A Primer On The Sex War Between Men And Women

No day is safe from news of you

Walking about in Africa maybe, thinking of me

The Rival, Slyvia Plath

In 2014, relations between men and women are little more than a smoldering, ashen trainwreck of a failed social experiment. What began as an unhealthy society has slipped and skidded down a mine shaft of sheer insanity. As much physical harm and frothing vitriol second-wave feminism has engendered, the roots of sexual disaffection between men and women can be carefully traced from the inception of America to the modern day and involves far more than feminism.


America was birthed at the hands of a subset of Christians known as Puritans. Seeking to escape theistic persecution in England, they crossed the Atlantic and settled in what is now Massachusetts. The Puritans were by all accounts a hardy, self-reliant and stoic group of men and women. However, history remembers them as an extremely rigid society based out of extreme psychological repression, using deep religiosity as a mask for dark impulses lurking underneath the veneer of social propriety. This repression is often well-represented by religious movements and similar left-wing movements such as feminism and Atheism+. However, this puritanical repression is clinically known as obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

OCPD, at its beating heart, is based out of a fear of internal chaos. Instead of mastering all the anti-social impulses that any human has in their life, they run away from them, burying those impulses as deep as they can with work, perfectionism and, often, religion. Like I previously observed, these people are hard-working folk, reliable and usually upstanding citizens of their respective communities. However, this behavior is resultant of repressing fear, anger and other anti-social feelings. They place a preeminent importance on adherence to the rules of society, as their precarious identities hinge on rigidly adhering to them. They love punishment, abhor rehabilitation and generally seek to avoid “sinning” so they can feel free to judge others in the first instance.

This is the psychological posture of early America. Americans saw the expansive wilderness filled with foreign people as the physical manifestation of their internal conflict: that civilizing the rest of the world is up to them – they will set up a society with rigid rules that will ensure nobody sins and everybody lives life in strict accordance with their distinct flavor of Christian doctrine. They saw both a terrifying world teeming with unpredictable forces but also a righteous challenge. Thus, they set out to create their “Shining City On A Hill.”

Witch Trial

While the nastiest manifestations of this were manifest in the Salem Witch Trials, slowly but surely this mindset began to weaken. As America grew and expanded from a predominately agrarian one into an increasingly urban one, the ruling elites pondered and enacted sweeping changes to society that would ultimately lead to the complete degeneration of sex relations.

Traditionally, the transmission of culture, religion and socialization of a child was done by families. Men would have their growing boys toil alongside them mending fences and tending to fields, girls would churn butter with their mothers and learn to sew and cook. Ignore the odiously ignorant painting of sex relations by feminists: in this setup of rigid sex roles, America was most peaceful.

This social setup was tolerable and peaceful enough primarily because of the palliative effects of marriage and chivalry. When men and women engage each other most as sexual partners, tasked with the sacred duty of raising children and preserving the marriage bond, society is stable. However, when men and women engage each other as economic, social and political rivals, the necessarily fragile and intricate relations between men and women fray. However, it isn’t just the primacy of marriage bonds between the sexes, but also chivalry.

Chivalry, as a concept, exists in every society in the world. It often takes many different forms, complete with different social roles and conventions, but it is always based on a sex-based duty of men to women. To the trained eye, it is borne out of sex-based paternalism, but the feminist analysis leaves out 50% of the equation: the concept of female privilege.

American chivalry exalted the woman as a mother and a wife, her virginity prized more than any other aspect of her personhood. Yes, youth, looks and feminine domesticity were important,  but the deep repression of sexuality catapulted the value of a woman’s hymen to stratospheric proportions. Women were regarded as superior caretakers of homesteads, caretakers of youth and better curators of civilized communities. Women enjoyed primacy as men’s moral superiors, while men claimed to be women’s intellectual and political superiors. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant, as this simply was the mindset of America.

The adoring valuation of women as ladies had a dark counterpart in the ruthless devaluation of women who refused to conform to said norms. When women complained of violence towards them as women who refused to conform to the prevailing sex roles, they weren’t actually talking about actual violence, they were talking about the brutal repression of sexuality in America. They could sense the repressed violence that men wanted to act out, but the surprise and revulsion against actual acts confirms they implicitly understand it will not be acted out.

Still, the greatest supporters of this social system was other women. Women having sex outside a martial contract with God and engaging in acts like drinking publicly or refusing marriage outright was supremely offensive to the average American female. The fear they wanted those things too drove women to be the harshest enforcers of this social order. To this day, man don’t need to lift one finger or send a Tweet at a woman, this social order is completely upheld and enforced by other women.

gilded age industrial revolution

However, this social contract is based out the family and local community being the primary or sole curators of this social order. Starting in the Gilded Era, the ruling liberal elites, looking to dismantle what they perceived as the inherent backwardness of the self-dealing family and primacy of religion over education, began to toy with ways of dismantling what they would eventual label “Christian patriarchy.” This was never done with the best interests of the lower classes at heart: it was based out of finding ways of exploiting the lower classes so they could better fit with progressive desires for society. They first targeted blacks, Irish and Italian folk as needing remedial assistance to shore up what they perceived as deficient cultural practices.

