6 Things That Have Drastically Improved My Life

To hack through life and find a solid and somewhat holistic lifestyle is not exactly rocket science. Many components of such a lifestyle are also things that can be generalized and thus be shared by many men.

Over the last 10 years or so I have followed a particular path in life, something that even was partly formed during my earlier years but has been solidified over time. With slight modifications and temporary transgressions or deviations, of course, but mainly on the same route.

What I realized is that it is much more difficult to follow a plan than it is to merely make it. I will briefly explain my path’s main parts and some of the important details that can be valuable. I will also show how these elements are largely inter-related and put together constitute a holistic approach.

1. Education and self-education

For good reasons, one has to be skeptical about contemporary education in Western societies and I do really respect those who are into more physically demanding and risky occupations (as a student I have actually worked with some of these types of jobs). For a European like myself, this aspect might be somewhat more beneficial in terms of funding but a reasonable degree of sound skepticism is good to maintain.

Irrespective of that, higher education has actually helped me a lot in terms of personal development, work and increased disposable income. To write a thesis of 100 pages or more – even if someone might not call arts real science, which I by the way largely agree with – takes a lot of effort, and needless to say some jobs which require a particular academic background will pay off.

However, I would definitely not be as knowledgeable as I am today without broad and deep autodidactism, i.e. self-learning and self-education. If one misses too many valuable perspectives within the confines of general education, one’s own interests and tips from other people can complement and guide one into other directions.

As of today I can easily go from holy scriptures to genetics studies and I have both regular education and self-education to thank for that. If higher education is not an option, then continuous self-education is the way to go in this respect.

2. Fitness lifestyle

I do not know at exactly which point I decided to get into fitness, but like most people I started to work out rather early, after doing sports during adolescence. The difference is that I took Aristotle’s, oft-repeated words, seriously:

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Hence I started to work out regularly at about 20 and about 10 years later I was good enough to compete in fitness. Had I not partaken in so many bacchanalia I might have tried that earlier.

Typically, it will take me about 6-12 weeks to hit 5% of body fat. After a cynical cost-benefit analysis I have decided to not take these competitions too seriously. Partly because many, unlike myself, compete with the help from steroids, but the diets have definitely had positive spill-over effects, not just for health and physical aesthetics but for game and general well-being.

When I drop below 10% my confidence will get a significant boost and I do not care if I get rejected. Both the inner and outer game benefit in a positive feedback loop relationship. My worst periods of life have been when I have had more body fat, like 15-20%, whereas my best have been when I am in great shape.

Fitness is not black or white and one can find a more balanced position, but let’s say 8-15% of body fat and a relatively muscular natural bodybuilding physique are definitely beneficial for aspiring males. The ROI is generally high, as I see it, as long as one does not become socially isolated due to gym addiction. Pay attention to what girls do, not what they say (generally). And they do love muscles and a ripped body, which scientists such as David Buss and Cindy Meston have confirmed in their research.

3. Work

One’s workplace can be toxic and it is wise to avoid its many pitfalls. However, to work is indeed something positive for social interaction, routine, and one’s ability to obtain disposable extra income. It might seem as to state the obvious, which it is, but sometimes one has to do that in order to get things straight.

Moreover, if one looks at work in a somewhat larger framework, it includes a whole plethora of different tasks, such as to read and write, as well as those physical occupations that I have had in my teens and as a university student. All of them have been beneficial for my well-being and they have also led to other positive outcomes.

4. Fashion

Such as to be able to buy clothes. Even with a more minimalist-akin approach, nice pants, shoes, shirts, and jackets will not pop up from nowhere. One needs disposable income.

Fashion has changed my life, and I am not even that much into fashion. The point is that good grooming is what separates people in current times. The guy with an ugly pair of pants will not be respected, especially not by the opposite, very judgmental sex.

A blend of traditional and conventional masculine fashion and some metrosexual elements have been quite beneficial throughout many parts of my life. But only as long as it is attributed by a good physique, confidence and game. Fashion and appearance as isolated factors are not enough.

