Harvard Newspaper Says Rating The Attractiveness Of Women Makes You Complicit In Rape

…one guy proposed the “hottest” girls in our class. The other did the same. They both then asked me to rank the girls in our cohort in the order I wanted to get with. My alarmed heart bolted blood to my cheeks… I discussed which girls were hot.

— Daniel Hanrahan describing how he supposedly became complicit in “rape” and “rape culture”

An Australian studying on a scholarship at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government has sensationally declared that rating the attractiveness of women encourages and enables rape. Daniel Hanrahan, who says he didn’t challenge male peers talking about good-looking classmates, wrote that “[m]y silence lies on a continuum of complicity—complicity that allows sexual assault to occur.”

That The Harvard Crimson allowed this piece to run is a testament to how prevalent Daniel Hanrahan’s views are on campus, at a minimum amongst those in student leadership and related positions. The difference is that up until now most SJWs have been unwilling to verbalize these nutty views as explicitly as he has. Hanrahan’s conflation of normal male sexual desire with rape is chilling, particularly in passages like this one:

Avoiding small confrontations over sexist comments and behaviors [i.e. rating women’s attractiveness] is what allows a rape culture, an environment where rape is prevalent—like at Harvard—to build.

People don’t just act this way when writing for The Harvard Crimson.

I have some questions for Master Hanrahan, namely:

  • What’s the difference between asking a girl out and rating her attractiveness with your friends? The first instance is implicitly saying that the girl is attractive (for anyone but most male feminists), whereas the second is saying it explicitly.
  • Does getting an erection without a woman’s permission enable rape because you’re assuming there’s a chance you could have sex with her? Toxic masculine self-entitlement?
  • Does mentally rating a girl’s attractiveness further acts of rape as well?

We have known for long enough that male heterosexuality and normal expressions of it are under siege. Hanrahan’s ham-fisted account of his so-called contribution towards “rape” and “rape culture” is another sad instalment of this tale.

Is Daniel Hanrahan’s apparent self-loathing actually an effective mating strategy?

The Joss Whedon strategy works.

Believe it or not, I think it could be. I do not believe that the oft-spread stereotype of male feminists being sexless orbiters explains every case. Especially if a male student has an affluent background, which Daniel Hanrahan may or may not have himself, otherwise ridiculous pandering to SJWs and feminists probably garners a select number of them a fair amount of poontang. They can spend their greater free time ingratiating themselves amongst fellow left-leaning elites on campus, including for the purposes of attracting women. It’s very much a choice of these guys to knife their fellow men in order to make a name for themselves, a sort of leftist social proof.

During my first degree, there were indeed social privileges handed out to some privately-schooled young men who touted feminism (and socialism). Facebook pages where men would stand on campus with placards declaring their allegiance to feminism and “listen and believe” did get some guys laid. Obviously, when male feminists commit themselves to particular rules, they sow the seeds of their possible downfall if a woman later accuses them. A good proportion of the loudest male SJWs, however, will never face the music. At the very least, non-gay men who support SJW causes at universities are doing so in the somewhat realistic hope of getting pussy for their efforts. It’s obsequious, cowardly, and not guaranteed to work, yet it can pay dividends.

Male feminism is akin to a raffle or lottery–the chances of winning something decent may be only 10% in some instances (0r 1% or 0.1%), but that doesn’t stop people from spending tens or hundreds of millions of dollars on tickets. At Harvard of all places, someone like Daniel Hanrahan is probably banking on a very good return on investment by pushing his highly anti-male brand of feminism, whether that’s through access to women now, or a future career in politics, social advocacy, or in the corporate world.

Where to next?

Before finishing here, I should discuss some key ways men in which can protect themselves or carve out something good in the current environment, an environment where finding a woman attractive supposedly amounts to supporting rape. More attacking strategies should be employed sparingly a lot of the time, so be prepared to regularly play a proactive defense.

Keep messages and other information, but realize you can’t store or prevent everything

If someone takes offense at what you said very recently, that’s one thing. But recent times have shown how innocuous events from years or decades ago can be used against men through false rape or “sexual harassment” claims, even when the activities were 20,000 leagues below rape. Having access to some of your past conversations about events, or at least the context surrounding them (for sexual relationships most of all), can help you. Give up on the idea of saving everything to prevent false accusations, though. Unless you plan to have a GoPro switched on every second of your life, that is.

