8 Solid Day Game Tips For Beginners

With the constant decrease in quality in the behaviour of modern women, one of the symptoms of the cultural decline, it seems that soon night game will no longer be a viable option to find a girl for something other than sex. The West does not seem to improve, so guess what? It’s up to you to change or pack your bags.

Relying heavily on day game and approaches, I can say that I rake in 75% of my lays from it. 20% of them come from night or club approaches. 5% or less come from my internet game, something I truly suck at, but I am working on it.

Direct or indirect game, choose the one that brings you the best results, suits your character and get out there. I would redirect you to Troy’s article if you do not clearly see the difference. For our brothers who might be starting, here are some ingredients that you can implement in your day game for greater success.

1. Do not give a shit


This is by far the most important tip of all this list. Rejection is the big sword that looms over the head of rookies. It is there, so what? There are millions of pretty girls out there. You are the prize, boy. Never forget that. If it’s not her, it will be another.

Step by step, you need to reach a point in your day game when rejection is only a distant notion, part of a routine. Eventually, you should also reach a point where her beauty does not faze you. When a girl flakes, does not answer or outright rejects you, you need to reach a level where you are completely detached. Believe in and show your self-worth with a ruthless abundance mentality.

Roll in like you own the place. You are the emperor of the squares, interrupting his stroll for a chat with an attractive female commoner, in the perspective of enjoying her moist holes. As one puts it: “Who cares if 10 women rejected you, if the 11th approach leads to a bang?”

2. Pay attention to your voice


Speak slowly, even slower than normal. Use all your lung capacity and your stomach muscles, you must be clear as crystal in your elocution. This is even more relevant when approaching girls that do not speak English.

A good habit I have developed is to constantly hum a low tune, getting my vocal chords warmed up for a smooth, low-tone opener. Something like the low hums in Vangelis’ song “Conquest of Paradise”

Asking questions and expecting a answer will make you raise the accent at the end of the sentence. Because that is the most common way in many languages to orally stress that you are requesting an reply.

The problem is that you tend to raise the pitch of your voice in doing so. A high pitched, effeminate voice detected during the first impression is a good way to shoot yourself in the foot. What you say does not matter as much as the way you say it. Your tone must express confidence and calm.

3. When in doubt, approach anyway

Girl in white

Then eject if necessary. There are always cases when you can’t immediately tell if the girl is attractive in your book. She passed too fast, she turned around, she wears a hat, she has an oversized pair of sunglasses (slut tell!), she looks nice from behind but she might be a butter face… cases are too long to list. One answer: who cares?

Go anyway. While you talk, you will have the opportunity to study her face, style and the kind of girl she might be. Give it your best shot and use what you have learnt. It is an absolute game of trial and error. She is a bitch, she looks at you like you fell from Mars, or is cross-eyed? Eject. You can even do it without saying a word. Your time is important, not hers.

4. Mind appearances


It is valid for every poon, slayer but if your presence is strong and your game is bullet-proof, you can slightly dress down or approach with a t-shirt full of holes, stains, or a convict outfit. Nobody rocks the suit look 24/7, especially in warmer climates.

But for a beginner, better keep it sharp. It will give a better first impression, even if a few mistakes are made during the approach. If you notice that you get more numbers and smiles when you wear a shirt and dress shoes, than with a plain fitted t-shirt with casual shoes, keep doing it. But you can see the issue in having to get changed after work and getting a new shirt, especially if you are like me and hate ironing.

5. Be persistent (within reason)

Get over here

Get over here

A girl might not take the bait straight away. Or she did not understand what you just said. You might not have been convincing enough or she is just shy. Whatever it is, keep talking, unless you clearly see that this ship has sailed.

Block her way for a bit, keep involving her in the conversation, walk side by side if she carries on walking but sends you positive signals, direct her by saying “Hold on. Stop here as I (stress the “I”, you are the boss) need to go that way,” pointing at the other direction, then resume. You have balls, use them. You should clearly feel that the attraction is absent before leaving.

6. Try different approach patterns


We are animals. Relatively intelligent ones, but animals nonetheless. Note that the most popular style of predation in the carnivorous fauna is to isolate a target instead of charging groups.

Like novice diurnal predators, day game beginners should first approach single girls before turning into multi-tasking charming comedians. Try the different techniques from those predators of the animal kingdom. Not trying to play the mysterious kung fu master here, but it describes quite well the way to proceed:

Eagle game


Here, you stay at your post, near a square or a very busy street. You need good eyes to scan the crowd for a extended period of time and spot the attractive girl in the blur of people. Spot her from far, intentionally cross her path or go after her fast on a short distance, stop her and open. You might need to face her and monopolize the space with your arms, bag, umbrella etc. to create an invisible barrier and stop her for a bit. Once you are done, return to your post and wait for the next one.

Crocodile game

You can bring a fellow crocodile along to watch your valuables while you stand and stop the girl or turn it into a small contest to see who’s the man. Grab a coffee and observe. Stay at a cafe terrace or a bench near a busy street or square. Saturday afternoons work well. The careless antelope walks by. You act, charm, number close, then back to your coffee until the next one.

"Hey. I saw you passing by and you look nice. So I came to say hello. I am JB"

“Hey. I saw you passing by and you look nice. So I came to say hello. I am JB”

Wolf game


It is a blend of the previous ones. But you walk, walk, walk. You must never stop for something else than talking to an attractive girl. No texting, no wifi browsing, maybe a take-away coffee.

Stop when you see a potential hottie. Then you go for the insta-date or you carry on to accumulate approaches. The wolf is motivated because he is hungry, he outruns failure and Incel.

Bonus: Monkey game


Shout-out to Roosh on that one, an equivalent could be used at the end of concert, when a large crowd gets of a train or when the students leave the university classes:

I do not run around the venue approaching every girl in sight. Other girls will see this and be reluctant to indulge in your approach later on. The only exception is when last call has arrived, I have no solid prospects, and the club is dying out. Then I approach at will any girl within sight, running around like a monkey to do so (monkey game?).

7. Be constant


Better approach during a smaller time frame every day than in excess during one day (although approaching in any amount is better than doing nothing), the only exception being extreme time constraint or irrepressible horniness. Dedicate a time slot to day game on a given number of days and stick to it.

Approach like a machine. If you feel like it, use an insta-date but I would stick to massive amounts of approaches if your rejection still hits you hard or your confidence and frame are still shaky. A long break makes you lose the momentum and confidence that you accumulate with the memories of successful approaches. A good mental habit is to decide of a number of approaches you have to make a day in order to keep a steady flow. We keep repeating it, but after all, mathematics will always be on your side in game.

8. Stop choking the chicken


This one is a no-brainer. You need to be focused, so keep your hormones in. You need to be horny and feel that you are more aggressive. You need to reach of point where you can’t resist approaching girls. It becomes a mission.

