A Field Guide To Converting Feminists

Now that the message of neomasculinity is finally getting out, even in the face of violent opposition, we can move on to the next step in our crusade to reclaim Western civilization—converting feminists into traditional women.

Progressives deny that a feminist can be converted into a traditional woman. They say that all feminists are “born that way.”

We here at ROK know that conventional opinion is wrong. Yes, Feminist Conversion Therapy is controversial, but the fact is that it works. There are dozens of former feminists who have gone on to lead productive lives as feminine wives and mothers, all through the miracle of Feminist Conversion Therapy (FCT).

Our wish is that more blue-haired feminists experience the life enhancing benefits of FCT so we are making this field guide available to all men who may be interested in this great work.

Feminism results from a decline in number of alpha males


There are many factors that have brought about the rise in feminism: easy birth control in the form of the pill, progressive indoctrination in the schools, and propaganda from leftist political parties. But one factor is commonly overlooked: the decrease in testosterone levels over the past twenty years.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that over the past 20 years there has been an age-independent decrease in the testosterone levels of American males. The decline in T levels was significant—a 17% decline. An earlier Finnish study found similar results for European males.

But high testosterone levels are one of the things that make a man into more of an alpha male. The declining testosterone levels have deprived women from exposure to true alpha males and high testosterone beta males.

The alpha male link to traditional womanhood


Women become more feminine in order to obtain an alpha male or a high-ranking beta. With high testosterone males, women are naturally happy to become wives and mothers. In the absence of alpha males, women seek self-actualization in other ways. They become prey to all sorts of depraved philosophies such as feminism, atheism, and collectivism.

The problem with feminism is that although it promises to make women happy, it is ultimately unfulfilling. This leads feminists into a spiral, always on the lookout for the next thing to feed their ever-growing rage.

Low-ranking betas have tried to fill the gap by becoming white knights. They wear t-shirts that say, “this is what a feminist looks like,” in the hopes that feminists will give them attention. While feminists proclaim that they want all men to be weak pajama boys, the truth is that these wimps disgust them. What they truly crave in their heart is the strong alpha.

Now that men are starting to gain an understanding of their true roles, we can begin reclaiming women who have been suckered into believing vain ideologies.

Who is a candidate for Feminist Conversion Therapy


Not a candidate for conversion

While feminist conversion can be effective, the disease of feminism is so toxic that after a certain point the host body becomes unsalvageable.

Many of the deleterious effects of feminism can be reversed. Unnaturally colored hair, asymmetrical haircuts, ironic glasses, ugly fashion, and even moderate weight gain can be treated by a make over, a Paleolithic diet, and regular time at the gym.

Other feminist-inflicted damage is more permanent. Regrettable tattoos and piercings will mark a reformed feminist for eternity, yet they don’t pose an insurmountable barrier to transitioning back to femininity.

However, any significant time spent living the feminist lifestyle can result in irreversible changes to the feminist’s body and brain, rendering her unable to transition back to normalcy.

The first of these changes is excessive weight gain. While some feminists are able to retain a human-like form after adopting the lifestyle, others are drawn to consume copious amounts of food until they have a gravitational pull that rivals that of a small planet. For these feminists, the hope of transition is vanishingly small.

The bodily changes brought on by feminism pale in comparison to the adverse effects upon the feminist’s brain. These changes may induce the feminist to experience strange obsessions and fantasies involving Roosh V.

Feminism also damages a woman’s reasoning faculty. Instead of using logic, everything is reduced to snark. The feminist loses the ability to speak in a normal language without resorting to buzzwords and phrases such as “fight patriarchy,” “you’re triggering me,” “cisgender,” “white male privilege,” and “Hillary 2016.”

Feminism also sexualizes everything. The most innocent comment can be taken as a rape threat. Remember, for a feminist, all sex—even consensual sex—is rape.

Professional opinion is unanimous on this point: Once the feminist has reached this stage, there is virtually no chance of recovery.

Rules for when to approach



The guidelines above are helpful, but if you are thinking of reclaiming a feminist, you should first study the following examples so that you will be able to avoid approaching unsalvageable feminists.


Comment: No comment. Do not approach.


Comment: Naturally colored hair. No sign of tattoos or odd piercings. No sign of anger. But, she is Hillary’s right hand person and married to man who Donald Trump called “a sick pervert” and a “whack job.” Do not approach.


Comment: Several things going on here. Of course there is the oddly colored hair, but the bigger giveaway is the mattress. Avoid any feminist who is carrying a “rape mattress.” Do not approach.


Comment: Long in the tooth but still attractive actress. Strong feminist viewpoints. Married to a billionaire. Do not approach. Watch From Dusk Till Dawn instead.


Comment: Blue hair, but attractive and no signs of anger or mental illness. If this not a Kardashian-Jenner, approach.


Comment: Dude. Do not approach.

How does conversion work?


The Alpha in his natural habitat

In case any feminists are reading this, I am not referring to sex with feminists. Converting a feminist also does not involve much argument. It is the mere presence of the alpha that awakens deep-seated desires within the heart of the feminist. If the feminist senses that she has any hope of winning over the alpha, she will adjust her behavior. Any feminist beliefs that she strongly holds will melt away when the possibility of bliss with a normal man is presented.

Any arguments that the feminist raises should be nonchalantly swatted down by the alpha. All objections should be dismissed brusquely. The alpha should not be concerned with hurting the feminist’s feelings—she wants the alpha to destroy the feminist façade that keeps her from being a complete woman.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Feminist: Kiran Gandhi, the Harvard MBA who ran the London marathon without a tampon, bleeding all over herself, is so brave in fighting cisgender white patriarchy. She eloquently raises the plight of women who suffer from monthly cramping! Hillary 2016! Stop triggering me!

Alpha: She is a disgusting, unoriginal fame whore who could not even come up with a worthwhile cause to protest.

Feminist: [makes soft cooing sounds]

The key is to be charming. You can even smile as you dismiss her arguments. But do not allow yourself to get angry. If you lose your temper, you have lost.

If you need further example, watch how Donald Trump charms this journalist. Yes, I realize that this journalist is a man, but he is a progressive feminist man—virtually the same as a female feminist.

Maintaining alpha status


Converting feminists is not a task for the faint of heart. It involves very real danger, including fake rape accusations and assaults by unhinged purple-haired harpies. Worst of all, a man engaged in this work will have to look upon horrific things that no sentient being should be forced to witness.

For this reason, all men involved in conversion therapy should maintain their alpha status.

Men who seek to convert feminists should also keep their mind functioning properly so as to better be able to disregard feminist “logic.” The best way of doing this is through a regimen of reading high quality works including the essays of Quintus Curtius, the Bible, especially the Old Testament, and Beowulf.



By snatching women from the fires of feminism we are doing a good work, not just for the women involved, but also for Western civilization. The antifeminist warrior is able to fall asleep easily knowing that he has made the world a better place.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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221 thoughts on “A Field Guide To Converting Feminists”

  1. Embarrassing. About a third of the articles on RoK seem to
    be insightful, well-articulated thoughts on masculinity. This is not one of those. Snark is cool in small doses, but we should really be showing there’s more to this movement

    1. It is a bit tongue in cheek, but you can’t always expect a philosophical treatise. This is a middle-brow site, which is OK, because guys of all intellectual capacities need a bit of help. Don’t let the 100 IQ men feel left out.

      1. It’s true, but this is a topic that could and should be covered usefully. A lot of us obviously will have women in our lives that we care about, and a lot of them are going to have feminist sympathies even if they aren’t full blown purple haired idiots.
        What are arguments that we can and should be making to justify a return to traditional roles . . . it seems like something we could actually discuss. I.e. what’s the talk I can have with my 17 year old sister

        1. There is no justification with a hardcore feminist. They WILL NOT listen to what you have to say. It doesn’t matter what logic/stats/anecdotes you bring to the table. They will scream nonsensical rhetoric in your face until you finally give up and leave. Look no further than youtube to see plenty of examples.

        2. in addition, why would any man want to tolerate even 2 seconds of one of these sub-female’s shit? not worth arguing with; only observed like some free side-show attraction.

        3. There is only one argument: example.
          Show them the lives the hardcore feminists lead, the hysteria, the hate they engage in, and what they don’t have to show for it.
          Then show them a wife and mother.
          Truth isn’t hypothetical.

  2. michael, this is an article with an interesting perspective, but i believe you might be giving these sub-female monsters too much credit thinking they even have the potential to be converted. i suggest all men interested in conversion approach with EXTREME caution (and to weigh risks with benefits). the alternative route is to recognize the signs of feminist-mental-illness (loud, selfie-obsessed, excess of piercings, stretched ear-lobes, tattoos, shaved heads or neon-color hair) and avoid these sub-female monsters like the plague.

    1. I agree. If they identify as a feminist, it’s already too late, IMO. My wife was somewhat tomboyish when we first met, but didn’t go so far to label herself a feminist. She liked to go out with me and my friends and play paintball and go camping. As time went on, she started naturally becoming more feminine. She went from despising dresses and the color pink to liking them and wanting to dress up for me whenever we went out.
      It’s all about mindset guys.

      1. best wishes to you and your family.
        yeah there are ‘self-empowered’ 21st century women out there (wanting a decent career, maybe enjoying more traditionally masculine hobbies etc.)… these are NOT necessarily 3rd-wave feminists.
        however, if the woman displays the signs i describe above, by all means game her for the lay, but do so with extreme caution, and NEVER consider her relationship-material.

  3. This article wasn’t helpful. It’s a misleading title that says it’s a guide, nope. It just tells you how to spot a feminist and act alpha. Does that warrant a whole article? Poor.

