Why Can’t Women Find A “Good Man”?

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Right now, all over the world, millions of women are searching for a “good man.”[i] Even after decades of effort on the part of the women’s liberation movement to empower women with the mantra, “I do not need a man,” they continue on this seemingly endless quest.

The process to find a good man begins early by assuring little girls that they’ll “meet a good partner one day”. Indeed, they seem to intuitively understand that someone, someday, will take care of them for the rest of their lives. They are told, “When you’re married, you’ll be happy,” as they bask in dreams of a fancy wedding and a life with a perfect soul mate. He’ll be masculine, he’ll work hard and he’ll earn enough money to care for his woman and for her children. He will be strong, intelligent, healthy and courageous – all the while being by her side for protection and support.

For men however, it is a different story. We don’t ask for much. We like our women to be attractive and have a job. We like them to enjoy sex, and we like them to provide us with companionship. What we don’t want is for them to try to change us.

It is these dichotic extremes that lie at the root of the modern global gender liberation phenomenon.[ii] A dichotomy where women are driving good men away.

Women and Society


The fact is that women and society at large have systematically stacked mountains of needs, obstacles and expectations in front of us men, challenging us to measure up to impossible standards of masculinity at every stage of our lives. Boys fend off schoolyard bullies, teenage males strut their stuff, and men feel compelled to protect females from even the slightest random belligerence. We are like cub scouts consigned to, among other things, helping little old ladies cross the street to earn our “real man” badge.

For the most part, women’s, gender studies and society at large skirt around male suicide[iii] and other related issues. But this must stop. It is time to zero in on who – and what – is corralling men into the destructive confines of hegemonic masculinity.

One obvious question is this: Where is the relentless demand for the “good man” coming from? In truth, this gender “policing” abomination is perpetrated by everyone, whether they are aware of it or not. It reflects a gynocentric society rife with the crumbling artifacts of institutionalized patriarchy. But that is not the whole story. Most of the time, those we love most – especially the women many of us spend our lives chasing – place this straightjacket of idealized masculinity on us. They are a favorite object of love and desire and in return, they expect stereotypical masculine perfection. Many hold dear those things that will elevate partners to “good man” status. Our girlfriends, wives and significant others wield this power over us like a sword, or they leave us with hurdle after hurdle to jump over.[iv]

Relationships Between Men and Women

Are women entitled to free meals, free vacations, and other forms of cash and prizes for agreeing to spend time with men?

One day every young girl grows up and finds her true love, a good man, and an exclusive relationship ensues. The couple becomes entangled and sometimes will marry. Suddenly the man’s responsibilities and demands skyrocket. Some men undoubtedly love the challenges of manhood and they experience a certain male pride when they assume responsibility for looking after a woman for the rest of her life. But for others, the burden of living up to an idealized version of manhood often leads to great stress and intense feelings of shame, anxiety, depression, and in extreme cases, suicide.[v] These marital burdens have created an escape phenomena for many men.

Women often try to control their man by slapping, hitting, and throwing him out of their homes. Oddly, society and even many men seem to approve of this abuse. In fact, some of us do not seem to care if loving a woman is dangerous. It seems that for many females, the fear of male domination echoes incessantly inside their heads. To dodge male authority, women go on the offensive and begin subjugating and manipulating men to ensure that they won’t be oppressed.

They also try to hammer us into submission with their words. They’ll say things like, “He’s a little boy who needs to grow up and act like a man.” They make us feel guilty and shame us with ridicule. Another common refrain is, “If you were a real man, you’d…”, along with other self-serving diatribes like, “If you love me you’d man-up, earn more and help me at home”.

The woman’s weapon of choice is a sharp tongue. While the things they say might smack of moral authority and loving concern, they often cut deeper than physical violence. The intent is to strike at our inherent male core. Many women are experts at inflicting pain through words alone while others rely on tactics like bickering and nagging to stoke our insecurity even more. This has the potential to force even the most independent and self-assured of us to cower—or worse. As an example of how critical this issue has become, a 2014 study found that verbal abuse was often a catalyst for husband suicides.[vi]

Male Fear

Our worst fear is being seen as something other than male. We can be humiliated and devastated by any suggestion that, because of passivity or effeminacy, we might be like a woman. We live in perpetual anxiety about being considered weak, gay, unfit or “unmanly”; it is our Achilles’ heel. When women demand that we be a “real man,” our adrenaline spikes; when they shout, “Man-up!” we become agitated. When they undermine our masculinity, our pride is destroyed.

And yet, women are the ones who are often afraid. They are so frightened by our powerful maleness that they command us to submit. But many women don’t seem to grasp the emasculating impact that their abuse can have. Lacking our biology, they cannot understand our emotions at their most primal level. They only see that we react and comply. They have no real understanding of the damage their reckless behavior can cause.

The Role of the Women’s Movement


We should not have to succumb to the shackles placed on us by the women’s rights and social justice movements either. In theory, these hugely successful campaigns were intended to level the playing field between men and women. In reality however, many have been hijacked by extremists and then misinformed for nefarious purposes. While these hardline activists try to make their mission sound noble, their words often betray then, as evidenced by the popular media battle cries below:

“R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”…“I am woman”…“Hear me roar”…“Ladies first”…“This is a woman’s world”…“Nobody can hold us down”…“She dominates all access”… “You don’t own me”…“We run this mutha”… “If you like it, put a ring on it”…“Who runs the world? GIRLS!”

Over time, the drive for equality has been transformed into a crusade for female advantage and a strategy for imposing their worldview on men. Women have been given special rights and they’ve signed misguided legislation into law – legislation that benefits them at our male expense. Many of these so-called women’s movements have devolved into full-fledged man-hating struggles for gender supremacy, inspiring a significant backlash.[vii][viii]

The Role of Sex

Unfortunately, our biological imperatives make things complicated and difficult. Even when women’s demands are entirely unreasonable, most of us will comply because we are motivated by powerful and instinctual urges, most notable of which is our male sex drive. It is still not clear why society views this as an acceptable form of coercion and something used for the purpose of harnessing masculinity’s unruly nature.

Once our male sexual appetite is triggered, we kowtow into submission, potentially sacrificing our long-term health and financial wellbeing by clinging to the false belief that physical intimacy is our reward for being “good.” We are not just compelled to ‘save the women and children first’. In many respects, we have become “vagina beggars”. Like lemmings, we follow a dangerous and potentially disastrous course. We have become imprisoned, and women hold the key.

Liberation and Discovering Happiness


As Bob Dylan once wrote, the times they are a-changin’. Years of submission to abusive treatment and acquiescing to unrealistic expectations have taken their toll, and many of us are starting to ask some very pointed questions. Do we deserve to be treated like workhorses? Are we supposed to sit back and become totally marginalized, similar to how males in certain matriarchal African villages were relegated by the female leadership to the lowest rungs of the social ladder?[ix] Will we become nothing more than “manginas,” capriciously and carelessly manipulated at the whims of our female overlords?

For millions of us, the answer to those questions is a resounding “no!” Good men around the world have decided to go their own way, and like us, they understand that there is nothing wrong with men or masculinity. They understand that they do not need to be schooled by women nor do they need to be enslaved to the family with little reward. A tsunami of male sovereignty is sweeping across our planet and we are grabbing the sword of opportunity to enlighten ourselves.

This growing movement of masculine awareness goes by many names—MGTOW, the Red Pill and Herbivore men. This new paradigm is helping us to understand our true selves, our unique assets and the techniques we can employ to end our toxic entanglements with women. We’re learning how to liberate ourselves from a primitive and self-destructive social order. We’re speaking out and helping to empower others to break free from the bonds of the biased relationship expectations of love, marriage and myopic monogamy – expectations that are enforced with female violence.

A New World

Gloria Steinem recently asked on Real Time with Bill Maher, “What’s wrong with people using their talents and doing what they want?” As men, we want that liberation as well. For many of us, this is a new and exciting environment, and it’s quickly changing for the better. It is a world where we can finally do what we want and work at the things that we love.

It doesn’t matter whether we enjoy tinkering with automobiles, flying kites, dancing in a ballet, playing sports or prepping ourselves so that we may, by choice rather than compulsion, become leaders, inventors and creators. We seek to express and enjoy our innermost interests and talents, rather than toil endlessly in the pursuit of a life of inequality and lopsided relationships. We are realizing our right to define who we are, and we are choosing our higher purpose.

As men, we are amazing; we have the qualities and drive to change the world. Only now, it is our own decision to make. No longer condemned to live a life dictated by women and their obsolete restrictions, we can shed the debilitating confines of social expectation and truly relish the fruits of our labors. It is time to unleash the full potential of men in our society. A life of freedom and happiness awaits us!

About the Author

Tim Patten is a retired software engineer and author of newly released MGTOW Building Wealth and Power. He also wrote WHY I CHEAT11 campfire stories for men’s ears only. Both books are a celebration of masculinity and pay homage to the modern men’s liberation movement.

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357 thoughts on “Why Can’t Women Find A “Good Man”?”

  1. I get MGTOW but do not understand how men stay there. Call it whatever name you want, end of the day, legacy is my goal. I may read the books to learn more but MGTOW sounds like a middle ground and no different from second wave feminism.

    1. Yeah, if anything it should be viewed as a stepping stone to work on oneself and have their forty days and nights to sort themselves out. Bouncing from girl to girl is fun and all, but after a while it gets tiring. Also, what many guys need to keep in mind is that not every lifestyle is for them, regardless of the clickbait they read.

      1. “Also, what many guys need to keep in mind is that not every lifestyle is for them, regardless of the clickbait they read.”
        Good point. If a dude no longer needs sex, than MGTOW is the way to go. But for most guys having sex with chicks is essential, like eating right and excercise.

        1. I’m not a MGTOW, but the movement isn’t a celibacy movement. Just abstinence from LTRs, and relationships in general. Pump and Dump, I suppose.

        2. Depends on which part of MGTOW, since I’ve seen all of the above. Some completely abstain from women while others view it as I mentioned above which are the two ends of the spectrum I’ve seen of it.

        3. I’ve never looked at MGTOW in that fashion but the method you mention is perfect for the poor bastard that’s been run through the courts via divorce.

        4. MGTOW Monks on the other hand, practice total abstinence, no sex, no one night stands, no hookers. If you have a strong sex drive, it is not the path for you, but as a middle-aged virgin, I have gone this long without sex, so I think I can easily forgo it for the rest of my life.

        5. That’s why MGTOW is ‘Going YOUR Own Way’; MGTOW has no leaders, no ‘headquarters’, no orthodoxy. It’s for every man who has decided for himself what ‘HIS Own Way’ is.
          The possible common main point we MGTOW have is that ‘Your Own Way’ rejects the ‘Western social norm’ that a woman is to be the center of your life and existence, at the expense of your life, your desires, and your raison d’etre; THAT, we utterly reject.

    2. Honestly I think it comes from a place of deep abiding pain and no options.
      If a MGTOW reads this hear me out, it’s not what you think.
      We’re not all going to be location independent, rich, bad ass deadlifting Alphas with soft harems of 7s and 8s. We’re just not.
      I think a lot of MGTOWs have clued in on this, looked at themselves and done an “honest” appraisal and said “f**** it”. We all like to think we’ll go down fighting to be our best selves but if you no shit lost all reasonable hope of decent money, a decent wife, and a career you don’t actively fucking hate, how hard would you fight?

      1. meh, the problem is partly men’s excessive quest for ambition, improvement and conquest, rooted in weak ego that just won’t let them go.
        women know this, they understand our weakness and they abuse it when they can for their own reproductive success. they know they can get their needs met by trading sex for a man’s precious energy and life force and we fall right into it.
        the problem with the boys from the west has always been a childish immature preoccupation with the pussy.
        they’re never really free from the highs women give them, so they go mgtow and pua and all these dumb acronyms.
        enjoy pussy, marry it, pump n dump but please stop wasting your energy on senseless theorizing and worrying about it.

      2. This is the most honest assessment of it I’ve heard.
        Thing is though, I bet most of these guys would have been perfectly content with marrying an average chick at a young age. That wasn’t an option though, and that is due to female choice.

      3. Yeah, good write-up for guys stuck in Denver, Topeka or San Bernardino or some hellhole of fat landcunts.
        Anyone can deadlift (barring the injured)
        Most can stack cash through working 70 hours a week plus minimalization. Beans four nights a week, no sugar, no alcohol, no electronics…nothing.
        …. and then travel to the third world where they will become temporarily rich with ALL KINDS of 7’s and 8’s.
        It can be done by anyone who wants to.

    3. Maybe I’m the confused one, but what you guys keep describing is the herbivore man, isn’t it? I always thought that MGTOW meant not giving up pussy completely, but just don’t care about chasing it anymore. As in pursue your hobbies and other interests for improving your lot. If some female comes along and wants to share your adventure( and/or bed) great, but if she wants to rule the roost, change you, suck up all your time, etc. then you drop her like the lead weight she’s becoming and move on.

    1. meh. This is my dating problem, I go for men about 3-4 points below me, who have never fucked a woman. Because they don’t know how bad it is out there, they dump me. One of these people got to keep me as a virgin who only had sex with him for 3 years. I do anything and everything if I think they’re worth it i have never told him no. I don’t talk to more than one straight dude at a time on any dating app or texting. I have never made a partner pay more than $10 for me for things. I always bring beer, or cook something for them to have on hand. I can hold a real conversation and mostly keep my female drama out of my relationships. I have the lowest self esteem in the world though so it works out for them. When I’m rejected I get more interested because they should be thirsty but aren’t. When attempting to end it they say every time “we’re not on the same page” “there is someone else out there who will appreciate you” and that infuriates and attracts me even more each time. The other person who will appreciate me is a myth, and if they existed I don’t think I want them.

        1. Walls of text don’t get read, honey. That’s what walls are for, though – turning people away – whether they’re made of stone or text.

      1. It´s bad for women too.
        I guess that our societies take part on this. When we have a society with a lot of comfort, men get “beta male” and women more demanding.
        I live in Venezuela and see this.

        1. I am sorry for your location. Is there any way you can get out? Venezuela is a high risk location right now, and very likely to get much worse. Those who are cheering on the collapse (myself included) should pay attention to what is happening in Venezuela. I read of food riots over the weekend, one of those killed was a small girl killed by rubber bullets fired by the military/police called in to put the riots down. Families with maybe only a pound of corn meal to feed themselves for a week. I cheer on the coming collapse because I am old. I know I will die early and not have to live through too much of it.

        2. “Is there any way you can get out?”
          Yes. Unbelievably plane tickets are somewhat “cheap”,
          If everything goes this way (prices and salaries) I can travel to Argentina with 9 weeks of savings.
          About the food riots.
          I have heard rumors about a policeman beheaded, people hunting cats and dogs even about a woman who aborted doing line for food. I don´t know if these rumors are truth but thank God where I live is still quiet and we can find food relatively easy.

        1. well I wish more women had your attitude, certainly all of them will do what the man wants when he wants if she thinks he’s worth it. so if a woman ain’t giving me what i want it’s because she doesn’t value me.
          I empathize a lot with what you said, some of it goes off the deep end and maybe we both need to fix that.
          reading that comment also turned me on a bit 😉

      2. “When I’m rejected I get more interested […] The other person who will appreciate me is a myth, and if they existed I don’t think I want them.”
        I don’t get it. Are you saying that you go for guys who use you and dump you and the guy who may appreciate and want you is a myth? And if he existed you’d not want him? This is beyond me.
        Where did this come from? Have you wondered why you think and respond in this manner? Have you been able to figure it out, how and why you are like this? What happened in your life to make it so?

