Do You Know How To Win A Street Fight?

DISCLAIMER: The author does not encourage violence of any kind, nor is physical confrontation promoted in this article. That being said, when your ass is on the line and you have no choice but to fight to survive and perhaps protect the lives of your wife and children, then you do what nature intended and you’d better win!

Street fights were much more common when I was a kid. Sometimes they just happened and you could not avoid it. Some kids were genuine dickheads, but for the most part we were just feeling each other out and trying to find out who the toughest kids were. Today, boys are being encouraged to be helpless and run to an authority figure. We called them “rats” back in the day. The very real danger of gun violence and retaliation have now made street fights much more hazardous. Pussyhats and psychopaths with a penchant for revenge are now everywhere.

Let’s forget all of that for a moment and pretend it’s 1950 and the shit is about to go down. Before that moment happens you must make an honest assessment of yourself. Are you prepared for this physically, and have you been in a fist fight before?

I had two younger brothers growing up and I “played” with them daily. That meant a lot of punching to the chest and arms, and a lot of wrestling because most fights go to the ground. Fast forward to today. Do you know how to properly make a fist? Do you know how to use your arms to protect your head? Can you “stuff” a wrestler’s takedown? Are you aware of footwork and head movement? Have you ever hit a heavy bag? Those things in my opinion are basic hand-to-hand fighting skills.

If you’ve never been in a fight before, your heart will be pumping like never before and you’ll be nervous as fuck. Assuming you didn’t bring this event upon yourself you need to begin to assess your opponent. Weapons are an immediate deal breaker unless you are better armed. Your best strategy at that point is to create distance and use obstacles like cars and buildings to cover your escape. Run, period.

If this is a straight up fist fight you have to consider the condition of your opponent. Does he seem bigger, stronger, super fit and not nervous at all? In that case you need to escape as well or fight dirty. Most likely the person in front of you is just as nervous, and physically unprepared for conflict as you are, but this business has to get done.

If you did not choose this confrontation, but you know you’re in it and there’s no getting out of it, follow some age old advice, “Strike first, strike hard and don’t stop striking until the fight is done”. Your jab is essential, it’s a short, straight punch that delivers a message while not exposing you too much. It also doesn’t waste too much energy. Guys who have no idea what they are doing will throw wild “haymaker” type punches and typically charge you to get their arms around you.

Moments into the fight you will feel light headed, your lungs and muscles will start to scream at you. You must become your own Drill Sergeant and demand fighting spirit from yourself. Remember, the other guy is exhausted too. A nice upper cut or hook punch can be a great finisher, aim for the side of the chin or underneath the chin if possible.

If the guy goes to grab you, push him off with both hands as hard as possible and follow up with a stiff jab. Whatever you do, protect your genitalia at all costs. Forget about honor and fighting fair and all that once upon a time bullshit, fuckers will pull your hair, bite you and grab your balls as soon as they feel like they are losing.

Assuming you have not gotten your ass kicked by this point, there should be a lull in the fight. Chances are you are both feeling like you’re breathing through a straw and that may very well lead to an end to hostilities. Do not expect to knock your man out. That shit only happens in scripted movies and bullshit television.

If you are ready to disengage keep your hands up and back away slowly, do not turn your back, ever! If he’s cool with parting ways try to round a corner or something then take off running. This way you are clear of the action and your adrenaline dump will go straight to your feet. If he’s still game however you need to charge in there and drive one straight down the pike. This is called initiative.

By taking the initiative you force your opponent to respond to you. If successful you may want to try a flurry of punches to end the fight. The tactic is to overwhelm them into a psychological defeat. You’ll know when the guy is beaten, he’ll be covering up and want nothing to do with you. Make your exit post haste and just be thankful you’re not the one on the ground.

Back to reality!

This little exercise is to get you to think about what it’s like to be in a real fight. Don’t be foolish enough to believe that it can’t happen. By visualizing the conflict you take some of the emotion out of it; the fear out of it. You also need to ask yourself if you are prepared to fight to the death in extreme circumstances. Desperate, hungry people can turn your world upside down. Don’t believe me? Check out what is happening in Venezuela right now.

Ultimately the best way of preparing to defend yourself is to find a good instructor or trainer and learn how to defend yourself. There are many good boxing and MMA gyms out there that can help train you the right way. Do your homework, make sure they are friendly and the place is clean and well organized. Make sure you have a good feeling about the instructor or trainer. The manly art of self-defense is just that. There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous people. Be the weapon!

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189 thoughts on “Do You Know How To Win A Street Fight?”

  1. How to win a street fight when the lives of your wife and children are on the line?
    Weh-heh-hell! We have a little thing called “concealed carry” in the good ol’ U-S-of A.

    1. REALITY
      Good Ole USA
      If did that in the US you would go to jail on a 2nd degree and be sodomized by Cholos and Blacks.
      You won’t be tough in prison.

      1. Well yes…. it’s a movie ya fool. Movies are always exaggerated and make a light hearted mockery out of anything that would put you in jail for life.
        Point is, if in theory you or your family are being assaulted and your wife/children are in imminent danger of being kidnapped/raped or whatever you CAN legally use your (licensed) concealed hand cannon to turn the scenario more in your favor.
        That’s why the US has a fraction the murder and robbery rates of Brazil and many other Latin American countries despite our high (and still growing) percentages of high-crime prone black and brown folk.
        Good citizens are allowed to have the means to fight back, or most preferably DETER such crime from taking place.

        1. Actually that scene was rewritten on the day because Harrison Ford had severe diarrhea and asked Spielberg if he could just shoot the swordsman rather than film a fight.
          Otherwise, your point is spot on.

        2. REALITY
          Street crime usually involves ambushes, not mano a mano confrontations like Indy’s. The assailants get the “jump” on you. This WAS especially true of the Italians (In the past) where all of them were armed and hits involved the surprise elements. But it is true of all groups as Hood Rats and Cholos leap out.
          If it is merely an escalating street fight you have an uphill battle trying to prove you could not walk away from the trouble.
          My experience with Hispanics is a little different than blacks. Blacks tend to be congregated in particular areas while Hispanics are more dispersed throughout the population. Black crime is usually for gain or out of racial hatred while Hispanic crime is usually machismo and boredom.
          If a black or Hispanic attacks you in broad daylight in a white area the law will be on your side; if you happened to be in a black area at night, for example, the cops will ask you “What were you doing down here” (Translation: you were after drugs or prostitutes).
          In daylight in public places, Hispanics will almost never attack you. The biggest reason is that they are still sober.
          Blacks are more likely to attack you in broad daylight on the sidewalk.
          50% of the time you can avoid the confrontation simply by keeping silent and walking away. If you kill a black because he called you a “white bitch” as you passed and you stop and called him a racial invective back than cops are less sympathetic.
          Legally, the black or Hispanic usually has a record 10 miles long and has been in prison for the same thing their entire lifetime. So this helps.
          Most potential street fights with trailer trash involve spur-of-the-moment idiocy-I was a young man when Meth was turning them all into wired-up buffoons and they are more of a nuisance than a menace.

        3. REALITY
          In Latin America you combine Indians and Africans and Arab-blooded Mediterraneans from Portugal or Spain into orphan races started through rape and concubinage.
          You have a Mestizo caste system with a few land-owning white (Ish) families on top running things poorly through corruption.
          That is why the society is dangerous. Also, the out-of-wedlock birthrate is high and the favelas are lawless and cocaine runs the economy. This is not helpful. You have a bunch of illegitimate bastards on the street high on cocaine.
          As for guns, an 8 year old can get one in Brazil. What are you talking about?

        4. BURTON
          That is because of non-whites-other high-income countries do not have them…until now.

        5. UN-REALITY
          Brazil police shoot criminals and often innocent street kids but it makes no difference at all.
          Brazil is the racial nightmare-the lower class was created by Africans from Angola who fucked jungle Indians and created a vast poor population ruled by a small Portuguese/white elite who have to fly over bad areas in helicopters.
          Adding to this, Portugal exported the dregs of its country-prostitutes, thieves, vagrants who intermarried with these folks or created their own slums.
          So what you have is a dim, vast, poor Mulatto population ruled by syndicate of wealthy whites.
          Cocaine does not help. Everyone there is high on cocaine and bugs out.
          Unless you are carrying a ROCKET LAUNCHER you cannot defend yourself.

        6. Yeah your point is solid but still, fuck that. Death for those who violate the ancient laws. Our great society may have created absurd loopholes for scum to slip through. But at the end of my life I will not be telling myself that I left it to other men to save my fucking family. Failure is always a possibility. It’s guaranteed if you fold up. What man would be willing to accept death to save himself a little pain when “thug-life” is threatening all you hold dear?

        7. BURTON
          Look at those countries. They are homogeneously white countries.
          Homicides per 100,000 population by race:
          Whites = 0.7.
          Hispanics = 27.
          Blacks = 52.

        8. @Brock
          Sure, the homicide rate in the black community may be indeed higher but unless you are planning on restricting all guns to that population, how is that stat relevant? The fact remains: more access to guns equates to more gun violence and that equates to more gun deaths (for kids and teenagers alike).

