European Union MEP Mary Honeyball To Propose Banning Roosh And ROK Readers From Europe

In a revelation to be dropped within a day or two, a reliable source has told us that a London newspaper will report that Mary Honeyball, a UK Labour Party Member of the European Parliament (MEP), will propose that Roosh and any organizer of the ROK meetups face bans or “visa restrictions” upon trying to enter the EU.

Honeyball intends to outright lie and deceive members of the EU Parliament by portraying ROK as a “pro-rape” group presenting an imminent sexual assault danger to all European women. All this comes as Honeyball and her mainstream colleagues in the European Parliament and other national legislatures do nothing to combat the epidemic of migrant rapes striking Europe and its women.

Our source has stated that Mary Honeyball will present a letter demanding visa restrictions for Roosh and ROK readers who reveal themselves as meetup organizers. As far as we can work out, she will be attaching not a shred of factually based evidence that correlates with or proves the notion that any men involved with the February 6 meetups planned to do anything more than legally gather for beers or other beverages with fellow ROK readers.

Never letting facts get in the way of an attempt to distract attention from the real rape culture being unleashed by undeserving new arrivals to Europe, Honeyball and those of her ilk have chosen to willfully disregard outlets such as Snopes. This fact-checking website conclusively refuted the outright lie that the ROK meetups were being orchestrated to somehow facilitate rapes by our readers.

Forgetting how utterly counterintuitive any hypothetical “call to rape” would be, the only “evidence” Honeyball can resort to is a satirical article by Roosh. With that in mind, I am surprised that Honeyball has not already passed a motion in the European Parliament calling for the posthumous conviction of Jonathan Swift for inciting ethnic cleansing through the infanticide of Irish babies sent to England to increase the food supply. While we are at it, let us dig up his grave and send his remains to The Hague so we can try what is left of his corpse for hate speech.

Mary Honeyball and her radical feminist leanings

Unsurprisingly, Mary Honeyball supports self-aggrandizing and grandma-hating lawyer Charlotte Proudman. She even looks like Proudman’s mother.

Honeyball’s espousal of plain moronic feminist positions goes back a long way, yet one of her worst policy proposals is more recent. In 2014, a majority of the European Parliament backed her call to criminalize the buying of sex but not its sale by women. It seems Honeyball is not aware of or deliberately ignores the countless middle and upper middle-class British women in her MEP region of London who sell their bodies on the street, in brothels, or via sites such as I encourage her to peruse Seeking Arrangement using a male profile and tell me if twenty-something young women looking for jewelry, travel, and other expensive gifts are really “forced” into de facto sex work and sexual commercialization, or if they rather gleefully choose it.

Consequently, if a feminist MEP like Mary Honeyball thinks that all female sexual workers are criminally compelled to spread their legs for profit, and that male purchasers of sex should all be criminals, we cannot expect her to rationally or honestly characterize a website like ours. After all, we call into question the constant vitiation of female responsibility by society that she wants to see legally eliminated.

Honeyball’s activities in the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality is a testament to this: on “issues” such as the mythical gender pay gap, Honeyball has routinely used bogus figures, including glossing over the higher average hours worked by men and the types of industries they enter in greater numbers. Her other proclivities include supporting Emily’s List, which strangely demands female quotas for voluntary political candidate positions, and praising self-aggrandizing Charlotte Proudman, the barrister who tried to globally shame a man as a supposed sexual predator for saying she looked attractive in a private message.

The suffocation of free speech in the European Union

…and anti-peaceful free speech bigot.

As the borders around the EU are made porous and even irrelevant, not just the borders between member states, the range of acceptable discussion is being progressively curtailed. Roosh is a target for vilification because he opposes both the privileges of feminist women and the covered-up behavior of unrestricted migrants, whose presence in Europe is further existentially draining once proud nations like Germany and Sweden.

Roosh cannot be silenced by conventional feminist retorts like “misogynist” that are used to compel men to stop their criticisms on pain of being social pariahs and subsequently unemployable. So now Mary Honeyball will move to demand physical restrictions on Roosh’s movements and those of the meetup organizers through obvious lies, all because he has the audacity to stand by opinions poor Mary does not like. Expect more of these measures in the next few years, as greater numbers of men come out and challenge the powers that be. Truly draconian policies of containment will soon be in full swing as feminists and their mainstream political enablers are forced into additional narrative-saving damage control.

Roosh is a distraction from EU politicians having to deal with rapist migrants and economic collapse

Roosh is inherently valuable to status quo politicians in the European Union, the Mary Honeyballs most of all. He excites rabid feminists and is the perfect surrogate for their rage. SJWs are totally unwilling to clamp down on the sacred cows known as illegal migrants and “refugees.” They are flummoxed, too, about how to counteract the Euro currency-inspired economic devastation they have wrought upon tens of millions of ordinary Europeans. So what better way to draw attention away from the Rapelympic Games ravaging the European heartland and other tragedies than trying to savage an anti-feminist man falsely accused of promoting rape?

The EU is also completely dumbstruck about how to defend European cities from the next Bataclan-style Islamist terrorist mass murders. So far, the best countermeasure we have against the countless planned bullets and bombs of ISIS and al-Qaeda is Facebook’s French flag profile photo option. They cannot find the real guys of mostly Middle Eastern and North African origin plotting the most heinous acts of public killing, so thumb-twiddling MEPs can instead chase after a secular Iranian/Armenian-American named Roosh who is vaguely brown-looking and teaches men how to better themselves. Go Team EU! Banning Roosh and ROK readers will make Europe safe again!

Are we a genuine threat to establishment?

Note the paradox of European, American, Canadian and Australian politicians doing everything they can to excoriate Roosh by saying he is “small-fry,” such as pointing to the plain fabricated allegation that he lives in his mother’s basement. If he and his ideas are so insignificant, why are they being repressed by dozens of national and other politicians, plus over 1,600 mainstream news articles recently? What are they getting out of this 1984-style Two Month (or Two Year) Hate, other than absolving themselves of their own inadequacies in not fixing widespread economic and social malaise?

I do not want to and will not paint all European Parliament Members with the same broad brush. For a start, the presence of the representatives of over two dozen EU member states, which each bring their own somewhat or very divided political cultures, makes the Parliament more of a mess than a monolithic vehicle of political correctness. Secondly, the rise of alternative, narrative-challenging parties means that an ever larger chunk of dissident voices can be found in Brussels. Even so, the Mary Honeyballs in the European Parliament are far too numerous and their pernicious influence is far too great. Her move to restrict the travel of Roosh or ROK readers to Europe is a stark warning of things to come. Are you next, merely because your political positions are not like hers?

Spread the word

Non-violent free speech is what Mary Honeyball really likes… so long as it does not disagree with her views. Then it is “hate speech.”