        1. El Cid what is all this about you and Ilisha the moderator of Loonwatch and Arun the moderator of Groves?
          I ask because I was posting at LW and suddenly was blocked without any warning. I could not figure out what I said that was objectionable to the blog owner.
          Now looking over to find the cause I find Arun, I think from his poor language that he is from India, telling her (I did not even know if Ilisha was her or him. I had asked but that comment was not replied to) that I am you and that you are a psychopathshitt stalking her she should shut you off.
          She told him that she already figured it out and blocked me(you). They think I am you. So what is going on. Would you be kind enough to tell me what is going on? Why she hates you? And Why does he hate you? And why are you hated by them both, conspiring about you together.
          What is going on between them and against you? You owe me this much. I was blocked from LW because of you. So?

        2. Ha, ha, ha…!
          So you got the El Cid treatment too. It is a long story. A love story gone bad. You are now among a long list of El Cids. El Cid is always in her mind. Arun is mentally ill. That is another story.
          I liked her become fond of her…its a long story. I have no problem talking about what is true. I tried to help and comfort Arun when he was suicidal then he went psycho on me gave me death threats an so on.
          Look I am in a hurry. Why don’t you go through my profile and get some background and we will talk. Sorry but I have to go now. So later, maybe.

        3. Hey, I’d like to thank you much for our conversations. Thank you for permitting me to see you from my own imperfect and skewed individual lens. I’ve learned from you … I have … but only, or primarily, because of our continued friendship. You’ve helped me to grow beyond what otherwise I may have I thought I could not extend beyond. (Archaic prose, as my own sister would tell me.)
          In other words, thank you for giving me pieces of the world that I might not otherwise have seen. Really, thank you.
          Peace be upon you.
          Peace be upon us.

        4. Well, okay. But have you looked at Ilisha and Arun’s combination
          assault on your name, sanity and character? Is it because you are a
          Muslim? Muslim’s are fair game nowadays. Seem to be grooming and stroking each other, too obvious to miss that.
          Here are a a few of their quotes posted in Loonwatch: First Arun, seems to be a Hindu from India, to Ilisha: “Don’t
          engage with this loony toon.Ha ha he is that same stupid elcid stalking
          you in another account. Read his messages and see the word pattern,you
          could understand”.
          Have you any thing to say about it El Cid? He says you are are stupid? Are you stupid El Cid?
          is referring to me as El Cid, though. But I have never stalked anyone. I
          posted on a number of blogs and to a few people on LW but Ilisha
          replied to my posts, asked me some questions as to where I lived, small
          talk, I answered them politely. That’s all. Seems insane.
          Next: Here is Ilisha, probably also a Hindu from India, backing her friend Arun: “Thanks. Yes, I figured out it’s another incarnation of El Cid and stopped posting his comments.”
          That ‘incarnation’ is supposed to be me. And they are up voting each
          other. Also note that “incarnation” is an Indian/Hindu religious
          concept. Quite suggestive, don’t you think? You got caught between two
          Hindus, it seems to me and I am the one being victimized for nothing.
          But then hate is not rational.
          Next, Arun again to Ilisha ordering her not to give you a sh!!t and shut you off. That you are a psycho: “good.
          you should tell that pyscho clearly that you will not give a sh!!t
          about him because still he thinks you love him or loved him secretly.”
          has diagnosed you as a psycho but does not know how to spell the word.
          He seems to want her not to love you but love him. But she has not
          denied that she loves you secretly, whatever that is supposed to mean.
          he has her spellbound. I guess they are not exactly geniuses, these
          birds of a feather, these Indians. I have lived in India. I know them
          Hindus well.
          Here is Ilisha again to Arun: “It really doesn’t
          matter what I tell him. He will tell me one minute I’m wonderful and
          that he’ll always be there for me, and the next that I’m a filthy wh*re
          getting it on with Mike the Troll. I’m determined to simply avoid him.
          His fake accounts are not on known proxy servers, so
          it takes me a few comments to recognize it’s him. Again.”
          seems to be coming on to him. But still does not deny that she loves
          you. I know women well, when they come on to a guy they denigrate
          another, to show loyalty to the one they currently want, setting the
          bait. BTW Did you call her a wh*re?
          Here is Arun again, happy that
          she appeased him. He continues attacking your character, though. Ilisha
          seems to be the smarter one of the two, enjoying herself having baited
          Arun on to her line. Quite a pickup artist, this Ilisha, I must say.
          is the stupid one in this exchange. And he is obviously jealous of you.
          And I think subconsciously intimidated and afraid of you.
          Sure would like to see him come here and take you on if he has guts.
          is Arun again. This time applauding her for having obeyed him. Sort of
          grooming and stroking Ilisha and reinforcing her against you at the same
          And he adds an interesting twist, a t!tbit to his deranged salad. Seems too much like a like a mental case: “wow,that’s
          great. He did this trick before in groves of spears(nasreen’s blog)ha
          ha we had a good laugh ,as both his incarnates are from the same id at
          that time. Still he talks to himself in different accounts. He is
          seriously affected.”
          What ‘trick’ is he referring too? Arun
          seems to be the one affected. You seem to have f*cked him up down deep.
          He seems to be smarting under something you did to him or imagines you
          did to him.
          What happened between you two? What did you do to him
          that he has gone berserk ordering a third party what to do with you. BTW
          Who is Nasreen? Nasreen’s blog?
          You got to reply to me. The
          curiosity is killing me. Seems I have been blocked for no cause but
          suspicion and paranoia? You owe me that much.
          And what did you do
          to Ilisha that she is filled with so much rage, hate and poison for you?
          Like a woman scorned. Did you pump and dump her or what? A lovers

  2. Bottom line is that women have to wake up from their delusional fantasy world and begin to see men, the world, and most importantly themselves in a realistic way. The men here in the manosphere are doing this as we deprogram ourselves from the image of women as beautiful creatures full of warmth, love and special snowflakeness. We are also confronted with our own flaws and shortcomings along the way. Their idealized, narcissistic view on masculinity and its responsibilities benefits no one.
    Its called maturity and self awareness. There is no healthy relationship with an immature person of either sex. Its pointless. Until women are forced to grow up there won’t be any harmony or compromise.
    The way to force them to grow up is to stop accommodating their excessive desires. This article sums it up when it says that a man’s responsibilities skyrocket after marriage. Those days are over. Men slaving away to provide for an ungrateful child like adult has got to stop. Live within your means and if she thinks she is entitled to more, let her go find another chump to sacrifice his life for hers. Life is really simple when the materialistic culture brainwashing is removed.

    1. “The way to force them to grow up is to stop accommodating their excessive desires”
      I would go as far as saying don’t accomdate anything. Today’s females dont deserve any consideration.

    2. “Bottom line is that women have to wake up from their delusional fantasy world”
      There is absolutely zero chance of that happening.
      Men must lead. This means wielding power. Our current state denies men the power necessary to lead.
      Do the math.

      1. True until the conclusion. Leadership is about harnessing and shaping the current state to our own advantage. Now be a leader in your own life and figure out a way to do it.

        1. If you have no power to punish then you cannot lead, your only means of control over the situation is to walk away.
          To take back that power absolutely will require war. SOMEONE will do it. But if we won’t then the muslims will.

        2. I am a married dude and just started figuring out how to lead my wife. As a Catholic, I am supposed to love her like Jesus loved the Church. Well, when she says hurtful things I tell her I love her so much, but what I heard hurt me (I make an I statement)…I stand up for myself in a loving way. Seems to work pretty well!

        3. There are a million ways to punish women for infidelity. Just because the law won’t do it for you doesn’t mean you cannot do it yourself, and you don’t have to break the law to do it.

        4. Good for you! Keep putting your wife in her place.
          Your wife is lucky that you say you love her when she’s hurtful.
          My husband won’t remind me of his love if I am being ridiculous. If I’m raising my voice, he just glares at me and growls “You don’t yell at me, little girl. You will apologize immediately.”
          My husband is older than I am so when hear him say “little girl”, I know that he means business and I’d better stop my foolishness.

    3. Not that she really needs it, but I started Financial Peace University with my wife last night. I’ve done it a few times. Now that we are saving for a house, I figured reinforcing budgeting and conservative fiscal policy in the household would be a good idea.

      1. You can NEVER study managing money too much…it is the source of much marital strife!

    4. Absolutely not. Any plan that relies on females having to achieve an intelligent epiphany is a doomed failure.
      I’m sorry. I understand what you’re saying. However, responsibility for the world and its fate lies in the hands of men and men alone.

  3. The fundamental question still remains- if you can’t abide your freedom to be curtailed by a woman in a relationship, what do you do for sex, companionship, love? Freedom and liberty of thought and time vs a relationship with the above? It’s difficult, almost impossible to have both these days.

    1. This is why I stated it as a middle ground. Sure you can learn the ropes for pick up and toss women aside as their needs no longer suit you, or become more complete in your alpha training, but the bottom line still balls down to seeing relating with women as a personal slavery. Whether this is correct or not, at the core it is a toxic viewpoint. Guess the question then is this a male phrasing of the narcissistic rant all people are animals and we should simply fuck and enjoy our lives until we croak?
      It may be less about having both and more about making it to another answer beyond the toxic assessment of women.

      1. I think its cultural. There are cultures where a relationship with a woman can be rewarding and uplifting instead of draining and deadening. Western women are narcissistic and put their shallow needs above everything and everyone. They have no interest in a man’s happiness and sees men as a tool to make her fantasies come true. No self respecting man wants to be used for social validation.
        I met a Russian girl this summer visiting the US for gymnastics training and she gives off a completely different energy than American girls. She’s warm, kind and patient.
        I’m headed to Spain, South America or Eastern Europe to find a wife when the time comes. Until then I’m pump and dumpin American sluts.

        1. Haha!! I agree with your stance. In America most women are groomed to think of men as commodities and the more women go to college for careers, the more fearful women will become of men who can now fulfill the roles of women of old; one who can take their money and cause them to lose valuable time. America treats dating like a fucked up game of spy versus spy.

        2. I think American women (girls) are far too competitive and pseudo sophisticated and it completely destroys any natural charm and intelligence in them. They always what to impress, especially when they’re around foreign girls, them with everything they “think they know” about the world. The strange thing it that they don’t think they’re being phony, but, everyone else sees straight through it.

        3. Hallelujah. Absolutely. Nothing more to add, other than I have never felt more alive than when I’m with a feminine, conservative sexy foreign girl in her country. No experience I’ve had with any woman in America has come close to what a foreign 6.5 can offer me.

        4. “I met a Russian girl this summer visiting the US for gymnastics training and she gives off a completely different energy than American girls. She’s warm, kind and patient”
          She’ll Americanize very quickly..

        5. Every woman is like a bucket, the emptier it is the more it can be filled.
          Probably why they call whores cumbuckets

        6. Good luck, man. You’ve got the right attitude. Thailand is where it’s at if you like SE Asian girls, though. It’s so EASY over here.

      2. As men we’re biologically hardwired to be dependent on women for many things just as they are on us. You can escape this, but, it takes considerable fortitude or absorbency in other activities, although there are some men who are more passionate about things like their work or pursuits like sailing or mountain climbing, but, it’s difficult to believe that these have the same value as a relationship with a women.

        1. They don’t surpass it. Even the idea of talking about women’s true negative natures can be seen as a repurposed dependency on women not much different than the person still obsessed with a past defeat. Every thing in life has a place.

        2. ” but, it’s difficult to believe that these have the same value as a relationship with a women.”
          Today’s women are garbage, so sailing or mountiain climbing sounds more appealing to a lot of men, rather than catering to vapid parasites. Now, if we are talking about women of late 1960’s well then I think your assertion would be correct:

  4. Been reading Iceberg Slim’s “Pimp” … lotsa good advice in there. Keep your women off balance, run hot and cold, don’t let ’em know everything you’re thinking. I tend to run this “you don’t wanna get too close to me, I’m no good” routine which works as often as it fails. Still haven’t quite figured out how to get women to pay me to sleep with ’em, though.

  5. When a woman won’t give a man her best years, no man is obligated to be there for her worst.

    1. “When a woman won’t give a man her best years, no man is obligated to be there for her worst”
      Fuckin’ Gospel. My philosophy is that if the kitten didn’t want me, then I don’t want the cat.
      Every man has the duty to snub anything over age 30. No exceptions.
      And it does not matter if the aged spinster is all sweet and nice. Remember: that same chick was too cool for the World to give you the time of day when she was in her twenties, and now after her gong has been stretched every which way by thugs and ex-cons and she has a plethora of STD’s in her, now she’s looking for a useful idiot to marry her and put a roof over her head. I say let these chicks rot in their vaginal blisters.

      1. Kitten and cat, man….sums it up
        In a way I feel for women because the hotter they are the less likely it is anyone has ever told them the truth.
        That being said, when a woman tries to just latch on to you because she thinks you’re stable, I experience the same small revulsion I imagine a decent woman feels when a man just wants to bang her. Even if I sympathize with the chick, man I don’t want to anybody’s “you’ll do”.

        1. Women are like cats. As kittens they’ll latch onto you but when it becomes a cat it’ll only come to rub your leg to squeeze something out of you. No wonder single old women have cats they relate to them

        2. The whole “cat lady” mythos is incredibly true to life. Women DO act like cats once they get into your house. And women who collect a lot of cats do so because there’s a microbe or something in cat feces that makes humans crave more and more cats in their house.
          Don’t care is she’s hot and 21, if she’s got more than one cat dump her because she’s already showing signs of the infestation and brain damage.

        3. You did not just say that. Wow, an addictive microbe in cat feces. I wonder if it could be isolated and cultured in petri dishes. Maybe make ezekiel bread with it. Unfortunately my strengths are in engineering and not biology like Roosh. Ezekiel bread I believe is some wieird kosher jewish bread baked over a fire feueled by human shit. I’ve never seen ezekiel bread at Kroger’s.
          Sheesh cat dung. I never thought. Would it be like kratom for women?

        4. Toxoplasma Gondii. It’s a real thing. It will infect rats and cause them to become suicidal zombies that run towards the cat.
          Cat owners have an 85percent chance of being infected with it too, but it supposedly HAS NO EFFECTS ON HUMANS.

      2. Amen, there’s a reason the word spinster is in the dictionary. Always holds true….then they ask, post wall, where the good men are. They’re bangin the broads ten years younger honey. What older man of value would date women his same age? Women past their prime are like abused sports cars-who wants to take on this project bitch? AKA pick up the tab

        1. Or teens, even, as has been the norm for most of human history up until right now.
          The Stone Age
          The Bronze Age
          The Iron Age
          The Imperial Age
          The Slut Age

        2. I can’t even stand to talk to women my age (42). I look at them like “what is the point? you have absolutely nothing to offer”.

        3. I have an uncle who’s 80; his last FB was 58. He says “Why would I ever want some old lady that’s my age?’

        4. I love it when they try to look & act young & sexy. I’m thinking “You fucking moron, do you really think you’re fooling anybody?’

        5. If ever you begin to feel bad for them just remember that 10 yeara they probably wouldnt have given you the time of day

        6. Anyone here heard of the Tom Leykis Radio Show? He was talking about much of what I read here about women but in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s.
          Poindeixer’s Revenge is one of my personal favorites.

        7. Amen. A 42 year old man is in his prime whereas a woman of the same age looks like spoiled cheese to any man with standards.
          This must be why my mother told me to start looking for a husband on my 25th birthday. Women today do not want to accept that we have a shelf life and our value rapidly plummets after age 30.

        8. Hey man, I’m at the coffee shop. I just chatted up an attractive lady with no ring, by the conversation not married. And she seemed really interested. Then this little 5 year old, cute as a button, walks up. Man, my first instinct was preservation.
          I thought, “wow, I could get some tail this week.” But when I saw “single mom” I immediately backtracked on some stuff, changed mode, got the hell out of there. She’s good looking too, but must be 40-something.
          I guess I’d get involved for the short term with her, base on looks and personality. But add in the genico-socio-programming with a child in tow. . .It would be an unpleasant couple of months.
          Women don’t practice the “virtues” we talk about here, and don’t self-improve or plan for the future. So any chick in her 40’s is soiled with too much damage.

