Be A Single Man During Your Twenties

Frederich Hayek started his great work The Road to Serfdom by dedicating it to all socialists. Although this article does not remotely compare to Hayek’s book, I start by dedicating it to all men in their twenties who currently are in a monogamous relationship with a women.

I have noticed that the vast majority of men, who like me are in their twenties, are desperate for a relationship. Regardless of their gaming skills, most men are chasing poon in order to find a girlfriend.

Even when I first came in contact with the Pick Up Artist movement I noticed one characteristic common to the vast majority of its members: they were all desperate for a girlfriend or soul mate. These men were learning, through an emotionally painful process of trial and error, the tricks of how to get laid, yet they were anxious to waste all those hard-earned skills in the sole quest for a monogamous relationship.

In the red pill community this phenomenon doesn’t seem to be so widespread, but a considerable part of the red pillers are in the constant search for the high quality woman, or the ‘unicorn’. Some even claim to have found it: a pure maiden, who isn’t hypergamous, dishonest and slutty. As this enlightened man wrote in ‘The Red Pill’ subreddit the existence of the ‘perfect feminine lady’ is utter bullshit.

For many years I saw this as a rational behavior. I was washed up with the ‘soul mate myth’, thus seeing as a reasonable quest the search for a lifetime monogamous relationship with a female. Simply put: I didn’t understand the nature of women, neither I perceived the path my life was taking.

You Think You Are “In Love”?

After some careful thinking, to which swallowing the red pill greatly helped, I observed that the vast majority of men who were in a relationship or were eager to get into one are motivated to do by of one or more of the following reasons:

1. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they want regular access to a vagina.

2. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they are afraid they’ll never get laid, or at least, they’ll have to put a gargantuan amount of effort to have sex.

3. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they are a game denialists, and therefore they think the human mating dance is all about either money, looks or luck (and so the ‘dating game’ is a waste of time in their perspective) .

4. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they are afraid that they’ll be forever alone.

5. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they need a woman to complete their life, share their weaknesses and establish an emotional connection.

6. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they think not all women are like that, or they’ll find a pure maiden who isn’t hypergamous, dishonest and slutty.

7. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they are afraid to be judged by society, or they think that being in a monogamous relationship is the ‘right way’ of expressing your masculinity.

The list above is not thorough but it mentions the most likely scenarios. There is just one thing these guys don’t realize: they are misled by their own beta attitude. What happens is that infatuation, fear and lack of perspective about life in the younger years leads many young men to believe that they are “in love” (whatever that is) with a particular woman.

For the monogamous 20-year-old fellow reading this: you are not in love pal, you are just letting your personal shortcomings, fears or social conditioning dictate your life.

Feminist cultural conditioning has had the effect of turning men into beta pussies, selling them the idea that a long-term monogamous relation with a woman in the pedestal is the ‘superior way’ and an absolute necessity in order for a guy become a true man. This is why you think you are in love. This why you feel you “can’t live without her”.

Reality And Biology Favor A Bachelor’s Lifestyle

Men have a biological tendency to polygamy. We have testosterone, which naturally creates a bigger sexual impulse. Also evolutionary forces side with us, having shaped our masculine behavior so that we would ‘want’ to impregnate the biggest possible number of females.

Also let’s consider the typical male human being passing through his twenties in the Western society. He is—or at least should be—in his physical prime. His energy and libido are at an all time high. He has few responsibilities. In addition, specific cultural movements have ‘liberated’ his female counterparts, and slut behavior is at record numbers. Communications and transports are easy and cheap, making the supply of pussy virtually infinite.

Now I ask—why would he want to be in a monogamous relationship? Why would any young man even consider it? We have the biological impulse against it. Social and circumstantial conditions have never been so optimized to a bachelor’s life.

Single Life Teaches Valuable Lifetime Lessons

The advantages of a bachelor’s life in terms of personal growth of the young man are completely ignored by society. Leading a successful single life implies that the man eventually learned an important set of skills: how to take calculated risks, how to understand body language, how to manage a tight schedule, how to be a good conversationalist and persuasive, how to handle random social situations (and women), and how to have fun and be entertaining. He’ll inevitably will acquire an ‘abundance mentality’ and become more positive in his outlook towards life. The successful bachelor also learns how to be an emotional rock with women, a feature that probably his parents haven’t equipped him with.

These characteristics will prove to be useful as you go into your thirties and reach your sexual prime. By this point you’ll have understood the nature of women (and their interchangeability) and so you will be able to make the most out of this phase. Also, you won’t let the emotional fallout caused by drama from women’s behavior affect very important parts of your thirties, such as your professional performance or your social circle.

Furthermore, experimenting and discovering in the dating arena brings lifelong benefits that will blend with your personality. You’ll learn to adapt to diverse (and sometimes adverse) situations and make the most out of them. After some time, whenever you are in social gathering you’ll be constantly analyzing the human social dynamic, receiving information about the environment around you that most people are unaware. Taking it to an extreme:  you’ll become a “profiler”, being able to diagnose someone’s personality and intentions based on body language and other subtle behavioral hints in a few minutes. This can be of vital interest to other aspects of your life.

Self-Improvement Will Become Your Biggest Asset

Every now and then, there is a point in a man’s life where he sits on the couch and thinks “now I reached the top, now I can rest”. We have all done this mistake. It is a recipe for failure. Stagnation means failure because life is constantly changing.

A successful single life is a synonym for constant adaptation, for constant growth, for constant self-improvement. In order to get frequently laid you’ll have to work and improve yourself on a physical, cultural, professional and personal level. You’ll have to be growing constantly in this areas. The minute you want to sit on the couch and live off the earnings of your current pussy kingdom is the minute you’ll acquire a loser mentality.

A single life during your twenties will teach you how to keep your tools sharp to face the constant change. After a few years, self-improvement will be just one of your personality traits. It will become your second nature, not just something you do because your girlfriend told you were fat or you simply don’t make enough money.

This is the greatest lesson you can take from being single in your twenties: in order to be successful in an ever-changing reality you have to be constantly improving and growing. Sad part is you’ll only learn it if you try it. And don’t worry, you won’t miss the ‘unicorn.’ She simply doesn’t exist.

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214 thoughts on “Be A Single Man During Your Twenties”

  1. Lots of good arguments here. One thing I would point out is that it isnt necessarily bad to “practice” and get some experience with monogamy as part of knowing yourself better and understanding how those dynamics work for you. As long as you understand that: a. Not many people really are monogamous and b. we talking ’bout practice.

    1. yep. everyone should be, at least once in their lives, in a long-term committed relationship. why? cause then you’d experience the soul-shattering boredom of banging the same broad every day, and in time you’ll feel the itch to run away and never commit again. all part of growin’ up, fellas.

      1. The experience might be of value but what about the price? In today’s matriarchy the potential cost of entering into a relationship with a young woman is very very high. If you go domestic, as well as monogamous, then you are open to all kinds of risks that involve long prison sentences and or permanent reputation damage. Try getting a security clearance if you have a DV charge on your record. You will be convicted with no proof required. If the woman says you made her scared you are guilty. Unless you videoed every second for later evidence you are going to pay for whatever cupcake took offense at.
        I tell my 20 something sons not to get involved with any women. I tell them go outside the west for a prolonged period before you settle into any LTR.

  2. Sad part is you’ll only learn it if you try it. And don’t worry, you won’t miss the ‘unicorn.’ She simply doesn’t exist.
    As a pre-existing entity, correct. What most in the manosphere fail to realize, time and time again, is that a woman is a vessel which you fill with your direction and personality. She doesn’t start out as a ‘unicorn’ but you can easily craft her into one through your own strength of will, personality and dominance.

      1. Assuming she isn’t batshit insane (and I mean chemically messed up, or psychologically damaged where she actually needs to be institutionalized), and you can tolerate her, that’s enough raw clay to work with. Honestly deep down they’re all exactly the same and prone to the same molding.

        1. THIS. Gospel fucking truth. You have to start with some decent raw materials but ultimately you have to custom hand craft a high quality woman. The losers at jizzibel can whine all the want, call it “brain washing” or whatever- in the army they would call it fucking training. I’ve trained my bitch. Thats the best way I can describe it. Any future bitches will also have to be trained, thats how you mold them into what YOU want them to be. Diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. They ARE like empty vessels to be filled. The only question is: will they be filled by the capricious, arbitrary whims of the feminist, secular, progressive, media encouraging them to be short-haired, lesbian, fat ass whores OR will they be filled with YOUR desires. Frame. Frame. Frame.

        2. Spot on.
          It’s so obvious that you’d think any reasonably awake man would see it. I mean why do women with weak/submissive husbands always follow the same domineering, cackling, overbearing role, time after time? It’s because the male’s weakness fills her soul so she holds him in contempt for how he made her. He molded that shit straight out by his own weakness and is fully responsible for the end product.
          Start with date one with a woman in setting your expectations and filling her up with your ideas/ideals and bang on the money, she’ll conform to what you want perfectly in time, as in she’ll internalize your desires as her desires. Seen it work every single damned time it’s tried.
          It’s funny, every time I see or hear about a couple where the wife is one major belief system, and the man is another major belief system, and they’ve been married for a few years, I know instantly that he’s an absolute pussy and chump. If she’s not molding herself to your input, it’s because you’re not giving her any input of value to begin with.

        3. No offense to any of you gentlemen who believe in the “frame” meme and are currently married, but this should have been taken care of in the girl-child’s home. Should you really be playing daddy to your woman AND your offspring? Think about the ridiculousness of that. Let these low grade women die broke and alone. Only high grade women are worthy of carrying a man’s seed and ASSISTING in raising said man’s seed.

        4. You missed the point entirely. “High grade” exists, but you create it. She becomes what you want by your own actions, or she doesn’t. The most “high grade” aka pre-created by another man (her father, her last boyfriend, etc) will turn into a class A moron feminist whore who cheats behind your back the instant you stop fulfilling her deep psychological need of being submissive to a strong man.
          If you think a woman’s personality is static and not influenced by her choice of mate, you’re going to be in for a very, very rude awakening, most likely as you’re being divorce-raped.

        5. In non-Anglo countries, the patriarch of a family usually provided some monetary benefit to the in-laws in exchange for the young woman’s fidelity. If the woman did not comply, he simply handed her back to her parents and ceased payment. We are talking about some hard men, who are “Alpha” in every sense of the word. Now why would they need to do this, if their “frame” was impeccable? Perhaps those cultures understood if the parents did their job the way they should have, everyone was happy. If not, then you know the answer.

        6. And the point still went “woosh” right past your ears. If they were badass alphas to the man, then the daughters wouldn’t need to be returned in the first place. So something else must have changed her, what could that be precisely….?
          You are making a rather feminist assumption that a man being dominant and the woman being submissive is somehow making her out to be a moron child. No, it simply recognizes the social dynamics at play. Ignore them at your own peril, most guys do, and the divorce lawyers could not be more happy about it.
          I don’t disagree about raising your daughter right, btw, but look at the nation today and tell me that’s being done anywhere in any but statistically insignificant numbers. You either adapt or you’ll spend your life lamenting that “The One” who was “High Grade” just never seemed to appear unbidden to you as if by magic.

