Is This Pornstar A True Friend Of Feminism?

Duke University has been the center of much controvery in recent years. We’ve all heard about the infamous lacrosse case. Then, of course, there was the “Duke Fuck List” thesis created by a sorority girl at the school.

So what’s the issue now? Porn. Specifically, a pornstar who just happens to have been a freshman at Duke:

A porn star at Duke University? A student’s interview with a college newspaper has stirred up controversy on campus — and online.

“Lauren,” a female freshman at Duke, admitted to The Duke Chronicle that she’s been performing in adult films to help pay for tuition, which costs close to $60,000 a year.

She described herself as a libertarian-leaning Republican with hopes of becoming a lawyer, and called porn a less “degrading” way to make money than a minimum-wage waitress job.


Her stage name is Belle Knox. I won’t post too many links given their NSFW nature, but Google should return plenty of results. Her real name is Miriam Weeks. Here’s a quick note about her from a now deleted Facebook link introducing her as a writer for a campus publication.

Meet one of our new freshman writers…Miriam Weeks!

Here’s a little blurb about her: “My hometown is Spokane, Washington, but I have lived all over the world because I am an Army Brat!”

“I hope to major in Women Studies and Sociology, and someday be a lawyer! I am a member of Duke’s Moot Court, Duke Human Rights Student Advisory Board, and on the Executive Board of Duke Second Languages in Action. In my free time I enjoy sleeping, eating Milanos, and perusing Netflix.”

Belle got outed when a male peer recognized her in a porno he was watching and informed all of his fraternity bros of his discovery. Weeks was soon the subject of massive controversy across Duke’s campus, and soon decided to meet it head-on in the aforementioned interview with The Duke Chronicle and an op-ed in XOJane (which she authored under the pen name “Lauren A”):

I’m The Duke University Freshman Porn Star And For The First Time I’m Telling The Story In My Words

I am a porn star. I am a college freshman. You know nothing about me.

Anyway, there’s a lot going on in the article but I wanted to focus on this bit of self-defense she puts up here:

Why does the thought of a woman having sexual experiences scare us so much?

The answer is simple.

Patriarchy fears female sexuality.

It terrifies us to even fathom that a woman could take ownership of her body. We deem to keep women in a place where they are subjected to male sexuality. We seek to rob them of their choice and of their autonomy. We want to oppress them and keep them dependent on the patriarchy. A woman who transgresses the norm and takes ownership of her body — because that’s exactly what porn is, no matter how rough the sex is — ostensibly poses a threat to the deeply ingrained gender norms that polarize our society.
I am well aware: The threat I pose to the patriarchy is enormous. That a woman could be intelligent, educated and CHOOSE to be a sex worker is almost unfathomable.

Here, Belle attempts to paint herself as the ultimate weapon against the patriarchy, a threat so great that defenders of said patriarchy can hardly even fathom it. As far as she is concerned, feminists should clearly be on her side. She is their ally.


But is she right? Are those feminists fighting the patriarchy really behind her?

Feminist critiques of the patriarchy usually focus on its alleged failure to respect and account for the intellectual capacities of women. The patriarchy, they say, puts far too much emphasis on female beauty and sexuality and not nearly enough emphasis on what women can do with their minds. It assumes that even highly intelligent women are best valued for their bodies, not their thoughts. It is the patriarchy that takes intelligent women and objectifies them to a point at which they are defined primarily by their sexuality and physical appearance, not their intellectual capacity.

Knowing all of this, can we honestly claim that “Belle Knox” is a weapon that actually stands against the patriarchy as these feminists have critiqued it? Here we have a pretty intelligent woman, smart enough to get into a Top 10 University that is arguably one of the best institutions of higher learning on the planet. This is a woman whose intellectual capacity has objectively been shown to be well above average: she wouldn’t have made it to Duke if it weren’t.

And yet, how has “Belle Knox” chosen to define herself, despite her intellect? She’s become a pornstar. She’s entered a career in which her sexuality and physical appearance are pretty much the end-all, be-all.


What does it say when the most intelligent young women around (the ones you expect would be able to lean on their intellectual capacity for advancement and be valued accordingly) are still choosing to define themselves primarily with their sexuality? Keep in mind that this girl, despite repeatedly citing tuition as an excuse for her pursuing a porn career, really was not in a financial bind: she had plenty of scholarships to choose from.

I was offered scholarships at a lot of places. I was offered full tuition at Vanderbilt, for example, and was accepted into USC, Wellesley, Barnard, Pepperdine, some others.

She didn’t have to turn to porn to help fund a prohibitively expensive college degree. She could have simply went to Vanderbilt (still one of this nation’s elite schools) and gotten a quality degree. Why didn’t she do this? Why did she go to Duke and end up in her current position?

I visited Duke last year on Blue Devil Days [Duke’s programmed weekend for admitted freshmen], and I remember walking into the Duke Chapel — I’m a very spiritual person — and just feeling an energy that told me, “This is the place you need to be.” And I felt something in the chapel in that moment that told me that I needed to be here and go to Duke and it was something that would be an amazing experience for me.

She did it because she felt entitled to the school that satisfied her “feelings,” regardless of how much it cost. She’s a prep-school product from a well off family, and is used to getting precisely what she wants—there was no other option there in her mind. She also really likes porn, and a career in that industry was something she genuinely wanted:

I am not ashamed of porn. On the contrary, doing pornography fulfills me…
… For me, shooting pornography brings me unimaginable joy. When I finish a scene, I know that I have done so and completed an honest day’s work. It is my artistic outlet: my love, my happiness, my home.
I can say definitively that I have never felt more empowered or happy doing anything else.

Belle Knox was not forced into the situation she is in. She was not shoved into the adult industry against her will. She got there due to a series of decisions she made freely of her own accord. And her choice was not to fight the objectification of women as so many feminists claim to want to do—on the contrary, she chose to embrace that objectification by becoming a pornstar, claiming in one video to “love” the thought of millions of men masturbating at the sight of her having sex. She was intelligent enough to avoid doing this and had other options available, but chose this path anyway.


Despite clearly wanting to be objectified (and deriving a substantial amount of pleasure from said objectification), Belle attempts to take a stand against the objectification of women, which she claims is rife on her college campus and a source of many problems:

If you look at the anonymous CollegiateACB forums of other schools, there are maybe four topics. At Duke, there are 800 topics. All of them are “rate freshman girls on a scale of one to 10” or “which Asian has the biggest boobs.” So Duke has this — and I blame the Greek system a lot for this — culture of objectifying women.

And yet…

I was just sitting in my dorm one day and said to my roommate, “Fuck it, I’ll be a porn star.” So I Googled “how to be a porn star” and came up with all these agencies. I had no idea you could apply to be a porn star; I thought someone came up to you and scouted you at a mall. I sent in my info and a couple of my pics and literally the next day all these agencies were calling me. I started talking to all these agents who thought I could be making six figures and saw real potential for me in the industry. I was like, “Oh my God. Let’s do this. Let’s go.”

Feminists want to fight the objectification of women. Like I said above, they prioritize the female mind and spirit and want women to be considered for more than their tits, butts and vaginas. Belle Knox stands with feminists in this regard, and considers this objectification of women a serious problem with serious negative consequences…

…so serious and so negative, in fact, that she then proceeded to eagerly enter an industry entirely built on said objectification, one in which her value and earning potential would be measured almost entirely in her ability to get millions of men across the country to “objectify” her fully exposed body as she engaged in a variety of highly explicit (and, occasionally, somewhat extreme) sexual acts.


I’m not one of those feminists, so I don’t really care about what “Belle Knox” has chosen to do with her sexuality. The fact that her behavior could be considered slutty is not particularly relevant to me. If she thinks that deepthroats are “empowering,” then more power to her (and to the men she’s “empowering” herself with). Her decision to rely on her sexuality and appearance as opposed to her intellect is hers and, if we’re to buy into feminist notions regarding the sanctity of female choice, has to be respected. She can do whatever she wants.

It is also true, however, that this female’s actions are at odds with many feminist statements and objectives. For the many feminists who want to keep going on about the need to stop “objectifying” women and undervaluing their intellect by privileging their sexuality, it simply isn’t possible to celebrate a woman who has made a conscious decision to put her high intellectual capacity on the backburner in order to take a path that privileges her physical appearance and sexuality over all else. This girl’s actions have already put her into direct conflict with a very vocal bulk of the feminist hivemind, one that has had no problem attacking women for committing much less substantial deviations from their vision of the feminine ideal.


So, is “Belle Knox” a friend to feminism? I’m not so sure about that. For as many male enemies as Belle seems convinced that she made with her decision, I’m confident she made many more among women. Her actions stand in direct contradiction to objectives that many feminists hold dear and consider essential to female progress. If Belle is still seeking ideological shelter in this storm, I’m not sure she’ll be able to count on feminists to unanimously provide it.

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366 thoughts on “Is This Pornstar A True Friend Of Feminism?”

  1. What a dumb sloot. If you are going to go to Duke why the fuck would you do porn? What is the point of a degree when no one will hire you.
    You would think that a girl that gets into Duke would have the intelligence to be a discreet call girl if she wants to make money off her body.

    1. Many women don’t go to university because of the potential career opportunities it creates. They go to get a degree. Their eind goal is the degree itself/credentials…bragging rights that come with attending college. It’s not so much for the job they could acquire after college. Many women that attend – elite – institutions of higher learning don’t even get a job after their done…or work only for a very short while.

        1. Not trying to take a language class, but i was revering to this sentence: “Many women that attend – elite – institutions of higher learning don’t even get a job after their done”

      1. “Their eind goal is the degree itself/credentials”.
        This is true. It’s nothing but male projection to think they are playing the game to advance science, humanity, or to achieve career goals. They want validation of their supposed ‘intelligence’, they want to be valued in the female herd, and they aim to increase their potential access to alpha cock, all by means of racking up credentials.