        9. Yeah, taking the gender as a whole, you can look at it like that and you don’t feel sorry. The way things are set up in our society, and the way people behave, you have to figure that they’re single and alone because they’re “issue” people who made their own bed. And they treat others that way, without compassion, so who cares?

        10. Christ, the women are too embarrassed to admit the truth, and then start spinning and lying. And that guy on the center right, just has the expression that this is a ridiculous exercise.
          But black women. . .My God!

        11. Chicks with kids can be OK as long as they understand its just a sex thing. Many of them will accept that because they know its the best they can get. Just be on guard for them to try and turn you into a Daddy….

        12. Your value sky rockets to your husband and children after 30. Every man and child needs a useful woman.

        13. You’re right, my good man. However, it’s best to secure a useful woman before she is 30 and enjoy her best years. It’s too bad that most women these days are completely useless. They can’t cook a mean, they are slovenly and they sleep with anyone who walks. All they know how to do is attention whore on social media and look for reasons to be offended.

        14. Oh hell yeah. There are some that take single-motherhood in stride, and want to meet guys for fun. But most in my area are looking for someone to support their kids while they keep looking to trade up. And the psycho-antics they play are incredible.

        15. Yeah definitely keep the psychos away. I will say though, single moms make great side chicks. They don’t push it because they know they have nothing to bargain with. They will give you a long leash.

      3. Even worse: if she does not already have someone else’s kids in tow, all those years of birth control and drugs (prescribed or not) means that when she pops out a kid for her simp at 35, the kid will be an unhealthy aspietard. Meanwhile, her ability to recover from the pregnancy is very unlike that of a young woman, meaning the fatocalypse hits.
        So you end up with a retard/special needs kid with health problems and a big fat slob wife. And for being a good simp and putting up with that she’ll resent you even more.
        No thanks.

        1. Of course women say they are fat and unmarried at 35 because its men fault.
          But of course a man who can’t get a promotion at his job because of his wife being a nuisance is ignored and the man’s fault that he can’t get a promotion give me a break

        2. Women become fat when married to a simp because they achieved their goal of financial security, they know at their age men don’t line up as much as they did during the college years, so they might as well let themselves go and take it easy, because its better than living with cats.
          Remember when post wall cows raged because that hot ass milf had a hot body after birthing and raising three kids? Its because she exposed the scam.

        3. Ha ha. Yeah.
          Giving birth=Gain 40 pounds through sloth voucher
          It’s purely an American invention. If the man ever calls his wife out for being a slob, the sanctity of the child’s existence is immediately deployed.
          “I have birthed a child! Would you rather our child was never born!” (back to the Haagen-Dazs nom, nom, nom)

        4. “So you end up with a retard/special needs kid with health problems”
          Good point. Indeed most, if not all of these train-wreck females have a bastard kid in tow.

        5. I’ve known guys who have actually lost jobs because of a codependent needy gf/wife who calls constantly nagging. I knew of one extreme crazy bitch that began calling the boss when the husband hung up on her. She began calling the boss saying her husband ”quit” or that he’s fixing to ”quit”. She’d even threaten to come to the workplace and raise hell if they didn’t let him go home and help his woman with some ding bat bullshit.
          Well . . that’s what psycho meds and tranquilizer guns are for. Ding ding out like a light. Sadly a stupid woman like that isn’t qualified or capable to be a mother. If she’s too stupid and neurotic to sit and do at least a 1000 pc puzzle while the guy works, then she’s too scrambled to focus on mothering. Don’t expect good results if she plops out a kid. The trouble is just beginning and she is the source of the trouble, not the kid.
          But if she did work a job herself, a half brain woman would likely screw the bag boy and be gone. Some third world cultures still retain and breed by the stupidest women in the tribe but their civilization never improves its lot. With game, western man needs to sack, bag and expropriate with the intelligent and well functioning women, the ones with the career bug up their ass. These women need the career bug pulled out of their rectum. They need saved from themselves. They need hauled out of the office cubicles and bred before the excess pounds and years of aging pile on. It’s just too damn easy to wife up a marginally employable retard imbecile woman but that’s not what the west needs. We western men need to enter the posh office buildings, get a drink from the water fountain while rehearsing your best A game and then storm the office cubicles like GI’s out for a weekend in old Saigon.

        6. Of course when her man gets a promotion or a good business that woman will tell him and everyone it’s thanks to her that he succeeded in life. They’re ready to be there to pick up your check but when you’re struggling they’re either nowhere to be seen or giving you a dismissive attitude or that you’re not good enough for her

        7. Oh man, I’ve been part of that. So many issues at home with my psychotic wife took such an emotional tool and so much time, that we definitely lived a lower life economically. But then I don’t care anymore. . .She got it all in the divorce and I ended up in the street. They definitely are so stupid they kill the golden goose.

        8. LOL! I remember that! Notable is when that happened too. It was when the economy was in the toilet and the marriage market for well-to-do men was dried up. The past few years I’ve seen some incredible looking moms. Most are married to guys with money, and don’t want to have only the children as bargaining chips as they look to trade up.

        9. That’s the whole issue. Women lack discipline, and also act like they have a point to make in forcing their fat selves on you.
          To me, it’s like Breach of Contract when you get married, and she immediately starts putting on weight. If it was a case where you knew her a year (And I think marrying with that little exposure is insane!) then she pretended to be skinny to trap you. If it’s where she was thin for years, and then got fat once the ring was on her finger, then she’s mentally ill. Either way, you need to get rid of her.
          Hell, I applaud those guys who put a rider in their marriage contracts that the wives couldn’t gain weight. And given that you can never, never know the person you’re marrying (Even broke guys.) men should never feel bad about pre-nups. If the women complain, tell them to complain to their feminist sisters and psychopaths who’ve made men wary of getting involved.

        10. Shit. My divorce left me homeless for a few weeks. Then in a friend’s spare room for a year. This was in 2008 when there were no jobs or bank business. So I finally get a job, and my ex starts showing up arguing with employees, and running into my car in the parking lot. And calling, hysterical and crying about some “emergency” that she and her lawyer concocted to interrupt my job at all hours of the work-day.
          The absolute hate she put out, even after taking me to the cleaners. She wasn’t happy that I didn’t stay homeless.

        11. It’s not that she wasn’t thinking. She was incapable of thought process. A woman reaches spiritual and mental maturity shortly after puberty 13.5-15 yo. After that she simply tries to ape the mannerisms of manly men if she’s been feminized, or a traditional woman furthers her homemaking skills and spends the rest of her life perfecting the mothering skills and she learns to ‘read’ her master better and respond to his signals and motions, somewhat similar to the ‘dressage’ horse training protocol. She learns to perfectly serve her master if she has the virtue within her to live a perfect traditional life. Traditional women are the only blessed women. Others are tripe.
          But the ex you mentioned, of course she knew not what she doo’d. I once read of a man whose wife waited until he got his last promotion and then she decided he had reached his maximum earning potential. With three kids in grade school, she had dad thrown out with bogus restraining orders and filed for divorce. The restraining order or ‘protective’ orders were rubber stamped by some robo judge who had the most jewish sounding last name on the planet. She kept the house and kids. He got limited visitation at the house even though he was a contractor and he had hand built the place and even installed the pool. She had a live in pet nigger boyfriend from tinder and when dad visited, she’d intentionally make squeaking sounds when she nigger lipped her new boyfriend at the front door. She’d then send the chump boyfriend to the basement in a beach towel while dad visited his kids.
          BUT HERE’S THE CHEESE and what made me nearly blow a fuse when I read the story. She made the dad PISS OUTSIDE. Not only could he not swim with his own kids in his own pool, the bitch got antsy when dad had to use the restroom. She told him to piss in the bushes outside and if he could, go over the hedge into the neighbor’s property but not in the yard.
          Wheeew!! You can argue that the guy must have been a chump to put up with the bitch. Well, truth is all women can be like that but it takes enablers to hold the woman’s hand and bash the patriarch by her proxy. My god, if I were ever forced to piss outside of my own home while the bitch rode blacksnake while leaving the basement windows cracked open on purpose, I think any red blooded man would blow a fuse. Damn I think if it were me, I would have strangled every party involved execpt of course the kids.
          The story appeared over a decade ago in a men’s magazine but I still remember it well for the ‘pissing’ anecdote. The woman sounded just like Nicole Brown Simpson, only her story had the races flipped. She married a nigger and got dorked by some pet live-in jewish guy. Drama totally made for Hollywood. Me oh my.

        12. Man, totally. They stop maturing mentally/emotionally around 13. Sometimes as young as 5. And they can be mean and evil as fuck. When it comes to absolute disregard for people as human beings, women take the cake.

      4. “…now after her gong has been stretched every which way by thugs and ex-cons and she has a plethora of STD’s in her….let these chicks rot in their vaginal blisters”. Poetry worthy of The Lizard King!

        1. Deep in her womanhood are landmarks no man in his right mind should venture. It’s like sticking your dick in a sewage pipe

      5. “Every man has the duty to snub anything over age 30. No exceptions.”
        So every man from every age group should compete for the few non-feminist 18-29s? That’ll only lead to even more intense hypergamy. Don’t misunderstand me, I’d prefer a young chick too but at almost 40, not tall-dark-handsome nor rich it’s getting kinda tough.

        1. You don’t marry women if they’re over 30. Feel free to wrap it up and bang them until you find a better choice, but marry? No.
          As a general rule, my “old” ass can still get under 30 women easily. I’m in decent shape, admittedly not as good as my twenties. I have a decent job, far better than in my twenties. Which of these two do women value more? The job. I can take them out to the airport, hop in my plane (and it isn’t a G5, just a Beech Baron) with them, and get a free blowjob (with sex after) from almost any woman on the spot. Doesn’t matter if she’s 20 or 40: instant blowjob followed by a roll in the hay.
          If you stay in reasonably good shape you’ll be able to get as rock hard for sex as you did at twenty-five. You’ll need a bit more time between rounds, a few minutes, but you’ll be able to bang her repeatedly. Money (overt displays) “buys” pussy, even from young women showered with male attention. You don’t have to buy her stuff, just show that you have said money.
          The side effect of that is that isn’t what you think either. You aren’t directly competing in many ways. You’re showing that you are stable, employed, et al., which are things you’re going to be doing anyway. The women are competing/validating themselves to you. They want to show you that THEY are worthy of your resources/manhood. They will “perform” to the best of their ability just in case they want to convince you to wife them up in the future. Don’t hide your opinions about women after the fact either: i.e. women who get overweight after kids (et al.) because they (the younger ones especially) will agree with you.
          Remember, even if you’re taking them up in your plane you aren’t going to try to overtly impress them by being witty or whatnot. You go in with the mindset they have to validate themselves to YOU. They should become a member of the “Mile High Club” because it’s “cool” to do such a thing. They have to proves themselves to you because YOU are worthy of their attention because you are a man of talent, stability, dedication, and means. Should they want access to that, they must prove themselves useful to you.
          That will mean a combination of sex, cooking, et al., as displays of femininity. You don’t date “butch”, manly, tough grrl, et al., chicks. You might bang them and leave, but you only date feminine women.

      6. While you make great points, i don’t see you discussing the root of why they make these decisions. That’s how you find answers.

        1. “…I don’t see you discussing the root of why they make these decisions. That’s how you find answers.”
          Those decisions are theirs to make — even bad ones; besides, its not like they’ll listen to those whom feminists say are their ‘enemies’.
          Besides, women don’t wants answers, they just want to endlessly moan about the problem. “It’s Not About The Nail”, remember?

    2. They say, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”
      I like how your comment answers that stupidity: “Sure, but your best years are behind you, so I won’t get them, anyway.”

      1. They also gave away their ‘best’ for free, but want to have you pay for access to the leftovers — an access that has a short, unspecified time limit.
        Sorry, but I don’t want another man’s used-up chewing gum — let alone to have to pay for it.

        1. An old teacher of mine said, “When [women] have sex, it’s like taking a bite out of an apple. Each new partner, a new bite. Then you try to sell this half-eaten, brown apple to some dumb guy.”
          What made it fun was how he demonstrated it by taking an apple from a vegan chick’s lunch.

    3. Wholeheartedly agree. But am I the only one who’s grown completely apathetic to the plight of the soon-to-be cat lady and her inability to land a mate? I mean, the problem has only gone on for what seems like an eterinty and the solution is so obvious. At this point, who really gives a shit why they can’t find a “good man”? Especially when their interpretation of a “good man” is some limp dicked beta chump who doesn’t want sex, but does want to pay her bills and put a roof over her head while accepting the fact that she wore out that now sloppy vagina of hers banging every bad boy stud she could get her legs around.

      1. The reason women can’t get a mate is that the whole social structure that used to bring men and women together has been dismantled. Women now have the choice of mate and we all know how women are at making decisions.

        1. This is why women crave leadership. The problem is.. If you want a leader, you have the be submissive. When i submit on a team to a team leader in sports, i only question his judgement when i know what i’m doing. The rest of the time i shut the fuck up and do what i’m told. Why? Because it’s my duty to execute the orders of a team game.

        2. We crave leadership but many of us do not want to admit this due to drinking the feminist Kool Aid. Men have to be trustworthy and masterful to inspire submission. Sadly, we live in a bizarro world where dominant men are reviled as “sexist” and sissy feminine manginas are given validation. It’s disgusting.
          All I know is that obeying my husband has led to many improvements in my life. I like to remind him that he is smarter and right in most cases. It feels great to be relieved of making any huge decisions.

        3. “…the whole social structure that used to bring men and women together has been dismantled.”
          And women helped dismantle it…gleefully.
          Which is why they deserve to suffer for their actions.

    4. “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”

      Interestingly enough, this song was actually about the Black struggle for civil rights but because a woman sung it people think its about feminism. If you listen to Aretha’s music though she was far from feminist.

        1. I did not know that… And he had Isaac Hayes on there too. I take back what I said about the civil rights struggle. I think I’m confusing it with another song.

    5. That’s very catchy. I heard something similar from a preacher long ago. He told of a man standing at heaven’s gate and the Lord said ”you want ME to take your name now into the book of life. But while living YOU never took MY name. So why should I now take your name when you refused my name?” I believe he was a radio evangelist but I can’t remember which. It’s roughly the same logic.

      1. Even though I’m not Christian here’s something to say to atheists that demand something from God.
        God isn’t your servant

  6. A woman’s tongue is good for only one thing…stroking under the dickhead to induce a proper ball draining.

  7. The most ridiculous thing to me is how once women hit the wall, their expectations and demands go through the roof. They waste their best years riding the cock carousel dating trashy loser sunsabitches and then whine about not being able to find a “good man” after their allure has completely evaporated.
    The silver lining is that now theres an entire generation of young women who have never been properly fucked because most dudes under about 25 are either fatass slobs or extremely irritatingly faggy and effeminate. Which leaves plenty of opportunity for me to show these chics what they’ve been missing out on. “I get older, they stay the same age”

    1. While I found it ridiculous at one point, I now just laugh at it. It’s the bed they made so now they have to lay in it.

      1. Get em before they get a “chestplate” tattoo and destroy their bosom.
        Whoever invented that trend undoubtedly has such a punchable face.
        “Wow babe you always had a great set of tits but now that you got em tatted up theyre even sweeter!” – said no guy ever

      2. I’m 29, too, and just like you… however, the legal age of consent in my country is lower than that!

        1. 16 in New Zealand, which means I can do 16 in any country in the world where 16 or lower is the legal age. To clarify before some idiot gets the wrong idea: I’m telling people to OBEY the law and legal age. But, damn, it’s better when the legal age is lower, hey? You Americans really got served with that 18+ rubbish.

