of events].
      This whole thing will save him millions he would have otherwise spent in court. Read the apology, it should be obvious to anyone who isn’t a fucking idiot that he is innocent. THAT is how good his frame is.
      This guy has tooled us all.

      1. Sounds like you’re describing a nihilistic con artist. I can admire the brilliance of bullshitting a corrupt, hysterical, destructive society to save one’s fortune and reputation because you’re an innocent man after all, so screw ’em all. Arguably it’s the savviest strategy.. That’s f-king awesome if he did what you say he did, on some level. If you just care about yourself and money. On the other hand what are the results of men responding like this to false accusations? Is the right course of action for men falsely accused to pretend they’re feminists and spout off a bunch of anti-male propaganda and place all women and some lying witch on a pedestal? I’d admire a man that calls it like it is while rightfully and unapologetically maintaining his innocence.

      2. This is how a PUA frames a rape:
        ‘Yes, it is true- back in college this fat chick came on to me one night and although she was initially repulsive I eventually saw her through some rose colored beer goggles; I raped her mouth with my tongue. My tongue penetrated and raped her tonsils. She didn’t write anything in the letter of sexual consent we signed about tonsil hockey, but I went too far (no pun intended) and now I belong in the slammer. THIS IS RAPE CULTURE!” **Kicks reporter in the chest**

        1. I’d like you to take a page from Kurt Cobain’s book, you misogynistic prick.

        2. No i think rather inadvertantantly has a remarkable strategy. What is going to sound more appealing to a jury? Out right denial. That’s what both guilty and innocent people do alike. An jail is full of innocent people. We all know the hamster doesn’t like facts. Or an elaborate story that appeals to the feminist narrative. Blame rape culture. Say that you want others to come forward. Also say that it was through your own immaturity that she is scorned. For all we know she is guilty and he will never be charged abd hisbane wont be tarnished because of his gambit.

        3. Men who call other men misogynists need to be taken out and shot.
          You’re the bitch- you want to sell out your comrades for the approval of the fatsters in your social circle. There’s probably no telling how many good men you’ve sold out purely out of envy. You just can’t stand it- the men you know are starting to ball and all you can do is player hate. Tripping dudes up, tryin to play subversive. Guess what? Hard work pays off. It’s self improvement or be bitch made in this era.
          I heard your girlfriend was called ” Big Blue,” cause she wears a shirt wider than a track on F-zero. I also heard you were into old hoez. Your bitch comes to me and when she brings up your name my eyes turn all crazy yellow and I’m like ” leave him! Leave him!” While you’re cleanin out the church pews so punk ass Gary Sinise can say the pledge of allegiance.
          Don’t get mad- I’m only being real. Yeah………….(echo)

        4. Yes I agree – with this strategy she will feel really stupid and go back in her box, whereas if he had responded aggressively she would have felt justified and said “look how aggressive he is – that shows he is a rapist” – female logic at work. If this is game then we have much to learn from his response. If it is what he really thinks then he deserves everything Roosh threw at him.

        5. Comrades? No no. I’ve never sold out a real man, because real men are my comrades. You poor neck-beard fucks who speak out against women just like the feminist speak out against men, are not comrades of any real man. You’re bitches, and I doubt you’d even know what to do with a women if you actually got your hands on her. Calm down Randall. I’m sure Misogyny gets the pathetic thing in your pants that you try to pass off for a cock hard, and that you’re probably afraid of anyone who calls you out for it, but stop trying to be hard. You’re a asshole behind a screen, probably no more than 14 years old. So cool it.

        6. Look at you acting. All I got to say is, “Rubadub dubthanks for the grub.”
          So tell me, dog: Is she old, fat, or both? She getting ready to pop out that little Pugsley Junior? Watch out for that. When these 45-year-old chicks popout that first baby, they often don’t end up to well, the kid neither.
          Got nothing to say to the actual article, just the same old tired insults. Calling somebody a misogynist. That’s like calling somebody a fascist- total joke.
          But you got to come up with whatever you can to drown out that shame you have. I know, it’s hard to rock that GED. Rockin that minimum-wage paycheck, rocking that old and fat nasty hoe.
          In other words, why give a bitch your heart when she’d rather have a purse? Why give the bitch an inch when shed rather have nine? You know me, I’m the shit- she be mine by half time.
          You say that you never turned on any comrades out of jealousy. I know for a fact that that’s not true. Men like you, those who need women to tell them that their “” real men,” Know the score in reality. They know man like us fuck their wives drop ahead. They know that when we decide to do something we’re always successful. They know that despite all the shame that the week masses can throw at us, cream always going to rise to the top.
          “M-O- O-N- That spells beta orbiter.” – your major line of dialogue.
          Now take that ish back to the weak ass free zone. This is Vegas, bitch.

        7. Your comment was TL:DR. To put simply, you’re an under-educated sack of shit with nothing better to do with your time than put down a woman because the women you’ve met have put you down, time and time again. I know it was traumatic to be forced to go to prom with your mother as a teen, but geez, settle down, child. To put simply, you should stop talking and keep your mouth to what it’s good for, sucking dick. Go on, go back to your boyfriend. You’re not wanted here.

        8. “whereas if he had responded aggressively she would have felt justified and said “look how aggressive he is – that shows he is a rapist” – female logic at work.”
          You’re a fool.

        9. I think he could have been a man about it without being aggressive. Something like “I am saddened to hear this individual felt the need to make these false accusations. I don’t know what is wrong in her life that she would feel the need to try to destroy the reputation of an innocent man. I have every right to be upset and take legal action but I truly pity her and I don’t think suing her would do anyone any good. I wish her all the best as she works through her mental health troubles. I hope she gets help before she slanders someone who has less compassion than me.”

        10. I would say the bitch is lying. To even give her credence is a sign of a feminized mind.

        11. Go blow your boyfriend you faggot little bitch. Real man? Real men stomp all over little faggots like yourself. Fuck you misandrist.

