Our Modern Marxist World: How A Cult May Have Shaped The Fate Of Western Civilization

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We saw in Part I how the Marxists arranged a historical process according to Plato which supposedly leads to their satanic world government after society collapses into an arranged chaos. In this part we look into the process of dialectics as a Marxist warfare strategy. We also look into the historic background of Satanist infiltration in order to subvert religions, rulers and the masses.

KGB Agent Disclosed The Deadly Mix Of Sun Tzu, Dialectics And Democracy


The KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn said in his book “Perestroika deception”:

All warfare is based on deception. Therefore, when capable, feign incapacity; when active, inactivity. When near, make it appear that you are far away; when far away, that you are near. Offer the enemy a bait to lure him; feign disorder and strike him… Keep him under strain and wear him down. When he is united, divide him. Attack where he is unprepared; sally out when he does not expect you. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme skill… if ignorant of both your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril’. SUN TZU, ‘The Art of War’,

“The devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”

CHARLES BAUDELAIRE, ‘Le Spleen de Paris’.

Both Anatoliy Golitsyn and Yuri Bezmenov – well informed defectors of the KGB – said that the Chinese General Sun Tzu(500 BC) was a great inspiration for the global communist conspirators. Democracy was the most attractive form to subvert the whole world with people embracing the deceitful beauty of democracy. They combined Sun Tzu´s deception strategy with the dialectic manipulation of Hegel and the classic Machiavellian principles of “divide and conquer” with a mortal communist essence. Their plan is to arrange and control the final world conflict and then quickly seize power during confusion.

Dialectics And Our March Of “Left-Right” Tyranny Down To A Satanic World Theocracy


Lenin said:

It is impossible to understand Marx’s “Capital” completely, and especially its first Chapter, without having thoroughly studied and understood the whole of Hegel’s Logic. Consequently, half a century later none of the Marxists understood Marx!!

All dialectics work by creating and controlling conflicts(thesis-antithesis-synthesis) through MSM and politicians. Gradually they push society in their own direction without people understanding how and why it happened.

In “Perestroika deception” Golitsyn states:

Thesis: Stalinism [or Stalinist Communism].

Antithesis: Rejection of Stalinist Communism.

Synthesis: Converging, merging and marriage of Communist (socialist) substance (content) with democratic format, or ‘democratism’ [ = ‘convergence’]. This use of ‘democratic’ form is deceptive: it is the essence of the strategic manoeuvre which is intended to secure the final world victory of Communism. “

Here, in addition to Hegelian dialectics, the Communist strategists took Sun Tzu’s advice. Sun Tzu wrote: ‘I base my plans for victory on form, but this is not understood by the common man….”

People believe that they have “democracy” but that´s just an attractive form exploited to implement the essence of communism without people realizing it.

Judaism And Communism – Talmud Is Key


“Even the best of the ‘goyim’(non-jews) should all be killed.” (Soferim 15, Talmud)

It is crucial to study the Jewish religion and history before digging into the global communist conspiracy. The Jewish topic is extensive and can only be briefly summarized here with references to essential information.

Modern Judaism is based on the Talmud scriptures which has a history of about 1500 years. The Talmud was deemed heretic in Europe by the Christians who  burned the Talmud in public until the 19th century. The Talmud has been accused of mainly two demonic heresies:

  • Jews are superior to non-Jews and the Jewish people is God themselves. Goyim are animals. Jews are the future kings of the world and goyim will become their animal slaves. It is allowed for Jews to commit crimes such as killing goyim without consequence.
  • Sexual perversions are allowed in the Talmud including incest, pedophilia, bestiality(!) etc. (https://www.henrymakow.com/2014/03/Does-Talmud-Teach-Bestiality-Pedophilia-Incest.html )

Jewish experts contend with the critics of the Talmud and they say that non-jews can´t understand the “esoteric meaning” of the Talmud. I never became enlightened to the “esoteric meaning” of incest and pedophilia. It is however clear that Rabbis (Jewish high priests) admit that Jews are superior to all non-Jews and that the Jews will rule the world.

We find the same strategy in modern Jewish Talmudic faith as in the Secret Societies where Jews are told that they are the chosen world rulers. They also tell ordinary Jews that they are some kind of Gods. It is the same strategy of deceiving people by promising them a golden future if they just serve their evil masters.

The Occurrence of Sabbateanism-Frankism in Judaism


Sabbatai Zevi – The Jewish “Messiah” Who Married A 16-year Old Prostitute And “Converted” To Islam in 1666 (!)

The satanic plague devouring humanity originated with the Sabbatean-Frankist cult, a Satanic Jewish movement based on the Cabala that absorbed half the Jews of Europe in the 17th/18th Century. They were chameleons. Pretending to convert, these Satanist Jews infiltrated and subverted all important religions, organizations and governments. They are the progenitors of the Illuminati, Zionism, Communism, Fascism and they control Freemasonry. The NWO is their goal.

In 1988, Rabbi Gunther Plaut described Illuminati founder Jacob Frank in these terms, and implied that the Nazis were a Sabbatean-Frankist creation. Holocaust expert Elie Wiesel also seemed to agree since he endorsed the book!! (https://www.henrymakow.com/were_illuminati_jews_responsib.html#sthash.wC7qui6w.dpuf )

Modern Judaism was hijacked by the Sabbatean-Frankist satanic sect about 300 years ago. From that point on Judaism became all black at the top and they spread their depraved ideology to other western religions and secret societies. Leaders like Zabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank practiced terrible forms of Satanism and had a very low moral standard including calling themselves “Messiah”. Their morality is now being normalized in modern society. The crucial event was when Zevi in 1666 converted to Islam and became the hero of many European Jews. From then on these “Jews” infiltrated Judaism, other religions and all political parties with one objective – world power.

To give you a small example of their existence and depravity today Oprah did an interview in 1991 where a Jewish Woman Exposes Frankist Jews . Her story is compelling and similar to other stories of Jewish victims. Henry Makow also wrote a story about it.

