5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder

Nothing screams white-girl problems louder than a good old-fashioned eating disorder.* But they’re more than that. Eating disorders have been—quite appropriately—declared a luxury reserved for only the most privileged members of the female race. In other words, the presence of one of the classic eating disorders is a reliable predictor of various socio-economic, cultural, and personality traits in a young woman–features that, in the end, are desirable to today’s American man. In a world where the “retail price” on the typical Western woman continues to skyrocket—while their quality continues its precipitous decline—there are some real gems to be found in the bargain bin.

I’ve dated several girls with eating disorders—in various intensities—and all of these traits have applied to each of them.

*While obesity is, in most cases, also an “eating disorder,” this list doesn’t apply to emotional eaters, food addicts, and fatties with no self control.

1. Her obsession over her body will improve her overall looks.

A girl who spends inordinate mental and physical energy on her looks is rarely fat. If you were to get into a long-term relationship with one of these girls, she’s also less likely to become complacent about her physique over time. Girls like this are usually deft at properly dressing their body type, which translates into a more stylish girl overall. And, because cheap clothing lines—like H&M—are shaped with straight cuts that are less labor-intensive and therefore more inexpensive, they look good in even the cheapest of shit. While they may have a “distorted body image” on the inside, that usually means staying trim and fit on the outside. Let’s not forget that fatties too, in the majority of cases, have a “distorted body image,” but in the unattractive direction.


2. She costs less money.

You can go out to nice restaurants and order take-out with the confidence that your expense on her will be minimal. In most cases, she’ll get a small dish–like a side salad–or just eat a little bit of whatever communal dishes you order. If you’re a hungry bastard, you can even finish off her plate. “Are you going to finish that?”

3. She’s fragile and vulnerable.

The case has repeatedly and persuasively been made that an inflated ego and an unearned high self-esteem are among the most unattractive traits in a girl. You-go-girlist “confidence”—grounded in little more than years of being told she’s a unique and special snowflake for no other reason than she was born female—renders a woman into an insufferable turd who thinks the world revolves around her.

An eating disorder often translates into the direct opposite: a girl who’s modest, fragile, and vulnerable. Instead of having to constantly wrestle with a difficult and obnoxious girl, you’ll be dealing with a tastefully insecure girl, who’s eager to please, and wants nothing more than your approval. She’s quick to apologize for transgressions, and will make the extra effort to see you–instead of flaking on you constantly. This level of vulnerability often brings out the best in men, whose protector instinct can’t help but get activated.


4. Probably has money of her own.

They aren’t too many poor girls with eating disorders. These girls come from money, and often continue to wield that spending power right into their adulthoods. Her instinct to please you will translate into her picking up tabs, coming to your door not empty-handed, or buying you little gifts.

5. She’s better in bed.

It’s a well-known fact that crazy girls are exceptional in the sack. A girl with an eating disorder has just the right cocktail of pent-up insecurity, neuroses, and daddy issues to ensure that your whole building knows every time you’re beating it up.

Say what you will, a girl with a mild-to-moderate eating disorder—that hasn’t excessively marred her appearance—is today’s best-buy in the West’s rapidly plummeting dating market.

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3,455 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder”

  1. You forgot the biggest one. Just by looking at the woman, you can tell she possesses at least some degree of impulse control which is sadly lacking in society today.
    Is #5 true? I always thought that starvation was associated with low libido.
    Then again, the television show Survivor has produced more successful mairrages than all of the seasons of the Batchelor….

    1. my anoxeric/bulimic ukrainian ex was insane in bed. crazy stuff i never thought was possible in the real world. it was great in the early years, before her eating disorder started to ruin her skin, teeth, hair, personality, etc.

      1. I don’t know. At the end of the day, I want a girl who eats moderately and healthily, works out intensely and is not crazy. There are these chicks who are into frequent colonic/anemas, ugh, man, that’s gross.

    1. I think so…vegans are often new age kooks and SUCK in bed. Hippies, weirdos etc ? Lack of meat =lack of iron= iron deficiency anemia?
      No meat= less testosterone= less libido?
      Rx: a tube steak smothered in underwear twice a day…

      1. “Lack of meat =lack of iron= iron deficiency anemia?”
        Iron is found in plenty other food sources besides meat.

        1. When I have to agree with this tranny you know that the rest of you pipsqueaks are really lame lol

    2. Nope. There are plenty of fat vegans out there. Just because someone is vegan does not mean they are eating a lot of fruits and veggies, like they should. Some vegans eat a lot of pasta and bread and other bad carbs.

    3. Doesn’t matter. If there are vegan chicks out there who don’t bore the shit out of you blabbing about their “intersectional feminism” and the finer points of rape culture, I’ve yet to meet one.

      1. Remember when vegan chicks were passionate about environmentalism or I don’ know… animal rights? I used to think it was kind of annoying but now I miss it a lot compared to “intersectional feminism” and “rape culture” I would leave the room if she even said those words. ah well, at least most vegans have the decency to be skinny. I have yet to see one who’s a land whale.

        1. “Animal rights/environmentalist” lovers are generally compensating for their hate of members of the human race. Of course you should worry about the environment, we fucked up. Of course animals should be protected (as long as we don´t made them almost from scratch to eat: cows and others). But I have met so many Israelis (I lived there a long time) that are “green” when at the same time they don´t consider Palestinians as humans, that I got to the conclusion above. “Green nut”: compensating for dehumanizing other people.

  2. Honesty these articles on this site are getting progressively worse and worse the more popular the site gets, if you have nothing interesting to contribute don’t bother wasting everyones time are writing an article about stupid shit.

    1. it’s ‘you are’. learn to spell before you criticise someone who has a completely valid opinion. My friend just shared this on facebook to show the kind of shit that men read and honestly this is probably the most disgusting, objectifying article i’ve ever read. If this is what you look for in a girl good luck with your lives

      1. Thank your friend for sharing this article. And don’t limit yourself to this article, you may also enjoy “Paternity fraud is worse than rape” or “How to convince a girl to get an abortion”, have a good read.

      2. The site is targeted at men, not women. Your opinion is irrelevant. I thought the article was both informative and hilarious.
        Also “you’re” is a perfectly acceptable contraction of “you are”. Correcting peoples grammar on an Internet comment thread makes you look pedantic, but correcting someone’s grammar and getting it wrong makes you look both pedantic and stupid.

  3. Article is of a lower quality than normal but still enjoyable. Always date skinny girls that have low self esteem.

  4. As Alec Baldwin is currently discovering, these kinds of women also make champion stalkers after you tell them to piss off.

    1. Stop deluding yourselves you little geeks. An upper class good looking girl is not looking for some prole who has a few lame pickup lines. You would be out of place in her milieu and look like a nerd in your H&M clothes.Stay in your own class with the chunky slobs, you’ll be much happier and feel at home.

      1. Alpha fucks, beta bucks. You’re a stable boy. You keep her cleaned, fed, you keep her shots up to date, and then some young stud comes in and gives her a good workout. Kind of you.

  5. You’re a kid who has watched too much porn with this anal nonsense. I hope you don’t believe this because when you do start having sex (if ever) you see that normal females do not like this.

      1. To his credit, men over 35, the Gen X’ers and Boomers, came of age in a saner era. Feminism’s blitzkreig capture of politics and the media was just ramping up, the last vestiges of the patriarchal social contract were still in place, and the wholesale cultural demonization of masculinity had yet to begin. Beta sacrifice and family formation were still rewarded, if only in name. “Free love” and the exultant veneration of slutdom were still a fringe curiosity. Hell, single motherhood, now standard practice, was shamed until at least the mid-to-late 90’s.
        Times have changed. The angry adipose bowl-cut crew and their younger, bastard-bearing carousel-riding frontliners are permanently entrenched. They’re the consumers, they’re the constituents; they’re running the asylum. Civil society through us, for them. For them. Not for us.
        For them.
        Unfortunately, most older guys don’t see, or refuse to see, the new paradigm.
        This generational blindness also means Gramps will never be able to fully empathize with today’s besiged matriarchy-man. The exquisitely hostile environment and the tough decisions we face are entirely alien to him. To Pops, that old-time patriarchial age of innocence and honorable fair dealing hasn’t died, it’s just a bit winded, taking a quick breather. In reality, it’s long over.
        When confronted, expect lots of frustrated appeals to “man up” and various plaintive white knighting from the old guard. Even the supposed red pillers. Instead of listening, it’s often more instructive to simply watch and learn from their mistakes.

        1. “Free love” and the exultant veneration of slutdom were still a fringe curiosity”
          There was probably even more sex but behaving like a slut was just lower class and frowned upon. You didn’t see females passing out or puking even though people likely drank as much.
          I don’t think that unwed mothers were really shamed even in the 80’s but it was something that the lower classes may have done and was just looked upon as stupid since there was the same birth control around then as today. I have never know a female to have gotten knocked up or even contracting any disease even though no one used condoms.So apparently the girls were using something, it is their responsibility after all since they are the ones who get pregnant. And good luck trying to collect child support if you have a kid because there was no way to prove paternity and even if there was you’d have a hard time trying to collect any money.
          “wholesale cultural demonization of masculinity had yet to begin”
          That really took off in the 90’s when Clinton was in office.
          And btw, it’s really only recently that you hear about false rape allegations because I never knew of even one instance of this.Even in the very rare case where a female really was raped she’d never report it to the cops and just forget it. She would not want her name on any cop report even as a victim or would she want to have to tell some blue collar detective the details. These girls today are just lower class drama queens who want attention.

    1. Things aren’t the same as they were back in the day. Doesn’t really do anything for me, but a shiiiitload of women are really into anal.

  6. not true about it being a western thing, unless you count ukraine as the west. all kinds of anorexic and bulimic chicks over there, given all the pressure on young women to look hot at all times.
    true about playing with fire, though.

    1. Contrary to the way they refered to in the American press, the Ukraine and Belarus are at the center of Europe, no farther east than Finland and just as European.
      Though yes, the quickest way to get to the cultural east from the Ukraine is to head due . . . south. Asia Minor is a pennisula and there, Istanbul is the gateway to the east, the destination of the Orient Express.

  7. Hilarious writeup.
    I like the close cousin of Eating Disorder Girl:
    The ‘I Get Fired From My Job If I Get Fat’ Girl.
    Think models, dancers, waitresses, actresses, bottle girls, personal trainers, yoga instructors et cetera. If they ever change careers though, you’re in for a chubby ride. Especially if they are from a lower class background.
    It will be like her getting married – ‘I was only skinny so I could keep that stupid job, and now I can eat whatever I want! RED VELVET CUPCAKEZZZZ!’

    1. i’ve seen all kinds of overweight yoga instructors. yoga studios are intensely feminist environments, so body-acceptance, yadda, yadda, yadda. most yoga instructor chicks are at least mildly hot (yoga is a great workout, after all) but there are plenty of exceptions.
      i’ve seen overweight female personal trainers too.

      1. Women all over the civilized globe are ga-ga for Yoga. Yoga is for modern women what babies were to women of the 50s. Women who are into yoga are just really, really into sex and want all men at the gym to know about it. They also want any men who get in their car to know about it. That’s why they leave those stinking rubber mats in their backseat……… and wear yoga pants to the market. Every single thing women do is for attention. Bullemia and yoga included.

  8. Best girls with eating disorders:
    The ones who start purging in the months before Spring Break, EDC, Coachella, etc.
    They’re already concerned about their bikini body, and being a naked slut in bed almost every night with a new guy — so they go all-out in January and February to make weight, more hardcore than a wrestler.
    Reasons #1-5 get doubled-down during that time.

  9. My chick has mild / moderate eating disorder and I can confirm that this article is spot on . Quite erry in fact . Well done

    1. My ex was very weight conscious, she always looked great, . Unfortunately #2 & #4 weren’t true about her and she wasn’t cheap. Especially after a nice dinner and went out to club or party, she’d puke all the food and booze up. What a fucking waste.

    1. BUT, they have loose skin from years of fat-fit-fat-fit zigzags. You get one of those and you ask yourself how in Hell I finished with such a beautiful girl and then she take her clothes off and… you understand.

    2. Bulimia is only good when they’re barely legal. By mid-20s their teeth are rotting from constant exposure to stomach acid.

  10. haha, dear god here comes the shit storm and feminazis !! I’ll be back to read all the comments !

  11. They call it “thinspiration” or “thinspo.”
    The practitioners of thinspo are, far and away, hotter than most American women.

      1. Good God, I love skinny chicks. I hate to admit it, but this line:
        “This level of vulnerability often brings out the best in men, whose protector instinct can’t help but get activated.”
        is right on the friggin’ mark.
        I will bust my arse for a sweet adoring waif, but I will not lift a finger for a hatefrothing you-go-grrl.

  12. As long as she doesn’t have a history of cutting herself, an eating-disorder chick doesn’t sound half bad. Great post.

  13. Yes, girls with Bulimia can deep throat, and the gagging is fun.
    But do they swallow? That’s a lot of calories coming out that load.

    1. Shouldn’t be a problem if they’ll just puke it up later. Wonder if they are more willing to do anal because of their daily laxative use

      1. They would be less willing to have buttsex because their ass would be destroyed from constant laxative use.

    2. That falls under “great in the sack,” but you’re right. The last eating-disorder girl would deep-throat me–without me asking–and cry a little each time. I’d love to be able to tell you it took away from the experience, and softened my boner a little, but I’d be lying.

  14. Another plus is less worry about pregnancy. Girls with eating disorders often don’t have their periods and can’t conceive. I prefer anorexics because bulimics can have gross teeth and bad breath from the rugurgitated stomach acid.

    1. Regarding bulimics. The vomit causes bad breath too. No matter how many times they brush or gurgle, because regular vomiting and the coating it leaves on the tongue, well, you just can’t easily get rid of that.

      1. Not to mention the acid which will damage your teeth and you’ll look like a Meth addict.

    2. You’ll only find those girls in hospitals. Usually when you start losing your period from an eating disorder, you dont have enough fat on your body to conceive, which you’d be surprised, is actually pretty little. So her BMI is usally under 16.0… Just saying.

