The Rising Epidemic Of Cheating Wives Who Want “Freedom”

If you would have asked me to write about this subject ten years ago, you could have as easily been asking me to write in hieroglyphics, charting the constellation of our galaxy. Unfortunately, today I have learned in the school of hard knocks that “Good Girls Go Bad” in the blink of an eye.

Let me say from the onset that I am a 47-year-old African-American male, with one child, a few small businesses and have been married for twelve years to a wonderful wife—all the things a man could hope for in a life. Did I mention that my wife recently told me that I have been in an “open marriage” for three years?

Open marriage, as in, you date who you want and I date who I want, but let’s just keep it on a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” basis. The only problem is that I was never apprised of the new, now 3-year-old, status of our marital arrangement. How did I just recently find out that I was in an open relationship you ask? Well my wife told me so.

I do not come to you as an angry and jealous husband. I come to you as a man, who, after consulting with over twenty male friends in my age group (35 to 50), discovered that almost all of them have experienced the same problem. That is to say that they are, or were all, married men who have recently learned that their wives are seeking the company, affection and sexual gratification in the arms of other men. Surely these are neglectful cheating men who are getting what’s coming to them? Not quite so fast.

Man #1

My friend asked, “How old is your wife?”

I answered, “Forty-two.”

“Did you catch her, or do you just suspect?”

He had just rebuilt his marriage after a two month separation from his wife after finding out that she had several affairs with various handymen for the past two years. He promptly moved out and did not contact her for 60 days. She begged for reconsideration and disclosed that this was totally out of character for her and that she felt the marriage was far more important in her life than any meaningless affairs. You can hear the depth of the remaining scar in his voice as he spoke.

Man #2

After ten years of marriage my buddy thought he had it all figured out. His kids were out the house. The business was soaring. The wife just celebrated her 40th birthday in style with a big expensive 40th blowout event.



My buddy is not on or does he care to ever use Facebook. Heaven’s truth. He describes it as “The Devil.” After seeing his wife’s open Facebook page laying on the bed when she went to the store, my buddy found that his faithful wife of ten years, whom he had plucked from abject poverty and placed into Atlanta’s socialite scene, was madly head over heels crazy for the company’s… security guard.

On Facebook everything is over the top FABULOUS and MAGNIFICENT. What quickly followed was the obligatory picking your scrotum up off of the floor moment. Man #2 reached terms for a divorce after the wife disclosed that she no longer wanted to be in an exclusive relationship, and that this is what she wanted in her life. No love, less wifely obligations and more FREEDOM. Freedom is a familiar theme here.

He is now 52, dating, anti-marriage and trusts no woman.

Man #3

After his wife of seventeen years cited that she needed a bit more FREEDOM in her life, she promptly took the four kids and moved out of their 5000 sq foot home and moved into a 1200 square foot rental unit a mile away.

She had not yet revealed that she fell in love with sexting her newly conditioned 45-year-old body to several random men and that she felt ALIVE and FREE when she did this with them. She also neglected to reveal that she had fallen “Madly and unapologetically in love” with the husband’s cousin, who lives in the same neighborhood.

Man #4

An 8-year marriage of a deputy ended when he caught his partner in bed with his wife. Result: No shooting, just a divorce and three confused kids.

Man #5

He has settled into an open relationship (see aforementioned definition), with his wife after finding out that she now wanted threesomes with men and women, preferably in the comfort of their home. She enjoys hosting. His wife now believes that love and sex were meant to be freely given and received. The 60s are back!

He figured that, after consulting a divorce attorney, it was “cheaper to keep her.” Result: A highly sexed, loveless marriage that came, seemingly out of nowhere.

These are a few of the examples. Not all-encompassing, but a good cross-section of my male friends—all over 40, all of whom are financially successful, all of whom thought they knew their wives and all of whom thought they had “good girls.

What I’ve Learned

While I’m no expert, I do know that:

  • A 2012 UK adultery survey showed that, of 4000 cheats, women typically maintain 2.3 extracurricular lovers while men typically have 1.8
  • The typical woman starts to stray at age 37 while the typical man starts at 42
  • There are 1.8 million unique monthly visitors on the hook up site for married people
  • Women are initiating 70-75% of all divorces
  • The 7 year itch is REAL!!! Most women experience an “identity crises” after 5 married years. They resolve to act on it or not after around 7 years of marriage.
  • All of my buddies stated that their wives wanted to feel “ALIVE” and seek “FREEDOM” from responsibilities and marital obligations.
  • All of my buddies’ wives were between 37 and 47 with the vast majority around the 40-year-old mark
  • The word “good girl” is now a badge of dishonor to the modern 40-year-old woman’s mind.

There are four kinds of cheating wives:

  • The Emotionally-Starved Wife
  • The Angry Wife
  • The Wife Who Seeks Excitement
  • The Sexually Deprived Wife

But back to me. I went into my marriage with the belief that if the marriage was not going to be successful, it would not be because of neglect on my part. What I realized is that men are not prepared or educated on the extent to which women mentally and physically change.

We remotely are prepared for the fact that women have monthly menstruation cycles. Bloating. Deflation. Depression. Low Libido. We are prepared for their strong maternal desire. You know, “Honey, let’s have a baby!” We get that. But no sister, mother, aunt, grandmother or cousin ever says…

“Listen Cuz. After you make sure that you listen to her attentively, don’t watch the sports channels too much, stay in shape and watch what you eat, be conservative in your spending while lavishing her with gifts, be an attentive father (but not like creepy uncle Rudolph or Freaky uncle Fred), be mature in your conversation but kid-like in your playfulness with your wife, sex them like a 25-year-old stud-horse while being gentle like an old Harlequin Romance Novel, and be innovative like that Steele guy in 50 Shades of Grey, you also have to be sure to compliment them E-V-E-R-Y, waking moment of your conscious life or she will feel justified with cheating on you.”

Instead, what we get and have gotten leading up to the wedding and the day of the wedding is “You got a good girl there” or “Oh, she’s definitely a keeper” and “You better be good to that one” (with the finger wave and the sideways stare).

All Bullshit!!

I did all that! Ask her. Twelve years of marriage, five years of courtship. I did all of the above and what is the glorious reward?

  • “I thought we were both doing it.”
  • “We did talk about flirting with other people.”
  • “I just need some space.
  • “I just want to express love and freedom as I see fit.”
  • “You’d be surprised how many other women are doing it.”

The silver lining is that she doesn’t want a divorce. No she just wants FREEDOM! And, I can have FREEDOM too, like Solomon Northup in 12 Years A Slave.

Burch: Well, my boy, how yah feel now?

Solomon Northup: I am Solomon Northup. I am a FREE MAN!

This freedom applies as long as she doesn’t find out any sordid relationship details, because of course, she still is a bit jealous and doesn’t want to get hurt. But nothing in our family life needs to change other than that.


I ask, “What about diseases”? She says, ”Condoms.”

What about curfews? “Oh, we’ll respect each others’ time.”

What about friends seeing each other out with new partners? “I haven’t really thought about that.”

What about me spending money on other women? “Well, I haven’t thought about that.”

I ask, “After three years of hiding and creeping and deceiving, you haven’t thought about how that all works out on my side?”

She says, “Nope.”

My friends and I have all come to realize that the financial cost for infidelity is usually always borne on the man. That is, the dates, the wining and dining, are on the man’s dime. In divorce, even due to the infidelity of the wife, the women usually get the children. Even when both persons earn equal pay, the emphasis in the courts is to make sure that the woman maintains the standard of living she is accustomed. Even without kids in the picture.

There is an assumption in society that men who are cheated on are somehow complicit in the deeds of the women, that deep, deep down in the musty murky bowels of the infidelic belly of the misdeed, the husband overtly or covertly tried to silence the women’s independence, change who she really is, minimize her sexual needs, or demean her importance as a mom or wife.

I am here to say that sometimes people inexplicably change.

For better or for worse. Women are just as capable of despicable acts of selfishness as men. That while Tiger Woods, David Duchovny, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and the Jesse James’ of the world are highly publicized, when was the last time you heard of a female of any celebrity seeking treatment for “sexual addiction”? This includes Madonna, Leann Rimes, Princess Diana, Kim Kardashian, Coco, Elizabeth Taylor, Heidi Klum, Jessica Simpson, Tea Leoni (with Billy Bob Thornton?). No sex rehab for these scorned, neglected, wonderful women.

My wife and I are currently in counseling. The scars of my wife’s recent revelations are rippling throughout our personal and business relationships at breakneck speed. My wife still professes that her family and relationship are the most important things in the world to her while at the same time insisting that these covert affairs mean nothing to her.

I’m not exactly sure why I felt the need to put these emotions into print, but I feel disappointment and anger, in need of a cathartic release. I never felt so isolated and betrayed like when I found out that I was the lucky winner of an open marriage.

Bob Barker

In true “Never Let Em See You Sweat” spirit, I haven’t shed a single tear at the potential destruction of an entire way of life I had attentively sought to build, because if she wants an open marriage, then it will be open for me, too. The hoochies are begun falling down like bowling pins for me. Strikes, no spares. Rick James, Love Them and Leave Them. The caveman never really dies. He just gets frozen in the ice until it’s time to thaw. Like a newly unearthed sleeping neanderthal, I’m having my fan, but it’s out of necessity, not by choice.

So on behalf of my twenty friends and the many silent minority—but rapidly turning into the majority—of married men with 40-ish year old wives, the good girl can go bad in the blink of an eye. Keep your eyes option.

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  1. I’m already convinced to never get married. Problem is, how to raise kids with equal father/mother influences… hmm….
    Is it possible?

    1. Why would you want kids? The world is fucked anyway…why bring someone in this world just so that they can be miserable when the shit (that has already hit the fan), explodes?

      1. The comments after every article on this site make me laugh. You all sound like whiny, negative, entitled girls to me and you’re seemingly unaware of the irony. You are the masculine expression of the entitlement princesses you a railing against. Sort it the fuck out gents, seriously.
        So you’ve learned that women are sluts and can’t be trusted. You’ve also learned that the previously sacred institution of marriage is a one-sided contract that only benefits women. That’s about it though. Besides that, this is inarguably the best time ever in history to be alive. The fact that you’re even able to worry about this shit is a luxury of the soft, spoiled era you live in.
        Rather than write-off an entire planet, why not learn to deal with or avoid altogether the minor issues that are bugging you. If marriage won’t benefit you….don’t get married. What’s the problem? With regards to girls being untrustworthy sluts- that’s only a problem if you either don’t know they are, or they don’t wanna have sex with you. Either way, it’s within your control. The rules of the game may have changed (or become more apparent) but you control how you play the game.
        (This is not specifically directed at “who me” btw, he was just the straw that broke the camel’s back).

        1. “Besides that, this is inarguably the best time ever in history to be alive. ”
          LOL. Besides having the cornerstone institution of our civilization — the family — utterly destroyed, it’s all great — best time ever!1!!111!11
          Such sort sighted, narcissistic tripe. It’s people like you on whose graves I and/or my descendants will take enormous pleasure dancing, to be honest.

        2. You make some excellent points. We do live in great times. The guys who comment here are just venting. But I think the party is coming to an end soon. Very soon.

        3. Amen PG Tips!
          Most of the men here have access to resources and opportunities that are unparalleled in human history. They can travel the world, have any career they want, and have all the health and fitness they are willing to work for themselves. Plus we have a million and one ways to be entertained, from books to motorcycles to video games to escorts to travel to drugs.
          And yet they are crying because the one thing that they can’t really get these days is a good woman to wuv them like their grandmothers did. Awww.
          Grow a fucking pair people. Old fashioned love and marriage are probably dead, if they ever existed anyway. It’s just the way it is. Develop yourself properly and it won’t matter.

        4. It’s hard for me to type with my face in my palms but I’ll give it a shot…
          For a sub-culture that extols the virtues of ultra-hetro masculine dominance, there are certainly a lot of pussywhipped fags on here! A central presupposition of red-pill dogma (yes, I said dogma) is that women are mindless slaves to their emotional nature. Why, therefore must all the responsibility rest on the woman’s shoulders? It’s a laughably unexamined contradiction-
          “We are men, we are powerful, we are dominant….but those mean, horrible girlies are being nasty to us!”
          It’s actually hard for me to read this site and the accompanying comments from my standing in life. The vast majority of things on here are such non-issues to me, it’s not even funny. I don’t mean that to sound condescending but there’s no other way to say it really.
          Put it this way Novaseeker- if you knew how to consistently get into a woman’s knickers and more importantly into her head like I can, you wouldn’t be bemoaning the collapse of what is merely an anachronistic legal definition of pair-bonding.

        5. The mere fact that we are here today, is proof positive we are carrying genes predisposing us to seek out procreation. People’s desires and wants aren’t just some random artifacts dropping out of the sky and attaching to them. Those with a lesser desire to have kids, have been systematically selected against since way before humans.
          Hence, a society so thoroughly fucked up, that having kids is completely contraindicated for any man’s happiness, is as diametrically opposed to “inarguably the best time ever in history to be alive” as it is at all possible to get.
          What was once a civilization, is now nothing more than a semi coordinated free fall into genetic suicide. With most participants obviously so indoctrinated they genuinely believe participating is some sort of a “best thing.”
          But here’s the low down: The West and all it stands for is going under (thank goodness the way this is going). Those coming after us, aren’t sufficiently indoctrinated into progressive dronedom to “think” (regurgitate) that they are better off than those sacking them; because “we have, tah-dah, motorcycles.” And, as is always the case, those who survive gets to write history. And those are highly unlikely to be equally indoctrinated into ignorance of more fundamental truths regarding living and thriving in evolutionarily competitive environments.

        6. We do most certainly NOT live in great times. Unless you actually believe the progressive drivel about genetic suicide cults being good, and all.
          What is important, though; is that it’s not women’s fault. It’s not like they have changed. Women always have, always will do what they believe those they consider alpha wants them to do. That’s all there ever was with them. If they behave in a degenerate, suicidal manner, it’s because that is the signals they are getting up from today’s alphas.
          Hence, the relevant problem is not how to re-engineer women, but rather how to re-engineer society so that it gives less opportunity for the degenerate to be elevated to alpha status.
          And historically, as well as theoretically, speaking; the solution is to get rid of the ability of some people to punch way above the weight of their own accumulated abilities and resources, by means of obtaining control over institutions powerful enough to exert undue control over other individuals.
          But to do that, requires MEN to MAN UP. Not man up as in turning into some feminist parody of Captn. Save-a-Ho; but man up as in being willing to take complete control and responsibility over themselves and their own. As in, not be so scared of not having some Alpha Gommiment to run to and bend over for, just because they promise to do something mean to your neighbor should he decide to blow you away. But instead to realize, that a better solution is to arm up, and choose your neighbors wisely.
          But of course, 100+ years of publicly funded pervasive progressive indoctrination, has led self described men to instead bend over backwards (and forwards, and really just bend over in any direction as long as Alpha says so), to not only acquiesce to living like little more than indentured servants to whomever manages to sharp elbow and lie and cheat his way to the higher ranks of societally organized alphadom. But even to extoll this situation as somehow a good thing. Because, like, we can ride motorcycles. And go on, like, facebook. And watch the Man on TV talk about how lucky we are, who has such a good, benevolent Gommiment, unlike magically all the others, whose gommiment is corrupt and baad.!

        7. Jesus. You’re certainly not living on the same planet as me matey. In England we have a saying- you can’t see the wood for the trees. Let me break it down for you-
          I’m 28. I was born on the worst estate in London. I left school with no qualifications. I’ve had 2 separate careers since. For the last 3 years (and currently) I’ve been living off my forex trading (which I learned from the internet for free). I’ve got 3 regular fuckbuddies who would each desperately love for me to settle down and give them babies. I spend 3 months of the year in Goa, 3 in Thailand, 3 in Columbia and the summer in London. I live like a king yet barely spend a fraction of my income. I’ve got access to the finest, quality food from every culture, wherever I am. I’ve got access to unlimited free/extremely cheap entertainment in the form of watchable/readable media, events, raves etc. I’ve got access to the best, strongest and most varied drugs of anyone in history. All of this with zero negative social consequences worth worrying about. Even 30 years ago, during your holy “patriarchy”, all of the above would be unthinkable. I really couldn’t care if 95% of the female population are retarded smart-phone zombies…I’ll focus my time on finding, owning and maintaining the 5% that aren’t.
          I could go on but since you’re clearly a bitter, pussywhipped fag who can’t control a woman, I’d probably be wasting my time. Now, in light of this knowledge please tell me….which one of us is more ‘indoctrinated into progressive dronedom’?

        8. As bitter and pussywhipped as I supposedly am, I do have you rather comfortably beaten in the so called fuckbuddy stakes…..
          30 years ago, plenty of people were living off forex trading. Some British. Some even rather well known. Rather well, too. Plenty were also traveling the world. And, lo and behold, plenty were even, who would have thunk, screwing women. And as for entertainment, 30 years ago Sinatra was still singing. movies were watchable etc., etc. And, already by 50 years ago, drugs were at least as plentiful as today, if that’s your thing. And Goa was substantially Goaer than it is today. Being 28, you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you you missed out on the best of Goa, the best of Thailand, and at best caught the very tail end of Colombia. Glad you’re happy, though.
          None of which prevented what was 30 years ago from evolving int what is today. Which is distinctly more dire than it was back then. And 30 years ago still wasn’t all that.
          But there are happy people everywhere. In any era. I’d be genuinely surprised if you couldn’t even find the occasional happy go lucky Jew in Auschwitz. And, as for financial freedom, some people have had that forever.
          Despite what the progressive an on TV may want you to believe, Theeengz aren’t diiiiiferent nooow. They never are. The same, age old truths hold. Including the one about those who don’t have kids going under. Which is again no different than in previous eras. Which guarantees that we who are here today, are descendents of those who wanted to have kids. Which, given heredity both of genes and memes, is a pretty strong indication we want kids. Which, finally, is a fairly string argument for classifying societies that discourage procreating as worse than those that encourages it. No matter if, given enough millions of individuals, there is the occasional one who manages to convince himself bragging on the internet is really the one true source of happiness.

        9. He is right, you are wrong.
          There are no barbarians at the gate. Hardly anyone on this forum is starving.
          And women are putting out in droves.
          Just think of how it was a hundred years back in Europe, count your blessings, learn game, keep fucking..

      2. Good point. Don’t bring children into this mess. The next many generations of humans beings across the globe will likely be serfs serving brutal regimes run by the Elites. It’s been this way pretty much through all history.
        In the future, it’s just gonna be a lot more in your face and real.

        1. Throughout, by far, the vast majority of history, there were no “regimes” at all. People were born to be free, and do the best when not in captivity. The occasional “regime” that managed to gain foothold over some limited geography for some limited time, never did last very long at all. As it should be.

    2. I have similar thoughts to yours. Although Who Me makes a valid point I doubt humanity is coming to an end despite all of the fuckedness in the world. Your children in the right place at the right time could rise to be kings.

    3. Spend the money on a surrogate and have your kids alone, with full custody being exclusively yours. While expensive, it’s cheaper the divorce lawyers, alimony, child support and losing 3/4 of your stuff to your ex and her attorney (because the court will order you to pay her attorney in addition to yours!

    4. Why kids? Ask yourself really, why kids? Sure, they’re fun, but unless they’re genetically gifted, their life is going to blow balls… you could use them as a surrogate for your own morals and goals, but morals are pretty much meaningless now and anything you teach your kids will be washed away by porn and a virtual landslide of complete degeneracy. And if you have a daughter the chances of her growing up under a single mother are astronomical, and as a result the chances of her showing up on is going to skyrocket.

      1. oops didn’t mean to hotlink, don’t click that.
        but i know 95% of you will. home alone on a saturday morning. lol

    5. GO the surrogate route. The kids will be way better off than with the current females influencing him or her, married or not.
      If you want female influence, live near grandma (if she isn’t a whack) or a childless sister, or other female relative.

  2. While this article is maybe a bit long, it’s kinda shocking to read- just another confirmation of the things out there though. As they say: multiply a woman’s (self reported) partners with 2, for men divide them by 2…
    Marriage in any western country, but soon in pretty much any country, is deal where men get fucked.

    1. All women are like this unless under strict controls. A man has ZERO authority in his own house anymore. Just don’t get married. It’s not worth it.

      1. Many other non-western countries have stricter social and legal measures that don’t allow women to behave like autistic children.

        1. Colombia, El Salvador, Thailand, and the Philippines are all countries where I have spent significant amounts of time and can tell you the women do not behave like they do in America. I’m sure there are other countries that I have not experienced that are ideal as well.

        2. Look up RooshV’s definition of Asian game. PUAs have problems using western game on Asian ladies because they are chasing six-figure-salary beta nerds right out of the gate at age 18.

        3. Panama sounds intriguing. I have a second cousin who frequently visits Costa Rica and plans to retire there (although I am no where near retirement personally). Have you been to Panama Kristopher? If so what is the political situation there? I have been reading about the Sandinsta resurgence in Nicaragua for some time and the whole Honduran coup was troubling. I’d hate to be living in narrow Central America when/if Communist rebels start a war.

        4. Pretty much any outside the Anglosphere. Even a highly sophisticated country like Japan won’t allow this kind of behaviour from married women. In other places this kind of conduct is outright deadly.

        5. The political situation is very stable. Weather may be a problem. It’s like living in a tropical version of Portland OR. Just rent and keep the minimum needed in the local bank to be a resident.
          If shit goes south, abandon your luggage. You shouldn’t have all your assets in one country anyway.

        6. No I haven’t read it. I have been to many parts of Thailand and to Mindanao, PI and they were not like that.

        7. Ive only been to panama city and there were too many gringos for my liking. Im sure most of the country is not that way.