Self-improvement, self-improvement, self-improvement

As deleterious as many things are in our social and political world at the moment, there is no excuse for men abstaining from self-improvement—professionally, educationally, physically, financially, socially, and, of course, game-wise. This self-improvement will not only help you weather a future personal firestorm, God forbid, it is what men are built for in the first place. We should all have a mission. Sex and women are important, but don’t seek your entire validation from them.

Seek out like-minded people

They do not have to be readers of Return Of Kings. They do not have to have explicit political opinions or mouth off at feminism. All you require is people who are not infected by SJW ideology and are implicitly quite resistant to it. Perhaps your workplace is full of obedient leftists drones, so find enjoyable people outside it. Sometimes you may feel like The Last Man in Europe (George Orwell’s original title for 1984) and it is up to you to try and avoid that. Plus, from what we know, there are still some folks at Harvard who don’t feel ashamed about rating girls’ attractiveness!

The modern-day West is bad, let’s be honest. Nonetheless, masculine men have a reasonably wide scope to choose how they respond to appalling social trends, like other men effectively trying to shame or criminalize (that’s coming next) rating how attractive a girl is. We can crawl into our shells and pretend the world doesn’t exist in the way it does, or we can recognize the situation for what it is and keep moving in spite of it.

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87 thoughts on “Harvard Newspaper Says Rating The Attractiveness Of Women Makes You Complicit In Rape”

  1. I cannot believe that people spend a small fortune for the sake of studying at a place where they are confronted with so much stupidity, so often.

    1. Spending a small fortune in order to gain an education that will help me succeed in life is why I choose to study at a university. Yes, most campuses are liberal but that does not mean it has to affect or influence your time there. I’ve put up with all the liberalism thus far and I will continue to do so until I graduate.

      1. “an education that will help me succeed in life ”
        Unless you are graduating in a STEM field or medicine, I got some bad news for you.

        1. The academic advisors in the career centers at universities fill their heads with tons of BS to keep them movated and writing checks, they sound like an infomercial;
          “this field is booming.”
          “They’re going to be hiring so many people, they won’t have enough.”
          “There’s going to be a huge shortage come 2019.”
          Oh yeah? A huge shortage eh?

        2. Thing is though most visas even need a degree and many gov jobs with ok salary eg teachers and so many companies require them. Sure an arts degree i sbasically sh*t but its not totally useless. try get funding for your buniness with a harvard degree or no degree

        3. “Unless you are graduating in a STEM field or medicine”
          Umm, how many foreigners are allowed to enter the USA on work visas every year? H1B, TN, OPT, E-class, etc?
          Half of STEM grads in the USA are not employed in their field.
          Medicine is probably okay, but a tiny number of students compared to other programs.

      2. A college degree is no guarantee of future success. Especially today, it seems most people go to college and come out retarded.

        1. Really? STEM degrees are useful?
          Tell that to a biology major. Or even a biology PhD.
          You are overgeneralizing.

      3. Burton
        A STEM degree will get you a minimum pay job in a corporate cubby with no route to promotion, if you’re lucky. STEM guys end up as low paid losers.

        1. Not all. Depends on your field. Back in 2000 I knew a lot of chem eng people who were converting to software engineers. A few years later, the software engineers were out of work and oil and gas were booming.
          so much is timing.

        2. JBW
          Back in 2000 half the Indian continent were’t prepared (and qualified) to do the same STEM job as you at half the wage and there was still some western manufacturers. Times change, you have to change too.

        3. EDIT
          But at least as a Chemical Engineer you can cook crystal, so not a total waste of time.

      4. College degree is useful if you want to work in the US and maybe some other places like Australia. I’m a European with a vocational degree (upper secondary = high school level) so I’m too uneducated, White and non-terrorist to get in. Why anyone would want to move to the US or Australia, well that’s a different question entirely…

  2. The concept of self-improvement can pay multiple dividends.
    In one feminist article about the latest harassment hysteria, the author made a big deal about how the perps were unattractive. Note there are few to no claims against hawt hunky dudes. Improving attractiveness through healthy living and exercise, grooming, and game may provide some immunity to harassment claims.
    On the other hand, most FRAs come from jilted lovers who pined obsessively for some dude – the alpha that got away. FRA is always a form of revenge.
    Another way to improve is through financial independence and anti-fragility. 100% of the prominent accused harassers have lost positions within their business. If you’re like Rick Sanchez and don’t give a f***, you can be like the photo of the manspreader with the enraged crowd. They can’t take anything from you.