Relying on ethnic and class prejudice, they convinced the public that these people needed an expanded educational system that did more than teach reading, writing and arithmetic—with one that educated the whole person. They created the juvenile justice system, relying on extreme cases of bad parenting to slowly bring children as a class primarily under the care of the state instead of the parents. Liberal elites in emerging fields like psychiatry and sociology began to expound theories of how the state and private experts could better teach children and educate parents on the art of parenting. The rapidly expanding scope of government and corporate power coincided with expanding urban areas.

juvenile justice early

Eventually, they brought every class in America under the tutelage and purview of learned elites and technocrats and used the criminal justice system, family services and educational system to disempower parents. Instead of parents shielding children from the crushing power of the state, children were shielded from the love of parents. Liberal elites may have been exploitative and possessed a critical level of prudence, but they were not unintelligent. As early as the 1910’s, they began to notice that their reforms were not having a positive effect, but were simultaneously creating great levels of anxiety in parents that resulted in children with great levels of anxiety. Freud penned his essay “On Narcissism” in 1914, as he noted shifts in the psyche of patients who presented themselves at his practice; by 1976 Sheldon Bach observed:

You used to see people coming in with hand-washing compulsions, phobias and familiar neuroses…now you mostly see narcissists.

 The absolute degradation of the American family at the hands of liberals had a predictable effect on women: they were the first to reject marriage. “New Women” in the Gilded Age rejected motherhood and marriage, flappers in the 1920’s flaunted their curves in public and would shamelessly flirt with men in public. The carefully proscribed relations between men and women had begun to crumble as the state and elites began to pick away at an institution they did not understand. As women became worse mothers and fathers worked away from home at factories or as businessmen, the American woman justifiably became terrified of motherhood and wifehood, as she could not draw on positive experiences of her mother as a youth. These weakened links between love, marriage and childrearing birthed the “Sexual Revolution.” Women sought to extricate themselves from the bondage of commitment and children.

Yet, that is only half the picture. As chivalry began its slow death, the curtains were raised on the resentment between men and women. Women resented being placed on the pedestal of masculine adoration. They resented the rigidity of sex roles based not on the needs of men and women, but on the sick repression of anti-sociality, specifically male anti-social behavior. This class resentment was exploited for economic gain by corporations and government.For example, marketers shamelessly targeted flappers in the 1920’s to smoke cigarettes, framing it as liberating from male influence. It was further exploited for economic gain as women were eventually turned into tax-paying capitalists, with elites hijacking second-wave feminism. The uncontrollable rage of those feminists—ironically highlighting the worst stereotypes of women as shrewish victims—was sublimated by corporations and the elites and shunted women into roles of wage-earners. Why work with a man as a wife when you can work for The Man?

The combination of women pursuing what amounted to middle-class wages and rejecting the framework of marriage and love based on socially destroyed notions of chivalry, men and women were brought into direct class conflict. Conflict in the workplace, in bars and clubs and in the shams of relationships they would be compelled by human biology and psychology to form. The ratcheting up of demands by women on men highlighted the emergent narcissism: the ridiculously heightened expectations of the opposite sex while leaving space to blame men for their failings to meet their standards. What was once the gingerly tended to sex roles based on mutual dependence, chivalry and primacy of the family was drug down the rabbit hole into sexual Hell of social narcissism.

The tenuous but stable fiction of American sex relations was eventually exposed as a fiction. Not a fiction of biology, but psychology. The unraveling of relations between men and women were heralded by progressive elites, only to see it turn from sexual rancor into pure, blind rage. The fumbling attempts to put the sexual Humpty Dumpty back onto the wall of mutual dependence, chivalry and sex roles was embodied by the consequent actions of liberals to try to turn the twisted trainwreck of sex relations into more than what it would become.


In the movie Beetlejuice, the character of Otho finds a book called The Handbook For The Recently Deceased. By finding this, he confirms his suspicions that the house is haunted and he can profit from it. He skims through the book, finding out a way to summon the ghosts of a house, involving the procuring of the garments that the two married people wore to their wedding. He thinks he has hit the money jackpot, as he thinks he can reliably sell the house as being haunted. What Otho and the erstwhile investors don’t know is that through Otho is really performing an exorcism; his fiscal lust and arrogance have blinded him from realizing that.

He lays out the deceased woman’s wedding dress and the man’s tuxedo on the lengthy dining room table. He brings prospective investors to the haunted house round the table, with them clasping hands as they all channel their energy into the summoning. Otho beams with pride as the bride’s white dress is filled with the corporeal form of the dead wife; the eyes of the potential investors sparkle as the tuxedo of the dead husband is filled with the form of a man.

The pride and bedazzlement is short lived, as the two star-crossed lovers age quickly and badly. They quickly grasp their hands together, looking into each other’s eyes, searching for a love that is soon to die. The youthful pull of their hands turns to the brittle grasp of aging fingers, the firmness of their original grasp turning to dust scattering about on the table. They reach out to each other’s faces, his ossifying hand embracing the line of her jaw before disintegrating into nothingness. Their  eyes gaze longingly at each, as the rapidly increasing chasm of reality separates the two.