        1. A degree is simply a ticket certifying that you belong to a particular social class – the class than can afford to put a kid though college. It’s like working as an intern.

        2. Women are status seekers, they judge everything by status. That is why they like worthless human beings like lawyers.

      2. She’s a porn star. You really think that a degree will matter in yuppie circles when everyone knows she’s done porn?
        Once you have done porn, you have marked yourself for life. You can’t just straddle the line. You are in full YOLO mode.
        It would be like a gang banger going to Harvard that has tear drop tattoos on his face. No one’s going to give a shit about his degree.

        1. Perhaps back in the 80’s, sure, but today it’s largely mainstream. Something else to keep in mind: There are tons of men willing to date more used up women than this. I’ve seen attractive, divorced women with kids who rode their ex to the cleaners still get professional men to chase after them. I’d rather do Pamela Anderson WITHOUT a condom than marry one of those women, but it happens.
          Times have changed.

        2. “She’s a porn star. You really think that a degree will matter in yuppie circles when everyone knows she’s done porn?”
          Not relevant. What matters is wether…she thinks it will. Remember that females generally have very different thought processes than men. That hamster is a beast.
          Apart from this; her degrees wouldn’t matter either way, considering the fact that she’s pursuing degrees in Women Studies and Sociology i.e. worthless.

        3. Can’t be changed for too much longer – if this phaggotry keeps up, we can kiss Western society goodbye in T minus 20 years or so.

        4. Not really. I looked him up. He’s a fighter and perhaps the name Jenna Jameson (that he married?) rings a bell and does.
          That said, don’t see what it proves or disproves. This guy is not an ivy league MBA lawyer or doctor that this Miriam might be interested in later. Or for that matter, maybe a guy like this would be what she’s looking for. In any case, Jenna is far hotter than Miriam.

        5. “There are tons of men willing to date more used up women than this.”
          Tito is one of those men. Turns out that even UFC fighters aren’t necessarily alpha. It takes a real beta chump to wanna date one of the biggest skanks in the porn biz. She’s had more cocks in her than a farmers chicken coop.

        6. “There are tons of men willing to date more used up women than this.” Tito Ortiz is one of those men and Jenna is one of those used women. I was just trying to give a shining example of that.
          It’s also worth mentioning that so many fighters are thought of as being alpha because they can kick some serious ass but what could be more beta than having children with one of the most famous cum dumpsters in the porn biz?

        7. You need to return those!
          I think we should listen to Phil Collins instead. I’ve been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album Duke.

        8. I think Phil Collins works best within the confines the group than as a solo artist.. but we can listen to Sussudio. Make sure to bring a female companion, I’ll be um… recording our hangout.

        9. She’s not quite blonde…more of a dirty blonde. Her name is Sabrina.

      3. Degree = snooty badge of honor
        No different than a Coach or LV bag, or handsome male on arm
        Cunts are so obvious and so predictable.

    2. My guess is thinking of herself as a porn star is more easily rationalized than being a straight up hooker.

  2. all women are malleable lumps of clay, im sure if this slut uses enough of the key words shell get the femnazis on her side. after all being a whore is empowering, and empowerment trumps all

  3. I sent in my info and a couple of my pics and literally the next day all these agencies were calling me. I started talking to all these agents who thought I could be making six figures and saw real potential for me in the industry.

    Of course they said that. What else would they say? I suppose I don’t really blame her it is easy to be fooled by a recruiting agency when you are young and haven’t seen real hucksterism.

    1. She’s talking about the past, so she seems satisfied enough with their promises. She’s above average for an American whore, if I was an agent I’d be genuinely excited

      1. Exactly. If she’s a freshman she’s still a teenager and she’s skinny. “Barely Legal” are still a popular porn category.

  4. I am sure that the “patriarchy” are really fearing her sexuality when she on her knees getting deepthroated and used as a cum rag. She asserts that she is an educated woman, yet further down the article she states that “all these agents who thought I could be making six figures and saw real potential for me in the industry”. If she believed that then she is not just naive but stupid, as a quick google search will reveal that nobody is making that kind of money in porn these days. Rather than being exploited, this comment reveals her true motives because immediately after hearing “six figures” she says “Oh my God. Let’s do this. Let’s go.” Good old fashioned greed was the real motivation. Remember at the start of the article how she shows snobbery and contempt for a low paid waitress job, this is more evidence that greed was the main motive here. She is the product of empowerment propaganda, lack of self respect and morals, greed, vanity and a healthy dose of stupidity.

    1. Sometimes I look at the porn names on my tv guide for a laugh. I’m surprised they’re not out of business yet honestly.

      1. take your middle name and the street you grew up in…. there’s your porn name….

        1. That is hilarious because when I do that I get my grandfather’s name. Pawpaw always did have a reputation as a young man for being “packing”.

      2. The porn film industry is almost entirely dead at this point. The internet put them on ICU life support for years, but California regulation in reaction to high-profile HIV infections has all but closed the great southern “silicone” valley to porn production.
        The amateur internet adult content industry, on the other hand, is still strong.

        1. With the crackdown under California labor law / LA County condom regulations, a lot of the filming is moving to Las Vegas and Miami

    2. You can make 6 figures just not the porn itself.
      Porn acts as advertising for the more lucrative escorting/stripping that accompanies it. Being a porn star makes that worker in more demand and jacks up her rates.

      1. “A” list pornstars can make millions. The men , with few exceptions
        ( e.g Peter North) make much less.

        1. He has to? it’s in his contract? I thought he just liked it… I feel so, cheated…

    3. She’s more stupid than all the other suckers going to college who think they’ll make 6-figures, and the “empowered women” serving food for pocket change? In today’s society it’s rational to cash in on being a slut

      1. I guess it was rational until one of her classmates recognized her while he was jacking off. Now her dreams of being a lawyer are ruined and the whole university and chunks of the world know she is a greedy slut. But it would seem her women’s studies propaganda training kicked in as she attempts to spin herself out of a hole and blame the patriarchy. I see this as a disingenuous attempt to salvage something for herself by trying to get the sisterhood on her side. Sadly, the sisterhood are divided over the issue of porn and it remains a social stigma in most circles of life. This was not a rational choice for someone aspiring for a respectable career.

        1. “Now her dreams of being a lawyer are ruined”
          I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Out there, there is a guy willing to marry her, just like there will be an employer willing to hire her.

        2. You’re right, some poor guy will marry her in the end, that is guaranteed. Whether she lands a decent job or not is up for debate. I’ll revise my statement to “her dreams of being a lawyer should be ruined”.

        3. You’re right, cause that would be like… err, ya know… hard work and… stuff?

        4. It’s too “degrading” to be a lawyer. You get, like, yelled at and bossed around all day from 8 to 7. Why make 6 figures being a lawyer when you could just get cum on constantly and make 7 doing something you “love”.

    4. She’s the product of an absent father or abusive parents.
      Either way, she’s 100% immoral for doing porn and will regret it later on when the satanic brainwashing subsides…

      1. Problably absent. She’s from a military family i.e. dad generally not around. Military wives a notorious whores. Like mother like daughter?

        1. That doesn’t mean much nowadays if the father doesn’t ‘train’ his daughter…

        2. And now her pop can enjoy seeing his darling little girl getting chocked and spit on the face by perverts on glorious video…man, I don’t wanna be in that poor bastard’s shoes. Sickening.

        3. I guess the kicker in this case is that she looks so innocent and pure and represents the poster girl of a “good” girl that’s marriage material.
          Looks can be deceiving, buyers beware!

        4. … little girl getting chocked, slapped and spit on the face by perverts…

          Don’t you mean, “professionals” ??

        5. True and she’s got at least one STD. 99% of people in porn got some form of STD’s and many are not curable. She maybe pretty but she’s dumb as bricks.

        6. That’s true. I just imagined myself being a father of some 18 year old daughter who for some reason would do porn to make a few bucks extra and the idea of some strange guys doing that to my flesh/blood would just make me angry enough to kill some motherfuc–s, heh.

        7. “I just imagined myself being a father of some 18 year old daughter who
          for some reason would do porn to make a few bucks extra and the idea of
          some strange guys doing that to my flesh/blood would just make me angry
          enough to kill some motherfuc–s, heh.”
          In this hypothetical, why would you be angry with them? She’s an adult. She got paid for her services. There’s no evidence of coercion. What’s the problem?
          If anything you should be frustrated with her for making poor life choices. And, of course, reflect on your failings as a father.

    5. Yep the Go Guuuurrrrl mentality to the extreme….
      I’ll show you all how empowered I am with a gang bang….

    6. Am I the only one who noticed she goes to duke and was in a production by duke skywalkers facial abuse. Haha he’s hilarious. He said she should fail her gender studies class on based on that one shoot. Lol. Facial abuse likes putting these pro sexual choice women on their sword of hubris. There’s porn and then there is facial abuse porn.

    7. True. When she’s 30, she’s going to be fatter, uglier and with 3 kids by 3 different men. She’ll be crying about how evil men are and how she needs someone to take care of those bastards too.

    1. not so clearly, that’s what makes a good joke. “beautiful”, “independent woman”, paronomasia in paronomasia heartiste kinda joke

  5. The events of the past year have extremely eye opening for me. Due to this, I have decided to just give up on american women altogether. Maybe it’s just around my area (western Kentucky), but they’ve all become so stuck up, slutty, self centered, and just nauseatingly obese, that I can’t even bring myself to want to fuck one of them. So, I’m cutting my losses, and later this year I’ll be making a trip to Romania.
    I’m a little more traditional than most, and I’m getting a bit older so, as you can guess, I’ll be looking for a wife. If this trip doesn’t bring any results, I’ll go again, or maybe somewhere else. I’ll keep looking until I find what I want. But, I will be damned if I settle for anything that I’ve seen over here.
    For all I care the feminists, the porn producers, and the thirsty beta men can have them. I’m done with them.

