Top 25 Pictures From The “American Girls Be Like” Meme

Tuthmosis started an amusing meme on the forum that highlights to faults and hypocrisy of American women. Here are my favorites:



















































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For more images, visit the thread where it all started or check out the Twitter hashtag #AmericanGirlsBeLike.

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231 thoughts on “Top 25 Pictures From The “American Girls Be Like” Meme”

    1. The woman in this photo — I’d slam an apple in her ass then spank her pussy with a cricket bat.

        1. It seems to me that you don’t understand the slang meaning of the word thirsty…either that or you just wanted to post a picture of two midgets…

        2. I’m partial to the selfie in front of the casket at the gravesite. Just like the one at Auschwitz, it kinda says everything you need to know, doesn’t it?

        3. Sad. I guarantee there was no strong father figure in either girl’s life.
          Raising children is easiest when a real man and a real woman are involved.

        4. Speaking of which: Was in a supermarket a couple of days ago when, in the produce section, I spied a mother accompanied by a young girl who was apparently her daughter of 14, maybe 15 years. The kid wore a black leotard from the waist down which was pulled up over a nondescript t-shirt, and that’s it—no shorts over the leotard at all. She hardly looked like she’d just finished a ballet class, and the kid was somewhat precociously shapely, if you know what I mean.
          But at least she seemed to be dressed for success of a certain kind: Mom, an otherwise not-unattractive, middle-aged Gen-Xer, was put together like an unmade bed. And this is in an affluent, far-suburban (and moderate-to-leans-right) corner of the Denver metro area! Saw the pair of them a couple more times during the trip, and all I could think was, “Man, the kid wouldn’t have made it past the open garage door of my house without wearing a pair of cutoff denims over that leotard at an absolute minimum.”
          Bingo. Shame and self-awareness have been dead and buried side by side for well over a decade now.

        5. Yep. I now appreciate when my dad used to yell at my sisters ” Put some clothes on!” .

        6. Decency is alive and well at our house. My daughter likes the hippy look, but when she takes it to far and I say something, she just says, “OK, Dad” and changes.
          She’s a damned good looking girl. I am really glad she’s even and easy to deal with. I pity men with surly daughters.

        7. please refrain from posting.
          your choice of data is poor. this comes from a post-wall female blogger who created her own sex-positive nonsense idiot box to spew a 2005 academic paper from a no-name psychology phd at a no-name papermill university in illinois, usa, in order to say which countries are doing it right gooo-feminism! her shit blog article was picked up by a useless numbers-junkie website pandering fake data and graphs to clueless idiots, trying (and probably succeeding) in selling utter nonsense to people who clearly have no ability to evaluate whether or not they’re being lied to.
          that list itself is neither accurate nor precise, and the ranking is as pointless as your post. the 2005 paper all but admitted it’s self-assessment surveys were useless crap, but nevertheless went on to speculate wildly on what conclusions can be drawn from this shit, claiming, not joke, that more sex-equal countries are less promiscuous – a finding that flies in the face of every known fact in reality. furthermore, it reduced each country to an average, completely ignoring any attempts at cumulative distribution analysis, so the study has no way of knowing if all the women and none of the men in a given country survey are getting sex (0.5*100F + 0.5*0M = 50% promiscuity). Not that this is likely, but the fact that the study can’t even evaluate if its data suffers such obvious bias clearly demonstrates that they weren’t interested in any truth or wisdom, and just wanted to spew foaming shit-laden agenda craziness – a conclusion not at all inconsistent with, shocker!, a paper from a backwater worthless university psychology phd department mangina.
          case closed. stop posting.

        8. So true! It’d be even more accurate if the American Female had some “curves”.

        9. @tempus.fugit…bravo. Bravo I say.
          It’s akin to me asking my 3 best friends, “Have you ever stolen anything?” If they respond no, my conclusion is that theft does not happen in this country.
          Too many statistical diatribes on studies that are clearly intended to produce a certain response are rampant these days, and are distributed by the modern-day National Enquirers. “They said it on the Internet…that means it’s true.”
          Then go back to the grocery store and buy that National Enquirer about the family being so happy with their three-headed dragon baby.