      2. Bullshit. I don’t know what socialist blue state hellhole you live in, but in my neck of the woods a knife is considered a deadly weapon per se and if somebody threatens me with one I can open fire, no questions asked.

      3. FACT: Our self-defense laws in America are terrible, BUT they are better then non-existent self-defense laws in UK, Brazil, and most of the world. In Brazil, there is no self-defense at all, for example. In UK, you will be prosecuted if you use a legal “varmint rifle” that you use to scare away pests against a burglar inside your own home. America STILL has better self-defense laws then most of the world.
        FACT: depending on how Conservative a State is, the better the self-defense laws. Example: Florida and Texas. Have Castle Doctrine laws, “stand your ground” laws, and that actually makes a huge difference.
        Take a self-defense course. Get books. The laws here are very complex and vary from State to State, so be prepared to answer deal with questions and stay out of jail if you acted in self-defense. If possible, try to record all interactions with a criminal or an opponent to help you, if you have to go to court and defend yourself.
        CRITICAL IMPORTANCE: ALWAYS have an attorney present with you after you are detained for questioning after using force to defend yourself, even if you did nothing wrong and do not want to appear guilty. Once your attorney arrives, you CAN then talk to police about what happened. The issue here is you do NOT want to answer any questions by yourself, as cops can later say you made a some kind of incriminating statement when you did not.
        AGAIN: do NOT talk to police if you just acted in self defense or are being accused of a crime. Always have attorney present and record interactions with police, to avoid “he said, she said” because in court, juries always tend to believe cops.
        Always record police interactions discreetly (do not aggravate the cop), know the self-defense laws in your State, read self-defense guides/booklets, and have attorney present!!!!
        (If this post keeps even 1 innocent man out of jail, my work is done for the night). 🙂

        1. Written like a cuck.
          One has a right TO defend himself. He attacked me and I was forced to defend myself is a legal standing right one has. Thats all the police need to know and then its be on your way.

      4. Unless your overseas wandering around like some raider of the lost arc or whatever realistically people don’t just carry firearms around. When (or if) you get in a fight one on one just thinking you might get in a fight could win you the fight, but anymore than one other dude and your odds go way way down. How many dudes actually know how to get out of a chock hold? Yeah, few. For every other guy out there if you get in a fight most likely both you and the other guy won’t have been in a fight before. All it takes is one other dude against you and your probably screwed. It just depends on the situation. If you get in a fight for a legitimate reason just don’t kill the guy is all I would say. A fight is meant to clear up a situation, not create another one. Cuse you ‘accidently’ bouncing his head off the pavement will come back to bite you.

        1. Its called situational awareness.
          Before I take someone on, i KNOW who he is with.
          And IF I have to take him on, I will also strike at his buddys. I like to get the easy ones first as they will be the ones to jump on your back if you dont, pick them off first, that creates a group panic, then work up to guy #2 or 3. Then I get the hell out of Dodge.

      5. Unless your overseas wandering around like some raider of the lost arc or whatever realistically people don’t just carry firearms around. When (or if) you get in a fight one on one just thinking you might get in a fight could win you the fight, but anymore than one other dude and your odds go way way down. How many dudes actually know how to get out of a chock hold? Yeah, few. For every other guy out there if you get in a fight most likely both you and the other guy won’t have been in a fight before. All it takes is one other dude against you and your probably screwed. It just depends on the situation. If you get in a fight for a legitimate reason just don’t kill the guy is all I would say. A fight is meant to clear up a situation, not create another one. Cuse you ‘accidently’ bouncing his head off the pavement will come back to bite you.

        1. RW
          You smell of a teenager in the sticks who lives in a suburban or exurban cul-de-sac whose never been in urban environments or overseas in his entire life.
          I make you for late teens or early 20’s, rural small city, never traveled in your life, very few blacks in your neighborhood.

    2. Yep, just saw a fist fight on my way home, was 3 guys vs 1, I felt compelled to walk in then I saw a further 6 or 7 guys sitting watching on; as I kept walking I saw they were friends of the 3 guys kicking and punching one guy who was half the time on the ground. There’s just no way to walk into a situation like that MMA skills or not and expect to come out fine using your fists. Weapons are often the only real option besides running.
      I walked on, don’t feel great about it, but sometimes you have to be realistic. I did see the guy get up and leave, so that’s something I suppose.

      1. asdasda
        Where was this? India? Can place this incident in the context of a setting?

        1. @ Madman Marz a.k.a Gen X-ile, of course I could, but, fucking hell, would you give your fishing-for-info-about-me game a fucking rest, I’m not dumb enough to fall for your tactics ever. Cheers.

      2. My response, not ciriticizing your choice which I understand, would be unlimited cheap shops. Every shitty dishonorable advantage I could take. Never underestimate morale. When 5 go down in 10 seconds the other 7 WILL stop and try to think before anything else happens. Assuming we’re talking about a friend/brother of course. A stranger who’s behavior at the bar caught him an ass-whooping wouldn’t really be worth stepping in for. Have faith in the forge of hard-knocks. A good man will always benefit from tribulation.

      3. I was going to comment, every fight I’ve seen or been in during the last 15 years was 2 on 1 or more. Man to man honest fights don’t EVER happen anymore. It’s a sad thing to see because the only person you respect is the dude by himself. The other pussies just look like girls reaching in for a swing then running back.
        One time, I did manage to even the playing field by grabbing a second dude out of a fight and saying “2 on 1 isn’t fair bro.” It ended up like a movie. The fight kind of equalized. The skinny guy got back up, landed a couple punches, the big fat guy tackled him again, they rolled around and got tired. Then they called a truce and hugged it out.
        If it was two thugs, i’m sure somebody’s cousin would have gotten shot the next week.

      4. That’s wise. You don’t know the circumstances. The lone “victim” may actually be a heinous scum of some sort, with three solid citizens getting a little street justice.
        The three might have been narcotics officers arresting a dealer.
        You just have no way of knowing.

      5. Yeah, nothing seen, go away.
        In Germany most problems are with immigrants.
        86% found more immigration ok last elections. Over 90%women.
        I will never see or hear anything.

    3. “How a typical street fight goes down.” If you are an empowered female with a suicidal hubris, it goes down like this.

      1. CAPTAIN
        1) She was there. If you attend some heated public dispute it can turn into a rumble quickly.
        2) Young people do not seem to have a great deal to do these days, that is the main problem. I do not want to bore Gen Y with how Gen X tore up the world in the 1990’s but we were DOING SOMETHING (Making money; getting laid; travelling) while Gen Y on both sides of the “antifa” have no job, no money, no ambitions, live at home. Gen X who supported Bill Clinton vs Rush Limbaugh did not fight because they had other things going on in their lives-work, plans, travel.
        3) A man punching a skinny female is a real tough guy. He makes law-abiding conservatives look bad. He hit a girl.
        4) Who gives a shit about her or other hippies/slackers/whatever they call these types who look like they stepped out of 1995 Lalapalooza with their dreads and their piercings these days? They’ll be smoking pot at 9 AM when they are 45 and working shit minimum wage jobs and never do anything or have any money anyhow.
        5) Observe the fact that blacks and Mestizos they wish to defend are less visible; they would not piss on Carl the Cuck if he was on fire.

    4. Try to avoid at all costs…..say Im sorry, youre right, let me buy you a drink etc
      Been there done that. Going in front of a judge is no fun. Having a record is no fun. Sending him to be stitched up and worried about retaliation, is no fun. Being thrown out of bars is no fun, especially with a date.
      I grew up in Dayton Ohio 1980s, knew the real ‘Dalton’ from which the movie Road House was inspired. The Reference to Dayton Ohio in the movie-‘This place is worse than the last toilet we worked in Dayton.’
      Tony Carmichael was his name-grew up hard in Dayton Inner City, A State qualifier Wrestler and Football player. He Took part in hundreds of fights-the bar in question was a volatile mix of Armed Forces, Union Factory workers, Drunk college students, Biker trash- Outlaws, Hillbillys and Rednecks. There were literally fights Every night. Often times, multiple. To summarize, Tony was gunned down, murdered, set up and everyone knows who killed him-retaliation from biker trash-a brother he whipped one night, but no arrests have ever been made.
      Aint worth it, yall IF you can deescalate. If you cant-then hit first, hit hard, hit dirty and get the hell out of there.