    1. “Stuck up, slutty, self-centered…”
      Translation: Women who’ve simply just refused to sleep with you

        1. You know you fucked up when you’re such a skeezer that despite your wealth and celebrity even an average John wants nothing to do with you.

      1. Why is it never “women who refused to provide you with companionship” or “women who refused to support you?” It’s like you bang on about objectification then you’re all “friendzone is bullshit because women are not machines you put nice coins in until sex falls out”

        1. Take your pick. They all stem from some form of rejection or another. Or perhaps some emotional disturbance with certain women in their lives (perhaps the emotion abuse of an ex, or in the more likely case, their mother).
          Whatever the case may be, if you’re response to women rejecting you isn’t, “Well, maybe there’s something wrong with me.”, but rather “Well fuck all these clearly slutty, self-centered bitches, I’ll just go to Romania.”, there’s a good chance it’s not really coming from an emotionally sound place.

        2. Nah. The American dating pool should be declared a superfund site.
          I’m surprised more dudes haven’t hit the road already.

        3. Hey, if that’s how you wanna solve your problems, instead of you know, changing yourself, then by all means.

        4. Improving your circumstances necessitates change and personal growth. If you were a man, you’d understand that.
          These guys are fleeing from people like you. Sorry you find that so unsettling.

        5. Like I said, if that’s how you wanna handle your problems, then by all means…go.

      2. Real original there shit-bird. I’d argue with you but, I really don’t care what you think, and some half-assed attempt at wit isn’t going to change me. Good luck with your little crusade.

        1. Will do. And good luck trying to play the “Nice Guy” routine on women in Romania. I’m sure that totally won’t backfire on you in the slightest…

        2. I’m not a nice guy, and I never said I was, I said I was traditionally minded. Are you really so desperate that you’ll blatantly put words in someones mouth? You still just don’t get it. Please, come at me with something else I can shoot down. I’m starting to enjoy this.

        3. Those of us who are “aware” know exactly what you’re talking about. Guss is a feminist.
          Not wanting to invest in slutty bitches HAS to mean there’s something wrong with you, even though we’ve established systems to support non-slutty women, historically, for the benefit of civilization. Some cultures are still successful with this, although they’re shrinking.
          This whole free-for-all (which is more like, free for women) shit has consequences and we’re knee deep in it atm.

        4. Oh, forgive me for my ignorance then. “PUA” tricks then? Honestly, they all pretty much stem from the same gross mentality. Frankly, I could honestly give a rat’s ass what sort of routine you use.

        5. …Ironic, since usually the only women who actually fall for this PUA, “Alpha/Beta” bullcrap that this site tends to spew, are women who tend to be very “loose” anyway. No traditional woman would ever fall for this crap in any case, because guess what…she’d make you work for it, just like every other woman.

        6. No, yet again, you miss the mark by a mile, and you’re still putting words in my mouth that didn’t come out of it. Just like I never said I was a “nice guy”, and I never said that I couldn’t get laid. I said that I didn’t want what was out there. But, I suppose none of that matters to you does it? Do yourself a favor kid, don’t try to bullshit someone that already knows better.

        7. …Then why, prey-tel, are you so eager to leave? Seems to me then like your the type of guy who can certainly catch his fair share, but once their catch gets close enough and they see you for who you really are, they run off. Again, this is only a theory…

    2. off-topic: romanian national here. word of advice, my friend: avoid bucharest. the chicks are way hotter there but they’re in a vast majority nothing but gold-diggers. the way to go is 2nd tier cities, ‘good’ women could still be found. best of luck to you!

  6. Well, whether or not she’s fulfilling any sort of feminist ideal would depend entirely on which sort of feminists we’re talking about here. I mean, if we’re talking about the “sexual liberation” kind, then yeah, I could see where she’s coming from. And though she may have responded in a tumblerina type way, I do kind of agree at it’s core, she hasn’t really done anything that outlandish. After all, we’ve all heard the story of the stripper who paid their way through Med School. In face, perhaps a better response for her probably should’ve been, “Yeah, I’m in porn. I mean, student debt bitch, I’mma right? Gotta pay those bills somehow.”

    1. “I do kind of
      agree at it’s core, she hasn’t really done anything that outlandish.”
      As little as 50 years ago, she probably would have been consigned to a mental institution for self-harm. (In my opinion, of course.)
      The fact that this kind of destructive behavior is putatively “normal” now is what’s outlandish. Thanks feminism.

  7. She’s kidding herself if she thinks what she’s doing is feminist. What she’s doing is freely exercisinig her own choices in whatever way she thinks best… and feminism would never stand for that.

    1. Feminism stand for women being able to do whatever crazy shit they want , except being a nice woman who takes care of her husband and children of course, that’s a big no-no.
      Everything they do must be destructive or offensive, or it’s not considered girl powerish enough. Never do they come up with anything remotely productive. Forget about that cure for cancer, you know it won’t come from that direction.

      1. From trolling around feminist sites, I have actually seen a lot of self-proclaimed feminist women defend other women who make traditional choices. I think you’re making a bit of an unfair characterization in that regard.

        1. Not really. I have just seen it enough that I think its worthwhile to point out that, to some feminists, any criticism of a woman’s choice (and this includes criticizing her choice to have 20 kids and fulfill the function of a housewife) is wrong. You made a generalization. Generalizations are almost always incorrect and logically fallacious, whether they are about men or women. Now, if you wanted to say, “Feminists on average will be more likely to support a woman’s choice unless it involves assuming a traditional role”, that could be true. However, you’d have to do research to, like, actually substantiate your claim.

    1. Yes.
      For 99 percent of women, their sexuality will always be their foremost agency. Everything else is just the hamster trying to rationalize away this basic reality.

    2. I think that she did the intelligent thing in the article, putting her business as a “feminist” thing, so as to not be an object of a crusade against her. It might work. And of course she is going to get a job, who does not want to hire the “porn” lawyer? Fame is fame after all. Free advertising and all that.

      1. yeah… perhaps she can fuck the judge and jury in a gang bang and win the case….

    3. Makes you wonder about all those ‘scholarships’ she was offered.And she considers herself a libertarian-republican-feminist doing gender studies to become a lawyer.Confirming evidence that mere ownership of a pink taco in the US triumphs over genuine intelligence.

      1. Scholarships these days have more to do with what kind of person you are.
        I saw that Vanderbilt has a scholarship called Chancellor’s Scholars. Maybe she was one of these. From the website:
        “Chancellor’s Scholars have worked to build strong high school
        communities by bridging gaps among economically, socially, and racially
        diverse groups and have demonstrated significant interest in issues of
        diversity education, tolerance, and social justice.”
        My guess is she wrote a nice essay about feminism, women’s issues, maybe the patriarchal army, and how she will stop patriarchy. Then Vanderbilt decided she was liberal enough to be given about two hundred thousand dollars.
        I don’t see how this girl got a scholarship to Vanderbilt based on intellectual promise. But they are human. They can make mistakes.

  8. ROK Motto – Quit porn.
    Posts images of Pornstars and skimpy whores every article.
    Sorry gang, although I like this site, there seems to be a lot of contradictory actions taking place. Makes it hard to make self-improvements and to digest your messages.

    1. Phew, for a second there I thought you completely missed the point of the entire artic- oh wait.

      1. That is an artifact of the way Disqus manages and streams its data. It isn’t something that anybody is doing deliberately.

    2. If seeing still images of women makes you want to bust a nut, you need serious help in regards to self control

  9. “It is also true, however, that this female’s actions are at odds with many feminist statements and objectives. For the many feminists who want to keep going on about the need to stop “objectifying” women and undervaluing their intellect by privileging their sexuality”
    There is no such thing as one feminism. That is because feminism is merely the conduit for women to rationalise their own power. And what makes one woman powerful will make another less powerful. Hence so many different kinds of feminism.

  10. I sincerely think she has mental issues. Any sane person would take the scholarship that offers them a full ride.

    1. Any sane person would think twice about the abysmal return-on-investment college offers in this day and age.

      1. I do feel like college is outdated in the age of the internet, combined with libraries.

  11. Reminds one of the “feminists reclaiming pole dancing and taking power from the patriarchy” canard when in fact no man is stimulated by pole dancing.

  12. I love that “empowered” women still seem to have no idea what they look like when they give up their bodies. This twit feels so high-and-mighty because she does porn and thinks it’s such a “threat to the Patriarchy” and she has absolutely no clue that all men just see her as a worthless cum dumpster now. Your brains, degree, and eloquent speech means fucking goose egg the moment you start taking dick on camera for money for everyone to see. Degenerate and worthless. The cherry on top would be if Duke kicked her out.

    1. Why so mean? the poor lady made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes. Personally, I love porn stars/ sluts but enjoy even more seeing a idiot marrying them. I then have a good laugh. Dont ever marry a bitch if she’s not a virgin, period. Fuck her but never get emotionally involved. Use her as free your cook, maid, prostitute. She will always lie sooner or later, if she’s s virgin than you’re safe. Dont be a fool and let the bitch trick you into marrying her, as that is her one purpose in life.

      1. Doing porn is not a mistake, that’s just gross negligence. It’s pure choice, even if someone pressured you, you can still say no.

  13. So does just being in porn make one a star? It seems every whore who is in one gets that moniker.

    1. Showing your newly bolted-on tits on instagram/twitter makes a female a star these days.

  14. I’ve worked a job as a waiter. There was not a single day that I found to be more degrading than being throatfucked until I puked, viciously insulted until I cried, slapped hard across the face, spit on and choked, all while to the soundtrack of cruel commentary of a middle aged man. Do these bitches even hear themselves? Anyway, here’s a link to her scene, it’s fucking intense, be warned:

      1. Some food for thought: if there weren’t armies of weak men supporting feminism one way or another, would a girl like this still be lauded as empowered?