  8. “A weapon’s scariest weapon is a sharp tongue”
    Indeed. Especially in a mangina culture were every single word of her will be unquestioned. Good luck with false rape accusations.
    Woman love forcing the government do their bidding.
    The only way to put women in check is :
    1) remove affirmative action
    2) take away their voting rights
    3) destroy mangina culture
    And remember. With women there can be no compromise. Give them a finger and they will take your whole arm. Absolute male supremacy is the only answer.
    As men we have only 2 ways to fight. Dirrect confrontation and passive resistance.
    Since direct confrontation is frowned upon (never hit a women and all that) we are left with passive resistance.
    The easiest way is to flee the angloshpere for greener pastures. But if you are forced or decided to live and fight in the commie gulag that is the west, remember this rule for fighting gynocracy. This is an insurgency and we must fight at every opportunity.
    Make sure to :
    1) Pay as little taxes as possible to the mangina state
    2) Never help women unless they are your relatives
    3) Engage in brutal slut-shaming and liberal multcultural SJW status-signalling fag hag shaming
    4) Grow a stubble and rub it against their skin
    5) Keep the toilet seat up
    6) Use them only for sex
    7) Whenever you finish having sex DO NOT CUDDLE. Just turn your back to her and go to sleep. Or even kick her out right away.
    8) Do not have foreplay or give them oral
    9) Don’t return their calls
    10) Keep cheating on them in the open.
    11) Keep forgetting her birthday and her name
    12) Tell her that her clothes make her look fat
    Do this to all women who are against Donald Trump.
    Remember we must fight dirty. No liberal whore spared. Their feelings must be triggered.
    We will not rest until absolute male supremacist patriarchy is installed.

  9. But what defines a ‘good man?’ To hear most guys define it, and girls, it’s a Beta. We’ve got a zillion of those. And women don’t want them, no matter how much they claim to.
    The fallacy is that people seem to think that an Alpha automatically equals d’chebag. The only thing that separates an Alpha from a Beta is confidence. Not money, muscles, looks, dick-size or anything else. If anything, with the scarcity of masculine virtues, getting laid, for an Alpha (as most of you claim to be) should be at an all-time high.

    1. “But what defines a ‘good man?’ To hear most guys define it, and girls, it’s a Beta. We’ve got a zillion of those. And women don’t want them, no matter how much they claim to.”
      Man, I don’t even if wanna go there because it’ll take too long but the simple Answer is GOD’S WORD (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]).
      Let’s TRUST and OBEY GOD through His Son, LORD JESUS CHRIST and all shall be well in the end. Amen.
      ~ Sincerely,
      Bro. Jed

      1. “Answer is GOD’S WORD (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]).”
        The KJV is a translation of the “Textus Receptus” (the Received Text from the Byzantine/Greek/Orthodox Church). Trust in the KJV implicitly requires faith in the Orthodox Church to have canonized the correct scriptures and faithfully preserved the received text of the selected scriptures. Therefore, what grounds do you have for refusing to accept it as the Church that Christ promised would overcome the gates of Hell? Note: Overcoming means not being overcome and disappearing and needing to refounded/reformed +1500 years later.
        Why do you say that the Bible is God’s Word and yet reject the New Testament verses (1 Corinthians 11:2, 2 Thessalonians 2:15 and 3:6) that command obedience to the Holy Tradition that hundreds of years later produced the final canon of what we call the Bible?

        1. Good Scriptures brother but don’t get it “twisted” into thinking the Scriptures mean the TRADITIONS OF MAN.
          Let’s avoid the “labeling” and stick to HIS TRUTH.
          God is SIMPLE sir. He wants ALL MEN to be saved: http://www.preservedword.com/
          Hope you’re doing well in life brother. Amen.

    2. I’m not sure it’s only confidence. I have been observing guys around, and most guys who lift, you can see it obviously, they do well with girls and come across as confident.
      I think there is a lot to the different ways to become confident, some guys naturally know they are better in most things than 90+% of other guys, and don’t need help finding it.
      The pertinent thing is to help those outside the “natural talent” I think.
      The place where I watch these interactions is in a small but not tiny company, a few hundred people. And almost all guys who are confident are either in good positions like top 15% of the companies pay grade etc, and look decently in shape,. Of the guys below the top 15% all the confident guys lift, or have some specific gimmick.

      1. I’m an Alpha for sure and confidence is a defining factor, but I only became truly confident after stepping into a Muay Thai ring. So you’re right. Confidence – and thus Alphaness – has to be trained by doing Alpha things.

    3. I remember one experience with my brother that highlighted this whole “asshole” view of alphas. His friend asked to borrow $1200. My brother had the money, but lending it out would put him in a tough financial situation. His friend said he would pay him back double within two weeks. I called bullshit and told my brother to just say no.
      I remember my brother’s words after I advised him to say no: “But I’m not an asshole like you.” You see, we were taught that helping those in need was an obligation, not a choice, if you’re to be a “good guy.” And, sure enough, being a good guy resulted in that dude fleecing my brother out of $1200 and never paying him back.

      1. One lesson needs to be taught to all young men many times so it becomes etched in their skulls:
        And that goes double for lending money to women.
        Might as well burn it. Youre never seeing it again..sure there are very few exceptions. Your very best friend needs a bit until payday. Even then be careful.

    4. Women saying they want a man like a beta but it’s not really what they want just showcases why you should not get dating advice from them. In fact most of what they say about what defines a man and a woman is false thats why whenever a woman tries to say something to emasculate you remember women don’t know shit.

  10. Freedom starts with one simple thing: Men shedding their innate need for female approval. Once that happens, the chains will just fall off.

    1. The only way to truly do that is be to be able to have secure heterosexual relationships with other men. This site is a start in the right direction.

  11. Be a man with options. A weak man will be abused like a dog. A man with options will be treated like a king and called daddy. Don’t chase. Become something worth chasing. Relationships are just an extended version of economics.

    1. I found perversely at times in my life when I showed no interest in women because I was occupied and content doing different things, that all kinds of woman began to take a real interest in me.
      Maybe, Napoleon’s maxim about armies and empty stomachs works in an applied sense when it comes to women. Only select women when you’re at your peak in other aspects of your life, not when you’re in the valley.

      1. Women thrive off attention. It’s why Betas fail. They give in, and give all the attention a woman could want. Mostly because they lack options. A guy with options, or a guy who shows no interest is irritating. They go against everything a woman is taught. It’s jarring. I do so much better when I’m in a relationship.
        It’s fun to tell mine every so often that another woman hit on me. It shakes her core.

        1. “Women thrive off attention. It’s why Betas fail. They give in, and give all the attention a woman could want.”
          So true. Its like those social media sluts with 5000 “friends”, all telling her she is a angel and that she is perfect. Im not a Buddhist but men, was the Buddha so correct when he said detachment is truly the most empowering thing one can do.
          In the case of women, disinterest promotes attraction.

        2. I’m not a womanizer or a cheater, but I go out of my way sometimes to be seen checking a different woman out. I know the shitstorm that’ll ensue, but it serves its ultimate purpose.

    2. Do that to the wife almost on the daily. She knows despite the fact that we’re married, that I would next her in a heartbeat.

    3. Its not that man. That’s a more simple matter. A lot of men, especially younger and those with options just want to leave this place for good. Ask around and you’ll see. There is nothing here worth staying for to most.
      I never have left, because family mostly. But if I had to “pull the switch”, I wouldn’t go MGTOW. I’d just leave America for good, avoid all of these cucked places, especially Europe, and find somewhere I could try my best to assimilate to and stay out of the local’s way with my Americanized opinions. If I could do it I would have done it a long time ago. And I hope I get to do exactly that while I’m still in my 20’s.
      It sounds pessimistic and likely defeatist, but that’s how its been for a while with me and a not insignificant % of my generation. Its a bummer to admit this, but I just saw no potential end I would be participating in which I would care to be a part of. And RoK & the like, and the Trumpening gave me the first hope I’ve had for the future of the west since I’ve been able to think for myself. None of my friends studied philosophy or had an honest desire to improve themselves beyond the weight room or better their position in life.
      And in regards to the author of this article, that’s what good men want. To know that their personal efforts aren’t meaningless ventures for the individual’s fulfillment. To know that there was a bigger picture that wasn’t bullshit platitudes and the all important economy.

      1. It’s pessimistic but not defeatist. Defeatist would be stay and take the abuse of the current all-work, no-reward life that’s currently all nice and set up for white boys by the dynamics of identity politics. America was founded on guys with your spirit.
        “You’re telling me I have to work my life away for your benefit? With no incentives for me personally? Fuck it, I’m leaving then.”
        —-Thomas Jefferson
        (not an actual quote)

  12. Well… oftentime it comes down to a women’s natural hypergamous and solipsistic choice of the PERFECT MATE.
    Women want the (*same*) desirable “has-it-all guy” alpha man to be their long-term life partner; mainly in the MARRIAGE.
    In the *hypergamous* instinctual mind drive of a woman’s instinctive desires she ONLY wants the “best man” among men and she wants him to be the way *she wants him to be*. Simple as that.
    Now.. no man is “perfect” as would be ideal, save only the ONLY true “Perfect Man” Lord Jesus Christ.
    Thus, knowing that no man is “perfect” as would be ideal; the fact is there are still “good men” out there that would be “compatible lifetime partners” with women of “compatibable personal dispositions”…
    Men know deep down in our “nature” that we are not as “strong”, “masculine” or of “good character” as we would like to be in our minds; so for those that care we do our best to improve ourselves, our lives and those people will love and care about in our lives.
    Women in their *hypergamy* cannot be trusted with the responsibility of making good lifetime decisions; they need to be “held in check” by society; which is what Feminism and the New World Order (N.W.O.) Agenda is about destroying the strength of men into helpless slaves and pawns of The Machine.
    It’s about those in POWER that ultimately keep this going… All a man and men can do is work on their own lives, their FAMILIES, then communities and the places they live in how to “keep women in place” in correcting and reproving their behaviour.
    Sometimes women do mean well, but as the “weaker vessel” they cannot and are NOT designed to carry the actual full burden and responsibility of LEADERSHIP in society. God first made ADAM and Eve was made to be Adam’s “help meet” and companion from lonliness as the only human-being to exist at the time…
    God made MAN as LEADER, CREATOR, PRODUCER and PROVIDER; which is what Adam represented when God told Adam to work in the Garden of Eden.
    The Devil, Satan uses the current wicked society of Feminism-amock society to make WOMAN LEADER and man FOLLOWER, SERVANT, even SLAVE to his “help meet”. A totally confusing and unnatural disaster that baffles both sexes even though they may instinctively “feel” and “sense” that things “are not right” even though it’s what they’ve grown up their whole life in this Evil Day and Time.
    Yeah, this is the “same old talk” and will continue to be the same.
    Only MEN are the ones who can and should be “initiatiating” RESISTANCE against the unnatural evils of Feminism’s masculinity-weakening conditions but it will be an EVERY DAY FIGHT AND STRUGGLE out in society. Some (goood) women *may* come in and help the men take back the ground like Dr. Helen; but men are NOT to expect WOMEN AS A WHOLE the God-designed “help meet” of a man to reclaim man’s position as LEADER. PATRIARCH.
    Day-by-day fight EVERY DAY. NO BREAK.
    Unless something truly drastic happens like The Collapse of Western Civilization occurs anytime soon in coming year(s); men today will always have to fight for their freedom of Feminism’s Curse through women.
    Only by an Act of GOD can things be restored to right ways. Amen.
    ~ Sincerely,
    Bro. Jed

    1. Many people blame hypergamy but I blame a narcissistic, selfish culture. Women don’t even “serve” alphas anymore. They throw their bodies at them but its not a feminine submission. Their true, selfless nature has been overridden by a psyche that tells them to emulate and imitate men. Behaving like a woman is considered weak and disgusting. Thats cultural and has nothing to do with biology.

      1. That’s why for wife material even as a well established guy you go to other cultures if your from the west ;-).

      2. Women are are not and have never ever been selfless. It is not at all in a female’s nature to be selfless. The things we see today is what females are unchecked. The good behavior you are describing of females is the behavior of females kept in check by a civilized society. Ironically that good behavior was just as narcissistic and selfish as anything we see from females today as it’s foundation.

        1. Submissive is probably a better word. I just think that working and the greedy consumer culture make women more aggressive and selfish than their nature intended. So much penis envy everywhere.

  13. We like our women to be attractive and have a job. We like them to enjoy
    sex, and we like them to provide us with companionship. What we don’t
    want is for them to try to change us.

    Personally, I don’t care if they have a job. I care if they enjoy sex but then that creates a problem with used merchandise. And if they want a degree they probably have lots of student debt.
    Society – the feminized version doesn’t want manly men. When boys act up they are put on Ritalin. There can be no competition (everyone gets a trophy).

    1. Absolutely right – I have no interest in my girl having a job. Some of the best girls I’ve ever been with didn’t (obviously they weren’t in the US). They were sweet young things who knew nothing but school, and even that I didn’t care for.
      Totally disagree with the author on that point.

      1. He’s probably just acknowledging a necessary evil of the current world…Whats a 18 year old + woman going to be doing all day if shes not working or at school?
        Working is probably a better option, though very problematic.

      2. My husband demanded that I stop working because my career was making me into an “angry and nagging cunt.” He moved us out of the city into an area where most of the women do not work outside the home.
        I am shocked at how much calmer I am now. My work now consists of volunteering, looking for new recipes, exercising and cleaning and basically being my husband’s personal secretary. We’re both happier.

        1. We would but there are some bad genetics on both sides of our families and we don’t want to take the chance. My husband and I were both blessed to be born without any serious illnesses but many of our relatives were not so fortunate. There’s no way we’re going to bring disabled children into the world who cannot contribute to society.

        2. That’s even better. Thanks for not bringing the possibility of more defectives into the world, and enjoy your double-income-no-children lifestyle. Wish you a long and happy life

        3. We only have one income as my husband does not want me to work. It is enough for both of us to enjoy life without the strain of disabled children. Taking the risk of bringing severely handicapped children into the world is unfair to everyone involved.

    2. I want any girl I date to be self sufficient and not on the take, but I do not want a high powered career woman. Something in between waitress and lawyer, like maybe a dental hygienist.

        1. Yeah, there was a forum article about what professions women have that should be avoided…lawyers LOVE to argue, so DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!

      1. Even so, dental hygienists have spent a lot of time and other resources getting good at that. They won’t leave it behind later when it suits you.
        I’d prefer her to have a job that required no special training or schooling. One that she is more than happy to leave when children comes into play.

        1. All women, no matter the height of their career, are iover joyed to quit working when the kids come along (or even before). As soon as they can latch onto a husband that has tons of money they all quit working.
          In the UK more than 50% of each medical school class graduating is female. Yet, within 10 years fewer than 50% of those women are practicing medicine. They all drop out to be SAHMs. I know a Filipina that is a neurologist, but doesn’t practice medicine because her doctor husband makes plenty of money. She is also very nice and quite good looking , so ok by me. Really the best use any woman can make of her life is having and raising kids. It is what god designed women to do/ what evolution has produced in women (take your choice).

        2. I know this used to be the case in the U.S in the time when university women were a minority. Those who were there, it was said, were there to earn their “Mrs degree”. In other words, find an educated husband and drop out.
          I’m surprised to hear this is so common in the UK even today. I live in Sweden and stay-at-home-mothers are practically extinct here. Most parents (men as well as women) work full time jobs, leaving the children at tax-paid kindergartens and schools and generally neglected otherwise. If both don’t work full time, the woman will have a part time job.

  14. all of these only apply if you listen to women in the first place, and view them as equals with integrity. once you realize they are between children and men, you stop taking them seriously.

    1. At the risk of outing myself to her, should she ever read this site, whenever we disagree I tell her she’s acting like a child (because she is) and she’ll usually sit down, shutup and put the thumb back in her mouth (metaphorically speaking), mostly because she knows its true.

      1. Ditto here. Sometimes for shits and giggles I let her have her way with something just to watch it turn to shit. Stuff that doesn’t matter much.
        She does the same thing, she goes back to her pacifier…
        I’m guessing most guys don’t believe it.