By fake conversions the Frankists managed to infiltrate and subvert all western religions and political parties by using their MSM propaganda, lies, deception and the money from Rothschild &Co. Satanic Jews are present in every country including China and India since millennia and they mix with locals but keep their secret criminal faith in a global cabal. Jews have been expelled from more than 100 countries during 2000 years on charges of subversive and occult activities including child ritual murders. Their strategy to take over the world demanded a lot of money and that is where the Jewish super bankers came into play as they subverted our money system by sinister frauds, mass assassinations, incitement of all kinds of revolutions and wars.


General Spiridovich Exposed The Rothschild Subversion In 1926 And Was Brutally Murdered The Same Year

“Only after you know that the Jews are Satanists, can you become a real statesman, and then you cease to ask foolish or misleading questions… The Rothschilds have been the backbone of all political and financial happenings since 1770. Their name ought to be mentioned of each page of the history of every country… another honest President, Garfield (murdered) said:

“Whoever controls the money of a nation, controls that nation”.

Major General Spiridovich; “The Secret World Government or Hidden Hand”, 1926

In the next part we will take a look at Tibet and their hidden but crucial role in Western politics. We also look at our modern society with false flags orchestrated by the intelligence agencies, a Marxist education system and Machiavellian tactics to isolate, weaken and divide people into as many subgroups as possible.


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The Talmud by Michael Hoffman: http://goyimgazette.com/truth-talmud/

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155 thoughts on “Our Modern Marxist World: How A Cult May Have Shaped The Fate Of Western Civilization”

    1. And it was a sponsored post by some tinfoilhat site called expandyourmind…..not that I disagree with the facts and a few of the ideas exposed, but I disagree with the form it shows them.
      This is exactly the problem when talking about the Jewish Question. You can take a totally rational approach like Kevin McDonald and bring illumination to normies; or you can start talking about Kabbalah, Hegelian Dialectics and the Illuminati and the normies will dismiss your position.

      1. Kevin McDonald is also controlled opposition.
        He has a trilogy of books on Judaism. Although the trilogy has been called the most anti-Semitic thing outside of Stormfront, it was published by Greenwood Publishing Group. That was established in 1967 by Harold Schwartz (Jew) and its scholarly division was established in 1970 by Robert Hagelstein (Jew), who remained its VP until 1999.

        1. Currently there isn’t a genuine movement which poses any threat to the elite as they quickly get infiltrated with agents.
          The situation is rather desperate and I don’t know the solution but I do believe that exposing the AskheNAZI hoax can blow the lid off the elite’s machinations.
          Most of the top Nazis including Hitler were crypto-Jewish gay actors with a specific mission – it’s the start.

        2. Chill brother, we know the world’s going to shit. Why bother the remaining neurons that we have with searching who’s behind it all. Darkness we’ll engulf as all anyway.

        3. Ever read “Pink Swastika”? I did a long time ago and have always wondered how much of it was true.

        4. interestingly Sabbatianism does appear to hold the serpent / dragon in high regard
          Satanism in its more exact sense simply refers to a creed of negation. That can include revolution as negation of existing law, status quo. No need for anything supernatural. Indeed satanists proper tend to be atheist
          As for illuminati, there was certainly a real group called the illuminati, who were notable for their opposition to the abrahmic religions, and the status quo. They also were amongst the great innovators with respect to difficult to rumble organisation. Conspiracy theorists tend to assume they survived to seed freemasonry and the revolutionary movements of the 19th century. They may well have done, but the evidence for this is not really there. There is also a further sense in which the word illuminati may be meaningful, namely a great deal of occultism is premised on the notion of light / enlightenment / illumination, including through progressive initiation from darkness to illumination. Conspiracy theory tends to see this as Luciferian – where Lucifer is seen as the light-bearer. There is some evidence that this is not false – for instance the Lucis Trust (formerly the Lucifer Trust) has a special place at the UN headquarters I think, i.e. at the centre of an organisation that some consider to be central to the “NWO”

        5. I’m not familiar with Sabbatianism that much, the only serious reference that comes to my mind is a fragment in a book by Robert Ambelain, scholar expert in Freemasonry (himself is a 33° or something).
          About Satanism, we talked about that in another place.
          Illuminati, yes, there are proof of the existence of a secret society with that name in Germany, founded by Weishaupt (he was Jewish if I’m not wrong); his doctrines were suspiciously similar to modern communism. Today they are the favorite pet theory of tinfoil hats, but as you said there is really no evidence of their existence beyond the 1780’s.
          I know about the Lucis Trust, and you are right it has a special place in the UN headquarters, but I think its importance is overrated.
          I don’t deny that there are certain factions withing the Elites who are partial to magical thinking and occultism; but they are their version of crackpots and weirdos.

        6. The only copy of Mein Kampf I’ve seen was in a bookshop in Tel Aviv…and it’s not on ”Judaism” per se…but Jews and their strategies.Why don’t you ask him…after all I’m sure his books have won him a lot of admiration in the Jewish community and the media.

        7. I will check out the Ambelain. Sabbatianism is too often approached in terms of conspiracy when it is the influence of the values the Sabbatianism espoused which is of more interest, regardless of what went on behind the scenes
          I remember having a conversation about the occult or satanism but I don’t recall the context. I think the significance here is that it is not about Ouiji boards or anything, but about negation of law / conventional morality etc (depending on how it is defined) i.e. something that may relate to the revolutionary impulse to overturn existing orders
          As for Weishaupt I think he was jesuit trained. I don’t believe he was jewish. There is a very limited amount of evidence for that period and too many conspiracy theorists seem to believe what they want to believe. Equally though, dismissing the illuminati as just a matter of conspiracy theory is probably very wrong
          Likewise, I agree about the Lucis Trust. I am not suggesting they are a conspiratorial organisation. They are an education trust, but the fact that their creed is Luciferian (and here I am not talking about either Satanism or Devil-worship or anything crude like that) is potentially telling. It is the connexion with light / enlightenment / illumination that is telling.

        8. Hitler was definitely not gay nor a secret Jew.Read Hitler’s Table Talks which are the recorded minutes of many of his informal private gatherings.He was down to earth,intelligent,conservative and had a great grasp on so many issues.In his Will written shortly before his death he articulately lays out how the Jews and their evil had come to dominate the world.I agree that movements do get infiltrated and only the Jews have the wealth to finance large standing cadres of agents waiting to do just that.But we have the good Lord on our side and they have only Hell waiting.Never fear those fiends and be a one man army against them.Trust in Christ and the Father and everything else will fall into place.

