4 Ways To Win Divorce Trials, Child Custody Disputes, And False Rape Accusations

Police investigations, judicial processes, and the court of public opinion are not only geared towards falsely convicting men, taking their kids away, or financially eviscerating them through divorce. They also meticulously seek to emotionally destroy men before any verdict or decision is handed down. Proper evidence is almost always an arcane concept in these situations. The proof you need for anything close to a neutral outcome needs to be much higher than what the system says is necessary. By contrast, all your ex-wife, the mother of your child, or some crazy false accuser needs is some tears, a set of feminist backers, and words from her mouth.

I hate to break it to you, but in divorce cases, child custody disputes, and scenarios involving false rape accusations, you are close to completely on your own. Certain friends may come to your aid, but if they stick too close and defend you too vociferously, their own careers, livelihoods and even safety will be at risk. Yet women who have been outed as undeniable liars, like Lucy DeCoutere in the Jian Ghomeshi case, can always count on strong support. The onus is on you to be prepared for any malicious mudslinging that comes your way. You must have a backup plan and means of counterattacking standard issue female lies.

Your education continues today. Avoid the below steps at your own peril.

1. Film or document her drug or other substance abuse

There are two main ways to approach this. The first is to call her a drug user from the very beginning of whatever proceedings you find yourself in. So, using this path, you would immediately show the evidence you have. Or secondly, you can make the accusation at the start or wait a while to make it, but leave the evidence until she denies having used drugs.

This latter angle is usually best, as it incontrovertibly outs her as both a substance abuser and a liar. In many cases, she will have committed the criminal offence of perjury through such lying. Women usually escape prosecution for perjury, as so many thrown-out “sexual assault” cases prove, yet her established lack of credibility may mean the difference between you seeing your kids or not, going to jail for a rape you did not commit or remaining free, or getting a favorable divorce settlement (for men) in lieu of being taken to the cleaners. She should face negative consequences for perjury, but the idea here is to get the best possible outcome you can in an environment that deliberate targets you.

For obvious reasons, it is preferable that you have film footage showing drug use or something similar, instead of just photos. Oftentimes there are laws that prevent filming people without their consent. You might be treated more leniently if she’s snorting coke around her or someone else’s children and you’re trying to put a stop to it, but be wary. However tempting, do not make yourself a martyr. You can also exploit text messages, emails and other communications from her that reveal she is doing or did drugs. Pretend to act as a trusted confidante when she texts you about having driven drunk, doing lines at a club, or suffering from alcoholism.

If the relationship with your girl is already solid, you should still be doing this anyway. Half of you have fathers who had “solid” marriages at one time. Then marital problems came along, which frequently include the substance abuse of one partner, and the facade imploded. It is imperative that you constantly vet your woman, if only for the purposes of nipping any bad habits in the bud. Most of all, fathers should keep their children away from drug-addicted mothers. The courts will sometimes be very reluctant to do so, remember.

Plus, feelings change, whether yours or hers. If you eventually find someone better, you want every excuse to be able to excise yourself from the union and feast on greener pastures, the ones you deserve. Start accumulating stocks of documentable information for that possibility, regardless of how happy you are now. It also serves as an insurance policy for you if she leaves first or you are suddenly forced to leave her for something she has done. Readers in fault-based divorce jurisdictions should be particularly enthusiastic about these opportunities.

2. Keep copies of any sordid sexual revelations about her or “disgusting” fantasies

Whilst sexting, has a girl ever begged you to bruise her next time you see each other? Demanded that you pound her senseless with “no mercy”? Particularly if you are falsely accused of rape, such evidence, when retained, could be a godsend. The dilemma falsely accused men often face is that they have engaged in very rough but consensual sex with their partners. The traces of this behavior, bruises, rashes and other visible marks, are then used against the man to prove the woman’s made-up allegation. Do not fall into the trap of complacency. Always keep copies of such revelations. They may save you.

Many jurisdictions around the world have so-called “rape shield” laws, which render a woman’s broader sexual history with other men inadmissible during prosecutions for rape. Though strange, considering that the accused’s sexual history is usually fair game, these provisions do vary. Usually though, because a false rape accusations concerns the relationship between you and the false accuser, your long-term history with her will indeed be admissible in a court. To boot, because there is almost always no evidence against men, most accusations are played out in public. Ridiculous “rape shield” laws will not apply in court of public opinion trials. You will be able to try and defend yourself with text messages and other things that you have documented.

Like with documenting any drug or other substance abuse problems she has, your ideal option may be to lure her into denying what you say (but have not proven yet with texts or other evidence). This can get a little complicated, notably when police and/or lawyers become involved. But it is possible and frequently advisable to take such an approach. Revenge porn provisions prevent you from disseminating her nude photos, and I heartily recommend you never ever do so, but they can be powerful pieces of evidence to share with authorities, especially if she thinks you have deleted or forgotten about them. Their importance is only amplified the kinkier they are.

A large percentage of women do have rape fantasies. In addition to these overt desires, a whole generation (or two) of women have been able to express their suppressed longings for dominance and mistreatment at the hands of men via Fifty Shades of Grey. Even in our deleterious world of “listen and believe,” a girl making rape accusations after having asked her boyfriend or lover to carry out fetishes resembling it is far less likely to be believed. If the fetishes and general behaviors are sordid enough, you may find her sexual proclivities are so lurid they can be used as ammunition in child custody and divorce cases, too.

3. Have access to any proof of other crimes or serious moral failings, particularly in relation to her work

You might be surprised at how many women admit to their partners or bed sharers about criminal or other immoral acts they have committed outside of substance abuse. Girls I know have even gone so far as to text or email me about the time they stole from their employer. One wrote to me about how she put laxatives in a co-worker’s coffee, to the point where this work rival required time away from the office. Most of the time I never think about them, but they’re always there in my unconscious.

Learning these damaging facts about girls should not be your priority only when things get bad or when you suspect they eventually will. Even when your relationship, whether romantic or purely sexual, is going well, knowing her secrets is a powerful tool for getting what you want. A girl with more to lose from upsetting you is generally more pliable. Fundamentally, knowing some of the worst elements about women and their histories empowers you to make choices about whether you want to remain with them.

