Was Jeremy Clarkson A Casualty Of The Cultural Marxist Coup At The BBC?

Until recently, Jeremy Clarkson was the chain-smoking, hard-drinking presenter of Top Gear, the BBC motoring show with a global cult following. Clarkson has made his name as a boorish, outspoken alpha male with scant respect for the edicts of political correctness that govern the conduct of media personalities in Britain.

The ability of the Top Gear franchise to shift books and DVDs and maintain buoyant domestic TV ratings made it worth £50 million a year to BBC Worldwide, the British state broadcaster’s commercial arm. This was largely due to Clarkson’s on-screen presence.

Clarkson’s sacking is a further nail in the coffin for free speech and alternative ideas in a climate of stifling political correctness foisted on Britain through institutions like the BBC.

The most expensive steak never eaten

Danny Cohen, building his vision of a Social Justice uptopia with your TV Licence money extracted on pain of imprisonment

Danny Cohen, a limousine liberal building his Social Justice utopia with your TV Licence money extracted on pain of imprisonment

Clarkson’s demise was cemented in the wake of disciplinary proceedings after a bust-up with a producer, Oisin Tymon, whom he allegedly punched in the face. Tymon had supposedly failed arrange Clarkson’s desired steak. The sacking brought to an end a long-running feud between senior executives at the BBC and Clarkson.

Empty suits like the BBC’s Director of TV Danny Cohen are staunch proponents of right-on ideologies like “equality and diversity.” These are values to which Clarkson stands in stark opposition. Once the star presenter had placed himself beyond the pale by assaulting an underling, anti-Clarkson sharks smelt blood in the water and circled for the kill.

Danny Cohen was the BBC executive responsible for Clarkson’s suspension in the wake of the so-called “fracas.” Cohen has been described by food critic and friend of Clarkson, AA Gill, as belonging to a clique operating at the BBC which is using the state broadcaster as an instrument for the promotion of left-wing views.

Gill was reported in the Telegraph saying that Top Gear is the opposite to everything Danny Cohen wants to broadcast: “white, overweight, middle-aged, banterish, polluting, coarse, middle-class and insensitive.” Gill is not alone in his this particular criticism of the BBC—in 2011, Peter Oborne wrote, “Rather than representing the nation as a whole, it [the BBC] has become a vital resource—and sometimes attack weapon – for a narrow, arrogant Left-Liberal elite.”

Cohen is the walking embodiment of this Left-Liberal rot at the heart of the BBC. On taking up his role as “Director of BBC Television,” Cohen’s first action was to accuse the BBC’s comedy programmes of being “too middle class.” Later on, he banned all-male lineups on comedy panel shows.

Licence-fee payers must now be subjected to “feminist comedians” like the odious Kate Smurthwaite, who picketed the funeral of popular London Dandy Sebastian Horsley, because the deceased man had happened to use prostitutes.

Cohen has also voiced support for fading comedian Lenny Henry’s demand for more “diversity” in British TV programmes. Rounding off the quartet of victimologist platitudes, Cohen also complained that he had “never felt so uncomfortable as a Jew in the UK” after the publication of reports on anti-Semitism in the UK.

To sum up, Cohen is an oppressed minority on the oppressive salary of £320,000 a year, who occupies himself with imposing gender and race quotas in British TV while militating against the menace of portly English men who use “unacceptable” language in programmes about motoring.

A storm in an English teacup

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 22.54.43

A man purporting to be The Stig delivers a petition for Clarkson’s reinstatement to BBC headquarters

Clarkson’s alleged transgressions in the past amount really to nothing more than English pub banter. In 1998 he asserted that staff at South Korean car giant Hyundai had eaten dog. The firm slammed the comments as “bigoted and racist”. At the 2004 Press Awards, Clarkson punched Piers Morgan in the face for publicising his infidelity.

In 2009 he called former Labour PM Gordon Brown a “one-eyed Scottish idiot,” drawing flak from activists for blind people. In 2010, he referred to the Ferrari F430 Speciale as “speciale needs.” The National Autistic Society piped in to complain that the comments perpetuated “prejudice and bullying which people with disabilities have to cope with.” Showing no sign of abating, Clarkson told The One Show in 2011 that he would have public sector workers “taken outside and shot in front of their families.”

After Clarkson’s first suspension due to a racially insensitive comment, his public popularity gave rise to a petition for his reinstatement. The petition, signed by 1,000,000 people, was delivered to BBC headquarters by tank by Harry Cole, of the right-wing Guido Fawkes.

The sneering reaction of the liberal know-betters was summed up in the statement of the left-wing New Statesman’s Sarah Ditum, who fantasised out loud: “if every signatory to this petition were boiled down for biofuel the world would be a cleaner, smarter place.” As we in the manosphere are well aware, the mildest off-colour remark from a right-wing source is cause for men to be stripped of their livelihoods, while leftists openly fantasising about the deaths of their enemies is par for the course.

The BBC: a hive of Cultural Marxism and political correctness

The purpose of the BBC is to push a politically correct narrative delivered in tightly policed language. The Cultural Marxists at the BBC attack every cultural institution that comes within reach. One example is the adoption of the ridiculous “common era” and “before common era” in place of Annus Domini and Before Christ for denoting historical years.

This was in order not to “offend or alienate” non-Christians. In another instance, a male reporter who had just been thrown to the ground by a female Judo champion made a tame comment about being “beaten by a 19-year old girl.” The word “girl” was censored by the BBC for fear of causing offence, even though the female judoka did not find the remark sexist.

One of the most draconian instances of the BBC’s political correctness “gone mad” was the sacking of a regional radio DJ for inadvertently playing The Sun Has Got Its Hat On, a 1932 song containing the word “nigger.” The offending line in the song, recorded by Ambrose and his Orchestra, is: “He’s been tanning niggers out in Timbuktu, now he’s coming back to do the same to you.”

The wording was apparently obscure, yet a scandal arose after one listener rang to complain. The DJ, David Lowe, at 68 years of age and after a 30 year unblemished career in broad, had to quit his position because the episode aggravated a health condition.

The BBC’s culture of hypocrisy: no “Social Justice” for sexually abused girls


Notorious alleged child-rapist and darling of the BBC, Jimmy Savile.

The priorities of “Auntie Beeb” become clear when one compares the ruthless pursuit of anyone who says anything vaguely off-colour with the disastrous handling by the BBC of the Jimmy Savile child abuse allegations. Savile was a renowned Yorkshire DJ who fronted the BBC’s Top Of The Pops.

Similarly to Clarkson, Savile was an indispensable talent with connections in high places. Decked out in trademark tracksuit and chewing on a huge cigar, Savile revelled in his ability to draw crowds and raise large amounts of money for charity. Savile was also allegedly very active in sexually molesting pre-pubescent girls, a vice which he concealed using his public persona as a charitable benefactor and entertainer.

The reaction of the BBC to the surfacing of the Savile allegations after his death was not on you’d expect of a network which makes a great song and dance about fighting for “social justice.” Instead of fighting for justice for Savile’s victims, they forced out or demoted journalists who outed Savile as a child-abuser.