    1. Being a hawt hunky dude will REDUCE your likelihood of being falsely accused, but not exactly bulletproof. You could refuse a woman’s advances and then be accused just as well…for turning her down.

  3. Before Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg created a website called “Facemash” as a student at Harvard in 2003. The site compared pictures of students downloaded from the dorm websites, with users voting for who was the most attractive. 15 years ago, this was the first step of a future billionaire. Today, he would get caught up in this toxic anti-male BS.

  4. The current cultural Marxism makes me miss the success it enjoys over seas in Europe. We simple do not have enough rapefugees here so all the SJWs can have some…Pity that. God knows they deserve them.
    ill not shed a single tear for an SJW who gets their just dues. I can’t and won’t, they want it SOOOO SOOOO SOOO badly, that they just deserve it when it comes, no delineation between the sexes either. My Santa deliver to each of them their sick dreams.

    1. Look at the #metoo-BS: in regards to feminism, the US (and even more so: Canada) outranks most of Europe now in insanity and stupidity. Worse than the US in Europe: Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland). France is somewhat on it’s way.
      It’s an onslaugth of the left. They discusssed it through internally, the feminists have won, they think the time is ripe. Whereever the left is in power at the moment, such ideas become law. In the US, Trump is in power at the top, but he isn’t at the university administration or campus level. Interestingly, it doesn’t evolve that way whereever the left is NOT in power in the world. So it’s mostly a degeneration from the inner left discourse and #metoo and that ilk are just weapons to enforce these policies on the unwilling majority of non-left people.
      Resist! It will implode. Just like the fucking soviet-union did. It’s against all reason, science and (human) nature.

  5. And American Women wonders where all the good men have gone off to (the ones with brains began to migrate to Over Seas)

    1. they don’t wonder that !! its like the heels excuse which is shit also about short men its just they are veyr polite and convince themselves of their own politeness. really there are tons of thirsty men some women just chat shit same as a justification to others around them who look at them single and “celibate” and looking at 35.
      Sometimes they get pissed only because at 25 they could have gotten said guy but not at 35.
      Remember when you hold these crazy standards as a woman its because they arent really looking for a serious relationship so they will only accept a prince where reality is they are just players playing the field

      1. although i agree the white women are rarely datable in the modern world vs many better groups like black, asian, arab and latino. they are the apex of feminism and slutolitry

        1. The interesting thing is that by “good men” they mean about 15 requirements including tall, hair, money good persoanlity ect whilst they are some usedup club skank most dudes are trying hard to filter out

  6. We live in the world where every bizarre sexual fetish is glamorized, Except one…. A man that wants to fuck other men? Gay pride! A messed up mental patient that doesn’t even know who they want to fuck? Gender fluid! A straight, white man who is attracted to thin, long legged, big chested White women with long hair? Pervert!

    1. It’s an extermination war against heterosexual, white men. Everything and everyone else is better: non-males, non-whites, non-heterosexuals.

  7. There’s this something called nature. The nature of man, of males forces a majority of the male students @ Harvard to dislike such feminist perversities. They might not be able to speak up at the moment, but they hate this feminist terror culture. It’s anti-american, it’s against freedom. If you can, organize a silent resistence.
    But don’t over-do it. Not everything that seems “right wing” is good or just better than everything from the (new) left. Evangelicalism might seem like the antithesis to the left to some people. In fact, fundamentalist religion (whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, whatever) is in many instances just the flip side of the coin. Anti-sexual feminists and anti-sexual religious nuts often times work together on topics and policies. Have so many times in the last decades.

    1. I know, right? Where is the overflowing newpaper with all the rape culture JUSTICE SYSTEMS CONVICTIONS?
      Oh, there is none?..funny that….