  4. I’ve found that women who self-identify as feminists are turned on by chauvanism IF THEY’RE ATTRACTED TO YOU.
    I’ve fucked a bunch of “feminists.” I bust their labes about lady drivers, giving me lip, getting in the kitchen and making me a sandwich… they LOVE it. Women like being teased by a guy who enwettens them.
    So that’s the trick. Enwetten them. All the rest is bullshit. If you’re not angling to fuck a feminist, there is no reason for you to be interacting with one.

    1. I’d never marry a woman who doesn’t know how to keep a home. You tell them that and feminism quickly goes out the window.

      1. Looking back on what my grandmother taught my mother about housewifing duties and then what my mother neglected to teach me.. the difference is huge. And it’s like that for a huge majority of girls. Luckily my aunt actually bothered to bestow a little knowledge, but any girl even hoping to settle down in a traditional marriage has to go out of her way to learn to do right. I know if I have a daughter of my own, I’m going to pass that knowledge on to her, I just wish more mothers had done it for their girls before.

        1. “Looking back on what my grandmother taught my mother about housewifing duties and then what my mother neglected to teach me.. the difference is huge. And it’s like that for a huge majority of girls.”
          exactly like that in my family….grandma trained my mom in the ways of the housewife….mom only partly trained my sisters and even admits she failed in that area…..my nieces? random total crapshoot. Im pretty sure one of them is destined to be a lost cause unless there is an intervention soon(single mom + girl power + no rules). Another is too young too tell(only a year old) but given moms example(recall this fine she-whale who my poor brother married….once said “if you want your clothes folded like mom, then marry her”….poor poor brother of mine, pretty sure she is DOA…..three of my other nieces? they stand the best chance but not by much.
          while those last three, have a mom that is very much into girls behave like girls old school philosophy, she also runs the house because the husband wouldnt get shit done otherwise. it’s more if she didnt do it, it wouldnt get done. so clear contradiction and even with girls should be girls philosophy…..are they being taught sowing? cleaning? cooking? don’t get a PHD? and countless other things?
          total crapshoot. but they stand the best chance.
          but yes you are dead on….girls are getting trained by their wiser grandmothers and depending on their age, their wiser mothers.
          we’ve spit out babies for thousands of years without a problem, yet we are probably the only generation in history that has no fucking clue how to raise a child.

        2. the only way the family part of the red pill works is if a society and culture support it. you have men not acting like men, hell not even acting like boys half the time….this makes men unworthy men and fathers and husbands. this happens for at least 10000 reasons Im not getting into here
          this in turn forces women into a situation where they cannot be women and wives and mothers or even girls. as in order for them to survive they must take on masculine roles as it is a matter of survival…..take my aforementioned sister, she must take on the role of leader of the house or shit would not get done. it is a point of survival then. and one really cannot fault girls for acting like men in order to put food on the table. that really isnt their fault.
          the solution begins and ends with men.
          the best thing a girl can do is, pick a guy who will honor that marriage and support her which I realize means finding a beta(there are a lot of them and they are at their heart good souls) and i repeat HONORING THAT MARRIAGE.
          and part of honoring that means finding said good man in your early 20s and holding on for dear life.
          yes this pins you with a wuss, and no he isnt the most masculine soul around, but its a better life than hitting the wall in your 30s and realizing oh shit…..i want a family and time has passed me by.
          i stress the beta here because most of the so called alphas you see on these sites, may have mastered the art of getting laid and turning every girl into a slut, but theyve yet to figure out that unless they turn themselves into fathers, they will die a lonely old man and they wont actually contribute to fixing the problem by raising children in a proper environment and by giving one of these girls a good life. plenty of these alphas state they were in a relationship with a girl who was wife material but they end it because *insert stupid ass reason here* and they think being alpha means fucking 10000 girls non stop till the day they die.
          like my old man i’ve described in other posts….man was Alpha, and unleashed some serious game on my mom(to be brief he was really everything she could have possibly hated in a man)….and the truth is he could HAVE DONE THAT TO ANY!!!! girl….but he didnt waste time doing it to 10000 girls….he found one, reeled her in, and completed the alpha cycle by having children and raising them and in turn giving this girl a happy life and in the process giving himself a happy life.
          to complete his alpha state…he’s run his own business for 50 years…..and to show you just how far the alpha state has fallen from grace…..Im nearly 31, dateless, childless, jobless, and bitching on the internet. meanwhile at 24 my old man is married, served a church mission, served in the military, and finished college, and about to take over his dads business. actually this depresses me now that i type this out….
          something skipped a generation….no idea what but something did.
          alpha men of the past were not just playboys….they were good fathers, husbands and providers. a beta is at least willing to do the father husband and provider part which is in all reality most of what any woman wants in life.
          so its better to enjoy a beta than hoping one of these wild “alphas” is willing to settle down. though who knows, maybe youll get lucky eh?

        3. We have a common opinion on this. I agree with you.
          In my opinion, settle down or marriage is the best way. Let’s ponder over why the past civilizations especially rulers, kings, and even some common men had wives and they had ‘young ladies’ (concubines)?Wives had the rights of inheritance. On the other hand, young ladies can’t have the rights. Although, they don’t have the rights but the men’s nature and responsibilties at that time were to take care of them, maintaining them, provide them with good and adequate foods, clothes, place to live (shelter) and other necessities.
          Good day,

        4. indeed, although Im not all together in favor of rampant adultery which is usually what concubines morph into and I think too many men use it as an excuse to not be loyal because they lack any kind of moral character. I can especially see the logic if your first and main wife cannot get pregnant for whatever reason. in fact it wasnt exactly uncommon for a wife to consent to this because she failed at basically her sole reason to exist.
          I can even see value in a whore house to an extent, though I dont agree society must absolutely have one….but I’d rather have dedicated sluts, from broken and destroyed homes, serving a purpose than letting the unredeemable and unrepentant insanity run rampant. not to say a slut cannot be saved or reform…but you get what I am saying.
          that said I think most of the sexual frustration could be fixed instead of concubines and whores, arranged marriages which means when people come of age, they instantly have a sexual outlet and it doesnt build up into frustration. I think the need for sluts starts to vanish if you constantly have a sexual release, which today isnt the case, as many are in a sexless marriage….for them a sexual release is needed somewhere. most use porn, some use hookers.
          so i do agree with you….though I dont think thats exactly an ideal society, but I’d take it over what we have now. I really am kind of split on the need for concubines…I see it, but I also see a lot of men justify it because they simply lack any character and just want to fuck 100000 girls.

        5. Yay! all i want to tell you “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.Proverbs 31.10”
          The bible is EXCELLENT to teach that kind of knowledge.

        6. Hey girl! It isn’t an uncommon problem. Youtube and homemaking blogs are a huge help. You’d be surprised by how much you can learn online. When there’s a will, there’s a way! Best of luck to you: if you desire to learn how to make a home, you’ll master the art of homemaking in due time. Start small. For example, if you aren’t a gourmet cook (yet), just make a man a sandwich or a cheese omelette; it’s the thoughtfulness and desire to feed him that counts.

        7. Hey Sam. . .Definitely correct. In countries where it’s legal there’s less domestic abuse, women actually earn their salaries, and both men and women treat each other better. Women in those countries know that they have to behave and treat men the way American women treat men.

        8. “alpha men of the past were not just playboys….they were good fathers, husbands and providers.”
          Except the ones that… you know, weren’t. Which is (obviously) true of all men in all generations. Some are shitty and some aren’t.
          This is actually true of ALL PEOPLE across all generations.
          Stop labeling women and rating men.
          Treat each person you see as an individual and base their personality on what they say and do as an individual and not act on a gender bias (against women and “beta” men)
          And if anyone tells me I’m generalizing (on a website that consistently puts labels on men and women) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
          Because I always have to do this:
          yeah yeah: beta male, white knight, take the red-pill etc…

        9. “Except the ones that… you know, weren’t. Which is (obviously) true of all men in all generations. Some are shitty and some aren’t.”
          then those werent alphas. Alpha is more than a playboy….its the good father and husband too and he is a good father and husband by having alpha traits aka he is the head of the house without question and embraces that and gets it.
          the man who is married, who is a cheating lying scumbag who isnt a father to his children is not an alpha.
          so dont confuse what is meant when I say alpha
          men on these sites claim to aspire to some mythical alpha man of the past, but usually miss the mark and assume alpha is only a playboy that every girl wants to fuck. thats only part of the equation.
          “Treat each person you see as an individual and base their personality on what they say and do as an individual and not act on a gender bias (against women and “beta” men)”
          beta is a personality though and tonight i really did meet the most beta of souls on this planet. he’s 65 and i think just might still be a virgin. truly, i judge this man…he is beta, that is his personality. and i will figure people out based on that….this is not a judgment but acknowledgement of fact.
          and women deserved to be judged on a type of personality because that is who women fundamentally are.
          speaking of my new beta acquaintance…..I was trying to help him and went on a golden analogy about sex and dogs and i explained that shit so picture perfect, the 3 girls at the table behind us who had literally not shut up for about 30 minutes, went silent as they heard my amazing speech. it’s proof…girls want to get fucked down and dirty like dogs. girls respond a certain way to a certain behavior….and if I wasn’t leaving for a vacation(road trip) in a day or two…I’m quite confident I could have had sandwiches and sex for life with that 2 minute speech.
          and this was in fucking Utah….conservative Mormon land.
          in keeping with our dear beta friend…he bolted. he was sweating bad.
          so spare me the dont judge….everything I’ve seen this site preach came true in a matter of minutes.
          if you dont get that beta is a personality and women are generally speaking hive minded creatures that all basically want the same kind of guy….you havent been in the real world.

        10. yeah like I say IM torn on the issue….I see it’s value, but I also see a lot men who just want a free excuse to be whores. then there is religious values too which is a factor

        11. Good point. The male prostitutes I met did not appear to have much dignity. The girls were mostly earning money to fund a life plan.

