Women Belong At Home, Not At The Office

A short time ago I wrote this article on my grandmother and how her unfettering embodiment of the traditional role of housewife has had nothing but positive effects on both her and everyone around her. If you have a few extra minutes you may want to read (or re-read) that article as it fits quite well into our Traditional Sex Roles week here at ROK.

That article demonstrates to us the benefits resulting from embracing the traditional gender roles we used to have. When we deviate from these roles, e.g. women in the workplace, we find that a net negative is created for both the man and the woman.

Women Are Happier At Home

Let’s compare two vocations for a moment – the lawyer and the kindergarten teacher.

You have probably heard of the phrase “lawyer cunt” thrown around. It is based on the concept of a female lawyer who is unpleasant to be around. Why? Because lawyers typically work very long hours and are stressed out constantly. So when you meet a female lawyer, she is usually quite the bitch and her masculine ways make it almost unbearable to be around – hence the term. She is aggressive, argumentative, and in order to be successful, cannot be submissive. In fact, a survey from a few years ago pegged unmarried female professional (read: attorney) without children as the unhappiest of all people.

You have also probably heard of the idealized concept or expression of “dating a kindergarten teacher.” This idea is based on the notion that kindergarten teachers are sweethearts, family-oriented good girls that know the art of nurturing and care. While they are still part of the workforce, it is one of the few vocations that mimics in part the duties of a homemaker. They are there to take care of the young kids and provide a sort of “home” during the day.

Now which girl do you think is happier? The one working 60+ hours a week being yelled at by partners, clients, and judges or the one who’s there from 9-5 making sure Timmy got his nap and is reading Dr. Seuss books?

These two examples tend to show some of the opposite extremes of deviating from and staying close to the traditional gender role for a woman. When you take an actual homemaker, you have a girl that is now even more aligned with her biological self. Ever notice that when a girl is really in love with you, she would do anything for you? While that desire derives from a variety of things, one large part is her desire to serve and please you as a manifestation of her happiness. This is not coincidental.

Women Are Terrible Employees

I’ve employed a few women now at my business. None of them lasted, and frankly I am extremely hesitant to do so ever again. While their skill levels varied, I won’t dwell on that because some men can also be similarly unskilled. However, a few things kept resurfacing over and over again:

  • They won’t shut up. They would talk my ear off every moment they could.  The first assistant we had, we were still working from our homes so she would come over and work in close proximity. There was no escape from her in my small home, so I had to tolerate all her gabbing.
  • They are unreliable. One girl I hired failed to show up on time to join me in court, something she asked if she could do. This was her first day of work. Needless to say, there wasn’t a second.
  • They can be psychos. I had to battle through a Fatal Attraction-type scenario with one assistant. She saw me out on a date, then went nuts and tried to seduce me nonstop, even making up lies about “how I told her I miss her” and so on. It was actually a bit unsettling.
  • They game the system. When working at the firm before going off on my own, one girl there would work a few months, get pregnant, then take maternity leave for half the year. She did this 3 times in a row, then quit.

These are just a few things. Now I have a male assistant and we are more productive than ever before. Men rarely gab for hours, they generally know the value of time and reliability, and even if you are in the practice of hiring gay guys they don’t develop schoolgirl crushes on you. Nor do they take maternity leave for months on end.

If I’m running a Hooters restaurant then sure, I will be hiring girls. But in an office setting – no thanks.

The End Result

The Western World ignores thousands of years of history encompassing traditional gender roles in favor of this “liberal” world where everything should be fair, equal,and wonderful. Everyone is worse off when we deviate from these traditional gender roles. Women are less happy, men are increasingly miserable, businesses fail and global warming is on the rise.*

We say #BackToTheKitchen, but it is not meant to be condescending or satirical. It is a plea to increase the happiness of both genders and to try to save what little we have left of the society that once was.

Share your thoughts on Traditional Sex Roles Week using the hashtag #BackToTheKitchen.

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* One theory of global warming is that it’s caused by the increase of women in the workforce, which leads to more cars on the road, which leads to more pollution eroding the ozone layer, and hence increased global warming.

348 thoughts on “Women Belong At Home, Not At The Office”

    1. down with scott & amundsen or anyone who props up the culturally constructed binary system of magnetic north & south

      IN 1 OF THE LAST posts you talked about Brazilian women, why one of the best TELENOVELA writers there is a women called GLORIA PEREZ ? her most popular telenovela O CLONE was in a list as the top 50 formats of the last decades !.
      In Japan some of the MANGA best sellers are women, like SHINOBU OHTAKA who writes the manga MAGI or NAOKO TAKEUCHI who wrote SAILOR MOON, they have won AWARDS in JAPAN.
      In SOUTH KOREA, one of the best TV DRAMA writers is a woman called KIM EUN SOOK, her name is already a brand by itself and her last drama was the most expensive to export in Asia because its high value.
      In the west, MARIA DUEÑAS wrote the novel EL TIEMPO ENTRE COSTURAS, which is the most popular in SPAIN right now, the TV series of that novel was the most watched in years.
      And in the ANGLO SPHERE we have the example of SUZANNE COLLINS with HUNGER GAMES or JK ROWLING with HARRY POTTER : D
      I firmly believe in the power of women and if I could choose my sex before birth I always have chosen woman anyways ; ) because I am so freaking proud to be what I am : P

      1. hunger games is a bunch on contrite garbage and harry potter is stolen from a mish mash of sources primarily lord of the rings, dumbledorf is a name so plagarized from tolkien it warrants a law suit.
        that aside, of course women can make good writers since half the viewing audience are women and another quarter are children…..
        that doesn’t mean women make good high stress executives or court room lawyers…
        we’ve also been fed a diet of emotionally bloated garbage in the movies and on TV in shows like Law and Order and more recently Scandal that shows these perfectly scripted, perfectly made up, dolled up, hotties, kicking ass and perfectly executing jobs that even skilled professionals would struggle with, so now anyone with a pair of tits thinks they can be Angelina jumping from helicopters, whereas in fact, her silicon tits would have been jarred loose and who was actually jumping was a trained stunt man.

        1. The Hunger Games is a rip-off an earlier Japanese Film called Battle Royale, just with two dreeeeamy boys for the main character to choose from to get braindead women interested in it.

  1. To be fair, the lack of reliability *may* not be intentional (though that happens quite often). Many women lack the focus, motivation, ability to handle abstractions, and emotional detachment/switching needed to function optimally in the workplace.
    Not necessarily malice, but frequently the consequences of doing something they are not designed for.

    1. at a typical office setting, if the women aren’t too busy badmouthing each other, they can usually be found fucking up tasks big and small. that wouldn’t be a problem if you could openly scold/fire/reassign them. but since we live in the united states of PC..

  2. One additional point: women make the WORST managers. Because they don’t have leadership ingrained in their psyches, they end up emulating some stupid stereotype – that is where we get either the psycho-bitch boss or the bill lumbergh-type boss, with hardly anything in between. me for one, i have never ever had a female boss that even approached competency. if that offends you.. GOOD!

    1. Women at my work are for the majority behaving like they are in a shopping mall food court…Robots can do their jobs easily.

      1. Do they reset personalities every five minutes?
        You could have a fleet of happy food workerbots who treat every day like it’s Day One. Imagine the customer satisfaction. 🙂

    2. Women pretend to suck at stuff when there are white knights ready to WORK for Miss Princess.
      Women would rather marry a big $$$ “manager” and then manage him perfectly i.e. spend all his money while fucking the pool boy.

      1. I am a woman who has recently (about 4 months ago) become 2nd in command at a restaurant that grosses over a million each year. 1) I am fantastic at my job 2) The only thing I have men do for me is reach things I cannot as I am 5’3″. 3) My boyfriend earned considerably more than I did last year but we act as financial equals. If you personally choose to do female coworkers work for them that makes you a chump, and the fact that you do this makes you a chump. And for your wife, maybe if you didn’t hold the belief that she was some scheming princess witch, which begs the question as to why the hell you married her, but that’s a whole other can of worms; people who aren’t treated like people are much more likely to revenge fuck people in order to hurt you.
        Admittedly for the most part I would rather work with men than women but a lot of the way that the awful women work has to do with people LETTING THEM. Don’t allow the “I’m a princess and I can’t” behavior fly. I have worked with women like this, it is not like an unstoppable disease, it is a matter of disregarding their feelings and telling them to either either suck it up or seek other employment. As it turns out most of them suck it up, they will hate you, but don’t bitch about things you refuse to fix.

        1. I also work in a restaurant and can assert that a restaurant that grosses over a million a year is miniscule volume. Assuming you’re open 365 days per year that means you average 70 covers per day with a $40 check average. Oh and you’re second in command.
          This is akin to boasting about getting that coveted assistant manager position at a Blockbuster.
          And it’s easy for a woman to spew garbage like, “it is a matter of disregarding their feelings”. Yeah, that’s a quick instant termination in HR for a guy. What’s that? Equality?. Women have scammed the system to say and do whatever the fuck they want with immunity from the system, because their feelings are more important than job performance.
          But I do agree, we men let it get this way.
          Which is why we’re going to take it back. There will be an unspoken pact by men in position, like LawDogger, to never hire women again.

        2. LD is not arguing that all women are terrible workers, but that the majority are so, and that men are, in general, better at jobs that require masculine traits and virtues. Similarly, he argues that women are, in general, happier at home than at work.
          Exceptions usually fall into 2 groups: 1) females with high T-levels (unfortunately correlated to PCOS) and/or 2) females with male partners much more masculine than them.
          If you and your boyfriend are genuinely happy with the ways things are, then you probably fall into 2). If so, then I’m glad for you.
          I like your point about women behaving the way they are because men let them do so. This site is for men who seek to reverse this.

        3. I laughed so hard when I read this. Keep up your idiocy and bigotry because it makes a wonderful farce.

        4. Uh oh. Pulling out the “bigotry” as a rebuttal. Love how that’s the only thing you could come up with after an article full of fact and reason

        5. Fact and reason where exactly? Satire pieces rarely contain either. If you viewed anything in that article as fact or reason, I seriously worry for you.

      2. when scientists tried to teach chimpanzees to talk one of the conclusions was that the chimps refused to talk because they summised we’d put them to work if they showed too much intelligence…. looks like the female of our species has a lot in common.

        1. Exactly…and they use the old trick of boosting the male ego to get their man to do all the work while the lay back at home surfing discreet online dating sites like Ashley Madison…

      3. What angers me about this post, is that you right away assume all women are like this. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of us are like this, too many of us are like this. But do keep an open mind that there are few of us who are equally hardworking. I was raised by my father, my mother was one of those princesses. Left because my dad didn’t make enough money. He raised me on his own to be a hard worker who doesn’t complain. I honestly am not terribly fond of being a woman, but don’t make assumptions about the whole female population, there are few of us who work hard.

