4 Powerful Quotes From The Professor Who Stood Up Against Deranged Leftists

There’s a man by the name of Jordan B. Peterson who everyone here should know of. He is currently a professor at the University of Toronto, one of the most liberal colleges on the face of the earth.

He’s been the center of a controversy over the past year, due to his refusal to use the ridiculous “Xim/Xer” pronouns. The university board threatened to fire him, but he stood strong—and so far, it seems that he’s won the battle. He’s kept his job and students of his have proclaimed that he’s changed their lives for the better.

But the impact of Dr. Peterson goes far deeper than most realize—his refusal to bend over to politically-correct leftist ideology has cemented his place as a leader in this new crusade against language-policing. Most importantly, however, he has given us hope.

I have watched countless hours of his lectures (they’re all on YouTube), and I can say, without a doubt, that he is red-pilling the new generation. For every student that he un-brainwashes, a small, yet integral battle has been won in this massive culture war.

I was first exposed to him on Joe Rogan’s podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience #877, and was completely blown away, not only by his profound knowledge of psychology, culture, and spirituality, but by his incredible command of the English language, and his ability to communicate complex ideas.

If you haven’t watched the interview already, I highly urge you to do so—it’s nearly 3 hours long, and every single one of these quotes will be pulled from this masterpiece. Here we go:

1. How Things Get To Terrible Places

jordan b peterson

“Things get to terrible places, one tiny step at a time. If I encroach on you, and I’m sophisticated about it, I’m going to encroach 2 millimeters. I’m going to encroach right to the point where you start to protest, then I’m going to stop. Then I’m going to wait. Then you’re going to calm down. Then I’m going to encroach again, right to the point where you protest, then I’m going to stop. Then I’m going to wait..and I’m just going to keep doing this, and before you know it, you’re going to be back 3 miles from where you started.”

This is, in its essence, how the left operates, and it’s why Dr. Peterson has decided to take a stand against the encroachment of their language policing. He understands that terrible things do not happen over night—they take years to happen, but like slowly boiling a frog in a pot of water, by the time people wake up, it’s too late.

First it’s “hate speech,” because nobody wants to be mean, right? Then it’s calling people by their made up pronouns, because you don’t want to be mean, right? Then, before you know it, you can’t even critique the “Religion of Peace,” even if they’re bombing your bloody city.

This is how the left operates, and we must understand this—men need to take a stand, and stop acting like little bitches. Who cares if people call you mean names? Do you have any idea how much WORSE the alternative is? The alternative is we live in an Orwellian nightmare, where every thought is subject to censorship and imprisonment, and we desperately do not want this to happen.

2. Religion As The Foundation Of Society

jordan b peterson

“Even the fundamentalists have the wrong idea about religious truth. Religious truth is not scientific truth. The stories in Genesis, which are very old stories, maybe tens of thousands of years old—they’re obviously not scientific theories, because the people who wrote them weren’t scientists…these stories, they come up everywhere, there’s no avoiding them, and it’s because they’re true, but they’re not true like scientific truths. They’re a behavioral truth, or a pragmatic truth, or a dramatic truth—and part of the reason why our society is so damn unstable now, and part of the reason why all of this weird chaos is emerging…this is a consequence of Nietzsche’s observation back in the late 1800’s about the death of God. We blew the metaphysical foundations out from underneath our culture, and the whole thing is shaking and twisting.”

As a philosophy major, and a well-educated one at that, nothing irritates me more than these pseudo-intellectuals who try to attack religion as if they’re an 8th grader who just discovered Richard Dawkins.

The damn fools treat religion as if it’s some sort of scientific truth, but it’s not. Rather, it’s a collection of stories that resonate on a deeply profound level—stories that transcend culture and time, and that speak to us on the level of the soul, or the collective unconscious.

This is why you see the same damn stories appear, everywhere you go—the evil snake, the redemptive phoenix, going down into the underworld…they’re all archetypes that portray critical aspects of the human experience, similar to the Hero’s Journey of Modern Men.

The reason why we’re experiencing such an incredible amount of chaos and insanity nowadays, is because the foundations of our culture have been blown to smithereens. Previously the church taught us culture—it taught us morals, it taught us the value of family life, it taught us how to act, and what virtues to aspire towards. It gave meaning to a meaningless existence.

But now? Religion has been replaced with “critical theory,” the dangerous Marxist tenet that everything is equal and that no truth is objective… and we’re paying the price for it.

3. Why People Buy Into Leftist Ideology

jordan b peterson

“The advantage to me being an ideologue, is that I can explain everything, I can feel morally superior, and I know who my enemies are…ideologies give you a one bit answer to everything. Why do men and women’s salaries differ? Oppression—it’s always the same thing, and it makes you feel like you know something, and people like that. They don’t like the feeling that there’s something they don’t know.”

As any man of ROK knows, education is a lifelong process. It is not something that you can attain by simply reading a book and watching a few documentaries—finding the truth, or building a “high resolution map,” of reality, as Jordan B. Peterson calls it, takes an incredible amount of time and effort.

This is why leftist ideology is so attractive to the uneducated… they don’t want to think that they’re uneducated! They don’t want to actually do the work, and read the books, and pour through the statistics, they’d rather have a drastically over-simplified answer to EVERYTHING, because it saves them time and effort.

Why are more men in power? Oppression. Why do African Americans commit crime at a rate that’s 25x higher than Caucasians? Racism. Why do women earn less than men? Sexism.

Discovering the truth is an incredibly difficult process. Hell, I’ve read more profound, life-changing books than probably 95% of people out there, and I still don’t feel like I have a good grasp on the vast majority of issues. Leftists don’t like that, though.

At the root of their ideology is arrogance—they want to believe that they know everything, and can explain everything. Leftism is, therefore, a pathological disorder more so than it is a political stance. It’s an extremist, dogmatic ideology, rather than a logical opinion.

