Action Films Are As Cucked As Hollywood Itself

I’m not a moralist when it comes to simulated violence—it doesn’t bother me. Also, the action doesn’t need to be “realistic” for me to enjoy it. It really depends on the context. There’s bad “realistic” action (Gangs of New York) and there’s good “stylized” violence (countless Kung Fu movies).

That being said, the action in movies these days leaves me either numb or cold. Maybe it’s just my old age. Or maybe the cucks in the entertainment business have lost their edge. I’m leaning towards the latter.

I mean no offense to the craftsmen and artisans who work in the entertainment fields: The stuntmen, stunt-car drivers, weapons specialists, physical effects artists (pyrotechnics and prosthetics), horse wranglers, set-builders, military advisors, et cetera. They do a great job, putting in tireless hours, some even risking their lives, for our entertainment. Problem is, they are being used less and less.

These men are slowly being supplemented and replaced by computer technicians who spend tireless hours at their work stations in a sterilized office environment to create sterilized action, a majority of the time being directed by a man who probably prides himself on being called a feminist (Joss Whedon). The result is action that might appear to be on a grand scale, definitely flashy, sometimes confusing, but also barren and lifeless. A lot of this is due to economics of the business and bad storytelling but it is also due to the character of the boys leading the productions.

Joss Whedon: Director of “The Avengers” and self-proclaimed feminist

Boys Doing A Man’s Job

Before computer technology started supplanting physical craft, the director, whether he be an alpha or beta, had the craftsmen to assist and help construct the action. But if the majority of people (director/writer/computer jockey’s etc.) working on a movie have no real world, hands on experience, if they’ve never been in a fist fight, shot a gun, driven a car at high speeds, done a full contact kickboxing match—and don’t have people surrounding them that at least have this experience—the result is a product without life, without grit; in short, a product that is grossly out of touch on almost every level (like most movies today).


Future employees of Industrial, Light & Magic?

This can be summarized in an exchange on Joe Rogan’s podcast between the host and writer/director Kevin Smith. While talking about bow hunting, Smith noted he once tried to shoot a bow and arrow but had trouble nocking the arrow due to lack of strength. Problem is, at the time, Smith was doing a writing stint on the Green Arrow comic series. He was writing stories for a character, whose main weapon he had zero real world familiarity with. Multiply this problem and you have the current state of escapist entertainment.

Guys like Smith raved about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but when I saw it, there were a couple of scenes that I found almost morally irresponsible:  1) An ambush/gunfight in an urbanized desert town, evoking recent memories of the Iraq War and 2) When the Death Star destroys said town, it forms an explosive cloud resembling an atomic bomb blast. As someone who has had family that served in Iraq, and a wife that is from Hiroshima, this was a shit sandwich of imagery that took me out of the movie. Only people with a detached and privileged worldview could produce scenes like this. As stated above, I’m not here to moralize, and I don’t know the production details but if the director and writer’s had actual combat experience—instead of just a depersonalized view through computer, phone and television screens—I’m confident there would have been more thoughtfulness in the construction of the action (and everything else).

Compare Rogue One, or any recent Hollywood blockbuster, to any film made by someone like Michael Mann (Thief, Manhunter, Last of the Mohicans, Heat etc.). The director, on the surface fits the typical mold of a Hollywood director: Jewish, liberal and admirer of modern art. But Mann is also a gun enthusiast and the one person I know who worked with him respected the hell out of him. The conflicts in Mann’s films are truly masculine in nature and dealt with a masculine way. I would argue his embrace of digital cameras has made his action scenes flatter (compare the gunfights in Heat with that of the 2006 Miami Vice) but his writing and personal character is strong enough to balance it out.

Michael Mann: A hands-on director

Creativity And Market Forces

Now, compare Mann to another auteur like Quentin Tarantino. As I’ve written in the past, Tarantino does respect the craft (he isn’t a fan of digital anything) but, unlike Mann, his storytelling capabilities are underwhelming. He just likes violence for violence’s sake. Story, characters, theme, take a backseat to forms (just mayhem and long dialogue exchanges without context). Like Rogue One or the Marvel movies, it’s a fanboy aesthetic, and it dominates Hollywood today.

Due to market and social forces, Hollywood feels they need to give the fans what they “want”. And they want action dammit! But it’s supplied without any storytelling fundamentals—except on the most puerile of levels. Ayn Rand wrote of modern art and literature being “dominated by the attempt to disintegrate man’s consciousness and reduce it to mere sensations, to the ‘enjoyment’ of meaningless colors, noises and moods.” One could say the same about today’s popular entertainment.

Really, the details and kinetics of action don’t really matter. We may be amazed by the physical feats achieved by the performers and the risks they take (how many bones has Jackie Chan broken?) but if there isn’t really a context for it all, then it is all for naught. For those who like Kung Fu movies (like me), it is good to keep in mind that all the celebrated films—directed by skilled auteurs such as Chan, Chang Cheh, and others—while having great action, were complemented by at least a competent structured story. There was a method to the madness. Keep in mind, directors like Chang (and his protégé John Woo) felt the most important characteristic of their movies was the brotherhood and heroism among men (an important value to Chinese). Kung Fu was really just a culturally specific expression of resolving whatever conflict the respective story presented. (Woo modernized it by turning the swordplay in to gunplay).

John Woo directing Hard Boiled

But Hollywood and fanboys just saw the impressive gunfights when they watched Woo’s The Killer and only cared about the chaotic shopping mall melee when they watched Chan’s Police Story. They idolized the action, neglecting the context in which it took place. And then some fanboys went to Hollywood, resulting in a movie like the Matrix: Reloaded, directed by the then Wachowski Brothers (now Wachowski Sisters), where a computerized version of Keanu Reeves, fights hundreds of Hugo Weaving’s without any blood, any risks or any stakes, leaving the audience sensory deprived (and in my case, bored).

But these type of sugar-coated action movies still have tons of fans…

Fanboys And Their Toys

An educational experience for me was the outrage in certain quarters towards The Dark Knight Rises compared to the adulation of The Avengers (directed by feminist Whedon), released a couple of months prior. I thought the latter was a waste of time. Just a bunch of flat action scenes with New York getting destroyed but ironically with no sense of suspense that the world might be ending. The Batman movie, while being far from perfect, kept my attention, had a serviceable story, some visual flair and at least attempted to have a theme, some moral heft. As I told a relative: “Christopher Nolan is an artist; Joss Whedon needs to go back to TV.” But all the fanboys would talk about is how horrible The Dark Knight Rises was, how Batman “acted out of character”, how it was “too serious” and how the fight scenes were “shit”.