    3. If women are bad outside the home ,why women from different countries have proven great talent as writers.
      In the last post you talked about Brazilian women, can you explain me why 1 of the best TELENOVELA writers of BRAZIL is a woman called GLORIA PEREZ, her obra master is O CLONE.
      In SOUTH KOREA one of the best tv DRAMA writers is KIM EUN SOOK, her name is already a brand by itself, her last drama was the most expensive to sold in Asia.
      In JAPAN, some women are among the MANGA best sellers, like HIROMU ARAKAWA who wrote FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST and SHINOBU OHTAKA who writes MAGI, both have won AWARDS in Japan.
      In the West we have MARIA DUEÑAS who wrote EL TIEMPO ENTRE COSTURAS, that novel is right now the most popular in SPAIN, the TVseries based in that novel is the most watched since long time.
      And in the ANGLO SPHERE we have SUZANNE COLLINS of HUNGER GAMES and JK ROWLING of HARRY POTTER, I firmly believe in the power of women, and if could choose my sex before my birth, I would always prefer to be a woman anyways ; )

      1. While pop-literature has its place and is certainly a great means to achieve financial success, I wouldn’t call such a career particularly useful to society, nor one in which a woman is in a managerial position over other employees. Perhaps being super-empowered has rendered the prescription on your glasses out of date, because you clearly didn’t read a single fucking word of what you were replying to, but I suppose that’s one of the defining characteristics of being “empowered” these days.

        1. What? Do you know how much Harry Potter and Hunger Games crap sold in the past several years? That money is extremely useful to society.
          ‘sides, that Katniss is a hottie.

        1. ashlieelizabeth is pointing out a fact that no one else here seems to understand. It’s not a “comeback.” Men lie just as much as women.
          Also, you’re a fucking prick.

        2. every idea was initially “making shit up”. making shit up is what makes the world advance. It’s called creativity something which is a strength.

      2. From 3,5 billion woman, you can only name a few with accomplishment.
        I would be ashamed of that, not proud.

        1. Personally the only accomplishments that matter to me are my own. Those of others I utilize as my role models.
          I will list all my female role models below:

        2. If modern history is anything to go by, I would bet my next BJ that it was a man who invented the wheel.

        1. I do, and the CIA and Mossad. And we are tracking your comments right now. Drone starts flight in 3, 2, 1….

      3. It would be statically impossible to NOT have any top accomplished women.Fair chance says that since 50% of the population is Female,then at every level of accomplishment there would be 50% representation.But it isn’t, it is more like 1000:1(Males to Females).
        I too firmly believe in the power of women,and that power lies in motherhood and homemakers,not shitty (albeit popular) novelists.

      4. If women are bad outside the home ,why women from different countries have proven great talent as writers.

        Don’t writers, particularly novelists, usually work from home?

        1. Not always. Some actually do their writing while on break.
          I knew of one gal who was a silk screener. She wrote songs and sold them under the table. One being that one by the Pointer Sisters – Jump for My Love. I actually saw her writing that.

      5. because there is a difference between working in your own office, like most authors do, and working in an actual thriving office, and to prove my point further, many authors write at home, not in an actual workplace.

        1. You say “actual workplace” like it’s a good thing.
          Some people are imaginative enough to figure out how to avoid commuting to an office full of back-stabbing layabouts who are counting minutes until they can go play with other unimaginative people on the motorway.
          Or perhaps you’ve forgotten where you are and who started this site. You might even learn a thing or two from Mr Roosh’s books …

      6. All that upper case is making you sound like a crazy loon. Like you have to scream and rant and rail to get your point across rather than calm reasoned and logical argument. For any man who wishes to point out how women can be emotionally driven kind of crazy, your posts proves his point.

      7. The arts are a completely different story. Am a big fan of people like Anne Rice, but these are also positions that don’t involve much management.

        1. [mumbles “exceptio probat regulum” and agrees with TheFunto]
          The Latin means that the exception tests the rule, rather than proving it …

      8. How about you name a work, written by a female, that changed the world.
        That’s what I thought.

        1. A few examples:
          Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) – “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” laid down a clear moral and practical basis for extending human and political rights to women.
          Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896) – a life long anti slavery campaigner. Her novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was a best seller and helped to popularise the anti slavery campaign. Abraham Lincoln would later remark her books were a major factor behind the American civil war.
          Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) – Several contributions in the nursing and mathematical fields. Contributed to reforming sanitation in hospitals and lowering death rates.
          Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) – campaigned against slavery and for the promotion of workers and womens’ rights.
          Marie Curie (1867-1934) – the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize and the first person to win it for 2 separate categories. Her first award was for research into radioactivity (Physics 1903). Her second Nobel prize was for Chemistry in 1911. A few years later she also helped develop the first X ray machines.
          Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) – made a significant contribution to the field of human rights, a topic she campaigned upon throughout her life. As head of UN human rights commission she helped to draft the 1948 UN declaration of human rights.
          Anne Frank (1929-1945) – Anne Frank’s diary is one of the most widely read books in the world. A symbol of the Holocaust and a representative of persecution.

        2. That might be very true indeed, but Lincoln probably did care about the popular opinion of the time. Masses of unemployed workers of the North didn’t like that slaves “took”/”stole” their opportunities of work and livelihood, and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book might have been the last drop that spilled the cup. Nevertheless, ‘thedude3737’ asked for one womans writings that “changed the world”, and that’s what I gave.

        1. you never heard of JK Rolwing?
          Biggest author in China, wrote “Hally Rotter” of course

        2. The first book was a compelling children´s book. The rest it´s just industry (albeit the third one is fun). No great literature there.

      9. Ok, buuuuut… the name of the article is “Women belong at home, not at the office”. You just rattled off a number of enormously success creative types that work from where?
        Home or the office?

      10. I don’t think anyone is attempting to diminish the accomplishments of the great women you named. I personally love women (as most here do). The issue, as I view it, is the delusion that all women deserve a place in the work place or women shaming women who actually enjoy ‘managing the home’ and/or find value in raising children.
        Something worth noting: The only women you named who are married with children, write children’s books (or comics). Glória Perez was a single mother.
        Lastly, try single quotes for quoted material (the titles of book, stories, articles, etc) in lieu of capitalizing everything. It’s grammatically correct and makes what you write much easier to read. I gave up reading after the first paragraph.

    4. They don’t have leadership ingrained in their psyches? Its not an ingrained skill, its something that has to be developed. And I say this as someone who is currently in the middle of various leadership qualifications at the moment. Though with that said, I was a young leader in the scouts and was often in charge of mostly males, and I passed my award with the highest rank. It was confidence, patience and treating my underlings with respect that helped me most… oh and not being afraid to shout at them when needed.

      1. Claiming leadership abilities from being a “leader” in scouts is basically a negative at this point. The Boy Scouts are nothing like they were intended in our “modern” era.

        1. I know, but ultimately its the development of interpersonal skills. Obviously they will differ slightly in the workplace, but its the same principle of patience, confidence and respect. You have to respect your lowers if you want them to respect you as a leader.

        2. Those are all given, but do not address the topic of the comment in the slightest.
          Male individual power is conditioned on their own accomplishments in their own hard work. This is because men cannot bear children and feel satisfaction from bearing a new generation, so all of their focus is on individual accomplishments.
          Woman can compete in this arena as well, but they always carry with them the standards by which other women judge them superior/inferior. This other realm of judgement, the realm of women, wholly interferes with your average woman’s ability to be a leader in a male endeavor. It forces women leaders into compromising situations where they either completely ignore how other women judge them (Albright, Thatcher) and in so doing essentially sacrifice their own womanhood. OR, they try to integrate the two standards by which they are judged and end up judging men by standards they would only reserve for women they are competing with. Men absolutely will not stand for such behavior, and would rather literally blow up the company than see such a situation continue. We would rather see your average woman turn themselves into a hideous beast that operates purely on meritocracy standards than have a female boss try to play both sides.

        3. And you are seriously trying to pass yourself off as a leader after saying something like that.

      2. ” . . .in the middle of various leadership qualifications at the moment.”
        Now I can believe you are a woman.

        1. Only qualifications as its for The Guides Association. Not much differs from the scouting one, but it does have to be official and specific to The Guides (Girlguiding)

    5. I’d like to defend the managers in feminine occupations like teaching, have had some very good ones there and generally encountered few problems. In a corporate environment, jesus H christ, especially in a temp position, you just know as a man you’d either get the chop after a couple of days or they would keep you around longer just to make your life miserable. Never been more unhappy than when working under those conditions.

    6. I’ll offer you the “in-between” you’re really not going to like …
      A chick I knew landed a mid-level management position straight out of B-school, which was a bit of a surprise. She talked a good game, so the firm hired her.
      Within a few months, her office was on tenterhooks over allegations of stalking and harassment. The chick realised she couldn’t gull her staff or threaten them overtly, but she could put the entire crew on notice, in effect.
      In her private life, she invented a few false allegations as well, ones involving rapes that didn’t happen as well as domestic violence that also probably didn’t happen. Her friends quickly made themselves scarce, at least the ones that weren’t having to “lawyer up”.
      When “chickens came home to roost” at work, her management realised she wasn’t managing, leading, or doing much work, but instead was whinging about her responsibilities and, of course, those pesky stalkers and harassers. The company built a “dirty dossier” on her and used it to cover their back sides when they finally sacked her.
      By then, she’d managed to screw over part of her network of friends and associates, in turn warning off the rest, meaning that nobody had her back.
      The last I heard from her, she had sent me an E-mail telling me that she took “temporary employment” with a marketing survey firm in a shopping centre, and would I please help her out of the situation she created.
      Naturally, I didn’t respond to that E-mail or any others.
      So here’s your “in-between” version: the drama-creating chick who uses drama to mask her bald faced incompetence.
      You’re really not going to like it when psycho-bitch splits the difference with Bill Lumbergh …

    7. I once worked at a restaurant where the Owner right down to the supervisors, were all female. It was hell. Every week one of them was pmsing, you couldnt tell anyone what was wrong, what was right etc. Meltdowns were a frequent thing, and any male that made it to a position of authority was subsequently fired for not having any “soft” skills.

    8. Yes, female bosses can be and are catty, jealous and mostly have a chip on their shoulder.
      My best bosses were male.

  3. I would only hire woman in three scenarios
    1. If I own an escort/prostitution business.
    2. If I own a night club/lounge.
    3. If I need a secretary

    1. When you’re lucky. In my experience it was like women replaying high school. Let me know where the pretend adults are. Sounds like an improvement.

  4. but…but… if all women are at home and act like the 50s… and there are no sluts… how can I get laid in clubs? I don’t give a shit about your cuckold fantasies of being married and having a wife with chastity belt. I want to fuck women, not being a faggot beta who reads the manosphere as a passive-aggressive way while all he wants is the classical father figure who works and goes back home where the woman must feel forced to fuck him even if she’d fuck some serious bad boy. I don’t even want to work ffs

    1. i think the consensus is that the novelty of banging chicks you met in clubs slowly wears off… where is the end game ?
      a bird in the hand is worth two in the tree….

      1. this shit is why the manosphere is dead.. fags compaining about the “end game” like if they ever had sex with true hotties. I don’t want to settle. I want to know a lot of women because I love them and I want to have fun with them and romantic shit. I don’t want to be a gay beta provider married faggot with job

  5. Hm, so you say it’s the women’s fault that you are not good at judging people before hiring them? For every stupid woman you hired and fired, there is a reliable, educated and motivated woman looking for a job or already being good at her job – which does not necessarily have anything to do with cooking, prostitution or children.

    1. no, what we’re saying is that in positions that actually MATTER in a company, it’s hard to find a competent woman that also does not have a few nuts and bolts loose. if you do manage to find this mythical being, be ready to lose her in a few years’ time to parental leave.

    2. And yet, for some odd reason, he seems perfectly perspicacious about the abilities of men as prospective employees.
      Things that make you go, “Hmmmmmm.”