        7. Unfortunately, I believe you missed my point. But I will agree to disagree. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

        8. I think….also keep in mind that there’s an energetic component to it Jefferson. Dominant men attract submissive women. It’s been my experience, it’s been yours, and it’s also been Player Supreme’s experience.
          I’ve been on both sides of the fence, and I can tell you for a fact that when you aren’t a dominant male you tend to draw more aggressive, masculinized “modern” females into your life.
          And if guys are on the internet trying to figure out how to do well with women, guess what. If you don’t already KNOW instinctively how to interact with women then you aren’t an Alpha.

        9. There’s also a metaphysical aspect to it. The male energy is generative, the feminine energy is regenerative.
          In other words, women’s “energy” is that of an amplifier. Whatever is put into them, they amplify. Give them sperm and you get a baby. Give her leadership, and she will adapt to those expectations. Give her bitch assness, and you’ll get treated like one.

      1. They don’t have to ‘accept’ anything, it’s hard wired in their nature. The ‘egomaniac’ thing is also, Shakespeare noted this clearly in The Taming Of The Shew.
        The quest, young acolyte, is to learn how to train them.

        1. agreed. but intuitively i reckon there’s a cap on the number of times you can tell her “my way or the highway”, so you have to be subtle about the molding part

        2. Oh clearly so. The psychology behind what’s referred to as “game” is solid for the most part, and is useful in relationships as well as in snagging a ONS. Sometimes direct, sometimes aloof, sometimes humorously, push-pull, the works, all of this goes into creating the woman you desire.

        3. If there is a cap I have yet to find it. The only way to live with a woman is my way or the highway. It can’t be said often enough in a relationship and it must be absolutley sincere everytime.
          Let me say that through 40 you guys are right. Things start to go to hell after 50 and by 60 you are fighting an uphill battle. You can still get a nice piece now and again, the same way a three legged dog gets the rabbit every once in a while, but the odds aren’t as good. But then again, as the testosterone fog clears now and again is often enough. Life is so much more than getting laid.

        4. It’s not as hard as you think. If you know how what you’re doing (tip: it is ESSENTIAL that you’re good in bed), “my way” becomes synonymous with “her way”.

    1. “She doesn’t start out as a ‘unicorn’ but you can easily craft her into
      one through your own strength of will, personality and dominance.”
      If she ALLOWS you to do so. And you would be competing with every social media, feminist cultural dictum and thought pattern working equally hard if not harder to sway her and tell her their way is correct and yours is not.
      Dude, nothin personal -we are about the same age but seriously…you really dont offer shit to these younger dudes. You are not really on top of the modern scene. Married dudes like you are pretty clueless to the realities single guys face today.

      1. You look to a woman for permission to “allow” you, apparently, everything, and you say I’m clueless? You’ve ceded the power dynamic entirely to her right from the get go. heh
        The “realities” single guys face today are feral women, but women nonetheless who have a very clear, consistent and known nature, as passed down to us through thousands of years of commentary, literature, poetry and analysis by men. So tame them and train them. Telling men to ask permissions to be “allowed” to interact with women by ceding up their frame and power to the whims of women, well, that kind of thinking got us where we are today. If you cannot compete with the media, whose fault is that precisely? You’re just shifting the blame to others for what I assume is your own lack of success.
        Anytime a post contains “Dude, nothing personal” it’s a quick tip off to me that I’m talking to a passive aggressive beta.

        1. You and Hell Biker really like using that gay term “frame” a lot.
          For a married dude I guess its easy to throw lame-ass current manosphere buzzwords around and feeling like you are adding something to the discussion.
          But whatever dude. If you think you are helping, keep on with the bloviated invective.
          Im just saying you are a tad bit detached from whats going on out there in the trenches to be giving speeches about “maintaining rock solid frame” blah blah blah from your little married with kids household.
          Shit always looks good on paper brah.

        2. We’ve both lived that life and have experiences under out belts that confirm our words. I still have women throwing themselves at me on a regular basis, young women you claim are so somehow different, so something must be correct in my observations.
          Look, you want to be a victim, that’s clear. Be a victim. Say “dude” and “brah” a lot even, it’s fun and trendy. Then when you get tired of being a victim you should learn how to deal with women correctly and stop blaming everything but yourself for your failures. If you decide to continue to be a victim and give women dominion over you, as you demonstrate you have with your words, well, that’s not my problem at that point.
          Slainte, anonymous “guest”

        3. GOJ – I find your insight to be fucking solid man. Some dudes have game, and some don’t. Some guys know what the fuck they are talking about – and some don’t. One of the real downsides about the internet is people can fake the funk all damn day if they want to, but in the end whats the fucking point? I come here for wisdom – and occasionally I find some. You, ray, and lance off the top of my head. Keep the good shit flowing brother.

        4. Well…here’s where my perspective is. I agree with him partially because he’s said, but also because I uncomfortably straddle the generation line. Freebie: I’m 28. However my lifestyle choices mean that the majority of my social circle consists of men who are 45+, and I’ve also chosen mentors in that age range (one of them is over 80). I do have friends in my own age range, and me and my wife go out and hang out (and go off on our own and dance every so often) while they run their game.
          So I see both old-school and Millennial “Game” almost every week and I see the differences between the generation. I also see these older guys pulling ass like the millennials could only dream of.
          Not in the mood to type more(I’ve got to get up early for a run tomorrow), but if I had to boil it down to one thing I’d say that it boils down to one thing: Power. The old school men are usually much more confident, they aren’t high strung, and they aren’t affected by a need to constantly seek validation….which means that they are not as affected by what people (esp. women) around them do.

        5. Were talking about heavily brainwashed women here in the millennial generation…They do as they please. How old are you? Did you notice how you can’t slap women anymore? Or even yell at them, without risking law enforcement’s involvement? You can’t really control or mold them
          without their permission. If you try, they will put false charges of “imprisonment” or “domestic violence” or “rape” etc, on you. Your “frame” doesn’t mean shit when she can just call the cops on you. They can get the dumbass police to imprison you for a variety of things, without evidence, and you’re sitting here saying “use the frame power to
          control them”? What the fuck?
          How does that compute with reality?
          These women laugh at your “frame”.
          “YEAH baby you’re going to be a good girl, according to my specifications now, honey!”…
          “like, what? Im strong and independent! I won’t change for anybody! HELP! RAPE! 911!!!!!!!!”
          Yeah,”mold em with ur frame”, good joke old man. These cunts are rotten to the core, they don’t give a shit, and they’re empowered by the law to be out of control power-trippers.
          Maybe you can get laid with them due to status/power/money, but you can’t “mold” psycho chicks who can
          and will dial 911 on a dime, whenever they become annoyed with your thoroughly dated methods. if anything in modern times you have to find one who slipped through the cracks somehow if you want anything beyond a fuck
          buddy. Some kind of cave virgin who never watched TV, was never educated on her super-rights and goddessship for 12 years, and who has a fucking soul left. It’s slim pickins, and that’s the truth. Most women are downright financial predators, and you recommend men play LTR games with them? Not cool.
          Fuck you, honestly, with your implicit self-absorbed condemnation of the victimized male youth of today. Your generation had it easy, and you know it. This “moldable woman” is the old man’s generationally ignorant idea of a unicorn. Those “moldable” women are all fucking GONE now. THEY’RE GONE. They don’t exist anymore! That’s just the way it is. Have some damn compassion for young men, instead of selfishly denying the grim reality of the situation in this country.
          After all, you and your buddies no doubt helped in screwing them over not too long ago. Or have you forgotten? You sat on your asses while feminism swept the culture/courts. You should have fought tooth and nail to stop it, you should have died trying in fact. You didn’t do shit, and then you have the nerve to blame these victims with “you boys just don’t have frame like us”, like some kind of blind hypocritical retard…
          I don’t know man, maybe you think you’re helping on some level, but you’re really not. This is a shark tank we live in nowadays and the old ways don’t cut it anymore. Your implications are tantamount to shaming men for not being capable of the impossible. Men shouldn’t be given false hope, or arbitrarily made to feel inferior. Your “advice” is a part of the problem. You disempower men just like a feminist.

    2. Can’t turn a whore into a house wife.
      Problem is, the one’s able to mold you don’t want to stick your dick in unless you are blind.

  3. Being single is not enough. There’s one simple but very difficult thing you can do and I guarantee you success and most importantly long life – SEMEN RETENTION.
    There is a drop in testosterone levels immediately following an ejaculation
    which makes your mojo drop. Testosterone is present in both men and women and is largely responsible for sexual desire and MOTIVATION.
    Keeping it in your pants might sound difficult because the tricky part is to learn to channel that huge sexual force which gets trapped in your genetalia and directed towards creativeness.
    In fact, this is the key to becoming a NATURAL ALPHA. Everything else is just faking it. Game is faking it like a woman that fakes orgasm.
    Semen retention is something that high-level professional athletes have
    practiced for a long time. Think about it.

    1. you gotta be kidding me. when you equate not blowing your load with being overrun by creative ‘energies’, you’ve crossed the line into mumbo-jumbo territory. i can understand not fucking at all since then you could presumably channel your energies into productive endeavours, but merely not cumming and expecting to attain the same sounds so stupid it could have been a chapter in the bible.

      1. The bible actually has a lot of wisdom. Had we held on to that shit we might have kept bitches in their place and maybe we wouldn’t have a bunch weak ass beta manginas with skinny jeans running around talking about how oppressed cisgendered amputees are or whatever the fuck.

        1. the only great part is its support of hardcore patriarchy. the rest, with the talking snakes and the old men living on clouds…yeah, i’ll pass.

        2. Technology has a lot do do with the situation we are currently in. It’s tough to control women when they have shameless bullshit like Facebook, Tinder, Ashley Madison, etc.

      2. It sounds stupid to the ignorant. It’s been a well known fact for thousand of years in the East.

    2. I do agree. Conserving semen (no fap specifically) builds muscle, helps skinny men gain weight, adds lustre to the face, improves self discipline, masculinizes the voice, adds drive, improves will power, stops digestive problems and improves sleep. You get more things done when you don’t ejaculate, and also people (women) tend to look at you more. Couple that with exercise and meditation, and the results are even more profound.
      Bad side? ANGERRRRR!!!!!! More aggression, impatience, and an ambiguous feeling towards women. Sometimes you feel the most ordinary woman looks beautiful (and you tend to blurt out the most stupid things due to the testosterone build up). Or sometimes you just don’t care about women anymore, because you’re not getting laid. It’s the use it or lose it thing. You don’t look for solitude; you rather accept it. You eventually don’t look at women as sexual beings; you just begin to perceive them as shitty, manipulative, lying cunts of problems. No ejaculation over a long time predisposes a man towards solitude.

      1. You’ve described it very well, you only did not mention that the negative side can be overcome with actually having sex with a woman. One only needs to develop the techniques for dry orgasm.

        1. It’s a very doable thing. And if one learns how to do it, there is literally no end to the erection. Yeah, it’s been more than for hours, but no need to go to the hospital. The tantrics call it conservation of the “ching”, the masculine essence. However, depending on age, a release at least once a week is probably beneficial.