        1. She likes to front about doing stuff on her own. It’s funny. ‘You never let me plan things, etc!’ so I let her plan things, then she doesn’t, and I keep going the way I intended. It’s an amusing little game.

  15. Ha yes, the “good men” shit test. Is there something more ludicrous and false when we hear a women talking about this? Do you know were these men are? In the fucking friendzone.
    What they want is a confident alpha guy that fucks the shit out of them. Never go romantic or ultra sensitive, never read them a poem or a song, never help them with their emotional shit, never go white knight or mangina. Grow a pair, a huge pair, and learn to stand your ground, learn how to maintain frame and tell them to fuck off if needed.

    1. Ain’t that the truth.
      One more thing. Don’t let them get away with shit. Any story or whatever I hear from a girl that just makes no fucking sense I’m saying I don’t believe it.
      And next.

    2. From what I know women have a different definition of a nice guy then what men thinks is a nice guy.
      A nice guy to women is a guy that acts out as himself completely true to himself no matter how selfish and bad he is to society. A guy is not nice when he is fake because he’s unwilling to come out of hiding. Is that understandable?

    3. If I could upvote you more I would, this is the core right here.
      Grow a pair. I became a known street fighter hehe. And the more brutal I became the more girls would come to me…

  16. Two words: “Good Man”
    You can be a good, but you have to be a man first. A mangina fails at the man part, he will be walked on and women will not respect them because it is impossible to respect someone who kisses your ass.
    On the flip side, you can focus completely on being a man, and neglect the being good part. Guys doing so get lots of sex and one night stands. However, as for getting a LTR, women won’t want to put up with that.
    Or, you can be a gentleman. One who masters the qualities of both being a man, and being good. You treat a woman nice, but not let her walk all over you. You have confidence, but not arrogance. You have the capability and courage to kick someones ass, but the restraint not to. You are courteous to people, but don’t let them use you. Finding the right balance is a tough task, few master it.

    1. I see it this way. One should not be an asshole to women, however, one should not be automatically nice to them and do nice things for them. If being the first was in negative numbers of a range, and doing the second was positive; women expect that they get positive numbers because of their vaginas, but, one should really strive for zero. Not negative, don’t actually expend effort being a dick, but don’t do anything for a woman until she has earned it.

  17. I didn’t like this article.. you basically said women in relationships are entitled, nagging and annoying but purposely dressed it up as though you’re handing it in for assessment to showcase your intelligence and hit a certain word count. Smacked of too much effort, and it didn’t really address the title of why women can’t find a ‘good man’. Men want a woman who is not a slut, who is feminine and doesn’t exhibit outward personality traits (drunkeness, assertive opinions, etc.). Instead of going on to explain why women are not behaving appropriately (and including their entitlement as you did) you mostly went on to write a pity piece on how mean women are to men.

    1. I’m kind of agreeing with you but more like none of it spoke to me much.
      to me it was like reading like a historical piece from the women’s lib era but turned around into being about men.

  18. “Our worst fear is being seen as something other than male. We can be humiliated and devastated by any suggestion that, because of passivity or effeminacy, we might be like a woman. We live in perpetual anxiety about being considered weak, gay, unfit or “unmanly”; it is our Achilles’ heel.”
    No attempt to shame that fear, but I think a confident and healthy man should be somewhat free of it. Anything else is to be a total slave to the male-meter of others.

  19. Why can’t women find a good man?
    1) Too many males (I refuse to call them men) bought into the bullshit message that being a pussy, supplicating cunt who helps girls move and lets them cry on their shoulder when she gets dumped by an “asshole” will get them the “woman of his dreams.”
    2) A large portion of masculine western men do not care to settle down because they have too much to lose and too many options.
    3) Dark triad/criminal men tend to attract many of these women who “can’t find a good man.” Of course she finds the 6’4″ Colombian cocaine dealer more attractive than the 5’8″ overweight chump sharing her cubicle with no style and zero social skills. If only the 5’8″ guy learned some game, lifted some weights, valued himself, didn’t buy her flowers on Valentine’s Day…eh, who am I kidding?
    4) Women refuse to accept that their behavior has consequences. You can’t spread your legs to every guy in a major metro area, gain 40 pounds, dress like shit and expect a guy who has his shit together to want to shack up with you. Reality is a bitch, especially for aging bitches.

      1. Har!!!! Perfect comment.
        Yes, the only time a Colombian is taller than someone is when they are in Ecuador.
        Nice catch dude

  20. Media, industries, government and law know they can make lots of money using women because women are mentally weak and give into influences, persuasion and peer pressure very easily. They know men would do anything for the vagina so they’re strung along by giving money to these greedy fucks as well.
    This is a perfect allegory of Adam and Eve after Eve was easily persuaded by the serpent, she ate the Fruit of Wisdom and got Adam to eat it as well, why did Adam eat it? Obviously he raised her pussy to the pedestal and worshipping it like an idol. Remember idolatry is a sin in the Bible. Eve made him eat it so he will go down in sin with her, this is a perfect metaphor of how women need to bring men down to their level to bring them to the same misery they’re in.

  21. I spent most of this article trying to figure out what the author was selling.
    Note to the RoK staff: if it says “Sponsored Post”, I’m taking it 80% less seriously than even a Matt Forney article.

    1. No way. Sponsored articles are sometimes full of fun what with kratom and Chang.

  22. I am thoroughly enjoying these posts though I am a woman. After getting out of a relationship that only lasted three months ( thank god) with an extremely beta man who use passive aggressive behavior because he couldn’t handle direct, honest conversations. The constant need for reassurance or his lack of leadership made me feel so vulnerable and I knew I didn’t want to waste my youth on someone that I didn’t respect. Now I see what I value in a man and prior to him I was dating someone in my field who was dominant and made me feel like a woman; the way he lead I pray to meet someone else like that.
    Unfortunately I have a nice job, at 23 making over 80k I feel like that is a liability in a relationship unless I date a guy in the same field as me. Do you think that it is possible for a man to be the boss in the house when he makes less than his wife. Mind you I usually only work 40 hours a week

    1. The money probably a liability more for the gal than a a guy – woman want to look up not down.
      Also, what I find most interesting about woman; is everything is 100% emotion based. Men- like myself -had a difficult time getting to that conclusion. I was brought up in a “equalistic” society and for as much as woman claim as liberals they want “equalistic” economic/dating systems etc; the only societal happiness for a woman is when she can bow to the big dog. -I-was born an equalist and now, I will kick your ass silly if you f with me. The thing is, that’s the right process.

      1. I agree with you. What feminism leaves out is human nature. Women no matter how powerful they are seek to be taken care of, or at least have a safety net. I want to know that when I give birth I dont have to return to work ASAP because my husband can’t pull the weight, plus I love cleaning and cooking and I hate seeing men in the kitchen so I can’t even respect a guy who wants to be a stay at home dad. My previous alpha bf made the same amount as me but I knew he was a leader and that he would climb up that ladder at a faster rate than I would. Plus he made 90 percent of the decisions and would only let me decide on trivial things. I guess I have to be patient and I will find someone to look up to. But finding a guy under 30 who makes over 80k , who I like and who likes me and is available is going to be a hassle.

        1. A woman wants a man other woman want to fk..the best they perceive they can get. …..Without that, a woman can’t mentally function. You know how to dump a woman? Tell her she is the only one you ever slept with or thinks about on a daily basis. That will do it. Woman can’t admit that because they can’t see it. You say you want “the man to pull his own weight”… does that mean when that when his utility gets done-aka helping you raise your child… you dump him for the alpha? Oh, the horrors of being a woman…lol.

        2. It depends on what the woman values. I for one associate the number of sexual partners with self esteem. The higher the count, the lower the self esteem whether be man or a woman. The ability to have self control over lust is a sign over power to me.
          Personally I need to respect a guy and that can only be established when he has proven himself as a leader. A leader by choosing things we do, by not asking my opinion on everything and by setting the pace in the relationship.

        3. Your delusional on the “count”… You thrive in the competition like all gals. Its not about your words.. its your actions.. What were your last actions?
          ,, Also you are basically asking guys to be men who go through 12 years of liberal indoctrination- everyone is equal kakka, religious upbringing- take your vows for until death do you part/love honor bla bla bla (but its okay for the wife to turn into a 600 lb cow-because that is liberal honor you know)…; liberal colleges- all white males are oppressors.
          This, and then coming from a household with no “true” males where they basically just know how to fuck and play video games and also coming from a household where mommy gave him a time out instead of letting him fight it out..
          I wish you well, because this is the society your pulling from expecting that guy at 23 to know the right way of doing things……… You can’t expect anyone coming out of that environment to be half ways normal.

        4. You should be looking for a man much older than yourself. At least 5 years difference, certain that this is the way it should be. Im 28 and I don’t even talk to women over 24. The chemistry is not right. It takes men a long time to become the leader you’re looking for, even longer in today’s society.

        5. Interesting that you mentioned age. My alpha ex was only a year older than me so he is 24 and my most recent ex who is a beta is 3 years older. I haven’t seen much correlation between age and leadership skills. It comes down to the household dynamic in which the person was raised. I guess the next time a 35 yo hits on me, I should not look the other way.
          But it is unfortunate how some men have no motivation or ambition these days

        6. We’ve been demoralized. Women are a major motivating factor for us. As a woman you should be aware of your ability to bring out the best in a man’s potential and use it. Support and encourage him and he’ll become 20 times the man he once was.
          Today women have the mindset that if a guy isn’t fully developed when she meets him, she just looks for a better man and throws him away. Young men aren’t given too much margin for error and most just give up because they know girls won’t find them alpha enough. There is always a more alpha man nearby, so its hard for us to commit time, energy and money knowing we could be traded up at any moment.

      1. I got a masters degree in Chemical Engineering last year and work at a pharmaceutical company. Did a BS/MS program.

        1. Interesting. Some bs/ms engineers only make 80k with 10 years in. Good for you. I hope you’re not in a high cost of living area.
          The problem with career women is that, in a successful partnership of any kind, someone is the boss, and someone is not. I would want any girl I would choose to be more in love with me than in love with her job. I have a friend with a good job, and his wife has a decent job that she can work when they want. So, she works when nothing is happening, but, when they need to handle something at home or whatever, she does not work and takes care of it.
          I have a coworker, female, who is so bad that they let her relocate to another office because she sucked. She relocated her husband with her. This girl looks like a young Hillary Clinton and has the evil bitch personality to match. Her husband is apparently a simp in every way.
          So, to answer the question, it’s not possible for a man to be the boss when the wife out earns him because she will not be led.
          You have a much higher salary with your engineering career than I did at your age, although I have income from additional sources other than my career. The question is not about money, it’s about whether you could reconcile being assertive in your career with being submissive at home.

        2. I work in NJ but live in PA. Cheaper cost of living and lower taxes. I want a life like your friend’s wife. I don’t want to be a financial burden on my husband but I also don’t want to work 80 hours a week.
          And that last sentence is powerful, I probably could but it would take some time especially if the discrepancy between our salaries is extremely high. Let’s say he makes 30000 a year. If he doesn’t have other sources of income then he can’t really assert himself as a provider. If the discrepancy is smaller let’s say he makes 50000 and he is an ambitious guy then as long as he can assert himself, he will be dominating.
          I still live like I lived in college with roommates and all, only difference is that I have a nicer car than the 1998 subaru I had in college so it is not like dating a guy who makes less than me would mean that I would have to completely change my lifestyle.

        3. Engineering starts high, goes a bit higher and levels off. It’s very flat across the range. The difference between a ‘senior engineer’ and director of engineering might be 20%. There was one place that was hiring and I found the salary of their engineering director or vice president online in some sort of required filing. The dude made less than I did at the time.

        4. Good luck to you. I was told at work I should pursue this 28 year old dentist. I’m 36. She’s all right looking, but not all that, and she’s on a lot of dating sites and is desperately single, per my coworkers.
          I remember, growing up, hunting with my father, who is a dentist. We’d get pages from my mom, and fire up the Motorola analog shoulder bag cell phone with a larger antenna than stock and call home; damn thing probably didn’t even need a cell tower, it reached out and touched someone all on its own. This was the late 80s, but the point is we were dealing with his practice on Saturday nights out in BFE while we were trying to hunt shit and bond.
          My folks are divorced now. They didn’t cheat, but they never did anything together. They’re both at fault, but for different reasons. I will not divorce, and I would only marry someone with whom I had the strongest of loyalty and bonds. I am strong enough and well off enough to write off my career as just making money, but I don’t trust any career woman to do that and put my above her career. This is why a high powered career is a detriment to a girl’s chances with a man who has his head right.

      2. Yup. This sounds nuts. I mean not the salary but the hours. Crazier stuff I guess

    2. I would say no.
      I was in an LTR with a girl who had a mid level job and made less than me, things were fine. Then she changed to a position or the same level but involving nights also on Sundays meaning massive extra pay some months, and it would push her take home salary a tiny bit above mine, like 1-200$ not more.
      She would keep talking about it, and answer things with “but I made more than you this month” blabla, stuff like this when she got irritated about something or pushing for something I didn’t want.
      Needless to say I ended it shortly after.
      Now I’m married and my wife knows from the start I will never be allowing her a full time job, or a career. She’s fine with it and I think understands why.
      You may say now you would not make an issue out of it, but wait until you get really irritated or mad about something…

      1. I concur but I can assure you that it is usually not the salary that is an issue but the motivation of a man that can be an issue. It is one thing if a 25 yo man is getting started but is driven, it is another thing if he is feels content about the situation he is in.
        Perhaps your wife now is less motivated than your previous gf hence why she is fine with that, not saying that it is a bad thing. My mother always says to never marry a guy who works less than you. I don’t believe in working crazy hours just for money because when you take off those taxes, there is almost nothing left of that. Living well below your means and making right investments is good enough.

        1. So you ignored or didn’t understand the gist of what I said. Let’s try again…
          My ex mentioned didn’t have ambition, wasn’t career minded and wanted to work as little as possible. In fact she has never had a career, her job is as a call center agent.
          The simple thing that due to working 3 Sunday nights and a bunch of nightshifts at 300% pay made her paycheck bigger was somehow in her mind a justification for being a disrespectful asshole is what is the problem here.
          My wife is motivated to be a wife and mother, as opposed to the ex who had no real motivation for much other than her cats and the house.

        2. Ok I misunderstood it. Well it makes sense. Moral of the story is to always find a woman with interests in domestic chores and a woman who wishes to be a mother.

    3. I think it can be a real liability for women. I seen it with my wife’s old roommate. She graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. At the time, she was about a 7 on the looks scale, very clean, etc. Now, at 37, she is still single. It is a shame, she mostly wanted to be a wife and a mother. This may sound a little crazy, but my advice would be to go back to school for teaching. If a guy asks you why you dropped your career, tell him you realized you like kids and family life. Your next 5-7 years are critical for getting a family, don’t blow it on a career that you can pick up later on.

  23. Notice “Man up”, “Be a Man”, “you don’t know how to act like a Real Man” are common tactics women use to demean, or try to shame a Man into an Ideal that best suits a woman’s desires. But, what about “woman up”, or “be a woman”, or “you don’t know how to act like a real woman”? Women don’t want to cook for their Husbands/boyfriends, women are acting immature by dying their hair and getting inked, women are neglecting their family by pursuing careers and skirting their maternal duties, women are supportive of a culture which undermines the family unit, Riding an endless cock carousel, engaging in shameless debauchery, ect ect. Women who exhibit these traits, and live lifestyles like that, should be told to “woman up”, and be “a woman” so they will stop their nonsense and hopefully start improving their behavior in a way beneficial to their relationships and society. Notice that “Man up” and “Be a Man” implies that the male gender has a specific role assigned by gender that carries a certain expectation of being met , also notice that modern western women because of feminism no longer have a specific role assigned to their gender, and women have no feminine expectation to meet, explaining why the term “woman up” doesn’t exist in society. Women who do not provide a gender specific Role should be pressured by society to “woman up”, otherwise Men should not be told to “Man up” by society when a male fails to meet a gender specific role . That is equality.