Meirion Jones, on of the BBC’s top investigative producers, had his suspicions about Savile raised after seeing him take girls away in his car from a school run by Savile’s aunt. He handed his findings to the BBC, which promptly suppressed them. Jones faded into obscurity and was let go by the BBC this year.

Jones was accused along with his reporter on the Savile documentary, Liz MacKean, of “shoddy journalism” by the BBC when they tried to challenge the decision to shelve the investigation. Channel 4’s Panorama eventually took up the case and produced their own documentary investigation into Savile’s abuse. Oblivious, Clarkson’s arch-enemy Danny Cohen even considered running a tribute programme to Savile’s “Jim’ll Fix It” show, while Savile’s alleged abuse was known within the BBC.

A relic from another era

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 23.12.17

Clarkson in the early days. 

I make no attempt to defend Clarkson punching a producer. The report into the bust-up ruled he had subjected an innocent party to an assault accompanied by “sustained and prolonged verbal abuse of an extreme nature.” After having given Clarkson a final warning over the “Catch a nigger by the toe” fiasco, the BBC were effectively given no choice but to sack him, irrespective the intentions of the PC manginas chomping at the bit to end his career.

Clarkson’s story is nothing if not a lesson in perseverance. Having started, in his own words, “on the Shropshire Star with little Peugeots and Fiats,” Clarkson eventually penned a magazine piece in Performance Car, which got him the screen test for Top Gear. In his own words:

I didn’t look good. I didn’t dress well. And I didn’t really know what I was talking about. But there I was, on television, standing by the side of the road in Northamptonshire, waiting for a plane to fly over and for the rain to stop so I could tell eight people who truly loved cars how many suitcases you could get into the back of a Vauxhall Vectra.

Meet your new Liberal overlords

Danny Cohen is a man in stark opposition to Jeremy Clarkson. An Oxford graduate and Primrose Hill intellectual with as much creative energy and originality in his being as there is in one of Clarkson’s stray toenail clippings, Cohen represents arrogant, sneering left-liberal elitism at its most dangerous and despicable.

Married to a high-achieving feminist seven years his senior, Cohen strives to police ideological compliance on every front: class, race, gender and religion. To Cohen, the threat to the feelings of minorities posed by the words of men like Clarkson is of greater importance than the harbouring of an alleged child-rapist by the BBC.

The drive to get rid of Clarkson was successful because Clarkson made it easy for them to sack him, with his hot-headed temper and the devil-may-care philosophy that guided his actions. The dynamic, however, is a microcosm of modern Britain and indeed the West.

Men like Clarkson are workhorses: their talent generates numbers that keep whole enterprises like the BBC afloat. Instead of thanks for their efforts and tolerance of their foibles, the reward comes in the the form of jobsworth dictators like Danny Cohen, who, providing not one iota of value, are drafted in to implement nonsensical schemes for “more diversity” or “more female comedians.”

It will be interesting to see what happens when the last of the “talent” walks away, and Danny Cohen is left with a roster of imbeciles like Kate Smurthwaite to keep British audiences entertained.

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        1. Againness? lol, are you implying there are no jews against political correctness, or that no number of jews against these ideas will suffice? this topic comes over and over and it’s always the same discussion

        2. “lol” There are VERY few Jews against mass immigration, and the vast majority are for it. As you well know, but you want to stop people from finding out. You don’t want people to know that the top media bosses, who promote mass immigration, are Jewish. Even Jews themselves have boasted of their role.

        3. And there are also jews against it, but you don’t want people to know. Every ethnic group has pro and anti immigration individuals, but you want everyone to think jews are “exceptional”. Sounds to me like you are the jewish supremacist here lol 🙂

        4. Isaac is lying again, as I have already said that there are Jews against mass immigration – VERY FEW. Around 80 percent of Jews vote Left, and among those on the Right, we need only look at the neocons who support mass immigration. Even Jews themselves have boasted about how their media dominance has “fostered tolerance” etc, in other words they bring on mass immigration. “lol” Maybe you should stop adding that dumb “lol” at the end, buddy.

        5. What’s always struck me about those who find “the Jews” to be the source of the world’s problems, is absence of discussion as to why? What I mean by that, is what’s the motivation? Why should this conspiracy exist, if it does? The most that one seems to get out of them is, power. Which I suppose is as good of a reason as any other. After all, sinful man has done all sorts of evil things in pursuance of power and other selfish ends. But that’s hardly limited to Jewish persons. It’s a characteristic of humanity. Why then the unique focus on the Jews?
          I think the answer derives from the nature of the Diaspora itself, and the natural result of making a people with a unique faith and culture, a minority in many different countries, for a protracted period of time. Whenever a people are placed in a minority position, with a faith and culture different from the majority faith and culture, the way they live will forever be at odds with the way others around them live. This I think would be true of any combination of faiths/cultures. They will never feel fully a part of the greater society around them, so long as the society around them is defined by a single faith/culture which is not their own. What’s more, there would always be the fear that being different from the prevailing faith and culture, would place them in a position of being seen by others around them, as affirmatively oppositional to that dominant faith/culture and therefore harmful to that dominant faith/culture’s ability to continue in its role as the measure by which a society should function and govern right/wrong. The natural inclination then, on the part of the minority, would be to identify, simply out of self preservation, with an ideology (the Left) that hates ALL traditional faith and cultural practices (not just the dominant one) and which actively works to weaken the influence of that dominant faith/culture. They would do this, if not for the same ends as the ardent believing Leftist, in order both to gain acceptance in the greater society without having to give up their own faith/culture and at the same time as to not to be seen as a corrupting/oppositional force which should be harassed or suppressed. This would be true even of a minority which is itself deeply conservative in its own faith and culture. Because of its position relative to the dominant culture, it cannot be “conservative” since it would not be conserving the same faith/culture as would everyone else in that society. Ever since 77AD, the Jews have found themselves in just that sort of position in a wide variety of places about the globe. It was and is a difficult position to be in. Others that immigrate to new places find themselves in similar positions. Which is why deeply conservative people from the Middle East, East Asia and elsewhere tend to find themselves on the political Left in the new countries where they arrive. Partially out of a feeling of “otherness” lessened by identifying with other minorities, partially out of a desire to get-on in life without giving up their own faith/culture, and partially out of a desire not to be targeted by an overzealous dominant faith and culture which sees their presence as subversive. In other words, if there is no dominant faith/culture, then the minority neither has to give up its own faith/culture in order to get on in society, nor will it risk the threat of suppression by the dominant culture. This is why minorities always get a bit uncomfortable anytime someone begins talking about “our” understood traditional faith and culture.
          The problem is, as any conservative knows, that a society without a common faith/culture, a common understanding of right and wrong, success and safety, etc., is NOT a society at all. It’s a collection of separate peoples and increasingly atomized individuals existing near one another, but separate from each other. This is a great thing for any genuine believer in the Left’s notions of liberty and equality, and its view that traditional faith and culture are oppressive forces everywhere, that make people unequal and not free. People striped of their faith and culture, are ripe for moulding by an enlightened elite (who see human nature as fluid, not fixed) into something better both as individuals and as a whole. By contrast, it’s not so great for people who understand that faith and traditional culture exist to make order in a disorderly world, and that any society, if it is to be a functioning civil society, must have a common faith/culture by which to live by.
          The error then, is on the short-sightedness of the new minorities who have emigrated to a new country for economic benefit and “civil liberty” alone, not to trade their own faith/culture for a new one, and who have adopted Leftist positions for immediate benefit, as well as on the dominant culture, which purposely and foolishly imported people of varying faiths & cultures into its country and thought that it wouldn’t matter, because “ideas” stripped from experience and holy writ, are what make a country a country, rather than traditional faith/culture. The classical liberalism of the 18th/19th centuries is to blame for that mistaken notion, but the world now is what it is. We no longer have confident, traditional faiths and cultures which dominate in the West. We are increasingly individuals alone, bereft of tradition and faith; perfect lumps of clay, ready to be shaped by others into something better. The problem then, is not “the Jews,” but the “the Left,” classical liberalism, modern liberalism and radical liberalism. While Jewish culture is more collectivist than others, it’s hardly unique in that capacity. There is nothing inherently Left wing about Judaism or Jewish culture. Rather, minorities are more likely to be Left-wing, because they’re minorities. Quite understandable, even if in error.