    2. This is so true. The best thing to do is to get them really into you, maybe even hit it a few times, then tell them you can’t date a feminist who hates you for being a man and dump her ass.

    3. I once picked up a British girl with feminist tendencies. As I walked her back to my place to bang it out she started talking about “I can’t believe anyone would endorse Chris Browns music after what he did to Rihanna!”
      So I said “Maybe she was asking for it.”
      Her eyes widened “You’re going to kill me aren’t you?”
      I said “Maybe”.
      She instantly collapsed into my arms and we had rough sex.

      1. I imagine you jerking off alone as you write this.
        And I STILL come off as the normal one.


      Precisely. If they’re attracted to you, politics pretty much goes out the window. They WILL throw up a smokescreen of accusatory political jargon to try to dampen their desire for you, but that’s all it amounts to.

    5. Why would you put any effort into fucking a feminist?
      Why would you even want to fuck a feminist?
      If she’s a woman you’d fuck, then she’s not a feminist.

  5. The only way to have any affect on a feminist is too hurt their feelings in some way. Any kind of intellectual debate or defeating their narrative with stats, facts, logic or evidence is a waste of time because you’re dealing with completely illogical people. Every time there’s a science or factual based article proving a feminist theory wrong there’s not much backlash from them, but do an article about the 10 ugliest feminists in America like roosh did and they have a massive meltdown. That along with their response to similar type articles proved to me that they only respond to things that trigger emotion, not things that actually disprove their world view.

    1. Not disagreeing with you, but it just seems like you’re talking in circles a bit.
      Try to register with them on a logical level and it flies completely over their head.
      Register with them on the emotional level and they go apeshit and cry they’ve been triggered.
      Sounds to me there is no cure for feminism except lead by example and hope they have enough brain cells to fall in line.

      1. There is no cure for feminism except if all men or at least a large majority wake up and realize feminism is hurting society and stop it, or society collapses either economically and or socially. Since the first won’t happen the second eventually will.

    1. It’s hard to be completely on the side of the bus driver just because he’s in it just as much as the woman is. If he was just like “bitch leave me alone and let me do my job” then I’d be cheering right along, but he’s sitting there lobbing insults and saying he’ll get his daughter to come kick her ass.
      That being said…DAMN THAT UPPERCUT! I’m totally impressed the bitch could get back up after that, let alone go back to yelling at the driver.

      1. Yeah… Damn, that uppercut… then she gets right back up and keeps fighting. That uppercut would have knocked me out for a week.
        Negresses are terrifying.

        1. “Handle” is a word we use for wild animals. Zookeepers “handle” lions. I don’t want a woman who needs to be “handled.”

        2. A flailing, screaming, punching, feral savage? One who doesn’t care if she behaves that way in front of an entire busload of witnesses? No, I can’t “handle” that. Why the hell would I want to? Back to dangerous-animal-handler analogy, I pay taxes and I expect a cop to “handle” that.

        3. Although, we should be allowed to handle it, but the P.C. police has made that impossible without facing jailtime.

        4. On a side note:
          My favorite part is at the 0:36 mark, where the guy in the reflective vest sees the uppercut but doesn’t budge an inch until he wants to get a closer look. Lol!
          This is an allusion to the fact White knighting is almost non-existent in the Black community. Had this been a white woman and a bus full of whites, you’d better believe every man on that bus would have been on top of that bus driver in an instant.

        5. Well black cunts are indeed animals, the most worthless self absorbed and entitlement seeking animal on the planet.

        1. Lol. I would have followed the uppercut with a overhand left. If you swing right the first time they don’t swing back.

        1. Dora: “You;re a grown man hitting children…”
          Yeah. Children that attacked him and his daughter. They were punching him in the head.
          When you punch a man in the head, you should have every expectation of receiving at least that in return, regardless of how big you are or what is hanging or not hanging betwixt your legs.

        2. That shits common sense in our martial arts school. If you’re working with someone, you don’t hit them hard unless you’re willing to take a hard hit back. Doesn’t matter if you’re working with a man, woman, or child. There’s always a warning (That’s too hard, don’t do it again), and if they intentionally do it again, WHAM!

        3. Used to be expected that a grown man would hit children. To keep them in line. Now they’re out of line. Go figure.

      1. This is why women constantly support this stupid “you don’t hit women” mantra into everyone. If men hit women it wouldn’t matter how many are there. WOmen don’t realize or even have to worry about the difference in strength. Little men do this crap too,as most big men don’t see them as a threat and will put up with insane amounts of angry little dude chi*t before they respond. This is also why they always have beta orbitors around. Ladies, if you hit a man like you are a man, you should expect to get hit back. Or at least fear an equal response. I wouldn’t hit SHAQ, because SHAQ would hit me back! The only reason these women do this is because it is more acceptable and they can get away with it.

      2. That dude is pretty funny. I almost lost it when he went Tom Petty LOL He makes some damn good points too.

      3. So… at least half a dozen LARGE teens end up assaulting a man no taller than most of them, and he is not permitted to fend them off, especially when the man’s child is involved?
        Not in my part of the world. Tell it, Tommy!

    2. I read up on the aftermath naturally she gets convicted for disorderly conduct(not assault) and is sentenced to 3 days. He was sentenced to 3 days and fined $1000 and lost his job. The source of the conflict was she hadn’t paid her fare(she did have her pussy pass though). She had grabbed him and spit in his face which isn’t well seen in the video.

    3. “My nigga goan beat the black off you!” Right, pick a fight and let your man sort it out.

  6. matthew mcconaughey shows how to convert a Feminist in Dazed & Confused. Note the reaction of the future feminist shitlib men who write for Dana Milbank.

  7. Excellent article! Luckily I don’t live in an SJW stronghold so I don’t have day to day encounters with too many hardline feminists, but there are many who are your casual run of the mill feminist.

  8. I don’t think we need to ‘convert feminists’. If men eat healthy food and hit the gym hard, feminism will be a thing of the past in no time.

  9. There is a time for a velvet glove and a time for the iron fist. If you want to convert a feminist, it’s velvet glove – being charming, being non-belligerent. If you aren’t interested in converting her, then iron fist.

    1. Sometimes things are not so cut and dry, and an iron fist with a velvet glove is needed. heh

    2. You have it completely reversed. The velvet glove is all they have known. Go to any country where the iron fist rules, and you can count the feminists on one hand.

    1. Man, that picture. My sides…
      Neckbeards are so hideous even 4chan laughs at them.

    1. Nah, redirect their angst for your cause. If they are so fiery about their current beliefs, they will be just as fiery about yours. Plus it’s good game practice.

  10. Skip all this advice…..One dose of kratom and feminism will be extinguished like a fart in the wind.

      1. I’m guessing the super mandro is like the pile driver only delivered in all three hole simultaneously as, of course, after dosing on SM you have, for a short window of time, two extra cocks

  11. The best thing to convert a feminist is to CALMLY argue with her. There is this girl at my job. Me and a couple of other guys were talking about fake rape accusations. She gets upset and asks everyone to change the subject, so the other two guys leave. While alone I asked her what upset her and she told me she’d been raped in the past. BULLSHIT. So I hammer home my point, telling her since she’s been raped then she knows why these fake accusations need to stop because they give the whole of rap cases a “cry wolf” feel. All she had yo say is “rhats a good point” and ever since then she’s had a crush on me, everyone points it out. It’s nothing worth bragging about since she’s a 5, but I’m sharing this to show from experience that a feminist CAN be converted. Just shut down all her bullshit while keeping your composure.

    1. Don’t even argue. Arguing is just reinforcing her “us vs. them” mentality. Find common ground and non-belligerently challenge her through devil’s advocate type “debating”. Remember, you want to take that wall of ice down.

      1. Don’t argue, but debate? A debate is just a calm argument, and I already have calm in capital.

  12. Or you can just leave them to become cat ladies eventually eaten by their cats. I keed I keed.. we should try to convert them. I’ve had the same LMT for over 6 years, and over time and us talking she’s become more and more traditional and feminine and even realizes some red pill truths. At the beginning she was a mess I wouldn’t have dated, now, I’d recommend her to a single friend if I had one.

    1. Most feminists are just naive girls, raised by television and weak fathers. If you’re strong enough, they might become valuable assets (if not reliable allies). We need all the help we can get in this world.
      There are, however, ring leaders. The ones who are beyond repair. As someone else said: the velvet glove and the iron fist. The velvet glove for the garden variety (naive college girls) the iron fist for the ring leaders (Dworkin, Sarkeesian, Pao, even their names tend to be ugly).

  13. You people never seem to see the hypocrisy in your words. You go on about feminism in the extreme but many of the things you say and advocate are also extreme viewpoints and harsh simplifications. You are no better than the people you claim to be against.

      1. “Feminism also sexualizes everything. The most innocent comment can be taken as a rape threat. Remember, for a feminist, all sex—even consensual sex—is rape.”

        1. Did not know. But it says that there are (obviously) extremes on both sides. You make every feminist into a angry, fat, tattooed sexist. Those exist obviously but you don’t see the irony. That by shaming all feminists and boxing them into one category you are no better than the people you dislike. You are supporting a stereotype of feminism (and women) and it then makes you look like the worst stereotype of men. Namely angry, entitled, sexist and ignorant. And almost all of that gets directed at women.

        2. Do you not follow the campus rape hysteria news or the nonsense going on in the techworld, or in the skeptic community over nothing?