    1. I am a 23 yo woman and I wholeheartedly agree. What a fucked up world we live in.
      My parents had traditional gender roles and they truly value each other (well culturally that was what was expected.) . I remember growing up every morning my mom would do my dad’s tie, put his dress shirt on him and always had a delicious lunch for him. In addition she would wake up early to make his breakfast everyday even when she was sick.
      I have such vivid memories of those days and hope to be that source a joy for a man one day.

      1. That’s good. So many young women today don’t even have any gender specific skills nowadays like cooking, cleaning, or any kind of specific feminine contributions in a relationship, that really the only thing they can provide a Man with, is what’s between their legs.

      2. Sucks to be you then. The vast vast vast majority of women have poisoned the well and ruined your chances for such a life. Plus you could easily be lying, or just change your mind at any time with zero negative consequences. I personally would never let a wife be a stay at home mom, despite this being by far the best situation for children, because that leads to the worst divorce rape. If anyone’s staying home it’s gonna be me, she’s getting a job three months after the kid is born or I’m out, and that’s going to be in the prenup.

  24. Women have overplayed their hand. Because after being emasclalated, men no longer care. As a young man, I lived to have a girlfriend, lived in shame when I did not have one. My whole ego was tied up in it. I see the generation of my son. He broke up with a beauautiful girl to pursue his hobbies. Joining military, wants to focus on building his talents and career.More interested in jumping out of planes and shooting guns than dating. (and he is a handsmome dude)
    I also see a lot of youngsters who are happy to just play video games. I laughed at work the other day. A 20-something girl was infururiated because a dude asked her over to his place so she could watch him play video games.
    Dudes more and more don’t seem to give a shit as they know the social contract that existed for my generation has disappeared.
    Why share your house and money with someone who will just find a SJW judge to give it all to her.

    1. ” play video games. I laughed at work the other day. A 20-something girl was infururiated because a dude asked her over to his place so she could watch him play video games.”
      When people ask them how I consistently pull women 15-20 years younger than I am I tell them that this is what is going on. These poor 20 year old girls are so pissed that men have been emasculated that they are falling into the arms of the first alpha who makes plans for them.
      From what I can tell, the current crop of young bucks would know what to do with a cunt if they had 5 hands, 3 mouths, 13 dicks, an instruction manual and a flashlight.
      Keep playing those video games and pedasalizing women boys and I’ll be fucking girls in their 20’s until I’m 80

  25. I don’t get how men feel ashamed when a woman says “emasculating” things to try and shame us. It has the opposite affect on me. When a girl says shit like that it makes me feel good, knowing that if a modern woman hates it, it’s probably the right thing for me to do.

      1. Back in the old west a man sent for a bride from back east through the mail. She arrived and they were married before leaving for the long trip to his ranch. They were in the wagon being pulled by a mule and came to a hill where the mule balked. The guy got off the wagon, walked to the front of the mule and pulled its ear until it moved. At that point he said to the mule, “That’s one.” At the next hill the mule did the same and the man did the same except this time he said, “That’s two.” When the next hill came up and the mule stopped again, the guy got off the wagon, pulled out his gun, and shot the mule between the eyes. The woman started ranting about how stupid that was as now they had no mule to pull the wagon. The man looked up at her calmly and said, “That’s one.”

        1. Yes. Walk away and no further contact. In a few days to weeks, depending on how stubborn she is, she finally gets it and stops trying to make contact. I’m at an age where I tolerate no bullshit. Besides, I have a mindset of abundance. There is always another one.

    1. Agreed-when they resort to that you know you’re right; if a leftist or a woman hates anything then I know it’s bound to be great.

    2. Imagine a homeless man telling you that your fully paid, absolutely gorgeous 3-bedroom house has no 70-inch TV in it! Or a guy who only has a bicycle telling you your fully functional car does not have 20-inch mag rims.
      That is the case of a woman telling a man his dick is “small”. Where is hers?

    3. It’s because women have been with like 50 men, they pick and choose the best aspects of each forgetting about the good qualities you have and try to compare you to all the good aspects of past men.

    4. “…if a modern woman hates it, it’s probably the right thing for me to do.”
      “When you start catching flak, you know you’re getting close to the target.”

    1. Hahahahaha!!!!!! Indians versus the Colonies re-enacted by Feminists playing the colonist with MGTOW playing the part of the Indians. They just need their land back.

    2. Despite the many things we disagree on, there are even more things that we do agree on, my friend.

  26. An old friend of mine used to say, “Women will eventually play themselves out of the game.”
    I was only 20 at the time, and he was a weathered old-timer of 46: divorced and economically fleeced from a cheating wife. I listened to him, not wanting to believe in the weight of his words. Years later, I realize that he was guilty of understatement if anything.
    I’ve seen so many women since then run off to “greener pastures,” leaving behind children, husbands, friends, etc. The damage to everyone involved has been huge – especially to the children: left behind so that mommy can drink vodka cranberries and get sodomized by Jose the personal trainer. It’s like the Trail of Tears at this point.
    So when society starts in with its “Let’s empower women” narrative…please. It’s hard for me to muster a fuck in such moments.

        1. divorced at 41..She turned into a hog in many facets and I was blindfolded by the catholic religion- that loyalty pledge to matrimony… so I hung in there before I pulled the pin. (you find out in life that the woman was only joking when she agreed to that pledge)… I should have pulled it sooner but I needed my kid to at least be out of day care; now she is 14 doing good.
          Divorce is fine- just like anything; have an exit plan if it all goes to hell. She cleaned me out completely for what she could see. Fortunately, I can see better than her attorney and mine was an educated putz. Best thing I ever did. I have learned a few lessons about myself since then and about relational equity.. It doesn’t exist…. my motto now is “me 1st, me 2nd, and me 3rd.. .if there is any left you can have the scraps”. If I don’t want 4ths… I actually believe this is how the lord intended.
          I like this site because it is devoid of most liberalism and I like to read etc.. I can’t even turn on the tv in todays society. we are all f’ed with this type of thinking.

        2. There was an interesting article I read recently about “No-Fault” divorce, which was originally crafted so women could try and gain the upper hand.
          Long story short, 50 years later, women are worse off after the divorce. The reason was just like your scenario – more men are coming to expect the worse. so they never “nest egg”; instead, they put funds off to the side and prepare for the upcoming right hook.
          A good analogy is this: The first time a man gets robbed in a neighborhood, the crook makes off with a fortune. But once the neighborhood gets a reputation,, then fewer men leave the house with a lot of money since they are preparing to be robbed.

        3. Which is why so many Western women are claiming to be “not feminists”: because men are expecting them to lie, cheat, and steal everything that they can get. Which is also why the “not feminists” hate the older feminists so much: the older feminists have put us men on our guard, and the “not feminists” either cannot find any men or fewer men who will marry anymore.

  27. Feminism is the ideological equivalent of a “participation award” for women. Deep down in their souls, they know that they’re an inferior product to us. So old (bitter, devoid of all femininity) bitches created feminism to try and convince their daughters that they can do anything men can. And now, women are discovering that they were told lies ever since childhood, especially pertaining to men. That’s why I picked the avatar I’ve had since I started posting here. It asks a simple question that women CANNOT answer with anything besides socially acceptable, ie feminist horseshit or something they heard another chick say, that made their “feels” happy. “Why do women tell men how to act, when women aren’t men?” This question forces them to think about how they feel about us, and rather than try to answer it logically, they get angry and call you a sexist. It’s to be expected.
    As for the shit women talk to try and “shame” us, its all easily dissected ONLY if you’re willing to say what’s on your mind, instantaneously. Like Patrice O’Neal once said, you have to remove that self-editing filter between your gut and your brain. It took about a year for me to do so, but the behavior of women around me, made me focus on expediting the process. Now, the power I have just from SPEAKING my mind is like going from a skateboard (simp, beta, white-knight, etc) to a Mustang (the type of strong, assertive, arrogant man I was meant to be).
    For example, a single mom (whose number I got before she had the kid, but stopped talking to her), happened to be at a Wawa when I was getting a sandwich. After some excruciatingly boring small talk, I asked her if she was single. She talked shit about her son’s father (predictably) and literally said she was, “Looking for a good man that’s gonna treat me like a PRINCESS”. Now if I still had that filter I mentioned above, I’m sure I would’ve said some goofy shit like, “Yeah, you deserve a man who’s gonna treat you right. You work so hard, etc” (She makes $9/hr, btw). But sans filter, the Patrice gem, “That’s why men are better. Cuz we get women to love us. You just HOPE love comes into your life, without putting ANY work in.” hit her. After she got angry at that, she cussed a bit, said I needed to grow up, and that “no woman will want you, with that attitude”. My sandwich was done by now, so I left her with, “Why would I take relationship advice from someone who doesn’t know how condoms work?” She was speechless, so I walked out. Sure enough, later that night she texted me pics of her huge tits, and her surprisingly intact vagine’. And its all because I made her think, and had no problem telling her exactly what she was, and WHY she was that way. Turns out, she gives great head and doesn’t need to be told to get out, so win-win. 😉

  28. It’s funny how pathetic western men have become. I apologize for my asperity, but to a brazilian guy like me it’s really funny all this talk about “how to be a man”, “what we deserve as men, etc
    Never in my entire life those things had to be discussed. We know what being a man means, we know our duties and rights, and this kind of thing never had to be put on paper or taught from anyone other than our father’s.
    In the end the fault falls to your male ancestors, because they failed to lead their their wives and daughters.
    I learned a lot from this site, but this reality seems to be really distant to me.

    1. Don’t fret, it’s coming your way, closer and closer each day.
      I know where you’re coming from, I’m GenX and saw the world from your view, even if momentarily before it all changed in the 1990’s. It’s shocking how little men are taught now. But I suppose that’s why the manosphere formed, as a correction to that.

  29. “We like our women to […] have a job.”
    Is this even remotely true for anybody here?! I strictly only hit on impoverished SE Asian girls, see. That’s just because poor girls throw themselves at white men, and thus I can maximize my appeal to a girl if she’s poor and increase my success, but whatever. The point is her financial situation doesn’t cross my mind in the slightest.
    Although, this is common with MGTOW. They give up on relationships always after verifying they don’t know anything about them to begin with. That is, women are attracted to men of superior incomes than themselves, but MGTOW consistently support equal income relationships. I mean, these guys are doomed from the beginning largely because of their ignorance (not because of women).
    There are multiple strategies to building successful relationships – and not everybody has to hit on impoverished girls – but MGTOW plainly don’t know any of them.
    “Lacking our biology, they cannot understand our emotions at their most primal level. They only see that we react and comply. They have no real understanding of the damage their reckless behavior can cause.”
    Proof of this claim. It’s a bold assertion that a woman can emotionally damage me, least of all a confused Desi girl who can barely speak English and just wants to know if we can go shopping again tonight. Otherwise, stop saying “us” and “our” and speak for yourself.

    1. Agree. There is a common refrain by men that they want to find a woman they can hold a conversation with. This is pure bullshit. There are few women who are my intellectual equal. If I want an intellectual conversation, I hang out with my guy friends. My woman has to be feminine, clean, a good cook and boner worthy. That’s it.

      1. Amen. I have sometimes met women who are actually reasonably intelligent and rational, but they tend to be older and have notch counts that would make most PUAs look like beginners.
        And they are like 1:1000 or rarer, and definitely not wife material. Go out for a drink and chat? Sure.

        1. Well, I don’t know about that. My wife is an excellent cook and an old school first rate baker. Family from Germany and such, she has a card catalog full of amazing baked goods that she executes flawlessly.

        2. My wife always puts things on the gas, like curry to heat up, then goes away. I’m always the first to smell it burning. She’s Thai – very feminine and all, but she’s still got a female’s brain. It’s not safe.
          Luckily our house can’t catch fire easily. If we lived in a different place then I’d have to ban her from the kitchen when I’m not around to supervise.

    2. The problem is that in the USA marriage is a financial partnership. Marry a woman and her debts become your debts and your assets become her assets. Everything has been bid up to the limit of debt two incomes can carry as well. It’s a huge a financial risk.
      In another country where the woman doesn’t have any debts because they couldn’t borrow in the first place. Where the local law doesn’t allow them to take a man’s assets, where the local government may not even be able to get a man’s assets that are back home in the USA, well that’s an entirely different ball game.
      Here in the USA there are women who owe a $100K in student loans, another $10K on shoes and other crap on credit cards, and who knows what else beyond that. Have to watch out. Her financial condition is very important if the intent is to go that far.

      1. Yeah. It’s always an option to have a long-term relationship without marriage, though. Or to get married religiously but not legally.
        Every case is different and must be addressed differently. Yet giving up is not an option.

  30. I always got the feeling as if women have an unspoken code, Omerta, a sisterhood of sorts that transcends race where their mating strategy is above anything else and should be kept secret.
    Back in my beta days I would complain about such and such girl being all flaky and my “female friend” would go on with the usual shaming tactics: You’re so bitter, so desperate etc instead of giving me advice or at least agreeing with me on her behaviour.
    Now that I’m red pill, I test my theory like whenever a girl goes “it doesn’t matter about $” I respond by asking how often do women settle down with a guy who makes less $ than them? *silence* followed by “you’re so bitter blah blah blah”.
    Another one was telling an acquaintance that men get better with age: income, assets (debt paid off) and wisdom. If ever we should marry in our mid 30s/early 40s with girls in their early 20s. Unlike women whose beauty fades in their late 20s and have a time frame in which they must give birth.
    In both instances the looks on their faces said it all as if “oh no, he cracked the code, he knows”
    One more thing I would point out whether deliberate or not is is the duplicity when women say “its about personality and not looks” *puke*. Guys swallow this up and date down despite the resources to do better but really its for women that personality matters. Personality isn’t even how great of a man he is, personality=$/status. Women want us to give up our primary search criteria of beauty/youth, yet choose men strictly based off of resources under the guise of personality. Funny!

  31. Submissive women moan and groan the most about no good men even as they set themselves up to be doormats because their compliant and pleasing conduct no matter what fresh shit he pulls makes him feel contempt towards her.

    1. Speak for yourself. A submissive woman gets no contempt from me.
      A quarrelsome opinionated cunt gets a triple shot of contempt.
      Ever have a LTR with both kinds and compare? I have, and I wifed up the submissive one.

      1. Exactly. I loath the woman who always has an opinion to counter mine and who curses like a sailor and lets me know at all times what she will “allow” me to do. It’s an instant Eject button from me.
        A submissive woman is not necessarily a doormat, that’s a feminist invention. A submissive woman can be quite strong and even “alpha” in front of other women in order to establish her worthiness of the alpha male, but then be kind, gentle and loving to the alpha male. Feminists have zero clue what real submissiveness is.

        1. A submissive woman is actually a team mate and not a competitor that women are today. Want to be in charge with no responsibility with the government as the enforcer. The thing is with the vote they have incorporated that very thing into law,culture and church. And then it was normalized as the truth. We know it as the blue pill lie.

    2. Wait, let me guess, you’re a broad. Amirite? Or are you just a leftist mangina? Inquiring minds want to know!

      1. Friend’s son was carjacked and injured in Baltimore. I ranted about deadbeat dads and baby daddies skipping off and causing this. My friend told me that women who make poor mate choices caused it because they’re so submissive and attention-hungry that they stick with and breed with men who are shite.

  32. “He’s a little boy…”
    Never heard a woman start a sentence like that to me. That would be an instant relationship ender.

  33. The primary ways in which women destroy men’s lives is through divorce and false accusations. If you never give a woman these powers of destruction over your life – you’re all set. No worries. It’s really that simple. Never give a woman legal, financial, physical, psychological or spiritual power over your life. Every year, in the US alone, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men learn this lesson too late. As a result, every year, in the US alone, tens upon tens of thousands of men commit suicide.
    Marriage is the single most anti-male institution of all time. Over the past several decades, it has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of male deaths and the state enforced transfer (theft) of trillions from men to women.

