A Period Is No Excuse For A Woman To Be A Bitch

Throughout history women have used the fact that their bodies go through some pretty gross stuff to get away with stuff that men would not get away with.  This is by telling men that they naturally go through horrible rigor as a natural part of being the sex that is able to bear children so men, the people who don’t pay this price since they don’t have child bearing organs, must pay a greater societal cost in recompense.

Any woman will tell you that having a period is the most horrible god-awful thing that can ever happen to a person and men should be understanding when a woman yells at a man, belittles a man, or hits a man while she is on her period because what she is going through is so very hard and men have no way of knowing what it is like.

So why again was Ray Rice banned from the NFL?

Is This True?

Is there no way for a man to have any idea what a woman’s period is like? Is there no medical condition that a man can get that has similar symptoms?

Actually there is: Crohn’s Disease, also known as ulcerative colitis. Which affects about 3.2 out of every 1000 people in North America and Europe, including myself. This disease (for those who don’t know about it) is the “I have to take a shit every two hours and there is more blood in my stool than there is stool” disease. It is caused by an autoimmune disorder that makes the white blood cells in a person’s body attack their own intestinal tract.

Are these symptoms similar enough to a woman’s period? Lets go down the list.

1. Lots of blood coming out of a hole.

Check, I actually became so anemic that I (a former varsity high school X-Country runner) would be out of breath running up one flight of stairs.

2.  Pain in your midsection.

Check, bleeding intestinal lesions are quite painful.

3. Hormonal irritability.

I can’t check the hormone part, but having to wake up two or three times while sleeping means very little REM sleep (especially when you work the graveyard shift) so, Check.

Admittedly, I can’t definitively say whether my condition was better, the same as, or worse than what a woman goes through during her period.  However, I can say that if I were living in a tribe in 10,000 B. C. and had this condition I would have died. Women obviously survived those times so I would bet money on my condition being worse, and I had to deal with Crohn’s Disease for four weeks of every month instead of one.

So how did this affect how I treated other people? In general I was nicer. I suspected that a punch to the gut in a fight would really, really hurt and might make me take a bloody shit in my pants, so I took a leave of absence from kung fu and was far more nice and beta to everyone around me. After I finally got treatment (see below) I told some people at work about it and few of them had any idea that anything was wrong.

In short, women are probably purposely exaggerating how bad a period is in order to shame men into feeling that they must put up with their bad behavior. Emotional manipulation is something women are born to do.

What About Childbirth?

This is the other big one that women use all the time to shame men into feeling that they have to give special treatment to women. There is no medical condition even remotely similar to pregnancy, so there truly is no way for a man to say whether or not women are exaggerating the difficulty of pregnancy and childbirth from firsthand experience.

However, men can use the timeless advice, “pay attention to what women do, and not what they say.”

When the chainsaw was first invented did lumberjacks protest it? Did they refuse to use them because they preferred to cut trees down by hand with a regular saw? I highly doubt it. So what has been the reaction of women to artificial womb technology which has the potential to allow a woman to have a child without going through any of the problems of childbirth or pregnancy?

artificial womb

While a few feminists such as Shulamith Firestone have written that artificial womb technology would free women from the tyranny of their biology and bring about gender equality (and a blow to the nuclear family) most feminists are against it. Andrea Dworkin wrote that artificial womb technology would be “the coming genocide.” Gena Corea wrote, “The new reproductive technologies represent an escalation of violence against women, a violence camouflaged behind medical terms.”  Janice Raymond used the terms “reproductive abuse” and “the spermatic economy of sex and breeding”—a “spermocracy.”

The mainstream media, which is known to cater to the female collective, also wrote an article against artificial womb technology called: Fetuses in Artificial Wombs: Medical Marvel or Misogynist Malpractice?


She believes men having children without the risk of losing them in family court is the same as genocide.

There are undoubtedly going to be different opinions among ROK readers about artificial womb technology. However, it is safe to assume that most of us would agree that if pregnancy and childbirth was really as terrible as women have historically led men to believe, then there would be unanimous support of artificial womb technology by women.

So the next time a woman in your life tries to make you feel that the bad things society does to men are less than what nature has done to women, know that she is probably exaggerating.