        12. Your mindset is a recipe for permanent social failure.
          “This bitch is lying” is a natural thought about stuff like this but reality dictates that we often need to act in ways that are not fully in accordance with our basest desires.
          In this case, responding as you suggest would obviously not end well for the accused. Whether this is fair is a tangential matter.
          Appealing to feminized minds requires understanding how they work. The feminized mindset is largely hegemonic in our society so wise behavior requires conveying to feminists that we understand their mindset.
          We must play the cards we are dealt, not what we wish we’d been dealt.

      3. Possibly. I have been in situations with control freaks where doing pretty much what this guy did has the effects of “These are not the droids you are looking for”.
        It’s quite possible that, having some intelligence, or maybe his lawyer did, he sees an entitled control freak feministic society and decided to play on the route of “tell them what they want to hear”. The worse a society gets, the easier it is to manipulate.
        And the notion of “that’s what women do, they make false accusations” is entirely feasible. In one move, this boobed up mangina might have, intentionally or not, put a “that’s what women do” on the table for all men to see all while the feminists are around us pumping their fists about what he said about men and rape culture.
        We’ll see. If his next move, after this blows over and if he escapes unscathed, is to sell off all options, realize he’s in a fucked society in which it’s too risky to you know, create stuff and work hard and mind your own business, and leaves the country, then we’ll know he made a feinting move to get the cunts off his back and then GTFO while he could. Then we can say “well played, sir”.
        Some might say that, given he’s playing a game to survive, that it’s
        wrong to “throw all men under the bus”.
        But to do that would be failing to notice the tire tracks already all over our backs.

        1. It kind of goes against the “never apologize” grain. Once you start apologizing you look weak and guilty.

        2. Refusing to acknowledge one’s past mistakes is a sign of weakness. If it were a sign of strength then it wouldn’t be so easy. Any pussy can lie and deny. Admitting you fucked up and making yourself vulnerable is courageous.

      4. That’ll be why there’s loads of tweets flying about that he’s an arsehole for co-opting social justice language to hand wave away his raping ways then. Yep, you heard, they’ve taken this apology as evidence that he did rape her.

        1. Hence the “Damned if you do damned if you don’t” conclusion. There’s lessons to be learned.

      5. His grovelling apology matches his pathetic appearance. I can’t believe he was “gaming” anyone. Not only that, this kind of behavior rewards nutty women who are still mad about being spurned years ago. These types of women need to be stamped out with maximum force and the best way is through punishment of false accusations. This is the real “rape culture”.

      6. The hilarious thing is the feminist reaction to his post is that he is actually propping up rape culture and his post is bullying and victim blaming. Honestly you can’t write this stuff, it’s fucking brilliant.

      7. “I spoke with my lawyer, and she thinks I have a clear case to sue this woman for libel and get a restraining order, but I have no desire to bully or harm her.”
        This was not game….this was an Idoit who was too scared to stick up for his own individuality and weak enough to take shit from a chick.
        Would have sued her, put restraining order form her, demanded apology for her false rape accusation, then found out who she was and sent a pic + name of her on RoK and RooshV forum to name and shame her to save future players
        ^ now that is game

      1. Strategy:
        1. Search on Facebook for Max Temkin, it should be the first result, and you will know it’s him because the profile says he is from Chicago
        2. Start adding the male friends from his friends list (he has 411 friends total) and start asking them what the name of the bitch who accused him is
        3. Once you find her name, post it here and let’s dox the living fuck out of that bitch. Let’s make her famous!!!

    2. Is he being accused of forcing his ass onto the girl’s strap-on dildo? That’s the only raping I can imagine.

    3. Wow… I wish he did get convicted and sent to prison so he could learn what real rape is. He looks soft as a jelly filled donut.

    4. I would be embarassed to let anyone know I dated, let alone banged this guy. Thankfully, I lived in the era of no social media. Any pictures and negatives of my ugly guy dates I destroyed long ago. Is that the mormon version of a t-shirt?

  16. Right here is the reason so many western women behave like incorrigible cunts. People like this Max Temkin create the environment that reinforces inconsequential decision-making for women.

  17. When men get friendzoned, they whine. When women get friendzoned, they make false accusations and ruin men’s lives.

    1. incorrect. people keep saying this and they’re accepting the framing article in contextual blindness. this guy suffered post-sexual-gifts status reclassification, leading to face saving by the female via rape accusation.
      he never suffered friend-zoning. friend-zoning doesn’t not typically solicit rape accusation. friend-zoning solicits creep accusation. creep accusations happen to keep sexual access withheld before any have been given. in contrast, rape accusations happen to after sexual gifts have been given, with the purpose of reclassifying said already freely-granted female gifts as not given. ‘creeps’ are kept in orbit to raise female status, ‘rapists’ are ejected from the female-access core to save female status from unworthy association.
      this guy wasn’t friend-zoned apriori with no sexual gifts granted. on the contrary, he was status reclassified after sexual gifts (specifically the make outs and intimacy) were granted and the girl changed her classification of him as low status. hence the rape allegation. the two situations are distinct cases, each with their own separate response in the feminine imperative. maybe he was a prior friendzone let in, but all that changed after he was allowed in and made out with the girl. the girl changed her mind, didn’t like that she gave herself to what she -now- considers a lowly boy, and called it rape to save her status as a high-class female worthy of better.
      of course, once traded for nothing, her sexual gifts are worth nothing, and she knows it. all women know it. the face-saving measure is superficial social gaming that women do, with real-world consequences for the stupidly desperate boys around them. can’t be helped.

      1. actually i’d change my statements to the following:
        friendzoners are allowed to orbit female sexual access to raise her status. higher perceived status men are allowed into female sexual access to raise her status. friendzoners are ejected from orbit via creep mechanism to save her status before sexual access occurs. rapists are ejected from core access to save her status after sexual access occurs.
        at any rate, rape accusations may happen to ‘friendzoned’ girls, but this is a much rarer event sequence. the normal event sequence for rape accusation is what is described above. still, she wasn’t friendzoned, he was rejected post-gift, etc.

