5 Things I Learned From My First Trip To Europe

Unplugging from the matrices of society and beginning your own journey down the red pill opens the doors to many new things.  How to understand women, the bullshit of the workforce, finances, and the freedom you get from traveling the world are some of the many opportunities whose doors are swung wide open when you awaken from the coma society puts you into at a young age.

Travel was one of the few things I had done very little of in my short lifespan.  I was determined to remedy that, as I wrote this in a post earlier this year here at Return Of Kings.  I booked a trip to Europe last December, for a total of 20 days.  I burned through nearly all of my vacation time that I had saved up at work.  I knew that if I didn’t take this opportunity soon, I would regret it.  So, I took the plunge.

After now traveling through Wroclaw, London, Barcelona, Rome, Prague, and then New York City on the way back to California; I can confidently say that my eyes have been opened.  Never in my wildest dreams had I ever planned to leave the Sunshine State, but now in no situation whatsoever can I see myself living in California permanently for the rest of my adult life.  I do not know where my next calling is (New York is at the top of the list, admittedly), but I can say this with the utmost confidence – travel changes a man.  It will open your mind.

With that being said, here are five things that really stood out to me that I discovered about myself, American culture, and more while abroad.


The Creative Juices Will Never Flow Faster

Once I was relieved of my usual cubicle duties, my mind was freed.  It is difficult to explain how exactly these floodgates open up so drastically, but I was amazed at how much deeper my thoughts were once I had stepped away from work for a few days.  I would say it took about three days of freedom, as well as a fair amount of drinking, admittedly, and all of a sudden ideas began coming.

I had book ideas, business ventures, blog posts, and potential product concepts all coming to me at a speed I never realized my brain was capable of producing.  Today, my first day back at work, do you know how many new, exciting ideas came to me from a creative aspect?


A man’s life was not meant to be lived in an 8×8 prison cell with dull grey fabric walls.  Even a woman’s kitchen has more space.

America Is Spreading, And Fast

As stated, I visited five countries/cities:

  1. Wroclaw, Poland
  2. London, UK
  3. Barcelona, Spain
  4. Rome, Italy,
  5. Prague, Czech Republic

I suspected that Poland and the Czech Republic would be the biggest culture shock to me.  I suspected London, Barcelona, and Rome to be relatively Westernized.  However, even in “poor” countries like Poland (one girls reaction as I nearly ripped apart a 10 PLN bill was priceless), the American way of life is spreading fast.  Smartphones are common.  McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken are everywhere, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a coffee shop more popular than that garbage chain Starbucks.

However, despite the fact that American culture is spreading rapidly, you do have a bit of an “American God” factor at play in these countries.  My California driver’s license was the biggest and easiest value demonstrator I’ve encountered in any situation.  I played the hell out of that thing – even introducing myself as “California Kyle” and seeing how far I could take it.

If you have game in America, I can definitely say you could do well overseas.  If you suck with girls here, I doubt you’d be better off in any country.


Solo Travel Can Get Lonely

I had by far the most fun in Poland, when I had a great wingman with me (Lucky Lothario), and in New York City with my girlfriend.  Traveling solo can get lonely, especially during the day.  While I met other tourists every day, and made friends at night, the amount of energy it took to get myself into a social mood constantly was draining.  By the end of the trip, I had almost nothing left in the tank to go out and meet people.  I nearly fell asleep in a bar in Prague at about 9:30pm on one of my final nights.

With that being said, if I had company the entire trip, I would not have gotten as much enjoyment out of it.  I also think living in a foreign country would be vastly different, when you establish routines and make new friends.  However, doing the “tourist” thing constantly solo is not something I would personally recommend.


I Knew I Was Making A Mistake By Seeing So Many Places

Everyone told me; I didn’t listen.

Five countries in the amount of time I had is simply way too much.  It is hard to account for travel time for airlines and public transit to city centers, in many cases what was supposed to be three days in a city turned into two due to being delayed.  I knew going in that I was really going to be pushing the limit, and I learned my lesson.

I wanted to see Poland because I’d heard so many good things.  I needed to see London with the possibility of moving there for work.  I had heard Barcelona’s nightlife was legendary (quite the contrary, I found it to be a bit of a disgusting shit hole).  I have always loved Roman history, so I wanted to sight-see there.  I’d heard Prague was a gorgeous city with a lot of gorgeous girls (truth).

Overall, I did everything I wanted, and needed, to do.  I will try not to have regrets about my logistical choices.  But, if I were to do it again, I’d spend a minimum of a week in a city if I truly wanted to immerse myself as a local and get the most out of a trip.

Post-Vacation Hangover Is Real

This trip was amazing in so many ways.  Truthfully, I looked forward to coming home when I was at the tail end of my time in Europe.  Now that I’m back in California, and back at work – I can’t wait to go back.