Don’t Worry, I Got Treatment

I put off getting treatment for a while because of unemployment, uncertain future employment, and lack of health insurance. I have a family member who went to a doctor because of some mild knee pain and, due to gross medical incompetence, ended up with tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills and a much worse knee that eventually had to be replaced altogether. I personally don’t fully trust American doctors.

I did eventually get medication for my Crohn’s, but it had bad side effects. After much online research I decided to try a treatment in Mexico called Helminthic Therapy. This is a therapy that works for many different autoimmune diseases such as asthma, Crohn’s, Celiac Disease and others. It involves inoculating a person with a small therapeutic dose of benign hookworms, which release chemicals into the bloodstream to calm down the immune system. Your white blood cells won’t attack the hookworms, and after treatment won’t react to your own body either.

Although this may sound gross, I have had it for over a year now and can report they work perfectly with no side effects. This ordeal taught me that there are almost always solutions to our problems—-so, the next time a woman tries to use her period as an excuse for bad behavior, remember the worms and don’t let her get away with it.

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133 thoughts on “A Period Is No Excuse For A Woman To Be A Bitch”

  1. Glad you got your condition under control, Anton.
    Of course most feminists would be against artificial wombs. Out sourcing reproduction would be a big step in making women redundant. The next blow would come when viable sex bots become widely available. Let’s face it, if you take away the sexual and reproductive monopoly today’s women enjoy, their value to men (and hence the power they enjoy) would be reduced to zero, since they offer pretty much nothing else of value nowadays.
    It pains me to say this, and I certainly would prefer to keep being intimate with real women, and would prefer for women to have more value than what the hole between their legs gives them. But it is what it is. Enjoy the decline, as some here would say.

    1. Yup, enjoy the decline. Outside of this site and a handful of others, it seems nobody is concerned about the long term damage of women’s lib. Not only did it change their role in society, it gave them a NASTY attitude. Just like the Aztecs and the Romans, we won’t worry about our decline until it’s too late, and we collapse.
      So what happens after that? Imagine the world like Mad Max. Then the strong, independent women can prove how good they are at wilderness survival. My guess is they’ll ask a man to help them out, when they realize how hard it is.

      1. I like to think there are 3 stages of societal collapse.First stage-The Mad Max stage-Second stage The road warrior stage and of course the third and final stage thunder dome where all bets are off by this last stage of humanity.I suspect we are in the pre Mad Max stage where women will still have there white nights and manginas.They will be a protected class until the latter part of the Mad Max stage and then its over for them all.

    2. “The next blow would come when viable sex bots become widely available. Let’s face it, if you take away the sexual and reproductive monopoly today’s women enjoy, their value to men (and hence the power they enjoy) would be reduced to zero, since they offer pretty much nothing else of value nowadays.”
      The ‘bots are coming much slower than we would like. In fact, assuming we’re even alive to witness it, we’re gonna be old farts by the time they arrive.
      But the phenomena of women being replaced is already happening in other ways.
      One such way that stands out most in my mind (and something most people really don’t wanna talk about) is the rise of the t-girl.
      T-girls are becoming more and more and more popular among straight men nowadays. And granted, it’s going to be a very, very, very long time before they become just as mainstream as their genetic counterparts, but the takeover has already begun and it is rapidly accelerating.

  2. Women use many excuses for being a bitch these days. In fact, many take the term “bitch” to be a compliment, and a sign that they’re a “strong” woman. The modern woman is the rudest woman in history.

    1. When you say “bitch” you must remember to preface it with “shut the fuck up”. Very effective.

      1. Actually not the best idea. Gives them a platform to scream/rant/piss ever further. I have no idea why we even engage them in discussion anymore.

    2. I was thinking about this one the other day. “Back in the day,” if you called a female a bitch you we’re liable to get your ass kicked by her entire family and you were lucky if she didn’t have any brothers.
      Now that women are “empowered” it’s used freely as a term of endearment. I actually disrespect women on a more regular basis now than I did then. Why do women consider this progress?

  3. on the other hand, when woman stands her opinion or something gets on her nerves, all she ever hears is ‘bitch chill are you on your period or what’…
    and the next thing – i love the ‘how can a period be so bad, have you ever got your balls kicked’ excuse, just like without any reason you would get kicked in the balls for 5 days each month between 11-50.