Just a few more biscuits and Josh can turn that half-assed belly into full Comic Book Guy girth - the resemblance is uncanny!

Now for some moralizing: People who criticize The Dark Knight Rises or any movie for that matter over its action, editing or any minor technicalities don’t care about art, don’t care about story—they probably just care about empty thrills because outside of video games and movies, they probably aren’t experiencing any “action” in their own lives. I’m suspicious anytime I hear fanBOYS rail against anything. There’s a very good chance the object of their scorn has or at least attempted higher aims than just providing an action fix (witness the outrage of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice).

Instead it seems, they just want movies and TV shows that have conflicts that are completely contrived just to get the action started (Captain America: Civil War), that take place in some strange alternate universe where the punches don’t cause bruises, sword cuts don’t cause bleeding, and buildings collapse without any collateral human damage.

Comics, and movies based on them, have their place. Like a modern version of fairy tales, superheroes are important for kids to process conflict in a simple idealized way. But that’s for KIDS not MEN.

But even for adults, comics, and movies based on them, can be valid forms of story-telling. No genre or production method is off limits—if done competently. For example, 300, originally a comic by Frank Miller and brought to the screen by Zack Snyder, was shot completely in front of chroma key walls, with the details filled in later by computer. I’m not a fan of that type of production method but I do admit that Miller and Snyder’s combined vision resulted in a great action flick.

Men should be rewarded for strength and honor, not punished for it.

Creativity combined with technology can make a good movie

The quality of a work depends on the men producing it and an audience mature enough to process it. Unfortunately, the maturity in product and audience seems to be spiraling downwards these days. But with the popularity of sports like UFC, websites like Return of Kings and men figuring out there’s more to life than the latest Star Wars movie, hopefully things will turnaround. If I can wake up, I’m confident others can too.

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214 thoughts on “Action Films Are As Cucked As Hollywood Itself”

  1. …buildings collapse without any collateral human damage.

    To nitpick, deaths of bystanders caused by The Avengers destroying buildings has become a plot point in the Marvel movies.
    I agree that Hollywood’s love affair with shortcut CGI FX is largely ruining movies (unrealistic, done by borderline sweatshop labor by the lowest bidder, greenscreening is a detriment to many actors).
    That said, this article’s unfortunate blanket evaluation of movie goers holding certain viewpoints, and its weird pedestaling of the UFC, don’t seem sound IMO.

    1. Same with Transformers. Watched one on an airplane, seemed humans had turned against the robots due to them killing a good bit of Chicago.

    2. Not just the films. Present season of Agents of SHIELD villainess Senator Nadeer’s xenophobia towards Inhumans is rooted in the alien attack from Avengers film.

  2. Excellent article, I’ve always felt that the action movies directed by guys like John Milius and Sam Peckinpah are smarter and much more impactful than what they make nowadays.
    As a side note, I didn’t care for 300 all that much, pretty much for the reasons you say you didn’t like the Marvel movies: at no point did I feel 300 really “impacted” me, and halfway through it I just realized this movie is a bunch of guys farting around in front of a green screen in Toronto, and I lost interest. Despite all the razzle dazzle Snyder added to it, the actual story of the Battle of Thermopylae is much more interesting.

    1. interesting to note that until the 1800s, before the American and French Revolutions, the entire western world had a higher opinion of the Persian Empire than they did the Greeks. But then authors and historians from America & France wanting to glorify democracy over monarchy started to slant things in favor towards the Greeks.

        1. Their Empire covered many cultures as it stretched from Iran to Egypt. I imagine that did weaken it over time, before Alexander finished it, as people of varying ethnicities and religions rarely can stay together for long

      1. Do you have sources on this? I am very interested. Does it have to do with faggotry in ancient greece?

        1. I think it has to do with European governments being monarchies at the time and therefore promoting Monarchy. There was a time when the only sources people had of the Persian Empire were Herodotus’s Histories, the Bible, and Cyropaedia. I haven’t read Cyropaedia. check out Wikipedia’s entry on it. Looks like Machiavelli enjoyed it. Both the Bible and Cyropaedia views the Persian Empire in mostly good light.

      2. Not sure man, Shakespeare wrote plays about Greeks, every university studied the Greeks (Renaissance, etc.), Greek names were popular, etc.
        Regarding democracy the founders hated it like original sin.

        1. Probably should have said *elites of the western world instead of *entire as there was no poll conducted. It depends on the source as always, but for a lot of westerners (mostly Christians at that time) in pre-1850 the only source concerning Persian Empire was the Bible, Herodotus histories, & Cyropaedia. Never read Cyropaedia myself but I believe it glorifies Cyrus the Great. I can see scholars & actors favoring Greece as it makes sense for them to do so. But for the nobility, priests, & monarchies (upper class) of Europe the Persian monarchy was viewed very favorable.

        2. Fair points, plus the Persians had a more monotheistic religion and a few other points in their favor by views of the time.

    2. Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield is a good read if you are interested in the battle of Thermopylae. loved that book.

  3. Movies in general aren’t well done. How much regurgitated crap can Americans watch? Evidently an endless amount because it’s a very limited number of films coming out with unique plots and strong scripts. CGI is being used to fill in all the “substance.”

  4. ROK needs a regular movie review article. There are too many sites that include reviews with a hard SJW bias (e.g. the main character is white/male/heterosexual, etc. ). It would be nice to have a place where I could get some decent recommendations.

    1. step up bruh: as my favorite diaper wearing dot head once said, “be the change you want to see in the world”

        1. OK, that’s not fair.
          To Baby Huey. On several occasions he kicked the ass of the fox that was trying to eat him and the other ducklings.
          Gandhi wished he had Baby Huey’s balls.

    2. And it wouldn’t have to appear that frequently, given the lack of quality films for men. Although one could expand into foreign films, indies, etc.