Your animal instincts must completely override your logical brain. It is also a proven fact that men that get natural sex instead of masturbation are subconsciously perceived as more attractive by girls. Science will prove one day that the “I just had sex” victorious stride is real.

Vas-y, garçon

Day game and its success can be centered around a few main factors: mathematics, logistics, presence, body language, persistence, level of attractiveness, self-esteem… The list is quite long. But one factor tramples them all: balls.  At the end of the day, it is the foundation that needs to be solid to support the whole structure.

So get out there and conquer!

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    1. It’s not you, it’s because women today don’t appreciate a man with class.

      1. Yeah! Men with class live in their mom’s basements… you know… like Roosh.

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    2. You could have started grooming her for lice, and eating her lice would have established a truce.

    3. try the snail game, women love it when guys ask them if they want to asexually reproduce

    4. I just laughed involuntarily; I’m glad no one is sitting next to me.

    5. lol…..well, it’s her problem if she doesn’t like your poop…….pitch with pride, big boy

    6. I got a good story of monkeys throwing feces on my wife in Costa Rica. At the time I was like any good husband and horrified at it. Now, years after the divorce, I tell it to get laughs.

    1. Perhaps you will find this version by “The Ten Tenors” a bit more palatable:

  1. Clown game should be included too on the list. You wouldn’t want to bore the chick to death.

    1. Spam approach – carry on only with the ones who show interest – go on a casual first date, find out if they are amenable to coercion – coerce them … is the ONLY game there has ever been
      If you, however, are able to create a “machine” that provides you with new talent, then you don’t need game, you simpy get women.

      1. Interesting idea. It makes me think of 007’s “coercion game” which seems always easy because of 007’s charisma, coolness, charm and the 007 girl liking him already, but in the end it’s always a work of fiction.
        Of course if you have some sort of talent, you don’t need game. Game is for the average Joe.

  2. Number #2 is great advice. One of the main benefits of day game is being able to actually converse unlike a loud, hectic nightclub where you are shouting basic information. Slow mindful talking is much more attractive than frantic mumbles. If you’re a desk jockey who rarely talks, I’d even recommend a public speaking course or acting classes, etc. Something to get you speaking in front of people. I see lawyers and other supposed professionals all the time who absolutely suck at speaking in public.
    Oh, and be mindful of your body language while talking too. Get your hands out of your pockets!

    1. It won’t make a difference. Only certain very intellectual personalities, are able to execute day game, or any game for that matter with success.
      For the rest, gaming is not option, as they are unable to seduce a woman.
      Spam approaching is what the normal person should do.
      a Concerned Citizen production

  3. Don’t choke the chicken….Don’t Choke the Chicken…Don’t choke the Chicken…In the age of Pornography that advice needs to show up more in neomasculine teaching. I had a bad porn habbit that I’ve recently kicked (thank God) , but as a Man who used to fap very consistently, now a Man who doesn’t Fap at all, I can say that the differences between fap and no-fap are huge. With no-fap, I’ve experienced massive gains in strength, and Stamina, my mood has also changed drastically, from being anxious and having depression, to feeling extremely confident, and always feeling good. No-fap also completely removes approach anxiety, here’s an example: The other day i’m at the Mall, and up the escalator comes a beautiful woman, followed by her mother , aunt, and Grandmother (Triple Threat) , now back in my fap days, I wouldn’t have approached this girl to save my life because in a depleted fap state I had a lot of anxiety, but it’s amazing when the Hormones are allowed to build up just how audacious Not fapping can make a Man. So I walk up to the woman, and I ask. “Would you like to go to Lunch sometime?” and she replies ” No thanks”, and I walk away, and I begin thinking maybe I was a little direct. So I walk back to her again, with a piece of paper , and my number, and I say ” I think your really beautiful, and if you change your mind, here’s my number” , all the while the scowling Matriarchy (Triple Threat) is looking at me like i’m some sort disgusting inconvenience. She never called, but the point is that when a Man allows his hormones to build and doesn’t masturbate, he’ll experience the benefits of having the pent up testosterone raging in his blood stream, back when I fapped, I would have talked myself out of approaching that woman, made up some bullshit excuse because of anxiety, but now that I don’t Fap, I don’t make up excuses , and it feels completely natural to approach random women and ask them out, the pent up hormones will definatly enable and compel a Man to get over any approach anxiety he may have, Trust me, it’s night and Day difference between Fap and no fap. Plus with the testosterone raging in your bloodstream, you will feel Alpha, you won’t just think it, but you’ll feel it and it’s a very powerful emotion. I mention all this, because there may be some guys who might read this, who have a Fap and porn problem, and don’t want to quit their habbit, because they believe their life won’t change, but trust me, there is a huge difference between the fap lifestyle, and the no fap lifestyle. If anybody is having problems kicking their habbit, I recommend Pray to God, God helped me, he will help you if you ask.

    1. @Yup
      For some reason this seems to be a common sentiment among ROK commenters, but it doesn’t jive AT ALL with the experiences noted by people who make a living using their d*@ks
      I actually posted a comment on a similar ROK article and got lots of skeptical follow up comments:

      5 Things You Should Be Doing If You Consume Porn

      Basically, if you want “it” to last longer, as does your female partner, you have to “use it” or you will “lose it”. Note, I don’t mean straight use, but actual deliberate exercise.
      Its just like regular exercise, again its ABSOLUTELY a use-it or lose-it situation. I suggested that “skeptics” contact someone like Ron Jeremy and ask for his response about how he kept his “performance level” up and going, even as he got older. I can guarantee that “fapping abstinence” wouldn’t have any part in his response. Quick note, its not about just “watching” and “using”, there are ACTUAL exercises that must be done while viewing (and yes, being fit is obviously number one).
      So, how do I know anything about this topic?
      My information comes from having worked peripherally in the “industry” (promotions and marketing). I am not going to go into details about the how, what, why, when, but be assured there are PLENTY of tricks and exercises that have been used by those in the industry, to “keep it up” on camera longer (hence, my earlier Ron Jeremy comment). The bigger outfits actually paid medical researchers to put together “white papers” on processes and best practices for internal use, the same way Pro Sports teams do for their athletes (note these studies are OWNED by the companies that commissioned them and will NEVER be available to the public).
      The terms “skeptics” need to start searching for is “noninvasive”. That should cover the gamut of “real studies” that focused on the PHYSICAL aspects and not the MENTAL limitations of the typically highlighted low-T saps that developed ED.
      So, for those that don’t know “what” these tricks are and are not currently in the “know” about the private sector research going on, that’s not my problem.

