How To Get More Muscle Without Protein Powder

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Hey guys,

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106 thoughts on “How To Get More Muscle Without Protein Powder”

  1. It’s called payin the bills bro.. It’s a sponsored post. Hopefully there won’t be a ton of them. Regardless, dude probably has some legit shit in his book FWIW.

    1. I hope they have lots of them. The bills do have to get paid and good talent is not attracted to poverty, despite the claims of SJW’s .

    1. Check out the site. Its legit the real deal. Victor Pride went staright and reccomended. That guy doesnt reccomend just anything for a reason.

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    2. The product seems reasonable but I agree it is inappropriate to post it here. It is not article but a sales pitch. This method antagonises potential customers because it appears dishonest.

  2. I call b.s. on this article. I am 190 lbs, 14% body fat. I build my legs by playing 6-7 hours of soccer per week. For upper body, I do 100 push-ups, 60 pull-ups, 60 tri-cep dips, 150 sit-ups, and 40 curls with semi-heavy weights. I am 41 years old. I eat 3 meals per day, only drink KEFI/protein powder/Milkshakes for the calories and because I do not like heartburn in the middle of the night. If you’re young you do not need protein powder. All those guys who have the “magic formula” are roid ragers.

      1. ha ha funny. I wrestled for most of my youth, soccer is not the pussy sport you think it is.

        1. As a Rugby player myself, i have a lot of respect for soccer players conditioning. It’s a physical too, in the same way basketball is. Then again, most rugby players would say I’m a puss because I play fullback. So, Who knows.

        2. 8 man, breakaway and second row. Fullbacks get the chicks.
          Soccer players have awesome footwork. If you have played sports at a high level, you know good footwork is vital and the sign of a great athlete.
          Hell, I have a high respect for anyone who can tap.

    1. 41? i thought you were in your 20s for some reason!
      It’s true that young guys don’t need as much protein as people think….you wanna gain muscle, eat more and lift more. Wanna lose fat, cut down your calories and increase your activity. It’s really that simple.

      1. Depends on your goal. If you want a low body fat thin athletic build you don’t need as much protein when you are young. But even if you are 19…if you goal is, say, a one hand pull over 400 lbs you better be fueling your body with the ‘tein

  3. This just goes to show that, you can advertise any crap on ROK and pass it off as a legit ” article”.

    1. “The following article has been sponsored by Becoming the Bull”
      It’s pretty upfront. Complaining about capitalism and why things don’t exist “free” is very SJW.

  4. 100 percent money back guarantee?
    I do agree that the powders work but aren’t sustainable . You have to know how to get the protein without depending on the powders.

    1. The problem is for people like me. I am 180 lbs and take in ~ 3200 calories a day. 3200 calories is a lot of freaking food if you aren’t eating junk. Eggs and egg whites, boneless skinless chicken, broccoli, flank steak, quinoa, spinach, very low fat, very low carb….it’s a lot of food.
      On a 3200 calorie diet, if you don’t suppliment you will be eating until your jaw hurts and also taking in more unwanted stuff getting your BF up.

  5. Every one of you should buy this book, everyone needs to support a ROK reader / contributor.

  6. If you are going to run infomericals, thats cool but at least give us an out line (say 2000 words) about why your program works and you’re not a hack. Otherwise reading this article is the equivalent of getting fucked in the ass and the author not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give the readers a reach-around.

    1. If you click on the link It actually take you to a long explanation of what is in the book……page by page . His explanation is almost a book by itself.

  7. The sales page is actually good but the article is horrible and makes me not want to click the link.

  8. I was up to 210 pounds mostly muscle by age 20.
    After a couple of years of that, I got tired of having to eat all of the time. And I got tired of being tired when I could not eat enough (military service dictated when I got to eat).
    I got back to around 170 and have stayed there since, over 20 years.

    1. I have done that same routine before in the military as well. Got up to ~210 without steroids (only 5-9) and it was literally a lifestyle to keep the weight on. My running declined significantly and the weight was causing structural issues in addition to the excessive cost and inconvenience of eating so much. I stay around 185 now and feel much better.

    2. Eating and shi&&%$#. I got so tired of heading off to the can. I never could overeat (to put on muscle) for more than two months before I got downright angry with how often I had to sh*&.

      1. Oh man – looking back – the shits I was taking back then. I was clogging the fucking bowl every time.

    3. Same here… 210 pounds aged 20. Eating all day, no protein powder or roids.
      I was getting heartburn and was very tired, and put on a lot of fat along with the muscles.
      Then went back to boxing and muay thai, and had to go down to 165, in order not to fight skinny giants.