Every day, migrants are streaming into Europe. ISIS has commanded its followers to join them. This is the sort of real crisis the European Parliament needs to deal with, in addition to protecting the vital social cohesion of European states from the hordes of non-terrorist arrivals. We call upon all our readers to make the unfounded nature of these accusations against us more widely known. ROK has not been linked with any violence and we are simply convenient scapegoats for the perpetual failures of the European political class.

If peaceful freedom of speech is now a trigger for unjustified persecution and very targeted restrictions of movement, what exactly does the European Union stand for?

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156 thoughts on “European Union MEP Mary Honeyball To Propose Banning Roosh And ROK Readers From Europe”

    1. There were no rapes in Cologne. Just hysteria from people who rant and rave and repeat themselves but cannot produce one iota of evidence that rape occurred. In other words blue pill manginas falling hard for the standard ‘fake rape’ charges. ROK has become hilarious; I’ve been here for a long time, and now every article makes some mention to ‘crazy Muslims’. It doesn’t even matter what the topic is; by the end it will veer off into it. Here it starts off as EU being anti-male, which it is, but after focusing on the politicians in questions — it gets to the real problem is migrant rape! Here’s another article How to be a true Man in the 21st century and by the end, it’s you have to face down those crazy, perverted migrants! It’s sad to watch the manosphere become such a hysterical, emotional mob with little critical judgment.

      1. yeah I agree a lot of anti-Muslim xenophobia and hysteria over here. The whole rape in cologne and in europe thing seems to have been an organized effort by a very small group of men who were operating with specific instructions .. very possibly a very shrewd and calculated move by ISIS in order to create a backlash against Muslims and refugees by Europeans.. which all plays into ISIS’s hands by feeding extemism and creating more recruits for them.
        I don’t see much evidence that Muslim men and refugees in Europe are the bunch of crazy, raping hordes that this site portrays them as.

        1. Exactly. You get pilloried for saying it; but you got to go where the facts take you. The mob will repeat whatever assumptions it has; that’s a given.

      2. Siding with Muslims based on “men’s rights” is a mutant strain of progressivist gayboy degeneracy, complete with its own set of lame rationalizations.
        It takes a lot more balls to confront the fact we have a serious cultural problem with Islam.

  1. If I get banned from Europe while Muslim migrants are invited in, I’ll just disguise myself as a refugee to get free housing, money, and a welcome parade by Europeans. I’ll invite Honeyball herself to my government-paid apartment for tea and cookies.

    1. Unfortunately, Roosh, you know she would accept because with a face that like that (or is it age and drug use), you know she isn’t getting any.
      The question I have for you is: would or would you not require her to have a facemask?

        1. Feminists don’t care about women. But for some reason they just hate white men. Talk about biting the hand that feeds them.

        2. They hate what they call Beta or weak men, they’re also jealous of so called Alpha males as they want to emulate them. The ugly ones are jealous that they’re not getting any attention from these men either while spurning the affections of their peers, the so called lesser men.

        3. Feminism, and all other forms of modern liberalism make more sense when you realize that they’re simply against White men and that their only priority is to destroy White men.

        4. You’re spot on. This is why the anti-prostitution brigade get so upset when actual prostitutes say they don’t want it criminalised. Because it takes the focus away from their real target, the white men that they hate. They don’t give a stuff about prostitutes, and are often very nasty to them.

        5. I’ve always believed that one of the reasons women “protest” prostitution as “disgusting” is because it destroys their monopoly on sex. Women want men buying them jewelry and taking them out to dinner and bottle service at clubs, not bypassing the process with a paid encounter.

        6. Actually, feminists tend to hate the men closest to them. American feminists hate American men, but won’t mind men from other countries. British feminists hate British men, but are open to men from other countries. That is how it is.
          Feminism is an autoimmune disease. It attacks self rather than outsiders. True immunity defends self but attacks strangers.

        7. her ass is even in the air, waiting for a pounding. and she’s dressed in her faux-important slutty secretary outfit… yep, very accurate

        8. If all women wore burkas, then hot chicks and fatties woud be equal.
          Feminists would love that.

        9. Prostitution gives price transparency to sex. For con-women, that’s a disaster.

        10. EXACTLY man, these bitches call us racist, homophobic, neo Nazis… they fucking ignore us and are flat out rude to us. and then when they need us, all of a sudden they act so nice and friendly…

        11. “Man”spreading is an annoying habit common to those with no culture or sense of personal space. They are also likely to be obese and therefore unable to sit any other way. It is one of the things that makes me think “I would have this guy beheaded if I ran NYC” when I see it.
          Also notice how it is usually gansta-looking blacks, Latinos, or white trash types who do this. All the sort that would be put down in traditional society.

        12. Feminism is based on made up history, untruths if you like. For instance the claim that women could be beaten by a rod. There is a whole pile of lies now, truely massive one. TV shows like MAD men help create this myth world.

        13. right, it’s like a subconscious, “come at me bro!”, to all those demented feminists.

        14. I would argue that Feminism is also against black men, as long as they are not foreign black men. The feminist agenda rained ruin upon the strong black family unit back in the 1960’s and feminism is constantly trying to emasculate black men as well through a large variety of means. Just wanted to toss this out there.

    2. Can we have another Australia type map, with arrows showing where you’ll enter?
      Maybee a special t-shirt for the occaision like “Rapugee #1.”
      We need to get hese morons riled up!

    3. Speaking of meet-ups, Breitbart is doing meet-ups, but they seem less grassroots than the kind you were planning. As there is always some sort of speaker coming, it looks like.So while I would love to go, there is still a powerful top down element by the Breitbart institution.(Don’t get me wrong, I like Breitbart)
      Too bad it is so hard to harness the power of internet free communication to overcome isolation and atomization.
      If the readership of ROK were people with nothing to lose like a zombie flashmob plundering Wal-Mart, it would be easy. People could just show up. They do not care about being doxxed or even shown stealing as they have little or nothing to lose.
      But most men have jobs and responsibilities and it is very hard to use public resources such as the internet to organize with a non-establishment idea. If your job entails integration into the establishment. And a potential effect with eventual grassroots pressure on the power balance within the establishment.
      I am often reminded of how there were certain rules which applied to members of the “outerparty” in 1984. Proles, destitute do what the fuck they want. Have sex, sing, drink. No discipline required. Inner party also lives it up.
      It is the middle class which is more and more similar to the outer party. They must be atomized. As they have the intellect and power to challenge the status quo if not held in check.
      It is interesting how the establishment has such a flexible structure of oppression. YOu have the appearance of liberty and formal legal protections to meet and assemble. Government employed agents like FBI were not sent to harass Roosh supporters. Under formal rules, that would be illegal.
      But they still managed to have an informal network of zombie SJW goons who do their work for them.
      Much like NAZI brownshirts, but even more informal. They have deep-seeded the general culture with totalitarian mindlessness to the degree it is hard to organize and resist.
      I certainly cannot see a way around it. Hope Roosh has a strategy. Even if just creating this website is already pretty good.
      As much as I love online forums, Dude Lodge would have been cool.