    3. Actually, I don’t think he was blaming the women for his hiring practices, he was simply saying that women were not worth having in an office because of x,y,z..
      Instead of defaulting to a crab-basket attack on what you think needs to be torn down (his opinions); why not use his article as motivation to make sure you never impose the behaviors outlined above on your superiors?
      I know, not acting like a catty female is hard when you hear someone speak ill of your sacred cow, but if you want to do well in a mans world, you can’t act this way.

  6. Staying home with children is a blast. Being with young children who are learning about the world and learning to talk is immensely rewarding and full of hilarity.
    I post an old poem by Christopher Morley
    To A Child
    The greatest poem ever known
    Is one all poets have outgrown:
    The poetry, innate, untold,
    Of being only four years old.
    Still young enough to be a part
    Of Nature’s great impulsive heart,
    Born comrade of bird, beast, and tree
    And unselfconscious as the bee-
    And yet with lovely reason skilled
    Each day new paradise to build;
    Elate explorer of each sense,
    Without dismay, without pretense!
    In your unstained transparent eyes
    There is no conscience, no surprise:
    Life’s queer conundrums you accept,
    Your strange divinity still kept.
    Being, that now absorbs you, all
    Harmonious, unit, integral,
    Will shred into perplexing bits,-
    Oh, contradictions of the wits!
    And Life, that sets all things in rhyme,
    may make you poet, too, in time-
    But there were days, O tender elf,
    When you were Poetry itself!

    1. Yup. “one large part is her desire to serve and please you as a manifestation of her happiness. This is not coincidental.” Modern women still have this. They just actively block it because they have been conditioned to think that it signals weakness and stupidity. Actually, acting according to the motherly instinct is a sign of strength and wisdom. Strength, because taking care of the family and building a happy home is NOT an easy task, and wisdom, because it is in the long-term interest of both her and her family to do so.

  7. Women truly are happier at home, especially when children are involved. However I wouldn’t say all women are terrible employees. Rather, I suggest women stick to traditional gender roles that they fit. Most women tend to be good at woman oriented jobs. Secretary, Nanny, Stewardess, etc. They shouldn’t be lawyers, ceo’s, politicians and other high stress jobs. The problem is that women are ruled by emotion, more so then men, and that becomes a problem in the work place. Especially when given power over other men.

  8. They won’t shut up. They would talk my ear off every moment they could. The first assistant we had, we were still working from our homes so she would come over and work in close proximity. There was no escape from her in my small home, so I had to tolerate all her gabbing.

    Jeez, I know the experience. I used to have to work with a woman in her early 20’s who read all the Twilight novels and told me everything about them – and I had no curiosity about them at all.
    Unfortunately Hollywood propagandizes the worst aspects of female aspirations in the workplace. How many movies and TV shows portray young women who get jobs at fashion magazines, for example? The math for that sort of career doesn’t work out, just as the math doesn’t work out for most black boys who aspire to get out of the ghetto by becoming professional athletes. Instead these women, if they insist on having “careers,” usually have to take jobs in corporate make-work like the HR department.

  9. My friend married a kindergarten teacher.
    — She can cook basically only if someone gives her a recipe. Outside of that her only go-to meal is macaroni and cheese, and that’s from a box.
    — She is incapable of keeping anything clean because she has no concept of clean.
    — She is shirking her responsibilities to their son, one by one, so that her husband takes up the slack.
    — She complains when he has to work late
    — She almost doesn’t let him go sailing with us on weekends.

    1. Yeah…
      I have a female nurse acquaintance. She is a huge slot with daddy issues. Very good to bang, but other than that…no no no.
      There are no safe occupations left to find a feminine woman.

      1. She is a huge slot with daddy issues. Very good to bang

        A huge slot? Good to bang? I’d have thought a huge slot would have been more ‘last hotdog in the tin’ territory than ‘good to bang’.

    2. it was never about guarantees, jeremy. of course you could find kindergarten teachers that are fucked up in the head, as you could also find women lawyers that are nice people. however the odds of that happening are incredibly small, so you can’t base your decision on that small miracle occuring. basically, anecdotal evidence is not proper evidence, is what i’m getting at.

      1. I should actually clarify for the author. I wasn’t necessarily trying to say that K-teachers are automatically a bad bet, just that there are no sure bets anymore.

    3. …so if he tells her she can’t go somewhere it’s “you don’t control me!” right?

      1. I’m not sure he’s said anything of the kind yet. I’ve caught this friend saying “Happy wife Happy Life”.

  10. The described scenario is present only in an environment that nurtures it.
    In an economically challenged state (mine for example), this is what happens:
    1. No sane man gets a woman who doesn’t work. The bigger her salary, the better. No one can afford a “stay at home sweetheart”, and they’re looked down upon.
    2. No one gets idiotic degrees. Arts, literature, even some not-so-popular sciences, such as quantum physics, are at the bottom of the list. Popular among both men and women are degrees in economics, medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, law – athough recently on the decline, due to an oversaturation. Human relations – unheard of.
    3. Employees who “won’t shut up”, are “unreliable”, “psychos” and “game the system” are kicked out immediately. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that the author kept such an employee that constantly talks, for such a long time. Was she that indispensable?
    4. Women here are expected to work and take care of the house and kids at the same time. If that impossible – grandma helps. No woman has her femininity affected by this.
    In my opinion, everything comes down to this – people do shit that is tolerated. Being bitchy does not come from hard work, or bad experience, it comes from being spoilt rotten and taught to “express yourself” with no thought of others.
    Get an economy crisis that cuts job position in half, and learn not to tolerate obnoxious people, and these things will cease to be.

    1. tolerated?
      get real. Men literally have the guns at their head forcing them to “tolerate” this.

  11. Why is ReturnOfKings working for MORE female privilege?! INSANITY.
    Don’t they have enough already for [email protected]#ck’s sake.
    Before the housewife had to do a ton of real hard work… but that was BEFORE we had things like:
    tap water, electricity, all the automated washing and cleaning machines, advanced chemical cleaners , easy clean surfaces, grocery delivery, kindergarten, day-care and so on.
    Now housework does not even compare to what it was 2-300 years ago.
    So men have to go on slaving at work doing their “masculine things” (which are awlais strangely dangerous, grueling and unpleasant)q while your model wife would do the housework easy in 1-2 hours and live the luxury life for which you moron pay.
    #BackToTheKitchen is so diabolically #ProFemalePrivilage it makes me FU$cking RAGE.
    No B$ch, you are not going back there. We have automated that shit to perfection. That is not enough any more. Relationships have to be 50/50, and not i work you play lazy bored housewife in the 21 century.

    1. Nothing is 50/50, not even sure what you are proposing, supporting another woman to take care of the kids while your wife is off fucking her boss?

      1. At least i’m not busting my ass working just so she can stay home all day, play Desperate Housewife and fuck the pool-boy.
        If she is at work she is at least bringing some money, even if she spends it all herself.
        A woman at home (haha like she will sit at home all day) with 7 hours of free time has a TON more opportunity for fucking a lot of people, and not just “the boss” at work.
        So your sweet housewife will have HOURS of leisure time and as we know:
        Idle hands are the devil’s workshop (i.e. she has time to fuck the whole town).
        #BackToTheKitchen in the 21 century is #ProFemalePrivilage!

        1. Thank you for the insightful comment Mr. He-Man.
          Now get back to work because your sweet wife needs a personal masseuse and they bill by the hour $$$.
          PS: Is she signing in as QueenOfQueens, or is that only when she is pleasuring the neighbour’s dong?

    2. The essential problem is that when they go to work they don’t help so much as get in the way.
      And the other essential problem is that we don’t even need half as many men as we used to get actual shit done. It takes a fifth as many men to run a super tanker as used to to run a tiny little caravel, never mind a tea clipper. One man in a combine can out work a thousand men.
      Most people actually only work because no one knows quite what else to do with them.

      1. I don’t care if she sucks at doing work.
        “If they can make penicillin out of mouldy bread, they can sure make something out of you.” – Muhammad Ali
        Also don’t be so easily fooled by them. Women pretend to suck at stuff when there are white knights ready to WORK for Miss Princess.
        During the World War 1 and 2, many women worked in producing tanks, ammunition, dug trenches and fortification etc.
        But when the shit is not hitting the fan, they go back on their hight heals, tight shirts restricting movements and play vulnerable and clumsy.
        Why? So the all White Knights will come to save her from doing work the poor damsel in distress.
        Women are smart enough to exploit the masses of White Knights and live a nice easy life… do not underestimate them. Ever!

        1. “I don’t care if she sucks at doing work.”
          Which simply tells me you have never been an employer.
          “Also don’t be so easily fooled by them.”
          I am not fooled by them, but neither do I need them haul hay and water, and I need a “Human Resources” department for fuck all if there aren’t any women skulking about.

        2. “Which simply tells me you have never been an employer.”
          Actually i am an employer, with male to female ratio of 50/50 in my company. Males work better indeed, but we pay for actual work done so to each his own (the work is easily quantifiable).
          Also, don’t extrapolate from your poor HR laws… they reflect on the Anglosphere’s problems more then anything.
          I’m not in a English speaking country and our HR is gender neutral (the rules are the same, regardless if you have a dick or vagina).

        3. “I’m not in a English speaking country. . .”
          And I have not always been in an English speaking country, nor am I a trad-con, so am not defending that position.
          ” . . . the rules are the same, regardless if you have a dick or vagina . . .”
          The same here, to the extent that women may go topless anywhere a man is allowed to do so.
          It’s the application of the rules that is a mite more variable.

    3. Why does a return to traditional feminine roles negate the ability to be industrious at home? With the absurd ease today of owning/running a small business from home over the internet, why does a return to female roles mean a return to 1950 in so many peoples eyes? Do we have to spell it out for you that women are expected to not be a Peggy Bundy, but rather produce while producing children whenever possible?
      This whole argument is so retarded, it’s like no one can see social possibility where wives run small businesses on the side from home while still managing to give thousands of hours of attention to children, or hell even teach the kids to be entrepreneurial themselves. So many people presume that #BackToTheKitchen means a life of pleasure where robots take care of cleaning and cooking, or a life of total boredom where robots take care of cleaning and cooking. Where is your f-ing imagination? Where is it written that because it’s easy to run a household now, that that is ONLY what a wife might be expected to do?

      1. I don’t “assume” anything, just look at the campaign image for #BackToTheKitchen. It’s right in this article.
        Does that image look like someone “owning/running a small business from home over the internet”.
        OR MORE LIKE
        “return to female roles mean a return to 1950…”

        1. So now your complaint isn’t about how privileged women will be if they stay home, but that it will look like the 1950s?
          You do realize that many housewives in the 1950’s didn’t sit around all week cleaning. Many of them got that shit done in 2 days, then brutally enforced cleanliness in the rest of the household members to make her job easier, THEN they went and found something else to do with their time that either put extra cash in her pockets, or created value in some way, like Avon cosmetics, tupperware, etc..etc..
          Women used to be very industrious in their role, not attempting to compete with men in their role.

      1. Here i will call the shots to you as example:
        I comand you to go to a spa, get a massage, cook whatever you fancy eating, watch you favourite shows or meet with friends all day.
        And if you get any free time from all that exertion, do whatever you please while i’m at work (fucking the hot neighbours or whatever you come up with).
        Sucks to be you right… with me “calling the shots”. That’s a terrible terrible life.
        Not like mine (the big masculine shot caller)… commuting to work and slaving at there all day to give my money to you. Now that’s the life ain it?
        I mean queens must have it especially tough, everyone serving them and stuff. Awful i tell you.