      1. Btw, fighters must be fast, strong and lean. That is impossible to accomplish with a high BMI (say over signifcantly over 30) regardless of whether you are lean or fat. I like to fight at around 25 BMI. A good blend of strength and speed.

        1. Mike Tyson and Jo Frazier were the exceptions to the rule.
          Now I’m into grappling, so I can put on some more muscle 🙂

    4. way to asses your own body and mind and make a decision about what you want! That’s winning.

    5. 170 is a great weight. It is not natural to continuously stuff yourself. Anecdotely, it appears to me that bodybuilders die relatively young and in poor health. What is your height?

  9. The secret is … steroid cycles, I bet ya!
    I, for one, do not want to look as the author. I do gymnastics which gives me the right figure of lean body and muscle but not the Michelin Man look. But that’s just me.
    I might buy something from this paid articles but only if it interests me. It’s good to support this site somehow. Roosh why don’t you put a donate button too? I’d like that.

    1. There’s a tip jar on the above right where you can make a donation of your choice directly to RoK.

  10. The usual “get ripped, follow x,y,z” bs. If you want to take the easy way out- like a lot of gym goers these days – grab some pills or the needle and be done with it. And while you’re at it, develop a huge ego and claim you’re “natural”.

    1. In theory I agree…though the easy way out would be surgery probably. Steroids is cheating for sure…but it’s not like you can take a deca and testosterone cycle and then watch tv while eating hot dogs and just get huge. There is a lot of work and effort that goes into that too.

  11. Dude, if you can’t afford spending 30 – 60 dollars a month on a decent protein powder perhaps you should focus on increasing your income instead. I spend a lot more each month on quality food without counting the gym membership, apparel and other stuff needed. This is not a cheap endeavour if you want to do it right. Plus, if you are a newbie you definitely need to consider hiring a coach to teach you a good form.

    1. I agree with you here. And in some ways it is an expensive endeavor, especially if you are going to go all out.
      My datsusara gym bag. 6 pack fitness meal management bag. protein, creatine, glutamine, multi, fish oil, pre workout. Plus clothes. Plus gym membership. I also do a personal training sesh once a month just to brush up on form. I find it is incredibly rewarding.
      Then there are other costs. Groceries? Holy shit man. Just for me, with fresh veggies and good food…100-120/week (live in NYC)
      Then funny incidental costs like “shit, i just bought this shirt a week before I cycled onto a bulking program and it doesn’t fit…im going to need new work clothes i look absurd”
      But the truth is, if i put everything I spent against what it would cost me to go out every night to a club or a bar….forget it. I don’t drink when I am on program and drink minimally (a glass of wine with dinner) when I am off.
      Also, 🙂 , I don’t buy girls drinks. Summer time with a nice tshirt and dress jeans i can sit at a restaurant bar, order a seltzer with lemon and wait for some girl to squeeze my arm.

      1. Yeah, it is good to get expert advice. I recently got some lower back pain doing deadlifts and I thought my technique was good

    2. Honestly I love it. What’s better than having an awesome physique?
      If you guys are wondering what I get here’s the list
      Protein– Platinum Whey Hydrobuilder and optimen soy protein (best bang for buck)
      Pre-workout—- Optimen Gold series
      other supps— omega3, glucosomine & MSM, probiotics, milk thistle, L-arginene, GABA acid.
      If you get those you will be solid. Like you said it’s not cheap but the results are worth it….walking around the beach and having the ladies mire your aesthetics is rewarding

      1. When I first started getting serious about fitness (about 4 years ago) it was, of course, hard at first.
        The first time a girl randomly “accidentally” touched my chest, smiled and said “well….you work out don’t you” I knew I was hooked for good.
        Eventually it became less about women and more becoming better…both physically by pushing my limits, but also mentally by learning to understand nutrition and the science of body mechanics, as well as learning that the only true limitations i have are ones I create myself so I can always push past them.
        However, I will admit, i still get a good feeling when some random woman in a store want’s to touch my shoulders or something.

        1. Doesn’t bother me one bit Bob. I just tell them that I am not homosexual. If this happens in a bar, I find that the queer showing interest in you will lure more women in than a 100 dollar bill on the tip of a 10 inch dick.