    3. You’ll only find those girls in hospitals. Usually when you start losing your period from an eating disorder, you dont have enough fat on your body to conceive, which you’d be surprised, is actually pretty little. So her BMI is usally under 16.0… Just saying.

  15. You missed one characteristic that is common in those with anorexia:
    control freakism.
    In fact, their disease is all about control. And it extends over into other aspects of their lives and the people around them.

    1. yeah you nailed that one….
      what’s worse is that emotional vampire type people can seem so lovely at first … it’s a mystery how well you get on …. they create this kind of romantic comedy around you… you get so comfortable and relaxed… like a frog in warm water you get cooked alive….. they have become experts at hiding their bad traits…..
      the first whiff of trouble, the first time you call them out on something is like holding the cross to the vampire… they can go bat shit crazy…. psycho…. you have all kinds of co-dependance, jealousy, control issues and so forth….

    2. That’s easy to deal with.
      1. You give her some measure of control over something insignificant. Like the arrangement of books on the shelf, or let her organize your toiletries.
      2. You keep her constantly unbalanced by occasionally asserting total 50-Shades-of-Grey level of control. Control freaks secretly love this. Extra points for sexual domination.
      3. If she ever gets to the point where her control freak tendencies cross a red line for you, dump her summarily and without explanation.

      1. …. and when you dump her, tell her you are doing so because she has gained weight and is too fat for you now.

        1. haha that’s really mean….
          the problem is a guy who is getting laid is a guy who is laid back…. her issues can creep up on you… it’s all fine for college dating but if you get more involved and then it blows up …. big trouble in little china town…. as she throws plates and kicks in your car door and so forth….

    3. Anorexia is rare.How many females do you see on the street who look like they have anorexia(quite the opposite)?Anorexia just means a loss of appetite and it’s due to some disease process, chemotherapy etc or something like that.
      Anorexia nervosa is a psychiatric disorder and is very rare.

      1. are you dumb….there are almost 8 million americans living with eating disorders, and 18-20% of those 8 million will die from their eating disorder/medical complications brought on from their eating disorder. that is the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. and the mortality rate associated with anorexia is 12 times higher than the death rate of ALL causes of death for females 15 – 24 years old.

  16. perhaps ok for a casual girl friend, and can be good in the sack, but you are handling damaged goods….. there is a difference between sweet and innocents and fragile and venerable which can rapidly become insecure and paranoid….
    venerable girls are great at playing sweet and innocent and only later do the venerable and insecure taps get swtiched on… there was an article up here recently about the trojan horse women… this can be similar….
    insecure and venerable gets offended over nothing, shuts down and won’t communicate or goes all out psycho and throws your laptop across the room, and is a great candidate for false allegations of rape or violence….
    the idea can work, but be careful… VERY CAREFUL

    1. While I think he’s definitely on to something, MILD eating disorder cannot be emphasized enough.

        1. You think people are dumb because they don’t speak a foreign language perfectly? Not very accommodating.

  17. Some of the best sex in my life was with a girl who had an eating disorder. That was 6 years ago and I still remember how crazy she was. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

  18. Bravo! Love it. Girls with these sort of self-image and daddy-issue insecurities make great 6-month partners. I consider them throw-aways. Not wifeable. These are the kinds of girls who are unabashedly codependent and will absorb attention like a sponge. Likely to lie and cheat. I definitely agree with great in bed and eager to please. It’s a slippery slope.

    1. yes. i made the mistake of marrying a hot ukrainian chick with an eating disorder. anorexic when we were dating in ukraine, progressed to bulimia when i brought her back to the US (common trajectory it turns out…so many fun facts i learned about eating disorders during those long six years). imagine living with a hopeless alcoholic, but replace the booze with tiramisu. not fun. do not marry one of these girls unless she is serious about getting treatment. mine wasn’t, so i finally wised up and divorced her.

    1. and then when your done with them they trap your unlucky, foolish ass. my ex learned the hard way, wanted to keep talking to me after he started dating a new bitch and BAM baby on the way. good luck with your shitty rationale

      1. Easy man, take a breath. :-p Yes, if you get involved for too long with crazy girls you are going to get fucked in the ass. It happened to me, it happened to several friends of mind (including two friend that got falsely accused of domestic violence when they dumped the girl). Nonetheless, this doesn’t change the fact that crazy girls usually are exceptional in the sack, It’s like playing some kind of high risk sport.

        1. Lol i’d just love to beat the living fuck out of you. Toss you around like a rag doll. Worthless cunt.

      2. You’re as in, you are.
        I dumped a crazy bitch. And I NEVER wanted to speak to her again.
        You know, coz she was crazy, in a bad way.

  19. When I cook dinner for my man and I, I only eat after he’s done eating or had seconds. If we go out to dinner, he ends up eating his whole meal and half of mine. I don’t get women who are food obsessed. Just eat to stay alive and well nourished, while still looking good and fit.

  20. Taking things literally.
    While I’m no fan of landwhales, skinny little skeletons don’t do it for me either.
    I’d rather just go to Japan, China, or Taiwan where women tend to be naturally thin while still being healthy and call it a wrap.
    Funny article though.

    1. As a man who shares your love of Japanese women, I also love their shapes. But they also struggle with anorexia more than women in America. It can be a headache. Add in the fact that having boobs/ass isn’t a priority for women, and your girlfriend can reach the build of a twelve year old boy, which is awful imo.
      I really think the emaciation is behind women (and men’s) low sex drives. Could be wrong as I’m not a doctor. But I like slender, not Auschwitz size, which is what some Japanese women fixate on. Hell even men there avoid building muscle. It’s ridiculous nowadays.

  21. Anorexia/Bulimia are always seen in the affluent. A completely unique western disease. Gotta have food in order to not eat it or barf it up. Lots of underlying psychopathology e.g almost always have domineering ballbustting moms. Anorexia can be a very deadly psychiatric disease and these women can starve themselves to death and often need hospitalization for forced feeding via stomach tubes. The article rings true. BUT even though nutty women are often sex crazed weasels you are playing with fire..

    1. I like it. Lets keep feeding the fatties and starving the anorexics. Pretty soon we will be rid of the majority of these losers. Of course we taxpayers will foot the bill for their “issues”.

      1. “. . . we taxpayers will foot the bill for their “issues”.”
        Which is a problem with politics, not with them.

  22. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck, but the girls with eating disorders that I’ve gone out with tend to lie A LOT. They’re also pretty controlling – which I imagine is a by-product of their effort to control themselves.

      1. good luck with that. have fun with that psychotic, emotionally unstable women for the rest of your life. your definitely going to find a crazy and she is going to make your life a living nightmare. sucks to suck!

  23. The mainstream press must not have figured out this url yet. This article could potentially set off a shit storm, a much needed one. The Guardian went off today on the effect of “Blurred Lines,” it’s misogynist, blah, blah, quack, woof. When are they going to figure out you can’t keep The Truth down?

  24. …Wtf did I just read and htf did I get here.
    I am so glad people like you are shoved into some crappy corner of the Internet instead of being a visible and accepted part of society. Keep bitchin’, bitches.

    1. Recorder: This thing is going to be mainstream. Or we change society in a progressive way (taking some good things from Northern Europe, some good things from Latin America, etc) or Fight Club is on your way. The future is fascism fueled by disenfranchised men or a more inclusive democracy where being in a sane relationship is possible. You are choosing to be blind to the problem. That is not a solution. Blindness is the highway to fascism.

  25. Why is having a girl with an eating disorder better than having a girl that actually puts the work in to take care of her figure. If virtually any girl puts the work in, they can look like a 6 no problem. I don’t think rail-like bony chicks are attractive and I don’t know why anyone would think this, personally I find it repulsive and disgusting.

    1. thank you! you, dear sir, will one day find a lovely women (if not already) while these other disgusting assholes will be served their karma in the form of emotionally unstable, psychotic women who WILL make their lives a living hell.

      1. The lovely women men want are the rare ones that keep their figure up. American women eat way too much as much as men who are much taller. Crazy women typically are the ones who overeat.

        1. you just said earlier that the best looking women have eating disorders. Its not called a disorder because you have a strong grasp on reality you ignorant fuck. If you think a girl that obsessed with controlling her eating won’t have control issues that bleed into other aspects of their lives, then you deserve exactly what your asking for. Enjoy your crazy. You may not be meeting the right people because your a SHIT person

    2. Not many American women really put in the effort to keep her figure. She will give all the excuses as to why meanwhile spend a few hours watching Housewives.
      Some of the best women in bed and looks wise were ones who worked out like a fiend at the gym and had eating disorders. They didn’t look like skeletons that’s just an image fat chicks/media wants to project in order to fool you.

      1. You’re presenting their experience of an eating disorder as a positive taste of ‘discipline’, when in reality it is potentially fatal. This is the problem with this site, I’m in favour of its conservative elements, but such a view that you express is unanimously fascist. The gym is one thing, ED is another entirely

  26. This is a disgusting article. You should be ashamed of yourself for such a perverted, selfish view of relationships.

    1. If you think this is the truth then I don’t know what shit you are on right now. It’s the fucking 21st century, why have we not progressed past such dehumanization? Women deserve better than a society constructed by male driven media that tells younger generations it is ok to marginalize women and encourage such unhealthy behavior. Eating disorders are not glamorous. It is not glamorous to be stick thin and unable to provide your body the nutrients it needs to survive. Go crawl back up the asshole you came out of you ignorant prick.

    1. Alas, since we are now trapped in a society populated with females of the likes of you – many of us regret the day we were born also…

  27. yeah crazy enough to have your baby when you try to call it quits. YOUR DUMB, good luck with your shitty rationale

    1. Yeah the same could be said for any woman you casually bang. I was casually banging a cubby stoner while I was in college. Certainly not the best poon I’ve ever slammed. But she was cute, fun to be around, had the party hookup, and wasn’t too needy so she didn’t infringe on my game.
      Well after refusing to commit she “accidentally” forgot to take her birth control pill. Now I’m in the process of dealing with 18 years of baby mama drama. Any woman who’s desperate enough for your affections could trap you. So you might as well go for the hot skinny ones.

  28. You could really get drunk if you take a shot at every time shame language is implemented in the comments.

  29. Bravo, love the article! The main point to take from this is we need to call out that overeating is an eating disorder.
    American Women in general are delusional and crazy. The best and hottest women I’ve tagged were ones who worked out like crazy and ate very little. If I am going to spend time with a crazy chick she has to at least be great in bed and look great.
    Don’t let the feminist and media fool you, MOST women who don’t eat a lot don’t look like skeletons. When you see the rare hot chick at the gym with perfect body she’s not eating a lot in fact eating very little.
    What’s ironic is the women who yell about thin women when in fact they have a worse eating disorder ….. not able to control their awful eating habits.

    1. You’re right. Real “eating disorders” are present in a minority of women who feminists would consider as having an eating disorder. It really is a form of “thin shaming”, a complement to “fat acceptance”. All of the women I’ve dated in Poland would fall into this category because they were slim and recognized that gaining weight was a big liability, unlike many American girls.

  30. One tell to look for in a girl with an eating disorder is her breath. A polish girl came by my business the other day to get some dresses taken in. Hot Boddied 10 in her mid twenties. While I was talking to her, her breath smelled like a hot acid battery. What a beautiful aroma.

    1. Only problem is, they tend to suffer from tooth decay due to all that exposure to stomach acid.

  31. My problem with this article is that it is using slave language, newspeak. You don’t want a woman with an eating disorder, you want a woman who isn’t a fat and stupid bitch.
    Women who make themselves puke to stay thin rot their teeth out, it is unhealthy and a sign of madness. They also binge before doing this. Women who are truly anorexic would be no fun to be around either, think about it.
    What you’re talking about is girls who have shame, who have discipline. That is not a disorder of any kind. That is what it means to be a human as opposed to being a pig.

  32. The irony that a logical argument can be made for fucked up chicks actually being more desirable than supposedly ‘normal’ ones …

  33. Dude, this is not funny. The trolling or pissing-off-imaginary-feminist-stalkers intent, is way too obvious. And you’ve obviously never dated anyone with an eating disorber either. This is what anorexia looks like in real life:
    There is a vast difference between attractive girls WHO claims to suffer from some sort disorder to get attention or pity to people WHO actually suffer from a real eating disorder.

  34. what shit storm? This is not even funny to bash. The piss-off-imaginary-feminist-stalkers intention is blatantly obvious.

    1. Agreed. The author is obviously an idiot, reminds me of a teenaged boy who will say anything to get a girls attention, even if it means pissing her off. Grow up, and then maybe you’ll find the ability to write something that’s even mildly substantial. Even then, I doubt it.

  35. I hope this is a joke. I am a female, who has suffered for years with a mild eating disorder. And if I knew you personally, and I knew you wrote this, I would hope that you fucking had the nerve to take this down. This is the most repulsive thing I have ever heard come out of a man’s mouth (and I’ve heard/read some pretty disturbing shit).
    I would say you had some balls to post this, but that would assume you were a real man. The fact that you even said this proves to everyone that you’re not. If you were in a relationship with a girl who had an eating disorder, I would hope you weren’t dating her for the reasons listed above. I would hope that you fucking got her help.
    Eating disorders are solely because girls feel like they aren’t “good enough”. They don’t look skinny enough for men like yourself, so they feel the need to starve or throw up in order to be appealing to you. However, it seems as though you’ve found other bullshit reasons that just make eating disorders that much more appealing to females… “Oh, if only I starve myself/throw up frequently, not only will I be skinny, but I’ll also be all these other things and the asshole behind these posts will love me forever. Oh it’s just a dream”!!
    Get a life.

  36. No way would I date a girl with an ED. That’s just asking for trouble. I don’t care how fit she is, girls with Eating Disorders are wacko as hell. You want to talk about emotional baggage? They’ve got the worst kind. Maybe an ED girl for a quick lay, but nothing more.

  37. 1. Was not true; I only actually cared about the number on the scale.
    2. Only works if she’s anorexic, not bulimic.
    3. Ha, I was more difficult and obnoxious than ever when I had the ED.
    4. Not quite poor as church mice, but closer to working-class than middle.
    5. Lost my virginity during one remission and promptly developed a raft of issues… that triggered a relapse. Am, on the whole, far better in the sack now I’m over it. Bonus? He gets to photograph me naked and I love it!