        6. Educate yourself and have a good read of Culture of Critique and then reassess your comments here with your further understanding .

      1. you gotta admit, there’s a whole lot of jewishness behind ‘social justice’
        but dont mind the stormfront types, they waste their time attacking jewishness when they should be attacking leftism

        1. there are absolutely a lot of jews behind multiculturalism and it’s shameful, but I can’t control them, I can only confront them.

        2. The only antisemitism I buy is MacDonald’s to a point. Because it’s actually reasoned out and not attributing the powers of a defiler god to Jews.

      2. Oops, someone showed facts that Isaac doesn’t like. He must come up with ways to ridicule and slander.

        1. Note how Isaac has no facts to stand on. He lies and says that Christians are not forbidden from marrying Jews in Israel – then inadvertently admits it’s true, which is funny.
          Anyone can google “who controls big media who controls america?” and read for themselves. Zionists like Isaac here don’t want people to be aware of the massive media domination.

      3. What’s really pathetic is that because these guys are picking this article to make a stink about the issue, they are effectively saying that the Jews who control Hollywood, etc, have honor.
        Pick a different cause guys.

      1. Trolls like Isaac here make this necessary: everyone can google “Who controls big media, who controls America?” and read the information about the media bosses. Isaac doesn’t want people to know how the Tribe dominates the top media, having promoted each other patiently for many decades until they could dominate. These are the people who push for mass immigration and other SJW causes, attacking those who oppose their agenda. To pacify the hated whiteys. Isaac will write about “Stormfront” and “there are Jews who oppose immigration too!” (lying and saying I deny that, even when I had just written it – a handful of Jews, among millions, and they are ostrasized by the rest). People like him will use the “anti-Semitism!” and “racism!” charge in the hope of stopping you from reading up on the matter. But those who want to learn the FACTS can learn them, and there is nothing trolls can do about it.
        “Thus all the large Hollywood companies, with the exception of United Artists…were founded and controlled by Jews.”
        – Encyclopedia Judaica, pg 449
        (Not quite correct: Disney wasn’t founded by Jews. But after Walt Disney’s death, when the stock fell temporarily, a group went together to buy up shares and install Michael Eisner as CEO. Disney had been making movies based on European culture, but now they were changed to a more “multicultural” tune, along with Disney TV shows.)

        1. Jews dominate in Hollywood now, because when the motion picture industry was starting, it was a disreputable place (just as banking was at one point in time). Jewish persons did jobs that no one else wanted to be associated with. Many other avenues of legitimate pursuit were closed off to Jews, so “film” was an open opportunity for success and growth for them at the early part of the 20th century. They helped pioneer an industry that few other persons were eager to touch.

        2. So… the big bad alpha men of da master race is once again bitchin and moanin about the mean old”tribe” again… Wtf..seriously?.. In 2015?…tell me..how is it that that a segment that only accounts for less than one percent of the entire population of the country gonna run things right out from under the good ol goys?..if that’s so… Then THAT sounds pretty darned Alpha to me😀😁😂

        3. Knowing your enemy (or the one that controls your mind) is not very Alpha, is it? Or?
          I mean, your watch TV and stuff, so you know what’s goin’ on, right? Or?
          I know them guys are good at deception, but hey, they do not fool me! Or?

        4. Come on mate with all the lies the most influential centers in the society Banking and Media and you say that no one wanted to do these jobs how stupid do you think people are believing this dribble .
          And as for disreputable Hollywood promotes nothing but disreputable degeneracy in their movies .
          As for for jobs no body wants I have never seen a jewish street sweeper .

    1. Really, Hubert? You’re blatantly using Danny’s last name as a red herring, especially when his own personal marriage to a woman seven years his senior screams sexual thirst.
      Since he’s British and given the damages of the Assimilation Program towards Anglosphere Jews in the UK…

    2. Seems to me the whole “Holocaust, dammit!” is finally wearing off. It was a good campaign; let a whole tribe of cunts get away with being cunts for over 60 years. But, thank god, fewer and fewer people are flinching whenever I say, “Fuck the Jews.” Maybe it’s too late to get them the fuck outta here, maybe not, I mean, they’re skinny fucks, shouldn’t be too hard.

    3. No offense, but I think the only guy responsible for Clarkson getting fired, is Clarkson.

  1. This article is still politically correct in the sense that it has failed to talk about the elephant in the room:The Jewish question

    1. Not really. He pointed out Cohen is a Jew. I suspect that he finds us thinking men who can draw our own conclusions without having to have it explained to us over and over again. There is a 1500 word limit on articles, and his point was about the whole issue, not just one facet of it.

      1. One has to look at the lowest common denominator in all social issues. The same way blacks are the lowest common denominator in violent crimes in the US and South Africa. Jews are the lowest common denomination in social justice warrior-ism/white collar crimes, military/banking industrial complex and marxism around the world, Ironically, Isreal is one of the most racist, nationalistic and xenophobic country, whilst promoting ‘feel good’ multiculturalism and liberalism in the other host nations.

        1. In contrast to adopting cancerous ideas like diversity and multiculturalism, Israel has implemented its own Eugenics program meant to preserve racial purity.
          Can you imagine the outrage if any Anglo country was caught doing something like this? Human rights “activists” would be mobilizing en masse. Liberalism is a tool to keep the goyim subjugated.

        2. These two titles say it all.
          The hypocrisy, hatred and anti-white evil intent is obvious.

        3. One standard for the Tribe, another standard for the rest of us.
          Why? Because the Tribe media owners say so. Their twin projects: mass immigration to pacify the hated Westerners, and racial supremacism in the Middle East.
          I assume readers here know by now how Adelson, owner of the Jerusalem Post, has funded the GOP newcomers in the Senate, and funded many of the others too. Others of his ilk are doing the same – and it’s the same with the Dems, and this can go on because the media owners cover for it. Note that Adelson wants mass immigration for America – but racialism for Israel. It is forbidden for Christians to marry Jews in Israel. Imagine if Jews were forbidden from marrying Christians in a European country? That country would be destroyed.