If you have heard her admission only in face-to-face conversations, there are ways for you to get her to admit it in documentable ways a second time. Conversation leading like “Remember that time you told me you stole money from Dave’s shop?” can work wonders in having her divulge in detail again what occurred, or at least have her admit it casually. Make up some reasonable excuse for having raised the topic, like seeing someone else steal from their employer and how it made you laugh about the cheekiness of it. Be creative, as your girl’s secrets may be drastically different than this example.

This recommendation may seem difficult at first. Many of you will likely struggle to find something serious to keep in the wings for a time it can be used against her. Most of the time, this is a good thing. Because of this, your girl is probably less likely to cause you the kind of trouble that would cause a hard-hitting divorce lawyer to be hired, an acrimonious child custody war, or a trial based on a mendacious false rape accusation. But keep your eyes totally open. What appears to be a saintly girl can easily become a viper you need to socially throttle fast.

4. Keep records of any financial agreements between you both and have multiple instances of her consenting to them

Some time ago I wrote a piece about protecting yourself financially from women. This should concern all men, not just those who are married. Nevertheless, married men have the most to lose from not having long trails about how money was used with the woman in their life. The prescriptions in that earlier article of mine are valid here, too.

Be sure to firmly lay out your expectations when paying for things. What you need to do is usually very simple. For example, if you paid for European holidays with your credit card and she’s paying half of the sum to you later, shoot her an email when you’re away from her with what you did. Itemize it. The most important thing is to keep everything for posterity, not merely for the next six months. I sincerely doubt that most of you would allow a girl to break multiple financial commitments in a row. The principal concern is rather what a judge will say in five to ten years’ time if either divorce or a child custody dispute ensues. Have proof that you did not simply bankroll her and that she does not deserve more than a penny from you.

If you send cash to her during your relationship, wherever possible label it as a loan using online banking or Paypal. Then insist that she pay back any money owed later electronically with phrases like “Repayment to John.” Often this phrase will appear on your own banking statement when the money arrives to you.

Once habitualized, these procedures take nothing but seconds. And, again, they are a powerful means of throwing doubt into a woman’s already evidence-lacking accusations against you. Women like Kesha have already been outed for making false rape accusations at the exact same time they wanted out of a commercial agreement. Normal women are capable of identical behavior regarding false accusations, or in divorce and child custody cases. If you can show that there is a powerful incentive for her to lie or want to get money from you (i.e. to avoid paying you money), you are more likely to believed and escape with less damage to both your reputation and wallet.

One instance of her agreeing to financial commitments may not be enough. She could easily say an agreement or habitual patterns of spending were changed verbally. Be sure to remind her or thank her for repayments or something similar in documentable ways. “Thanks for paying part of the money back, Babe” is so simple that you have no excuse for not sending something like it. Have contingency plans for when things go either well or badly. So long as the paper and digital trails you have are long enough, you can mitigate any financial and person damages wrought by false rape accusations, divorce proceedings, or child custody wars. Yes, in the end you may suffer more than you should have from some female-related ordeal. This is still much better than losing badly.

If the shit hit the fan tomorrow, how prepared would you be?

This is the litmus test every man needs to take. If you are thoroughly unready for a bitter female-precipitated slugging match, start getting ready today. You can still deeply enjoy your life whilst being realistic about a woman’s ability to cause trouble for you. In fact, once you pull down the veil of femininity, many of the frustrations and angers that used to paralyze you disappear. You do not expect women to be the kind creatures they like to be seen as. Instead, you see them as human beings who, in the right circumstances, can be managed to serve your interests.

Women try to manipulate men, so why not manage them back?

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169 thoughts on “4 Ways To Win Divorce Trials, Child Custody Disputes, And False Rape Accusations”

    1. I agree with this, but man, do those crazy chicks fuck like champions compared to the well-adjusted ones.

    2. women change dramatically in their 20s. The sweet, fun 20 yr old you fell in love with turns into a bitchy, tired, ‘career’ 31 yr old who nags you constantly. I don’t think there’s much you can do to avoid this.

    3. You just succinctly outlined the predominant problem of my early adulthood; I don’t care if she is the queen goddess of fuck incorporated: you would be better off jerking to midget acrobat porn than sticking your dick in crazy, especially more than once once you have even a faint inkling of what you are dealing with. Cluster B girls, sociopaths, druggies, criminally insane chicks and the like can and will fucking ruin your life in half a heartbeat and they will mock you for fucking you over.

    4. The problem for males is that they are slaves to their sexual impulse instead of masters of it. While I know this is very hard to accomplish especially today, one must ask themselves what is an orgasm worth to you?
      Is it worth your manhood?
      Is it worth your financial ruin?
      Is it worth losing all your friends?
      Is it worth your name ran through the dirt?
      If so then you are a disgusting weak bitch and I put you in the same category as just another female. Your life means nothing to you and therefore it means nothing to anyone else. You should probably put yourself down with a .45 like the diseased and crippled little dog that you are.
      I have seen countless lives ruined from so called “decent” women who one day decided they weren’t “happy” enough or simply knew they had the option to fuck over their man and or their family and they did so with not a lick of remorse or repentance.
      Living in the south I have seen these same women then go to churches and be showered with praise and “forgiveness” with no accountability whatsoever for the complete and total destruction that lay in their wake.
      Within the disgusting, faggot confines of modern churches I have witnessed personally a most horrifying evil on display and praised to tha lawwwd jeeebus who has forgiven the petulant and home wrecking whore but yet castigates and beats the dutiful and weak men down into the ground with their sneering and false ideas of righteousness.
      Since the weak males are too afraid and pussy whipped to do a fucking thing about it they do as they are told with the slouched backs and soul less eyes of the modern slave. They will even lash out at a real man who dares to illuminate their eyes about the crippling chains clamped upon their brittle limbs.
      You must gain control over yourself, your impulses and your emotions.
      Through Stoicism one can achieve self mastery and detachment.