      1. I love how you’re speaking about women as a whole, Michael Penis! I’m so upset i had a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and watch Marvel movies with me. God damnit, girls like her are never gonna run the world… that’s why God made us men! I taught her how to watch movies and look hot 🙂

  1. I like #19 though for some reason those girls look more European than American to me.

  2. The “I love coffee” one on the forum is great too. So true. You are drinking 800 calories!

      1. Full of fructose that fucks up your metabolism by overwhelming your liver and full of caffeine which stresses your adrenal glands and eventually leads to adrenal fatigue. Caffeine and sugar, two deadly poisons blended into a shake with a classy sounding Frenchy name. Dumb Americans will buy anything if it sounds good enough.

        1. Dumb American women you mean. I don’t know many men at all, not even pathetic betas, that go for the Hot Caffeine Milkshakes that they laughingly call “coffee” at SB’s.

        2. I’m so happy i’m not American. I actually have a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and loves to watch Marvel movies with me. I am one happy Swedish father.

  3. My personal favorite? No.23!
    I fell off my chair laughing at Daenerys constipated expression, when Khal Drogo was (probably) reaming her ass.
    No.10 was what Bella Knox can use.

      1. Some people just keep doing the next thing and never slow down so they never actually have to reflect on their decisions, so no smh..

      2. Nah, I don’t think they ever feel true shame.
        On the bright side, though – nursing homes are going to be fucking hilarious in about 30-40 years.

    1. Her body and face looks like a disqus thread.
      Full of custom made user avatar designs….
      I wonder if she doesn’t have tattoos down below too. It would be difficult to identify her holes then…

    2. The only thing I’m wondering is if there is a dude out there willing to wife this up.

    3. The woman in this photo — I’d completely submerge her in Thousand Island dressing, then lose 20 lbs. fucking her mother.

  4. I never thought Id see a just pics post on RoK from Roosh no less… but for some reason in this case pictures do say a thousand words… well done.

      1. Oh. do not stop. I really enjoyed it actually. I was just surprised that it was possible to do at all and did not expect it.

      1. Jim Carrey married that whore in 2005, and she divorced his ass in 2010, taking with her $25 million of his money (that’s $5 million per year, $13.6k per day for sex with a playboy certified used aged slut) as well as his son to boot. a son which she paraded around in public and used to further her autism comes from vaccines bat-banana-crazy agenda.
        i be like, shit jim, i hope it was worth it.

        1. What surprises me (or actually, it doesn’t) is the fact this woman is continually given a platform to spew her anti-vaccine nonsense and being pedestalled and paraded around like she is a leading scientist, some kind of medical expert with decade-long experience. Couple of fake tits and a media presence apparently is all one needs to be set on the same foot as a prominent scientist.

        2. well, she’s just using a contrived political movement to escape her responsibilities, blaming her inability to raise a boy as a loving mother on a mystical magical bogeyman (rather than her own autism-inducing narcissistic behavior). millions or not, don’t marry sluts, etc, etc.
          the scientist you might be referring to is wakefield, if memory serves. he and his unscrupulous business buddy created an inferior, more expensive MMR vaccine competitor, and tried to sell it by creating and publishing a unashamedly fake study showing not that his vaccine was better, but that mercury-attenuated MMR vaccine had an autism link. decades of craziness ensued, but not due to wakefield: he too used a pre-existing contrived political movement to his own beneficial ends. wakefield eventually got stripped of his MD (in britain), and the fiercely defending ‘peer-reviewed’ journal recanted the publication, but the damage was done, giving the crazies all the self-validation they needed to amplify their movement explosively across the globe. in time, science amassed enough evidence to discredit the autism link, but too little, too late.
          while wakefield can no longer practice medicine, mccarthy still parades autism-vaccine crap fiercely. neither really deserve credit for helping the autism-vaccine homeopaths, they’re really just signs of the times, idiots using other idiots, etc. i think the real cause is that scientific science has fallen so low for so long.

    1. It could also very much imply ‘all of my friends are gays’ – especially if she’s getting anally reamed in that pic…

  5. This classic is proof positive to each of us why ROK will be a permanent mainstay on the favorites list.
    Congrats Roosh

    1. The woman in this photo — I’d stick a keg tap in her fat ass, then make a million dollars selling cellulite to Oprah Winfrey.

      1. Ha ha ha, thank goodness I’m not American… I’m proud to have a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and loves watch Marvel movies with me. I’m one happy father 🙂

    1. The woman in this photo — I’d give her the ‘Ultra-Heimlich’: Rip off her clothes, hang her upside down, then punch her titties.