    1. Yep…girls learn how to be whiny bitches very early on. And look at the hand writing? I would have been beaten with a cane if I wrote like that when I was 7.

      1. Handwriting is the single most important indicator of the type of woman she’ll grow up into, the kind of meals she’ll be capable of making and the order of her household. Fathers take heed.

      2. I think the solution to Lego girl’s complaint is obvious: send her out swimming with sharks.
        My mother’s penmanship is jaw dropping in both its precision and style, but then she learned it in the 30’s and has swum with sharks.

        1. Sweetie,
          I was one of the most caned kids in my school..
          Hell, I was hit with a feather duster on my first day in kindergarten when I was 5. Before class started one of the bigger boys was bullying one of the smaller boys….so I told him to stop. He said “whose gunna make me” and I told him that I would….so we had a fight and I beat him and he stopped hassling the little boy.
          Someone told on us and so we were smacked with the feather duster by a female teacher….as she was smacking me with the feather duster she was saying “you must not hit other people”
          I can quite distinctly remember thinking to myself “this woman is really stupid, she is caning me for hitting this bully while saying I should not hit anyone. I am not the one who has done anything wrong here. She is.”
          I mean, I was 5 years and 2 weeks old and even I could see the hypocrisy of hitting someone with a cane while saying “you should not hit anyone”.
          And defending those less able to defend themselves was something my father had told me I should do. So as far as I was concerned she was in the wrong and I knew it.
          I turned 50 the other day….I see no reason to change my mind that my kindergarten teacher was in the wrong.
          I think I got caned about 5 or 6 times on my first day of school. She was so weak she could not even hurt a 5 year old! LOL!!
          Caning is good for boy….there should be a lot more of it.

    1. Great link, thanks. The female imperative soaked in that woman’s statement just makes me giggle. She’s so clueless about the consequences of women’s behavior on men. “Where are our men? Why are they not protecting us?” – Honey, if I saw you being robbed at gunpoint, I’d run away, not towards you. There is no reason for me to be shot because your fucking purse is being robbed.
      What I really want to say to this bitch in addition is. “Maybe you shouldn’t have voted for leftie politicians who took the legal guns away from law abiding citizens. Maybe you shouldn’t have denigrated every “creepy guy” or nerd who wasn’t attractive to you.” I also think that she doesn’t ask herself why these two women are leaving a nightclub alone at 2 in the morning in the first place? Why are they single? Why don’t they have men with them? Maybe they are so busy being independent and embracing the “are men necessary” stuff that they think they can do without. She seems to be utterly clueless that women had to do something to EARN our protection in the past. Just like so many other women, she thinks they can just change the bargain and men won’t suddenly won’t give a shit about them anymore.

      1. Also notice how NO WOMEN will speak up for men who are being criminally victimised in the family courts….NONE OF THEM.

        1. relax. we are one the same side.
          there is girlwriteswhat, she, for sure, speaks in “public”
          then there is the dr. helen chick, that wrote a book “men on strike” too. she also speaks up in public.
          As I said, the law of very large numbers, there is always an outlier somewhere.
          i’m too old to give a fuck anymore about “game”. MGTOW and 18 year old escorts for me.
          It’s my 2 young adult sons that i am concerned about.
          I didn’t know any of this shit going in, you can be sure they do and won;t be walking in blind like i did.
          They lived their end of the “single mom” fantasy/nightmare and were also “criminally victimized” (abused) by the so called family courts.

        2. “there is girlwriteswhat, she, for sure, speaks in “public””
          Karen is worse than useless. It is unbelievable to me men are so stupid as to think Karen gives a shit about men. She is in this for her own self interest. Both Bill Greathouse and I have denounced her publicly.
          As soon as Karen showed up I put it to her that I would teach her what is really going on. She refused. She has openly and publicly said she would not sit on an all womens jury in an all womens court because “the auhorities would not respect the decision and I do not want to waste my time on that”.
          Karen is a major negative factor because she refuses to speak about the REAL ISSUES because she fears for the welfare of her sons. If she actually addressed the REAL ISSUES she would soon get a visit from the CIA.
          Karen should get back to the kitchen and STFU because she is severely damaging the mens rights area.
          Now. I think I have done with that name you named.
          Name a woman who has openly and publicly said women should be held equal before the law AND is willing to sit on an all womens jury in an all womens courts to make it so.
          Go ahead. Should be easy, right?
          These are my videos on Karen.

        3. “then there is the dr. helen chick, that wrote a book “men on strike” too. she also speaks up in public.”
          Dr Helen has refused to call on women to be treated as equal before the law and be willing to sit on an all womens jury on an all womens court.
          Dr. Helen is also in it for the book money and refuses to perform her part in holding women accountable before the law.
          Yes. I have spoken to her directly on this issue. Have you?

        4. Actually, I have spoken up about this multiple times. I was raised by the man I call my father since I was 3. My less than reputable mother tried to take him to the cleaners. Took all 3 of her youngest children (All of us with different fathers) before the courts finally thought something was up. I am proud to say that I was raised by a good hard working man. Those “baby mamas” with sob story time and time again really screw over the good men in the world who will raise the kids properly.

    2. These ladies are probably the same demographic that voted for the left and greater gun control.
      If so, they voted for this, and they’re going to get a lot more of it from what I have seen in the recent uptick in thug activity.
      Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

      1. Yep…when guns are illegal only criminals have them….very dumb to give up guns.
        As western societies become hyperviolent many more women are going to be killed like this.

    3. Thats hilarious. Things are going to get a whole lot worse in coming years for them too..

  12. I work for a young agency thats heavily dominated by women (most ad firms are). For many of them its their first “real” job. They are the most aggravating employees I’ve ever worked with. Take the standard millennial entitlement mixed with absurd levels of incompetence, and most days I’m ready to jump out the window. Even the older women are useless, but they at least have manners.
    I will say though that the women I’ve worked with in IT are an exception. Not the Adria Richards types who are hired just to fill a quota with no actual knowledge. The homely nerdy types. They really do pull their weight.

    1. That is because IT is actually a real skill that you have get tough training for, so it self-selects for women who are industrious and smart and goal oriented. I work in IT sales/marketing – don’t hate me – and I simply love the business. It’s mostly men so the environment is often one where reason is welcomed, constructive criticism is seen as part of problem solving and optimism is part of the gig. When women to enter, they are really inside a male frame so have to go along for the most part. Still, they rarely pull their weight and are almost never superstars. I can think of only 3 really successful sales reps who are women that I’ve known. One worked for me and literally blew a VP in the bathroom of skybox at a sporting event to get a deal. The second was a super hottie who was a moron but had flirting down to a science and worked senior male executives like a pro, so she got some decent business. Only one was a great business person and hard worker.
      The most interesting point to me from above is the way women “game” the system. I’m in big ticket sales, so the deals can take 9 months or even a year or two to close. It’s high stakes, but along the way, you can BS mgmt for a long time to look like you are making progress. Time and time again, when I would look closely at female sales reps “pipelines” or get involved in their deals, I would find that they were BS. That they did activity for the sake of looking busy, but mostly worked dead ends. The funny part is that if you point this out, they see you as an enemy and shame you for being “aggressive”.
      I avoid women like the plague as coworkers. Funnily though, as clients, being alpha really helps to sell female executives…

      1. Yeah, I have good experiences with IT women also. They have a good head on their shoulders usually. Much more logical and rational then the rest of the female population.
        Hell, one of the best Oracle engineer I know is a woman. I respect her very much, she is a real pro.

      2. Glenn,
        Do you work in enterprise software sales? I’m really interested in this field as I think it suits my personally better than my current industry. If so, any tips for someone breaking in from a decade of IT customer service?

        1. Enterprise s/w sales has matured greatly and there are less seats in the business than there are good sales reps. I’d suggest you go for an inside sales job at a cloud SaaS company as that is the new model for enterprise computing.


  13. “We say #BackToTheKitchen, but it is not meant to be condescending or satirical.”
    the problem is that to the easily frightened rabbit mind, using dark sarcastic humor, direct language or being derogatory in anyway is an instant redflag.
    thus what liberal feminists call ‘chauvinism’ or prejudice is simply the unvarnished truth.
    with just a little lip gloss the arguments can become so much more persuasive and effective.
    the end of many relationships is written with the man shouting aggressive language and in many cases, he’s not wrong in either his attitude, logic or sentiment, it’s just the end result when dealing with a rabbit brain is automatic.
    it’s not the message as much as the delivery that’s important.

    1. “. . . with just a little lip gloss . . .”
      And then maybe sweeten the pot with a little eye shadow and mascara. Maybe a bit of pancake and rouge for maximum effect.
      Next thing you know we’re wearing dresses, but the women are more unhappy than ever.

    2. Using trigger language has two advantages:
      1. It makes feminists angry. Since they are much more popular, this is important to create traffic.
      2. It displays arrogance, which is attractive to women on a sexual level. It’s much more important to get a minority of hot women to support RoK and similar sites than to try to convince a larger number of women of the merit of some diplomatic arguments.
      Playing nice convinces more about the argument, but playing nice isn’t sexy, and being sexy is important to get drive behind ideas.

  14. For centuries, the disticntion was clear. There were women at home, at
    monasteries and whores. Nothing else. You wouldn’t met descent women at
    pubs, so, of course, you had to pay for it. Worked for thousands of
    years. Downside, STDs could kill you and your spouse but whatever.
    you got whores at your home, none at monasterires, and super whores at
    bars. This is true for big urban areas of western countries.

  15. “The Western World ignores thousands of years of history encompassing traditional gender roles” because before governments could only tax one half of the population.

    1. Nope, Capitalism. More workers, more shit to produce, lower wages. Higher real estate prices, mortgages and you know the rest. More people get divorced? Great! Let´s sell them more shit.
      In the 1950s, the nuclear family was what was needed for a model based on mass industrial production of consumer goods.
      In the 21st Century, Capitalists need more cat owners to sell them virtual goods and little trinkets to fill the voids in their souls.

        1. The US is the farthest thing to anything called “communism”. Where is your Universal Health Insurance, amazingly wide and bountiful unemployment coverage (I have met many French youngsters in vacations in Thailand with their unemployment money) and State care for almost everything you can think of? And those are not even communist countries, but capitalist with a high dose of Welfare State.



      1. He encourages you to stay at work while he’s retired because he wants 8 hours of peace and quiet every day.
        I’m sure you’re a joy to be around, though, what with your Caps Lock rage, empty threats of reporting people to criminal authorities for their opinions, and rape fantasies for people you dislike.


        2. He cooks because that’s 3 meals a week he doesn’t have to vomit back up when you’re not looking.
          If I had a woman like you, I’d commit myself into the nearest psychiatric ward just to get a break from your special brand of cray-cray.

        3. Look here dipshit, if any of the threats you are making were even possible, which they aren’t, some feminazi would have done it by now. If you’re that dense, there’s no way possible you could be anything more than a half ass insurance agent. Do us all a favor, go away, stick with what your good at, and ripoff some more customers.

      2. Maureen you are a poor quality human being. Rather than explain to this man what you take issue with, you go off on an all caps rant. Why are you even here reading the article? Clearly you are not mature enough for civil discourse.
        Here is another one bitch. My mom raised me and my two brothers. She managed the household, nursed my father back to health when sick, taught me how to read, etc. Your rage seeks to devalue her contribution in favor of working in the insurance industry? Yup, poor quality human being!