5. Travel

I am a rooted, not rootless cosmopolitan, who enjoys to partake in what other cultures and locations have to offer. Culture, history, adventures, girls – one thing does not exclude another, even though different trips imply different priorities.

To travel, more or less, can be regarded as a goal in itself, and is one of the major benefits from globalization. I think to travel is something that is valuable throughout most phases of a lifetime, but as a younger person it is most optimal to do it if one already has disposable money, well-defined muscles, a sense of fashion – and game.

Needless to say, traveling comes with both pros and cons, but overall the former outcompetes the latter.

6. Learning game

Many of the things that I have mentioned so far are directly or indirectly related to game. But to be aware of game has been as important as its conventional underlying components, mentioned above.

Like many other I started with Neil Strauss’ book and later some other writers, as well as to observe successful people in my social circles. I have mostly used common sense approaches for normal people.

Anyway, what has made me so appreciative of this element of modern male existence, is that whenever I look back at my life, I come to understand that game is required for action to take place. Even as a 12-year-old I used game when I was brave enough to kiss a girl for the first time. Whenever I have been shy and introvert, I have only had my hand at my disposal. Hence when one steps out of solid game, it is game over, but if one learns it to some significant extent, life will likely improve.

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102 thoughts on “6 Things That Have Drastically Improved My Life”

  1. After years of reading ROK, yesterday finally I started weightlifting seriously. Great decision taken.

      1. That was my problem: I lifted for one month, an then, stopped due to boredom. But this time is definitive. There are HUGE dividends to lifting.

        1. All your life, my friend, all your life. Bone density and muscle tone and good brown fat … the list of benefits of resistance training is nearly endless…
          I once ran into a 67-yr-old in the gym who lifted more than I did. I started talking to him. He said, “Never stop lifting. Never ever stop.”

        2. BS-I’m 65 and lift 4-5 times a week. Hard. Out of breath hard. In excellent health and my joints are fine.

        3. I am in my mid 40’s. You have to be careful in the cardiovascular. Running especially. Swimming, vertical hiking, or biking is not so bad.
          Really, since I got back into weightlifting my joints felt better. I think it is because the muscle tone holds your bones in position better.

        4. Total Bullshit! I’ve known many people in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s over the years in the gym… They dedicated their lives to fitness and they could all run circles around most 20 year old punks! Need proof? Just look at guys like Robbie Robinson…

        5. True. You younger men, stay with it ! Layer your body with muscle from your ankles to your ears and be sure to continue into your older years. I’m 64 and people tell me I look 50 – 51. Stay hungry. There is always a new, good exercise you can pursue and additional positive goals to achieve. Good luck !

        6. I quit that running crap in my late 20s-my knees were making a crinkling sound. I used to mountain bike ride a lot in CO but now here in TX, it’s a long swim once a week.
          It’s funny how running doesn’t bother some.

        7. I would swim more, but it is a half day affair by the time you round up the kids and get it all sorted out.

    1. I know this sucks to hear, but squats will help every other workout. If you want shoulders, arms, and chest… Work all those, but definitely hit the legs. You’ll notice the difference in your growth hormone and testosterone boost.

    2. Prioritize the big five compound movements.
      Bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press and front row. Throw in body weight stuff like push ups and pull ups now and then and you’re good to go.
      Bask in the obvious improvement in physical prowess, mental strength and increased confidence after reasonable time.

    3. Look after your rotar cuffs. This dude on youtube has some good vids on how to look after your shoulders so you dont fuck them out. Wish i got on this earlier, now i just have to deal with the pain.

  2. Wonderful urban approach. Now get you some rural land-cheap-and some guns and get in touch with some primal masculine energies anchored in nature.

    1. Blowing bits of metal out of an explosive tube isn’t anchored in nature. But fishing, running, and wrestling definitely are.

  3. To help you guys out with fashion, in a couple of weeks will be the best time to completely redo your wardrobe. Depending on where you live, if there’s a Dillards or Macy’s in your area, around the end of January into February they do massive clearance sales. I’ve bought high-end name-brand $80 pants and $70 button-up shirts for $10.
    You can look like a million bucks on only a couple hundred if you know when to shop. Never ever buy on Black Friday. Those are not good deals. Stores will usually jack up the price and put on those big red sale signs, but they’re still not that great of deals anyways.
    But like I said, around February the big stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s will have 60% off plus an additional 60% off clearance sales on very good clothes. Why spend $70 on one shirt when you can get 7 of them?