      1. Excellent lit crit. I could not have done better. These women also resemble the nuns in ‘ Grey Eminence.’

    4. This is hilarious and it shouldn’t be. Westerners do not love their own people and reserve all of their good feelings and spirits for others. Europeans have completely lost all self-respect and desire to survive as a people.

      1. Europeans keep the self-respect, and that’s why those parties called “far-right” (though they’re just anti-immigration parties) are rising in the polls. Bureaucrats like this woman still keep power, though, but they’re not supported by European society (UE is designed to give far too power to them, it was a way to avoid that Nationalisms could break the Union. At the end it has been those Teeny-Weeny-Globalists who have broken it. Life uses to have a strange sense of humor).

    5. Roosh you can’t go without me man! I’ll do Halloween every day if I can preferential refugeeian treatment. Maybe that’s what I should have gone to school for. . .
      As a side note. Roosh, my man, you and Jesus share some interesting similarities. Both bearded studs, both hated by the masses and both doing Gods work. Wait, are you the second coming? Lulz.
      On a serious note man don’t lose heart, your doing a lot of good for dudes today.

    6. For wymmin safety, we will impose racial&gender equality laws to allow only female and black LGTBTBPF immigrants like in Canada.

    7. conversely, we could go together as an LGBTQXVZWRT couple… then they can’t say no. because we are opressed

    8. @Roosh, I assume that you have read this comment, which I posted before, again, I think my suggestion requires serious consideration by everyone here.
      The next best move, is to approach this slander in the manner that “Scientology” has done. Meaning, register ROK as a “Religion”, “Accredited Academic Institution” and/or as a “Political Action Committee”. Maybe even all three. “Bans” of any kind are harder to enforce when the words “religious freedom”, “academic freedom” and “political freedom” are officially attached “via paperwork and tax filings” to those being persecuted by government officials.
      Note, supporters of this idea don’t have to go as far, as shown, in the HBO Scientology documentary, which outlines the lengths that Scientology has gone to, in order to survive. BUT, at the same time, we should envy their legal protection, tax status and property holdings.
      I would also to register ROK as a “Political Action Committee” (non-connected PAC). Due to the court cases “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” and “ v. FEC. In”, the federal Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit held that PACs which did not make contributions to candidates, parties, or other PACs could accept unlimited contributions from individuals, unions, and corporations (both for profit and not-for-profit) for the purpose of making independent expenditures.
      By taking one, both or all three of these actions, “manosphere based speech” will be protected legally and law enforcement “may” have to start taking slander claims or threats of physical violence more seriously. The results of “pressing charges” against people, in conflict philosophically with ROK, would have to be taken a LOT more seriously, by LEO’s, especially if their “message being discriminated against” is sanctioned by the “ROK PAC”, practicing its “right” to “free speech”. In fact, I think being a PAC, Academic Institution and/or Religion would make lawsuits for slander easier to get into court. Note, the goal should not always be to “win” these cases, just to “financially bankrupt” the slanderous individual by taking them to court, OVER AND OVER again, forcing them to hire an attorney that they cannot afford and if they choose to ignore the summons, default judgments will be had.
      Considering the increasing number of SJW enemies that have sprung up in recent months, these may be the ONLY choices ROK has left.
      You must start fighting “SJW fire” with “legal fire”
      In addition to the above, setting up a non-profit organization who’s sole purpose is to hosts an “annual conference”, in a manner similar to the many academic conferences (like the kind that tenured professors must attend) should be priority, possibly even registering ROK as an Accredited Academic Institution. Making sure to book a big convention center like kind they have Las Vegas, etc. and change the location to a different major metropolitan area every year. The end goal here is to invoke the speech protections that professors have.
      Here is an example:
      Before the conference’s start date, determine topic areas (which will change, year to year), make a public “call for papers” to be presented at the conference and then add a “showroom” floor, with appropriate vendors for the venue. ROK can also set up the “fun parts”, like the exhibit hall, speaking sessions and the broader topics, in a way similar to the “Los Angeles Adventure Show”. So that way, people new to the subject, can get their feet wet, but at the same time, the smaller, more focused, advanced topic sessions can be enjoyed by those that understand the subject matter in more depth.
      Also, don’t forget to have an “awards ceremony”, which can be based on a panel review that scores the various individual submissions. Do all the above correctly and the protestors will be out front, EVERY YEAR, IN DROVES, guaranteeing coverage on ALL media outlets and social media.
      If ROK becomes a “religion” that means its “followers” can start using Title VII, strategically, to make MGTOW and those that believe in the Manosphere philosophies a “Protected Class”:
      Also, here are some starter articles on what 501(c)(4), Super PAC’s and PAC’s are and how they register:
      NOTE, the above advice is strictly focused on organizational management strategy. This advice would apply to any organization that takes controversial policy positions. The NRA and the AKC, for example, BOTH, have done everything I have recommended above. ROK has now migrated into similar territory.
      So in summary, to SURVIVE, ROK needs to, at minimum, set up a PAC, become an Academic Institution (ala University of Phoenix) and possibly even register as a Religion.

      1. I’ll consider this, but I’m not sure this lowers the attacks we receive. It may just give us more room to respond to them.

        1. @Roosh, thanks again for reading my comments.
          Here is a brief overview of how I would approach this:
          1) Register ROK as a 501c3 non-profit and turn the website into a online academic journal, also tying, the above noted, annual manosphere conference and smaller regional meet-ups under its umbrella. If successful, you then can ask other manosphere bloggers to join the conference, while also turning their websites into online academic journals as well. Imagine having multiple OFFICIAL Manosphere Academic Journals being published online, with names like “The Return of Kings Journal” or others like “The Chateau Hertiste Journal” or “The Rational Male Journal”.
          2) Turn the Roosh V website into a Nationally Accredited online college, that operates like a MOOC (i.e. Coursera, EdX, etc), but offers actual Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degrees, in subjects like “Masculine Studies”. Then formally turn ALL of your ROK writers into “Tenured Professors”. Here is an example of a Dog training college in California, that has national accreditation, but does not offer GE classes on site. Students must finish those GE courses before enrolling and they then take only the dog specific courses at Bergin.:

          3) Create an officially registered religious organization, under a separate 501c3 and based it upon worship principals focusing on “Patriarchy”. So, like my earlier example of Scientology, you then turn all of your past published works into a sort of “Bible”, ala, L. Ron Hubbard’s “Dianetics”.
          4) Create a Super PAC, as a 501c4 or a 527 non-profit, and start funding candidates that agree with the philosophies you espouse.
          By doing the above, ROK readers will be able to deduct donations to your organizations, on their taxes, as well as possibly deducting their volunteer time and expenses. Official members will also gain some legal protections, under established case law, prohibiting “Religious”, “Political” and “Academic” discrimination.