      1. Reply
        “Were you listening to me Neo, or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?”
        “Look again.”

    3. Semen retention makes men nervous, agressive and prone to mistakes, yup. Sure it has it’s benefits but it doesn’t make people happy.

  4. “Men have a biological tendency to polygamy. We have testosterone, which naturally creates a bigger sexual impulse. Also evolutionary forces side with us, having shaped our masculine behavior so that we would ‘want’ to impregnate the biggest possible number of females.”
    R-type reproductive strategies are common only among Negroes and low-IQ subsets of other races.
    This statement is obviously false, and unless you are living in the hood, should be plainly obvious.

    1. Actually Muslims practice polygamy all the time. Epically in the past because back then Muslim women FAR outnumbered the men due to consent warfare. And these people weren’t “Low IQ”.

      1. To counter that however I’d like to point out that polygamy is a form of marriage which keeps the women bound to one man, and the man bound to that set of women. This is different than walking the earth dropping your seed into every vagina that you come across and moving on afterward, which is R-selection.

    2. what a crock of shit. this behaviour stems from our primitive ancestors, where you had to make as many kids as possible since most wouldn’t survive anyway. our brains haven’t changed significantly in 30000 goddamn years, we still rely on stone-age programming.

    3. Get in a long term relationship and tell me ten years in if you feel the same way. If you are a man with options and in your twenties and thirties one woman is enough for you are the exception. Every man with money, power, and desirability that I have ever met has said the same shit I already know, no one woman is capable of satasfing a man in every aspect of his life permenantly. I am sure that George Clooney , Leonardo DiCaprio and Paul Walker are not in the hood, or low IQ. Also if you disagree that men and women have different sex drives you are either a woman , stupid, or willing blind to reality. If a woman were to behave as a man sexually she is suffering from mania, in the manic phase of bipolar disorder, or would have an underline psychiatric disorder.

  5. It’s good to be single like the author says but being monogamous to a girl is not the end of the world and has some advantages as pointed out. I would say young men should learn to a. Not accept second best because society says it is important to be a pedestalising beta and b. Don’t take any shit from any female you happen to be in a relationship with and c. Make sure you have boy time!!! I’m 31 years old and after being in a LTR realised how much shit I put up with.
    For me being single works and I wouldn’t want it any other way right now but I’m not gonna go smashing my mates if they decide to get into a relationship. I just don’t see these articles trying to project your worldview on others as being productive. What we have is a feminized society that says you should feel lucky to have a girl but as pointed out by others men are the gatekeepers to relationships and modern young men need to realise any girl is lucky to have them.

  6. I agree with much of this article. Though I do believe there are in fact a handful of the “unicorns” out there they are what a mathematician would describe as “statistically insignificant.” Sure boys, be Captain Ahab and keep looking for that White Whale – that perfect specimen. You don’t have a fucking biological clock and if you never find that creature, then so be it…but in the mean time – you have to eat. Keep spearing the best clam you can find. Cast a wide fucking net. ((Pardon the aquatic metaphors – seafood and booze ya know)
    Still, some guys have to believe that there are NO unicorns left ANYWHERE on the earth. There are no sweet, feminine, attractive, loyal cunts to wed – Feminists believe the same thing. To claim that there are millions of women who love patriarchy is too threatening a concept for them to consider- therefore they must immediately discard it as untrue.
    As men we all have walk our own road through this life – if you wanna spend 60 years banging 20-something sluts I think that is absolutely awesome – BUT if you eventually want to procreate then I strongly recommend you have extremely high standards, a ‘list’ you never deviate from, and maintain fucking wolverine adamantium grade frame. Because bitches be nothin’ but tricks and hoes.

    1. “Because bitches be nothin’ but tricks and hoes” is a great way to end any statement, essay, news article, autobiography, etc etc etc

      1. It’s better to have that saying rhyme by rephrasing it “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks. Lick on these nuts and suck the dick…” Word to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

      2. My computer screen just about broke with the intensity I saluted your comment good sir…

    2. Bitches are to be viewed as no more than a business investment.
      If the cost benefit analysis indicates the female is of utility — then weigh the risk/reward ratio and proceed accordingly.
      If after the initially stages there is a return then continue to hold the pussy equity until there is a materially change to the story.
      At the point, divest yourself of her. Cut losses early, let profits run.
      (PS, most dont qualify, being single has an elegance to it. Only lesbian Feminists and beta-faggots need girlfriends to be “whole”)

      1. yeah exactly…. a wife is like a BMW… can make you look like a man about town….. but costs quite a lot to buy and maintain…. and until you can afford the time and effort for one, you are better off sticking with a beater.

        1. Except that in the case of women, a beater doesn’t cost less.
          Get the best your game and lifestyle can get you, and hold your frame to avoid purchase and maintenance cost.

        2. A wife today doesn’t make any man look like anything, except if a man marries above his socio-economic rank. This is the only way marriage can be viable for the modern man because it will neutralize the marital laws against us. Point is, not too many women of high rank marry beneath them, sure they fuck beneath them, but they will not marry. I have to give it to them, women are sexually smarter than men (the only category in which they are). You have so many great men who marry useless whores beneath them in every conceivable way possible, because of a woman’s beauty.
          Men have always made this mistake time and time again, because men evaluate women on two traits mainly, beauty and fertility (youth). Women evaluate us on the total package, if the commitment is long term. For a woman, we are an investment that should appreciate with time. For a man, a woman is investment that depreciates with time, and the monogamous enslavement is supposed to be worthwhile for children and “love.” If men could learn anything from these creatures, it’s that we should start evaluating women on the same economic terms as they evaluate us. Of course we’d fuck but we won’t commit.
          Simply put, in this new era, if I ever made that leap, I’d better fucking marry above my economic rank to justify the enormous risks. Most men, don’t have this brutal mindset, to them, any cheap whore with a cute face working at Burger King, is worth “going all in.” Motives are of prime importance in any long term relationship, and I will not bet the house on some bitch who would see me as a means of improving her station in life, the relationship will always be one of parasite and host. That is it, if you must marry, marry for the right reasons (surnames, wealth and property), or stay single. Fuck whores and sluts but do not marry them.

        3. That doesn’t work either…. there might be some advantage in pairing with a woman of status but ONLY if your own status requires that pairing.
          Marrying a wealthy woman just for the economic advantages she offers… job with her rich daddy etc… makes you her bitch.
          There are advantages to marrying a cute burger king girl, provided that you have the means, authority, game, etc. etc. to raise her level just enough that she truly appreciates you. But you have to have the authority and game to keep her in place.
          Certainly you’d be better looking for someone with more skill, but to be frank, in a domestic situation with house and kids to take care of, the last thing you need is some MBA troll career girl, with her own assets, angling to get back to her career and leaving you as the housewife.
          It really depends on your professional status and networth. If you are wealthy enough to be ‘king’ of your own domain, then you can pick a girl and pull her into your world and have her appreciate the better life you offer. If you play it right, she will always be your bitch.
          If you need more status and public image, then obviously you go after a girl that gives you that…. but you have to be careful or you’ll become her bitch.
          Every relationship is a power struggle of sorts….. If you want to be king of your own domain you must win that struggle before it even starts.

        4. The power dynamic is not necessarily what I’m alluding to Ray. I’m talking about neutralizing the unfair advantage “marriage” in the United States bestows upon women over men. This is neutralized when you marry above your rank. I don’t know how old you are Ray, but marriage for the men of my generation is an extremely risky choice and one that is usually well worth forgoing. However, if this risk must be made, one must consider the full spectrum over the long term. A woman’s motives marrying you when she has as much or more than you, or either her family does, makes those motives a little more purer than if a woman marries a man whose income is $150,000+ a year, while hers is $25,000 or less. A man immediately exposes his entire life’s work to this arrangement. The power dynamic is a lot more complicated at that. A woman could play dumb and stupid until the day she could legally open the trap and crush you. Besides many great men married above their economic rank, and some of the most power men in history too. The power dynamic is not necessarily won by resources but it is won by personality. Which is why so many wealthy men are controlled by their wives. Power is a lot more complicated than just comparing balance sheets. Power is very malleable.

        5. A guy I went to law school with is seriously dating a girl who is a scion of a famous Jew billionaire family … she’s a divorced thirtysomething with a kid … ex-husband was some average schmo who walked away with a $20 million settlement … she’s pretty busted but when the potential downside of marriage is an eight figure payoff, I guess it might just be worth it …

        6. Yup, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Marrying a woman with a higher balance immediately neutralizes any advantage she’d have over you. “Like ok bitch, you want to take the kids, that’s fine, well I want a divorce!”… no more shit.

        7. I have been wondering if this is would work legally, but I sugest getting married overseas… in a 3rd world country that is not particularly friendly with the US. She has the status of being married and you have the security of never having to actually care about any divorce that might arise.

      2. true shit, had to put it into practice today. with a bitch that i knew and has only had one other partner no less. she simply flaked one too many times, and i ain’t thirsty like some 19 year old.

    3. Great article.
      it’s funny how all the 20somethings are busy trying to get relationships, when men at that age are seen as somewhat of a joke by women their age. FORGET ABOUT IT YOUNGSTERS you are wasting precious time.
      first you have to learn to be happy on your own…. being on your own is either the most miserable or the most empowering experience.
      until you make it the latter you are fighting a battle to find a ‘mate’ on losing terms… and psychologically trying to replace your mother. (she will soon come to hate you for that.) YOU MUST BECOME A MAN FIRST.
      second you have to learn that women are replaceable and most are not worth much of your time.
      while you are doing that you have to build a life for yourself (ie. cash, career, etc.) – so that IF you do meet a girl worth having you can invite her into your life on your own terms. She becomes a part of it… there’s none of this twentysomething bullshit of ‘building a life together’. (she will come to hate you for that).
      When my first LTR broke, I was 25-26 and it all seemed so tragic, but of course I bounced back and it was the best thing that happened. I cannot imagine myself with her today. My life would have gone NOWHERE.
      So to any 20something in an LTR… if there are no kids… DUMP HER NOW – dump her on principal. Dump her as an exercise in self improvement.
      Even if her daddy is a billionare and she gives you anal every night… dump her anyway and prove you can replace her.
      You will see as you get your shit together in life and hit your late 30s, early 40s that the games of 20 something girls are like a bad joke to you, and you can not only manipulate even the darkest sluts, BUT better still….. THEY come after you, because you carry that real male authority they cannot find in guys their own age.
      It gets better and better and better….. SO PLEASE – DO NOT WASTE YOUR YOUTH on relationships.

      1. This comment deserves a fucking beer followed up with a shot! Great comment Wolf. I tell you sometimes, the men who frequent this community may not know each other, but there is certainly solidarity across all the important fronts we’re facing here today. I find I need to come here, because there are so many overtures by certain girls in my rotation or associates to “join” the modern world. I know I am not crazy, this community validates it.