4. Colleges Are Saturated With Leftism

jordan b peterson

“Even with the free speech debate that the University of Toronto hosted…they did 3 politically correct things during the debate. The University opened up by noting that the land on which we were having the debate was once property owned by the original Native Americans…the next thing that happened was they announced that there would be counselors waiting outside for anyone who was too traumatized by the contents of the discussion. They closed by announcing the trans day of remembrance…and the reason I’m pointing this out, is it just shows you that the fact that these things happened…that’s how saturated the Universities are with this kind of thinking.”

Anyone who’s been to a college, or has been keeping up with Milo or Ben Shapiro’s tours lately, is aware of just how saturated the Universities are with this type of thinking. I was recently at a relatively large college with 25,000 people on the East Coast, and I was stunned at how loaded the entire environment was.

Everywhere I went, there were propaganda posters about toxic masculinity, consensual sex is rape, white men are oppressing everyone…it’s absolutely mind-boggling to me that more people haven’t spoken up or dropped out altogether.

What’s crazy too, is that the damn kooks in charge of things don’t even realize what they’re doing is insane—they’re so used to living in their gated communities, studying in their ivory towers, and only associating with Leftists, that they actually think it’s normal to view reality this way.

This is how delusional our so called “teachers,” have become and, as Mr. Peterson, an ex-Harvard professor said, the Universities now do more harm than they do good.


I hope that the men of ROK have gleaned some gems of wisdom from this article—if you’re interested, you can watch the whole interview above. I can personally think of no better way to spend your afternoon, than to listen to this podcast.

If you’re interested in further supporting this man, which I highly urge you to do so that the left realizes what they’re up against, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or take one of his online self-improvement courses. I’ve personally taken his “Past Authoring,” and “Future Authoring,” courses, and found both to be highly elucidating.

All in all, there’s a reason why people call leftism cancer—because it spreads and grows, unless you do something to stop it. It encroaches, step by step, inch by inch, until it’s too late to be undone…and I hope, for the sake of the West, that it isn’t too late to be undone.

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245 thoughts on “4 Powerful Quotes From The Professor Who Stood Up Against Deranged Leftists”

  1. As someone who escaped academia for a career elsewhere, I fully endorse this article. The academy is more full of itself than Hollywood. The leftist messages have become so much a part of the place that a recent job candidate at my former university went to the social equity office *during her interview*. A white, male, active National Guardsman who was extremely well qualified was turned down in favor of a lesbian black woman who was indisputably less qualified. Posters saying things like “I don’t say “Retarded” because a disability doesn’t disqualify you from being human!” were stuck around campus. People (who snorted at Palin several years back) were voting for Hillary just because she was a woman. Done and done.

    1. We should have a support group Vader.
      PPSD Post Professor Stress Disorder

      1. I second that. It is totally unbelieveable. Do you mind if at our meeting I talk about that time my son and his “friends” stole an X-wing and blew up the D-Star? That kinds of still bugs me too.

        1. It was either that or choke the life out of him. I usually like the guy’s work and cut him a break for a while; he’s got six kids and wore Padme’s perfume that day. He tries to come out of hyperspace on time–I’m a stickler on that.

        1. Nothing really. He is just getting dog piled (ridiculed) for laughs in a good humored sort of way. His ostrization will be temporary.

      1. “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
        ― Mark Twain

    2. These days are so reflective of the vulgar speech made in Team America: World Police.
      Liberals are pussies, Communists and Muslims are assholes.
      Sometimes pussies get so full of shit, they become assholes themselves!

    3. “Social Equity Office”… I dare not ask whether this thing actually exists or is just facetiousness. Poor kids are being indoctrinated as much as they are being educated.

      1. I shit you not, It really exists. Supposedly makes sure that hiring is fair to all races, religions, and sexual orientations. Which it does, as long as you are not white, male and Christian. Then it makes sure you won’t be hired if anyone who does fill these categories has applied.

      2. The majority of their indoctrination into humanity should be ingrained by the time these 18-year old’s get to college.
        “You cannot be protected from the things that frighten you and hurt you, but if you identify with the part of your being that is responsible for transformation, then you are always the equal, or more than the equal of the things that frighten you.”― Jordan B. Peterson

      1. Only the women are freaking out “OMG OMG THIS IS WRONG! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID TO HIM! OMG!”

        1. I’m pretty sure the teacher who decided to remove his students from the plane, and the father and daughter, right behind them; acted proactively:
          “I’m thinking to myself, ‘Nothing good is coming of this,’ ” Powell said. “… I removed my kids from the plane, saying we don’t need to see this stuff. We got up and left.”
          The group was quickly followed by a father and his 8-year-old daughter, who was crying along with one of Powell’s students, he said.
          Soon after, the airline deboarded the plane to clean up blood from the incident. After, passengers — including Powell and his students — returned to the plane to head to Louisville.”

        2. if they acted proactively they would have given up their seat for the employees and demanded security step down to defuse the situation, but no. They acted emotionally as if them leaving the plane would bring shame on the airline and security, make them feel bad and regret their actions.

        3. That’s an interesting idea; removing oneself from a hostile environment is just a safe thing to do. This teacher didn’t seem motivated to shame anyone; indeed, he hadn’t even been following the aftermath of the situation, so it doesn’t appear that he was interested in the security people involved.
          For a teacher, traveling with 7 students, to do a rapid assessment of a hostile, rapidly escalating situation, 5-rows behind him; and decide to give their 8 seats away; with all the rearranging and coordinating that entails; doesn’t seem like a natural response from an average person.
          Removing the group of kids out of the area; in the immediate aftermath of a highly-charged, physical, unpredictable (at that point) situation, seems a more realistic response from an ‘ordinary, average-Joe’; it was the best option for this teacher, allowing him to reassess any lingering danger away from the Hot-Zone.
          Not many people deal with intense, aggressive, emotional situations; so when an unexpected situation unfolds, and the adrenaline starts flowing, not many of us have the training and experience to shift quickly into Skilled-Conflict-Deescalation mode.

      2. In keeping with the Academic theme; I went back a few months to find the video of the woman being dragged off of a Delta flight at Detroit Metro Airport last December 19th. Rhima Coleman works as an assistant professor in the College of Engineering, at University of Michigan.

    4. By the time my daughter went to college, the principles our family expresses were a part of her personality. If the current generation has a weak moral compass, it’s because my contemporaries dropped the parenting-ball.