        2. My mother would agree with, and actively encourages me to seek a traditional nuclear style family for myself.
          I would also wager I am a far more gentle, kind human being than you are. In fact, what have you done for your society today Maureen, except advocate for more broken families and absentee parents?
          But what I really want to know is what kind of cat food do you buy? Also if you could let us in on what kind of anti-psychotic meds you are on, that would be great. The market is getting choppy right now and I could use some good stock picks.

        3. ^this fish crashed into the wall and fell right off her bicycle
          and they wonder why we don’t like them



        1. The Feminist Bureau of Idiocy is on the case now guys, we are in big trouble
          Maureen stop raping the comment section in this thread

  17. Here’s a question…what do the guys at Return of Kings think about work at home moms? I’m not a mom yet, but hope to be in the next few years. I do the usual cooking/cleaning/maintenance and so on, but also spend a portion of every day writing product descriptions on a freelance basis (think Elaine and J. Peterman, but without the office). This allows me to avoid office politics, but also offers the satisfaction of accomplishing modest career goals and bringing a little additional income to the household. I doubt I’ll have a ton of spare time for this when I’m a mother, but I know several moms who do successfully work from home while their kids are at school.
    Tl;dr Is working at home a decent solution, or does it still serve as too much of a deviation from traditional gender roles?

    1. I think working from home not bad. Just make sure it does not takes important times from the kids.
      But when they are playing, sleeping etc… making some sidemoney in my opinion is a clever think to do.

    2. Your main focus is the kids , but anything you do to bring a little extra money is good as long as it’s not too stressful.

    3. I think you should do whatever you see fit – to reach your goals, while maintaining what you have already built. Its a great challenge and an accomplishment to build a relationship and have children, or should I say the challenge is in keeping said relationship from falling apart. If your goal is to bring in some additional income for your family and maintain a happy and healthy home – then more power to you. If you feel you have higher expectations for yourself, and want to reach higher – then try to gently work towards that as well. Your children will be grown someday and you can always keep growing. The problem with families is you are not thinking about only your happiness now, but the happiness of everyone in the family. We here at RoK never stop learning or trying to improve ourselves. You shouldnt either. Traditional gender roles are merely a template. Stability, and strength of your family – these are your goals. Your achievement of your dreams are key to that. Just remember – the family unit is like a mini-corporation, and its key that every “business group” works in perfect synergy for the whole to be successful.

    4. If you ACTUALLY work then why not?
      My ex tried to tell me she was “working at home”…only she never did anything useful.

      1. I don’t hold any illusions of contributing to the greater good of society through writing product descriptions…but it’s definitely a job. As a contact worker, I pay the full share of payroll taxes, so come April, it’s pretty obvious to my husband that I am actually working during the day. He sees all my W9 forms.

  18. When women enter the workplace it increases supply of labor and drives down wages for employment , and their training removes slots in professional schools . Worse when they “game” the system everyone else must pick up the slack, when they come back from leave they still want their senior position even though they have been out for months and have no idea what is going on.

    1. “When women enter the workplace it increases supply of labor and drives down wages for employment, and . . .”
      . . . the cost of goods up. Yay!

        1. And the media’s and government use of ‘household income’ instead of median individual income, which in these United States is $26,000 per year. 75 Million people with jobs (that is half of the workforce) make less than $13 per hour.
          You can thank free trade and womens’ lib for that.
          And of course we shouldn’t forget to assign blame to the liberal media visionaries who worked hard to discredit Ross Perot when he spoke truth about free trade.
          <–former Industrial Engineer who’s factory jobs moved to mexico and china, and now in IT.
          To the US Government and the Social Justice Warriors who work there:

    2. which is one reason why I left the corporate world…too much of my salary was taken up paying for women who were not pulling their weight.

  19. Five years at a job delivering beer (yet another job women can’t do), I had to deal with possible one of the worst sub-sets of women in the workforce, female convenience store managers. Obese, divorced, uneducated, and bubbling over with menopausal rage, these chain-smoking behemoths tried to run their gas stations like miniature fiefdoms, using their position to try and hold power over the male vendors who brought the products that filled the shelves…vendors who coincidentally all made more money than she did.
    My supervisor got a lot of calls based me not willing to engage these products of modern feminism when they delved into emotional tirades about insignificant matters that could have been rectified with simple adult conversation. How hard is it to just ask nicely for me to do something, rather than drop a heavy does of cuntitude?
    And oh how incensed they were when I would state the fact that I did not work for them, and that if they had a problem with the job I did, that I would be more than happy to give them the number to the office so they could complain. Of course they couldn’t complain about how I was doing my job, so they used obscure phrasing like “attitude problem”, which was amusing. Sending them into a mood death-spiral that lasted for weeks by applying calm, male logic to the batshit insanity coming out of their mouths was a favorite past time.
    They were all just generally unprofessional employees who allowed their feminine insecurities and weaknesses to impact their job performance. It was no surprise that that all of these cunts were replaced numerous times with one store going through 9 female managers. They could not handle the responsibility.

  20. My last female employee was a secretary. She had a worthless masters of Social Work or Sociology or something. It doesn’t really matter. She was terrible. Asking her to do something like “make coffee” or “make copies” was always met with resistance. One afternoon I had asked her to scan several documents so that we could have them on our server for other employees to access. She whittled away that afternoon texting and fucking around on Facebook. I went to her and asked her firmly “why have you not even started scanning these documents?” Her response to my “firmness”? “YOU CANNOT SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY. I HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE!” She was being paid $12/hr and she was way overpaid because she was 100% liability. After she left, we didn’t hire a new secretary. I haven’t noticed any drop off. She literally did nothing for us other than routing incoming calls. We upgraded to a phone system that allowed callers to select who they wished to speak to. Women are easily replaced by automation. Womynists screech that they “don’t need men!” while living and operating in a world filled with man-created infrastructure, and benefitting constantly from the largesse of men. The truth is the opposite. Once its possible for men to procreate without the help of women, women will be completely and utterly obsolete. And the world won’t miss a beat.

    1. Yep…my first jobs when I started work at 18 included making coffee for my team, clean the coffee maker, make cardboard folders to put program listings in…all that sort of thing.
      When you are a trainee and on the bottom rung of the ladder you do what you are asked and be thankful these people are helping you get started in life.

  21. Oh shut the fuck up. Just because you have a dick doesn’t make you better than women. We can be leaders, lawyers, doctor politicians if we please and you know what, we’re good at it too.

    1. “Just because you have a dick doesn’t make you better than women.”
      And just what is it that you have that gives you the sense that you are sufficiently superior to him that you have the authority to tell him to “shut the fuck up”?
      What if he says, “No”?

    2. Yes, you can be all that. You can even be good at it. But you’ll never be better at it than a man.

    3. ” We can be leaders, lawyers, doctor politicians if we please and you know what, we’re good at it too.”
      Of course you can. Ive met some women in my job in Corporate America who I respect for their accomplishments and who have given me good advice.
      I can tell you that these women would never say something like “shut the fuck up” to a man.
      There are accomplished men and women out there. You obviously are not one of them.

    4. Translation : Just because I don’t have a dick doesn’t mean I can’t pretend I’m a man.
      The only reason woman have opportunities outside of the home, in the West, is because of hard working White men.
      Have you ever thought how ridiculous the idea of starving Ethiopian woman becoming ‘leaders, lawyers, doctors’ is, when a good outcome in life is not being captured by Arab slavers and sold in a market ?
      Of course, as the unnatural anti-feminine creature that you are, you have never once acknowledged the hard work and self sacrifice the White men have made to create a system stable enough that you can pretend to be something you are not.
      Eventually you will face reality and find out that having a dick makes men different from woman and just like all the ‘girl power’ Xena-Warrior Princess TV shows faded out in the aftermath of Sept. 11 2001 you also will fade out of youthful looks and have nothing to offer men that we can’t do ourselves.
      What is your ‘unique selling point’ Amy ?
      What makes YOU better then other woman ?
      Just because you don’t have a dick doesn’t make you better then OTHER woman.
      There is no ‘we’ when it comes to woman Amy.
      There is no ‘sisterhood of universal womanhood’.
      Other woman aren’t going to tell you the truth that using foul language and being loud and obnoxious isn’t attractive to men because by excluding yourself from the limited market of great men you increase another woman’s chances of securing one of us.

    5. And yet not one of these “leaders, lawyers, doctor, politicians” will say that women who are criminals should be held equal before the law AND is willing to sit on an all women jury in an all womens court to make it so.
      Sweetie, we know you western women HATE MEN and openly support and condone crimes against us.
      That is why we have no respect for you. You are DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE.
      All the evidence is in my second book The Truth Be Told. You might want to get some of these “women leaders” to read it and weep….

    6. “Just because you have a dick doesn’t make you better than women”
      Actually… it does.
      A dick is a product of having a Y chromosone. In terms of mutation, a Y chromoeone makes a person bigger, stronger, faster and smarter.
      Those 4 criteria uncategorically make someone ‘better’

  22. I’ve worked with older female judges in the past. They were often very experienced in the ‘legal profession’ (I hate that phrase), pleasant to work with, and know the value of time. Mixed bag with younger female attorneys. Some have been fine, though I can think of quite a few who are glued to their phones, and not the matter at hand.

  23. I think if women are back in the kitchen healthier foods would be eaten and children would have proper guidance the importance of staying at home hands down out weights not staying home mainly with children. i have been saying this for about 10 years now.
    about time people are starting to say the same!

    1. I still fail to understand how come a well-adjusted woman cannot be able to cook and work.
      Don’t mistake laziness for lack of ability.

      1. Being at home is more than cooking, cleaning
        and doing the things around the home. It’s about being there for your family and raising a child yourself.
        I’m not sure what job you work or what food you cook. I
        personal do my best to avoid processed foods and I make a lot of foods from scratch as my family deserves the BEST and nothing less.
        Plus with me out of the work force maybe some other family
        who don’t have a job can step up and feed their kids too. Win Win.
        It’s not about me anymore its’ about family.
        It is selfish of me to want only the best for my family and
        the only way that truly happens is when it is your primary focus.
        We all think we can multitask and it’s not feasible something will always suffer. If it’s not the child or the boss or the husband it’s you who will take the heat.
        To me family is more important than the status of work to gain self-worth and/or money!

  24. I disagree. A lot of the evidence that women belong at home is purely anecdotal. It’s definitely safe to say you’ve had some bad experiences, but that isn’t for you to say women are unreliable, or that they play the system. I know many women who actually take a career break to have children, as opposed to fucking over their employer. Overall though, you cannot judge all women based on those bad experiences.

    1. Taking a career break *does* fuck over the employer *AND* the man they might have hired in your place.
      The employer loses out on:
      -Training given to the female employee over x-years she worked there.
      -Experience gained by the female employee over x-years she worked there.
      The man who wasn’t hired instead of the new mother loses out on:
      -Training given to the female employee over x-years she worked there.
      -Experience gained over x-years she worked there.
      -Promotions she gained that he can’t get now.
      -Raises she got that he can’t get now.
      Starting a career if you know you want kids later actually damages your country’s economy.

      1. Good post. Most women, I’ve noticed, seem utterly incapable of thinking in broad/big picture/macro terms like this. Whatever does not affect them personally is irrelevant.
        They ought to start including game theory in the highschool curriculum (I don’t mean the manosphere seduction “game”, but actual game theory).