    2. so apt, so relevant. olivia munn.
      this flat-chested, no-ass, tiny asian attention whore made her fame off of desperate wapanese beta knight gamers, g4tv network live-camera acts of cock-teasing humiliating self-degradation, made bank, and now lingers on as a pop-culture icon with ad, movie, and cameo endorsement deals. she doesn’t have to do as much self-degrading these days, having captured the attention, fame, and bucks in her ‘prime’.

    1. I love how you’re speaking about women as a whole! I’m so upset i had a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and watch Marvel movies with me. God damnit, girls like her are never gonna run the world… that’s why God made us men! I taught her how to watch movies and look hot 🙂

  6. Hahaha this here is a lolocaust.
    I tripped over my lollerskates, think I might’ve stress fractured my funny bone.
    Muy bien hecho, amigo.

  7. The moral of these 25 “stories” is to “Never listen to what women say, but always watch what they do.”
    Which inevitably leads most thinking men to come to terms with the realization that “You can either love women or understand women, but never both.”

  8. Articles like this one degrade the overall credibility of RoK. It looks tacky, cheap and manipulative.
    #19 Looks like Ukraine not USA.

    1. This isn’t The New Republic.
      It’s a web site for men and learning to laugh is an important part of life. If the Auschwitz picture doesn’t make you simultaneously weep and laugh for the state of the American woman, nothing will

      1. The girl is 14. Leave her alone. It’s hard for a kid to understand or fathom the horror that happened 60 years before she was born.

        1. Really, my 10 year old son wouldn’t even think of doing something that stupid and disrespectful…but then again, he has a father!

        2. The idea that she would be on site at Auschwitz without having any knowledge of what it was and what it means is not credible.

        3. Ever been to Gettysberg or Thiepval? Vimy Ridge or Waterloo? Arnhem? Magdeburg? Malta?
          Robben Island? Thou Shalt No Bear a Grin…

        4. HoloHOAX is just joooo lies. Surely you aren’t such a naieve credulous pleb to believe such?

        5. Evolution strongly supports racism. It supports the eugenics. Every penny that the Dems extract from white tax payers and gives to Sheboons is a penny that can’t be spent on a white kid. Obama’s policy platform is dysgenic and geared toward destroying western civilization from the inside out. It’s not just him it is the coalition behind him. Blacks (genetic throwbacks) Jews (biggest Eugenicists out there, covertly) queers (genetic dead end) feminists (dried up wombs). The four horsemen of the apocalypse.
          Everything Darwin and Galton theorized about evolution supports the policy of extermination for competing ethnic and racial competitors. Down home redneck Christians probably realize this about Darwin. They are too fucking nice to accept the dirty work that needs to be done.
          Liberals teasing cons about “eevolooshun” better hope that religious conservatives never embrace the theory. Piles of dead people will result.

        6. Francis Crick (the scientist who discovered DNA) suggested the following.
          “It’s more likely that a tornado would çontruct a Boeing 747 if it whirled through a junk yard than DNA EVOLVED in the time frame allowed by geological data on earth.”
          Crick might have been implying that DNA is extraterrestrial in origin but the point is obvious. It’s older than the planet on which it now exists and must therefore come from another source. This doesn’t disqualify evolution, but it does mean the puzzle is far from solved.

        7. Thank you for implying that any non-intelligent comment must by needs come from the Scottishs/Irish/Scots-Irish descendents of my people who emigrated to Appalachia. Way to kick it up a notch, pilgrim.

      2. I don’t wanna see the Holocaust turned into a substitute religion. The Jews played the game in Eastern Europe and lost. Now they can play tiddlywinks with Arabs for eternity on Germany’s dime.
        That girl got it right. Even if she was completely unaware of the Jewish hysterics that would follow.
        I’ve been to the Colloseum and cracked a grin. I don’t see Christians forming a mob to disembowel me in revenge.

  9. the #25 is excellent ! fits perfectly with french girls too (among many others)

  10. You know what is crazy about this? I should be laughing and take this as comedy yet, even comedy has some creative twist to it when the comedians tell there joke as they mix in the truth.
    This here right tho is just too damn accurate
    Especially 22 and 17. I seen my young female cousin sitting RIGHT NEXT to her friend as they BOTH were on their phone the entire time at the cookout my family had. I asked “What are you two up to” and my cousin said “Hanging out”.
    I was just watching and couldn’t even laugh. To quote Kanye West
    “Its not funny anymore try different jokes”

    1. They were probably communicating digitally along with other friends. It is so surreal how they disconnect from reality into this digital void for minutes or hours at a time, It’s not just women anymore though, smartphones have changed society in such a monumental way. I’ve seen people act like they are having withdrawals when they can’t check their phone every half hour.