  2. Good article, so I guess what he’s saying by leftists feeling superior under the mantle of their conceited ideologies is that they, and they alone, know best for everyone in society. They who shout and roar and speak in nothing but tautological slogans at the rest of us… where ignorance is sophistication, where low IQ belonging and the need to be liked are sacrosanct and placed higher than integrity and honour, where egotistical shadow boxing replaces robust discourse! Well. I see it everyday bother, but, their days are numbered.

    1. You are correct but IMO, it should be noted that the same could just as easily be said about certain beliefs & ideologies within the far right, too. I think Dr. P would have my back on that. It’s really bound to apply to any “fringe” belief that’s just accepted by some as a matter of faith, without ever going through the mental rigor of weighing the idea against reality (even for more abstract ideas). A lot of the beliefs of various religions, for example. Just like it’s easy for a leftist to claim some high ground based on easy answers like “oppression” or “privilege” which break down upon deeper review, it’s just as easy for the far right to accept weird concepts like magical underwear, reincarnation, or the buying of indulgences, and then look down on non-believers with glib contempt when they question those ideas.
      That’s not to say, as the article mentions, that some beliefs don’t have great merit on a pragmatic or philosophical level, even if they’re not in reality true…I’m just trying to make the point that you can’t ONLY call leftists assholes for being so rigid when many on both fringes do the same thing.
      (Also I’m not interested in arguing about Mormon underwear, reincarnation or purgatory, I just picked those examples out of thin air)

        1. funny enough, that is about the only thing my wife will use the clothes dryer for. Everything else goes outside.

        2. The whole “magic underwear” thing irritates me. It is just a symbol of covenants we make, much like a wedding ring, or a priest’s collar. You live up to the covenants, and you will be blessed.

        3. All the dumb urban legends doesn’t help the situation. Just a white tee-shirt and white boxers with a couple symbols sewn into the fabric as reminders of covenants we make in the temple.

        4. I was shipmates with two Mormon men. Both were upstanding honorable and trustworthy men. As such I was respectful when they offered me the book of Mormon and Maroni. I read both, but just couldn’t bridge the gap. I still had high regard for the men.

        5. thanks. During that year of conversion, I didn’t think the Book of Mormon was any less fantastic than the Bible. I hear missions in the far east are like that. Convincing someone to believe in Jesus Christ is more difficult than getting them to believe in a modern prophet. Where I went, everyone already had a strong faith in Christ.

    2. Knowing best for everyone is called Trotskism. That’s the definition of it. A Trotskist would justify killing you for your own good.

  3. If religion was THAT bad it would have died long ago.
    Every cultural idea that lasts long, will last long because it has proven to be valuable (=Lindy-effect).

    1. Even if you don’t believe in a god or a higher power, I think you have to give some credence to the concept that religion is an encoded way of passing cultural knowledge down from generation to generation.

        1. The “typical atheists” are leftists who want to destroy religion. A person needs to be controlled by something, A self-consciousness is one way (left is trying to destroy morality), religion is another (left is against church), government is a third (left wants to take charge of). It is about control.
          My parents were the same, agnostic, but have a strong moral compass. When I got into dating and trying to find a moral woman, I found that was very rare, which made me look at the religious route.

        2. And I’m a Christian who doesn’t like typical Christians.
          There’s something distasteful about idiotic dogmatism. Not that I’m saying dogma is itself idiotic, but rather there are many idiots who are dogmatic. I’m equally outraged by condescending remarks about “magical sky fairies” as I am about “God is Love, full stop” nonsense.
          You, StraightAlpha, and a precious few other atheists/agnostics I know are reasonable. I am happy to do as Isaiah bid, “Come, let us reason together.” Even if we cannot agree (as we almost certainly will not), we can discuss premises and see how the other understands the world.

        3. Agreed, that Disques “religion” channel is enough to make you throw up. Two sides, just like you described. When I was a missionary, one of the fundamental things they taught me was to go down to the basic level that you agree on, and build from there. Trying to argue your way and trying to sound smarter will get you nowhere.

        4. You know, I actually wanted to write ‘I’m an atheist but I like to surround myself with believers’.
          But then I thought about all the white girls making out with black dudes in front of my cities baptist church and the guy I shared an appartement with who was an adventist and a total cuck – and last but not least the pope who has a foot fetish for black males.
          No, I hate most believers. Most of them are just as cucked as most atheists, some less, some more. The distribution is wider so to speak.

        5. My father used to say, when I was being particularly obnoxious and disrespectful, “You will be controlled on the inside, or you WILL be controlled from the outside.”

        6. Christianity has dumbed down. The heart and the brain have separated for the most part, which is not how it has to be

        7. You are right. There are philosophical atheists who find rational problems with religion but who see and understand its effects and potential for good and to change, and there are political atheists who see religion as a barrier to state worship or other leftist fundamentals.
          It’s usually the latter that sensible people confront and who undermine tolerance in religious people — and in sane atheists.

        8. Or, 100 years ago and earlier, it was the political Christians who pushed for prohibition and other restrictions through government.

        9. Modern day “Christians” are churchianity pussies. They still think Israelis are some untouchable people; deny any supernatural occurrences (demons, spiritism, aliens, etc), are not aware of the Zio threat as described in the Book of Revelations, fall into the “love everyone” trope without context, unaware or ignorant to the globalist elite/satanic illuminati, and are terribly unequipped to debate the “god delusion” 8th grader who also watched zeitgeist (zeitgeist has been debunked by secular and biblical scholars many times), etc…
          I am a Christian who also dislikes most typical Christians.

        10. I recommend you read ‘Why Men Hate Going To Church’ by David Murrow. It covers how the modern-day church has become feminised and why so many men who (otherwise) have an interest in the spiritual, simply don’t bother going along. As somebody who spent a few years “on the outer” from church in my late 20’s, it resonated quite strongly with me.

        11. Now I’ve seen other good lectures and interviews with him but the one that grabbed me the most was the one on honeybadgerradio.

          And that is because they discuss how the left attacks the engineering minded people.