The investors, formerly stunned and impressed, begin to demand that Otho right this situation. Otho hurriedly flips through the manual. He realizes that he has no idea what he has wrought. He was so preoccupied with what he thought was simultaneously so self-evident and fiscally appropriate  that he ignored all else. As he impotently flicks through the book, all he has to say to his most important investor is:

It’s too late, Charles. I’m sorry.

This scene from Beetlejuice is an allegory for what relations between men and women have become. What started with a sense of duty and love towards the other sex became a sex war started by elites who viewed sex relations as something to be used for pecuniary gain. It was based out of ignorance of human psychology that prioritized not just fiscal gain, but illusions of social progression. Elites watched as their subjects became objects who shrunk from one another. Endeavors to ameliorate the situation by definition could not work because the framework embodied by the situation needed to be jettisoned, not engaged in. They locked themselves into a situation which necessarily lead to the destruction of the prevailing social fabric.

In their ignorance of humanity and puritanical psychology, they pushed across America’s Rubicon. They pushed into territories where no man should deign to go. Intelligence often devolves into arrogance and, as Otho did, American liberals thought they knew more than they did. They bit off a mighty powerful bit of psychology, only to find a Cujo-like beast behind it that was no match for any salve they could toss at it.

The space that sexual puritanism occupied—along with its concurrent approaches of mutual dependency, chivalry and sex roles—was blasted apart and replaced with nothing that could defend against what lay beneath. All that was left was pure exploitation of the wasteland that developed.

And, maybe, an apology.

An apology that could never amount to more than the mindless flicking through of a discredited Bible. An apology that could never be sincere. An apology that could only truly lie to itself about what it means.

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89 thoughts on “A Primer On The Sex War Between Men And Women”

  1. Feminist professor – So today we will learn about the fundamentals of feminism
    Feminist student- Ok Ms Feminista
    Feminist professor – Rule No.1 – Everything must be done under the pretext of ‘Equality’. This way, no one dares question us, even if we demand supremacy.
    Feminist student – Got it.
    Feminist professor – 2) Equality of opportunity and Equality of outcome are 2 different things. We already have equal rights and equality of opportunity for decades. However, we must never, ever admit this and always keep striving for equality of outcome.
    Feminist student – Understood.
    Feminist professor – 3) Always use the ‘misogyny card’ to silence any and every opposition, and even criticism. This tactic is called ‘relational aggression’. It works like a charm and works every time.
    Feminist student – Noted.
    Feminist professor – 4) Always hate or at least resent men. If you don’t already, you will soon do the once you spend some time with feminists.
    Feminist student – I already do. Continue.
    Feminist professor – 5) Always despise everything masculine. From male sexuality, to male influence. Patriarchy is nothing but a dysphemism for male influence – which is why we feminists hate it.
    Feminist student – I am already there. Continue.
    Feminist professor : 6) Victimhood is power. Hence, you must always look for excuses to cry victim. If situations don’t seem victimizing enough, make them seem so by twisting their interpretation. Once you convince yourself that you are being victimized, then you can successfully convince others. And this is how we gain more power.
    Feminist student – Being a woman it comes easily to me. And now I have the logic behind it too. Thanks. Please continue.
    Feminist professor – 7) 4 words must always be at the tip of your tongue – Rape, Misogyny, Equality, Sexism
    Feminist student – Noted.
    Feminist professor – 8) Always try to have complaints regarding everything. Including 2 opposite ends of spectrum. Eg – Women cannot show their bodies? Sexism! Women showing bodies willingly in the media? Objectification! Get it?
    Feminist student – Got it. Heads we win, tails they lose.
    Feminist professor – 9) – When you run out of problems, create new ones. Even out of thin air. No matter how trivial, insignificant or trifling – You must always have an excuse to whine.
    Feminist student – Got it.
    Feminist professor – 10) – Forever feminism is the only feminism. No matter how many rights we get, no matter how many privileges we exact, no matter how much supremacy our gender achieves – We must always continue our quest for “Equality” (Wink wink). The more that feminism lasts, the more comfortable our life will be, because the more power we will have. All this happens at the expense of men, so it’s a win-win!
    With the exception of housewives being required to work, everything has been in our favour. Soon we will find a solution for this, that is – We will either outlaw housewives working, or find a way to make men bear the burden of women – as always.
    Feminist student – Understood perfectly. You are brilliant professor. Thank you so much for this.

    1. this is the male logical version of feminism
      real feminism and most all of what women do is built on a mild psychopathic kind of fear. hide their insecurities behind a wall of guilting, shaming etc. etc.
      feminists don’t actually want supremacy because that will not rid them of all their fears

      1. It seems more like satire than “male logic” to me. I found it to be funny.

    2. This is why equality is not a virtue. All leftist beliefs fall apart once you question equality.

    3. Can you replace “feminist professor” with “rabbi”, “feminist student” with “jew”, “man” with “gentile” and get the same thing?
      Not really/not exactly. But it’s close enough.

  2. Your best piece yet, 2wicked. Fantastic analysis on how liberalism and feminism produces narcissistic relationships between men and women.