        1. Kenneth Cole for the win, always and forever. The man has a direct line into my brain. He can see the shoes that I’ve always wanted to be designed. They’re not expensive but so what.

        2. Looks like you’ve put your shoe trees in wrong, judging by the distortion of your shoes at the heals.

        3. After I posted that pic I was patiently waiting for someone to comment about that distortion LOL
          I’m not sure why they’re distorted like that, probably because I’m flat footed and a severe pronator.

        4. No worries — not hacking on you, just trying to point out something potentially helpful. You should consider custom-made orthotics.

      1. This. My boss gave me a pair of brand new dress shoes. If you watch a woman check out a man, she always looks at the shoes.

        1. Doc Marten’s are really comfortable, I could give a rat’s ass what a woman thinks

        2. I always see women checking me out looking at my stomach, then their eyes wonder around my chest area.

        3. EVERYTHING follows the shoes!
          You can tell a man by three things, his shoes, his car, his woman.

        4. When you meet a man, you have no idea what he drives or what his woman looks like. I always said men mainly need 2 nice things. .. a nice watch and a nice pair of shoes.

    1. Outlet malls are a great resource as well.
      My husband found two Ralph Lauren polo shirts for only $100 at the closest outlet mall to our home. There’s also an excellent Tommy Hilfiger store there.

    2. Some cheap bastard tips on fashion:
      – Button downs with the double-fold style of rolled sleeve (unbutton, fold back, then fold once more) look as good as polos in the summer
      – You only need a couple pairs of slacks and jeans if they look good
      – Stay fit through proper diet and lifting to keep from needing to swap out clothing
      – Sturdy blue button downs make great and fashionable work shirts
      – A good pair of black boots can be maintained as a dress shoe even after spending some quality time in the country if you clean and shine ’em (or, for the cowboy look, clean and shine semi-regularly and let some dirt build up on there)
      – A good leather jacket changes everything and lasts nigh-on forever
      – A decent iron or steamer makes all the difference. Even “wrinkle-proof” clothes need it from time to time.
      – Collar stays exist for polos and dress shirts. Use ’em. Nobody likes bacon-curl.
      In college, I spent a couple of years as the sharpest-dressed man on campus with only two pairs of khaki’s, a dozen button-downs, a leather jacket, three ties, and a good pair of leather shoes (which I maintained). Startup cost for all of it was maybe $400 (hitting deals wherever I could), but I still have all of that in my closet today.

    3. Stop giving away the secrets. I stockpile every year on clothes thanks to Jan/feb sales

    4. I recommend therealreal.com
      Consignment at nearly 70% off all items – all designer

  4. So you went to college, lift weights, work for a living, dress well, travel, and know game. Do you have anything specific, useful, or interesting to say?
    This article is all filler and no content.

    1. General and specific. I have already written about South Korea and Japan. Specific regarding travel. I intend to write more about that in Europe and Taiwan. As for many of the other components, this site already has fitness writers who write about details.
      Still I think this post is very important. So many guys who lack one or several.

  5. I gave up working and moved out of the west. That drastically improved my life, no white women to bother me.

      1. Moved to Thailand and the Philippines, living on my pension (gave up work at age 45) and a few $$$s savings.

        1. How much do you need saved up or monthly to live on there? What will you do about health care?
          Teach me.

        2. $1000 a month to survive, $1500 a month to live well.
          I don’t worry about health care, minor treatment is cheap, long term illness I accept death.
          Broke my upper jaw 6 months ago, mountain biking, upper teeth set and splinted, two teeth rebuilt, about 5 dental visits cost about $200. Night in hospital including treatment is around $40.