    1. I can agree that it has turned into that in the west, but what are our alternatives (assuming you want to pass on your genes)?

      1. For those men – all I can say is good luck. I’d recommend surrogacy. Once you give away your sovereign power through that most man hating of contracts – you’ve made a choice to roll the dice. From that point forward, women and the state own you. That’s where you take on the persona of “happy wife – happy life” and hope you don’t end up destroyed. Forget about prenups. They’re becoming more and more useless as every man-hating year passes.

      2. An iron-clad pre-nuptial agreement, knowing the law and what to do to avoid assets being considered joint.

  34. “For men however, it is a different story. We don’t ask for much. We like our women to be attractive and have a job.”
    Attractive, of course, but a job? If you want children, her spending 9-10 hours (incl commutes) away from home so that you have to oursource childcare to strangers is not exactly ideal.
    Let’s assume you as a man make enough to support a family (even if you have to move somewhere cheap to do so). Would there be any benefit at all for you and the family that she spends a big chunk of every weekday working for someone else? She is tired when she gets home and (in my experience) often wants to spend 15-30 minutes complaining about her workday (which she keeps thinking about all night). On weekends, she just wants to relax and rejuvenate for the next workweek. The wants and needs of you and the children are neglected.
    The job takes the best she’s got every day (even the weekends, since they must be spent rejuvenating) and you and the children get the leftovers. The tired woman who lacks the energy to cook for her family or play with our children.
    The problem with MGTOW is that without family and children, our lives just becomes about enjoyment. Enjoyment is nice but after years and years, it starts feeling empty. We need to do something that has more meaning, and, for a lot of people, that is creating and shaping the next generation.

    1. This is the point exactly. Outsourcing childcare while never being home taking care of things, cooking or taking no care of children is what’s wrong with families today.
      One thing about the MGTOW enjoyment thing… I think a man needs a mission – without it eventually you lose steam and just stagnate.
      Mine is to have a good family and good children.

      1. And when the divorce rolls around, you’ll be thrown out of your own home, potentially jailed when the false DV accusation is logged and lose at least half of your current and future assets and income in alimony and child support. The house will be hers as will most of anything you earn in the future – while she’s screwing the lawn boy in what used to be your bed. That’s all if you don’t end up losing your job in the process – landing you in debtors prison for non-payment of alimony and child support.
        MGTOW is about self-preservation in a gynocentric, white knight supported legal environment that enjoys destroying men’s lives for women’s satisfaction.

        1. That’s all about the laws. There must be ways to circumvent them. Like not getting married (but still being together in LTR) and you controlling the finances.
          Or prenups. But you wrote that they are getting more useless by the year, how so?

        2. Many have deep misconceptions regarding prenups. They’re not a panacea when it comes to wealth transfer. If you’re ever inclined to do what you just described above (love child and LTR), you’d be very wise to consult an attourney that specializes in divorce for men. I guarantee you prenups are not what you think they are.
          Judges are now awarding women in LTRs lump sum payouts based on their “contributions” in the relationship. It’s not called alimony or asset division. It’s simply a legal settlement based on a law suit. You seriously need to understand these things. More and more, judges are awarding jilted women from LTRs asset division as well. Legislation is being passed globally to ensure wealth transfer from men to women when LTRs end – even if it’s the woman that end the relationship. If you’re going to do it, you need to consult an attorney and recognize that as the years pass – more and more anti-male legislation will be passed to enable wealth transfer in LTRs. Google “Cohabitation Rights Bill” as an example.
          In short – the gynocentrists and white knights see that men are wisely staying single and/or cohabiting. Google “de facto marriage” and “de facto relationships”. In several countries, that now means cohabitating women have the same rights to alimony, asset divisions and child support their married counterparts so enjoy. If I were you, I’d take this advice with deadly seriousness. Do not sluff it off as paranoia.
          The stuff I said to google above is worded in such a way as to not scare men from cohabitation and may seem fair – but rest assured – it’s there to give women in LTRs the same access to alimony, asset division and child support that married women have – through law suits. It won’t be long before you can live with a woman that already has kids for a year and end up being legally and financially responsible for her and her kids for a decade or more.
          Nothing destroys men’s lives quicker than naïveté with regard to the ways of the world and the ways of women.

        3. I agree, here in Italy we already have such issue regarding ltr, for women in ltr laws are the same after 2 years of cohabitation, better stay single, pump and dump or live outside Europe and find a good place to raise a family

        4. Oh yeah. The same is true in parts of Canada, especially in India, and soon to be the de facto standard in the US. The Netherlands and Scandinavia have had these anti-male laws for years. The implementation of these laws in the US will be hidden until they’re implemented – leaving men zero time to dis-cohabitate – resulting in hundreds of thousands of male deaths via suicide and trillions more in transfer or wealth from men to women.
          Women are not sugar and spice and everything nice.

        5. Thanks for explaining that. I’m always amazed that they find ways of making things even worse for us.
          Luckily for me, I don’t live in the U.S so the lawsuit part is very unusual here. We don’t really sue each other, generally. But I’m sure they are cooking up the same things here (if they haven’t already), this being a western country and super radical feminist at that (Sweden).

        6. Swedish men have been had through taxes. Eventually, that’ll be the way globally. In most other Western countries (outside Scandinavia) – they’re going the de facto marriage route. In the end, it’ll end up the same as the Swedes in terms of man taxes. The norm in all Western countries will at one time be high taxes that benefit women. Men won’t know why – nor will they take the time to figure it out. Swedish men are the ultimate cucks in America. We regularly make fun of Swedish men. Why? They never saw it coming – and they’re being bred from existence. Such is the fate of all European men – whether Scandinavia, the Netherlands, the EU, Australia or the US.
          What’s most fascinating to me is what happens when the breeder nations are infected by feminism. Now that will be interesting.

  35. Women have been fooled by gaming the very definition of alpha male. In common parlance, an alpha male is a good-looking male who beds a lot of women. But those guys aren’t alpha males. Those guys are just sexy betas with no scruples and no standards. Most women have never run across a real alpha and wouldn’t recognize him if she saw him. He is the sort she snubs everyday without realizing it. Real alphas know that quantity means nothing, quality everything.
    All this talk of alphas in humans as the analogy of alphas in animals is absurd. It is evolutionary biology and psychology for the unwashed. A very large part of human evolution is now dependent on collected knowledge. One smart bachelor like Tesla can have more influence on human evolution.

    1. All this talk of alphas in humans as the analogy of alphas in animals is absurd.
      Actually, no, it’s rather accurate. Take this outside of the context of the manosphere and you’ll find that human social interactions and hierarchy resembles that of wolves. There are three kinds of social animals in large general categories, there are hive animals, herd animals and pack animals. Human beings are clearly pack animals. It’s why we have notions of individualism, then family, then community. A herd animal, if evolved to our state, would have that in reverse and a hive animal would have no concept of individuality or family, only the greater whole.

      1. Human BEINGS are more than animals, let alone simple pack animals. Being a simple man on the other hand is different matter – he always looks for the top dog to follow or pretending to be the one.

        1. There is Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable. What exactly is more than animal? If you mean some few men are able to override their instincts, making them more than animals, I can give you a pass, but really we are animals.

  36. Nice article, however i don’t like the conclusion. Imho being a mgtow, Red pill or herbivorer, it’s ok for the system, but not for men. The system support such movements because, basically, great men against the system who will not get married and have childrens, are killing themselves while manginas continue to match with femminazi female and spread their mangina’s dna in the next generations, on the other hand, real men’s dna become extinct, so no fear for the system to continue their agenda, yet it will be more easy.
    Wage war against enemy of the nation if you really want to get back America from a doomed gray state future.
    If you realize such option being hard to accomplish, the expat to a men friendly nations (few left.. to be honest) and marry there, you will feel like a pussy, but this is the price we have to face when people become sheeps, and we don’t want to live our Life within such standards.
    Other choices leads to nothing good for us, the media player is huge, manginas don’t mind to read mascoline books, the system already caged us in a Life of slavery, so if we don’t act right now, sit, have a beer and enjoy the decline coming in about 20 years. P.s.: Hillary will be the next president, imho Trump is just a tool to get rid of other candidates, a smoke screen for sheeps, in Europe we already have the puppets controlled by the system.

    1. First things first MGTOW, Red Pill and herbivore type men weaken the system they are also men not invested in the system and are emotionally detached from it. Also this policy of gays ,trannies and women in the military has at its purpose to destroy the male strength of bonding that must continue.
      When the shooting starts and the declaration of Independence comes into play our enemy (the state) will be filled with men with nothing to fight for but to have his children taken from him and be reminded daily he is an abusive ,racist homophobe that rapes women.

  37. Women often try to control their man by slapping, hitting, and throwing him out of their homes.
    Lulz…wut? My wife tried that with me and it would have her packed and thrown to the curb in a New York minute. Even if the police arrive and reverse that, I’d gladly walk away and find me somebody better. What man tolerates physical abuse from anybody, let alone a girl? Christ almighty.
    Unfortunately, our biological imperatives make things complicated and
    difficult. Even when women’s demands are entirely unreasonable, most of
    us will comply because we are motivated by powerful and instinctual
    urges, most notable of which is our male sex drive. It is still not
    clear why society views this as an acceptable form of coercion and
    something used for the purpose of harnessing masculinity’s unruly
    nature. Once our male sexual appetite is triggered, we kowtow into
    submission, potentially sacrificing our long-term health and financial
    wellbeing by clinging to the false belief that physical intimacy is our
    reward for being “good.”

    The fuck you say?! It’s not hard to walk away from a woman, even the hottest woman you’ve ever met, if you simply do not give a fuck if she “rewards” you with pussy or not. Get a stable full of women and suddenly yourdd HB9/10 dream girl’s demands and “I have the vagina, I make the rules” idiocy has zero power over you.
    When you can laugh at an HB 9/10 and walk away until she learns her lesson, then you will have truly learned the power of becoming a man. Socialism has taught since at least the late 1800’s (although the thought preceded this by a century) that men must by all means only think about sex, which put women immediately in charge. Free Love was in reality “strangle men by their own urges”. If you learn discipline over your own passions, these kind of women have no power over you. On the other hand, because you control your passions, you can approach these women and use them as you wish without the power of the pussy overtaking you.
    And here’s a little secret, if you can get that “perfect dream girl” to break, she becomes utterly submissive and caring more often than not. The trick is learning to walk away and weather the storm with zfg.

    1. Absotively, posilutely, no doubt about it. Once you get a harem the rules no longer apply. The most hardcore feminist will drop her endless shit tests and belligerent rants if she somehow gets lucky enough to bag a worthy man. Why? Because he can dump her and select from myriad others who are already waiting in line; he can fuck all her girlfriends, and all her girlfriends’ girlfriends, and virtually any other woman he wants. And she knows it. That changes everything.

    2. turning down sex with a hot girl because she’s acting disrespectful is essential to becoming a man.
      Your principles should be higher than sex (at least some of the time).

    3. This is one of the best comments I’ve ever read on here BAR NONE. Thank you again for your wisdom GoJ, I enjoy every comment I read from you.

  38. Women are perpetual children. It amazes me how many in their 40’s and 50′ over value their vagina. Women won’t admit it, but they are just as shallow when it comes to looks. And it is always ok for them to have this extensive laundry list of BS but hell come to you if you tell a woman your preferences.

    1. You can tell a woman all your preference. You can demand anal and a blowjob afterwards and she will do it. Not a problem
      Only one condition.
      Your SMV must be much higher than hers. Then she will do everything you ask.
      Do you see the picture? If the women in your life do not treat you like a king, they see your SMV lower or equal than hers and thats why they have no respect and treat you like shit.
      Solution: Improve yourself to the point where the first condition applies (or date down if you can stand fucking ugly ducks) and enjoy your sex slave.
      It certainly helps to be a natural born asshole though.

      1. Haha you’re on a roll!
        If I got a dollar every time a girl tried to suck me and after a couple minutes I ask “have you done this before?” Only to be met with a sheepish “No, but I thought guys like it, so I should…”, thing is these weren’t virgins either… Meaning they had sex before but did nothing other than lie on their back because they thought the guy wasn’t worth it.
        If you want to go ass to mouth to ass to mouth virtually any girl will do it if you’re high enough SMV. They will kneel before you and let you fuck them in the face like its a rubber doll too.
        Guys often have this idea that women are different in the sack, they are fucking not. They all become animatronic sex toys if you have the SMV to match.

  39. Dude you lost all credit right here: “We like our women to be attractive and have a job.”
    No we do NOT. Working women is the *No 1* reason for the sorry state of our modern gender relations.
    Good women have one main goal in life: Have several quality babies.
    She has one boss: Her husband (until marriage its her father)
    She understands that frequent quality sex with a skinny and sexy woman is the most important factor to ensure his resource will go to her offspring instead of him fucking other women instead.
    She also understands that women are inferior to men in all areas that matter outside the home. For this reason she makes sure her area of expertise is a feminine one like how to keep children healthy, how to stay fit, how to keep the house in order or how to apply make up and do her hair. Thats it.
    The vast majority of women violate these basic rules on a daily base. Thats why we have a divorce rate of 60%+, 100 000s middle aged and unhappy spinster women with cats and new record sales of prozac and the like each passing year.
    This sucks. And it will be getting worse before it can get better for the masses. Dont be one of them.
    One last word about sex. Good sex is the reward the MAN gives the woman for beeing a good wife. Not the other way around. If its the other way around in your life, you are not manly enough. Do yourself a favor and stop beeing such a pussy.

    1. Great comment. I couldn’t agree more… Working women is also the number one reason of declining fertility rates in the west. We are becoming extinct while immigrants are flooding our countries…Offcourse this is by design…Not by accident.

    2. Excellent comment, well done.
      You touched on something I think 99% miss, the good sex reward thing.
      Specifically the “good” part of this. So many guys wax on about making women come and eating muffin and all that shit, when in reality being a good lover has fuck all to do with being manly or an alpha. I’ve seen comments where guys say that if you don’t much the muffin you can’t be alpha. WTF?!? Since when does it fucking matter if she enjoys it or gets off on it?
      I get the hot horny sex bit to some degree but FFS.
      I would say 100% of sex for me involves sticking my dick into a woman. Maybe 60/70% into the mouth of her on top of the usual. It’s getting lower as time goes by. None involve me getting pubes stuck in my teeth.
      Often I can’t be arsed to let a bitch suck on it because it’s just repetitive and the same and not getting there. Mouthfucking like deep throat is fun for a bit but even that gets stale.
      But back to the “good sex” bit, most of my fucks are not reward fucks, it’s me dumping my load in whatever I selected for it and done.
      But, if the wife made a really nice dinner, and was pleasant and feminine, chances for her are good there is a reward at the end. I can make her squirt like a fountain and go boom after boom until she can’t take it no more, if I think she did well and deserves it.
      Yeah rant. But you just said something that shook this loose and I think it should be here.

  40. The only woman I let act like a cunt to me is my mother cause when she is not a cunt (70% of the time) it’s almost like she is a normal human being.
    I invited her to live with me and yes she verbally abuses me and is an insufferable asshole who threatens me and then trys telling me I am abusive when I call her out on her shit. She knows all she has to do is make a call and I get kicked out of my housing that I got from the veterans admin to help me.
    Owell she is mom anyways so despite all her bullshit I love her. Thinking about getting a tape recorder though so that if she ever tries to have me removed I can defend myself to some degree though the system won’t give a shit about evidence proving a mans innocence.

    1. that’s the common female arguing technique – shout a bunch of accusations and criticisms, then when you respond it’s ‘I’m not going to argue with you!’
      it’s a self containing loop in their mind which, to them, can’t be beaten.

    2. The one application I like about modern cell phones is the recording. Just pull it out and start recording. It isn’t going to stem the shit storm, but you have the recoding at your disposal in the future.