        8. Costa Rica sucks…as far as the government goes. They love to fleece gringos and there’s a lot of crime there too. Panama, though not as bad, is not a place to do business, though it might be OK for a retiree. Nicaragua could be nice but google Eric Volz. Check out Guatemala via the podcasts at

        9. And so?
          Doesn’t seem to have meaningfully cut into the population growth rate over there

        10. While perhaps not ideal, current Islamic societies at least look to be on a forward moving trajectory. Instead of in free fall.

        11. In the Philippines, if you come across a cheating spouse and lover it is legal to kill them
          also, a marriage license is the husband’s right to have sex with his wife. a wife can’t claim rape against her husband.

        12. Remember that to someone in PI and Thailand, a westerner is damned near a lottery winner when you compare base incomes. I have been to Cebu and Thailand as well.
          Another point is that education is very highly prized in the PI.

        13. Just don’t buy a house for her. PI law says she has full title, and not you, if you are not a citizen.
          And beating her is kinda dangerous … her male relatives might shoot your ass.

      2. Once upon a time there were legal codes that prevented this, ancient rome for example. Or the middle east. There was also a social structure that meant treasonous behavior like this could ruin your life. No white knight beta males to pick up the pieces. No big government to cover your ass and no colluding media to make you feel good about your bad behavior. This is absolutely revolting. We need to turn back the fucking clock.

        1. I agree with you Cody. Regarding the Saudis, although I have never been there as some have, I know the country is mostly desert and its gov’t is almost completely dependent on oil revenue. Eventually the oil will dry up and the country could turn into a theocracy in the aftermath. Personally I don’t want to be a avg income white Anglo Irish guy in country when/if this goes down. Read Twilight in the Desert by Simmons for more information on the Saudi oil situation.

        2. In ancient Rome the head of the family ( Pater Familias ) could have misbehaving wives and offspring put to death or sold as slaves … heh.

        3. I don’t think we should be murdering people but women just need some good harsh discipline just as children require it. In my opinion some corporal punishment should be allowed.

        4. The solution’s simple. To borrow from Chris Rock a little bit, if everybody who cheated had to either pay a $15,000 fine or go to jail for a year, adultery rates would PLUMMET. Some people would rather be stoned to death than to have to pay fines, which is why while executing people for infidelity isn’t always a successful deterrent, you’d best believe that the “fine or jail” scheme probably would be.

        5. It doesn’t have to be changed that much. Pass a law that no man can be forced to pay for a woman who is not his wife, or a child who is not his. If a woman is divorced she is no longer a man’s wife and is no longer entitled to anything. Men should automatically get custody of their children. If the cheating whore committed paternity fraud she should be jailed. The minimum jail term should equal the number of years she lied to the victim.

        6. You stop worrying about ballots and votes, and take a clue from those that, after all, sacked even Rome. And are in the process of doing so to the current West as well. Begging permission never really were a very masculine trait.

        7. As long as stoning women for adultery leads to better evolutionary outcomes (more children raised to adulthood, essentially) than not doing so; those who get to write history will most assuredly include a chapter on the benefits of stoning.

        8. I was being sarcastic, as any rational person knows the Republic is gone and I doubt voting on anything has any effect.
          Better to ask forgiveness, than permission.

        9. Pater Familias was the foundational concept that built all of Western Civilization. In fact Roman law is the foundation of Western Civilization (or use to be). If something operates fine for 2,000 years, then it should be left alone. We no longer use Roman law as the basis of Western law, but we have adopted something evil, Satanic, and we all know who the real culprits are.

        10. In ancient Rome when women felt that their lives or those of their children might be threatened there was always “divorce by death”! :))
          Cruel or unwanted husbands, fathers, lovers, etc. developed mysterious illnesses, sudden flu or fevers, stomach ailments, strokes, nervous disorders — all things that women could arrange very easily by putting poison or other harmful and debilitating substances in the food and drink they served their husbands or lovers — who were no longer wanted or needed!
          Hey, guys…..remember for women….just like men….where there is a will……there is a way! LOL Just saying……

        11. In ancient Rome when women felt that their lives or those of their children might be threatened there was always “divorce by death”! :))
          Cruel or unwanted husbands, fathers, lovers, etc. developed mysterious illnesses, sudden flu or fevers, stomach ailments, strokes, nervous disorders — all things that women could arrange very easily by putting poison or other harmful and debilitating substances in the food and drink they served their husbands or lovers — who were no longer wanted or needed!
          Hey, guys…..remember for women….just like men….where there is a will……there is a way! LOL Just saying……

        12. No western nation will pass such a law. The current state of affairs is deliberate. To emasculate men and reduce everyone to the level of slaves.

      3. A man can be forgiven for getting married once (as long as he’s done everything possible to protect his assets). You’d have to be a fucking idiot to ever do it all over again though.

        1. I know many people out in the Northwest that have been married 2, 3, or even 4 times. How stupid can some men be? Why on earth would you do it more than once? I understand the first time. You want kids, and you may have hope in love. Understandable, I guess. However, 2, 3 or 4 times? You are a special kind of idiot at that point.

    2. You really cannot marry a woman a bring her here either, don’t be deceived.
      Andrew Cash. This article is candid and fearless. Good for you. I really hope you find a way to DTB (dump that bitch) and not have to share the toilet in your own house with other men. Thanks to you for sharing your personal story with everyone. The examples you give shed a light on the female psyche; -And until laws change, the many reasons a man should not be married.

      1. I’ve seen men marry foreign women and bring them over here with great success and satisfaction. I don’t doubt that our distorted culture infects women once their feet touch ground in the country. I do think it is possible to minimize those cultural perversions though.

    3. Love have many similarities with friendship, do you only have 1 friend, could you just like 1 person? then why do you think your wife could only find attractive 1 men ( you) . Do we get jealous of friends of our friends? my answer is a big NO, since we know their love for other people don’t decrease at all their love to us. You say women are drama queens but the fact that many of you overthink this of cheating make wonder about who also is a drama king.

        1. Lol but I guess I am colder than many people, maybe that’s why I wouldn’t care as much, I don’t feel as many emotions with other things too, for example I don’t laugh that much either, the type of loud out loud ,but I don’t wanna be rude with people, so I need to fake laugh more often

        2. Do you bang your friends? No.
          Friends marry you to get a higher standard of living? No.
          Friends lie to get what they want? No.
          You have indeed a strange concept of friendship, dude…
          Anyway, the topic is marriage, not being fuckbuddies.

  3. The Taliban have some things sorted out better than the effete and overcivilized(read pussy) Western men.

    1. Taliban are notorious ass pounders (on men). Of course the men in that region are also some of the world’s most resilient fighters and killers. But they have some valid points about keeping women’s sexual drives in line.

        1. What the fuck? How is saying that the Afghans love anal sex make me a woman? They did a fuckin’ expose on Vice magazine about that. Want me to link?

      1. Bah they are not good fighters and killers. They get their ass kicked constantly just because you’re brave/dumb enough to run into certain death doesnt make you a good fighter. Killing yourself in the name of Allah is beta.

        1. They’ve kicked out very invader in history and brought down empires as powerful as the Soviet Union. I’m no fan of the Taliban, but let’s be honest here — the Afghans know how to fight.

        2. only because there are a shit ton of moutains and everyone has guns……. even the Nazis couldn’t figure out a way to invade Switzerland… mountains make it impossible to fully conquer a country….. too many places to hide and narrow spots for ambushes… one guy with an RPG on a mountain pass can take out so much asset … eventually that wears on even the mightiest military power.

      2. Taliban are notorious ass pounders on boys. It’s the culture.
        Oh – so were the Spartans.

  4. Start TEARING up some pussy. I can’t wait to read an article in a month about she “misses what we had.”

    1. Though I agree with the redpill comments here through and through, I wholeheartedly disagree with restructuring society towards anything like the Taliban or somesuch oppression.
      Why? Because then you’ll have a very difficult time getting laid outside of marriage. And you won’t even be able to see a live woman’s wrists, other than your family members’.
      Don’t want to live in a world full of bearded men fondling each other on the q.t.

  5. I’ve witnessed this “open relationship” thing first hand.A buddy of mine from back in the day started hanging out with his wife at the local bar with me and my friends.She thought it would be nice to spice up their relationship.Enter HOT or NOT it’s kind of like tender I guess.It’s all shit but anyway so they made connections and now she’s met someone and the marriage is all but over.This all happened in a course of about a month and a half.She’s a solid chunky 3 and you would not believe all the thirsty good looking simps pumping her up on the site.Heres the good part she asked me what I rated her and since I had a few beers and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway I told her she was a solid 3.She slapped me and her husband and this in no shit, swung on me.Isn’t love grand?

    1. Kindof reminds me everytime that shit is always going to be between men – the women are just props in the show. Replace woman with leg of ham and you get the same result.

  6. Been there. When my now ex pitched this bs (after coming home from a “business trip” with a massive hickey on her neck) i got her out of the house, immediately served her divorce papers kept the kids. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE YOUR HOME. get her to move out “so you can explore your need for freedom, darling” then lower the boom. Ruthlessly. Start protecting your assets. Remember , every two days you remain with her, she gets one day of your hard earned stuff AS HERS! She is no longer the woman you married. She is a stranger who is now bonded to someone else and she is looking for a way to kill you (emotionally/financially) and keeping all your stuff. You gotta ACT now man!!

      1. Unless he’s disfigured she can’t be better looking than him, she’s 42.

        1. Damn straight. As the saying goes -“As men age, they start to look like Sean Connery, the problem is so do women.”

    1. what he also should is say hes willin to take care if the kid so in the event of the divorce he gets custody. and try get her to pay child support. dont get emotionally sucked by goin easy on her like many do with their exs. they get manipulated. be ruthless like shoe would with u. think like a woman and beat her at it.

  7. To the author, I’m sorry. That really sucks a lot and I can imagine your pain. The choice of picture is interesting. Out of curiosity, did she cheat with a white dude? In all fairness I’m sure the opposite has happened with white guys as well. But apart from that I fail to see the humor in it.
    Women, like men, strive to be “free” of whatever the hell it is that is making their life less than they think is a fucking fantasy. Women always somehow manage to convince themselves that they deserve to be “taken away from it all”, or “swept off their feet”, or that grass is greener on the other side, or that somehow they can have a better deal somewhere else offered at the hand of some mysterious stranger. Obviously, this is fantasy. Men tend towards religion to fulfill this desire to free themselves from our own personal hell, but women go the extra mile and act on their fantasy, especially when they feel bored, which they will.
    Women will wake up in the morning and always manage to convince themselves that they deserve much, much, much more than what they are actually worth, while a man will wake up in the morning and count his lucky stars. Which is why I usually advise all men to date women that are less attractive than them.
    The whole situation is fucked. I don’t want to have kids but unfortunately my wife does. I pretty much struggle to get through the days now without wanting to blow my brains out, but I manage.
    At least the author is probably tall and handsome. It could be worse. You could be like that fat dweeb on Hello Ladies.

  8. She didn’t change, she was always only a woman. As such, she is only capable of being as committed as far as her feelings go because women’s feelings and their moral compasses are one and the same.
    Think back on all of the times a woman you know did a wrong. The first thing she did was absolve herself of the responsibility by claiming the other person made her do it. When a woman cheats, she always claims that the man didn’t do something she wanted and, therefore, she was justified. Women always, always, always excuse their lack of morality by finding someone else to blame. They do not want to be seen as being responsible for their own agency, emotional or otherwise.
    This is why marriage, and even trusting a woman with anything of substance, is always a severe mistake on the man’s part. The moral of the story is, don’t marry.

  9. Dude,
    First, I’m sorry. I will tell you this. Every woman cheats. Every single one of them, unless they can’t. There are no good girls, only girls that pretend to be.
    Every married man that thinks she’s been completely faithful is living the lie. 30 years old and 40 years old (or apporaching it) are big times for affairs.
    Get a divorce attorney immediately on the down low (whether you plan on getting divorced or not, you’re likely to face it sooner or later).
    As for her family and and children being more important that is a lie. Just as the relationships mean nothing. That to is a lie.
    What she is saying is she doesn’t want to lose the benefit of having those things, the status, but as the Bible says about what people treasure being what they pursue, you know what is important to her

    1. Find out what attorneys she has been looking up ( dig through her smart phone ). Go to the best of the lot, and hire him first. Ask him who he would rather face against in court on the remaining list of hers. Then pay a retainer on ALL of the other attorneys on the list except for the ‘tard your attorney picks out for her.

      1. No need to pay a retainer fee. Most attorneys do free consultations. Once you’ve consulted with any attorney, he cannot represent her in any divorce proceedings.

    2. I’m curious to know what you feel about men then? Because on some other forum, I’m certain all women are saying that all men cheat.
      Both genders cheat. You have had bad experiences, which has led you to have major trust issues. Understandable, I do as well. But, I’m sure every girl you were with at some point thought that you were cheating. And you probably were? Who knows? You’re a man. And we all know that EVERY MAN CHEATS.
      Look up double standards, dumbass!

      1. Um, dumbass yourself, it ain’t the same thing, and yes, there are double standards.
        The genders are equal in worth, but not in function.
        A guy will step out, fuck fifty women, but will return to his family because he loves them not with lust but with his heart.
        A woman, once she has decided to jump ship, has lost that kind of love to her husband, and is now using him for money, comfort and status.
        If you are going to argue this like the feminist spokesman that you are, go read what women write about cheating wives. is one place for you to delouse, you indoctrinated apologist.

  10. the comments section of this site has gone from being ridiculously ignorant to now being incredibly insane……yep we have men supporting the taliban…..roosh and company have opened Pandora’s box ….good luck with this mess

  11. Cut your income down by at least half or more and come up with any valid excuse necessary. Any possible divorce then can be based on this current income for CS or alimony. Spend all discretionary income on girlfriends or fuck buddies. Fuck every chick you possibly can and start setting up “date time” with your wife because know she needs to be scheduled in like any other chick. Make sure to fuck her and other women on the same day. Start working out (if not already), update the wardrobe and take dance lessons (my personal bread & butter). Live like you’re single and realize this isn’t a woman youd want back anyway.

    1. Why fuck up your life with homicide when there are so many cheap women to fuck in Asia, South America, etc.?

  12. I’ll tell you why. After that long quote by sister/grandma/aunt (that they won’t say) about putting the pussy on a pedestal or else you’ll get cheated on, you said, “I did all that!”
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but most of these guys sound like they turned into blue pill betas after getting married. It might not be too late, but you need to start gaming your wives.

  13. “My wife and I are currently in counseling. “…..
    WTF? Get some balls dude! Better late than never.

    1. My ex suggested counseling. I suggested fucking off. My circumstances were a little unique though.

      1. Good for you. It’s nice to have a spine.
        Marriage Counseling….ripping off beta men for 40 years. Any tool who goes to marriage counseling is garbage. If you’re considering marriage counseling, your marriage is already over.

        1. I’ve got to go to fucking alcohol and anger counseling though, but that’s part of a restorative justice diversion program resulting from an unrelated matter. Fuck, you can’t even be an angry man and tell somebody what you fucking think of them without 911 being called.

        2. The Western World has become very delicate and pussified. But rest assured, it will all come crashing down relatively soon. Lots of delicate daisies will become statistics. Western societies are just asking to be conquered by stronger, more rugged men; probably Muslims. I know our women are asking for it. Judging by their behavior, they’re begging for it.

        3. Agreed. Nine times out of ten, it will be the woman who suggests the counseling. You are just falling straight into her frame and abiding by her terms from the offset.

        4. This.
          Nowadays you can’t talk about uncomfortable truths without 95% of people screeching “das racis!11” and “das sexist!!11”

    2. He’s gaining time, next step should be to make her screw up so a good lawyer will make her looks awful in court and he gets the kids.

    3. Agreed. Counseling means paying somebody to tell you how horrible you are to your wife, never telling her to change shit.

  14. Lol, from what I know about black women, they get mad pissed when brothers turn to white women. Just knock a few of those off and see how she feels.

    1. True, just like some white women get mad when White men go for Asians (or hell, the whole damn world gets pissed when Black men like Asians). What’s funny is it’s the women that wouldn’t want these guts in the first place that get mad when they find what they want with another type of woman. It shows that it’s all about control.

  15. My ex or I likely would have cheated sooner or later if we hadn’t blown up first. Marriage is an illusion. It seems great in the beginning, but really, how many times can you fuck the same hole? If you want love get a dog. If you want sex get a whore.
    If you want something which feels LTR, go to the third world and rent them by the week. A man has to feel comfortable with his solitude. Once you realize that women are more trouble than they’re worth, you’ll be free. They’re just fuckholes.

    1. Exactly why you look the way you do, dude. But, I digress, enjoy the decline of Western Civilization.

    2. “They’re just fuckholes.”
      For most guys, it takes a long time to figure this out. Other than childbirth, women are pretty fucking useless. They are a massive liability to men.
      Most men refuse to undo their rotten social programming.
      Women are so bad, Western Culture has to manufacture endless fairy tales and stories to make dealing with women halfway palatable.
      Other societies just cut to the chase and treat their women like the shit that they are.
      Women are worse than shit unless the individual woman proves otherwise.

  16. Yep, been there lived that, 24 years down the tubes. Women hit their 40’s and peri-menopause rears it’s ugly head, a lot of them go off the rails. It’s a dirty little secret nobody tells you about when you get married that your wife WILL likely turn into someone you won’t recognize @ 40+.
    For a lot of guys, if they work on themselves, look back on it about three years on as a blessing in disguise that their wife did run off with the Pool boy/Fitness Instructor/Old BF on Facebook. The way I look at it is I got all the pretty and the OM is now the one with the dregs and has to put up her full blown menopause….

    1. Women are hitting menopause so much earlier now; early 40s in many cases. largely considering everyone is hopped up on birth control and these chicks aren’t considering children until well past 30. Menopause is Nature’s way of saying, “that baby factory is now closed, shut down.”
      Nature is quite dynamic.

      1. Yup. It’s an evolutionary adaption that gives the woman enough time to get her last cohort of kids to maturity without risk of death by childbirth.
        Evolution is a harsh mistress.

    2. Indeed, my ex was a firm hottie when she was in her 20s’. Had some good times fucking that firm ass and long tight legs doggy style while watching that Geri Haliwellesque (she was hotter than Haliwell, but the features were similar) face of hers in the mirror as she rolled her eyes back in her head. Things got hotter once she started letting herself gush. She’s a flabby-assed MILFy 6 now, but fuck she was a high 8 or even 9 back in the day. Thanks for the memories, babe! 😀

  17. “Never, Never marry, my friend. Here’s my advice to you: don’t marry until you can tell yourself that you’ve done all you could, and until you’ve stopped loving the woman you’ve chosen, until you see her clearly, otherwise you’ll be cruelly and irremediably mistaken. Marry when you’re old and good for nothing…Otherwise all that’s good and lofty in you will be lost.”
    Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace
    This shit has been known for a long time. If you do marry make sure that she is worth more than you and move to a state with more “equal” divorce laws. Who knows you too might get lifetime alimony.

    1. Marry when you’re old and good for nothing…Otherwise all that’s good and lofty in you will be lost.”
      Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace
      This is one of the most important pieces of wisdom ever written. I’m surprised how many men have never heard of it.

      1. Because Count Lev was not exactly aware of the adage “brevity is the soul of wit.”
        He was bested by Dostoevesky in his era in terms of mind, but Lev was probably a more artistic story teller.

  18. Fuck bitches.
    Look outfor yourself and never, ever, ever, enslave yourself or commit to the predatory female. Always have options, always fuck around.

  19. I’m convinced there’s absolutely no way men cheat more than women. A girl I work with, comes off as sweet and innocent, has apparently approached her boyfriend several times about an open relationship. If there was ever a girl you wouldn’t think would do this, it’s her.
    On that note, I’d say getting into a relationship with any expectation of commitment is in no way good for the man. Let me explain: if you’re a girl’s boyfriend and she cheats on you and people know about it, you lose value in the eyes of other women. If a guy cheats on the girl, she’s not going to lose value as her value is primarily predicated on her looks. So getting into a relationship, or one where you’re publicly declaring exclusivity, has little reward and lots of risk for a man.

    1. “if you’re a girl’s boyfriend and she cheats on you and people know about it, you lose value in the eyes of other women.”
      HAHAHAHAHA, are you trolling mate? If you’re not, I suggest you stop reading ‘just men’ or wherever else you’re deriving your inaccurate views from, get out there and learn for yourself.

      1. It’s true. A man who is cucked loses respect in the eyes of both men and women — both intuitively and instinctively blame him for not preventing it. That’s true whether he’s the husband or the BF. Either way, your stock goes way down as a man. Trust me.

      2. Not at all. You ever heard that saying “wear the horns of a cuckold”? It comes from the whole town humiliating a guy who’s wife fucked around. “Game” isn’t going to help you in that situation. I live in a smaller town so I’m in tune to these dynamics probably a bit more than people in large cities as they can “get lost in the crowd” so to speak. That’s not to say guys don’t get this who live in big cities, but when you have a smaller crowd to work with you’re margin of error is smaller.

        1. Fucking sorry nek, I completely read what you originally wrote the wrong way. I thought you were saying that if a guy cheats on a girl then he loses his value as a result of the cheating in the eyes of other girls. I completely agree with what you said and will try to read your comments on a sober head next time.

    2. The woman a guy gets caught cheating on doesn’t lose value intrinsically, but she does take a few lumps in status among women. That’s why celebrity chicks tend to immediately break up/divorce their cheating men.