  18. You’re very quickly to judge him based in his looks. Yes, he does look like poofter BUT …
    I was falsely arrested for domestic violence once. My lawyer advised me to tread lightly and get released with a simple caution. I didn’t listen to him and ended up with full charges and a criminal record.

  19. You guys should always remember that people by and large are not stupid. Max Temkin’s response to his accuser may well be a clever strategy to give him the upper hand in the public arena, after all he doesn’t sound like a rapist now does he ? How he feels about her privately may well be the very opposite of his public position. Attacking one’s accusers isn’t always a smart move, the appropriate response is dependent upon circumstances and participants at the time.
    I do find it interesting though that men are presumed guilty of rape unless they come from an enormously prestigious (i.e. famous, rich and politically connected) Northern or Western European background, for example, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Greg Kelly (Ray Kelly’s son) and William Kennedy Smith. Any guy without these “impeccable” credentials generally has an uphill battle to prove his innocence.

  20. “If you see me this weekend at GaymerX, I could use a hug.”
    Besides what the article stated, a quick google search of GaymerX tells you that this guy is an apologetic snob. Who seriously attends a gamer convention that has a focus on the “LGBTQ community”. Just…why? It shows how much this guy has been brainwashed into the quickly degrading culture we live in.

    1. “If you see me this weekend at GaymerX, I could use a hug.”
      I would rather slug you and knock you out.

    1. This rape hysteria is largely the result of enrichment on campus with a concomital failure of administrators and faculty pointing out exactly who is doing the raping and to whom. I recall there was a diverse wrestler at Lindenwood University who was a big ape and he was boning a series of women and men and was HIV positive. Does anyone think that this bloke was in a position to dominate, let alone rape a woman?

    2. According to these wimps and simps any boy is capable of rape. Let’s exclude Roofies for a moment. This guy couldn’t dominate a woman. He most certainly would have trouble holding a woman down and stuffing his cock in her. He barely looks like he’s capable of an erection let alone laying a finger on a woman. The entire idea of rape as a power trip, while accurate in a way, means that a rapist would have to have the physical chops to overpower a woman. The elaboration of rape into a guy misrepresenting himself like the Arab in Israel who pretended to be a Jew to bone a Chosen One, or the two swedes who retrospectively concluded that they’d been raped by Assange after they found out about each other. Rape appears to be about offended manners. Rather than the threat or reality of violent coersion.

  21. That’s it. I will never see either an attractive feminist woman, or a masculine feminist guy.

  22. Holy hell. This is so surreal it almost feels like a joke. Seems like everyday another insane story comes out that’s tops the previous one.

  23. “I hope cases like Max’s become more publicized, because they will serve as an alarm for men without boobs to begin understanding that our culture is broken”
    Lol! I spit my coffee out on that one.

    1. Consultant for Obama too. Speaks for itself there, cuckold by name and nature. I wonder if he refused the 12″ dildo that she attempted to ram up his arse while he was restrained and gagged!

      1. I’m not down with fucking another dude’s wife. It’s never been my style. That being said, if this guy ever got married, it would almost be my duty to fuck his gal.

        1. Orwell got it wrong. It’s much much worse to see the self abnegation. It’s hell.

  24. Seriously if you are not a “hawt” guy then don’t mess with girls at college, it can fuck up your whole life. I was going to be kicked out of school in my senior year for “sexual misconduct” but fortunately everything was caught on camera and they couldn’t kick me out (because I literally never even touched the girl). You never know what a girl will say if she has a boyfriend and a rumor gets around that you and her have something going on. I still lost my campus job and the student council had a public discussion on the matter so I got to spend my last semester as the “campus rapist”.

    1. My nephew was accused of rape by a woman he was partying with. They shagged in the street. Her boyfriend found out and she accused the nephew of rape to protect herself.
      Do not have sex in the street or in park etc. if she goes to your place or hotel room or you hers she has no leg to stand on.

      1. Yes, that is a great point. My incident took place in a public place and if there wouldn’t have been cameras there I would have been fucked; she could have even tried to get me charged with a crime and there would have been nothing I could do. I believe Jameis Winston had a similar situation in regards to the slut having a boyfriend thing.

      2. Hmm, street shag with an attached woman. You guys sure know how to live dangerously. What’s next? Car shag in front of their shared apartment?
        Oooh, the thrill of it all!

        1. “Slightly accident prone”???!!!
          What would constitute ‘greatly accident prone’, then?
          Him shagging her in the middle of the the road during peak traffic, I suppose?

        2. The shit he gets up to is legendary. I won’t elaborate. Except that a local tough caved in his temple a few years ago with a crowbar. He survived just about. Huge surgical bill.

      3. What if she leans against the wall on one leg and lets U shag her… has she a leg to stand on in that instance?

      4. I disagree. Public sex may just save you from a rape charge. She can’t accuse you successfully if you have witnesses who say that she went nympho on you.

  25. Ugh, a classic case of the Stockholm Syndrome.
    This is why you always carry hard evidences and never delete them.

    1. What a nice society we have now. And people complain that there is no longer any sense of community or camaraderie. Well, no shit Sherlock. When everybody around you is a possible denouncer, false accuser, and enabler of this mad witch hunt, what do you expect? Keeping a low profile and going ghost becomes a case of basic survival in this insane world of ours.

      1. That reminds me, I actually survived a false accusation, to the point I outed my false accuser in 4chan and her accomplice in front of her co-workers; never mind the fact they both found out where I was working first back then.
        Their loss; if women love attention, then they should enjoy getting outed.

  26. He better be glad he wasn’t black or everyone would have turned on his ass. If he looks like that imagine how the girl looks, she is probley making all this up just to prove someone wants to rape her. This is just sad all around….

    1. If he were black he wouldn’t have invented a card game or designed anything useful. Kobe Bryant did in fact thrive after the rape accusation. So no dice there my black chum.