        9. Nothing like pervert homo Jews calling brave patriots homosexuals.They try to drag down the decent by calling them what they in fact are.Like Dr. Goebbels said,”You can call a Jew anything,a murderer,a thief,a pervert,and he will not flinch,but call him a Jew and he goes crazy”.

        10. In my library there are currently about 25 books on Hitler including “Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant” by John Turner where one could get the impression that Hitler was a very intelligent and a noble person. But make no mistake, he was an actor.
          One source is not enough to form a valid opinion.

      2. That is actually correct!
        Kevin McDonald (hungry anyone?) has opened the eyes to a lot of people, including me, before I found him I couldn’t make the final step to my awakening!

  1. When you write about the satanic jews do you specifically refer to all the wealthy jews or are you trying to pinpoint the zionist jews hidden behind the clueless jews(reference author: David Icke, also known as the capo di tutti capi of conspiracy theorists), cause from my observations jews don’t give a rat’s ass about each other, they stab each other’s back like a motherfucker.

    1. I sometimes read the comment section of the Jerusalem Post & from what I can see they have left wing-right wing infighting there as much as any westernized country.

  2. Technically speaking, I do not think that Jews came up with Zionism. Zionism, the idea that the hebrews or jews are the rightful owners of the land in and around israel (at least thats my understanding of what it is) has its roots in the bible. Not from the 1800’s and theodore hertzl when zionism supposedly was created. Genesis 15:18 says the borders God planned for Israel are from the Nile to the Euphrates.
    Whether or not you agree with it, Zionism started in Genesis millenniums ago, not with Hertzl

    1. “Whether or not you agree with it, Zionism started in Genesis millenniums ago, not with Hertzl”
      1) The original 12 tribes forfeited the conditions of the promise and were sent into exile.
      2) The Messiah (Jesus Christ) came to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies. The Jews rejected and crucified Him and persecuted his followers.
      Galatians 3:29 says that
      “And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s descendants, heirs according to the promise.”
      Meaning that if you believe in Christ, you are part of the New Covenant (the spiritual Israel).
      The modern nation of Israel (despite what the ‘Left-Behind’ crowd says) has nothing to do with the promises made to Abraham. Physical descent means nothing; only faith in Christ matters.

      1. Replacement theology. Right ? Many say it’s a lie from the pit of hell. Some quite scriotures like you did and actually present it with some strong points. It makes sense in some way, cause billions are by now decended of Abraham by now and where are they?
        How does this leave the things in revelation to be fulfilled.
        I have no clue

  3. This piece of rubbish was so bad, the author had to pay RoK to publish it as a sponsored post.

      1. but the fact that the some of the most controversial subjects under the sun were addressed in such a slipshod fashion is beyond unfortunate

        1. and as such it can easily be dismissed as anti-semitic conspiracy theory. Anything which references the Protocols can, not to mention the way it addresses other controversial claims. As far as I’m concerned it is a gift to the SPLC

        1. No. Because the author shows very clear misunderstanding of so much that I would be shocked if he could spell his name correctly on the first try.
          It is true that I don’t care about Jewish conspiracies but that it mostly because they are ignorant, short sighted, weak little theories meant for echo chambers filled with little boys who can’t compete with men.
          It’s also true that I am a nihilist, but I would be dollars to doughnuts that you don’t understand what that means.

        2. Whatever, most people I know see me as a nihilist. I actually like conspiracy theories, especially when I’m drunk, who gives a shit if they are meant for little boys who can’t compete with men.

        3. So said the Hell bound bitter old Jew.I notice you talk alot about little boys in your comments.Are we to believe you are a tough,world traveling stud sent here to be our wise master.You might even be a prematurely aged feminist journalist who loves trolling after learning her new set of key phrases for the next article or blog.

        4. I don’t travel the word unfortunately.
          I can see you are sensitive and have been triggered by the idea that maybe it is possible that you are not a special snowflake held down by an evil boogie man.
          Sorry for the triggering. My mom always taught me not to pick on people who are weaker than me.
          Good luck champ.

  4. I now taunt the left by singing to the tune of Hokey Pokey
    You vote your right wing in
    You vote your left wing out
    You vote your right wing in
    And you shake things all about
    You do the Literally Hitler and you turn yourself around
    That’s what it’s all about!

  5. Just one word – AshkeNAZI
    Pointing the finger at this Jewish elite is not anti-Semitic, because they have no compunction about treating the rest of the Jews horribly. Nazism was a cover for Zionism, which was about Jews going to Palestine.
    The AhskeNAZIs threw many ordinary Jews under the bus to make the rest immigrate to Israel.

    1. Sure, use “Nazi” in “AshkeNazi” in all caps and everyone will take you seriously. XD

    1. The best ruler is the ruler whose name is not known… Lao Zi said something similar. I believe the philosopher King is best because he owns nothing and the people only needs to provide his basic needs. If he becomes corrupted the people have ample power to take him down since he doesnt control his people – opposite of today..