  38. Are you serious!?!
    And you’re wrong on many counts. Eating disorders strike all races, both genders, and all socio-economic groups. I struggled with one for years, and I guarantee you I am not rich.
    Besides, you’re an ass.

    1. Oh so because your not rich and you had an eating disorder that disproves the rule. Tuth was speaking in general as in the general public and he is correct to say as a demographic rich white girls are most likely to have eating disorders.Just because you are poor and an outlier doesnt disprove his point.

  39. My comments seem to have disappeared.
    Again – eating disorders are deadly diseases that can strike anyone. I struggled with one for years, and I can guarantee you I am not rich.
    This is one of the most insensitive things I’ve read.

    1. You should resume your eating disorder. Your face looks a little puff from your avatar picture and eating disorders to help people lose weight as you well know 😉

  40. You are all psychopaths. If you are lucky you will learn to hate yourselves for endorsing this article. If you go through the rest of your lives thinking this way you do not deserve to have anyone fall in love with you, ever. Imagine your mother had an eating disorder and someone dated her for these reasons. Your ignorance is pitiful. Do yourselves a favor and reconsider your opinions on this matter. Emotional pain is not sexy, it is sad.

  41. Actually, people with bulimia generally stay at a healthy weight range because once a person has actually purged, it’s too late. Your small intestine has absorbed the calories. Don’t be an ignorant fuckhead, Pablo. You clearly know absolutely nothing about eating disorders nor do you have any right to judge a woman’s body, and therefore you should be deprived of sex.

    1. wrong. wrong. wrong. often it’s a cycle of skinny then fat. this is coming from a female. this is because often, it’s a cycle between eating a lot and starving. when people binge, they consumes calories high above those who eat normally do, sometimes 6000 and above. it takes 2000 calories roughly to run your body a day, and anything over that is stored. so there comes the weight gain. also you fuck your metbolism up and it loses the ability to burn calories efficiently. also when you starve, you lose muscle mass before fat.
      “Purging isn’t effective at getting rid of calories, which is why most people suffering with bulimia end up gaining weight over time. Vomiting immediately after eating will only eliminate 50% of the calories consumed at best—and usually much less. This is because calorie absorption begins the moment you put food in the mouth. Laxatives and diuretics are even less effective. Laxatives get rid of only 10% of the calories eaten, and diuretics do nothing at all. You may weigh less after taking them, but that lower number on the scale is due to water loss, not true weight loss.”

      1. You are listing facts but haven’t had to deal with the illness. I have been bulimic for 8 years and I have not gained a ton of weight and then lost a ton in a cycle. I’ve either lost or maintained the weight. Most people suffering from bulimia are in the normal weight range but are fucked up inside. Bulimics can have anoretic tendencies as well which is restricting or fasting for days but whenever we eat we purge. Purging isn’t really about getting rid of calories but more about keeping ourselves empty. The people who think purging will get rid of calories are probably proana/promia and are not truly suffering with the disease. Eating disorders are not about the weight loss anyway. It is an extreme case of mental distress and not meant to be a diet to have a great figure. People with bulimia and anorexia don’t care about losing muscle mass before the fat. It wasn’t what I thought about when I first begun and now I have a severe heart condition and will probably die soon. Our goal in the end it to kill ourselves.

      2. wrong. wrong. wrong. Hey guess what? I ate upwards of 8000 calories every single day. I purged afterwards, sure, but how was I able to consistantly lose weight (and yes, I did *actually* become underweight). Please don’t talk about things you have no idea on, you just sound like an idiot to the rest of us.
        (Fyi there were also time periods where I was a ‘normal’ and ‘overweight’ bulimic and binged less. The study you’re sourcing you’re information from is flawed, but I highly doubt you actually bothered analysing it. Also, no…calories aren’t absorbed in your mouth. The mouth plays an important role in digestion, but it cannot actually absorb calories….).

    2. I think Pablo has every right to judge a man or a woman’s body. as do you. You also have the right to judge him (like you just did). Maybe, don’t take the comment sections so seriously.

      1. NO ONE has the right to judge ANYONE! No one is perfect. So unless you are, then you can judge me. HENCE: NO ONE IS! So don’t judge me!

        1. wut. everyone has the “right” to judge anyone else. are you really advocating restrictions on thoughts?

    3. Deprive a man of sex for too long and he will resort to rape. It’s only natural. Nobody wants that. Give Pablo what he needs, Nes. It’s his “privilege”.

      1. only a really sad, lonely person makes claims like this.
        you must be sad.
        so, i’m guessing, if you don’t get laid for a long amount of time, you’ll resort to rape?
        ’cause if you do, i’m sure i can find a way to place you right in jail, maybe even hell.

  42. Wow, congratulations on being the biggest piece of shit! Women are human beings, not pets or toys to be used solely for your sick pleasure. I hope no woman is unfortunate enough to get anywhere near this close to you.

    1. Lacked the willpower to even stick to your bulimia, eh fatty?
      Don’t blame others for your tummy rolls.

        1. Haha, if you’re so un-cowardly, James — what’s your last name and address?
          In the meantime, you’re just a fatty enabler. Now go cry into your fat wife’s stomach flab.

        2. How is “fatty enabler” even an insult?
          Oh man, that guy tolerates other people’s appearances and doesn’t judge their character by weight, what a fucking cocksucker.

      1. What’s really interesting is your completely naive believe that those with eating disorders are all thin/underweight.

        1. those with eating disorders are all thin/underweight

          ….only if they’re successful at anything, sweetie.
          But given how lazy women are — and how easily they can hide their flab on Instagram and dating sites — it’s probably too much work to expect of them.
          In the meantime, they can just stick with MySpace angles and cropping, like you did in your photo, Claire Victoria Snyder:

          10 Tell-Tale Signs She’s A Secret Internet Fatty

        2. Why don’t you become successful in throwing up and eating minimal amounts that your body starts eating itself to provide energy. HAVE FUN

        3. Why would I bother doing that? I can just follow the Surgeon General’s and American Medical Association’s advice, and eat 3
          healthy meals daily and exercise hard at least three times a week.
          Eating good, healthy food and going to the gym are fun. You should try it some time.

        4. …And I thought you would be thanking me for the advice on how to disguise your fat. Awww….

        5. I love how people always resort to (false, by the way) comments about weight to apparently ~win the argument~ when they have nothing of intelligence to say. You’re clearly a very sad little man. 🙂 Bye now!

        6. That’s funny because I probably eat healthier than you considering I’m allergic to lactose, wheat, eggs and many other fat filled gross things. I get my protein from meat and vegetables bitch. By the way, it’s better for your metabolism to eat 6 smaller meals per day. And who needs to pay to get fit when there’s plenty of opportunities to exercise outside.. for free

        7. That’s great. You’re ahead of the curve.
          Now get the fuck off this site and teach other girls so they don’t become fatasses.

        8. In my experience, most women with “eating disorders” are overweight slobs; I assume their “eating disorder” is a mental exercise to make themselves think they’re skinny.

  43. This is fucking disgusting. If there are human beings who use these 5 reasons in a serious manner I hope they end up in the grimiest knicks of hell you fucking low-life-can’t-get-a-girl-who-is-confident-about-herself-because-confident-girls-wouldnt-chose-you dickheads

  44. lolol at all the dudes who are being assholes in the comments because you think it makes you powerful. most of you sound like you’ve literally never been with a woman. only insecure people try to put down an entire gender over the internet. you’re dick is not going to grow, no matter how much you comment haha

    1. If that’s you on the left (or right?) in the profile pic, then you definitely need an eating disorder.

  45. I think this article was offensive, sexist and show’s a complete lack of respect for woman. Makes me ashamed to be a man.

      1. Seriously, it’s hilarious how delusional and uninformed you are.
        Also, did you write your own “about the author” section? Is that supposed to be satire? I found THAT to be particularly amusing. 🙂

    1. Surprised you don’t receive death threats on the reg. Pretty sure a pile of dog shit has more intrinsic value than scum like you.

  46. I don’t think that is the case.
    I am bulimic. And I can deep throat. Are they related? I don’t think so.
    I’ve become really good at triggering my gag reflex when I want to throw up. If anything, bulimia should make it harder to deep throat.
    I learned to deep throat (and i mean actually deep throat, where the penis passes your gag reflex and curves down your throat) by relaxing my throat and keeping it open. Maybe bulimia has made me more used to having things back there? That’s the only logic I can find in saying bulimics can deep throat, since it’s not a cause-effect relationship.
    Bulimia also makes your throat sore, so sometimes I don’t go deep cause it hurts.
    And guess what, sometimes I throw up. If it hits my gag reflex, I’ll puke.
    This entire article is disgusting. Both you, Aviva, and the author, are extremely misinformed about eating disorders (I shouldn’t need to say that) and their “benefits.” I can assure you I’m not bulimic so I can be better at sex.
    I just don’t want people to have a misconception about bulimics. If you find out a girl is bulimic, your first thought shouldn’t be “I bet she can deep throat.”
    And I noticed a comment wondering if we’d swallow since semen has a lot of calories. And then someone replied that we could just throw it up right after.
    You think i want to taste semen twice? Hell no. I just swallow.

      1. this is an example of someone with an eating disorder. No offense to you olive, I’m really sorry for what you’re going through and I hope one day you’re able to win the fight..
        If this is the kind of things guys find attractive I think I’m going to go lesbian

      2. just because i have an eating disorder does not mean i’m “fucked up.” i am not callous, barbarous, cavalier, and shallow like so many of the commenters i have seen on here. You guys are fucked up.
        I hope I didn’t give the impression that I’m some slut who swallows cock for attention. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few years now and learned to deep throat with him.

  47. you’re a disgusting pig, and i hope that every bulimic girl in existence sends there puke to your mailbox.

  48. this is so offensive, especially because a lot of this article is true and then it twists the facts in a sick way.

  49. Hey, you fucking cunt. If you ever publish something like this again, I’m going to come to your home and remove your testicles from your body, you ignorant fuck.

  50. You ought to consider the male tendencies in this kind of a relationship as well as the female ones, which you’ve scrutinized to the point of (yes, the term is well-worn, but you can blame the male population for that) objectifying women, especially those with eating disorders.
    What kind of a man preys on a mentally ill girl? I will tell you. The kind of man who does this is highly, highly insecure himself, to the point of having little to no self confidence. He probably has body image issues himself, perhaps in terms of height, physical strength, or dick size. He only feels like a man when he’s with a tiny, fragile, and most importantly, mentally unstable girl who he can boss around and use as his play-thing. He is, essentially, a bully. He doesn’t like his chances with a mentally and physically healthy member of the opposite sex because he has some serious issues of his own to work out. He is stingy, maybe because he is insecure in his professional as well as in his personal life, and he generally feels threatened by both women and other men. He is typically sexist in his thinking and otherwise socially backwards. He has no respect for women as a result of having no respect for himself. This may stem from sexual ineptitude or other issues he deems embarrassing. His desire to be seen as masculine is pitiable, and he preys and women who he thinks can be easily made to fear and therefore admire him.
    Overall, he is a terrible person to the women he interacts with in his life, but we should not be overly critical of him because of this gaping flaw in personality; it is very likely he has had a traumatic or unhappy childhood, probably involving being the victim of the bullying that he now perpetrates on suffering, mentally ill women.

  51. This article is disgusting and I really hope it’s a joke… Any guy who follows this advice is equally disgusting and some “men” wonder why they’re still single. It’s not about just the man in the relationship and his needs… Re-evaluate your life and thoughts. As an independent female, this is insulting and premature.

    1. “Independent female.”
      Translation – obese, bitter, manless shrew.
      P.S. I bet you’re wondering why no one wants to “marry” you.

  52. This article makes me sick. Fuck you and all of the commenters who say a real man should only end up with “weak” females because they’re “easier” and more “pleasurable” to deal with. You’re so damn selfish and arrogant. Obviously an eating disorder is a psychological problem and if all you can think about is how good anorexia can make a girl in bed, then you are a more disgusting disorder than the anorexia itself.
    You are trash and all you probably do for the world is waste the oxygen you breathe. You are a disgrace to humanity and the equality of all people if this is what you believe in. I hope you die alone with no one by your side who truly loves you, which is probable.

  53. as someone who has suffered from an eating disorder for 20+ years, i am beyond appalled and disgusted with this piece of filth you deem worthy to post online. let me ask you this…has anyone in your family, immediate or extended, or even a friend, ever been diagnosed with cancer? would it offend you if i wrote an article making light of cancer patients? your ignorance astounds me. this is a SERIOUS LIFE-THREATENING illness. wake up, asshole. you will definitely be feeling the ramifications of having posted this so be prepared.

    1. “…as someone who has suffered from an eating disorder for 20+ years, i am
      beyond appalled and disgusted with this piece of filth you deem worthy
      to post online.”
      “wake up, asshole. you will definitely be feeling the ramifications of having posted this so be prepared.”
      As someone whose grandfather fought a WORLD WAR to defeat fascism and the censorship of free speech, who has witnessed the falling of the Berlin Wall and the end of Communism, why don’t you take your pathetic, self-indulgent “mental disorder” and go FUCK YOURSELF?

  54. One of the most appalling pieces of crap I have ever read in my life and that includes so many of the commenters. You are all pathetic and hopefully will never have someone in your family who suffers from an eating disorder. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. Thank-you, Brian. I almost gave into my Eating Disorder until I saw your post. A male’s post.
      People don’t take this seriously. I was on death’s door when I entered Inpatient last year. I have come a long way. I have so many side effects from my Eating Disorder. This is not glamorous. It’s HELL ON EARTH. And the voice never goes away. Whomever thinks like this and created this, I would love to have some words with you.
      Like Brian said, I hope none of you have to suffer from or family or friends ever go through an Eating Disorder. I hope that you truly find Peace and Humility in yourselves and have empathy and love for others.