  20. Men think they have to provide in ever increasing amounts, their women demand it. Bigger house, new cars, ever more expensive vacations. All this means that he spends ever more time at his job/s or career. This in turn makes the woman feel as though he no longer cares or is interested. Bottom line: Never listen to women about what they want. They don’t know what they want.

    1. Eventually my ex started demanding a bigger house, a nicer car, etc. Funny how a little house and used Jetta was just fine for us for 6 or 7 years, until she made friends with women whose husbands gave them McMansions and BMWs. Too bad for her, her husband was a minimalist guy who’d be quite happy living in a yurt. I’m glad I got rid of her when I did. Now she’s wearing herself out working during the day while trying to finish her accounting degree at night so that can she can live the high life. Ha ha, she expected me to take care of the kids and pay for her education. At the part-time rate she’s going it will take her a few years to finish her degree, and that’s just the beginning for accountants. Good fucking luck to her! All I want is a self-sufficient hobby farm in the woods, a thriving business, and sexcations abroad.

      1. You just married an insecure woman. No one else’s fault. Instead of
        putting blame on her for wanting more, how about you had helped her with
        her insecurities? Helped her realize that there was more to life than
        materialism? What’s a relationship if you can’t help each other grow,
        both together and independently.
        Yeah, she probably may have been a
        gold-digger. But I’m sure you probably used her more or less for sex.
        And if you didn’t, you probably did. Just havent realized it yet. Many
        people don’t. It takes therapy and counselling to really get to the root
        of subscious issues at hand.
        And at the end of the day, she may have
        struggled but she’ll grow. Independent! Regardless of whether her plan
        works or not. And you’ll see who’ll be the sad one in the end. She may
        have expected alot but having to do it on her own, as you state she is,
        will make her grow up. And the children? They’ll appreciate dear mommy
        for being “strong” and “Determined” someone who is a role model. Someone
        the daughter will aspire to be. And the son will respect. As for dear
        old daddy, “he was never around in our lives”
        Just saying..

        1. Yeah, sure, therapist boy.
          And then he’d have her telling him to accept her as she is, stop trying to force change on her, who the hell is he anyway to tell her what to do, and all that crap that gets fed to her by the new norms.
          Are you a chick who did not get what she set out for in her alimony, or are you just trolling?

  21. If you wanted to convert some assets into an untouchable stash, you could play along with her for a while, but in the meantime slowly and quietly sell off some assets, mortgage others to the max, and use all available cash to slowly build a collection of gold eagle bullion. There are limits to how much gold can be bought without triggering government reporting requirements, so it has to be done gradually. Sure, your wealth will be tied to the fluctuations of the price of
    gold, but once well-hidden back in the woods nobody can touch it. Better that than losing it to her and lawyers. Once the smoke clears you can start cashing them in and get back on your feet again.

    1. No reporting requirements on buying any amount of US treasury gold Eagle and gold Buffalo 1 oz coins.
      Selling more than $10k worth at a time in the US may trigger a 1099 report.

      1. Evidently its a little complicated. It looks like if you pay cash under 10K at once you’re ok, but the crooks put this SAR rule over the dealer’s heads, so when/if you turn out to be an enemy of the state they can come after them for not following this rule. Paying by check or transfer seems to be ok probably because all bank transactions are stored and could be traced back for later confiscation.
        “Cash Reporting: If you bring in more than $10,000.00 in
        cash or cash equivalents to your dealer he will present you with a
        Federal Form 8300 which will require things like your name, address, and
        social security number. Form 8300 is the real deal and presents serious
        legal consequences for both the buyer and the dealer.”
        “When the government talks about cash it is referring to the real green
        kind. I get regular questions about paying with wires or checks in
        reference to the $10,000.00 rule which shows the public is going through
        the learning curve when it comes to “reporting”. You can purchase
        anything you want for any amount – $10,000.00 or $10 million – and there
        are no dealer reporting requirements as long as you pay with a check or
        “The SAR (Suspicious Activity Report): I added these
        comments because well-known coin dealer Pat Heller rightly pointed out
        this area of government reporting is worth a close look. The SAR is
        still virtually unknown to the consumer but is the proverbial black hole
        of reporting. It raised its ugly head following the 9/11 attacks when
        the US rewrote many federal regulations and introduced the USA Patriot
        Act. Under the SAR provision the government requires financial
        institutions to report transactions that are or appear to be suspicious.
        Reporting suspicious behavior without judicial oversight is not a
        slippery slope but a vertical cliff used by the world’s most oppressive
        regimes and always presented as “necessary” because of extraordinary
        “2. Bullion Products Reporting: I will get into
        specifics further down but for now understand that there are a limited
        number of bullion products which are reportable when sold in certain
        quantities. So the buying dealer will file Federal Form 1099B when key
        numbers are reached and like Federal Form 8300 the defined time period
        is also 24 hours. Now pay attention because the public usually misses
        this point: This 1099B rule only applies to what you as a consumer are
        selling and has nothing to do with what you purchase or how you pay for
        that purchase. Also note that the fine for a dealer failing to file
        Federal Form 1099B is $50.00 but fines involving Federal Form 8300 could
        be $25,000.00 so clearly the government sees cash reporting rules as
        more serious.”

        1. Sales of treasury gold coins do not count as “bullion”.
          According to the Federal Reserve Act, each $50 one ounce Gold Buffalo is worth exactly 50 green paper dollars, provided it hasn’t been rated as a collectable yet.
          Just don’t trigger the reporting requirements by conducting a transaction that moves around more than $10,000 in federal paper, and learn to keep your mouth shut.

  22. I’m sorry Mr. Cash but you’ve entered the terrority of the cuckold. There’s simply no salvaging your manhood after not only being a cuck but a willing cuck. Maybe if you beat her to a pulp, could you possibly regain some semblance. The way a man would have handled that situation, is by simply cutting your losses and axing that bitch out of your life completely. Let me guess, you “love” her too much? If this is the same love that would make me capable of this behavior, then fuck that!
    You also made a number of critical mistakes, with the most prevalent being, evaluating some haggard menstrauting bitch on equal terms with a man. Women are our inferiors in every facet, and simply a woman complies and that is it. Women possess no honor, and male shaming is at an all time low, it was your job in the era of no corporal punishment to either shame or jet. Your masculinity and manhood is a gift from the gods, a woman should not define you but she has, and you are a cuckold. Men and women are fundamentally unequal, and while a woman remains a a simple wife if her husband sows seed with other women, a man is no longer a man if he lets his wife fuck other men, knowingly. Open marriages are a symptom of our new Marxist state and you sir are promoting this on RoK!

    1. Yeah, he definitely should have dumped that cunt as soon as she dropped the news. I probably would have beaten her to within an inch of her life, to be honest. And then that would be the end of me…

      1. If he’s got assets which could be at risk through divorce, he should play along with her, stall her, until he figures out a way to covertly liquidate some of them or cash or gold before anyone says ‘divorce!’
        Best talk to a lawyer for advice.

    2. “Maybe if you beat her to a pulp, could you possibly regain some semblance.” You’re going a little too far to the dark side.

      1. Ok maybe not a pulp, but definitely this is the highest disrespect a man could be dealt in an marriage, and the old world response was something that I was trying to convey. Of course in these times, a man just has to simply walk away and cut all ties outside of his children that is. I believe under such circumstances, the means justifies the ends. The fact that the womb that bore my children was encroached with another man’s penis, is a vile concept to withstand.
        Of course in a country with no morals such as America, this behavior has become not only allowed and acceptable, but promoted. America is a great country for opportunity and sluts, and has them both in abundance. But men in America as any successful species have to adapt and evolve to changing environments and predators or die off. Marriage in this day and age is a death blow for any man in the West. An alpha predator cornered in, has a different response from your average run of the mill pet zoo lion. But yes, not a pulp, after all she is a “precious above reproach” woman (as Western custom dictates), but men should just not allow themselves to be subjected to this kind of humiliation.

        1. A good old fashioned choke shaking is acceptable, no marks. Let’s not involve law enforcement.

        2. “Ok maybe not a pulp…” Haha, good stuff there! I understand what you mean, I get that it’s hyperbole. I tend to agree with the sentiment, overall. “I wouldn’t hit a bitch…but I’d smack a ho.”

      2. On the contrary, Lance might be on to something.
        Dark is the new light.
        Without a few course corrections, the culture will be doomed.

    3. “Maybe if you beat her to a pulp, could you possibly regain some semblance.”
      Exactly what vibrants do.

      1. Welp … a hard spanking was the least a woman could expect for severe misbehavior from a 19th century western husband.
        Perhaps these “vibrants” are onto something here?

        1. I’ve never ‘beat’ a woman before but I’ve definitely put one or two bitches to sleep with a rear naked choke. It’s relatively painless and works wonders.
          If that’s ‘too dark’ I recommend going the Bing Crosby route, i.e. beating them with a sack of sweet Valencia oranges. “They won’t leave a bruise and they’ll let know who’s boss.”

        2. I think corporal punishment should be brought back. A hard spanking or whipping is very effective without injuring anyone. No fists or anything. Again, the intent is NOT to physically injure but send a strong message.

        3. just go for the 50 shades bondage routine.. some good spanking and your hand up her ass…… it will not only put her in her place, but she will beg you for a repeat…..
          violence with women is dangerous territory, it can leave emotional damage that is hard to repair….
          violence and domination with a sexual component is another matter….. that will make you the KING !
          All the problems in relationships start in the bedroom and usually because the man has lost attraction…. It’s happened to me…. When she needs a good fucking 2-3 times a day, and doesn’t even pass the boner test….. the guy ploughs himself into work and ‘family’ and hopes for the best. BIG MISTAKE.

        4. Yeah, it also shows a woman’s supreme disrespect of her man, especially husband if she even mentions, “they should see other people,” or worse “I’ve been cheating on you.” A woman would be scared to death to a real man that shit and rightfully so. Usually if a woman is suggesting, “we see other people,” she’s already fucked someone else and/or has someone else of a higher status waiting in the wings. If a woman suggests couples counselling, this is bitch language for “the relationship is over, but I’m too guilty to tell you why.” Women speak in cowardly code, and I’ve learnt to interpret womenese in English, French and German, the only languages I speak.

        5. “A woman would be scared to death to tell a real man that shit and rightfully so.”
          You hit the nail on the head. What everyone here seems to overlook is that the behavior isn’t THE problem, it’s the symptom of a much larger oversight on our part. Furthermore, this isn’t new behavior. Lilith abandoned Adam after she refused to become subservient. Eve defied God, convinced Adam to defy God and got them both kicked out of paradise. If the latter example isn’t allegory for ‘Open Marriages’ I don’t know what the fuck is.
          Rebellion is intrinsic to a woman’s nature. Women have never possessed parameters and have always desired to behave as they currently do. Again, this isn’t new behavior.
          The only reason they’re able to operate unchecked now is because most men put no fear in their hearts. A large majority of us disregard very basic protocols our predecessors created specifically to prevent women from triggering low-probability, high-impact events (e.g. a second ‘fall of man’ scenario) and otherwise discourage them from indulging their true nature.
          This is why I hold no bones about disciplining women and children. In fact, I encourage it.
          That isn’t to say a man has to go so far as to or throw a woman against a wall or down a flight of stairs or leave visible marks (see Chris Brown). Men are naturally more powerful than women, so it takes literally no effort to subdue a woman and by going ape-shit you willingly sacrifice emotional control [which is chief in importance] but doing NOTHING is never an option. One way or the other, you have to make her yield. Whether it’s by consent or by conquest is entirely up to her.
          If a female violates, I use reason first. If she escalates [e.g. lays a hand on me, puts a finger in my face or disrespects my manhood in any capacity], I calmly throw her in that papoose [my pet name for rear chokeholds], let her fall to sleep and wouldn’t you know it, she’s as docile as a newborn kitten once she comes to.
          I’ve only had to do this once or twice with different women and if you do it right the first time you’ll never have to do it again. Machiavelli put it best [when addressing whether it is better to be loved or feared]:
          ‘The answer is that one would like to be both the one and the other; but because it is difficult to combine them, it is far safer to be feared than loved if you cannot be both’

    4. He is not promoting it he just tells us his story. And he shouldnt punch her just throw all her clothes all over the street, then when the neighbors ask whats going on, he should tell them that his wife cheated on him for 3 years and now wants him to be a cuckold in an open marriage.

    5. Easy Lance, Mr. Cash is your senior and likely knows a few things you don’t. Preaching won’t help here. Some advice, yes, but w/ a different tone perhaps.

    6. I think that the manosphere needs to properly define the term cuckold and stop shaming men that get cheated on… it’s just cheating….. it can happen to anyone. you put trust – the other person rips you off…. you don’t notice… there’s no crime in that apart from being an innocent soul.
      cuckold is when the woman gets pregnant from another man and the husbands puts his efforts into raising a ‘cuckoo’ child that is not genetically his – AND he doesn’t know it.
      cuckold is also a sexual pervert that gets a kick out of actively being involved in watching or allowing other men to fuck his wife…. (usually because he’s has some serious psychological problems, porn addiction, is a closet faggot, and / or has simply lost attraction to her and wants to leave her but can’t rationalize it.)

      1. I agree that a man who gets cheated on unbeknownst to himself is no cuckold. I never stipulated that, however, if the response is to quickly forgive the perpetrating wife and worse accept, then I believe that person encroaches on being a cuckold. Slap someone on the wrist for bad behavior is tantamount to rewarding bad behavior. If the penalty for being a drug dealer was only a fine of $250, how many of us wouldn’t mind dabbling in the black market? The same thing goes for this man’s wife, and why women are like children. Children really don’t possess honor, they grow into it (at least males do). Women are the same.

    7. I had much older parents when I was born. father passed away when I was 21 (he was 76). let me tell you, he ruled the house with the hand. he was very fair, but if you slacked off or back chatted him in any way, you’d get a slap to the head. I once told him to bug off (NOT fuck off) as a bit of a piss take, I got chased around the yard. I was 14 at the time. a couple of times, my mother copped it too. he was popular and respected man in our community. I could just image if my mother said she wanted an open relationship???. the hunting rifle would come out from the shed… he was the old school European. women had to tow the line…. no bullshit from anyone, epically women.

      1. Yup, that was Old Europe for you. I truly believe the last great generation of Europeans are already dead under the earth in the fields of Smolensk, Kursk, Stalingrad, Normandy and other battlefields of titanic proportions. I think the theory could be posited that so many Euro alphas died during WWII that it left a vacuum in both Europe and America. America didn’t suffer as much as the rest of the world powers, but you go from tough as nails Marines on Okinawa to faggots pushing strollers in less than half a century, something is wrong. The same applies to the black community, ever since patriarchy was dethroned. Black men have no guidance, but turn the extreme opposite.

    8. That’s why I am so afraid of marriage. If this ever happened to me… I would go atomic. People that know me, know that if you fuck with me, you will pay the price. I don’t fuck other people and I expect the same thing but if someone crosses the line, the line is gone and the end justify the means. That’s what has happened with a feminized society, people don’t hold those standards. Back in the old days, people respected each other and when they didn’t, you knew shit was going down. It was that simple.
      I am not necessarily calling for violence because times change but I would literally(after waiting for a year or so) set her up with someone with HIV and then divorce her and take the kids because she puts them on harm’s way(which means I keep the house as well). Boom.

  23. Your real problem is you have a kid together.
    This kid is innocent and should not be damaged by the divorce as much as possible.
    Western women sell the vagina for the man with the most resources. 99% have no
    moral fiber.

    1. That’s because 99% of them have no honor. They have some morals with their children, because let’s face it that’s their only and most valuable use to us. Without children, we’d kill most of them for simply being treacherous and annoying. All women sell the vagina, all women are prostitutes in one way or another. No woman of real worth would ever pay most of the costs, most of the time. Every woman leverages her vagina. Marriage happened to have been the most honorable route until 50 years ago. I suggest buying a dog, and fucking whores or call buddies when you need sex.

  24. Dude, you need to divorce her immediately while it is still considered cheating. If you start fucking around she is going to use that to say, “see we were both doing it. It was mutual”. Then you’re on equal footing and she’s going to be leaving with the standard “half your shit” gift package. You need to 1. DO NOT FUCK OTHER WOMEN. 2. Talk to a divorce lawyer in secret. 3. Serve her ass with papers.
    The clock is ticking and the longer you wait the worse it is going to be for you. IF you have some (weird) idea about “keeping the family together” (you ready to invite those handymen over for dinner to meet your kids?) then you can always reconcile AFTER the divorce proceedings. If you let this go she will learn nothing. In a few months when she sees you banging other girls and gets jealous it won’t be you with the upper hand. It will be equal footing. You do not want that. Trust me.

      1. I have a better one – find a female lawyer who has clerked with the judge that will review your case. My own experience is that puts a serious cramp on her bullshit and lies.

      1. Exactly. This article is pathetic. When did ROK allow blue
        pill cuckolds to post article. You bitch cheats on you, and you’re ready to go along with it??? She cheated on you and is using a BS excuse
        to cover up. Get a good divorce attorney, pull all cash out of accounts, liquidate as many assets as possible, hide the cash, and then serve her.
        Side note – make sure the attorney also litigates. It’s vicious that way.
        ROK needs more resources/articles for married guys who are interested in the red pill.
        Mr. Cash is a poor excuse for a man.

        1. I can tell you what I did. I manned the fuck up, boosted my SMV by about 3 points, prepared for a nuclear divorce, told my ex-wife to quit cheating and to move the fuck back into the house, and told about 200-300 people about her affair including her family and her boytoy’s friends and family. She was back in the same night.
          I then proceeded to bang the hell out of her, with the usual “I can’t believe I’m doing this / I hate you” whilst her pussy was soaking wet. Believe what women do, not what they say.
          The legal divorce went smoothly and post-divorce she lent me a big pile of cash. About a year later, she turned into a consistent fuckbuddy.
          That’s how to do divorce.

        2. Knowledge is power. Knowing that this exists is important. Not everything you read on here needs to be about smashing enormous amounts of pussy and why girls deserve to be left for dead. Leave your premeditated thoughts at the door and read with an open mind.

        3. The rv forum could use more voices like yours. You know, guys who were born with nuts, not learning to gain them

        4. Thanks, Tony.
          I know there’s risk involved and it takes a set of balls, but at a certain point, we need to say “fuck it” and stop accepting divorce as some life-ending event for a man.
          I used to think about slashing my ex wife’s boyfriends’ tyres. Eventually I was planning through how to handle living life once I went to jail for a few nights, had to deal with some charges on my record, etc.
          All in all I realised life wouldn’t be that bad. If I got arrested for DV, so what? If the system fucks you over, become one violent as hell motherfucker back. Stop pussying out and being so afraid of shit.
          In the end, no, I didn’t beat anyone up, I got no DV charges. But I did actually let me balls swing around a bit and hit a few bitches in the eye.

        5. I agree just like man #4 in a few sentences it was over and done and man #5 is a damned fool.

      2. Hahaha, the ram has touched the wall. I remember learning of this ancient Roman expression when watching the HBO series Rome, which kicked ass and deserved more recognition. Anyway, agree with your comment. So would Marc Antony I think.

    1. Divorce. Letting this shit go on is devaluing marriage. You will just have to do your best raising your kids.

      1. Yes, record the bitch covertly bragging about her affairs (better yet, film it w/ a hidden camera), then ruthlessly divorce her ass, then secure your child, then bang the hoochies. Best of luck.

      2. What a dumb reason to do anything. This guy doesn’t owe “marriage” anything.

    2. Find the most vicious divorce lawyers in Atlanta. Get a one hour consultation with each. Bar rules mean they cannot represent an opposing party (your ex ho). Learn and apply/defend against guerrilla divorce tactics. Profit.

    3. Do not fuck other women until given the OK from your lawyer and get tested for STD’s immediately. Stop being a sucker now!

    4. Once an insecure slut, always an insecure slut. Divorce the old slags arse, but try and hide money and assets before you do it.. The man in this story, should give the cunt as little as possible…Maybe for a couple years, he should act all nice and beta for the bitch, she’ll feel secure, while he transfers his funds etc…then lose her……. Young men, beware of highly strung, insecure sluts and don’t marry them. Watch for signs from the very beginning. They are always there. Don’t ignore small little personality quirks. Bitches like this conceal themselves as good girls to nab you, then they revert back to being insecure sluts, looking for validation now they are ageing……. If you do meet a wonderful girl (and there are some gems out there), hang on for dear life and enjoy growing old together as a team.

      1. Yes, you are right… in this case it’s best to go to war.
        Get a good divorce lawyer… a male one… a cheeky one… a redpill one……
        Don’t start with papers etc…. first start with moving assets….. easy to sell things and go on a ‘gambling spree’ etc. lost it all…sorry…
        gather evidence of her behavior, play nice to build the surprise attack.
        serve papers and bang her to rights.

        1. Possibly even a female lawyer. They know all the female tricks and see right through the crocodile tears.

      2. It might be worth considering the assets to be a right off. It will be less painful losing them if mentally you have already dropped them. The main problem of course, is losing your income.

    5. This is solid advice. The only thing I would add is a comment on “open marriage.” The marriage will be open right up until you start banging a twenty something when she will magically want it “shut” again because she “has gotten that out of her system.”

    6. This. Once the trust is broken, there is nothing left. Women’s only value inside of a marriage is loyalty and fidelity, if they can’t even do that they won’t be able to do anything else. What’s more she might just be gearing up for an divorce when Andrews got his pants down. She’s been planning it for ages, don’t think that women just let things slip so easily. It was slow and deliberate and you need damage limitation. Protect your kids, boot her to the curb and then go on a fuck spree

    7. Women are insane. Your whole gender is composed of sick, psychotic individuals. AWALT. The free ride is now over and these stories will be publicized for the consideration of all men. You will be on your own very soon.