        1. Whatever does not affect them personally, right now, in the present, I should add. No foresight whatsoever.

        2. Whatever does not affect them personally, right now, in the present, I should add. No foresight whatsoever.

        3. It’s fairly high-level math as I understand it. I can’t imagine your average high-school student being able to comprehend the nitty-gritty of it. But maybe you have a better understanding of how it could be explained to the layman than I.

        4. You start by simply aiding them in discovering why tic tac toe is a completely pointless game.
          Then you move on to helping them work out how the principle involved can be abstracted.
          Really quite simple and engaging if presented properly. 6th graders can handle it.

    2. Western women are EVIL PEOPLE because you know women commit crimes in the family courts that drive men to suicide and you just do not care….that is deeply, deeply evil.

  25. One of the best posts I’ve ever read about female employees was, I believe, on the now-defunct University of Man. He related a story about a guy who ran gas stations, and quietly tried an experiment where he tried out an all-female staff at one of the gas stations (and an all-male staff at another).
    The long story short is that the women were more diligent workers and by most measures, they did better work. They more reliably performed all the prescribed tasks like cleaning and organizing. The problem was– the male gas station was more profitable. It was also less of a headache. The women took far more time off and used every optional benefit. They also bothered the manager constantly with questions, often about trivial or irrelevant issues; or to settle conflicts with other employees.

  26. I wouldn’t be surprised if the motivating factor for the invention of the word processor was to get rid of the cackling hens in the steno pool.
    I have a female secretary and a female deputy. The deputy is excellent – no issues at all with her – but the secretary is steeped in drama, and she attracts other like-minded drama queens around her desk who all give me the silent treatment when I shoo them away in an attempt to get some work done. That’s some punishment you’re meting out, ladies.

  27. Most American women in Corporate America are have zero “soft skills”. They have no idea how horrid their voices sound. How to vary the tone and cadence of their voice, sound “upbeat”, articulate their thoughts intelligently and speak eloquently and politely. Ive noticed women from the Southern states seem a bit better.

  28. If this is your belief, then you must be consistent – If you want a housewife without a career and means of providing for herself as well as no kind of pension, then you are never to be allowed to protest or whine about having to support your spouse, and if you divorce then it is a must for you to split your fortune with/or support her because she has not been able and will not be able to do so as the system is rigged against her. The old-school divorce laws of the U.S. are remnants of a system where men worked and women were homemakers, and that is why, in case of divorce, men have an obligation to split his fortune with/support the woman until she dies or remarries.

    1. Sounds fair enough. As long as the man also has disciplinary prerogatives and the woman can’t just single-sidedely initiate a divorce to get access to the man’s resources in the way you describe, that’s seems like a deal that can work.
      Unfortunately there is no legal institution to allow for such a contract any longer.

      1. Please elaborate regarding “disciplinary prerogatives “.
        Divorce is to be mutually agreed upon unless there is evidence of abuse.

        1. I’m sorry, but violence can never be acceptable except in life-death/self-defence situations. I cannot understand the mindset of someone who would want their partner and/or children to live in fear. Choose a partner who is of sound mind, who you can talk to and reason with and who is mature enough to understand compromise. The only condoned spanking should be a playful one in the bedroom.

        2. How about finding someone who is of sound mind and agrees to those terms and conditions? Obviously there is a connection between spanking and the bedroom and punishments should always be sexually enjoyable as well as correctional. But I’m not her man if I have to ask her permission first.
          If that kind of deal is outlawed, then I simply won’t marry at all – it’s just not attractive to me.

        3. Wrong. Violence is acceptable in many circumstances.
          In nature, a higher life form uses predatory violence upon a lesser life form as part and parcel of the food chain.
          In society, a higher social life form (man) can use proportional physical reponse, such as solitary slap, to instill discipline and correct behaviour in the lesser social life forms (women, children).
          A slap bears no longer term damage, the consequence if more emotional via humiliation, than physical.
          The dysfunction in our world today is more a presult of too little violence, not too much.

        4. Violence damages the trust, respect and love that should be the foundation of a family.
          Hitting someone wont make them respect you or listen to you, it will only serve to make them feel degraded, humiliated, afraid, angry and sad.
          There are canonized theories within the psychiatric field that violence, fear and the use of tyrannical tactics by parents only teaches children to resent, manipulate and/or blindly follow authority figures, and might be the cause for the hate, war and social deterioration of our society.

        5. Man, you love being wrong don’t you? Whenever there is apost by “Li Cheri” we all ask ourselves, “How is she going to be wrong now?”
          “Violence damages the trust, respect and love that should be the foundation of a family.”
          No, baseless violence damages trust. No man enojys spanking their children, or wives. We do this because for them it is a cure. Most men here have been spanked as boys, we look back at our fathers and see for a lot of the time this wasn’t baseless, and our trust of them isn’t impaired. The ones who lack trust are usually hit by their single mothers, as women unable to control their emotions, do inflict baseless violence. But that’s an issue of single motherdom, not spanking.
          “Hitting someone wont make them respect you or listen to you, it will only serve to make them feel degraded, humiliated, afraid, angry and sad.”
          correct, So as a man, and your better, i will epxlain it to you. You take one further iteration.
          Pain aversion is a wonderful teacher. I don’t respect my dad for his open palm striking my flesh.
          I respect him, because he made me averse to poor behaviour. My self-respect I now feel due to better behaviour, outweighs the sadness I briefly felt from slightly swolen butt cheeks.
          The lack of swolen buttcheeks women have experienced expains their lack of self-respect and poor behaviour.
          “There are canonized theories within the psychiatric field that violence, fear and the use of tyrannical tactics by parents only teaches children to resent, manipulate and/or blindly follow authority figures, and might be the cause for the hate, war and social deterioration of our society.”
          The field of psychiatry is now viewed as a universal failure full of falsified ‘canonised theories’. it is also a female heavy vocational field. I don’t think that outcome is a coincidence, but the field shouldbe ignored as it conflicts with traditional, more successful theories.
          Our discarding of traditional theories is down to hubris thinking we know more than they did. All we can do today is calculate algorithms faster, they knew through millenia of trial and error and lessons through oral history and folk lore…
          hence the basis of #backtothekitchen.
          We can disregard the faux-pop junk science you use to reference what you express to us. Feminism is a dogma of a 100% failure rate. We’re not going to attempt to believe it now.

        6. “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
          ― Isaac Asimov
          If you must resort to violence then you have already lost the argument.

        7. I’ll trump your mediocre science writer fiction card with….
          “violence (is) a rational means to achieve such political goals”
          – Thomas Hobbes
          “war (is) the continuation of politics by other means”
          – Carl von Clausewitz
          “Like it or not, violence is often is the answer to our political problems”
          – Mao Zedung
          Now I’ll agree violence is a lower, maybe the lowest form of power. However I’ll reference the “competence” quote element of Asimov.
          Women and children both are at times irrational and prone to juvenile displays. They behave in a way that is not acceptable. Thus their behaviour needs to be adjusted and it should be done by a source of power… the man.
          No man can be competent in dealing with female irrationality, nor should they be judged poorly for not having this type of competence, nor should they have to obtain it.
          A woman’s juvenile hysteria should not be understood, just corrected. Thus the man, aligning behaviour with the polity of both the relationship and wider civil behaviour, should engage in means to correct their behaviour, and if the lowest form of power need to be exercised… violence, then that is acceptable.
          As I said, a slap is not material violence, it leaves no enduring damage, but it does avert future occurences of poor behaviour.

        8. Man, you love being wrong don’t you? Whenever there is apost by “Li Cheri” we all ask ourselves, “How is she going to be wrong now?”

          LOL! Exactly what I have been thinking. It’s like watching some sort of TV show like “Women Thinking they Know Stuff: The Internet forum Episode”.

    1. Perhaps if you lost some weight, groomed yourself decently and cut out the creepy, loser vibe, you might get a decent man.

      1. A: not fat or even out of shape. Running every day takes care of that. (Though I don’t expect a bunch of basement-dwelling internet trolls to know much about exercise…)
        B: My hair is not blue.
        C: Even if I was fat with blue hair that would not preclude me from saying whatever the fuck I want.
        D: Are all women bitches or just the extra special ones? Do I get a gold star?

        1. Flagged for being a cunt.
          Blue-Green. Excuse me. And adult braces! You should remove your facebook account from your profile if you want to tell lies about your morbid obesity.

        2. Oh, my facebook profile picture? That’s me wearing a wig, you gleeking troglodite. I love that you’re trying to formulate an opinion of me based on a single picture in which I am wearing a wig and making a silly face. A++ for effort, but you’re ridiculous. Or really, you were probably going to call me fat, ugly, and a bitch whether you saw my picture or not. That’s how you misogynist trolls roll, right?
          I’m not going to even address the comment about braces because braces are so incredibly common as to be mundane.

        3. Ha. You hide your profile pictures so the world can’t see what a disgusting pig you are.
          Braces are common for 15 year olds, not 25 year olds.

  29. It’s a shame that traditional women’s roles have been denigrated. It puts additional pressures on women that ought not be.
    Take a school teacher for example. Why on earth would she spend the time and money to get a masters degree, if she’s going to teach elementary school children? I believe it’s because she wants achievement or distinction – and she believes that a graduate degree gives her parity with professionals. In her mind, being a fantastic teacher isn’t prestigious enough or isn’t an achievement.
    I also get that folks in education are more convinced of the value of credentialing and higher ed, but I think that the overly educated teacher and the lawyer are both probably seeking validation.

  30. How would you explain the fact that nowadays you almost in no way possible can live off of one income?

    1. When more money comes into a spending entity, corporations find a way of taking it off you.
      Marketing it’s caleld. Rich people get rich by convincing you, to take your money and give it to them.
      Now this can manifest itself in a combination of two ways.
      You can get more product, you can pay more for the same product, or a blend of both.
      Before, one mans wage could get a house. With two incomes, did we get two houses, or pay more for the same house?
      I guess we can all figure out the answer to that… and in my line of work I can honestly see which gender is asserting ‘let’s buy a house’ regardless of the price an pressurnig their spouse…and which gender would rather say no to exercise downward pressure on prices.
      You can’t live off one income because someone allowed woman to think independently with money.
      You know that old favourite feminist trope “Sexism is real because women pay more for a haircut”… exactly the same…. they just can’t say no to an overly high price because a shiny bauble is dangled in front of them convincing they MUST have it….. it’s not sexism.

    2. Because one of the two incomes is a woman’s.
      The irony is that woman work more to either have less, or acquire it with more debt. The housing bubble, as well as its collapse, was a woman’s issue.
      Back in the 50s (which I didn’t learn about from a “course,” I can remember them) the labour pool of mostly men was necessarily smaller and thus could demand higher wages. Women effectively doubled the work force overnight, driving wages down.
      The labour force of mostly men was highly productive. Goods and services flowed, demand was moderate and prices were reasonable.
      Women took mostly unproductive work (yes, a CEO is unproductive), but their independent incomes sharply raised demand and thus prices, especially as they incurred debt freely to obtain goods they couldn’t actually afford.
      Which is why your premise is incorrect. Even given the current situation of low wages and high prices, a single, never married and without children man can live quite well on a low paying, part time job. Two such men sharing living quarters can live in a state of luxury that is historically unprecedented.
      There used to be a saying; two can live as cheap as one. For single men this still holds true, but replace one of the men with a woman and costs skyrocket. Women have become profligate spenders. Which is why you think that you need a man’s income to live, even though you have one of your own.
      Hence: because one of the two incomes is a woman’s.
      So, enjoy the servitude you have purchased with your “freedom.” I can put a knife and a box of matches in my pocket, throw an airgun and a fishing pole over my shoulder, jump on my bicycle and melt away from view forever.
      Let’s see how long the welfare state lasts when women have to pay their own.