      1. I’m not sure what your referring to, I know from first hand experience, that when I fapped all the time, I was basically in an Opiated Coma state, I had a lot of Anxiety and depression and low energy. I know that now, since I don’t fap at all, I feel strong, Aggressive, and Confident, a higher energy and Good overall, I don’t feel Opiated. I’m not going to take the word of a Porn Star, a person who does porn is a Shady Character at best, they already have proved in life they’ll do anything for money including selling their flesh, they’ll say whatever makes them the most profit, no matter if it’s true or false. By the way, is a porn star going to say, “Yeah, don’t masturbate, you’ll turn into an opiated anxiety beta if you masturbate” of course a porn star is going to say “Masturbate, or you’ll lose it” otherwise he’d find himself out of business. My experience may be unique, or it may be very common. It’s not a topic many Men want to talk about, but from My first hand experience, Masturbating, and Not-Masturbating, I’ll take No-fap, over Fap, any day of the week. I think there should be more of a Discussion about this topic, I think Porn is this Generations Opiate, and while Porn isn’t holding a gun to anybodies head saying “You must Watch porn and Masturbate” , anybody who watches porn, does masturbate to Porn, and a lot of Men will put endless time into porn instead of using that energy to get Real women. I believe the Over-Masturbation, Men in society are doing, is opiating them, and keeping them in their rooms, and staying Hooked on Porn, instead of going out and being Vigiliant and Ambitious in the Real world, and they become, “Porn Hermits”. I don’t think there is a lot of discussion on this Topic, because some Men find it embarrassing , or Taboo, to discuss a Fap problem and a Porn Problem, but I believe that porn, and excessive masturbation has a negative effect on a Man, and since porn is consumed in society on a massive scale, there should be a discussion about whether porn has an effect on society or not. Personally I know it effected me, and I believe it is an “Opiate for the Mass’s”, keep Men complacent and in their Rooms masturbating to porn …. It’s really a well designed Opiate too, as it use’s the Natural Hormonal Urges of Men to get Men hooked, not to mention, it’s sent directly into every home with an internet connection. The British who Opiated the Chinese centuries ago, would have found internet porn to be a very useful opiate, i’m sure.

        1. I never understand people having a hard time quitting anything.
          In order to quit something you just have to not do it. It’s not like you need to do something difficult, just not do something you would like to quit.

        2. Where is your friend GhostofJefferson ?
          Does he avoid game topics, or is it his day off from working for Roosh ?

        3. Well you opened the conversation, let it rip, any of the article contributors on the site who can take this subject and go into more detail, there are plenty of Porn Hermits out there, who needs to break out.

        4. The one with the 8 inches long and 6,25 inches in circumference dick. How big is your dick little boy ?

        5. But you forgot to answer how big yours is.
          The little ones never do answer to be honest …
          Are you unemployed or on Roosh’s payroll ? You seem to be lurking around every corner …
          Those poor folks who pay to post their articles here, do they see any increase in their revenues ?

        6. I prayed to God, for Help, He’s taken the urge to watch porn away from me, If a Man prays for help, God will help.

        7. Doesn’t sound like you know what addiction means. But you can humble me with your experiences. No sarcasm.

        8. I always saw it as something that I have to overcome myself. But I guess I have been foolish. It shouldn’t have a place in my life.

        9. Fuck man how do you always come up with these dry one liner comebacks that just make everyone lol. You could do well in comedy or something, maybe even better than the advertising stuff you’re in.

        10. I mean yeah if we are talking about opium or cigarettes or alcohol but just stop grabbing your junk.

        11. I don’t do advertising. Someone who does was selling space in their mag to me. That said, thanks.

        12. How much are you getting paid for commenting on ROK ?
          If you ‘re good at something, never do it for free you know …

        13. Most men who are forced to come to terms with their defficiency in the dick sector, may overreact to any following stimuli.
          It’s ok if you ‘re small lolknee. Just don’t father any children. They don’t need THAT heritage.

        14. I have already explained your reactions lolknee
          The more you do it, the more you prove it.
          And yes, they do love the big fat dick. It makes the ladies lower their defences immediately. It is something you will never experience, to see a girl turn breathless just by looking at your cock.
          Have a nice day. And do promote DNA research. It will be the only way for you or your offspring to have a nice big fat dick too. 🙂

        15. My tip is this. Stop worrying about shit that doesn’t matter. Leave that to women.

        16. Can you make your point with less words? Really mate its impenetrable. Some paragraphs would be nice too.

        17. It’s harder to avoid, but I think I am going to direct all those energies more towards real women instead.
          Do you think you could just stop that too? I have heard that it at least gets better with age.

        18. What if you did something like every time you wanted to pull the pud you spent 30 minutes doing something else. Maybe I don’t fully understand, but it is just jacking off. Maybe you have too much energy. Have you tried lifting weights before going home or maybe a run?
          As for getting older, I guess at like 80 or something. I have no real noticeable difference in how horny I am now versus 20 years ago….that amount being “very” I guess I just never felt that beating off was a life or death thing. Sometimes you clean the pipes out and sometimes not.

        19. Will do that. But I was really hoping to get some kind of release in ~20 years from now.
          Anyways, thanks for the advice.

        20. The famous 2 word joke. Short on words…long on laughs.

        21. @Yup
          I said “white papers” conducted by research physicians. Note this research was not made for consumer research focused on their customers behaviors, these studies were strictly focused on performance of the actors on screen.
          You want to disbelieve it, fine, you want to abstain, fine. Also note, not once have I said to use Porn to do the exercises. That’s ENTRIELY your personal interpretation of how the “exercises” would be done. I never clarified, but you decided to “fill in the blank” using your inexperienced Puritan imagination.
          The “no fapping” concept commonly promoted here on ROK is crock of bunk and is no different than saying “don’t lift”. Again, I’m talking about actual performance, not porn addictions inducing some type of ED in undersexed males.

        22. No it shouldn’t, and if it’s been habitual, as it was in my case, then you know how detrimental it can be.

        23. Have you considered that maybe you suffered from magnesium and/or zinc depletion due to blowing your load all the time? The more you blow, the more you need to keep topping up. It’s the same as strength training. You need to train and fuel accordingly.
          No fapping is ok at first but YOU’VE GOT TO USE IT OR LOSE IT.

        24. Mate, just summarize what these exercises are or stop talking about it.
          If it’s just standard PE stuff then give it a rest.

        25. I used to take a lot of Vitamins and zinc and magnesium, but I can honestly say that nothing substitutes No-fap. My Strength Training has dramatically increased since no-fap. What does “Use it or lose it” mean?

        26. Well then you are a fool because only a fool intends to write poorly.

        27. My opinion is one you want to pay attention to, son. If people think you’re a fool because of the way you write, trust me you have a serious problem.
          You make no effort with your writing which suggests to me, rightly or wrongly, that you make no effort with anything else.

        28. If you suffered from a mineral deficiency caused by masturbation that would be a hell of a lot of masturbating.

        29. Well said but its very different from saying “don’t lift”. Some of us can’t or have to be very careful liftiing due to chronic injury.

