Wells Fargo Indoctrinates TV Viewers With Pro-Immigrant Propaganda

Wells Fargo uses blatant pro-immigration themes to recruit illegal aliens to open accounts at its U.S. branches. The commercial below paints a rosy picture of what anchor baby families look like two generations down the road. Immigrants are depicted as the best of all worlds—assimilated in the right ways, but still grounded in their Mexican heritage. It is straight fiction designed to indoctrinate those without significant personal experience with illegal aliens.

This is intended to be a “slice of life” of an immigrant family. Just an ordinary day where the teenage daughter brings home her first paycheck to a finely appointed house bustling with people from different generations.

English and Spanish are heard in equal measures. Sometimes a combination of the two languages is used within the same sentence. Wells Fargo’s message is if we just let illegals join our society, partake in the endless buffet of handouts, and go without judgment for speaking Spanish at home and in public, they will develop into the immensely proficient and impressive people we see in this ad.

The breakdown

The cast of supporting characters starts with grandma, the original immigrant who is still very ethnic in demeanor and language. She raised her children right (including either the dad or mom we see next) and now she enjoys the benefits of the lifestyle those children were able to earn.

As we see from the mom, this is a family highly focused on education. So much so, that mom is concerned her daughter’s work may interfere with her studies. They have it all—a close-knit supportive family, appreciation of hard work, and prioritization of school. It’s the perfect environment to raise children and participate in the American dream, and Wells Fargo won’t let us forget for a second that this fertile ground started from Mexican immigrant origins.

While a liberal marketing team might have created this ad in part to promote amnesty with an idyllic immigrant family, there is probably a more insidious and profit-hungry motivation for the commercial. Wells Fargo lets illegal aliens open bank accounts by providing an ITIN instead of an SSN. Illegals do not risk identification and deportation by creating a Wells Fargo account. Many illegals are unaware of this, and hold their earnings in cash. This is an untapped market that Wells Fargo and others want a piece of.

By portraying itself as immigrant-friendly, Wells Fargo jumps to the top of the list when illegal aliens decide where to deposit their money. Another possible benefit for Wells Fargo is an increase in ATM and overdraw fees. If the consumers can’t speak the language, they are less likely to understand the small actions that might nickel and dime them.

The end result

The result of successful liberal indoctrination on immigration is this: more families that liberals tell us are just like the one in this ad, but that in reality are drains on society. While liberals may do a lot of hand waving to distract from what a typical illegal alien family looks like in its home, the truth finds its way out.

The truth comes out in the form of schools flooded with Spanish speaking students that bring down the achievement of the entire class. In the form of parents either unable or insufficiently interested to assist their children with the mountains of busywork called “homework” they get each night. In the form of new curious diseases spreading among school children. In the form of foodstamp and WIC resources being funneled into the abyss. In the form of expanded r-selected ghettos, where the girl in this ad is more likely to jump on the quinceanera carousel and bring home a baby bump instead of a paycheck from an above-board business.

Wells Fargo is in it for profit first, and feel-good moral posturing second. This ad accomplishes both, and should make those who care about the future of the U.S. sick. Here are two bonus Wells Fargo ads showing a pattern of pandering to minorities:

First, Wells Fargo continues at high speed down the diversity track with its #HashtagLunchbag commercial.

In this “based on a true story” ad, we see Team Diversity in action being charitable and making the world a better place. The squad is mostly Hispanic, but with some blacks and an Asian thrown in for good measure. They spend their time and money feeding the homeless. The only white person who gets face time is the decrepit homeless recipient of the minorities’ goodwill. This commercial is a true distortion of reality, designed to advance the liberal narrative of white = bad, nonwhite = good.

Finally, Wells Fargo tips its cap to gays and blacks with this ad that features an earnestly striving gay latino, and depicts a black man as the highest status person in the room.

The shoes, the rise of the pants, the ringtone choice, and the diminutive frame all scream gay, but not in an obnoxious way. Wells Fargo does not want to portray him as anything other than a positive contributor to society. In fact, we see him as a hungry go-getter, eager to get started on the path to success. And as a true mark of a superior person, he uses both English and Spanish in the same call.

As the phone rings for a final time, disrupting the room, the three white people look up with expressions varying between annoyance and anxiousness. Then it cuts to the relaxed, impeccably dressed, and non-threatening looking black man. Oozing amused mastery, he chuckles at the protagonist in a friendly manner.

Wells Fargo has gone all in on diversity. White people are nonexistent or reduced to low status props. Minorities are invariably depicted positively. Wells Fargo apparently is going for the demographic future of America, along with all the liberal self-abnegating white people who eat this stuff up.

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234 thoughts on “Wells Fargo Indoctrinates TV Viewers With Pro-Immigrant Propaganda”

  1. I would have thought that with all the Muslim stuff going on, you white Nationalists would’ve forgotten about the Mexicans.

    1. Maybe it’s a constant trade off? One second when we start worrying about the Mexicans, here comes the Muslims. When we start paying attention to the Muslims here come the Mexicans.

        1. With plenty of liberal white kids having so much time on their hands that they’re going and doing protests, maybe if we actually started whipping our fucking kids with the belt, they’d get their ass back on task and go cut the fucking lawn.
          As for cooking my own food, it’s not very hard to use the gas grill.

        2. Yeah but no liberal white kid could mow as well as a Mexican. Plus, knowing these liberal white kids, they’d start demanding $15 an hour to do yard work.

        3. I dare you to do that in real life. No seriously. You don’t have balls man. Talking trash online. You would never in your life just go starting shooting random hispanics or muslims UNLESS they stormed into your house breaking in and then you would have the right to do that.

        4. This is a bullshit argument. Went to Alaska, stayed at a hotel and guess what, white women were cleaning the rooms. Whites will do those jobs and other people as well. This argument is bullshit propaganda and nothing more.

        5. I cook my own food; its cheaper and tastier than anything I could get in any 5-Star restaurant, and the homebrew cider is better than most wine as well.
          I used to have a lawn, but I quickly replaced it with sage bushes and succulents so I could relax and enjoy my drinks on long hot dry evenings while watching the birds chomp the bugs and the bees suck the flowers, and savor the smell of lamb’s necks slowly roasting on the grill.
          I’m now in a colder climate and adjusting, but I guarantee there are absolutely no Mexicans providing me with any services…only White Americans. The sausage is outstanding, brats made from local pork in homebrew cider with sauerkraut over egg noodles is a wonder to truly elevate the soul!!!!!!!

        6. same deal….been at motel’s in the great lakes (Saulte St. Marie), great plains, etc…guess what? White women cleaning the rooms.

    2. Most of the Mexican immigrants are the lower third of Mexican society (which is very stratified and racist than the US ever was, BTW). Mexico is pretty much dumping their poverty problems on the United States.
      I have no problems with anyone who wants to improve their life and work, but I have a problem with the “Free Crap Army” that wants a handout.
      BTW, the Muslim radicals are working within the Mexican drug cartels.

  2. Just because they are Hispanic doesn’t mean they are illegal. What’s wrong with them having Mexican heritage in the video? I mean White Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and that’s their tradition. If this video was all white people doing their own celebration, would it cause such uproar? I don’t see such a big deal about this one. It would have been problem if they were speaking all Spanish but they are communicating in English.

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        3. Silly “Happy” Bunny. I can’t take you seriously when you have that bunny picture as your avatar. If anything, you just make me laugh. Thanks for making me laugh.