        12. I’m an atheist as well but I now refer to myself as ‘non-religious’. Other atheists I know are very left wing.

        13. Not that I am a Christian, but having attended a few church sessions recently out of curiosity I noticed that a lot of churches refuse to cite the New Testament. It is always the Old Testament (Pentateuch) that is the source of wisdom. Honestly 10 visits to various churches and not one actual quote of something Jesus said or did. It was pathetic.

        14. It’s because of this misconception that the Old Testament is now no longer valid. Jesus fulfilled the old law because we can never live up to it, but it doesn’t mean we don’t need to adhere to it. It was said nothing is unlawful but not all things are fruitful. For example: eating pork isn’t forbidden but it should be done only in famine or desperation (pig is still dirty af no matter how delectable bacon is). On top of that, most modern day pastors are pc and don’t want mention the rightful place of women and the position of homosexual acts.

        15. Exactly, it is one thing to say you don’t really believe in god but saying you’re an atheist is a bold statement, like saying you’re vegan.
          I’ve noticed that professional atheists are often smart and witty but they have huge egos, are not humble and lack the heart.

        16. How is religion a barrier to state worship again? In the US, the church is the biggest supporter of the state, and the state supports the churches. They love each other, always have.

        17. That’s only because even human brains have limits. Bioscience may help our descendants go beyond some but we’ll always be limited compared to reality.
          However, reason has proven superior to emotion so far. Surgery cures better than prayer.

        18. A number of religious people claim the state’s laws violate religious ones. Many will pray but not salute flags, etc. Remember all the martyrs who wouldn’t sacrifice to the Roman government?
          You seem to mistake the statement that to some people it is with the statement that it always is. Many people deny the possibility of a historical Jesus because they apparently believe that means accepting all the miracle stories and divine attributes. Same sort of error.
          As far as I’m concerned religious institutions should be taxed like any other but I have no power to enforce that.

        19. I am a very lapsed Catholic. Yet I did as my mother always told me, “Find a nice Catholic girl and get married.” BTW, my mother is currently spinning in her grave. (Perhaps we can rig up a stator and rotor and use her as a source of renewable energy.) The Pope is the first anti Catholic Pope in the same way that O’Butthead was the first anti American American president.
          My mother refused to start eating meat on Friday when Vatican II said it was OK. Her reply to our jibes on this was, “The Pope doesn’t cook in my kitchen.” She nearly passed out when my aunt showed up in church in a pants suit. We always joked that she was more Catholic than the Pope. Now we can say it without a speck of humor or doubt.

        20. I have known ardent atheists in the past. They are very religious. Their religion is the denial of the existence of god. It is a fervently held religious belief that god does not exist. Their assertion that god does not exist because god’s existence has never been proven can only be ascribed as faith. They have no proof that god doesn’t exist, just as they claim the deists have no proof that god does, but they will fight to the death to deny god exists.

        21. I’ve read it and recommend it too
          I also agree with you about Christians as one myself….especially the insane denial about the supernatural world

        22. Im a fellow brother too although i have never denied supernatural occurencences as i have encountered ghosts or spirits before and seen them from my own eyes since i was younger.

        23. “They have no proof that god doesn’t exist, just as they claim the deists
          have no proof that god does, but they will fight to the death to deny
          god exists.”
          By that logic one may assert that Islam is the true religion; there is no scientific proof that Allah revealed to Muhammed that he was to be the final Prophet, and must convert on threat of death all peoples of the Earth. Therefore it is ‘right and just’ to kill in the name of a belief system. My belief is that some people have.

        24. “If you have a comprehensive explanation for everything then it decreases uncertainty and anxiety and reduces your cognitive load. And if you can use that simplifying algorithm to put yourself on the side of moral virtue then you’re constantly a good person with a minimum of effort.” ― Jordan B. Peterson

      1. I never set foot in any church, read the Bible or anything until I was 22. I was downright flabbergasted at how much was familiar when I found religion and read through the Bible and Book of Mormon. Adam, Noah, David & Goliath, etc. Even stories like Elijah calling down fire were familiar.

        1. The story of Elijah is one thing Jim, but what about the story of his (nephew I think???) Elisha….now that is a man I respect.
          EDIT: His is a name that ….. bears ….. repeating! HAR!

        2. BTW Jim, I have an idea for an over proofed wine that I will market as Lot’s Alibi — strong enough to be used as an excuse for….well, we all know what Lot did.

        3. Ah….you must be referring to where he was being made fun of because of his bald head, and a bear came and ate the children.

        4. I’ll say it: a nice little story of Yahweh sponsored incest, must be okay since Lot wasn’t punished for it.

        5. he wasn’t punished because of the wine he drank HENCE! Lot’s Alibi overproofed wine. Come on. Marketing Gold Andy!

        6. The bible I read said tore them to bits. I suppose they could have walked away only injured after being torn to bits by bears.
          I will grant you that the bible did not say the bears ate the remains.

    2. i think it only lasted so long because of the power they had (money), not because the ideology itself is inherently good.
      Cult of pedophiles, every single one of them.

    3. Religion did die. Just as political systems have died. You really think the religion of the medieval world would recognize modern religion as “real” religion?
      If we atheist’s did to religionist’s today what the religionist’s did to heretics yesterday, religion would die out.

      1. If you equate the left (who are mostly atheists) with Atheism, then atheism is doing to the heretics and blasphemers against their religion exactly what the church did in the Inquisition. Remember that it is perfectly OK to punch a Nazi in the face, in fact highly encouraged, by the church of the left. And a Nazi is anyone that voices any opinion not totally 100% in line with what the leftist believes (hence blasphemers and heretics).

    4. It’s not use using the idea “if [every single religion] was bad it would have died long ago”.
      Religions aren’t equal, nor the same. Lumping all religions together is a leftist thing; or to put it more bluntly, since leftism was finding it difficult to come against Christianity, it used smear tactics to put it in line with other dead pagan religions so it didn’t appear like a legitimate source of understanding the world or society. The left was so adamant on dismantling Christianity that they eventually infiltrated the Catholic Church and put in sleeper agents to destroy it from within (most likely the reason for Vatican II, and the subsequent fall of Catholic culture).
      TL;DR If one religion is the brainchild of a sexually perverted warmonger, and the others are not, not a good idea to put them all on the same level.