    8. He should keep his calm/not bang any chicks and pretend to be working with her. Be irreproachable! You’ll have to do this for 3-9months depending on how fast you can move your green, not always necessary, but preferable.
      Kids: Get to know everything there is to know about your kids (teacher’s names, hobbies, friends, any events coming up, … EVERYTHING) as to look like the perfect father. It always plays well in court.
      Money: Start moving your assets offshore. Cooks (Cook Island) is a great place while going through divorce. Get an attorney to help you out with this part. Bleed yourself dry, there shouldn’t be a dime left when you file.
      Wife: Go to counselling and play überbeta for the next couple of weeks/months. Be all nice, no drama, be a “yes honey” kind of guy. On the side, get a PI (private investigator) to film her affairs (say you are open to her having an open-relationship while stating that you love her too much to see any other woman “I only love you honey, but if seeing other men can make you happy, you should do it. It’ll be good for the family. … blablabla”. You don’t flirt, touch, kiss any other woman. Zero.
      Now before filing for divorce you should also 1/ get her to completely flip at you (physically harm you, verbally abuse you) and film it all, get the cops involved (always tricky with domestic violence, as cops by default will think the man is guilty), you should plan this with your PI, 2/ film her abusing the kids (yelling at them and hitting them, spanking is enough), also talk to your PI. This guy is very good, you should talk to him:
      If you do all this you will keep the kids, keep your money, keep your house and stay in the states while having your wife pay child support maybe even alimony (insolvency planning aka. “being broke on paper” before going to court).
      Plan this perfectly!! Timing is of the essence. Sure it’s ruthless, life is ruthless, get over it.

      1. For this part:
        Say you are open to her having an open-relationship while stating that you love her too much to see any other woman “I only love you honey, but if seeing other men can make you happy, you should do it. It’ll be good for the family. … blablabla”.
        Your counsellor should be a witness to your willingness to accept her “liberated female side”. Always good to play this in court. It would be even nicer if she could go crazy while in session (watch out for feminazi counsellors, who won’t be of much help).
        Finally as soon as you file you should have a Psychological And Behavioral Assessments Expert see her, talk to your lawyer about it.
        Never leave the house, don’t take time off from being a father, not even for a weekend. Sleep on the couch if it makes her happy. You should encourage her to go on a “find yourself” 1 month vacation in Mexico. Talk to your PI about it.
        Heh I am just that good at winning in equity court.

    9. This is my plan too. Reconcile (if ever) AFTER the divorce. Never marry again. Law is against men.

    10. Depends on the state. In a “no fault” state it really doesn’t matter if she cheats on you – doesn’t change anything. Where I live the judge doesn’t want to hear it. He’s got a book with a bunch of tables in it and he’ll cross-index your respective earnings to figure out the child support. Pre-marriage property goes to the original owner, anything acquired during the marriage is split 50/50.
      I think he should definitely divorce her, but depending on where he lives there may be no legal advantage to doing it now as opposed to later.

    11. Kaiden is correct if this in Georgia. GA is an “at fault” divorce state which means if you can prove her infidelity you might get out without having to pay the bitch.
      Sticking around while she’s got some other dude’s cock on her breath? Well to each his own

  25. This shows the essential failure of the legal system that holds only the man responsible for anything either of them does wrong. It’s time for contractual relationships specifying, for example, that whatever man is proven via DNA to have fathered a child has any obligation to it and that females are responsible for their own support unless someone else voluntarily agrees to partially or wholly support them.
    Another legal element should be the periodic review of all a judge’s decisions by a jury panel with the judge penalized for decisions that don’t turn out satisfactorily according to objective measures (i.e. the judge frees a murder suspect who murders someone else and they are both consequently electrocuted, a judge gives a female custody and the child becomes troubled so the judge’s property is seized and he’s imprisoned). Nobody forces anyone to become a judge.

    1. This shows the essential failure of the legal system…
      Something is only failing if its not doing what its designed to do. I think fleecing men IS the point of the family law legislation. Otherwise it wouldn’t have gone on so long like this without it being fixed.

  26. Not trying to be a dick, just pointing out the harsh truth…married western women are just as slutty as 18-25 yr old western women, but even less work since they are ageing.
    As a man, you don’t even need much money apart from able to financially survive. I have a small apartment in the city and enough for food and average clothes…still get laid at clubs .
    If you are poor, just bang out that married chick with a rich hubby, she will lend you some cash if you bang her good….they are that superficial that they are paying for good sex like men.
    it makes no sense to get married for the western man. Adapt my brothers.

  27. Mr Cash,
    I plan on sending this to any friends who plan on tying the knot in the near future. Even if they have no familiarity with or interest in red pill ideas, they need to be exposed to the harsh truths you’ve presented here. It’s good to hear that you’ve handled this ugly situation without breaking down, and it’s great that you’ve even been able to help others by writing about it. Hope to read more from you in the future.

    1. No, you dont understand, what happened to this guy wont happen to them, because the women they intend to marry just arent like that. Their woman is different. Special.

  28. “…at the same time insisting that these covert affairs mean nothing to her.”
    This is exactly the issue with female-think. The problem isn’t that it meant nothing to her (absolutely irrelevant) the point is that it means something to you (the husband). Clearly a total lack of empathy towards you. You are absolutely wasting you time with this woman. The moment she told you she is cheating was the moment you should have left. Never compromise your self respect, honour and dignity.

    1. Also it’s bullshit that they don’t mean anything to her. Very few women are purely physical when it comes to sex. The true sluts are, but most — not really. She says that to make you feel better — in all likelihood, unless she is a slutty personality, it’s more than just the sex. They’re like boyfriends, and you’re like an old friend.

  29. Of course the 7 year itch is real. My own marriage ended within 2 months of the 7 year mark, and had been troubled for the customary 2 years prior.
    Reality is this. Women will shit test you to no end beginning in year 5 to determine whether they should seek a new cock. Most guys don’t even realize they are being shit tested, and that they are failing. When that happens, women will seek a new cock. Some will outright cheat, as your wife did, while others prefer to plan for the divorce so that they can seek new cock on a cleaner conscience. But once you fail too many shit tests, she needs a new cock, and you will never be back in that place again.
    This is why hard monogamy rules are needed. Women loathe monogamy, pretty much, for extended periods of time. Serial monogamy they love — lock down a man and his cock until she’s ready for someone else. But hard monogamy where she is doomed to your cock for life — almost all hate this viscerally. Some will put up with it, some will get lucky and marry the best cock they could ever find, but most chafe like hell 5-7 years in. Whether they divorce or not depends on a lot of factors from family history to values to religion to peer group behavior and so on. But chafe they will. And a lot.

  30. She and the others want freedom because men have forgotten that women are different from men. She and the others want freedom because men treat women as though the were men. She and the others want freedom because men treat their women too well. What she secretly wants is her outside world to match the pain that’s on the inside. What she secretly wants is her outside world to match the feelings of worthlessness on the inside. What she secretly wants is her outside world to match the prison she was born into by being born a woman.

  31. The bible people had the right idea: Stone these bitches to death when they commit adultery. Do that a few times in public, make the other women in the community watch, and then we’ll hear fewer complaints from wives about their lack of fulfillment.

  32. make pay her own way if she wants to be free n independant. cuz shell be getting her bux while gettin her fucks. make sure your kid knows this so hell be pissed with mom. otherwise hell be a tool against u.

  33. Western Society has completely run off the rails. Our men are extremely weak and cannot control our women. It’s no wonder our women are rebelling against this weak, shitty group of pussy-ass men. Let’s face it guys, it’s the fault of men for allowing this to happen. We can blame women all day long, but in the end we know the truth.

  34. Another reason to never get married. Virtually every social construct that contained the over-emotional, self-possessed nature of women has lost relevance.

      1. Western civilization can go fuck itself. No reason to put myself in serious financial and psychological jeopardy.

      2. Western Civilisation is done for anyway. The problem wont be solved by the few men who are aware of this getting married.

    1. Well said. Now every social construct simply feeds the female demon soul. It’s a pretty bad feedback cycle. The more freedom you give women, the more monstrous and abusive women become.

      1. Yup.
        “Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal… If you allow them to
        achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to
        live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be
        your masters.”
        Cato the Elder, speech in the Roman Senate in 195 BC

  35. Yeah the Middle East knows what’s up, really the only way to keep them in line is to beat them. Of course in the good ole us of a casturated pussies have enacted dozens of laws against domestic violence. My solution? Don’t give a fuck. If I ever make the mistake of marriage, i still will do adultery. I don’t care who’s dicking you- cuz I’m cheating too. Of course I’d love my wife, and also my dirt sti ridden side whores

  36. “He figured that, after consulting a divorce attorney, it was “cheaper to keep her.””
    Attorneys cannot give well off folks the correct advice: Get a second passport, liquidate your holdings quietly, take you and your money out of the US, and renounce your US citizenship.
    Don’t even bother to file for divorce, since you aren’t going to remarry anyway.
    Spend your remaining years having sweet young things bring you drinks while you goof off on the beach.

    1. A thousand times this for the author. Personally I’d pick a nice extradition free country and arrange for the kid later.

    2. How are you going to take your money out of the US? Transfer it? Once she gets a whiff of what’s going on she’ll try to freeze your assets until things are settled; since you can’t transfer large amounts of money without a bank account you’re fucked; banks may not even let you wire large sums of money abroad without clearance from the IRS or Homeland Security or whatever. You could buy gold coins and attempt moving them from the country physically, but they risk being seized at the border.
      I still maintain to slowly cash in assets and turn them into gold coins and fucking bury it back in the woods. If selling shit off would raise too many red flags with her, perhaps you could quietly sell off equity in your businesses, or mortgage paid-up assets and turn the mortgage money into bullion.
      Then when it comes time to divorce, perhaps a few years later, there’s much less to split. If the questions of what happened ever comes up, say you had a gambling addiction and lost it all.
      When the divorce is finalized, gradually cash in the bullion and get back into business. I don’t see a reason to leave the country permanently.

      1. Gold is one way to do it. You can buy gold in overseas storage, just stay far far away from GLD and SLV paper contracts. Insist on physical metal. Another method is to borrow against assets and deliberately default.
        I’ll leave moving your money around as an exercise for the student.
        Hint: Most women don’t care where the money comes from, as long as the credit card keeps working.

      2. Oh and it ain’t IRS clearance. Wiring money outside the US is perfectly legal, as long as you inform the IRS about the bank account.
        The big problem is FATCA compliance, as a lot of foreign banks refuse to deal with the US IRS. I suggest going to goldsilver dot com, and ask them about buying physical gold in off shore storage.
        The reason to leave the country is that the broad will hit you with a writ of garnishment of information if you seem to be doing well, in order to shake you down for more money, and expect the judge to chuck you in prison if she can provide even the slightest evidence you are holding out.

        1. Also keep in mind that tax statements– the form # escapes me at the moment– have to be filed every year on foreign accounts with >$10,000 in them. So that would e a tipoff if the wife is at all involved in tax filings that something is up.

      3. A tried and true way is to sue yourself via a front company and “settle” out of court. That has two benefits – you no longer “own” the assets – they now belong to your “front company” and you can settle for whatever amount you want. This also sets you up for off-shoring – where you are MUCH better off…

        1. Intriguing. I assume the front company should be a foreign-registered entity so that one’s ownership of it cannot be easily discovered by curious noses? Very intriguing indeed. Filed.

  37. This is why you must control your woman. She must first have respect for you which is done through having game, and brw thats not doing the shit th author talks about. Buying her gifts and revolving ur life around her. Thats a good way to have her lose respect for you. Secondly guys give their bitches wayy too much freedom and they dont put enough fear in their hearts. Why in the fuck did it take u 3 years to find out shes cheating on you. That wud never happened if you took certain freedoms from her. I cannot emphasize to keep in mind that women are like little kids and if u dont want that kid steering off, you give them very little control in terms of what their life will consist of depending on what u deem is appropriate or not. Like letting ur wife go on a business trip, go out with her friends for a girls night out. So ur wife has a “late meeting” u call 2 3 times and she doesnt answer. She comes home and says that her “phone was on silent, sorry babe”. And ur response is, its ok next time its not gonna be on silent when I call and have her think that god knows what u will do next time she does that shit. So now next time if she does pull this shit again, which she wont if u say and do everything right without an ounce of being a little bitch, u punish the fucking cunt. Remember, women are whickedly psychotic, so u have to level the playing field by being psychotic too and watch how she will crumble and become ur personal little submissive bitch. And how do you do this, u emotionally abuse her to the point where she just might just might think u might bash her skull in. So after putting fear in her, she will know not to fuck around with u and she will become very submissive to you. And there is alot more I cud say about this, but I know im gonna get bunch of betas saying thats wahhhh its wrong to do that to ur wife. Its so mean bro to treat her like that, shell even wanna cheat more. Bull fucking shit. She will become so dependant on u and become so submissive, she wud kill herself if u ever left her bc u have psychologically changed the way her brain works and now she works on pleasing u and just. Think about all the relationships where a woman cant leave an “abusive husband or boyfriend” and they wud never even leave his side yet alone cheat. Its bc they have fear and respect for that person and remember women are psychotic so that is how they operate. But im not saying to beat or emotionally abuse for no reason, only when there is a good reason after one fair not fucking around warning. There is a reason why asian women, middle eastern, and eastern european women act the way they do. Its not bc of values she was brought up with. Its bc their men are fucking crazy and they know better not to even think about doing something to upset their master. It never ever crosses rheir minds, bc they know that for what irs worth, their existance might cease and thats the culture that is alive and well in those regions. Fearand respect works miracles. Hence the authors wife had no fear of her husband, hence telling him that she wants an open relationship. I wud love to see her say that to eastern European or middle eastern man. She wud be in the hospital before she even blinked. And thats how the culture in those regions discourage infidelity bc women are treated like kids there. Andnits always ur wants and needs over hers and she will respect u for it. Like I said, im not condoning u beat ur wife bc its not worth the legal ramifications, unless u were in middle east or eastern europe if all else failed. But lett her know ur a crazy motherfucker that will not put up with shit and paint the image in her head that she might just die if she crosses u, covertly though. This is my friends how u keep a child in check, how u keep a woman in check, how gangs operate, how the gov keeps us in check etc etc. And by doing all of this, she will also see u as a high value male that has a strict moral compass and requirements that demands ppl that are in his life to follow. She will have so much respect for u bc u let her know u wont let her walk over u or ur gonna next her so fast that u wont even blink.

      1. I wrote this from my phone laying down half asleep i just got back from working 12 hr midnight shift. Im just trying to help ppl out, if you wanna act like a english teacher then dont even bother reading it.

        1. Just very hard to read dude. If you want to help people, being easier to read matters. Know the medium.

        2. You sort of said what i wanted to say, it’s seems that with alot of these ‘itches’ the woman is simply trying to find an identity to occupy (see: fill) themselves with. That whole freedom thing is just women hamsterising whats really going on; married men are not filling their women with the identity of ‘my wife’ (Whatever that means to you, but see:subjugate either way), and leaving them empty because they don’t want to be seen as oppressive. The irony is that if you don’t do it, they end up moaning about ‘MUH FREEDOMS’ anyway…
          It seems woman is a jar, she must be filled to function

    1. Very well said. I was suggesting this earlier but I didn’t want to say it so bluntly. Women, whether they admit it or not, are thorough going masochist. If a masochist doesn’t get what they want, they arrange and rearrange their environment until they do. Men need to learn this and stop treating women like they have the same psychology you do.

  38. The author is clearly a beta. He put himself in this position, then he expects sympathy? No. And, on top of it all, most of his (made-up) friends are in the same predicament? That (surprise), he just learned about it recently. How convenient.

    1. He shared his story, never implied he wanted sympathy, calm the fuck down.
      Are you a chick? Good lord.

  39. While i feel bad for you, there are 2 serious red flags i have identified
    >Black (not racist, thats just how black women treat the non thug versions of their men)
    > Atlanta (from what i hear its the quality of people in that city is abysmal, Especially the women)
    The consistent freedom thing interests me though, i don’t think she genuinely wanted to see other people. I honestly think she simply wanted to experience the power of cheating on you, and once she got bored of maintaining the illusion she gave it up.
    What I’ll take from this is that the act marriage is more of an interlude than anything, and sooner or later you are going to have to start spitting game on a woman all over again once a certain time period has passed. If i were you i’d just divorce her, no amount of money will protect your dignity, do it soon or she’ll make it a frivorce.

    1. As a black man I agree on your assessment, and being able to identify certain behaviors and traits from different races doesn’t make you racist you’re just observant. Non thuggish black men don’t stand a chance with American Black women period you’re acting white, corny, or lame if you believe in not going to jail, taking care of your kids, working, and getting an education. Now if the author was fresh out jail for killing some “creepy crackas”, with his pants hanging off his ass then he would’ve had no problems and would’ve been considered real. Atlanta is a shithole full of fags I would’ve moved out of there a long time ago. I suggest the author dump the bitch, red pill and stopped being so cuckholded and beta, get a passport and travel. The Philippines, Brazil, and Thailand just to name a few places to travel. Leave American black women to thugs and criminals with big ass rims on a car that cost more than the car itself.

      1. Brazil is probably not a good idea. We are going the same path of Venezuela, as the commies get more and more power.

  40. Dude, marriage is for losers, I have so many married neighbors and their wives are eye-fucking me every time they see me. I can’t figure it out, it’s like chaining yourself to a keg of gunpowder and lighting the fuse, why would you do that?

  41. Its astonishing to me that men still get married these days. The only men who should get married are men who can’t support themselves any other way. House-husbands. That’s it. No other man should bother getting married in this crazy society. Name one thing a man gets from modern marriage.

  42. Monogamy is not natural. Thousands of years of evidence that women and men will not be faithful, yet people still try to go against basic human nature.
    There ain’t no good girls man, at least not what a conservative man would say a good girl is –females cold jack. Better late than never that you found out. Let the women be free to choose, they gonna do it with or with you knowing anyway. Marriage is a sham and the religions that promote that shit are even more of a sham.

    1. I feel betrayed by my catholic upbringing. I was constantly told how I should be polite and respectful to women and once I got into my teens these ‘good girls’ just ran all over me and I let them. You would think girls whose parents had a good marriage would know better, but theyre just as bad if not worse.
      Let them be sluts and fuck around. By their late 20s they look like shit anyways

      1. I feel ya man…all of us who actually think critically are starting to be or already are pissed off about the lies of religion we were force fed.
        as for the women and being polite/respectful… it’s funny, because an older woman in your fam prob told you that. knowing damn well women don’t want or even care about respect lol, they just want boundaries, a little drama and some excitement. even the “good marriages” have alot of dark secrets man. especially if the wife is a solid 8 or 9.
        so hell yea let them hoes be hoes man, because tryna wife a hoe is like tryna run a minivan in the daytona 500, no matter what you do it’s gone be a bad loss lol

  43. Women usually reach their sexual prime in their mid 30’s and 40’s ( obviously not their SMV prime-) and are the hormonal equivalent of a teenage boy masturbating 10 times a day. At the same time, they are less physically attractive to their long- term male spouse due to aging and familiarity. To compound this, women that believe their only value is in their ability to be attractive will have a driving need to seek external validation from men. It would stand to reason that, even if women are only deranged fuckholes that deserve to be stoned and beaten to a bloody pulp- wouldn’t it be a good idea to encourage women to at least have the illusion that they might be able to develop an interest or hobby? Other than being a fucktoy and servant? Society women used to all take music and art lessons to keep them out of trouble.

    1. It is a popular myth that “Women usually reach their sexual prime in their mid 30’s and 40’s”. Have you ever been with a woman over 35? I tried twice, and between their loss of interest in sex, compromised ability to lubricate, and the genital atrophy that happens at that stage of life (imagine, once sufficient artificial lube is applied, sticking it in a glass of water), “sexual prime” is not a phrase that I would use. Which brings up the question, who the hell is boinking these broads? How desperate are these guys?

      1. Hmm, in my experience late 30’s women are extremely horny and very, very orgasmic. I’m almost 50, so this is a delightful demographic for me.

      2. There’s many a bangable broad at that age, as I’ve banged quite many myself.
        At that age and older, a man gets to enjoy many other things than just skin tightness.
        Add to that the fact that she is more experienced and more willing to do things she would have not done 10-15 years prior.

  44. Sad.
    Make sure that one kid of yours is actually yours. Work on the exit strategy and listen to the advice that a lot have given here on divorce. Counseling will not work because that sick, selfish bitch probably doesn’t even see a problem here.
    Don’t intellectualize all this. There is only one type of cheating wife (not 4). Either she is a lying, cheating whore or she is not.
    You’re not the problem. She is. Good luck.

  45. but for real for real man. this same shit has been going on since the dawn of time. the same stories happened to men in the times of our fathers, their fathers, and theirs before them and so forth. shit, even before that just look in greek mythology at aphrodite and ares. the game don’t change, just gets new players.
    just see this as an opportunity to tighten up. you had a few leaks in your boat and like always a bitch gone jump ship. it’s just how they are it’s in their nature man

  46. Learn to punish your wife appropriately.
    if she does something you dislike, punish and correct. Women need to be treated like children.