  11. If you guys want to see a well put together feature length that displays how the modern American woman operates I suggest you see the movie Boyhood by Richard Linklater.
    Just came out and I saw it last night. Awesome thought provoking movie. They try to portray the mom in a balanced way… As in… Clearly she is a whore using men and divorcing husbands left right and centre but it also portrays her as a mom tryin to do her best.
    Whether you like her or not I was shocked to see a film that might hit the MSM be so candid about American relationships and American life.

    1. “Boyhood”? I’ll check it out. I’ll see if its on Netflix. If not, I have other outlets to find shit.
      I love watching movies now that are Female driven. Its just fucking cringe worthy, yet you get a insight on a visual level as to how they and society still think. Sometimes its good to step away from TRP for a brief and see what everybody is still believing in.
      Also, watching “The Matrix” movie now is such a different experience. The special effects take a backside unlike when I first seen it as a kid in 1999

      1. “Also, watching “The Matrix” movie now is such a different experience. The special effects take a backside unlike when I first seen it as a kid in 1999″. True but the message is still relevant and important. I don’t watch it for the visuals but for the dialogue.

        1. I think he meant as in the special effects are downplayed by the thematic message of that movie now… with “red pill” representing a very real awakening in real life !!

        2. The pill is based on Alice In Wonderland for what it is worth. The Matrix is a rip off of Lewis Carroll’s Magnum Opus.
          I am critical of the film. As I reckon it contains a few poison pills of its own.
          Neo is a typical Christ Figure who risks his life as a self sacrifice. It’s Gran Tourino with Rotoscope animation.
          Zion is a heaving mess of nasty looking half breeds. I wanted the machines to destroy them. At the end of the cycle I re watched the Agent Smith and Laurence Fishburne interrogation. I agreed with everything that Smith said. Fishburne stank.
          The architect. Colonel Sanders built that world did he? The Oracle is a ghetto mama? You go grrrrllllllll. There are no female Agents, so far as I know there were no black agents. Hilarious. A black man teaches a Eurasian how to use his mind? Wtf was that? You can see where this is going.
          Years later one of the film directors has a sex change and we have the Wachkowski Sisters…
          You ought to just read Alice in Wonderland mate.

        3. One last point. The people who reject the Matrix tend to have higher mathematical capabilities because they notice the glitches and patterns. They notice things. I’d assume that Zion would be filled with scientific/mathematical Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princton, Cal Tech, MIT and various engineering grads. What we get are people you run into in Newark, Haiti, Detroit, Brixton, Baltimore if you let your guard down.
          Does anyone seriously think that the brainpower needed to beat a gigantic machine intelligence could be found at the KFC on MLK BLVD crashing his BMW through the front window?

    1. Boy is that sewer worker ever oppressing those two poor defenseless waifs. Where exactly is that evil Slavic patriarchy we keep hearing so much about? Can’t seem to spot it on that pick no matter how hard I try.

  12. It’s sad that my sons will grow up into their mating years to face a cesspool of dangerously deluded sluts.

    1. And this is the degenerate culture the American PC feminist media tries to export to other parts of the world.

      1. The Arabs and Africans see us for what we’ve become and want no part of it. I wouldn’t want my daughters hanging out with American girls. In a very short time, they can ruin a fathers lifetime of work raising his daughter to be worthy of life and love.

        1. I agree, if you raise a daughter in the US. Just save yourself the pain and pimp her out. Everyone will get sex from her for free anyway.

        2. I agree. Arabs think Western women are whores, and they’re completely spot on. I would not recommend the Arabs copy our culture. This country and its women are horrible. What disgusts me the most is the money that is taken out of my paycheck and used to redistributed to these strumpet’s bastard children.

        3. Whew, I’m so lucky to be Swedish! I actually have a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and watch Marvel movies with me. God damnit, American blondie bitches are never gonna run the world…

  13. The one with the girl doing a selfie at the funeral is, sadly, spot on.
    I have a friend who is dying of cancer and he’s on his death bed. Several girls I know went to visit him. They ended up taking smiling selfies, with my friend lying in a hospital bed behind them. Then they uploaded it to Facebook for maximum attention whoring.
    Their attitude is paramount to, “Look how hot I am. Oh, by the way, there is some dying guy behind me. Whatever.”