      1. Keep pushing forward in recovery Kristie and try not to let these idiots get to you. The post itself is probably a trolling attempt to drive traffic to a site no one gave a shit about before this. They were clearly successful. In reality, there will always be idiots buying into the stereotypes but know that there is a a lot of real support out there for you and for everyone who suffers in silence. You are not alone. I was bulimic for twenty-seven years. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

        1. Get much pussy Brian?
          No? These White Knight attempts to win women over not working?
          Hmm… Sorry to hear that.

        1. What? Are you kidding? Are you telling her to go into her eating disorder yet again? Seriously, this is why society is so fucked up.

    2. Blah blah blah appalling blah blah blah pathetic blah blah blah ashamed.
      Hey, that’s fine and all.
      But realize, the alternative is the country we’ve got now with fatties running around everywhere, unbridled and uncorralled, eating everything in sight and destroying the dating market for guys that actually prefer feminine men. I know, it’s crazy.

  55. This is the most fucked up article I have ever read. Doesn’t anyone understand that having an eating disorder can lead to death and that girls with eating disorders feel absolutely miserable?!?! It truly disgusts me that there are men like this who exist.

  56. This is so inaccurate, it’s depressing. The fact that you need someone with an eating disorder and are afraid of normally confident women only shows how incredibly insecure you are. Sounds to me like you’re the damaged one. Fuck you and anyone else who agrees with this list.

    1. Normally confident women that spend half their day attention whoring
      on social media and filling the void in their meaningless career-driven
      lives with Cronuts and Pumpkin Lattes?
      I’ll take the skinny ones thanks.

      1. Certainly you’ve never actually met a “normally confident woman”.
        What the fuck is a cronut? AND why is everyone assuming EVERY female who comments is overweight?
        There’s so much stupid. It’s everywhere. Get out while you can…

  57. We are teaching our next generation not to be a bully and to treat other with compassion and kindness. You’re a monster who perpetuates all that is wrong with society and thinks its humorous. I respect your right to free speech. Maybe you can use your gift of writing to perpetuate caring for another human being instead of exacerbating ignorance.

    1. do you consider being obese a bad thing? and would you concede that societal pressure is often effective in inducing change? so then wouldn’t it be more prudent to instead teach people how to handle the pressure in a positive way instead of trying to get rid of the pressure?

  58. You sir, are one ignorant prick. Fuck you and your useless brain power. Try actually living with an eating disorder and then publishing this piece of shit article. You sicken me and everyone else who struggles with this fatal disease. Have a nice ride to hell, asshole.

    1. Try following the Surgeon General’s and American Medical Association’s advice, and eat 3 healthy meals daily and exercise hard at least three times a week.
      See? Not so hard.

      1. 6 meals a day bud. exercise everyday bud.
        don’t hate on those who don’t know how to be healthy

        1. Can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. It’s a good enough start for them with three healthy meals and heavy exercise 3x/week.
          And we definitely can make fun of the fatties. Every day television, newspapers, and the Internet carry good information on how to eat healthy and exercise.
          If they’re too lazy to follow the information, they need some motivation.

  59. So i’m a dude, and this is really…not cool at all. Even being a male I can see that an eating disorder isn’t something that can be made humorous or shrugged off as nothing. An eating disorder is life threatening to the body and mind. My best friend died of bulimia at only 23. Fuck you, dude. You’re a pussy bitch, grow some balls and don’t be an asshole.

      1. As a Tumblr Social Justice Warrior bot, you obviously don’t have much credibility on what’s funny 🙁

  60. Wow everyone one of you are a bunch of sick assholes..you would be lucky to get anyone…nice making fun of a deadly disease, wow, you are so fucking cool.

  61. LOLOLOL anorexia does not mean loss of appetite, you dumb fuck. LOOK IT UP. It’s psychological, only biological due to hereditary, but trust me, anorexics WANT to eat. they just won’t. And just because someone isn’t 80 pounds does not mean they do not suffer from an eating disorder. Some die before that can happen, or some are strong enough to seek help before that happens.

  62. This is fucking disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself. I had anorexia nervosa for five years, and my ex boyfriend was mentally destroyed by the experience and no longer speaks to me. Why don’t you write an article on top 5 reasons to date a cancer victim? At least the mortality rate is probably lower…20% mortality rate for Anorexia Nervosa, but hey if you get annoyed with them just continuously tell them they’re fat and worthless til they collapse of extreme starvation right? Problem solved!

  63. more distressing that the idiot who wrote it (he will always be an idiot) are the 2k plus people who shared it. Shows how much work there is to do breaking stereotypes.

    1. hm sounds like someone needs to drink their bottle and take a nap. do you want me to change your diaper

      1. Hey, it’s the closeted gay dude who throws around homosexual insults in the comments!
        Yeah, you probably would like to “change his diapers”. But take your fetish fantasies back to Tumblr, thanks.

    2. You sound like a bitch. How often does your wife or girlfriend peg you with her strap-on? If you looked up beta bitch in the dictionary, you’d find this balding, Cro-Magnon looking clown right next to it.

    3. The only hope that I can see in the excessive sharing is people, like me, who shared it to call it out on its bullshit not because I agree with it in any way

      1. I am sure that’s a lot of it. the post went viral so they got what they wanted and made whatever revenue they did off it. The important thing is that when this all dies down, the nameless trolls move onto to something else and 15 people are going to this site again, there are still real people with real names in the real world ready to provide support and speak up to break the stereotypes.

  64. This entire post is really strange dude..and to be quite honest u look like a predator posting some off the wall shit about your weird fascination with mentally/emotionally unstable females. This doesnt even apply to most ppl with an eating disorder let alone anyone who IS NOT A CREEPMASTER. and i guarantee you at least 50% of the people who bothered to read this post all the way through only ended it asking themselves..”wtf did i just read”. Seriously.

  65. Just because they have an eating disorder doesn’t mean that they’re anorexic. It could also mean that they over eat. Plus bulimia actually costs money, because bulimics actually still eat.
    One more thing, you’re an asshole.

  66. As a woman who has lived with an eating disorder for over twenty years and known countless others I can tell you that the majority of this article is total and complete bullshit.

  67. Based on your ROF Community beliefs (6. A woman’s value is mainly determined by her fertility and beauty. A man’s value is mainly determined by his resources, intellect, and character.) you just proved that you are of quite low value.

  68. Pretty sure you’re trolling, but it’s still fucking vile. I’m all for freedom of speech and will laugh at most things because it’s too exhausting to be offended by everything. But there is a fucking line and you fucking crossed it dude. Not fucking cool.

  69. You people should be ashamed at this article, this site, and everything else you’re perpetuating. I hope your mother reads this and kicks you out of her basement.

  70. Wow. This is one of the most awful things I have ever read. I would never dream of wishing something as painful and traumatizing as an eating disorder on my worst enemy, but I would wish it upon you and anyone else who thinks this is lighthearted or valid. Complete waste of my time to even skim it. Think of your mother, your sister, a girl friend. Do you even have those people in your life–do you have the ability to care for anyone? Because if you do, think about one of them being depressed and miserable and hopeless day in and day out. How could you joke about something like that? You sick piece of shit. Go fuck yourself, because no woman that reads this and respects herself a “mild-moderate” amount will.

  71. Eating disorders are more than just a desire to be skinny. They stem from severe mental disorders that completely take over a girl or guy’s life that is suffering from an eating disorder. This article is just completely ignorant and cruel. It concerns me deeply that people like the writer and many of the commenters exist in this world. The fact that having an eating disorder is being laughed at and jokes about is disgusting. Someone with an eating disorder is no different than someone suffering from cancer or any major disease. I doubt an article would ever be posted “5 Reasons to Date Someone with Cancer”, so what makes this any different? Do any of you have any idea of the hell that someone with anorexia or any of these diseases goes through? Every day is a struggle and their life will never be normal no matter how many counseling sessions or rehab visits. People like all of you are the reason that this has become such a common disease now. It is not a joke and every day takes the lives of many. You would be surprised how many people actually DIE of eating disorders. It’s all a joke now but I wonder how you would react if someone you loved like a mother or sister had an eating disorder and you witnessed first hand all the pain that they went through. Please, next time you decide to write an article like this, think about how ignorant and hurtful you are being. I am truly disappointed with society

  72. I actually feel sorry for you. You will never have a girlfriend or future wife and at this rate, will end up lonely and unmarried. Have fun reading your shitty articles to your fifty persian cats in the dark while you live a subpar and unsuccessful life. No one will give a shit about your articles then, much like the millions of people that don’t give a shit about them now. Meanwhile I am happy and healthy and recovered from my eating disorder and living a life that is 2000 times better than yours will ever be. Good luck in life, dickhead, you’ll need it.

  73. This article is appalling and riddled with inaccuracies about eating disorders. At least if you are going to write about a subject do some research.
    Also isn’t it the 21st century, so why is this article dripping with sexism and disregard for mental illnesses?
    I implore you to think before you type next time because obviously not everything you type is a diamond in the rough. Honestly this article was just a pile of shit (and that is probably a compliment).

  74. this is disgusting, and should be taken down. what the hell were you thinking when you wrote and posted this. you have no specialities in writing or anything. you freaking low-life loser.

  75. This is incredibly disgusting. You give tips on how to abuse mentally ill women. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate among mental disorders. You’re despicable.

  76. Don’t Worry, The Writer is Just a Butt-Hurt Fat Mexicain Who Can’t Get Laid in Southren California. I Looked Into It.

  77. As a woman, I find many articles on this site to be very interesting and at times even enlightening. I find feminism of today to be very ignorant and hypocritical. I do my best to look at things from different points of views, and can imagine – not necessarily understand, as I am not a male – where men are coming from when writing some of the articles presented on this website, and I actually do agree with many of the ideas written about here.
    That being said, I found this article to be highly offensive and misinformed. I am sure that the writer fully intended for this article to stir people up and initiate hate-filled comments, and though reading this did make me a bit angry, insulting the writer and making obtuse claims and retorts is just as negative and ridiculous as this article.
    I really hope that this article was written mainly as a joke and not as a serious viewpoint. To think that individuals actually think of eating disorders in connotation with anything written in this article upsets me greatly. I do not see how someone could find enjoyment out of writing something such as this. Eating disorders are a serious illness that kill most of the people affected, and boast a mortality rate higher than ANY other mental illness. There is no such thing as a “mild” eating disorder – you either have one, and all of it’s horrendous attributes, or you don’t. Maybe you are thinking of disordered eaters who are obsessed with their physical appearance… but even to seek out a person with those traits is equally disturbing.
    I would imagine you wouldn’t write an article about “reasons to date a girl with cancer”… I mean, who knows, maybe you would after a reflection over the list you included in this article, but what would be the point? Cancer is something that is not a choice, is out of control, and already disrupts the person’s quality of life enough, and will most likely kill the affected individual. Eating disorders may be on an entirely different spectrum, however, they do share those things in common. Why write an article only further insulting and upsetting men and women who are already so vulnerable? Why further the misconceptions of eating disorders? This is a serious disorder that only seems to become less and less regarded as such with every ignorant article written on it… I’m sure my humble anonymous opinion means little to nothing to you, but I felt a need to state it, as we are all allowed to do. I merely hope that articles like this will become fewer, and the awareness of the seriousness of this disorder will become more known, instead of the anti-awareness fueled with hurtful jokes and ridicule.

    1. I really can’t decide what offends me more, though… This misinformed, ignorant article, or all of the hate-filled negative comments being hurled at the author… Saying horrible things to someone because they said something you don’t agree with is equally awful. I don’t agree with his opinion either, but there’s no need to act un-civilized about it and act like elementary school students calling each other names…

  78. To whoever wrote this article: please kill yourself. The world would obviously be better off without cretin like you.

  79. This is probably one of the saddest things I have ever read. Everything that is wrong with media and western culture channeled into one article. I just hope that your readers are strong enough to realize how incredibly sick this is.

  80. This is not a joke but apparently, you are. Luckily, I am pretty sure you are not going to get any girls with this attitude. And all your fellow commenters supporting your position – are pretty much f*cking disgusting. Because I actually have a heart, I hope you never have to love someone with an eating disorder and experience the pain firsthand.

  81. Da hell is wrong with you people
    Your nasty ass disturbing ass ratchet ass people that think dating a girl with an eating disorder is the best to get omfg seriously y’all have some issues

  82. WAIT TIL THEYRE 30 n their teeth are rotting from repeated bile exposure erroding their enamel and their hair starts falling out from malnutrition. You can get the vulnerability and modest girl without the mental disorder. Its a disease you fools. N while these parallels may or may not exist between ‘in the sack’ n an eating disorder, you’re completely ignorant to the fact that it comes with a boatload of other problems-(aside from physical health) like insecurity which may means constant checking up on you, clinginess, and overall unhappiness with the relationship and even life in general. I am a fit skinny girl (athlete And physical therapist) n I couldn’t be more disgusted by tths article. Men and society should be encouraging HEALTH..not fat or skinny, eating disorder or not. AND PEOPLE THINK MILEY CYRUS IS CRAZY.
    .anyone that believes or agrees with this article is like if charlie sheen n miley cyrus had a baby-STRAIGHT CRAY CRAY!!! Lol. (And clearly lacking education and basic common sense)…..smh

  83. This is awful, disgusting and wrong and I’m nowhere close to being a feminist. Eating disorders are not something that should be taken lightly, be they mild or severe. Girls can still take care of their bodies, be fragile and vulnerable, and be fantastic in bed with out having an eating disorder.

  84. Get a fucking clue. I give my boyfriend the absolute world. Cook dinner, do his laundry, clean his house, shower him in gifts (as well as sex whenever he so chooses) BECAUSE he is loyal, kindhearted, respects me and certainly doesnt treat me as a fucking pawn or posession.
    Ive dated men with similar obvious personalily disorders ( such as urself ) and I wouldnt give you a fucking thing BECAUSE of your obvious distorted view of women; and in all honesty I would make damn sure you felt just as degraded and worthless when I was done with you.
    You can get the things all you men WANT from women once you start treating them like fucking human beings instead of belongings.