    9. They are doing this to legitimize the baseless claims made against you. More “proof” you are bad pops up on Google. “And look it’s the EU government saying it so it has to be true!” Plus your group is threatening all the hard work they have done to brainwash and feminize European boys and men.

    10. Hey, Roosh, just a thought, but would it be worthwhile, strategically, to repost your “How to prevent rape” post here on ROK?
      I mean most people have only heard from it in the headlines so it could be best to show it to them with our new reach.
      It would also signal that we are not backing down one bit and people with more than half a brain could figure out that the elite is simply twisting your satire to fit their narrative.

    11. The time has come, to sue such persons (Honeyballs) for libel, defamation, and every other trick, from the slip and fall lawyers book. It’s time we fight back.

  2. I think it might be time to face facts. Western Europe is done for. There’s nothing we can do about it if Europe’s own people don’t want to do anything about it. At this point I think all we can hope for is that a good number of Europeans who are aware of the damage being done will be able to escape before shit really goes down. Let’s hope that the US can avoid western Europe’s fate.

    1. ” think it might be time to face facts. Western Europe is done for. There’s nothing we can do about it if …”
      Europe is being destroyed by design, as mandated by the elites.
      The percentage of real men are very few compared to the shit-for-brains socialists men and women who have been duped into thinking this is a good thing.
      Then there are the european men who do not like what is going on but are too chicken-shit to do anything about it.
      All one can do now is sit back and watch europe commit suicide.
      It’s sad, really. When more excrement gets brought in this summer we will see a major shift in the zeitgeist of europe. Maybe we will be lucky and see some armed resistance and an occasional politician getting what he / she / it deserves, but not much more of that unless a good percentage of its people have a change of thought and decide they want to save themselves.
      “The EU will see nations, one by one, leaving it….to provide security for it’s own people”
      Each nation’s leaders get bribed to do what they are told by the elites. Does anyone really think Merkel thinks this is good for germany? No she probably has a new cushy Lichtenstrin bank account in her name for letting in the excrement to her homeland.

      1. “Europe must and can change. It can and must reform itself. If it is unable to financially help the countries of origin of refugees, you must face the problem of how to address this great challenge that is primarily humanitarian, but not all.”

        It’s a wrap for Europe. I hope our European readers have their affairs in order.

        1. Exactly, No sensible person takes in a stray animal they don’t have the resources, space, or infrastructure surplus to accommodate that animal. It will destroy your home while you’re slaving away at work all day, costing thousands in ruins your meager finances can’t cover.

        2. “It’s a wrap for Europe. I hope our European readers have their affairs in order”
          Do you have any suggestions for them as to where that they should do?

        3. Befriend Russia and Eastern Europe.
          Turn Eastern Europe into the de-facto place for european refugees of the upcoming Islamic war. When Western Europe is engulfed into flames and the liberal narrative dies overnight, then the guys from Eastern Europe come in and sweep everything.
          The only problem with this scenario is US opposing Eastern European intervention into Western Europe, causing WW3.
          Fun times to be alive.

      2. Im sure the elites know what they are doing. Basically they want to transform Europe into a carbon copy of Brazil with favelas and all. So they can feel important while they live in gated communities and the rest live in squalor.

    2. I tell you…I believe if this keeps up then you’re going to see a few countries opting out of the EU (possibly forming their own union). Many of these political leaders in the EU are suffering from a disease (too much PC) and it’s leading to the downfall of nations (just look at Germany and others thanks to Merkel’s party).
      The EU will see nations, one by one, leaving it….to provide security for it’s own people.

      1. I can’t realistically see that happening until it’s too late. Western Europe’s fighting spirit has been almost totally crushed. The only kind of future for Europe I can see is their best and brightest leaving for the US and Eastern Europe. Most of these people, men and women but especially women deserve everything they’re going to get.

      2. Just read an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal calling for a British exit from the EU. They are calling it the “Brexit”
        Cameron at the moment is trying to do everything he can to remain a part of the collusionary superstate. Should have listened to one of the few decent women politicians in history, Margaret Thatcher, “the drive to create a European superstate is perhaps the greatest folly of the modern era.”

        1. “the drive to create a European superstate is perhaps the greatest folly of the modern era.”
          Folly, or working exactly as intended.

    3. Changes of this magnitude will take time to implement. As they did to get to this point. I wonder what Europe will be like in a century…
      What we can do? Be prepared, and plant the seeds for the future.

    4. The greatest foible of the European people is following the social lead of the US. As Roosh stated in his BANG journeys to various countries a few years back, he saw it becoming increasingly cancerized by western ideals. It will be sad for Europe if we get Trump in office, which leads to the push back against socialism, while Europe continues down a path that the cancerous west started to begin with.
      Yet, Trump alone won’t halter feminism unless a LOT of men jump aboard the thought patterns and actions of people here on this forum.

      1. ” It will be sad for Europe if we get Trump in office”
        Trump will still have to prove himself if elected. He may still become a bitch to the elites. But I suspect that unfotunately Hitlery will get elected.

      2. The argument could be made that Trump’s alpha behavior could very much influence men to behave more like him, i.e. not put up with female/feminist bullshit and act like real men.

  3. This just reeks of feminists trying to save face by going after small targets. She knows feminism was embarrassed, and exposed as the fraud it is by the Cologne attacks, so she wants to boost morale by going after a small group that almost automatically gets her target audience all riled up. What I think surprises me the most about this is that she still thinks denying people outlets to express their opinions will actually make things better. As if Germany hasn’t been a clear cut example of why that’s the exact opposite of what you want to do. Then again I shouldn’t be surprised by anything these crones do at this point.

  4. These white feminist women resemble a demented psychopath who always tries to set his family’s house on fire while insisting that everyone must stay in when he’s pouring kerosene on the walls

    1. funny, I didn’t see your comment, but I just called them psychopaths as well. It seems there’s a consensus growing. Hopefully that will spread to the european parliament

  5. “Roosh is inherently valuable to status quo politicians in the European
    Union, the Mary Honeyballs most of all. He excites rabid feminists and
    is the perfect surrogate for their rage”
    I think he does excite rabid feminists. Lets just say they may end up frothing from more than just their mouths. In fact I’m going to be watching that session to see if Ms Honeyball finds herself compulsively rubbing against desk 545 as she denounces Roosh as though he were Lord Voldemort himself, before swooning from passion
    But I was wondering why they would limit themselves to the Roosh & the meet-up leaders? Why not come after the readers themselves, our good selves? Or at least the ones who express broadly supportive opinions? Well I imagine it’s because a fair percentage of our commentariat are probably HUMINT, sockpuppets, and provocateurs: can’t ban them from europe. Who would protect us from the extremists?
    Oh. That’s us apparently. Not the guys actually raping, or slicing heads, or calling for death and destruction, but a few mild mannered guys calling out feminists as the man-jawed psychopaths they truly are.