        30. Use it or lose it means that if you don’t use or train your dick, performance and mass will decrease as you age.
          Nofap or nosex is only beneficial at the start if you were a serious wanker and it was detrimental to your health (physical and psychological). When you nofap/nosex too long, you lose the benefits of it.
          I think seven days is adequate between blows and allows your motivation to build up… stretch it out to two weeks max for ultimate focus and recovery. Any longer than that and you aren’t gaining anything more from nofap/nosex.

        31. I’m going on a couple months now of no-fap. I feel great. The Aggression that builds I’ve found is really beneficial in strength training. I still Use it, but I don’t allow myself to ejaculate.

        32. Its funny how such a simple concept is completely beyond the comprehension of some people here on ROK. Its like the believe they can become some kind of hyper focused monk with complete metaphysical control over their performance, but only if they just stop fapping cold turkey.
          Its an appendage filled with blood that stretches and increases in size, when aroused, so why would anyone believe that not using it would somehow increase performance and hang-time?

        33. @TheHammer, its more than cardio, but I did sign an Non-disclosure agreement back then. Its been a long time, so maybe it doesn’t matter now. Perhaps I’ll consider posting what I know if ROK gives me my own article.

        34. It probably doesn’t matter since PE (penis enlargement/exercise) is a big enough community now that whatever studies were done back then are wide in the open now anyway… From some of the pornos I’ve seen, I’ve noticed a few guys with tell tale discoloration from PE so it would appear that it’s all the same info if the results look the same.

        35. @yup
          You obviously can’t read, as I have been basing my statements on what I was shown by medical researchers working for the “adult entertainment industry”.
          Again, I’m not talking about having the highest testosterone for every given moment of the day, I’m not talking about porn induced erectile dysfunction and I’m also certainly not talking about some metaphysical confidence boost due to not “chocking the chicken”. I’m strictly talking about performance in the sack.
          Look, we obviously have different end goals and that’s perfectly acceptable. I want IT to be physically big and to last as long as possible. If those characteristics don’t matter to you, that’s fine, feel free to continue abstaining. But then again, I won’t be the one judging the outcome of that decision, on your part either.

        36. @disqus_cf2aLD58CO:disqus
          The more comments you post, the more I start to believe that you are nothing more than a low-testosterone individual, whom has always had a somewhat Purtain outlook on how life works with the opposite sex, that also recently discovered Red-Pill Theory and now believes in an epic fantasy where “no fapping” will suddenly turn their low-T body into a strapping Zen monk with total metaphysical control over all his bodily functions.
          Please, step into the real world, life is not an Anime cartoon.

        37. @TheHammer
          I’m now convinced this guy is low-T and as a result can barely muster up much, in general, let alone fap, successfully pick up on women and work out, all in the same day

        38. Your getting a little obsessed with this topic, Bub. I don’t care if you Fap yourself into oblivion. I’m not stopping people from doing anything. I wrote my initial comment explaining my experience with fapping, and my experience post Fap. I wrote the comment because I believe other Men may experience what I had with porn addiction and Habitual Fap, and the comment was meant to help those Men.
          In “the real world” Men have relationships with women, and Loser’s have relationships with their hand.

        39. You’re on to something there. Taoists talk about “sublimating” the “vital energy” to achieve personal and spiritual growth. Today’s people say there qi in semen, which I think is bullshit. But when you abstain for fapping,and turn your attention to more important things, that’s channeling a huge amount of mental and physical energy into becoming something better than what you were before.

        40. Why it’s a bunch of shit?For me yourbrainonporn was extremely helpful in understanding the dangers of porn and quitting it.It really improved my life a lot,maybe you don’t need it but someone can improve.

        41. If it works for you I have no problem with you cutting porn out of your life. What I have a problem with, is people telling me I should stop looking at it. That’s annoying and nagging. But these same people just can’t seem to stand the fact that other people enjoy looking at it and experience no problems.

      2. So if you ‘ve worked in the industry I have one question.
        What happens with the girls’ anuses ?
        After they ‘ve had their anuses destroyed, like we ‘ve seen many of them have, what happens with those anuses ? Do they recover ? Do they get surgery ? Do they stay destroyed ?
        The balance of the universe is hanging on your words …

        1. The ironic part in Yup’s responses to me is that I never spoke to any of the actors about the topic, just the Doctors and the researchers that actually worked on the study.

      3. Don’t worry about lasting longer. Get up on her and bust your nut exactly when you feel like it. The first time is just a warm-up for her anyway. After you recover you can do it again and last as long as you like. In the meantime you can work her clit and get her off, which will make her ache even more for a good long pounding on round two. If you’re doing this consistently you’ll stay both horny and long-lasting. If you’re in a dry spell, don’t fap, just get crazy horny and ride that energy to land the next fish. Repeat until dead.

        1. @ahoramismo
          See englishbob’s above comment, he has pointed out the unstated basis of my entire premise, however, you and others in disagreement with my insights are free to take any approach you like.
          I don’t “worry” because, I’ve had a “solution” for quite some time now. BTW, not all women are fully stimulated by “hands and fingers”, some will need a whole body experience.

        2. I’m going to agree with you on something. I have done an entire month with zero sexual activity whatsoever, fap or otherwise. The first three weeks or so were highly energizing, but they culminated in this one weird day where I was literally brimming over. I still didn’t do anything about it though. Problem is, in the week after that, my libido went to zero. At the end of the month, I found sex difficult to resume. I had to fap to get out of the state I was in. There was such a backlog that it wasn’t even enjoyable — it was more like a medical procedure really, or milking an overdue cow. The next day my libido began to return.
          My tentative conclusion from this episode is that if I have a dry spell that lasts two or three weeks and I find myself walking around with spontaneous erections, squirming with horniness, and leaking into my underwear, I should probably take care of business by myself right then and there. I do think “no fap” has its merits up to a point, but beyond that point it can be decidedly counterproductive.

      4. What you’re saying is obvious to anyone who would actually think about it. Obviously you can “practice” sex through masturbation like you can “practice” a given sport in preparation for an event.
        It is more likely then that someone who never jerks off (and this person is probably a liar) will suffer premature ejacuation and/or performance anxiety due to his lack of practice than someone who jerks off regularly.
        One thing is for sure. Jerking off will not negatively effect your performance with sex or attracting girls. Anyone who says so is looking for excuses.

    2. Of all that pationate stuff you wrote man, the only 3 words that matter are :
      “She never called”. That’s all that matters.
      8.Not fapping at all is not good. But that’s another discussion.
      The thing is … she never called … even though you were so horny …
      1.giving no shit a + 3.approaching anyway + 5.being persistent? It only matters if you are what she’s looking for.
      2.paying attention to your voice + 4.paying attention to the way you look … Only matters if you are what she’s looking for.
      6.Changing styles can make a difference only if BY CHANGING STYLES YOU MEAN, that you learn to quickly vet the good from the bad prospects. …Or if you learn how to find out what they want, and if you could be the one who they ‘d want to give it to them.
      Even if you think “she’s my prey”, she may think “I ‘ve been pumped and dumped before, and I don’t want that AT THE MOMENT, so I ‘ll avoid him.
      7.Being persistent … the only thing that matters, since game is only a numbers game, even for celebrities …
      In short the game is rigged against you.
      The only way to win the game is to not have to play it.
      Find a way for chicks to come to you. I used to do it once upon a time.