    1. It’s possible to state your opinion without going psycho. Nobody ever called a woman a bitch for acting in a civilized manner.

      1. Read the rules mister:
        Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will
        be immediately banned, and anyone who replies to them will also be


        1. Its my pleasure to give you the straight and narrow. We shoot straight without consideration for feelings. I don’t sugar-coat my words neither should you. I conveyed the wishes of the owners of the website, take it or leave it.
          And I like beautiful women thank you.

        2. I understand, but you are not in management are you? So who died and made you king? Charm school may be something you should consider.

        3. Perhaps you are right. But I prefer to tell the truth and without any sugar-coating. Even though I am not in management I do care very much about preserving the integrity of male space considering that the lack of such vigilance led to other male spaces being colonized. Perhaps I shouldn’t have called you mister but you should understand why I act the way I act.

        4. I’m a normal guy, if I get in a dispute, I soon forget about it and hold no grudges. Unlike some other gender.

  4. Most women have always been dysfunctional. They are programmed and hardwired to be a complete asshole towards men.
    I always imagined women to be Terminators. As Kyle Reese states:
    “It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel
    pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until
    you are dead.”

    1. Agee 1000%. I have never met a woman in the workplace or personal life who has ever volunteered an apology for their behavior. Only on a handful of occasions have I witnessed a women apologize but only when presented with overwhelming evidence and zeal, and compounded with the potential loss of something they want. Even then they were reluctant and carried the grudge, and looking for the day to extract retribution despite the fact that they were indeed the offending party.

      1. Had an incident at work long ago when I touched a woman on her shoulder briefly because we were getting around each other. She later rudely tells me never to touch her. I later told her I was sorry and it was a reflex, but her attitude was unneeded and a simple “I don’t like to be touched” would have sufficed. She said she was right to have an attitude and didn’t apologize for talking as rudely to me as she did for 2 seconds of hand on shoulder action.

  5. Oh the fucking period bullshit. Cry me a fucking river. First off, it’s your biology. Women have had a period for the last million years (give or take a few hundred million). Sure, it’s unpleasant. So it taking a shit after eating a bunch of hot peppers. You’ll get over it, and it’s not excuse to treat other people like shit because your hormones are flaring.
    Men’s hormones flare a LOT harder than women, we’re expected not to rape (and even to disengage sexually at ANY point when a woman says No, something that’s directly in violation of our hormonal directives). We’re expected not to hit (again, directly in the face of our biological programming), murder, and, with the rise of feminism, actually not to ANYTHING that screams masculine; all directly suppressing our biology.
    And, finally, all of this is entirely under a woman’s control today. Don’t a period? Go on the shot or continual low dose birth control. Don’t want to get pregnant? See above. If a woman today is having a period or having a child, it’s because they WANT TO, not because they have to. Men have no options like this (well, they are out there, but not readily available) to quench their sex drives, they just have to live with it.
    Boo fucking hoo.

    1. Agree. There are too many options today with technology and advancement in medicine. A woman has many choices….many just choose to continue to bitch about anything and everything.

  6. One simple rule: is she mean to *everyone*, or just to *you*?
    If she is giving you sh!t, but is then all sweetness and light when talking to her (girl)friend on the phone, then it she is just using “time-of-the-month” as a convenient excuse to be deliberately mean to you.
    Call out on that BS.

  7. My mother is a Physical Therapist who works in a hospital. Several years ago, a spinal surgeon from that hospital who happens to be a woman was caught in a DUI. Her two children were in the backseat watching as she decked the arresting officer.
    This crazy bitch got away with it by claiming she was PMSing at the time.
    I wish I was making this up.

    1. Wow, that’s a real clusterfuck. As someone who’s had a DUI and can no longer travel to Canada, let me just say, DUI convictions are some real shit. You don’t want them. And men are 80% of the convictions. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

  8. The day after Emma Watson speaks to the UN on how feminism has not fully engulfed the planet. Nude pics of her will be released in 12 hours. Whoever that person is they deserve the same diplomatic immunity as Edward Snowden.