Cars, fancy apartments, and other materialistic items are cool, and I’d never deny that I enjoy all of those things.  The problem is, to buy all of those things, most (not all) will need this shitty thing called a corporate job.  A corporate job which allows you a vacation for, on average, two weeks a year.  Two weeks a year in which you can unplug before you return to your life as a legal slave, working for peanuts to make your bosses millions.

Fuck them.  There are ways around the system, and I’ll find them and abuse them until my last breathe.  I have too many places I want to see, and not enough time on this planet to see them.  The materialistic items pale in comparison to the experiences and memories of this trip that will stick with me for years to come. When I’m lying on my deathbed, it won’t be my 401k bringing me happiness; it will be my memories of the world; and the people and cultures within it.

This was not my final good-bye to Europe.  I’m just getting started.


I had enough adventures on my trip that I’m blogging about it near-daily on my blog.  If you’re interested, stop on by and check out the travel series so far:

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  2. Volume I: Getting To Poland – 30 Hours Of Delays, Kissing-Ass, And Getting Drunk In Airports
  3. Volume II: The First Night In Poland, Selling Strip Club Tickets
  4. Volume III: Getting Yadstopped

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116 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned From My First Trip To Europe”

  1. Do not bring Polish women to America, they get Westernized too quickly. One gal I know, a regular pump I had recently, is completely Americanized despite her accent. I thought she might be a great partner, until I found out that her ‘I have a boyfriend’ game was 100% real last month. She’s a solid 6.5, but who want to date a chick who willingly polishes (pun intended) multiple guys? Now? She’s just a receptacle. 2 – 3 days a week I pump her and leave. She’s a convenient, eager little slut.
    I should have known better, she’s a divorced mom. Her excuse for sleeping with me is he’s a good guy, great with her kid, but sucks in bed. I don’t doubt this bitch has ridden the carousel, and just doesn’t want to stop, even though she’s got her provider. Makes me glad I always use a condom.
    I’m extremely glad I’m not her boyfriend. That poor schmuck probably thinks she’s faithful. I’m tempted to mail him a pair of her cum stained panties with a note saying she’s a good ride, but an unfaithful whore. Then again, I saw his contact pic on her phone, he looks like a ‘nice guy’ schlub so it probably wouldn’t do any good.

    1. All women become westernized once you bring them to America. This country ruins them completely. I have seen it happen time and time again with foreign women.

      1. Quote: “All women become westernized once you bring them to America. This country ruins them completely. I have seen it happen time and time again with foreign women”
        Words to live by, gentlemen.

      2. Can vouch for that. Mine abandoned me two months after she got her green card.
        A mans feelings dont matter shit to bitches these days guys.
        Whatever country they are from.

        1. This slut didn’t even wait that long. As soon as she had her anchor baby, pretty much. Divorced before the kid was 2.

        2. I told you blanket boys what your problem is. You’re from the bottom 10% of the US, the dregs, and the US females that you know are the same class. There are plenty of high quality women in the US in the upper classes and even top middle class, and in fact they are generally sweeter, more docile with better manners and less gold diggers than the Euro trash which is the sort that you lower class boys would likely meet in Europe. This is why they use you when you bring them to the US. The top women have no desire to live in the US permanently and your cabin in Podunk and immature religious moralising is just a bore.
          It’s all about class blanket boys and you’ll do no better in Europe than in the US and in fact will even be used more. Like always goes with like and there is simply no way you’re going to fool any girl with some silly “game” nonsense into believing you’re higher than you are. Roosh tried that in Denmark and came home with blue balls and then to save face blamed it on some invented Jante code lol In reality they just spotted him as some bullshitting loser and poseur trying to get above himself and into the pants of some 5 when he only qualified for a 1-2. The girls all know what class you belong in and what you qualify for no matter how much bullshit game you try.

        3. Yes, you are right Boomer.
          There, now ya happy?
          Why dont you try offering something positive and constructive instead of chastising us and bringing us down all the time.
          Ya jerk.

        4. OK, I come from the top 1 percent of America in terms of “class”, wealth and education. I grew up with money, and was around other people of the same class growing up in a monied white enclave. And I am here to tell you American women are nearly all moronic twats regardless of class, and every class especially the higher echelons of society are predominately gold diggers, they are raised to be that way. You said women always know what class you really come from, and that’s true for everyone. You talk down to people but I can tell you do not come from real money.

      1. Classy Polish girls from affluent families, especially the blue-eyed blondes, typically stay away from clubs. They move in their own social circles which are difficult to penetrate by foreigners. Besides, they are too busy studying in Poland or elsewhere in Europe under the Erasmus program or skiing the Alps with their alpha male boyfriends which foreigners like you never get to encounter.
        As the southern European countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal are going into decline, Europe’s center of gravity is moving north, and the Northern European countries like Poland and Germany will increasingly play a dominant role. The old division between east and west in Europe is being replaced by the new division between north and south. This doesn’t mean that Poland is going to go back to its former glory of the Polish-Lithuanian Empire but it does mean that it is the country to watch

    2. Not just Poland. Russian women as well can be amazingly predatory when they get to the states. My wife is friends with a lot of them and the stories I hear through her are shocking. One is going out dancing every week and pumps the guys for a sexual thrill. There is _NO_ way I’d let my wife go out dancing alone but her beta male husband puts up with it.
      Another Russian woman has been divorced 5 times, chain smokes, and has the ethics of a snake. I told my wife to try to distance herself from her as a friend for obvious reasons.