      2. I wasn’t even aware that there was porn like this. Horrific. This girl needs to be sterilized.

      3. Good lord. Usually chicks work up to this hard core kink. Remember she is less than one year in the porn biz and is doing this degrading stuff NOW…

        1. Yeah. That’s when she will pretend she deserves a “nice guy” after she signed up to have her throat poked on national TV. Daughter of a single Mom, no doubt. Because daddy definitely failed.
          “If you can’t keep your daughter off the pole…
          YOU FUCKED UP ”
          – Chris Rock.
          This whore will be a disaster.

      4. Yeah Roosh.
        I work for 20+ years to raise 4 children including 2 girls…
        I am the sole income earner for my family for 16 years of an 18 year marriage.
        I save my step sons life from cancer by inspiring him to fight for his own life when no one else could.
        And I refuse to be treated like shit and criminally victimised. I demonstrate to my former children (including two boys) that no man should tolerate women committing crimes….therefore I am a “woman hater” and a “dead beat dad” and all the other names I have been called despite being spoken of by my wife as “you are the Sampson that holds the world up for our family”.
        Yeah… really should avoid trying to be decent, fine, honest men of honour and integrity like I was. Because such men will only be shit on…..and women like this porn star will be championed.
        Yeah…that’s going to work our REAL good, eh?

        1. Ow wow, Nolan hijacks another thread and recounts his supposed woes. Okay, YOU’RE RIGHT, AND EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG! Move the fuck on!

        2. LOL! @Michael Toal.
          You can go around trolling me as much as you like. No one cares that you and your ASIO buddies are trolling me. Indeed, the most they care is that it proves you are insane as I have pointed out and it proves you know your sister is an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abuser.
          If you didn’t think she was these things then you would object to me saying them rather than just troll me.
          And the fact we now have a witness come forward who claims Suzanne Toal (his sister for those new to this discussion) says that BOTH you and your father sexually abused her as a teen and she will not deny what this witness has said makes your trolling look pathetic. Your own sister claiming you raped her, eh? Must be pretty hard to take.
          Now…when your criminal sister, Jennifer Toal, admits her crimes on video for all to see, returns my stolen property, and also pays me compensation for all the injury, harm and loss I have suffered because of her crimes….then I will accept her offer of unconditional surrender to bring an end to the war she started.
          But until all these conditions have been met you and Jennifer and your family will be denounced as the criminals you are. You will be denounced as being willing to abuse an elderly and ill woman…my mother.
          The allegations by Suzanne that you and your father sexually abused her as a teen will be repeated.
          And I am grateful to Roosh that he has a site that is now 11,000 in the world and he is allowing me to stand up and BE A MAN and denounce criminals in my society so that others can know to stay away from the criminal Toal family of Wagga Wagga. As we saw, Welmer was too gutless to allow the truth to stand on The Spearhead. But the RoK writers are REAL MEN and they take the position that the truth should get a run for a change. Well done to those young lads for having the courage of their convictions and being willing to let the truth stand.
          I am teaching young men how to deal with criminals in their communities. Denounce them loud and long. Then criminals might be less inclined to be criminals.
          Jennifer can contact me to being forth her petition for unconditional surrender any time she likes. My email and phone are on my web site. She knows how to reach me.

      5. Jesus, that’s vile. And completely unsexy. No wonder feminsts are saying “rape is not about sex, it’s about power” – they are watching american porn.

      6. GGGGAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWD. What the fuck was that? I wish I didn’t click that shit.
        I remain convinced – entirely 100% convinced – that porn exists for the sole purpose of exposing to the world what depths women will lower themselves to for a little bit of money.
        There are SIMPLY. NO. LIMITS.
        However LOW you LOWER the floor of expectation for a woman…
        you can always count on her to fall BELOW it.

      7. There was a link to that full video (now taken down) at Captain Capitalisms site when he posted about this back in late Feb. I skimmed through the video just after I read the XoJane oped, and I spent a good proportion of that time LOLing about her claim that “doing pornography fulfills me”.
        She certainly looked pretty fulfilled to me. Fulfilled to the brim.

  15. Why did ROK even bother to do an article on this skank? Feminism is an ideology and much like every other ideology it has been used and abused by those preaching it. The porn industry has been losing money for some time now and actresses don’t make nearly enough like the used to.
    Let feminism wither and porn along with it, they both have caused enough damage to our society already.

    1. What makes this skank relevant is that she undermines the twin premise of (actual) feminism: That heterosexual sex and/or porn is “oppression” of women and that women are helpless victims of men. Feminism isn’t about equality. It’s about women claiming to be victims and needing the patriarchy to give them stuff to make them “equal” (but if they were equal, how could they so easily be victims?)
      the other premise of feminism is that women were enabled by feminism to go to college and chase their dreams to become doctors, lawyers, or Nobel prize winning scientists or otherwise, they’d be trapped in a working class home full time in the kitchen and doing laundry. What the millennial women are discovering is that due to wage deflation and degree deflation, they’re now in the rat race along with men and it stinks. She wanted a duke diploma as an entitlement and had to whore out to earn it. So in the end, she’s a housewife of the university.

      1. One of the women who’s willing to sell herself out, but does not want the consequences and stigma that come from the shame of doing porn. And hence is trying to essentially pretend like it’s cool, and “empowering.”
        She has more issues than a NYC magazine stand.

    2. One reason to do such an article is to call out the amazing hypocrisy and shed light on the (faulty, dysfunctional) thought processes of such a woman who makes the tired claims often seen in today’s third-wave feminism.
      Abused or not, I don’t often hear of women calling out today’s feminists or defending traditional values as they need to. Just every once in a blue moon.
      I like discussion about things no other outlet would discuss without an agenda or heavily giving into to political correctness. That’s why such articles I look forward to at RoK.

      1. Agreed and sometimes it is good to point out but it seems that this site goes too far almost as if they are promoting it. Porn will probably never go out of business but by constantly referring to it in this site seems to give to much attention. Besides how many other examples such as this are out there? Not many I would suppose. This girl is an entitled attention-seeking hypocrite. There are probably many girls in schools doing porn or stripping but they don’t go out claiming they are feminists.

  16. Walt, she’s “spiritual” but she decides to pay for school by sucking dick? This girl has issues.

    1. I think she needs to search the word “spiritual” in the dictionary before insulting every spiritual concept and institution in the world

    2. She was at the place of the Blue DEVILs and felt a spiritual pull. Soon after, she began doing porn while also inverting the truth on all sorts of matters.
      He hides in plain sight and leaves his calling card out for all to see.

  17. I’m really surprised what goes for “intelligent” in America. Especially the girls. Almost everytime I see one open their mouth I immediately picture a guy coming up and shoving a cock in it because they sound so annoying and dim. This is no exception. She’s a moron. University, how!?!?

    1. The entire educational system caters almost exclusively to women, that’s how. She just follows the societal message which tell her cash and prizes await her *in* and *after* college. Of course, some male has to pick up the tap, but hey, that’s of minor importance.

      1. That’s exactly right. Some hapless beta will pick up the tab eventually. Daddy, future ex-husband, babydaddys’ child support, doesn’t matter.
        The societal signaling they get is right on the money, though: Have a gash? We will bail you out, no matter what. Never fails.

    2. Me and a good friend were talking about exactly the same thing recently. He recounted that the older he gets me the harder it is to look at women and respect them in any way because he immediately pictures a cock in their mouth.

  18. One of the paradoxes (a nice way of saying something is contradictory nonsense) of feminism is that it’s about what “women” want. This is their cover to avoid being held responsible for the conflicts of most women running to the patriarchy in the end. Most college age women hope they can marry a professional man who will buy her a house and let her settle down and have kids after she’s had fun and if feminists said outright that most would wind up alone and childless, most women would openly reject it. In the end, many are slowly figuring out it’s not for them and rejecting the feminist label.

  19. Hot bitch I just had a good wank to her latest scene with Reality Kings….. great little slut!! 🙂

  20. This woman is in for a long, destructive life fully of personal drama and who knows what else.
    No sane man would want a REAL, honest long-term relationship or marriage with a woman willing to sell her body. And even worse, pretending like it’s not big deal.
    I’m beginning to think that today’s “feminism” is a bitch shield to protect their dysfunctional personalities and rationalize & defend their personal disorders. Even worse is the “you go girl” which just feeds the hamster even more.
    Should be very interesting to see how she ends up years from now.
    Enjoyed the article. It seemed well-written and analytical.

    1. “I’m beginning to think that today’s “feminism” is a bitch shield to protect their dysfunctional personalities and rationalize & defend their personal disorders. Even worse is the “you go girl” which just feeds the hamster even more.”
      Pretty much.

    2. No sane man wants a honest long term relationship, or marriage in the west full stop.

  21. After hearing about this I thought for sure that ROK should do an article about this self righteous cunt. She just wanted the money, and then blames the people around her after someone recognizes her and spills the beans about her porn career. She takes zero responsibility. Her not being ashamed is just a huge act. It’s amazing how she’s trying to say that being spit on in a porno is empowering for women. It just makes no sense.

    1. I agree. Her whining about being outed reveals that she isn’t fully empowered. In the modern day of the internet, it’s not a matter of if someone identifies an adult film star, but when.
      So in a way, she is like a feminist in that she blames the patriarchy for her problems and simultaneously expects them to run to her rescue.

    2. That is indeed what feminism amounts to; expecting to take any action while facing zero consequences.

  22. Woman’s studies…
    -wholly enabled her unnecessary entry into hardcore pornography
    -limited her ability to land a career
    -limited her ability to find a good man
    -limited her ability to be a good mother
    -facilitated thousands of masturbatory sessions from horny men
    Another feminist miracle!

    1. Her folks must be so proud. Instead of working a degrading waitress job she’s out there making something of herself. Lol

      1. Yeah but remember, this is a country where “Hooters” is a “family restaurant”…..

        1. “Daddy, daddy! The waitress won’t stop rubbing her titties on me!”
          “Man up, son.” Lol

        2. Yeah, no shit. Kinda like this woman I used to see (a looong time ago) who let her 5 year-old kid watch whatever he wanted on TV, then wondered where he came up with stuff he said. Didn’t take too long to come to the conclusion she was fucking retarded.