  85. I really take pity on these writers, these guys… It must be excruciatingly hard to
    be such closeted homosexuals. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, anyone who hates women THIS much
    must LOVE the dick…

        1. *can’t.
          Sorry for the typo, I guess the bad grammar/illiteracy on this comment thread is contagious.

  86. You must be the biggest fuckwit going! I can’t believe you even typed that thinking it would be even slightly humorous! I hope you have daughter… And I hope they have an eating disorder so u can figure out first hand what kind of hell it is!
    Your a piece of shit! Rott in hell!

  87. What the actual fuck is wrong with you. How does this constitute humor in any way? Anorexia has the MOST DEATHS out of any mental disorder and this is a fucking joke to you? Unbelievable.

  88. this should not be on the internet. Someone take it off. It’s too stupid and ridiculous to give it the time of day. Who is giving this person a column every week? IDIOTS. Even if this is some kind of joke to show how much of a complete moron this guy is/is trying to portray himself as. It’s offensive. This topic is no joke.

    1. Bitch, you ain’t the sheriff of this website. Don’t like what’s being written? Then close the browser you hysterical little monkey.

  89. So you’d rather have a one sided relationship where she yields to every whim of yours? Buy a blow up doll. I’ve survived an eating disorder, and it’s a serious issue. You sir, are a cunt.

    1. “I’ve survived an eating disorder”
      What? You stopped putting your fingers down your throat and digested your food like a normal animal?
      This is Viktor Frankl. He survived a Nazi Deathcamp.

  90. I agree with this 100%. I think more women should have eating disorders. Whats that old proverb about fat people? Oh wait there is non because god hates them.

  91. all I have to say is that none of those girls probably have size DD tits and a really round booty.
    i am fit because i exercise and then eat what i want to. nobody needs a eating disorder to be skinny, its not a reason to like someone, its nothing to celebrate.
    look past your penis’s men, and your wallets. as long as you think its appearance and money that matters most, you’re the one suffering most.

  92. What the hell is wrong with you?! You do realize women die from eating disorders every day right. You’re so obsessed with how she looks that you don’t give a shit that she’s going to die if she keeps doing this to please you. You’re disgusting. You might as well just kill her yourself get it over with faster… It’d be a blessing to the mental and physical pain of an eating disorder. A friend of mine with an eating disorder has to have part of her intestines removed due to the aftermath of her eating disorder…how sexy is that someone who has to live the rest of their life with an external bag to get rid of their waste because they starved themself to be “hot”. You’re a sad excuse for a human being. There’s a special place in hell for you. Hopefully your instant sexual gratification is worth the life you are putting at risk by incouraging her disease. Maybe when you develop real feelings, if you’re even capable of that you sound like a sociopath to me, for one of these girls and they die from their disease (and you encouraging it) you’ll wake up and realize how fucked in the head you are and maybe realize how serious this shit is. You are seriously a fucked up prick.

    1. “You do realize women die from eating disorders every day right.”
      Every year, 1.5 million people die from hunger, including 16,000 children.
      Maybe give your food to a charity instead of eating it then throwing it up?
      Selfish, attention seeking cunts.

      1. why don’t you give your food to the children dying of hunger. You don’t deserve to nourish the body you live in..

        1. Because I want to reduce the world’s population by at least 50%. With the starving children and the eating disorder girls, I’m closer to achieving my goal.
          Thanks for asking.

  93. You make it sound like eating disorders are a glorious thing to have! You obviously have not paid attention to the death toll for Eating disorders! Also they do not help relationships it make the arc better… They make them complicated and worse! Unless you’ve struggled with one .. Then you know nothing about first hand effects of them! Shame on you for writing this!

      1. This is not funny… Yes I know I struggled for many years till I was dismissed from all healthcare professionals and no treatment center would take me because I was dying! I know they keep you slim but they don’t keep you alive!

  94. This author needs to go get his head looked at. This article is beyond offensive and no person in their right mind would think this.
    As someone who has overcome an eating disorder, I hope that this man seeks help for his clearly twisted mental issues.

  95. Everyone that agrees with this article, kill yourself. Right now. That’s right, commit suicide. Preferably in the most painful way possible. Yep, because y’all deserve to die. By the way, god doesn’t hate fat people because he isn’t real. Your stupid little god isn’t real. Go cry to your mommy about it. 🙂

    1. you are truly being hurtful. I have struggled with chronic suicidal thoughts since eleven, killing yourself is not a topic appropriate to talk of so lightly. Did you know about binge, or bulimia eating disorders? To have an eating disorder does not mean you are underweight, and it does not mean you are prejudice. I thank you for your intentions but please please stop.

        1. no apologies necessary, you are right..this is absolutely disgusting. and the sick bastard does need a head check

    1. you sound like a 13 year old who just learned about segregation and has no idea what it means but uses the word anyway

      1. Oh, so you think it’s great to alienate people with insults?
        Tell me again, Social Justice Warrior, how you’re going to heal the world

        1. Anon, talk about alienating people with insults. This entire article is alienating women with eating disorders and clearly insulting.com

        2. Did you even read the article? It’s not alienating women with eating disorders. To the contrary, it is telling us why we should treasure them!

        3. My girlfriend is a recovered anorexic and loves this article. so… fuck all of you.

        4. Than it goes on to say it excludes fatties with no self control and emotional Eaters even tho those are people with eating disorders as well.

      2. And you sound like someone who can’t come up with a rebuttal and insults the person instead. Are you trying to say that segregation is only for blacks? That’s a bit racist.

        1. Segregation is the seperate on of races, nothing else. Segregation makes no sense to this article.

    2. Hahahaha poor Jimmy. He just wants to sound smart. He’s trying so hard. I mean…look at this beautiful sentence, “Name calling and telling people to “(b)urn in hell” isn’t going to change opinions and HAVE them on your side.” Seriously Jimmy boy, what the fuck were you going for there?

    3. No, dude, people who read this article and don’t cringe are seriously fucked in the head. Its like saying “5 Reasons to Date Someone with (Any Disease)”

        1. …Is someone paying you to just toss around baseless insults while promoting other articles on this regressive bullshit website? Because that doesn’t seem like a great allocation of resources, but if that’s your official job description, you’re fucking nailing it.

        2. are you a promoter for that site or are you just allergic to credible things? Also I’m a man, thanks for the gender guess though.

      1. I realize that you may have tried really hard to insult her, but your ridiculous shotgun-approach falls short in that it relies on concepts and words females no longer find offensive. Vibrator use is a personal expression of sexuality, and “slut” essentially implies that you find the way she has sex subjectively inappropriate according to your [narrow] views. She doesn’t care what your opinion of her is. Try again, pissant.

        1. Find sluts “inappropriate”? For long-term relationships, yes.
          But for a pump-and-dump? Sluts are perfect for that.
          And you’re obviously the type that knows exactly what I’m talking about.
          Hopefully you’ll find a guy who’s willing to accept you as-is, so you won’t need your vibrator much more.

        1. Like I already said, ‘James’, if you’re the brave one — what’s your last name and address?

    4. You obviously didn’t read the part where I wrote about changing opinions. Your reading comprehension is terrible.

  96. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of these traits and I didn’t when I was deep into my E.D. I went to residential are for anorexia, a disease resulting from my PTSD. Recovery was painful and possible . . .but it is unbearably hurtful to believe my pain would be made into such a mockery as this. To take advantage of someone like this is awful and my heart breaks for those who think it is okay.

    1. Oh hey, it’s a ShitRedditSays feminist bot, with an overused cliche about fedoras!
      My, how original.

  97. wow just wow. I didn’t think people were that ill informed and unintelligent… faith in humanity… all time low. Congrats you massively disturbed person. Clearly you need serious help.

  98. It appears as though the author of this article (as well as anyone who contributes to this vomit-inducing website) has a few disorders of his own.

    1. It appears as if the authors on this website have a few mental disorders of their own. They’re plain evil with the crap they’re writing.

  99. What a piece of shit article. This is absolutely sick. So glad I am not a part of your family or friend circle or I would be deeply embarrassed. Nothing about this is funny and I hope you get murdered. That goes for any commentator who laughs at this or agrees with anything that you wrote. I sincerely hope you get murdered.

  100. I definitely understand that the internet is a place to express your opinion. You have the right to do that. Go ahead.
    But hey! Guess what? I have that right too. So here’s my opinion.
    I feel very bad for people like you who have such a disgusting view on people and relationships and the world. To say that one can benefit at the expense of someone else’s happiness and well being is pathetic. I really do wish you the best of luck finding any type of meaningful relationship with such a clouded mentality.

  101. lmao this is fucking disgusting are you kidding?? im at loss for words. yes date someone with an eating disorder because all that really matters in a relationship is how the female looks and how great she is in bed. take your fucking head out of your ass and take five minutes to realize youre not 6 years old anymore. how gross and fucking stupid can you be. how many times did the poor little hetero boy have to be turned down to write this?? wahh :,,(

  102. This is disgusting. Eating disorders are REAL problems and should not be something that is desired or celebrated. People with eating disorders aren’t doing so because they want to be dateable. They have serious, deeper issues they are trying to solve by having this disorder.

    1. Lucky for you, I have an Asian fetish. And your thin too, so you have quite the leg up on the competition (fat American chicks). Let’s bang.

  103. This author is a huge piece of s**t! All these dude writing these a**hole statements you are the reason guys are viewed as pigs, GET BENT!

  104. I am a recovering bulimic. This article is not only disgusting but it’s also insulting to me. People who think like this don’t even deserve to have a significant other.

  105. People with eating disorders aren’t all “rich” and they aren’t all female either. Most of use are poor, missing teeth, pale-skinned, miserable, lacking energy, depressed and food-obsessed but starving to death. None of this screams hot, cheap and great in bed. Most of us have to spend a lot of money on dental care, hospital visits, food to binge and purge on, pschologists and medicines. The is no reson to want to date anyone with a physcial or mental illness that is likely to kill them.

  106. I’m not going to tell you i hate you or to go to hell or anything like that. That’s not going to fix the obvious issue here. You deserve just as much concern, respect, and love as the people with these eating disorders do. I do, however, feel that I need to say that whether this was done in complete seriousness or humor, this is not even remotely appropriate. No disorder is funny be it mental, emotional, personality, behavioral, eating, physical, anything; not even a little bit funny. This is a constant struggle that this BEAUTIFUL human being is going to have to deal with his or her entire life. He or she deserves support through hard times, not encouragement to continue unhealthy behavior. I really hope that you change your perspective on things soon.

  107. Never have I read something as ignorant and crude as this. Shame on the author. May he be better educated and work to become a decent human being. May God help him if he is ever lucky enough to have a little girl. I hope karma does not put this curse on his daughter. It will break his heart.

  108. You sir, are a penis! This is a very silly article. Go out into the world and find better things to write about. There are many things outside, like sunshine and flowers. These are joyous things. Advertising how women with disorders are beneficial in a relationship is quite wrong.

  109. You’re a piece of shit. Plain and simple. Get your head out of your ass, this article is disgusting.

  110. People die from these diseases. People struggle for life because of this mental disorder. It’s not a joke, it’s not a punchline. I’m disgusted.

  111. This is the most fucking disgusting piece of crap I have ever read. Eating disorders are serious medical problems, not a relationship perk. If you had the slightest amount of consideration you would realize that dating someone does not mean taking an insecure person with issues and making them your toy. It’s ironic how you are writing for a masculinity website yet you are the farthest thing from a real man. Rot in hell you piece of shit.

  112. Dear clueless asshole,
    honestly, yes there are multiple kinds of these disorder not just one and some actually have mixed symptoms. From experience, knowing friends and such with this, this is one illness I WOULD NEVER EVER FUCKING WISH UPON ANYONE even people I highly dislike!!! (hate) . this picture alone is sickening and I cannot believe that you, you fucking weirdo would come up with this bullshit —people in general neeed to be educated on WTF they are talking about!( especially you) What will be next 10 Reasons to Date a Girl with Cancer!?!?! or 10 Reasons to date a Physically Handicapped women? honestly this is one of the most annoying and absolutely sickening articles ive ever even seen and I havent even read the entire thing. would you also like to date a girl who has a 20% chance of dying at any moment ..because you must of forgotten to write that at reason #6
    -concerned actual human being

  113. Fuck me, is this for real?! Pathetic isn’t a strong enough word to describe how utterly disgusting you (and clearly many of the people reading this article) are.

  114. You hear that sound, everyone? It’s the sound of hundreds of agitated, emotional, and hysterical women vomiting all over their keyboards. I think I can find bit and pieces of their regurgitated lunch in their indignation.

    1. Sam, are all these comments your opinions or are you commenting on someone else’s behalf? I’m just confused because you seem to have a lot of varying opinions.

  115. What a fucking douchenozzle you are! Women have eating disorders because of boys like you. And yes I said boys, because you aren’t a real fucking man. You’re mother must be a real piece of work and same for your father because they never taught you respect for women. I hope no woman is ever stupid enough to get with you. And the people commenting on this supporting, I hope your dicks fall off. You people are the reason this world is shit. Go fuck yourselves!

  116. This is beyond repulsive garbage. Either you have whacked out parents or they are utterly ashamed of a person such as yourself. An eating disorder is a mental illness that torments and oppresses, similar to a misogynist, which you seem to be quite familiar with. So I guess it would make sense that you would want to be with someone with such a disease, furthering the nightmare already inflicted on that person. You are a waste of an existence, and I wish I could be there to witness karma bite you in the ass.

  117. guys we all need to calm down. what most dont realize is that women have to upper hand in relationships. i know it might not seem like it, but do you really think a girl would write an article about finding an insecure guy? of course not! because girls have the wonderful privilege of picking through an array of eager men. we should feel bad because this guy has obviously dealt with the fact that he cant keep a girl because we woman know that once a guy doesn’t please us, well, we can find another one faster than you buddy. seriously, if guys just stopped treating us like this then we wouldn’t feel the need to move on so much. i bet you any amount of money this pig wouldn’t say any of these things to his real girlfriend, because that would mean finding a new girl to potentially break his heart. we have the privilege of never being alone. don’t waste time crying about assholes and GO BREAK SOME HEARTS LADIES. just make sure to spare the actual nice ones, or else we will risk turning them into another one of these fools. the only thing this article tells about this guys is that one too many girls has broken his poor little heart.