      1. I’ve seen some absolutely mercenary Russian women in the states. Beautiful, but all about divorcing for cash and prizes.

        1. They know that the system favors them and they take advantage. You can’t really blame them. If the system favored you wouldn’t you take advantage too?
          It is worse in the UK. Some of them have multiple kids and just live off of welfare because it pays more than a low end job. Disgusting system brought to you by white knights, manginas, and feminists. My tax dollars at work.

        2. I hate when someone asks me “wouldn’t you do that too?” Speak for yourself, please.
          It’s not just the legal system but the culture including that made up by as you point out, the white knights. They BEG the women to f them over. I know a lot of them in the states and since they absolutely pulled the white knight mangina routine criticizing me for not buying into women’s equality and victimhood, I found it hard to feel sorry for them.
          When I got married or even my relationships, if a woman treated me badly, I called them out. They then either had to end the relationship, or change their ways, and since they were in the wrong they usually changed their ways. It depended upon how gone they were and for me, if it was worth it for me to help them change their ways.
          In life, it’s amazing that much of the time, we get the kind of treatment that we think we deserve.
          Fortunately, in the states and even Russia/East, it’s possible to spot golddiggers from afar. They usually run at the first sign of a cheapskate or a man standing up to them and like car thieves that avoid a car with the club, they move onto the next victim.

        3. I wouldn’t do it out of integrity, but these particular people are a different breed. What’s worse is that they rinse and repeat. Exploiting weak men IS their career.
          The system you describe in the UK sounds awful. I’m somewhat familiar from reading “Life at the Bottom”. I blame the politicians.

      2. All that proves is that the females that you know are lower class like yourself. I bet that those “Russian” females are jews because I don’t know of any Russian girls who want to live in the US.
        Very few Russian females have the top qualities of an American girl.

        1. I married a Ukrainian woman who has a Chemical engineering degree and worked as a television producer. We just celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary.
          I think what has made the USA into such a bad place to find women for marriage is that from the beginning, it’s been a frontier society with a scarcity of women and hyperchivalrous Anglo men who also were puritans. It was and is a witches brew for women to become spoiled and to yank men around sexually. In other places in the world, women can be traditional without being helpless and spoiled. Or they can even be sexually more direct. All in the same society. It appears strange but it works because women can be one or the other while in the states, women are told to be everything and they just get messed up.
          All I know is that when I go anywhere East, or heck, even Western Europe, it’s like a runway show compared to the states where the women are just much less feminine.

        2. Perhaps Idaho is a frontier society but NY and the East coast hasn’t been one since the 1600’s

        3. What I mean is that the culture of women being rare and beta male begging for it has been ingrained in the American psyche from since then. This was reinforced by massive waves of mostly male immigration along with puritan mores that gave America a reputation in Europe as both being sexually uptight and simultaneously obsessed with sex.

    3. “Her excuse for sleeping with me is he’s a good guy, great with her kid, but sucks in bed.”
      Lesson #1 – if you are dumb enough to wife one of these people up, DON’T SUCK IN BED.
      Problem is, having sex with the same person for years gets tedious, and its pretty much impossible not to get lazy.

    4. Dude seriously you need to wake up. Polish or whatever girls do that in Poland as well. They string along their “boyfriend”, while riding the carousel. She did not become “westernized”, she was already like that back in Poland or whatever.

  2. Europe rocks, in the right way, as a perpetual tourist. “I love to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there,” is apropos.
    It’s been a while since I was there, but man all the classic western culture America has, and still imports here is European. We Amercians a just a wild shoot of the olive tree.
    I’ve looked at ways to take 3-6 months or more and really tour Europe without the big expense or commitment of even renting apartments. I’ve settled on a well equipped, mini RV (think campervan) where I can park it for a few hours or a few weeks in any location that suits me. You buy in Amsterdam, travel, and sell it back when you’re done. Your cost is depreciation of vehicle, if any, and your travel expense in gas is offset by airfare, trains, cabs, and of course, lodging.
    Now, when I return, I’ll be doing the same things I did back in the late 80’s — touring and playing music. So, my RV is really a “tour bus”, replete with everything needed to accommodate the groupies. Parking is difficult in some larger areas, but Europe if much more accepting of holidaying in an RV than America, where you’ll have to find a RV park or campground 100 miles away from any nightlife.
    Talk about logistics! “Let’s get outta here and go to my place for a drink. It’s not far. In fact, it’s just down the street.” Ok, maybe you’re not drinking in your RV (check the local laws), but you’re certainly closing deals. I’ve been practicing this here in the states, where those things are real problems to contend with. And I’m confident things will work find in Europe — especially after consulting with folks RV’ing fullj-time there. However, I don’t have as much info on RV’ing in the eastern European hot spots that Roosh has recommended. Also, the Schengen visa thing is a bit of PITA after 90 days, but that problem is easily solved.
    Europe, here I come.