      1. If he were black you would assume his guilt without a second thought and been complaint about how white women lower themselves associating with us. Kobe lost tens of millions and still has to endure underhanded comments for the remainder of his life.

        1. Not so. She was in a hotel room. Either his or hers. I didn’t reckon it was a true accusation. Why would you automatically think I’d automatically think the accusation was true? Is your name Harper Lee?

        2. I think Kobe did pretty well recovering from that catastrophe.
          You have to remember…this is a society where the woman is innocent and the man is guilty (and for a high profile star or athlete it is even worse). He lost a little bit of money and he had to endure the short term remarks…but all in all (compared to many other men in prison) I think he came out fine.
          It’s a great lesson that, hopefully, the other up and coming younger guys will take note (something not to do).

    2. Most people would but most guys on here wouldn’t turn on him (even the racist ones). We know too much about this shit, just look at how we all knew Jameis Winston was getting falsely accused. It was so predictable – white girl shames herself blowing a black athlete in a semi-public situation and resorts to a false rape accusation to avoid looking like the trashy-hoe she really is (and of course you just knew she had a white bf as well, someone has to take care of princess financially).

      1. I hate to admit it but you are right most of us would support him, but looking at Director’s posts I doubt he would join us. No matter the topic he always blames Jews and/ or blacks for everything wrong with society.

        1. That’s why he calls himself Director.
          Because he wants to ‘direct’ all of us – to blame Jews and blacks for everything, in a similar fashion.
          That’s ‘Directorship’ for you.

        2. He used to pretend to be a doctor and he had a pretend girlfriend who he also pretended was in medical school and dated his pretend doctor persona. I am actually in medical school and asked him basic science questions which he could not answer several times, then he changed his name from Dr Biggs and Maria or Mashinka to Director but still spouted the same anti Jew anti black sentiments. Be carful whose side you take you may end up with a fake doctor and fake medical student who are the same guy pretending to be two different people.

        3. Excuse me? What fucking post are you referring to? Find the interaction and post links to the original. I’ve never claimed to be a Physician. You fucking lying piece of shit.

      2. Most racist men would blame the coal burner for befriending the black before they’d blame the black for doing what comes naturally, actually. The anti-racists just can’t get past Emmit Till (hint that was decades and decades ago). Or you simps in the Camp of the Saints can’t wrap your Bantu brains around just how trusting whites are. A Congolese wouldn’t share his country with half a dozen Belgians. A coal black Haitian wants to kill Frenchmen on sight.

        1. I must admit it has recently dawned on me just how weird it is that whites are expected to “diversify” their nations while it would be unimaginable to have whites go move to say, Kenya or somewhere else non-white, and try to assimilate. It would be considered a hostile takeover.
          I also have to admit that it is just a little infuriating seeing young, attractive white girls getting into black culture. I knew a girl growing up that was very attractive and nice – just found out she is a call-girl with a black pimp and she has just caught an STD. She turned out that way because she got into the “trap music” scene and fell into the lifestyle. Is it racist to want to protect your women? Whites aren’t allowed to have a culture so now people just try to latch on to other race’s cultures, but they don’t belong because no matter what they do they are still white.

  27. If you look at the comments on his blog he is now being accused of racism by not having his game ” diverse enough”. It is useless trying to please the feminists and social justice warriors, even when you give in and apologize for being falsely accused they demand more flesh and capitulation…

      1. He is a racist because if she was black and accused him, he would not apologize for it.

  28. ” He has been afflicted by a sort of Stockholm syndrome….”
    That’s the problem with so many people in modern western society. This loser is actually advocating for his enemies. Is it any surprise that this woman showed up out of the blue once this guy became publicized for launching a successful product? He’s going to learn real quick that if you don’t vigorously defend your interests, someone will jack the fruits of your success, whether by outright robbery on the streets or through the courts.
    What a pussy…

  29. That feminist fag (femfag) urgently needs to grow a pair and I don’t mean manboobs, cuz those he already has. No wonder “he” considers “himself” a feminist.

  30. I know a man who was falsely accused of rape at Syracuse University in the mid 90’s, and I normally think, “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy” when I hear of the latest false rape claim. But seeing this gross, bloated, piece of SJW shit….I’m tempted to just say, “He’s reaped what he sown” and to smile with misanthropic glee.

  31. He APOLOGIZED?! oh hell no. when I was falsely accused of sexual harassment in college two years ago (will link to old disqus comment describing that later) I stood my ground against that bitch. When she moved to get me expelled I fought tooth and nail against her and won. Why he conceded to that broad is beyond me.
    Then again, I would dare say that being falsely accused (and by a girl I was not even interested in) was the moment that woke me up to how treacherous most women are, given that she smiled in my face and pretended to be my friend up to that point.

      1. I did that, actually. Part of the story has me countering her “he threatened me!” accusation by accusing her of threatening ME with “you’re gonna get fucking kicked out of school”… and proving it.

  32. I am publishing this on 4chan. Let’s get a DOX going on that EVIL FUCKING CUNT who falsely accused him.

    1. No. If he doesn’t have enough self-respect to stand up for himself, any stranger who stands up for him is a complete moron.
      Obi-Wan Kenobi asked, “Who’s more foolish: the fool or the fool who follows him?” Similarly, I’ll say, “Who’s more evil, the sociopathic false rape accuser, or the accused man who actually supports her?”
      Standing up for this dude – an avowed feminist Social Justice Warrior – is a waste of resources. Stand up for a falsely accused man who’d appreciate our help.

    1. No, it’s not just you. I’m actually hoping this dude gets ruined. You know this fat piece of shit would be out picketing against any other dude who he knew was falsely accused.
      An SJW reaping what he’s sown. Makes me smile.

  33. Woman have an incredible ability to manipulate their own memories. If their fellings towards man had changed, they will find new meaning of situations from the past. As a resault they will suffer from imaginary rape. Suddenly after year or two she will say: “oh my god – he raped me” . If you are not lucky, you may have some big problems.
    PS. Sorry for my english

    1. You laugh. It’s happened to me. Ex gf encouraged rough sex. Later tried to convince me that I’d raped her. She literally put me inside of her and called it rape. Don’t think it can’t happen to you.