      1. People see the conservatism of the past as something antiquated, that somehow they are different from all those that come before them. Apparently that includes”Being in touch with your feelings” and whatnot.
        But fuck that. I’m a man! I don’t have feelings! If I want an omelette, I’m gonna break some eggs!

        1. Bingo.
          Our society is so degenerate they couldn’t see the truth if it was literally killing them.
          I don’t know how many marriages and LTR’s I’ve witnessed over the years that were a complete disaster and waste of the males time if not much more destructive for him emotionally and financially.
          If I could narrow it down to one glaring and hideous reason it would be this, the lie that when in a relationship both male and female are equal in every possible way.
          Even so called Christians think like this, especially after I have pointed out verse after verse which emphatically state there is no equality in marriage. It’s just disgusting. The cognitive dissonance is so overwhelming I simply can’t even be around these weak fools.

        2. Strength is the aim. Only when strong can we reach out and help our communities, rebuild the faith and fight our enemies.
          Until then I will quietly work out in the gym, until I am strong.
          I will save my wages and look for investment opportunities and self employment, until I am financially strong.
          I will learn about my faith, until I have a strong belief.
          I will challenge myself, to increase my mental strength.
          I will read, write and educate myself, until I have a great strength of knowledge and ability.
          And then, when I am strong – I will Attack.

        3. That was rather profound. Did you read it somewhere or are those your actual thoughts? Either way, nice.

        4. I literally came up with it on the fly. I’m delighted someone of your writing character says that about me. I’ve not written a great deal since I left university. I used to write a lot, poetry and fiction, and only really now starting to jot my thoughts down again, mostly in the comment sections at RoK. I’d like to start a blog, but at this stage in my life I have competing priorities. I’m not yet ready to fully commit to it.

        5. Dude you have to be wise and be smart. Take care of yourself, because nobody is going to take care of you. In the west, the laws are rigged against men. It’s not equality that you have, but men allowing themselves to get oppressed. I feel bad for male relatives here and give them the same advice. In the Middle East, our laws could improve to be more equitable towards women and I advocate for Arab women in countries where laws are rigged towards men to do the same thing. Equality is an ideal that exists in too few countries.

        6. Awesome! Glad to here! I love that song! My anthemn right now is Primo Victoria – also a good song.

      2. Because of my super charged testosterone and super alpha character I have all the sex I want with women while protecting myself – I bang married women, hotwives and cuckold wifes 😉
        This is the ultimate solution and best sex ever!

        1. “Because of my super charged testosterone and super alpha character I have all the sex I want with women while protecting myself – I bang married women, hotwives and cuckold wifes 😉
          This is the ultimate solution and best sex ever”
          …until a false rape accusation or some other shit comes your way. In America there really is no 100% safe way to be.

        2. I must admit, the thought of fucking another man’s wife is a massive turn on. I’m content in my relationship, most days. But if I was single once again…

        3. When people talk of disgust of the cuckold fantasy they’re right, it would be *awful* to be some guy watching your bitch get banged by a bull, and what anybody gets out of that I sincerely don’t understand. But on the other hand, if you’re the bull, well, I can see the allure to it if she’s hot. Not that I’d do it, but I tend to view it from the Bull viewpoint and not the poor stupid sap viewpoint.

        4. It’s about as primal as you can get in the modern times. A throw-back to the days of real wars.

        5. I think the allure that you’re pointing to is that you’re actually dominating two people, not one. First, you’re satisfying a biological drive to dominate a woman in a sexual way. This is also done in a somewhat taboo fashion, and so triggers higher on the dominance scale. Second, you’re satisfying a biological drive to dominate competitive males to gain sexual access to their women. All animals do this. This fantasy, if you are the bull, is the same thing you see on any nature program where the new, virile young male comes along, ousts the old one, and fucks his women. It’s biologically imprinted in our brains to want to be the bull, and if you are simultaneously dominating a woman in bed while dominating her cuck husband who is sitting their impotently watching like the weak bitch he is, there is not much more satisfaction to be achieved from a biological standpoint. This is literally the pinnacle of existence to the lizard brain.
          Now, guys who want to be the cuck…what a bunch of weak fucking faggots….

        6. In his case I think he should give lots of legitimate reasons to have him killed. One less No-honorable man in the world is a good thing.

        7. As NemisisEnforcer says below, the sheer dominance of it is a massive kick to ego….

        8. Agree completely. Since hitting the gym semi regularly I’ve notice a desire to dominate others more, and thus drive my progress in the gym to not be dominated…. it’s subtle, but it’s there.

        9. “Go full Japanese male and start wanking it.”
          In America, fuck yeah if you want to be safe. Or go to a foreign country where it is not a crime to be a male heterosexual and enjoy their women.

        10. My slutty ex-wife cheated on me in my house. If I’d have caught them, I’d likely have shot that guy dead. Best be careful.

        11. I keep all the emails and messages. Besides, married women can’t expose their dirty little secrets. And in the case of swingers/hotwives, Hubby knows.

        12. The idea of monogamy is a christian social construct. Biologically speaking, men (like other apes) evolved to possess harem and dominate as many women as possible hence “sexual dimorphism”.

        13. Oh, I think the guy would beg me to teach him “how I do it” 😉 Besides, I’m a skilled assassin. Hehehe.

        14. Wrong. One more sexually satisfied man and woman; and one sexually deprived male who probably enjoys playing video games more than dominating women.

        15. I see both as degenerate, especially the bull. Why, because it’s a visceral example of men allowing women to call the shots and then following thier dicks into female supremacy.
          Make no mistake about it (this is from 1st hand experience) the woman is the one ultimately calling the shots in a cuckold situation. At best her husband is just a screener for her prospects and at worst, her bitch, as she blatantly fucks other guys with his knowledge. The bull on the other hand is merely one dick among many she was perusing through who just jumped through enough hoops to meet her requirements, or was available on her timeline.
          If men actually understood – as a group – our inherent ability to enforce standards in society, then these types of women (and by extension these sorry men) would be effectively eliminated from society.