        1. Definitely Bob. Who is more than a person-it’s a concept, a way of life, a state of being.

    3. You are too optimistic Bro ! Are there any movies in Hollywood that are worth a “review” !? Forget about watching the movies, we seldom find a movie good enough to even glance at the “trailer” !
      Majority (99% !) of the movies are “crap” ! Highlighting the otherwise weak & inferior pussies as the “saviors” !!
      We had E N O U G H of this cowshit ! for GOD sake, no regular movie review article please !
      Not only that; ROK Platform is:
      Growing beyond our imagination
      Reaching millions of people worldwide
      Sharing experiences in real life & relationships
      Giving out valuable insight, information and opinions
      Exposing true colors and malicious intentions of females
      Doing a tremendous job in advocating “traditional values”
      ROK Platform is no more relevant only to the West & Whites; it applies to the World & MASCULINITY.

  5. Between crap plots, often ridicoulous support cast, and the increasingly fantastical female characters who, despite being 5’5 and 120 lbs, can take down men who are twice or even three times their size, few of these “action” “films” are worth watching.

    1. This is a running schtick: Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux, Kate Beckinsdale in Underworld, Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider … on and on and on

        1. Haunted …. Kate Beckinsale’s soft porn movie was memorable for all the flesh. She looked great naked at age 20.

      1. Angelina Jolie is the only one that I wouldn’t fuck out of those 3, I find her hideous.

        1. Nah dude you’re talking about todays anorexic jolie. Your ugly ass would have have nothing on jolie less than a decade ago. She exuded pure carnal sex. That was one good looking bitch.

      2. That’s exactly the bait: eye candy. Who would want to watch crappy movies like Aeon Flux or Underworld if not for those extremely hot bitches?
        Now, ironically (((Hollywood))) started to normalize the stereotype of ‘independent and tough chick’ using the worst enemy of feminism: beautiful women.

        1. I can tolerate action hero women characters as long as they’re attractive. 🙂

        2. That’s precisely how (((Hollywood))) brainwashes men. You watch a movie only to see a hot bitch shooting and kicking ass, and then you start to tolerate women in real life doing things they are not designed nor supposed to do.

        3. It is actually mental castration. Same with modern chinese movies. The perversion is everywhere.

        4. Underworld would sell regardless due to vampires vs werewolves.
          No mention of Resident Evil? Would sell regardless due to zombies. Same with.Silent Hill. Babes are.draws.but not the only draw.

        5. I can tolerate unattractive action hero women if they are deadpool’s obese hypocrite squeeze or Monster Girl from Invincible.

      3. Those are comic book/video game characters, and or supernatural creatures (aka vampires). I’ll begrudgeningly give a pass to “women” who have supernatural or super human abilities in the case of combat against whomever. That goes for androids, aliens, or cyborgs as well.. like Gamora who is both alien and a comic book character.
        Although Black Widow would fall into comic book character I was pleased they have her using mostly lower body attacks, flips and kicks. Using a female’s lower center of gravity and leg strength rather than just doing lame ass right crosses. It helps with the suspension of disbelief.

        1. Uh no it doesn’t. Everytime I watch an avengers flick I get sucked out of the story EVERY TIME blackwidow fights. People forget, lower body attacks or not, THAT BITCH HAS NO SUPERPOWERS!!!
          Yet shes running around with literal superhumans, and kicking ass and taking names on them?!? At least Hawkeye routinly finds himself out matched, and uses guile and skill to keep form getting his ass beat. Oh wait, in Civil war she kicked his ass too!

        2. I thought widow just took out goons. Haven’t seen the recent one. She beat anyone enhanced?

    2. It is pure, and silly “Waif-fu”, and Joss Wedon did a lot to popularize it.
      River Tam from Firefly – Echo from Dollhouse – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      At least Linda Hamilton was somewhat believable in her T2 role of Sarah Connors.

      1. Buffy is fine. Slayers have enhanced supernatural abilities. She isn’t a normal human.

        1. Rae Dawn Chong: Where’s Paulie???
          Ahhnold: I let him go.
          All time great Schwarzenegger line IMO

    3. Once just once I would like to see a situation where some stupid bimbo, of course, puts herself in an incredibly idiotic dangerous situation and the hero refuses to rescue her.

    4. Pauline Kael, the late film critic for The New Yorker, was a liberal feminist who would not have been a friend of ROK. But even she knew what the real motivation behind “waif-fu” was: a desire to make females less feminine so men could relate them better. She once wrote:
      “Moviemaking is so male-dominated now that they think they’re being pro-feminine when they have women punching each other out.”
      Or, as our friend Steve Sailer put it, nerds “don`t like females the way they are. They want a vast societal effort to remold women into liking the same nerdy things they like…It`s roughly the same reason you see so many butt-kicking babes in movies aimed at male teenage comic book geeks..It`s always hyped in the press as female empowerment. But it`s driven far more by the adolescent male`s wish that sexy girls would stop being interested in all that boring girl stuff like relationships and start being interested in cool guy stuff, like kung-fu fighting and really big guns.”

      1. Despite that, the problem is, to the MSM crowd – female empowerment is their draw. That is the problem

    5. The ways movies are made in Hollywood are not appease the American public anymore. Hollywood figured out that the most money to be made is overseas – specifically India and China due to their booming movie industry and large population. Asians don’t like drama. I’m sure a movie like E.T. or Good Will Hunting would not have done well in Asia. Asians are fanatical about explosive action, fast cars, buffed men, and hot chicks. That’s why, drama movies have gone down, and garbage movies like Transformers, Avengers, and XxX:Return of Xander Cage do well in those markets. Notice how Hollywood has started to cast Chinese (Donnie Yen) and Bollywood Indian (Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Pandukone) actors and actresses so as to appeal to the mass public in India and China. I haven’t watched La La Land or Manchester By The Sea, but apparently they are in contention for Best Picture at the Oscars and their box office was not even close to a shit of a movie like Suicide Squad or XxX.

    6. Small chars taking down big chars has been going on in comics for decades. Easier to believe if they are powered but it is the staple of martial artists. Nightcrawler and Wolverine did the same shit as Widow and they lack super strength.

    7. Don’t forget she is wearing tight latex, high heels and shows off her cleavage while she takes on those 3 220 lb body guards.

  6. I personally think Hollywood’s golden days are behind them. its been a few years since I’ve seen anything worth re-watching.

  7. “The result is action that might appear to be on a grand scale, definitely flashy, sometimes confusing, but also barren and lifeless.”
    True, but you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s barren because the characters are unsympathetic. The best stories embed physical action inside of a character-driven story. Think Die Hard or The Fugitive, which stand the test of time.
    Why are characters so flat nowadays? Because Asian teenagers don’t understand or care about characters–and that’s mostly who movies are being made for these days.
    tl;dr Asian teens cause bad movies.

