An Old Man’s Perspective

Ever since having an online presence outside of Facebook, I have not come across others in a similar position. During my month-long absence from Return of Kings, I paid a visit to the mystical land of Atropia. I seen and did many things in this place, including come across the proprietor of His name is Terrance Popp. He did not know I wrote for Return of Kings at the beginning of the exercise.  I checked out his website and I decided it would not hurt to tell him.


Terrence Popp is an old Green Beret. He is so old that he was getting his combat jump wings when I was learning that red and blue make purple and painting my Skywarp doll to look like Starscream. This is significant because most of the cats I work with when doing deeds for Uncle Sugar tended to have email in high school. It is relatively rare to run across a Desert Storm veteran still in the military. It is even rarer to come across a Panama one. His experience and longevity is demonstrated in his videos

While he is of an older generation than I am, we came to common agreement on quite a few issues. Being a cog in the United States military machine is not as glorious as one would believe. Another concept is that the legal environment is not actually conducive to equality, especially to men. A person’s competence gets more respect in their rank. All of these concepts we are complete agreement on. This along with reviewing his site made me decide to post it here.

You may be wondering what we did not see eye to eye on. Quite a few things actually, but surprisingly in an ostentatious environment such as the military, we tolerated each these differences of opinion. We both played that sandbox called Iraq so these opinions did not come from such experience. He truly has more empathy for those that would do him wrong than I do. He found my abstinence to alcohol consumption interesting,

I find the quite interesting actually. The first thing that stands out to me is the owner uses his real name while putting the red pill to the Internet on verboten topics. He asked me why I don’t use my real name on ROK. I told him nobody else did so I went along with that.

What do I think about the videos on the It does a good job presenting esoteric knowledge from the perspective of an old dude from the northern states. I personally would take the days to invest in dating a girl before moving furniture with her that he suggested and dividing it by 10. I also noticed some of his knowledge converges with independently. He has also noticed that woman with horses are a bad idea. His particular brand of humor is somewhat unfamiliar to me because it seems region specific in its mannerisms but is quite interesting to watch. It also has many life lessons in these videos. So do yourself a favor and learn the hard way vicariously through Popp at

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59 thoughts on “An Old Man’s Perspective”

  1. Buddy please edit the first paragraph. Not trying to be rude but it may deter people from continuing to read the article.

    1. There’s a few places where the wording or a missing word completely reverses the meaning I think he is trying to express, or he really means it the way he wrote it. I can’t tell and I can’t really take anything away from the article.

    2. I understood what he was trying to say. If you want to edit articles, volunteer rather than just shooting spitballs from the back of the class.

  2. Terrence Popp is one funny motherf*cker. Been watching his videos for a month or so now. His presentations contain truth + hilarity. Very pleasurable to watch.

  3. Just went to the site, and the first video that popped up was “Salvage Operations/Dating advice for Women Over 35″…All I can say is that it was hilarious, spot on, and applicable to women under 35 as well. Thanks for spreading the word!

  4. Atropia……he’s talking about the Army’s cadet assessment camp in Ft. Lewis.
    Douglas, wait until you do a rotation at NTC or JRTC. It will make LDAC (sorry, “Warrior Forge”) look like a sad joke!

      1. Really? That’s gay as hell.
        I was also surprised to hear that the author was able to check the website out before leaving. Last I checked you turned in everything that wasn’t your gear within ten minutes of arriving and didn’t see it again until you got the bus to leave.

  5. I was bit disappointed as I was looking forward to a more in-depth interview with an “old guy” on how he views red pill, manosphere, dating, gender relations today. Instead what I found was a minimal introduction to a guy who is really not that “old” (okay, I was hoping for octogenarian cause I am fascinated by how they must see the world today), a cursory mention of how his ideas jived in some points with the authors, and a promo for the guys own blog. Not to mention the whole thing needed a good edit. (Being “chief investigative journalist” for RoK – whatever that is, perhaps the author could arrange a “do-over” with a proper interview of this Terrance Popp fellow? Or some other real “old guy.” Would be valuable…

    1. Yes, that would be great; I expected that the article was leading into that but then it just ended.

  6. Wish, for thought that I could understaid what happen best. Military hard fir people work. If only had someone else to look at work so could hear represent the militarh. Sorry in rush. No time to rvisiin.