  3. Needs editing.
    This idea of exploiting the wasteland is real.
    Do you think Obama really believes that women are paid less than men for the same work?
    I think he is smart enough to realize that this is not true.
    Yet, he pounds on this point shamelessly. Entirely for his own political purposes. He does not just exploit women. He first helps to froth up the discontent of women over a myth. Then he provides a “solution.” And, with that, gets millions of votes.
    It’s sick. I think that in the past doing something that base would have been too shameful. For certain, politicians in the past did awful things, such as promoting racism and benefiting from it. With the racism option gone, the worst, most narcissistic, and most shameless politicians now exploit hatred that is so easily accessed in the female mind. First, the hatred had to be created. Then, it can be exploited.
    Doing such a thing is incredibly destructive to our society. I suppose, in part, that is why Obama is so gleeful in his exploitation of feminist mythology and female angst over make-believe grievances. He just hates America. Of course, he also like the votes he gets for himself and his party.
    One would hope that Obama’s declining popularity is because people see through his cynical manipulations. Though, my sense is that people are losing interest in Obama much like a rat loses interest in a watering hole that goes dry. He conditioned people to expect so much free stuff while enjoying constant airing of their grievances. It was just more than he could deliver on. So, now the rats are looking elsewhere for a quick fix.
    So, Obama turns to the tried and true manipulation of women. Again and again and again.

    1. You are right about Obama. I would highly suggest that all open minded men read Obama Nation by Dr. Jerome Corsi. Obama is probably the most dishonest president in the history of America.

      1. Yeah, can we have Nixon back? At least his scandals involved having the gall to spy on his political rivals instead of the American citizen.

    2. the important piece in all this is that yes, Obama hates America, and so does Michelle. they have said so numerous times, and their actions speak volumes.
      I like George Carlin’s take; it isn’t the politician’s fault it is the voters’ fault for putting these lying assh*oles in office.

  4. Atheism isn’t a leftist movement. Liberals and their ilk are atheists, though most haven’t got the reasoning ability or fortitude for it, because it’s required of them — they’re told to be because they’re “smarter” than everyone else but actually to destroy the ability to draw strength from any source but party and state. They are political atheists and a vast number of us detest them. Philosophical atheists are so because of experiences or, whatever you may make of it, reasoning and are generally conservative because capitalism and certain moral or ethical attitudes have been proven to produce a better life than other orientations. I don’t usually mention being non-religious because then I’m automatically believed to be a liberal.

    1. Leftists cling to atheism primarily out of resentment against traditional establishment, i.e. religion.
      Real atheists tend to be assholes who don’t give a fuck. These are the people lefties accuse of “making all atheists look bad”.

      1. Well, I don’t like leftists because their ideas don’t work and they are obnoxious, often fanatical, and cause trouble. I don’t want to be mistaken for one.

        1. For an atheist feminism should be looked on as yet another false religion and even worse, as a cult.

        2. No, it’s more like a social club for neurotics who think their problems make them superior. I understand your reasoning, however, since organizations have similar practices to reinforce feelings of solidarity and exclusiveness.

      1. So do I. I don’t want to persecute perverts but I don’t want to constantly hear about them. Most people are inclined to traditional sex roles and a society needs to support them to be stable.
        Just let the leftists scream and rave and don’t vote for or donate to them.

      2. So do I. I don’t want to persecute perverts but I don’t want to constantly hear about them. Most people are inclined to traditional sex roles and a society needs to support them to be stable.
        Just let the leftists scream and rave and don’t vote for or donate to them.

  5. Women could avoid being pumped and dumped and men could avoid false rape charges if everyone stopped having sex before marriage.

    1. And I still say, we can avoid false rape charges (as well as real ones) by making male-on-female rape legal. Once we take back the cunts’s right to vote, changing back the rape law should be an easy 100% vote.
      We need to stop sitting around complaining and actually do something to benefit men.

        1. Except against men in the prison industrial system. That’s how we stop men from being analytical and keep men in check. We belittle their sense of manlihood by sexually degrading them. Signed anon feminist

        2. Rape against a male is a horrible, disgusting, unnatural thing, that, among the physical, mental and spiritual wounds, degrades him to the position of a cunt.
          There is nothing, however, remotely wrong with male on female rape. It is a man gloriously and freely taking what he needs and wants, as a man. Cunts were made to be raped.

        3. As you are jokingly signing this as if you were a feminist, and are expressing a feminist position, I am merely responding to make it clear that as a masculist, of course I disagree with the feminazi thought here. As I said above, a male being raped is one of the most horrible things in the universe and this must be stopped.
          Also, once we get rid of these stupid feminazi laws like male on female rape, beating up a cunt, etc. being “wrong”, the prisons will be a lot less full of men either innocent, or guilty of merely offending a cunt.

      1. As much as I’m all for the patriarchy and traditional gender roles, I think you’re taking things a little too far.

        1. Cisscum – I respect your opinion on patriarchy and traditional gender roles, and I respectfully ask how this is “taking things a little too far”.
          I feel that this will not only legalize men’s natural needs, but it will help to enforce submissiveness in the cunts, along with a healthy fear of us and a recognition of our superiority.

        2. I mean that’s your opinion and that’s fine but I would probably at least take it a step back first. I think a lot of issues would be solved if a man could just give a lady a good slap when needed, but that’s just me.