      1. I know, but my point is that I never even would have approached her, when I was fapping a lot. Depleted Hormones.

        1. Yes you are right.
          But approaching in itself means nothing. If you don’t fuck her, it was all for nothing.
          I am just saying that spam approaching is the only way to go, if you ‘re not of particular beauty or if you don’t have a position that provides you with a steady supply of new women (I used to have that. I miss it so much…).

        2. Got to to tell you Yup, you’re dead wrong. Have you never seen Something About Mary?

        3. Hey Bob of 2016, I’m a skeptic about the ills of masturbation too. If it were true that frequent masturbation depletes T and causes you to lose strength and stamina, etc., it seems like that should be true for frequent sex also. As far as I can tell, frequent sex has never made me feel weaker or less manly.

        4. Seems obvious right? Yet that logic escapes most of these people here. Actually all of the evidence suggest otherwise: that frequent orgasm, however it is induced, is beneficial for the human body. Normally if you use an organ or muscle in your body more frequently, it gets bigger, stronger and more efficient. Why would the effect be any different with your genitals?

        5. I can buy that, for example, masturbating to porn several times a day is bad on a psychological level. I liked an analogy you made once, that porn is like ice cream: OK once in a while, but not for every day use. On the other hand, the idea that there’s some physical difference between ejaculating into a veejayjay, a mouth, or your right hand makes no sense to me.

        6. apparently ejaculation is supposed to be used only for the purpose of creating babies. It realeases your chi energy which you apparently never get back, ever. So the ideal would be to never ever ejaculate unless making babies

      1. For some reason the video can’t play. I agree, an addict will rationalize and defend their habit. I used to do the same thing.

        1. I’ll try sending the link again. Or you can go on youtube and search “Tedex the great porn experiment” It’s eye popping, for those who want to listen.

        2. This Ted video is about “addiction”, NOT “performance”. The men who got ED need physiological evaluations and were likely prone to addiction anyway. The study doesn’t go any further into why certain men got ED and others did not.
          We aren’t even talking about the same process or outcomes.

        3. Great video, thanks for reposting it. I’ve been kinda busy and just got around to watching it. TedX said a lot of good stuff.

    3. Wrong. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Maybe not every day, but saving up your semen is unhealthy and lowers libido.

    4. If you’re still out there, do you find that you see the same loss in strength and stamina you get from frequent masturbation as you do when you’re consistently getting sex every day (assuming you’ve ever experienced the latter)?

    5. ” If anybody is having problems kicking their habbit, I recommend Pray to God, God helped me, he will help you if you ask”.
      Very nice and very true.

  4. Or elephant game:
    YOU: “We had sex last year. At that one party near the beach. Your friends were trying to get you to leave.”
    HER: “Um, no…”
    YOU: “Don’t play me like that. An elephant never forgets.”
    Then suddenly leap up into the air. “Ohmygod, I just saw a mouse. Holy shit that scared me.”

    1. That gave me a chuckle. I’ve used clown game in the past and yea it can be fun and it does work. However as I’ve aged the notion of clown game gives me a degrading vibe, unless the primary reason is not to fuck her.
      The main reason I loved gaming women in the past was the thrill of conquest. The end result wasn’t as fulfilling as forcing myself to jump out of my comfort zone and do crazy shit. Seeing a woman become instantly attracted because you have a pair was fun when I was younger.
      Now as I have written on my own site, women by and large are simply not worth much if anything to me.
      Their personalities are sterile. They speak and think from the same mutant hivemind which permeates a rotten and decaying culture of death. Many red pill men know these truths but yet they cannot stop from humiliating themselves or even worse at the feet of inferior creatures.
      If you say you don’t respect women these days then fucking them surely makes you a hypocrite.
      Most certainly you are engaged in a form of loathing. I don’t hold it against any man to learn game and use it. I do believe that using simply for the fucks of road worn whores is self destructive though.
      You could use those skills of persuasion and influence in so many other profitable ways than simply the 30 minutes of a sloppy drunken fuck.

      1. “That gave me a chuckle. I’ve used clown game in the past and yea it can be fun and it does work. However as I’ve aged the notion of clown game gives me a degrading vibe, unless the primary reason is not to fuck her”
        Yeah I hear ya. Clown game is really not for older guys.
        “If you say you don’t respect women these days then fucking them surely makes you a hypocrite”
        Respectfully disagree. As men we still need to dump our loads even though the hormonal driven beasts we are attracted to are total parasites and could care less if we live or die.
        Overall though you made a good comment. Where is your blog?

        1. Thesavagelifestyle.com
          If load dumping is all you want I feel that aquiring the services of a prostitute are a more honest transaction.
          TBS, the modern woman is simply a prostitue with poor bargaining skills

        2. See that. I honestly can’t do the clown thing because of the work I’ve done on my personality. I’ll use different tactics, but never something that puts me down.

        3. LOL! My mother (from Ireland) used to yell at my sister, and say she was too stupid to not be charging for it. Ironically, when my sister got older she actually did start selling it.

      2. Yeah, at age forty, I feel much the same way — disinterested in most women, or rather, disinterested in the process it takes to bed most women. Most are just not talented, intelligent, or sophisticated enough to be worth the effort, though there are certainly a few exceptions. I prefer the company of red-pill men now.

        1. Amen. Perhaps that is the natural evolution a man goes through now. I put more importance over stimulating my mind than ejaculating into nothing.
          Gaming women to me is monotonous. Men who thought sexual liberation was a great thing are shortsighted and foolish.
          Sex is like eating a bag of chips now. Meaningless.

        2. Plato talked about that. Wise men looked forward to growing old so that “nature” helped them to focus on philosophy and focus their time on important things that make us human.

      3. How do you keep on existing, with such a high level of sorrow and bitterness ?

        1. Because he’s all growed up, that’s how.
          Life is full of disappointments, and you must accept the bad with the same grace as the good. But if you don’t respect yourself others certainly won’t.

    2. Hyena game – Let your wingman do all the work and take the woman home as you third-wheel it behind them and then when he is taking a bathroom break from the sex, you sneak your cock inside her.

      1. Hahahahaha beautiful stuff, what makes me laugh so hard is I’ve done a version of it, he didn’t get to her panties first but he did go off to the toilet. When he came back the bitch had my tongue around her tonsils and was rubbing my junk.
        He gave up without comment.

        1. Shit like you is what’s wrong with the world. Did you pull that on a friend of yours ??? Instead of sharing the broad, you broke your friend’s heart ? And you ‘re looking for a male revolution ?