    1. These women are the worst scum.
      I wonder what kind of lives they live. They didn’t deserve to be born as humans.

      1. I love how you’re speaking about women as a whole. I’m so upset i had a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and loves to watch Marvel movies with me. God damnit, Swedish girls like her belong in the zoo, don’t they?

    2. Unfuckingbelievable how these sluts act! Similar happened to me, on the way to the hoapital my buddy’s girl demanded we stop at walgreens because she needed an eye liner. My God, how do these women not see the seriousness of the situation…

      1. And they’ll shame you for shaming them. They want to be “free” and make their own choices. They make terrible ones.

    3. And why did you allow this to happen? There’s a very strong case right there that even many women could be persuaded to agree that shaming was required. Hard shaming.

      1. I didn’t say anything out of sympathy for my friend. I didn’t want him to have to deal with a Facebook fued during his last days on earth.
        I thought about sending a private message to the girl, but didn’t – a private shaming would mean nothing to her.
        I let it go, but was not pleased.

    4. Psychiatrists have officially confirmed that obsession with “Selfies” is a mental disorder

    5. I’m really sorry for your friend, why didn’t you teach these bishes a lesson? You should shame them in public, not in private.

      1. As I mentioned above, I did not want to mire my friend is a Facebook spat, force him to interject an opinion, etc. I wanted him to spend his last days stress free.

  14. What is wrong with women?
    -Always on their phones
    -Always spend money that they don’t have on shit that they don’t need
    -Obsessed with Facebook, Twitter and other social media
    -Obsessed with taking pictures of themselves
    -Obsessed with celebrity culture
    -Cannot find productive ways to spend their time.
    -Only get jobs with affirmative action, good looks and not with brains or hardwork
    -Want to have kids and get married so they can extort money by twisting the system to ruin men
    FUCK WOMEN! MGTOW for life.

    1. I love how you’re speaking about women as a whole! I’m so upset i had a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and watch Marvel movies with me. God damnit, girls like her are never gonna run the world… that’s why God made us men! I taught her how to watch movies and look hot 🙂

  15. No.2 looks actually doesn’t look like he’s getting a blowjob. His stance instead looks like he’s urinating deep in her mouth. That’s why she’s a sperm urinal.

  16. No.10 – lol
    Bella Knox – empowered feminist – getting nailed like a bitch in submissive doggystyle.

    1. Oh yeah I’ve heard about her..she’s the Duke University “student”…excuse me I meant “slut”…who said that if Duke won the NCAA Tournament she would give all of the players a blowjob hahaha

    2. I’m so happy i have a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and watch Marvel movies with me. God damnit, weak American blondie bitches like Bella Knox and Lacy Green are never gonna run the world…

  17. I get your point, which is a common one and usually presented in the form of healthy criticism of certain trends, but I have to question the falling into this neo-marxist-tumblr identity politics thing. You serve the same ends as those tools do when you respond in kind. It just keeps spiraling down into more and more extreme forms of the same when you do that. Modern marxists want identity warfare; every group must feel oppressed and that society is intolerable, because the old class struggle didn’t work in western society at all.

  18. The Auschwitz girl actually deserves props. Even if inadvertently. The rest are funny.

  19. Just because the guy has tattoos and a six pack doesn’t mean he isn’t a nice guy with a good sense of humor.
    The others are fairly accurate.

  20. #6 is Melissa McEwan (nee Lemond) from the horrendous femmie blog hell. Well done to who ever created that one.

    1. Agreed. Plenty of 1) fat/ugly, 2) “social justice warrior” bullshit over there.

  21. Only an American woman would ever say that being morbidly obese is attractive. Sad state our society is in.
    I was just reading about that fat guy that took a bunch of photos pretending he was pregnant that’s going viral right now. So many people commenting on that shit saying it’s funny and that they guy did a good job “supporting his wife.” Is there no end to the degeneracy? I have a felling it will get much worse before it gets better

    1. so long as he is famous chicks will bang him… until the fad is over and he’s a loser.

        1. I don’t know… How could you humiliate yourself for a woman like that who isn’t even putting out for you?
          Nope nevermind… I get it… I hope his kids find those photos.

    2. Have you noticed the look on his face in those pictures? I have not seen anything that disturbing in a long, long time. What kind of woman could even stand to be with such a freak of nature, let alone allow herself to be impregnated by it. Assuming it is he who impregnated her and not the other way around. You never know nowadays, do you?