    1. I hope they are as good as the ones of J Lawrence. The pics of her made me want to see her in movies more. Kind of like Paris Hilton, if you’re going to get pics/vids released, make sure you look good in them. The ones of Hope Solo have me considering going gay; she’s obviously taken too much testosterone at some point in her life and way too many dildos or cocks that are as big around as a 2 liter. Honestly, I’m still a little scared from it.
      I hope someone does an article here on the “The Fappening”. It’s great to see that even celebs are total attention grabbing whores.
      God, that pic of JLaw with the messy facial is good, I think I’m going to set it as my background image on my work computer. 😉

      1. “God, that pic of JLaw with the messy facial is good”
        Are you aware there’s an actor named Jude Law? One re-imagining of Dr Watson I can do without

        1. Yeah, thanks for ruining that for me. 😉
          Nahh, you didn’t ruin it, just had to close all my windows and get back to the desktop; all better now.

        1. I didn’t find her the least bit attractive.. Until I saw the pictures. 😉 Trust me, search them out (The Fappening on Google will get you there). It’s worth it.

  9. That’s funny. I thought they go about attacking men and going crazy even when they aren’t on their period!

  10. I feel like this could have been a much better article with a little research. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for you that you found a way to control a really shitty (heh) disease, but likening it to a woman’s period is stretching it at best.
    How about the scientific studies that show that mood swings aren’t linked with the period at all:

      1. You may be correct Homine. As a woman, feels like to me that having a healthy period means I am in good health. I appreciate them. The tampons work well, occasionally I might take an aspirin or water pill, and it is all a predictable lunar cycle. If I feel a bit hyper rarely, I know what it is, and time to maybe mention what I am feeling, and keep my mouth shut. I feel renewed when over. Maybe it is diet, exercise, and a mature attitude, or luck. Now, as for that crohn’s disease, now that’s scary.

  11. Women don’t need an excuse to be a bitch or miserable. Its in their biology to sulk from time to time. They simply cannot handle it. Best to just ignore them.

    1. The ancient Hebrews had laws about this stuff. Stick them in a tent and keep them away from everyone. That way men didn’t have to put up with their shit, and women had just what they always want- another excuse to be useless.

    1. Eating salads did lessen some of the symptoms, but I have a fast metabolism so going without carbs would not be a good long term solution for me. Changes in diet did help as a short term remedy.

      1. Your disease would probably be far more painful and torturous than a woman’s period. Women were designed to bleed every month. The symptoms you have to deal with seem to be extremely taxing on your body. If it’s of any help to you, I remember reading about a special diet created specifically for people with Crohn’s. Take a look: crohns.nutricia.co.uk/crohns_disease/nutritional_therapy/the-lofflex-diet

        1. Thanks, but the hookworms cured if already 100%. I can even eat at Panda Express with zero problems at all. Well, zero problems as far as my Crohn’s is concerned.

  12. Feminists deny there are biological differences between men and women… except when they want to use biological differences to get away with being a bitch.

  13. You seriously couldn’t take the three minutes that would have been necessary to discover that Crohn’s disease has no “hormonal irritability” component before publishing this piece? I know that the modus operandi of writers on this site is to just let the bullshit flow freely without any kind of research or verification, but come on.

    1. Many women who have crohn’s would flare, or feel worse closer to their menstrual cycles. It is fairly common for pregnant women to have no symptoms during pregnancy.
      Men who have crohn’s and are on testosterone replacement therapy, report feeling great! Everytime they would come off, for whatever reason, their crohns would flare! Everytime!

      1. It’s not clear if this is meant to be a refutation of what I wrote. But this is just anecdotal, and even if it were true, it seems like you are confusing cause and effect. Even if Crohn’s symptoms are indeed ameliorated by hormone therapy, that in no means suggests that Crohn’s causes hormone imbalance.

    2. Actually if you bothered to read my article you would see that I wrote “I can’t check the hormone part.” That is word for word that I said there were no hormonal irritability problems, but I did get irritable from lack of REM sleep. Next time you try to make a straw man argument against my work make sure the straw man is not something that I specifically said was not the case.

  14. The mood swings in modern women today are cause by a little known condition, called Copper Toxicity. The copperheads have an illness which they might not be aware of and are often in bad mood, very sensitive and quite often just borderline crazy!
    Copperheads women are often irrational because excessive copper stimulates the biogenic amines (like histamine and serotonin), which accentuate the emotions. Copper has enzymatic effects that stimulate the old, animal brain. Excessive copper increases the adrenalin and is very often the cause for unruly, hyperactive children (or women).