    1. Right! Tell her “This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!”

  47. Marriage…Once thought to be the end game of intimate relationships, a man was to spend the rest of his life with a woman whom he thought he loved. A woman that he has let have access to his emotions, finances, and time. The settle down and have kids seemed to be the Western way of doing the right thing.
    Alas, that sort of dream has been ruined by too much government control, political correctness, and the extreme feminist movement. Being married seems to be nothing more than a sham that favors only women. Why else is it supposed to be “her day” when walking down the altar?
    The numbers don’t lie about divorce. Oh and always remember, she will love you as long as you’re able to provide for her. Lose your job and you’re prone to lose your marriage as well.
    Remember “Women has got to have everything”

  48. Solutions people:
    Option a) Old testament: Stoning –> Remarry with after issuing a divorce Certificate
    Option b) New Testament: Remarry/Remain Celibate –> 20thC have a preCertificate (Pre & Marital agreements) to counter the impending (divorce one)
    and now Option c) do we either reinforce the 1man/1wife rule ( with new Legislation/Counter App Technology/Hang all the Lawyers) or d) let it the downspiral continue (Let the Cukolds be, beta wealth value continue to dip and demote society) and descend to a situation of every-man for himself (given that chaos bring order…. right???)
    Remember as Prov 6: “A prostitute will bring you to poverty, but sleeping with another man’s wife may cost you your very life.”

      1. true, but if and only if those children you can instill your values then you’ve done society a favour…

  49. Fuckit you need to dump her and fast. Then go traveling Thailand, Philippines etc. Get a notchcount of 200 in a 2 weeks vacation. There’s just no way you should put up with this.

  50. Wow. “He is now 52, dating, anti-marriage and trusts no woman” – I’m right there with #2.
    You need to get with a lawyer, fast, my friend and start salting away the cash that is going to magically vanish if you don’t secretly prepare for the inevitable.
    Good luck to you.

  51. Goddamn, that was a terrible read, brother. I know the feelings (though I wasn’t looking at 12 years of my life): anger to the point where you can’t see, nausea that makes you want to vomit – all contained in a crystal shell of self-control.
    Stay strong, brother; stay strong.

  52. A side observation: I can only imagine how destructive this is to your business, to the family finances. That stupid fucking bitch. Her selfish behaviour threatens the children she raised, threatens to impoverish the family.
    Goddamn, we need an economic collapse.

  53. Serious question here: What are the ethics of this situation from the point of view of the other man? In other words, is it ethically permissible to bang another man’s wife if you can get away with it?
    For example, I overheard a hot woman at the gym complaining to another woman that her husband had mood swings and was neglecting her, and that she was distraught over her marriage to the point of frequent physical illness. Would it have been ok to do an approach?
    What if a girl was engaged to another guy, but she just had a fight with him and felt like blowing off steam with you? Ok to bang?
    Or what if you know an 18yo virgin, and you know her father is trying to keep her chaste before marriage, but she finds a way to sneak out and meet you without him knowing? Green light, full speed ahead?
    Does it matter if you like/dislike the other guy or if he’s in your in-group/out-group/etc.?
    I really want to know this.

    1. all broads are fair game. you’ll soon find that you can play superman all you want to, but they dont want to be saved lol. we can try as hard as we want, but men cannot possess women my friend

  54. Start moving all your assets covertly to Cook Island trusts. The age of of consent in Atlanta is is 16 , look for something younger and tighter and rent an apartment in Buckhead. Total asset movement to the Cook Island trusts should take roughly one year because you do it slowly and slyly. Borrow as much as you can against your house and put that in the Cook Island trust as well. Any and I mean any thing of value you can convert goes into this trust. In a divorce none of the Cook Island trust funds are accessible by American courts. Go deep into debt in you and your wife’s name with consumer credit and transfer to the Cook Island trust . If you own your business sell it and transfer that to the trust as well. Once you have picked the bone dry financially and transferred the meat to the cook island trust, file for bankruptcy and divorce on the same day. Move to the Dominican Republic , Brazil, Belize, or wherever you want to go. Let that cunt of a wife enjoy her open marriage ( separation , divorce) with no money and 7 years of shit credit in her 40’s . Play hard ball. I am a lawyer in Miami there are firms here where this is all they do, asset transfer in anticipation of litigation.

      1. Most lawyers who do ” proactive asset protection” are in Fl , NY , CA. I personally work in DC , Miami where this is the norm. Anyone can do this it is not illegal. Most people are doctors ( avoiding malpractice suits) rich parents ( liable for kids reckless behavior when they by them a corvette at 16) and outright criminals ( child pornographers, drug dealers, ponzi scheme operators) . The beauty of Cook Island Trusts is even if authorities know of them they cannot compel the Cook Island courts to relequish assets, and Cook Island law forbids distribution under duress ( like US court orders, confinement under contempt, even settlement orders require six months for reveiw). Google ” Cook Island Trust Attorney” and you sould get many hits. If you can afford it take the trip to Palm Beach or Miami to get the best experienced attorney you can. The Cook Islands are under New Zeland ,but not subject to New Zeland law so your money is safe.

        1. IANAL but don’t you think filing bk right after transfering assets is risky and potentially subject to sanction.

        2. Fuck yes it is, in America any US bank would freeze your assets and charge you with bankruptcy fraud and your ass is going to prison. The Cook Islands however do not report accounts, amounts or a goddamn thing to US investigators . They will not even report if the trust even exists. Note I said slowly and slyly make your transfers, I won’t go into it but it is very easy to move money to a offshore account in a compliant nation without a trace as long as you are patient and take your time. When you file for bankruptcy as you file for divorce let that whore of a wife see how much alimony she can get from a jobless bankrupt man with no real tangible assets.

        3. “The Cook Islands however do not report accounts, amounts or a goddamn thing to US investigators .”

    1. That has to be one of the most awesome comments I have ever read here. More men should adopt this sort of scorched earth approach in response to untrustworthy wives. Personally, Im dealing with the threat of divorce by never getting married, but this would be a close second.

  55. 2 years ago my wife of 30 at the time (I was 39) left me. She left my 2 kids and the dog behind with me to pursue her new life with a boyfriend. The first divorce lawyer I spoke with told me something that will stick with me for a long time. He said that he had been a divorce lawyer for over 20 years, and that first off — he hated it, and second, said that in the last few years, women around age 30 or so and older were leaving their husbands and kids in DROVES. I remember very specifically he stated that in all his years as a family attorney he had never seen anything like it. That all they wanted was to fuck off for awhile, then they always regretted it after a few months to a few years. He tried to warn many of them off of it, but they’re women so of course they won’t listen a to a Big Mean Man Lecturing Them About Their Body And Their Choices As A Woman.
    These women almost always end up unhappy anyway, if they were ever happy to begin with. I know my ex isn’t. Oh yeah, she rationalizes away abandoning her kids without shedding a tear but with plenty of blame put on everyone else in her life, and tells the world she’s happy now — but the scowl and the lines in her face tell a different story.

    1. The human woman is a fucked up creature of megalithic proportions, especially the Caucasian variant or those who live under anthropological influence of the Caucasoid woman. This almost makes want to believe in the Bible and Quran at the same time. Women are always painted as these angelic mothers who love their children more than anything else, but when push comes to shove most of them just use their children. I swear, if the apocalypse came tomorrow, I’d hardly shed a tear for all the filth that would be destroyed. I truly believe the Muslims are correct in their assertion, that the vast majority of people who are in hell, are women.

      1. holy shit dude, just convert to Islam already and tell us from your cave how we’re all dirty infidels deserving of eternal hellfire.
        because saudi arabia, egypt and iran are really examples to follow.

  56. I want to read on how the few men manage to win their divorce cases that way we we can emulate that success. Is there a lawyer amongst in ROK.
    What ways can a man can take his wife to the cleaners instead of the other way around. Or ways to beat her common tactics.

    1. I won custody of my boys who are 10 and 13 now, I represented myself against her and her stupid female attorney and won! 80% of it was the fact that she left them behind and that 7 months later I finally filed for divorce, rather than her seeking custody and divorce right away. But it was a sight to behold, her writhing and thrashing in the court room trying to justify her stupid, stupid decisions to that judge. he bought ZERO of her shit. She and her atty threw everything they could at the judge, trying to get any shit they could to stick.
      I’ll always remember what the judge said: “Ms. ______, if you wanted custody of your kids so badly, why did you not file for divorce and seek custody immediately?” …then all of her lame excuses….
      Judge responds after long thoughtful pause and adjusting his bifocals: “I believe it is in the best interest of your children to stay with their father.” He then asked why she was behind on support, the preliminary was months before and she had been ordered to pay support and had paid nothing. Another lame excuse from her, that is until he threatened her with contempt for non-payment.
      I will never forget the above, or the look on her face at that moment, or the look on her face when I drove away from the courthouse and saw her alone on the corner getting ready to cross the street…how red her face was, the anger. I was elated, but did feel sorry for her just the same.

    2. The only way to beat her tactics, is when the relationship first fails, to act quick whilst pretending everything is fine and following the Sun Tzu art of war (deception of the enemy), obviously if you were this clever you would have avoided living with a woman in the first place, however women subconscious apply the sun tzu art of war to men in relationships which is how they accumulate so much power thereby proving how effective the sun tzu technique is. The KEY is to take notice, become a conscious warrior and use the sneaky tactics back, a Woman’s “love” is a RUINOUS Trojan horse of regret. It makes us all better men in the end if we can manage the downfall and NEVER let it happen again. Pretend everything is fine even if you are seething inside, this process requires great control, but remember every small step is a victory against the enemy . You must always remember , North American women make EXCELLENT hookers, but TERRIBLE wives and should be avoided by all means possible!!!!!

  57. In reality,
    humans tend to stop being in love after an average of 4 years, with very few
    exceptions of people who stay in love forever. This has been shown by brain scans. It has probably been programmed
    into us by evolution.
    Your wife stopped loving you, Andrew Cash, and you can’t do shit about it. You do not need counseling, it’s pointless. Now I understand that you have good reason to want to keep the marriage going, but you can’t fix a bitch once she has broken. The best/only? way to deal with something like this is to smack the bitch, but goddammit, that shit’s illegal.
    “My wife still professes that her family
    and relationship are the most important things in the world to her while
    at the same time insisting that these covert affairs mean nothing to
    This is solipsism and ignorance on the part of your bitch. Brain scans have shown that females do not mind that much when their male lover cheats, as long as they feel that there is no emotional commitment to the other whore (of course their hamster will disagree, but the brain scans do not lie). However, males do mind when their bitch cheats, no matter what. I’d say these are instinctual responses programmed by evolution. Your bitch really thinks that it should not be a problem for her to cheat because she is a solipsist that simply does not understand the way men work.

  58. I don’t understand why deep down I still want to get married. The women I meeet nowadays certainly don’t seem like the bitchy, entitled, selfish and evil women that we talk about. Then I remember that the women I met before didn’t seem that way either, until they showed their true colors-including one that I was not even interested in beyond friendship. It sucks, quite honestly. I miss when I easily fell fo girls as a kid. The alternative, to feel this distrust with all the evidence in front of me, is-huh, I almost sound like Cypher. But I’m not dumb enough to want to be plugged back in…

    1. Women are just like men except physically weaker, emotional, and without the pathological desire to have sex. That is why they try to come off so sweet because deep down their only power is manipulation of your sexual desire. Observe how women treat each other( get in the friend zone with a pretty girl, and listen to how she talks about other women, prod her on and just listen) that is their true nature. They just fool men because we want pussy so bad we ignore the small ” tells” they give away while we court them.

    2. Where are you at that the women you see aren’t so bad?
      Granted, I know from experience that there are still good women out there who seriously would make good wives.
      For me from what I’ve seen the issue seems to be finding one that isn’t:
      1) Fat
      2) over 30 or so
      3) Ugly
      …aside from foreign women which I’ll probably pursue again, not seeing a lot of candidates here. And I’m in Atlanta/general area.
      The rest are somewhat cold, indifferent, etc. Funny how I can be around so many women, and I’m well dressed/in shape and still so many women are cold. I think there is a growing societal issue with women’s personalities.
      But thanks to what I’ve learned from sites like this and now having my eyes opened, I’ll know what to expect from women and will not simply brush it off (to my detrement, like in the past).

      1. Texas. But it’s like I pointed out, there’s no way to know for sure it’s not a lie.

  59. Women in the west are fucking despicable, frankly the men in the past knew what’s up when women are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want, it’s this shit show we have right now. As a young guy still in college I’ve got no fucking idea what to do with women when I’m older, playing the field will get boring and haggard post wall sluts will be no good.

    1. They were always this bad, however we did not have manosphere websites/the internet to compare and contrast their behavior and could not connect the dots as easily. Women are the same way they have always been in the past, we can see much more of the picture now that information has allowed us to take a few steps back, any effective knowledge leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, it’s how you know its working, bitterness is medicine. Philosophers 2000 years ago were saying the same things about women. What do you do with this knowledge? Well since you know how women are you no longer owe them any kind of morality( a lie), never have to gift them in any sort of way(they dont appreciate it and hate you think you are a needy beta for showing affection other than aggressively ejaculating on them), can deceive them like a game for entertainment without feeling bad. Get rewarded for being a horrible arrogant imbecile(within reason) which is also quite a nice feature*. This knowledge gives you great powers against the evils of the commitment lie and allows you to enjoy women in a whole new way. Even Einstein fell for the marriage trap which he complained about.

      1. Yes – women were always that way, but social and legal constraints held most negative impulses in check. Plus there was the real threat of unwanted pregnancy with every sexual encounter.
        While the upper elite – financial elite as well as English Royalty were both – females and males – allowed to fornicate around, divorce was out of the question and Royal abortionists were at hand – meaning the females had no permission to sire illegitimate children. The super-rich always knew that marriage was a financial contract made for money and power. The romantic story was sold only to the lower classes.

        1. You’re right, the romantic story is propaganda, the real rich who are enlightened and know the nature of the 99% of women, know what awful whores they are, the elites have unlimited money so paying the 500-1000$ an hour for 9/10 hot as hell and clean prostitutes is not a problem. Meanwhile the foolish lowerclasses areenslaved by some devil in human guise with the “sweet” “romantic” LIE. Divorce is the price married men pay, One big huge breakup with finances ruined, whereas red-pill men experience many small ones and keep their money! Commitment makes men lazy, dumb, de-motivates them and that means BRAIN DAMAGE on a biological and neuroscientific level, Marriage is toxic to the body /brain of a man

        2. This is very true, and this is why Henry VIII gets such a bad rap. When Europe was EUROPE, women were held in check. Most European monarchs knew women should not lead. This explains his mad desire in breaking up the Catholic Church just to have an heir to his throne. Likewise after Catherine the Great of Russia, the Romanov dynasty passed laws to prohibit any future woman from ever inhabiting the throne again. Elizabeth I and II, and even Margaret Thatcher are exceptions to these rules, but the overwhelming majority of women make for terrible leaders as denoted by the bitch who runs Argentina today. Marriage as a romantic endeavor is strictly foolhardy and is for the simpletons. Marriage is a contract with one sides bringing assets and the other dowries, youth and virginity. The family prestige can go either way, a man who’s a titan of industry but doesn’t have the rep of a noble lineage can marry into a family of aristocratic repute but are broke. It’s strictly that, a contract. This can not be undone. If cheating is suspected, then cultures who a great history of honor killings (Arab nations, Japan, Germany etc) always found away to make a bitch hang for her trespasses. Men can not live with liberated women. Freedom for a woman means the license to destroy and corrupt, only men comprehend freedom in all its gravity and responsibility.

      1. Do you really think I am joking? One thing the ragheads got right is ‘honorkilling’

  60. Excellent post, but unfortunate the circumstances. Intelligent, decent men deserve better, but they just can’t rely on the weaker sex.

  61. Warn people all you want. It doesn’t matter with 90% of these so-called
    men anyway. Presence of poon turns most dudes into frenzied boy-men who
    spurt in their panties if some chick looks their direction. Never got
    that. Just ignore the bitches and they eventually walk over anyway,
    sopping wet.
    Be it alpha or beta, most of my friends who got down
    on their knee for some rent-a-hole are now living a misery I wouldn’t
    wish on anybody. I never had a problem with creating that boundary and
    sticking to it. I never entered a dialog about marriage or kids, ever,
    with 4 LTRs over 18 years. They knew from the start it was never ever
    going to happen with me. These were 8+’s (imo) who later ended up
    finding some fruitcup simp to sign their lives away at the courthouse.
    Then over to the church (cult house) for the sword-on-the-shoulder pony
    show with some pedo in a robe with gold bling.
    I thought, ‘Have
    fun at the boring wine bars, movie theaters and overpriced restaurants,
    dude. Home is even better, with her man-hate blaring on the TV and then
    over to Facebook during commercials.’ One weekend at home without
    maintaining some sort of jetset schedule will maybe land you in the
    “doghouse”. That’s another term for “free pass to cheat”, seems these
    days. Didn’t matter though, because I was already thumbing some bitch on
    the side anyway. As a few here have already said, might as well hedge
    against the inevitable rot of any loyalty they may have had for you in
    the beginning by paying it forward with some other tilted bitch down the

    1. >sword-on-the-shoulder pony
      show with some pedo in a robe with gold bling.
      gotta remember this line.

    2. The most powerful weapon to be used against a man is a Woman. As a futurist i look to technical and scientific solutions for resolution of this problem. Perhaps electrical stimulation of the seminal vesicle and some new treatment could eliminate our need for women

  62. Rollo had a good article recently on the subject:
    Interesting is also Rollo’s SMV timeline which states that many women start Alpha-reinterest at around age 36-37 when her primary provisioning/security need has been taken care of. Just basic hypergamy with the aided help of the social and court system.
    BTW – recommend viewing the documentary Divorce Corp. – while the docu is somewhat feminized as can be expected (trumping out more femals who have been shafted in legal battles) it clearly shows the effective basket-case of marriage.
    Frankly I would strongly discourage everyone to marry on US or most of EU soil. Actually even having children under current legal constraints should be discouraged, unless you have huge and rare mitigating circumstances (you are part of the mafia/yakuza/CIA-blackops/Illuminati/drug cartels etc.).
    The only reason for those AFCs in the article to remain married is because divorce is ten times worse than staying married to those sluts.
    I personally will never marry under those circumstances practically anywhere in the world, since I am fully aware that laws change over time and not to men’s advantage.
    Frankly those men mentioned above would be better served going ball-deeps into Red-Pill-Knowledge and manifesting more Alpha-PUA Game than being “understanding” or complaing about the nature of women.

    1. black brah, read it again. though I understand why black guys don’t like black women… this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this behavior from black women.

  63. I had to stop reading half way… in the past 3 days I had two married women come on to me. Both young women. The first a latina newly wed to an arab told me I should be her secret lover. The second a cute redhead married for 4 years asked me; “how would you feel about fucking a married woman?” I told her jokingly I wouldn’t… Couldn’t keep her off me.

      1. Of course they were. American/Americanized. What’s mind blowing was that while the the latin chick was hitting on me while her husband was getting her a drink, a blond chick that was rolling with us- who was with her boyfriend- started eye fucking me… I guess monkey see monkey do. I guess she figured if this one with her husband is coming on to him, I must also let him know I am down. Both dudes were clueless that their girls would bend over at the drop of a dime. Both dudes were really into their girls; especially the arab dude- dude was like a watch dog, and in spite of that his girl took to one and only opening she had.

        1. That’s incredible. I literally had the same thing happen to me, damn near verbatim, a month or two back in NYC.
          My buddy and I were at a steakhouse, at a table between two women: One with sexy dark features, the other a scorching-hot blonde, both on dates with nondescript white dudes.
          The blonde keeps looking at me [I assumed by mistake] until her boyfriend gets up and heads to the bathroom. The blonde literally waited until her man is out of sight/earshot and immediately starts talking to me. Her guy comes back from the bathroom about ten minutes later to his chick laughing and twirling her hair while talking to the guy at next table. This crazy part was that he didn’t even think anything of it. So I’m sure it wasn’t an isolated incident.
          Meanwhile, the chick dark-featured chick stares at me the entire time, via a mirror on the wall in front of us [she was on my left side, the blonde was kiddie-corner]. I could literally feel her jealousy when the blonde made a move. She favored Adriana Lima so she could’ve gotten it way faster than the blonde but [like you] I don’t mess with other guys girls.
          I was completely blown away by how unabashedly these women pursued me @ this insanely expensive restaurant in the presence of men who generously provided for them.
          I can only feel so bad for men like these (the author of this post included) because they stake their futures on the sense of gratitude they assume these women have for them which is an exercise in folly.

        2. OG, out of curiosity, what do you look like? How tall are you / complexion, etc.
          I’m like, reasonably good looking for a half Asian guy, but I’m standoffish and arrogant, I guess I give off that I don’t give a fuck attitude, and even in my experience girls with boyfriends always tried to contact me, one time I was at a bar with one of my best friend’s girlfriend and she asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend instead….
          Christ the way I found out about how women are is how relentless they are in chasing me… like bitch please, go find a nice guy, cmon. I’ve got Asian genes so I’m kind of shy and don’t really approach, so it’s gotten to the point that I don’t like to go outside because I hate being stared at… even in the US bitches miring me all the time, even when they have boyfriends, like God, be fucking loyal for two minutes. I’m loyal to my wife… how fucking hard is it?

        3. I had 3, that’s right 3 married women hitting on me at my office. I’m rarely there because my job requires me to travel to various work sites, but I was honestly a little disturbed by it.
          I actually tested the waters with one just out of sheer curiosity. I wanted to see if I could befriend her and practice a little game. All I ever started with was “hey X hows it going?” I never really greeted her like that before and it was a first step in trying to create rapport.
          Well, after that I noticed she took down the picture of her husband that was always at her desk. I’ve seen her rotate pictures but never take any down completely. I kind of backed off and she still has yet to put them back…
          She’s one of those women that had kids at age 30. It aged her rapidly.
          Men are like toys to these women, they don’t give a fuck.