    4. Quote by Roissy:
      “The alpha who does not cash in his virtue for the ultimate prize has revealed the beta at his core.”
      My beef with this article is not it’s critique of relationships, but denying love. I cannot blame the author, this is what America does to men.
      To fall in love, you need a very special kind of girl. These girls do not exist in the West. Roish calls them dream girls. Their “purity” is irrelevant, the way you feel around these girls is incomparable to anything else in life. They are predominantly Slavic, I have only found one in Poland and Russia.
      This is the ultimate prize. After it, enduring Western cunts for a wet hole will be as dull as going to work on Monday morning.

      1. “…,but denying love.”
        What is love? I hear a lot of people (especially women) use it, personally i’ve no idea what it precisely means.

        1. Love is quitting the market, and it is one of the rare decisions women make rationally while men do not :
          – For women “love” is a rational decision since quitting the market as early as possible is the best way to snatch a high value man.
          – For men, it’s a rationalization needed to justify leaving the market because doing so goes against our best interest. What most men call love is just a lack of willpower.

        2. Love is in brain chemistry, endogenous drug you can choose to take. Seeing how easily it ruins lives I’d say it’s one of the strongest drugs out there. Definetly worth trying, too 😉

      2. you do not fall in love with a girl… she falls in love with you.
        your job is to make sure it stays that way.
        in short… any girl you can make fall for you, is yours for the taking….
        you have only two goals….
        1.) to sift the good girls from the bad, and find one that fits you…. just as you would shopping for shoes or a suit you need to find a good fit…. let her be head over heels in love…. that is for broads…. the man needs to remain clear headed at all times.
        2.) not to screw it up.
        this is mainly done by not being authoritarian enough, ie. letting her rule.
        not being good enough in bed to really splay her and thus completely dominate her sexual / emotional experience.
        letting her get too close to you…. things that do not concern her, do not concern her….. you have to keep a part of your life away from her – maintain the mystery.
        thinking of a relationship as a 50.50 partnership. even the two google boys do not have a 50.50 partnership they have roles to play. your job is to define her role and limit her boundaries.
        relying on her for direction, advice, validation etc until you can’t wipe your ass without asking mommie for help.
        the problem is not the women – it’s that the men are clueless buffoons and don’t appreciate what it actually takes to run a single woman long term.

        1. You can’t be clear headed at all times. Men drink, men smoke, men play games – because clear head dosn’t make people happy. Most of the time, you have to turn off your brain for a bit if you want to have fun. Love is just that – a way to have extreme amounts of fun. Saying that men are not allowed to have that is rather degrading. It almost look like you put society before your own desires… Is that alfa? Alfas I admire do what they want – not what they have to. So yeah… There are recepies for LTR just as there are pickup lines, but really… they not always fit.

        2. You can be, what you are saying is you don’t want to be. Which is fine, just understand there are consequences for everything you do and when you choose to not care, know that white knights only come for “maidens” not hobos.

    5. There are plenty of women who aren’t equalists, even if mouth the rhetoric go along with the crowd. Just avoid the white females with entitlement complexes. They’re usually quite ugly anyway.

  7. The only really good reason I’ve seen guys in a monogamous relationship in their twenties is because they really want to start a family (and their girlfriend/wife does too).
    While dating around and getting experience is good, marrying in your (late) twenties, with the mentality that you’re going to start a family, can have its positives, especially when it comes to raising children. It’s a heck of a lot easier to keep up with small children at 29 than it is at 40.

      1. fam·i·ly [fam-uh-lee, fam-lee]
        noun, plural fam·i·lies.
        a. a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not:the traditional family.
        b. a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for: a single-parent family.
        2. the children of one person or one couple collectively: We want a large family.
        3. the spouse and children of one person: We’re taking the family on vacation next week.
        4. any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins: to marry into a socially prominent family.
        5. all those persons considered as descendants of a common progenitor.
        Even if the mother becomes uninvolved in the family unit, a man and his children can still be “family” (see #5). What matters is the father’s involvement in his children’s lives and influence in raising them to be intelligent, independent, capable individuals.

  8. I agree with the sentiments of this article. Before getting into the meat of this comment, I encourage those 35+ years of age to share their wisdom with the younger boys reading this. Let them know how things get better as you get older.
    I am currently 25. This means I do not have a lot of experience which is why I encouraged those 35+ years old to comment.
    However one thing I do have is a recent memory of being in my early 20s as well as the increase in respect as I transitioned into my mid 20s.
    You get more looks from hotter girls.
    Other adults begin to treat you with respect.
    You are a lot calmer and take things in your stride.
    I have been told on good authority (from those on this site and other manosphere sites) that it only gets better well into your 30s.
    When you’re in the teens and early 20s you are treated as the lowest of the low. By girls and society. The treatment does get better.
    Girls which you’d have massive crushes on as a 20 year old you now don’t give a second glance to.
    Your voice becomes stronger and more authoritative.
    Your fuck’n job in your early 20s is to get your education down pat and have all your ducks lined up.
    Go to the gym.
    Go to toastmasters (public speaking training).
    Read up on the manosphere (Read it only a moderate amount. Only read ROK and even then skim over the articles that don’t interest you. Usually the real gold is found in the comments section).
    Learn about investing.
    I think back to the few sluts I dated in my teens. All the mediocre girls my guy friends dated and the sharp increase in quality that they are pulling now.
    It gets better lads. Don’t let fear dictate what you do.
    Fantastic article.

    1. It does in fact get much better as you get older, and not just your 30’s, though that’s where the real transformation starts. When you hit your 40’s you will truly be in your prime, assuming you keep yourself in shape. Your career will be at its zenith ergo your resources will be high. Your face and muscles harden in a good masculine way and you become more defined facially, which is something that turns women on in a major way. You’ll get some gray which is a *good* thing since it invokes images of “father” in women and they’ll want to comply with you. Even if you lose hair, and most of you will, that still can be leveraged into “sexy” if you own it fully. You will have confidence exuding from years of experience in dealing with life and will command respect if you’ve made something of yourself in life. In short you have the best of all worlds and will routinely find yourself being approached by young, *very* attractive women who nearly demand the right to date you.
      I’m in my mid 40’s and have been married for over 20 years. Even so, the women don’t seem to care and appear to be in a contest to pry my wife from my side. If you own your destiny, health, success and body wholly you will feel like a friggin’ god because of all of the attention beautiful women lavish on you.

      1. I’ll add that “it” get better if YOU get better. That’s what happens when a man builds on his accomplishments in MORE than ONE facet of life. This is what women see as increasing value. It’s what enables men in their 40’s and 50’s to pull girls in their 20’s ,and slay pussy of 30 and 40 somethings.
        And, BTW, having a career, even in a profession, is not a significant accomplishment in and of itself, as we men generally all have careers. Women want renaissance man over a man with a great profession. I’ve seen the older guys with profession, career and money try to woo the young girls with their cash and cars. But they neglect their appearance and fitness — and never have any game besides their wealth to pull anything, even the 30-40’s. They are one legged sailors at best.
        I impress this on my teenage son constantly, the need to be accomplished in several areas of life — money, music, career, investing, academics, athletics, writing, music, arts, etc. My goal is for him to have impressive accomplishments in 2-4 areas of life that are attractive to women — only one of which is your career. So far he’s got a couple under his belt, and he’s not even 18. I’m an ONION with many layers of accomplishments in a wide variety of endeavors. It makes shows my maturity, complexity and interest.
        Once you’ve got some solid accomplishments under your belt, don’t brag about it or use it to impress women. Let women discover your many layers of depth and complexity, one layer at a time. Be coy, yet forthcoming when the time is right. Women love unwrapping presents, and I’m the best one of all. It keeps them interested, and even guessing, at what they’ll discover next. It’s a powerful aphrodisiac!
        Now that I’m approaching 50, the best insight I can give is that a man should be content with himself, regardless of his success with women or level of game. If you can sit back and look at your own character and accomplishments with favor despite what any woman, man, or society thinks, then you’ll have the foundation to be and do just about anything you choose to do on this short time on earth.

        1. Absolutely solid post, you covered everything in no uncertain terms. Men, heed prepz advice.

        2. Tom Leykis, of ( ) is the Father we wish we had. I invite everyone to check out and share his forum. Cheers

      2. bang on…. it really can’t be stressed enough… a real man in his 40s, trounces younger guys… it’s just the years of knocking about the place… make girls BS wash away like water from a ducks back…
        i went out one night shortly after my 40th with a buddy of mine whose 10 years younger… he couldn’t figure out why the girls were checking me out and hitting on me….. it comes with time and the attitude can be faked, but once it sinks in and becomes real…. that is another thing entirely.

    2. I’m 36 and I can tell you that things get interesting in your 30’s I completely agree with this article that 20’s should be for having fun, casual dating only, developing your career and saving/investing cash. Tying yourself to an LTR is a big mistake at this point in your life-you haven’t truly matured yet and have yet to reach your full potential. Women will only hold that back in this phase of your life and demand too much of your time.
      Early 30’s are a great time. I was hooking up with girls in their early 20’s I once thought out of my league. I’m in better shape and more polished. Mid 30’s have been a bump in the road. Expectation are put you by the world at large to “settle down”, “wife up”, and those sort of cliches. Many friends will be married now and crapping out babies. This is the true test of your character. Do you take the traditional route? Or go your own way? God help you if you have a girlfriend that is anywhere between 28-32. They will overtly beat you over the head trying to get that ring(their prrrrecioussss). They will shame you with age(you’re getting old ya know!), obligation(you owe me after all the time spent), emotional blackmail(if you just loved me enough…) amongst others. Now is the time to stand up for yourself and do what is best for you. Don’t end up giving half your paycheck to some woman you don’t even like anymore down the road.

    3. True, true. I’m 41 and I am CRUSHING bitches above and beyond anything I pulled in my 20’s or 30’s. A lot of it just comes down to experience and laying solid groundwork in your 20’s and 30’s in terms of your status, body, and mind. It sucks, but usually a man in his 20’s hasn’t REALLY mastered anything and you don’t have the experience that allows you to say “ah, I’ve seen this before, I know what to do.”
      Don’t waste your time partying, have a drink, but leave that Cabo shit to the Spring Break sluts. Establish yourself, build your reputation, take car of your body, and develop your mind. I know they hand you this “men and women are the same” shit, but we’re not; and even though women are under the gun to have their fun and make their move before 30, you are in no such hurry. I’d go so far as to say that you haven’t even found your footing as a man until you pass 30, nevermind saddling up with some dumbass future ex-wife.
      …see a recurring theme in these comments?

        1. EDIT: Disqus fucked up and displayed you as “guest”. I refreshed and now you have a handle. Comment retracted.

        2. There are some circle jerks which are formed out of denial, and some which are formed out of facts. To think that women are not materialistic and opportunistic is absolutely foolish. Why not have a source of truth to prevent more men falling into the dangerous and costly traps that others have already done? If these things are so “circle jerk-ish” then why not spend time to disprove it? Why not spread the word to these sluts?

        3. It’s the age we live in…..whereas we used to socialize people to seek self advancement by advancing the interests of their tribal unit(ie family, town, etc).
          Nowadays we are myopic and care for little other than ourselves. Just because someone is a woman does NOT mean they are immune to that. If anything they are affected more severely than men.