  8. What are the author’s thoughts on John Wick? Maybe too stylized, like The Matrix? In comparison, I think the Accountant handled its last action sequence better.

  9. Do people still watch new movies and TV shows? I find them completely boring. There are some many things to do in life, rather than staying in front of a screen receiving images, sounds and leftist bullshit. Even surfing the internet is better: at least is bidirectional, I receive content but I can also create mine. I think cinema and TV shows are totally outdated, in the internet era.

    1. Simply: They suck.
      I get to see 99.9% of movies free in a first-run theater. I barely bother anymore. Only a small fraction are worth the time spent. I’m better off using Netflix DVD service for old or obscure stuff.
      The only TV I watch any more is sports and mostly to be social.

  10. I stopped reading this after the author stated he was butt-hurt over a desert town gunfight and a fake nuking. What a wimp.

    1. Yeah, I found that a little silly as well. The Jedha/Iraq sequence in Rogue One was one of a number of kick-ass action set pieces that were realized almost entirely without CGI.

    2. If seeing a mushroom cloud is all it takes to be ‘triggered’, that’s some weak sauce right there. Large explosions were taking the shape of a mushroom long before hiroshima.

      1. It won’t work on a ps3, but i bought a android tv box pre installed with kodi for just over a 100 dollars. It will also work perfectly on any windows machine.

        1. DAmn! PS3 is all I have, would it work on an old 360(mine broke a few years ago). I’d consider buying a used one if it does.
          I bet it wont work on the PS4 or the Xbox1, right?
          thank you!

        2. It might work on xbox. Just do a random search on youtube there are dozens of guys posting how-to vids. I personally would recommend the android tv box though, as it was plug and play.

  11. Rogue One is a pretty poor choice to rant about here since it by and large does a great job in terms of physicality and believability (insofar as sci-fi can be believable). While full of SJW nonsense in terms of the script, physically it looked the part because Edwards took pains to use practical effects wherever possible. The ground scenes looked gritty and realistic because they were filmed on location instead of in front a blue screen.
    And even the space battles had weight to them because they used a lot of physical models in addition to digital trickery. That’s a far cry from the CGI bullshittery on display in the Avengers and most other actioners today.
    That said, I agree with the rest of the article. Ever since the second Matrix film, action movies have jumped the digital shark.

    1. They made a second Matrix film? Next you’ll be telling me they made three, and the second two were godawful post-modern bullcrap with weird CGI.

      1. Haha, I hear you. The effects were terrible, took me right out of the films.
        Which is too bad because for all the shit that people give Reloaded and Revolutions, they’re actually crammed full of philosophy, religion, and various insights that most other films (let alone action films) don’t touch.
        I guess the Wachowskis blew their creative load though, because everything they’ve done since has been a bad joke. Not to mention the whole cutting your own dick off thing.

        1. I actually loved the Smith’s character nihilism in all 3 movies. I think even to this day I remember at least 5 of his quotes. “You must be able to see it , u must now it by now it’s pointless to keep trying. Why do you persist?”. My argument to beta cucks that believe in love.

        2. I don’t remember his quote word for word, but I loved his rant in the first movie about how much he hates being stuck in the Matrix, reminds me a lot of myself in my younger days when I was a lot more angry and starting to wake up.

        3. I hate this place, this zoo, this reality, it’s the SMELL. I can taste your STINK and everytime i do i feel i have been infected by it, it’s repulsive. I feel satured by it. I must get out of here, i must get free.
          I actually love the STINK, it reminds me that at the end of the day I am nothing but a filthy animal, that pretends to give a shite about life.

      2. I wanted the machines to either kill all the humans or hook them back up to the matrix again after I saw that the best the humans could do with their freedom was engage in a fucking rave party/orgy. Vapid masses of low IQ sweaty ass grinding mystery meat. Kill it with fire.

    2. “And even the space battles had weight to them because
      they used a lot of physical models in addition to digital trickery. That’s a far cry from the CGI bullshittery on display in the Avengers and most other actioners today.”
      This is an excellent observation. Physical models, by definition, have to exist in real life and that requires a certain level of creative facility that is missing from digital artistry. This is why the production design of the original Star Wars trilogy remains so much more compelling that those hyperactive digital efforts of later films. The original creations, from conceptual art all the way though model construction and filming, were the products of a
      generation of men who grew up MAKING THINGS, taking things apart, tinkering, repairing. And Lucas was hands-on with a lot of this, being a veteran hot-rodder and aircraft enthusiast. Generations since are lacking in this experience, so their efforts are little more than 2-dimensional image and collage.
      And you can prove this – re-watch the Star Wars prequels and Episode 7 (if you dare!) and I guarantee anything you find interesting or compelling is a re-hash of Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art from the early ‘70s. And in most cases his work is simply cut and pasted still-born into the new film without any further development whatsoever.

      1. You’d dig Terry Gilliam’s stuff; not much CGI in his early movies. Labyrinthe (Jim Henson) and the Never ending Story too, a lot of talented people built those fantasy worlds with their bare hands, no computers

      2. Yoda is another example; in episodes 5&6 you have an actual, physical Yoda that Luke interacts with (care of Jim Henson’s workshop if I remember correctly). Real eye contact with an actual physical presence (admittedly with a puppet) rather than talking to an empty space on a green screen to be filled in later. This took actual skill to pull off, utilizing skills that had their origins in time honored puppetry techniques as well as requiring creative inovation…the same goes for E.T. from the same era. CGI honestly ruined quite a bit of the magic of alot of fantasy and scifi. Give me puppetry and background matte paintings anyday over the soulless CGI imagery (which still looks fake at least 85% of the time anyway). Most of all, give me the originality that these older films have that the films today are with a few exceptions horribly lacking.

        1. Couldn’t agree more. No matter how much more “animated” Yoda was in the prequels, flying around, kicking ass, he was still lifeless compared to the originals, and your explanation is right on.

    3. R1 and TFA were pretty. That’s about all they had going for them. Rogue 1’s ending really showcased what a Star Wars film could (and should) be. More of that.

  12. Lately, I have been making negative comments on movie reviews saying that there are better things a person can be doing than watching somebody else live their life on screen. While I hold to that, I have had a change of heart. Decent movies this side of 1980 are very rare indeed, and they need to identified so we don’t waste hours looking at some “action” flick only to find out it is a CGI cartoon about global warming or other silliness.