        2. Broke his heart? What the hell is wrong with you? The only thing I broke was his impression that he was going to bag the broad. If he had anymore shit mentally going there if anything I helped his ass.
          I’m getting the distinct feeling from you that you don’t know what it’s like to go to a bar, play a little PUA game, and take one home and fuck her, without numbers. Just for that one fuck. Stop treating this shit like some medieval knights and damsels bullshit, that’s what you sound like to me.
          Trust me, in 2016 it’s normal to go to a bar, pick up a chick, take her to your place, bang her and have her leave and never contact you again without even knowing her name.

        3. It was normal in 1966 too. Look at the effect that it had upon marriage, fifty years later.

        4. I think he meant the grimy crap you pulled on your wingman. ( “Sneak your cock in her.”) implies your wingman was clueless.
          If my wingman approached first I will give him his fair shot until it’s obvious he is going nowhere. A good wingman will help your chances if he is rejected. Any man who doesn’t GIVE his friends this simple respect is no man in my opinion.
          Here in NYC area women view you strange when going alone in many night venues…

        5. He went with the friend of the chick. He had zero chance on her in reality, but the timing of it was them talking, him going for a piss, and the next time he saw us was like that.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still with the friend.
          I don’t go by any specific titles of wingmen or ethics of bro hood if the point is just to get some action. She is the one who opened on me FYI. Are you saying I should not have taken the bait when she is pulling me to the dance floor?
          Good luck with that. It ain’t all that serious.
          Anyway I’m not playing in the general pool anymore ;-).

      2. You ‘re absolutely RIGHT my friend …
        Though degrading, being with a good looking wingman may work.
        You let him get the good girls, and you get whatever may fall in your hands …

    3. hahah that was so fucking funny !
      You know what’s funnier ? Almost all humans are unable to seduce a woman, or even get her to go to a cup of coffee with them.
      But if almost all men are worthless of female attention, then WHY do they want to control women and procreate if THE PROXIES of evolution themselves (the women) DON’T want those men in the first place ?
      a Concerned Citizen production …

  5. This is off topic, but I had to post this here. It’s finally beginning folks, real world consequences for Leftists. And not just any type of Leftist, no sir, fat feminist Bernie supporting Leftists.
    “He said, ‘I can’t tow you … you’re a Bernie supporter,’” McWade said. “I was like, ‘Wait, are you serious? You’re kidding me.’”
    “I was dependent on anybody who was willing to help me, completely dependent,” she said.
    You don’t say! I think we found Trump’s Sec. of Transportation!

    1. i feel like if a bernie supporter refused to tow a trump supporter the trump fan would have just called him a pussy and figured it out without crying on the internet. also love how they dont specify what disability she has, how convenient

  6. 9. if the bitch still resist, low kick, spinning back fist and double leg takedown.

  7. 10. Think only about women in day time, because they really, really, really matter.
    Stay tuned for part 2.
    Devoting your life to women, At Night.

    1. Picking up women for casual sex is a whole lot different than your whole life being about women

      1. If you pick them up under 10 seconds and fuck ’em under 5. Sure, you won’t be wasting your life.

      2. What is your success rate ? Be honest …
        Have you tried online dating ? What is your response rate on that ?
        How many of those responses do you converge to dates ? How many do you fuck eventually ? Be honest …
        Then we ‘ll know if the results outweigh the effort.

  8. I live in an amazing spot in a dense urban environment. I can be on the street in a flood of women in one minute. I was not leaving the house though, too sated from compulsive daily masturbation. I had little testosterone flowing through me and I was sick of feeling like a pussy. So I stopped biffing off. Stopped looking at porn obviously as well. And by day 10 my testosterone levels had skyrocketed to levels unmatched since high school. Last night I had some great approaches and landed a number with this petite, fresh faced cute hispanic girl at the ripe age of 22. All I can do now is keep going because I need to fuck something.

    1. I find the same to be true. Just out of curiosity, where is your targrt rich city

    2. That’s the magic ticket. If your T is high and you need a bang – nature will come to the rescue more often than not. I abstain sometimes even from bangs just to push the envelope and see how far I can get.

  9. I’ve lost the desire to do such things. Right now I’d much rather friendzone people, if that.

    1. I am with you. “Friendzoning” ‘s always 100% effective for me. However, you got to get their number somehow…

    2. When you friendzone them, do you pay for their drinks or anything else ?
      That’s a no – no …

    1. I’m putting my baby in a box when it’s born, my parents came from Finland lol.

  10. Hey, does anybody else get the impression that those 3 girls in the top pic all want anal sex? Especially the one on the right. Damn, what is wrong with girls these days? I can only wonder what the fuck their fathers were thinking letting their daughters dress like that.
    Anyway, I’m curious as to whether anybody here has actually managed to convince a woman to have sex with them using the techniques such as those listed in the above article? I read this stuff and… I cannot fathom how it leads to sex. Please let me know.

    1. Yes I have. But as I explain in another post in this thread, it wasn’t because of my skills. It was because I had something they wanted, I could see that they were interested in me, and I used that opportunity.

    2. Haha yup, I can say it does work. Not because I read this stuff but because it’s close to what I do anyway.
      Balls gets you very far even if you lack in every other aspect.

      1. Bullshit. The only thing that gets you far is being what she wants.
        And yes there are women out there who can become interested in a man, simply because he has the balls to approach them.
        Have you seen men, man ? They ‘re ugly, they look like shit. Noone knows why chicks like them … It’s probably very personal for every woman … 😉

        1. Heh, you are right while being wrong. Girls don’t want a specific type of look or shit like that, they want a man who can and does do whatever he wants. That’s the type most look for, and being it isn’t that hard.
          Rock solid frame and balls that would make a bull blush will get you rejected violently sometimes but it will get into more panties and faster than any other shit I know.

        2. Not at all. I disagree. Actually the only game is evaluating your target and acting accordingly. There are women who may want you to act like a pussy in order to give you a chance.
          Oh, there is another way of doing game : Great face, great body, great energy … 0,001% of men, so .. yeah …

        3. I’m scratching my head about you… I’m not sure which box to put your ass into. You disagree on the basis that some women want a wimp? I don’t really get your point… So what? I’m sure some women want aliens, it doesn’t really change the mechanics of what I said. Do what you want and feel good about yourself, take a devil may care attitude and rock that shit. Tell me if that doesn’t get you girls…
          I’m gifted by the machinations of DNA combination but it is just a booster. The real trick is attitude. Looking good didn’t get me laid.

    1. Some of the things in that illistration have merit, but why do they have to express themselves in a way that causes pain ?
      It is much simpler to convey your ideas :
      1.If you are in her vicinity, she has been aware of you and she is not looking at you, sorry my friend but she is not interested in you. Don’t talk to her.
      2.Headphones don’t mean anything … If she likes you, she will be thrilled when you remove them from her head.
      3.If you are in her vicinity, she has been aware of you and she is
      not facing you OR facing you with her back but being uncannily close to you, sorry my friend but she is not interested in you. Don’t talk to her.
      4.Working means shit …
      a Concerned Citizen production

    2. Funny how the girl depicted looks like an unapproachable SJW. Probably writing in her diary about then the ills of the patriarchy

      1. Even funnier is that the title implies that she thinks of herself as “cute”.

    3. If you listen to Feminists, you’ll never approach girls.
      Picking up girls in public = street harassment.
      At work = workplace harassment.
      At clubs/bars/parties = rape by intoxication.