    4. Hmm. My 30’s was almost 20 years ago!
      After giving it some thought and reading some of the comments, here’s my 2 cents.
      Pitt v Clooney. Two guys are in a very similar situation and are both icons for their acme good looks, careers, money and fame. Both have sailed the seas of pussy and relationships in the latitudes of the 20’s and 30’s and even the high 40’s.
      Both were married. Both divorced. Booth now in their early 50’s
      Clooney chose one path after divorce, Brad another.
      Which would you rather be today? I think you’ll find your answers there.

      1. You mean would I rather be tending my sub-saharan adoptees while my aging wife soaks up some “survivor” attention OR would I rather be a paid shill for a socialist oligarch? …tough choice.

        1. A tough choice when you’re locked into a false dichotomy.
          I thought, and still think, we’re in the context of women and game here on this site. But let me look at the category on the post again–Masculinity, not social, or political categories here. So I’ll let clarify in the context of the post.
          I’m pointing out that one, Brad is entangled again in a LTR with a crazy women who’s saddled him with 6 kids and social causes to appease her own need to be valued. I consider him Bradly Beta here.
          GC on the other hand exhibits freedom of choice and refuses to be tied down, even breaking the leg-lock of the lovely Stacey Keebler.
          If you want to present a portrait of another man who embodies the freedom of a Clooney who’s completely unbeholden to the oligarch’s of the world, then by all means enlighten me. At the same time, I’ll ask you to kindly remove a $1 bill from your wallet and tell me who owns your money, your economy, your country, your politicians, your government, and yes, even you we could argue. The old childhood adage of “It ain’t your’s if your name isn’t on it,” also applies in the converse.

        2. I dig what you’re saying, and I’ll be the guy with the pitchfork when it finally kicks off.

      2. I honestly consider Brad Pitt a bit of a pussy — despite some of the cool characters he portrays on screen. I’d pick Clooney over Pitt, although I’ve always thought Georgie is a bit of a goofball in real life, but can’t argue w/ his seemingly awesome lifestyle. Looking to Hollywood for heroes / mentors is always VERY risky business, but unfortunately it’s all most guys have to go by.

        1. Yeah, real life Brad Pitt is a supplicating, whimpering beta. The man put that aging skank on a pedestal made of gold and worshiped her with mumbly beta words in the press, after dumping an entirely serviceable extremely attractive woman who wore his name on her panties (seriously, Aniston was absolutely submissive with the guy until the end). The fun thing though is that now he has a bitch with no tits, who has hit the wall at a blazing 120 mph in ways I couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago, and is stuck raising kids he didn’t even father. Serves the soupy sonofabitch right.

        2. I agree 100%. Pitt would have no credibility now playing Tyler Durden — Jolie has made him her bitch, and so he deserves all the red-pill scorn.
          He should have just whittled the years away banging hot celebs like Paltrow and Aniston, and when he got bored with them, go for the hollywood groupies 2 at a time.
          At least tiger woods got to sneak off now and again for a secret tugboat, but Pitt seems utterly whipped.

        3. While I agree with what your saying about Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston is a bad apple and that is putting it lighty. Jenn blew Brad out some years ago on the Oprah Winfrey show almost as bad as Connie Chung did by calling her husband Maury Povich impotent on the air.
          Add to that the fact that Jenn hasn’t been able to find anyone afterwards dudes get wise and run at the last minute.

    5. Just keep in mind, if you waste too much time in your 20’s you’re not going to have much to show for in your 30’s and in relative SMV you are that worn bag with 3 kids begging for a real man on okstupid.
      During your 20’s put as much effort possible in…
      -Lifting / fighting arts / insert physical hobby here
      -Starting a business (you will fail a lot… that’s why it’s a good idea to start young)
      -Getting skilled job experience and education
      -Learning (not talking about school)
      -Planning as far ahead into the future as possible

      1. Very good points.
        I blew 4 years at university, at which I learned nothing, and wasted 2 years of it with the same girl (When I should have been popping red-pills like M&M’s and perfecting my squats and game).
        I drove taxi’s for about 3 years, part-time, and this taught me far more about life and people than a B.Com could ever do.
        Things I learned in the taxi from 4pm-4am.
        1. How to listen to people, and how to respond.
        2. real work is over-rated
        3. Girls (esp drunk ones) are far dirtier and sluttier than men would ever imagine. In a taxi at 3am, they talk like the driver is not there, and they go into far more details about sex, men, money, relationship-capture strategies than men do. And they are incredibly scornful of men that don’t live up to their imaginary needs….. They want Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks.

  9. I’m a married dude. I’m happy with it. I have all the stereotypical shit that married dudes have. And there is stability (that I like). HOWEVER, there was a time I was in between relationships. First let me say that the relationship that preceded the one that resulted in marriage was a total clusterfuck simply because I was an extremely weak male (I’d like to think that I’ve made profound improvements since then). Through the grace of whom or whatever created this existence, the relationship ended. Although, at that time, I thought it to be one of the worse things to have happened in my life (what is the name of that Greek letter you guys use to describe someone more subservient than a “beta”? I was probably that). At any rate, I was forced into a situation where I had to learn to develop myself. I won’t call what I did “developing a sense of masculinity” but I will describe it as “developing a courage to do things for myself by myself”. I always wanted to go into a mosh pit and I did. I got hooked on that shit and even developed a snobbery about it (I liked those hardcore events where the Hot Topic shoppers and mall punks dare not tread). I got into slam poetry and was good at it (no, seriously, I was a bad motherfucker at that shit!). I bought DOPE ASS mountain bike and started hitting the trails…. HARD! At one time, I started doing cross country in order to do a mountain bike biathlon ( 2 mile run, 10 mile mtb, 2 mile run). I started dreaming of doing a triathlon in my area and actually started training for it, and so I worked out. I got big and really strong. Then I disconnected my cable but kept my VCR (yes, I’m old as fuck!). I would just watch movies. I started going vegetarian. I fasted too! One day, I fasted for three days then ran a 5k over hilly terrain. That was the first time I got the runner’s high (I felt so clean and pure). I felt good about myself and started to develop a sense of confidence. I even unknowingly started the early stages of building a harem (when I say early stages, I MEAN early stages). THEN I got serious with someone. I’m happy but I didn’t write this to say “hey guys, get right with yourself so you can find the right girl”! Bullshit! My marriage and my child is good for me, and so is the life I have but I wonder. I’d probably still live near the beach. I probably would have continued to study Shaolin. I caught a WICKED case of writer’s block but I probably would have started writing something other than poetry or, at the very least, I would have found something productive to do with the extra time. The point is that that transitional period in between relationships is still, to me, unfinished business. I still retain some of the qualities I cultivated during that transitional time but I have to help my daughter with her homework. I have call Orkin man to check out my crawl space. There are faculty meetings I have to attend. I really don’t have much time to indulge in as many of those personal pursuits. The opportunity cost is greater so I have impose strict limits upon the things I place in my shopping cart (and even then, I have to get up in the wee hours of the morn to carve out time).
    Here is the moral of the story: If you find yourself in a situation or set of circumstances similar to the transitional period I described, RIDE IT OUT! Enjoy that shit! I’d like to think that the stuff I did as well as the places I went were of great personal value. There is a part of me that feels that my departure from that life was premature. That life seems like the project I never finished and it bothers me because the tendencies I developed during that time come back and manifest in some of the things I do but I. JUST. DON’T. HAVE. THAT. KIND. OF. TIME. ANYMORE. If you are reading this, take this as advice that can be used to shape the decisions you make about yourself and the way in which you want your life to be. I’d like to say more but the third period bell is about to ring and I have “feign alpha” for this class because some of these kids are bad asses and I have be on top of my shit so I can put them in their place otherwise, they won’t respect me. PEACE!

    1. Thank you for this cautionary post. I’m a man in my mid twenties just starting to delve into accomplishment. I have been reeling lately about how I want to ‘live my life but don’t have a wife’, more or less (although of course I’d prefer just a strong relationship over a wife). Ironically earlier today I was meditating very hard on this, and I realized that I really don’t want to spend all of the necessary time on all of that shit. I have dreams I NEED to pursue to feel content as a human being, and to sacrifice 20-30 hours a week of my life on top of the already burdensome business schedule I have would KILL those dreams off.
      Having heavily involved relationships, or heaven forbid a child, would really ruin my life. And it would deprive anyone who might benefit from my efforts in the future (as my dreams involve charity work). Perhaps I might be a little happier in the short term getting married or whatever, but long term I would be miserable and self-loathing that I made the decision.
      I am going to resolve not to mope about my lot in life, but to celebrate the opportunity for what it is. I will be happier and more fulfilled than I ever could have been as a married man.
      I may still pursue marriage down the line, but I will put it off as long as necessary until I’ve achieved every last thing I want to achieve. If that’s never, then it’s never.

  10. I’m 33. Lost my virginity at 25 – to a hooker.
    Then had an open ‘relationship’ for 3 years with a Russo chick older than me f(by around 4 yrs) which was more like a pay 4 pleasure kinda arrangement (even though she wasn’t a hoe). During that period, I slept around with P4P with other women too – in total around 25 chicks. Relationship broke up then after she found a richer dude, 4 years now and have I not been laid. Problem is I find Russo chicks around me all the time who won’t sleep unless there is the P4P arrangement. In all those 25 chicks I had, only one so far I had was someone I didn’t technically go for a P4P, but she made me pay her rent later. I am not genetically blessed with good looks, though I do get chicks talking to me. This dry spell of 4 years has made me depressed, because I don’t want to P4P anymore, as I see a lot of guys doing that to get poon. I wonder whether I’ll ever get laid so I’m thinking to go in for marriage. I do like red pill, but I think some guys are just more blessed and lucky.I just can’t close the deal till I pay. If I choose to stay single, when do you think I will sexually peak? Never perhaps?

    1. You’re asking the right questions. Start making yourself into someone YOU can respect, whether that’s your job, your body, or your mind (ideally, all three). As you start to become the kind of man you know you can be and start to respect yourself, women will begin to follow your lead. Oh, and take heart: “looks” for a man falls well behind “status”, “access to resources”, and “confidence” where being attractive is concerned.
      I don’t like commenters that say “hey, read this, and this”, but get into some Red Pill writing. Lots of articles on ROK will help you feel better in short order. I’d also recommend “The Rational Male” by Rollo Tomassi as a good baseline, or any of the Game writing that’s widely available.
      I’m telling you this as a fully reformed White Knight chump, who was married at 20, and after years of indentured servitude and the standard divorce, ended up flat broke, 40k in debt, and homeless. I slowly got my shit together, and 2 days ago I had lunch with a girl who no-shit said, “I know you have other women, but I wanna stick around, so I guess just add me to the line-up.”
      You can definitely do better than sex-for-rent, women are out there just WANTING to throw ass at you, you just have to get your head around some basic truths and you’ll be in business.