      2. This Ruler guy is a troll. He’s been trying to stir us up with this same old “legal rape for cunts” shit for a while now.

        1. This is not trolling. This is pushing for the most basic of all male rights.

        2. Strangely, Fisherking writes a lot like Ruler… What, did you just change your name or something, Ruler?
          I will no longer engage you. Have fun being an idiot.

        3. plokiju, I understand you will not reply to this, but I hope you will read it.
          I am not Fisherking. I am also not a troll. I am a man just like everyone here, wanting my rights. Perhaps I am more outspoken, but I get upvoted and some supportive comments from regulars.
          I want basic male rights: voting, medical care and education should all be for males only. There should be no age of consent on cunts. Men should have the right to beat any cunt he wants as well as, yes, rape any cunt he wants. Men should have the right to kill cunts that they own. Cunts need to understand that the reason for their birth is only to serve us at our pleasure and that we are their complete rulers.
          I believe that if he truly examines his heart, there is no man here, other than manginas and white knights, who does not agree with these truths. The only real issue is in making this a safe enough space for men so that all can talk openly.

  6. chivalry is distinctly european concept , and it was once a warrior codex , based on strong-weak dichotomy, but much broader in scope;
    it was never sex-based duty of men to women – that is its modern interpretation , twisted and butchered remnants of old ideal
    as much as it may be flattering to americans, puritans didn’t leave england because they were persecuted – they left because they weren’t allowed to persecute everybody else
    and now they’re back with vengeance

    1. “as much as it may be flattering to americans, puritans didn’t leave
      england because they were persecuted – they left because they weren’t
      allowed to persecute everybody else”
      Good point. The Puritans were totalitarian goons who wanted complete control of everything. They were essentially kicked out of England.

    2. Actually Chivalry was brought to Europe from the middle east during the crusades. It was mostly a Persian thing.

  7. What grinds my gears and makes me lose sleep at night? The fact that my country, which I love, is anti-woman, anti-man, and overall anti-human. For how great and comfortable life is here it really still fucks people up. Most of you simps are still hard core into cold selfish and materialistic values and it’s fucking us harder than ever right now. My biggest guff is that men act like women and women act like men. I really knew our culture was fucked up when I saw a tall, good looking ex military man getting cucked hardcore by his bitch wife. You’re stronger physically than most men, a proud defender of the country and you act like that? Pathetic, and more so when you think of the spineless betas that stalk the streets and are generally filth. At what point did you guys decide to act like fucking vaginas? And the women, the women are worse than ever. You guys may feel like you have more power than ever but your hypergamy will hurt you in the end, too. In a mad rush of validation and materialism you’ll be pumped and dumped until the day you hit the wall and shrivel up, and really, even though you guys deserve it, I’m sad to see that. I’m bitter against both genders and I know that a lot of beta males don’t want to be helped. I’d love to drive my foot through the face of every man who can’t put himself as a priority. Only when you’re washed up, blown out, and aged to a disgusting level will you realize that a real man will never commit to you. Only when you’re 43 and getting rammed in divorce court by your cheating ex wife will you wish you had manned up, grown a dick and laid down the law. Am I bitter? Yeah, absolutely. We’ve been lied to since birth and turned into first world trash. My peers are beyond help, that would make anyone bitter. Am I a victim? No, I’ve found ways around this and am trying to make my way. Even if I fail, I’ll have never submitted to the wasteland like most unfortunate men will. But for the 99 percent of you who haven’t, good luck.

      1. Attribute the vehemence to my youth. Though, I could always go for some moosetracks

    1. Great comment. I turned my bitterness into action. I have completely disconnected my emotions and quite simply do not give a damn what happens to this country or the people in it anymore. I don’t participate nor do I pay any attention to the constant political machinations. It’s all lies, lies, lies anyway. I’m here simply for the money. I only see faceless, nameless automatons walking around most of the time. Exceedingly rare is a true human connection.
      Men, particularly bright, hardworking men, have been thoroughly ass-raped by this system. It is a lot to swallow, and I see 99% of men in complete denial about what has and is happening to them and what’s left of this hollowed-out society. Anything that was traditionally worth living for; family, friends, a sense of community – has been sent down the river. Sadly, it’s all because of social engineering from Liberalism and yes, unrestrained capitalism, too. (Capitalism is a wonderful system, but it needs to work in the interest of the society, not against it. As just one example, sending women into the workforce may temporarily increase productivity/GDP in the short-term, but it is extremely short-sighted in the long run.)
      My solution, and it’s a work in progress – is to build up a nice Fuck You Fund and build a life somewhere else with more traditional values. In fact, I’m expecting a child right now who will be the first of my family’s lineage NOT to be born in America in several hundred years. My future is abroad, and I am planning accordingly. I just have to finish the extrication process from The Matrix/Puritanland.
      I do not see staying as an option, particularly because life is finite and I want there’s more to life than working 50-60 hours a week, screwing trashy, worthless Americhicks, and buying gadgets, cookie-cutter cars, and McMansions.
      I do not see a good outcome in the West from this situation with a non-existent family structure, inverted pyramid population decline – which the oligarchs have tried to prop up by opening the floodgates of immigration, a narcissistic, materialistic “me first” culture, fiat currency, unfunded entitlements to beat the band, equalism, feminism, and whatever other “ism” you can think of.
      Oh, and remember what I said about working 50-60 hours a week? Get ready to row a little harder on the slave boat, because periods of population growth are associated with prosperity, and periods of population decline are associated with stagnation and a decline in the standard of living. Unfortunately, in America, the productive class is declining and the parasitic class is growing. Not to mention, whites are on the road to extinction. But that’s a whole other topic…

      1. The “Matrix” is not puritanical. It’s free sex galore for the secret society and deprivation for the typical male. It’s much more depraved than it is puritanical.