    1. I think I saw 5 movies in the last 2 years, played no video games, don’t listen to modern music. This has started to become a problem for me because it stripped me from having much of anything in common with most people.

      1. Is this not the problem, right here? I noticed years ago that absolutely everything I would talk about with people was shallow and superficial – movies, fiction books, television shows, etc.
        Now, I may be ill-informed, but people talked before these things were the cultural forces they are, no? Outside of gossip, surely there’s something of value for men to discuss.
        That’s actually part of what brought me here – we talk about things that are interesting and meaningful, sprinkled with videos and references but not revolving around them.

      2. Been playing older games. Ones with actual stories and interesting elements. New games are soulless cash-grabs. Video games seem to have peaked a few years back, and outside of graphics, are complete shit.

      3. You and me both. I am practically persona non grata because I refuse to watch movies, rarely play video games and listen to only what I do (which is metal with a real predilection for black metal and the like)-I’m out of touch with the average mouth breather.

        1. The Wall is strong in Theron today, but in her prime (The Italian Job, Aeon Flux) she was extremely fuckable.

        2. Dude, I am a good looking guy, but there are moments in the day when I look like shit. And my dick still gets hard when i see her lick that ice-cream.

        3. No doubt. She hit the wall though – boom. Probably why she was at that protest the other day…

        4. She was, of course.
          I willl never understand how she, technically a Boer, could hate his country, his own people and herself so much. She is now old, childless, a feminist, and adopted some dindus who probably will end fucking her literally and figuratively.

        5. Might be some of that MK-Ultra going on there…I mean, everybody’s mind-controlled. It’s a question of to what extent.

        6. long hair, pink…how is that not child abuse? He is thinking “I dont need this shit.”

        7. She’s a piece of sh*t.
          I remember when she hugged that vile communist murderer and terrorist Mandela and told him she “loved him”. She loved a blood thirsty murderer whose goal it was to destroy her people. White guilt to the nth degree. She is a mentally ill piece of sh*t.

        8. Pretty ironic, don’tcha think? If there were a few good spots for Michelle Obama, it was her exercise and nutrition initiatives. Yet, it was the dirty misogynist Trump that got these fatties moving. Perhaps maybe for a pussy grabbing?

      1. I think she’s makeup-pretty; but to each their own. You going with New England in the Super Bowl…

        1. HAve to; if they win, brady might walk away finally…football is awful with him in it

        2. Remember that year the Pats were undefeated and lost in the Super Bowl to the Giants…Super Bowl XLII, back in Feb. 2008. Tyree made that helmet catch. Guess how many offensive holding calls the Patriots were flagged for that year, during the regular season…three – the whole year.
          A ref can call holding on every play against any offensive line. Many teams get called for holding three times in a game. But Belichick – now that guy’s a genius. Not only does he apparently coach his players so well that they almost never hold, but he also mindfucks the refs so badly, they can’t even see it when his team actually does hold…heh.

        3. So are you saying that the NFL is relatively ‘controlled?’ Do you think that’s the case? I’ve actually been teasing that thought out myself.
          Holding and PI calls are so precarious in a single game, and from game to game–no two games are called the same. I think the way those two penalties are handled are enough of a “control” to keep a game relatively in check so to speak. I’m not saying games are controlled by a kicker missing a kick on purpose because the mafia got to him or something—I’m talking about adjusting the way the refs call a game based on the style of the respective teams playing as way to create an imperfect, amorphous border to the competition.
          For instance most of us are totally fine when in one game the refs call a tough game and “let the boys play” as long as its consistent. The thing is, letting the DB’s man-handle WR’s at the line when games normally aren’t called like that is enough to destroy an offense’s entire chemistry, timing, gameplan etc. I think I’ve seen it happen a fair amount of times.
          Its BS in my opinion, and I”m starting to doubt it’s merely inconsistency within the different referee squads…

    1. Many movie stars aren’t all that attractive in real life. They are just blank canvases on which the make-up people do their magic.

      1. I totally agree. To me, the measure of a woman’s facial beauty is how she looks without makeup. Hollywood is all about magic; making people see what they want them to see.

      2. I saw Cameron Diaz walking down 36th street about 8 years ago. She was hideous. A tall, wrinkled, “crypt-keeper” of a woman.

        1. The only two times I thought Diaz was truly gorgeous was on The Mask, and on There’s Something About Mary. And even in the latter, you already started to see the decline.

    2. It kills me with laughter that my skin is exponentially better than these miscreants despite my earning a fraction of what they do what with the access to all manner of treatment etc-imagine how I would look with a metric ton of makeup and photoshop. The adage is true-men age like wine, women age like milk. I look half a decade at least younger than what I am.

  13. Few months ago i tried to watch “Avengers” on Blu Ray at home.
    Great sound and picture quality.Great 3D Effects.BUT..totally SOULLESS.
    After one hour i just could not watch it anymore and i turned it off….!
    I have seen almost all “Star Wars” movies right at release at the cinema.
    Except the first one from 1977 because i was too young to see it.
    But after watching ” Star wars- the FARCE awakens” in 2015 i was very dissapointed.Damn, what a piece of garbage…
    Therefore i am not interested to see another star wars movie anymore and i still didnt see “Roque One”.
    Nowadays they use CGI (even in 3D) only for the purpose to hypnotize and brainwash you.

    1. Movies cant have soul in a global market. Run the risk of offending some group(thats why comedy is absolutely dead). Didnt the Avengers have to remove the Mandarin character so as to not offend the Chinese? Or was that an IRon Man movie?

    2. Most movies are so poorly crafted. Hard for me to watch them at all. I shredded Godzilla, Jurassic World and TFA when they came out.

    3. I did the same with Batman vs. Superman. Why did they begin with the 36473838474648274648392744th rehash of Batman’s origin story? Isn’t this relatively common knowledge by now, at least by fans of the franchise?
      I turned it off an hour in… It was just too dumb.

  14. “family that served in Iraq”
    are we now supposed to be sorry for how destroying a country for no reason made you fuckin feel?