      1. Or just listening to women in general (when it comes to relationships, at the very least). What you want is rarely what you need.

  11. Very nice article. Day gaming is much more intimidating than it seems, I tried a couple of times and failed. I usually do well with opportunistic approach: don’t live a game-centered life, but be ready to approach when the opportunity is within reach.
    I currently found my “Sociologie du dragueur” book that I read a decade ago, I will read it again as it’s basically ROK kind ofknowledge before ROK even existed.
    Jean-Batave, I’d be curious to know about your experience day gaming in Paris. Do you have any experience with this town in particular?

    1. I’m not the guy you are asking, but I have some experience of Paris, only as a visitor though. It seemed to me that on the side of the river with the lower end quarters a lot of girls were open, but not in the center. I forget the name but the side of the African quarter and so on was the good part.
      Just asking directions was a good opener funnily enough, and there are great places to go, I took one to an Argentinian or Brazilian place, very intimate but not expensive.

  12. There she was. A solid 9 in her nurse’s frock having lunch. No name tag but my ear heard someone calling her ”Emma”. So I thought ‘name game’ time. I said, singing to myself out loud while walking by with a sunny toothy smile looking at her cornerwise, ”Emma Emma bo bemma banana fana fo fema . . fee fi fo femma” (then I turned straight IOI) and said ”EMMA”.
    She said ”omg you’re the second person that’s said that. I’t’s so funny”.
    This other ‘somebody’ must have been one of her patients maybe, someone loostened up on novacaine or laid out on oxy. But me, I was dry. I thought of it dry and blurted it. All I had was a Mountain Dew. Me and muh Dew. Mcgoo and his Doo . . heh . . rhymes .
    High ups (9’s +) you can say anything quick no matter how silly. Try singing lyrics to the first song ditty that’s been playing in your head. Try it on lower downs (6’s-) and they’re figuring if you’re high, crazy or running game. 3’s and below are puzzled why anyone would open them. They think maybe you’re trying to rob them. But 9’s on up KNOW why you try to open them and are used to compliments. Any silly up front game and they always smile. Beauties are open to being cheered. Win win.

    1. Did you fuck her ? If not, then all of it didn’t matter.
      Unless you used the experience to :
      1.either waste less of your time on prospects that are going nowhere
      2.or to learn to get girls like that in the future

  13. Nice to see that the last topics I raised turned into articles for Rooshv and ReturnofKings … I guess I should be writting the articles, gaining a following and getting paid to let other people write articles on my website, so that they can advertise their own websites …
    I like Roosh’s business model. However I still think he gets pocket money from his folks …

  14. How about vulture game? You wait until your wingman dumps a bitch, and swoop in to pick the carcass. Dick the carcass. Same thing.

    1. Many of those you call friends are actually vultures.
      That’s why you don’t introduce your woman to them …

        1. Aaah. Back when I was partially red pill the thought came to me that an honorable order between men would be to REPORT a loose woman to her master. It builds trust where it’s important. I dumped a damaged goods ho years back and within days she banged three guys I knew and thought were friends. They were ultimate scrap eaters who had been quietly dreweling over her. People who covet what you have are the same as the people who can’t think for themselves, the ”see something say something” snitches that would sell their own brother down the toilet for two bucks. Hard discression of women makes a good part of being red pill. Trusted friends share the same discressions. If I meet someone with a lovely wife, I tell them if she comes on to me. With a smile, I tell the guy to put a leash on her. I report the bitch to her master. If she tries to undermine me the next time I come around, then I presume the guy doesn’t have perfect control of her. Few men actually can. If she’s 9+ but taken, I still have to find out if she has any sisters.

        2. Honorable order? If I care, I will not let any men near a girl. If I don’t, I’m also not going to get pissy if someone else snags her off me, never happened but close.
          That’s for non wives though. Wives are the property of their husband imo, and since you don’t steal a dog for being friendly you equally should not steal wives.

        3. I’m in the west and I refuse to get legally married in protest of the system which is no protection for the man. It’s a liability and a trap. No man can rest assured for their safety against the system. Marriage I’ve told my ‘wife’ is a covenant you and your spouse make with God almighty and not with the system. All I’d have to deal with is men who think she’s free to hit up. One guy got infatuated over her a few years back and started stalking her. ”You guys ain’t married” he’d say whenever he’d corner her. I really really hate to use the system in any way because I really really hate the system, but this guy, well he forced me to do it. Some people act like they were born yesterday. You’re right about not stealing your neighbor’s dog or hotwiring his new Corvette and joy riding it, using the seat as a fart cushion and abandoning it in an alley with barf on the dash.
          So this guy, the stalker, well I had him sent back to his aunt’s place across country – – in a straight jacket – HA!

        4. I’m married, legally. We got married before she started pushing babies, and in retrospect it was the right thing to do for us. To me marriage is more a practical thing, you don’t want bastard offspring and you want the most secure setting possible.
          But many of my friends are not legally married to their wives. To me they are still their wives nonetheless, the difference between a wife and a girlfriend being rather big to me. If you make babies with it, you keep it, official or not.

        5. That’s extreme. Perhaps just sending a message or punching his lights out from the get go would have sufficed.

      1. Most guys have more sense than to let their woman roam free close to me. The ones that don’t- will learn. And yeah, some of the guys I’ve gone out with as wingmen have had my leftovers. Why would I care?
        It’s easier to have one guy work a girl into the right state for the rest too, than each just doing his own thing

  15. 1.Giving no shit a + 3.approaching anyway + 5.being persistent? It only matters if you are what she’s looking for.
    2.Paying attention to your voice + 4.paying attention to the way you look … Only matters if you are what she’s looking for.
    styles can make a difference only if BY CHANGING STYLES YOU MEAN, that
    you learn to quickly vet the good from the bad prospects. …Or if you
    learn how to find out what they want, and if you could be the one who
    they ‘d want to give it to them.
    Even if you think “she’s my
    prey”, she may think “I ‘ve been pumped and dumped before, and I don’t
    want that AT THE MOMENT, so I ‘ll avoid him.
    7.Being persistent … the only thing that matters, since game is only a numbers game, even for celebrities …
    8.reduce fapping … that helps in a lot of areas. But it is not enough to get you laid. Or maybe it is, if the added energy helps you turn your life around.
    In short the game is rigged against you.
    The only way to win the game is to not have to play it.
    Find a way for chicks to come to you. I used to do it once upon a time.