      2. Same guy here. “I do not see staying as an option, particularly because life is finite and I want there’s more to life than working 50-60 hours a week, screwing trashy, worthless Americhicks, and buying gadgets, cookie-cutter cars, and McMansions.”
        Couldn’t agree more. People here can’t fathom life beyond the states either, and I say let them stay in the fantasy. I’m travelling to the Philippines in a couple of months, and if I like what I see I’m going to start making steps to expatriate. As for the growing parasitic class, my wise old karate sensei, a vietnam vet, once told me “in a liberal fantasy, everyone is clothed, fed, sheltered, and given free healthcare. Believe it or not, such a place exists. it’s called prison.”

    2. This won’t change until men reclaim the traditional masculinity, but in a new context – one that totally ignores women. Of all the branches of the manosphere MGTOW seems to me the only one that shows some light at the tunnel of social decline. MRA’s are fighting lost battle against feminism on a field that will always put women first, PUAs just add fuel to the fire of the decline with their “only temporary bangs” attituted. MGTOWS are like people locking themselves in the Vaults, only they will surive the Fallout and be there intact to build new civilization.
      And the new civilization won’t be going back to the old model of traditional sex roles. This is gone and it will never return. The women will need to become fully humans, just as men are, with all the burdens and responsibilities. Only then, will they be able to start something with men, that have a chance to work.

  8. Great fear mongering.
    I am going to explain how relationships between men and women ACTUALLY work.
    This does not require a rant based on watching TV and creating some sort of pseudo-reality.
    In the real world out in ‘merica, attractive men and attractive women seek each other out and interact with each other.
    They tend to form relationships and have sex with each other.
    The growing problem here is that more and more attractive men and women are becoming socially awkward due to the rise of the internet, video games, social media, etc, etc.
    This rising level of mutual awkwardness prevents relationships from forming. This is the root of the problems in the U.S. Men and women simply do not interact with each other as often as they used to and as a consequence, they have a growing level of misunderstanding towards each other.
    As a side note, unattractive men and women do the same old, same old bullshit they have always done. They try to tear down and subvert the attractive people of their own sex in an attempt to vie for the attention of attractive people of the opposite sex. Crabs in a bucket.

    1. Dumb comment.
      Narcissism / Social Media.
      Sets the bar lower for women, higher for men to the point it is ridiculous now.
      Only the extremely attractive / wealthy are succeeding in the sexual markets or the extremely poor / ugly. Opposite ends of the scale with everyone in the middle floundering around or throwing in the towel.
      I dont know many people that do this
      “They try to tear down and subvert the attractive people of their own sex
      in an attempt to vie for the attention of attractive people of the
      opposite sex. ”
      Even unattractive men and women know that is not a formula for success.

      1. No it does not.
        Things largely operate the same way they always do.
        Attractive people operate in a bubble where everyone else is trying to break in on some level.
        The only difference is that through the internet, unattractive men are exposed to large swathes of attractive women they most likely would have never been exposed to otherwise.
        Also, I am a pretty attractive guy. Average men try to cut me down or prevent me from talking a girl who is interested in me all the time. Also, average women are notorious for trying to paint attractive women as sluts or whores or trying to argue that men should not see women as “sexual objects”.

    2. There is some truth to your comment. I have always believed that the left would by in far prefer to redistribute the beauty, intelligence, vigour, stamina and fortitude of the elite rather than their industry which in perspective is meaningless. The left fuels materialism as such as if only in the process of having something to take. You can tell the stock of most people just from looking at them and their first few words.

  9. Off Topic: There’s one common feature between the manosphere and the so called conspiracy theorists – they both want a change but have absolutely no idea how to come about it.
    So does anyone have an idea how to reinstall patriarchy?

    1. Yes. First, take away the right of women to vote. After that, it should be extremely simple changing the laws to make a fair society. With only men voting, you will have a very small minority of manginas and white knights voting against real men Some top things to change first are: male-on-female rape is legal, education is for males only and medical care is for males only. Those are the most important things to change to start toward a fair and just society.

    2. Implement genuine equality, which would mean everyone had the right to stand on their own two feet and make their own choices. The only difference would be that there would be no government support. No more child support and alimony for those single independent mothers, no more affirmative action to make employers hire based on race or genitalia, the best candidate gets the gig. The same would apply with education and getting onto courses etc. False rape accusers being given the same sentence as someone would who was found guilty etc.
      Once you made women actually have to earn what they are given, the majority would voluntarily sign up for patriarchy immediately. If any still insisted they wanted to do something else with their lives I wouldn’t hold it against them.