    1. Protestant is a huge group, but in their ‘rediscovering’ of the Old testatment, The initial Protestant tried to become ‘synthetic Jews’, ‘New choosen ones’, if you prefer.
      In their will to stop being manipulated by Rome, they were quickly manipulated by other groups.
      There a fondamental opposition between Catholics and Protetstants.
      Catholics think that, finally, everybody is equal in front of God, but that nobody is really free to choose what is right or wrong.
      (Initial) Protestantism thinks that no one is equal in front of God (there are the Choosen one: they are easy to guess, they are successfull, rich and victorious, and there are the others) and everybody is Free to choose (but that didn’t matter, because there are the Blessed and …)
      Catholicism is about homeostasy of society, Protestantism permit rapid accumulation of momey,deregulation slave labor… Because the Rich are the blessed. And the poor deserved it.
      I don’t say that Catholism is ideal, and i don’t want to discuss theology. I’m not even Catholic. But as a social regulation, it worked quite well.
      Most we think we know about the middle age is Utterly FALSE.
      People lived quite well in their villages. Their was a strong sollidarity; Poverty was nearly unknown (expet during plagues and war, who weren’t so frequent.
      ‘Prima note’ was a pure invention.
      Most priest were guifted kids that go to superior schools (there was an elemantary schools in nearly any village !)
      There was a social security.
      Everybody had RIGHTS (yes, even women), and Lords and buishops didn’t get right at each trials.
      There was NO slavery in europe after 10 th century (Cerves were no slaves, they had rights, properties etc)
      In fact, Proesttabnts reintroduced the Salve trade, to the colonies, with the interestd help from the Islamic Trade (the middlemen were… well, you know..)
      People decided what to do in their Communes, thanks to their Concils, who fonctionned very much like the Viking ‘Althing’
      Comon people payed LESS taxes than us nowadays (Really)
      The Inquisition didn’t persecute the Witches (in fact, Catholic states burns far less witches than their Protesttant counterpart (The Inquisition is mistaken with the inquisitorial procedure, wich is the normal procedure of secular law in much countries…even in most Protestant Countries of the era…
      in a nutshel…most of what we think to know about history is irrelevant. Not even hidden, just beyound a layer of mainstream disinformation.

      1. Great answer. there is lot of black legend surrounding Catholicism and the Spanish Inquisition. I am not saying they were perfect, but many of the things they are accused of, as you said, protestant courts were even much worse.

        1. You’r welcome. It’s difficilt make a ‘résummé’ of such a large subject, and Protestantism gets his own sucessive révolutions, and change of paradigms.
          On the positive side, there was in the initial Protestatntism a will to fight corruption and devellop a ‘purest’ ascetic lifestyle, who quickly turned to a worship of property.
          Of course, greed was not unknown of the Catholic Church, but property had no moral value by itself (!)
          The rising merchant class turned to Protestanstism, while the comon people stay faithfull to Catholicism (with some exeptions). Nobility choose what serve them most… but ultimately get consummed by the rise of the Merchant class…
          We remember the abolishment of privilèges of 1789, but not that most of those ‘privilefges’ were rights that protected comon people (minimum wage, corporation rules, food prices…) France never became Protetant by religion, the the very structure of his thought were then forced to her.
          People get massively poorer, they left the countryside to search some slave work in factories…the industrial revolution followed soon after… like it did in England years before.

  6. I don’t think there is a Jewish conspiracy. I think there are conspiracies that attract Jewish members. I haven’t read the Talmud so I really can’t comment yet but if half of what this author says is true, yuk!

    1. It is not strictly Jewish, there are many non-Jews involved but the major players always turn out to be of Jewish descend, either obvious or hidden. Like the high rank Nazis, for example. It is perhaps because Judaism has been poisoned by Talmudism as the article explains.
      Also, by making our society more materialistic and amoral, we all become Talmidic Jews. So in that sense, the conspiracy should be called Talmudic Jewish Conspiracy.

      1. ok thanks, calling it a Talmudic style conspiracy makes more sense than the all-jews-are-secretly-meeting-and-plotting-to-take-over-the-world stuff that I’ve seen written. they have so many sects and fractions and infighting that I could never see them being that organized.

      2. Yet the Sabbatian Frankists attacked the Talmud. In a disputation in 1759 between Rabbis and Frankists they claimed the Talmud was full of blasphemies with the result that the Catholic authorities started burning every Talmud they could find.
        Whatever you think of the Talmud (and it may be many things) Sabbatianian Frankism rejected it. Subsequent history is more complicated perhaps

        1. My take on this is that they threw the Talmud under the bus to establish their Christian bona fides.

        2. It was a very bitter dispute. I don’t remember where I read it, but seem to remember someone claiming that a great deal of the anti-talmudism of modern anti-semitism derives from this no-holds barred dispute between heretical judaism (soon to go its own way) and rabbinical judaism. Sabbateanism does however play a part in the development of (e.g. reform) judaism in the 19th century. How much so is another question

        3. That Poland story was yet another psyop from the Frankists. People listen to what the Frankists say and never look at their actions. The Frankists were hated by real jews and then the Frankists made the catholics focus on the (less) heretic Talmud jews and faked their conversion to catholicism in order to get off the hook. End result was that they became stronger on all fronts, got inside Christianity and weakened old Judaism as they could turn the catholics against the real jews of that time.

        4. well, yes, that was kind of the point I was arguing. Back then though it was very much a real (and very bitter) scrap between orthodoxy and the Frankist heretics. Neither side was taking any prisoners. The rabbis were prepared to have the Frankists burned at the stake and the Frankists in their turn were prepared to employ antisemitism, including claims that jews engaged in the blood libel and that the Talmud was full of profanities against the church, in order to win the argument against their accusers. The infiltration of religions, institutions etc had not yet really taken hold as it seems it would in the future

        5. You’re tying criticism of the Talmud with ‘anti-semitism’. We can criticize the Koran all day, or the New Testament, why not the Talmud?
          My take on it: It’s supposed to be a collection of learned rabbis’ interpretation of religious laws. (They say, somewhat cynically, that even God reads the Talmud.) To me it appears to be all about loopholes in the religious laws. As I recall: If you tie your neighbor to a chair, then it freezes and he dies, that’s not your fault, it was warm when you tied him up, you don’t control the weather.

        6. ‘claims that…the Talmud was full of profanities against the church’ – so you’re saying the Talmud doesn’t mention Jesus Christ?

        7. “You’re tying criticism of the Talmud with ‘anti-semitism’. We can criticize the Koran all day, or the New Testament, why not the Talmud?”
          Not really, I was trying to remember something I read to the effect that the criticism of the talmud as something very anti-christian, or full of abominations etc, derives from the dispute between the Frankists and the anti-sabbatean rabbis. That’s not a comment on the Talmud as such – which I am fairly unfamiliar with – but a comment on the history of modern antisemitism – at least as a concept with particular themes (obviously things like the blood libel etc go back far beyond that).
          Re. the legalistic / casuistic reputation of the talmud all I can say is that I’ve always imagined that the sheer number of laws that need to be observed (613 is it?) make efforts to get around the observance of those laws somewhat inevitable. In a sense the antinomian innovation that commenced with Shabbatai Tzvi could be seen as a mystical and more direct variation on that theme.