  3. If you’re thinking of moving to London, think again. I’ve lived there long enough to know it’s the worst value for money city to live – price for a single room start from 400+ GBP. One bedroom flat – at least 1K.
    Why did you think Barcelona was a shit hole or did you mean just the night life?

    1. Hey pal, do you live in mommy’s cellar like the other blanket boy losers here? $1500 is nothing in London or NY, or even Moscow.I thought that you had left out the k after that 400 because that’s what you would pay in London to buy a 1 bedroom apt. Cities today are for the upper classes unless you want to live in some crappy negrofied or working class area of the city and ride the subway to work.

      1. True, even in Northern New Jersey a one bedroom apartment will cost $1,500 a month. There is no way you could find a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan or Brooklyn for $1,500.

  4. Next time I’ll be too lazy to spend 30 minutes in train on my way to Prague I’ll read this post. Although I’d say that real high value girls also means more dates, more “boyfriend” rejections, more long term boyfriend qualities required – game is not enough, more refined “gentleman” game needed, as a foreigner you’d also have local provider/social circle competition, guys here are often fit, have style, money…So it is no paradise. But I don’t have the comparison with the US. From what I read, US guys are bitter about everything which may be because of poor character and quality of the girls. Generally the top european game advice is more refined, think James Bond/Harvey Specter, and positive.

    1. I’m in college right now and also work in a hospital. I see the before and after of the women here and it makes you realize the true nature of women knowing what they will look like later and how they act now. Ignorance is bliss my friend, that’s why some US guys are bitter. There isn’t much to look forward to it terms of high quality women . College used to be a place of very nice feminine women , now its filled with sweatpants, 2xl shirts, and stupid boots. There an eye sore to look at in class. Even my professors have gotten hella fat.

      1. Quote: ” . College used to be a place of very nice feminine women , now its filled with sweatpants, 2xl shirts, and stupid boots. There an eye sore to look at in class. Even my professors have gotten hella fat”
        Lets not forget too that college is a hard core anti male environment where false accusations fly so easily any male student on campus is treading through a mine field.

        1. Really? That wasn’t my experience in college. The sex ratio on most college campuses….engineering schools excluded…..is skewed toward girls. Been that way for quite some time now. What that means is that even dweeby, beta college boys can consistently pull 5s and 6s without much effort at all. While the American education system is most definitely anti male, especially anti white male, young girls are young girls.

        2. I’m sure there are exceptions, but most colleges today have more female students than male. It’s comes down to supply and demand.

      2. College used to be a place of very nice feminine women
        That’s because now it’s filled with proles. Even though there were co-ed colleges years ago, many of the top ones were still single sex.Once they went co-ed there seemed to be a big change.When Bush was at Yale it was still all male (females had their own colleges nearby) so it wasn’t like you had no women if you went to an all male school, just not in classes with you. And since many females were looking for boyfriends or husbands they were concerned about how they looked, even when there were no men on campus!

    2. US guys are bitter about everything which may be because of poor character and quality of the girls.
      Yes, that and an openly hostile anti-male culture that is getting worse by the minute.

  5. Seems like you’re enjoying your travels and have the right mindset to continue that exploration. Well done.
    Last time I was in London, a couple of years ago, stayed in Islington. Fortunately the tube was just a block over which made easy work of getting around to the nicer areas. As always an expensive city, but quite neat, clean and orderly. Paris on the other hand, gawd, the trip across in the Chunnel brought us into Paris proper and through what looked like a NYC grafitti contest zone. Horrible. Once outside of Gare du Nord however the city itself was quite pleasant, as long as you watched for cars driving on the sidewalks.

  6. “I suspected that Poland and the Czech Republic would be the biggest culture shock to me. I suspected London, Barcelona, and Rome to be relatively Westernized. However, even in “poor” countries like Poland (one girls reaction as I nearly ripped apart a 10 PLN bill was priceless), the American way of life is spreading fast. Smartphones are common. McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken are everywhere, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a coffee shop more popular than that garbage chain Starbucks”
    I think this song sums up what you’ve seen pretty well.

  7. I agree. I just got back from Ireland, and it blew my mind. I’d love to travel to every country in Europe before I turn 40. With my NYC game, it was really easy to get laid over there….

  8. thats a good point you threw out there about if you cant get laid here in the anglosphere consistently then dont bother oveerseas unless youre a white guy in SEA. otherwise youll be disapointed. we literally have some of the easiest women around.