    1. Heh, yeah, thought the same thing. But recall that when you’re 20 anything over 30 seems ancient.

      1. Agree, and i think the reason people see themselves as ‘old’ at 35 is because they still have a high school mentality about age that they never managed to get rid of.
        The average 20 year old thinks a guy like me who is 35 is old, but they have experienced less, accomplished less(in most cases) and tend to lack a historical perspective.
        The only advantage to being young is that you don’t feel the pressure of time. Your body also recovers more quickly from injury.
        I would never trade places with a 20 year old but i wouldn’t mind being 28 again. heh

      1. Service member here, you’re considered middle aged at thirty, old at thirty-five.

  7. WTF – the time limit for ASS is just mindless stupid. 15 dates to get the ass of a 27-year-old? And if you need 90 days in order to see the ass of a 20-year-old-college-girl you simply have no game, but are a stumbling Beta, who happens to get her drunk enough.
    That fool is also mumbling about a woman’s 35-year-old-sexual-peak!!! That guy is a buckload of stupid-fem-talk. Should be banned from ROK!!!!

    1. Yeah, telling women to lose weight, not be fatasses, to stop being bitchy and that men took off the amour and are not going to fix a woman’s life for her, that’s hard core feminism 101 right there, skippy.

      1. Yeah, it was kind of in that format. He’s trying to reach younger men though, clearly, so he can’t stand there and lecture and be “boring”. We do live in a short attention span age after all.

    2. At first I thought the chart was about how long you should bang those girls, eg never bang a 45 year old more than once, thought, yeah that’s reasonable.
      Dude’s a goofball, doesn’t strike me as someone I’d want to emulate.

  8. Old dude? Ha ha, it comes fast boys! One minute you’re 20 and the next you’re fucking 40. I have an 80 year old bachelor tenant who lives his life on his own terms with no fucking woman telling him what to do and he’s happy as hell! That will be me in 35 years if I fucking live that long, except I’ll have a German Shepherd or two and some goats and chickens.

    1. yep. It almost feels like yesterday when i turned 21, and now I’m 35, but dealing with women doesn’t necessarily get easier with time.

      1. I disagree. Your fear goes around 30ish, and your patience goes around 38.
        After you tell girls that play too much to get the fuck away from you or you’ll cut their throat, a lot more pussy seems to throw itself your way.

        1. I’m 35 and my patience vanished at 12. I regained some when I became a dad, but not much.

    1. A pimp can’t take an old school Green Beret seriously. I don’t see a problem.

  9. This should be titled “A Middle-Aged Man’s Perspective.” When I read the words “old man” I assumed we’d be getting info from someone around 60 — or better yet, a “Greatest Generation” man. Those guys are the ones who lived before feminism took root and I’d love to hear what they had to say. If I can find one, I’ll try to interview him.

    1. Shoot man, ask any GenX’er and he can tell you of the last days before feminism took over the cultural mindset. Not from an adult perspective, given as the real man hate started in the late 80’s/early 90’s, but as a kid I saw “the patriarchy” still in effect more or less and life really seemed more stable and content.
      Men and women were not enemies nor encouraged to be enemies. Man hate was not spewed 24/7 by all media outlets and entertainment venues, and if you’d have suggested that a 90 pound waif could outrun and kick the ass of a 240 pound athlete you would have been laughed out of most social circles.
      Many women in high school were *still virgins intentionally* (gasp!). Boys were encouraged to be…boys (double gasp!). Schools didn’t make boys act like girls nor drug up the ones that refuse to act like girls. In many schools you could bring your gun and keep it on the gun rack in the back of your window (hell man, we had to bring our shotgun and our hunting license directly to the principal’s office in order to get excused absenses for the first three days of deer season).
      Grandma met grandpa at the door after the day of work in a nice clean smart dress with dinner ready and on the table. Grandpa was kindly but was always the head of the household and grandma kept quite when he was talking with other men, he was the face of the family. She would *not* let grandsons or sons do dishes or cooking, and said many times that this was “women’s work, you have no business here”.
      Miss those times man.