        3. Even if the kid doesn’t watch, just being in another room playing by himself but overhearing the audio from the TV in another room is enough to “ruin” a kid.
          And the internet might be worse.

    2. Does women’s study yet films for a site (duke skywalker) that has a plethora of Internet articles talking about how it’s racist, sexually abusive and causes mental as well as physical trauma.”basically at facial abuse I was paid to get raped”clera bleau-porn actress . While This is a non sequitur it shows the nature of the porn this dillusion girl at duke university was committing herself too.

    3. “She says she enjoys watching our (facial abuse) videos and what turns her on the most is “seeing the misery in the girl’s eyes”. Those are her own words.” Coupled with the fact that she used to be a cutter, and her clear lack of intelligent decision making skills, I’d say she has bigger problems than her ever shrinking options for future employment.

    4. Personally, some beta will “man up” to save her. A bangable woman has no limitation today.

    5. “-limited her ability to find a good man”
      very true, but you’re not a good man. you’re the type designed to end up with these women. and if you don’t, then that just means that your woman is still stupid and just as shitty as this slut.
      Actual good women aren’t whores and don’t fall for manwhores either.
      BTW, I’m a fan of your articles.

    6. she has the forehead of a transexual.
      i think there’s a very simple way to solve all this:
      simplify and legalise prostitution and make it very difficult to make a living doing porn.
      1) horny keyboard jocks everywhere have to resort to having sex with an actual woman to extract their desire for fresh pussy/kink. prostitution can be argued to be empowering to the left, and treating women as the sex objects they ought to be treated as for the right
      2) less new porn, less ED. There was a study that showed countries that have very lax solicitation laws [east asia] have very strict laws on pornography. Guys have somewhere to go to if they cant find a girl to fuck/ dont want to bother with effort, and get their socks off.
      3) tax the shit out of pornstars [so these new feministas will have to go full slutty ho to work their way through college] and keep taxes very law for prostitutes.
      Okay i’m ignoring the whole massive problem about the death of traditionalist culture, but come on now, thats not really ever going to come back to the UK and US now is it? we are in the damage limitation phase

      1. “Okay i’m ignoring the whole massive problem about the death of
        traditionalist culture, but come on now, thats not really ever going to
        come back to the UK and US now is it?”
        The US and UK were degraded nations from the onset.

      2. hmm good idea, legalizing prostitution and removing all the copyright protections of porn will erode the industry making 90% of the people leave.

    7. Add to the list
      — made it to an interview on Piers Morgan’s show
      Another miracle, hoodathunkit!
      She says she “can’t go to parties” because of her “fap fodder” …
      Such masterful powers of observation!

    8. The manosphere…
      –wholly enabled his unnecessary entry into being an aging lothario by 40
      –limited his willingness to have children
      –increased his likelihood of receiving an STD
      –limited his entry into Heaven via his willing fucking of married women
      Great WORK!

  23. There’s a lot of feminism in porn, it’s a wierd battle ground. From saying its “men possessing women”, they now want it to be the opposite. Personally I think its pandora’s box. I have no beef with porn except insofar as it weakens & addicts & substitute for the real thing in ridiculous caricature.
    One thing I’ve noticed is when women in porn start saying they’re feminists, they usually try to ensure a slight preponderance of lesbian porn over straight, which is the only way they can think of to be ‘sex positive’
    Problem with this article though is it assumes that feminism will have difficulty with doublethink regarding objectification. Why on earth would it have a problem with doublethink when it is doublethink

  24. This woman is a mass of incompatible intellectually lazy contradictions and so is feminism.
    Hell, right now there are feminists in the UK trying to prevent efforts to eliminate female genital mutilation among Muslim immigrants.
    An interesting counterpoint to this porno chick is the one who runs the blog feminisnt. She isn’t much to look at, but she doesn’t try to reconcile porn with some external ideology.

    1. Cutting is very indicative of sociopathy/borderline personality disorder….

  25. The comments beneath the XOJane article are, well…
    “I am a straight cisgender man and a proud feminist. Thank you for being
    so brave and eloquent and speaking up on behalf of so many women as well
    as all genders and sexual orientations in the sex industry who are
    voiceless and marginalized. Thank you for calling out the hypocrisy of
    the patriarchal society that privately benefits and thrives on the porn
    industry and sex work, while publicly treating anyone involved as not
    deserving the same dignity, respect and safety as any human being.”
    Jesus. Christ.

    1. Any ‘man’ who calls himself ‘cisgendered’ and ‘proud feminist’ should just off himself and do the world a favour. Excuse me while I puke a little in my mouth.

    2. I’m beginning to think Patriarchy is synonymous with a society having standards. Patriarchy=standards . Patriarchy=self regulation, Patriarcy=self control. Patriarchy =order. Patriarchy = safety…
      Bring on the patriarchy I say…

  26. Pre-wall feminists are all about female promiscuity being ’empowering’, post wall feminists (which generally get to define what feminism actually is due to academic credentials and positions within society) regard it as being ‘patriarchal programming and objectification’ to provide men with easy sex. I wonder why, I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with the older wanting to cut down the competition for alpha fucks from the younger…
    Still, the conflict is fairly entertaining to watch even if it has been ongoing since the 70’s:-

  27. The Duke (it’s always Duke, why?) Porn Studies girl.
    Very NSFW video, but the article is really telling:
    Some great parts:
    Same education. Same skills. Same everything and women make less
    Her: “Right”
    That might be women’s fault Her face goes into kill mode at 1:09 after a short consideration she opts for “How” instead of scratching his eyes out, which she clearly considered.
    Later she reveals that she hasn’t done any research into porn and thinks it is his job to educate her about wages and stuff.
    Best part is when he comes up with a job at a warehouse where a man can carry 10 times the work a woman can and asks her if she thinks the pay should be equal. She says the women shouldn’t have been hired in the first place, cause capitalism, but if the company is stupid enough to do so they have to pay the same. You can see the hamster working in her face, it’s glorious.
    Then she comes up with “I think capitalism combats discrimination in a way.”
    Well, yeah, that is why we have quotas for women.
    Oh, and who could forget Karen Owen’s retrospective sexual safari master’s thesis at Duke University:

    1. It’s generally not a good idea for women to get into an ideological debate with the man they’re about to do anal with. Probably best to pick one of those activities.

  28. She is a mentally ill person. She is covered with cut scars. Porn is just one more self-destructive act. This is not a “feminist.” This is a young woman with serious mental problems.

    1. Yep. The fact that the porn she does is of the most degrading kind just confirms that. A deeply disturbed and self destructive individual.

    2. “This is not a “feminist.” This is a young woman with serious mental problems.”
      Feminism was birthed by females with ‘serious mental problems’, and also sustained by them. This girl is a manifestation of modern – radical – feminism in it’s most pure form. The only thing about her that isn’t feminist are her slightly above average looks (feminists generally are old and ugly as f*ck).

    3. …. who has already gone out of her way to make sure she will never be the next CEO of Google.
      Her mental problems are off the charts. Starting with her being a professional cum dump ……. while thinking she has “ownership of her body” and is “fighting the patriarchy” while aspiring to major in women’s studies.
      (??WTF?? who brainwashes these skanks?)
      This is the problem with mentally fucked up chicks like Miriam Weeks:
      “THE PATRIARCHY” —->> GIVES THEM THE OPPORTUNITY THE JOB AND THE MONEY. The “Patriarchy” she is laying down and spreading her legs and holes for is the very thing she thinks she is fighting against. But she can’t make that money any other way. She thinks the only alternative is to be a waitress!
      She should be THANKING the “patriarchy” for that.
      These models, actresses, strippers & porn stars etc. enjoy all kinds of money & success for spreading theirs cunts. Then the very women who profit from the ability to make a killing with with no brains, skills, talent or anything more than what god gave her…….. go on a ballistic curse against the “patriarchy” and want to be the next Andrea Dworkin. Jesus Christ.
      She’s “oppressed” herself right out of the gate.
      Every chick who as much as tweets a photo of her tits is making sure she won’t amount to more than a fuckhole. Facial recognition of photos will make certain a simple Google of her name will reveal her as a cum dump and ensure she remains an unemployable – OTHERWISE USELESS – women’s studies major.
      Nicely done. One less woman in the workforce.

      1. I fucking knew you’d show up in the comment section for this article, tom. I always love your comments. They’re hilarious. Keep it up, man.

        1. I love that. We don’t even know each other, and you know me so well. Big smile over here.

    4. I absolutely second “mentally ill”. My diagnosis would be major childhood abuse resulting in DID and/or borderline syndrome: in one of the videos she clearly changes between alternate personalities. She also has that creepy look to her eyes which only destroyed women and veteran prostitutes have.
      If she was a man she’d probably chose a career related to murdering and torturing people for the mob or in the spook world.

    5. That goes without saying. This woman is severely mentally ill. Her cutting scars were very obvious to anyone who saw her video. I wish her the best! HAHA!

    6. This is the truest statement here. But, I would say that I think a significant minority of women have a penchant for this kind of masochism. It’s definitely not a majority, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 25%.

    7. This is not a “feminist.” This is a young woman with serious mental problems.
      You just contradicted yourself.

    8. This is not a “feminist.” This is a young woman with serious mental problems.
      You just contradicted yourself.

      1. Not sure about that… the most hardcore feminists tend to be old women with serious mental problems.

  29. An exercise in solipsism. She’s a whore… being that a whore has sex for money.
    If that’s a feminist, fine. I don’t think so, but whatever.
    This is a win-win. You see, young, impressionable, vulnerable college-age men can beat their meat to her videos, and sleep the sleep of the innocent, and do more productive things without the need to ever actually listen to her talk… things like develop themselves intellectually, ride motorcycles, catch fish, pursue meaningful careers and friendships… shit, we should be thanking this whore.
    Also, note that I never actually read any quotes attributed to said whore in the article. And yet I seem to have captured the essence of the situation. Thus we see that she is already using her mouth to its’ maximum current potential in her paying career as a cum dumpster.
    Does anyone else feel threatened? I mean, I might look her up and threaten to fire off a batch later, if I can get by that toucan-sized nose of hers.