        3. Sort of like Islamic Terrorism vs Islamic Extremist Terrorism vs Extremist Terrorism.
          All meaning to get across the same point, but great semantic arguments can be made to marginalize the message.
          Most people are looking at modern feminism and seeing that both the means and objectives are divisive (meant to instill distrust and rage between men and women) and many women are turning away from it. Where modern feminists persist in seeing inequality between the sexes exists predominantly in their minds. Exceptions? Sure, but it isn’t systemic. Everyone here can give you multiple examples of a woman being paid more for lesser work, smaller penalty for infraction, and more. We can quote stats and reports back and forth ad infinitum, and the truth won’t change.
          The better route for a woman who would not be told what is acceptable employment, speech, and thought or be judged by proxy, would be to dissociate from modern feminism completely, as much like our current society, the inmates rule the asylum.
          Instead of agitating the men here, why not check out a woman’s perspective over on judgybitch.com?

        4. Oh heaven’s no, last thing I want to do it agitate all the big, strong men on here. I’m just a feminine beta male who’s angry that my timidness and un-muscled physique has yet to allow me to find a women willing to tie my shoes and have my martini ready when I come though the door. I should really aquatint myself with the principles of neomasculinity so as to learn how to properly manipulate, degrade and shame women for my own gain. Bless you guys, you’re doing god’s work.

        5. Go to YouTube, you’ll see feminists doing exactly that. The only extreme viewpoint I think is that women should not be allowed to comment on the site. Both men and women in general need adjustment, and if a woman agrees with the general message of the site she shouldn’t be shunned. Feminists should be shunned though.

        6. LOL “feminist storm that has destroyed modern society”
          Have you looked at this website? This whole place is embarrassing to men

        7. No, it’s not! That is your opinion, because your perspective is a result of your own life experiences.

        8. How can you get more extreme than to suggest that all heterosexual sex is violation?
          Not all feminists have blue hair, but the vast majority are “angry, entitled, sexist, and ignorant.”
          There are some exceptions. Camille Paglia comes to mind. But she frequently departs from the “correct” narrative.
          BTW, have you ever read Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal”?

        9. LOL white-knighting. so that makes you guys… The Dark Knight(s)? How awesome for you guys, you get to be Batman! But remember that Batman hates criminals, not women.

        10. Are you kidding me? I have a great sense of humor. This website (and the people on it) make me laugh for days. Keep it up guys! <3

        11. You mean like the law pushed by feminists and adopted on California University Campuses, where if she doesn’t give verbal consent, its rape(notice if nothing is said, hes the raper and she’s the rapee, not vice versa). Hmm seems like they are trying to criminalize consensual sex. I don’t think I’ve ever asked a woman if I could sleep with her, does that make me a serial rapist?

    1. Yes, but we’re the response to the feminist storm that has destroyed modern society. Can you really blame an extreme response to an extreme ideology?

        1. You’re right, feminism is only one part of that storm. I was giving feminists too much credit!

        2. WHy “bro”? You betray your own biases my friend. I hope one day you will be able to discuss things without immediately resulting to metaphorical slander.

        3. Bro because all the guys on here are “bros”. Its a stereotype, but I didn’t think it was bad to stereotype on this website. Unless its just women we are allowed to stereotype here.

        4. You’re stereotyping all men on here as “bros”.That’s your prerogative I guess. I don’t stereotype all women as Feminist. If I did I wouldn’t even be arguing that Feminist are a lost cause, as all women would be a lost cause to me. The bloody writer of the article you’re commenting on is arguing in favor of trying to not stereotype all feminist in the same way. So no women aren’t being stereotyped here. Generalized in a few ways ,maybe. Most of us don’t think all women are the same. In fact , we adore the ones that aren’t of the parroting vitriol type.

        5. Love, like admiration can be done in harmful ways. If I were a women, I’d rather be alone forever than be “adored” by someone like you.

        6. adore |əˈdôr| verb —love and respect (someone) deeply: Love and respecting someone deeply is never harmful! Your perspective of men is messed up,if you’re a man I hope you grow into your own skin.Maybe as a man you might not truly be able to put yourself in a woman’s position and are just projecting what the Feminist/MSM narrative tells you to think. Besides, to say such rhetoric is absurd , you don’t even know me.

        7. I’m sorry! I was being way to dramatic for my own good. Lack of Testosterone and all that. Balls are like little raisins. Thankfully my dick is still gigantic so I can still preform my manly duties. Anyhow, I regret the incident and wish you no further accordance.
          This Guy <3

        8. I don’t’ think you’re using the word “accordance” correctly. No worries though.

    2. The “extremism” you talk about is a belief system our grandfathers considered normal, and in fact most of the non-rich countries world would agree with.

  14. I’ve noticed two things over the years. Girls will definitely behave less feminist/bitchy if you are strong, confident, decisive….Alpha. Makes the relationship, however brief, much more enjoyable.
    One man can’t convert a feminist. It takes a series of “finding Mr. Right” only to the dumped by the same. Be sure to let them know how inadequate the are upon leaving. A good phrase is “you want me to be your husband but have no desire to be my wife”.

    1. You want her to be your wife, but you don’t really want to be her husband. If you were adequate, she wouldn’t have left.

        1. If you’re alpha, I don’t see the need to stomp them on the way out the door. Sounds like a bitter loss to me. And it’s rather irrelevant, the point still stands, the fault is all on her, when this guy is just looking for a doll, not a wife. Hubristic bullshit.

        2. His point is these feminist women need to feel the loss of a good man multiple times before they start changing their ways, the walk away one liner is to make it clear why they lost them. Same as many men need to feel the loss of a few girls they cared about before they go in search of why and come to the red pill.

        3. Soooo….men and women in adolescence/early adulthood need to grow up through experience. Revolutionary and nothing to do with feminism.

        4. I disagree. Women rarely admit they were wrong. They rationalize it as the guy was a jerk for leaving. Never will she view it that it was she that drove him away. She’ll just repeat the same mistakes over and over again and hate all men. Did I just define your textbook feminists?

        5. Because guys ask for directions when they’re lost? And most douchebag bros will say the same thing about women as they leave them. Maybe some people just aren’t as good as others independent of gender.

        6. Men being lost and not requesting for directions is a trait built in us that we are independent thinkers and solve problems on our own before seeking help. This is builds the skill on how to find answers rather than having it handed to you. This is why it’s only men that are the great innovators, explorers, and inventors. It is only when we tried all avenues and still have not found the answer is when we seek help as a last resort. It is not efficient, but it builds that skill so if you’re in a similar situation again in the future and there is no one around that speaks your language, who are you going to ask? This is where that skill comes in handy.

      1. Troll detected.
        The fact that your Disqus.com account has that many characters and not a custom user-picked username means you’re a troll.
        I’ve lurked and participated in this site for almost two years and counting.
        Hey Richard, don’t tell me this is your favorite Bruno Mars song.

  15. Converting feminists is as futile as reforming hoes.
    You’re dealing with extremists. Don’t waste your time, leave it for their therapist to fix.

  16. This is somewhat off topic but I can’t believe Kiran Ghandi. On the eve of a marathon, you get your period and just bleed all over yourself during the run? She got into Harvard Business. Does that not mean anything anymore? Does a Harvard MBA mean insanity instead of intelligence nowadays? It touches on my frustrations with our modern times. Without knowing that about her, she would have been someone I would have looked at for a date, maybe as a partner.

    1. I doubt she is very intelligent given the stupidity of her “cause.” Just another fame whore, and a egregious example at that.
      Here is the worst part: what sort of society produces women who think this is acceptable?

    2. Yes, a college degree signifies insanity to some degree when it comes to women. But it isn’t college degree specific either.

    3. All I can say is: freebleeding and sports leggings? Ouch! I hope the chafing was worth the two seconds of attention.

  17. Inside every salvageable feminist is a scared, feminine girl who is terrified of submission. Even though that’s what she secretly wants. Even though that’s what nature has prepared her for as a female.
    Feminine, attractive women are not built to be feminists–feminism is a trade union for fugly women. The few sexy women feminists have been brainwashed and it is our obligation as men to treat them as nature intended and teach them how to kneel.
    À bientôt,

    1. Oscar Wilde on women:
      We have emancipated them, but they remain slaves looking for their masters, all the same. They love being dominated.”

      1. wasn’t Oscar Wilde gay?
        wtf did he know about dominating women and what they crave sexually.. or about the difficulties straight men have to deal with women when trying to get the interest of, tame and sustain a woman’s interest and tingles?

        1. Misconception. He did have experience with women. Supposing he was gay, him being an excellent observer of people and of human nature, I don’t doubt that he would have come to that conclusion regardless of his sexuality.
          If you find yourself having to keep playing the role of the tryhard whose struggling to tame and sustain you’re wasting your time and giving her your balls in the process and you don’t deserve to have been born a man. Do your gender justice and if you can’t you get and deserve the whores

        1. “Young women of the present day seem to make it the sole object of their lives to be always playing with fire.”
          And so it continues to this day

  18. Why would anyone want to try to convert any of these hoes? No thanks. The ramifications of trusting that they never turn on you is just too much of a risk.

      1. You breaking their heart aint going to help. And I don’t want to stay with one longterm, do you?

        1. I never stated an interest in getting into a relationship with one, since I’m already married to a feminine woman. I would convert them so they would stop influencing the young impressionable girls that grow into the zombies at things such as slut walk. Then another guy who meets them as a feminine woman could get with her.

        2. I call B.S.. You’r not going to reverse years of brainwashing in women you meet. You might do it to one or two of your wife’s friends. Maybe. I’m not here to fix a woman,and I don’t expect her to fix me. WOMEN made this female centric world. If they want to fix it they can. If you mean be nice to women and offer advice on how to get men. I’ve done that and still do, and it never fails to earn me snarky attitude about how much of a dick I’am to women. Or just straight accusations that I hate women.