      1. Is it rape if you pull out and blow your muck on her face/tits? I would like a legal opinion on this…… if it is I’m in a little bother…..

    2. That is what makes this shit so common, women truly do distort memories of an event based on how they’re emotional state was during the event.

  34. Jury: Your honor, we find the defendant not guilty of rape due to finding him too physically weak and having too little testicular fortitude to rape anyone

  35. The newest assault on men is the false rape accusation.
    Collapse By Feminism
    The first assault was the divorce itself when it became available to the common people. Under this, either party had the right to terminate or annul the marriage under the grounds that the other party had violated the marriage by either adultery, being barren (unable to procreate) or extreme cruelty. This required proof. Prior to this, some culture only allowed men to divorce, others only allowed the rich by a prohibitively expensive system.
    The second assault to marriage came later in the form of a non fault divorce. Either party had was allowed to terminate the marriage. At this point the law did not disadvantaged men entirely, as these could remarry and had access to their offspring, although these usually remained with the mother.
    The third assault was alimony. In the past, women could claim money for their support from the ex husband as they where unable to self support. The arguments used to justify this is that women where unable to undertake the labour intensive jobs that men could, as such she remained the husbands responsibility. This, however, disadvantages men. Should a no fault divorce occur and its executed by the wife, the husband is forced pay for a decision he may not have partaken in. Further more as time went on, these alimony payments started becoming overwhelmingly large and far in excess of what the woman requires for maintenance.
    The fourth assault was depriving men of access to his offspring. This is more of a psychological assault on the man than an economic assault. Many vindictive women utilise children as a weapon against their ex husbands. An array of forums exist showing the adverse effects these have on men.”

    1. “The accusation from this girl came ten years after the fact. Here is what she wrote on Facebook:” You mean the allegation not fact

  36. I never knew it was a crime for a woman to want to be independent, even if what this woman did to this guy was wrong.

  37. I am very interested to see what the false accuser looks like in this case, if she was dealing with him when he was poor and in college she cannot be attractive…..

    1. and she comes out with this information after ten years (and only after he has become somewhat of a success)?
      Before that, she could care less and he was just a loser?
      Funny thing when money is involved.

    1. You meant Robert Downey Jr. Morton was a talk show host I think. But point well made 🙂

  38. Wow!!! What a pathetic excuse for a man. He should have spent time in jail, got fucked in the ass by a few lifers and then we would see if he was still a “feminist” and encouraged women to come forward.

  39. He’s milking the situation to position himself as a desirable man (who’s also a white knight). You see- the doughboy with b*tch tits actually had a fling with some woman! He wants people to know that. Then HE rejected her by not returning her texts. Look at the picture of him in Yaboy’s comment. There’s a guy you can see in the reflection who’s laughing at him having his picture taken. He is the Definition of the low-status man women have sex with, get pissed of with themselves about the next day esp. when other people find out, and then the chick rationalizes it to herself and others as unwanted. He is like the Poster Child for ‘sex i regret’ “rape”. So for him to turn it around into being some guy who made out with a chick and then forgot about her– of course it’s a kind of a social jujitsu.

  40. “Max Temkin sounds so much like my rapist that it’s making me dizzy. All the distancing language. The victim blaming. The “I’m such a nice guy how could you believe I’d do something like this.” The suggestion that rape can be a misunderstanding. The manpain.
    I support the victim of Max Temkin. She is incredibly brave for coming forward, and I hope some justice, healing, and peace can be found for her.”
    You could piss on a sandwich and Tumblr could find a way to prove that you are a victim-blaming racist who probably is a closeted homosexual. Christ.

  41. Great post.
    It just shows what level and breed of men feminism has succeeded to create in the western modern world today.
    Apologetic men.
    Apologetic men who are ashamed of their sexuality.
    Apologetic men who apologize for being falsely accused of rape.
    Apologies, apologies, apologies.
    The more a man apologizes, the more he makes himself beta.
    Men like Max Temkin abound today in feminist societies. The scourge of feminism is in fact the greatest disease which needs to be eradicated from the modern world.It just produces malformed men.

  42. Truth is that Max Tempkin is probably guilty of rape. I think he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and experience the reality of prison rape himself. It’s only fair considering he’d gleefully and sanctimoniously send innocent men to prison on false rape allegations to feed his ego and seek worthless validation from his political peers. This guy’s a supreme evil faggot. Who cares if he actually raped some nutty cunt? He deserves prison all the same.

  43. I can see his bitch tits through his bitch top…… he hasn’t even a nipple… what a pair he has… I presume the lesbian centre of his affections wanted to immerse her fugly face between his sweaty man boobs…case closed…..kunt…….