  15. Same actors all the time too, every time I watch a film on TV it seems to have either Brian Cox or Samuel L Jackson in it

    1. Samuel L Jackson isn’t even an actor these days, he’s just a professional yeller.

  16. So from now on there aren’t supposed to be shootouts in desert towns in movies because of Iraq and no mushroom clouds or anything similar because someone from Hiroshima might see it? Oh my feels.

  17. Who watches anymore new movies?
    Anyway the problem today is that there lives a generation that has flawed representation of reality and it believes them. In truth the milennials have only images of images of reality, so when they think something, that is a representation of a representation etc.
    Making nerds into screenwriters nearly guarantees failure through the wrong type of cheesiness.

    1. Most new movies never give you a chance to care about the characters, even when the characters are interesting. There are way to many jump cuts and scenes that are chopped short to cater to the ADD viewers. They need to slow things down and put longer, substantive scenes in the first fifteen minutes of these movies, so we can get to know the characters and give a fuck about them.

      1. That is one of my many complaints with Dark Shadows. It was empty of character interest or anything else for that matter. It was a collection of short scene one liners for the ADD set.
        The only other movie I have seen in the past few years is SW: The Force Awakens. It was a very slick transition for Star Wars to a feminist action flick.
        I am finished with modern films.

        1. It’s almost impossible to make a serious movie based on a long running TV show, so they usually end up turning them into comedy, which is what they did with Dark Shadows. And Tim Burton is nowadays really more of a visual stylist than a movie director. I did enjoy the Alice Cooper scenes though.

    2. I have stopped watching movies-refused to go to the cinema for a number of years and will continue to do so. I will instead indulge in 1970s Kung Fu movies, spaghetti westerns and the like; before the movies go thoroughly and irreparably cucked.

  18. Good article, except for the trigger warning part about Iraq.
    In my last years of being plugged in, I started to get tired of Hollywood for infantilizing action movies, constantly banking on nostalgia by making shitty remakes and sequels to old movies, and resorting to degenerate shock humor for comedy movies.
    The first Matrix is still one of the all time bests in my opinion. The stylish action had a purpose, it wasnt just there to look cool, it was a metaphor showing how in a fantasy world you can be anything you want, while the real world is a lot more depressing and dull. The themes of existentialism, philosophy, and religion were all handled very well, the scene where Neo sees the code to me always felt like a great metaphor for wisdom or faith.
    The Dark Knight movies were enjoyable as well, its probably the only series of comic book movies that don’t make me feel like an idiot. Batman kind of reminded me of Mad Max by trying to conserve laws and societal structures during a societal collapse, the second movie even kinda had the balls to show how moral relativism can be just as problematic as chaotic violence. Its also worth noting that these movies were pretty light on the action, but seem to leave a bigger impact as opposed to a childish popcorn flick like The Avengers.

    1. The key is to make the real world more awesome & fantastical then fiction.
      Real world you have unlimited possibilities, fiction is written by those who dont know how to make their creativity a reality & manifest

  19. I agree generally with the gist of this article, but I think the author’s particular examples are off the mark. (To emphasize, I think he chose the wrong movies to use as examples for his otherwise correct assertions.)
    Tarantino, for as much of a douche as he is, and his recent forays in SJW moralizing, has still put together some great, realistic scenes of violence, as well as dialogue. Want to see what a fight between a grown man and a woman would really be like? Go watch James Gandolfini beat the crap out of Patricia Arquette in True Romance. Yes, she survives because of the plot, but you don’t get much more visceral than that.
    Also, Captain American: Civil War, perhaps unintentionally, has a pretty compelling and masculine plot if you step back from it and think about it. Is it well done? No, because the writers and director are SJW retards and they don’t understand things like honor, valor, self-responsibility and brotherhood. It is also just completely over-stuffed with crap. But the underlying motivations and conflicts are far from “contrived” if you consider them at a basic level.
    The main antagonist, Zemo, is haunted by the death of his family which was caused by collateral damage from a previous Avengers fights. So the basic plot — of this particular movie that is cited in the article — undercuts the author’s rant against massive fights where “buildings collapse without any collateral human damage”.
    There are plenty of other examples in other movies to support his rant, which makes citing *this* movie doesn’t make much sense.
    Zemo perceives that the strength of the Avengers is their unity, their brotherhood, so he seeks to get his revenge by driving a wedge between Captain America and Iron Man. He frames Captain America’s childhood friend Bucky for a crime as part of a plot to expose the fact that Bucky murdered Iron Man’s parents (while brainwashed — I mean, it is a comic book movie, okay?).
    One of the main conflict arises because Captain America remains loyal to his childhood friend Bucky despite the evidence against him. Captain America displays loyalty and brotherhood, very masculine traits that most SJW decry, and refuses to give into the push to essentially make the Avengers a UN-controlled force. His remarks about personal responsibility and how allowing themselves to be controlled by UN bureaucrats is basically cowardly is hardcore red pill, when you break it down.
    You would expect Captain America, pro-military and a good solider, to follow orders and do what the government tells him, but he values his bond to his brother (which — shockingly — was not done in a gay way) and his need for self-responsibility and self-determination over just doing what he is told. Eventually, his belief in his brother is justified, and we see that his decision to avoid the UN mandate was the correct one.
    Iron Man, traditionally characterized as the rogue who can’t take orders, lands on the pro-UN side, seeking to put the Avengers “in check” and have them restrained by UN oversight because of the guilt he feels for his past mistakes. But he eventually admits that what he is really trying to do is get back his ex-girlfriend who has broken up with him because he refuses to submit to her frame.
    She is the hard-charging corporate CEO who is trying to emasculate him. His decisions in the previous movies that have failed so badly (creating Ultron, etc.) center around him trying to deny his basic Alpha nature and give up his masculine frame. But he can’t see that, so he is doubling down. Iron Man hasn’t been able to make himself give up his Alpha frame, so he is seeking to restrain his masculine self-reliance under this UN yoke to keep himself in check, hopefully to get his ONE-itis back.
    Since the movie is made by blazing SJWers, Iron Man never truly understands the conflict within himself. Even when he finally realizes that Bucky was framed and goes to help Iron Man, he does it in a childish way and is immediately put back into conflict with Iron Man when he finds out Bucky killed his parents.
    If you really step back and look at the plot through a red pill lens, you can see the masculine themes and conflicts. They just don’t really reach a full, actualized conclusion because the people who wrote and directed the movie are not in touch with reality in any way. They copy stereotypes or use what they see actual masculine men do, but don’t understand it well enough to flesh it out fully as a character arc.
    I would even argue that, while Black Widow is definitely in the 120-lb-female-waif-that-can-beat-up-325-lb-muscle-men category, her fighting style is at least a little (slightly) better done than the typical Action Hero Girl trope. She at least (usually) launches her entire body into kicks and punches, throwing her entire weight and momentum at her opponents, hitting them multiple times and with weapons, etc.. Rarely does she just slap or punch them once and then they fall over dead like most Super Tough Ninja Grrrls.