        3. That is what I mean, but before they can tell me your last two sentences I supplement my statements with logic. I don’t think of it as fighting years of brainwashing, because in those years they’ve either been told complete nonsense or at best flawed logic. I think of it as shutting down 2 or 3 very feeble arguments. To quote one of my favorite movies Thank You For Smoking, “I just have to prove that you’re wrong, and as long as you’re wrong I’m right”. Also if more guys man the hell up and say the same thing to that girl, she’ll realize that’s the way to get guys <300 lbs interested in her. It’s amazing how quickly feminists crumble when presented with logic.

        4. IN my experience they go nuts and look for support,but yeah I still try .I’m not in no way dating anymore of them though as I’ve been down that dead end road too many times. That’s a great movie by the way! Kudos for the cool movie reference.

  19. I think the author avoided the dark side of feminist, some feminist grew up normal and are just rebellious and trying to be radical. The other side the hardcore became that way out of combat becuase of predatory males. Most though are just acting radical.

  20. How is it Alpha to put all the problems on the woman. “I’m great, she’s the problem.” I get that there are problem ladies out there, but you guys are all looking for an excuse to justify being assholes and self-righteous jerks in the name of being alpha, without stopping to consider that you may actually look at yourselves and see if what you’re aiming for is what you want, what the motivations are in aiming for those things (that hot chick at the bar) and whether you can actually manage the goals that you’ve set up for yourselves. How can you be fucking alpha IF YOU ARE TAKING “SUPPLEMENTS” TO BOOST YOUR PERSONALITY?
    “I’m going to be alpha, be successful and have a hot wife.” And you could get hit by a truck stepping out the door in the morning. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean it’s yours, or if you work hard for it, you will get it! Some people are average and will live average lives.
    I saw a bunch of dudes the other day coming down the street trying to pick up women. Obviously after meeting with a PUA guru for some tips. Like, guys, at least walk down either side of the street so you’re not trolling in each others wake. I hear the line “You seem really personable and friendly…” at least twice. I’m not saying that the people here are like that, just saying…it seems odd that people that frequent these sites are constantly complaining about hoes, when you are all going from girl to girl searching out sex, when complaining that women are not of high enough character to settle down with. If we all just went out and slept with as many women as possible, you wouldn’t have that pure, untainted unicorn you’re all looking for. You’re shitting in the pool and saying it stinks.
    Maybe look in the mirror at your own motivations for having sex (ego boost, trophies) think about what you’re actually looking for (a partner who supports you) and try not to hit on everything that comes your way. “She wasn’t my type, but she was hot. It didn’t work out because she wouldn’t make me a sandwich in the morning.” My girlfriend makes my lunch because she loves me and it works. She’s not looking for some random dude to make sandwiches for every morning. She was looking for what I was looking for, we compliment each other…..the formula isn’t hard, finding it is! Thinking it’s as simple as wearing aviators, eating steak and lifting seems to lead to a lot of frustration for you guys.
    And fucking throwing around Donald Trump as a role model…..jesus. You guys are fucking morons.

    1. Re your Supplement taking stance
      At the end of the days a good deal of human behaviour is related to the balance (or lack thereof) of different chemical processes in the brain so it’s a matter of mechanic really. All I know is that theanine helped me in the final stages of getting rid of my panic attacks. If I’m a poseur I’d rather10000 times being a relaxed poseur than the authentic nervous wreck I’ve been the prior decade.

      1. To me it just points out that all of this is bullshit. It’s all scheming and gaming to make yourself into something you’re not, and will ultimately lead to your failure when you are exposed for who you are, not what you wish you were or want to be.

        1. Fellow man improved his lot in life and uses his experience to makes a point in a respectful manner despite the aggressive tone of the post he’s’ replying to: “this is all bullshit.” + implicit statement that said fellow man will always be a loser because life threw him a few lemons years ago.
          I rest my case.
          Please keep entertaining us with your musings about modern masculinity.

        2. I’m saying as long as you pretend to be something you aren’t the success you earn will be fleeting, as people will see through you. Ask Trump in a few months. I didn’t say you were a loser.
          What case? You didn’t make a case, now you’re backing away because I’m too aggressive? I thought you guys were alphas?

        3. Could care less about alpha and stuff. That stuff is nice on paper but it’s pretty situational irl.
          I get what you mean. What I’m trying to tell you is that personality and capability are not static. Strength of character is done and undone through trial. If you started with some handicap in any given endeavour- and this absolutely includes social calibration/ cool vibe what not – and kept plowing is that pretending? We are not a finite product. The example I gave you: 16-26 years old I never had that anxiety shit I wrote about. It crept on me and bad stuff ensued. Then I end up sorting out whatever caused it and got more backbone than I ever had in the process. Who’s the real lacenaire at this point. Was I faking it when I was a young successful cad? Was I faking I when I lost my mojo became a nice guy and got me a 10 years of crippling stress and the dry spell to go with it? Or am I faking it now that I got over it and am back on track? That’s my beef with your position. There is no predestination. There is no be yourself. Just forge yourself.

        4. Bravo. I got the same impression. If you have a the determination to change yourself you will. If you lack the will you never will.

        5. you seems to be mistaken. See, here no one is pretending. We are all improving. Only lazy losers would talk about pretending, for the idea of improving is unknown to them

        6. Agreed.
          Self reflection as Richard advocates can be only beneficial when applied to behavioural changes and defects, and even then it should be limited and not so extensive where it challenges the core of one’s being. It us more productive to see oneself as fundamentally good and healthy with perhaps some personality faults and bad habits than to self reflect (which in practise will always be to self-critize) to the point of self deconstruction. You are now in a state of perpetual doubt which is what the radicals want – your cloudy mental space becomes perfect clay to be molded.
          At the end of the day your true nature will always prevail and will seek ways to assert itself either though pain or confusion. The key is to be aware of what that truth is, look back on your happy days, and remember where you came from, the times you felt genuinely you. Utilize these moments of strength and clarity and Forge Ahead.

        7. You’re confusing hyperbole for intention. The intention for most men on these blogs is to figure out life and that includes women, self improvement, career, spiritual, sex, relationships. Now if some of us on here don’t express this intention with the same tone or intensity, well that reflects the wide array of personalities and age groups we have here.
          I agree that we have our own soul searching to do, and if you have read other sections of the blogs, you’d have encountered that. Just not likely here where the article is a critical piece on modern feminists.

        8. I do think this site has become very like Cosmo. Short of a quiz to tell you whether your current woman is controllable enough or how good in bed are you, and a few articles on fashion, it is a basically a manlie mag.

        9. That’s a valid point. Any publication online or otherwise will only resonate to its readership if it provided valuable and relatable content.
          The first principle of reading is never to blindly believe everything you read. Words are simply symbols for another’s persons thoughts and ideas. Would you believe everything some stranger says? Same thing in print.
          Now do I think ROK is like a Man’s Cosmo? I don’t read Cosmo at all but I know it is heavily ad-dependent and if you flip through it you will see what many women prioritize in life. I have no idea what they talk about, they are free to discuss whatever is important to them. Just as ladies like being lied to as to who they really are, men sometimes do too. It’s called being entertained and indulged. The key is not to believe your own lies about yourself.

  21. I discovered ROK about a year ago as a junior in high school
    and I’ve been following it ever since. What started out as a sort of morbid
    fascination watching what the ‘enemy’ was saying turned into genuine interest
    and I even found myself agreeing with some of the point being made in the
    various articles. But by far the biggest take away I got from ROK as a girl was
    that a lot of what my ‘beliefs’ were then were actually just buzzwords I was
    parroting from my friends, with copious use of ‘that’s triggering’ or ‘that’s
    racist/sexist/offensive’. I think even then I was leaning towards of a lot of ideas
    that can be labelled red pill. Being a high schooler in these days, the stories
    I can tell are pretty cringe-worthy.
    My best friend starting in freshman year was the type of
    girl who can only be described as a slut. She proclaimed that she loved sex, was
    constantly bugging me to ‘pop my cherry’
    like how she lost her virginity at 13, slept with countless alpha guys and had
    a veritable army of betas trailing behind her (most of them tended the
    gravitate to me when they realized she would never sleep with them, the inherent
    risk a girl takes when she’s friends with someone chasing hot Mexicans all over
    the campus of our boarding school). Despite all this, none of them ever dated
    her and she was never, ever happy. Sure, she and several of my other female
    feminist friends said hookup culture was fun and empowering, but were they
    having fun? Did they feel empowered? No. They were miserable and couldn’t
    understand why the senior guys they were blowing behind the deli wouldn’t text
    them back.
    I can say without a doubt watching that led me to where I am now. I guess what I’m trying to convey is that while I’ve never been a true-blue radical feminist or a hardcore MRA, ROK has been a stepping stone for me and led to a lot of self-awareness that I feel lucky to have.

    1. This part legitimately, made me LOL:

      Sure, she and several of my other female feminist friends said hookup culture was fun and empowering, but were they having fun? Did they feel empowered? No. They were miserable and couldn’t understand why the senior guys they were blowing behind the deli wouldn’t text them back.

      Good comment.

      1. It is empowering to her because it makes the other women jealous of her. This is to get at the other women, not to please the guys she do.

        1. Exactly. The vast majority of “slut-shaming” comes from women. Men on the other hand, love sluts. We just wouldn’t marry one.

      2. It’s like when you buy a new pack of bath towels. They’re all clean and hang for guests in the lavatory. Then one day one of the towel set gets some black axle grease crap on it. After that point, that particular towel becomes a grease rag and hangs in the garage. No you don’t throw it away because it still has a purpose and limited use. It is from now on a grease rag. That once white towel NOW hangs out in the garage with the RED RAGS.
        Used ho’s you do not marry. They go in the box of grease rags. They’re still good for something.

    2. Welcome to the revolution! The current P.C. paradigm of the western world has peaked and its deserved downfall approaches. Don’t ever trust Leftists or their special interest group allies as they’re selling a false utopia based on false dogma. A suggestion, read http://takimag.com/#axzz3c7eBOA6U for all things anti-P.C. as well.