  8. I always loved ‘JFK School Of Government’ – teaching students how to become Federal & state bureaucrats.

  9. The real problem here is the fact that an Australian is attending one of OUR universities on scholarship. Granted it’s a liberal cesspool. Regardless, go to your own University, and stay in your country. Aussie scum

    1. Plenty of us Aussies, love old school USA. I never forget the sacrifices made by American soldiers saving our arses in WWII. Unfortunately so many of the younger generation Australians, aren’t even aware of those sacrifices, or have been warped by SJW thinking. Our universities are just as bad if not worse with the amount of SJW bullshit. Admitedly that Australian should be ashamed of himself for being such a pussy.

  10. Damn! How totally mind-bogglingly stupid!
    When I was in college, friends and I mixed up some drinks in soda bottles, took our lawn chairs, and sat in front of the student union building, and whenever a girl walked by, each of us held up a card with a number on it – like we were official olympic judges or something. The guys all thought it was hilarious. High-ranking girls loved it. Any girl below a 7 – not so much. Especially since – as this was an engineering school, we had numbers like pi, e, sqrt(-1), – infinity, etc.
    These days, I’d probably be jailed for doing such a harmless prank!

    1. Well of course girls below 7 didn’t like it, most people don’t like to be insulted based on factors they can’t control. Obviously that’s not rape, and should never be considered to be, but you and your friends were and probably still are complete jerks. Sure, be selective but don’t put other people down while your at it. That’s not masculine, that’s just mean.

      1. If the female students had stayed home churning butter where they belonged, they wouldnt have been subject to the mean boys rating scores.

      2. it makes me laugh everytime when a girl come here to lecture us about what’s masculine and what’s not.
        “be selective but don’t put other people down while your at it.” oh, and while you are at it, go tell that to women too, a lot of them need to be lectured nowadays.

      3. But it’s still hilarious, and it’s harmless fun, and it took a lot of balls to sit their lawn chairs out and determine themselves to be the official judges of all female attractiveness at the whole school. So, that part, the balls that it took, is masculine. And being funny, that’s masculine. Also, females are terrible judges of basically anything other than what makes their panties wet. They can judge that pretty well, though they still aren’t honest about it. So I don’t think I’ll take your word for it, since girls are willing to lie when they have the slightest incentive to do so.

  11. American universities have raced to become the theoretical test-bed for the removal of male power and other abnormal, odious stuff that SJWs was to bring to boiling point. Chaos being sewn with the unstoppable(?) forces of self-entitlement feminism and gathering masses of cucked-out virtue-signaling pseudo-males who forgot that “masculinism” is an essential factor in the grand equation between the sexes — or else society collapses. Now we have their impotent hunger for control, screeching for a legal loophole so they can overreach, vindictive plans to “punish” and “treat” the “sick” hetero male agenda, all coordinated by the weak-minded lessers of society. What man on Earth who is worth his salt will tolerate such an atmosphere? Prepare a savage rebuke, and never let these jackasses overrun you like rats taking over the city. Needless to say, I will continue to rate women and be highly selective, as is Nature’s Law!

  12. While rating a woman’s attractiveness is obviously not “rape”, it is hurtful. I don’t understand why men feel the need to rate women using numbers when they could easily just say “She’s cute” or “She’s gorgeous”. Women don’t like being ranked and compared to one another because it just sets us up for low self esteem. We can’t control how our faces and bodies look (and no im not talking about the land whales, I’m talking about hourglasses vs naturally skinny-boyish shaped types). I don’t think it’s masculine to rank women based on attractiveness. I think it’s just mean.

      1. Well of course because their at the top of the scale and that strokes their ego. But for the majority of women who haven’t won the genetics lottery, it’s hurtful. I remember in high school there was a list going around that ranked the girls in our class, and I spent days trying to figure out what part of my face set me higher or lower than the next girl. I honestly think people who do that do it intentionally to make people feel bad. How can men get upset that women are “vain” when people are literally ranking our appearance, something we can’t change without being “vain”.

        1. It’s not manly to get upset about a woman’s vanity. Or to get upset about any man-to-woman interaction at all. That’s not Pick-Up-Art style. If some guys here do that, they are doing something wrong.