    1. I agree to an extent, but you’ll be surprised. I’d say that in Asia and Latin America, just being White is a ticket to decent poon; this may not apply to Europe since everyone else is White and there’s no “exotica” factor.
      In my case, I was a Black nerdy guy that couldn’t get laid in the USA (wasn’t really complaining though because I didn’t really want to get laid by women in the USA) when I first went to Japan. I’d argue that a Black guy that was used to getting pussy on the regular, like the super-suave Black dude, the football player, or the thugged-out homeboys would take an SMV decrease in Japan, while the Black guy that had hygiene and a slight interest in Japanese culture that was considered unappealing in the US would experience an SMV increase. Japan seemed to generally “normalize” the SMV of all random Black guys when I was out there.
      All that said, I wouldn’t write off travel to potentially increase SMV, or to have access to women that are more appealing to you, but don’t think that you’ll become god just for falling off of a plane (although that may very well be the case for White guys when it comes to non-White countries).

      1. Actually Americans still have an “exotic” factor over there, once you’re outside of the main cities anyway. On the Isle of Skye, (Scotland) I couldn’t buy my own drinks, so many were getting sent to me not only by other men but by women as well. They caught one whiff of my (to my ear) monotone Ohio accent and that was all it took. By the end of the night we were all boon mates like we’d been born and raised together, and the women would not stop touching me/flirting with me. They kept playing the same Beach Boys song on the jukebox because it was the only American band song on the machine. Surfin’ U.S.A. lost its charm after about the third go, but the beer was flowing and the women coming on strong and all was right with the world.

        1. Outside of tourist traps and near military bases, white Americans are exotic for the simple reason that most cannot afford to travel readily to Europe, and many others don’t bother. When I was over there, it was easy to find young people from other European countries, but Americans were actually more rare than you’d expect.
          In my hometown, when young white Americans travel abroad, it’s usually to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean for some mysterious reason. Australia and N.Z. are also fairly common. When they do go to Europe, Spain is the most common destination for whatever reason.

        2. It’s an instinctive drive to get some new genes in the pool and ameliorate all the inbreeding.
          Consider visiting Royston-Vasey.

        3. Not so much really, no. Stereotypes about nations rarely pan out to reality when you put your feet to their streets.

  9. The first trip to Europe, an American usually comes back impressed and excited. By the 4th or 5th, you are a lot less impressed.
    If you go there regularly for business, it turns into drudgery. You resent the jet lag and the stupid nonsense of dealing with Europeans. You will run into plenty of knee-jerk anti-American bull shit that gets tiresome. It’s only a matter of time before you run into some asshole that insists on debating American foreign policy, the superiority of the European education system, how ignorant Americans are compared to Europeans, blah blah blah blah. When you get stuck with that bull shit at a business dinner, it is excruciating that you can’t just pop the asshole in the mouth and walk away.

    1. And of course, there’s the constant lecturing about “why don’t you Yanks play Football/Soccer? The NFL is not football. America sucks at football, etc…”
      (Football = Soccer to the rest of the world).

    2. And what’s even better is these same Europeans are protected by the US Military, yet they STILL talk shit about us.
      “Hey, Europeans, why don’t you defend your own shores? Oh, that’s right, you won’t, because your welfare states RELY UPON American military might!”
      The USA basically does all the fighting in NATO, while Euros send 5 “troops” and call it a deployment. Oh, and even funnier, is those troops are deployed away from the battlefield in “peackeeping” roles where they don’t do anything.

      1. The combined forces of the EU are larger than the US and I’m not referring to NATO here. Get lost blanket boy and keep wanking to the lies you’re told in the US media. And you may want to read a real book occasionally and stop reading amateur Wiki where any moron or kid can write a piece. The US is a bigger welfare state than anything in Europe and that was true even before this negro president was elected by the morons.

        1. Shit all you have to do when looking at Europe’s willingness to fight is look at the Kosovo/Serbia incident in the 90s. The Europeans sat on their asses and “debated” about it until America had to come from across the pond to fix the fucking mess that occurred in their own backyard.
          Doesn’t matter how big Europe’s combined military is. They’re uncoordinated due to being from different countries, and by and large have no real combat experience, and they’re completely unwilling to fight.

        2. Sure, Bill Clinton really “fixed” things there. Please, no more “democracy”

    3. All you need is one sentence, “No one in the first world moves TO Europe, they move OUT of Europe”.

        1. Of course Europe is in the first world, that’s implied in my statement about first worlders moving out of it.
          Read my comment again, slowly. Sound out the words if you need to.

  10. “I suspected London, Barcelona, and Rome to be relatively Westernized”
    Really, dear American friends, sentences like this are one of the reasons Americans are made fun in the rest of world and why the stereotype of the “Dumb American” exists.
    For the last time, the anglosphere and the USA (as the above sentence implies) IS NOT THE WESTERN WORLD.
    It’s already stupid when you guys say that Brazil and Argentina are getting “westernized”(both countries have always been western, even though they are poor).
    But to say that London, Barcelona and Rome are “relatively”westernized is BEAYOND STUPID!!! It’s a whole new level of stupidity, really.
    Western Civilization is Civilization that comes from the Greek and Roman roots and Judeo-Christian values (especially Roman laws and institutions, as most western countries follow a civil law system inspired by Roman law).
    So I don’t have to explain how imbecile is too say that Rome is “westernized”, because Rome is one the FUCKING ORIGINS OF THE WESTERN WORLD.
    Likewise, Barcelona (Spain was one of the main reasons western civilization was spread around the world) and London are not “relatively westernized”. They are 100% western.
    You should re-write the whole article and change “westernized”to ämericanized”, because that’s what you meant.