        4. please point out a program where Israel, the state, is promoting multiculturalism for goyim. You are conflating liberal jews that want to implement their own liberalism in Israel too with nationalist jews that support nationalist groups in Europe, and all because both happen to be jews even though they clearly oppose each other. If that is not the definition of being batshit crazy, what is?

        5. What law forbids jews marrying christians? None. Jews can cohabit with and marry christians and marry them if one converts or if both fly abroad and then go back. A far cry from your racial allegations lol

        6. Your equation of “white nationalism” with “jewish essence” is absurd; you’re trying to see what you want to see but doesn’t exist. Menachem rosensaft is arguing that Israel’s jewish “essence” which if you *actually* read the article, is merely about Israel’s history and culture, which includes the ancient hebrews, which Abbas omitted in his address to the UN. Rosensaft is in no way denying christianity’s roots in the holy land (he doesn’t have to admit Islam’s roots in the holy land because there are none). In no part of his article does he claim that Israel has to be “nationalist”.
          That said, I do agree that IF a jew is a nationalist that supports the likes of Bennett or Liberman in Israel but is against equivalent politicians in Europe or elsewhere, then he is indeed a hypocrite. But in this RoK Article, it is not the case, unless it can be found that liberal jew danny cohen supports nationalists in Israel

        7. Nice try. It’s illegal for Christians and Jews to marry in Israel. You sneak in there “if one converts” which means you KNOW it is true. Another Zionist liar exposed. “lol”

        8. The Zionist is working overtime now to troll the thread. Israel has ALWAYS promoted mass immigration for the West. When the anti-immigration FPÖ entered the government in Austria, Israel immediately pulled out its embassy! And then worked together with anti-immigrant forces in the EU to organize a boycott against Austria. Israeli leaders have constantly praised activists who want mass immigration to the West. Israel also has its Megaphone software, to flag discussions online for Jews to flood. The Israeli government is even PAYING Jewish students, thousands of them, to write in online forums – masquearading as Americans, British, etc. Isaac knows this, but Isaac is lying by omission. Isaac is probably using the Megaphone software himself.

        9. Israel is being accused of “racial supremacy” even though the standard being “exposed” is religious, not racial. Thanks for exposing yourself as a moron in an attempt to label me as a “liar”. Nice try

        10. It takes a looong time for Isaac to type this time. This better be good. Or maybe he’s just shaking with anger so he is forced to fix typos over and over again.

        11. You are now conflating Hasbarah (promoting Israel) with promoting multiculturalism. Exposing yourself as an idiot once again.
          The funny thing is, Likud has had contacts with the FPÖ itself. Not only that but it was represented by a non-jewish druze for such contacts; soubds like you are the one lying by omission. It is clear that if Israel ever had an objection to the FPÖ it was because Jorg Haider was in power, not to all of its constituents. Israel doesn’t have the obligation to back parties who are openly anti-semitic, but it has never opposed anti-islamic, and even supported afrikaners to some degree. Keep lying though

        12. Um, I never said the ban against Christians marrying Jews war racial, buddy, so stop lying.

        13. Ah, so you won’t deny Israel’s propaganda drive on Western forums, where Jewish students in the thousands are PAID to troll forums. Funny how you would NEVER have mentioned that if I hadn’t known about it. You want to keep it secret.
          And you didn’t want people to know of Israel’s pulling out its embassy from Austria when FPÖ entered the government, did you? “Contacts”, funny. Write whatever you like buddy, you can’t stop the FACTS from being known. At the same time your beloved Zionist state worked with “anti-racists” in the EU to attack Austria politically and economically, Jews in the media did the same.

        14. That plan could backfire though. Imagine Western Europe being taken over by Islam..they get massive armies and nuclear weapons..bye bye Israel.

        15. As far as I know, if your mother is Jew, you are Jew..or the Jewish family will claim you as theirs. I think that is wrong. I dont know any other culture that claims that one half is enough to claim “ownership” of a child. It’s pretty easy to spread a “race” like that even though it’s barely a race anymore.
          I guess that’s why Jews, outside Israel, are barely recognizable as a people anymore, they simply look like the people in whatever country they live in.

        16. Yea. if the Christian converts. I guess that is technically “one”..damn, no wonder they are the best lawyers. “LOL” and “XD”

        17. Really? If I wish to marry an Israeli, I “must” convert… that’s peachy. But if they wish to come to my country, reside in it for close to 10 years, become a Congressman, and then change my country to suit their countries interest (it ain’t Tail Wags dog like it’s supposed to be, it’s the other way around and has been since the inception of that country), then that’s ok.
          The gentile must conform, but not the other way around – fuck that!

        18. Thanks for sharing. Wow, this gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me want to go to war for those guys… again, and again, and again.
          Hell, I believe, I believe – y’alls interests are my countries interests! We have the same interests…

      2. I did not “point out that Cohen is a Jew.” I pointed out that Cohen has used his Jewishness to promote his agenda, which is the perpetuation of a polarising narrative of victimhood. There is a difference between the two. He’d have done the same whether he was Jewish, Gay, Muslim or Transsexual. It’s inherent in being an SJW. Yes, there are powerful Jews in the BBC, but there are many more powerful gentiles who are bigger PC zealots.

    2. Yes but as GhostofJefferson pointed out, that is not the singular point of the article.
      Perhaps you’d like to create such an article for the rest of us fellas?…

      1. The point of the article is to portray the cultural marxist coup at the BBC. I’m simply identifying the ROOT of the issue.

        1. Perhaps it’s time for ROK to bring light to this issue?
          It seems that no one is willing to explore that territory out in the open though…. a proper way to Red Pill the masses if you will.

        2. Facts must always be brought to light. There is only one side that wants ALL facts to be seen, and that side is attacked by the media non-stop. Still we must spread the facts. Anyone can google “who controls big media who controls america?” The pictures on that site are annoyingly large, but the nature of the media bosses named? You can verify it yourself in Wikipedia if you like.
          Anyone can look up Occidental Quarterly or Occidental Observer. I’d also recommend the libertarian-conservative site Antiwar. No, you don’t have to agree with everything. I am asking you to find sources for facts, and perhaps other viewpoints. I read the New York Times and Washington Post online every day, among other sources – shouldn’t everybody be able to read all sides?

        3. If ROK publishes an anti-zionist article expect the website to disappear within 24 hours.

      2. Problem with this is, if we bring this to light, we could be flagged as a racist/terrorist group like Stormfront etc.
        Its hard to win against the ol’ cashflow.

        1. The primary readership of ROK comprises of masculine freedom loving men who are diametrically opposed to progressivism and all its manifestations. Im pretty sure that we have already been flagged as some sort of right wing terrorist organization by the left wing secret police.

        2. Isaac is trying to shut down debate by referring to Stormfront. “guilt by association” is a common tactic by his side. Note that he has zero facts to use, so as usual he resorts to the “RACISM!” charge.

        3. If we fail to have a voice then we as men will have failed. They cannot be allowed to stifle Freedom of Speech!

        4. I don’t know… I’m new here so I don’t know personalities and angles behind them. From the looks of it, both of you have a point.