        8. I’m not claiming anything about the Talmud. The Frankists didn’t allege anything because it was true (if anything that would have been a sin in itself for them) but because it served their interests

  7. If there were some way to guarantee that all kings were moral, then a monarchy would be best, but since there is no way for that to happen (outside the Second Coming of Christ), a Constitutional Republic is best. Divide the power into three groups, ensuring checks and balances between each group. That way, the political process is slowed to halt the degeneration (hopefully) before it is irreversible.
    We were close to that in the United States during the early stages. It was divinely inspired at it’s creation. However, wicked politicians were able to sew corruption as time went on.

    1. to me democracy only lasts as long as it has a solid moral majority. without it, its a ship with no anchor and will eventually hit rocks.

      1. yup, and that is what is happening, is it any wonder that the media is sinking in morality as fast as possible?

      2. This for me is the crux of all arguments. And I’ll say it until the day I die: the best, perhaps the only, solution is to turn your eye inwards on yourself, and forge an unbreakable, incorruptible morality there. In the end, the only person you can control is yourself.
        It’s all well and good to know ((who)) is up to no good in the world, but the best thing you can do to subvert them is to dedicate yourself to a high degree of morality. You will reap tangible benefits and set an example for your community, and others in turn will seek to understand and adopt the same strategies for themselves. Eventually a critical mass will be reached that no army dare stand against.
        Yeah I know it’s a longshot…But it’s our only chance to something truly worthwhile.

    2. Our Democracy has pretty much petered out. We have Federal Judges making laws that have no constitutional authority. Nobody stops the Judges when they say gay marriage is legal without actually citing a law supporting it. I could go on about how Jews control our Judiciary, Arts, Entertainment, Finance, and Education but I digress. This Democracy is over. We have Trump but is he really going to reverse all the damage that has occurred? I doubt it, half his kids are married to Jews, he really can’t call out the problem.

        1. The souls of countless children are lost because of the despicable Jews.You will pay in Hell and you know it.Anytime I see someone laugh at the Jews being in control or writing Joo I know one of the hook nose tribe is trolling.God will deal you wretches a death blow and that you can be sure of.Laugh at the lives you have despoiled but your season is almost up.You think you are the chosen people but you are only filth.The chosen people are those who accept Christ as Savior.

        2. Wow, feel that hatred! Must have touched a raw nerve there! Jews are also very common in an area that you may have need of: psychiatry. Sort out your hatred and stop blaming others for your problems. Shalom!

        3. Funny I have many Jewish friends and most of them openly hate Christianity, to the point that it comes off as pathological. Seems like this street runs both ways. Peace.

        4. I have many Jewish friends who don’t even think about christianity and certainly don’t hate them. In Israel I met no one who hated Christians. Peace.

        5. Jews being a shit race doesn’t bother my nerves at all,I was merely stating a known fact.Interesting that you mention the totally invented and fraudulent scam called psychiatry in which they take people under stress and extort them for money whilst further confusing and damaging them.Seek out a Christian counselor or friend if you are distressed,NEVER a fucking bloodsucker Jew .You’re one to talk of peace when your demonic race has brought misery to the world.Good luck in eternal Hell.

    3. Exactly; a constitutional republic is a historically rare form of government that can only be maintained with the utmost vigilance and highmindedness. Benjamin Franklin hinted at this when he said the American people had gotten “a republic, if they can keep it”.

      1. agreed, they should be a prerequisite to be able to vote. That would do two things, it would make sure only responsible people would vote, and it would give politicians the motivation to have more people with property and income.

        1. I don’t see why it would motivate politicians to “have more people with property and income”?
          I don’t care much about voting at all, once you realize that freedom is there isn’t much point in voting about anything.

        2. Naturally, the politicians would try to get favor from the productive people, doing so would get the opposing political parties to bend their policies to foster more productive people.

        3. Yeah, but that would be an indirect effect. Besides, any serious statesman/politician should always be trying to do that.

  8. Holy fuck did I just read a reference to the Golitsyn Thesis? Wait, just to his second book. Expand on that point more.

    1. There’s a guy on spiked-online who writes volumes on the idea that the soviets faked the fall of communism, that lenins tomb is just covered up for the television cameras etc.
      I don’t think its true, however the left did make most of its progress just as soon as the anti communists in the West started to relax their guard

      1. I’m not sure who you are referring too but I am a believer in the Golitsyn Thesis. I’m paraphrasing a large idea, but essentially after Stalin, Soviet leadership decided it could not defeat the West in a conventional fashion. They concluded the only way to win was one of two options: 1. successful first strike with no or limited counterattack or 2. East-West convergence. On the second option, the idea was “we will make them like us” and then on a high level we will merge (some believe to world gov’t but I don’t recall Golitsyn’s take on it). In order to make this a reality the Soviets would rely on a combination of subversion and time.

        1. I’m not really a believer in the theory, as I think the soviet system as it was wasn’t working – it was a clunky clapped out political system based on force. On the other hand I do think there are a lot of serious people / theorists who remain determined to make communism in some form or other become a reality (consider Alain Badiou in the communist hypothesis). People like that – and communism / marxism was always driven by intellectuals – had worked out by the 1980s / 1990s that top-down statism based in force and repression was not the best way to advance their ideas of managing humanity collectively. I would from the fall in the berlin wall you do get something that could be described as an attempt at a softer, more consensually basesd communism mark II, based on theories of governmentality through ideological control rather than coercion
          Obviously the hard version of this type of theory (I am not really familiar with the particulars of the Golitsyn Thesis itself) would require something more obviously conspiratorial

  9. But pepe the frog promised that if trump became president that taylor swift would go public as girl for stormcucks . Why would pepe tell me something that wasn’t true?