    1. Copperheads are ill, very sensitive, and might be borderline crazy? I guess you voted for Lincoln.

  15. My girlfriend has this problem. My reaction is just to calmly ignore her on bad days … Whatever sets it off.
    One thing I notice about women is that some are emotional vampires … They love using men as conduits to dump their toxicity. This is something that is understated but I imagine happens to men unknowingly.

    1. My ex had this problem. A great period of our relationship was when we had the arrangement that when she is on her rag (and her rag was a shitstorm), we’d spend a week apart.
      It was actually great because… (a) gave us an opportunity to miss each other, and (b) she wouldn’t associate all those shitty feelings with me.
      It really seemed like she had uncontrollable emotional swings when she was menstruating… I only gave her shit about it when it was an issue in public.. otherwise it seemed legit.
      With that said… I’ve been with girls that have had ZERO problems menstruating. I think there is just variability across vaginas.

    1. Don’t worry baby. You’ll win. Let’s dress you up, go out on the town and forget your problems. The world is yours.

    2. Ah, but that’s because men are supposed to become adults, responsible, moral, independent, dominant.(a man’s biological characteristics)
      Girls just need to cry, to complain, to blame, to be emotional and dependent.
      I’m not against the term “man up” when used correctly. Otherwise we are taking the risk of turning boys emotionally/mentally weak, like women are.

      1. I have heard man up over the years and don’t think it translates well for boys. I think boys especially need to learn the value of risk, boundaries and their sexuality. When you tell someone man up you run the risk of destroying them further. Simply generating more testosterone is not enough. Remember you are teaching boys in a system that tells them laws will protect them, safety in conforming and money/comfort is your chief responsibility as a guy.

        1. I see your point.
          The way I meant it, is that it is important to tell boys, that they should be masculine, and prevent them acting like girls do.
          This gender ideology is confusing boys, by confusing the meaning of masculinity.

        2. Wholeheartedly agree. It is a strong issue and I agree man up is appropriate if they know what a man is. And as men we have to be responsible when possible to inform boys what a man is. Otherwise women will continue to run amock assuming the boys are failures for something they could not have known outright. Boys need to know being a man is more than sticking it in some girl.

      2. Good points by you and Red Hood.
        The problem over the years is that feminist (or all women) have hijacked the term “man up”. It’s shaming language, today – women use it to continue to manipulate men.
        All you have to do to counter it is tell a woman to “man up” (aren’t we all equal?).

  16. I do not believe women are as sensitive, physically and mentally. (pain, pleasure)
    For the case of childbirth, a hormone makes her feel less pain, I think it is estrogen…
    I’ve always wonder with confusion,, why women seem to feel far less pain and pleasure… but when something affects them emotionally, they express it with exaggeration.

    1. I myself really think it’s a taboo to say, but I guess women are just lying when they are having bad times so that they can excuse their bad behavior. Women are human beings and they can think for themselves, that’s why their emotional bullshit is just bullshit and we shouldn’t accept it.

      1. I believe is part of a denial mechanism:
        Self-victimization, lack of empathy, blaming men, censuring if possible, defending political correctness, feminism,etc,etc.
        Though we can’t ignore that they are capable of feeling pain. That would be cruel. So we have to be careful about women manipulation

        1. Yes even football players can feel pain, but they are acting that they get hurt so the other party gets a punishment. Women are players…

      1. A google search is showing me, that it is estrogen, and because women have so much of it in their bodies….. :

        “When estrogen levels are high, the brain’s natural pain chemicals –endorphins or enkephalins — are much more potent. The response is much greater than when estrogen levels are low,” Zubieta says.
        Pregnancy, he adds, is a good example of this brain chemistry in
        motion: One of the reasons women can tolerate the pain of childbirth is that just before they deliver, estrogen levels are soaring.
        According to his new research, this hormone activity increases the
        number of receptor sites in the brain where such natural pain-relieving chemicals as endorphins can “dock.”

  17. When women need help the world stops. They are always victims. When a man complains about a legitimate wrong. A wrong that can be proven he is told to man up, shamed, blamed and basically treated like shit. So much for equality. . No wonder men have dropped out of society. What is the payoff.