      1. Premise? What premise? I was merely posing a question. Now to address your points head on.
        1) The housing collapse was a woman’s issue? How about the fact the fact that the prices of everything are rising because of the demand for non-renewable resources?
        2) You act as though women are the only ones who buy things they cannot afford. What about alcoholics? Back in the early 1900’s that was primarily a men’s disease. Men would spend so much money on alcohol, that many of them were selling their own possessions to get it. They were living primarily off of a WOMAN’S income (if you don’t believe me, read the history of AA. You don’t even have to be an alcoholic, it’s quite an interesting read).
        3) Unproductive work roles? Please tell me how many men you know would want to teach a 5 year old that 2 +2 = 4, or go into any education whatsoever How many men do you know would like to be secretaries? I work for a company in which sales reps (which are all men but one) would give the company away to get a sale, so long as they could make a buck. If it were not for the roll I play (as well as all the other assistants which are all women), correcting their mistakes and fixing their dollar amounts, the company would most likely be in the hole.
        4) You keep talking about how a single man would be so well off, but you never address the same issue from a woman’s perspective. Are women supposed to merely sit at home with their parents until a man comes to snatch them up, impregnate them, and then stay at home with the kids? I am a single woman who pays for her own apartment, car, bills, food, everything. I’m pretty proud of that fact. I enjoy working, and I love what I do. Not all of us women are mooching off the system, and there are plenty of men that are mooching as well.
        I would like to see women quit their jobs and rely solely on the man’s income. Then men would complain about stress, and having to work longer hours to support his family. Not every woman spends the way you think they do, not to mention men can be just as bad, buying cars they can’t afford, TV’s, etc.

        1. If you lack the acuity to discern your own premise there can be no value to be found in engaging with you.

        2. Well, obviously people with small minds cannot begin to have a rational discussion when they retreat because the pedestal of their thoughts has been threatened with an idea other than their own. THAT is what is wrong with this world right now.

    3. “How would you explain the fact that nowadays you almost in no way possible can live off of one income?”
      “I am a single woman who pays for her own apartment, car, bills, food, everything.”

      1. You missed my point completely. If I DID NOT have my office job, how would I be able to support myself?

  31. I see. No male CEOs here nor guys who actually know female lawyers. I assume the author’s father was rich and mother could stay at home. The reality is, in today’s economy, the average woman is working. Guys on this site look like unreliable douche-bags as a partner, and this site is the advertising of why women shouldn’t depend on a man. The reality is there are very few alpha males, and mostly beta males (that are quickly friend-zoned) or gamma males like in this site (unreliable). So a woman has to earn her own money if she ever has kids, often by accident.
    Some men in the workplace live in the stone age and have never seen a woman before like the guys on this site. Gamma male chimps try to assault females. Gamma males (aggressive males) at work harass females, try to assault them, sabotage their work, use their gender against them and spread false gender-based rumours to get the woman’s job or force her to sleep with them. Women who survive Gamma males and don’t quit fight them. That is how they become bitches. They use the bitch-face to intimidate Gamma-males on this site, and turn them into the beta of beta males, the omega of butt kissing beta males, since face it, there aren’t many hot chicks in men’s prison.
    Many male CEOs and politicians actually like and date these chicks. Alpha females are only bitches to gamma males and females, to put them in their place. Assertive (alpha) females are actually happy and nice to (assertive, NOT aggressive nor passive) Alpha males. Many female lawyers, change from their suit into a hot dress and heels and go tango dancing in the evening. When having a glass of wine with a woman, it is nice to have something in common to talk about, like the state of the economy or a certain legal reform, business affairs, art, etc. Females who don’t work are rather dull unless they are parents and well read.

    1. The reality is you shouldn’t categorize human beings as Greek letters. It’s fucking disgusting.

    2. “I see. No male CEOs here nor guys who actually know female lawyers.”
      Glad you’ve met everyone here and know everything. Must have been costly. Hope it was worth it.

  32. I am sure the female you describe works for you university students and male secretaries with your low stress jobs. Beta females you describe as ideal make terrible partners, dumb mothers that raise dumb children. Children become like the parent they spend the most time with: their mother.
    If you have a son whose mother never works, he’ll prefer to be a lazy housewife than a hard working man who brings money to the table. A wife should teach your heirs the importance of hard work. Sure you complain that women don’t belong in the work place, but that is if you don’t have sizable inheritance and a storied family name you want to pass down. If you are nobility, you want your family name to continue, and with all the ridiculous land taxes, and stupid millionaire taxes they now have in France, you want your sons to be independently wealthy. So a mother with an MBA, who has worked hard, been a boss can teach them to be a man. A housewife can only teach them to be what she knows, a housewife. Worst, if she isn’t working on her own, how can you tell she isn’t a gold digger? Then you teach your son to be a golddigging housewife… which for a straight man, is a disaster.
    Women teach their sons what they know. That is why beautiful women should be encouraged to not only be in the work place, but to become success stockbrockers, lawyers, etc. so they can pass on these skills to their sons, instead of knitting.

  33. You claim you don’t censor yet you remove my comments on how CEOs look for wives who are models with MBAs so that the sons don’t turn out to be lazy golddigger housewives. Kids become like the parent they spend the most time with. It’s usually the mother. The lawyers make amazing mothers to sons, who learn to hustle and make their own money instead of squander their inheritance.

  34. Is this the site of no money loud mouthed men. Instead of writing here, use your time to write yourself a better resume so you can work at a bank instead of McDonalds. The only man who wants a woman in the kitchen is a man who doesn’t a storied family name and money he wants to pass on to the next generation. A woman can only teach your son what she knows, and what she knows better be making money and winning at everything.

    1. Sell your woman into corporate slavery and outsource the raising of your kids. Good strategy, poor man. And quit complaining about your dumb ass comments being deleted; they are here in all their idiotic splendor.

  35. Interesting pop psychology. The Prophet Mohammed worked for a CEO wife, as an employee, proposed and married the CEO. He didn’t have other wives until she died. In other cultures, women always worked. Just in America, did post-war prosperity allow the creation of the housewive in the 1940s-1970s. It was too expensive for the rest of the world to have them. Get your history straight. Women would work in the fields, carry their children in the fields, have children in the fields. So you write American women are spoiled.. who spoiled them??? You write Ukranian women or Moldovian women are ideal. Their great grandmothers were working in the 1910s. The Scarlett O’Hara Gone with the Wind housewife is a purely American thing. Other countries were too poor for that

    1. ‘The Scarlett O’Hara Gone with the Wind housewife . . .”
      . . . was carrying on the tradition of the British gentleman farmers from which they came. That was the essential difference between the north and the south. The northeners were mostly of the working classes, which is why the north had an industrial base that the south didn’t.
      Outside of the cities, along the frontier, you would find the former indentures and transported peasantry, where the women did true traditional heavy women’s work and in the “flyover” states you will still find some.
      That whole “in the fields” thing is just about as overdone as the “housewife” thing though. The bulk of women’s time was spent making clothes until the process was industrialized. It was the spinning frame and the power loom that set women free . . . and enslaved children.

      1. In theory. If you travel in the developing world, they are in the fields. The women in my family (I’m not American), grandmothers, great grandmothers, were in the fields or trading. Weaving happened after the harvest was collected, not before. Food first, then clothes. Men hunted, herded.

        1. Spinning frames, retail clothes are new, came to my country at the same time. Women farm with a gun on their back, and shoot, protect their farms. Men heard goats, also armed, shoot mountain lions too that try to steal goats. Families sew after harvest. In desert, tribe does all tasks together, but I am from the mountains.
          You guys sound like urban men. We have those where I come from. In the city, we have housewives, and modern what you call “traditional” gender roles. In the village, a man can tell a woman something, the woman laughs, ignores him, sends her product to market. If he is really a pest, she puts her gun up his head and tells him her score shooting compared to his (women shoot guns better there for some reason). Men don’t mess with women from my village if they want to live.
          Women in the city are less tough, but they are big, some lazy, and are housewives. They will do what you say, but they don’t help chip in the pay check. It creates a master-slave dynamic unless she is from an important family. Your sons spend most of their time with them and become housewife boys, not warriors unless they are out working hard like a farm woman like a female lawyer for example. As a village guy, fit helpful village girls are awesome but you can’t mess with them if you want to live. When a few of them gang up on you with their guns(they are as strong as you, they farm, you herd), its a problem. But urban women can be gold diggers.

        2. the problem with city women where I come from is they depend on men too much, so they can get serious attitude problems, always playing games too survive. Too many city woman can’t tell the difference between a gym and a hole in the wall, don’t value the time a guy spends working hard in the office, spend his money like water. A woman doesn’t value your money unless she knows how hard it is to make her own. Then she trains your sons. A village woman trains her sons to work hard. A city housewife trains them to waste their father’s money. If you live in a developing country and have to marry a city woman, want children, get someone who depends on herself, doctors are the best, lawyers and politicians are good too. You want her to raise your boys as hardworking men. If she has never worked hard herself, these urban women have no clue how to teach your sons to work hard. If you support a housewife, you are working all the time, overtime, she is with the kids most of the time = bad influence.

        3. You guys idealize the past, I live in it. The war we had recently finished like this: in the beginning there were three big important alpha males that ran my country. One died, the stronger one attacked the weaker one. They all had housewives. The opposition all had working wives. Their sons and daughters grew up as smarter and smarter than their parents, and fought. The minor alpha male defected to the opposition. The older alpha male, his sons were like housewives, they couldn’t run the country. The sons and daughters of the working women kicked their butts. It went to one old weakened former alpha and a pack of young warriors, who won. Now all the guys think twice about the housewife mother thing. It’s not how you raise warriors. In America, a country where no one invades, housewives are fine. But in places where you need to pick up a gun and defend your land, it’s a liability.

        4. I am American, but I have not only travelled in the developing world, I have lived in worlds seemingly frozen in time thousands of years ago where the hight of textile technology was the backstrap loom.
          It is the yarn preparation that takes up most of the time, not the weaving.

        5. Where I come from, its important to have a wife who knows her way around a gun or your son is not going to have as much correct shooting practice as the other boys in the neighborhood and when the fighting starts, will be at a disadvantage. Also, this is a page for masculine men, without a gun section. WTF?

    2. Prophet Mohammed was offered to manage the trade caravan and conduct business to Syria for his first wife, for which he was offered a double commission, before he married her.
      “Khadija did not travel with her trade caravans; she employed others to trade on her behalf for a commission. In 595, Khadija needed an agent for a transaction in Syria. Abu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib recommended her distant cousin Muhammad ibn Abdullah. The experience that Muhammad held working with caravans in his uncle Abu Talib’s family business had earned him the honorific titles Al-Sadiq (the truthful) and Al-Amin (the trustworthy, the honest).Khadija hired Muhammad, who was then 25 years old, sending word through her kinsman Khazimah ibn Hakim that she would pay double her usual commission.”
      He did not work full time for her as an “employee”.
      And he did NOT propose to her; in fact she proposed to him after learning of his character.
      Read the article to learn more.