        2. Women do it all the time, they rank men but with a more complex system than a base 10 scale. They rank looks+height+money+charisma.
          So you think men do it because they want to makes you feel you bad hahha ohh poor thing, Actually you are completely invisible to men, if you are not at least a 6, we don´t care how fatties and below 5 feels. Few people won the gene lottery, do like the 95% of men that are not the top alpha men in the world and stop crying and blaming other and begin working in you! Like we are forced to do. Hit the Gym, buy breast implant or settle with a thirsty beta male. We don´t care unless you make the effort.

        3. poor thing.
          “But for the majority of women who haven’t won the genetics lottery, it’s hurtful.”
          that’s just a taste of reality and your beloved equality.
          we, men, have to deal with that everyday-ego-breaking shit since the beginning of our sexual life.
          So get over it, swallow your female narcissism and enjoy the harsh reality we, men, live in everyday.

      2. > we don´t care how fatties and below 5 feels.
        I’m not affective but what is accomplished by deliberately hurting the feelings of someone who already feels miserable?
        An attractive man is alpha (a leader) but not a macho.
        > Hit the Gym, buy breast implant or settle with a thirsty beta male.
        Hit the Gym is a good advice. Breat implant: Implants are expensive. Some ppl like them, some like it natural – even if they don’t match the examples of this or that porn star. Tastes are different. There are models with cup size A.

    1. Ah! Allow yourself to be more confident. 🙂 I like naturally skinny-boyish shaped types too. It can give you a cute, petite and sometimes girly appreance. Accentuate that! Or what you feel fits your type and personality.
      I feel beauty, like many things, is a matter of comparison. How could you know if a person was beautiful, or his/her had a nice personality for that matter, if he/she was the only person you ever knew in your life? Women rate us men all the time too. Thats okay. You guys might do it more intuitively, we do it more consciously. Thats alright also. That makes us men and women, makes us human. You know what they say… Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. 🙂 We men like numbers and accuracy, Megan. I even rate myself with the same scale. Helped me to be aware of my social environment and the setting I’m in at any given moment, helped me to understand how to talk to which kind of woman how (I interact differently with a 5 or with a 9). I’m totally sure this change in my attitude was appreciated by many women.
      Anyway, I assure you, this lame, feminist chatter will not change a thing or not for the better, even for women, as one cannot control the way other people, millions of people, think. By nature, by genetics. It’s not possible and it’s not right to even attempt. That would be pretty much totalitarian and, btw, anti-american.
      People with, how do you say, non-integrated personalities, peoples whos individuation failed hitherto, only feel well if they are in compliance with all their suroundings and if their suroundings agrees with them. They cannot accept that people are different, that different individuals habe different individualities. Everyone has to be the same, to them. It’s totalitarian. But I strongly believe that we can be better than that.
      And, it is TOTALLY masculine to rank a women’s attractiveness. 😉 But you are right, it is not sp masculine to rank a women BY IT (only), as this is one but sure as hell not the only quality of you. For example, a fine quality would be – when competing for good men – to try to improve your looks, and looks is 60-65% not natural but what you make out of it, but not try to prevent that men get a perception of looks in the first place. Won’t work anyway! Just as with women, we men also like a certain self-confidence, high self-esteem, a congruence with yourself. Well, I do like shy girls, but I also totally think of congruent girls as kinda sexy. Know that you are or can be beautiful. 🙂

      1. “Women are from Venus, men are from Mars.”
        “Know that you are or can be beautiful. ”
        “I interact differently with a 5 or with a 9. I’m totally sure this change in my attitude was appreciated by many women. ”
        and all that smileys…
        please, consider swallowing another red pill, it seems you need it.

        1. Hahaha. I meant, I’m now a sexual positive person with confidence who would hit on a 9. That’s appreciated by those women. 😉
          (Yea, I like smileys)

        2. “sexual positive person” ? lol what the fuck is that…
          whatever, good for you Millenial. Next step, avoid posting replies which reeks betaness to girls here, because it’s ridiculous.

        3. Hahaha. You are one funny guy, man:
          > “Next step, avoid posting replies which reeks betaness to girls here, because it’s ridiculous.”
          Says the faraway guy, who responded twice to my posts. And… are YOU hitting on girls HERE?
          Feel free to reply once more.