    3. Construct memetic weapons that act like acid on “Equality” dismantle female “Victimhood.”
      Inoculate men and women from bullshit through training in critical thinking. Bring evidence to bear on the benefits of patriarchy.

    4. Well you really can’t take away the female vote as it’s inherently unfair that opens a can of worms for other forms of discrimination. You can, however publicize their voting habits but that would take an unbiased media.
      And the commentariat here, at least, knows who runs the media.
      You don’t want to “reinstall patriarchy” but rather install a meritocracy instead. And a meritocracy will have men at the top as they represent the overwhelming percent of the highly intelligent.
      So here’s what you do:
      1) keep the 2nd amendment. This will be easy as an increasing number of people are seeing through the Sandy Hook bs.
      2) properly identify the elite/illuminati. This is harder as the “braintrust” here at Rooshworld likes to keep blinders on. But the main impetus here is Jewish Supremacy/Organized Jewry.
      3) Use the vast phenomenon of victimization/oppression mindset to use against them. They invented political correctness, turn it against them. Imagine the sense of outrage once proper ID is obtained.
      4) Use Divide and Conquer. Again, using their tactics against them. Most Jews are smart, hard-working, and well-meaning people. If they can remove their own conditioning and see the Zionists for who they are, they’re not going to want to be identified with them, especially if the Gentiles are in the know.
      #2 is going to be the hardest step. Just look at all the anti-anti-semitism on the RVF and you can see what we’re up against. And these guys call themselves “red pill”. Yeah right.
      But if these 4 steps are achieved you’re going to see a male-dominated meritocracy and finally society can be on the upswing, and maybe humankind can evolve en masse. Hopefully…

      1. P.S. this is coming from an American perspective. Apologies for any potential confusion to international readers.

        1. What “it’s going to take” is well known and has been for eons.
          It’s called WAR.
          If you don’t wake up to it, you will lose the secret war that is being waged against you.
          Only one way out, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

      2. Do us all a favor and write an article describing methods on how this can all be obtained.

        1. It’s going to take a widespread, grass-roots effort by free-thinking people. With time and more people “waking up” it’s going to be an organic process. Step #2 (identification) is already happening – just go to youtube. Imo it’s a mechanism that’s going to act on its own over time.

        2. But if you want the process kick-started I’d simply say “research zionism”.

        3. But here’s a slogan that could help –
          “Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism”

  10. For fuck’s sake, get an editor, ROK!
    “It’s too Charles. I’m sorry.”
    ” What Otho and the erstwhile investors don’t know is that through Otho is really performing an exorcism;”
    And many more!

  11. Like many societies, the comforts of high living standards has created an academic class, contained within their own echo chambers, and dangerously detached from reality. Progressive idealists, believing themselves to be morally infallible, do not feel compelled to be objective of neutral, only putting up a facade of being such so as to remain respectable.
    Resistance begins by questioning academic authority. Like many young people, I used to believe that being anti-academia was synonymous with ignorance and denial. After graduating from university, I can tell you it’s quite the opposite. Left wing bias is the rule, not the exception.
    Whenever you hear any kind of assertion, any study that liberals used to support their emotions, question the source. Look up the professors and academics behind it. Any involvement in social sciences or activism should set off alarms. These studies always contain some degree of truth, but framed or interpretated in a way comfortable for the liberal mind. You will notice what sounded conspiratorial at first quickly becomes a set pattern of left wing agenda-pushing, complete with its own jargon, memes, and revered personalities.

    1. You are right. Besides bias, there are two problems in academia right now that must be fixed.
      1) Women’s/gender studies departments. Firstly, these studies do not pass any rational person’s criteria for the academic rigor necessary to be funded by a university (a.k.a. taxpayers). The “gender theory” bullshit they teach is no more rigorous than the “red pill theory” that goes around the manosphere, and deserves no more taxpayer funding. Secondly, any legitimate research on gender or the female/gay demographic can be handled by the psychologists and sociologists, anyways. Thirdly, the bitches in these departments stir up controversy, pressure the university, and bully any academic who does not fall in line. They are the ones keeping universities liberal through bullying. The psychologists and sociologists can’t research any important issue with an open mind thanks to them. Remember when the Texas sociologists researched different family models and found that gay families were inferior, that straight families were the gold standard? It didn’t end well for them.
      2) The social sciences have tunnel vision. For example, sociologists insist on ONLY providing social explanations for social phenomena, claiming that they can’t offer other types of explanations since “the purpose of the field is to examine social structures.” This is nonsense, and, at worst, perpetuates the “blank slate” view of human nature. Imagine if chemists denied the use of physics in their field! Without thermodynamics, the science of chemistry would fail to usefully describe or predict much of anything! And so it is with sociology that denies evolutionary psychology.

      1. Evolutionary psychology is still a contentious field. Not because people can’t handle ‘reality’, but because the evidence is not yet conclusive; and there is a big difference between popular reductionists like Pinker, and ones doing the hard research.
        I am definitely concerned at how quick people are now to talk about social constructs and ignore biology though. However, the fact that we are now in a feminist society suggests to me that the relationship between biology and society may not be as clear cut as we often imagine, unless you view feminism is being an intellectualised extension of women’s manipulative nature.