        4. I call your mother whore, then you turn around and do the same thing.
          It’s pretty obvious you have not graduated from the third grade.
          … can’t say I’m surprised…

        5. I’m just using same/similar insult and throwing it back to you. You throw shit at me so I throw it right back at you. Nothing personal.

        6. Yeah I can see that, the world we live in are full of psychopaths and even greater in the online presence.
          You are psycho? Prove it. What are you going to do about it?

    1. You must not visit this site too often.
      Welcome to ROK, where Latino is illegal, black is dumb, woman is cunt, Arab is terrorist, and Roosh, for some reason, is white.

        1. Troll?
          I’ve been reading this site since 2012 and have witnessed it become a cesspool of Stormfront-lite ideology.
          If anything I am a dissapointed fan.

        2. That’s right. Everything is either black or white, this or that, you are either with us or a against us. If you don’t like something Obama is doing, it means you are a Jeb Bush supporter. If you criticize something Donald Trump says, you are a Bernie Sanders socialist. There are only two teams, team red and team blue. Which one are you on? Quick! Give us an answer!

      1. I visit this website a lot and I get that multiculturalism is bad (which I agree) and White men have daily struggles of being white. I get all that but just depicting anything non-white as problematic because of irrational fear and automatically labeling an ethnic group excessively based on a stereotype. I just think the author here overthink too much because he saw a Latino/Latina on American commercial.

        1. 49% of all motherfuckers illegally in the United States are Mexican. That is as recent as 2004. Despite whether it tapered off or not, the simple fact that the only way to get rid of them as being illegal is it just simply legalize them without any real effort is absolutely absurd, & I don’t fucking trust any mother fucker that just get the green card because Congress says it’s too hard to send you back home.
          This is corporations seeing dollar signs out of a heavy drain on our own fucking economy.
          Oh, I live in one of the six states that make up 60% of all illegal Mexicans. Fuck you, stereotypes are true.

        2. Well I understand your frustration and I, too, don’t like multiculturalism. It’s bad in any place. But you are directing your anger on wrong source. Take it to your government and petition it. When you see illegal aliens in front of home depot (and we both know they are most likely ones), go confront it to their face. Yes it’s one thing we can talk about this online but if you don’t like something, you got to go make changes. They are violent and fight in packs so you better be prepared if you are going to approach them.

        3. I wasn’t referring to the police. I was referring to his possible back-ups like friends who will go with him.

        4. There certainly were some good quotes from Night Rider today.
          “I visit this website a lot and I get that multiculturalism is bad (which I agree)” – SJW’s always lie
          “but just depicting anything non-white as problematic because of irrational fear” – SJW’s always lie
          “Well I understand your frustration and I, too, don’t like multiculturalism.” – SJW’s always lie
          “But you are directing your anger on wrong source” – SJW’s always lie
          “Diversity isn’t just happening in Europe and America. It’s happening on global scale so relax” – SJW’s always lie

        5. Well that’s fine! Do they take bullets launched out of a gun at near the speed of sound as payment?
          I say drop them back and whatever backwards country their ancestors came from. And if we’re talking about the Mexicans, leave them out of Spain because the Spaniards will kill them.

    2. Its social engineering from another leftist company flled with bullshit that uses emotional reasoning to subtly persuade you.

    3. Immigration itself is the problem. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, white countries for everybody. Multiculturalism is another word white genocide.
      They should all leave.

      1. ^ LOL I seen this comment pasted and plastered everywhere now. Could be a bot message for sure.
        How about White countries for White. There ya go. If that makes you happy even though it still wouldn’t because open your eyes and look around you. Diversity isn’t just happening in Europe and America. It’s happening on global scale so relax.

        1. Nope. No bot message.
          Diversity shouldn’t be happening anywhere, but especially not in my country. I want this country to be for me and mine, not a bunch of foreigners.
          And giving me an order (“so relax”) isn’t going to give you the upper hand in this discussion, pissant bitch.

        2. Yeah, look at all those pictures of those Muslims going to China.
          Oh, there are no pictures, because it never fucking happened.

        3. Yes I agree with you. Diversity is often forced and it should not happen anywhere. What is your country?

        4. Antarctica. And if you think diversity shouldn’t happen, why are you so butthurt about the way ROK is now?

        5. First of all, have you been to China? China had their Muslims WAY BEFORE America even existed. Google “Uighur Muslims”. If you go to China right now, some places look very modern and they have been attracting African and Middle Eastern immigrants. I been to China before. Have you?

        6. They’ve been there. And they haven’t left. And they’re not taking in any other Muslims. What part of my statement is not fucking registering with you?
          Lookout everybody! This guy is been to another country!

        7. You are very angry and I can see your frustration. It’s not that it’s not registering with me. You are refusing to accept and only want to hear what you want to hear. Open your eyes. Multiculturalism is being enforced everywhere NOT just white countries.

        8. Look here, you patronizing little shit, maybe the Chinese were waiting for the Muslims in their country to die. Completely. They’re not accepting any more, so your whole forced diversity everywhere argument goes completely out the window.

        9. I’m not the one who is butthurt. Your typical sarcastic post of saying Antarctica is your country. It’s obvious at this point that this website turned into stromfront.

        10. It’s obvious you haven’t talked to many Chinese. They aren’t like what you white nationalists think. They got messed up liberals over there too. In fact, you will find more liberals among the Chinese because they tend to be more beta compared to white folks.

        11. You stated that you didn’t like ROK becoming like Stormfront. That’s being butthurt. You just think it’s justified.
          And I notice you avoided answering the question, so I’m going to ask you again: if you think diversity shouldn’t happen, why are you butthurt about the way ROK is now?

        12. I thought I answered your question. Since you are slow to pick up. I will say this to answer your question DIRECTLY.
          I’m not butthurt. I just think it’s ridiculous to automatically think hispanics = illegal like this post suggests. I’m just calling out the author here; that’s all.
          I guess this isn’t going to satisfy.

        13. Your only previous possible answer was “it’s obvious that this website has turned into stormfront.” If you thought that that sufficed as an answer then you are seriously a fucking idiot.
          And you are butthurt, but if you want to tell yourself otherwise, hey, I won’t stand in your way.
          And even if the author meant what you thought he meant, that’s small potatoes. Get over it.

        14. it seems like you got offended and butthurt over what I wrote when I said “it’s obvious that this website has turned into stormfront”
          Maybe it’s pot calling the kettle black on this one? You want to admit you are butthurt too or how else are you going to explain yourself?

        15. So now you’re trying to flip the script and thereby put me on the defensive. An excellent tactic. If I were in your position, I would do the exact same thing.

        16. Um, China takes plenty of Burmese Muslim refugees who are fleeing religious persecution. Same with India. Lololol Japan is more homogeneous but not all Asian countries are like that
          Any time race is brought up in the manosphere it becomes a divisive issue. Stick to the PUA material lel

        17. If you truly feel that way, America is not the country for you. I say that with no sarcasm, just that America was a land of native tribesman, who were conquered by a bunch of immigrants from overseas, who then founded a country which grew into the millions through immigration. As a modern nation, it has always been a mixed population of diversity.
          Sadly, there are few countries left for those who want to live in peace with others of their white background, but Russia is one. I would bet Finland is still pretty white as well. If that’s what you want to live around, fine, but to claim America should be something that it never was is not productive.