  4. I listened to the Joe Rogan interview with Jordan Peterson, and it was good. I also recommend the interview of Jordan Peterson on Sargon of Akkad’s podcast, too.

      1. I can also recommend to take a look at Nassim Taleb on twitter (the guy who invented the term antifragility and made the lindy effect known around the globe). He loves to bash academics and the mainstream media in his tweets.

        1. He was among the first I found and followed. A well-cultivated Twitter feed is a pleasant and beneficial thing, but a poorly-cultivated feed chokes the spirit.

      2. His podcast are really good too. Matter of fact I’m listening to one right now.

  5. Come to think of it, I can’t believe this is the first time Dr Peterson has been discussed inside an article here. The man is on a whole different level mentally. We could do well with a steady diet of his work on RoK.

  6. “This is why leftist ideology is so attractive to the uneducated… they don’t want to think that they’re uneducated! They don’t want to actually do the work, and read the books, and pour through the statistics, they’d rather have a drastically over-simplified answer to EVERYTHING, because it saves them time and effort”
    Best quote on ROK in a while. Good job Jon

    1. i was on fb a while ago and this girl was complaining how her ex doesn’t pay her child support because he does “cash” work yada yada. I suggested she get a job. I was accused of being “one of the most uneducated people..” it was kind of funny really.

    2. Unfortunately though, leftist ideology is attractive to the highly educated as well.

    3. Its like they have never considered how suspiciously convenient it is that their ideology is entirely self masturbatory.

    1. I never understood why guys sit like that. Not only is it uncomfortable, it looks feminine , like he wants to dress in drag.

      1. I think he’s brilliant, but this honestly makes me take him slightly less seriously as dumb as that is.

        1. Dang it, I really want to upvote you, but I don’t want to be kicked out of the club. Maybe tomorrow.

      2. I’ve noticed that it’s usually men who want to portray themselves as highly cultured or erudite. College professors, or certain actors that want to put on airs…Robert Downey Jr for example. It just comes off as a corny air though eh? Like old paintings where the guy has his hand stuck in his jacket.

      3. He can show his ass for all I care, he’d still have balls of steel for opposing the leftist propaganda.

    2. I remember when I was a wee lad my father taught me the difference in crossing you legs. Put an ankle on a knee or cross your shins, but only women cross their knees. Its to prevent panty shows, you see.

      1. There was a concise, if slightly vulgar, humorous hand-routine that went along with that bit of wisdom.

      1. You do know that Sharon Stone was a plain Jane in high school. She did a major makeover before college and went on to stardom. However, she hates men.
        “The more famous and powerful I get the more power I have to hurt men.”
        Sharon Stone
        Her problem with men is the same as most hate filled feminists (but I repeat myself); they were never asked to dance by the high school quarterback, so they take it out by hating all men.

  7. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss religion – I agree that it should be critiqued, but my issue is when people critique it with the same intellectual effort as a rebellious 8th grader who thinks he’s a professional, because he read The God Delusion.
    You don’t believe in archetypes or the collective unconscious? Read Jung and Joseph Campbell, my friend. They’re very real phenomena.

    1. I’m sure there are atheists out there trolling on Reddit, who are not skilled in critical thinking and lack a strong grasp on the English language, who do not make a particularly strong case for unreligion. However, in terms of 8th grade tactics I believe they pale in comparison to the religious fundamentalists who not only take their texts literally, but want to force you to do the same, and in the case of Islam, kill you if you don’t.
      No, I don’t believe in the “collective unconsciousness”. Is the implication that everything in the universe is “interconnected”? Because there is zero evidence to believe this is true. And let me ask how far you want to go with this, because I’ve heard people actually say the earth is a fully sentient being with full awareness of it’s existence. This sort of New Age, metaphysical, “spiritual but not religious” bunk is even goofier than traditional religion. It is making a comeback unfortunately among millennials who know that religion is not true, but are still too weak to give up the fear of death or “higher purpose”.
      You say Jung and Campbell, I say Hitchens and Harris.

      1. Which Hitchens? Peter, or Chris?
        Of course, I know the answer, but knowing these brothers had such wildly different conclusions on religion fascinates me.

        1. I like Peter Hitchens. He’s done some good work in the UK in unapologetically resisting Islamic expansion over there. This is where Christians can be very useful to atheists. It is typically Christian fundamentalists who resist colonial Islam the strongest.
          Of course, Christopher is a hero to any atheist. I wish I could resurrect his ghost to debate a few of the smug Islamists in the west (Reza Aslan, Cenk Uygur, Mehdi Hassan) making a career out of being apologists for theocracy.

      2. JD, I think just maybe you are confusing woefully inaccurate interpretations and teachings about Christ’s words with what the His words actually are. Sadly, it seems there are many people who call themselves Christians but are really just spreading hate in the name of love and maligning Christ in the process.
        Maybe provide some actual references of what you consider “equally stupid and oppressive to the sinner/goyim/infidel.” about Christianity.
        No doubt, Islam is a death cult and should be eradicated from existence. It has less credibility than Satanism.

        1. “Maybe provide some actual references of what you consider “equally stupid and oppressive to the sinner/goyim/infidel.” about Christianity.”
          There are hundreds of millions of Christians who would condemn me to hell because I’m an atheist. Some Christians would live side by side in harmony with me (noble) and accept my atheism, others would pray for my redemption (noble but ignorant), and others would WANT me to burn in hell (hideous and evil). That is primarily who I am talking about.
          It’s not just atheists though, I don’t like them oppressing homosexuals either. Now while I don’t support the gay agenda that is shoved down our throats by the radical left, I say live and let live. The gays are wrong to shove it down everyone’s throats, but the Christians who want to persecute them in the 21st century are also wrong.
          And the anti-Semitism, even on this forum, is still absolutely off the charts. White nationalist Christians blame EVERYTHING on the Jews, over half of whom are fellow Europeans, simply because they don’t believe in Jesus. That’s really what it’s about, it’s not about the banks or because most Christians care about Palestinians.
          Where I think Christianity is useful is it’s strong resistance to Islamic conquest, because Christianity is relatively secular and tolerant by comparison, which is a good thing for atheists.