    1. wahhh poor boy should cry some more just because he possibly got turned down by a girl doesnt mean he has the right to spew this shit out of his mouth hole

  118. I really hope this article is 100% sarcastic because if it isn’t, I really hope the author sees how sick he is being. Are you seriously considering the benefits of an eating disorder? They are called disorders for a reason. Women (and men too!) suffer from these extremely unhealthy habits because of people like you: they think they need to be skinny so that they will be appealing to other people who have no respect for their personal choices, and instead try to convince everyone else they need to fit into this distorted image. An eating disorder should not EVER be part of the criteria for liking someone. If someone is suffering with an eating disorder, help them or get them help. You should NEVER be encouraging or promoting them.

  119. This is so disgusting. If you believe this article, then you don’t deserve to even be in the presence of any girl, regardless of her mental state of being. The author of this article isn’t worth the dirt on the bottom of my shoe. There’s no response that could even partially express how immensely ignorant and loathsome this is. An eating disorder is a mental disorder that plagues millions of people, including both women and men of all social classes and backgrounds. I hope you realize how misogynistic and deeply offensive everything in this article (as well as some response!) are.

    1. “you don’t deserve to even be in the presence of any girl”
      And yet he’s probably tagged more hos than you’ve shared cupcakes with.
      Think about that.

  120. You are a piece of shit. Even though you are clearly the scum of the earth, I still would never wish something as horrible, painful, and deadly as an eating disorder onto you.

    1. Damn girl you’re so hardcore, with your shades and that tongue sticking out. So Rockstar! And you’re so strong too, calling the author a piece of shit. You’re brave, girl!
      Just kidding. You’re a vapid cunt.

      1. pretty sure ur just a judgmental fuck….yawn..another typical douche as usual. People like you really need to learn your place via physical abuse.
        I know it’s not humane, but it’s completely appropriate

  121. Or, you could find a girl who actually enacts healthy lifestyles. I don’t support this article at all. It supports a disorder that tears apart families and relationships. It’s sad (but expected) that you misogynists see a woman in a weak state and feel the need to take advantage of it for your own sick pleasure.

  122. I have had an eating disorder for twelve years, since I was six years old and decided that I was too chubby to eat but one meal a day. People like you sicken me. You are the very reasons that I almost died of starvation when I was ten.

  123. This is actually disgusting. I am an extremely heterosexual man and I think that the author of this is the worst person. Not the worst kind of person. The actual worst person there is.

  124. It would seem that society has reached a whole new level of stupid. This article is hardly worth anyone’s time debating whether or not it is complete filth. I think anyone worth anything in this world would agree that this article is complete garbage written by a low-life individual with extremely low self esteem. We should all just let the brainless readers that agree with him as to how great it is taking advantage of the mentally ill rot behind their computer screens. No point arguing with lunatics.

  125. this is the most absurd, fucked up thing I have ever read. The number one leading cause of death in the country is heart failure due to eating disorders. This is disgusting. you are ignorant- if you are going to make a 5 reasons to date a chick with eating disorders – at least get your facts straight- this isn’t even accurate.
    It doesn’t matter what color you are, what age you are, what gender you are, WHAT SIZE OR SHAPE you are- you can be a size 00 or a size 14 and still have an eating disorder.

      1. Size has nothing to do with whether or not you have an ED. In the early stages, you’ll be at a healthy weight because you’re just starting out. Just because someone doesn’t look fucking emaciated doesn’t mean they don’t have an eating disorder. It’s not your place to judge, anyways.

      2. of course you can have a disorder at size 14. everybody’s body works differently. i had an eating disorder for 3 years where i ate nothing but lettuce and drank coffee and water. it did nothing but make me bigger. i didn’t lose weight until i accepted myself, and lost weight the right way, by EATING WELL and excercising.

  126. this is really sad and twisted. you dont know how many girls and guys with disorders have stumbled upon this page and have felt like shit. i dont wish bad upon anyone or their opinion but this is an issue you should not take and make a laugh out of or promote. its really hard for anyone with an eating disorder to even have a stable relationship because they cant be happy with someone if they arent happy with themself. i really hope you think about this and think twice before leaving an article like this. you could have friends who have a disorder and not even know. it is serious. what goes on through the mind of an individual with an eating disorder is terrible. it makes life a lot harder then it already is and i can probably say majority of people with eating disorders struggle almost every morning to wake up and make it through the day.

  127. I find this extremely offensive because eating disorders are more than just the results of a distorted body image. These people believe that damaging themselves on the inside will change how others look at them and how they look at themselves. They don’t think of long-term consequences, about worrying the ones they love, because while they are going through this all they are thinking of is what brought them to that point. This has been the cause of death for men and women alike. It’s not an issue to be dismissed, I mean yes obesity is also a problem, but neither issue is more or less important than the other.

  128. 1. Find a hard copy of this article. Print it out, or, for maximum efficacy, re-copy it in your very best handwriting.
    2. Carefully wad it and insert up your poopshoot, where it will do the most good.
    I wanted to end this article with a cutting and repellant insult, but I couldn’t choose between ‘fucking pig-cunt’ or ‘pig-fucking cunt,’ so I decided to include both in paralepsis form.

  129. The author has “specialties in dating culture, social intelligence, and the state of masculinity.” Obviously.. not very successful in the dating world, who would want to spend time with such a disgusting pig; clearly holds no social intelligence, as this piece is complete garbage and tasteless; what masculinity? We women love a masculine man .. does not include s*it for brains or a man who doesn’t care for anyone but himself. Whoever ran this was just as much an idiot as the author.

  130. I’m surprised you could even type something like this, you sound dumber than a monkey with a five year meth addiction. How ignorant can you fucking get, my goodness.

    1. Even more shocking is that your fat fingers could stumble across the keyboard without typos!
      Here’s the crazy thing: that wouldn’t have even been an issue if you’d stuck with your bulimia. Some people just lack the willpower…

  131. You are likely one of the stupidest most ignorant people around. (holy sh*t! it’s unbelievable) You’re totally clueless about who has eating disorders – it is women (and men) of ALL colors and economical status. Do your research, go to an inner city girls home, speak with those who have struggled. You are probably just as depressed, anxious, and alone inside as those who are struggling in the heat of this disorder. Except your addiction is being a dick so other idiots can pep you up (likely after a life of being a total loser in high school). I also presume you’re an alcoholic in denial, and can’t have a real conversation or open up with any real warmth unless you’ve thrown back a few. It must be total hell living in your heartless head.

  132. you should really be ashamed of yourself. people die of eating disorders. you’re encouraging girls to put themselves in danger because they’ll cost less on a date. it’s sad and pathetic that you value a girl who has no self confidence and therefore must rely on you for any reassurance that she’s worthy of love. eating disorders exist because of people like you who value a skinny body more than a healthy life. the reason you’ve dated so many girls with eating disorders and who by your definition is “insecure” is because no girl who is secure in herself or in her right mind would ever date an asshole like you. i haven’t been this disgusted in an article in a really long time. 20% of people with anorexia die because of the disorder. congratulations on becoming the most insensitive prick on the internet

  133. I’m a 17 year old MALE and I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder for 2 years. I was in the hospital last year and missed over a month of my sophomore year because my weight was dangerously low. I am up to a more normal weight now but I’m still underweight and I struggle everyday. I also have been suffering for severe depression and bullying that started around 2 years ago as well. A lot of people dont understand that I didn’t choose to do this to myself, i really want to just be healthy and normal, but it’s not that easy.

  134. This is a DISGRACE!! This complete loser of a man needs to go do some research and become less ignorant before posting shit like this. Who would even follow this guy? No, the real question is HOW can anyone think like this. This entire article is so angering, everyone needs to read this to know what WRONG thought is. Please, meet someone with an eating disorder, do some research and realize that eating disorders are nothing besides a terribly unfortunate and sad cycle too many girls (and guys) seem to fall into. Eating disorders are too often pushed aside carrying a bad stigma of shame and “not a big deal”. An eating disorder IS a big deal a very very big deal and definitely not something to praise. Individuals with eating disorders need love and support from those around them in order to RECOVER, being praised for a body image built on the basis of an eating disorder is the worst thing anyone can possibly do. While many of you will be shocked and disgusted with this article, it is sad that he is not the only one expressing these backwards thoughts on the internet. Too often sites arise praising eating disorders. Becoming educated about these common disorders and putting yourself out there as a kind, loving, understanding friend is the best any of us can do to help those suffering through an eating disorder. There will always be ignorant people in the world but hopefully more of us can counteract all the stupidity through showing kindness and offering comfort to those around us in need. Love and care for one another. Don’t be a bitch like “Tuthmosis”!

  135. This is absolutely fucking horrible and disgusting. Eating disorders are not a joke or anything to brag about or think its glamorous. I’ve suffered through anorexia for all of my teen years and still am recovering, and by hearing this makes me want to punch this person that wrote this. ALL eating disorders can kill, and should not be made fun of. All of you people that think eating disorders are a “good” thing and have their “advantages” your all fucking wrong, and need to take a look at reality and research eating disorders and know that its not all that fun.
    Go fuck yourself who ever wrote this and to the people that commented thinking that this is funny.

  136. “In a world where the “retail price” on the typical Western woman continues to skyrocket—while their quality continues its precipitous decline—there are some real gems to be found in the bargain bin.”

  137. The epitome of douche, this article disgusts me and no I am not a woman something the author “tuthmosis” would presumably assume because judging by his writing the only person “crazy” enough to disagree with him would be a woman, the “incompetent gender”. Not that I believe in God but you deserve to burn slowly in Hell.

  138. i dont wish anything bad on anyone but i just want to say something. i hope you know how many girls and guys with eating disorders have stumbled upon this page and have felt like shit because of it. eating disorders are serious and should not be promoted and made into a laughing matter. many individuals who suffer an eating disorder cannot even have a stable relationship let alone maintain one because they are so unhappy with themselves that its hard to be happy with someone else. eating disorders are really hard. majority of people with eating disorders have trouble every morning waking up and even living and you are talking about them buying their partner gifts and others are talking about giving blow jobs, really childish. you and others should be ashamed. im sure you know someone with an eating disorder, and if you dont know, you are probably friends with a girl or guy who just hasnt told anyone because they are ashamed and struggle. i hope before you write your next article you think twice. it may not affect you but you are affecting a large amount of people in a negative way.

  139. you’re a piece of shit. I hope you have to face the torture and anxiety that a girl with an eating disorder experiences

  140. I really beg to differ. You phrase your reply like its the women who really need men and their sex. But studies have shown that men are actually more sexually needy and more dependant on sexual activity than women. While. women on average do not have a need for as much. Hence the perception of ` men give Love for sex while women give sex for love’. Isn’t your comment rather self centered and grossly egotistic?Heck, you men need sex. I’m afraid calling yourself the somewhat assholeish Master Overlord over your women isnt going to improve your chances, boys. I really hope they don’ t. After all I’ve seen on your stupid douchebag filled community of a website, I really hope you all
    die single and don’t breed.

    1. I mean, I think this dude’s an asshole as much as the next guy. But don’t you think that countering his evil by saying things like “You men need sex” perpetuating the argument and hate?
      Fellow chick here, just saying. This site’s no wealth of decent men, but these sort of gender issues continue when the other returns being just as spiteful.

  141. you’re totally right hugh. women revolve around appeasing men. we starve ourselves and throat up until our hearts are so weak we die just because you are so so so FUCKING awesome that i want to sleep with you.
    fuck you.

  142. clearly you have no idea what an eating disorder is. i have been in and out of treatment facilities for anorexia for over 4 years of my life. for starters, eating disorders are not “white girl problems” – i know girls (and boys) of all races who suffer from eating disorders. and anorexia is not about vanity. it is a deeply rooted psychological illness that manifests itself in restrictive eating and weight loss. it also happens to people across all different socioeconomic classes – it is hardly a mental illness reserved for the rich. anorexia and bulimia are literally diseases, they are serious illnesses.
    this article would be equally as offensive if it were a list of reasons to date a girl with fucking cancer.

    1. preach. don’t even give this guy the pleasure of acknowledging his argument. of course you are right. i never comment on things but broke my silence to say this guy is a piece of garbage.

    2. So instead of refuting any of the points with facts you immediately start puking, err..I mean purging, err…I mean spewing your own personal story all over the comments section. Typical dramatic attention whore.
      Cancer victims don’t choose to get cancer. But anyone can choose to eat. All the OP is saying is if you’re a girl, don’t eat too much. And sometimes it’s good to forget a meal here and there.

        1. Better idea:
          How about he follows the Surgeon General’s and American Medical Association’s advice, and eats three healthy meals daily and exercises hard three times per week?
          Problem solved 🙂

      1. You are correct anyone can choose not to eat.
        But they don’t choose for an eating disorder to take over their life.
        It starts out as something physical like not eating or throwing up, but then it gets in your head, and doesn’t leave. It haunts you every waking moment of the day, it gets into the darkest part of your soul you didn’t even know existed, its paralyzing.
        I understand cancer is very serious and an eating disorder is much more curable. With cancer you are fighting an outside force.
        But with an eating disorder you are fighting a battle against yourself, its all in your head and you can’t get it out.

      2. no one would ever CHOOSE to have an eating disorder. i was in denial that i even had one at all until i was officially diagnosed by doctors. an eating disorder is not anything that anyone would ever want. you don’t know the psychological torture that an eating disorder puts you through. yes i can choose to eat, but then i will be over a toilet for hours crying because my brain will be telling me that eating an apple will actually make me fat and disgusting and worthless. it doesn’t make sense, it’s not logical, it’s a fucking psychological disorder.

      3. OH. MY. FUCKING. FUCK. You do not exist as a human being…you can’t possibly. I’ve never read a less compassionate, less empathetic statement. So, if you’re a guy it’s ok to eat a lot? People choose to have COMPULSIONS and OBSESSIONS (both of which by definition cannot be controlled) to eat a lot, or very little, or nothing at all, or to purge everything?! You honestly think people CHOOSE to see themselves as worthless and in need of constant punishment?! STOP SHAMING PEOPLE’S BODIES. I hope someone does to you like that brilliant, powerful woman from The Help and literally feeds you SHIT! You deserve to be proven wrong again and again and again. I do not agree with violence, but I do not oppose teaching a careless person how to stop being ignorant!