    1. I don’t want the situation to change for men, as that kind of treatment breeds toughness and virtue. Rather, I would really like to see the coddling of women as if they were pure innocent angels and infants, always the victim, go straight into the rubbish bin of history. Make them equal with our frame, not vice versa.

  18. Women just need to MAN up and stop being poosies. Thats the bottom line. Ive had a few kidney stones and Ive been told its worse than child birth. Really, just deal with it. Its doable.
    I cut off my right index finger on a table saw 2 years ago, picked it up off the ground, held it tight with my other 4 fingers and drove myself to the hospital and had it reattached. Doc didnt want to since its rare to reattach unless its a child but I asked him to. I have full movement again!
    Im tired of bitches bitching about other bitches.

    1. Fucking table saw. God I love them, there’s nothing like that tool for precise work. But every time I’m using it I have images of missing fingers in my head. I’m fucking terrified of the thing, it’s not a matter of “if” just “when” it’s going to fucking get you. I might actually spend the money to get one that has that blade that can’t cut you (Sawstop, I think), at least then I’ll fucking rest easy at night.
      How’d you get an index finger? Most people nail their small finger (pushing it into the saw).

  19. Here is a video of Emma Watson going off about how she is a feminist to the UN.
    She actually manages to empathize a bit with men. Half-way through she states “men don’t have the benefit of equality either”.
    Where I think she is missing the mark a bit though throughout her speech… is that she is coming at this from a purely academic background (read: politically correct background). This is where academic feminism and human rights is going to always leave society on the path to herbivore men.
    They say things like… Men and women should be allowed to behave however they want and suffer no judgement. What they fail to understand is the true nature of women’s and men’s biological imperatives… I think a lot of men would be chill with letting the women run the economy assuming they’d do a good job of it. I’d be perfectly happy to chill at home with the kids and work on personal projects until they’re old enough.
    What these academics (and celebrities???) fail to bring up is the fact that most men are attracted to young women who don’t have the jaded eyes of a thousand previous cocks… and the jaded eyes of men who have realized their disposability to a society that cares nothing for them. They fail to realize that women are attracted to men at the top of the male hierarchy who are pushing things forward with their control over other men rather than these “sensitive men”… The divorce rate is over 50% with women initiating 75% of that… explain that Emma Watson…
    Thankfully some psychologists see what is going on… for example Dr. Jordan Peterson (a personal favourite of mine from University of Toronto), Dr. Warren Farrel (who risked his career to tell what he thought of as the truth), or Dr. Roy Baumeister (another favourite author from University of Florida). These guys are in a good position and able to speak about what the economy and the role sexual dynamics will play… but your average academic is completely left-leaning. And mind you… socially I am also somewhat left-leaning… but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in RedPIll truths… I just think RedPill truth needs to be mainstream and reflected in a truly just political and legal system.
    Anyways I know I’ve been posting things unrelated to the articles but I’m putting out information. Cheers.

    1. She’s a dumb bitch who knows little outside academia. She’s a typical serial dater whose had a boyfriend everyday of her life since she was 16. She goes from cock to cock but somehow she’s ‘independent’.

      1. Yeah…
        This is the kind of shit female friends of mine who become feminists all the sudden post on the facebook feed. I find it interesting to see which females become feminists and which ones do not.
        I know that if I post on facebook any red-pill views I’d be black listed… and I’m sure anyone else who sees these posts and has common sense does the same.
        How many men are secretly boiling and getting sick of this constant tirade?
        Like I said though… At least Hermione tried to acknowledge the male’s perspective… even though I get the impression she doesn’t know jack shit about people who aren’t millionaires.

        1. If she really wanted more womens’ rights she would advocate kicking all the Muslims out of fucking Britain. Islamic countries aren’t going to start educating their women because a Hollywood poptart reads a speech.

  20. Heard about the worms. What they release to prevent the body from fighting the parasite works to keep the body from fighting the intestinal tract.
    Any form of illness gets exaggerated by women so that everyone can see how they pushed through their daily routine, whereas they’ll say a man would be laid up for two days.
    Oh, that little martyr inside has a really loud voice. Women will also seek medication for everything. Men may put off serious stuff a little to long, but the common minor headaches that are probably brought on by too much sugar and not enough sleep, they’ll pop a pill for. Slight sinus pressure, take something for that.