  2. There are too many articles about fighting on ROK.
    The threat of violence is a part of life on some level but the more mature men get, the less important it should get. It’s the hottest in grade school age where scummy minority types with grand ideas of ‘honour’ and whites from trashy backgrounds are gods on the school play yard and they’ll be the biggest losers as adults.
    Violence between young men usually happens when one guy feels inferior to the other and that’s a sign that he’s not secure in his being yet. Do you think that a brain surgeon would throw hands because some chav in love with his height or muscles tried to get under his skin? I think not because low lives do not even register in the radar of guys with big aspirations. I’m simplifying it a little and I’m not saying that great men are exempt from feelings of fury; it can happen because of past trauma or what not but when we have aspirations, we cannot spend our nights in pubs and bars with chips on our shoulders trying to right wrongs because that will wear us down to the level of thugs and when you roll with pigs, you never truly win; you always get dirty. Some things just need to be avoided for us to maintain our health, sanity and goals and the more we self-improve as men, the better the social circles of ours do get and consequently we become largely sheltered from rabble. I know some guys mock the idea of modern men being sheltered pussies but I don’t see how that’s much different than complaining about modern medicine or central heating. Back in the bad old days violence may have been a daily occurrence but that’s no reason to romanticize it. In the modern day, the guys who go on about being warriors and fighters are still stuck in that grade school mentality on some level and they’re essentially living in a different world we should not aspire to share; they don’t have the brain or ambition to conquer the world on a cerebral level so they construct their identity around being physically tough and compensate by scoffing at those with more options.
    If you like martial arts, then that can be a good hobby to have on the side but certainly not superior to other hobbies unlike the MMA fanboy kool aid has a lot of kids believing now.
    I will admit that I have underperformed in life relative to my IQ and talents and consequently I’m still exploring shifty bars looking for affection and have to deal with posers decade my junior and it’s not a good place to be mentally in your 30’s but I have improved a lot and am confident that I’ll break into a middle class existence by my early 40’s.

    1. The idea was when you defend yourself from danger.
      no sane man will choose a fight over nothing…but at least you should know how to know some basic techniques.
      being mature with high intelligence doesn’t mean avoiding fights when you/your family is in danger.
      masculinity is important in all its aspects including physical toughness / bravery.

      1. But it’s not like we don’t have articles like this every week or so.
        “Do MMA!”
        “You’re dead if you don’t ground fight soon!”
        “Do you even BJJ?”

        1. @DepressedGuy
          Have you ever been to an MMA gym? NO, I don’t mean a karate school that pretends to teach ‘ground and pound’….I think it is really hilarious that you think those guys are in there doing the hardest possible physical activity a man can undertake– because someone shamed them into it. Reading your posts further down, I also see that you have every excuse for why you aren’t interested in training. Fine, but don’t induce your excuses onto the rest of us that are seeking to be the best we can physically be. You sound like the drunks watching MMA fights I used to listen to as a bouncer, talking about how they “could have escaped that mount…”, or in your case, “there’s no scientific standard for telling what counts as prepared.” Actually, there is, it is called adrenal stress training, and it is the standard by which modern physical combat readiness is judged. You are lying to yourself man. If you want to stay weak, fine, but don’t assume the rest of us are buying that BS.

      2. Agree completely thirdworldman. I think you’re right on target, especially in today’s degraded climate. You don’t have go looking for trouble. But that doesn’t mean trouble doesn’t come looking for you and it could give a rats ass about how mature, civilized, or educated you are. You need to be prepared. Besides a little martial arts or MMA training can do wonders for your self esteem and self confidence. Or you can just sit on your fat ass in front of a computer and read about somebody else doing it.

        1. Except there’s no scientific standard for telling what counts as prepared. There’s guys gnashing their teeth training MMA several times a week to feel like real men while their talents may have lied in learning the piano or chinese.
          Nobody shames a young boy into learning chinese but tons of them are shamed into doing martial arts.
          I’m a natural bodybuilder myself so I’m not a fat ass. My workouts are grueling and I’d rather not live than have to force myself into entertaining another physically arduous hobby on the side. My brain needs training too.

        2. WarriorPrime
          Totally true. and its exactly the opposite of what many thinks, MMA guys or any martial arts tends to be more calm in real life social interactions. cause its not only about physical rather than giving you the full knowledge about yourself and how to handle it in a normal manner.

        3. WARRIOR PRIME
          “Does not give a rat’s ass”
          True. After college I was living in a condominium and one night I visited an art student who pushed a little marijuana to buy some.
          Two Mexican brothers were there. I was saying nothing but they could see right away that I was a middle-class white, college graduate, vaguely preppy type.
          I got out of there fast.
          Not long afterwards the brothers both went to jail. A white “crusty” I sort of knew who knew them mentioned that the one had killed somebody.
          In society today you only have to walk into the wrong place at the wrong time and you are in a bad potentially lethal situation. You do not have to SAY anything. Especially if you are a middle-class white with Latinos or blacks. They perceive you has controlling the post-industrial society in which they function at a far less successful level.
          Also, they do better in the laws of nature. Much better. They are ruthless, tough, fearless and totally out of control.
          Jail does not bother them-or some low-class whites. Five years in jail jerking off and eating shit food and working on a chain gang means nothing to them; they like it in fact because it is a free bed.

      Aging poor white thugs.
      Try to picture “Johnny” from Karate Kid in jail for an assault (This is what happens in real life to white thugs). Sure he is tough with 100 pound, 5’6 kids like La Russo but no matter how tough he is blacks and Mestizos make jail a hell for him. He emerges a broken adult as Alex from Clockwork Orange was.
      I knew one named Don. Don was fearsome in his teens; he was busted for selling pot when he was 16. He ran away from home after that at the height of the crack era and was in and out of jail in his twenties for dealing crack, assault etc.
      But by his 30’s he was fucked. He eventually went to jail for welfare fraud and fathered a kid he could not pay a cent for.
      When I read that he had been busted at age 46 for selling a bag of pot I could not help but pity him. The guy had been in jail for selling drugs all his life.
      The reality of white thugs is that blacks are tougher and more feral while Italians and Mexicans have an economy for their organized violence to stand on but the white brawler has nothing. No money, no international syndicates to back his play, no nothing. He’s just a loser with a low-paying job or on welfare.

      1. You aint been to Kentucky, West Virginia, Appalachia or other cities where they frequent.

        1. RW
          Appalachians FLOOD up the I-23 to Detroit (or used to).
          They are not tougher than ghetto blacks or anyone else out of their element.
          60% of everything is environment. Tough swaggering hillbillies on cold hard Detroit streets that fast.
          Then again the ones that I knew had come to Michigan for work so they were not the bottom of the barrel.

    3. Never met a scummy minority type who had the first inkling of the concept of honour (honor). To be raised under such absurdly grand (and false) ideals is revolting. Don’t be naive my euro friend. Shit on your boot will never be polish.

      1. Prehistory,
        I don’t necessarily disagree with you. The honour of scummy minority types is not the kind of honour we write about here or at least there’s a difference of degree.
        The thuggish honour is about demanding respect despite not giving or earning any and flying into homicidal rage over trivial matters like hearing a racial slur or non-offensive joke. American minorities are not as bad as european minorities in this regard. The thugs mistake fear or disgust for respect and feed off the intense feelings they can arouse in people.

        1. DEPRESSED
          As a Pakistani in New York or a Nigerian in the US black ghetto try flying into homicidal rages.
          America is a land of tough refugees who have always given the locals trouble-ask a Native American.

    4. Man you certainly are depressed. REad a book called “Sapiens.” We are primates. The more we deny our evolved desires, the more depressed and unhappy we will be. You have an advanced pre-frontal cortex which desires to solve complex problems. You also have a desire to relieve yourself through aggression. You also have a fucking dick.
      You’ll def be depressed trying to rationalize your way out of those primal attributes. Embrace them and try to have those needs met on a regular basis.

    5. I was thinking just the opposite.
      There are not enough articles about street fighting on ROK

    1. You’re right of course. Nothing solves problems like the crack of powder. But at the same time that lucky punch is really you not paying attention. If you intend to win the last thing to do is get in close before you have the advantage. Maybe it’s different for wrestlers but I’ve never understood wrestlers. And yes I’ve been the beneficiary of more than one lucky punch. My focus fractures with a heavy blindside shot to the ear. Fucking thug-life shits. No respect for one-on-one.

    2. Indisputable. But some knuckles-‘n-knowhow may help you bridge the reactionary gap and give you time and space to draw your weapon. It’s best to have a full spectrum of trained responses, particularly if you’re taken by surprise and have to fight your way to a clear draw.

  3. If you are in the uk, you should look into farb gel, a non toxic spray that is legal to carry. Any pepper spray type is illegal. Farb gel isn’t legal to use, but if it saves your arse and lets you escape, it’s worth the risk.
    Unbreakable umbrellas are likewise legal, but again, using one in self defence probably isn’t. Their great advantage is that if the attacker has a knife, you have much better reach and can strike their wrist and jab their face/throat without getting in range of their blade.
    The best self defence is situational awareness, shoes you can run in, and lots of sprint and cross country training. A bit of wall climbing is good too. Most fights aren’t worth it, and movies make it look like there is a clear winner and loser. In real life, the winner is often as badly injured as the loser. Plus you never know what’s going to happen: the best fighter In the world is stuffed if their attacker’s buddy appears from round the corner and stabs you in the kidneys.
    The best combination of self defence classes are between jiu jitsu, krav maga and systema. While jiu jitsu is perhaps slightly less geared to street fighting, depending on the instructor, you will spend much more time sparring/grappling, which is what really builds confidence, reactions and overall fighting muscle. But mixing them up is probably optimal. I’m not knocking boxing, but for the average joe it’s not top tier for street fights, as you don’t learn to defend against weapons, and punching someone in the face without gloves is often a good way to break your hand while causing little damage. But if you have time, add it for sure. Forget aikido.
    Remember that the first goal is always escape. Ideally knock the other guy onto his arse, then leg it. The British law is not on your side when it comes to self defence, and if you turn the tables on an attacker and give him the beating he deserves, you could easily find yourself in trouble as though you were the thug.
    I used to carry a fake wallet stuffed with fake notes (just greyish paper rectangles) with me when I lived in London. If some prick tried to mug me and there was room to run, I could take it out, let him see the fat stack inside, then throw it one way while I ran the other. Never had to use it, but better have it and not need it.