  30. Yeah, also, full-time porn stars are getting forced out of the porn biz left and right because it no longer pays. Given that, this flavor of the week piece is unlikely to be paying off her tuition any time soon by working on her back. Daddy must be proud.

  31. So we’re posting her full legal name? That’s interesting. Despite the fact it’s out there, most other news outlets have avoided it. And even the girl herself has avoided it, which is telling for someone who’s said she is proud of her actions.
    Great writeup. I’d add, if you want to go deeper (deeper, hehe) on this issue, check out my post on it from last week:
    And Aurini’s great video on the subject:

  32. Women fear male sexuality, that is why women want to control and limit it. Feminists always project their hates and fears onto men.
    A women can be the biggest slut in the word and it won’t bother me. Just means I will never stick my dick in her raw. Also I won’t trust over anything long term, as she has shown herself lacking in self control. (I judge men by the same standard.)

    1. I will watch that scene on reality kings , teens love huge cock typically introduces a finger to the ass, thanks for the link Roosh. Nothing like watching a doctors daughter get violated on film with a finger up her ass, how does she find time to study for midterms?

      1. No studying necessary. They only have to parrot back the things that are discussed during a lecture. Just be present, and you’re golden.

    2. And in the future if an employer does not want to hire her because she was a porn star and they don’t want ex porn stars working at the place of employment this will, of course, be “discrimination”.
      One wonders what this woman is thinking when she puts herself out there in her porn star role and imagines that just having a different stage name is going to keep her anonymous.

      1. I knew several cute girls in high school who were unrecognizable 20 years later. All of them were sluts. This girl in the next 10 or so years is going to regret what she did, and she can forget being a lawyer or getting some “thirsty beta.” Those things don’t happen to skanks who hit the wall at 25.

        1. I disagree on the not getting a “thirsty beta”. There are more of them in the world than not.
          Hell, one of my best friends was fucking a woman 20 years his senior. She was a fat, disgusting smoker who I couldn’t ever contemplate fucking even in a drunken stupor.

        2. Exactly. Thirsty betas are everywhere and many are prepared to settle.
          it’s sad as fuck but it’s also reality!

        3. All she has to do is not get fat, and she’ll be a mile ahead of her peers.

  33. Perhaps the cut marks on her legs can be categorized as a disability, making her eligible for forced hiring under the ADA.
    “Sorry, mr employer, you have to make reasonable accommodation for her crazy behavior and cutting.”

  34. this is the irony of feminism… exposed for all to see…. a liberated woman takes charge of her own finances and does porn to make money….. nothing wrong with that….
    but feminism doesn’t allow that because the ugly duckings wolfing pizza and stabucks can’t go do it too, so it’s not equality

    1. I’ll bet $5 that there is a porn site dedicated to watching fat chicks eating pizza. I wonder if if there is one dedicated to watching ugly fat feminists shrieking about the patriarchy?
      Oh wait, that’s “The View”.

  35. The sad part about it is that she is using all that porn money to pay for a “Worthless” degree.

  36. So when this story first came out of course I was curious so I looked her up and was horrified. Some girl covered in self harm scars doing some abusive rape fantasy porn is the exact opposite of “empowering”.

  37. Feminism tends to produce defective women and defective women are attracted to feminist horseshit. The end result is we have stupid girls thinking they can become lawyers with women studies degrees and that they’re fighting “the patriarchy” by being a cum rag. I recommend watching her video just for the interview at the start, it’s comedy.

  38. First: I dig her and i like porn so fuck it. But she is delusional. She started a twitter, shot a ton of scenes out the gate etc and then is surprised she got found out. Go to the Facial Abuse website to see what a feminist she is by the way lol.

      1. I heard they’re changing the name to “Facial Empowerment”. Some of the comments on these feminist rags btw. Slut-shaming is what women do to other women. Stop blaming the ‘patriarchy’ for it.

  39. Absolutely disgusting little girl. Academic intelligence for certain but worldly knowledge no. My father kicked me out of the country for 4 years to best my attitude. Arrogance. He’s dead now :(, good alpha.

  40. Spends all the money she could be stacking on a women’s studies degree from Duke. Kind of blows the “brilliant mind” theory out of the water. SMH

  41. Her father is a doctor ,she had no financially problems,and if you look at her inner thighs she a cutter. She told a fraternity member and he outed her to his frat mates , an outcome I think she wanted. She is going to regret this just like that Harvard sex blogger who posted a picture of her face covered in semen. This extremely average woman wanted attention and she got it, no woman with an ounce of common since does porn,becomes a stripper, or a whore unless there is a financial necessity. This girl is a whore,an attention whore.

    1. Wow….a cutter?? That is pathognomonic for sociopathy/borderline personality disorder. Her poor father. A physician. Can you imagine his shame???

    2. Upper class parents don’t necessarily shower wealth on their kid, she’d
      still have earn her way, and being a whore is an honest business

  42. How the fuck does she find a job as a waitress more degrading than being a cum-guzzler????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well, because at least when you’re a porn actress, you know you’re gonna get fucked.

    2. Good question. But then again, I guess being a pr0nstar is more feminist than being a waitress.

      1. Just think ourselves lucky that she didn’t choose to be a waitress, imagine if an intelligent young woman chose to be a waitress, it would bring down the Patriarchy overnight and we wouldn’t have even seen it coming…..

    3. Because as a waitress she would have had to serve men.
      What? You didn’t expect it to make any sense, did you?

    4. Waitresses get paid less for harder work, have to kiss the asses of 100x more people, and are still guzzling cum every day for free. Not sure what’s hard to understand, who wouldn’t want to work in porn?

    5. She’ll have had teachers that will have impressed upon her the idea that certain jobs are a marker of having failed in life – “Study hard or you’ll end up waitressing at a greasy spoon” – but they’ll have failed to say anything about being a porn actress, and it won’t have taken much for her to convince herself that it was a ‘glamorous’ profession.

  43. wow she’s ugly.
    but more importantly, why is Roosh a Russian stooge? (is his Iranian background coing out?)

  44. She says she is “spiritual”. Is she initiated into sects like Church of Wicca or Ordo Templi Orientis or Church of Satan or New Age?
    Editors of ROK should look more for such evidence.

  45. I am a Duke alum.
    I am saddened by the fact that nobody even considers that she should be thrown out of school. Duke was/is the school for training Methodist ministers. The idea of a morals clause for students seems so old fashioned that even a paid professional gets celebrated.
    Do we know that being a pornstar/wanting to be a pornstar wasn’t actually a positive on her college application, that Duke didn’t pick her Because they wanted a pornstar? Feminists gonna feminist after all.
    Anyways, what happens at Duke happens at all of the other top 20 schools, but just gets reported more whn it happens at Duke.

    1. Look closely at what universities have become and you’ll know the answer to the question why she isn’t thrown out yet.

    2. She is not getting thrown out because she’s still good for a student loan. It’s all about the money, these days.

  46. This chick freaks me out. She looks so “normal”. That is someone’s daughter. Can you imagine being her father? Your little baby girl is all growed up and is blowing guys and getting in threesomes. Weird family reunions I bet….

    1. “Can you imagine being her father?”
      That may well be the whole point of the thing.

  47. “I am not ashamed of porn. On the contrary, doing pornography fulfills me…… For me, shooting pornography brings me unimaginable joy. When I finish a scene, I know that I have done so and completed an honest day’s work. It is my artistic outlet: my love, my happiness, my home.
    I can say definitively that I have never felt more empowered or happy doing anything else.”
    And just yesterday the European Parliament claimed all prostitution was a violation of womens human rights.
    See this quote:
    “European Parliament
    states in a resolution voted today that prostitution violates human dignity and human rights – and that member states should cut the demand by punishing the clients, not the sex workers. Do you agree? Learn more @”

    1. good point, but the rad fems (and it seems the european parliament) seem to equate all prostitution with trafficking i.e. a woman cannot (really) choose prostitution. So if they distinguish between the two it kind of implies that they accept women are choosing to go into porn rather than being forced into it. In the days of Linda Lovelace feminism seemed to argue that women were forced into porn by men like Chuck Traynor. There were alsatians involved. There’s a link below somewhere to the ‘feminist sex wars’ – it seems the sex positives (a misnomer as they are no more positive about heterosexual congress than any other feminists) must have prevailed to the extent that the argument that (all) porn was force could no longer be made. However that hasn’t happened with prostitution

  48. This is funny: Google Belle Knox, then check out images, and a lot of photos you see are of Amanda Knox.
    Amanda Knox is the slut from Seattle that was in a university exchange program to Perugia, Itally. She killed her roommate and was convicted in Italy. Her daddy rallied the entire feminist community of Seattle to get her out on appeal. Now she is living happily in Seattle and refusing to return to Italy, where her conviction was recently upheld.
    Miriam Weeks and Amanda Knox cut from the same clothe? I’d say they are.

    1. An interesting RoK article would be on that topic. I’ve found it very hard to find accurate information on the subject. American propaganda depicts her conviction as baseless, and there were apparently some niggers also convicted of the crime. Yet, the Italians seemed quite certain she was guilty.

  49. Two points:
    1) Feminists are schizo.
    2) Calls herself a “libertarian Republican” but spouts standard feminist tripe. A great example of how the Rs are the “liberal party” and the Ds the “more liberal party”.

    1. I’m fond of telling my students that in America we have one political party that leans to the left, and another that leans further to the left.