        16. One day, you will make the mistake of crossing paths with a man who will view this as a legitimate reason to kill you (if he’s fair he’ll kill her as well). Knew a guy like you, he messed with the wife of a USMC officer, it did not end well for him.
          If I were on the jury of a man who killed a guy and the wife for betraying him, I would not convict.

        17. Yep, an alpha doesn’t need to hunt amongst the desperate wives, he can select from among the unattached.

        18. I’m much more skilled than a USMC officer. Infantry are a bunch of mindless baffoons who are only about physical fitness without brains. Moreover, they are always away and their wives are always horny. See for yourself
          If a wuss like that cuck was ever to be a threat I would neutralize him. He is clueless of what I do and capable of. And I have the right of self defense.

        19. I agree. That’s why I bang women without marrying them. They are another man’s problem. This way I will never deal with divorce or alimony and will never lose my house.

      3. “Within the disgusting, faggot confines of modern churches I have witnessed personally a most horrifying evil on display and praised to tha lawwwd jeeebus who has forgiven the petulant and home wrecking whore but yet castigates and beats the dutiful and weak men down into the ground with their sneering and false ideas of righteousness”
        Indeed more churches have become hipocritical and I’m speaking not just the catholics, but all Christian churches today.
        Churches are allowing homos in their institution for corporate self preservation. There are very few places people can go to experience a traditional environment.

        1. There is the mosque – in Islam its a sin to change or water down the book. The essence of the Koran is alphas go to heaven, betas go to purgatory – uber betas and jerks go to hell. There are some examples where a beta cuck goes to hell for being a cuck. Coptic Christianity and Ukrainian Orthodoxy maintained the tradition. I think taking pastors to a mosque and ask them to learn some red-pill might help.
          I think the biggest problem about migration is that if feminism cuck-ized the culture and you bring people from a country where the culture is alpha, uber-redpilled, where even the criminals and minorities are alpha, red pilled to the teeth, and your population are omega simps, you are going to have a huge problem like they do in Europe. Roosh comes from a Muslim heritage – so he doesn’t follow the religion to a the letter, but he gets the part about blue pilled Omega simps go to hell.
          Feminists want to discourage Christians from talking to Muslims – lest they discover how Orthodox Christianity and early Christians used to be Uber alpha, who stood up to be eaten by Roman lions and Crucifixions. The sheer uber-alpha nature of early Christians compared to decadent late-Roman betas is what converted Romans and others into Christianity.
          Islam is the fastest growing religion because it promises what ROK promises – to make a omega into an alpha through discipline and the red pill. Christianity can look at the Coptic church, Ukrainian Orthodox (Russian Orthodox got interrupted through communism). They will see the very same masculinity you find in Islam. Ukrainian soldiers pray before they go to battle, are more religious than Russian soldiers, which makes them better warriors. So despite its nukes, Russia only managed to capture a tiny part of Ukraine. Part of Ukraine was under the Ottoman empire.
          Christians and Muslims don’t have to fight, they can united against feminists and social justice warriors, and the preserved Red Pill in the mosque is something American churches can learn. Sadly radical Islamism creates a false promise of Alpha – when it really only turns one into a weak criminal killing women and children – jerk, not an alpha. Yes jerk gets you some girls unlike beta, but its not an alpha. It’s not like Trump.

        2. Most males in the west have been indoctrinated by the feminist academic institutions, media and politics and simply are clueless on what masculinity is. The feminists have manipulated western men into believing that masculinity equals violence and aggression and I have witnessed that many times happen in front of my eyes.
          You cannot teach omegas to become alphas because being alpha is a different mind set, requires personal development, achievement and a fighting spirit. I have tried many times to teach them to be masculine and alphas but I realized that most of them simply don’t have what it takes. I don’t blame them because in our society, there are many boys who grew up in a single mom household and they never had a father figure who could teach them how to be masculine.
          I am hoping that when they start seeing Eastern European and Middle Eastern men stand up to feminism they will finally learn from them.

        3. Right now Middle Eastern men abroad are in a dilemma – the men they can relate to as men happen to be fascists who hate them. When Syrian Legitimate refugees complain to me that they want to be police because the cops are just too beta to touch immigrants/refugees attacking other refugees (they are poorly screen). I think the best thing you can do is get alphas who might be in the white supremacist movement because they are scared their race is dying out from feminism to work with Muslims and Eastern Europeans, to end feminism. Feminism kills off birth rate and wipes out any race it touches. If white alphas unite with Muslims and East Europeans against feminism – there will be no Left. Conservatives and Immigrants reproduce, progressives & feminists don’t. If white conservatives unite with immigrants, convert more white people to their cause, keep their kids from being lost to feminists in academia … their kids will have kids. Hence no need for mass migration and then feminists and progressives don’t reproduce and they’ll die out.

        4. LOL. You’re over estimating “white supremacists”. They are low class, uneducated fools. You’ll never find alphas there.

      4. I like your straight talking approach.
        Too many modern males seem content with acceptance of events & not taking charge. Ingrained with the feminist belief that truth, their accepted version of truth must always be honey sweet & aligned with their false narrative.

        1. Yea that shit makes me sick. When I see it I get aggressive because I don’t want any fucking weak shit near me.
          I will fire off in your face truths that hit weaklings like machine gun bullets.
          I train myself every day to harness my emotions. Seeing others completely lose control is entertaining to say the least. Then they leave you alone or want the power you have.

      5. Always nice to read you, Captain.
        I’m still good with self control by the way (in my 71th week of full chastety mode…). Hope you stay strong.

        1. Oh, thank you, but I’m far from it.
          Still struggling with sloth, although I don’t think I’ve ever been that much active in my life : learning Russian,shooting, playing chess in a club, boxing, working out, praying, reading… I’m also going to get baptized soon in a SSPX parish by an extremely red pilled priest.
          Checking out your blog, this is some great work.

      6. “you are just a weak bitch and I put you in the same catagory as other females”
        very effective, Ive said this to what looks like a man but is all female on the inside.