        2. It may sound weird but I don’t care. When other dudes start touching me at the gym, I kinda like it. No homo but we bounce tips off each other and there is never any hostility. Sure, I would prefer it were girls touching me at the gym but they seem to have some weird preoccupation to running on a treadmill or the newest hula dance class. Their loss right???

        3. Same incident happened to me lmao. Some chick at a party rubbed her hands on my chest and said ” you got muscular boobs” lmao. It’s good to see you are progressing. Keep up the good work brah

        4. I laugh so hard it hurt (bad back) My boy said no homo then says the gayest shit very said on rok. .. I wonder what gym he go to lol maybe plant fitness or something..

  12. How to get more muscle without adding protein?
    Even if it were possible, why would you want that. Who is out there saying lets avoid all this good clean whey powder. Christ, it even tastes pretty good now. And it’s not like it costs a fortune. I am using the new Arnold branded Muscle Farm now. It is like 28 bucks for 2 pounds. That will last me a month.
    So I am paying what, 80 cents a day to fuel my body with protein without the fat and sodium of eating extra meat…which is a supplement to my already high protein diet and not a replacement for…
    Hell, it even tastes pretty good.
    I don’t mind a sponsored post…but this one seems insane.

    1. there’s plenty of protein in beans, lean steaks, lean hamburgers, lean sliced deli meats, flaxseeds, milk, egg whites, yogurts. Protein powder is only good for getting the calories you need at night without heartburn. Whey does nothing for muscular development.

      1. Agreed that the protein from food is better — especially eggs. Not so much with the deli meats (I roast a turkey breast and slice it on a 100 deli slicer i bought because i don’t like the additives and salt). Still, I find that downing a quick protein shake (I mix mine with my post workout creatine and my l-glutimine) is a very low calorie way to quickly infuse protein into my body right after a good weight lifting sesh. If I were to finish working out and eat 6 eggs instead my calorie count and my macros would be out of balance.
        Also, as a side note, while milk and yogurt do have good protein I avoid both because of the excessive amount of sugars.

        1. plain yogurt does not have any sugar and you can buy deli meats that are very lean and low sodium.

        2. Fage greek yog 0% 7g sugars.
          Don’t care what a deli meat claims. A boneless skinless turkey breast roasted at home is going to be better for you

        3. Those sugars are in the form of pectin. which gives the Fage fake greek yogurt is thickness. It’s still sugar yes.
          Actual nothing added yogurt is disgusting

      2. Also, David, I would like to point out (as I did to another poster) that this has a lot to do with goals. If your goals are stamina based or just to be lean you are 100% correct…no argument from me. However, I don’t care how long you can jump rope….if you want to start pulling deadlifts over twice your body weight you are going to need to supplement an already protein rich diet with other things…whey protein is one of them.
        This isn’t a put down. Every man has different goals and should follow them with all his heart. I think the fitness community makes a bad mistake in assuming that the same things are good for all goals.
        I do crossfit on my rest days. That doesn’t mean crossfit is for pussies. It is hard for me too because I am not build for that kind of workout. I wish fitness people wouldn’t push their particular brand on everyone quite so often. Different goals…different methods….different fuel

      3. I read that the protein role for muscle building is overrated, and that powder protein are mostly a scam that only makes most people pee very expansive urine.
        I think eating the things you’ve just quoted is more than enough to get a strong body.

    1. right on….so many meatheads on fakebook bragging about their workouts when we all know they are on roids.

  13. Great joke.. “get more muscle without protein powder” but the solution in the article is steroids.
    That discredits the whole book as I want to put on muscle without that.

    1. Just eat like an entire regiment and get a lot of sleep and rest between your session.
      And look at these guys for inspiration. They did not have supplements or roids.

      1. Getting the sleep is the hardest part for me. I don’t think i have taken in a full 8 hours in over a decade.

      2. Yeah i’m making progress, still wanting to lose more fat. I was just referring to the book and how it has a big section on steroids which makes me not trust the workout information in it. It’s challenging to find workouts that is going to work for people not on them. The last one I tried I overtrained in 6 weeks and found out the author was most likely on roids.