        3. Pretend you’re a refugee from Syria and you might get it for free before Trump is inaugurated.

  6. I have noticed that when seeing a female from my past, the chances of me getting laid are proportional to the amount of weights I’ve been lifting. I could have just received my first publishing deal, but if I was a bit on the softer side I’d get the “I’m not that kind of girl” treatment. Show up six months later, ripped and toned and suddenly the pants are off.

    1. I’ve noticed that when I see a female less than 1/2 my age, the chances of getting laid depend on if I have $30 in my pocket.

  7. 1/ Get out of Debt
    2/ Become more self reliant
    3/ Start not giving a crap about what women think.
    4/ Get a variety of income producing assets behind you.
    5/ Travel to countries where Western men are appreciated and keep travelling back to your favourites.
    6/ Get some enjoyable hobbies and pursuits.

    1. 1. Getting out of debt, just makes it easier for your wife to asset strip you. If you have a 95% home loan, it isn’t worth her while taking the home from you. I wish I had been in debt when I were divorced by my first wife. Now my second wife really needs me to make the house repayments.
      3. done that, don’t give a damn what my wife, girlfriend and the hookers I see think of me.
      5. Philippines, booze and young hookers are really cheap.
      Thailand, accommodation and food is really cheap. And the mountain biking is unreal!
      6. Mountain biking rules, I’m out in the jungle every day.

      1. Second wife? Didn’t having one in the first place teach you anything? Guess what the second wife would do after the house is paid off…

        1. First one taught me not to marry a woman who has access to the legal system in the west.
          I’ll be 85 when the current house is paid off, second wife can do what she likes With it, doubt I’ll be around to care much. My name isn’t on the loan or deed.

    2. “Travel to countries where Western men are appreciated and keep travelling back to your favourites.”
      Partly agree. But I don’t think that one should limit oneself throughout life. For instance, Scotland has nothing or very little to do with game. Still it was great. Same with for example Sri Lanka, Namibia and other nature-oriented locations.
      However, between the ages of 20-35, some of the more extensive trips should be focused on the most optimal places for game.
      “Get some enjoyable hobbies and pursuits” This is indeed not very specific. The thing about fitness as a specific main hobby/interest is the high ROI and inter-relationship with game.

      1. Scotland is not great. I used to live in Glasgow, rained every bloody day, and colder than the 7th ring of hell.

    3. Just to add to these points
      1/ By getting out of debt it gives piece of mind – loss your job makes it easier to survive on savings, Boss giving you a hard time who cares find another even if it means lower pay and still survive – get the picture.
      5/ Travelling is sensational full stop – what I mean by my original comment is most guys living in Western Countries know how bad western women have become so travel to a country where you will be appreciated you will come back far more relaxed and happier.
      6/ For the guy who made comment for specifics about hobbies / pursuits this is a personal thing some guys like dirt bike riding others like fishing.

    1. True. One can of course add other things on lists. I see this as the main pieces of the life puzzle and I have given it much thought.
      With regard to your point I never seeked approval when I travelled the world as a 21-year old (31 now) or read the books and articles that I were interested in. I just went there and did it, alone.
      Ps. As much as to travel with friends is great, to go alone is more awesome. Egoistic yes, but in a good way. When you lay in your hotel with a hot chick (or at her place for that matter), you don’t have to worry about if your male compadre scored or not.

      1. Solo travel is actually the best way to do it. My last trip was to Spain by myself, hit up Barcelona, Madrid, and Sevilla. You’ll always meet tons of people out there to hang out with. Go wherever you want, anytime you want, doing whatever you want, without worrying about what your friends want to do. Solo travel is indeed awesome.

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        2. Be wary of the fallacy that simply by traveling to another place you will become a better person. In order to enjoy the adventure of travel ensure that you are diligent in improving you lifestyle and working to build skills. This foundation will make life easier especially once you are immersed in a foreign culture, different language, etc.

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  8. My comment has been detected as spam-no idea why. Anyway, I would add leaving a terrible relationship. This is not the same as getting through life’s hurdles with somebody you are compatible with, this is about getting out of a relationship that is harming your soul. It is a blue pill myth that divorce is hard; this is designed to keep people in their place. It may not be easy but the main emotion people feel is relief as things have been going to hell for ages. Wouldn’t want that getting out though, would they? It’s wrong that people -especially men- lose out financially but pragmatism dictates that it is better to be free in a shack than at war in a mansion. Sometimes it is better to take a short term hit for longterm freedom. It’s tragic how many people waste their energies trying to make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear no doubt aided by the nauseating marriage counsellor business most of which are blue-pilled to the core.