  50. This article ignores some of the basic facts about how female SMV changes with time that this website has written about extensively. Let me spell it out for you:
    “Belle Knox” although a student at Duke is still just a FRESHMAN. Her education has barely started. She isn’t going to be taken seriously as an academic or a professional ANYTHING at this stage of her life.
    HOWEVER, because she is a young female her SMV (sexual market value) is near its peak at her current age of 19 or whatever. This matters in porn, prostitution, other types of sex work.
    IF she plays her cards right, she can capitalize on her SMV now while it is near its peak by doing porn, then YEARS LATER after completing a first-class education she can establish another career as her SMV declines.

    1. “Belle Knox” although a student at Duke is still just a FRESHMAN. Her
      education has barely started. She isn’t going to be taken seriously as
      an academic or a professional ANYTHING at this stage of her life.

      If she doesn’t change her major from women’s studies and sociology, she’ll never be taken seriously at any stage of her life.

      1. I did say “IF she plays her cards right …”
        This article is written as if she has the choice RIGHT NOW to be taken seriously in some other profession but just chooses to do porn instead. She doesn’t have those choices.

  51. LMAO… Ok, porn, take ownership of your sexuality, sure, whatever. But little miss feminazi went out and did FACIAL ABUSE? Now that’s rich.

    1. They called her out on it too. Hilarious.facial abuse should sponsor this site.

  52. In France, we had the same situation with pornstar Ovidie… Well at least, she was very good at blowjobs.

  53. AG,
    isn’t it funny how when a 20 year old woman, or whatever she is, comes out and does an interview like this…
    She is empowered and “fighting the patriarchy” blah, blah, blah.
    But when I point out that my ex was an adulteress who was also doing prostitution because she refused to withdraw money from the asset of the house so that we could fight our battles with our own money I am a MONSTER in that I have somehow attacked and degraded Jennifer! LOL!!
    Apparently having two teen children in the house and sleeping over at your new boyfriends place and also turning tricks and telling your 16 year old daughter that you have taken up a job cleaning houses is perfectly ok by women. Apparently these are things that are acceptable of mothers today. But pointing them out is not acceptable by men.
    The hamsters are reaching warp speed nowadays with women. Seriously.

  54. Cute bitch, good for a pump and dump and not a motherfucking thing more.
    Many blue-pillers need to be awared on the true nature of sluts so bad it’s ridiculous.
    As for our fellow ROK red-pillers (both veterans and young pups in training), keep up the good work.
    Whores like these will be good fodder for the pussy carousel (that every young man must ride, no exceptions) until we chance upon a dime that’s worth our time.
    P.S Always wear a raincoat, lest you be showered with STD’s and a paternity suit.
    Stay safe, brothers!

  55. “Fight the Patriarchy” by being a Republican, you know the party of old white men? Umm.

  56. This is all painfully obvious to observe the base nature of the female id. Every single female has the capacity to be this very thing and the man that thinks otherwise of any woman even his own mother is a man choking to death on a blue pill.
    Knowing this, ROK could be the ultimate benefactor to betas and lower by producing a week of in your face slut shaming articles. The predictable females in their impotent outrage will start tweeting how they fucked some random dudes in “protest” to the horrible, archaic articles!

  57. I think once she gets her “law degree” she might set her goals of a workplace more realistically of being behind that donut counter rather than in front of a judges bench.

  58. “I visited Duke last year on Blue Devil Days [Duke’s programmed weekend
    for admitted freshmen], and I remember walking into the Duke Chapel —
    I’m a very spiritual person — and just feeling an energy that told me,
    “This is the place you need to be.”
    Which convinces me about something I have known about for a long time
    Christian spiritual religious person = Satanist

  59. ” …terrifies us to even fathom that a woman could take ownership of her body. We deem to keep women in a place where they are subjected to male sexuality. We seek to rob them of…..”
    blah blah blah. A whole paragraph+ of hamster-speak where she tries to convince herself that she’s not just a porn slut. Her law career will take place in front of a camera in court fetish films. Those have to exist, right?

  60. Why do feminists always want to go after the patriarchy and what it fears? Nobody is afraid of a little girl who wants to whore herself out. Please keep your garbage in your mouth, there is enough pollution going around. Besides, if the Patriarchy is so evil, then quit sleeping with Patriarchs since feminists claim it’s all men anyhow

      1. I’m very well aware there is no patriarchy, why don’t you explain that to feminist sluts

      2. I’m very well aware of the fact, perhaps educate feminists such as her that it doesn’t exist. Wait… you’re a guy…. they won’t listen….

    1. that’s not really true is it. they have honor killings because a a girl wants to marry a boy from a different clan etc, not because she got all jizzed over by 10 different men or whatever

      1. An off the cuff remark but i’m pretty sure this girl wouldn’t pull that feminist emancipation bullshit line at Saudi Arabia University.

  61. She’ll never be a lawyer now, but she could become a six figure earning “secretary” for some lawyer now.

  62. “I say you are tearing down Heaven and raising up a whore. I say God is DEAD!”
    -The Crucible (film)

  63. A other dysfunctional little girl blinded by feminists beliefs. She tries to justify herself for being a slut that appears in porn, what a joke!!

  64. The ultimate bitchy girl sticking the praised for intellect and career crowd!
    A lovely broad side of yeah I’m smart and a slut, rar bullshit. She should be praised as another example of self-destructive and narcissistic tendencies of the modern female.
    There should be more like her. They need to know what happens when they loosen norms and leverage the media game.
    I might not like everyone hanging out in the manosphere but would never consider taking a shit in the pool.
    Difference between a man and a woman.

  65. Facts about this girl from facial abuse: she likes to see the pain and suffering both emotional and physical of other women. Yet claims to be a feminist. Hated her fat body and as such cut herself. Claims to be a feminist. Thinks that she can get ahead in life through sexual favors with men even if its not merited. Still claims to be a feminist. Has rape delusions yet claims to be a feminist. She has got to be trolling.

  66. She’s going to have no lack of beta male orbiters, manginas & white knights in her social circle all feeding her ego and giving her massive amounts of validation.

  67. Face is nothing special, 4 or 5/10, bod is pretty good, nice and toned, ultimately she’s unremarkable, if I saw her on the street in Brooklyn I wouldn’t even notice her. More importantly however, it’s clear from the interviews that she’s given (and from the smut she’s been filming) that she is an extremely emotionally disturbed young woman. I almost feel bad mocking her, almost.

  68. What a joke. There are so many conflicting views in her own words I can’t even start to take the time to dissect her so-called intellect.
    FYI Ms. Knoxx, just because you get into and out of Duke doesn’t mean anything other than you’re most likely loaded (and have money), predominantly White, and you have the ability to tolerate the “lovely” Raleigh-Durham area for 5-8 years as well as being called a “Blue Devil.”
    “The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here.”―Qui-Gon Jinn
    Same goes for writing Ms. Bell (Jar Jar) Knoxx.
    Take some of that porn money and buy some tits… please! Shave down that nose while you’re at it.

  69. The “This is what a feminist looks like” posters just write themselves, don’t they?

  70. Young western women are shameless. They will justify anything to themselves. Takes an alpha stud home after ten minutes of convo, “we had a really good connection”. Sucks the drummers dick backstage and has a fiance, “we are having problems so it’s ok”.

  71. Yeah. Now let’s just imagine how much pain and suffering she’s going to bring to some poor kid when she decides to give birth to a pet

  72. I too would like to help her fight the patriarchy .. by defiling her six ways from Sunday on film.
    What self-respecting law firm is gonna hire this chick after doing a background check?

  73. We got one of these at u of a. Check out Melissa King. She only did one video though.

  74. She turned down a scholarship at Vanderbuilt in order to go to Duke because it was “more spiritual?” Then she supposedly has to do porn to pay tuition at Duke? I’m a woman, and I find this absolutely preposterous. Plus, her degree is in Women’s Studies? Who does she think she’s kidding? She likes the attention she gets from porn b/c it’s easy, and she’d actually have to do hard work in order to distinguish herself if she pursued a real degree and job. I also hate the word “empowered.” Being a video whore isn’t powerful; it’s the easy way. Yuck.

  75. She turned down a scholarship at Vanderbuilt in order to go to Duke because it was “more spiritual?” Then she supposedly has to do porn to pay tuition at Duke? I’m a woman, and I find this absolutely preposterous. Plus, her degree is in Women’s Studies? Who does she think she’s kidding? She likes the attention she gets from porn b/c it’s easy, and she’d actually have to do hard work in order to distinguish herself if she pursued a real degree and job. I also hate the word “empowered.” Being a video whore isn’t powerful; it’s the easy way. Yuck.

  76. “I can say definitively that I have never felt more empowered or happy doing anything else.”-Because this is so empowering……You go gurrrrllll

    1. Huh? So I guess this is what she meant by art. I take my fat brush, stroke it up and down her canvas until I create an abstract and distorted masterpiece worthy of Picasso. Probably like a cum stained Mona Lisa.

  77. But seriously though she decided with her own free will to be a porn star, and is now trying to make herself a victim of “harassment” and running to feminists for a platform, even though she blabbed and bragged to a frat dude that she did porn, it looks to me like she’s trying not to take responsibility for her own actions…

  78. Has anyone done a “This is what a feminist looks like” image for this whore?

  79. I’ve been having trouble getting women (still working on my game).
    I guess all I need to do is call them stupid fat sluts and they’ll drop their panties.