    1. 1) using video power up similes when describing how to pick up women +10000000000 to being a worthless faggot.
      Virgin sissy game ftw

    2. Do you mean that the only way to win the game is to run the casino?
      The game gets played either way, whether you are actively participating or not.
      If you are not winning you are losing…

  16. It is also a proven fact that men that get natural sex instead of
    masturbation are subconsciously perceived as more attractive by girls

    LOL… its also a proven fact that you’re full of shit!

    1. Can you imagine the lab testing going on to prove this fact.
      We have taken 200 men. In one room we have 100 men who are jacking it non stop. In the other room we have 100 men who are not allowed to jack at all. After three days they were released into the wild. Girls found the guys who weren’t covered in their own goo far more attractive.

  17. I want to try Rhinoceros game. Its when you impress her with the size of your horn and remind her that it is considered a powerful aphrodisiac in some cultures.

  18. #2 is of vital importance. I’ve practiced this a bit since reading another article about it. I’ve found my voice does strange things when I drink alcohol (can’t speak in a consistent low pitch). I rarely drink anyway, but the other day was at a party and had to force my voice deeper and slower. The hipster generation are all blathering high pitched fools that never shut the fuck up so you will REALLY stand out if you do this.
    I got the digits and waited a few days before contacting and the girl had asked several of my friends about me, and told me she had been thinking of me every day. We didn’t talk about anything really deep, so this was all just from basically standing out and making a good impression. Typical beta guy would have been texting her nonstop every day since meeting and appearing needy.
    Being confident, not boring, and not giving a fuck will make you stand out from 99% of the competition (sadly). Age helps a lot with literally not caring about the outcome. She looks good and will be fun to go out with but if I never see her again it won’t bother me either.

    1. “The hipster generation are all blathering high pitched fools that never shut the fuck up so you will REALLY stand out if you do this.”
      went to a hipster bar/lounge in NYC.
      the “men” were literally squealing while speaking…and even with a beard are less masculine than the women.
      I was playing pool and watched incredulously…
      then approached a Brazilian dude with 2 (female)super models – I number closed him – -good indirect action…haha
      I don’t know about my voice – doesn’t seem too deep — I have to concentrate to get it right…

  19. A store has just opened in New York City that offered free husbands.
    When women go to choose a husband, they have to follow the instructions
    at the entrance:
    “You may visit this store ONLY ONCE!
    There are 6 floors to choose from. You may choose any item from a
    particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you
    CANNOT go back down except to exit the building!
    So, a woman goes to the store to find a husband. On the 1st floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 – These men Have Jobs
    The 2nd floor sign reads: Floor 2 – These men Have Jobs and Love Kids.
    The 3rd floor sign reads: Floor 3 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids and are extremely Good Looking.
    “Wow,” she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going. She goes to the 4th floor and sign reads:
    Floor 4 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and Help With Housework.
    “Oh, mercy me!” she exclaims. “I can hardly stand it!” Still, she goes to the 5th floor and sign reads:
    Floor 5 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Gorgeous, help with Housework and Have a Strong Romantic Streak.
    She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the 6th floor and the Sign reads:
    Floor 6 – You are visitor 71,456,012 to this floor. There are no men on
    this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that you are impossible to
    Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store.
    To avoid gender bias charges, the store’s owner opened a Wife Store just across the street.
    The 1st first floor has wives that love sex.
    The 2nd floor has wives that love sex and don’t nag !
    The 3rd through 6th floors have never been visited….

    1. Hahaha beautiful stuff. Pure gold. And so true, men just want sex and no nagging. That’s it. Women want the moon.

    2. excellent.
      can someone put on facebook?
      would love to see the gnashing of hamster teeth

        1. Fart in her face game works for me and my bruhs! Totally surprises her with your audacity, gets her used to your ass phermones and is a great male shit test (shit taste?!). Post-Taco Bell marathon Frito Burrito gorging only, of course.

    3. I’d have held out for the wife that loves sex and keeps her weight under control. Plenty of fatties out there who want the cock daily.

  20. A website that focuses on hating women and lusting after them at the same time? Impressive! Either way, you all are spending your lives worrying about women…

    1. Well, we have to worry about women. They’re destroying themselves by becoming so obese they can’t even bear children. We simply want to get laid with them before they eat themselves into an unfuckable state.

  21. Eagle game, especially when it’s warm, is good. Eagle and wolf is probably my combo.
    I’d advise newbies to just stick with getting a lot of numbers and learning some copywriting techniques to convert them. In my experience, instant dates don’t convert any better. If you get an instant date what you really want to be doing is going for a same day lay, but this likely will require a bit of experience and comfort under your belt. And great logistics, of course.
    I’d also advise against approaching groups in the day unless your dick is basically about to burst out your pants for the object of your fancy. One of the graces of day game is you can get a number of different opportunities with minimal interference.

  22. Now I prefer to approach groups instead of single women as I discovered a few advantages when done right.
    1. Other women in group will want in on the action as women are jealous of each other.
    2. You tend to speak louder when addressing groups.
    3. You see how different women react to you simultaneously.
    4. Less likely to have moments of awkard silence as US Women love to give their opinions. Being a somewhat anxious and introverted Wolf Game works well for me walking helps burn off excess energy and anxiety…

  23. This is even more relevant when approaching girls that do not speak English.
    If she doesn’t speak English, how will speaking slow help?
    I don’t speak Urdu. No amount of slow talking by a native speaker of that language is going to make me understand what the fuck he’s saying. Heh.

  24. my biggest problem is 3: approach anyway.
    from a distance I can Boolean the babe – bang? or not?.
    but up close – there is doubt – so I hesitate to try and check her butt etc from 2′ away – creepy deal killer…haha
    I’ve been trying to train to talk anyway – check the butt later…
    have this problem cause I dated a beautiful and enthusiastic young lass in a crowded bar…number etc. then first date had heifer ass – and difficult to extricate…never again..

  25. excellent JB : comme disait ma grand-mere alsacienne née sujette du Kaiser, “just make sure you re the one who loves the least”… cheers bro!

  26. Self-confidence is what a man needs the most and it is also the major lack of many men. “Thanks” to our Female Oriented Society, that crushes many men when they are still children.

  27. What works best for me is when I go out to run my usual errands I’m just friendly and open with every person I meet and it puts me in the right frame of mind and warms up my communication skills so when I do see that random attractive woman everything flows naturally. I have become skilled in reading body language and I know within the first couple minutes if I stand a chance and should keep perusing. I’m a very busy man and I don’t have time to waste so this method works best for me. I also own three businesses and could sell ice to an Eskimo so that probably helps too.

  28. Remember, if they don’t speak English, try slow English. If that doesn’t work, try loud English. My Spanish-deficient former colleagues used to try this approach when speaking to suspects. I usually sat back and let them fail before I stepped in to help.

  29. Correct your grammar and spelling errors, and proofread your shit before publishing. It’s annoying.

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