      7. lot of men in this blog seem to think that they are not slaves to their emotions but thinking with your dick or following ur lust is in fact no different than a girl who follows her feelings

    5. They are all crazy. Saying that its fine to put dick in crazy, just don’t do it in your own home.
      I have one rule about lending money to friends, girlfriends or spouses. Don’t do it, ever.

      1. “Don’t do it, ever.”
        Etch it in stone and put it above your door. I learned the hard way.
        Englishbob.. I am on to you. Your name is not bob, it’s Gunther. And you’re German.

      2. I’m the same way. Loaning money is the surest way to end a friendship. Buying him a beer or something, or loaning him ten bucks for an Uber, sure. But real money, no, never, not ever, it’s horrible and you will never have that friend in your life again afterward.

        1. One exception: if you know your ‘friend’ won’t pay your money back, and you secretly want rid of them. Then you’re not lending it, you’re paying a begone bribe.
          Even then, don’t be ‘lending’ real money – £30 max.

        2. Actually the rule I was taught, if you lend a friend money, then it is a gift. If they see fit to repay you, then it is a gift back. If they don’t you lost nothing as it was a gift. Basically, never lend cash you can’t afford to throw away and friends are worth more then cash (even if they suck with money).

    6. But crazy pussy is good pussy….. Dammit!
      My ex – bipolar and possible schizophrenic accused me of cheating on her years after her ending the relationship as she had caught chlamydia. What she didn’t know is that I had got myself tested fully once, and again for chlamydia two more times and I was clean. Oh how I laughed.
      Great shag though.

  1. #4 is crucial. A full 30% of men who marry can look forward to having our marriages end against our wishes. Presume that you will be part of this unlucky group. Accustom your future ex to discussing financial matters over email (not text message, cuz phones break, get lost, etc).
    If she objects, DO NOT MARRY HER. If she doesn’t object, it will save you thousands when the judge welcomes you to our very non-exclusive divorced men’s club. I’ll be waiting inside to hand you your first taste of freedom, on the rocks. Rye or gin?
    tl;dr Leave a PAPER TRAIL. Particularly if you think you love her, because that’s when she’ll get devious.

  2. Read Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ as it contains a good philosophy to follow, not just for war but for any potential conflict. Particularly important is:
    ““If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
    Know her, know yourself, use the knowledge to achieve your goals. Mediators are cheaper than adversarial lawyers and give you more leverage and her more incentive to appear to be reasonable in front of a neutral party that isn’t vested in her maxing out her takings.

  3. Back in my day, the first thing I did was merge all our business, finances, bank accounts etc. My stuff was hers, hers was mine.
    I wish I could advise my son to follow that advice. But the word marriage and pre-nups often are part of the same sentence.
    (By the way, another reason to avoid American girls is college loan debt.)

    1. You don’t want to end up paying for her gender studies degree with your alimony payments.

  4. 5. Tell the judge that you’re a six year old trapped inside a trans-navajo woman’s body who’s been brutally oppressed by your cis-gender wife who hasn’t checked her privilege yet.

    1. Woahhh sonny, that’s like bringing out the big guns!
      I also suggest turning up to court with unshaven legs and a tight pink latex dress and make up looking like a 7 yo had a go at it.

      1. Indeed… You guys probably pointed out some viable strategies for our debased day and age!

    2. Check your Navajo privilege. Everyone knows that transsexual, lesbian Apache who identifies as a any eater has been the most opressiest

        1. as the great Indian chief Ghandi once said, Hi-howareya Hi-howareya

      1. You’re just mad you can’t find an Injun gullible enough to make you a chief. Yet. Heh.

        1. I’m still holding out for Pirate King. The problem is trying to find a way to approach the Somalia coastline to establish my kingdom without being killed.

  5. This is certainly pragmatic advice when one considers the realities of today’s legal world. However, I can’t help but be a bit saddened by the fact it plays so well into the government’s hands. After all, who needs Big Brother watching us when Big Brother has us watching each other for him.

  6. The only way shit will change is when the law changes, and women face jail time. Women have free reign to fuck over men because of men.

  7. Most people don’t have these problems. They have EPL type divorces. There’s a few ways to protect yourself using feminists own tactics.
    1. Marry well. If she has a career and adequate financial assets (home, property, cash, stock), it counts against your property.
    2. Keep track of your assets and document everything. My home’s value never recovered from the crash of 2008. It is still underwater, but it has gained a lot of equity.
    3. Use her morals to your advantage. My ex didn’t want my assets because she had pride. So I allowed her to not claim marital assets. I also didn’t bother informing her of her rights. Ignorance is bliss.
    4. Don’t help her move. She wants want out. Let her do it herself.
    5. Firmly don’t let her dictate the terms of the divorce. Let your lawyer defend you. That’s your lawyer’s job.
    As for Robin Williams, what an example of an idiot. His 3rd marriage should never have happened. Now his kids must pay for his mistake.

      1. Yeah…you’d think that he would have learned his lesson after ex #2 screwed him over good.

  8. You can’t win a divorce. Your goal is to mitigate the damage.
    Your only chance is preplanning, meaning stashing away cash and hiding assets from her, but you will also be committing perjury on your financial disclosure statement.
    If you are already married and smelling divorce coming the best advice is to act first by simply leaving the house. If she has divorce on her mind, you staying in the house with her is tantamount to suicide – been there done that.
    Again, act first by getting the best local divorce attorney on retainer before she does!
    If you are not married and stupid enough to do it, no amount of preplanning or advice will save your dumb ass.

    1. Perhaps a stash of cash (heh, rhyme) could be a paypal account using one of those anonymous e-mail hosts mentioned a little while ago. A paypal transaction here and there wouldn’t be noticed too much, especially if you do lots of paypal transactions.