        4. It sucks because I know it’s like fishing with dynamite but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ll cheat on a girlfriend in an heartbeat, I can’t bring myself to fuck another man’s woman. Even if they’re just dating. I know as soon as I do, I’ll only want to fuck wives.

        5. Well, you’re thinking with the big head, which can only be a good thing for a man. No doubt, there’s some “enjoy the decline!!” types who’ll encourage you to avail yourself of slutty married gash. I did just that during a more careless, selfish phase of my life; and while nothing negative developed as a result of it, it’s just not something I care to get into again.
          I don’t get off on the idea that I’m helping some duplicitous whore stab her caring beta hubby in the back. I don’t enjoy the feeling that, in bringing some cunt’s adulterous wet dream to life, I’m actually lowering myself to her level of gleeful scheming and gratification at all costs.
          Women can’t help themselves. Men, however, should be above that.

        6. “I’ve got Asian genes so I’m kind of shy and don’t really approach.” Did you just say that? You’re blaming your own confidence issues on your race? Just, no, man, no. Do yourself a favor and don’t insult yourself, man. Believe me, other people will find way to put you down, don’t help them by joining them.

        7. Read Warren Farrell, to find out how women feed off their men while publicly expressing contempt, no less, for the same guys.

  64. The truly sad thing about marriage in America and the West in general, is that we don’t even require women to be virgins anymore. It’s become acceptable if Mrs. Whatthefuckever, performed fellatio on the entire varsity squad and was sodomized and creampied by Mr. Joe next door. Then she feels entitled to get married. In ages past, these women, would be afraid to show their faces outside of the door. I don’t care about you supposedly “loving” a bitch, it is a supreme question of value within the context of morality and economics. I don’t know what your religious predispositions are but a woman getting reamed by 15+ men before marriage is immoral, the fact that she is going to be entitled to half your shit, a cum dumpster and will birth your children through her vitiated vagina is immoral.
    The same rules do not apply to us one iota. In addition, the economic aspect, is that you’ll be paying high value rates for a very used product. It’s like paying triple the cost for a used car, a few miles away from breaking down than you would for a fresh car with 0 mileage. She gave it away in the nastiest ways possible to every Tom, Dick and Harry and now Mr. Joe Beta will pick up the tab. Think about that the next time, your Americunt wife doesn’t want to fuck you, for all the married men on here, imagine how easily and freely she gave the pussy away to guys like me. I propose to Roosh V, that we add virginity before marriage (if you must) as the 9th rule for RoKs Community Beliefs.
    ROK Community Beliefs:
    1. Men and women are genetically different, both physically and mentally. Sex roles evolved in all mammals. Humans are not exempt.
    2. Women are sluts if they sleep around, but men are not. This fact is due to the biological differences between men and women.
    3. Men will opt out of monogamy and reproduction if there are no incentives to engage in them.
    4. Past traditions and rituals that evolved alongside humanity served a net benefit to the family unit.
    5. Testosterone is the biological cause for masculinity. Environmental changes that reduce the hormone’s concentration in men will cause them to be weaker and more feminine.
    6. A woman’s value is mainly determined by her fertility and beauty. A man’s value is mainly determined by his resources, intellect, and character.
    7. Elimination of traditional gender roles and the promotion of unlimited mating choice in women unleashes their promiscuity and other negative behaviors that block family formation.
    8. Socialism, feminism, and cultural Marxism cause societies to decline because they destroy the family unit, decrease the fertility rate, and require large entitlements that impoverish the state.
    9. The ancient value and sacredness of marriage is tied to a woman’s virginity and then her fertility. A woman is not virginal in every aspect, is not worthy of the marriage bed and long term male financial support. She is also not worthy of being a mother within the confines of marriage either.

    1. Here, here. No quibble whatsoever with this requirement. To go beyond being ‘all for sluts and prostitutes’ – I’m all for women who want to travel the world, and volunteer in Africa, and learn a wide range of cultures. Unless they are one of the exceedingly rare few who can do that without also sampling a wide range of cock, they have no legitimate claim to being marriage material, period. Not ever. If they want to be the globetrotting western woman and acknowledge the inexorable choice they’ve made – then more power to them, and I applaud their rare authenticity.
      I don’t deny any woman having her cake. But if she presumes it’s her god-given right to eat it too…
      Yes – preserve tradcon marriage for virgins and allow them the great big attention party (wedding) if they want it. If we mandated this requirement for marriage writ-large culturally, we’d likely be able to count a lifetime of wedding invitations on one hand. So much the better.

  65. Marriage doesn’t make much sense to me in today’s environment. It seems like too much of a radical shift in attitude to expect monogamy from women who are taught from a young age that sex is no big deal and usually start sleeping around in their teens. Monogamous attitudes have to be instilled while girls are young and while their notch count is low otherwise they eventually get bored and revert back to their old ways like in the case of yourself and your friends because being promiscuous is no big deal to them. The old saying is “you can’t turn a ho into a housewife”.

  66. I feel bad for your situation and it is incredibly common….. however you explain the problems yourself.
    The Emotionally-Starved Wife – needed a little more attention / conversation with YOU, not BFFs and random cocks. You are the man, you are the leader. A wife is like a pet cat, if you don’t give her a bowl of food… the neighbor sure will….
    The Angry Wife – this is usually from the man cheating, or other neglectful aspects. Easily avoided by not being confrontational and being a little attentive.
    The Wife Who Seeks Excitement – so give her excitement. Once a month is usually enough….
    The Sexually Deprived Wife – so fuck her stupid. This takes care of all of the above and more.
    At the end of the day the old saying “for every hot chick there is a man bored of fucking her.” applies.
    Ryan Reynolds divorced Scarlett Johansson for christsakes !!!!….. Now he’s with Blakey Lively (carbon copy) and she’s knocked up with some new guy……. WTF !!!
    Marriage gets dull… the guy gets bored of the girlie talk, fails to ramp up sex to the crazed perverted levels she actually needs, but never discusses…… he also gets focused on his work and practicalities and he gets tired of putting out….
    Meanwhile she’s growing ever less attractive and highly aware of that problem… plus women in their 20s-30s – ones that have family values and marriage in their minds, the so called ‘good girls’ arrive at 40+ and with looks fading feel they made many sacrifices by being good girls…. before they hit meopause they suddenly want to relive their youth, fall in love, have wild sex etc. etc…..
    That’s easily arranged if the husband is first to the finish line….. if he’s not… usually because his work is way more interesting to him than his dull, wife whose looks are fading…… well she goes else where…..
    So many of these red pill articles including my own constitute men, waking up to smell the coffee and blaming the woman…. if the ship hits the rocks it’s ALWAYS the captain’s fault.

  67. if you still find her attractive …. play along with the counseling…. BUT !!!! (don’t go to a female counselor… get a male and one that is on your side… see him first alone and make sure he’s not a mangina feminist sympathiser). If you get a good male counselor, he can actually bang your wife to rights.
    you must also bang your wife to rights in several ways
    1.) Don’t engage in conversation about ‘the relationship’ – relationships are for women – let her sort her shit out.
    2.) Be brutally honest in your attitude. Don’t let her pin the blame back on you. Always bend it back to guilting her.
    3.) Be cold as ice. Cut her off. Stay under the same roof, but tell her to use the guest room, tell her to go and get all the sexual diseases tests, full gyno exam. etc. Put the guilt trip on her.
    4.) Then switch it around from time to time…… (the two weeks after her period has finished are best) ….. Seduce her and fuck her cunt inside out…. use seduction as a chance to tie her up and punish her rotten cunt. Guilt her into anal, swallowing BJs. etc. If you don’t start fucking her like the TJ whore she is…. there’s absolutely no hope.
    5.) Show no remorse, no emotion and start openly talking about the young things you are looking forward to nailing.

  68. Oh, its not just marriage it is all women. Years ago I had my fiancée use her job to find out I had been badly abused in my past. She then used it as leverage to see other people because “it would help us grow closer”, or “I am just not sure you are a man anymore after finding that out about you”. Whenever I had a problem she used my past to belittle me and torture me. Took Months to grow the balls to say hell no. And then for this Christmas I had my girlfriend of 2 years give me an ultimatum. She sees other people while I am away at grad school. I asked “You know my history, how could you make me relive the worst part of my life?” she replied “well if you love me how could you demand I be unhappy for another 3 months?”. When I left her apartment with my stuff all she said was “well I guess I have wasted 2 years of my life”. I was a broke grad student, pulled all nighters to see this woman, bought her everything she asked for and struggled to keep the relationship together. ALL WOMEN ARE WORTHLESS SELFISH FIVE YEAR OLDS, what else do you expect?

    1. You poor bastard you, I really wish I could give you a glass of my 30 year old Auchroisk. I can’t say I’ve been where you are, but I had a bitch who I was regrettably committed to play these games. First of all, you probably don’t invoke that fear in a woman, to never ever make her even suggest fucking other men. My last ungrateful whore, who pushed me into a relationship, ended it a few months ago. Now, in these days in times, you have to be ruthless, a straight killer.
      Women in the West don’t respect men, unless they run across a motherfucker who’ll put them in their places, which you don’t sound like. But yes, I am thankful I went through that heartache when I was in my teens than twenties. Women don’t possess honor nor courage (maybe a little for their children, and even that’s questionable these days). However, as a man, you are simply, a wallet, comfort factor and lastly a dick. Maybe love comes in somewhere, but women’s idea of love is relative, subjective and most importantly transient.
      At the drop of a hat, if a guy drove up in a Ferrari, willing to “take her of her,” showed up, she’d be out of there like lightening. I know, the Cultural Marxist Matrix makes guys like you hopeful that a liberated westernized woman can love you, be a good mother and a human being, but it’s not the case. Truth is a bitch, and it is better to sleep with the truth and get to know her better than deal with the alternative.
      You will find little nasty awakenings on every facet of life, once you fully embrace the truth, and one of them is the truly fundamental natural of women. Women are at their best when severely controlled under a patriarchy, and at their worst when liberated. To women, the idea of freedom is the idea of total hedonism and license. Men can only comprehend the total meaning of freedom and the responsibility it entails. Grow your balls son, fuck the past, fuck women both literally and figuratively.

      1. At least I put the last one in her place, aren’t “sexy” pictures, texts, emails and the internet wonderful things. Granted it was after the relationship had ended, but I am glad I at least took the first step to red pill and said no to this ultimatum. I am also glad I put every thing (bitchy emails, whinny pushy texts and pictures) out there for the whole world to see and judge for themselves what a wonderful “woman” I dated.

        1. That’s passive-aggressive.
          Next time, just put up pics of other women you’ve f’d and dumped.

    2. “…bought her everything she asked for and struggled to keep the relationship together”
      There’s the problem, you were a beta provider.

  69. Sex-positive Feminism: When the female philosophy of life and fulfillment found in Emmanuelle becomes real life– some fun, eh?

    1. Want to know a seriously creepy fact?
      95% of all murderers convict themselves. Either through bragging or being stupid or flat-out confessing.
      CSI is a complete load of bullshit. If a killer wears rubber gloves and burns any evidence, there is literally NOTHING that can convict them other than confession. All the psuedoscience in CSI is actually LESS realistic than the psychoscience in ‘Eureka’.
      So umm… the takewaway here is that.. umm… You have to be careful of killers, because if they have half a brain they can get away with it easily.

      1. For the truly intelligent, the cautious, the patient, the question is not “Can I get away with it?” but, rather, “Can I live with it afterward?”
        If you know in your heart that you can, in fact, live with having snuffed out another life, then there is very little that can stop you, save stupidity and hubris.

        1. One of the advantages (or disadvantages) of being ex-military, and one of the reasons The liberal left desperately wants to disarm and cripple them, is the fact that many of them have taken a life, and know that living with it is entirely possible.
          The fact that there are humans out there that know EXACTLY what a life is really worth terrifies them, because they know that such individuals truly understand what is worth living for, dying for, and killing for. It is hard to fool such men into believing that safety is worth any price.

        2. All the more reason to protect the 2nd Amendment, because if we Americans lose it, the rest of the Bill of Rights won’t be around for long, either…

        3. few people realize that the first amendment is the means by which the government actually stays in power.
          Frankly, it gives hotheads an outlet by which they feel they may be heard, and it offers an outlet for improvement without requiring violent overthrow.
          When you shut off that conduit, when you start telling people what they must say and must think, you give the angry no outlet to vent their unhappiness. Much like putting an egg in a microwave, forcing people to toe the line results in an eventual explosion.
          Like Princess Leia said “The more you tighten your grip, the more systems will slip through your fingers” or, to put it more succinctly, ‘Those that govern best govern least”.
          That is why we are at the point where we are now. Ironically enough, the internet, rather than being a place where potential rebellion is being fomented, is actually a hugely mitigating influence for a rising restriction on natural vents for a populace… it opened up a huge venue by which anger at the depradations of those in power could be relieved… Frankly, If the advent of social media and blogging had not exploded due to the WWW, Our country would have already exploded in violence as it threatened to do in 2002.
          Angry revolutionaries venting on blogs are NOT angry revolutionaries meeting in basements, building bombs, stealing fertilizer and setting up target lists of locations and individuals.
          For every angry guy talking about building bombs and blowing shit up, there’s one less guy actually DOING it. It’s called ‘sublimation’, and is the reason why it’s stupid to outlaw ‘cyberbullying’ and ‘animated kiddie porn’ and ‘CG snuff games.” Crimes like murder, legitimate child abuse, and even terrorist attacks have dramatically declined in the last 25 years, mostly due to readily available sublimation.
          The 2nd amendment is the only thing that can protect the first, and if the first amendment is weakened, the second amendment will become ascendant… only the first amendment has kept people from exploiting the second wholesale, in an orgy of blood and destruction that would make Afghanistan look like a sunday picnic.

  70. OP is obviously still fighting his beta upbringing. He deserves our support. Not our scorn. The red pill is a process. It takes time. It’s best to swallow the red pill young. Better late than never. It’s only natural to fight the red pill and find comfort in the world you’ve been raised in. Think the prisoners in the Allegory of the Cave.
    (Note I did not say sympathy).
    The OP needs to not blame his wife and work on his own self improvement. Get in shape. Get game. Bang chicks, but don’t fall back into the LTR or marriage trap. The OP’s mistake was expecting woman to act contrary to her nature. Women are hypergamous and solipsistic. To expect otherwise from them is like expecting a lion in a zoo to suddenly rise on its hind legs and engage you in whitty conversation. Accept women for what they are. There are no good girls. Judging by history, women have always been like this, it is us men who have failed to stay true to our nature.
    All that said he should absolutely refuse to go along with her twit plan to have an open marriage. Nor should he bother with traditional councelling, he should immediately get her to move out of the house and file for divorce and be ruthless. He has evidence of infidelity. The ball is in his court.

    1. “He deserves our support. Not our scorn. The red pill is a process. It takes time.”
      RoK is self-help, not a support group. He was pushed into the pool. It’s sink or swim now. Even infants have a diving reflex.

      1. And I suggest several positive steps he could take toward self help. There’s nothing wrong with self help through support. Think about when you go to the gym with a buddy to make sure you both work out.

      2. Infants have a diving reflex? That’s pretty cool, didn’t know that.
        But men like this sometimes do need our support. I don’t know how many, but I’m sure there are thousands of suicides each year due to women breaking men’s hearts. Anything like that is a tragedy especially if the man is a good guy and he doesn’t deserve to die for a cunt.
        Anyways, the most depressing fact is that women’s behavior brought most of us into the world the way we are, like it or not. Assuming our mothers spent a good deal of time in Amerika, I imagine they were not the best quality women. It’s dawning on me now. I try not to think about it but jesus christ.

        1. I hear you. I would never wish for another man to fail (unless we’re competing with each other and I have to win).
          I’m pulling for him but the best thing we can do if give him sound advice and pray to god he takes it. The fact that’s even trying to reconcile with this sociopath troubles me deeply.
          Also, yes. Infants, have a diving reflex. It’s pretty crazy.

    2. Another thing is that dudes, all dudes of all colors, need to stop fighting each other and demeaning one another. So some people are short, some people are ugly, some men are of a different race. It’s not their fault. Men shouldn’t lord their genetic advantages over others. If men bound together, created sex bots we would have colonies on Europa by now.
      And the virgin shaming needs to stop. Most women love to virgin shame.

      1. Sexbots all the way.
        We just need to make sure they have the genuine smell, and not the motor oil kind.

  71. How stupid do women have to be to not realize that eventually (very soon, in other words) the word is gonna get out and guys are just going to drop out of marriage / commitment all together?
    You just can’t marginalize a large group of men… you can marginalize a few, but a majority? They’re just gonna stop caring… never getting married, putting in no effort into getting meaningful careers, killing themselves, going to third world countries… doctors and engineers are just going to stop giving a fuck… just living for themselves.
    How many more men is it going to take to wake up before we enter the total breakdown? America now is pretty much one giant Florida nightclub. It’s antithetic to work ethic and nerds, and most of all to normal, good guys. What the fuck is keeping these guys going? Porn? Taco Bell? Video games? Dogs?

      1. Oh trust me, they all want marriage, it’s just that men want commitment and women want to cash out once they hit 35-40. Women whether consciously or subconsciously think of marriage as an institution of economic gain and leverage, and men think of it in the old terms of sacred institution above reproach. Problem is, we live in a society that has unleashed the bitch, and men are powerless once they entrap themselves in a marriage or even in a home with them these days (common law marriage). Women have no honor, because they’ve never needed, no one plays better at sympathy, lies and begging and leveraging it all with their vaginas than Western women. A completely toxic species.

        1. Yep, it’s a lie that men don’t want commitment, the average joe schmoe on the street would love for a woman to commit to him and love him…
          Women say men don’t commit because they all chase the top 10% of guys that obviously have options while the normal 5’8″ guys on the street go through life thirsty.
          Most “bad boys” are made because they found out that it’s WOMEN who are incapable of committing, not men.

  72. It reminds me of those immigrant families that came here in the 70’s and 80’s from places like Pakistan, then their daughters are out there doing nude photoshoots for American Apparel or hardcore porn or fuckin’ the local alphas instead of finding a nice Pakistani guy like daddy.
    The American dream, baby! Live it up!
    Hasaam is probably better off staying in Malaysia these days. What the fuck does the US have? Jobs? Are you FUCKING serious? Slaving away in a Costco is better than running a meat stand on the street, where at least you can chill out in the sun?

  73. Andrew — This is a great article and I am most appreciative that you have shared it with us.

  74. This is why Neil Degrasse Tyson married a white woman.
    It’s not like he even had a chance with a black woman, lol
    She would have left with half his star-bucks after banging the thug she met at starbucks

    1. It really says something when an African has to “marry up.” Ironic though because despite all the hate of the white man he’ll date a European woman in a heartbeat which shows an inferiority complex. An African man is the male version of a African woman–and no racial group wants one.

  75. I wish more men adopted the mentality that we are the closest thing to a god. Never let urself get disrespect bc of a female who i consider a sub human. Everything we see men have built. We are capable of love, care, protection, and on the same token we can be the most violent creatures that have grazed this planet.
    We are at the apex of the food chain. And im not talking about humans in this case, but im just talking about men. Women dont realize that everything that is granted to them now is bc of men. That they the entire female specie cud become enslaved in 24 hrs and do free manual labor while men enjoy everything, from sex, to never working again and living like kings. This is why I respect everyone of my fellow men out there bc right on the surface where they try to be good and caring law abiding citizens, are in reality animals. Every man out there is capable of unimaginable destruction.
    Capable of violence and chaos. Capable of being a fearless warrior and demolishing everything in front of him back to the stone age. Women dont realize the amount of power we actually yield. Its bc we try to hide our true masculinity. We are all savage warriors inside, we are capable of scary scary things. So I think that every man should embrace the idea that they are close to being gods and that women are not even close on the food chain as them, and develop that mentality and treat them as such
    I treat my gf like I treat my dog, and guess what, she loves me for it. She knows what type of madness im capable of, right underneath my smile, is a fearless warrior just like every one of u. Let ur woman know that, show it coverly by never being a bitch and acting like a god. Wud a god ever apologize or let some bitch walk over him, fuck no.
    So I never know which one of u guys might be the next stalin, or hitler, or ghandi, I just dont know. But I know I respect my fellow men, from the most physically fragile weakest ones to the strongest ones, all have my equal respect.
    SO respect ur fellow men, and treat women like a sub human, and life will be easier. And like ive said before, this is how men act in middle east and eastern europe and their wives are the most obedient, loyal, submissive wives ever.

    1. guys in easter europe pretty much no longer act like this though. You should focus all your attention to muslim world

  76. Yep. I’m in this personally right now … at the tail end of a 2.5 year-long divorce.
    Wife admitted she was having an affair of 2 years. I proposed counseling, but only if she stopped the affair. She said no, I filed for divorce.
    I agree with the other posters. Do not participate in the “open marriage” scan. Divorce her and get on with your life. Disconnect from her. Get your life back in your name alone. Not just money and assets, but friends, hobbies, successes, work, mind … own these things /alone/ as yourself again, and keep them as only your own.
    I have heard few successful “recovery from affair” stories. You won’t be one of them.

  77. She is probably serious about not wanting the divorce. She’s way past her prime, and with kids from another man, so she’ll hardly find another man willing to pick her up from the gutter. She’s only good for pump and dump.
    It may be in your interest to divorce her, though. Love is already dead, along with trust, and once her looks finally die out and she no longer get more “freedom” in the street, you’ll find yourself stuck with a money drain, nagging the hell out of you.