    1. Fake wallet and money is a great idea. Might be handy to carry one when travelling as a tourist in certain parts of the World.

        1. SETH
          If you are wandering around with loads of money on you in bad areas in the Philippines you are too stupid to travel.
          Generally, Filipino crime is home invasions or gunpoint robberies by Shabu addicts. Or was. Duterte is kind of rubbing this out.

    2. So yeah, uh, you’re female right? I don’t have a purse to carry chemical sprays or fake umbrellas. And even if I had such things to use them without the intent of commiting some kind of mass -ocide would be a bit weak. It is possible to traverse the territory of large packs of ferals unharmed if one does not present a demeanor of potential victimhood. Concurrently, if one cannot help being victimish, plan around the traversal of dangerous areas. It’s simple. Do you really think spraying one feral in the eyes is going to detur his pack from devouring you?

      1. So yeah, uh, you have no point to make whatsoever? Thanks for your valuable contribution!

    3. The only outcome from spraying this would be getting mugged by a guy with a red face.

      1. I agree that a non-toxic spray is mediocre at best, but a couple of seconds worth of distraction could easily be all you need to escape.
        Skydivers wear crash helmets, which are useless in probably 99% of skydiving accidents. Would you recommend therefore that they shouldn’t wear them?

        1. 1. It’s too bulky to carry around in your pocket.
          2. It’s toxic, so using it could get you in extra trouble with the law. If you are stopped and searched, or especially arrested for something else, police can easily charge you with possession of a weapon, especially with all the vibrant acid attacks these days.
          3. The spray action isn’t as forceful as a product like farb gel.

  4. After training in military and law enforcement techniques I thought I was ready for a street fight. The truth is that, after I went to an MMA class, put on gloves, and openly sparred with a slightly skilled opponent, I was nowhere near as ready as i thought. I will never forget my first real punch in my face. I highly recommend to anyone that wants to train to get two pairs of gloves and lightly spar with someone, preferably a skilled opponent. It is a serious eye opener, like an enlightenment.

    1. There is no substitute for regular boxing training. If you’re in the West there are boxing clubs everywhere- and they’re dirt cheap. A good one will allow sparring against two guys at once and go over knife disarming drills.

      1. True except if you go to the cheap ones you get the level of training you paid for; meaning not the best. The club I go to is 60$ a month beyond the gym memebership fee of 50$/month. That’s 110/month but I’m trained by ex world champions 😉

    2. You gotta laugh at the normies. You take a couple of classes over a span of a few months…at best, and you think you’re trained. Trained is 2 to 3 hours a day at least 3 days a week, but 5 is better.

    3. I would love to do this. As soon as I”m done rehabbing my knee, I’m gonna do it. I wrestled 6 years in junior high and highschool, and it really helped me in a couple bar fights later on, but I have no clue how to box an experienced fighter.
      These days I’m making so many approaches in bars, I know i’m going to need some skills. I had a thug bouncer and bartender following me around talking shit last year in a bar it did not feel good.

  5. Weapons are not for use in a one on one, toe to toe street fight. You put up your fists and go at it just like real men should. You win some you lose some, it’s all the same to me.

    1. Man, anyone dating online deserves loneliness. Be a man and approach women.

      1. It’s not a matter of online or not. It’s that many shitlib women are too snobby to touch a man who express sympathy for a non-liberal party.

        1. Don’t talk about politics. Be confident and eventually she’ll want you too much to care.

  6. “How to win a street fight” – Don’t get involved in one in the first place if stupid people want to fight about trivialities let them.

    1. So now women and political believes are trivialities? These are two of the major reasons to start a fight. If you constantly avoid fights, you become soft and turn into a pussified mangina. To me fights are as natural as lays, although surely not that common because you can get yourself in serious trouble. I doubt the one who hasn’t been in a fight and won knows how good sex can really feel at both the mental and physical level all at once. Being a thug, the domineering silver black gorilla of the pack, is the way to have awesome testosterone fueled sex. All the rest meh.

      1. FRANCESCE
        The dominant men in society do not fight in parking lots. They have a driver, they have cash, they have a well-paying job, they do not need money to attract the women

      2. FRANCESCE
        You obviously come from Europe. In the US street fights escalate to murderous situations where you die or kill someone or at least somebody goes to the hospital for 6 months.
        Also, European jails are cozy places I would go for holiday-Detroit and other urban city jails (I was in one once for a single night) are places you would cry a river of tears after a week in eating stale bread and piece of old meat twice a day with warm cheap milk.
        Trust me, stay out of the US. Jail is not fun there, even if you win the fight. You think you are a tough guy? Visit the US and beat up someone and spend a year inside with the blacks trying to open your ass.
        Europe, of course, is different.

        1. Even in neighbouring european countries the prison system can be completely different. Criminals from Estonia want to be apprehended in Finland so they can enjoy the relative comfort of the finnish prison system. Meanwhile finnish right-wingers would like to shift the prisoners to Russia, where costs are less and the conditions harsh.
          Prisons in France are already majority muslim AKA dark skinned people. In some central european countries they are filled with 70 IQ gypsies.

        2. What faggy bullchit you write.
          People fight all of the time, provided you dont strike first, you have every right to defend yourself, fight back and avoid jail.
          Usually you plead guilty to a lesser charge of assault even if you started the fight. Thats from personal experience. Still not worth it. $250 fine plus time in court + medical bills to the guys I beat up is not worth it long run, even though it was the right thing to do. Having NO Witnesses goes a long way. Then its purely self defense.

    2. JACK
      Good point:
      When I was in college one day I cut in front of a big hick in a shitty van and he followed me on my bike until I reached campus. He did not follow.
      Today he is still a hick in that shitty windswept Midwestern rural city with no money and probably in his mid-to-late 40’s with some jail time behind him.
      I traveled the world, held interesting and sometimes well-paying jobs, fucked a good many hot women (Free and paid for) all over the planet; today I have a nice house in a tropical place.
      That stupid hick HAS NOTHING-he’s lived all of his life in his shitty hick town getting hassled by local yokel cops and working shit jobs and never went 100 miles in his entire life.
      If I had fought him I might have come out on top but I would have a felony assault record, would have done some jail time, maybe got injured or maimed myself.
      If you have ANYTHING going for you it is not worth fighting in the street with losers who call you childish names.

      1. That is exactly the point I was making, a guy wasting his time getting in fights over trivialities instead of working on long term gains.

        1. RW
          No he doesn’t, he didn’t follow me on campus where he was out of his element. I did not want to get my hands dirty and he was too scared-though he had a vehicle-to follow me alone on-campus where he felt like an out-of-place stupid hick.
          Same is true for Appalachians who come up the I-23 to Detroit (They used to) who might be tough guys in the mountains but not up North on city streets out of their elements.

          I’m proud as hell of myself-I’m not a stupid hick with the ignorance of a Third World villager whose stuck doing menial jobs in a shitass town.
          Besides, the hick did not follow me on campus where he would have been out of his element.

    3. Watch that line of thought. Smooth paving for the advent of Idiocracy. Outside of the rarest of circumstances the one cannot stand against the horde.

  7. I enjoy the rush from being in a fight, although i have never started one. Ive also found that the majority of people who start shit with you do not actually want to get into a fight. Simply using body language and your voice can be enough can get another person to back down sometimes. But sometimes it is inevitable. Especially when your in school. If you dont fight, your reputation will be ruined.

    1. ” Especially when your in school. If you dont fight, your reputation will be ruined.”
      Are you still in school Bobby? Adult fights are more dangerous than child fights too.

      1. DEPRESSED
        Adult males who fight in broad daylight usually do so because a) they are totally crazy b) it is pure race-war hatred (Regardless of color) or c) they want your money for drugs/alcohol.
        It is usually the last one.

        1. You need way less Vagisil and way more testosterone.
          Fighting is what MEN do. Its how insults are settled. Even to this day.
          In school, out in the world. I dont recommend it, but I dont run from it either.
          On the race thing, blacks will constantly push to test. Once theyre whipped or you stand up to them, its usually over.

        2. RW
          Fighting is what MEN do.
          Fighting on the street is for fools and the man who has the power and cash and luxury does not care if a Porch Monkey says something.
          As for the sort of bars where men swing chairs if you want to drink in those sort of dives that is your lookout.

        3. RW
          Fighting is what losers who earn $15 or under with nothing to lose do.
          I travel and earn.

      2. RW
        “More testosterone”
        I put mine to good use by getting the fuck out of a dead-end city not pissing and moaning like that hick in the shitty would be today.
        Today I’m not sitting in a house whose property is worth a shit in Detroit moaning about how nobody has any fucking money and the blacks and Mestizos are destroying the place and my kids are attending shitty public schools.
        Mine was used to get out.