    3. If you have really learned anything make sure you do humanity a favor and preach to as many women as you possibly can.

      1. Working on it. The trick is to figure out who can be saved and who’s beyond help at this point, though since I’m pretty young hopefully most of my friends and the other girls I’ll get to know are still open to logical argument.

        1. It’s nice to hear that a girl took a genuine interest on this website and bothered to hear what it has to say.
          Now I wish more girls would swallow the red pill and join us.
          I want to show this website to my gf but she is so narrow minded it could backfires at me

        2. Dont fall into the drama trap of trying to save them.
          Assertively state your position and tell them you choose your own path.
          The good ones will ask questions and the manipulators will bitch about you afterwards.
          This happens here too. Some younger men are trying to empower themselves against an enemy and trying too hard to act like a man, because victims join gangs to become winners and need to exclude others. Everything that is wrong with feminism.
          Eventually the truth sinks in and they realise it is about making your own decisions and being your own man. Or woman, in your case.
          Avoid hanging out with the tarts and gossips and they will see that you have a better quality of man interested in you because you dont herd with idiots. Youll also have a better life for being confident and being your true self. If you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

        3. I absolutely love this comment, so thank you for your advice!
          But I do want to say again, I am very young (only eighteen) so most of my friends are my age and younger and I cannot express how quickly and easily most teenage girls can change their beliefs, especially when there’s real evidence and truth behind it and it’s coming from their friends. I already have a few companions that could have been considered hardcore feminists that are beginning to change their minds and see the truth for what is.
          I guess my Achilles heel when it comes to said tarts and gossips is that I’m very much what you’d call the mom friend and I feel personally responsible for trying to help them make better choices. I think everyone has those types of friendships; but you are right that it’ll be much better for me to not bother with other people when I’m still working on my own self-improvement.
          One big reason forward to starting college: a chance to start over and seek out better relationships with better people!

  22. “These changes may induce the feminist to experience strange obsessions and fantasies involving Roosh V.” – I’m dying! Great article, really enjoyed reading. Thanks Michael.

  23. Feminists are confrontational. Walk into a roomfull of them and it’s the same as if you run into a single feminist alone on the street or if you have to be around one in your own family. They are off the cuff disputive and they try to set the mood and disrupt the agenda wherever they find themselves. Most non feminists and men will write them off and try to get on with more productive things or getting on with things as planned BY BENDING towards them or giving in to them just enough to avoid confrontation and trouble.
    By their nature as women they threaten trouble over everything and too many people become accustomed to acquiescing even a little. It becomes habit to acquiesce then and THIS IS HOW they get their foot in the door. By default you’re letting them incrementally TRAIN YOU how to act around them. MAN must be the trainer and teacher according to his wisdom and woman instinctively TIT FEEDS and serves man ultimately. If it isn’t a ‘whipped act’ that you have to put on to keep them from trashing the place, then it devolves into hamster game of tit for tat with respect to their limited imagination and ability. A game where no one wins but masculinity loses when you acquiesce. A ‘nice’ game once again of playing ‘best friends’ between parent and child orr . . WOMAN AND MAN.
    We can never be their ‘best friends’ alone. We cannot ‘ape’ the woman. The place won’t burn. They just want you to think that. We must get back righteous control of our women, save our species. A tall order that is – BUT – the window is opening for it.

  24. Feminists need to learn that sexual experience impoverishes women and enriches men.

    1. I wish I could find it, but I remember reading a science article discussing the benefits of sex amongst women and men. In it they discussed how testosterone is actually transferred to women from men during sex. Small amounts ,but small amounts promote giant responses within women. It makes them literally happier and energetic. This transfer in turn promotes males to produce more testosterone to flow throughout their bodies which equals more manly. This process is changed when children exist between the two. It is also changed by birth control methods which equate to different responses and outcomes. We are complicated creatures. Sex does make women feel good with anyone. Especially when fluids are exchanged, but when they sleep around they lose the ability to connect to one person as a life mate.Much like real parents will always favor their own offspring or family more than others despite being able to still genuine care for other people. Anyone else run across this article?

  25. I was just dating a girl I would call a feminist(she would complain that no guys would stand up to her). I can’t count how many times she protested “Its not fair!”. She really loved it the more I humiliated her in the bedroom, she would have this funny little grin on her face all day if I really put it to her. But the only time she ever showed femininity or charm was when I was sick of her shit and on the way out(Do you want to have a baby?!). They really understand dominance more than other women, so are actually willing to put up with infidelity, but unless you are ready to play dread game and beat her self esteem to a pulp day in day out, its just not worth it. I want a girl who oozes charm and sensuality. not one who has to be cornered into a half assed version of it.

  26. Since practically every female is at least subconsciously feminist until they are weaned off of it, you have to go into a relationship presuming that you are dealing with a feminist, and behave accordingly. One of the worst things you can do when trying to convert them is behaving like them, hence their complete loathing for the groveling of aspiring male feminists. This is also why they get even angrier when a male argues with them, because they are behaving LIKE THEM and it makes them lose total respect for the male.
    Arguing with a female/feminist is most definitely a losing battle. You can’t win a ground war using the same strategy as the enemy (emotional appeals) through the same type of artillery (relentless truculence) The masculine brain is designed for logic, not histrionics. The more you tap into that part of yourself which is emotional (thanks to that minuscule estrogen) as a natural result of being bombarded by emotion yourself, the more likely you are to behave like a female and end up with MAD (mutually assured destruction) or possibly a pyrrhic victory, which is what happens when you finally snap and slug your wife/girlfriend, etc. Either of those two scenarios are essentially lose-lose, so don’t fall for it.
    MAD happens when you act like your female one too many times and you end up arguing with her as she would argue with you. The end result is almost a pseudo lesbian relationship, as you end up behaving like a (faux) female simply because you lost your cool one too many times because your girl knows how to press your buttons to make you lose your cool on command. You both blow up at each other, and you repeat the process anew after you make up. Believe it or not some couples actually fall into a rut where they grow comfortable or otherwise used to verbally (and even physically) destroying each other within the context of this type of pugnacious scenario, because at that point all they have left is the make up sex that comes afterwards. They are too emotionally afraid/mentally immature to change themselves and when Murphy’s Law finally plays out to its full extent an immutable change (like assault or murder) happens regardless of their original intent, which brings me to the second scenario: the pyrrhic victory of a physical comeuppance on her.
    Sure it feels good in the moment to finally shut her damn nagging mouth up, but you will likely spend the next few days/months/years or so reveling in the 5 minutes or so of that brief victory from the comfort and convenience of a jail cell while she bangs every Y chromosome with a pulse from the bed you shared and in the house you paid for. If you are Alpha enough you might get away with it once or twice, but the more you do it the more likely you are to end up as i just stated. It’s practically inevitable, especially with so many factors working in her favor. I wouldn’t even trust a female who was into getting slapped or choked because they can easily use that against you in the court of law especially if there are visible bruises. Invited beater beware.
    Remember, the law is against us to begin with so we have to be extra careful not to fall into the snatch trap. Some females will intentionally goad us into hitting/attacking them in order to have us jailed for one reason or another. There are plenty of guys who went into prison Alphas and came out with “for rent” signs on their anus. Keep that in mind.
    The point i’m making here is, don’t fall for their snatch traps. If treachery was a chess game females would have the skill of Kasparov while you would end up being called chester the pretender. Feminists have raised treachery to an art form so don’t fall for it from them either. At the point you start to feel yourself getting emotional take a lesson from snaggplepuss and “Exit stage left.”
    There are some key points to keep in mind before you engage in a relationship with a female, which can be adjusted for your interactions with the purely intractable type of female that calls itself a feminist.
    First of all, reconnaissance should be your opening play. Learn the enemy (potential or otherwise) learn its behaviors, patterns, quirks, idiosyncrasies, vices and so forth. This begins when you are courting a female (the cold war phase) and continues on in perpetuity so long as you are unfamiliar with her. I say “cold war” because in the beginning she is sizing you up for weakness and you should be doing no less to her even if there is a superficial air of interest and/or respect, which often times is disingenuous anyway.
    With regard to feminists, the same no less applies even if you aren’t courting them. Learn from their exchanges with others in order to understand just how to best decimate their arguments. The typical self described feminist is easy to figure out but harder to master, because they know how to exploit their emotions and those in others. It’s why they have been so incredibly successful in the world. We have only just begun to wage a proper counteroffensive against them, hence their increased dedication to destroying the resurgence of the Alpha masculine Man most notable through canada declaring war on one Man by the name of Roosh and the sexual capitalism he represents. ROK is like the Masculine movement’s CIA so learn as much as you can from here; from the collected writings of those who have been on the battlefield firsthand.
    Now that you’ve informed yourself through reconnaissance and have thus prepared yourself for war (as GI Joe would say knowing is half the battle) you should be working on your offensive strategy. Your greatest weapon here is: logic. If you are in a relationship you need to bolster your defenses before hand in order to be better prepared for the battle that comes with argument in the war between the sexes. Assess your strengths and your weaknesses. Anticipate the enemy’s familiarity with both and adjust accordingly. Plan for an extended campaign with an exit strategy you will absolutely not waver on regardless of the fallout. Put on a formidable front but do not fall prey to overconfidence as you march off to battle. Your intelligence is your armor, your masculinity your sword. Go to the enemy’s stronghold knowing that the enemy knows you almost as well as you do yourself and use that against them. Play to your strengths (logic and equanimity) and minimize your weaknesses (emotional susceptibilities from within or without, her attacks on your perceived shortcomings, etc) Allow the enemy the first strike in order to gauge their ammunition, their morale, their strength (She won’t give you a choice anyway) then assault her with intelligence, not fisticuffs. Her arrows of criticism will simply bounce off if you already anticipated of what consistency they would be. Wait for an opening in her salvo and then pulverize her with your rebuttal. Avoid the collateral damage of making a larger point than necessary, for the enemy will surely punish you for losing sight of your target. Make your points concise and without delay and be sure to deliver them sternly so as to penetrate even her emotional fits (the masculine bunker buster of a logically undeniable remark) and as with any campaign, make sure to exercise the exit strategy once your payload has been delivered in order to minimize casualty from the enemy’s return fire. Avoid the urge to overkill. You want to defeat, not destroy, since war has no cost effectiveness if there are no spoils to be gained. Beware of crocodile tears and trojan horse supplications to your emotions as a last ditch resort by the enemy on your march back home aka out the door…these have been known to make even the strongest Alpha succumb to the influence of the proverbial Circe.
    The next day, celebrate your victory in a bibulous revelry with friends and the obligatory bar wench…or you can just stay at home and relax, confident in the fact that she realizes you are not a chump to be toyed with. Ignore the questionable communiques of enemy favoring propaganda delivered to you through mutual allies, acquaintances or technological means unless they include an acquiescence to your terms. If she values having you for a protector rather than a total enemy she will invite you over for concessions disguised as diplomatic relations due to your overwhelming show of masculine force (she will rarely apologize because of her gender specific solipsism btw) or she will simply downplay your offensive and cut off all diplomatic entente with you, in order to ally herself with another masculine (or near masculine) nation that offers far more rewards with far less difficulty than you.
    Either way, your masculinity remains assured and your strength remains undeniable. The lesson has been taught, and other weaker femininations in her immediate vicinity will come to hear of your exploits before time. Regardless of the negative tone, their curiosity will pique and their attraction to your masculine strength and potential leadership will compel them to find nations just like you, if not you itself.
    Since all females are essentially feminist to some degree, THIS is how you best wean them off from that consciously or otherwise. If enough Alpha males behave this way towards enough females, they will either have to dispense with their corrosive philosophy or subject themselves to dating their sex or live a lifetime spent in solitude with a clowder of cats. In either of the latter possibilities. the pussy they keep company with will always leave them feeling lacking, so it behooves them to change not just for their benefit, but more importantly, for yours.
    Remember…all war is based on deception, which is why females are so adept at winning psychological wars (having others fight for them, for example) even if they lack the physical ability to fight in them successfully. In order to overcome their wiles we must be no less skilled at the art of deception especially in the potential warfare of mutual discourse.
    Good luck. May Sun Tzu’s teachings be with you.