  9. You’re spot on about the autodidactism. When you can teach yourself, it follows that you can teach others. A self educated and self taught person automatically becomes a great teacher because they can explain with anecdotes the train of logic by which they assembled their body of knowledge. Autodidactive people are conscientiously self taught whereas robots and dancing monkeys are ‘trained’. A trained teacher or instructor regurgitates and teaches subjects to regurgitate likewise. A shitlib professor is an adult child who was trained themself to drink piss and think in the box and thus they can only teach students to drink the same piss and think in the same box. The lowest brainwave state imbecils teaching shitlibbery on campuses have a square blockhead with a square ‘in the box’ graduation cap and the boxheads also consume the max amount of mind numbing kosher pharma brain tenderizing pharmaco agents. Their ritalin wiped zombie students too follow suit. Like teacher like student. Bunch of SJW regurgitator shits. Shitlib colleges now churn out droves of non indipendent thinking hyped up medicated SJW zombies for hire by the state.
    Avoid the boxhead pharmaco zombie program and make efforts to break out of the farm and teach yourself everything. Only a codependent mind accepts being spoon fed a bunch of trough slop ‘box’ knowledge. You break away and discover many keys to universal wisdom and knowledge when you exit the induced mobthink of the cathedral. When you innovate, discover or invent something new, you likewise posess the ‘key’ to the solution. You have ‘keyless’ entry into the field, somewhat like a locksmith. You don’t have to wait for someone with the ‘keys’ to come and let you in. In sciences a whole plethora of insights opens up when you autodidactively discover a key or two.
    In game, if you’re a self taught locksmith and you’ve discovered the’key’ to pussy, then please be respectful. Practice conservation of the scarce virgin resource and be safe. Ho’s are for practice. Leave it to the patriarch daddies to bust the virgins in right and seed the west. A library ho – you can check her out instead. Plenty of those.
    I remember back in the day when I was trying to figure the ‘key’ and cheat codes for pussy. Non red pill friends would tell me advice like “get what you can get” and “pussy is pussy – It don’t matter if she’s green or purple, pussy is pussy. We’re all the human race.” Okay. It’s your dipstick. But if anyone ever comes across a ‘green’ pussy, then buddy you had better put on at least THREE rubbers. Sheesh. GREEN pussy?
    Saint Patrick’s day is not too distant, but that’s as close to a ‘green’ pussy as I dare to tread.
    Trump will be in this St Patty’s day and a concurrent storm that’s been brewing meanwhile will also bring it’s first breeze. The rumblings of patriarchy will be in the air. Green pussy, I dunno but this St Patty’s day many nubile young western breeders will get their first patriarchal paddlings by a rising tide of righteous patriarch bastards hell bent on beating some life back into trad western culture. The feminist war to divert and gutterball the young potential breeders in the west is coming to a close and green spanking paddles will be popular this season. Patriarchy is coming. Go ahead and make faces. 2017 marks the beginning of a new generation.

  10. On the fashion thing, there is a difference between fashion and style. Fashion is the newest “hottest” trends put out by the gays in Hollywood. It is more expensive, and has a short shelf life. Style, on the other hand can be decades old and still look good as long as it fits well and is in good condition. No need to be a flowery peacock or to look at the magazines.

    1. Yep. I always laugh when I see fashion stuff espoused by guys. Keep it simple. Spending more than 10 minutes on your clothes in the morning is for faggots and women.