    1. I’m not a comic book reader, but when I saw the scene in which Ironman’s parents were murdered all I just shook my head.
      Killing off a kid’s parents only to have him inherit their vast fortune and use it to become a superhero? Yea where have we seen that before.
      Overall I thought Civil War was meh. And then there’s the reintroduction of Spider-Man. Wtf?

      1. So any rich heroes besides Batman need to have a parent die of natural causes or be present?

  20. Is it just me, or did the advent of CGI accelerate the degeneration of Hollywood? Of course there were times when the Fonze jumped the shark, like when he jumped the shark. But anymore, they are hardly any different than the Wile Coyote using an ACME catapult to launch himself through a painted hole.

      1. She does realize steel rusts? I don’t know how quickly semen can rust it, but still.

        1. Yeah, if Magneto could cross the Marvel/DC divide, Supergirl couldn’t do a damn thing to protect her pussy from him.

        2. Not sue if joking. Steel is a metaphor for kryptonian vulnerability.
          Funny how in show she has friendzoned toyman Jr. and negro Olsen and is lusting after fratboy whose family owned slaves. Kinda redpill in a way.

      2. Ugh.why did you have to post that. I like watching Supergirl. I don’t want to hate CW. I won’t punish writers for actress stulidity

  21. Seems to me that Hollywood has all the ass kicking women and diversity for diversitys sake in movies to supposedly increase markets and profit but, most of the people who like action movies and are willing to pay to see them are white males from 14 to 35. If they stop going to see these cheesy movies them profits go down, it’s like they are trying to cut their own throats.

    1. These fags think straight men like this shit because they themselves like them.
      I remember back in the 80’s guy flicks always had hot women showing their tits. Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Porky’s, Friday the 13th, etc.

  22. I’m reminded of the story involving Christopher Lee and Peter Jackson on the set of LoTR:Twin Towers when Lee tells Jackson that Lee knows what it sounds like when a man is stabbed.

  23. I don’t get Whedon. In Serenity he writes a line such as this: “They’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better.
    And I do not hold to that. So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.” That is pure Trump. How can that man have that insight and still be a manlet?

    1. “That’s what governments are for, to get in a man’s way.” Another great Reynolds line, and it kills me that such a badass character was written by such a mangina.
      I fucking love that show, but then again I look at what Whedon has done since and maybe it’s a good thing that it only lasted 15 episodes or whatever it was.

  24. Yeah I cannot tolerate those movies anymore either after you understand what is going on. Keep it up Hollywood we use real toys in the real world and people are getting tired of the bullshit lies you spew.

  25. Red Pill = an acknowledgment that the majority of what you are taught is utter BS.
    What started me on that path? When I was around 10, I saw this stupid Disney cartoon called “Fern Gully”. The whole premise was utter BS. Like some evil white man is out to destroy the rain forest and smear the whole place. Then, I started to remember films like that Jane Fonda flick “9 to 5”, Dustin Hoffmins, “Tootsie”, MASH (Corporal Klinger), Bosom Buddies, Three’s Company.
    On top of that, there is our public education, Ozone depletion. You know why the ozone layer opens up every year? Because there is no sunlight to create the ozone, so it naturally degrades. If ionizing radiation hits oxygen, chemistry happens and ozone is created.
    Some people find the red pill through discovering the nature of women, others through religion, others through politics, I found it through the media and education system.

    1. Once you discover one path, then you start another and discover that was utter BS as well. You then reflect back at some things “messed up” people told you and realize that they were right, and you were wrong.

      1. “Realize they weee right”…so you are saying the red pill you have to swallow may actually be pride once you see nuggets of truth. Never thought of it that way.

        1. Yeah, it’s like when you were a teenager and you rebelled against your parents thinking you knew it all…only later to find out that they were right all along.

        2. “Many of those engaged in a lemming-like march to the sea are proud of their individualism” – Neal A Maxwell

    2. I discovered it about the age of 12, becoming aware of the double standards that existed whereby in TV shows and ads, men were always the dumb ones, the negligent ones, the abusers, the evil drink-drivers and the butt of jokes at their expense. I’d go out to the shopping centre and see shirts for sale that had things on them like ‘I have PMS: Putting Up With Men’s Shit’…and yet anything even close to the same criticisms or mocking of women in mainstream society was screamed at as “sexist”.
      Even before I’d started Highschool I realised something was off…

      1. Age 10 for me in what Americans would term ‘elementary school’-I saw the feminist Cultural Marxist idiocy that was coming and I recoiled and rebelled against it.

    3. The premise of FernGully is to make you lust for the barefoot fairy QT while injecting nightmare fuel via Batty’s experimentation song while parents think it is innocent nature flick. Kinda like The Last Unicorn.

  26. About Rogue One, I may be reading waaaay too much into it but….
    You’ve got a very middle eastern looking city. You’ve got a religious outcast group. You’ve got terrorists. My initial thought coming away from that was: OK, the empire is the US, and the Jedi are muslims!?
    Granted, muslims don’t have Zatoichi guys…. but still.
    Also, the plot of Rogue One was just plain stupid. I don’t think anybody really sits down and thinks about their plots anymore.

  27. ” As someone who has had family that served in Iraq, and a wife that is from Hiroshima, this was a shit sandwich of imagery that took me out of the movie. Only people with a detached and privileged worldview could produce scenes like this. ”
    I don’t come here enough to know if this is a joke. If it is not, you are a faggot.

    1. The takeaway is movie writers need to check. their. privilege.
      Great, now we’ve got sjw’s contributing articles here.

    2. I was under the impression that any sufficiently large explosion will create something like a mushroom cloud. An atomic blast is only notable for the radiation present therein (which can’t be seen, obviously.) I haven’t Googled any images of large explosions to back this up though.
      And his wife must be freakin’ ninety years old (and maybe have three eyes and tentacles) if she can remember how the mushroom cloud at Hiroshima looked in person. (Which would be the only point of that reference … if she’s just from that city but was born in the ’80s, etc., she could as well have been from anywhere.)