    1. Dude… just replace the word westernised to americanised and enjoy the article.

    2. What “Judeo” values are you talking about ? Have you read some Talmud or Torah ? True western countries have no “jew” values, in fact they were born against jewish “values”, which in fact have been fought for centuries and only recently they started to become mainstream (hollywood, feminism, usury and such filth created by jews).

      1. You are correct sir, even the Christian stuff is an afterthought, as it is merely Rome’s interpretation of Christianity.
        We in the West are the scions of Rome, a masculine, properly tolerant and pragmatic society that eschewed feminine trash and valued the strength of both military might and worthwhile academic pursuits.
        Germanic chivalry, Jew financery and corporate socialism and now a whole hodge podge of multi-cultural bull have twisted us to the point that we give credit to a bunch of rock farmers from a shithole for creating the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
        Those building in Washington? It’s not a coincidence after what city they’re modeled. Hint: it isn’t Jerusalem

        1. Read Juvenal’s sixth satire. Late 1st century roman poet.
          You’ll be glad you did.
          “All other sins came later, the products of the age of Iron; but it was the silver age that saw the first adulterers.

          What! Postumus, are you, you who once had your wits, taking to yourself a wife? Tell me what Tisiphone, what snakes are driving you mad? Can you submit to a she-tyrant when there is so much rope to be had, so many dizzy heights of windows standing open, and when the Aemilian bridge offers itself to hand?”

      2. Well, I kind agree with you that the term judeo-christian is not very exactly, and western civilization is more greek-roman-christian in terms of values. But it’s a acceptabel academic term and we can’t deny that Jews were crucial in the evolution of western civilization as a “parallel”power, if you will. Maybe their values are not as important for Western Civilization, but they were important in it’s making. Curiously, more in the anglosphere part of the Western world, than in the latin-mediterranean part. And, let’s not forget, Christianity is a off-shot of Judaism. It was, in fact, considered a Judaism sect during Roman times.

    3. What do you expect from an engineer “fitness enthusiast” who identifies as a guitarist and actually introduced himself as “California Kyle?” Historical awareness?
      This whole article is American holiday trash.

    4. Hear some radio DJs once, discussing a news item that some eastern european nation was switching to the latin alphabet. They were speculating about what that might possibly be.
      Oh – they were chicks. But I don’t think that’s entirely the reason they were so unaware.

    5. Just remember that you’re dealing with the bottom 5% trash here. When computers became dirt cheap in 2000 every moron now has one and thinks he has something to say lol In the past you never saw or heard from these losers unless you were a loser yourself and lived in the same area. In the past before dirt cheap airline tickets these blanket boys never got any further than Wallyworld or Coney Island. American tourists in the past were the more upper class, well dressed compared to the dowdy Europeans (especially in the East) and were considered the most knowledgeable even more so than the local people about their own area where they lived. The US has taken a real hit to their image after tickets became cheap and the peasants got notions of going to Europe. Cheap tickets are why you see boys in baggy calf length cargo shorts,gigantic smocks for shirts, fanny packs,and clutzy
      Addidas that make them look like Frankenstein shoes or those worn by some dopey negro who bounces a ball around for a living.
      Do you really expect these pyjama boys to know anything about Western Civilisation? They can’t even find where they live on a map. None of these slugs attended a prep school or a real Liberal Arts college and the only reason that they’re always talking about STEM is because that’s an area where unsophisticated proles and cubicle working drones can feel at home. It’s a lot easier talking about boring crap like programming than trying to fit in with the more sophisticated and classically educated where you’d stick out like a sore thumb.

      1. Wow, thanks for the comment dripping with snobby condescension. Nothing like looking down on others to make the day complete. I especially like your run-on sentence.

        1. That was my intent. We should look down on the losers. They’re a disgrace to their country, especially the fat slobs both female and male. There’s no reason that some 20 something should look like a fat sloppy fuck. Medical conditions and severe fatness due to genetic factors are like 1%. It’s bad enough when men are obese but if you’re a female you need to cover up and stay in the shadows not go around flaunting it.A lot of this stuff is now common in Europe too but since you’re an American I used Americans as an example. I wasn’t even suggesting that you need to wear a suit and tie but I don’t see what’s so hard about wearing trousers, shirt and shoes and don’t make you look like a retarded 10 yo.Men who can’t take 2 minutes to dress themselves are usually pretty deficient in all areas.
          Stewardesses should not be 50yo out of shape hags. Aside from looking like crap you need young fit under 30 females because in the event of an emergency landing, like when that pilot had to land in the middle of the Hudson River, these girls need to be young/fit to help the passengers get off the plane. I don’t mind stewards because you always had them on ships but no fagolas.