        5. I wasn’t the one who brought stormfront first, but keep trying to find a scapegoat. You’re truly one hilarious character lol

        6. Therein lies our struggle I suppose. We have already lost a large amount of our say, and now any forward movement requires serious trepidation.

        7. I am not a stormfronter, but it seems they are trying to increase the permission of white pride/masculinity, but then again, that goes against the whole leftist ideology. I’m not on par with racism, but the stereotypes that certain groups pertain to employ.

        8. Some things are worth fighting for…. the justification for such a fight is different with us all. Some cannot tolerate this day and age, some are thriving in it. Unfortunately, some of us are wide awake and are having a hard time living our lives in this newly enlightened state.
          Imho, eventually – there will be another clash, and it will make the previous two look paltry at best. It will be between two camps: the Muslims will not attend this one I’m afraid.
          Any wagers?

  2. Eh. The BBC is a leftist mouthpiece. Not much new there. It’s also dying, like all other media, because the internet no longer allows
    them a vice grip on the narrative.
    Clarkson sounds like a prick, so I can’t say I feel very sorry for him. But, he should just use the internet to continue the show on his own, and keep all the profits himself. He’ll probably reach a larger audience too as people who have avoided the BBC to avoid its brainwash…errr….highly original programming, will now be exposed to him.
    Side note: is there anything more trivial and pathetic than picketing a funeral? Seriously, if you hate this person so much, well, they’re fucking dead now, move on. In a way, picketing a funeral is like claiming defeat for yourself. You get to call a bunch of attention to something you hated, and can no longer do a fucking thing about. You know, that get’s me thinking, maybe I should put a provision in my will to provide for an entourage of hookers to grind on and fuck my casket at my funeral to the most misogynistic heavy metal and
    hip-hop available while they throw rare steak into the crowd. I’ll have a fleet of HMMWV’s revving their engines through the whole thing just to burn greenhouse gasses, and will have a 21 gun salute with .50 cals and Mk-19s that will be fired at a university. My parting fuck you to this feminist shithole!

    1. Heh. actually I have seen some of the BBC shows he was in, he is a talent and very colorful in an old school man way. Most men used to throw down like him, a long time ago.
      I’d go to your funeral in a heartbeat. Shit man, set me up to be on of the Ma Deuce trigger pullers!

      1. Yep, Clarkson was just an old fashioned Bloke which is why he was so beloved. He is a throwback to how British men used to be, drinking, smoking, manspreading, telling off-colour jokes about foreigners and politicians, not scared to tell people to fuck off or settle disputes with a punch if it was warranted, and the whole time not giving a damn about offending people.
        Every time he courted controversy it only redoubled his popularity and reminded the BBC and the leftists that their agenda had not achieved total cultural dominance. That’s why he was such a fly in the ointment for him.
        I hope he goes on to do some independent work and helps to drive the BBC into the ground.

      2. “We’re not here to mourn his death. We’re here to celebrate his life. And so I give you sluttapalooza!” [cue explosions and hookers]
        I should also mention, guests will be required to read my favorite Cormac McCarthy passages aloud, and all of the hookers, none of whom will be a day older than 19, will wear body paint reading “empowered woman.”

    2. If you can, it may be good to plan your funeral on a day when a Slut Walk takes place, that way as the Slut Walk is assembling in front of the University and your Saluting the .50’s and Mk-19s, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

    3. Anyone who punches that odious turd Pierce Morgan in the face deserves a standing ovation.
      All up, there should be more punching in the face. If someone made me that much money as a corporation I’d let him punch whoever he likes.

  3. Honestly? The International Jewry/Protocols of Zion conspiracy? Israel foreign policy aside, this is tin foil hat stuff.
    As much as I have a distaste for the feminisation and nihilism of contemporary culture, the more I read the comments the more I start to wonder if I’ve walked into an intellectual cul-de-sac.

    1. When people see Jews dominating not just the BBC but all media, newspapers, television networks, Hollywood all being used to advance the narrative only in a leftward direction, people will ask questions.
      Then it is not just mainstream media but finance, politics and law, all being used to massage public opinion. People are wondering why it is just this one subset of people all directing the conversation, when these very people do not believe in the values of open borders, feminism, equality and the gay marriage agenda that they are impressing on the rest of us.
      Despite their advancement of progressive dogma in the west, Israel itself is deeply conservative and committed to remaining an ethno-nationalist state, with closed borders, forced deportations of undesirable foreigners. No gay marriage is allowed in Israel, but all we hear about is how horrible Christian bakeries are.
      The FEMEN movement was financed by billionaire globalist George Soros but when they wanted to bring their vulgar demonstrations to Israel he quickly pulled the plug.
      No other country is allowed to act like this. Jews do not want liberal nihilism in Israel but they actively encourage it in the West. Conspiracy theory or not it is certainly very strange.

      1. Unfortunately I’ve developed some skepticism for the jewry as a whole.
        I remember during my undergrad days one of my peers got into the clinical psychology graduate program (one of the hardest programs to get into) and I found out later that he never actually completed his undergraduate.
        When I started asking questions people told me to shut-up because he is jewish. I shit you not.
        Can you really blame the average person with half a brain for wondering if there is something sketchy going on?

      2. The interesting thing is, Israel may not be as a safe from this bullshit as they like to think they are. If I recall correctly, the LGBT movement has also managed to reach Israel. In fact, Israel has one of the largest LGBT communities in the world. On top of that, the next generation of Israeli youth aren’t interested in preserving their traditions and culture and have also succumbed to the progressive zeitgeist of today. There was a trolling attempt started by /pol/ that called for open borders for Israel on Facebook which was taken seriously and gained quite a bit of traction. Itll be interesting to see how it turns out for them now that the idealogical monster they have created has turned its attention to them.

        1. I was in Israel a few years ago and actually went to their pride parade.
          I wouldn’t be so quick to compare the LGBT crowd from North America to Israel’s. Those people did not look like trash-bin fatards. They have a party scene for sure but the vibe of the whole country is more nationalistic and more European (i.e., appreciation for aesthetics and quality of life). I walked around with a crowd of thousands of people for hours on the beach and they were almost all attractive looking people.
          Israel takes pride in itself. And they are allowed to have a sense of nationalism. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
          lol Don’t confuse lgbt Israel with lgbt Toronto.

        2. You may be right but I make no distinctions between LGBT communities/factions. LGBT as a whole is one big collective of freaks and aberrations that no sane person would want in a civilized society so I’m not entirely sure that their Israeli counterparts are somehow better or more refined. Israel’s tolerance of these kinds of degenerates may signal the beginning of the slow, creeping cultural rot we have grown so accustomed to here. And yes they are nationalistic but maybe not for long who knows. Im sure we were nationalistic and interested in aesthetics at one point and look how that turned out.

      3. But what is the general thesis again? That Jews all over the world have united to destroy the white race? For what purpose again? And are Jewish anti-Zionists like Chomsky are merely placed there to give the impression of balance?