    3. Eating disorders are not diseases. You do not ‘get’ an eating disorder. You get cancer. You get the flu. You do not get stuffing your face with food and extracting it. Bad acts can be controlled by the owner. I know. I did the deeds for 11.5 years. Cancer? Not so much. ‘Getting EDs’ sounds to me like ‘getting a curse’ from a magical wicked potion. Totally irrational. Take responsibility for your actions.

      1. But the women posting here are special little snowflakes. They’re victims of mean society (or was that the excuse ten years ago?) making them purge.
        They’re not the ones doing it, so they don’t have to take responsibility for it.
        I mean — following their doctors’ advice (or any of the health associations’ or medical bodies’) on proper eating is so hard — just like math!

        1. yes, following your doctor’s advice IS hard when you have a mental illness that takes over your entire life and tells you not to eat, and that if you eat you are worthless – even more worthless than you already feel you are. it robs you of your life and any control you have over it. goodbye.

        2. You have no idea what you are talking about! I didn’t asked to be molested beginning at 5 years old, but I was. Unfortunately, that was my way of coping when the memories I suppressed started coming a back at the age of 23! Try having many nightmares with someone chasing you and you can’t get away….maybe you are the “special little snowflake” because you are a fucking idiot!

        3. You have no idea what kinds of problems our patriarchal society creates for both men and women. Even going to the doctor can fuel an eating disorder further–being weighed, having health assessed, being told how to be “healthy,” and to lose/gain weight. Taking the advice of a doctor is extremely hard, whether the doctor is going with society or against; for some, even going to the doctor is excruciating. You have no idea the terror mental diseases can cause. I used to suffer from disordered eating, and now if a doctor even suggests that I need to be weighed, I have an instant panic attack, beyond my control, as a result of a disorder known as anxiety. Also, I’m DONE with people using the term “anorexic” as a bodily descriptor–anorexic people are not the opposite of fat people, fat people and thin people can both suffer from anorexia because it is a DISORDER not a BODY TYPE.

        4. okay first off i’m not a woman and i’m still posting. enough of the sarcasm we get your point you don’t actually know anything about eating disorders. they can affect anyone, at any age, of any race/gender/sex/religion/background. i couldn’t follow my doctor’s advice because i had panic attacks if i ate in public or with anyone else. i had to miss meals and eat and sleep at strange times. being a guy didn’t change the fact that i hated myself and started deliberately missing meals and purging and being compelled to work out for hours every day. i barely remember those years it’s all a haze. it took me 2 years to get back on my feet enough to finish my university course. it takes over your life and ruins any relationships and friendships you have. ruins any chance of any normalcy. educate yourself.

        5. You must be a pretty GAY “not a woman” cause you sure carry on like a little girl. Honestly “Anna”, between all your posts and the citing of your feminist blog I call BULLSHIT.

      2. Guess, what, either way, THEY WILL KILL YOU. Karen Carpenter (famous drummer and pop star) died from anorexia nervosa.

      3. Psychological/ mental disorders cause a lot of stress. Stress translates to physical symptoms of disease, thus justifying the statement that EDs ARE diseases. In addition, the physical damage done to one’s body is severe enough to where it can EASILY be classified as a disease. Treatable. But it takes a lot of time, therapy, support, etc. to get over for most. Some people can do it easily, but many need a lot of outside help and a lot more time to recover. And need continued support to not relapse.

        1. So anything that causes stress is a disease? That logic is flawed. Also, solely using severity of physical damage to classify something as a disease is silly. Under that logic a broken leg could be considered a disease.

        2. In this case, the physical damage is a direct effect of the disorder, and the effects persist. Perhaps the stress situation is irrelevant. People will view it as a disease. That said, this entire discussion of disease vs not disease is detracting from the shittiness that is the piece of shit article.

        3. It would then be easy to argue for whatever caused the broken leg to be considered a disease. Although not entirely related to how shitty the article is I believe the distinction is important. Eating disorders=/= Cancer

        4. You’re correct an eating disorder is not the same as cancer. They are two completely different diseases attributed with their own list of symptoms.Both diseases range in severities, and both are potentially fatal. Until you’ve experienced an eating disorder, or watched its wave of destruction ruin the lives of someone you love I urge you to reserve judgement.
          Eating disorders and breaking one’s leg are completely incomparable. Unless, someone is breaking their leg as an act of self harm it is an unfortunate accident.

        5. if you were to look up the diagnosing factors of eating disorders in the DSM (diagnostic statistical manual) you will find that how a doctor judges whether or not someone has an eating disorder is not just by physical damage/appearance/etc. It’s equally important to the doctor to look at the psychological state of the individual and how the way they think about themselves, their body, etc. So it’s a combination of the two: physical and mental. If no physical signs are present, this may mean that the individual is early into the disease or perhaps they are lucky that the eating disorder has not ravaged their body yet. Either way, eating disorders are mental diseases. That’s why you cannot tell if someone has an eating disorder just by looking at them (unless they are emaciated in the case with anorexia nervosa). For more information, I encourage you to do research before you make an opinion. http://www.neda.org is a good place to start 🙂 – SKW

        6. Its not that stress causes the disease; but rather stress coupled with a predisposition to factors that encourage the disease. For instance you will see a trend with people with OCPD or obsessive compulsive personality disorder (which is different than OCD). These people, who specifically acquire an eating disorder, usually feel that they have a lack of control (especially those with anorexia) in their lives; and a distorted body image. As a way to gain control they start to limit their intake of food, once this occurs as a result this person starts to lose weight, then people starting giving them compliments (because the world, especially in the west, are so obsessed with ascetic beauty and specifically thinness), so these people continue with this behavior until it is as a part of them as their personality. Unfortunately this does not make them feel that they ever gain the control they were striving for, because it is unattainable; as well as the fact they always see themselves as failures because of their distorted body image.

      4. are you serious? you don’t “get” and eating disorder? yes, you do. you “get” depression, you “get” eating disorders, etc. it has very little to actually do with food/weight. it is a psychological problem that spirals quickly out of control.

        1. it’s all in your head love. Learn to control it like the rest of us. You’re parents obviously over indulged you when you were younger. If you’re raised with tough love then you learn that you simply can’t entertain such middle-class problems like depression and eating disorders. You just do what mankind has been doing for thousands of years; you get over it and get on with your life!

        2. I just don’t understand what would make you think that. It is proven that things like depression are caused by chemical imbalances. How on earth is a person suppose to learn to control that? You honestly dare to blame eating disorders on parents not raising their children correctly? That’s insane. It clearly is all in YOUR head.

        3. yes it’s in your head that’s the point it needs getting out of there. saying that is like saying oh you’ve got fluid in your lung like yes i know it’s there get rid of it. depression and eating disorders aren’t ‘middle class problems’ they can affect anyone. that’s like saying only rich people get cancer. i was raised with tough love and guess what that’s how i ended up with depression and an eating disorder. for thousands of years people have actually been suffering with depression and eating disorders even when the desired figure was curvier. educate yourself.

        4. Pretty sure people in Ethiopia don’t have “eating disorders” and “depression” because of the reasons you do, or any middle class person does. If you let other people influence your life to the point where it runs you, you’re weak minded. Stop being a pussy and face your real issues.

        5. “learn to control it like the rest of us”? You’re an idiot, you can’t just ignore a voice in your head telling you that you’re worthless and fat or that if you eat no one will ever love you. It’s not easy to “just get over” the constant reminder of how worthless you are echoing in your brain 24/7 and how every time you look in the mirror you want to cry. Mental illnesses are not “Middle Class Problems” they’re everyone problems. You need to know a little bit about what you’re talking about next time you try to tell someone that their problems are worth entertaining.

        6. Are you fucking kidding me. Learn to control it like the rest of is? “entertain”? you are completely fucking ignorant. I was never over indulged and had the same upbringing as everyone else. Tough love is your solution for a disorder, then I hope one day you are diagnosed with something like this and see how you cope. You wouldn’t last the year bitch

        1. This is horrible. We do not choose to wake up every single day scared to death to face the next moment, to hate ourselves so much that we deprive ourselves of emotional and physical nourishment. Maybe it is not a disease but it IS a problem. It is an addiction, stemming from the same part of the brain linked to alcoholism and substance abuse. It is not something you can just stop. I knew a middle aged, male, bus driver who was in the same hospital as me fighting to recover. Eating disorders, although might have trends, are NOT limited to rich white girls. I work hard for the money I make but I don’t hesitate to spend in on food that I’m just going to throw up. it is just like a drug. So many people are uneducated about eating disorders and although some of the stereotypes are true, as with any, they aren’t all true. Asians tip like shit and no one wants to wait on them in the service industry, at one of my jobs we honestly don’t even count them in our head count because we know they’re going to screw us. However I have waited on Asian families that have tipped appropriately. Stupid comparison? Stupid article. I have an eating disorder and you can bet that I’m going to rack up the food bill because it’s not like I’m going to keep it down anyway. But I should probably just stop making myself throw up right?

      5. Oh darling, if only you knew. You do ‘get’ eating disorders because eating disorders are a symptom of something deeper going on, feelings that many girls feel before they start acting out on their eating disorder. Please don’t make assumptions until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, been in the hell that is an eating disorder, and tried your hand at recovery. Let me know when you do that… but I hope you never have to, because I would never wish an ED upon ANYBODY because it is so painful.

        1. Wish that were true. Just do a 30 second google search on men and eating disorders…men and boys get them too. Body dysmorphia doesn’t have gender boundaries.

        2. There are actually men that do. Many of them are in sports such as wrestling. When they have to qualify for a specific weight class they tend to binge and purge. It does take a toll on the body.

        3. This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard. People do not choose to have an eating disorder. You can not control it. Once it takes a grasp of you it’s almost impossible to get out of it, and it takes years to recover. You can not just say that men don’t get it because they do. An illness like this doesn’t have boundaries. It can happen to anyone. It makes me sad that people still have no idea about mental illnesses and completely disregard them despite how many people they’ve killed. I realise that you can’t understand what it’s like unless you’ve been through it, but maybe have a bit of sympathy for the people who ARE going through it. They didn’t choose this.

      6. Then why does it have the statistic of the highest mortality rate out of any mental illness. It’s a disease you fucken idiot. I’ve been in hospitals for ten years. Sure, there is the choice to work towards recovery but you don’t just wake up one day and say I’m going to be anorexic or bulimic. Screw you. You know nothing

        1. According to this logic, being stupid would be a fuckin disease too. So many things are classified as diseases now that the word doesn’t mean shit. OF COURSE everyone affected by it will claim it’s a disease and that it’s impossible to control. It’s a defense mecanism. Lets you deny responsibility for your actions.

      7. disease
        a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.
        Strange, I’d have said that an eating disorder was a disorder that affects both structure AND functioning of the human body, with specific symptoms attached to it.
        I suppose you’d probably subscribe to the same ideas that people don’t ‘get’ depression- they just choose to be sad and suicidal. Schizophrenics? No, they need to take responsibility for their actions and stop thinking those delusional thoughts.
        Pretty sure you didn’t *get* what I ‘got’ because I sure as hell didn’t sign up for this nightmare.

        1. True! In fact, when you have an eating disorder it literally changes the chemical composition of your brain and impairs cognitive functioning. Depending on the disorderly eating that you have it affects your brain differently.
          So it ends up being a viscous cycle, where the initial cause (stress, high self-consciousness, low self-esteem, PTSD, OCD, OCPD) of the eating disorder is now omitted from the cycle; and it is the person’s continued behavior, caused from their impaired cognition, that causes the impaired cognition.
          So the vicious cycle continues until the person ends up either dead (in serious situations), in a hospital, or in a psychologist’s office. The cycle is not very easy to break, because not only has it become a habitual behavior causing the cycle, and the cycle causing the behavior; but, there are also disorderly thought patterns that need to be addressed and corrected.
          It is a life long battle and disease that, regardless of whether or not it has been overcame, never stops exerting influence on your psychological state as well as your unconscious implicit behavior.

        2. Is drug addiction a disease? Because that would fit in the same boat as your description.
          Who knew having a disease was a crime?

        3. Have you ever talked to a doctor about it. Look up some studies on serotonin levels. Maybe a little research is order. This is also predisposed by genetics.

      8. You are absurdly misinformed. Please do some research before making such an insensitive comment. Multiple studies have proven that anorexia nervosa has a high rate of haritability (and the last time I checked we indeed “get” our genes, no “control” over those). The DISEASE is also associated with a number of environmental factors and biochemical pathologies. You might want to spend some of your time educating yourself instead of insulting people. Just to name a few of the hundreds of articles on the causes of anorexia: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11352375

      9. You obviously were treated in the “traditional” method. Hence the eleven years that you have suffered with this. Scientifically proven this is a disease caused by certain biologicl factors.

      10. You are a moron. The worst kind of moron. You are the kind of moron who just pulls comments out of your ass with no real knowledge on the subject. Can you please stop shaming our gender with your ignorant rantings. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being and I hope that YOU get cancer. GFY you pathetic bitch. You give the rest of us educated women a bad name by lumped in with idiots like you.

      11. you are incredibly insensitive and uneducated. an eating disorder is a mental disease. You don’t “get” it, you don’t “control” the actions. I work with eating disorder and other mental disease patients. none of them “CONTROL” their illness the way you suggest they do. Yes, an eating disorder is not cancer. But it is a disease all its own. Your lack of empathy absolutely makes me sick. it is people like you that cause the stigma on psychiatric/mental health. You obviously have no one in your life who has suffered from a psychological disease. Get back to me when that happens. and please do your research before you post insensitive and offensive comments, honey.

      12. are you serious? then why didnt you take action for 11.5 years? you obviously dont know what an eating disorder is as your brain tricks you into thinking a certain way without having control. it takes intense treatment and years of practice to get into recovery its not just something you can change over night. if it were that easy treatment facilities wouldn’t exist. check your facts before you go and make such an ill-informed statement.