    1. You should try to get this submitted as an article so people can find it, instead of it getting buried in the comment section

      1. The irony is i have more article worthy posts than i do actual articles on ROK lol
        I simply enjoy this site and if i submitted every article my brain creates they would take over the first page.
        I hear you though. I may present this one in a slightly adjusted format in the future. Thanks brother.

    1. Say good bye to Felix, Man talk,….Lol, there needs to be Movies with Alpha Males like this again.

  27. I love reading articles written by people who are misinformed about feminism. It’s very very amusing.
    P.S: Feminists don’t think “all sex, including consensual” is rape. Rape is rape.
    Also great job comparing men to animals like wolves and lions. The term” alpha male” represents a physical form of dominance over all other males. The alpha male lion, for example, claims sexual rights to all females, fights off other males to enforce it, eats first after every hunt and dominates a vast territory of land for hunting rights.
    So you’re basically just telling all men to be selfish, claim sex with every woman, fight with other men and have sex with their women and be a complete dick about it.

      1. Andrea Dworkin was a radical. She does not represent feminism at all. Most modern feminists living in this current world have no problem with pornography or sex, and if they say they do, then they’re lying. It’s a bit hypocritical to judge other women and men based on their life choices and “different” career options. But at the end of the day, sexual violence is something we all agree on, and say it’s bad, unless it’s some real fetish and consensual on both sides again.
        Also, if a woman says she doesn’t like or enjoy sex, then she’s definitely with the wrong man.

        1. Of course Dworkin represents feminism, it is just that she took it to its logical conclusions.
          Feminism is a philosophy that is being driven by people who want to over throw the traditional order. The moderate feminism that you seem to embrace is just a step toward that goal. Kind of a Madison Avenue feminism that is intended to induce the gullible masses–don’t be one of them.
          Regarding alpha and beta, you can read what I wrote about it here: http://honoranddaring.com/how-to-become-an-alpha-male/
          Although my blog is primarily targeted at men, there may be some other articles of interest for you.
          This article was tongue-in-cheek. I will write a more serious follow on here at ROK. Keep reading.

    1. “P.S: Feminists don’t think “all sex, including consensual” is rape. Rape is rape.”
      No shit sweetheart. The problem is all the feminists in power are constantly changing the definition of rape to suit their needs.
      No means no (that one’s actually legitimate)
      Yes might actually mean no
      She says yes and regrets it later after the fact? It’s rape.
      In the meantime, while the smoke is settling, there’s no mention to the men’s lives ruined over false rape charges.
      By saying you’re a feminist, you are, whether you mean to or not, allying with those people. If you legitimately don’t feel that way, don’t call yourself a feminist. Try egalitarian on for size.

    2. The Alpha Man and the Alpha Beast are two different things, Man is a Devine Creation of God and Man’s Mind allows him to think, when Man Reads the Bible God’s word gives the Man Wisdom and Masculinity, the Man will understand what God’s purpose was for Man and the Man will become Alpha, as a Result Men became civilized and have no need to Rape Pillage and Burn neighboring Tribes for the Sole Purpose of Pleasure, Resources, and women, the Alpha beast in the wild however is just doing what God created it to do, God gives Man a choice with Free Will if he wants to be a savage or civilized, but the beast has no choice. The only Men who would do the barbaric acts you suggested are the Godless who are acting out of savagery, without the word of God Man degenerates into the Beast, but Most Feminists Hate the Idea of a Supreme God so I guess feminist’s Prefer the Rape and Pillage and Slaughter types of Men.

    3. It’s weird, I actually find a lot of their positions degrading for men- the alpha / beta / omega thing especially… chill, guys, you’re not animals, you don’t need to fight eachother to death in order to pass on your genes the way lions do. Humans have found a few better things to do in life, I think.
      And their virgin/whore [housewife/ho?] ideas betray a lack of real interaction with women outside of intercourse and a [hopefully figurative] master/slave relationship for the ‘lucky’ ones.
      It’s 2015, so anyone who hasn’t had an even slightly intelligent conversation with a woman is probably hiding under a rock somewhere. Seriously boys, you can’t reduce half of the population to housewives/hoes without losing the potential for immensely rewarding friendships, intellectual connections and professional relationships- all of which contribute to personal growth. You’re missing out.

      1. That last sentence imply that we are missing out in something. But your premises is wrong because the subject of what we are missing out on is of subjective worth based upon said worth the the a person places upon that subject. And one can not “miss” out on what one does not value. And last, don’t bother to tell me that I should value things that I don’t cause then you would be oppressing me.

    4. “Misinformed” is a nice cop-out when someone recognizes your ideology as bullshit. They don’t disagree, they’re just misinformed about it!
      I’m afraid you’re the uneducated one here. Here are some feminist positions about sex:
      “The institution of sexual intercourse is anti-feminist.”
      “Rape is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear.”
      “When a woman reaches orgasm with a man she is only collaborating with the patriarchal system, eroticizing her own oppression.”
      “Politically, I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated.”
      “And if the professional rapist is to be
      separated from the average dominant heterosexual (male), it may be
      mainly a quantitative difference.”
      “Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice”
      “Violation is a synonym for intercourse.”
      All by feminist authors. I’m sure you can find who wrote them if you want to.
      Anyways I found the article quite amusing, though I do believe most feminists are beyond help.

    5. As much as progressives like yourself Roxanne would like to think that modern humans differ so much from our primitive ancestors, the reality is that we don’t.
      The alpha men still maintain sexual relationships with most of the highest quality women. It’s no coincidence that 20% of men statistically have 80% of all sex..
      The alpha men still maintain dominance over other males. In order to run my company, I must dominate other males or i’d be faced with a group of men who would simply not work together to achieve a common goal.
      The alpha men still dominate territories for resources. The only difference is that in modern times we do it via the economy. I compete with other men for resources on a daily basis, it’s called business..
      Women still desire men who demonstrate alpha traits, just as they did thousands of years ago. The only difference is that it’s no longer my ability to hunt mammoths, it’s my ability to conduct business and generate economic activity.
      While you won’t openly admit to it. Women, even progressive, “empowered” women like yourself subconsciously enjoy being dominated by a man. You *want* a dominant man, with resources and status to not just have sex with you, but rather to fuck you. What’s more likely the case is that like most feminists you are not desirable to alpha men and have been deprived of that experience.
      Should we encourage men to be selfish, claim sex with every *desirable* woman and fight with other men?
      Absolutely. Why else would nature ensure that men naturally produce testosterone? It’s these behaviours that have allowed the human species to evolve as far as we have and become the dominant species on this planet.

    6. “Feminists don’t think “all sex, including consensual” is rape.”
      Catherine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin certainly do.
      first theme is the analysis that social relation between the sexes is
      organized so that men may dominate and women must submit and this
      relation is sexual–in fact, is sex.” — MacKinnon, Feminism Unmodified, p.3.
      And please, don’t tell us they don’t represent the views of “true feminists”. First, that would be a No True Scotsman Fallacy, and second, your own sisters have confirmed it:
      Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon have long argued that in a
      patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women,
      as a group, are not in a strong enough social position to give
      meaningful consent” — Daphne Pattai, Noretta Koertge.
      We don’t even have to go to Marilyn French for the nuttiness of feminism to be exposed, or even the fig-leaf argument that she was “just having one of her characters express the opinion.”
      And don’t tell us that it’s not a current opinion in feminism, either: https://witchwind.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/piv-is-always-rape-ok/

  28. I don’t think this can ever work if the majority of men are white knights, blue pill betas, omegas and dark triads. Women will always follow the herd and bow down only to the social narrative.
    What is needed 1st, is for men as a whole to become what they were born to be. Then, women will follow suit.