    2. Hehe. Reputations. Better post it on Fakebook kiddo. Someone will definitely care. My advice is to spend some time hungry and alone in the woods.

  8. I have many friends in law enforcement, military and special forces. The Navy Seal video below is a pretty good summary of what they will tell you. Something that is rarely mentioned is that most suspects are subdued by police via techniques that are based upon simple anatomical pressure points. I was shown these by a friend who has worked in every level of law enforcement from local all the way up to high ranking military officer with secret clearance. As these are easily learned, this is a great place to start ~

    1. @Byron,
      Yeah, im sure all the secret agents you know use pressure point all the time. What you will never see, is any of them using pressure points against a truly resisting and pissed off opponent. If you know anything about adrenal stress training, which all of your LENF and GOV buddies should be aware of , then you know that fine motor skills are the first to go under stress. I can tell by your comment and that silly “snakepit” video you posted that you likely don”t train martial arts, and if you do, then you don’t have a legit teacher that has ever tried to use that crap on a man who is a credible threat.

      1. There’s a certain type of person who goes out on friday and saturday night to prove how cool he is by causing trouble in bars … because his Mon-Fri life is miserable abject submissive slavery. It’s the overgrown child version of “acting out” which is quite common among confined cubicle workers. A professionally trained club staff will always try to talk him down and avoid confrontation and let him save a bit of face. It’s not worth causing a scene or having to fill out the police paperwork at shift change. The key words are: “de-escalate” and “disengage” which is the responsible use of “measured force” in which case, the court will always side with law enforcement and staff in any potential litigation. Hope the videos are informative and helpful to Eeceptive readers. Cheers!

        1. BRYON
          I agree and in university I saw this off-campus. The local yokels were standard redneck trash with nothing to look forward to in life but jail time for failure to pay child support and shitty menial labor jobs.
          Generally a man who is 30 and does not care if his eye is gouged or his ribs broken has a shit life, a shit job, a shit future.
          On a fundamental this is the case with many blacks and Mestizos and the reason they attack middle-class whites-they know they are unable to earn a living or at least a good one; they drink and drug to kill the feelings of boredom and hopelessness; they cannot support their out-of-wedlock kids who are destined for the same future; they have no education.
          So they have nothing to lose.

    2. The Jocko video doesn’t mention pressure-point fantasies at all. He talks about firearms and then the most physical, practical unarmed styles. Which is not surprising since he’s a bjj black belt instructor at Victory MMA in San Diego.
      There ARE some charlatans hired by police administrators who attempt to propagate theories about pressure-point control (Bruce Siddle). These are unathletic men with no real-world fighting experience, and they generally also tend to promote hair-pulling (no, I’m not kidding) and wristy-twistys as being legitimate forms of arrest-and-control tactics. This is BS and wishful thinking, but police administrators eat it up because they want to be on record as having provided only the kindest and gentlest training to their officers.
      Poking someone in a “nerve cluster” or putting them in a compliance wristlock is only useful if you get a call to restrain a hysterical granny at a nursing home. Nobody uses that $#!t on the street.

    3. Don’t be a turd dude. “All my friends are assassins” is a bad way to gain traction.

    4. This is basically total Bullchit.
      When youre in a fight, you are adrenalized. Meaning you feel no pain.
      And youre fighting dirty. You can go for pressure points, Im going for your eyes, throat, groin or nose. And youll be down in short order.
      Theres a reason most of these ‘special forces’ guys never fight in MMA or become elite level fighters.
      Want to learn to fight? Wrestle. Ground and pound, Throws are brutal. Work from the top. You dont want bottom like BJJ, ever.

  9. I like this video by Bas Ruten. Fighting tips with a little bit of humor, lol.

  10. About a year ago I watched a 53 year old coworker brutally beat up a 20-something Millennial outside in a bar parking lot and I couldn’t help but conclude that Millennials have no business whatsoever getting into street fights. They all should carry weapons only because they can’t fight.

    1. When it comes to things like that it helps to train thee things:
      1. Train your mind – mental toughness and the science behind conflict, when to appropriately apply which technique.
      2. Train your body – Weights, Cardio, Martial Arts etc.
      3. Train with your weapon – know how to connect those shots/stabs as well as the strengths and limitations of your tools.
      Millennials have lots of opportunities to build a good self defense plan but do see your very valid point although just carrying a weapon does not mean they will be effective if they don’t follow those three things.

    2. BADASS
      “Carry” weapons “carries” serious time-
      Scott was a smallish swaggering hillbilly tough guy I knew in Detroit who was at a party when a huge Polish-American sailor threw him down in the kitchen and started stomping on his head.
      Scott might have been killed or seriously injured except that he stabbed the Polish guy in the balls with a butterfly knife.
      He staggered out of the party and the Polish hulk got up-despite being stabbed by a butterfly knife through the balls-and JUMPED HIM OUTSIDE FROM BEHIND.
      Scott proceeded to stab 5 more times in a panic.
      The Polish guy lived. Barely.
      Even though Scott was attacked and stomped on and the second self-defense stabbing was when he was trying to FLEE he ended up doing 5 years in the state penitentiary for the crime.
      You’re going to do serious prison time for a concealed knife that you stab someone with. You won’t get off on self-defense but rather will end up on a 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon charge that puts you away for 5 years.
      The BEST way to avoid this kind of trouble is staying away from the lower class. They will always have some rogues, psychos, brawlers who want to stomp someone, anyone.
      People with a decent job do not want to beat someone half to death and go to jail and lose everything-losers do not give a shit. Most of them are addicts with prison records anyhow.

      1. “The BEST way to avoid this kind of trouble is staying away from the lower class.”
        Indeed. This goes for chicks as well (if you are lucky enough to know/find a few who haven’t descended into the SLOP).

      2. Bullchit Cuck.
        If you are attacked, you have every right to defend yourself.
        Either Scott took a bad plea deal or had no attorney.
        If its me, I was brutally attacked, I grabbed a knife weapon from the perp assailant and used it against him. Judgement-Not guilty.
        Thank you your honor.

        1. RW
          Bad attorney.
          Scott had a public defender as a decent Jew lawyer runs more money than the average hillbilly with a shitty job is going to muster up.
          The DA wanted his ass. One reason was that he actually did not hang around after knifing the Polish guy in self-defense. He fled.

      1. STEVE
        History of white supremacy…blacks and Mestizos would fuck these dorks up to pass time more often than white supremacists. Not that dangerous, lethal hicks do not exist but they are rarer in the urban centers where these guys live.
        Also, you cannot defend your life by dancing in the park. Martial arts requires years of study, daily.
        These guys would be better off learning how to use a weapon. Some people never master martial arts training. It takes years and years.

        1. You aint been to prison.
          Its the Whites that RUN prison. Aryan Brotherhood is the most feared of all gangs, along with other so called supremist groups, because they are the smartest, most violent, most organized. Even while less than 10% of the population. The whites I know in the Midwest are a different animal than the ones on the West Coast, for sure.

        2. RW
          I get the feeling you have not even lived on your own outside your parent’s house.
          You strike me as being 18 or 20 and still living at home.
          Come back to me when you move away from home to a city bigger than $100,000 and I’ll respect your opinion.

        3. RW
          “Aryans run the prison”
          Italians and Mexican Mafia run the prisons. Wiseguys come into the joint with more resources and a better ability to grease the Corrections Officers.

    3. An odd conclusion. Are you a millenial? Do you seek an unearned advantage? A fool waving around a weapon will get it taken away and used against him.

  11. Didn’t get into a fight since the 6th grade but ended up in 3 within the past 2 months in drunken situations. My record stands at 1-1-1, got the wind knocked out of me in a bar this one time, started to shoving match and we both walked away so not really a fight and another was a huge group brawl during St. Patty’s day which we won. I’m not the confrontational type who goes out looking for fights when I’m out drinking. I’m really just trying to get some girls but there are always losers who literally only go out to start fights. And I wished I would’ve been more prepared the one time I did get my ass beat.

    1. Do not compete when there is no prize for victory -Confucious
      Kidding. But I think it’s relevant all the same. If you’re honing your skills, fine. If you need a fight club moment, fine. If you just have to teach this asshole a lesson, fine. But if you don’t know why you’re fighting then why the fuck are you fighting?

  12. “How a typical street fight goes down.” -Usually goes to the ground and pretty sloppy. But since the girl power movement Hollywood has the typical female thinking you can roundhouse kick twelve Nazis in the face with little to no effort simply because you have a defiant/snotty attitude.

  13. The best advice I ever got about street / bar fighting, is “throw hard things at soft parts.”
    If you’re throwing fists, then aim for the throat, kidneys or scrotum. Throw an elbow to the nose. Always wear hard boots or substantial shoes to the bar, then use them to kick at knees, or at ribs when the guy is down. Use bar stools or beer mugs to the skull if you have to.
    Always keep striking until the guy is clearly hurt and disoriented. Then, in today’s world, run away to avoid law enforcement. Never let the crowd know what car you drive, or where you went. Get away and stay away to avoid liability / law suits.