    2. Huh? I get that you were hurt but it doesn’t mean it had nothing to do with your setup initially.
      I recently married for the purpose of having children and because I found a girl who I’m on sync with on this.
      She has no even minimal idea of my assets or liabilities because she has no access to them. I also have multiple bitcoin wallets and so on should anything ever start to cook.
      But anyway my question is why was she into your wallet beyond you giving her a spending budget? In cash.
      I can maybe guess why – you bought into the equality thing. How do I know? Cuz I did before but never married any of those. Experience has taught me equality is bullcrap and a man has to control his women.

        1. I prefer a strong pimp hand. Prenups get thrown out so often one wonders if they are just a ‘pretty please’ type document with no real value.
          I think I will just turn it around and ask you what you want a bitch in your business for?

        2. In reality pre-nups aren’t thrown out as often as people think. There are a few high profile cases where it has happened, but more often than not they do provide you with some protection.

        3. Get a great attorney. The actor Jeremy Renner apparently had one that was iron-clad and held up.

    3. Disagree. Abandoning ship/kids is never wise….Just make nice and work on getting all of your chit…

    4. True true, but I found out the hard way after listening to this hooker lie her ass off, a family court judge can’t do shit about “perjury” (I.e., “I forgot”, exaggerations, omissions); if money or property disappears before you get served, that money is off the table.

      1. Perjury is rarely prosecuted, for without perjury the system would collapse – particularly the governments side of the courtroom. Never lie to your doctor, never tell your lawyer the truth.

    5. Leaving the house is considered “abandonment” in many places, additionally it establishes her as the primary caretaker of the children right out of the gate. You leave and she gets it all and you get to sleep in the public park on a bench in many places.

      1. 100%. My lawyer’s advice was stay in the house no matter what. But that was before the wave of divorce lawyers telling their female clients to perjure them selves with claims of DV, or child sexual abuse. I worked with a guy that got the child sexual abuse as a tactic during his divorce. He electrocuted himself in the bath tub. His suicide note said that due to this charge his life was not worth living.

    6. At this point I plan to change my life insurance beneficiary and fucking off myself at this point it seems to be the better alternative.

  9. While the advice in this article seems to be fantastic in theory, you can do all the above and still lose big time. For example, my daughter’s mother was a convicted drug felon who received only probation because pussy pass while her male partner in crime is currently serving year 5 of a 30 year sentence.
    In my case she admitted to perjury.
    In my case she admitted to shoplifting.
    My daughter failed first grade due to the mother not taking her to school. But because my daughter is smart, the school passed my daughter anyway, negligence charges against the mother were dropped and due to that I could not prove harm to my daughter in my custody case.
    Did I mention that my 8-year-old daughter now weighs 134 lbs? She weighed 125 during trial.
    And I still lost my case. But you know who won? The lawyers.
    The only real non-violent solution is to bankrupt the system. Once there’s no money in it, the laws will change.
    For more details/info, see this: http://www.fokmcast.com/2016/03/18/make-america-great-again-how-to-kill-family-courts/

      1. yes, and she knows I love her. But the cost of that has been high, financially and emotionally.
        My goal is to keep other men from going through that system and to expose it for the con that it really is.

        1. Keeping loving her and stay as close as you can. I am sorry you had to go through that.

    1. I agree, best advice is not to marry. If you ignore that, do all the above, but realize it still may not save you. I have some horror stories I could share from friends (Just one: mom is on drugs, negligent, lets son play with matches and start a fire permanently disfiguring him, still retains custody of the children, judge is another female who sides with her).

    2. I am sick to death of the justice system at the minute – work in the criminal sector. 6 more months and I can look to move departments, if not I’m getting out. It’s rotten.

      1. I assume you’re talking about the US. It’s really deplorable. 99% of cases are not heard and while we punish some real lowlifes, good men are also caught in the crossfire, destroying families in the process.
        That’s why it’s truly sickening when Hillary Clinton talks about the prison problems affecting female inmates. They’re in fucking Club Med compared to men.

        1. I’m in the UK…. From what I hear we’re not anywhere near the US levels, but we have our own problems. I need to get out really. Don’t really know what I’d do though, got a few business ideas which I’d like to explore. I’d take a reduced stress, clock in, work, clock out job at the minute, whilst I sort my shit out in life. Working in crime and punishment is strangling my soul,

        2. The good news is that there has never been a better time in history for a dedicated person to change their lot in life. Read about investing, practice a different form of law (estate law can be profitable), or save some money and travel the world and see what opportunities you run into. Expand your horizons.

        3. I’m gonna step away and attempt Aaron Clarey’s two pronged approach. Easy, if dull, day job. Smash out my own business in my free time.

    3. I’m really curious, how were her lawyers able to finagle all of that wrongdoing out of the process such that she won? That seems to me to be nearly on par with human sacrifice on the altar of Baal, you’d think that there is a point where even insane feminist judges would go “Um…no….not this time”.

      1. Her lawyer had so little to do with it. One of his last questions to her was, “You do realize if we are ever in this courtroom again you are definitely losing custody, right?”
        My daughter’s situation is a ticking time bomb, particularly with her health. At the rate she’s going she’s going to be 160lbs by the end of the year, easy. Again, she’s 8 years old.
        I suppose when they amputate her right leg below the knee to stop the diabetes, I’ll have proven harm. But apparently proving there’s a bomb and that bomb is ticking, does not qualify as proving harm.
        Also, if I won custody, everyone in the courtroom knows the mother would have nothing to take me back to court for. Thus the money ends.
        It’s a scam.

      2. Because family court is a scam. Everything is subjective and against men.
        The main point in my case was that I “didn’t prove harm” to my daughter. In other words, apparently failing first grade isn’t harmful because she was passed. Being morbidly obese at 8 years old isn’t harmful either because I can’t prove that my daughter is otherwise normally healthy.
        And courts don’t want to do experiments. Even though my daughter always, ALWAYS loses weight when she stays with me for prolonged periods of time, they just aren’t going to give her to me and she how she does.
        I have to wait until my daughter is a diabetic and they amputate her right foot. And even then, that may not constitute “harm”.
        Read my link above. It’s a scam, and I explain it.

  10. We all know what’s going to happen. Instead of marrying and procreation, we might literally start planting our seed in the ground, let it germinate for 9 months, so babies can pop out of the ground like Cabbage Patch Kids.