        2. I assumed that was your perspective about Christians. It’s easy to understand why you feel that way, I don’t like most Christians either. BTW, the behavior you reference is NOT Christian nor taught or advocated by Christ. Depraved and unrepentant Christians are the problem, not Christianity.

    2. Jon, in The God Delusion, Dawkins had a scale from 1 to 7, where 1 was absolute faith that God exists and nothing could sway the believer. Four was a middle-of-the-road agnostic, and 7 was an absolute atheist who would never be convinced of a deity. Interestingly enough, IIRC, Dawkins rated himself a 6 on the scale.

      1. What about people who don’t care if god exists or nor?
        Where would they be on the scale?

        1. They are called deists. Thomas Jefferson and IIRC Benjamin Franklin were deists. That is a group that believes there is a god that created the universe, but that it has no interest or concern with what any miniscule ant called a human being does. Such a god, that is vast enough to have created everything that is, would never care what you ate or who you screwed. In fact such a god would be completely indifferent. I find this hard to argue against.

        2. Not the same thing, I don’t believe there is or there isn’t.
          It just doesn’t matter to me, I am neither Deist or Theist.

        1. Well, she knows she can destroy that man’s life and that his own government will side with her and the other invaders, so I can see why.

        2. She wasn’t afraid, and why should she be? The EDL isn’t beheading anyone. They aren’t driving over groups of Muslims. Let her go to an Islamic country without a hijab and demand something. She won’t be so tough!

        3. And yet the EDL is demonized by the media, the “progressives”, the UK’s LGBT community, the feminists and pretty much every other leftist British nutjob as a “violent, far right” group.
          Hell, I read a gay man commenting how much he admires that muslim woman and how happy he was about the muslims organizing a tea and cookies party that same day.
          It’s like… don’t the gays and feminists understand what will happen to them once their beloved islamists control their country?

        4. Useful idiots like that deserve to be thrown off the top of Big Ben, when they get the level of diversity they insist on…

        5. Feminists are saying how brave she is. They really do want UK to be taken over by Islamists because your average UK middle -class men they meet in their everyday lives are massive manginas.Go to a working class pub inhabited by builders who may actually be sexy but a bit uncultured? Perish the thought! Yet these manginas by kowtowing to feminists are helping seal their own fate when the pity shags they used to get from women dry up as they’re giving it up to the Islamists who at least give off a whiff of testosterone. They want to forced into submission they really do because admitting to liking real men is feminist heresy. It really would save the UK if these feminists swallowed their pride and mixed with real UK men.

        1. What is that giant black blob on her nose?
          …when I first saw it, I thought there was gunk on my monitor

  8. Doc Peterson shared a rather interesting interpretation of the morals one can learn from the story of Jesus in a Sargon livestream/interview. Anyone catch it?

  9. I probably wouldnt have been aware of it if not for sites like these, I would definitely have identified as ‘leftist’ when i was younger. Now i would consider myself centrist. But the constant reminders of how horrible our culture (white/western) is, really bothers me. Ive turned into a white supremacy sympathizer, its probably not the correct term. Not because i hate anyone, i like people of all cultures, but i dont feel like i should have to be exposed to it or even ACCEPT their culture if they move to ‘our’ countries. It should be the other way around.
    It simply isnt acceptable to have built something and then give it away because of a false guilt or the altruist ideology that is pummeled on the youth. We are being set up to fail.

    1. “I always thought I was a liberal but I came up terribly surprised when I found I was a right wing conservative extremist.”
      ^John Wayne

      1. I was reading an article by a Democrat Party strategist. He was castigating the Party for doubling down rather than trying to reach out to the white working class that has shifted to the right, to try and bring them back to the center. This guy is an idiot. Like Reagan said, he didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left him. It isn’t the white working class that has left the party, the democrats have shifted so far to the left that they have left the majority of working class people in the far distance (but still in the center). Most leftists are so far left now that they can’t even see the center. And anyone who hasn’t shifted to the far left with them is now a far right wing extremist.

  10. Number 3 is bang on. The Marxist framework under which all these leftists operate reminds me of the use of astrology to explain why people have the personalities that they do. Let’s throw out all the detailed observation and hypothesis-generation that psychologists have made over the years…you’re scatterbrained bc you were born in May…right. Women are complete suckers for that kind of oversimplification. I don’t know any men that believe in astrology.

    1. The lack of desire to do any actual work or educate themselves is a true cornerstone of today’s leftist culture. Over-simplified blanket statements are convenient scapegoats to shirk agency. I enjoyed the way #3 was explained.

  11. I have concluded that cognitive effort is just too much for most people and once they decide to believe in something someone else told them they won’t reject it. In fact they’ll forever tell people far more studied than they are what they were told. As if the person who now knows more because of his own effort must have simply missed class or is stupid.
    Somewhere along the way intelligence went from the work of learning things and then applying that knowledge to repeating what teacher said. Probably started with the widespread implementation of the modern “public” schools.
    Express any sort of reasoning or belief not taught by authority to a sufficiently wide audience and someone will “correct” you with the teachings of authority these days. Trying to reason with them or giving them the benefit of your further study is almost always pointless. They cannot absorb the knowledge.

  12. Ever since the debacle of gender pronouns bs came out with Peterson, I’ve watched his videos. If universities were full of professors like him, kids would be getting a true education.

  13. Liberal atheists “attack religion as if it were a scientific truth” because many conservative Christians insist it IS scientific truth.

  14. OY VEY GOYIM!!!! NEVER FORGET THE SIX GORILLION LAMPSHADES!!!!! SLAUGHTERED LIKE CATTLE BY INHUMAN ARYAN MONSTERS LIKE YOU ALL!!! NEVER FORG- oh excuse me students, I was just warming up, is it really that time? Did class start five minutes ago?