  21. Face it, women LOVE the attention they get from being pregnant. They also love to use ‘pregnant’ as an excuse like: ‘I’m eating for 2’ or ‘I’m pregnant, I can’t cook/clean/work’.

  22. Wow, just wow.
    A woman who has literally zero attractiveness of any kind claims to speak for mothers-to-be.

  23. You might try 200 mg/day selenium yeast (from walmart about $2.50 25% selenium selenite, 75% selenomethinine). I had several autoimmune issues, and it appears to have fixed them. Specifically it seems to reduce oxidative stress that causes inflamation and corrects Treg numbers and behavior. The hookworms might be the equivalent to an asprin..removing the pain temporarily, meanwhile the underlying problem remains or worsens. Usually autoimmune problems are associated with other autoimmune problems.

  24. You cannot both maintain that you should be given a pass for shitty behaviour one week in for because you are a woman, and at the same time maintain that its wrong for employers to pay you less.

  25. I have had kidney stones 6 times. I received treatment which consisted of chemical analysis of the stones and a histology study of fluid intake and outgo. The answer was 4 quarts of liquid intake a day. Back on topic; one of my nieces has had one child birth and one kidney stone. She testifies that the kidney stone was much more painful than childbirth. Don’t put much stock in anything a woman says, ever.

  26. I’ve had chrons since I was 10 years old and been arguing this with women ever since. They never want to believe a man can go through the same pain every day without killing someone.

  27. If you want to turn a feminist into a member of the clergy, just mention artificial womb and listen to them talk about ‘sacred birthing right’. Lol.

  28. I’ve had kidney stones, and my dr, who is a woman who has had children and kidney stones, told me that passing a stone is by far the worst of the two. Although I was short with people due to the excruciating pain, I never felt the need to be a dick.

  29. All of you “men” who eat this shit up will never have a functioning relationship with a woman. Enjoy your selfish, lonely existences. This website is wrong on so many levels.

  30. The funny thing about this article is that it kind of seems like you want special treatment for shitting blood. You’re attacking women for whining about periods through the use of whining about your own condition, and how you don’t trust doctors, and yada yada yada. It’s funny.

  31. All you men are here complaining and bitching about women but you sound like the whiniest bunch of twats ever. You may not like some things about us, but guess what? Some men (like you lot) have become borderline intolerable these days. Waaaaahhhh
    PS: Most of you seem to be complaining about one certain type of girl, who we can all agree is a giant raging, annoying bitch. But to classify ALL WOMEN as this type of girl is as ridiculous as saying that all men are losers. Come on now.

  32. seriously i thank god that my girl is good girl even at her period.Only full time bitches become even more bitchy on period anyways.

  33. You have hit the nail on the head, women try to control emotionally by attempting to belittle by telling us to ‘man up’ when they don’t get something their way and think that is acceptable. However, when on a period and they are complaining would it be deemed socially acceptable to tell them to ‘woman up’ and deal with it? Answer is no, gender equality does not exist. Women want us to care how they feel constantly, do they ever think about how their actions make us feel?

  34. A lot of men I know can’t even catch a cold without whining and wanting to take a day off work. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the time that women are in agonizing pain from their periods, you can’t even tell because we’re at work being professional and friendly and normal to everyone. People who make excuses for their behavior – whatever those might be – come in all genders. Your desire to make this about women and their periods is just whiny, poor-me-I’m-a-victim, sexism, plain and simple.

  35. Omg the butthurt from men in here is just too real. If you’re that upset and don’t want to deal with women just be gay and fuck eachother instead of acting all nice guy and then turning around and slagging the whole sex. agreed there are shitty women but there are shitty men too, start a group and bitch about them oh wait the group is already on this website lol.

  36. ill admit that as a woman i can openly say i do go over the top about things whilst on my period. But you cant exactly compare the 2, because what you have compared to a period affects the body in different ways. Just because they have similarities doesnt mean you can speak for women who have periods. everyones different so some women are able to handle their hormones better than other women. you cant compare Crohn’s Disease to a period. Also not all women are irritated and are bitches because some women happen to get very emotional or throw up. Its not right for a women to hit her partner etc and blame a period, thats true but its still something that affects the hormones and you cant speak for it unless youre a woman who has periods. Like i said every woman is affected differently so not all women would be bitchy.

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