        18. “As a modern nation, it has always been a mixed population of diversity.”
          Yes and no.
          America was never one ethnicity, that is true.
          America is a nation built on a common PHILOSOPHY. Most of the immigrants up to a point were either forcibly assimilated or had a notion of ‘common-law’. Hence the ‘melting pot’.
          If the illegals were interested in becoming productive citizens of the country, and forsaking the old country I’d welcome them in, but most of them are just interested in free crap, or sending money back home.

        19. America is far too big a nation to retain a uniting philosophy. Especially as a Democracy. China and Russia have retained some of their culture and values but it is primary due to a powerful autocracy. When you allow 350 million people to express whatever views they want, you will end up with trannys and rapestaring as real issues.
          And so today whatever culture America has left, I view as *inferior* to most of the “illegals” culture.

        20. “When you allow 350 million people to express whatever views they want”
          There’s a difference between free speech and cultural entropy. And just letting anyone inside the borders is cultural suicide.
          It really doesn’t matter anymore, because I believe that America is beyond the point of no return.

        21. Yes I really believe Russia is future for white people all around. If not it’s some Eastern European country.

        22. The chinese aren’t exactly happy with the Uighurs, even if the chuanr are pretty tasty.

    4. You’re probably one of the delusional idiots that believe that importing immigrants to the USA (especially those from Central America with a civil law tradition and no historical tradition of constitutional republicanism) will magically turn them into common-law, democratic Americans, but who am I to dissuade you of your nonsense?

      1. If you check into my past comment, you will see that I”m against illegal immigration and against multiculturalism. I’m not delusional idiot. I’m just calling out the author because his posts just try to paint the picture/video of hispanic as illegal when there is no evidence. I’m defending Hispanic Americans here.

        1. From the article:
          “Wells Fargo lets illegal aliens open bank accounts by providing an ITIN instead of an SSN.”
          Wells Fargo denies funding to firearms related businesses, and supports the Center for American Progress (which fund a variety of progressive causes). It’s not a far-out stretch to think that these commercials promote the progressive agenda of illegal immigration.

        2. okay, you got point in this one. I’m not surprised that multi banking corporation would do that. After all, we know who funds them.

        3. What deductions do you draw from that? Do you think people should only be allowed to open a bank account in their country of birth or citizenship? Should I be prevented from opening a bank account in, say, China, because I am a American citizen and don’t hold a Chinese SSN?

        4. 1) Any idiot can file for an ITIN. Doesn’t mean they are legal.
          2) Have you ever tried opening a foreign bank account as an American citizen (especially after FATCA)?

        5. I looked into it *before* FATCA and basically the Patriot Act made it infeasible to do. It’s far worse today. This is no longer an option for Americans. We are all going to be tracked and traced from birth to death, with every penny accounted for.

    5. “I mean White Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and that’s their tradition.”
      It’s not a race-tradition, it’s a national tradition. As in ‘nation’. Meaning they forsake the traditions of their fathers, and assimilate in to the ‘American’ ideas and traditions.
      Like the European immigrants did a 100 years ago.

      1. I did say “WHITE American”….
        Most non-white Americans don’t care for or celebrate Thanksgiving.

        1. Then they need to go back where they came from.
          “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes
          here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole
          loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
          Theodore Roosevelt 1907
          If I went to Ukraine, or China, or wherever, I would do my best to adopt the traditions of that country, and not insist on doing things like I do in America.

        2. During Theodore Roosevelt times, the immigrants were mostly European and they were able to co-exist with exception of few Chinese immigrants in early 1900s. But it’s not like today where you get like Multiculturalism everywhere in the US at least in the bay area, coastal areas and major cities.
          You have to understand this though. Most immigrants come here in the US for economic reasons. They aren’t here because they love American culture, tradition or because they love American people. In fact, it’s quiet the opposite. Most don’t care for Americans and most of them don’t bother making American friends. Not that Americans are into them either.
          You can call them economic migrants.
          If one day Asia become past America in terms of Land of money making opportunities, A lot of white people will pack their belonging and head to Asia too.
          Humans tend to be economic migrants.

        3. well good for you. Not many people will do that though. Right now I see a lot of white people in Asia and they don’t assimilate or anything like that. They insist on speaking English and expect local Asians to adapt to white customs. That’s why Multiculturalism doesn’t work anywhere. In America, most immigrants refuse to learn English. Same shit different place.

        4. So true, unfortunately. It’s as simple as Americans abroad refuse to eat local, and instead look for the nearest McDonald’s. And here they try fusion crap.

        5. If you came to America from a traditional, conservative society, would you feel motivated to drop all that and adopt the American culture? I fully understand why they don’t assimilate.

        6. You brought up a good point here. Most recent arrival immigrants are economic migrants. They came to America for better economic opportunity not because they love American culture or American way of life.
          Despite the flaws, America is still the best country to make a lot of money. This attracts immigrants from all over the world. If America went seriously broke one day and some other country or continent replaced America in being leader of economic opportunity, third world immigrants (plus including Americans) will jump to the stable ship and migrate to place where money is resourceful.
          That’s how it is.
          I can’t speak for every single immigrant and I’m sure there are people who come to America to avoid persecution in their home country but I can assure you most; MOST immigrants who come to America TODAY come here for economic opportunity reason.
          There are people who migrate to Asia today because they see money opportunity and future return of investments. People today are loyal to money more than their nationality or culture. In today’s society, I believe people will betray their own just for more gains from monetary values.
          American companies offshore job opportunities to China and India to replace American workers. Corporations and companies don’t give a shit about nationality; only for PROFIT.
          Most immigrants don’t care about America and American people; they only care about opportunity (mostly in relation to economic opportunity) and they will do what they can to try to help their families.
          I.E. Mexico, China, India, etc..
          America is like a big corporation. American government doesn’t represent American people. American people are expandable in the eyes of the government. The bottom line is American people and other non-Americans will hate each other. The big bottom line is the powerful men at the top who knows all this and make a profit regardless (either at your expense or someone else’s expense). Without the poor, their can never be the rich.

        7. Exactly. That’s why, even in the middle of a completely out of control narco war and near-collapse of the Mexican government, you actually saw immigration reverse a few years back when America went into recession, and there were positive numbers emigrating FROM the US *TO* Mexico.
          In other words, if they couldn’t get rich here, they saw the culture as so corrupt and sick that they preferred to go back and risk their life living under the narcos. That’s how bad America is. Making money here (and my family) are the ONLY reasons I am still here. Yes, when America loses its economic edge (declining every year) millions will jump ship.
          Those MGTOWs who leave America and go marry some Thai bride and chill on the beach are doing the same thing.. putting their own self interest ahead of the group. It’s useless to fight against the democracy of the USA, so they carve out the best life for themselves. My plan is while young, accumulate currency. Eliminate debt and move abroad with enough capital to never *have* to work (that’s not as hard as it sounds.. living abroad can be done for $1,000 a month or less)…

        8. Yes that’s the reality. Nationalism only exists when people genuinely care about their fellow countrymen and for the sake of their own country before their own personal interest. However; real world shows that every man is for himself. People acting in their own self interest will do whatever they can do to make sure they don’t stay in sinking ship. Doesn’t matter if you are American or non-American. Most people will do what they think is in their own best interest. So you are right.

        9. Don’t forget inflation. Don’t make money to survive. Make money to live more than that. Right now it’s easy to make money in America; convert that in geo-arbitrage and convert it to pesos or thai bahts. Yes Make that “fuck you money” so you don’t have to enslave yourself to faceless corporations and companies. Make A LOT of money. Stocks, wall street, work in silicone valley, real estate investing, website generating, etc… make a lot of money via online so you can be international man. A man with options to go wherever he pleases without having to get instruction from another man. Freedom.