  36. Teachers and nurses are my bread and butter in the dating world.
    They are usually kind, sweet, patient, and thus make good girlfriends and wives (if you want one, which I don’t).
    They also have predictable working hours.
    I never go out with bankers, lawyers or psychologists. For the obvious reasons, as well as those given above.

    1. Because your a beta male afraid of being around enlightened womyn. Yours sincerely a Misandrist

  37. This is why women shouldn’t be housewives, ever. It teaches them bad habits. Farm women who know their way around an AK47 are the best. They work hard, and fight hard for their land, so they know what land and money means. Its the city princesses that are the problem. I think the women farm, men heard, family weaves and fights is a good system. That is how my family lived
    If a woman doesn’t work, how is she going to teach her sons the value of hard work. Where I grew up, city women housewives taught their sons to be housewives. Working city women and village men taught their sons to be hard working men. Women teach their sons what they know. Which is why a man who wants a son should get a working wife. It doesn’t matter what her job is, she should just work hard and value money, have depended on herself in the past. A woman teaches what they know to their kids. A working mother teaches her kids to work. A housewife who mooches teaches them too mooch. A housewife spends more time with kids than you, so your kids will be 80% like your housewife and 20% like you, male relatives. A working woman, they will be 45% like her, 45% like you, 10% like male relatives like your brothers.
    Its also very important to get a woman who knows her way around an AK47 if you can afford one or a decent Markov at least. Kids spend more time around their mother. If she can’t shoot well, she’ll teach them poor marksmanship skills, so when war comes, your kids will be at a disadvantage. You guys have to cover the importance of women knowing their guns to raise male warriors, if you call yourself a masculine website. Does the author even know the difference between a gun and a teddy bear?

  38. Some time ago, I made the comment about how much of the “man” blogger scene has degenerated from the legitimate issue of re-balancing the family courts away from their bias towards women to a very feminist-like mentality that every man is “entitled” to owning a woman. I cite this ROK piece as another example of this entitlement mentality.

  39. Fred Reed, a known conservative expat, has a very reasonable attitude towards women and marriage. A quote from his blog:
    American men do not want to oppress women. All the men I know very much like intelligent, educated women who do not wear chadors or burkas. They like athletic, adventurous women with whom they can scuba dive and camp. (My younger daughter got her scuba ticket at age twelve, muchly with her dad’s support.) Many of my male friends have daughters. If any university tried to exclude them because they were girls, a law suit would instantly ensue.
    Can any of you in this blog find any fault in the above very reasonable comment?

  40. Obviously all of you men are either 1. Ugly 2. Live in your parents basements or 3. Have had a bad experience with women in the past. Or all of you have been fed garbage by your uneducated bigoted parents. Chill out, your rants on a clearly womanizing blog will not make woman “see the light” and go back to the kitchen. Id say nice try, but id be lying.

    1. The most unhappy women I have ever met are older career girls with just this attitude. Doubling down on their failed strategy to compete with men in the workplace, childless, post-Wall, medicating themselves with anti-depressants, wine coolers, and cats as the clock ticks by. Out with a whimper and definitely not a bang. I’m sorry for this commenter that she won’t ever be able to go back to the kitchen.

      1. So that she can be a servant and dote upon her wonderful husband and darling children. Then when the leave for work and school, she can clean the house from top to bottom. Then when that is done sit around and do nothing the boredom slowly eating away at her core, growing every year as her darling children need her less and less. Her husband gets more and more distant as he gets older hits his mid-life crisis and cheats on her with every poor naive younger girl he can get his disgusting mitts on. Until she is just a shell of who she once was, looking back on her life and wondering why she gave it up for this endless hell. Yours sincerely a Misandrist

  41. What kind of a society sends our women out to war, just in the name of equality?
    I don’t give a shit if you call me a white knight for this, but seriously i think it’s fucked up and they certainly are a reliability in war aswell due to their weaker nature.

    1. Simon. Simon. Simon. That is utter foolishness. Womyn make up 50% of the population, to exclude them from joining the army would quite frankly be mad. They are not a liability due to their weaker nature. If you are saying that physically they are not as strong as men and thus would create problems I will concede to that. However, it is proven that women are much better communicators and organisers than men. And if you think war is just about waving guns around then you are mad. In the Art of War (which all CIA agents have to read) it states that one can not win a war if the troops do not understand their orders. So you are just being an impractical idiot. Yours sincerely a feminist.

    2. If you think that all women are weaker than men, then why not challenge a female member of the Army to a fight? Something tells me you’re too much of a coward to do that, since you realize that she’d kick your ass.

      1. She’s never seen the video of the tough female soldier getting her ass whipped by an average Marine.
        Or the video of the world’s strongest woman getting trounced in arm wrestling by 2 of 3 average men she arm wrestled (barely beating the noodle armed geek).
        Women who have power only have it because men allow it and aid it.
        That’s the truth.

    1. Behind every woman with authority is a man ready and willing to use violence to enforce that authority if necessary.

  42. Some women are homemakers and housewives. Some aren’t.
    I know a lady who flipped the fuck out when she got tired of the 24-7 mundane house life.
    As for the job thing, they are ignorant, immature GIRLS. Not women.
    If you hire girls, you will have a high school senario to deal with. Finding
    Mature ones, are a gem.

    1. I find it hard to believe that you’re a woman named Alice. Why not admit that you’re just a troll posing as a woman?

  43. As a teenage girl, I found this completely demoralizing. I have always had dreams of owning my own business and being successful. When I grow up, I wanted to be able to give my family the opportunity to travel the world and have nice things. According to this article, and typical “gender roles”, I can not do any of these things unless I marry a wealthy man. Of course, then I will be called a gold digger. You are saying that women cannot choose what they want to do in life. . So only little boys can aspire to achieve their goals… while everyone is entitled to their opinions, yours make you sound like a real asshole. You men (not all of you) do not think women belong in the workplace, but when women expect the men to provide, they are told that they are lazy little princesses. In the grand scheme of things, your opinion will not change the fact that I will be able to buy my own yacht someday.

    1. The problem is that when you are 35 you are very likely – in my experience it’s about 95% of women – to be unhappy if you don’t have a husband and children. You might have the yacht but will likely feel that is empty.
      So the argument being put forward is that a woman should use her youthful beauty and natural femininity and maternal instincts to find love and settle down – this is not an article about PUAs or anything like that.
      An 18year old girl can have so many men to choose from. If she does what feminists say and chooses to be a slut then she is likely to find herself over 35 and unmarried without children and suddenly men stop being interested in her. Even if she gets married it is far less likely to work if she hasn’t saved her virginity and if she has got older because she focused on her career.
      There are today many unhappy women around 40 desperately hoping IVF will solve their problems but it doesn’t, in so many cases and their lives are forever missing children. It’s very sad for so many women.
      Two choices – face the truth about human nature and biology or bury your head in the sand and home that material things like the yacht will give a fulfilling life. I suggest giving the former some consideration.

      1. The only reason why a woman would feel unhappy about not having a husband and children at age 35 is if the people around her were pressuring her to have a husband and children and weren’t respecting her desire to remain childless. So are you saying that it’s perfectly okay for people to pressure others into having kids and to refuse to respect their desire to remain childless? If so, then why do you think that such a lack of compassion for others is okay at all?

        1. Thank you for your replies. I said that I find most women who are childless past about 35 become unhappy with that situation – and it’s true. I didn’t say 100% do, and if that doesn’t apply to you, that’s ok. Most women have deep within them a maternal instinct though and it is something that is hard to shake – the statistics showing how much money some women are prepared to spend on IVF even when over 40 rather bears this out.
          I don’t think women should “have to feel bad” for not having children, just that most do as they get older.
          We should at least be able to discuss the truth with girls and young women and they should know that if they want to find a decent kind man who will settle down with her for life, have children and love her, she should save her virginity, she should not waste too much time and not wait until she is in her mid 30s to find such a man. Of course a few women can have it all, but it’s unfair to lie to the majority of women and suggest they can be promiscuous when young then when they turn 35 or 40, find a nice man to love them and give them children. It just doesn’t work that way, see the terrible divorce rates.

      2. Also, I can tell you for a fact that I never want a husband or children. (And no, I’m not a feminist, before you make that assumption. I simply have social anxiety, and thus, do not find the idea of a romantic/sexual relationship to be appealing at all.) So why shouldn’t society respect that wish of mine? Why should I have to feel bad for simply not following the status quo?

  44. All the things in this article apply to men also, excepting maternity leave. If you’re going to reply with another “Not all men!” I may as well say you haven’t worked with “all women”. So uneducated and close-minded, making opinions and judgments based on personal experiences and prejudices, not fact and large percentages. Anyone who doesn’t understand what I’m saying about large percentages and facts can educate themselves because ignorance is a choice. 🙂

    1. Parental leave applies to men as well. It`s not very common yet but some couples split the one year parental leaves in 6 months each.

  45. And how can women become housewives if all men follow your advice from other articles to stay single?

  46. In honor of this wonderful article and the comments below all typed on computers, let’s all thank the woman who wrote the first ever computer program: Ada Lovelace! Gee, I’m so glad she stayed out of the workplace and never thought beyond raising babies… Y’know, her and Marie Curie, pioneer in radioactivity, Rosalind Franklin, the first person to image DNA, Mary Anning, pioneer in paleontology, and the multitude of other women who were (and are) major contributors to science and technology.

    1. Not going to refer to them all, but it’s actually debated amongst some historians whether Ada Lovelace really did all that much.

  47. I feel sorry for any man working under a “Queen Bee” mentality boss. God help you. Women simply are not equipped to run an operation that is successful and keeps its employees happy. Decisions involving other humans should not and were never meant to be made by a post menopause trainwreck who thinks she is the ultimate decision maker. Hell, a woman of any age for that matter.
    A woman running something with even moderate complexity is the equivalent of taking a ford focus off road on a mud trail.

  48. Paternity leave is fraud in itself. You want a kid, you pay for it. Not the taxpayer, not your boss. “But a child later will benefit society” Well, we’ll seriously have to see if that child will become a good citizen in the first place.
    In European countries you also have a lot of subsided childcare, another fraud. Letting taxpayers bleed for looking after your brats.

  49. Someone please tell me this piece of trash is supposed to be satire.

  50. But all the kindergarten teachers I know are overweight cunts who belittle everyone around them, especially boys…while the one female lawyer I know was extremely nice, smart, and attractive.
    Not that I disagree…

  51. As a student paramedic the most competent and experienced of my instructors was a middle aged woman with two kids and a husband. Not only was she the best and level headed paramedic, she also happily raised two kids around shift work. This article is the biggest, most inaccurate generalisation I’ve ever seen.
    Also, in Australia we refer to all lawyers as cunts, regardless of gender.

  52. There are no fundamental difference between men and women, only anecdotes. Some of these anecdotes can be very true, others may not. But for the next exercise, try imagining a male employee acting like a idiot while at work. Maybe you can come up with a couple of examples. That would not mean that all men are idiots at the workplace right? This article sounds like overgeneralizing. I can understand that you may have encountered lots of unprofessional women at the office. That does not say anything about all women or femininity in general. A couple of Black people that can be horrible at work right? Does that mean all black people are? No, that’s called racism.
    Again, you are calling all women terrible employees. That’s where you’re overgeneralizing.

  53. If you work in the service industry you will be surrounded by lazy women who treat the customers like crap.

  54. Oh god I thought this was satire until I started reading the comments and realized you psychos actually believe and agree with this. Holy Hell.

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