      1. It’s not as easy as it seems. Life has defeated me. That’s why I call myself a loser. Sometimes you are just a toy in the hands of circumstances, no matter how hard you try.
        I’ve grown up with an abusive, controlling, nagging, possessive, judgmental, pseudo-alpha father who was a coward to the outside world, yet made our family suffer because of his domineering, impractical stupid decisions. My mom, suffering emotional problems due to him, never gave me the much needed emotional nourishment that I needed as a child and was emotionally distant/unavailable to me. Have an elder sister who was (and is) a bitchy rival, because I excelled at school than her. A fucked up family you can say. Here you see articles talking about the importance of fathers, but I resent my father even till today, and I didn’t have him as a role model to grow up on because I CAN’T TRUST HIM. HE NEVER ACCEPTS HIS MISTAKES, while only seeking to remote control me like a drone.
        Since I needed emotional nourishment, I always was awkward with girls even though they liked to talk to me. My relationship was more of emotional based sex, to compensate for the lack of emotional nourishment I received from my family. After my breakup, I was fed up of P4P, and I wanted to have sex without ‘paying for it’. But I can’t close the deal. It’s like I always have to compensate/pay for to get what I need. I wonder when I’ll ever have sex again, and that too without paying for it.
        My relationship has worsened with my Dad now, I don’t talk to him because he keeps choking down Blue pill ideology down my ears (possibly because he wants to maintain dominance over me), while I having discovered red pill, don’t want to be bossed around anymore. But the sexual drought in my life for the past 4 years has made me emotionally miserable; because sex is necessary for me, but I don’t want to pay (have done that before, not anymore). I don’t want to pay for hookers anymore, though I think all modern women are P4P whores. That’s why I was thinking of marriage, but the worry which bugs me is that I don’t want to marry an ex-slut. At the same time, I read articles talking about how men hit their sexual peak later on (while I wonder when I’ll get laid again by a woman), when I am 33. I am confused as to what to do and angry with life and my family. I wonder whether I’ll be a lonely old miserable man, trust me you don’t want to be in my shoes. The articles here however are quite uplifting to my mood, and I enjoy reading the comments section to feel better.

        1. You do have some things to work through but nothing un-solvable. The FACT is that these things DID happen to you. How you move forward though will depend on YOUR PERSPECTIVE on it. For instance:
          -Most people do not deliberately fuck people over. Your family has probably just been giving you ineffective “help”, even if it made your life hell.
          -While it takes most men the majority of their lives to figure out that their parents steered them wrong, you’ve known it all along. That means you get to build your attitudes and opinions from the ground up. Good deals!
          As for women, 4 years is a long time, but that needs to be your last concern. You need to decide if you’re going be defined by something that, like the weather, just “happened’ to you, OR, if you’re going to say fuck all that, and make your life what you want it be.
          You’re getting a late start but you can definitely get there from here. You can start right now, imagine what you want your life to be, in as much detail as possible, then start working on making it a reality.
          Just like anything, the women WILL come, especially when it is the most reasonable course of events. I mean for a successful, fit, charming, confident man, a list of women only makes sense; most things happen exactly as expected.
          But for now, the choice is yours: Define yourself according to what someone else did to you, or define yourself according to what YOU want you to be.

  11. Well thought out article with some good points made. It can be seen as good advice to guys who are now in their 20’s. Even though everyone has their own experiences and needs, it can be good for some guys to go through things early in life, while they are still young. Let them make the mistakes and have them learn from them. Some of my best lessons learned and knowledge gained came from past experiences and previous failures. Having a guide like this when I was in my 20’s could have helped but greater strength comes from a more difficult path.
    Regarding the Unicorn myths, sure it’s a mythical creature but I think in each of us we have our own Unicorn or ideal candidate. The issue lies when one settles for some reason or another or modifies what their ideal is. It never works out when one has to adapt to another’s environment.

  12. Geez, you guys are silly as usual ( with the exception of a few articles of course). But I must admit you are also quite entertaining, as long as I don’t take you seriously. You are sometimes as ridiculous as the feminists with their blogs you laugh about so often. Anyway, why are you feeding this to men, that they should necessarily be single in their twenties? Everybody should do as they please. It’s true some men ( and women ) are better off being single in their twenties, but there are also lots of young couples that genuinely are in love, in long term relationships, and this brings them a lot more emotional stability that just jumping from one partner to another. Maybe some guys are actually mature enough to be in a stable relationship in their twenties. Most of my male friends who are about 25 and in long term relationships are getting married and expressed their wish to have kids and a family. I don’t think this is necessarily wrong. And there are of course the mamma’s boys, who need to replace their mom with a surrogate mom (aka girlfriend) who should take care of their basic needs as soon as they leave the nest.

    1. Those men are fools. Inside of ten years they’ll be cuckolded divorced and paying upwards of 40% of their income for the priveledge of seeing their offspring, which gave been poisoned against them, every other weekend.

      1. I don’t know if they are fools. They are trying to be good men and have families. But the odds are that over half of them will get brutally ass-raped in family law court at some point. The stats don’t lie.
        The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      2. Is this not a woman you just responded to? Read the goddamn language. “…why are you feeding this to men?” Of course you’re right in what you say, but don’t feed the troll.

  13. As a 38yo man having lived my twenties in the misleaded way you describes, I can say with sureness that what you wrote is absolutly 100% true.

  14. So..the moral of the story is;
    For YOU to get pussy you need to “constantly be improving” yourself “physically, culturally, professionally and on a personal level. ”
    While the carousel-rider just sits on her fucking ass and spreads her thighs.
    Umm. K.

    1. I feel the same sentiment. Men have to be ‘constantly improving’ while women can afford to be douchebags sitting on their asses doing nothing. What a fucked up world this is. You got to earn sex; while bitches can have it with anyone and also be paid for it. It truly is a woman’s world, gentlemen.

      1. From an evolutionary perspective it is pretty clear based on DNA evidence that only the Y chromosome has been evolving. So, yes, it is “unfair” that men have to work and improve while women can sit on their asses, but in the end you get out of it what you put into it. Women are ignorant, scared shitless, helpless waifs all their lives because they don’t have to be anything more. I would rather be forced to develop into a full human being. I take the morning prayer of the Jewish male to heart where he thanks god every day for being born a man.
        A friend and fellow engineering degree holder once was talking about his female cousin that went through college at the same time he did. She basically skated in a worthless low effort major and laughed at him for all the work he had to put in. She partied and he had his nose to the grindstone. After graduation he reaped the benefits. Looking back he said that if he were a woman he probably would not have gone through the work either, as he wouldn’t have had to. Sometimes those things that demand the most out of you are working best for your long term benefit.

        1. Actually, biologically, the Y chromosome is getting to be simpler and simpler. If the trend continues, it will eventually be nothing more than an on switch for Male.
          But I’m being pedantic, I understand your point. However it’s not biology that makes male into man, it’s hard work, guidance from other men, and hard work.

        2. Apparently studies indicate the Y chromosome has more ‘junk’ DNA (which is actually a language that follows Zipf’s Law related to frequency of occurences to distinguish the gibberish of throwing random letters vs. letter sequences that create meaningful words). It’s very likely that during peak states, spiritual experiences, or some other DMT-induced altered state of conscious, there is higher learning potential activated in those with Y chromosomes (who already have the X present) than those MISSING the Y and burdened with redundant Xs. Hmmm.. and we wonder why women seem so stupid – they’re missing the full contribution of what it means to have complete human potential!
          That lame article about ‘men will disappear in X million years’ totally misses the point about how unique DNA is. Who or whatever created modern sentient humans imbued our DNA will truly magical properties. You see 1000X more sages that are XY than XX. Coincidence? Hell no. Read Graham Hancock’s ‘Supernatural’ which is incredibly well-research and eye-opening about spirituality, DNA, intelligence.

        3. There’s more too it than that though. Keep in mind that human DNA shows strong signs of having been deliberately altered at some point. For example, we have strings of DNA that appear to have been spliced from porcine species.

        4. Man, you can’t put things like DNA and altered state of counscious in one sentence like that.

      2. The world is a woman’s oyster, until she ages out and men begin completely ignoring her for the rest of her life. That’s a big blow to anyone’s ego, especially when you’re used to being the center of everyone’s attention.
        In general, have you ever met a happy or well-adjusted women over 40? Think hard about that one.

        1. A lot of women really turn into monsters as they age, both physically and psychologically. A rapidly ageing woman is a total nightmare…

        2. A woman can age gracefuly if she realizes her days of “sex attractor” are gone. She then dresses to accentuate her social standing and sense of style, not her body, she wears little to no make up, she focuses on what she does and what she wants, she is willing to act as an adult and take responsibility… In other words, a woman past 40 looks great if she accepts the same values a man of that age would. Seriously, men and woman are not that different when they are children and elders, its just the puberty and fertility stage that differs. Thus, if a girl is taught proper values as a child, she can find peace and acceptance later in life – because she will know that there is more to life than being desired

      3. Some men are more attractive then others and they get to have all the game in the area, while others, well, “have to work for it”.
        Just because you notice the hottest girls around who have it all handled on a silver plate doesn’t mean they all are like that.
        Most girls need to work hard to get noticed by the guys they want, unless all they want is a quickie in a car… Which is rarely the case.
        Women are not as driven by one-night stands, the least they hope for is affection from a person they find attractive… And at this… they fail just as often.

    2. In an ideal setting, men and women would know their place and form relationships on a level playing field.
      We are not playing on a level field and we do not want equitable results. We live in a culture that caters to womens interests and disregards womens faults.
      At the same time, this is a community that EXPECTS more and hotter pussy-per-capita than any other group of men on the planet.
      So yes, expecting extremely positive results in an extremely hostile environment WILL require work on your part.

    3. “I want to improve myself because I want women.
      I want to improve myself so that women will want me.”
      Great job, Johnson.

      1. That’s what I say too. I’m surprised that people say men don’t have limitations to get laid when it comes to age, yet we are told to ‘improve’ ourselves just to get laid. A glaring contradiction which itself implies limitations. Women don’t have to do anything; she just has to say that she’d fuck. Women being the gatekeepers to sex are in fact the greatest limitation to men.

        1. Yeah but being fucked doesn’t mean you orgasm. Even basic physiology suggests that getting fucked and having a good time is not the same thing.

    4. I don’t know why this is a negative aspect. First the carousel-rider needs to win the genetic lottery (in order to be a carousel rider she has to beautiful). If she doesn’t, there’s not much she can do about it. An incredibly fat&ugly hag is condoned either to solitude or to the most despicable kind of men.
      We, as men, don’t have such limitations. As it’s stated in some section of this site (I believe is the about section), the SMV of men is dictated by their character and resources. And that is something you can work on!

      1. Dont get me wrong. I found your article to be superb.
        In reality though, as many articles, the truth – though refreshing – is mildly depressing.
        Oh how I wish for a society where men could be viewed by females as desirable on more levels than simply their facial structure and body type..
        And that women that didnt hit the genetic lottery sweepstakes also realized the value of self-improvement and grace, charm and eloquence.
        To meet halfway…
        The Internet has truly fucked us. It was bad before, but now its simply horrible out there.

        1. There are lots of musclebound, square jawed handsome men who couldn’t get a woman into the sack unless she was inflatable. Self improvement, confidence, a dominant “frame” as they call it here, these things attract women. I’ve seen plenty of less than “genetic lottery perfect” types with absolutely stunning women. If you command respect from others in the natural course of life, and you’re not covered head to toe with warts, you’ll have a good shot at getting some trim. Looks may count in part, but they are not the whole sum of what it takes, contrary to what you may believe.