  6. First it will be Europe.
    Then the bannings will spread across the continent to Asia.
    Soon thereafter the Middle East and Australasia will fall. Picking up momentum, Africa and South America will find common ground they never knew they had by agreeing to ban from their shores a man they know nothing about.
    Finally the scientists (male), in Antarctica, will justify banning Roosh from their continent, saying they fear he will storm their shores to rape the holes in the snow left over from taking ice core samples.
    Roosh will return to the U.S., only to find he has been banned from every state except for his home state. At this point, every county in his home state will ban him, except for the county where his mom lives.
    In short order, every town in his home county will ban him except for the one his mom lives in, and then, one day, the chief of police in this town will hold a press conference saying that he can no longer guarantee Roosh’s safety in the streets of the town.
    And Roosh will have to take refuge in his mom’s house. And then immediately all the major media outlets will simultaneously break a story with the exact same headline the world over:
    “See, We Told You He Lives In His Mom’s Basement.”

  7. Honestly, at this point, who cares? Its ironic I got an ad for a Dalton Trumbo movie before this clip btw:

  8. The title says that she is proposing that ROK readers too should be banned. How are they going to know about the ROK readers?

    1. It’s complete idiocy! You can’t “ban” a person for reading or commenting upon an article on the internet. If this was the case you’re probably going to potentially ban half the population of the world, besides if you’re a European are you “banned” from your own country!! These people are narcissist nuts just looking for attention.

      1. “It’s complete idiocy! You can’t “ban” a person for reading or commenting upon an article on the internet”
        Normally I would agree with you, but these are becoming seriously fucked up times.

    2. no, they’re not banning readers. There are lots of european strategies though to prevent “extremism”, which ridicously, is what men saying rude things about feminism is now considered to be.
      There are powerful forces in Europe trying to make the case that anti-feminism, or any kind of perceived anti-tolerance or ‘hate speech’ or other deviation from the ideologically marxist “consensus values” that have been imposed on us from above, and which we are expect to recite five times a day on our common purpose prayer mats is extremism and needs to be corrected.
      There will be legislation coming to try to force ideological conformity upon everyone.

      1. “There will be legislation coming to try to force ideological conformity upon everyone”
        Indeed. If continued unabated, what I see happening are white men being heavily scrutinized, harrassed and determined if they should be banned from the EU (in the case of a non EU foreigner) or in the case of an EU national, to what extent a white male is a “threat” red flags they will look for:
        1. Heterosexual? Threat
        2. Political views conservative? Threat
        3. Has tendencies to think for himself? Threat
        A friend of mine (a canadian) was flying within the EU from one country to another and had to do a quick connecting flight in Stuttgart, Germany. As he was walking off the plane the german police asked to see his identification. Everything checked out ok but it was still disconcerting. He’s a tall fit white dude, kinda bad ass looking. He was not the only white dude on that flight, yet the only one to be checked for ID.
        I would wager in the short term future they will start to ‘profile’ white men they suspect might give the current system a hard time.

        1. “I would wager in the short term future they will start to ‘profile’ white men they suspect might give the current system a hard time” I’m not sure about that. The Police across European Airports have a completely disconnected way of dealing with passengers. In such countries like Holland you’ll see the cops doing the full Monty routine with everyone, women, children, African people and it’s actually embarrassing to witness. In other countries, like Portugal the Police never bother anyone much. Most of the time it’s just a dickhead, often young, Airport Police person who are on a mini power trip that start all the bullshit questions, besides often, it’s to do with possible drug and contraband importation and not immigration profiling.
          At a general level how can you realistically punish and threaten people because they’re heterosexuals or Catholics? You’d end up with total anarchy and revolution if you started punishing about 80% of the population. I think, this whole mania pertains to a tiny fringe element group who actually would contradict and violate the very rules and principles of the key defining treaties of Europe, like the EU Constitution for example, so in a strictly legal sense it cannot happen, but, you’ll see the rise of “social” pressure and conformity to make people behave in a correct way, still the majority of people can see through this particular shit-screen.

        2. “so in a strictly legal sense it cannot happen, but, you’ll see the rise of “social” pressure and conformity to make people behave in a correct way, still the majority of people can see through this particular shit-screen.”
          I do hope you are correct.

        3. I’m mixed race, but take your point. Going through border checks into Germany isn’t pleasant, although that’s probably a lot of do with the German police. There is something about them which is slightly unnerving compared to the rest of europe (with the possible exception of the french).
          It’s true I think that for people like Honeyball white heterosexual men are basically persona non grata: you’ve been theorised as the cause of the world’s problems. To the extent that you refuse that status, and that is reflected in your speech it is likely that you’ll be conceptualised as as intolerant or even as ‘extremist’. for obvious reasons I have no interest in white nationalism but I recognise that white men have been scapegoated.

        4. “r obvious reasons I have no interest in white nationalism but I recognise that white men have been scapegoated”
          Thanks for pointing that out, and that said, it is true that other races have, in the past, beem singled out and demonized. This is why Im not going to go on a “it sucks to be white” posturing.
          But white guys should be aware of the current state of affairs.

        5. Definitely. We should look after our respective interests, but equally a part of that may be about maintaining solidarity in the face of powerful forces that are antagonistic towards all men.

  9. Doesn’t matter, she’ll be out of a job in six months time when the UK leaves Europe and not a single British voter will miss the absence of Ms Honeyballs and her fellow Eurocrats who are trying to desperately justify their fat cat existences out in Brussels. Except more of this nonsense from UK MEPS (especially Labour) before the in/out EU referendum in June who’ll no doubt work up lots of crisis that will be used to say isn’t the EU a great thing after all.
    Again watch David Icke’s podcast from today on the issue of free speech. These stupid, half-witted, self obsessed, bureaucrats and their lackeys are inimical to every genuine freedom that was fought for in the past. They have the audacity to think that by putting their hands up and saying x, y, or z should be banned because they “offend” me and saying are we like Martin Luther King or Fredrick Douglas!.
    The minute democrat politicians want peoples’ freedom of thought, speech and association banned without any law being broken, is the minute you know that these people are fascists and enemies of democracy.

    1. she’ll be out of a job in six months time when the UK leaves Europe

      That sure is optimistic. I mean, that would be great but why are you so sure it’s going to happen?