        2. Agreed. TheBeaver is one of those arrogant cunts who think too highly of themselves.
          His line about “peasants” was particularly hilarious. Who the hell does this jackass think he is? A noble?

      2. Well said sir.As a boy I always looked forward to flying and travel because it seemed exotic and at the time the only people that did travel and like you said were people that conducted themselves well.They knew how to dress talk, act etc.The airport looks like the bus station anymore and first class is nothing what it used to be.For Christ sake who would fly in flip flops and shorts?

      3. Ya make some good points Boomer. So you have once again reiterated your superiority.
        Feel better?
        You were more fun as Mashenka.

        1. You have me confused with Boomer I guess. Mashenka I understand is a student so she’s probably busy studying, not sucking some guy’s cock in a club toilet.

      4. “When computers became dirt cheap in 2000 every moron now has one and
        thinks he has something to say lol In the past you never saw or heard
        from these losers unless you were a loser yourself and lived in the same
        You’ve proven your own point by bridging two sentences with “lol.”

    6. Likewise, you’d do well to edit your own post by deleting all but the last sentence. Because everything preceding it adds nothing to your essential message except the distinct aroma of an insulting prick.

      1. Really? It’s insulting to point that the author ignores some basic knowledge that ANY undergrad in a good school in any country should know but for some weird reason Americans don’t, even when they graduate from Ivy league schools?
        Sorry dude, you sound like a Women right now. You’re feeling opressed by logic and facts.
        If you think it’s ok to not understand the difference between “the western world” and the USA; if you think it’s ok to say that Rome is not western (I’m still laughing with this one) you ARE very stupid.
        It’s not that I’m an insulting prick, it’s that you’re ignorant and you prefer to stay this way.
        And no, I don’t think all Americans are like that. I lived for 6 years in the USA, and most of my American friends are pretty smart people.
        But articles like this give them a bad name. That’s was the whole point of my post.

        1. The author obviously misspoke in using “Westernized” for “Americanized”. I know what he meant. I’ll bet the vast majority of others did, too. Yet you’re the only one who lost your shit over it. How about his mistaken substitution of “breathe” for “breath” near the end? Care to perhaps indict his parentage over that? Why don’t you police the punctuation and issue a 2-page exegesis?
          The only thing I’m feeling oppressed by is your wordy melodrama that’s bitchier than a “Real Housewives” luncheon.

        2. As I said in my post, this is not the first, neither the second, or third time, that some article here uses “western” when they meant either USA or the anglosphere.
          That’s why I complained.
          This kind of stupid mistake really gives feminists ammo when they say that the manosphere is made of stupid men.
          So many articles here point to how feminists in the media disregard facts, logics and history to validate their points. We should not do the same.
          I know that Americans and other anglo-saxons think this is a minor mistake, but if you’re not one you (say, you’re a Latin-American or a Mediteranean European) it’s pretty grotesque to read Americans basically claiming our culture as only theirs.

    7. Prague and Warsaw are also 100% Western. The West vs. East split there is due to the Cold War, culturally these countries are very close to their neighbors.

  11. Well, I went to Europe last summer and I saw clear as day:
    AFrica for Africans, ASia for Asians, White Countries for Everyone???
    can be no all-white ANYTHING in the West” BECAUSE it is assumed that, if
    whites are allowed to separate, there wouldn’t be any whites who would
    choose to live outside their own communities.
    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.
    Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.
    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. Diversity is just a codeword for anti-white.

    1. “Diversity is just a codeword for anti-white.”
      We need an entire Internet movement based on that line.
      Fuck Diversity and Inclusion.

    2. What the fuck? People race trolling on a post that has NOTHING to do with race whatsoever. Go fuck yourself. And take your ass back over to Stormfront or Heartiste.

      1. I agree, @chris_marc:disqus … but I flagged it as SPAM.
        Please also flag it, to place it in “moderation”.

    3. This is a load of horseshit. Racism is fucked up. The entire idea that the color of skin is how people should be judged is fucked up. I think the entire modern sense of race is fucked up too, but that’s a different issue. It has nothing to do with the welfare state. Modern liberalism is so fucked up that these guys are just retards who don’t even understand what they’re want to do. Modern progressives don’t even have a goal in mind; they’re just materialistic idiots.
      One of the points of “diversity” is to simply import human capital. It’s to import talented people from different parts of the world who can become productive members in our society. It has nothing to be anti-white or pro-Asian. In fact, I think it’d be wonderful to see a place a statue with the Ten Commandments next to the Four Noble Truths along side a Hindu statue with different peoples of different faiths being able to pray alongside one another in a perfectly consistent manner with all of their individual traditions and values. This was actually the idea of America. What’s so bad about that? The fucked up part is the secularization of society and the complete elimination of all senses of tradition.