      13. I really wish people would do their homework before talking about things like this. When a person is under the influence of alcohol they do things they would NEVER do sober. This is due to reduced decision making ability. If you’ve ever seen brain scans of people with different mental illnesses there is a clear physical issue with the activity in their brain. This causes the behavioral, psychological, and emotional manifestations such as disordered eating. It is extremely sad that our country still retains stigmas about people with mental illness even as the science improves and shows what’s really going on.

      14. You are a joke. You obviously just “got” a fake eating disorder since you are insensitive to the matter. Try watching someone you loves life dwindle away after they are given a 30% chance to live, became infertile at the age of 17, lost all of her hair, have premature osteoporosis, ruin her GI system, and many other consequences- after being diagnosed with a mental DISEASE called anorexia. I usually don’t wish harm on anyone but I’ll let karma be the bigger b****.

      15. If you don’t think eating disorders are diseases and you believe they are something that can be controlled, you clearly never had one. You say you had an eating disorder for 11.5 years, so did you just will it away? If that’s the case then it wasn’t an eating disorder, it was a cry for attention. Eating disorders are not something that you can control or simply wish away that’s why they are called disorders.

      16. Your sick minded response could tie into so many things, such as “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” OKAY BUT IF HE DIDN’T HAVE A GUN WOULD HE HAVE KILLED SOMEONE? No. It’s the same with mental illness. Do you think people with bipolar would have such rollercoaster thoughts, one day wanting to kill themselves, the next feeling as if they’re on top of the world, if they weren’t mentally ill? No.
        You are JUST as bad as the writer of this article. Get your shit together. When your child hates him/her-self so much because of a distorted self-image, sexual assault, emotional/physical abuse or anything else – and decides to extract their food or cut their fucking wrists, or god forbid hang themselves, then you can come respond here and tell me if you don’t “GET” depressed, “GET” suicidal, or “GET” an eating disorder.

      17. oh my god, you are clearly a fucking idiot, and just as bad as the poster. Having an ED is like being addicted to drugs. this is so disheartening to read this from a person who actually had an ED, i would expect this from someone who’s never experienced the haunting disease. -coming from a girl who’s had and ED since 5th grade, currently 21

      18. you are an idiot. either you posted this incredibly offensive comment to get a rise out of people or you just made my list of top ten most ignorant people I have ever made contact with. and I’m a researcher specializing in psychological therapy studies in persons with averse racism. either way please sign the fuck off.

      19. wow i really hope you have science to back this up? you’re a real dumb bitch if you think for a second that eating disorders are not diseases. Do some research? I can only hope your future daughter or son doesn’t have to ever battle with this LIFE THREATENING illness. Its the most fatal of ALL psychiatric illnesses. Its an illness of the mind. just like a disease in your blood, in your heart, in your muscles. The only difference is that it is in your mind.

      20. Oh, you’re absolutely right! The torturous four years I spent starving myself, logging every tiny calorie I ate, running ten miles a day to make sure that I worked off that last apple, staring at my reflection for hours on end, poking and prodding my incredibly diminished body; all the while knowing that I would definitely die if I didn’t stop was totally under my control. That’s why I literally curled up into a ball every night and sobbed, wishing that I could just be normal. But yeah, my anorexia was obviously a choice that I should take responsibility for.

      21. You must be joking, eating disorders are an actual thing regardless of your obviously uninformed stance. A lot of it comes from the culture that surrounds you and media being the driving force to people who are terrified of their own reflection to the point where their mind does not allow them to eat properly like a normal human being, food disgusts them, they can’t eat it without getting sick and they usually need to be hooked up into tubes and kept at a hospital to survive. There are people who keep chairs in the shower because they are so thin that they pass out from standing too long. If you ever, EVER say that it’s all in there head and they just need to get over it then you can go fuck yourself, because seriously it’s just like depression, or OCD, or Schizophrenia it’s a disorder that starts in the mind and affects the body in such ways that most can’t even function. Anyone saying it’s all in your head or it’s not a big deal have never looked into it or even researched it because you are obviously basing it off what you think it is not what you have learned about it and what it truly is. Sit down, do some research and educate yourself before you go making big claims with nothing to back it up, I see people deal with this stuff all the time, my girlfriend has depression that she needs medication for and she can only eat so much in a day before getting sick, she loses weight constantly and can’t put it back on, do NOT tell me this is anything less than an actual disorder because fuck you, it’s real.

      22. Please do not compare anything to cancer if you have not had fucking cancer.
        You have no fucking idea what it’s like to feel like you’re going to gag from watching a nature valley granola bar commercial because you made the mistake of eating a couple of them the first time you had chemo and your brain has imprinted nausea with the food. I felt like something was seriously wrong with me because the smell of cleaning products reminded me of the treatment center and have made me go through the motions of losing my lunch. It’s not something I can just “wish away” just like an eating disorder isn’t something you can just stop.
        Eating disorders are a disease of the mind. Your mind can be just as ill as your body can, it itself is a part of your body, so your logic is fucking invalid. It’s people like you that makes having unseen illnesses a fucking stigma and make people hide and suffer by themselves. Next time before you open your ignorant mouth why don’t you think about what you’re about to say.

    4. Hey Tuthmosis. I don’t understand your motives, however I feel like justice is due for an individual like you. Just consider yourself a massive target for malware. Just a heads up…be careful surfing the web, writing new articles, or even opening your email.
      P.S. Mac or PC ~ you’re fucked regardless. Have a nice day.

        1. Dude, you are forgetting rule 16; there is no girls on the internet, so clearly everything on the feminist list is written by men. -and you know, a few weeks on reddit and seeing what kinds of insults people use there will make that clear for you anyway.

      1. Go get him. For once a threat is warranted. But what if he’s kidding? Screw it…go get him. NOT funny in the least, and I have a dark sense of humor. If I could, I’d go get him. I’ve known too many torn souls with this disorder, and this guy needs a severe old fashioned cyber whippin..

        1. According to Disqus, you usually insult and mock progressives, gays and lesbians, women, Democrats, liberals, and “trannies”. You do realize that you’re supporting them here — because they’re the ones who are angry about the article, right?
          Or has the dementia you’ve written about gotten worse recently?

        2. I admittedly mock progressives…because they deserve mocking. I disagree with their political views, no question – plus I think they’re amusing. I have no issues or argument with gays, lesbians, transvestites, etc…gee, come to think of it – don’t they all fall under the gay community umbrella – do we have to use descriptive element from each group within the gay community to make a point, or did you just need a list to write? I suppose that you’re referring to my disagreement re the whole gay rights movement. Yep, I don’t think ANY particular group should be singled out for special rights or priviledges. Chalk that up to conservative leanings. Yes, I’m a “gasp” Conservative. No apologies there…but I have no hate in my heart for any particular group, honestly. It’s their THINKING that I find odd and disturbing, just as I do this writer’s. But I digress – that’s political discourse, and I challenge you to find personal hatred expressed in anything I’ve ever written (Maybe some anger at thought processes from time to time, admittedly). The above is just cruel. You disagree with that?

        3. I don’t think that gender and sexual minority groups (which aren’t all “gay” by the way) are advocating for “special rights or priviledges [sic].” They simply want the rights and privileges that the rest of us already have.
          You may not have any hatred, but you have a frightening lack of understanding.

        4. It’s shriveled pricks like you who are the exact sort of people we don’t need with your fake “support.”
          Everyone else says the author should get his dick cut off, but I hope it’s you! Old men like you spreading lies about what we in the Trans* community want.
          My eating disorders coincided with my realization that I was transgender. You can’t claim to “support” us with our ED problems while keeping us down at the same time with our sexuality.
          We are united in our sisterhood and solidarity.
          You probably have a tiny, old pecker anyways, so it’s not like you would miss it. If you chose your disqus name because of the actor, then you just have bad taste. But if it’s your real name, why don’t you tell me what neighborhood you are in, so my Trans-man friends can pay you a visit and show you the error of your ways.

        5. THATS THE THING THEYRE NOT RECEIVING SPECIAL PRIVILEGES, they’re getting the same privileges we, as straight people, already receive. nothing “special” about it. jesus idiots.

        6. Since when do marginalized groups in the U.S. enjoy special rights? The definition of marginalization is the denial of the same benefits enjoyed by the dominant regime.

        7. You’re an angry girly aren’t you. Saying you want dicks cut off because of a tongue in cheek article is precisely why no one takes your kind seriously.

          hahahahahahahahhahahah jk.
          BUT NOT. FUCK YOU.

          We get it your are all motherfuckers. Can you shut up now?

      2. @bb69170c2a986d86317aa8097cd7f47a:disqus
        No one talks like that.
        You lose your moral high ground when you use a keyboard to pretend to be a tough guy.
        Have a problem with it? “Hack me”

      3. What if he’s using *gasp* Linux? Or Solaris? Or what if he posted from a library computer? What are you to do oh great black hat?

      4. lol. good joke bruh. macs cant get viruses, i saw it on an apple commercial.
        no jokes. nice bluff bruh. you’re not hacking shit

    5. I hope you enjoy the post I made after your comment. Good luck to you brave person. I wish you the best xo

    6. ^ If this article was about dating an amputee, and put in such ridiculous things as “they are lighter to carry”, then there would be an outcry because that is offensive! But somehow mental health is still viewed as inferior to physical…
      I think what is equally as bad is that it’s reduced a person down to 1)money, 2) looks and 3) sex. If you are looking for a person compatible to yourself exclusively on these three things, then you are incredibly shallow… and that’s a little bit sad.

      1. People choose their romantic partners with an eye toward looks, money, and sexual attractiveness ?!
        Shocking news!

    7. the only person more pathetic than this mouth-breathing, misogynistic asshole Tuthmosis is anyone who would engage him in intelligent dialogue or, God forbid, listen to a word of “advice” from him. Should you ever meet a woman stupid enough to engage in a relationship with you, I pray that you will have girls so that you will realize what a hateful, sad excuse for a man you are. That said, I would not wish that on any female.

      1. Oh I wouldn’t hope he’d have girls.
        You are thinking it turn out the way you would think it would.
        But it may just go terribly for the girls instead of him growing a conscience.

      2. I’m sorry to break it to you but most of what he writes is true – and you know it is too. What’s sickening is the intention behind the author’s words, but nothing he says is incorrect. And I’m also sorry to tell you that Roosh (the author), while certainly a bit of a turd, is a hugely successful pickup artist who has dated models. One day he might want a serious partner with depth, but for now, he’s living a young man’s dream.

      3. This is a great list and as an alpha male I deserve a chick like this. All the people in the comments who are salty are probably just landwhales/hamplanets who can’t get a boyfriend and look just like Trigglypuff.
        My ex had an eating disorder and it was really sexy.
        Also, 6th benefit: i get turned on by gagging noises so i used to call her a fatty while i masturbated in the shower (to hear her puke in the toilet).

      4. Well looks like you’re an misandrist. And if no one knows what the term misandrist means it means “man hater” and that’s what you are.

    8. Dating a girl with cancer can be a very rewarding experience. Don’t health-shame my cancer girls.

    9. To the four MOTHERFUCKERS that down voted this. I was wondering if you could take one minute out of your day to…
      K. Thanks.

  143. This is fucking disgusting. You all realize that eating disorders aren’t glamorous or fun or trendy, right? They are MENTAL DISORDERS that lead to depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, not to mention heart conditions, sometimes death. What the fuck is wrong with all of you? You people are the reason society as a whole is a failure.
    Oh, and also, do some more research, you ignorant fuck. People with eating disorders aren’t all wealthy white females. Most are middle class. And they range in age, ethnicity, class, AND gender.
    Burn in hell.

    1. Namecalling and telling people to “Burn in hell” isn’t going to change opinions and have them on your side.

      1. ChangE OpINIONS? Are you fucking kidding me? What side is there to have? It’s a mental illness. A mental illness with an incredibly high mortality rate (THE highest). Have ANY OF YOU DONE ANY FUCKING RESEARCH HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE MINNESOTA STARVATION STUDY? Eating disorders HAPPEN. YOU CANNOT CONTROL THEM. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS. GENETIC PREDISPOSITION. “Just eat?” What BRILLIANT advice, I didn’t think of that before, and i’m sure the 1/5 PEOPLE who die from complications due to eating disorders didn’t either! Fucking hell!

        1. And you are clearly someone who knows about mental illness, Tess Hayley Mol — quite intimately.
          By the way, TRY RELEASING THE CAPS LOCK.

        2. My girlfriend is a recovered anorexic, and she hates your fucking feminists bullshit. She thinks you all should be curb stomped

    2. Listen “Torie” fat people arent in the Bible because god doesnt like them all tht much. If youre skinny, youre going to heaven. Meaning, get an eating disorder fast.

      1. SO now you’re bringing the bible into this? The bible says divorce is a sin but I see it happening everyday

        1. Yup, that’s why this site and Heartiste and others have spoken out against divorce.
          Google “frivorce” to see articles on it.

      2. The Bible doesn’t condemn being fat – rather it condemns being a glutton. These are two very different things. Being fat means you worked hard in life and are able to eat well and be healthy and provide for your family. Being a glutton means you eat more than what is necessary and not caring for others and simply being a pig. In fact, to further prove your point wrong, in the Bible being skinny was often considered a sign of laziness. “The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.” –Proverbs 13:4. Also, to say that God doesn’t like fat people is a misstep as well. “He that putteth his trust in the LORD shall be made fat.” — Proverbs 28:25. So if you put your trust in God, and have faith in him, you’ll be fat. The people God loves the most, he makes fat. Because fat means healthy. And healthy means an ability to spread the word of God. That’s all for today. Hope in the future you’re able to do your research before saying something as offensive and disgusting and just plain wrong as this.

      3. You do realize that in ancient times being fat was considered beautiful because it meant that you got enough to eat right? There are still cultures worldwide that believe this.

      4. i love you so much right now… lol. to everyone else its the fucking internet stop crying over shit you cant control

    3. Personally, I believe the anxiety, depression, and everything else cause the eating disorder. But it’s just a different school of thought. Either way this article is disgusting.

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