    1. And the other 6 gorillion soap bars of those “undesirables”! Goy you must feel guilt anyway!

    2. haha man, I had to listen someone ramble on about one of those lampshades on display at one of the former camps in Germany, had never heard about it before. The person got royally on my nerves..

  15. Google is paying me millions for doing no other than drinking bleach and fapping to porn! Its the most financially rewarding and beneficial for people like myself! You will regret it if you don’t check it out! https://www.DoYouBelieveInP.T. Barnum.com

  16. When I read about “Xim/Xer” pronouns a sudden understanding for the various purges in history comes over me..

  17. Coincidentally, I just found out about this guy shortly before this article went up.
    Glitch in the Matrix?

  18. Full-on atheists (as opposed to the quiet type) are a pain in the ass. They’re like petulant children and ergo deeply unattractive to women. ‘ See this couldn’t have happened in the bible cause x,y,z’ We know that dumbass- it’s a parable of truth.
    Inability to see the bigger picture, stamping one’s foot like a child. Not sexy.
    Occasional childlike playfulness behaviour can make a woman soften towards an alpha male and provide ‘comfort’ but childish behaviour never does.
    Oh and they’re slag of Christians for the smallest thing but Islam bombing people well that’s just their culture.

  19. “University of Toronto, one of the most liberal colleges on the face of the earth.”
    Having taught there and at a few other places, I don’t think this is true. This is merely an average university for this sort of thing. UofT has a ton of conservative Chinese students (check out the ethnic composition of the engineering faculties) who have no interest in this stuff. It also has almost zero blacks. Whites appear to be a minority.
    I find the issue you refer to is worse at universities with more black students or more white students. The little uber-expensive liberal colleges seem to be the worst, and I recall a week or so ago there was a study on universities that censored guest speakers. The worst were the private schools with a ton of cash.

    1. it’s also very telling that the elites send their kids to conservative private schools where none of this nonsense takes place.

  20. Reading the title I knew it was Dr. Peterson you referred to. Amazing person, I would have loved to have him as my teacher. Actually, he is, just over youtube.

  21. Religion cant teach morals & ethics, as moral & ethics are genetic, not cultural
    Religion doesnt work, as you cant alter a damaged biology with an unstable gene pool
    If moral & ethics were cultural, africa would be a paradise & rwanda a world super power …
    Thus disproving religion as a moral compass for civilisation built by man
    Yet again man is greater then god, because he is genetically moral & ethical
    Moral & ethics are a genetic hardwired biological determinant, hence white societies dominate 1st world continents, & city states … even under the thumb of parasitic vermin & an atheist majority …

    1. Wrote a paper on how religion is not a metric for ethics. Got an almost perfect score (one point off) on it. Best paper I’ve turned in during my time at college.
      Read Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. Probably my favorite piece by him and especially my favorite that dismantles the idea that God cares about us and that he is definitely not the cause of our morality.

      1. Fantastic, biology proves morals & ethics arent transmittable by religion
        More fascinating biology & genetics proves if there was a god, man is inherently superior, as morals & ethics are hardwired into man, whereas moral & ethics are a choice for god.
        Also god creating man is a misnomer & a red herring, as there are millions of different ways of creating a man.

      2. Sorry but experience and history destroy those notions of natural religion…let alone our current experience with atheists…

    2. “Yet again man is greater then god, because he is genetically moral & ethical”
      And where did this genetic morality and ethicity come from? Space aliens?

        1. Whatever genetic morality and ethicity we have was given to us by God. It cannot be superior to Him if He originated it.

        2. If God exists (as you seem to assume He does), then He designed our genetic codes.
          Unless you are suggesting that God is our invention, but then your original statement doesn’t mean much.

        3. If isnt a fact … learn to debate coherently …
          Biology & genetics proves if there was a god, man is inherently superior, as morals & ethics are hardwired into man, whereas moral & ethics are a choice for god.
          Also god creating man is a misnomer & a red herring, as there are millions of different ways of creating a man.

        4. “whereas moral & ethics are a choice for god.”
          And we know this how? Sure, God could theoretically choose to be evil, but why would He if it’s not in His character? And how does being “hardwired” somehow make one superior? It would suggest that man is a moral and ethical robot with no choice in the matter (which makes no sense anyway as many people choose to ignore their wiring when it suits them to).
          “there are millions of different ways of creating a man.”

        5. Man is a moral & ethical robot, children are essentially genetic robots.
          Man merely has more probability to process as he gets older. Also your definition of morality is religious hence flawed.
          True morality & ethics are all designed around the preservation of the genetic gene pool, & the preservation of the human race as a whole. Which is why alot of people dont want to remove africans, even though it would be beneficial to do so, for the race as a whole …

        6. So in other words, mankind is programmed to try and keep itself from dying out. I agree. What’s the point of taking a shot at God while saying that?

        7. God has no incentive to preserve mankind, as he isnt human.
          Hence the morality & ethics required for the preservation of mankind, is superior in man then god, as it hardwired in man, not god.
          Hence making man superior to god, morally & ethically.

        8. “God has no incentive to preserve mankind, as he isnt human.”
          And we know this how?

        9. True. That doesn’t necessarily mean that God has no incentive to preserve the human race. You seem to know quite a bit about God’s motives and desires. Where have you gotten the information?

        10. Basic logic, man is hardwired to be moral & ethical, god has no such hardwiring as he’s an omnipotent being …
          Also god is a fictional being … as he doesnt conform to the definition of an omnipotent being …

        11. Just because God is not hardwired like we are does not mean that He could not and would not choose to be “moral and ethical”. What proof do you have that God is not “moral and ethical”?
          “Also god is a fictional being … as he doesnt conform to the definition of an omnipotent being …”
          How does God not conform to the definition of an omnipotent being? If anything, God would define an omnipotent being.

        12. I stated in terms of incentives. God has no incentive to be moral & ethical as he is omnipotent, man has incentive to be moral & ethical as he is hardwired to be moral & ethical.
          God doesnt fit the definition of an omnipotent, as by definition an omnipotent being has to exist in all states of the broadspectrum ad infinity. This includes the visual spectrum.
          As god doesnt constantly exist in the visual spectrum, as an omnipotent being exists in all spectrum, god doesnt fit the definition of an omnipotent being.