        10. But prepare to see the “land of the free” even harder to escape. This began with the Paytriot act. It was advanced heavily with FATCA. A wall on the southern border would be another big step. Remember, a wall can keep you in the same way it can keep some other party out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more currency controls, possibly even passport controls where you must clear through a fed database before being granted permission to leave the country (they do this in Australia already.. blew my mind).

    6. There’s nothing wrong with it. With that being said, Wells Fargo doesn’t seem to provide White Americans with the same benefits of showing our heritage in a positive light or celebrating our contributions during European Heritage Month.

      1. Hmmm when is European Heritage Month by the way? I know May is considered Hispanic American heritage month because of the Cinco De Mayo and February is African American heritage month. I always been curious with European heritage month?

        1. I dont think there’s an official month unfortunately, there’s even an official Pacific Islander month but no European month.

        2. I personally think there should be European heritage month to celebrate ancient European classical musicians, inventors, scientists. Most of modern day inventions were possible because of Western Europeans and Americans. We should recognize the work they done to the modern world. We have St Patrick’s day, Halloween day which originated from Europe.

        3. I agree with you, but the last thing these people want is for white people to develop their identity and realize they have political interests. This will happen either way of course, more than 50% of whites in this country in a recent study said that racism against them was as bad if not worse than racism against other people. This number will only grow, guaranteed and we should work to bring more whites into this umbrella.

        4. who cares what other people think? If you are white, then be proud of yourself. NO seriously… I’m not talking about burning cross and curb stomping non-whites. I’m talking about taking proud in your own people’s history and your own accomplishments (assuming you have one); just don’t be a dead-beat white trash.
          If you are white, then don’t apologize to minorities and don’t apologize to Jews. Be proud of your own roots, your heritage, and your own culture. You don’t need to give a shit about what other people think. Just be proud of your lineage. Do not apologize for being a male and do not apologize for being white. Be PROUD OF IT but at the same time being proud doesn’t mean hating other race; it just means you love your roots; that’s all.

        1. Also there are a lot of malcontents in the manosphere including white-power and black-power types mau mauing and stuff.

    7. “What’s wrong with them having Mexican heritage”
      The USA has had a Mexican-American heritage for many decades. I have no problem with this whatsoever. In fact I quite enjoy Mexicans, they are good folk and white guys can get along with them no problem. Rent any of the Cheech And Chong movies (ok, movie reference is a joke) but its all the ones coming from a part of the world whose culture seems very extreme, who do not speak another language, most of whom will not bother simply becsuse they do not have to due to the free ride they are getting from the government.

      1. So it seems like Muslim culture and American culture are NOT compatible. But so is Muslim culture and any other Non-Muslim culture. Just not compatible. The question is… whether Muslims are loyal to Islam or America. Can never be both. Either one or the other.

    8. Out of curiosity, are you a conservative / nationalist? And if so, what is your solution for curbing immigration?

      1. I’m US nationalist but reasonable not gungho wave your gun conservative type. My solution for curbing immigration would be enforce laws that makes immigrants pass strict English test upon arriving in the states, make them (able bodied men) join US military for couple of years with no exception, ban welfare system towards immigrants with visas (non-citizens), outlaw anchor babies, force immigrants to participate in community service to the areas they live (neighborhood), make them wear name/number tag at all cost if they are in public, increase double housing price/rent price towards immigrants, forbid ethnic restaurants, make them change their name to American names, deport their kids if they fail to get passing grade at school and deport the families if they fail to contribute to US when they fail to pay triple amount of US federal taxes, make their houses put up US flag, and if any of them commit crime (even a traffic violation), they and their whole family will be fined quadruple amount and have them deported back to their country.
        That would be my solution to curbing immigration. If they still want to enter the country even with the list of humiliation then they would do it on their own risk and contingency and acceptance that their rights will be limited and won’t be covered by Constitution.
        Hate crime will be prohibited by or against immigrants. They will be able to enjoy the rights that Americans have except they would be forced to pay double, triple price in anything. I think that’s my stance.

        1. Just curious. There is quite a spectrum on ROK (from conservatives to reactionaries, and the occasional persistent troll) and I couldn’t quite pick out what you were from your comments.
          Thank you for the clarification, sir.

      2. A requirement for immigrant male would have to be that they would have to get on their knees and lick and eat 6 foot tall American women mistress giantess anus continuously and the female immigrant would have to suck and choke on American male 12 inch penis. Every immigrant male and female would have to attend US prison system where they would witness inmates getting gangfucked and gangraped by feral black criminals and white inmates.
        This would deter them from wanting to live in the United States. I don’t see why any sane immigrant would want to move to USA if it wasn’t for economic reason.

  3. Thanksgiving, time to celebrate the Pilgrims who came to this land as refugees, were helped by the natives, yet more and more came and the natives were annihilated or pushed aside. And now their descendants bitch and whine about immigrants. God Bless America.

      1. Be sure to tell that to all of those Navajo that the Cherokees fucking sliced to ribbons.
        But of course, I’m just a white guy.

        1. So am I. I’m just pointing out an irony. And don’t worry I pointed out how the Aztecs enslaved other tribes a while back on an article about Columbus Day. Just happened to pick on Pilgrims today.

        2. It’s hilarious how you would point out the irony, and then not do the honorable thing like slitting your own throat.
          Got to keep being edgy, like grooming your 8 year old cousin for sex.
          Dude, this country is fucked. And trust me, illegal immigrants are only half the problem.

        3. ^ Yes You are a white guy. I can see that.
          Native Americans used to slaughter each other. That’s true. Their final demise did come from white people; no doubt. I know it’s something whites don’t want to hear but that’s history. No need to make white people feel guilty about it, right? In fact you don’t have to feel sorry or guilty.
          I mean you aren’t responsible for what happened to Native Americans; it’s beyond your control and shit happens in history. Just pointing out; it’s funny how it works out though.
          You got Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese, Jews, Blacks to deal with… not to mention your own Liberal whites, women, feminists, gays… PHEW… that’s a lot of list.
          White men, you have A LOT of enemies. Some not even enemy but you know what they say…
          if it ain’t white, then it ain’t right.

        4. Mad? Mad about salon.com saying that paedophilia is perfectly okay? Only because one of the pedophiles that got caught being a pedophile was one of their liberal fucking retards? Gee, why the fuck shouldn’t I be mad about that? I must be misguided or something!
          I woke up completely fucking pissed off today. We got the BLM motherfuckers turning over cars up in Chicago, which I’m about 50 miles away from, we got dumbass politicians left and fucking right pissing and moaning about whether we should help the damn Muslims despite the fact already overloaded and bursting at the seams with illegal Mexicans, we spend in a metric shitton of money to Israel just so we could be on their good side all the while pissing the rest of the fucking world off at us, France has around 150 bodies that aren’t even cold yet, and their own dumbass politicians are letting in more fucking people that are potentially out of the fucking mind, look at everybody clamoring to go to socialism and turn this place in the fucking Nazi Germany, and we got a bunch of blue haired, over tattooed, ugly as fuck harpies changing the status of how women should act and turn them into a bunch of entitled whining cunts who don’t actually learn any real trades but instead get into positions of power because they have a vagina, and you’re wondering why the fuck I’m pissed off?
          Why don’t you take your, “Bro,” and shove it up your ass. Is that enough banter for you, smart ass?