  78. Western civilization is already dead. It’s only a matter of time before the whole rotten system breaks down.

    1. If it does, just make sure you have your Mad Max-esque biker gear, because it’s really hard to come by. xD
      But in all seriousness, I don’t see the system breaking down any time soon. Most Americans simply don’t care enough to do anything about it. 🙁

  79. It sounds like she wasn’t bringing much to the table in to begin with(a vagina) and now she wants to offer even less, while getting all the benefits. Classic shit test. Also from reading your description, it sounds like she didnt have to keep earning your love and support, thus boredom and later hatred comes in. Make no mistake she likely hates you at this point, but likes your money. And realistically..if you had it to do over right now is she the one you would pick to spend your time and money with? You should either lay down the law, tell her to GTFO, or encourage her to move out and fuck as much strange as possible with an allowance(if divorce is too harmful to your own life and financial well being), and immediately start dating other women while giving her radio silence. That is what a man would do. Here is a great book for you to understand womens point of view of how their feelings change in relationships to men who aren’t pushing their buttons.

    1. YES, I was going to post a link to Michelle Langley’s “Women’s Infidelity” website. I’ve read her e-book. It is REQUIRED reading, up there with Esther Vilar’s “Manipulated Man,” for any MGTOW or PUA looking to understand women and their true nature.
      In fact, i’m going to post that link now…

  80. The fact so many men are willing to live in misery with the women who betrayed them, because family court is so stacked against them that it’s actually to costly to leave (imagine how fast the government would act if women felt this way), speak volumes to both the state of family courts, as well as the apathy men suffer when it comes to their pain.

    1. Yup, welcome to Cultural Marxist America. Any semblance of patriarchy, especially White male Christian patriarchy is a no-no in our Marxist state. America has gone to the dogs. We are the evil empire now. History will record these family courts as soul breaking gulags for Western men. This is an age of utter tyranny. God and all moral decency has fallen. Welcome to the wasteland.

  81. You know what?
    Let them have their freedom.
    Let them be party girls.
    Let them cheat.
    Let them be oh so “independent” and “strong”.
    Let them do anything they want.
    But it sure as hell won’t be me who wifes them up.

  82. Just reading this makes me want to go get a surrogate mother and pay for her services. That way, I’ll teach them how emotionally stable kids raised by single dads compared to kids raised by single women.
    If feminists want equality, then bring up how their white female founders got involved in their drama and shenanigans. Even better, enforce the draft and bring the death penalty on BOTH genders; after all, women did get men LYNCHED.

  83. It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon so I decided I’d kill some brain cells by surfing a few message boards while vibing out to a little Bill Evans and sipping my coffee. I stumbled upon a thread where some guy confesses to having (supposedly) knocked up the wife of a man on active duty in the Marines.
    Some laughable excuse for a man in that thread wrote:

    Look, if my wife fucked around when I was deployed as a Marine, she better keep that shit to herself. I don’t care, but I don’t need to know either. As long as she respects me the same as I should her when I get back is what really matters.

    Gentlemen, I couldn’t help myself. I plunged in and responded:

    See, this is the kind of fucked-up, retarded, “men and women are equal” nonsense that has things so backwards between the sexes. Men of past generations knew that woman was but a depraved animal and the only thing keeping her from degenerating to her true disloyal nature was the enforcement of social codes and what we now refer to as “slut-shaming.”
    Of course, we as a society don’t do that anymore. So you have all manner of shameless whores destroying marriages and obliterating men’s ability to see them as lifetime partners because there’s no longer any consequence for it in our hollow “you go, grrrl” culture of pseudo-empowerment and “do whatever you want.”

    I put the cherry on top by stating:

    No woman fucks around on a guy that she respects. Bottom line. And if she’s fucked around on a guy once, she’ll do it again.

    Cuckold Boy responds to me with some programmatic mish-mash insisting that fucking around is a “primary need” for both sexes and that those men who cannot “compartmentalize” and allow their wives the same freedom that they enjoy are doomed to “hatred, sadness, and loneliness.”
    Since I rarely wade into mainstream internet waters these days, I sometimes forget just how thoroughly brainwashed the great majority of our fellow “men” are. Until we can find some way to remedy this — to wake up larger numbers of men who might begin to effect some crucial change in standards, who might learn to put their feet down and say “enough of the nonsense” — we’re fucked. Cultural rot will continue unabated.
    And we’ll have no one but men to blame for it, ultimately.

    1. Speaking of coffee, I usually spend my Sundays over a cup of nice Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee, at a little boutique coffee shop not far from my abode. There are two guys who work as baristas in this place and they are hopelessly lost. They come as the “women are equals to us” types, and boy do I realize the men of my generation are fucked. Men need to understand a central tenant of freedom is that freedom as a concept, an ideal is truly INCOMPREHENSIBLE to women. Maybe it’s their smaller brains or neurological wiring, but women do not understand the gravity, consequences and responsibility freedom entails. Even in the Greek city states, where democracy was born, women were still held and viewed as a little above slaves; something that got right, although I’m not a fan of their homo-erotic tendencies.
      To women, freedom means the total license to destroy and corrupt, they literally have no sense of responsibility to their children or mates. I’ve seen time and time again. The conclusion is that they cannot be liberated in any macro sense, if civilization is to work. I’m a hard-core, brass knuckles Bismarckian realist. I know what works and what doesn’t work, and if it offends anyone too bad, no matter who they may be. Men can get two things out of America at this point, business opportunities (don’t know how long that’ll last) and sluts. However, marriage and the hereditary lineage is done. No one gives a shit anymore, who’s lineage they’re passing done. Don’t worry about waking men up, the collapse will do that, get what you can out of America now.

      1. Certainly, my previous comment showed more concern for indoctrinated butt-plug manlets than they’d ever show the likes of me.
        Occasionally, I allow my essential benevolent nature as a human being to bubble up; just as quickly, however, the reality of others’ willful blindness and self-centeredness slaps me in the face and forces that benevolent nature back down under the surface where it belongs.
        I’ve reached down into myself and pulled up the ability to be a borderline sociopath for survival’s sake. Up is now down for me; black is white; heaven is hell. And I’ve learned to accept this — hell, even enjoy it in some ways.
        I’ve made my peace with women’s chromosomal commitment to solipsism, illogic and vindictiveness. I no longer ask “why?”; I’ve freed myself from the shackles of frustration, confusion and anger when dealing with the little dearies. And it’s helped me become a better man. It’s freed me to indulge the passion for bedroom dominance that I always sensed was within me — that I knew women craved. Most importantly, it’s given me a clearer idea of how to move forward in life; a clearer idea of how to get the most out of my talent and how to use that benevolent nature of mine to benefit the person who deserves it most: me.
        God bless the red pill and God damn those who would deny it.

      2. You never disappoint Lance. i don’t always agree entirely with some of your points but boy do I love your posts!

    2. “No woman fucks around on a guy that she respects. Bottom line. And if she’s fucked around on a guy once, she’ll do it again.”
      Love is fickle, fear turns to hate, but respect is ironclad.

      1. Love is fickle, fear turns to hate, but respect is ironclad.

        And of the three, it’s only when people respect you that they truly have your best interests at heart.

  84. Just to gauge general opinion here, what percentage of you have experienced something similar?
    What percentage of men you know have also experienced similar?
    What would you say the percent chance of this happening with a western woman, regardless of the looks / wealth of the husband?
    Would you say that looks / wealth can affect the percentage at all?

  85. Divorce her while you still can. If you initiate it there is a slightly better chance you won’t get entirely screwed. Literally the moment she decides she’s jealous of your conquests and isn’t comfortable with it anymore(and that will happen a lot sooner than you think), she WILL divorce you. Why do you think she kept it a secret from you for 3 years?! She’s kept the ball in her own court the entire time and she’s still doing it now that she can claim YOU are cheating on HER.

  86. “It ain’t cheaper to keep her n____ its better to stare…” Masta Ace c 2003.
    I’m starting to think that Muslims have a point about keeping their women under lock and key. The main point about freedom is that you are not “free” to run around abusing and misusing other people. Unfortunately, women do not seem to understand or even be capable of understanding the Golden Rule. They seem to reinterpret it such a way that favours themselves. Interestingly, and I am not a religious man at all, I came across some bible passages which warn against the dangers of women. Of course we all know about Eve, but there are many others.
    I think another point is that we live two lifetimes now. We are healthier at age 40 then ever before. At this age, in the past, many would die or be close to it. Also, the options for new partners were fewer. And the pressures on our time are comparatively higher (thanks to taxes and compulsory education, among other things). And so the pressures on people to look elsewhere in early middle-age are greater.
    You don’t need my advice, you know what to do with your situation. Its just a shame, that in many ways men are trapped into marriage by the devastating consequences of divorce for a man. Its a tough deal in which women can utterly screw a man in marriage and walk away with the loot, all entirely sanctioned by the State.

  87. This article serves to corroborate many basic, well-known tenets of MGTOW/PUA wisdom:
    – Women do not love men (as individuals, for their ‘personhood’).
    – Women generally have no sense of Justice.
    – Women are generally solipsistic and narcissistic in nature. They feel it, they do it.
    – Women in general are emotionally driven and illogical:
    Men: THINK – ACT – FEEL
    Women: FEEL – ACT – THINK (backward rationalize)
    – Women have ninja skills in the arts of manipulation and deception.
    – Women are herd animals and have a Borg-like hive mind. If one is doing it, you can bet most are doing it, soon will be doing it, or seeing how they feel about doing it.
    – Etc
    – Etc
    – Etc

  88. Th!s ArTicLe !s FoR mArR!Ed MeN ! tH!nK, aNd I’m NoT mArR!eD. WhEn YoU gEt ThAt SeCoNd CoLLeGe PaRtY aPt. AfTeR fALL!NG oFf, !m SpEaK!nG oBtUs!vElY AnD FLoSs!nG at ThE sAmE t!mE. Be!nG MaRr!eD dOeS nOt mAtTeR to mE. TRy iT
    pLeAsE ReSpOnD

  89. Andrew Cash has a “CHUMP” sign around his neck and he expects applause for the fact he somewhat realizes it.

  90. Real alpha male would like to be in open marriage. You shoud start to fuck more chicks, even prostitutes and wife will want only you!

  91. This is why you don’t get married anymore.
    If anyone considers themselves “red pilled”, then you will abstain from marriage. At most, you will keep intimate and close relationships with a female or two and fuck other hot chicks.
    Let’s face it, Humans are not meant to be in a monogamous relationship. Pre-agricultural history proves this, the divorce rate, and the amount of cheating that goes on caused by men and women further exemplifies that.
    Women have been sexual creatures since the dawn of time. Patriarchy kept a check on this, but with the rise of feminism, it has now made it ok for them to be just as promiscuous as us men. It’s over guys. If any of you are hoping for a Disney or Hollywood happily ever after with one woman, you’re in for a rude awakening.
    Also, if you only want to fuck one chick for the rest of your life, you have LOW T.

    1. That’s what these beta males will never get. The alphas who married virgins in yesteryear did for property, money and patriarchy. It was a method of legitimizing your surname through MALES ONLY. Marriage was a completely artificial arrangement given our biology, but one which was necessary for civilization. This only worked when women were held as the property of their fathers and eventually husbands. This was “Pater Familias,” the cornerstone of Western Civilization. Today, the Cultural Marxists have destroyed this system entirely, along with the Christian religion that was used to propagate it. No real man would willingly place himself at a disadvantage, both financially and paternally by marrying a woman in the West.
      You think a pre-nup will save you? Think again, judges are finding ways to dismiss them. A real man’s best bet is to hunt in foreign lands for a decent tradcon wife (if you must), while using America for sluts. Also, most wives in the past were willingly tolerant of their husbands fucking other women, as long as these other women did not represent an emotional and financial liability to that man’s clan and rightfully so. Now that marriage and the church as institutions of the West have collapsed and been taken over by YKW, it’s time men MGTOWed completely. Use western women for the sluts they are and start going out of your comfort zone (Middle East etc) to find young tradcon virginal wives. This is globalization for the traditional conservative man.

    2. That’s a matter of some debate. It sounds gross but primate promiscuity can be measured by teste size (balls). Chimps who are highly promiscuous have HUGE balls for their body size. Gorillas who are faithful have teeny balls. Indicating a level of promiscuity on the part of humans but not promiscuity by nature.
      I had a link but can’t find it. If you’re so inclined a quick Google search will turn up numerous articles on the matter.

      1. I agree Fritz, but he has a point. The Cultural Marxists who now run this place lock, stock and barrel, what to unleash the sexual instincts of women to their pre-agrarian times but they still want to imprison men within the civilizational confines of marriage and monogamy. They want women to have all the benefits of civilization while extirpating them for men. If I fuck and impregnate the average American slut from Slutville, USA, I cannot just discard her as our ancestors would have done in the pre-agrarian days. The state will not only give her the options of using Plan-B, birth-control or giving it up for adoption but it will completely erase the right for me to protest against being on the hook financially for some whore’s bastard child. The thinking is that I’m leaving some faithful and dutiful wife, but this is a whore. Again if western women want to become vapid little cunt whores then by all means let’s strip them of all civilizational protections that virtuous women were afforded. It’s either the law of the jungle or civilization, but this in-between grey area is only torturing men.

        1. The only whore is a man who pumps and dumps and has a kid and wants nothing to do with it. How virtuous on your part.

        2. To an extent, I agree since it only makes the single mother issue worse. Being a man doesn’t mean game, it’s what you do to foster a family that defines your masculinity.

        3. No, it’s not and I wish many more single men would consider adoption as a counter-balance to a society that views men as assholes who screw and run. If we were viewed as responsible adults then we’d have a stronger argument in society as a whole.

  92. Mr Cash is wrong about one important thing. He thinks an open relationship benefits him more. That in his age he can bang more women and one up his wife. Wrong. Once a woman makes a conscious choice to go full slut there is no limit to the amount cock juice she can accumulate. It’s a lot easier for a woman to get laid than a man no matter how advanced his game is.

    1. Indeed. A chick can walk up to nearly any guy and be like “want to fuck?” Unless she’s totally gross 8 dudes out of 10 will say yes

  93. That’s why American women just aren’t dateable/marriage material. Growing up in a foreign country, divorce was shame and unimaginable. In my surrounding community, it was always, many men who cheated, not the women. when they cheated their women still remained married to them. Marriage and the law were their protectionThis is just a one-sided argument. Yes, men will pay their cheating wives in courts because of divorce, but I also know of women who have to pay men money in court as well. What happened to “till death do us part”? Seeing that so many American men have a fear of commitment/marriage, it makes me on my toes. I would never give my 100% loyalty if i’m in a dead end relationship? I’ll always look as best as possible, but prospects decrease after age 30. I’ll give my 100% loyalty and stay through thick and thin when I have protection/commitment/marriage from a man. Commitment/marriage are sacred vows to be taken seriously. Divorce is NOT acceptable except for domestic abuse.

  94. My parents are both 60 now and have been married for 30+ years. My father went through a rough patch in his 40s with a failed business. Mother stood by his side, a strong career women, supported the household and never have they been unfaithful to each other. I’m now 30 and married with a son of my own and words can’t explain how much respect I have for my parents. My parents are now happily retired. I watch them wine, dine and travel their way to old age. Sometimes I imagine the inevitable day when one of them will have to pass before the other and I literally couldn’t fight back my tears. That’s how strong our family bond is. Marriage, just like everything else in life is not always a bliss. On a bad day, I just think about my parents and how great it is to have someone there for you. I will always remember not to let a bad day ruin many great years. Websites like this makes me sad, turning men and women against each other when we’re supposed to lift each other up. Where is the love?

    1. It died when women decided they needed to be “liberated” from the bad man/husband that takes care of her. Women need to become submissive to their men again as it’s outlined in the scriptures. It’s our job to take care of you. Return to your submissive role & everything falls into place.

      1. But the other half of that coin is men stepping up to be the loving and sacrificial protector, husband, provider, father, dad, and actually be willing to give up his life for her. Too damned few men can say they’d die for their wives and really mean it and too damned many abuse the privilege and stewardship they’ve been given.
        Hence, we’re our own worst enemies since it’s sparks the perception that Christian men across the boards abuse their wives and that women should reject the Patriarchal model in relationships.

  95. So not even a big, swinging black dick can keep a marriage safe? Sorry, I’m just trying to squeeze some humour out of this lemon. Stay strong man. Be a good role model for your kid(s) so that they have a chance at a better future.

  96. “sex them like a 25-year-old stud-horse”
    By the age of 40 you should be much better in bed than the average early 20s guy.
    Most of the young dudes will fire their load within ~5 minutes of entering her.
    With around 40 you should have the experience, skill and stamina to go 15-20 minutes. If you make some effort it is perfectly possible to bring your wife to orgasm every single time (well, at least 90%+) you have sex with her.
    Remember if you dont fuck her good – someone else will.
    Other than that, dear Jimmy, reading your article would make perfect sense if your wife would be the man and you the girl. Time to start acting like a man, dont you think

    (1) If you aren’t married, don’t become married.
    (2) If you are married, seek a legal divorce. If she really loves you, she’ll stay with you. Tell her you’re protesting the fact gay people can’t get married and you want to stand in solidarity with them, or some equally bullshit line that chicks buy.

    1. Best advice…If you don’t want to be married, don’t be married. If you are married, have kids, teach them the right way to live with your spouse, and enjoy life.

  98. Leave the Bitch. I Pray on my Mother’s grave that YOU WILL LEAVE THE BITCH. DO NOT GIVE IN TO FUCKING OTHER WOMEN. That is just ammunition she needs for later because believe it or not she has already decided that she will rip you a new asshole later down.Get a divorce NOW on account of her infidelity. You do not want to be the one biting a bullet by your own hand when you get that “what the fuck just happened to me” moment later down when she divorces your ass later down and you’re homeless on the side of the street.

  99. Copied and pasted from previous articles. All the manboy articles on here require pretty much the same response 🙂
    Oh dear, watch the manboys weep hysterical tears of rage because women are just going to keep on doing whatever they want 😀
    The chains men devised for women have been snapped. And that’s what terrifies the author of this article and so many manboys. I call them manboys because they’re not men, naturally. Men don’t behave like this. I am surrounded by smart, caring and wonderful men. They have no need or desire to harm women or control them. And they have happy fulfilled lives. Unlike the poor, enraged manboys trying to cram women back into the cages they devised.
    We won our freedom from the shackles of marriage, each generation sees women more and more realising we don’t have any need for marriage. We only need your sperm to conceive (a partner is nice but by no means necessary to raise a happy, healthy kid. Money is necessary. And one willing and loving carer). We have jobs, lives and can live beautifully man-free. And when we see articles like this trying to hearken back to the bad old days of pretending women were different from men so misogynists could pretend oppressing and controlling an entire sex was acceptable, we all see how needy many men are and how low their self esteem is.
    The good news is, it’s not too late for you poor, lonely needy manboys. Some women will happily enjoy men’s company if they are decent men. And there are plenty of decent men out there. Actual men. Not scared, hysterical manboys like the author.
    The thing is though, the notion that women need you – that died with the pill and when women forced men to give them the right to work. You no longer get to behave like sub humans. Or rather, you do, but you will live and die alone or surrounded by women exactly like yourself. You reap what you sow.
    Educate yourselves. Here are some simple rules for the manboy who is struggling and cannot find a woman to love him.
    1. Make no gender assumptions. They have all been debunked, comprehensively. If you still believe in male and female brains you are about 25 years behind on current scientific thinking. Male and female babies are treated differently from the second they are born. This accounts for nearly all thoroughly debunked gender differences. Even one outlier – and there are millions – immediately makes any gender assumptions pointless. These are facts. Accept them, move on.
    2. Accept and understand what feminism actually is. If you believe that women are not yet treated equally to men in society and you believe they should be you are a feminist. End of. There are angry feminists and amused ones, smart ones and dumb ones and they all bring their own personality to the mix. But that is all feminism means. Anything else is all in your head and tells us a great deal about the person doing the assuming.
    3. Make no generalisations about either sex. There are smart women, stupid women, women who will lie, women who don’t want children, women who are engineers, mathematicians, nurses, fry cooks, unemployed, killers, heroes and cowards. Just like men.. If we all woke up tomorrow and discovered women were just as physically strong as men, a lot of you would be getting a great big shock about those nonsensical ideals you have about women being naturally sweeter, softer and more nurturing – or the opposite.
    4. Understand that as a sex women have always fucked around. Just like men. Cultural and societal conditioning and brutal behaviour controls enforced by men over time – not coincidentally beginning around the same time our ancestors realised that when women fucked around their own sperm might not win the race to the egg – forced women to try to pretend otherwise. But women’s natural behaviours never changed. All they did was get good at hiding their true natures. A proportion of humanity will always lie to their partners, both male and female. Neither sex is naturally monogamous although both sex is capable of choosing monogamy if they want to. Those who try to pretend otherwise ignore these facts:
    -Sperm wars – why do sperm fight and kill one another? Because they have to if they want a chance at a fertilising an egg, because women have always slept around.
    -Books like Nancy Friday’s The Secret Garden (and hundreds more like it) – which men didn’t want to publish back in the 70’s because some men (like the author of this woeful, adolescent, poorly conceived diatribe) could not bear to know that women are just as lascivious as men in their desires and fantasies.
    -The fact that if a woman doesn’t want sex with her husband that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want sex – it just means she wants it with someone other than her husband.
    -The overwhelming evidence in paternity tests. Boy were there a lot of surprised men around when DNA testing became possible.
    – The thousands of nerve endings dedicated to nothing but pleasure around the clitoris.
    -Logic. If men are sleeping around who are they having sex with? Are there just one or two really really busy women and all the others sitting with their legs tightly crossed? Hardly.
    Freeing women up from the burden of unwanted pregnancy has allowed them to do what they always wanted to – have recreational sex. The fact that you are just now seeing this does not mean it is a new thing.
    5. If you feel tempted to say “women do (insert ridiculous generalisation here)” change the word to men. Now you see how nonsensical you are being. Generalisations about any group – including men or women – tell us a huge amount about you and nothing whatsoever about the group.
    What we are seeing is the slow stripping away of the fetters and chains a male dominated society placed upon women’s behaviours. As with all societal change the privileged do not want to give up their privileges. But just think manboys – when you stop pretending we are all so different, when you stop assigning debunked gender roles to women, you can stop beating and bashing and battering one another too. You can stop sending one another off to war. You can stop refusing one another paternity leave. You can stop pretending you don’t have feelings and emotions. You can stop half killing each other for the prize of “alpha” male which comes with alcoholism, suicide and depression. You can stop forcing each other to pretend to be something that you’re not at the same time you stop forcing women to pretend they are something they are not. What a relief it would be for you to just let it all go and be yourselves, whatever that self may be.
    And what we are left with is this – men and women, apart from a few basic physiological differences, are basically the same. The evidence is all around you, and most especially in this article the manboys are so heartily in agreement with – until the true meaning of it is pointed out.
    Some men want to stay home and raise children. Some women never want to have children. Even one outlier completely debunks any generalisation about either sex. Be honest with one another. lots of women just want casual sex too, now that they are not being abused and punished so relentlessly for admitting this. Think of the fun you can all have when you stop trying to control women.
    By the way, if you state that women do not enjoy and are not entitled to recreational sex what you are actually saying is this: “I suffer from sexual dysfunction myself and don’t like admitting that and hate the thought that millions of other women are out there doing what comes naturally” or “I want women to remain in the gender roles I have assigned for them and anything else makes me uncomfortable” or “I am a very poor sexual lover and can’t make women orgasm so I will blame them for my failings” or “insert other sad excuse here”.
    And by the way, another myth is how hard the female orgasm is to come by. Yet another myth perpetuated by men and internalised by some women. Female orgasms are easy, they take a tiny bit of practice and some mechanical skill. Tongues and fingers work beautifully. You do not need flowers or candlelight or any of that stuff. You just need friction on the clitoris. You could be reading war and peace and still have a cracking orgasm with a little tongue action. And many of us get to have multiple ones all in a row. No wonder manboys are so jealous 😀
    To sum up – treat all human beings you meet with the same respect. Do not expect or ask for specific behaviours from anyone based on their sex. Make no assumptions about anybody based on their sex. The way you behave will attract the same sort of people and behaviours. If you want monogamy in a woman, be monogamous. If you want kindness, be kind. If you want love, be loving.
    Or continue to froth, rant rave and shriek your desperate and lonely hysteria at the world and die alone or surrounded by the kind of women you deserve. Your choice.
    Life is good. And since I have covered everything, and the rantings of the manboys is getting repetitive (though still very funny). I am out of here.
    I’m sorry manboys – as a sex women are going to keep on doing what they want, when they want, if they want. Your permission is neither requested nor required 🙂
    Good luck. Some of you are really going to need it 😀

    1. The thing is. You don’t really “disprove” many of the red pill points. “Women will do what they want when they want. Women want recreational sex” = women are hypergamous and solipsistic. The point of the red pill (in part) is to alert men to this part of female nature.