      1. The same reason people are voting for Sanders and Trump in the States. The ordinary citizens of Britain are sick and tried of having the sovereignty over their National affairs dictated by largely unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels. Brussels does not represent the soul or spirit of Europe, even the famous “Constitution” draw up a few years back was not allowed to mention in the entire document, Europe’s Christian past for fear it would “offend people” like the majority of Europeans who are Christians for example.
        It’s this type of crap, and it’s increasing and creeping influence into not only the laws made in member States, but their social and economic policies which has really pushed the button with a lot of British people. Norway, Iceland and Switzerland never joined the EC and they’ve done remarkably well for themselves, in fact, the reason why a country like Iceland got out of its recent mess very successfully was because it wasn’t in the EU or Eurozone unlike Greece which has been “raped” by Brussels on so many occasions.
        I think the treatment of Greece, the poor handling of both the immigration and Eurozone currency issue have clearly shown up what a bunch of incompetent, self-important, arrogant half-wits these people are and how little they’ve done to actually engage with ordinary European voters.
        “Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it. For them the ends always seems to justify the means. That is precisely how their predecessors came to create the gulag.” — Margaret Thatcher

  10. European skinny jeans-wearing hipster “males” + the mostly male hordes of Muslim rapefugees: the perfect couples for the Nu-Europa! It’s perfect: you have the masculine/feminine polarity going on with these couplings, they literally can’t reproduce, and Islam tends to wink at pederasty/homosexual relations as long as the guys don’t “fall in love” with each other. Why don’t the pro-feminism European elites propose this?!

  11. This woman and her proposal constitute the absolute epitome of idiocy. Any attempt to suppress an idea by force isn’t just doomed to fail; it actually assists in the propagation and popularization of the idea. Ask the Soviets about their attempt to suppress religion.
    It’s a bit like having a book banned. Such books become the most popular ones in circulation. We should thank Miss Honeyball for her assistance.

  12. Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’
    This woman is a totalitarian at heart, and an envious one at that. White Genocide and the invasion of Europe?? That’s fine. Object to her world view and sensibilities?? Be banned and persecuted. Meanwhile 1 million invaders exploit European citizens. This month.
    What evil, willful blindness, and selfish aggrandizement.

  13. I thought it was odd that when the meets up were announced “biker gang ” in Europe and Australia. These gangs had confederate flags on their leathers and on their profiles . Seeing as none of them are actually from Dixie it’s obvious what they were trying to betray . But apparently some guys trying to have some beers is a crime against their country

    1. This is a stunt period. You cannot prevent people from reading articles that maybe occasionally in bad taste in a European Country, it’s called, oh yes “Democracy” that promotes freedom and liberty which is what the EU was founded on supposedly. This is why Charlie Hebdo still publish their “offensive” articles every week, because, the minute you censor what people can or cannot read in a mature European democracy you’ve given in to the bullies and barbarians.
      I must think up the Law that is being broken here? Reading articles that maybe morally damaging to the credibility of left wing ideologies?

      1. It’s not entirely unthinkable considering Germany already passed censored anything relating to the refugee crisis.
        Although I doubt that they will be able to capture everybody that reads ROK without men fighting back.

        1. Ironically, Germany also recently allowed Mein Kampf to be published once more, which is bound to offend millions of people. The point is that you cannot merely ban a book or magazine because it theoretically offends someone. With the case of a website, with a clear statement of its content, all users who could be offended have the clear right not to visit the site period.
          At a more substantive level, legally such people would have to prove what law is being broken by people who read an article here? The answer is none, a person does not commit any crime by the act of reading period. Besides this site is US based and every EU country has its own national laws which supersede anything that the EU makes which cannot infer in the constitutional right of member States.
          Again, the premise is completely flawed as legally no law is in existence in the first place to prevent any adult from reading an array of informative and educational articles here. If a law was passed it would (a) Have to prove what its legal basis is (b) It would have to apply to potentially 50% of websites on the net which might offend someone (c) It couldn’t apply in most jurisdictions because it would violate the national sovereign rights of that person in their own State. (d) It would have to apply to non-EU States like a America where the site originates in. (e) Laws cannot apply retrospectively so until some theoretical law comes into force, which will be never, it’s all just empty verbiage that means nothing.

        2. “It’s not entirely unthinkable considering Germany already passed censored anything relating to the refugee crisis”
          Then this does beg the question as to how they are going to find out who is merely a reader of ROK?

      2. A Charlie Hebdo cartoonist was fired for an “Anti-Semitic” piece. But yes they have no problems offending Christianity or Islam.

    2. She probably has something in store for us. I will stand for what I read and read whatever I like. This has always been war, but women declared it on us as boys without us having done anything. Now, let’s see who is best at war: man or wo-man. Women who read this and think that it’s enough to say that you never declared war on boys, take down this message: we can see how women are very capable when it comes to attacking and destroying anything manly, but not so capable when standing up against it. But don’t worry. You still have a few good years of freedom before it will be taken away from you.. I have been called a lunatic by friends and family for thirty years warning about female power and finally they see I was right. The feminist declared youth organization LUF in Sweden also recently proposed that necrophilia and incest be legalized, adding to their proposition this fall that bestiality be legalized, as well. Hypocrites, is what women are.

    3. She will probably pressure German and other ISPs to block ROK from being accessed with the EU.

    1. the idea is popular, but the British government don’t want it to happen, with a few noticeable (ambitious) exceptions. It could be difficult. Scotland says they will want their own referendum as they want to stay in, which could mean the end of the union (although Westminster could say no until the heat is over perhaps). It could be quite serious for europe if other members then follow suit, but then it’s difficult to say what the consequences would be for the UK either: if the EU is a sinking ship though, its better to be a rat, than the heroic captain, which Britain can’t play anyway. I suspect we’ll stay in for the moment though

      1. I think Britain will leave. The European Project has never been popular in Britain anyway, I don’t believe the almost “nuclear winter” scenario that’s being depicted by those who are for staying in. EEA countries like Norway and Switzerland have traded with the EEC countries, very successfully, for decades.

        1. I’m ideologically opposed to it, because it is a fundamentally undemocratic in its institutions, and erodes sovereignty in everything it does. We all know its rotten and marxist to the core, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful about the consequences either. I think Cameron is worrying about the political classes not the people, so I’m probably supportive of the Brexit idea, but still a bit cautious. I’m actually surprised its come about so soon. Moreover I’ll miss the free movement side of things, but then that’s been dying anyway since the terror attacks and the refugee crisis.

        2. I must admit that many of the technical Regulations it makes have been beneficial and positive, however, member States could have produced the same Regulations of their own volition. Free movement of trade, labour and especially capital has never really existed across EU countries, I can’t for example get car insurance from a German company or even open a saving’s account there. Each member State has always put up its own “barriers to enter” markets in their own countries from other European Countries and this has been a great shame and failure of the EU.
          It’s actually difficult to exactly know what the EU’s point is anymore, apart, from making non binding Regulations in the Council where Ms Honeyball is one of over 800 members (waste of time) and binding Directives (totally undemocratic) in the EU Commission.
          No, I think it’s gone past its sell by date.