        5. You have bought into the whole “karma” notion that the reason why whites have enemies is because its some kind of retribution, its bullshit.
          Cant you see somebody obviously have an interest of destroying the nations built by europeans with the strategy of manipulating non europeans to believe they are being owed something and galvanized to be a destructive force unknowingly.

        6. yeah. Look at Germany with the constant “Holocaust” apology and indoctrination. Look at Germany now. It’s pretty sad.

        7. Also, that’s pretty fucked up. Why would you compare me to Lena Dunham, that fatass with the beauty and grace of a baboon’s ass? And you think I like liberals? I dislike conservatives, but truly dislike liberals. They’re the reason I’m looking to move abroad.

        8. And don’t worry. White people aren’t the only ones frustrating me. I think we just got our only black guy fired. Lazy piece of shit.

        9. I would have actually comparing you to her, it was more like I was comparing the general consensus of everything in the MSM to her. I know my statement was a little muddled on that one, I am actually very very ticked off right now.
          You know that day you have when you see every single horrible thing happening, you start remembering all the other horrible things that you saw happening not more than maybe a couple of days ago, or even a couple of weeks ago, it’s all assaulting your memory and your thought processes, and finally you just start screaming and wailing because you see all this world will see it happening and everybody else is turning a blind eye to it? It’s been one of those days and I don’t mean to take it out on anybody.
          I mean, it’s especially bad when you’re watching your black friend who is a Chicago cop calling other black people “dumb ignorant niggers,” during the stupid ass protests where a black kid got shot for attacking a woman, a couple of EMTs, and trying to steal a cops gun. I’ve seen the video, just like I saw the video of Michael Brown robbing that convenience store 5 minutes before he was shot. Got fucking forbid somebody actually takes responsibility for their own dumbfuckery, but the fact that another black guy who happened to actually be a cop is calling you out on your stupidity, maybe it’s a good idea to start listening to him.
          I hate being told that I’m an evil bastard, and that all multiculturalism is the best fucking thing for your country, what it’s pretty fucking obvious while not watching the news, you see how much multiculturalism is nothing more than a fucking war ground. Not a battleground, a fucking war ground.
          I hate thinking sometimes. When you start to get that feeling you’re the only one thinking, you just want to start beating people down.

        10. I feel you. But just like white people can be messed up, so is everyone else here. I’m of Mexican descent, and while I do feel for immigrants, that doesn’t mean I don’t take potshots at my own kind for thinking that ALL immigrants should be legalized, especially the morons in Univision. Yet at the same time, I work in construction, and I feel that the ones born here, white or otherwise, aren’t taking life seriously. I mean, every person I work here is Mexican, simply because we’ve given Americans a fair chance and they fuck it up. In fact, I think we got a black guy fired today because he’s being a tool. We gave him a chance. My point is, as Americans, we need to take our country back, but not with walls or other Trump nonsense, but actually not taking stuff for granted. Just like Europeans don’t seem to deserve Europe, so do Americans don’t seem to deserve America. In the meantime, I’m going to stuff myself with turkey because I am happy.

        11. Remind yourself that most likely the silent majority feels exactly as you do, and not as the liberal media make things to look like. We live in a pressure boiling madhouse across the whole western world, your feelings towards it is only a natural response.

      2. Dont buy into that bullshit man, the open border policies are a weapon directed at you and your loved ones, its not about the human rights of third world people, they are just usefull idiots that are used almost like a proxy army to destabilize your country economically and socially.

        1. Finally someone with intelligent post.
          Yes I agree. My posts were somewhat sarcastic though. Like for example Sweden never did any wrong to Middle East during 1800s when European countries used to colonize but yet Sweden gets the most hit from Muslims with rape and violence so I don’t really believe in “what goes around comes around”. Sometimes shit just happens to good people and bad people.

        2. None of this has happened by accident though, we’re back in the cold war and things will only escalate from here.

        3. As long as there’s more Dr Patels and Singhs, I’m good. That’s selective immigration right there.

        4. it’s funny how in the 50s, it was USA vs Soviet Union with Soviet Union being backward and America being the best. But today, it’s backward. USA is the Soviet Union and Russia is what the USA was in the 50s. Russia is more logical NO PC (politically correctness) unlike modern America.

        5. yeah I get sources from Bestgore dot com (a gore website). Roosh recently linked in his twitter a video about ISIS or possibly Turkish or other middle eastern soldiers using rockets (in English instructions) to blow up Russian air craft.

        6. Interesting site. Yeah, Turkmen also killed a Russian pilot as they were parachuting down after the shooting, which is a war crime, but what do we get from the POTUS? “Turkey has a right to defend its airspace”. At most the Russian plane passed through Syrian air (if at all) for 9 seconds. Which means you would have to be sickly sitting there with your finger on the button hoping and waiting until the second where it was legally allowable to shoot their plane. And you know it is on a mission to kill muslim extremists, why would you attack it? Obviously it posed no threat to “Turkish air space.”
          The US flies through multiple nation’s airspaces all the time, sometimes with permission, sometimes by accident. Is B.O gonna be ok when one of these countries “protects” its airspace from an American plane passing through?
          Look, I know all sides commit war crimes in war, but to stand by a corrupt nation that is a state sponsor of terror and is buying oil from IS rebels, when they commit a war crime and stab an ally in the back as he is trying to take out religious extremist rebels in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, is absolutely unjustified. If anything, the US should be “looking the other way” if Russia bends a few rules, because that always happens in war. But if the US truly believes in the mission of defeating the evil terist in Syria it would be on the side of Russia, not Turkey.

        7. America won the Cold War economically, but lost it socially. They don’t teach you that in school.

        8. “Useful idiots” – I haven’t done the math but I think since nobody is having kids, nobody will be left to take care of the elderly. There is an age imbalance in society once again thanks to the elites’ vanity thinking they can control the laws of nature. These immigrants are NEEDED for the elites to die with that silver spoon being fed to them by the immigrants. Not only literally, but the government needs the extra tax income they will be generating. Using them for divide and conquer and genocidal goals will also happen.
          Somebody asked a good question when they asked why are there SO MANY MEN among the immigrants? They all seem to have smartphones as well. Well, thanks to global access to the internet and PORN, they are coming for a piece of that beautiful white pussy. An opening was made through Turkey and other countries for them to flood Europe. For them, not only can they get a piece of that white ass, they will live in better conditions and be able to sponsor their families soon after. Little do they know…

        9. That’s because these migrants are ‘asylum shopping’ for the most goodies from the welfare state and guess what? Sweden (followed by Germany) is the winner…if these ‘asylum seekers’ just wanted to live in peace they would have stopped at the first country the reached (Turkey) or if they wanted to be 100% away from a muslim government they would have stopped in Greece…or Macedonia…or Serbia…or Croatia…etc. They are simply shopping for the ‘best’ welfare state.

    1. Really tired of this bullshit argument. The natives warred among themselves, some estimates say that ~25% died fighting other tribes. And the Europeans who came to the new world came and created a first world nation, they didn’t come for free housing, medical care and foodstamps.

      1. I agree with you. In fact, a while back, I did point out that the Aztecs made enemies of other tribes, and those allied with Spain, which led to their demise. And yet, one point I make with this is, just like the English pushed the native tribes out, immigrants will push the inhabitants out as well if we’re not careful. Also, I beg to differ. At least where I live, this country no longer feels like first world. The infrastructure is failing and nobody seems to care, even those who were born here.
        Also the Pilgrims were helped by the natives. Just to point that out.