  10. For a moment I thought this was a sponsored post trying to hawk a multi-volume set of the Talmud: “special price to all anti-semites – only 50 shekels a volume. Read all about how the jews wanna take over the world in ten beautifully bound volumes brought to you in the original hebrew.”
    Now the key thing about this article is that it includes references to some genuinely important issues but then shackles it all to a reference to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, not to mention sloppy and somewhat poorly explained references to communism and satanism.
    Anything that is associated with the Protocols will never make its way anywhere near respectable discourse, and will be politically neutralised with ease. So should there be anything in this article that is of actual importance; anything that is actually politically salient, it is automatically disqualified as credible on account of that association.
    What is of actual interest here is the role of Sabbateanism, which was a very real messianic philosophy which in the words of the great scholar Gershom Scholem involved something akin to “redemption through sin” – the violation of jewish law – the mitzvot – the keeping of the dietary laws, jewish holidays, and potentially any kind of moral law, including sexual prohibitions. Ironically the jewish law is precisely what is addressed in the Talmud unless I am very mistaken. Yes, there are are no doubt controversial and not particularly gentile friendly bits too if what I’ve heard is true but the point is the Sabbateans – or at least the Frankists who followed them – set out to infiltrate and destroy religion as we know it, including the jewish religion represented not least by the Talmud as ‘oral Torah’.
    According to Scholem Sabbateanism has certainly been influential within judaism’s subsequent history, but it is as part of the ‘discontents’ of judaism – a heretical creed, more like protestantism in relation to catholicism within the christian faith, only even more extreme in its rejection of traditional dogma, and it’s violation of jewish law as itself a commandment. That is something that indeed did have very dark, and revolutionary implications, but exactly what those implications were is something that needs to be looked at very carefully, rather than simply asserted on the basis of poorly evidenced conspiratorial literature.
    As such I am disappointed by this article. This is a difficult subject that really does need addressing, but it cannot be effectively be addressed in this way. It’s worth remembering that the only reason we know anything about the critical importance of Sabbateanism in jewish and world history is on account of jewish scholars such Gershom Scholem and Rabbi Antelman etc.

    1. “For a moment I thought this was a sponsored post trying to hawk a multi-volume set of the Talmud: “special price to all anti-semites – only 50 shekels a volume. Read all about how the jews wanna take over the world in ten beautifully bound volumes brought to you in the original hebrew”
      Joke aside, it was an interesting comment about obscure Jewish doctrines.

    2. My first thoughts too…gotta admit I’m a sucker for books with crisp embossing and well fitted leather binding.

        1. There is no such thing as a good English translation. If you aren’t reading it in the original you are missing quite a lot…that goes for everything.

        1. Kratom is like the babel fish from hitchikers guide to the galaxy…amongst other things

        2. I am starting to come to the conclusion that being a polyglot is actually a bad thing. Everyone always makes a big deal over being able to speak foreign languages. I mean, ok, great. I think one of my goals in retirement will be to unlearn all languages and exist only in thought.

        3. this is true. Language is what divides us, as the tower of Babel myth suggests. And apparently chimps first learned their rudimentary ‘ooh, ooh, aah, aahs’, in order to deceive – at least according to the machiavellian intelligence theory. Problem is if we undo language, as in a sense Orwell suggested could easily happen, we could lose both the capacity to deceive and ultimately to think at all. We’ll just have happy golden retriever smiles on our faces the whole time, but without the glossy fur. Maybe not so bad

        4. Undoing language is a bad thing, opting out maybe not. Remember, I am one of those people that doesn’t necessarily think that Brave New World is a dystopia

        5. so you’re saying the eloi – or at least some – would do the opting out of language….as though thinking, speaking, writing were if you like manual labour – the sort of thing a gentleman wouldn’t want to be seen engaging in? Then the underclass – the morlocks – would be the ones who would have to do the dirty work of toiling with their minds? What an interesting twist on the master/slave dichotomy

    3. What´s wrong with the Protocols and they are not even part of the article. The protocols describe the true history of the last 100 years no matter who wrote them. Actually its a mistake to call the author of the Protocols “jews”, its simply done by satanists and nothing else. And then we could argue is its was the Frankists or the Tibetans who did it. Yeah, it was too clever for western jews to write it so lets agree its from China probably… Who cares?.. The essence is that the top of all gvmts are infected by this globalist, zionist stuff judging by their actions. And yeah there must be dialectic opposition – Russia etc… Its all repeated over and over until a miracle takes place.

      1. there’s a prominent link to the protocols, amongst other material that is easily dismissed on account of its content. If the SPLC had tried to invent an article and a set of page links that would have met all of its criteria it couldn’t have done better than this sponsored post.
        The protocols themselves are a proven forgery. Specifically they can be traced back as an imaginative reconstruction of two 19th century works, one of which – Biarritz was openly antisemitic. Obviously anyone could have done the forgery – ~Russian Intelligence, the Rothschilds, anyone. But the point is in all cases – with the article, and all the links including the protocols the effect, intended or unintended, is to de-legitimise the claims en masse.
        Personally I think much of what is claimed in the article is seriously seriously flawed but there are also issues which need to be taken seriously, such as, as I have indicated elsewhere the critically important historical phenomenon of Sabbeateanism – a history that has been deliberately suppressed even in the opinion of its most famous student and scholar Gershom Scholem. But all of that can now be conveniently dismissed as ‘just more anti-semitic tropes’ or whatever because the author of this article decided to just throw shit around in the hope some of it would stick (or alternatively that none of it would stick should this actually be a psy-op of some sort)
        As for the idea that the protocols reflect substantive truth somehow despite being a forgery that is neither here nor there. It is simply poison to the touch, and to include it in an article is idiotic

        1. I think that is important. Focusing on often speculative conspiracy theory accounts of the phenomenon will miss what is important here, which is what Sabbateanism does to conventional morality. Even if Sabbateanism lies behind this or that movement identifying it as such does not tell us what made it potent

        2. It’s well know the Sabbateans/Frankists were against convention sexual morality. For example the alleged spring wife swapping festival of the Frankists. Also once some priests peeked through the windows and saw nude women at a Frankist ceremony.
          All this was very shocking back then, but nowadays anything goes.
          I wonder to what extent their antinomian tendencies encompass other laws. If you credit the Armenian genocide to Donmeh/Sabbateans and the Red Terror and Holomodor to Communist/Illuminati/Sabbateans it does seem like they like to create ‘hell on earth’.