        2. ‘Oh how I wish for a society where men could be viewed by females as desirable on more levels than simply their facial structure and body type..’
          As the old saying goes, “you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.”

        3. It’s funny how some people seem to need to get laid to grow some self-respect, yet once you have some self-respect, you are not as obsessed with getting laid anymore.

      2. You’re wrong, bro. Ugly or fat hags still get laid in today’s feminist thirsty Beta environment. She just has to put on yoga slut pants and promise anal, and you’ll find a line of Beta guys who’d want to tap her ass. The fact remains that even ugly women can still get laid, but ugly men can’t unless they have money or game. Women actually don’t have limitations in today’s modern feminist world, while guys have to ‘improve’ themselves to get laid, even by sluts – that’s the redpill truth, so let’s accept it.

        1. A woman dating a beta is the masculine equivalent of a man dating a fat & ugly chick. So you can say ‘they still get laid’, but the point isn’t simply getting laid, it’s getting laid with quality!
          And you are right when you say ‘ugly men can’t unless they have money or game’. I would just correct it to: men can’t get laid unless they have game’. The vast majority of rich and ultra-rich guys I know here in Portugal don’t get laid regularly because they are fucking schmucks (they have zero game), and women can extract what they want from them without spreading their legs. Also I know a lot of guys who are considered ‘hot’ by women and they get laid maybe once a year because they have zero game too and eventually female interest wears off due to their pussy attitude.
          Game is fundamental. Money and looks will get you laid with women who value either money or looks, which is not the vast majority of women. But game…game is attitude, game has a large scope, game will get you laid because of your masculine energy with attracts all kinds of women.

        2. A woman dating a beta is the masculine equivalent of a man dating a fat & ugly chick. So you can say ‘they still get laid’, but the point isn’t simply getting laid, it’s getting laid with quality!
          And you are right when you say ‘ugly men can’t unless they have money or game’. I would just correct it to: men can’t get laid unless they have game’. The vast majority of rich and ultra-rich guys I know here in Portugal don’t get laid regularly because they are fucking schmucks (they have zero game), and women can extract what they want from them without spreading their legs. Also I know a lot of guys who are considered ‘hot’ by women and they get laid maybe once a year because they have zero game too and eventually female interest wears off due to their pussy attitude.
          Game is fundamental. Money and looks will get you laid with women who value either money or looks, which is not the vast majority of women. But game…game is attitude, game has a large scope, game will get you laid because of your masculine energy with attracts all kinds of women.

        3. Just because women can date loser beta men, doesn’t mean they will. Sure doesn’t mean they want to.

        4. Oh come on. I’m sure there are some ugly women you won’t be caught dead with. Funny thing is, the ugliest bitches do indeed often get laid, simply because they are bossy and feel entitled. There’s a whole layer of cute but shy and unpolished girls who can never hope to get what they want. Sure, they can get laid and they have some minor pool of omegas to choose from, but to them, it’s not much of a choice, they are just not attracted to these guys.They end up being used by alphas without any hope for actual LTR which every woman craves

    5. It’s very telling how women and gay men are never told that they have to “improve” themselves in order to get laid.

    6. The carousel-rider is done and worthless by 30, you can go on as long as you live.

  15. Bloody hell, do I ever wish this community were in existence when I was 16…

    1. Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, I dont the outcome would be any brighter. Basically boils down to genetics, location and money.
      Might got laid a little more and saved a lot of time and money if I knew this shit back then though.

  16. What’s wrong with hypergamy? Women have been taught to marry well for centuries.

  17. Pump and dump until you are bored and then settle down in your 30’s or 40’s with a submissive virgin younger than 23, right? There’s a new crop all the time,right? If you are a 20 year old man, that will mean you’ll be checking out today’s 10 year olds in the future. I work with that age group, and I can honestly say that the coming generation is going to be even worse in terms of smartphone addiction and entitlement. In addition, if you are a 35 year old man who hasn’t maintained a relationship for more than a few months, don’t you think that would be somewhat of a red flag for LTR-minded women? Finally, fix the typo in #7.

    1. You are a woman so this is the last time I will reply to you. You are wrong and worse you are boring and tedious. Goodbye.

      1. Or you might get the banhammer too. Why risk it? Women are so fucking transparent when they post here anyway. I bet I could post as a feminist and never get caught.

  18. Whatever. I like to read challenging literature and philosophy, watch documentaries and spend hours playing strategy games on the computer. I get all the social development I need from my sales job.
    For me, keeping a relatively unattractive woman around for sex is just convinient

  19. I see no issue in keeping a woman around for company, so long as you aren’t attached and infatuated like a fool. Pick up and game will instill the principles of true independence. However, most of these wifed up retards are not of this mindset, which makes their relationship a voluntary and hilarious serfdom. Most people, whether you like it or not, are fools. They live check to check, they have feminine masters, they suck shit. Sites like this are extremely important because of the education that they offer, and naturally only the wise will take knowledge and actually use it. Let the fools be subjugated and miserable, it’s their designated lot in life

      1. Angry? I’m not. That people are largely hopeless is just a facet of reality and an objective fact. I don’t have any emotion towards it

  20. “And don’t worry, you won’t miss the ‘unicorn.’ She simply doesn’t exist.” Well said. A relationshit is a huge burden on your psyche. Do not bother with one until you have made it, than you won;t need too much game, Like the fellow in the picture here. Taking the “aloofness” to a new tier.

  21. Off topic, but there’s a woman who says men who find feminism distasteful are “worse than rape threats.”

    You can’t make this shit up.

    1. Any decent country would annihilate bitches like this, face down with a bullet to the back of the skull.

    2. Jesus H. Christ, can this bitch not speak coherently for 30 seconds? This 6 minute video must have 100 edits. My brain aches. BUT! There is a saving grace, and I want to encourage people to watch after the 6:00 mark. It’s a comment string from facebook…it’s fucking priceless. Faith in humanity=restored.

  22. I don’t know why people in the manosphere keep pushing this myth that young women are out there fucking like it’s the end of the world, and that any man can easily get laid if his “game” is tight. Most women don’t like to have sex outside of long-term relationships, and the only dudes getting casual sex/one night stands on a consistent basis are rock stars and pro athletes.

    1. You’re not very observant I’m afraid (no offense). Ever check out
      something called “50% divorce rate”? Why do you think that is,
      disagreement over what cable packages to buy perhaps? No? Let’s see,
      my neighborhood, nice place, and of my immediate neighbors there’s
      been….thinking here….at least three divorces due to infidelity. Now
      you may be right, and perhaps Tiger Woods came to town and boffed all
      three of those broads (it was the women who cheated in all three cases),
      or maybe Michael Tyson, or Justin Beeber, I just can’t say for certain. Then of course we hit the bar/club scene where I personally have walked in on people who had just hooked up that night as I was going into the restroom. Yeah, no sex going on there, and I’m certain that Bambi was making the blowjob to the guy she just met contingent on a long term commitment.
      I mean seriously?
      Trolls gonna troll I guess.

    2. You clearly have issues with limiting beliefs. Me and my friends are neither rock stars or pro athletes and we still get laid regularly with girls within the 7-9 range. And guess what: we are all single. Attitude and masculinity truly make a difference

    3. You’ve been talking to women haven’t you? They lie, to themselves mostly. They aren’t going to tell their male friends about all the times that “didn’t count.”
      If a women isn’t in a relationship, she’s fucking some dude about half the times she goes out, and if she’s in a relationship between maybe every sixteenth or half, depending on her depravity, this is, of course assuming she considered bangable by the average alpha.
      Now, I agree with you about the game thing, most of that is just attractive men fronting about their skills because they don’t want to admit that women want them for the same shallow reasons that they want the women. Yes, you gotta be man enough to approach and be confident, be strategically aloof etc, but these things really only work if you’re physically attractive and have enough status. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either trying to sell you something or just wants the ego boost of believing they have “mad game” and not just general societal approval and genetic luck.

    4. Wrong! Dear God man, a woman must’ve told you this bullshit. Western women will fuck any man that will catch their fancy, no matter if they’re in or out of a relationship. It can be as easy as the “cute” barista or bartender or the starving artist. They won’t commit to these guys, but women are always curious if they can attract certain men. Fucking these guys will flatter her ego, just as much as it flatters ours to fuck certain women, They will never commit to these men, unless they go through some egalitarian phase in their lives, which they’ll soon snap out of around 25ish. Make no mistake, a modern western woman’s sexual history is bound to be filled with one night stands from high school, college, the workplace, bars and clubs. The guys they fuck for commitment are usually guys who are thirsty, and these chicks sink their teeth into them once these women start hitting the wall. Women do not settle, betas and fat chicks settle. Most western women will settle (monogamy*) once they hit the wall, and to the chagrin of many men here, they’ll have an almost limitless number of beta manginas willing to support her and her bastard children. This makes feminism even more impossible to defeat or even challenge, when you have men who will willingly support and reinforce the bad behavior of these bitches.

      1. Women validate their egos and increase their status more by rejecting a man’s advances rather than accepting them

        1. Indeed. For women, sex is physically meaningless (though emotionally meaningful), as they can get it rapidly and easily from most men, either sober or inebriated.

  23. An even simpler reason for being single in ones 20s, even if you are a “traditionalist”, is that in a era as technologically complex as ours (with few exceptions: Rock stars and athletes), you’ll be at least in your late 20s, early 30s before you are ready to fulfill the “male” role in a relationship. Grandpa might have married at 19, but grandpa also spent his 17th and 18th year chopping down 40 acres worth of trees so he had a farm to raise a family on. Being in college, just isn’t the same.
    While at the same time, social strictures against divorce and “cheating” carries much less effect today. Hence, it is much more important for those who wish to marry, to take into consideration not just how ones designated mate’s SMV stacks up to ones own right now, but for the rest of both’s lives. Divergent SMVs, is what causes most marriage “problems”, after all.
    What this resolves to, is that a man should be relatively settled, say 30-35, and marry a woman 18-25. That way, children gets the benefit of a maximally resource rich dad, and a maximally fertile mom, the way nature intended. While a 15 year age difference, will also sorta-kinda make up for women’s much more rapid decline in SMV as she ages. Such that, if Joe at 33 is a 7, and marries Jill at 18 who is a 7; by the time Joe is 55, and Jill 40, the two may still within 1 or 2 SMV points of one another (say both a 5). While if Joe was also 18, by the time he is 33, he’ll likely be an 8; while Jill will once again be a 5; not exactly making it easy for him to respect his wife properly.

    1. “What this resolves to, is that a man should be relatively settled, say 30-35, and marry a woman 18-25.”
      You are deluded into thinking this is a distinct possibility for most men. They better look like Brad Pitt and have tons of money up the ass, and you’re banking on the girl being a hot traditionalist. Unicorns!

      1. Well, you can at least make sure to follow the negative: Do not marry until around 30-35. And don’t marry a woman above 25.