        1. The Pilgrims were helped yes, but thats a far cry from arriving in a first world country and having everything handed to you. To survive in North America in the beginning was brutal, with or without the natives help.

      2. Not to mention the mexican natives in constant warfare with each other. Aztecs were brutal. Slavery. Human sacrifice. Cannibalism. Not exactly the culture of noble savages like the progressives and revisionists want to believe.

    2. Stop being such a bitch. The southwestern states of the USA were only part of mexico from 1821 – 1846, or twenty five years. Compared to 169 years and counting as part of USA.

      1. True, but they’re still here. And they’re turning it into another Mexican province, while you and your kind are too busy banging your cousins and watching NASCAR and the NFL.

    3. So we should fight and go to war against the immigrant invaders so we can preserve our land, like the natives did?
      Where do I sign up?
      Also, when will we allow the Arabs to remove Jews from Israel?

        1. YES!
          It’s the TV that tells us “capitalism” is bad.
          It is “corporatism” – big corps in bed with govt that is the problem.

  4. Now that I already had a fellow commenter tell me to slice my throat, and I almost got myself banned by a feminist blog, I’m calling it a night. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Don’t let the Care Bears get you! And careful with Dick Gozinia. Man is on Hulk mode!

  5. Having managed marketing for a few very large brands in my past, I can tell you that if you don’t manage your agency properly, they will dive into SJW/PC/trendy territory irrespective of your target audience.
    Early on in my experience, one of my brands, a leading high-end consumer electronics brand, had a predominately white target audience..but my San Francisco agency gave me a campaign primarily focused on blacks. When the agency presented this concept, everyone in the room was uncomfortably silent, too afraid to look racist by suggesting that the people in the ads needed to be changed to reflect the target audience.
    I spoke up, with data to back me up, informing them that they got the target audience entirely wrong. At that point, the tension level decreased immensely and we got the campaign back on track.
    Lesson learned: too many people (even the execs who pay their ad agencies) are too afraid to look uncool or be perceived as a bigot, no matter how unjust that perception may be. So is the Wells Fargo campaign a cynical plot to legitimize and attract illegal immigrant business or is this the case of clueless execs more concerned with how they are perceived by their peers irrespective of business results?

    1. I heard Western Union cleans up on all the wire transfer of wages of illegal aliens sending money back to mexico.

  6. Eh, I could care less about a too-big-to-fail bank’s marketing scheme. It’s like complaining about reality t.v. or fast food joints. Their mere existence is the problem.
    I just dropped WF for a local credit union a few weeks ago. Felt so good to walk in and say I want to close to my account. Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

      1. Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al Saud, is the biggest individual shareholder of the bank’s stock.

  7. This is not “pro-immigrant propaganda,” it is advertising aimed at a Hispanic audience. In other words, Wells Fargo is not “indoctrinating,” it is simply acting to maximize it’s profits as any smart company would.
    However, the fact that Wells Fargo now caters to an increasingly Hispanic audience is a reflection of the way in which multiculturalism is increasingly influencing traditional American society.
    The more Mexicans, Somalis, or Chinese we important, the more similar our country becomes to those countries, because assimilation is a two-way street. I don’t want to live in Mexico, Somalia, or China, do you?
    TRUMP 2016!

      1. Correction: it’s the white progressives and women’s suffrage that created the welfare state.

        1. Well, white men should be burning this entire country to the ground by now. How much more are they going to take? My guess, a lot.

        2. I don’t think the collapse of America will involve blood in the streets (at least in the rural areas); the majority of America is filled with too many idiots who still think the system works, and celebrate their chains on the Fourth of July.
          I’m imagining a quiet collapse of the country rather than the French Revolution as a whole. There will be fighting in the big cities as the criminal element and/or different races fight it out for turf, but on the whole, it will probably be rather peaceful, I think.

        3. Hopefully it’s peaceful. I presume, seeing how bloody civil wars are in particular, no one wants a Gettysburg 2.0.

        4. I really hope you’re right. Things have changed a hell of a lot since the French Revolution. If the collapse of America turns out violent a lot of innocent people are gonna be blown away without ever really knowing why.

        5. I too see it as a quiet fading away. The same way the USA quickly lost all its moral superiority and respect around the world over the past 20 years. 1995 we were the most loved and respected country in the world. Today we are the most feared and hated (no, really, we were actually voted the most likely to cause Armageddon, over the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Chinese, etc.). Just as that quietly reversed and changed, our financial and political fortunes will slowly fade away. Does America even create much of anything other than facebook pages and Hollyweird movies that it can export to the rest of the world?

        6. I said it before on a previous article: what’s most likely to happen (best case scenario) is the country eventually dissolves into a number of smaller nation based on their location and sociopolitical situations. Hopefully that will happen with a minimal amount of bloodshed.

        7. Agreed, and that would probably be for the better. I see no reason for bloodshed. What would it accomplish? The only motivation for violence would be greed, the way Lincoln would stop at nothing to maintain the greater power and wealth controlling a larger union would give him. But I think that point is in America’s far future, and when it arrives, there won’t be much wealth or power left to fight over. Honestly, what would you be fighting for? Or against?

        8. What do we fight over now? What did we ever fight over?
          As a USMC major general (recipient of the Marine Brevet Medal and 2-time winner of the Medal of Honor) once said:

        9. I’m reading from several sources that when Rome fell in 476 A.D. nothing much changed in everyday life. The damaged had long been done the preceding century in a slow painful decline.
          What’s weirder is that most Romans went on thinking they were on top-until 800A.D. when a barbarian named Charlemagne was crowned Emperor by the Pope. Only then did it dawn on them they were no longer in charge. Still, that’s 325 years of dillusions. I see the same scenario happening to America as well.

        10. that kind of egalitarianism is inherent to whites, even if not all of you suffer from it

        11. “..no one wants a Gettysburg 2.0.”
          A bunch of white guys facing off at close quarters and shooting into each other? No. Think more along the lines of Spain’s civil war.

        12. What do you mean take? All this is only on a tv or computer screeen. In real life I never see this stuff.

        13. “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service as a member of our country’s most agile military force — the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. During that period I spent more of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I suspected that I was just a part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it.
          Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
          Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. I was rewarded with honours, medals and promotion.
          Looking back on it, I feel I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three city districts. I operated on three continents”. — General Smedley Butler, former US Marine Corps Commandant,1935

    1. “The more Mexicans, Somalis, or Chinese we important, the more similar our country becomes to those countries,”
      what commenters like NightRider and TrueLiving can’t get through their
      thick heads: if you let immigrants who do not share and refuse to
      assimilate to the values of the host country political power (we are 1
      of 2 developed countries that allow birthright citizenship for some ridiculous reason), the host
      country will turn into whatever 3rd World hellhole the immigrants came
      “multiculturalism is steadily destroying traditional American society.”
      Which explains Donald Trump.

    2. I remember years ago someone complaining about this…to which I gave the same answer : These banks are private corporations and can do whatever they want, no matter how much you disagree with it, as long as they follow the law. It might not win them friends with the anti-illegal immigrant crowd, but they are there to make money. My best argument is that if you disagree with it so much : A) take your business and money elsewhere & B) start your own bank/credit union that doesn’t cater to illegals.