        1. I think the average Jewish crew is just looking out for themselves.
          But collectively they see themselves as God’s chosen people. That is the starting point of the Torah.
          They are hard working shrewd mofos and I respect their work ethic. But I do think they value traditional values while at the same time promoting liberal values.
          And everyone else is too dumb to question why some groups are getting ahead while others are falling into the poverty classes. Hell as a white guy I truly feel like I am not allowed to discuss the fact that whites are falling behind and we need to start taking care of our shit.

        2. there’s no need for a conspiracy. Both secular and religious jews tend to be united by one thing, the fear of anti-semitism, the conscious of which jewish cultural leaders tend to wish to raise, particularly when their is a danger of too much assimilation, or a ‘falling away’ of jewish identity – look at Netanyahu’s response to Charlie Hebdo & Denmark : “come over to Israel where you’ll be safe”. Cohen’s rhetoric about not feeling safe in the UK as a jew chimes in perfectly with Netanyahu’s “anti-semitism is on the rise, you’ll only be safe in Israel.” Anti-semitism is probably a key variable which gets manipulated by jewish leader who wish to control ordinary jews … see no need for a conspiracy at all – its all out in the open. And what do jews do when they become more scared of anti-semitism, they tend to support leftist politics – multi-culturalism in particular was historically seen as something that would have saved jews from the holocaust but also additional benefits of making jews less conspicuous and therefore less vulnerable within diaspora countries. Where jews are not leftist but conservative (socially) or hawkish in terms of foreign policy, this often also reflects a position on how best to address the issue of anti-semitism. As for Chomsky I have no doubt he’s genuinely anti-zionist and sincere in his beliefs, but he also comes from the same tradition of leftism that jews have traditionally gravitated towards for the above reasons, as well for at least two other reasons. The first of those is a general sympathy towards internationalism, which reflects the diaspora, and I think less apparently a cultural pre-disposition towards any kind of politics that reflects notions such as Tikkun Olam or “repairing the world”. That last agenda runs through a great deal of today’s thought and politics, but is very much under the surface as a quasi-religious idea that has typically been brought to fruition through equivalent positions within secular politics

      4. Whilst you may consider Israel as a conservative state, compared to its neighbours its somewhere between San Francisco and Gomorah.

      1. And I would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling schizophrenics

        1. Uh huh. Snappy. Now who was citing the Protocols of Zion again? Just give me a name, and enjoy your scholarship.

        2. Are you answering my question with a question?
          My own question was pretty straightforward: Who was citing The Protocols of Zion? Or are you lumping anyone who mentions Jewish/Zionist power in with people who cite The Protocols of Zion? Did someone actually reference the Protocols of Zion, or did you introduce that title–along with limp cliches like “tinfoil hat”–as a means of distracting from legitimate comments without actually engaging them directly, like a coward who tries to snark and ridicule his way out of an actual debate?

    1. lol
      For some reason i don’t really buy the final paragraph…
      “The site is unapologetic about the nature of its services, arguing that it has even strengthened some marriages. “We’ve had stories from members that we’ve returned love to the marital bed and made others realize the grass is not greener on the other side,” Kraemer said.”
      So when you come home to find your wife getting boinked by the next-door neighbour and she says “But honey…. I really love spending your money!!!” everything is just A-OK?
      The future should be interesting.

      1. To this day, Im still trying to comprehend how a site like this is even allowed to operate. Its time to let it all burn so we can start over.

  4. The now mandatory female seat on a panel show might as well be a black hole.
    Panel shows being one of the lowest forms of television in and of itself. They dropped them in the US like fifty years ago.

  5. Clarkson is solid in my book. The BBC is disgusting, I didn’t know they did away with A.D. and B.C. denotions; that is absolutely retarded. That’s silly even for PC.
    Public Broadcasting (PBS) is equally as bad: every day since the mid ’00s is Black History Month, either that or nothing but ‘white people are bad, mmk’ type shows. Once in a blue moon they’ll show something decent (Frontline is ok sometimes).
    Back on topic: the BBC should be publicy and relentlessly chastised for their actions…. hell, that’s TV in general though.

  6. I hope that Hulu, Netflix or Amazon picks up this team and continues the show via network streaming.
    Fuck the establishment.

    1. lol, if Netflix gets this show, they will start dominating the U.S. market. Top Gear is literally the most popular television show on the planet… err was.

        1. They cant get it, since it belongs to BBC. They can make a new one though “Geartop” or something.

        2. True. I figured they’d call it something else, that’s probably the best name just because it rubs it in the BBC’s face. 😀

  7. At least you guys had Top Gear. We have the CBC here in Canada and they are an even greater drain on taxpayer dollars. These guys literally have nothing of value to offer and pollute the airwaves with “progressive” human interest stories about Muslim trannies overcoming hardship. These are the same kinds of people who hired and then later fired Jian Ghomeshi when he was no longer useful to the Marxist overlords in charge. The CBC has never produced anything good in its entire existence while the BBC might have been good at one point in time. This was the same corporation that gave us gems like this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threads

    1. I used to be a big supporter of CBC. National broadcaster to provide insight and information from across Canada in a manner not beholding to corporations. Man-O-Man. The CBC has sunk into the depths and depravity of Collective Social Engineering. They have lost me. As far as I am concerned, the Government of Canada can drop their budget to “0” and let them find real jobs.
      It gets even worse though. My local radio station, C”Kay”NW has gone from being informative and thought provoking to a Lefty-Collective Propaganda channel. It is unlistenable now.

      1. PBS and NPR in the states.
        “Brought to you in part by oil Interests, tax shelters and idiots like you that don’t know you can get a coffee cup cheaper at Goodwill.”

    2. Top Gear is not something I would watch but it is pathetic that it would fall to PC Nazis despite ratings. IDGAF anymore because I now live in China, When I was in Canada I found CBC to be really annoying. On the other hand, I really liked TVOntario. Jian Ghomeshi can can go feet first into a wood chipper as far as I am concerned, but I really miss Elwy Yost.
      The only class acts that CBC have are Don Cherry, Ron McLean, and Peter Mansbridge, although the latter has become a bit grating. Man-boys like Ghomeshi or Stroumboulopoulos don’t deserve state funding.

      1. I used to like Mansbridge myself, until he got invited to, and attended, a recent Bilderberger Meeting. So, a ‘newsman’ is invited to go to an extremely newsworthy event, and as such is sworn to secrecy so we will not be told what went on in the meeting. That makes him part of the problem and not part of the solution. Can’t help but think that whenever he is interviewing anyone or giving us a news story, is is spun to benefit Canadians, or is is spun to benefit the Bilderbergers.
        Don’t get me started on Strombo… One just gets the sense that The Strom-Man has the same kind of proclivities as The Ghomster.

  8. The BBC and the left have wished for Top Gear’s demise for years
    But Clarkson I think deliberately martyred himself here

    1. Cultural Marxists are getting too bold which may lead to their undoing. Many of my friends were ignorant about Cultural Marxism but loved Top Gear. Now they have started asking questions about the origins of the pervasive Political Correctness we have now. The problem with these Cultural Marxist millenials is that they aren’t patient. They want some kind of overnight revolution that the Khmer Rouge carried out in Cambodia. They have forgotten how to properly utilize subversion. Law 47: Do not go past the mark you aimed for, in victory learn when to stop.