  14. If this site gets completely overrun with ads I may have to go elsewhere.
    Shit, maybe start my own blog.

  15. I have a lot of friends that compete in bodybuilding and physique competitions… what it all comes down to is steroids + calorie surplus to put on mass, clenbuterol + calorie deficit to get shredded.
    I lift just to stay active, fit and healthy. I have no interest in bodybuilding and taking steroids. Although my friend tells me that as a man in my mid-30s I should start taking testosterone. Says it’s basically like the fountain of youth for men… either be the 70 year old that can barely walk, or the 70 year old in the gym lifting more than guys half his age

  16. I get the need for sponsorship, but this is supposed to be about self improvement. NOT laziness or shortcuts from a bad add flogging roids.
    Here is my take from 25 years of sports and lifting:
    Guidelines on when super human dosing of steroids makes sense. T>1000ng/dL.
    1. Have you maxed out your genetic potential and your ability to earn is in jeopardy. If no, you dont need steroids.
    2. Do you get hit by a 300 lb guy 50 times a day? If no, you don’t need steroids.
    3. Seriously, if you are under 22 don’t even think about steroids, you will fuck up your body’s natural hormone balance for life, and you already have so much natural T, thats not the weak link in the equation.
    4. Ready to be a federal criminal? Every drug related to steroids you come in possession of without a doctor singing off is a felony. Since Balco, (barry bonds) every IU of test in your possession (without a prescription) is considered a dose. Considering you need somewhere around several hundred IU for a full cycle, thats now intention to distribute. There is also bonus round no one talks about. You need prescription estrogen blockers, prolactin inhibtors to recover during and post cycle…Think about it.
    5. Your ready to either, go bald, grow tits and lactate, or have catastrophic scarring ache. You will have one of these side effects. No PCT or estrogen blockers will save you. Also be aware, a lot of shit sourced illegally is shit.
    6.You are not a pussy and can take a needle, orals will make you piss blood and destroy your liver. Lol, liver protection supplement formulas..Don’t be that guy.
    7. You have the cash for a full proper cycle plus pct. Multiple times over. Otherwise you will look like bloated water sausage for about 8 weeks, then crash and lose all of you strength and size gainzzz brah. Nobody gives a fuck about fatcepts, nobody.
    8. You know enough not to poison yourself or destroy your sex life. Think DECA dick, AKA, the mast won’t rise.
    Last, I know this sounds like a lot, but its the truth. Accept it and wrap your mind around it. If you are not already lifting on bench 2xbw, dead 3xbw and 2.5xbw squat you have not spent nearly enough years in the gym to max your natural potential. This is the honest truth. I am and will always be 100% natural, and I am basically on these numbers. Steroids will not fix laziness, a shitty diet, or not enough rest. The one simple trick to getting jacked is…show up to the gym regularly, do compound lifts, eat and sleep.
    A young, natural man, with normal T can gain 10 to 15 lbs lean mass in the first year of lifting and 7-8 lbs per year for 7 more years, before maxing out what the body can do on its own. This is supported by actual science. A lean guy starting at a bw of 140, can be 170 to 180 of lean hard mass without drugs, and you will be strong as fuck. If your goal is pro level bodybuilding or powerlifting, you will be limited, but how many people is that?
    Now, if you have true low T, TRT is a safe option. You will have your blood chemistry monitored by someone who does not specialize in bro science, you will receive quality product for very little cash and be put back to normal levels. This will help eliminate a pear shaped gut from forming, among other things.

    1. For me, as I aged, it has been easier to develop muscle mass with basic exercises and a 3 meal per day diet. Not much else needed.

  17. Why waste money on protein supplements when you can eat tuna/salmon/walleye/etc. Personally I’d rather eat something to get my protein as opposed to drinking something. Plus, what’s better than going out on the water and catching your own sustenance?

  18. You want to gain lean muscle?
    Cocaine and Steroids. /end
    Every guy I know on this diet is shredded. The number of guys on the ‘protein / eating healthy diet’ that are shredded don’t have a life outside of a gym.

  19. Other sponsored posts usually give some sort of solid (or light) content to make reading not a complete waste of time… For example, Steve McQueen’s posts have useful info AND pimp his books…
    I think if ROK wants to keep readers around, the paid posts could perhaps adhere to some sort of standards/guidelines…
    And whoever defends this one saying that there is content when you click the links, that’s fine, but is it that difficult to make a basic article for readers over here on a single topic instead of just writing up typical (and usually ignored because of the style) ad-copy?

  20. Thanks for sharing!All right!I want to add some personal experience,3 important things to build muscle:1.Good workout;2.Eat protein rich food and good diet;3.Last but not least enough sleep,at least 8-9 hrs.Tips to Build Muscle :1.Donot overtrain. Most people do;2.Donot train same parts wihin the same week;3.Eat good protein supplement immediately after the workout and first thing in the morning;4.Do variety of exercises.Source:Bodybuilder for 8 yrs.

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