  29. The best way to convert feminists is to allow civilization to collapse and create a situation where only women with reproductive capability or, beyond that, have some other use, are valued.
    Those who can change, will change.
    Those who refuse will starve to death or end up being used as beasts of burden pulling my trucks around.

    1. This this this
      Most of these mutants are beyond redemption and even if there was some slight chance a few are worth saving, I sure as fuck won’t lift a fucking finger to do so.
      When society collapses I will delight in seeing every useless eater die off miserably without honor or remembrance. In fact if I can hasten their demise I will absolutely do so by refusing to extend any helping hand whatsoever.
      In fact I may preside over them long enough to make sure they die off and the cancer within their minds dies with them. I will also be there to make sure no white knights come to save them and if any try they will meet her in hell. The more the miserable.
      Many laughs will be had.

    2. Don’t forget that in that case women will have only one hand to work with; the other will be carrying a shovel.

  30. Mmmmm… gotta go balls to the wall.
    Running an experiment on beta-alpha behavior contrast in relation to emotional elasticity of a subject. Subject was a collegiate pump-n-dump resulting in construction of an asexual facade: sexuality manifests itself with media interest and clothing choice (watches yaoi, tight shirts n jeans). Great part is subject requested more alpha behaviors, more than willing to present more shit tests when prodded.

  31. Hell, I am not going to “convert” any feminist at all. They did this to themselves. Let them carry their own weight and end up as bitter spinsters with a cat. I wasn’t born to “save a feminist”!

  32. Sorry Michael. You are wasting valuable resources doing that. Better off rediculing them and pointing out their shortcomings in public. This way you can sway the target audience– younger women. Ending up a middle aged bitter harridan covered in cat hair isn’t what any young woman wants to end up.

  33. So it’s men’s fault for not being ‘masculine’ enough? What horseshit. Go visit Asia for a while. The rise of feminism has to do with SOCIETY, and the presence of ‘alpha males’ is only a small part of this. It’s a very complicated issue but it’s a sociological change.

    1. I disagree. Testosterone levels have plummeted at the same time that feminists have taken over western society. That cannot be a coincidence – feminism couldn’t survive in a high testosterone world, it would be quickly squashed. However, women do not respect weak men, and have been emboldened by a reluctance to challenge them. If strong men didn’t tolerate this bullshit, it wouldn’t happen! It’s not in our nature to fight women, which explains why they have been able to get away with so much, but the pendulum is finally starting to swing as men everywhere wake up and reclaim their lost masculinity. They might not admit it, but deep down virtually all women yearn for a strong man to take charge, call them out on their bullshit and put them in their place. I truly believe that. We are all too quick to hate on the modern woman for her deficiencies, and yes, there are many. The current situation is unacceptable to all that is good and noble. However, ultimately, the buck stops with us men. Are we just going to complain, or are we going to do something about it? Men need to be honest with themselves. If you are a mangina, you truly deserve the most masculine, disloyal, unpleasant feminist out there. If you are not a masculine man, why should you deserve a feminine woman? Admittedly, many young men in the west these days face enormous challenges. Many are in single mother households and lack a strong male influence on their lives. They grow up with the media, education system and society putting women on a pedestal whilst demonising anything that is masculine. Because of this, they never learn how to be a real man. That is why spreading the gospel, encouraging other men to swallow the red pill, be honest about their weaknesses and engage in self-improvement is crucial for all men if we are to avoid the abyss.

        1. Be thankful that you don’t live in the U.S. As long as you don’t live in the west then I’m sure the women there are more traditional. Honestly, I envy you if that’s the case.
          Live here for a while & you’ll see what he speaks is true. Most men are pussies. Those of us that are not, get accused of abusing women.

    2. It is men’s fault. Men were the ones who had the responsibility to put the smack down on these bitches back in the day & put them in their place. If they had, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

  34. Fuck these bitches. They’ll never listen to a real man & things will never go back to where they were. They made their bed, they’ll sleep in it.

  35. Proven Working Method :
    Be dominant & confidant.
    Fuck them sensless.
    Give them orders to execute. I repeat ORDERS.
    Scenario 1 :
    Guy : Hey baby, can you make me a sandwich ?
    Girl : Make it yourself !
    Scenario 2
    Guy : Get your ass in the kitchen and make me a sandwitch ( while slapping her ass ) !
    Girl – wets herself and mumbles something while going in the kitchen.
    In my point of view, the discussion shouldn’t even take place, she normally should be trained to prepare food without the effort of you asking for it. But that again takes time and training.

    1. “In my point of view, the discussion shouldn’t even take place, she normally should be trained to make food without the effort of asking for it. But that again takes time and training.”
      like any new puppy you get, you gots to train it first(no cutting of their balls isnt training….thats butchering and invoking blind fear into an animal). once trained, both dog and master live happily ever after. an untrained dog is an unhappy dog. so it is with women and children.

    2. You might wanna brush up on your sandwich making skills cause chances are -you might find yourself alone .. 🙁

  36. Going to have to disagree with you on “whining till I win.” I like the way Trump usually steam rollers people but this is a pretty pussy thing to say.

  37. I’m with you on all these points except the Christianity. Atheism is not degenerate, it is the logical conclusion of a masculine mind which has examined the scientific evidence.

        1. Bill Clinton’s mistress?
          There are no limits, but ideally a woman should be a wife and mother. A man should be a husband and father. Not everyone will fit into one of these categories, but in general.
          Do you find that offensive?

        2. “within every woman on this planet, regardless of her education or background, is a bitch, a cunt, a slut, a golddigger, a flake, a cheater, a backstabber, a narcissist, and an attention whore that is dying to get out and that, if certain conditions arise and she is placed in a certain container at a certain temperature, will thrust her worst upon you”
          – Roosh V.
          No. But I find this very offensive

        3. It is offensive. It is critical and negative and makes us react with vehemence. But if we hold off and ask ourselves, “Is there any truth to this?” we have to agree that there is. Just as it is true that in every man is an asshole, liar, cheater, crook, murderer, flake, narcissist and manwhore. We all fight with our inner demons. In the wrong environment, without the moral fortitude, strong values, or a spine to keep us on track when faced with adversity overwhelmed by fear or seduced by temptation we all have the capacity to reflect the worst of humanity. But the opposite is true as well. Given a healthy environment, humility, strong values, self-esteem we all have the capacity (man or woman) to be a hero, a friend, a leader, full of love and forgiveness. We are all sinners and we all have the capacity for greatness and for evil. The Miligram expirments are an example of our capacity for evil. I believe this evil extends to men as well, but simply was not the subject of Roosh’s essay as most men will not deny their dark side.

  38. DO NOT read the Old Testament of the King James Bible with the intent of discovering some sort of hidden Red Pill truths. Yeah, there are Red Pill stories in the OT, and the Bible was written by men, for men, but you will be sorely disappointed if you attempt to read the Bible with any other motive in mind than getting saved.

  39. I use a lot of Christian Mcqueen’s Mantra “who’s slut are you” on my feminist gf and it’s a killer lmao. She first felt guilty on admitting that she wants to be objectified (especially by me since I’m the bf) but now she gladly admit she likes being my sex object (even if sometime she add “but not only!!”) and she says happily “I’m your slut”.
    She now doesn’t consider herself as feminist but she still believe the gender wage gap and keeps her reluctancy on checking facts. Feminist habits die hard

  40. Feminism is a global shit test.
    Treat accordingly, and most importantly, have fun with it.

  41. At first I’m like “naw, can’t be done.” But then consider that most women will be what the guy expects her to be in order to get his wallet/support. You can have the most rabid feminist, but if the guy she wants hates feminism, then she’ll suddenly do a 180. No loyalty if it doesn’t give them immediate gratification. The problems arise when she gets what she wants and can’t maintain the fake personality she employed. That’s when the fighting and games start.

  42. Do you think women can’t think rationally because of feminism?? Biggest joke. Women are feminist because they can’t think rationally. If you want to beat feminism you must replace feminism with other irrational belief. I bet on Christianity and alphaness attraction.
    Female doublethink irrational contradicktions an example:
    When my family was coming from a holidays in Portugal my brother and I tried to explain our mother and sister why welfare is against basic individual rights(at the moment others imprison you if you don’t pay because some people voted to get your money without chance of rule your money)
    They said we had not heart and Nazis and a lot of female fallacies they also said solidarity and avoid suffering are the world most important thing.
    Later we brought up the abortion issue. Both my mother and sister was against but… in violation they were agree. Here is the wit, when men have to pay welfare solidarity and avoid suffering is good but when is the time to do it for women prefer to kill a baby rather than sacrifice some resources. They said psychological load is too heavy, but what about I have psychological load with pay immigrants children?? Why psychology is a reason to set our laws and kill a baby??
    Conclusion no logic just menstrual feelings. We should ban women suffrage if we want a rational country based upon patriarchal society.

    1. The motive of female suffrage is socialism and its yearn for a non- Darwinian society. With female suffrage each worker had two votes against individualistic rights instead of one.

  43. Is this satire, or is your head so far up your own ass that it’s too dark to see how stupid your points are?

  44. as much as I hate 3rd wave feminism, I really hate traditional biblical conservatism. Both are collectivism. Being a house wife is the most degrading job for a woman. Children aren’t really worth the trouble.

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