  11. Also, you can tape record them if need be, but check your state laws first. In my state I can tape record as long as I am with them, but can’t leave it in a room or in a car while they are alone….which is exactly what I did! It wasn’t admissable but she was too dumb and scared by the evidence to try funny business in the divorce. As a Libertarian-ish person, I don’t believe in secretly monitoring someone in private, but hell, she was actively plotting to harm me finacially/emotionallyphysically and I did what I had to do to protect myself. Word to wise….be prepared for some tough shit when you listen back to the recording. I mean, I though I was woke up to the true nature of women like her, but man, you have no idea how merciless and depraved they are until you catch them when they think the coast is clear.
    Also, government shouldn’t regulate marriage.

      1. Well it’s quite a lot, that warrants talking over beer but in a nutshell, her plot to ruin me lol, the hardworking sumbitch who layed it on the line for my family, aka the guy standing in the way of her selfish desires. Also, she said said she was going to work…the recording actually contains her doped up scumbag sidepiece getting in the car with her…so naturally a lot of shit right there. Then she calls her pill head friend (that had been her oracle in ruining our marriage) up after and brags about her plot and the terrible things she’s doing while getting more advice from the pillhead (there are many reasons why women like to ruin other women’s marriages-all insane).
        Anyway, I’ve moved on with someone else but I still get the occasional DM from my ex-wife or her friends wanting some diuuk (they are all in relationships by the way- aka the easiest women) No decency, morality, guilt, etc….but they gotta whole lotta cognitive dissonance that allows them to sleep at night I guess.

        1. Good you found someone else. Just be sure you don’t make a mistake twice.
          I know what you mean, I also have had experience with bad breakup exes still wanting. Don’t do it, they will think you give a shit other than for sex.

        2. Man, sorry about that. My marriage ended too, but not with as much sociopathic behavior on her part. Best of luck.

    1. I’m with you brother. Although taping something in your own home is your right as the property owner, it does not violate libertarian principles. I’m assuming it was in your home or other properties here of course.

      1. In the car under her name…so, yeah, whatever. I’d do it all over again too. That was just between me and her…and you all now!

  12. Heh, what do you do if she doesn’t do drugs or drink, doesn’t have a sordid history, didn’t fail morally at work or outside, and have no financial agreements?
    You marry her, that’s what. 😉
    And make sure to put a bun in that oven, the future of the human race depends on it!

      1. You marry for making children properly. If that’s how she sees it the only thing she’ll care about is that, and you can go fuck college girls or whatever rings your bell. I love my wife, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to dip my dick in a whole lot of other girls too, just not without a rubber lol.

        1. There does come point between children and grandchildren. Mid-life crisis and whatnot.
          Thankfully my father has provided me with an excellent model to emulate. Only problem is he doesn’t understand how he handles my mother: he just does. Perhaps that is a good thing, being a natural at at it.

        2. Fake it till you make it. That’s how. Women deep down want all kinds of shit that is near impossible for us to really understand. They want to be basically raped because it proves their desirability, they want their man to fuck around and slay pussy like a motherfucker because it proves the genes and status of their mate. They want a guy who will care for his offspring and keep her for them.
          To some degree all women have these cravings and I think a lot of the feminist rage is from it being unfulfilled.

        3. Some things are best described with pictures.
          Learn paw how to use a smart phone and he’d pull a gif to elaborate his points. Think about the number of words it would take to put this clear picture above into your head. Words better describe emotive and philosophical points but pictures flat out nail it sometimes.

        4. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, eh? So many little phrases like that ring true. “Girls only want what they can’t have”, “Boys will be boys”, “Love is like war”, “The egg timer is not a chew toy!”.
          Pa got a smartphone before I did (I only got mine last summer).
          Besides, he’s more of an “actions speak louder than words” kind of guy.

    1. Those were my questions. Although that’s no guarantee of anything, she could go batshit crazy *snap* just like that, for no reason at all. She can decide to become overweight, or she could decide that the relationship no longer requires sex, or she could decide that gosh it would be great to see what spending $100,000 on a pair of shoes feels like. You just never know with women.

      1. She could come down with mid-life depression (far more common in women than men). Depressives will do pretty extreme things in an effort to provoke feeling something again, anything, instead of just feeling dead.
        On the plus side, depressives are more likely to leave you with the kids and care less about money. They’re feeling for their own kids are dulled, they’re after actions/experiences and money in and of itself doesn’t provoke much feeling. In fact, taking on risk of having less can seem exciting to them…

  13. Gian Ghomeshi keeping emails from over 10 years ago. “I love your hands” she cooed. Can you just imagine what would have happened if he didn’t keep those valuable nuggets.

  14. I know one girl who wanted me to slap her face and take her on the table in the kitchen. She got a thrill out of the fact her roommates eat there. She wanted it so hard. I passed. Should I have gone through with it?

  15. Pre 30 years old=wet hole. Post 30 years old=dry hole. In the oil business, when you hit a dry hole, you move on……..
    For the sick enthusiast, notice the smallest of behaviors which point to childishness and discipline her severely with the retracting of your attention for 24-48 hours. Have “make-up” sex and plan your escape, because you have two opportunities to perform this tactic before the real crazy comes cascading out.
    An exit plan, protecting your money and precious belongings, that can be executed in less than 24 hours is the only viable option.

  16. Really good stuff and all these “worst case” examples have become pretty standard.
    When I got divorced I was on the receiving end of every one of these assaults, but saving texts and emails and photos (along with her unemployment and multiple trips to rehab) was the only thing that got me ANY time with my kids.
    I’d add cancel every credit card, empty every account, sell off anything that isn’t nailed down and stash everything in cash in a safe place as soon as you know the marriage is done. As long as its before anyone gets served papers, she can’t prove shit.

  17. “Never let yourself get attached to anything that you cannot walk out on in thirty seconds if you feel the heat around the corner.”