    2. I think marriage is only worth it if a woman can be your friend, in which case looks don’t matter as much – i mean – she’s still gonna age, don’t fool yourself. When you’re 55 she’ll be 40 – do you think you would not want younger woman? Truth is, you would. Even when you are 60 you still can tell the difference between 18 and 44. So, no point in living together unless there’s more than physical attraction going on. Read the classics, people. Tolstoy wrote good story about these matters.

    3. Long term, for a man, marriage satisfaction cannot be based on its wife’s physical appearance. It is biologically impossible, as both man and woman will get older, likely the woman first.
      A marriage is a partnership between man and woman to create and raise a famiy. Even Miranda Kerr will get old and you will get tired of fucking her after some years.
      If you have no desire for children, lack the commitment to raise a family or want a perpetually attractive female, then marriage is simply not for you. And it is fine. The last thing this planes needs is more humans.

  24. As a rule of thumb that advice might be valid for a man in his 20s. But if you happen to find a perfect sweetheart, your inner voice tells you to be in a LTR with her, you have been wolfing around enough and you do it out of a positions of strength – why not?
    But who am I kidding? How likely is that?

    1. generally in your twenties unless you have some immediate high flying career, you simply haven’t got the cashiola to get into a relationship from a position of absolute strength…. AND if it fails, it will be bedlam breaking the assets you made during those prime working years 25-35.
      PLUS you most definitely want a younger woman for an LTR…. preferably AT LEAST 10 years younger…… her about 23-28 and you about 35-40…. thus when you are hitting the 60 mark…. she’s still an ok looking 45-50.
      To maximise a position of strength, you need asset, regular decent income, your own house – so she move in with you…. so she feels like she’s integrating into your life… no 50.50 BS.
      Plus the authority you carry at 35-45 over a girl in her 20s cannot be underestimated….
      Plus a girl in an LTR will soon get itchy feet if you don’t get her pregnant within a few years…. that is what LTRs are for doh!….
      you can talk about it all you want, but a girl sleeping with one guy that doens’t get pregnant, sub conciously gets restless

  25. lol the inner voice: This is the kudos for 2014 and (if your 20)
    Equation is more like this Unicorn>Horse>Donkey(whore)
    If you want to find a Unicorn (which in medieval times meant virgin) not a Donkey(whore):
    (the only way I see this working is if she is practicing & her father is the one you are negotiating courtship in the alpha sense) and
    – her n=0 I’m talking Mary, Joseph n=0
    everything else is a Horse/Donkey (these are animals that you have to rear, train and which also have an expiry date for when opportunity cost of keeping them becomes insurmountable)…
    in which case alpha fucks, beta bucks theorem still apply…Thus by causal logic, I don’t believe that a Horse/Donkey can ever return to Unicorn status unless by some “spiritual event”. Her ability to not emotionally bond after n>0 means that your better off finding a girl w/lowest n count if you can. In the future the Tier divide btwn girls will emerge further, those that are pure vs those that are passed around – economic theory should suggest that the situation may descale as girls see higher bidders for Unicorn ‘tropy’ status.

    1. You’re not gonna find a virgin buddy.
      What you can do is find a girl from there who’se probably been with less than 5 . Who is looking for love etc etc and engage with her. 5 is the Key number here. Anyone above 5 is too possessive and crazy(think crazy latinas) or just a rider(think amerisluts)

      1. Not me, but to the young-ins before their 20 while there is a chance…
        I read somewhere that n=5 75% chance of craziness, n=3 55% but need proper reference to back that up. But I et what your saying…although I def acknowledge Alpha Fucks, beta Bucks and to find the girl w/lowest n count etc

        1. After the Government taking his earning for 10 years,he has every reason to take it back.Nos Feratu like the typical Socialist idiot would also make a big deal if any Libertarian took a tax refund even though they oppose taxes.

        2. He was in the US temporarily, and planned on returning to Europe….socialist Austria to be exact. He could have opted out of US Social Security, but he paid into the program, and then voluntarily returned to socialist Austria, where he got gov health care, and came back to the US and got some more gov health care.

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    1. Mods* various (Send-me-all-your-money-Nigeria) msgs are appearing can we get these deleted…!!

  27. I was single through my 20’s and idk if it was the best move, but I didn’t have the looks, confidence, or game to land a girlfriend anyway. But if I could’ve hooked one that would’ve been the way to go cause I was a virgin until I was 31. Would maybe amend the article to say if you’re in your 20’s, better than average looking, with game and self-confidence, don’t settle for a girlfriend.

  28. Men can be single and alone for the vast majority of their life, a woman, not so. Tell a woman that she has beauty and power over a man but that she can’t use it whatsoever that no one will see her beauty and it would terrify her, in fact it would place her in a void so large that she wouldn’t know what to do with herself.
    She would in other words, have to actually create something of value. Which is the where the problem lies.
    Men on the other hand have nothing of value, they have to build everything they have, which is why the rewards they reap are greater.
    Whereas women’s values are mere trinkets, that fade with time. They are mostly bestowed by birth.
    Hence why all valuable things are created by men, we strive (to attain).

  29. Indeed. Your cognitive and other abilities don’t develop fully until you’re 30.
    And why remain stuck with one when you develop your abilities to attract millions?
    This mentality of sticking to one would mostly be propaganda by mothers, sisters, relatives, and the rest of society, though, even if young men are responsible for believing it. Of course they have to spread this bullshit – they want the most sperm options.

  30. Great article. Sound advice. I’m 40, never married and retired in Asia. Without even knowing it I’ve been MGTOW-esque my entire adult life. In my twenties I was highly suspicious of marriage where the men appeared to invest so much (freedom, cash etc) yet gain so little in the event of a divorce. I worked on RN Submarines where male divorcees were ten-a-penny so I’ve seen many broken blokes. It’s great to see websites like this mirroring my thoughts and advising younger lads.
    My advice? Stay single, work hard, avoid debt, embrace minimalism, travel, save, invest and become free.
    My version of MGTOW (MGTOW-lite?) doesn’t mean celibacy though. I couldn’t have survived my 20s and 30s without pussy. Just don’t get emotionally attached and always have an escape route. I even have a 24yo gf now!
    I’ve written a couple of articles that may of interest:
    Musings about being free and having goals:
    How I retired at 39:
    Good luck gentlemen

    1. And thanks for contributing to the decline of Western Civilization by not producing off-spring in a two parent home.

      1. Brits are a rare species in their own country and now have UKIP to fight off the wogs/mogs to secure an England for the English. That you chose to not to have children only exacerbates the problem.

  31. Half agree with the article. Just think it should instead be “Be a single man during your 30’s”. The first 2 points of the 7 points about why guys in their 20’s get into relationships are valid and true, and are reasons these guys SHOULD be in a relationship: (1) regular access to vag, and (2) they’ll never get laid otherwise.
    Most guys in their 20s do not have the attributes or game to pull regularly. I’m thinking 80% of guys. Makes perfect sense to lock on girl down to get regular access. In your 20’s your sex drive is so high that you will always be left wanting if you don’t lock a girl down (unless you are one of the 20% who has the looks + status to have women on tap).
    I remember myself at age 20, in college, perpetually pussyless, arranging my daily schedule around getting back to my apartment to jerk off when my roommates would be in class. Total waste of time but I had a full sack that had to be emptied. Would’ve been nice to have a girlfriend so I wouldn’t have to have done that.
    30’s is a different story. No longer so controlled by your sex drive. More confident. More attractive perhaps. More desirable to a wider range of women.

  32. ‘Don’t try until you’re 35’. Capt Capitalism
    A young man is essentially worthless when he is in his teens and twenties, he can’t possibly have achieved anything or gained anything unless it was given to him through inheritance.
    He has no money, no status, no skills, no experience, no wisdom…
    A man’s true worth is only actualised PAST the age of 30 at which point he begins to attain all the things he never had before.
    That is why young men must be patient and hold out until they begin to self actualise and think with a clear mind.

  33. 5. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they need a woman to complete their life, share their weaknesses and establish an emotional connection.
    ^This is the only reason to “fall in love”, but it is a good one.
    Consider this: love is not “being impressed” or ‘wanting to fuck” it is an actual shift in brain chemistry that changes your perception in a way similar to MDMA.
    In similar ways it makes your open up to yourself and makes you happier for no apparent reason, and happy people live longer and achieve more in life.
    That’s said, LTR makes no sense without this “mutual shift in brain chemistry”. Not even for kids. heck, especially not for kids.

  34. pure degenerate. Testosterone does not excuse polygamy. there are animals that mate for life with out the influence of culture or any forced norm. Human beings are creatures that have been given much more than just primal instincts, also due evolution. Men and women alike who are selfish, slutty, and don’t or no longer want to persue a deep connection with anyone, usually have been hurt one too many times by the opposite sex, and just don’t want to get hurt again, or simply don’t know what it even means to care for another deeply. Love isnt just chemicals in the brain. INFATUATION is not love. if you think being a loving caring and emotionally mature man makes you beta, have fun being bitter and single the rest of your life. If a woman takes advantage of those good qualities in a man it makes here a bitch and an unfaithful slut. There is supposed to be a balance between giving and taking. if there is a girl thats a fucking slut that treats you like shit, that yet you continue to try to please and put first, then that’s being a doormat, and many good guys turn out as assholes because of it and begin to look at women as beneath them, or that they owe them something. Same goes for the women who are like that. Still doesn’t make things right. Humans are social creatures and meant to form healthy relationships, romantic and plutonic BASED ON STRENGHTHS not weakness. Mature and good women don’t take a guy for granted much less give a shit about the size of his wallet, and they also don’t demonize being feminine or the home maker role, like those crazy feminazis do. The spoiled and ignorant, entitled feeling whores aren’t the only women out there, as hard as that is to believe…keep looking.

  35. I got to a point in my mid-twenties where game got dull and repetitive – it was simply too easy – so I knew it was time to man up and get married. I *did* marry a virgin and then went onto have 4 children with her. They do exist.

  36. ya but what if a guy is in his 20’s and he is either still a virgin or never had a girlfriend before? I believe getting laid and having a girlfriend experience should be essential for a guy in his 20’s, a mans youth should not go to waste

    1. Getting laid and a girlfriend experience are not the same thing. The first costs you a few hundred bucks in the red light district for one night; the second costs you several thousand dollars over a year or so in your own house.

  37. NO, NO, NO, NO! If you are a man in your 20s, DO NOT COMMIT! Once you hit 30 you will have the presence of mind, a decent body, and the earning power to have your pick of the litter amongst the 18 to 22 year old crowd.
    I say this as a man who has both personal experience that contradicts this, but then again made up for it later.
    When I was 23 my sister introduced me to a friend. We hung out for a year, then dated for 3-1/2 years but I could not commit. The thing is, if I had jumped all over her at the first opportunity, I would have had a virgin bride – a unicorn. She ended up moving on to a beta guy and now, 25 years later, they live happily in New England with their two daughters.
    Having said that, I stick to my guns. Sport fuck all you like through your 20s but once you hit 30, go on a unicorn hunt. It might take you a year or two of five or in my case 20 years, but they are out there even if you have to circumnavigate the globe.

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