        4. “Says the faraway guy, who responded twice to my posts. And… are YOU hitting on girls HERE?”
          lol, contrary to you, i don’t write sugar coated replies to give comfort to the one poor girl here who is complaining about how bad are men.
          My point, Millenial, is you to stop playing the white knight in the comment section, because that’s lame.

        5. “My point, Millenial, is you to stop playing the white knight in the comment section, because that’s lame.”
          You feel white-knighted by me? What? I called her standpoint lame, totalitarian, anti-american (I meant un-american). I called everyone who adheres to her point of view non-integrated personalities with failed individuations (which in psycho-analysis can be a case for psycho therapy btw). These are insults. Anyway, feedback about me still being too blue-pilled here was heard, dude.
          Here is my thinking: there’s a difference between push&pull, neg, dominance, display of value etc. and VGTOW-style “I give a shit about women” and defacating them in the face.
          I started and ended my insults with big comfortings. True. As you didn’t even notice what I was doing, so I guess neither did she (consciously), so either I totally failed or totally succeeded in what I was trying to accomplish with my post.
          “i don’t write sugar coated replies to give comfort to the one poor girl here who is complaining about how bad are men.”
          I refuted that part. I comforted her about her self-esteem, but conditionally so. I suggested her to work on herself in order to “compete for good men”. So she can only fully claim that comfort – if she consciously or sub-consciously agreed to my argument in the first place – if she starts doing exactly that. Which would be good for her and good for the guys she meets. Win-win.
          Maybe you think she might start to slut out to boost her self-esteem. Sure, why not. I’d congratulate her on that, if that’d work out for her. I want a win-win for everybody. Again, there’s this difference between pickup-alpha behavior and VGTOW-bitchiness, or game that’s too much aberrated by VGTOW and MRA or stuff (like too much politically oriented, social-conservative neo-masculinity that would undermine game and the seduction community if it ever became culturally successful).
          Dude, I think MGTOW, MRA, Neo-masculinity has its place. It serves a purpose, but I won’t adhere to it personally. See, it’s in part so radical, it makes me look like a white knight to you, tho I’m no such thing. I’m 90-95% anti-feminist (I support sex-positive feminist ideas, pro-slut feminism) and into pick-up/game.
          Whatever, merry xmas!

      2. I read your answer carefully and i agree with what you said.
        I didn’t mean to be a bully of some sort. As a long time commenter here, i can tell you that girls coming here to post (which is not encouraged, by the way) do for the sake of insulting us (typical feminist-sjw) or more or less subtly bragging how superior she is comparing to other girls (because they merely agree with our points of view). Every fucking time, they come here for attention whoring even it is a place where they are not welcomed at all.
        this particuliar one, megan, came here to complain, but inevitably can’t help to lecture us about what’s masculine behaviour and what’s not (see her post before our thread). That’s unacceptable, that why she doesn’t deserve reassurance of some sort by one of us. Anyway, that’s past story.
        Merry christmas to you Millenial.

    2. In the sexual marketplace almost all women have “won the genetic lottery” simply by being a woman. If you put even a little work into your appearance/fitness you area nearly “elite”. Any woman that doesn’t have an arm growing out of her forehead has no place to complain about genetics. If you can’t get laid, it’s because you don’t take care of yourself and/or you have a toxic personality.

        1. Millenial,
          althought i don’t feel concerned by your comment, i agree with your point. finally, you can say something interesting. sometimes.

    3. Mens insults toward women are usually blatant. Women’s insults toward men are passive aggressive. In either case, the message is received.

    4. Oh give me a break, it is human nature. Girls rate women all the time. At my law school the first year girls had a list of the 10 most attractive men in their class. Did we faint and cry about it? No.
      Women rank each other all the time, kiddo.

    5. appearance rankings don’t really mean a whole hell of a lot until you get to their attitude. nothing wrecks a 9 or 7 or 5 worse than a self-entitlement attitude where they project deserving being spoiled. but then again that attitude would record even for a land whale. women want to know why they’re detestable, and that kind of crappy attitude will do it 110% of the time. that and being of vapid airhead. stereotypes only exist because they’re accurate.