  28. I’ve noticed this in science fiction novels. If a writer has had experiences in the real world, he generally writes better stories; they just feel more solid some how.
    For example, I can tell that John Scalzi has never handled and shot a firearm, when he tried to re-imagine H.B. Piper’s novel Little Fuzzy, and the main character has to use a sawed-off shotgun. Piper in real life worked as a railroad cop, so he had experience dealing with lowlifes; he went camping and hunting; he collected firearms and he knew a lot about their history, including the history of gunpowder. He put all these experiences to work in his stories, and he generally succeeded in suspending disbelief, at least when I read them. When a character in one of his stories shoots a .357 Magnum revolver, an experience I have also had, you can tell that Piper has actually fired such a weapon.
    By contrast that Scalzi comes across as a reclusive, experientially impoverished nerd who tries to bluff his way through by writing lame science fiction modeled after the work of better writers.
    Bertram Chandler also writes sound science fiction based on his experiences as a British and later an Australian merchant sailor. He had to spend months at sea stuck on ships in hierarchies of command, with people above and below him he didn’t necessarily like or respect. He reproduces the sort of claustrophobia involved when the hero John Grimes in his adventures as an interstellar explorer has to live that way on spaceships for much of the time. John Scalzi and similar writers couldn’t pull this off at all.

  29. I can’t think of any new movies I liked. Inglorious Bastards, American Beauty and Fight Club are the most recent I enjoyed.

  30. You were making some good, educated points before you started dissing Tarantino. His superb storytelling abilities are the root of his success.

  31. Sam Peckinpaugh movies ..are the shit. He was a very influential director. Boozer and womanizer too.

  32. fact is a lot of these writers and directors, even fight arrangers dont really know what’s what.

  33. Thanks to Hollywood, I know have a life! I use to waste so much time watching TV and movies but due to PC and Feminist bullshit from Hollywood, it’s 2 painful for me to watch!
    I also found the same thing with video games which was one reason I deleted all my characters on WOW some years ago!

  34. Kevin Smith must be damn weak if he can’t even NOCK an arrow. Did you mean to write string, or draw back a bow?

  35. I just get bored by action scenes, most of the time. I usually end up ff’ing to the end of the fight to see how the situation transpires (usually the hero wins and the plot is advanced so we can move on) and find myself much more interested in the little “human” scenes of characters interacting and strategizin’. (E.g., in Avengers 2, I enjoyed the little scene at Stark’s house where they take turns trying to lift Thor’s hammer. I can’t remember much else from that movie.)

  36. He forgot to mention the ridiculous tough girl character that has infected nearly every action film and show. Insightful article, nonetheless.

  37. The 300 movie : a great advertisment for steroids. I wonder how many thousands of noobs worlwide bought into the whole 300 workout video + supplements scam…you might as well order your dianabol shot from the local doc, safer.

  38. I don’t think that UFC is a good example of growing masculinity. First of all, it is the first fighting sport I can think of that is really pushing women forward. Hell the girls are acting before their career is nearly up and they are being compared to Mike Tyson.
    Secondly, in my opinion, the fighters are not the best athletes. Compare them to boxers for example. The skill, technique and endurance are far superior for example. (I’m not saying that boxers would beat UFC fighters just that the attention to skill-craft is much better in my opinion).
    Thirdly, MMA is being marketed as the “best martial art” for combat or whatever. Of course MMA is not a martial art, it is a mixture of martial arts optimized for the rules with the sport. While doubtless it would serve you well in a street fight against one attacker it would probably get you killed in a great many scenarios. It should be looked at as it is. A sport with somewhat subpar athletes. This may change over time, but I find it hard to enjoy because of the poor fitness level of many of the competitors.

  39. Nice article. I find myself falling asleep during these modern action flicks.
    Why? No character or plot development.

  40. My opinion, the best action movie of all time was the original Robocop.
    Brutal action but with precisely the story and depth the author talks about. It deals with the psychological and moral question of- “What is a man?” and handles it beautifully with seriously dark humor. Absolutely brilliant.
    If you haven’t seen it, drop what you are doing and fix that problem right now.

  41. A lot of these things like the new Star Wars are all Macho Maid with idiotic Beta male side kicks with many ‘minorities’ represented but when it comes to the Villeins other than weird aliens they are almost exclusively White Heterosexual Alpha Males or Lone Wolves.

  42. I am currently buying up a massive library of older films.. Hollywood will be taken over by the Chinese if Trump allows it so prepare for the most lame films that are tolerant of the Communist Chinese dream of ruling the world.. Not on my Dollar, Hollywood boycott on!

  43. This is why I don’t even bother watching modern action movies today. If any of you are looking for real action flicks, check out any Kung Fu movies produced by the Shaw Brothers studio from the late 60s through early 80s (mentioned by the author above), as well as any flicks from the Poliziotteschi genre (essentially Dirty Harry, French Connection, and Godfather knockoffs, but often better than the originals when it comes to action) made in Italy during the 70s. Great movies made by men for men!!

  44. Should consider the economic aspect of the business: maximizing profit means expanding market, which means going global. The original creators and supporters of comics (white males) get lost in the shuffle.

  45. I like historic movies, but there are not to many of those who are really interesting. The war-genre is taken hostile by Marxists anyway. Saving private ryan was largerly crap, but Fury was even a larger mockery of the might of the nazi’s. Der Untergang and Das Boot were very good, way more realistic. Hollywood is a Jew-business. So don’t expect anything good to come from that.

  46. I am a union actor currently on more than 20 tv shows in Hollywood. I am type-casted as a alpha criminal and only play sinister roles. I can tell you that playing a alpha male role has taught me so much about Hollywood. I am constantly looked down on and talked down to by the crew themselves because of the characters I portray. Generally most of the film crews are 30-40% gay and the remaining 59-69% remaining to be feminist and liberal. It is very rare I come across another alpha male character and when i do they are usually acting the character and are in real life beta males who display liberal characteristics. It can be very discouraging playing alpha characters employed by this industry because they really do treat you with disrespect and if you do anything wrong they immediately want to see that you are made an example of. You cant even be a human being and play these characters, you have to be without flaw because if you have any they will zero in on it like vultures. Even then the chances are they will only use you and try to get rid of you as soon as they can.

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