  14. I think the trouble is that when people talk about street fighting they think that it’s the same as sport fighting, which it isn’t. In a sport fight you fight someone of similar experience, of the same weight, with rules, a referee, a paramedic at ringside… In a street fight if you’re not the guy who started it most likely the guy is gonna be bigger than you, maybe with a few friends, no rules, no ref, no paramedic, he might have a knife or a gun tucked away. It’s a lot more dangerous.
    You should of course always try to avoid a street fight – people die in street fights. If it’s inevitable however, I agree with hitting first and hitting until the other guy drops. However, the mentality has to be completely different. The reason I mentioned sport fighting vs. street fighting is that you mentioned that the jab is the most important punch – outside of a boxing match I disagree, and I think this gives away the fact that you’re coming at it from a sporting mindset, as well as the idea that your lungs will be screaming and there will be a lull in the fight…
    Because there’s so much danger involved in a street fight you should aim to end it as quickly as possible. Boxing matches are entertainment, street fights are survival. You aren’t aiming for a 12 round fight – the average street fight lasts between 3 to 8 seconds. A jab is good for setting up combinations and scoring points – in a street fight you don’t have time for that. Every shot you throw should be thrown with the intention of knocking the guy to the floor/unconscious. Causing pain isn’t enough to stop a street fight and a quick jab doesn’t “send a message” as you put it – it will just piss the guy off even more.
    You mentioned that you shouldn’t expect to KO the guy, and that it only happens in movies. That’s untrue, it’s very easy to knock someone out if you hit them in the right place. If you’re trying to have a boxing match yes you make it harder for yourself. If you’re talking to them and in the midd- *BANG*… In the middle of your sentence you hit them on the jaw with a straight right, a left hook, an elbow, a headbutt etc. Or perhaps you throw a low blow, or a thumb in the eye. They don’t have time to brace for impact or to defend it like they would in a boxing match. You can land a couple more before they even realise it’s on.
    Now, most people will call that a bitch move. That’s because they’re still thinking in sporting terms of a “fair fight”. Fair fights are for the ring. What’s more important in the street is winning. Thinking in a sporting way will only make things hard for yourself.

    1. You raise good points. Reminds me of the old saying that “if you find yourself in a fair fight, you need to revaluate your skills and training.” In other words, train to win. Can also apply to many other things in life besides fighting.

  15. If any red-pilled, English-speaking, fit, laid back expats living in Krakow are up for some daytime sparring (16oz gloves, mouth guard optional) on the Blonie, reply here and we’ll work something out via temp email addresses. I’ll be here all spring/summer. Serious post.
    All the boxing gyms are too far out of the way plus I’m tired of their drills. Just looking for some good old-fashioned sparring in the sun.

  16. LEMMY
    Much of this class-divided. I attended university in a rural area with a lot of dumb white hicks.
    During the daytime, these guys either work their shit jobs or are laying around their shitty house/trailer. They only come out at night and then their assaults involve liquor.
    If you avoid dive bars this is a start. Also, most of them lack the discipline to actually STUDY martial arts. They will try and hit you with a haymaker and anyone who knows martial arts can easily kick the shit out of them, regardless of their size.
    Also, they cannot RUN FAST because they heavy smokers with beer guts/drug habits. When I made a phonecall in the wrong bar and a hick followed me out he had to get in his car to follow me because I easily outpaced him.
    Finally on that point, the law is usually on YOUR side if you walk away. If the asshole follows you and you kick his ass and have to explain to the cops the chances are that he has a record a MILE LONG.
    But generally these guys have no money and drink/live in the poorest parts of town where most of us middle-class folks would not stop to take a shit.
    Also, having a car helps. Most of the time these folks tend to rush you on the sidewalk.

  17. BOBBY
    All the tough feral blacks I knew in high school went to prison for their ENTIRE life.
    There was T’Chiko McKay who at 16 (In ninth grade) beat up a variety of tough white guys-finally he stabbed an adult white guy and went to prison. I heard he just got out a few years ago. In prison from 1989 to 2014! Fuck me, what are you going to do at 43 when you were in prison your entire LIFE.
    Then there was Joe Calbert, head of the “BC” or Bastard Crew. At 13 he sidekicked the principal in school. His mother was a Black Panther and he studied martial arts. A white girl tried to hang around him and he and his friends lured her into the toilets and gave her a “chocolate swirly”.
    He ended up a crackhead downtown.
    So much for being a tough guy in high school.

    1. Cuck post.
      Every single Nig Ive known wasnt tough at all, except in groups.
      One vs One and the Nigs puss out. Want to box and look all fly n chit.
      Just a decent tough White guy takes them to the ground and its over in short order.
      Youve grown up around cucks your entire life, it evident by your post, you need to get out more and go to more blue collar or biker bars. The testosterone there will be contagious.

      1. You need to spend a day in an urban environment and no I don’t want to hang around a biker bar.

      2. RW
        “Every Nig I’ve known”
        How many ghetto blacks could somebody like you from the sticks know?
        You probably live in an all-white suburb.

    Life Lesson #1
    The bitch ain’t worth it. Johnny and Daniel fight over Ali. She is unheard of 30 years later when the Cobra Kai series rolls around and Daniel and Johnny are still fighting deep in middle age 34 years later when they are in their early 50’s.
    She went off and married some tax accountant or real estate broker and when Johnny and Daniel were still hanging around “The Valley” as Mexicans and Asians replaced Anglo-Saxons and Italians Ali was long, long gone to college.
    Lesson #2
    Lay low in a new situation. Daniel leaps headfirst into trouble in LA. He boasts of his karate, starts messing with a local girl in a bad relationship/break-up, starts a few fights.
    Lesson #3
    Class/social division. It was never going to work out between Ali and Daniel. He was lower middle class and she was a wealthy local.
    Lesson #4
    Avoid shit with locals. Johnny was rolling deep with guys he grew up with and knew his entire life. Daniel shows up one day and starts swaggering around like he owns the place.
    Lesson #5
    “Sleeping dogs”. Daniel nearly ruins TWO LIVES on Halloween Nights-his own as he might have been seriously injured or killed; Johnny’s because that was a group assault on a lone individual and Johnny would have ended up in prison being raped by Crips and Mexican Mafia.
    NB Daniel could see that drugs were a factor-Johnny was high and Daniel ruined his drugs when he poured the water on him.
    Lesson #5
    Out of your element, thugs will be territorial. Daniel was from the East Coast and this was a different country in the days before the internet. His own background was urban and Italian; Johnny was suburban and Anglo. Daniel should have respected being in another country.

    1. You must have never heard of the Aryan Brotherhood or Joe “Pegleg” Morgan.

      1. Pegleg Morgan was a Hungarian Jew who happened to grow up in a Mexican neighborhood.

    2. Karate Kid was written, produced and directed by a J EW.
      Go watch a documentary on the Aryan Brotherhood and find your testicles.

      1. RW
        I don’t want to run meth or listen to GG Allin/Ska all day with cops following me around all the time and pride myself on staying out of jail.
        That’s what happens to AB in Detroit

  19. Use Sarah Hampsons face as a shield till opponent gets tired. Finish him off with a dim mak. Win win.

    1. The best way to avoid street fights is to hold a decent well-paying job, live in a nice neighborhood or at least a functional one, don’t have kids or marry young, have a skill or trade, don’t sell drugs, don’t go into dive bars filled with angry proles who do not give a shit, beware of where you walk around at night.

    1) If they come to your house/property it is a home invasion/break and enter which rachets it up to a felony conviction. Once you bolt inside and they try to break down the door-they are now in break and enter territory. That is it for their future-a felony beef means no decent job handling money for their entire lifetime.
    2) If being chased by attacker or attackers hit a culvert or go off the road into rough terrain. Few of them want to follow you into a water-filled culvert or through thick bushes/shrubbery. Also, stay there. After 3 hours in the bushes or in a water filled culvert they will leave.
    3) Avoid the place you saw them. Don’t go back the next day. Or the next week. Five years minimum.
    4) Hit the ground rolling and make space so they have to chase you.
    1) You can make their life harsh for a pack of cigarettes in the jail. You want another inmate to hurt them, just pay. Or a guard. But then you are in deeper in criminal behavior.
    2) Go full extent with your lawyer. Lie and say that they demanded your money-this makes it a larceny, not just assault.

  21. Conflict never happens the way you plan it. – Sun Tzu
    I don’t think that’s the exact quote. But it’s close enough. Be ready by never being ready. Train your skills so that they may react without forethought. The moment you anticipate is the same moment you’ll be surprised.