  44. This is actually a model response, making heavy use of game, but the cultural context is completely alien to most RoKers, so it’s easy to miss.
    Feminist types are the people who buy and play his card game. His game on this one is solid, and that chick’s hamster is probably flying full speed right now.
    He is a high-status male in a cultural niche that she probably occupies, because he created a card game that her friends have probably asked her to play. This serves as a constant reminder of the burning shame of having been rejected by a high status male–as time has passed since college, he is probably higher status than most of the men around her. Assuming his account is accurate, she played coy, gave him enough LMR that he didn’t actually get any…on successive nights to boot! He got sick of it, and dropped her nutty ass by ghosting. She, like all girls who get you into their bedrooms and throw LMR actually wanted him.
    So, the spurned woman slings the worst arrow she has in her quiver, one that if it lands, will surely burn him in the cultural niche they share. He responds exactly like a high status male could be expected to. There’s a dance happening here.
    First he has demonstrated his status by the news article she is citing, so he doesn’t have to do that in his statement, his status is assumed. He then DQs her with an attack on her SMV–stating unequivocally that at the peak of her SMV, at age 19, she was rejected by a high status man, while DHVing with a statement that basically amounts to “I was an asshole alpha then, but now I’m a much more caring and attentive lover”, note that at no point does he say “I shouldn’t have dumped her”, he just notes that the way he dropped her was hurtful, and that he would not like to have been hurt that way. So he is pointing out that he was a dick to her and not apologizing!
    Then he follows with infantilization by accusing her of not performing the SWPL ritual of ‘talking it out’ or at least trying to, so that nobody had to be shamed in public, so he is stating that she ignored the norms of her niche culture by rushing to the press to make her claim, which is another direct attack on her social status.
    He then acknowledges that she has opted to keep this issue out of the courts, and responds by stating that due to her actions, if she chooses to escalate her attack by going to the courts, he is prepared to do so–after all, he spoke to a lawyer. And while he said he did not want to bully or harm her, he is reserving the right to sue at a later date.
    His call to the mob was classic assuming the sale. He implied that a huge mob of SWPL feminist types that like his products were prepared to rush to his defense, and calmed them–given what we know about that culture, it’s hard to believe that such a mob exists, so this is ballsy.
    He then tells all of the hamstering females reading this, that he will be at a particular place, and not only suggests that they approach him, but that they do so with the express intent of breaking the kino boundary.
    Someone else can probably improve the above analysis of this guy’s
    statement from a perspective of “using game to defeat a false-rape
    accusation while maintaining the support of the feminists that provide
    his livelihood” This is some high level game this guy is throwing, and
    in the end, the facts are ‘a man who is a public figure used game in his
    denial of a decade-old rape accusation made by a woman who is not’, if he had raped her, he is going to both get away with it, and keep his customer base intact.
    TLDR: “Yeah, she was 19, but I didn’t want her, so I dropped her in the most alpha way possible. Obviously she can’t handle her emotions, but I can, so I’m not going to bully her. I know I have a lot of supporters out there out for blood, but just ignore this this silly petulant child. Also, I’ll be at such and such, and I’m expecting an army of babes and betas to come initiate kino while I’m there”
    Game wrapped in a deep grasp of the intricacies of the culture in which it is applied is as powerful as the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove.

  45. Fellas:
    If you ever get accused of rape, tell them you`re fully willing to co-operate.
    And then calmly explain that you have a hard time remembering faces and therefore need to see pictures of her cunt, before you can truthfully pleed guilty or not.
    Or also
    that you`d be willing to identify any vaginas that you`ve had sex with, in a reverse police line-up, were the “alledged victims” line up and show their fannys for your positive identification.
    Tell them once again that you are fully willing to co-operate, but that the only way you can say for certain wether you`ve had sex with a woman or not or not, is to see her vagina.
    “Hmmmm…. I might have fucked number 3 from the left, officer, but her cunt looks a little hairier than I remember, could you ask her do a quick trim of her pubic hairs and then step forward and spread her legs, please? ”
    ……….And then:
    “Nope, that`s not her. Her clit was a bit smaller and her pubes more reddish than brown, so sorry about that.”
    “Hmmmmmm…. Theres also something familiar about number 2 from the right.. Officer could you please ask her to face backwards and then bend over to touch her toes?…”
    “Nope, that`s a negative, the one I had in mind had freckles on her ass-cheeks and no hair around her anus, so sorry about that..”

  46. He is apologizing for all betas everywhere. Its shocking he had a woman look at him intentionally.

    1. The scary thing is there is probably a much worse case of cuckoldry out there.

  47. Good God! This story reads like it was copied from The Onion. But sadly it is all too real.
    Looking at the photo and reading his posts, I could believe that Max Temkin begged a large gay man to ass rape HIM. So I am convinced that Man-Boob Max could not rape a bowl of Jello.
    Max Temkin is a disgrace to all American men. But he is where this country has now arrived.
    The Jihadists will overrun West society and culture. We have the technological edge now, but that will not last. The Jihadists have the testosterone, the will, and they keep their women out of the way and in their place (except to use them as human shields, which is a pretty good use for a woman). Meanwhile, we have people like Max Temkin and a “leader” like Barack Obama.
    Western society and culture are a lost cause. The Jihadists are on to something. I sure as hell will not fight to defend our society and culture from Jihadists. I will not submit personally to those fucking Islamic lunatics, but I ain’t gonna be protecting anyone else in American from them. Fuck it. This Max Temkin case takes the cake. I give up.

  48. What a dumbass, he could have condemned the bitch publicly and responded with:
    “I am now motivated to make an even more offensive version of Cards Against Humanity that will include far greater offensive material.”
    the MSM would have gone apeshit and his game would become the next monopoly. Bad politics = Bad business
    ps: his female lawyer is more of a man than he’ll ever be