        3. That’s the thing. The actual recorded incidents of scandal both in the age of Sabbatai Tvzi and Jacob Frank are relatively ‘vanilla’ by the standards of our own day. Yet violating or inverting law has to be seen as relative to the law (and / or the customs) of the time. In their day these violations were often seen as worthy of excommunication or even death. More importantly perhaps is the logic of the beliefs in question. If it might be redemptive to sin, or to commit acts that might be considered in a strict or legalistic sense criminal or even evil, how far does this go. From the beginning with the Shabbatai one gets the sense that one must descend in order to ascend, and further than that the extent of the descent may be precisely what determines the height of the ascent to follow.
          So the question arises, to what extent if any was that ‘worked out’? How far did they run with that idea? The above appears to have been a specifically messianic idea current in the 17th century in relation to the conditions that might be necessary to bring about the messianic age. While Frankism may have inherited that, its worth noting that the 17th century was a time when messianism was far more prevalent in both the jewish and christian worlds rather than therefore. However that doesn’t mean to say that the logic of such ideas did not endure beyond the 17th / 18th centuries.
          Clearly it is possible to sanction the violation of law without necessarily doing it to create such a oppositional (dialectic) dynamism, but clearly those ideas have filtered through in whatever form through subsequent history and into the present.
          Regarding the Donmeh etc. and the more conspiratorial side of things….I think we need to be careful not to run too far with the evidence available, which is generally scant. Those issues need to be considered carefully and soberly.

    1. I gave some video links below. There’s even an interview with Sabbatean historian Rabbi Antelman on Israeli national radio, if you have any qualms that this is dodgy anti-semitic stuff.

      There’s also a website run by Henry Makow, who often writes about the Sabbateans and pretty much equates them to the ‘Illuminati’. (Makow is of Jewish origins and gets away with a lot of criticism.)

  11. The Sabbateans and the Frankists are both Jewish heretics. That is to say, both Zvi and Frank claimed to be the Jewish messiah, had many followers and still do, but were ultimately rejected by the Jewish mainstream.
    They are particularly sinister groups in that their main tactic was to pretend to assimilate into other religions, while keeping their own secret beliefs.
    To me it’s an amazing thing that there can be a secret religion in this day and age, but they do keep a low profile. Over in Turkey there are known Donmeh (Sabbatean) families and graveyards, yet no one admits to being a Donmeh.
    The key element to Jacob Frank’s philosophy was that Jewish teachings say the end of the world will come when everyone is good or everyone is bad. He proposed that since we can’t all be good, let’s all be bad.

  12. “The devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”..
    Look at the so called Pope Francis… Look in to his eyes ??

  13. There is a question gnawing at me about the truth of World War II, one which I believe, another which I question. The Nazi’s, if funded by Zionists and Shit-eating Talmudite bankers, who were then goaded into rounding up Jews, supposedly killed a lot of them. On the other hand, there is the whole holocaust denial because at the rate of burning a body in an incinerator back in the 1940’s, you could never reach six million for the whole length of the war even if the fires were burning constantly. Mathematics supports the latter that the holocaust never happened. The truth of baby-sacrificing satanist elitist scum is also a very real thing, however which bread crumb trail do we, as truth seekers, follow? Were the Nazi’s and good ole’ Adolf invented by Satanist-Zionist jews to kill their own kind in order to invent the bandit state Israel? Or did the holocaust never happen and that is why they get so triggered when anybody questions its validity, in order to keep the sham going?

    1. I don’t believe Hitler was a Zionist stooge. Sure they have exploited the WW2 situation for all its worth and then some but Hitler came very close, certainly too close for comfort to exposing and toppling the international Zionist stranglehold.

    2. The Holocaust never happened. The biggest lie after WWII was creating this false image that the war was about killing the jews. How can they say it was about the jews when for example tens of millions orthodox christians died during that time, also catholics, also gypsies(which have their own religion), also protestants. The winners have the privilege of portraying the losers in whatever light they see fit.

  14. They say that money is the root to all evil.
    I believe that if the nations of the world could rid themselves of the Jewish banking cartels power and reclaim their sovereignty we could begin to heal the cultural devastation, unravel the corrupt machinations against us and have true freedom.

    When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. -Napoleon Bonaparte

    Leaders that have attempted or flirted with such an undertaking are either killed or painted by the ‘control’ as the enemy of the people. Pre communist Russian tzar, Gaddafi, Saddam, Putin, JFK, Hitler, Lincoln to name a few.

    If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
    Thomas Jefferson

  15. Based on the authors mind fuckingly uncorrect understanding of the stuff I do know like Plato and Hegalian dialectics which show, at best, an immature and uniformed reading of out of context quotes to support his already held conclusion with no regard to anything resembling an intelligent understanding or analysis I have to assume that the stuff he talks about that I don’t know is equally incorrect. The problem with basing your arguments on authority is that if you totally fuck it up the rest of your points seem silly and ignorant.

  16. Supernatural explanations aren’t necessary to achieve world domination. Nuclear power is enough. If I were the only person in the world with H-bombs and the knowledge to make them then you could have your god(s), your allah, your jahweh, your satan or your flying spaghetti monster on your side but I’d have the last laugh.

    1. Like the saying, “You can accomplish more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone.”
      I suspect our elites encourage this “end times” fantasy in American churches because they know it’s bullshit, but it gives the deplorables the illusion that a god will avenge them somehow. Why exert yourself to make your earthly life better through, say, political reforms, if you expect to get raptured any second now?

  17. Can please we go back to personal responsibility and stop pretending to be helpless in the clutches of all-powerful conspiracies?

  18. It’s much more likely that Jews are just supremacists and ugly inside then all these conspiracies about satanism, illuminati etc etc.

  19. the deep root of Frankism is Gnosticism of the firsts centuries AD. It goes like this. After the fulfillment of the prophecies of our Lord Jesus Christ about the destruction of the Temple and Judea, Jews not only rejected Christ but also the Father the God of their forefathers for not delivering them the Messiah and making them strong secular power. They endorsed Gnostic sects and heresies, where the creator of the world is a distant evil figure who abandoned the material creation, the demiurge. they are essential luciferians.