        3. The Schengen area (which Britain isn’t a part of) and ESA, those are pretty much the only achievements…

        4. you make some valid points. The architects of the EU always had something quite different in mind than a free trade block. It’s origins lie in the post-war utopianism, and the avoidance of war. Now it seems as likely to provoke conflict (ukraine?) as keep it at bay. Couldn’t agree more about the EU bureaucracy and anti-democratic nature of its institutions – and look at what happened in Portugal recently (not that I have any love for hard left parties). The EU has always been about ‘harmonisation’, but the assumption was that this was primarily designed to foster economic harmony, rather than conformity to social and legal norms – christopher booker for instance has shown how the agenda for gay / equal marriage in the UK was effectively determined in Brussels i.e. completely undemocratically
          I’m still not that keen on a quick exit. The exchange rate is tanking right now, which is annoying, and if Scotland and Wales are allowed to go their own way Britain will be diminished as a result. Combine that with likely loss of influence with the US (not that always benefits us) and probable obstructionism from the remaining members then in the intermediate term it may not be a pleasant path to take.

  14. All publicity is good publicity. When Roosh and the MGTOW movement get press it means they’re starting to pay attention.

  15. Women are biologically programmed by nature to be attention whores. The more attention they draw to themselves the more likely they are to surround themselves with potential mates and reproduce.
    Men are biologically programmed by nature to engage in white knight activity. The more they posture as white knights the closer proximity they hope to get to vulnerable females that could be potential mates.
    Much of society still lacks basic self awareness to connect the dots. Jackie Coakley received an outpouring of sympathy for a rape hoax, and soon thereafter found a white knight simp to wife her up.
    There is no limit to the manipulative behavior that feminists will do to maintain this cultural dynamic in western society. Their feminists privileges depend on manipulation of beta males. Feminists will rage until the dying of the light for control of betas.
    Game, and the people who promote game, challenge feminists at this fundamental level so feminists are firing all their ammo. But nobody controls the internet, and the manosphere is far too widespread at this point, so free speech bans on RPT are like pissing in the wind.

    1. Interesting analysis. That answered a huge question of mine which wondered why women utilize attention as currency. It makes perfect sense now, especially seeing that each one of their followers are men in their orbit.

    2. Women are biologically programmed by nature to be attention whores.
      It’s because women are in competition with each other to. Not only for potential mates and reproduction but to secure the most resources to make their lives as comfortable as possible.
      That’s why they are sweet and nice to each other but as soon as one of them leaves the group the knives come out.

  16. Women like Mary Honeyball are dangerous as well as hypocrites. They ignore the constant threat of a real rape culture (in Islam) and spend time worrying about a group of men meeting to discuss issues important to men (having nothing to do with rape).
    This women is on the taxpayer’s dime and she should be called out for it. She is ignoring a real threat in London and all throughout the UK….Muslims taking over part of the country (who have a real rape culture) and she’s trying to keep out modern, western men (who believe that women should have rights).
    So, you have to ask Mary Honeyball….”what’s wrong with you?”, when you see her on the streets.

    1. You men believing that women should have rights is about as likely as me not wanting to squirt my hot steamy load onto Roosh’s face.

  17. Afghanis and Pakistanis will be raping little girls in her country yet she’s mad about a website

  18. The EU is a disaster and the UK is a toilet. From today, I intend to do everything I can to leave both as soon as possible.

  19. Maybe it’s time to create local political parties that defend neo-masculinity that way we will be protected and fight them! I am European and I find these feminist intolerable!

    1. Damn true, especially when I (maybe you as well, by the name)live in a country with an extreme-center left coalition.
      Sick of Europe, one can see the degeneration year by year…

  20. It seems that the End of Europe is getting closer and closer at all levels. Time to write the Epitaph in memoriam… or maybe to get out while it’s still possible?

    1. The end of freedom and prosperity for common folks is now very common to countries that one flourished in both.

  21. “Lets Ban Roosh and Company from Europe! They promote Rape!”
    Lets In millions of actual rapists via migrant crises.

  22. this psycho bitch also supports the “nordic model” of prostitution – an insane idea born in Sweden that deprives both men and women of their basic personal freedoms.

  23. What is it with defending Islam so intently and giving actual rapists (middle eastern ones) a free pass just because they are Muslim? Is that what politically correct means?

  24. First Angela Merkel trying to silence the truth with the Facebook censorship
    Now Mary Honeyball trying to silence ROK readers.
    Personally if they ban some readers there’s always Eastern Europe.

  25. honestly why waste our energy on this? I don’t if the eiffel tower in paris gets blown up by ISIS terrorist, or a massive rape attack in london. They wanted this so why waste our time? In the U.S there are more than 50 ISIS sleeper cells according to FBI. For all i care, there could be another 9/11 2.0 in NYC and i wouldn’t care either.

    1. As long as it doesn’t effect our lives or investments it doesn’t really mean much women have more to lose then men.

  26. This seems like the last ditch effort of feminists to impose their warped world views onto those who would speak out against them. The truly hilarious part of it all is that even if successful in their attempts to ban these men, it will only create more media sensationalism that will wake even more men up to the tyranny of the elite.
    No matter what they do at this point it’s over for the SJW and perpetual victims of the world. Just in the last few years men went from being unable to speak out at all to where we are today.

    1. If nothing else, once they have served their purpose as useful idiots, the Jihadis will wipe them out.

  27. I am so tired of those politicians it’s not funny anymore.
    I just had an epiphany recently, every day I wake up it gets worse. Less freedom of speech, more insanity, we get closer and closer to the rupture point. What to do seriously?
    My parents have no idea, some of my friends are RP and know what’s up, but overall people are apathetic and very busy with their day to day struggle.
    I want to come up with a plan, but it’s hard to see things clearly. Taking care of my health, watching my addictions/habits is my number one goal, because I have a feeling if everything falls apart at least I’ll be able to pick up on things if I’m physically and mentally sane.
    Interesting times ahead, that’s for sure.