  22. First shot, if you are not carrying a weapon, is to the nose. Hopefully you break the septum which will cause an immense amount of bleeding. Open handed, straight up, is the way to go.
    If they don’t quit after that take them down by their knees and deliver a few more blows to the face. They will most likely quit at that point. Most fist fight bar scenarios are fueled by alcohol and “property” protection. The recipient does not want a fight to the death.
    Once it is done walk away. Backwards until you can safely turn and get the f_ out of there. If he has friends looking to escalate it chance are you blew the wind out of their sails, at least for a short time.
    If you used a weapon, even lawfully, get rid of it unless it was a firearm. Chances are if you threw your knife or pepper spray into a random dumpster and didn’t seriously hurt the guy then the cops will never go looking for it.
    If you had to shoot the guy and were illegally carrying, well, I’m not going to tell you what to do. If you had a permit and were legally carrying, pick up your brass and get the hell out of there. You don’t have to make a self-defense claim under the law the minute you make such a decision. Talk to a lawyer then go from there.
    If you did engage in lawful self-defense with a firearm, first, get a lawyer. Second if the cops come knocking at your door the next morning don’t answer. Call your lawyer. If they have a warrant don’t resist and just keep your mouth shut. Don’t try to destroy evidence that may be an additional charge or let a jury on to the fact that you were of a guilty mindset.
    Either way, if you end up in a fight it is usually going to be a net zero or not net negative for you. That is even if you “win”. Health insurance, once they find out the reason for you injuries will usually not cover the bills. Civil suits take time and many years later you are already out of the money or the medical bills have wreaked your credit. The best strategy to a fight is to avoid one at all costs. That even means if backing down despite your “alpha” personality might conflict.

    1. Thats why you get yourself Judgment Proof and dont own any assets in your own name. Its not that hard. Trust accounts etc Houses, cars, assets can all be in a blind trust.
      And If you carry a gun, get a snubnose 38. No Brass shells.
      Anything can be fashioned into a weapon as an equalizer- Glass, bottle, sand in your pocket thrown at someones eyes. That 1 second to distract is usually all you need to strike first and get the upper hand. Follow with elbows, knees, kicks. End it fast. No witnesses is the ideal.

    1. Then what Joe? You think that’s the end of it? Did you kill him? If not then what? You prepared to escalate? How far? You ever kill anyone? You think you can without flinching? Be honest.

  23. madman marz
    Duterte is not rubbing out addicts, most of these are innocents being murdered to fill a quota. In fact he himself is in cahoots with big time drug dealers in the Philippines.

    1. CUJO
      True, he kills low-hanging fruit and not the Chinese generals running the drug syndicates.

    2. Nonsense. Duterte is a Nationalist that cares about his people and those attacking him are Globalist Zionist sell outs. Drug dealers are scum and rubbing them out as a policy is having tremendous results in the Philippines. His popularity is over 90% and drugs are becoming much harder to acquire, rate of use is way down.

      1. RW
        I’m no Jew but I grew up around them and they could not give a fat rat’s ass about Duterte since that economy is run by Chinese anyhow.
        You’ve never been in the Philippines in your entire life (Or worked overseas) I lived in the Philippines for 3 years.
        Shabu will never be hard to find in the Philippines because the Chinese will continue smuggling it.
        Duterte is not killing the Taiwanese manufacturers.
        I doubt that you have ever been out of the United States.

      2. RW
        You would not know about the Philippines-you’ve never been there or probably anywhere else overseas in your life.
        Nobody who has spent their entire life in the middle of the US-not even a coast or border state-can understand the situation of Southeast Asia

  24. Modern women get pretty testy and critical around men who display anger or an urge to fight. In my early 30s, I had a girlfriend who tried to scold me for nearly getting into a fight one night, and I said something along the lines of the following:
    “If you’re around me long enough, eventually you’ll catch me restraining my violence. Never attempt to tease out the unrestrained corner that defines the heart of man.”

    Apparently, that was the correct response. She loved it. 20 minutes later…sex.

  25. Facing reality: In my neighborhood, any street fights always had the risk of bringing revenge attacks to your front door by lowlifes. They’d knife your tires, vandalize your house or whatever. Or they’d get their big brother or bigger friends to come back and finish you. Unless you could muster as big a crew who were itching to fight, you were ALWAYS on the losing end, because they were poor losers who had nothing to lose and would take it to the extreme until you lost and were humiliated. And this was before shootings were the default problem-solver. Diffusion, placation or avoidance was always the key. Only the most violent, stupid and ZFG, (eventually ending up in prison for life) got “respect”.
    If I won a fight against people in my school, it didn’t earn their respect, it earned their eternal hatred. They hated me before and they hated me even more if they lost.
    The value of learning to fight without weapons is primarily to use when you don’t have a weapon to disable your attacker. It’s the maximum brutal violent vicious attack that will disable them so you can get away. Better hope they don’t know who you are or where to find you.
    If your goal is to settle a dispute, where both of you don’t want to cause too much damage, then you should be able to diffuse the situation before it comes to blows – or accept a few blows, throw a few and call it good – not be the master street fighter who always wins.

    1. BURNER
      To be honest my friends and I did this very thing to an older Irish bully who was senior and pushing around sophmores at my high school.
      One kid eventually put sugar in the gas tank of his little 125 cc bike, putting in blocks for 6 months.
      His Dad was a sensible Old Country engineer who basically told his son that he had it coming.
      By then he had pushed so many younger students around-he was 17 and they were 15-that he did not know who did it.
      Finally, some kid’s older brother who was 20 beat the shit out of HIM.

  26. On the real streets or in SHTF, if you are the master street fighter who always wins, AND you are an asshole, bully, and dickhead, someone is going to want to exact revenge on you and come after you in some clever way or more violent way.

    1. BURNER
      True. George was the name of this Irish kid, whose Dad had come to my city as an engineer.
      He bullied kids 2 years younger than he was-that is a huge difference in the mid-teens.
      Anyhow, a myriad of things happened to him.

  27. Winning a fight could also mean you LOSE in the social sphere, if chicks dig the guy you fought against. Girls will berate you to leave him alone, and his homies will not be so friendly toward you. You become the bad guy. They think YOU are the trouble-maker sowing discord among the neighborhood, even if the guy you fought was the predator.

  28. Reading these comments makes me think no one here lived in any kind of rough neighborhood, or mixed with lots of POC. I see a lot of theory and bluster.
    If you grew up with a lot of people who all “had something to lose”, then maybe fights developed where everyone walked away with a few cuts and bruises. Plus you all got some kind of protections from a functioning legal system, i.e. the other party knew there’d be consequences if they shoot an RPG through your bedroom window to solve the dispute. In my ‘hood, some people didn’t care about the PO-leece, or they didn’t think about the consequences. They would always escalate until you lost and were humiliated.
    Anyone here can see many videos where when POC get into a fight, they will stomp your head when you’re down, there is no honor, and they don’t care about the consequences of going to far where you suffer permanent debilitory damage.

    1. BURNER
      True, I knew a wealthier white kid who did the “BAD BOYS” number on some ghetto black kids who followed him out of our school into the parking lot-he threw a load of cans into his gym bag and bashed the shit out of them (The cans BROKE in real life) and he was put through the system for First Degree Assault. He ALMOST went to prison at 16 and was on probation AFTER we graduated unlike the Sean Penn character.
      This is especially true between blacks and whites. The tougher whites tended to be Irish, Italians or hillbillies in my neighborhood and while they would fight they did not want to go to prison as 16 for murder-most of the time.
      Tchicko McKay and the “B.C.” (Bastard Crew, which the blacks in my school literally were) did not care at all. They were all in prison by 16 or 17 anyhow.
      You know its funny. An old friend told me that one black kid JUST GOT OUT for a first degree murder he committed when we were 9th graders in 1989.

    2. Which is why I dont feel sorry for low class spooks getting their comeuppance…

      1. Nice vid’s. Well, disturbing but accurate portrayals of street violence.
        That white kid vs black is a good show of not judging a book by its cover. He looked like a skinny white kid, but had some vicious punches, and experience.
        Not a fan of the blows after the fight was won. That shit can kill someone, and self defence is over at that point. Not smart when you are being filmed.
        The NY thug’s mistake was he was outnumbered, not on his home turf probably would never see those other guys again. He could have walked away.
        His opponent outweighed him by a long way,(there aren’t any weight divisions in real violence) once the NY guy got taken to the ground the other guy’s extra weight trapped the NY guy there. Whilst the white guys punches were wild, and untrained they all hit with effective force, numerous times. Once again brutal, unnecessary stuff after the fight was over. I know you can do shit when your blood is up, but that was murderous intent.
        Mexican vs Blood. Blood was not in his home territory. Tactically he was disadvantaged by his positioning in relation to his car. They were ready to annihilate his head with the car door, or could have kerb stomped him to death.