      1. I’m young gen x but i remember women being nicer and easier to get along with in the 90’s than they are now. They were less self absorbed and not as materialistic.
        The recession probably had a lot to do with it though. Economic growth was sluggish in the early to mid 90s and there was less rampant consumerism. There was a real genuine alternative scene then. I remember meeting girls at raves who didn’t give a fuck about whether you had money or not. They just wanted to party and screw; and the alt girls then didn’t buy expensive clothes like the so called ‘hipster’ ones do now.
        It was an entirely different world.

    2. “If I can find one . . .”
      Going outdoors and looking around should net you a whole batch of them. We’re not dead yet. In fact, there are millions of us, just wandering the streets as if we were real people and shit.
      And I’ve still got at least one living, and mentally sharp, relative born before WWI. They’re out there too, although, yes, a bit harder to come by. Grab a few fast. If they were young adults during the Roaring 20s they might be able to give you the perspective that the 60s were all about the 20s, which were all about the Big One.
      In the mean time, you could always just read The Razor’s Edge.

  10. Besides the content the delivery of the guy in the videos is quite mediocre. How long can you listen to him and his voice before you start falling asleep?

  11. They
    call me old until I rattle their skulls in the ring. I can’t fight a full 12
    rounds any more but I can give you hell; and cross eyed fits for 3. It’s (against the doctor’s orders) but once in a while the pull of the ring
    draws be back. It’s all good, fire away, speak your nay saying but remember
    this mediocrity lasts forever. And that
    will not be me. God bless and gods speed

    1. Ann Coulter is ugly?
      What are you, a Green Beret feminist?
      How ugly will she be when she’s your next President?

        1. Over active thyroid, BMI below 5%. Any more brilliant observations, Marcus Welby MD?

        2. If you could fit your fat ass though a doorway you wouldn’t be nearly so vindictive. Isn’t there a pussy riot site where you can play?

        3. Pussy Riot are worthless commies, I’m six foot and 150 pounds, if you wanna make it about me come do the dance bitch

        4. I believe in equality and all, but I’m still not ready to cave in your skull in just yet.

        5. That’s a man.
          Big hands, big feet, Adam’s apple note the throat covering in this photo.
          I’ve been saying it for at least 15 years when I saw her on Fauxnews.
          Mann Coulter. Yuck.

  12. Us desert shield/desert storm guys are all over the damned place. All of us old JMUCs are fucking sick of what we thought we were protecting.

  13. Well, “Heppner”, you should put your real name to your writing. You’re a poser and coward and a keyboard warrior when you hide behind an alias. What are you afraid of, the women in your life? Who’s to castrate you, tough guy?
    There’s a reason writers hide behind an alias and when you do THAT, your stories and tales and philosophies ring hollow. What’s the matter, Bad-ass, you afraid of your real thoughts being attached to your real situation? If you won’t hang your real name on your writing, your thoughts and philosophies, you’re a phony. That’s all there is to it, Pussy. You’re hiding in Mama’s basement. Your Old Guy Buddy’s question as to why you don’t use your real name is legit. YOUR answer is pussy. “Everyone else does it that way” is a coward’s way out, Pussy.
    Either your shit-arguments are quality or they aren’t any good at all. If they don’t bear scrutiny and consequence attached to your real name then you don’t really believe them, or, you’re afraid (pussy) to let the folks in your real life know what you WISH you really want your world to be. In my book, you ain’t shit, you’re a wannabe. A hypocrite. A pussy.

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