    2. “You will notice what sounded conspiratorial at first quickly becomes a
      set pattern of left wing agenda-pushing, complete with its own jargon,
      memes, and revered personalities”
      Yes and that’s why skepticism is absolutely necessary. They aren’t all full of shit, but most of them definitely have an agenda. And to a large degree they need to pump out as many bullshit articles and ‘studies’ to justify their pay cheques and maintain the kind of petty bourgeois lifestyles that they claim to despise.
      However, one thing i do like about certain parts of leftist academia is that they traditionally looked seriously at the problem of class, whereas the right tend to ignore it and claim it’s up to the individual and point to all the exceptions who are now billionaires despite not finishing college or growing up in privileged neighborhoods.

  12. Great article but it didn’t mention cultural Marxism in this at all, maybe he didn’t want to be tarred with the anti-Semite brush. Instead he uses ‘american liberals’.
    cultural marxism spawned from jewish supremacists wanting to break down western culture by destroying religion, breaking down the family unit, promoting feminism (through various literature and other media).
    You only have to watch one of the jewish run programmes to see signs of cultural marxism, looks at say, the simpsons, family guy, and american dad as 3 examples.1) In all of them the man is a complete imbecile who the children look down on, the 2)wife is usually more intelligent and the one that wears the trousers.
    3)the women always withholds sex from the man and uses as leverage.
    These are just a few examples and from animated ‘childrens’ tv programmes, you won’t watch any programme or film in the same light once you learn about it.

  13. This is a good summary of the degradation of relationships between men and women. I am curious what your suggestion of a remedy is though. You imply that a return to the old ways isn’t good. It would just be a return to repression of sexual desires and fear. The so called ‘war on women’ is a sham, but puritanism isn’t the answer. Are we just to lament the loss of what we had, and bitterly exploit the current situation?

  14. This will lead to depopulation, a 75% fatherless homes and a push for more migrants [regardless of skill, dirty criminal record or cultural abyss].

  15. Who says it is not all by Elite design?
    Honestly our current civilization – the core essence of technology, science and most maintenance technologies/industries can be done by a very small part of society. In fact I believe that most men would not have to work more than 10-15 hours a week just as the predictions from the 1960s told.
    But since world domination and depopulation are main goals the societies have to be disintegrated in a controlled-demolition-fashion in order to make way for the new Brave New World that will serve the Elite in the most absolute way.

  16. Yeah you forgot about prohibition, where women campaigned endlessly to make alcohol illegal, because it was making wives unhappy. Women have always dominated society at the psychological level, since Eve. It just varies from time to time whether they make their men into self emasculating monsters who demand that men conform to feminine standards of virtue, which make women feel more virtuous than men, or indulgent sugar daddies who are willing to let women do whatever they want. Of course this is completely against their own self interest, which makes you wonder whether that one on one chat with that serpent was a just a fling.

  17. The solution: go back to a low-tech society with a strong belief in God, where roles for men and women are clearly delineated and, best of all, of sex is reserved for only husband and wife? That sounds like life in a strict Middle-Eastern Muslim country.

  18. Women have taken the phrase “Screw The Man” far too literally and have allowed their physical and mental existence to be ravished by government and corporations.

  19. It’s a long story with some good points, but it misses the mark in a number of ways. Feminism was never about truly rejecting patriarchal chivalrous entitlements for women. That was a rationalization that the (mostly lesbian) elites of feminism used to fool men that feminism was an equality movement. Most real women know better even if they won’t admit it. They’ll always say that chivalry is ok when it suits the woman. And actual feminism itself, even from the beginning, was about patriarchal patronage to hand women pseudo equality rather than releasing women from patriarchal protection to earn equality on the woman’s own merits.
    Heck, even with all the goodies of modern feminism such as preferences for high paying jobs and university degrees, most are lost most of the time and in need of a man to rescue them hence the continual third stage feminist demand for more goodies to rescue perpetually helpless, but equal, women. Most career women I know spend their money on gucci bags and shoes faster than a drunk sailor fritters away their military pay during shore leave at the strip clubs.
    It ties in with another article on RoK about the declining birth rates for middle class women. Middle class women are too busy blowing their money, or hating men, or both to breed. Patriarchal societies or the dregs of the welfare state breed out of control and ironically stick the tab on career women to pay for the social policy. In the end, rather than enslaving men as white knight servants as planned, middle class women made themselves into drones alongside men. Better treated drones, but drones nonetheless.

    1. Remember the ERA, Equal Rights Amendment of the 1970s was widely voted for by men and failed only because women didn’t want any chance of losing their privileges. That was even after a rider was added that assured that women would not lose any privilege. Women didn’t really want change, they just wanted MORE; as they always have.

  20. It’s economics. Putting women on par with men doubles the workforce. Ever wonder why your mum stayed home for ten years to raise your family and then wonder if you and your girl will BOTH need to work two jobs? Cos the powers that be needed to take more power back.

  21. There was no ignorance involved. NONE of this is happening by accident. It is an ages old plan that has wrecked all the ancient empires before.
    It’s just a big cohencidence.

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