  18. Sounds like a lot of work and planning and constant documentation.. like having a full time 2ND job. How about this:
    1. Don’t get married
    2. Don’t have kids
    3. MGTOW (or go to foreign countries to indulge)

  19. How can you marry in the first place? a women could never be on my level. its not even possible for one to be only 100 levels beneath me. people in general are developmentally challanged. really not worth spending time with idiots i.e 99.9% of Humanity. braindead consumers man and women alike. my advice: Spent quality time with animals, they are worth it! i saw a more charismatic character in a Cow than in the george clooneys and barack obamas of this world.

    1. Who cares about level, this is not a videogame. Can you give birth spontaneously?
      I’m married because I can’t, I need a woman to carry my children to term.
      You don’t marry someone to have deep philosophical discussions with them son, that you do with men.

      1. that´s right! if you need/want a family that`s the way to go. i always thought a woman can be your second half, your good helper and companion, your soulmate hahahaha. if you reached a certain maturity, she would only be a hindrance, because she could not carry that burden. cant expect her to follow you wherever you go, she is not capable of it (mentally), its not here nature, cant expect it from her. but do it yourself then go home when you have climbed your mountain and while you are out, hope that she doesn`t get into contact with some rich rian gosling fagget. thats why i stay alone, thats fate.

    2. The things discussed in the article assume that the marriage has taken place and is addressing some things to do for an impending divorce. The “how” and “why” of it all are honestly irrelevant to the actual topic being discussed.

      1. the main article is the guideline, and then people open sub-threads to share their perspective on the whole topic. if its about something dangerous as marriage, its important to also discuss the point of “you should not marry in the first place”. And to share your perspective on that, so people can become educated about what’s best. is it smart to just consume stuff without calculating and considering the cost? no.

  20. 0. Avoid western women altogether. [this makes the rest of the suggestions redundant].

  21. And if my former wife never consume drugs, is a good professional at her job, only practises plain vanilla sex, she´s morally straight and finance issues are clear ?????? In my country laws will make me still cash her up and see the kids once a week at better cases.
    This article only works if you are married to a degenerate woman with more red flags than a railroad under costruction, and if that´s the case, remember it´s your fucking fault.

    1. God you nailed that last paragraph well, I take my hat off to you, sir. I’m laughing as I type this.

    2. That’s why it’s good to keep a few criminal friends around in the wings from time to time. If she goes the whole “he doesn’t pay me enough attention” route, then it’s these kinds who have no trouble perjuring themselves to tell all the “terrible” things they’ve “witnessed” her doing and even some of the more skilled ones can cough up passable “evidence” of such behaviors. In divorce start evil as it’s easier to pass out crumbs of kindness from a position of strength.

  22. 5. Talk to every good divorce attorney in your county. Every fucking one of them. Once you’ve had a consultation appointment with them and discussed the case in detail they cannot take on the case for your wife due to conflict of interest. If there was one tip I’d want ALL MEN to understand if they think a divorce is coming, it’s this one.
    It takes a bit of time, but if you have the time, do it. Take a freaking vacation day or two and make back to back appointments if you have to. Leave her with nothing but the worst, most pathetic attorneys while giving yourself the pick of the best.
    You have to take every single advantage you can because the System is designed to chew you up for even a minor display of weakness. This is one that men can and do use to try and even the playing field a bit. Do it.

  23. Very good. AND, preventively, never ever get legally bound to share with any woman ANY of your belongings/assets that you are not willing/ready to lose. AND never ever try to realize any shared dreams or projects of any kind with a woman while counting on her support or, worst even, because of her, except this one if it is both yours and hers decision: to reprodce and contribute together to grow healthy offspring, that’s ALL. Everything else (and sometimes even that) is bound to fail and you as a man will have to suffer the harsh consequences of women’s profeering and destructive NATURE.

    1. I keep repeating that women are for making babies with and that’s it. Guys keep looking for a fuckfest combined with a psychiatrist, mother and awesome friend and all that retarded shit.
      If you don’t want babies, just fuck around and be happy. Why take the downsides of marriage or LTR without the upside? Makes no sense.

    1. That vid is scary as fuck just how easy it is for a man to be thrown in jail for no reason. Fuck the USSA (United Soviet States Of America)

      1. Just heard another story last night from a buddy who had help match up a male neighbor and a longtime platonic female friend in a relationship that turned into a seven year marriage with one offspring.
        Now it’s looking like my buddy is caught between the the two in what most likely will develop into a nasty divorce and custody battle, with of course, accusations of substance abuse (on her end).

    2. Holy shit! Daaaamn… I’m at a loss for much else to say about it, but someone should go burn down the bitch who did this, and the government will eventually have to pay a lot of money. But really the judges and prosecutors in this should hang. I mean it literally, for this is such a giant mockery of what justice which they should represent really is.
      Hang the judges publicly. And then set their bodies on fire and dump them in a landfill, their families should not get a funeral or grave.

      1. Notice how all these people didn’t know how things were until it hit them personally and still don’t understand that the system is working as designed.

  24. I see from the comments that the vast majority are still not willing to admit the SOLUTION: pay-4-play. Banging hot escorts / pros on your terms. Women are not your friends or business partners, so use their bodies to satisfy your base desires and then refocus on building your life and banking $$$ after you kick them out of bed.
    If you are genetically programed to desperately want kids, then get married and roll the dice. That’s the price for progeny.
    If not, then live a hedonistic lifestyle surrounded by stable / supportive male buddies, a loyal dog and vintage cars / bikes.

  25. The idea that anyone with power in this country wants you to have wealth is a lie. They want you to make money, and then waste it so they can keep both your labor and their money. Current divorce laws have financial backing by powerful people because of this. Women account for 80% of consumer spending. The powers that be would rather destroy the country so women can piss your money away than have you save money, start businesses and possibly become a rival. If there is an incentive for it to happen, chances are someone is taking advantage of the opportunity, no matter how morally heinous the result is.

  26. Perjury. . .For real. I’ve known lawyers who’ll tell you that women lie in court so frequently that they never bother to charge them with perjury. The laughable thing is though, that if you cries rape, the system is forced to listen to them.

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