    6. More often it would be “she’s overweight”. Strangely, nobody has to be fat, but men can’t change their height, and I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t judge short men.

    7. Have you seen women’s magazines over the years? They are ALWAYS rating men, telling women what to look for (proxy rating), etc. Men are just more direct about it.

    8. Yet somehow, women like YOU rate over 80 percent of ALL men as “below average”. YOU are giving MOST men a 4 or less. Raaaaape!

  13. You know a while ago Harvard allowed some black kid to make some hip hop song or video to be his senior thesis and graduate with honors. So what does that tell you about this elite institution.

  14. What are these soy boys going to do if by miracle they find themselves in bed with a woman? Will they experience paralysis because they’re too petrified to take her clothes off, slap her ass and pound her hard? They can’t even rate their attractiveness without it being “rape”.

    1. They must, by their own creed, do nothing but call 911 and turn themselves in to authorities for the crime of RAPE.
      Merely being with a female shows his pre-cognitive intention to use his male power and privilege, i.e. penis, to subjugate the disenfranchised female to his will and desires, the quintessential character of rape and rape culture.
      He’s guilty of the worst kind of crime a man can commit. He must confess his sins, plead guilty to his crime, turn over all his freedom, money, status and power to his alleged victim and society at-large, branded with a red-hot iron as a sexual predator, with no hope of redemption, and suffering the same fate worse than a murderer.

  15. That’s why I took the electrician route after high school and get good money so I don’t worry about the University’s and that dude is stupid simp that thinks that will work just wait and the feminist bubble will pop and collapse I will laugh and the women of to fema camps with Tyrone long dock style

  16. But only if you are a White male, mind.
    Growing tired of Feminist BS.
    Grab `em by the pussy and laugh in their face if they squeal.

  17. The women of the Feminist future utopia are ripe and ready for any ZFG shitlord who disregards the BS and grabs them by the pussy.

  18. I doubt it’s an effective mating strategy. To put it a little crudely, being a pussy doesn’t get someone pussy. I’ve had the opposite experience from my college days. When I told a SJW about my “deplorable” views, her attraction skyrocketed. However, she wasn’t attracted to her orbiter, who was more leftist than Fidel Castro. It’s a proof of concept of “cat string theory”.

  19. One good thing men can do to protect themselves: so-called “pre-stalking.”
    Are you interested in a girl? Check her out on social media. If it’s filled with feminist/SJW rants (“I still stand with Jackie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”) then you know to avoid her like the Black Death and radioactive waste combined.
    Let’s face it- any feminist type is simply not worth the risk, and now in 2017 if any man decides to get involved with one in any kind of relationship then he is playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun.
    Now that leftist males who went along with this are finding out that feminism is about ruining ALL men, maybe that will be a help. Or maybe not. At least now feminists are destroying their male allies, and since they cannot run anything they must bring ruin upon themselves.

    1. More and more left-wing men are pissed by feminism but they are not complaining yet. Wouldn’t be politically correct to do so (yet).
      Btw I hit on feminists if they are good looking. But you really need to know how to deal with them, how to treat them, what to talk to them. Especially if its the hardcore , feminist intelligenzija type.

  20. Last night I watched the old Star Trek episode “The Companion.”
    Naturally The Man’s outrage over what the relationship was was ridiculed by the others, even Mr. Spock.
    But since he clearly had no idea what was happening, and therefore could not have given any consent, didn’t the alien entity essentially rape him, especially since she was obviously a much more powerful creature?
    Double standards indeed.

  21. Many (feminists) have critizised the game system of rating women on a scale of 1 to 10, because it’s so objectifying. I didn’t really see much difference from saying someone is “beautiful” or “ugly”. It’s just a different scale. If you say some people are “beautiful” and some are not, then it’s more like a binary scale of 0 to 1, with 1 being beautiful.
    But I guess now saying someone is “beautiful” is sexist too, unless at the same time you make a point about EVERYONE else being beautiful too.
    “You look great today… not that I’m implying you’d look better than all the other 9 Billion people on Earth! They look just as great too!”

  22. So would discussing “who ranks as the ugliest” be seen as a form of protection against being raped for those women who rank at the bottom?

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