  28. MUST READING to understand the plan behind mongrelizing Europe.
    Elitist Richard Kalergi being an Austrian/Japanese mongrel himself proposed in the 1920’s for Europe to become mongrelized into a ‘Euroasian-negroid’ mongrel. The raceless ‘dumb brown zombie’ has no tribal affiliation. First generation mongrels are usually dumb as a bag of rocks with a few exceptions, since the least comon denominator trait package dominates with first generation mongrels.
    Any dog breeder knows that when mixing two different breeds, it takes many generations of breeding before the desired traits are consistent. Many trials of breed/kill, breed/kill, breed/kill where they only keep certain litter groups and scratch the litters that exhibit a wild card mix.
    Not all mongrels are ‘dumb as rocks’. Occasionally there’s the golden swan who processes information exceptionally well and who is highly trainable as a manchurian candidate. With no tribal loyalty to claim, they can become rabidly anti tribal in policy but still it is difficult for them to form original thought. Like the super soldier is to the grunt, the mongrel leader is the ultimate tool, the perfect puppet.
    Pedigree breeds take many generations to distill. First generation mongrels are always rough around the edges. They’re the wildest. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen some fat white hillbilly whore with her hair in a bun in the store and she’s pushing around a shopping cart full of wild undisciplined first generation mulatto animals, and all sired by different ‘motherfuckers’. She screams out in perfect ebonics: ”Tyrone, sit yo muthafuckin ass down in that shopping cart befoe I cut yo mufuckin’ head off”. And not an eyelash batted of even the kiddie snatchers called. CPS is for stealing and brokering high dollar white kids.
    Kalergi, the socialist services, the race traitors white black and yellow – all of them traitors to the west. Shit you can barely walk around any western Capitol city or administrative hub or college town without stepping in TRAITOR SHIT. Kalergi was like Bush Sr, a devout new world order elitist pig and fraught with self hate for his infidel race mixing parents and their clashing cultures.
    Kalergi was the ultimate traitor to Europe. China remains racially pure at a billion strong. Tropical Africa is a bastion of purebloods as well. The hatred mongrels have for their own infidel parents can explode with the upwardly mobile and powerful mongrel. They rise like pariahs or anti christs to devistate the cultures that clash within themselves. Mongrels need separated, repatriated elsewhere in the wilderness with hand tools like a patriarchal religion and constitution. Leave them be to chill . . and ‘distill’. Purebloods meanwhile can get along and tradeoff their unique talents/strengths and can benifit mutually in building civilizations. But you don’t screw the other breed. Mongrelizing weakens the profile of both pureblood sets. Mongrelizing is just as devistating to civilization as feminism. Mongrel man would never return from the ruins after feminism further decimates him laterally.
    As for Honeyboob and her pretty daughter with the lipstick, damn those are the prettiest cocksuckers I’ve seen in a week. Pretty eyes too. Plump but not grotesque. You know she’s got wide hips and a sharp mind to boot. Who the fuck put this ideal nordic breeding mare up to doing race traitor bitch politics? My ‘little’ head, my dickhead, isn’t too smart or vocal and even MY DICK is screaming to wring some bloody necks.

    1. I live in the Caribbean, mongrel central. When I first came here, I had to adjust to a whole new level of dumb. The behaviour is nearly totally social, as animals are. They function in the moment and generally display sexual behaviours without regard to venue or timing. Stupid purchases and squandering money on peasant peacocking ensure that they will enslave themselves to their employer, or worse, remain a public charge.
      White Europeans have a history of standing up for themselves through labour strikes and language and cultural protections. The mongrelization of Europe seeks to bring the population’s strength down to what I described above about Caribbean people. Once dumbed down, they become more obedient to the system. They will essentially work for the lowest wages and never make a peep of complaint.

  29. As a brazilian, I feel like I just entered a entirely new world reading ROK articles (when it comes to politics and ideology… manly behavior is not a novelty to me)! In this new world, Europeans are not the rich and smart guys I saw in the movies, they are effeminate dudes who can’t protect their women; The beautiful american and european girls, once princess in castles, now hate their knights who comes to rescue them (except for the White Knights who locks themselves with them in their castles); Europe is a christian continent? So why churches become museums?;
    I don’t understand, everything is a mess. I mean, you can see feminists in Brazil, but I never saw an heterossexual man giving a shit to them. They just look like lonely girls who are desperate for attention.
    But they seem to be a really big problem in America and Europe.
    I’m really surprised by the current status of western civilization. I wonder why media only shows the feminist side of the story…

    1. give your women even the slightest bit of power, and give into even a single demand of feminists, and your society and country will surely end up in the same disastrous and nihilistic dead-end that western countries are in now.
      Take this is a warning. Do not be swayed by any arguments of feminists. Forget about what they say they want, and all their blathering about women’s rights. This is where it leads to eventually. Crush any feminists with a iron fist before they get any power whatsoever. They may seem like not a threat to you at this point.. but given enough time, they will become one. This is the end result of feminism put in practice: slutty females who are utterly unworthy of marriage, demoralization and emasculation of men, plunging marriage and birth rates, and societal and cultural decline. Feminism is literally cultural and societal suicide.

      1. I’ll definitely take your advice into consideration.
        Feminism sounded bullshit even before I started read ROK, because of this I never thought that I should put to much thinking on the matter. I thought that common sense eventually would suppress this ideology. But it is basically destroying western civilization! If the europeans, with their high rate of education, fall in this trap, imagine what will happen to Brazil!
        I’ll do whatever I can to stop this nonsense, but to say the truth I don’t know exactly what I can do.

  30. Did any one else notice Snopes changed their verdict from ‘False’ to ‘Cancelled’ several days after their article was published? Arse covering perhaps?

  31. Its important to make sure you are not in a glass house throwing stones. While this woman and others make unsubstantiated claims that RoK is a “pro-rape” organization, you must also make sure you can substantiate your claims of “mass rape”.
    What occurred was a single incident of “mass sexual assault” with one alleged rape still being prosecuted. Don’t fall into the trap of using emotive terms. You will get called on it.
    Don’t give your enemies just enough rope to hang you with.

  32. This has now been reported in the London Evening Standard:
    Roosh V: ‘Pro-rape’ pick-up artist threatens court fight over EU travel ban

    Ms Honeyball said: “I’ve written to ask it to take action to prevent events like the one Roosh V sought to organise.”
    The Commission has six weeks to respond or the women’s rights and gender equality committee, on which Ms Honeyball sits, can summon a commissioner to give a response at a hearing.

    1. Dear Roosh V,
      On the attached video, you can see Morvai Krisztina, Hungarian EU MP, addressing the Committe of Women`s Rights and Gender Equality of the European Parliament, about the migrant rape crisis, being worried for the fate and future of white, Christian, European women.
      What is Mary Honeyball`s answer to that?:

      1. 3:50. YUP. There it is. “RACIST!”
        Seriously. The left has border-line tourettes with their insatiable love for shouting RACIST

    2. Roosh, I’d like to take your anal virginity. Please get in contact with me so we can arrange a meetup.

  33. Bitch misspelled eradicate in her tweet. If you’re limiting yourself to 128 characters or whatever, you should at least correctly spell the dozen words or so you are using to communicate with. Plus I’m pretty sure all tweeting devices come with a built in spellchecker.

  34. Forget Western Europe, it’s toast. You might as well holiday in Riyadh. Romania and other countries fighting the Islamic invasion are the only places I would consider travelling to now. You don’t have the power to stop this insanity but they may eventually regret their foolishness, though it will be decades later in retrospect.

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