  49. I am about to tell a story that is NOT INTERESTING but it’s true. It’s my extremely peripheral but memorable run-in with rape culture. It is a BORING story but there is some micro-significance as I’ve never forgotten it. You are warned that this is not an interesting story;
    On vacation about 8 years ago and I went hiking alone on, say, Tuesday at 11 am in the summer near Mt. Rainier. It definitely wasn’t the weekend. Groomed trail with a lower parking lot, ranger station, information board at peak, benches etc. A state funded and well-maintained hiking trail way out in the woods. I’m picking berries at the bottom near the parking lot before my hike. A single, twenty something girl startles me and I turned, a bit scared (thinking mountain lion) and I smile at her, saying, ‘Wow, you scared me!’ I was full of good nature and friendly in my pitiful beta days. She looks at me like I have dogcrap on my shirt or like I just killed several children. It was a dead-eyed and disdainful glare but it’s the Seattle area and it was totally normal for her to glare at me like I should be dead, not respond to me in any kind of basic social way, and move on. THIS IS NORMAL FOR SEATTLE. She was a 4 on the international scale, about an 8 in Seattle as she was only 20 pounds overweight and young. Frumpy, sexless clothes with nothing on display. She starts hiking, I keep eating thimble berries until they’re gone. I start hiking about 15-20 minutes later, nowhere near her tail as I don’t like awkward hike-races on an otherwise hikerless mountain (only two cars in parking lot). I forget her, hike and an hour or two later I’m approaching the peak which is long, drawn out and pretty level, like a slightly inclined road at the top of the flat-peaked mountain, not conical. I’d never hiked there before. I see the girl coming down and we have a long, obvious approach towards each other. It was the kind of faceoff in which you must say something to each other because to stay silent would be far more awkward. I smile as we get in range and ask how much farther I have until the peak. “Five minutes” she says in a flat, Batman voice, once again giving me a dead-eyed glare like I am an absolutely loathsome human being. It’s clearly her mountain and a second gender male is not welcome there when she has an ENTIRE MOUNTAIN entitled to her as a young, Western female. We pass each other and about 15-20 seconds later I look back down the trail. I can’t remember why. It was NOT to check her out though I’m not above that by any means. But in this case I just wasn’t checking her out. I just don’t remember why I chose to look back but it wasn’t to perv on her. Maybe I heard something or simply wanted to know if someone was behind me now that the trail had opened up to this long stretch. She was in loose shorts and a baggy coverall shirt and I knew she had to be 50 yards away at this point anyway, minimum, assuming she kept hiking down as I hiked up. So I just wasn’t going for a shot of eye candy as I didn’t like the sour bitch anyway. Doesn’t matter. But here’s the kicker; she turned at just the same time and saw me looking at her from afar. She was way down in the hole of the trail at this point. I immediately turn back around and head towards the peak as she continues downward as far as I could guess.
    5-10 minutes later I’m at the peak with my cigar and the park ranger drives up, having driven from the bottom on a mountain access road, obv. He rolls up to me, parks and eyes me, unsmiling which is awkward given the scenario; Two people in a very isolated mountain range in Rainier country. Not a house or building for five miles all around, minimum. Just pure green country with nothing but the lone access road that allows you to arrive there. Green forest all around, like a surrounding ocean from the peak.
    The park ranger gives me a Col. Trautman/John Waynesque “How ya doing?” in a comically gritty, over-Hollywood-ized style. Basically it could have been translated into, “I think you’re an asshole (and I watch too much TV).” I answer that I’m fine and ask if a cigar is okay. No problem he says, which was cool.
    Then; “Hey, I got a call about some people being up here, making some noise and disturbing things. Have you seen anyone around?” Okay. That’s ridiculous. If you could only see this area and see how remote it is. There were two cars down below, mine and the girl’s and he knew that. He’s the ranger. His station is right beside the parking lot. So unless this loud, out of control group of late Tuesday morning ragers had dragged their barbecue pits, volleyball nets and speakers up through about eight miles of ungroomed Northwest forest then he was FULL OF SHIT. Not to mention that even if Pantera was rehearsing up there, there was still no one to hear it outside of me and the girl who obviously didn’t make any noise calls. As I said, the nearest home was probably five miles away. He was lying outright.
    Why does he need to lie to me then? He’s the park ranger. Come up, ask me about my hike, see if everything is okay. Why not? That’s his job. Why did he have to come up with a lie as transparent as a child’s lie? What was his insecurity? It was because he knew he was out of line coming up to check on me as a potential criminal—because it was clearly the girl calling him up there. She was not happy with a second sex citizen (me) invading her peaceful, private mountain, likely not the first time she called like this. His guilty conscience caused him to lie. This whole thing was not a big deal but the rape crisis, feminine primacy movement was underway long before I knew it. The big deal is how easily this girl could have simply claimed that I moved to grope her or something. The state is already on her side to the point where they’re checking me out, merely for hiking, which is WHAT THE MOUNTAIN IS THERE FOR AND THE REASON WHY I VISITED. She did not like me being on her mountain, she called the state, and the state was right on me, acting deceptively towards me and assuming that I was someone who needed at least a bit of surveillance at this public hiking mountain. I was a simple hiker who only acted in a friendly way and I have the state eyeballing me like I’m an asshole. The same people whose salary is paid by me. He probably got a 100$ disturbance call bonus too, knowing the State of Washington. No, it’s not a doozy of a story but to really realize what happened is kind of amazing on a small fully grasp how out of hand things are getting. It started awhile ago. Americans are getting soooo dumb. Watch yourselves.

    1. how could you be checking her out when she wore “sexless clothes with nothing on display” for you?
      sounds like you give off a pretty creepy vibe

        1. is that right, mr manly man who totally is secure in his masculine manhood / anonymois coward projecting his feelings onto strangers?

  50. I’d say we can consider this an experiment in finding the right response to false accusations. Not one we’d like, though.
    Getting rid of coed dorms might cut down on false rape charges by neurotic females, for one thing.

  51. Would not be surprised if this pussy ass mangina henpecked simp was raised by a single mother…

  52. With this guy at the helm, no wonder there is the abundance and variance of “BBC” cards.

  53. What is WRONG with the author? Man seriously whats wrong with you? Maybe the guy just doesnt want any trouble? Maybe he didn’t want his life splayed all over the internet about an old fling that is nobody’s business! And maybe he doesn’t want some journo writing insulting things about him! All you did was insult that guy all article long, you showed no constructive criticism and no neutrality. It actually seems like you are berating the guy for not doing what you wanted to do in that situation. That guy is the bigger man for not seeking vengeance, not harming someone when given the chance and when his rep was saved he said don’t go after her it just creates more violence. No, this man is the epitome of defying “femnazis” on the internet and its people like you that perpetuate the idea all men are bigoted and short-sighted and must attack anyone that says something about them and insult others who don’t do as you do.

    1. If that was the case why did he write a public posting to that effect if he wanted to keep things quiet?
      And being a bigger man won’t help if you let your reputation be destroyed, not to mention possibly end up on the receiving end of criminal liability.
      Some things just have to be dealt with, and by apologizing for something he did not do, he accepts blame for it. That’s just how things work.