    1. Why would you be even talking to a fat chick? You’re right, you have no game….you failed lesson 1.

  80. The author here talks a lot about how she objectifies herself and goes as far to say “Despite clearly wanting to be objectified”. I fail to see why this is so clear. She says she enjoyed porn, she may even enjoy being objectified in the context of sexual interaction, either way, I fail to see why this should generalize to the rest of her life. Singers want people to recognize there singing when the perform, but I imagine they would rather not have it be the only thing people see about them. If she likes to feel attractive and sexy when she does porn what is wrong with that? Why should that mean that that is all she wants people to see outside of the context of her job?
    Well I guess the question is is she a friend to feminism. I think that is kind of a silly question. There are many sects of Christianity that strongly disagree and even renounce each other but personally, I don’t think that makes some of them NOT Christian. There will be feminists who disagree with her and there will be feminists who hate her. In the end I think what is more important is that that there are many feminists who agree with her stance that a women’s sexual desire is not something to be ashamed of. Seems like a feminist to me.
    The more important thing to talk about is how she has been treated. I was part of a debate club for a few years and things got heated on occasions with sensitive subjects being touched upon. Even when someone found the things the opposition said to be morally reprehensible and even when that person was alone on their side of the argument, I never once saw anything even close to this. Just the comments here are incredibly cruel. You can disagree with what she says all you want and, while a disagree with many of his statements, I appreciate the original authors ability to attempt to make a logical argument. It is truly a breath of fresh air in comparison to most of the other people who disagree with her actions and their simple slander

    1. A singer will give something for your soul. She tries to give something but it isn’t working. So a singer might be all her/his life a singer.She now has to try to find something to be all her life with this ”carreer” as the odd one out.

    2. “Shut up! You’ll hurt her feelings!”
      What the hell does a chick have to do to warrant criticism these days?

  81. “I’m not one of those feminists, so I don’t really care about what “Belle Knox” has chosen to do with her sexuality. The fact that her behavior could be considered slutty is not particularly relevant to me.”
    Guess what? THAT’S A FEMINIST IDEAL.

  82. Can someone explain how one makes money in porn??? I’ve never paid for porn in 15 years.

  83. She graves what all women desire attention from men. Her ” oppressor’s” give her the joy and happiness only men can give her. All her “BS” cannot detract from this basic biological requirement of all hetro women to be desired for her physical beauty. Porn satisfies her massive need for being desired by men as a sexual creature. Denying ones nature is the ultimate delusion and the ultimate hypocrisy. She loves being a slut, she can’t help it and the feminist hate this. Unfortunately in the end good men despise sluts and she will be just another “Donovan” with a pile of debt, a worthless degree and a family that will never forgive her for her stupidity. Here’s to her empowerment. You Go Girl!

    1. It’s the assumption, that the ”industry” has any part in the position of nature. She herself is oppressing the idea.

  84. Feminism is a form of bigotry, and is therefore spineless and hypocritical by nature. She knows that as long as she blames everything she can on the imaginary scapegoat known as “patriarchy” and nurturing a prejudice against men through her Women’s Studies program, there will be feminists out there rationalizing and making excuses for supporting her.
    Side note: Any college or university with a Women’s Studies department has its credibility undermined, now matter its history or perceived eliteness.

  85. “I had no idea you could apply to be a porn star; I thought someone came
    up to you and scouted you at a mall. I sent in my info and a couple of
    my pics and literally the next day all these agencies were calling me. (No Shit Sherlock!) I
    started talking to all these agents who thought I could be making six
    figures and saw real potential for me in the industry. I was like, “Oh
    my God. Let’s do this. Let’s go.”
    Future Duke graduate?????
    Holy fuck!

  86. I go to the University of Chicago, where “The squirrels look better than the girls”, and I still think this chick’s like a 5.5. I thought Duke girls looked better. So much for that! XD

  87. I don’t see what the big deal is about having a fellow co-ed working in porn in a country in which “Hooters” is a respectable “family” restaurant.
    “Duke University has been the center of much controvery in recent years. We’ve all heard about the infamous lacrosse case. Then, of course, there was the “Duke Fuck List” thesis created by a sorority girl at the school.
    So what’s the issue now? Porn. Specifically, a pornstar who just happens to have been a freshman at Duke:”
    – Like I said elsewhere here, Duke is RENOWNED as a “party school”. Some commenters disagreed. I don’t see how they could.

    1. “This girl’s actions have already put her into direct conflict with a very vocal bulk of the feminist hivemind,”
      Obviously there is not “feminist hivemind” and this article gives evidence to that. Many feminists will applaud her views, and many others will object to them.

  88. She’s an idiot. Just like most females her age. They seem to get dumber as they get older until they hit about 50. As for demeaning to do a lesser wage job, LOL, how do you think most people who actually WORK (not do porn for “work” because that’s NOT real work, it’s prostitution and whoring yourself out) pay for things?!? It’s demeaning to sell yourself to some jerk-offs who make alot of buck off your young body/beauty. I call it laziness on these young women who do porn to “pay the bills” instead of looking for a regular job where they will have to be just like everyone else, not feel above others even though they’re whores which makes them even less than the rest of us.

  89. I am sure this slut will soon pass out college, will write about her porn experiences in a book, will do TV interviews on mainstream and all in all somehow it would be the fault of all men around her, Similar here in India, Sunny Leone (Old useless pornstar from US moved to India, because some how she is Indian now) is now doing mainstream bollywood movies, TV shows, meanwhile all the Beta males here in India are just bending over backwards for another cum guzzler …, stranger times or the world was always like that for sluts …

  90. I’m not understanding something here; most people commenting here are disapproving of this girl’s actions, calling her mentally damaged etc., but I can safely assume that most of the same people are going to jerk off tonight to some kind of porn, featuring a girl who’s more or less the same as the Duke University pornstar. So people are disapproving, but approving it by watching it at the same time? It’s a bit inconsistent.
    As for her being a feminist, that’s stretching it a lot. She’s picking and choosing which parts of feminism suit her. She likes the freedom feminism gives her to do what she wants, but she’s using it to do things that support what feminists conventionally call oppressive. So I wouldn’t call her a feminist, it’s just a buzzword here.
    Although, I think what everyone is most pissed off about here is that she actually made the choice to do porn of her free will when she financially didn’t really have to. We see porn as this “last resort” thing that people do when they literally have no other options, and this girl definitely had options. She had scholarships, her family seems to have at least some money with her father being a doctor, and most of all, if she was really planning on becoming a lawyer, she could have paid off her tuition loans relatively quickly with a lawyer’s salary. She didn’t NEED this, she wanted this, which is really hard for people with traditional views on sex to grasp.

    1. ”but I can safely assume that most of the same people are going to jerk off tonight to some kind of porn,”
      Well that’s retoric, if there isn’t any porn, fantasy is used. So our fantasy makes her not needed.
      ”She didn’t NEED this, she wanted this, which is really hard for people with traditional views on sex to grasp.”
      It’s not the traditional view on sex, sex is traditional itself. It’s the untradional way she creates. how easy it all is to grasp .

  91. She had everything in life handed to her on a silver plate..still, she found a way to fuck it up. Incredible..

  92. Googled her now for fun, saw this quote:
    ”If Duke had given me the proper financial resources, I wouldn’t have done porn. They have nobody to blame for the scandal but themselves,” Belle told Playboy SFW on March 4, going on that it would have caused “an enormous financial burden on my family.”
    So I guess it’s Duke’s fault she turned down those scholarships too.

  93. What’s so great about her? She looks very plain, has a face that you know won’t hold up past 30, and presently she looks like she’s 14 or something. Do people actually pay money to look at her? I’d sooner wank and then spend the dollars on some beer.
    We can point out women are enslaved by biology and all that, but that they can still get paid to be looked at or recorded being used like a dirty rag is evidence enough that we have yet to break the chains of our own balls.

  94. She reminds me of that pornstar Annabel Chong. Although at least she doesn’t seem as pretentious as that pseudo-intellectual slag Sasha Grey.

  95. This bitch is not a porn star…Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick are Porn Stars…
    She also isn’t “Belle” in any way: broken nose, a funny eye, dumb smile and skinny…

  96. This dumb*ss girl does not realize that she has devalued her career potential in the sex industry and has no prospects in the real world. I will explain
    1. She talks too much. Her schtick is all about how smart she is. Here is the problem, most men that indulge in porn want women that shut up and perform. The more she talks, the less mystery she has. The less mystery, the less someone is going to pay to fantasize about her. Think about it. Who wants a fantasy of some woman that only talks about feminist b.s.
    2. Four years from now the Duke thing will get old. She is playing the education card, which has a short lifespan. I mean, who wants to “fantasize” about banging a MILF that goes to Harvard.
    3. Her films suck. This is the most boring chick you’d see in porn and she has no skills whatsoever. See item 1.
    4. She is using an art form that promotes escapism from reality to make a political statement. It is the equivalent of watching a “leaked” Diane Feinstein sex tape.
    Here is what she should do if she wants a career (free career advice for this dumb ass woman)
    a) Quit school and become a true ho. Take her smart ass to San Francisco and go to the Nina Hartley school of erotic ho-ism. Learn the art from some of the old masters.
    b) Stop talking and start performing. Since she is so damn smart, take your smart ass to Vegas or some other town and create a dominatrix show. Whip some sorry dudes in shape that want to get beaten and yelled at by some smart bitch. This is the only way people can reconcile you being “smart” and in control.
    c) After learning from Nina and whipping a fool or two, go legit, get a PhD and teach a sexual liberation course at Oberlin (the school where that fat chick on HBO likes to flash her flat assets and cause temporary ED cases)
    Whoever this woman’s team is, take this free advice and spare her a life of humiliation.

  97. “I visited Duke last year on Blue Devil Days [Duke’s programmed weekend for admitted freshmen], and I remember walking into the Duke Chapel — I’m a very spiritual person — and just feeling an energy that told me, “This is the place you need to be.” And I felt something in the chapel in that moment that told me that I needed to be here and go to Duke and it was something that would be an amazing experience for me.”
    Despite it directly contradicting the gospels, God is encouraging you to behave in ways and participate in activities in order for you to have an amazing personal experience ? Wow. You’re a pretty special lady. This is how deep it goes with with them, the lack of personal accountability I mean. She is completely incapable of simply taking ownership of her decision in any way. She HAS to do porn, not for attention no…. In order to fulfil the noble calling of higher education, why not somewhere cheaper ? Because God told her to go to duke lol… Now that she’s been run through the machine and is provided less attention she is playing the other side of the feminist card and claiming that she was “abused” etc.

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