        13. How do you know that God doesn’t have a form that exists in the visual spectrum?
          Why is a robot superior to its maker simply because the robot is programmed to think/act a certain way?

        14. I exist in the visible spectrum. If I have a visual camouflage that hides my visual signature, I still exist in the visual spectrum. You can’t see me, but I am still within the visible spectrum.

        15. lol did you even understand my comment?
          I specifically stated the definition of omnipotence demands god exist in all dimensions, including the visual spectrum.
          Essentially if god did exist we should be able to see him at all times, since we cant see him in the visual spectrum, at all times as per the definition, he doesnt fit the definition of an omnipotent being.
          Also plenty of robots exceed the ability of the programmer … which is why theyre built in the first place …

        16. “if god did exist we should be able to see him at all times”
          That is literally one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. A great many things exist that we cannot see at all times, and I don’t see why an omnipotent being wouldn’t have the ability to hide himself from sight if he chose.
          “plenty of robots exceed the ability of the programmer”
          In some aspects yes. We have yet to create a robot that exceeds us in all aspects.
          On a lighter note: http://babylonbee.com/news/know-god-forgives-cant-forgive-says-woman-whose-moral-compass-apparently-developed-gods/

        17. That sounds about right. Why would being everywhere and knowing everything require you to be visible?

        1. Easy: Before Christianity, depending on the part of Europe you used to live, your moral code might have recognized as good and honorable: leaving undesirable babies die of exposure or be thrown to their deaths from the top of a hill (Romans and Greeks), gangbanging slave girls before sacrificing them (Viking funeral ceremonies), some man boy love (certain Greek city-states), unleashing wars to exterminate bastards (Scythians in what is now modern day Russia), Sacrifice people in a Wicker Man (Celts), Human sacrifice in honor to the Gods (Vikings but supposedly the victims were voluntary…), torturing and /or killing your slave without reason (Roman law with its right of use/abuse principles), stealing as long as you weren’t discovered (Sparta), massive human sacrifice including Children (whoever built the Hypogeum in Malta) etc. Should I include the non-Europeans the scenario would be even more varied….
          Christian morals didn’t exist in any recognizable form before the advent of Christ. I guess ignorance of history should be considered a disability after certain age. Your opinions on this clearly stem from your emotions and biases and not from even a cursory glance of our history.

  22. This man is brilliant. I have been following Jordan for about a year now since he broke into the mainstream here in Toronto. I highly recommend listening to his lectures. He just released a bunch of new ones. I have not been able to see him lecture live yet but he is a breath of fresh air especially in commie Toronto.

  23. Great article! I’ve come to love SJWs because without them I would have never discovered Jordan Peterson.

  24. Churches did not teach “us” culture, rather religion is an essential part of culture as it grafts itself onto whichever culture it encounters.
    The foundations of past culture is being blown to smithereens. This is called change.
    Part of that change is forcing the fundamentalist religions of the world to finally admit their skygod fantasies are…..fantasy, and to quit trying to control everything according to their sacred scriptures.
    Growing pains are necessary, and it happens all the time. There is a nexus happening where large groups of people are waking up to the fact that the traditional foundations of the past 500 years worth of culture are of no use to us anymore.
    Religion is being blown away, while political blinders are being blown away, and the economic scam of the last century is being unmasked as well, all at the same time.
    Upheaval is inevitable. Celebrate it, and prepare the path for something better to take shape. We can’t let cultural marxism fill the void, but neither can we turn the clock back, nor should we.
    Myths are needed by many, so religion will play a role of course, but a vanishing role.What will replace it? Maybe nothing needs to replace it. I believe we are at the beginning(I hope) of the end of large-scale culture’s and nations, and entering an atomization era in world order. The behemoth nation states have run their course and are being propped up by propaganda and fiat currency, and traditional religion.
    It’s gonna be crazy for my kids.

    1. Very well then, enjoy the gulags, mass murder and brutality to come. The man is a wolf to man (Homo homini lupus est) and your delusions of grandeur will never change that.

  25. How novel. One who professes that is not afraid to be burned at the stake! Sounds like someone in academia understands what philosophy is. Socrates would be proud.

  26. 3. Why People Buy Into Leftist Ideology
    I have theorized that the liberals and their followers (especially the anti-racists) buy into this for 1 primary reason: fear of conflict.
    These people are afraid of conflict and not being part of the “group”. Notice that many left-wingers are skinny wristed fags while people who work out are more likely to hold “right-wing” values. The people who can’t fend for themselves and are afraid of being singled out are the ones that need a group to fit into, and the biggest group they can find that is socially acceptable is the one that pushes the diversity, lgbt, socialist crap.

  27. Most Universities & Colleges in the “free” western world, are rotten to the core & is a production line to create loud mouth morons !

    1. We just dropped the mother of all bombs. Here’s hoping the next one lands on your head.

  28. It’s ironic that they paint dystopias with threatening slogans on every wall to their group, yet do the exact same thing to males by plastering the walls with signs that call them all rapists.

  29. Any one here remember the ‘Water Buffalo” incident in 1993 at the University of Pennsylvania? Mild stuff compared to the insanity that reigns nearly on every college campus today. It led Professor Kors and others to create the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (https://www.thefire.org/)

  30. A lot of this criticism of political oversimplification and being an ideologue or demagogue can be just as accurate for right though.
    Universities are a weird place. I wouldn’t use them as some sort of yardstick of the state of the real world. They’re so extreme to the left that I even see a fair number of liberal comedians making fun of them. The Simpsons had a good episode about this topic recently. Mr. Burns referred to a male student as “he”, and the student angrily cried “the word ‘he’ is oppressively cisgender-normative!” It was a joke but you just KNOW that real people have uttered that phrase in sincerity.

  31. Critical theory would be a great subject for everyone to learn as a philosophical basis for rational political discourse. Think of a populist version of Plato’s republic, where even the most easily led would at least improve their critical thinking and understanding of political and cultural issues.. Our society would be the better for it, but its contemporary version along with most subjects at university these days,covertly uses Cultural Marxism as its dominant paradigm.

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