  8. I think you miss one of the big objectives of the ads.
    If you notice, none of this was done with going to the bank and using a teller.
    A number of banks have been trying to get their customers to use online or ATM machines instead of banking in a branch and using a teller because it is a lot cheaper to process the transaction when no teller is involved.
    Some banks are even starting to charge for access to a teller or charge a fee for withdrawing cash below a certain amount, all with the objective to get people to use an automated method of doing the transaction.
    Even the paper check does not need to travel around any more. With the Federal Reserve ‘Check 21’ implementation, an image of the check is sent between banks, instead of the piece of paper like it use to be. (In the past the paper check would be flown around the country in the past on a set of charters between the regions.)

    1. My bank takes money to give me mine. It’s free at the atm, but in limited amounts. Depositing is still free, fortunately.
      Sometimes I have less in my account than the atm will spit out (I withdraw everything every month), so I deposit up to the minimum bill at the teller and then withdraw from the atm. Fuck with the system a little bit.

  9. Wells Fargo truly is the shittiest bank I have seen. It’s a wonder they’re still in business at all.

    1. Skank of America is worse. And Shittybank. Actually there are a lot that I would call worse. And that is in no way a compliment towards Wells Fargo.

    2. It may surprise you, but Wells Fargo is considered one of the stronger banks in the county.
      When the federal reserve forced the head of the nine banks to meet in Washington and made all of them take the capital infusions, according to some accounts, the CEO at Wells Fargo didn’t want them because the bank didn’t need any help and even questions why did he need to be at such a meeting since they were ok.
      The government/federal reserve/FDIC made all of the banks take the capital infusions because the thinking was that if only the weak banks got capital infusions from the government, then everyone would know those were the weak banks and it was feared it would cause a bank run; so by forcing everyone to take a capital infusion the idea was that no one would be able to tell who was weak and about to go under.
      At Moment of Truth, U.S. Forced Big Bankers to Blink
      “During the discussion, the most animated response came from Wells Fargo Chairman Richard Kovacevich, say people present. Why was this necessary? he asked. Why did the government need to buy stakes in these banks?”

  10. Try to be part of a state credit union. Or even better, just buy gold and silver coins, put them in an ammo can, and bury them in the ground.

      1. The establishment is already in a panic over digital currency. It’s hilarious to watch people who can barely use Outlook try to figure out how they can regulate (AKA rig) digital currency. I love it.

        1. The problem is that your statement makes no sense.
          Bitcoin is an open source protocol. You can look through the code yourself and verify that it works exactly as advertised. There is nothing to “trust”.

        2. Of course it makes sense, it merely requires context. You seem a little bit defensive about this. I simply don’t trust it as a valid replacement for real money. I don’t care if it works exactly as advertised. Fiat currencies work as advertised as well.

        3. Who said you have to replace your fiat? It’s digital gold. Do you use gold to pay for milk down at the grocer?

        4. It comes down to the Regression Theorem of money. There is a lot of debate about this but because bitcoin does not appear to have any value outside of its use as a money, it is an inferior money compared to gold. Essentially, real money is a good in itself as well as having other important characteristics.

        5. Gold had no value (outside being glittery) before electronics. Bitcoin has a number of advantages compared to anything that has come before, for example being impossible to fake. There is no such thing as “fool’s bitcoin”.
          Fiat has less real value than either option. There is a picture of a wheelbarrow stacked with a huge pile of money from somewhere in africa. The joke goes that if you leave it out overnight the money will still be there, but the wheelbarrow won’t. And germans used it as tapestry during hyperinflation. Yet you prefer it?

        6. All three only have value as long as people in general consider it to have value. Of the three, Gold has the most going for it in mindshare.
          Bitcoin is used by internet denizens, but the vast majority don’t understand it and believe the news reports that it’s a “fad.”
          Fiat money is only as strong as the country that backs it. If people lose faith in the country, hyperinflation follows.
          Gold is just a shiny rock, but humans of almost every culture have been indoctrinated to think of it as valuable for as long as there has been written history.

        7. Gold is incredibly rare. That’s probably one reason it’s always been considered valuable. I’m not sure but I would guess that any substance as rare as gold would tend to be valuable.

        8. Bitcoin can be hacked, and if something happens, like say, an EMP goes off and takes the internet down, you can kiss your digital investments goodbye.
          My pop has taught me that it’s better to invest in silver (which is currently at a low price) as well as ammunition.

        9. The blockchain itself has never been hacked. Problems with exchanges is not “bitcoin being hacked”. Look into it some more.
          In the event of a global emp, you will have bigger issues than where your money is.

        10. Bitcoin is not only rare, there is a known finite amount of it. 21 million bitcoins for seven billion people. The moment there are more people who decide they want a full bitcoin than there are available coins, things will get interesting.

        11. Bitcoin might be limited to 21 million bitcoins, but there is nothing keeping other cryptocurrencies from rising.

  11. Only single mexican females, under 125 pounds, screened for std, will be allowed to immigrate under Trump.

        1. Definitely, as someone with Mexican descent who has family members with blonde hair and green eyes, can’t argue with that. Also, there is an endless supply of blonde Mexican girls in telenovelas, such as Eiza Gonzalez, better known as the beauty who Liam Hemsworth hooked up with after dumping Miley Cyrus.

    1. They should have to sign an affidavit claiming their cock count is 3 or less, with preference given to virgins.

    2. they can be heavier…latina’s got those nice wide breeding hips….and a little extra meat on their bones insures a stable pregnancy. 😉

  12. Honestly, this is why the floodgates have been opened. The average US citizen/consumer is tapped out- that credit card is getting declined. Who will keep the game going?
    We need new consumers, eager to rack up debt.
    Let em all in I say- I sure as hell aint gonna buy a pair of nike air jordans for $180

    1. Exactly this. Corporations (and their lobbyists) support feminism, immigration, free trade, and other liberal policies because it allows for a larger and cheaper workforce of brainless drones, more suckers to sell their crappy products too, and more debt sponges to make it seem like our economy isn’t in the toilet. America is reaching the debt saturation point though, the gravy train won’t keep rolling forever.

  13. I’ve had WF since college, they’ve always been like this. Every time I need to physically go to a WF office it’s run by slow, black/brown obvious affirmative action hires. Already in the process of moving towards an online-only bank with much much higher interest

  14. Nobody is actually surprised that a banking institution doesn’t have their best interest at heart are they?

  15. If the consumers can’t speak the language, they are less likely to understand the small actions that might nickel and dime them.
    Not likely given that every ATM has a Spanish display option. Also, “para Espanol, marque dos” is the initial greeting on most bank telephone prompts.

  16. If you’re still watching TV, then the problem is YOU and not the idiot box or the crap that gets broadcast over it! TV and the crap that gets transmitted over it only exists because there is a sufficient amount of morons who are willing to consume it. TV-broadcasted stupidity only exists because people are retarded enough to watch it, instead of consuming real culture or improving their lives through exercise, intellectual pursuits, or enjoying the company of family/friends/other loved ones.
    Watch this instead:

  17. the white guys with the 1000 dollar suits been fucking you white guys but you refuse to blame them for anything.you want to blame a minority or a chick for your bs life

  18. Just checked a few of their adds. White people simply do not exist in their alternate universe.

  19. So the commercials are targeting Latinos and are likely airing in Latino populated areas (LA/Miami). Big fucking deal. Marketing to minorities is not anti-white. Where does the author reside, the north midwest? Minority targeted advertising has been going on for a long time. And as for the supposed inauthentic Latino (probably Mexican) family, it’s actually pretty close to what I see in the real world except for the perfect english. Does the author have any Latino friends; has he ever visited their homes; or should all Latinos fall under one common stereotype? One other question, exactly which schools are being flooded by Spanish-only speaking Latino kids? I’ve never seen this. Most second-generation Latinos speak English better than Spanish and only speak Spanish to their Spanish-only speaking relatives. Talk about being out of touch with reality. Also, I see no reason to believe the Latino male in the last commercial is gay. And finally, what does this have to do with Masculinity?