  11. Online Education Links:
    edx.org (which has the option to pay to actually get certified in the course)

  12. Here to add a few:
    1. Recognize that your job is just a job. The company that you work for has absolutely no sense of loyalty to you even if you have been there decades. Take one from game theory and always have another job waiting in the kitty. Also, just go to work in the morning thinking it is just a way to spend 8 hours so you can spend the other 16 a day how you please.
    2. If you are younger definitely travel, travel, travel. I would even encourage you to avoid renting/buying. Better yet work in the travel industry for a few years. Resorts are always looking for English speakers and cruise lines love hiring Americans and Western Europeans. The money tends to be on the OK side, you don’t pay rent, and you get to work in an area of the world where people spend tens of thousands of dollars to visit for a week.
    3. Realize that if you are not happy with yourself, no third party is going to make you happy.
    4. Fitness and exercise are important, but don’t make it your “religion”. Hit the gym for 5-7 hours a week. Stay lean. Eat healthy. But spending countless hours in the gym to keep up your six pack isn’t gong to be a value added to your life.

    1. I like your comment and your ideas. But I have a slightly different approach. The thing is, that working is most likely boring, even in a “paradise”; especially if you do not earn much. I would not want to live in another country – I just want to have fun and do interesting stuff. Then it is more optimal to go away for weeks or at most a couple of months and have your job and your home as a financial and material backdrop: maximize interesting events, no worries about accomodation (whether at home or at your current travel location), not too much parties and unheatlhy fat-increasing and muscle-decreasing activities, but still time to do quite a lot. One cannot have everything, but one can sometimes have a little bit of both.

      1. When I was younger and between jobs I worked for about six months at an all inclusive in the Caribbean. It was a great experience. The pay was only OK seeing you had to work 6 days a week, but I didn’t pay rent and you got resort privileges which essentially gave you unlimited access during your off hours. Also you were “encouraged” to mingle with the guests. It was not a bad way to spend a Winter. I would advise younger men to look into the prospect, but also acknowledge that there is not only one way to live life. Do what makes sense given the facts and circumstances of your situation.

        1. Sounds amazing and like good hack. Totally agree on circumstances. Like the Caribbean thing seems like perfect to do when you’re like 20-23, but in a way age is irrelevant. If I didn’t have better options, as they seem to me, I would go and just be fine with things like that, living on a boot or in a reception at a gym or hostel.

        2. Probably the best benefit was mingling with the guests. Wait until a group of girls on vacation show up. It doesn’t take much game to make something happen. Married women are the easiest. Also considering your out of pocket expenses are a few hundred dollars a month as long as you eat and drink on the resort you will be able to save 80% of your salary. That is a good chunk of change to come back to the states with after 6 months.

        3. if your going to travel. .I would do europe. I backpacked for a year. Worth it back in the day-80’s .I am not much into seeing “the mountains ” etc.. .Good pussy and late nights.. i would take that any day. Plus who can beat 3 weeks in amsterdam and get drugged out and high.

      2. I don’t need much money to go mountain biking every day in the jungle. I do have a decent road bike just for a change some days. But as an American, you don’t need foreign holidays, you can choose somewhere with nice weather and scenery in your own country. I was from England, wet and cold nearly every day.

        1. Yes, your decision to move to SEA seems smart.
          I am from Scandinavia. Not as rainy as UK but dark and cold between November-March.

    2. “1. Recognize that your job is just a job. The company that you work for
      has absolutely no sense of loyalty to you even if you have been there
      decades. Take one from game theory and always have another job waiting
      in the kitty. Also, just go to work in the morning thinking it is just a
      way to spend 8 hours so you can spend the other 16 a day how you
      Not every man works day shift for your information. Plenty of men work the night shift: police officers, firefighters, and aircraft mechanics are some examples.
      I agree with points 2-4.

  13. The fashion thing? Gay.
    For blue collar guys like myself, you can’t go wrong with a T-shirt, jeans, and work boots.

    1. Wear a button up shirt, no need to be expensive. It is worth the extra $10. Yeah, the fashion thing is not necessary, doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp.

  14. First five are spot on. Education; fitness/health; & work are essential for happiness. But the most important factor is healthy relationships: with friends, family, and lovers. That is the key to emotional well being. I’m not a fan of this “game” theory. It should fall under the category of social dexterity. “Game” isn’t something that can be manufactured by reading tips and watching videos. It is developed & refined through healthy social interaction. With humans of course. But wtf do I know anyhow?

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