  9. It’s like it is liberals sole purpose in life is to destroy anything and everything that exist regardless of consequence.

    1. Kinda makes you hope that everything does turn to absolute shit just so you can see these people try and fend for themselves for once.

      1. Once their is no system to shelter these weaklings they will be completely screwed in every sense of the word you could imagine.

      2. probably people are too compassionate towards liberals and always ends up helping them
        if some disaster happens, remind yourselves not to – they are society’s waste products

  10. So basically a retard acted like a retard and was fired for doing so? I like Clarkson. I watched him make TG one of the most fun shows ‘in the world’. But he has no one to blame but himself for this mess.

  11. Another sign of the feminine ascendency.
    The values of men have no place in for-profit media, because we are no longer the primary customer base. The overweight chick with two kids who doesnt know an Acura NSX from a blender IS.

    1. except firing him, and forcing him slowly out of his position makes the very opposite of commercial sense. What it demonstrates is that the BBC’s commitment is to leftist ideology (which in itself is a breach of its charter) rather than to one of their greatest success stories. In any other institution they would have just committed commercial suicide

  12. I will definitely be watching Clarkson wherever he goes next.
    If I had his level of “fuck you” cash, I would be yelling at PC assholes every chance I got too.

  13. The BBC is a den of communists, feminists, homosexuals, pedophiles and jews.
    It doesn’t even back Israel and has a policy of calling terrorist groups like Hamas or Hezbollah ‘militants.’
    It loves to push dark skinned people to the forefront, promoting them regardless of talent thus devaluing any genuinely capable dark skinned people who everyone will assume got chosen for their race. Remember when they chose a one armed woman to front a kids show?

      1. Israel has freedom of belief, the rule of law, freedom of speech, it doesn’t have massive corruption and does its best to not harm civilians in war. It doesn’t persecute Christians or other religious minorities either.
        All the other countries in the region are either dictatorships or ruled by a death cult.
        I don’t see why any reasonable person wouldn’t back it.

  14. The BBC did another article on the boko haram abductions again yesterday. Not one mention of the boys killed in the same attack but yet there are calls to remember the abducted girls. “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the world must “never forget the kidnapped Chibok girls”.

  15. There has been on again off again movement to defund public broadcasting (NPR and PBS) of tax payer funding in the US. The original justification was that it was serving small or rural markets that the private sector broadcasters didn’t find lucrative. That argument makes no sense anymore with 100% market penetration of cable tv and internet. Time to shut it down, or make them become self funding. There is the idea that if it got out of the news business, and only did arts and entertainment, it would be less controversial. But SJWs would use it to pump out entertainment that reinforced their pet causes. For example, they’d replace news with “documentaries”. Its obviously an agenda driven narrative.

  16. Unrelated : a feminist attacked the European Central Bank. Is there hope for change in the world of feminism ?

    “End ECB dic(k)tatorship” protester was not #FEMEN Protester jumps on table, dumps confetti on Mario Draghi’s head #ECB #ConfettiGateUPD: https://twitter.com/josephine_witt/status/588372191047221248
    Posted by In the NOW on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

  17. Jeremy had 3 traits working against him: 1. He’s white. 2. He’s male. 3. He’s alpha as fuck.

    1. He also smacked a subordinate in the face. That’s may be “alpha” but anyone who puts up with it is very much “beta”.

    2. I am a fan of Top Gear, I’ve watched it since season 2. I’ve watched Clarkson’s “Meets the Neighbors”, May’s “Toy Stories”, and so on. Clarkson hasn’t changed, but the show has gotten more popular and a larger audience. Spin-offs, and such came online. The show’s basic premise, however, hasn’t changed. Part of that is Clarkson says stupid and offensive shit. Hell, half of what he says about cars is ignorant bullshit, but it’s funny. The only thing that’s changed is the larger audience, and thus more people to get offended.
      I will not excuse what Clarkson did this time, however, in any way. Him saying politically incorrect, stupid, and sometimes completely ignorant bullshit is one thing. Physically assaulting another person at all, the verbal tirade is a meh thing to me, without a real reason (and not having your steak ready isn’t a real reason to wallop someone) is a criminal offense. Out of all the stupid shit Clarkson has said or done, this is something he should be punished for.
      I’ll miss Top Gear, but this assault is something worthy of being fired over. The other bullshit? Not even worthy of mention in my book.

  18. “Married to a high-achieving feminist seven years his senior…”
    Oh, so he’s gay. Explains a lot. I imagine the car show will soon be hosted by something akin to Sasha Baron Cohen’s character in Talladega Nights.

    1. There was a report on the BBC I think saying that lesbian comedienne Sue Perkins had abandoned Twitter because of all the hate speech she was receiving for being lined up to replace Clarkson. She denies there was ever such an idea, but its clear Clarkson fans expect Elton John or someone to take over and dedicate a section of the programme to sanitary towels or something

  19. If someone doesnt like the comments made on a TV show then CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL!

    1. No you can’t watch a man tell it like he sees it. That is discrimination.
      You must watch pro-homo anti-white male romantic comedies.
      And women over 50 are in their sexual prime.

  20. Being a proponent of “equality and diversity” is a far worse offense than punching some guy in the face
    Danny Cohen, you’re on notice

    1. Why are you anti-progressivism?
      The Chinese are scoring North American passports and outperforming the natives. Also buying up tonnes of property. The Chinese must find the West absolutely hilarious.

      1. I was a young liberal asian kid once, but then I turned 16 and realized neither equality or diversity is progress
        making money and acquiring assets is

      2. Well if one had to chose, Asian people are the best immigrants. Arabs and Pakistanis cause massive problems wherever they go, Asians just blend in quietly. Also, I like their women when they are not too Westernized.

        1. I dig women that understand how to be attractive for a man and I think Asian chicks get that to at least some degree.

        2. He’s from canada, The last chinese immigrant there ate somebody on a Greyhound coach. Forget immigrants not fitting in. With that guy the natives had to fit into him

    2. I think they’ve perverted the meanings of both words. I was taught equality merely meant equal status and rights by virtue of being human, and diversity just meant understanding and respecting differences. Nowhere was I taught that either concept meant bending over backwards for others…. Please do tell me if I’m mistaken, because that’s how we were taught as kids in the ’80s in Asia..

  21. “if every sjw leftard were boiled down for biofuel the world would be a cleaner, smarter place.”
    indeed indeed

  22. I’m 25 and have lived by myself from the age of eighteen. I’ve never paid a TV license and I never will. I’ll go to jail for a month before I pay the subverters.

      1. If I’m not mistaken in Britain the BBC are taxpayer funded so they have a tv tax/fee/whatever to watch stuff like the BBC. Apparently it is a criminal act to not pay the tax fee, and apparently there’s a fair amount of shady shit going on around that.