    2. There are *distinct* gender differences as they should be and denying them ignores biology and basic science; Feminism is blithe wish fulfillment where everything is equal and just for everyone.
      Tell you what, put on a helmet, plate, vest, basic ammo load, and basic combat load and start the road march and see how long you last; women *are* different physically, mentally, and emotionally and have no place as 11B’s in the Infantry, the Ranger Regiment, or as 18 series in SF Units, much less imagining they can be as strong as men and adapt to combat roles the way men do.
      As far as how men and women process cognitively, there’s a very funny
      video on that here: It’s a matter of Segmented vs Gestalt mental processing. Clue: it’s how we’re wired differently
      Let’s be honest, Feminism has abased men in society and made them the very manboy you mock – it’s emasculated them – and that is what RoK and too damned few other are in the trenches fighting against.
      We don’t care if a woman wants to be a slut or Lady Macbeth – it’s just that we won’t marry them until they can act properly.

  100. 1. Move the cash
    2. Film her or audiorecord her confession
    3. When you serve her with papers, give her take it or leave it terms – tell her that you will go nuclear unless she agrees and will sue for sole custody + allege abuse
    4. Make sure that you stay in the same house as your kids – that will be key for your custody chances

  101. Dude, I’m sorry. I have heard similar stories so many times that I now assume we all know they truth, at least all men with half a brain.
    I have to say, though, you need to get out. This is a horribly unhappy situation for you. There is no fixing it. And she is not worth the heartache.
    So, you need to get a plan. An airtight plan. It will not entirely eliminate the loss of money and assets that you will experience, but it will help take some of the edge off. It will also help you keep your mind focused. Because you will be taking action, it will help you feel better (at least somewhat). Ultimately, when you see your plan put into force, it will give you not just the sweet taste of revenge, but the satisfaction of a job well done.
    I have had to use my own plan, so I can provide a few possibly helpful but general pointers:
    1) Let her think that everything she is doing is fine with you. “I have made my peace with it.” But DO NOT PUT THAT IN WRITING, EVER. Just tell her this verbally, and repeatedly.
    2) Stop using e-mail or text with her, except to bait her into confessions. See if you can get her to write to you in an e-mail that she has been fucking other men for 3 years and wants an open relationship. It could be like, “Baby, I am feeling weak and I need you to help me. Can you please tell me again why you have been having sex with other men for 3 years and now want a sexually open relationship?”
    3) Generally, get her to incriminate herself as much as possible.
    4) Tell her verbally that you want to at least know that she is safe when screwing other men. Buy a small condo/apartment. Not an expensive one, but nice enough that you think you can sell her on using it to fuck other men in. Encourage her to make herself comfortable there, take some stuff there, help her set up. In order not to raise her suspicion, tell her you’d like to use it also for your side of the open relationship. So, make a fake verbal plan about how that will be coordinated so that nobody gets “embarrassed.” But don’t ever use it. Just make her think you are doing this for both of you. Let some months go by and you’ll find she is there a fair amount, especially on weekends.
    5) Stash away some cash. I mean real paper currency. Find a way to take it out that is not suspicious. This will take several months to do effectively.
    Those are all the general things I can advise. You need to immediately get an attorney. This will require some shopping around. You need one that will be hard and mean. Any attorney that advises you to file for divorce now, without a plan, you should not hire. Often times, the best attorneys for this type of job are women.
    Also, and this is really important, meet with all the attorneys in your general area that are known for doing good work for women in divorce. Once you have had an initiall meeting with them, they are locked up with you in attorney-client privilege; even just for a initial “consultation.” Thus, your wife cannot hire them. You want her to have to either hire a shitty attorney that is close, or to find a good one, go a ways away, so it is inconvenient for her.
    You might need a second attorney if you have a successful business. You want to lock up as much of that business as you can so that it is untouchable. Even if that means giving up some cash to the bitch in the divorce, because your business will be your future lifeblood. Consider a trust, leaving it to your children, and under your management.
    The way I see this going down, in general terms, is that your “wife” incriminates herself to such an extent, that there is at least a scary risk that she would lose custody of the children in a court. You don’t have to be sure that you will win on that point, all you need is for her attorney to tell her that her behavior, which you can prove, opens up that possibility. The cheating is one part of that; cheating with multiple men helps turbo charge that. But what will really knock this out of the ball park will be if she starts spending parts or all of weekends in the apartment with her fuck buddies. You need to document that somehow, per your attorneys advice. This will show that she has abandoned the kids to your exclusive care on many or most weekends. To make that work, you need to forget about fucking around for a while. You need to have all the appearances of virtue and make it appear that you put your kids above your sex life and everything else.
    Since your wife will already be spending a lot of time in the apartment, that should be her new home after the divorce. Tell your attorney that is your objective. You keep the house you are in now, and the kids, she goes to the apartment and only has some visitation rights with the kids.
    Get some dirt on the men she is fucking. Hopefully, there are one or more of them with some bad things in their past or present. Criminal record, drug use, domestic violence, etc. What you want to be able to say is that your wife will expose your kids to these types of men, so you need to keep custody of them in order to protect them from these bad elements “my wife prefers.”
    A good attorney can really help fill out this plan.
    It’s hard now. You will have to bite the bullet and do without sex for a while. You will have to be super focused and keep your pain to yourself. But, put your plan together and execute it over about a year’s time, then you will be able to see the fruits of your labor and payback for your pain.
    I wish you Godspeed amigo.

  102. “Like a newly unearthed sleeping neanderthal, I’m having my fan, but it’s out of necessity, not by choice.”
    Necessity? You do something out of necessity and call it fun? That’s hamster rational.
    You are one henpecked husband if there ever was one. She will lose whatever respect she has for you if you proceed down this destructive path.

  103. In January 2010, after being Injured on Duty in Afghanistan, I was MEDEVAC back to to States, hobbled through the door on crutches into the kitchen to give my wife a kiss only to be greeted with an open hand in my face and her hissing ‘I want a divorce’.
    Welcome home, dear. ;
    During the divorce, I found out she had an emotional affair with a former Elder of our church and on reflection, I suspect she had other affairs while I was deployed on and off from 2004 to 2010 and her asking for a divorce was a pre-emptive strike.
    As Kaiden says, don’t screw other women even after you’ve found out about her affairs; I did and I quickly became the Bad Guy in the divorce and the judge put the blame on me, not her.
    Do the counseling, seek resolution and only divorce if she’s not repentant and committed to resolution. Divorce sucks, God hates it, and it wrecks the lives of everyone involved; it’s like putting your whole family into a phone booth and
    setting off a frag.
    Sadly, sometimes it’s the only way to go on with your life. 🙁

    1. Screw that. If you’re going to bring scriptures into it then I’d kick the bitch to the curb on “sexual immorality” grounds. God does hate it but I’ve always wondered, why is sexual immorality outlined as a reason in the bible then?

      1. There is a difference between once-is-a-mistake and habitual abuse of the marriage bed; let’s be serious, if a someone is always screwing around and acting like they’re single, then they should be.
        If they made a mistake, then that’s a symptom not the root cause and sincere efforts should be made to fix that – if everyone is honest and willing – and only then separation, not divorce, should be considered except where major physical abuse is involved. (If someone is getting beaten, it’s time to get out of dodge and that includes men who are physically abused – an article I’d love to see discussed on RoK)
        The whole discussion of the use of the phrase “sexual immorality” as a cause for divorce sparks a *very* deep – and sometimes harsh –
        discussion in hermeneutics.

  104. If you divorce your wife on the grounds of adultery…do you still have to give her half your dough?

    1. If it’s in the US with no fault divorce then….yes.
      In most legal matters, if you simply determine what would be best for the women in all cases, that’s usually how our law rules.

  105. If a woman is in a relationship (any type) for longer than 6 months, she is looking. I have used that philosophy all of my life – and it’s proven itself again and again. So when a woman tells me, “I’m married.” or “I have a BF”, I ask how long – if the answer is longer than six months, she’s just telling you that she wants to be careful not to jeopardize a good thing she has going. But I have never had it be a major obstacle…
    Assume all women are sluts – they just don’t want it to be well known, nor advertized. That BF or Hubby helps when she turns up preggos… Use it, and enjoy it… But never marry it… Unless you are a masochist…

  106. Start up a new bank account and start siphoning money you have into it, before you get screwed over even more.

  107. what he fuck bro this it hard to believe. all the dudes are getting played. My ask are all your buddies African American do you find this to be a problem in that community. This article is should not be on ROK its pathetic.

  108. “Good Girls” don’t exist, it’s a facade. It is part of their nature to be deceptive and treacherous. Good girls? I don’t know any, I looked and couldn’t find a single one anywhere.
    Men are conditioned to believe their women have gone rogue, that we actually drove them to that point of depravity. Men will always take the blame for their behavior, society dictates we must. That is what the red pill awakens us to… the true nature of women and their inherent sluttery.
    There are only “bad girls”, whether she is your bad girl or another mans or several men for that matter. Nothing women do can surprise me ever again, no story can be told that will ever catch me off guard regarding them. Oddly enough all the stories start to sound so similar after awhile don’t they? Did all these men just happen to be dating the same women? Did they all marry the same girl? Guess again.
    That girl you pined away all those years for? The one you thought was a special snowflake, so certain she was the one. She wasn’t that one in a million, no she was just one of a million. The girl who was so chaste you put her on a pedestal? The reality is that she is just another freak on a leash, it was all in your mind how good she was.
    Good girls are bad girls pretending not to be the whore you knew in high school or college, at work, at the gym… of the world.
    They can and do deceive for years, they are capable of playing the role for decades. However it all comes crashing down, it’s not a question of if, just when. It will happen, and then you finally realize they really are all just the same.
    It’s not an isolated incident with this one girl you knew, you see everybody knows a girl or five like that. Once you add up all the girls we know like that, the numbers no longer support the existence of any good girls.

  109. Bottom line is most american women are good for sport fucking. It’s a mistake to marry these hoes and here is why. Women have sex (sub-consciously) for two main reasons, first to obtain children by a male with superior genetics, ie., tall dark and handsome. (Even if using birth control these motivations are on a sub conscious primal DNA level) These guys are labeled bad boys, not necessarily because they are evil, but because they won’t settle down with just one female due to so many women are giving up the coochie easily without much effort on his part. He treats her badly, has other women and she will still fuck him every time. The second motivation women have sex is for support (Here is where you nice guys come in) financially, emotionally, attention, etc. So a guy who is a good man, a provider, good father and husband only satisfies one half of her sexual motivations. She will time and time again have sex with the boy toy who gives her nothing more than hard dick. Having both these men, the Good Husband Father Provider and The Bad Boy Sex Toy is the best of both worlds. 21st century women want it all and many are having their cake and eating it to.
    My advice, if you’re the Bad boy all the women want to have sex with you’re a lucky man and keep it pimpin’ pimpin’. Never give in to these hoes. If you’re a good man you don’t have to change who you are just stop giving to these hoes. Treat ‘me like the horse with the carrot dangling in front of them. Let ’em see the wealth but never give it to them because as soon as you do, you’ll be home jerking off while Dexter St. Jock is doing crazy shit to your wife that if you could see would scar you for life!

  110. I may tell my story soon. But it feels a little validating to know I’m not alone.

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  112. Do not forgive her because in the end she will not respect you for it! Divorce her, move away from her, see her for the whore that she is. Face the reality of the situation. Yes, it hurts but time does heal and in the end you will be thanking yourself and your God that you got rid of her. She does not deserve an honest, hardworking guy like you and you do not deserve to be with a women of such low moral calibre. Preserve your dignity, your pride, your manhood. Get rid of her!. Now!

  113. My friends husband was having affairs, he sold the house from under her and their children, by pretending they were going to but a new one…he put her and their kids in a rental, and moved in with his new girlfriend…after 20 years together. I too, can give alot if examples of friends being cheated on by their husbands, it seemed like a chain reaction, as soon as the men turned 40.

  114. Is the spirit truly free if the spirit is broken? Native American Culture speaks very little of adultery. But instilled with importance of honroing

  115. Is the spirit truly free if the spirit is broken when deciding to be free? Native American Culture speaks very little of adultery. But our effort to honor this path means one may want to be free, but will not have their riding partner or anyone to unleash the need. David Prieto Cahuilla Indian Tribe

  116. 50% of marriages remain in tact thru life, until death. So, honor is alive and well and really has not changed.
    What has changed is the openness of affairs, which can be observed more readily because of technology. So, men and women still cheat at about the same rate as in the 1950s, except now we see more of it exposed.
    I feel sad for those who become victims of the unfaithful. Infidelity is the hardest on the kids, and it is because of the hedonism practiced by the parents. Pure selfishness.

  117. So … I’m a man.
    I grew up with a bunch of females. My entire lineage consists of way more women then men. I’m the baby of the family though. And all the women in my life have spoiled me … rotten. I don’t know what type of women/girlfriends/wives you had in your life, but obviously, you all had shitty ones to the point where you can’t respect anyone other than your own selfish ass.
    Yes, I agree with many on here about women straying at 30-40. I don’t believe in marriage either. And you’re damn right I’d do the whole moving assets thing. In fact, I don’t believe in joint accounts or anything. I believe in having separate everything, and all of that. The only thing we’d have together is the children. I wouldn’t even want her to move into my place because then she could claim domestic partner status.
    However, after reading these comments, I’m actually embarrassed for all of you. “You can either be feared or loved” bullshit. Being feared isn’t being respected. Being feared doesn’t get you anywhere in the end, because when sh!t finally hits the fan, you realize how pathetic you really are. You may think they respect you, but when your back is turned, they are plotting their revenge and secretly talking crap about you.
    All of you “real men” seriously need to get a proper education and learn a little something about the human mind and psychology.
    And I’m saying this because the majority of you, clearly, beat your women. It’s just so obvious from what most of you write. And it’s weak. It’s sad how you feel that in order to be superior to others, you have to attack them. And even if you try to subdue a woman, she’ll still stray. She’ll just be more careful about going about it. And the first man who helps her get out of the situation she’s in, she’ll take it. It isn’t difficult for a woman to sway a police cop who can then really seriously fuck your life over. That is if you are lucky enough for her not to call the cops on your ass and land yourself in prison, then being submissive to those behind bars. Then Karma is a real bitch.
    And if you have children who witness your behaviour or understand your logic, all you do is create a horrible cycle for a new generation of girls. They grow up either thinking it’s OK to be mistreated by men … or that in order to survive they need to be ruthless. So, in turn, by treating your women like shit, these girls grow up realizing that they need to be more devious and conniving in order to make it, to get what they want. Times are changing, and all these girls need to do is band together and claim assault and you’re in a shit load of trouble.
    There is one guy specifically on here, who just kept talking about making sure his woman was submissive. You really think boy children even admire that. Some may be stupid enough to follow in your footsteps, but those are the ones without a brain and follow the herd like the spineless sheep that they are. The REAL men actually acknowledge what a damn pussy you are that you have to try control women to get what you want because you know that without that control, they would run. Far and fast. Behind every bully is a coward. It isn’t that women don’t just necessarily want to be with you, and that they just want to look for their fun — the problem is actually BOTH OF YOU. Everyone likes to blame others. Maybe if you’d satisfy her properly, she wouldn’t need to stray. Ever think about that? How about shifting the blame? Obviously that is not the answer, so you can’t just say the woman wants her cake and to eat it to. There’s obviously an issue in the relationship that you aren’t getting. For many, it’s “my way or the high way” and you can have all the money and assets in the world, still isn’t going to do much when you are 70 years old, living paradise, PAYING people to take care of you because no one actually wants to do it. HAHA.
    To the guy who wrote about going to the islands and fucking girls senseless and having young ladies bring you drinks — that’s a job, fool. They are using their body and beauty against you. So no matter how superior YOU ALL think you are to women, as long as your penis gets up by them, THEY WILL ALWAYS CONTROL YOU. All it takes is the right woman. Or better yet, the right woman with a family of men whom ACTUALLY RESPECT THE FEMALE SPECIES, to plot against you and take you down.
    Men. Women. Human beings are human beings. Learn something about the mind and personality in general before going around making your stupid comments and assumptions. 95% of you commentors on this site are an embarrassment. I feel so sorry for you.
    If you haven’t realized how unhappy you really truly are with your life, you will when you get older and you need to keep having different women at your side, because none of them ever want to stay with you.
    Oh and to the guy who talked about his father chasing him around the yard at 14, and even beating his mother. It’s a shame you don’t really see that as bad. There’s a difference between disciplining and just being an ass. I’m sure deep down inside, you are still that scared little boy who’d run away from him. And if he’s dead, you’re damn right your mother probably cried in JOY when he died. If he was beating her, she was using him as nothing more than a bank account and a way to live. He may have “kept her in line” but at the end of the day, a women like that still gets what she wants.

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  122. Nothing to add. If you manage to escape with your finances intact, let this be your lesson about marriage.

  123. the reality is always cruel. i caught my pigwife!! for all guys: if you are unable to see your wife’s facebook page visit this is the most simple way to do this and not illegal.

  124. When women cheat, they are also more likely to view their infidelity as a symptom of the problems in their relationship. When a woman does have a one night stand, it tends to be with someone who is more attractive and fit than her husband. My advice – do reasearch for cheating wives in your area have registered on websites. I found my wife in similar site. Fortunately there are plenty of tools available to save you time. For facebook, if you are not friend with your wife you can use and keeping some things from her. Thrust never !!

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  126. Brother,
    I had the same problem with my girlfriend left me and fu**ed me up totally, infact humiliated me. You said you are American African, I highly recommend you to pray to African Mythology Goddess Oshun and God Shango. Goddess Oshun got me retribution very quickly from my ex girlfriend. You can read more about her here.
    To pray to Goddess Oshun best way is to imagine the moon and pray to the moon. Bro and all bros, this is not a joke or neither I am making anything up. I feel your pain and Ive been through the worst as well but Goddess did get me retribution from my ex gf, infact I never expected that.
    Also if your european bro reading this and went through the same, I recommend to Pray to Goddess Hecate (Greek Goddess of Night), Google Hecate, again pray using same method, pray to the moon.
    They are all one Goddess eventually related to the moon so when you pray to the moon, you are basically praying to all Goddesses at once.
    If you are bro from some other culture remember every culture had a Goddess. Just google your culture name with mythology. Eg “African Mythology Goddess”, or “Mexican Mythology Goddess” etc.
    Believe me Women are scared of the Goddess. If you are not convinced I can’t say anymore, I can only show you the tool that worked for me and now its your turn to experiment with it if you wish.

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