  20. …[D]epicts a black man as the highest status person in the room.

    I have met black men like this. They have a lot of self-hate.

  21. Damn, that was a good analysis.

    They spend their time and money feeding the homeless.

    Yeah. It is trendy. You go around with your smartphone filming how you give a hundred dollars to some random strangers to feel good about yourself. Then you smile into the camera and say: Do something good for others! It feels great!
    Of course, the dude who you gave money to will be forgotten quickly after that. He was just a puppet for your narcissism.

  22. I was talking about acceptance of Muslims with a friend the other day. He said that it is cruel to make any insinuations about their different culture. To shame them for it.
    And I kinda agreed, because it is cruel. But take a moment to analyze why it is cruel. It is because shame is there to help you adapt to your surrounding society. But you can only do that effectively when the shaming voces are consistent.
    So there you have that poor young cute Muslim girl who some guy made a joke about terrorism to. She feels bad about this then, for annoying people with her burka and everything. She will say ‘When I feel bad about carrying this weird shit in a society, that is a bad society. I can not choose to not wear it.’
    True. She kinda has no good way out.
    But why is that? Why can she not stop identifying with Islam? Because her family shames her into Islam just as society around shames her away from it. It is kinda obvious what she will choose.
    She is in a double bind position. Choose a life without family (shaming into Islam) or without society (shaming into Western culture). Both alternatives are practically impossible to choose for her, so she ends up in torment.
    For this torment, a scapegoat is needed. Western culture. Our society.
    But if we are honest here, her family could JUST AS WELL step back and let her adapt without abandoning her. This is a psychological war that is never acknowledged for what it is. It is basically remarked how unfair and cruel it is to put her into the double bind position, which really hurts like hell. But it is forgotten that our society is just one of two forces here that apply pressure. Her family and Islam are the other force. If our society caves in to the guilt, it is only logical that our culture will be easily assimilated in the long run.
    There really is no other logical conclusion. Yes, the decision for that young cute Muslim girl is brutal. But to blame our society for it is ridiculous. Here is a different narrative: Muslim family comes to our country and has a daughter. The daughter is brought up strictly as a Muslim. The daughter wants to have friends in the new society and live that Western lifestyle, but her parents do not allow her to, despite having brought her to this country.
    So whose fault is it really? Who initiated the torment? It is the prideful parents with their bullshit religion. And since ‘religious freedom’ is so fucking big today, you can use it to silence practically everybody, especially in face of virtually non-existent Western religion. Our tolerance is our death and in the least the death of our identity – because the other side is not tolerant at all.
    Talking about the torment of the girl ignores the real conflict: The conflict between our society and her family which does not allow her to adapt to our society and culture.
    It is not really that she has no choice or that she cannot decide to not wear her burka. It is that this decision would alienate her from her family and possibly bring her life in danger – murder for dishonor. She has that option, but she naturally does not want to take it. In reality, thus, we are not caving in to her pain that is supposedly produced by us. In reality, we are caving in to her family’s threat to murder and shame her if she decides to adapt to our society. Just think of the implications. Imagine that we would support our values with the same kind of fervor. The cruelty really does not come from us. Not adapting to our society results in shame. Not adapting to their society results in death and being cut out of the family.
    Think a step further and you can see how one day, we will be forced to either adapt to their culture or die and be exiled. Why all that? Because we were guilt-tripped and caved in. Because we had no balls. Because we surrendered to the metaphorical kidnapper demanding ransome. It is a brutal psychological warfare, but to cave in is to lose and be annihilated.
    To use an analogy to our kind of immigration strategy, let us see our countries as companies. Here is our vacancy description: We seek workers in our company. Your needs and wishes will be accomodated. You will not be forced to work on anything you do not like. If you are dissatisfied with the work the company does, the company will adapt to you and your wishes. That is your natural privilege as an employee.
    Or to use the analogy of two people. We are the kind of codependent nice guy without an own opinion. Somebody comes along and says ‘1+1=3’, we say ‘Hm, I have not thought about it!’. Then another person tells us we should wear a pink dress and we say: Damn, good idea man! I love your individuality!
    Of course, while applauding everybody else’s individuality, we feel ashamed of having any on our own.
    When we see that Islam is relentless in the same way it accuses us to be, it becomes easier to accept the guilt as a necessary evil to keep our identity.
    Want real religious freedom on an individual level? Make a law that prohibits parents from dictating the religion of the child. Then Muslim parents can be sued for the shame they apply to their kid and we can keep our tolerance.

    1. or…how about the Muslim girl grow thicker skin and not be offended by a joke? Her parents can help her with that.

        1. The point is that it’s okay to be different, you just gotta know how to deal with the consequences. Not just Muslims, anyone who is religious in the US and grows up in a city over 500,000 is automatically given weird looks if he lets it show in conversation. Doesn’t mean they should become atheist or those fake “I only go to church on Christmas” Christians.

        2. Well, agreed, growing a thicker skin is an option. But you gotta know it. And it takes some balls. I guess girls are easier to cave in in these cases. Girls always adapt to the guy who is fucking them, right? Sometimes that is daddy.

  23. Letting hoards of illegals run roughshod over our laws and way of life doesn’t make sense to the average American … But, when something doesn’t make sense “Follow the Money.” and then all reasons come to light …

  24. RE: “First paycheck” propavideo:
    Looks like a family of mestizos with Spanish speaking grandma as the alpha matriarch.
    She probably entered the U.S. illegally. Then we see her anchor baby (either the
    older male or female) and maybe a sibling. Probably all loyal Democrats.”
    RE: “Community outreach, mostly by non-whites”
    This is almost laughable. A bunch of non-whites packing and distributing free brown
    bag meals; and yes the one lone white guy; probably unemployed because some
    affirmative action non-white has his job.

  25. Take your money out of the big banks. Hell you should’ve done it in 2008.
    Bank of America
    Wells Fargo
    They are the largest recipients of welfare and each one is massively corrupt. They finance terrorism, launder drug money, enable illegals to move money out of the country, bribe politicians, and basically rip off their regular customers as standard business practice.
    They are all insolvent and if you have your money with them, then it could instantly disappear and there would be fuck all you could do about it.

  26. Also, note how in the first commercial, the father is a balding somewhat effeminate man. Plus, the son is helping set the table for dinner.
    In short, the first commercial is also trying to “reprogram” the Latino family – portray the women as “strong” and the men as soft and domestically inclined. It’s not enough that Latinos use Wells Fargo – their patriarchal family structure must also be destroyed.

  27. This is why Trump was on the money when he mentioned the Christmas Starbucks cups – media merchandise/advertising is where the far left propogate their ideology. That is why they reacted so vehemently; he pointed to where they live.

  28. These ads are not pro-immigrant propaganda. They’re aimed at the Hispanic market. The people in the ads resemble next-door latinos. I work with lots of highly successful immigrants that look just like this and all of them are either legal residents or naturalized US citizens. I think you guys have been living under a rock. By the way, illegal immigrants are not destroying America. America is being destroyed by bad progressive policies. Illegal immigrants can’t vote to support such policies.

  29. The author of this article is totally out of touch with reality. This is one of the worst articles I’ve read on ROK.

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