  41. “The System” is set up to forcefully transfer power and wealth from men to women. Why? If you’ve ever lived with a woman – you know why. Women spend money like crazy. Women are the consumers – with men as the providers of their consumership. Any guy hooked on a woman spends money like an insane person. Why? Punch drunk love (literal insanity due to mating hormones). Can you imagine a world in which men take on the persona of women and demand that women pay for the dates, the wedding, the ring and the following alimony, asset division and child support? Given that anti-women context, women as a group would shun marriage and never risk their futures on such an absurd idea. Yet men continue on this path of self-destruction willingly and with great naïveté. Meanwhile – women – as they gain more independence financially – reject men with low income. This stance by women to reject low income men magnifies the ignorance of men. It’s all about your money – sucker. That you recognize this but still chose your own financial suicide makes you a fool.
    The signs are all there for you to see. It’s your choice to ignore those signs or to free yourself from the misandry, male disposability, anti-male sexism and hatred of men found to be so culturally normal in today’s world.

  42. Women are hardwired to look for a man above their station. Then with a good economy and safety those demands reach the stratusphere. Go to a third world country and women want a happy familh more than anything.

    1. This is the truth, and is the fundamental problem. The modern state provides so much that women in the the Western World, as a group, have raised their minimum requirements so high that few men even pre-qualify. The sense of entitlement is palpable, and, is essentially destructive to the natural fabric of the species.
      Fundamentalists, aka the contemporary “feminist” see only the extreme cases in the Third world and use that as an excuse to demand more in the First.
      The pendulum is swinging back, though.

      1. My question is whether the pendulum only swings back with war and economic hardship, or if it can be moved by enough men having had enough.

        1. It swings back with war and hardship. Allways did and will do. We have to crash and burn before we learn.
          This is true for the masses. You are the master of your own life and you can change yourself. Let the others do as they want and know what comes next. You will be lightyears ahead of the crowd. Enjoy.

        2. The economy of the first world can and will be adversely affected by inefficiencies in it’s basic structure. For instance, creating occupations that provide income for those who believe expanding human resources to include what are essentially superfluous roles is one of those inefficiencies. Corporate structures become bloated with middle management largely because they accommodate many who really cannot contribute in a meaningful way. Hence you get layers of processing with little in the way of actual production. Western economies are handcuffed by political correctness to the point that it becomes non-competitive with businesses that don’t have to adhere to “grrl strong!” delusions. Rosie the riveter made sense. Rosie the meeting specialist does not.
          So, yes, a big part of the erosion of Western economies is the misconception that “equal opportunity” is “equal outcome”.
          Does it lead to war? Well, to arrive at a state of lethal politics, the enemy of the state needs to perceive that it is a viable and possible method. If the opposition detects weakness, they are more likely to choose violence. It is not as if certain well-known enemies are cornered, so they are not forced into combat. If they are choosing use lethal force, it is because they see it as an effective means. While being seen as weaker doesn’t necessarily mean rivals will automatically declare war, but it does mean that violent coercion is more likely. That is what we are seeing of late.
          So, will it lead to war? No, not directly. Resource contention is still the main driver of state-to-state war. While acquiescing to too many half-baked liberal agendas weakens the economy, the hammer of the people is still swung by men, and any potential enemy knows that. As far as North America, we are still far from economically crippled. Continental Europe is not doing as well.
          As we see in areas where there is more economic strife (to the point that war is inevitable), the return to the natural order is rapid and definitive. Womyn Strong? No: only in their dreams. We won’t let our economy be torn down to the point that violence is the only currency. That is fortunate, and, largely why many agree with making a nation “great” again. How to make it great?…. Well that is the tricky part.

  43. “For men however, it is a different story. We don’t ask for much. We like our women to be attractive and have a job”
    Oh, we want them to have a job do we

    1. Having a job isn’t the same thing as a career. This is a bit of a joke because the spoiled, self-centered feminist movement thought that all “men” were CEO’s with private jets and men who worked at normal jobs were losers they didn’t want to date anyway, so they didn’t exist. It’s like Paris Hilton complaining that business class is oppressive because the seats are so small.
      For most of human history, women have had to have a “job” whether it’s working in the fields alongside the men, helping out on the farm, tending to the restaurant or bar, or making clothes in a textile mill. The notion of the housewife who stays at home her entire life was a luxury created by the Donald Trump of that era who pushed married women out of higher paying jobs to help raise wages through a protectionist scheme that worked.
      When the children are in school and when money is tight, certainly the woman should work and be used to it. In the very least, it helps if they know the value of money and that designer handbags take a certain number of days of labor to earn. When they see it in those terms, they tend to respect the value of a dollar more unlike that autistic character in Rainman who thought that everything cost a dollar 89.
      But note that this is different than the feminist concept of complaining that she doesn’t earn as much as a man, or the chivalrous entitlement woman who busts her butt to earn a lot of money and then gripes he doesn’t earn more. Ultimately, such a woman is a “user”.

      1. I don’t think the notion of the housewife is that “wrong”, I’m aware women helped out on farms etc, but they also had non-farm responsibilities more housewife style.

        1. Of course but it’s important to educate people that the notion of a woman simply being in the home from birth to death (as a child and then after marriage, a housewife) was the exception rather than the norm.
          Note that men, today, have “housework” as well literally in the form of cleaning gutters and home repairs. As children, boys had chores to help the mother cook and clean and later most fathers did some of this work as well.
          Having lived on a farm briefly, I got time-machine experience and saw how housework could be a full time job. Just fetching water took a good half hour a day. Each meal on the stove took a good 2 hours to prepare. Then there’s childcare and mending and washing clothes. How did people survive?
          The answer is that in multi-generational homes, the grandparents also pitched in. The notion of living in a retirement community like a zombie didn’t exist also until recently.

        2. Well, from what I have read, boys were more likely to help on the farm than in the home, but I don’t know what you have read.
          And we shouldn’t just concentrate on the farm, for example in coal mining communities women most often stayed home and took care of the family, and there was no farm to take care of. But yeah, the farm experience was a common one historically.
          But even today, depending on country, there is a huge number of housewives. In the 60s in the US only 10% of women kept working after birth. Personally I would rather have a wife not working, since there is large amounts of work in the home as well.

        3. I don’t know where you got that statistic, but 10 percent sounds rather low. In regards to the farm and coal mining, my grandmother worked full time in the Polish grocery store in the 1950’s after giving birth. It was downstairs from the family residence (common in that era.) Men were prided (or shamed depending upon how we look at it as red-pillers) to pride themselves that their wife didn’t “have” to work (which is kind of funny and typical that shaming ploys by women often turned around to claim the men were oppressing them the same way) So if someone called a man at his home (on an old twisted pair landline of course)
          “Hello. This is survey company X. Sorry to disturb you during dinner, but we’d like to ask if your wife continues to work or if you’re too poor and unmanly to support her to stay at home full time.”
          It reminds me of surveys that ask people if they’re willing to vote for a racist such as Donald Trump. 🙂 “Can I get your name for the survey, please?” 🙂
          90% didn’t work? So where did all those waitresses, maids, nurses, teachers, secretaries, sternographers come from to name just a few professions populated by women?
          Other survey: “Do you think you’re a good driver? (90% answer yes)” Also, “do you think that other drivers stink and by what percent? (answer: 90% of other drivers stink) Also the same with d*ck length. 🙂

        4. Well, the number was from Wikipedia, and it was sourced, check their housewife article.
          And as I said it was after birth, I’m sure most women worked until family creation. So that’s probably were your waitress etc came from.

        5. Thomas is correct. In south america – to this day – are countries where the female workforce is about 10%, while 90% of women marry young, get children (plural) and stay at home to take care of the family unit.
          I may add that taking care of a big house and several children PLUS herself, so she keeps looking good and sexy is indeed a very time consuming task.
          The upper class wifes of old you did mention polish, did have maids or other servants to help the lady of the house with these tasks.
          When you did mention your childhood in poland in the 50s it seems fair to mention the communist leadership your country did have at that time. Communist, as in ultra leftist, do favor working women. Communist, greens, feminists, gendermainstreaming and gay right activists are all in the core the same type.
          They want a strong goverment and a weak nuclear family unit. Thats the exact opposite alpha men want.
          Social programming from this area long gone may still be strong within you and is NOT your friend. Makes you weaker. You may want to think about this for a minute or two.

  44. Well, I disagree on one point at least.
    I liked (wanted) a woman that did not have a job. I wanted/found a woman (a 26 year old virgin) who was waiting for me to come along.
    We’ve been together 29 years and have 4 grown children.
    I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  45. Women who can’t find a good man don’t find one because they don’t want one.
    A good man is judged against a long list of requirements. When she finds something he falls a little short on, summary rejection. They say they want a good man because that’s socially acceptable to want but it’s not what they really want. If actually confronted with a good man they need a reason to reject him. He’s a half inch too tall or some other minor thing will do. But if they find the sort of man they want the list of requirements goes out the window.

  46. Disagree with this premise. This is stage 2 of the red-pill (call it the booster dose)
    “Over time, the drive for equality has been transformed into a crusade for female advantage and a strategy for imposing their worldview on men.”
    All political movements and groups strive for “equality’ when they can make that case and it suits them. When feminists are asked about sexist inequality that benefits women, they smile and say “That’s not MY problem! You guys deal with that. Except… the patriarchy is oppressive you can’t express it through that.”
    So the game from the beginning has been to create a woman-only voice to define “equality” as women’s interests. There’s another term for this: clinical socipathy. Where someone sees the world in terms of objects to please and suit them and defines that as “fair”.
    On the Titanic, there were prominent suffragettes who either took the lifeboats at the expense of men after being “implored” to but many just said outright that they wanted special equality where it suited them (no drafting into the military for women, men paying for everything, etc.) In the 1970’s, Schlafly killed the ERA by telling women they might get drafted even as feminists behind the scenes were secretly saying, “No. Don’t worry. It’s just goodies for women and men get nothing.” But how could they say that openly? So the ERA sunk.

  47. American women have historically had a reputation of being puritanical prudes (religious Christian cults that are as wacko as the Taliban but less violent), overrated (lots of male settlers and few local women to marry), and a big heaping dose of chivalry (the notion that women should be treated like princesses and protected and “real men” should want nothing more than to please women)
    I’ve even seen it on here were some PUA’s will state that they’re tough and don’t mind paying for expensive dates and it’s not a big deal for them (or any deal at all) because they worry, correctly, that not playing the clown role perfectly will cost them a lay. This sometimes helps them in the short run to get laid but in the long run, women don’t respect them or other men.
    One of the worst aspects of most normal, single American women (the ones not tatted up and outright crazy) is the apathy towards men. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy. They say that they think that men should pick them up and make the relationship for them and even be so manly as to convince her to want to marry in the first place. These women don’t read cosmo because they’re obsessed with “finding a man” but rather find the topics tittilating and amusing and providing coffee shop conversation with their friends. Their attitude is that if they can go to a bar and get hit on by 10 guys (even losers), then it’s “beneath” them to actually put an effort into “finding” a man.
    Foreign women often have this problem as well but they usually have been taught a sense of urgency and have some cross-cultural experiences to help illustrate truths they otherwise would have missed. I find travel has been invaluable personally, even locally in the states, to help knock me out of my insular worldview and create movement in my life.

  48. …“Who runs the world? GIRLS!”
    So why do you all seem to dislike and be so unhappy in this world that you “run”?

  49. I always enjoy when I hear women go off on Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”. Know who wrote it?
    Otis Redding

  50. After several dates with women this year I learned they can’t
    1. Cook
    2. Do dishes
    3. Clean
    4. Willing to work full time

  51. Show me a good woman first and then and only then can she make any claim on wanting, let alone deserving a good man.

  52. The modern woman’s mantra is …. what’s mine is mine and what’s yours (her husbands/partners) is also mine.

  53. The worst are the women in their 20s who go run wild with the bad boys, get knocked up by the fiend who leaves them and expect the more responsible guys to pick up the pieces. It’s almost better to weight to date them in their 40s then maybe you get mom and her 20 something offspring for the drama likely to ensue.

  54. After my divorce, for ten years, I dated only men. It was fun, but it wasn’t what I was looking for either. Turned around and ended up marrying my best friend from before the divorce. She’s no Farrah Fawcette Majors (I know, I’m dating myself) but she is the person I enjoy spending my time with, and she doesn’t try to pull all that crap. She literally is my best friend.

  55. For most women, by the time they want to settle down and look for a “good man”, they are a used up aging bar hag. I am doing my best to teach my daughters to stay away from the bar scene, remain a virgin until marriage, learn to cook, and have traditional values.

  56. Definitely we fear being seen as not “male.” And I think that’s a good thing because it shows we have definite boundaries.
    I think the biggest part of women complaining that they “can’t find a good man” is their own rejection of good men when they’re on the cock carousel, and then whining because they gone later. That’s all it’s about. Real men either started that way, and didn’t give their early years to the bimbos. And then there are guys who grew up and realized female game and stopped playing by their rules. Those guys are gone too, and end up in meaningful relationships with women who did something with their lives.
    But then what do I know? I’m just a caveman.

  57. Ask why you can’t find a good woman and meet with the response you’re not trying enough or you’re not good enough

  58. What’s both ironic and amusing to me is, how these women went through their teens and twenties proudly proclaiming how “they didn’t need a man”, and how they “need a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, and how “marriage is slavery”.
    And now they are are complaining about how they don’t have what they said they didn’t want.
    Such delicious schadenfreude!
    Women “can’t find a Good Man”? That’s their problem, of their own making.

  59. Most American women want a diamond, wedding, honeymoon, divorce and alimony in that order.
    I, for the life of me, can’t understand why men aren’t rushing down the aisle as quickly as they can.

    1. What’s worse is many women expect a certain size diamond. I heard one pretentious co-worker exclaim, “If it’s not at least a carat and a half, I’m saying ‘no!’” She would also claim she wanted a rich, young-looking man and “nothing but the best is good enough for me!” Well, she is a pudgy, bespectacled bleach-blonde with bad skin. Rich, young, good-looking guys have options. Somebody like her should definitely not be one of them.

      1. That’s the marketing of Edward Bernays in action. Turn your product into an obligation of men to women. If you can convince women that men are supposed to buy them something, then men will buy it.

  60. It pains me to say it, but in order for men to find true happiness, freedom, and a life free of – well, basically slavery – it seems the only common sense thing to do is to avoid women on all but the most distant and generic levels.
    I know where the good men have gone. They have left the building – for good. Intelligent men are very much aware marriage is a loser’s game, and because of feminism, involvement with women – on any level except on the most cautious and guarded, is courting disaster.

    1. The good men have married in their last year of college (at 23-25) to the good girls (20-22). You didn’t see them in the bar scene, or at frat parties, or any other public hook up sites. They met each other at church activities, or known each other since high school. You don’t see them in public, they are busy taking care of kids and raising a family. The guys come home and play with the kids while the wife makes dinner. They spend time together, and makes the family a priority.

  61. I most probably don’t belong here, but here goes.
    I agree that feminists are awful people. Liars, bullies, sexist and often extreme. Sound out a woman. If she’s a feminist, dump her, or you’ll be in constant conflict for your basic rights.
    But, there are plenty of good women out there. Treat a woman as an equal. Find someone you respect. Don’t generalise because they’re not all the same. All of my female friends are great women. They’re intelligent, compassionate, not feminists, good people.
    Based on many of the comments here I can see why there are plenty of single men. You talk about women (collectively) like they’re meat. Feminists deserve this disrespect, but please judge non-feminists based on how they treat you. Also, don’t ever be somebody’s slave. Every guy I know who married a feminist is either a masochist or is spineless. Talk with your mates. Most guys know some good women. Start there.
    In case you’re wondering, I’m married. Bloody awesome woman (non feminist and strong and independent). We both reject feminism. I’m only here because I wanted to find an intelligent argument about why girls are struggling to find guys. I didn’t find it here.

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