      2. Meh, this is all for bragging rights, no real honor in any of these clips. If the fat white guy in the first video put as much effort into his weight as he did those punches than maybe I would understand why he was fighting. In other words its one slob beating the shit out of another. Do you ever see men in suits or who are dressed normal who are going about their lives getting in fights? I realize the argument can be made that fighting shows what your ‘made of’ and it shows you ‘stand up’ for your beliefs yadi, yadi, yada, but in reality only idiot fucks and losers get in fights. I’ve been in a couple fights (when I was an idiot fuck and loser – yeah, it happens to the best of us) ok and its because I put myself in those situations. Normal ass people don’t get into fights not because they are ‘too much of a pussy’ but because they don’t give a shit about some poor black fuck or poor white fucks dumbass opinion. Some poor ass ghetto piece of shit white guy or black guy why should I give a shit about ANYTHING coming out of his mouth? Its like the ramblings of a homeless man, I pity them, I don’t feel ‘disrespected’. It’s all laughable to me. The only times I got in fights was cuse I more or less was looking for it and wasn’t in the right state of mind (i.e. drunk). In reality fighting is for people with low ass IQ and who have no self-control. Very very few situations in life call for actual self-defense of your family or yourself, and if your a dumbass (again with low IQ) who puts himself in those situations than you deserve what’s coming to you. People that street fight generally have no social standards or personal worth of their own to begin with. The fact that fighting is ‘glorified’ is again because those who fight or look for fights have low standards and self-worth. I’m not advocating totally pacifism or something, but generally speaking street fighting is for less evolved individuals who don’t realize they have no real honor to ‘uphold’ to even begin with. If your the president of the United States or an actual public figure and some guy throws a punch at you, by all means hit his ass back, but generally speaking no one gives a shit about ghetto rats beating each other up. These guys only get in fights because they have no personal self-worth. If they were really upholding something (say a position of authority) than I can sympathize, but they aren’t upholding anything. In other words its pointless and proves nothing. Sure the dude who got beat up goes home and doesn’t start shit again, but what did the ‘winner’ get out of it? Does he feel better now that he played the role of ‘daddy’ and beat the shit out of someone? Again, low IQ, no one’s upholding any real standards of anything.

        1. You may not be interested in violence, but you never know when violence will become interested in you.

      3. Heartwarming!
        Notice the wrestling/groundfighting component to these vignettes. There is no word in ebonics for “grappling”. The concept is a mystery to the Wakandans.

  29. Selco describes the value of being able to fist fight in situations where two people have a dispute but don’t want to kill each other. This only happens in places like his town were many people grew up together and knew each other in one way or another, or had lived in the town all their lives. In America this is not likely to be the case. Most people have moved all over, or there have been massive population movements. Complicating this is the massive influx of people from all parts of the World (not just 3rd World) who care more about their people than stupid American mixed mutts most of us are.
    In the real world, even if you square off with one dude, the opponent’s homies will trip you up or punch you in the back of the head while you’re engaged. Or just watch any street fight video, other strangers who are the same color as your opponent will run up and kick or punch you and then flee. Almost zero chance of you having any kind of “honorable” one-on-one fist fight to settle differences.

    1. BURNER
      True, I had a Polish-American friend named Nedlinko (Neddie) who beat up a black guy in self-defense.
      Even in the county jail he had to be segregated because he had assaulted a black. Locked down 24 hours a day. And that was in county jail, which far nicer than prison.

  30. Reality: If you square off “honorably” against some dude, it will stay “honorable” as long as you are losing. If your crew is smaller than his crew and you are winning, they will not accept it and will jump in and take over for him, this will go on until your crew loses.
    At any time some drunken observer, friend or stranger may attack you even if you are not fully engaged with your opponent, and even if they are not part of the other guy’s crew. They are just drunk and violent and picked YOU to attack.
    Has anyone here even been in real brawls? More than one? Only on TV?

    1. BP, I’ve been in quite a few over the years. Sometimes one on one, sometimes one against 2 or 3(where it goes down exactly how you mention). I have posted about some of them in earlier threads, many months back.
      In real violence as opposed to ritualised violence like combat sports, I have seen many trained fighters get bashed, because they expect everyone else to back down against their rep. The newcomer/stranger doesn’t know he’s supposed to be scared of this individual, and takes the initiative, devastating blow to the head before the trained fighter has processed that the fight has actually started. Put the same individuals in a situation where the trained fighter is mentally prepared the other guy is mincemeat, like the former boxing champ video above.
      Most of the incidents that weren’t about dominance, eg schoolyard brawls where you know the other guy or their group, were from ambushes. The instigators usually stacks everything in their favour; surprise, numbers, weapons, and other dirty tactics etc. In hindsight it was pretty easy to see to the attempts to set things up before the violence started. The interview as Marc Mc Young calls it. His books are the best that I have read about self defence in a non war zone, both in terms of the psychology of violence, and tactics to employ. They really paint a clear picture of the unwritten rules, you get an understanding of how reality really is and the tools to deal with it, avoid where possible and what to do when you can’t avoid it. Once you have clarified this in your own mind life in general makes more sense. So much of what you are taught in civilized society can turn you into a victim.
      Situational awareness will keep you out of getting your arse kicked more than years of training to become the ultimate streetfighter(though some training and maintainance through practice is an essential part of the equation).
      The other side of the street fight is the consequences afterwards, even if you win.
      Ripped shirts $, skin off your knees from fighting on concrete footpaths or a road, that take a month or more to properly heal. Boxers fracture to the hand(definitely use the palm heels for skull strikes rather than a fist).
      Legal ramifications, court cases, fines, wastingof your own time usually over a person who is a worthless piece of shit. Been there done that, try to avoid it if at all possible now, despite the almost orgasmic endorphin high you get from delivering some righteous punishment and coming out victorious.

      1. RUBIN
        “Worthless piece of shit”
        This is the bottom line. Do a year, two years, five for some worthless piece of shit whose name you did not even know?
        Never able to handle money again because you got a felony beef.

    2. BURNER
      Again, totally true. In Detroit the few times drunks lunged after me it was from behind and there were quite a few of them.
      On one occasion a whole bunch of white greasers-again, probably Polish-followed me in a car and I only got away because I hit the railroad tracks and then jumped down the grass of an underpass.
      Here’s some advice for being tailed on foot by potential attackers in a car
      1) Don’t talk. Just keep walking. Use peripheral vision but don’t swivel at them.
      2) Find railroad tracks, dirt paths into darkness as a way to lose them, get off the road.
      3) Get into an apartment complex. It will look like you are visiting friends.
      4) If you are in a vehicle, stay there.
      GOLDEN RULE #5
      Remember that as long as you do not engage, the law is on your side.

  31. nice blue pill libtard article. ive been in about 15 “fights” in my life, about half in grade school, and about one every 2-3 years as an adult. i have never ever started a fight. I have never been in a one on one fight, ever. only 3 fights i can remember i saw coming… all the rest, especially as an adult, are just ambushes/jumped/2on1 situations with a couple hidden weapons. only one figh i can think of was with non whites. in grade school i took boxing for three years and all that did was make the other kids target me even more. as an adult who had trained in jiu jitsu, alpha male wannabe mma fans seem attracted to starting shit with those who they find out are “trained”. im not going to say that you shouldn’t know how to fight, it is definitely a valuable tool. but my best advice is to RUN RUN RUN. ive never seen a fair one on one fight except on tv. as an adult, my size, 5’8 150, and somewhat quiet beta nature definitely hinders the situations ive been in. id be willing to be if i was 6’1 200lb most these cuck mma fans wouldn’t be so eager start shit. its a good thing my cardio endurance and speed is second to none so getting away is relatively easy.

    1. Yep…wish I’d run more. Same number of total fights here, about 15 since middle school (everything before that was more like “toy fighting”) — 12 as an adult, but none since age 32 (been close a few times but older guys know the consequence better, engage temperance, etc.).

      Lost slightly more than won…likely 8-7 track record. A couple of the losses began with sucker punches that drastically reduced my odds, like getting mugging blindside; some losses were due to someone else jumping in to save their buddy or little bro, and I got overwhelmed; the rest, I just bit off more than I could chew…on those, I should have run.

      Only a few of the 7 wins were somewhat glorious and injury-free. The other 4, messy wins that I should have disengaged from, and run.

      Testosterone and adrenaline…SO difficult to manage let alone master, especially up until about age 35.

  32. There are no dangerous weapons only dangerous people?
    Lmao, that’s how marchers sound.

  33. Love all the comments from the peanut gallery. Like MMA watchers, there are plenty of opinions from those that don’t know a damned thing other that what Jackie Chan did in his last movie, or whatever Bruce Lee magazine cover he jacked off over last. Fights are simple; be paranoid and train for the worst. The major worry is a mud man getting you to drop you guard. Nogs only lie when their lips move, never relax around jackals. The advantage they have is that boons enjoy jail, and humans don’t. Other than that stay out of bar fights, train consistently and don’t ever let ego get in the way of common sense; WTF Tae Kwon Do is a classic example of that.

  34. I train boxing so I’m ready for a fight if the situation arises . But not looking for a fight and the only time I fight is in sparing sessions. But if any antifa shit that wants to fight I will fight him and try to end it fast and knock him out. And boxing helps with my self improvement.

  35. ANTIFA
    Why would you fight in the street with losers than do not have a job, live with their parents, have not taken a bath in a week, will infect you with HEP C or some other dick pathogen they contracted or shot up, will never live above the poverty line, will never have more than what they can squeeze out of the fiscal budget…see what I am saying.

  36. Wrestling is great training for a street fight. If you are breathing super hard its because you haven’t learned to properly use your strength(or are horribly out of shape), which is usually in selective bursts. Learning to fight against multiple assailants is another good lesson, you quickly learn that you have to make sure that you never have both of them on you at the same time, because even two weaker opponents are capable of beating you with combined strength. You also learn confidence and the ability to size up your opponent, which by itself can end a fight before it begins.

  37. “It’s not the man in the fight, it’s the fight in the man.”
    also one of two looks work to unsettle the opponent and put fear out of your mind: crazy or delight.

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