        1. Indeed it is a tax levied to fund the BBC.
          The BBC receives this money to produce quality television that is unbiased in outlook. That works about as well as charity money to Africa reduces starvation.
          Whenever you buy a TV they take a note of your address and that is compared with a list of licence holders to determine whether they fine you or not. The TV detection van thing was just a lie.
          Also, there are quite a few areas in the UK where no one pays the licence as the collectors would be to scared to go there – inner city housing estates etc.
          The best story around this being that after “peace” broke out in Northern Ireland they decided to send the collectors into certain areas of Belfast. They quickly stopped after the IRA stopped one van, pulled the collectors out, lit up the van with an AK47 and then told the collectors to fuck off and not come back.

        2. What if you don’t even want BBC? That sounds horrible to tax people for a tv channel. I can’t even comprehend how such a thing is even possible

        3. The collectors? Nothing talks like an idiot.
          Such nice boys the IRA. Mom & Boston crabs.
          I imagine you can’t wait till ISIL take over Brum and kick out the godammed Inland Revenue.

        4. I have nothing but disdain for the balaclava clad gentlemen of the IRA, having had several copper-jacketed discussions with them in the past. That however does not stop me laughing at the TV licence collectors getting a slapping. The TV licence is one of the most odious taxes forced upon the people of the UK.

    1. I had an ex who worked as a solicitor for the magistrates court and they are always handling the fines of people for not paying for the TV licence. It is however very easy to avoid having to pay it.
      1) Never sign anything. Ever. If they come to your door and claim their magic machine (a Freedom of Information request however showed they have used evidence from these machines in precisely zero cases; they’re not real) can prove you have been watching TV or they saw you or whatever just refuse, as is your legal right, to sign anything. Follow this rule and it is just about 100% certain you will not be taken to court or convicted.
      2) Refuse them entry to your property. They have no legal right to come in. If they want a warrant they would have to go to court to get it. It is highly unlikely to be given to them. In turn they would need the police with them to enforce it and break in – the police will not do this as there is no serious crime needing to be stopped.
      They are all bark and no bite. You are allowed to watch DVDs without a licence anyway so even if you sit there with a TV turned on they can’t prove anything. Literally every single person my ex saw get convicted for it had been bullied or somehow convinced into signing an admission that they didn’t have a licence but watched TV by some guy who told them it would be easier, or it’s just paperwork, or everyone does it to get a lower fine. Don’t sign it and nothing will happen.

  23. Considering that the BBC is taxpayer funded, and considering that UKIP may get a substantial number of MPs in next month, I think it won’t be shocking if the BBC gets directly or indirectly defunded/dismantled. There’s a reason the Framers forbid the US government from having its own press….

  24. Go to 7:30 for Jeremy Clarkson at the BBC Staff Meeting on “How to reduce the carbon footprint of our ethnically diverse disability access for single parent mothers”. Fucking hilarious.
    Also, as far as I am aware, the BBC had tried to piss him off into leaving but he always wanted to stay with BBC as they gave him his big break. Luckily he finally sold his rights to Top Gear to the BBC a year ago for millions and it is now dead in the water.

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  25. I made the mistake of googling the Smurthwaite creature. She’d make Freedy Kreuger have nightmares.

  26. This is why watching Farage bait the pc mob with barely un-PC remarks that he can easily defend later is so great

  27. well written article. AA Gill is great columnist btw, almost surprised to learn he hasn’t been silently assassinated. As for Clarkson, this was just waiting to happen. One wonders whether he did what he did deliberately – he’s off to America last thing I heard which has got to be better than working for an organisation peopled by suits that hate him. That the BBC can just keep on doing what it does, polluting the airwaves with marxist bile is testament to just how completely the left has marched through ALL the institutions. Time was when there’d be at least a few backbench tory MPs complaining about left wing bias and proposing that the corporation be shut down or privatised. Problem is now the tory part has been taken over by PC functionaries and given up on taking control. Even the Saville debacle – which is basically the worst real paedo scandal in the history of the UK as far as I’m aware was commandeered by the same lefties who were in charged of the BBC and who did nothing to attack the “white male hetero” culture, thereby carefully mixing in a few tit grabs by Dave Lee Travis on adult women with an actual cunning and manipulative predator like Saville. Time to put the BBC to sleep. Time for the test card with the wierd girl and the puppet to come on for good

    1. What a shame for you that so many of the Savile stories are provably untrue. The Marxists will win all the wars because you keep believing whatever they tell you. Like taking candy from babies.

      1. Not really that invested in those stories either way, but notwithstanding any ‘paedo-hysteria’ as far as I’m aware a fair proportion of Saville’s abuse was genuine. Nobody except the witch-hunters themselves doubt that much of what has followed has been politically motivated, but how much so is less clear. And of course not a few lefties and quasi marxist are also in the firing line, quite aside of the truth of the matter. Some issues are cross party

  28. I’m not even against Asians. I respect them. We let the door wide open and they were smart enough to take the opportunity.
    What I think is killing us is that we are no longer allowed to take pride in being men or white/European. We’re being expected to forget about Western history AND to forget about building stable families.
    And somehow this is “progressive”.

  29. highly doubtful – mercantilism as defined through protectionist state capitalism was perfected in China long before Europe
    as with all people I encourage nationalism on your part to create homogeneous ethnostates, but as far as i can tell your race doesn’t have the guts – go ahead and prove me wrong

  30. The Savile story is even more absured than the Clarkson one and Meirion Jones is a “cultural marxist” of the first order. All in all you really need to marshall some facts before you marshall your tanks on the blog-lawn in the best Marxist tradition.
    Clarkson was right to object to being compared with Savile. The comparison is odious, as Stoke Mandeville Spinal Centre attests to.

  31. At the 2004 Press Awards, Clarkson punched Piers Morgan in the face for publicising his infidelity.
    I would have punched Piers Morgan just for standing within a hundred meters of me.

  32. ^^^^^
    Jeeze! How many times do you have to flag spam comments before Disqus removes them.?
    On another note, I say….

  33. And he’s making more money than ever…. and wherever he will land, he will make even more money! Show that liberal media!

  34. This is the wrong guy to be standing up for. Punching someone in the face because they didn’t bring you your steak on time? And you guys are OK with that?
    No. No way. If you want to get pissed about an SJW takeover then you should write an article cursing Clarkson out for terminating himself.
    Saville was not kept where he was because of his politics, he was there for the same reason Clarkson was, he made money (and provided boys and girls for rape to powerful members of the elite). The only difference is that it is was easier to bury the rapes in Savilles case, and impossible to bury the assault on a grown man in Clarksons.
    Cohen was an ass for doing anything to support Saville, he and the rest of the British establishment who supported Saville in any way should be thrown out with him. But in this case, there isn’t anything in his behavior to criticize.
    I’m assuming the case of Clarkson is as it appears. If it turns out that he had cause, I would support him in a second.

  35. I’ve never seen the show and don’t know anything about Clarkson but assaulting a colleague seems pretty obvious grounds for dismissal in and of itself, regardless of any marxist culture at the BBC that might have objected to Clarkson on other grounds. Maybe he did them a favour by the punch-up because they wanted an excuse to get rid of him and he handed it to them on a platter??

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  37. Netflix should hire Clarkson, Hammond and May and make their own car show. That’ll stick a potato into the BBC’s tailpipe.

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