    2. The guy practically confessed to what she accused him of when he wrote: ” If any part of that was traumatic for her, I am sincerely sorry, and I wish we would have had a chance to address it privately.”
      He’s groveling to a person who has zero respect for him as a human being and throwing other men under the bus as well. At least if he was throwing other men under the bus to save his own skin, I could respect that, but he has zero respect for himself as a man and it’s no wonder that she didn’t sleep with him and also decided to target him later for a false accusation: Women have contempt for male feminists.
      Which perhaps in a way is a good thing. All the beta male wimps I know who sell out other men usually wind up getting thrown under the bus eventually. Red pill men are treated better by women and that’s one of the best reasons to become one.

      1. At least if he was throwing other men under the bus to save his own skin, I could respect that
        I wouldn’t. That would make him a gender traitor and I hate gender traitors.

  54. To say he was running some type of “beta game” is giving him too much credit. He’s just your garden variety slave to the progressive/feminist religions. It’s pathetic but take solace that you found the manosphere and are not an obedient drone like him, on his knees in front of his progressive religious masters slobbering for forgiveness.

  55. While he looks like a fat slob-manginated-emasculated-feminized-disgraceful excuse for a man, (s)he is a designer, a field populated by hipsters, women and homosexuals.
    Going alpha and suing her may have destroyed his business goodwill. I think the answer is too well phrased, as if made by both a lawyer and a marketing consultant. It shows that he is innocent, but also caters to the feminist imperative of his guild.

  56. I find it odd that this is the same person who came up with the Cards Against Humanity game. If I had never known about this dude, I would have assumed this game was invented by alphas who didn’t really care about what others thought. Apparently, I was wrong. I would have never bought his product otherwise.

  57. Question is, did he diffuse the situation, or escalate it? I don’t know, but you have to look at this as a street fight. If you are personally under attack in a street fight, what do you do? Stand up for your “principles”. Don’t let your ego down? Fight for the manosphere? Fuck that. Street fights are a losers game, as anything can happen in such an uncontrolled situation. If there is a way to diffuse the situation, the smart man finds it and walks away.
    What do you think is the objective of this guy in this situation? He doesn’t give a shit about this cunt, and I doubt the cunt has much money worth suing for. He wants to minimize time spent on this, so he can work on his business. Now personally I think he should still use his lawyers to go after her, put a gag order on her and sue the bitch’s ass for what she’s worth. But it would probably cost him more money and time, and he may not care to make an example of her.

    1. Find a way and diffuse the situation??? Were you raised by a single mother? You sound like a good damn beta pussy boy

  58. Rape is a very serious allegation. I’m surprised he is just allowing this to just pass in “good spirit” for women who have actually been raped not to be intimidated. Maybe he didn’t think of the ramifications of men’s careers and lives by underscoring this issue. Justice not served.

  59. There’s a special place in Hell for women like her. I doubt he’s capable of getting into a minor verbal confrontation, much less rape. I wish that he would do everything in his legal power to make this cunt wish she never opened her lying mouth. Women like her deserve nothing. No protection, no support, no funding. Let them be outcast to survive and revel in their own misery (cats). We men are so thirsty for pussy and female approval that women can act like this. When do we change this? When women have become the men of society? Stop liking their Instagram photos, swipe left on Tinder, drop them when they act up, give the attention whore nothing…

  60. On the bright side he can only procreate through rape so that’s win for humanity.

    1. The only way he could procreate is if he shot his boyfriend’s baby out of his asshole.

  61. He’s a human, but I will not recognize him as a man. Not even as a bluepiller, it would be an insult for real bluepillers. It is because of men like this that the vast majority gets oppressed with different cases…

  62. I guess now we know who wins the 2014 “American Beta Male Of The Year” award!

  63. Conversely Max’s defense states they had no sex and they did hookup. This is just a he said she said thing.

  64. A lot of us have been wondering about the emergence of spineless men like this who abase themselves before women. What is the reason, the source? Listening to Stefan Molyneux on YouTube has given me the key. He traces it to upbringing by women and early childhood imprinting, pointing out that through single-mom households and the disappearance of male teachers we have a generation of young men raised by women. And abused by them. They are completely owned by women pschologically at a young age, and frequently traumatized from physical abuse (spanking/hitting) and other forms of abuse. The result is what we now see.

    1. Today’s men are henpecked simps and manginas. The rise of the metrosexual hipsters and trophy husbands are what have become of most men.
      Masculinity and traditional gender roles have died.

  65. For all we know, this man could be coveringhis ass.
    What could he possibly gain from fighting a woman who was “raped”?
    Call him a coward for not fighting a battle he can’t win. His response is sickening, but it’s probably the most self perserving.
    Still, fight it on principle nigga.

  66. What a pussy, makes me sick…
    Even if he is playing some kind of double game, it is dangerous, women who falsely accuse anyone should suffer serious punishment. If the law don’t do anything, I would even go as far as saying you should take the law into your own hands.

  67. This article is a fucking joke. Max Temkin handled this situation absolutely perfectly. As he says in his post, his life was built on social media, and seeing that very platform harm him can be hurtful. MEN CAN HAVE FEELINGS. THAT IS NOT INVALID. If he did, in fact, misread that woman’s intentions ten years ago, or even if he didn’t, his apology to her and his continued support of the feminist movement are most certainly warranted- even if the woman made the whole thing up for attention. Women need to learn how to protect themselves from assault, but men also need to learn that what they define as assault, and what they believe a woman wants from them, may not be the same as what the woman sees. Open your eyes, learn a little, and lay the fuck off Max Temkin- he’s way more a man than any of you assholes.

  68. Roosh you dumb bastard, you rip into him , but he’s clearly the intelligent one here. He pre-empted that going ‘aggressive’ could potentially force her to open a criminal case (whereas at the time of writing she clearly just wanted attention and probably, in fact likely given that she is a woman, couldn’t be bothered to go through all of it ) ..
    And thusly, after contacting her, she hasn’t taken it any further.
    I count that as a success.

  69. He has tits. He actually has tits. If I were this goober I would kill myself. He is beyond help.

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