    4. FLAGGED for violating the Terms of Service … this comment is repetitive SPAM.

  12. Did you mean 100 PLN? As I can’t see any girl reacting to ripping a 10 PLN bill, well maybe if she was homeless.

    1. Its fun lifting off, because you are getting the fuck out of your boring life and routine.
      Its sad coming back home and touching down on the runway, because you are coming back to that shit again.
      Everything in between those tow events is a mish-mosh of fun, stress, anxiety, adventure, fear and everything in between.

  13. You should go to Slovenia. They have the best women. Your game would have to be pretty tight to one night stand any if them though.

  14. Hmmm. Ive never been there. From reading the comments it sounds like Europe is just another shithole like here in the USA.
    Sounds like a shithole for chicks too. Again, just like here in the USA. Just a european shithole with different people with funny accents and different looking old buildings. Yay.
    Pity, I thought it might be fun to travel there sometime.

  15. What a dumb fuck! So a couple of weeks on holiday is what constitutes travel for vacant American dick wads? I despair!

    1. Most Americans only get 2 weeks paid vacation. Millions of Americans get no paid vacation at all. In fact, taking more than a day or two off from work for anything besides illness will result in job loss.

      1. Then grow some balls and do something about it! Travel is to embrace, explore, absorb and breathe another culture. Not spunking your load over actually setting foot outside your own fucking country for once. No wonder Americans are the joke of the world, so fucking lacking in culture, influence and experience!

        1. Because most Americans accept the current sad state of affairs as normal. Most will not demand things like paid vacations or universal health care because they believe it’s socialism and anti-American to make such demands.

  16. LTR’s with decent looking women are easier in Europe i think, but ONS are not.
    In Italy it is common go see male 4’s with female 6’s or 7’s but only if they offer commitment and/or money

  17. Happy you enjoyed Europe, and even if you didn’t visit my country (Switzerland) it looks like you flew with SWISS 😀 next time maybe visit Greece during the summer, its islands are very nice and the nightlife is cool, and visit more Eastern European/Baltic countries, in the middle of Europe girls are too Americanized.

  18. It’s very difficult to truly know a country when you don’t live there and only visit the major cities. For example, London is vastly different to the rest of the U.K, particularly because of the sheer amount of foreigners living there. I’ll never forget walking down a street and London and seeing a line of Indians stretching 130 yards. When i got closer i saw they was queuing to get into an immigration office. London has sold its soul, the woman are horrible creatures obsessed with their mediocre careers, the men are just as bad, it’s expensive (£150 a week for a tiny room with a shared bathroom), it’s over crowded and the inhabitants are arrogant and think its the best place on Earth.

  19. this guy is a fucking asian computer nerd, dont believe his bullshit…hedidn’t get laid, he just did some sightseeing and went to bars at night, big deal…california kyle, what a joke…worst contributor to ROK

  20. New title for post : ” American leaves America and realises other countries have electricity , the iternet and mc Donald’s aswell ‘

  21. It’s terrible. Just got back from Costa Rica. a fucking McDonalds on every block. I find the countries that don’t succumb to toxic american culture are countries that actively resist it. Like Ecuador

  22. Welcome back to the matrix, Trouble.Maker. I just came from England (it’s not just London dammit!) and even there it was quite different from the US. It was a nice break but i guess it’s time to plug back in to the machine again 🙁
    I will be hitting Poland in September and I can’t wait (i’ll be relying on Roosh’s book as my city guide).

  23. So your 20-day trip was “amazing”. Twenty days. Errr…. Okey-dokey… On top of that, you complain about living in California (which is a pretty nice state, this way or another)
    Look: once I decided just to leave. And I stayed in a S. American country for FOUR YEARS. So please come back when you stay longer than three weeks and then you might have something interesting to write, instead of this nonsense.
    Sorry to be blunt (er, not really). I think that RoK really has to improve on its quality control.

  24. Really hard to not be embarrassed reading this as a Finn. By the Way, most of their existence, European mobile phones, not the american ones, have been most popular all over the world. It just sounds so silly if you think they came from “America” to Poland. Every American should make an interrail-trip or a road-trip where you would be able to see more countries, not just isolated cities. You didn’t see too many place, you had too little time.
    Sorry but this writed is way too inexperienced for my taste. Maybe there are some readers who like it.

  25. Most of the flaws in this article have been pointed out. But I’d like to add one more: the whole “working like a drone for peanuts while your boss makes millions”…
    How fucking ignorant do you need to be to think like this?
    First off, no one works for “peanuts” in California, or in IT in general (just a guess, programmers calling themselves engineers is the norm nowadays).
    Secondly, most if not all projects involve several people. It’s rarely a one man show where you’re the only one making the millions. And only a select few of those projects end up making millions; some of them are R&D that leads to nothing, some barely pay for themselves.
    So stop bitching about being a corporate drone. If you hate it that much, quit your job and do something else. Play your guitar on the street.
    And if making millions is that accessible for you, why not be your own boss and make millions for yourself.

  26. I think you did it correctly for your first time. Scattergun approach, seeing several different countries. Now, you know where you will return and spend more time.

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