    1. the ein sof of the kabbalah is distant, but is ‘without qualities’. The demiurge is something different.
      Such gnostic creeds seem pretty difficult to reconcile with the abrahamic God of the bible / torah, unless the latter is seen as the demiurge in question
      a lot seems to turn on the identity of the God of Israel

  20. If you do not worship the God of Israel, and follow his laws, then indeed you are on a lower moral plane, and are worthy of death. If you worship the God Of Israel, and observe his Noachide moral laws, then you are a full member of the same moral community. Quotations can be slander when you gerrymander. As to the Rothschild nuttiness claims – not worth a comment.
    And, Milton Friedman, von Mises, Ayn Rand….I guess they weren’t racial Jews, or how could they have been defenders of market economics?

      1. The first article has errors of fact in it. Noahide laws, saw called, were merely the rabbinic way of describing the same phenomenon that the Greeks called ‘Natural Law’, more famously known by the Roman Sotics as “De Rerum Natura’. Jews, being strict monotheists, and not given to philosophy during the time the Original Testament was compiled, simply indicated which commands of God are binding on all human beings. Any one who has read the traditional commentaries on Noah’s leaving the Ark would know this. You can easily find this out for yourself by reading the English commentary in the Soncino Press edition of the Pentateuch.
        Praising the Mosaic law is a very American thing to do. John Admas said that he considered Moses the superior of all ancient lawgivers. He did this to distinguish his position from that of most Philosophs, who dismissed the Hebrew Bible as a repository of superstition and ignorance.
        All clasical Jewish commentators, from those of the 1st Century forward, interpret the prohibition of adultery as covering a men who has consorted with another man’s wife. It is true that under Jewish law, it is technically not adultery if a married man commits the act with an unmarried woman, as he is allowed to have more than one wife; thus, he could fix the problem by marrying the ‘other woman’. If he does not, then it is considered fornication and is punishable; his wife is even alloed to divorce him against his will and still collect her settlement money (=one years maintenance). If his unmarried partner is not Jewess, then it is considered only to be masturbation, which is a sin but not one punished with death – more along the lines of eating pork.
        For some number of years, the NY courts would accept a Rabbinic divorce decree as a private settlement. The law was changed, and now only divorces granted by the State are recognized. It didn’t make much difference, as now days getting a civil divorce is much easier than it was forty years ago.
        The ‘CHABAD’ is Lubavittch education and outreach group targeted at brining non-observant Jews back to tradition and observance. Lubavitch is the single largest ‘Chassidic’ group, part of a pietist movement that began in the 18th century in Poland. Many of their practices are not accepted as authentic by traditional Rabbinic Judaism. When the previous Rabbi Schneerson died, some of his follower claimed that he had been the Messiah and would be resurrected soon. The rest of us are waiting.
        Finally, the issue is no longer ‘Ger Toshav’ but ‘Yirei Shamayim, those who fear heaven. This was a large movement in the Ancient world, estimated by some to be million followers. They were gentiles who wanted to worship the God of Israel, and accepted the Jewish version of moral law, but did not want to give up their own culture, and were not interested in Jewish ritual law. Eating of blood and the sacrifices to pagan gods was prohibited for such ‘Heavan Fearers’, which is why Paul has no problem enjoining this for his converts. Consensus is that nearly all the Heaven Fearers accepted Paul’s Christianity,
        I hope this covers the top items, off the top of my head. Please feel free to ask me for more information. It is for me just one way more for me to support this site.

        1. Thanks for your detailed and informative response.
          I have mixed feelings about this the noahide laws, not so much because of their nature – they are mostly wise and conservative – as you say reflective of natural law – but because there is the sense that they are supposed to be binding
          When originally you said “if you do not worship the God of Israel, and follow his laws, then indeed you are on a lower moral plane, and are worthy of death” I found that a little concerning. It’s not that I think there is any intention attached to that statement, but it is perhaps true that for some, such as the lubavitchers, the noahide laws appear to be minimum conditions for uprightness amongst ‘the nations’ that ideally everyone who is not an observant jew observing the jewish commandments would be obliged to observe. Perhaps ‘expected’ to observe would be a better word than obliged but equally there is a sense that perhaps some, perhaps the lubavitchers themselves feel that it is a little more than an expectation.
          If you consider that the noahide commandments appear to have been subtly introduced into american law and education – back in 1991 within ‘the education day’ bill that was passed to honour Rebbe Schneerson, and then consider what the latter – who of course does not represent all chabad – had to say on the issue of gentile education there is some sense here that for some chabad (please correct me if I am describing them wrongly) encouraging gentiles to observe noahide laws, and to disassociate from christianity etc. is an important part of the messianic task i.e. to hasten the coming of the messiah
          Consider this quote from a Lubavitcher site I found ” [I]nfluencing non-Jews to keep their mitzvos, the Seven Noachide Laws… will assist our task of making the world into a dwelling place for G-d, and help bring about the arrival of Moshiach.”
          The same document even makes reference to “compelling” “all human beings to accept the commandments enjoined upon the descendants of Noach.”
          I doubt most jews would recognise this sense of the noahide laws as (ideally) legally binding upon non-jews but for some like the lubavitchers it seems less clear that that is so – from reading the site linked to below (which is a little anti-christian, regarding the latter as idolatry) what is clear is that they believe that through gentile education gentiles could be brought around to understanding the wisdom / righteousness of those laws
          there is an interesting discussion about this in the following – although I would note the article is intended to be entirely scholarly than in any way polemical

  21. Extraordinary.I totally agree with you and applaud you for bravely exposing these children of the Devil.Prayers are with you for continued safety and more good work.

  22. The Jews play a major part in the politics of the world, but I have to say that the Catholic Church is the sovereign ruler of the world. If you look at random presidents, you’ll notice that, virtually, every one of them has, at least, a Jesuit advisor.

  23. I’ve read Golitsyn and watched the Yuri Bezmenov lecture again and again. Both of them are brilliant and exposed the whole Communist plan. They don’y mention Jews or Freemasons. I’ve got no doubt that there are elements from every part of humanity involved in Communism. This article started off interesting and quickly spun off into the usual areas of the most spurious and idle conjecture. Yes, some Jews are unpleasant, yes all secret societies and organisations were infiltrated by dedicated Marxist-Leninist cadre but from about half way through this article just sounded like a rejected script for the film national treasure.

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