    1. The woman in this photo — I’d pay her one hundred dollars to fart on her face, then tell her the money was counterfeit.

    1. Effective (not excessive) tanning is actually therapeutic. It stimulates Vitamin D which fights cancer. The whole “the sun causes cancer” thing is corporate propaganda that obscures the real reasons. Toxic sunscreens, birth control pills, etc. are what are really harmful.

      1. i am unable to distinguish this post from parody or mind-warping female nonsense. if the former, nice job. if the later, i ask forgiveness in advance.
        all, repeat, all, of the vitamin-d healthy shit is precisely that: shit. vitamin-d does not fight cancer. non-sequitur. at best it is a trailing indicator of calcium deficiency, bacterial infection, and/or cellular damage. some unscrupulous researchers back in the day tried to make a name for themselves by inverting the causal relationship, and the medical community has had to deal with our self-professed nonsense ever since. got rickets/bacteremia/skin cancer? then you’ll most likely have elevated vitD levels. got elevated vitD levels? then you’re either a gullible vitamin-popping fuck-nut homeopath worshiper, or much more rarely, you’ve got rickets/bacteremia/skin cancer.
        i will say this, i don’t have any idea which is more cancerous, vitD, sunscreen, or birth control, since all of their cancer risk profiles are so fucking low they don’t even register on long-term (phase-4) post-market surveillance health reports.
        take oral vitD if you want to, waste your money, it makes no difference and most likely won’t make you any more or less healthy. vitD is an internal steroid hormone whose purpose is calcium phosphate regulation and XXXX, but we don’t know what XXXX is. period. and we aren’t ever likely to find out as long as health nutters focus on it. science ruined. thanks.

        1. Keep spewing the medical industrial complex line. By the way, homeopathic medicine is what really cures diseases. (I have experienced it for myself). Allopathic medicine is great for emergency situations. Homeopathy is what the royalty and the elites use. They don’t want the masses to find the real cures because it cuts into their drug businesses and their medical cartels.
          (Your neurolinguistic programming has just caused the phrase “conspiracy theorist” to enter your mind).
          What constitutes “science” among the medical community is always changing. Doctors on TV in the 50s made commercials referring to “scientific studies” which “proved” that smoking has no effect on health. (They are on YouTube).
          So I guess anyone who doubted those doctors and those unbiased scientific researchers “ruined science” according to you. (Damn those anti-smoking, anti-medical community, anti-science “health nutters”).
          “the medical community has had to deal with our self-professed nonsense ever since.”
          Freudian slip?

      1. nothing. she uses exaggerated facial expressions for fake rage, but really just to hide her chubbiness. if memory serves, she’s a short big-breasted/gifted youtube girl who rants on quite hypocritically about objectification being bad, all the while wearing rather amplifying attention-whore clothing.
        found it. laci green.

  22. Image #2 reminds me of the same campus slut that attempted extortion on me, especially when she also sent me a sext message, a set of her fellatio pictures, and sometime after that, and the claim that “I got raped” by another guy.
    Seriously, this how and why I don’t take Anglo/Anglicized women seriously anymore, because all they do is cry “WOLF!” or more appropriately in this situation, crying a false “RAPE!” claim and accusation. Like I have been saying ad nauseum, men of ALL ethnic stocks got LYNCHED for such false claims, long before the Civil Rights era.

    1. The North American crime explosion took off after the threat of vigilante violence vanished. Couple the end of Lynching with desegregation and you get to vacate the city your father built for you and instead commute 2 hours a day in a steel box.

      1. And yet, your ilk are soft on employing accountability on your own women. #smh #facepalm

        1. Why do you live around whites and chase white pussy? Looking for an upgrade in the genetic sweepstakes?

        2. My point is that English societies put unwarranted and unjustified pedestalization of of their women, to the point it undid England and their very own women delivered England to the Vikings. What factors led to this? Thirsty Englishmen and lack of accountability on Englishwomen.
          Meanwhile, I caught on to your shenanigan of putting ‘pnssy’ as a red herring. Yawn.

        3. The English were just the first wave of Vikings. There is virtually no genetic, cultural or linguistic difference between Anglo-Saxons and Danes or Norwegians. Same people.

        4. Stop using the “White America Policy” from the 19th Century, would you?
          If anything, Scandinavians and English folk are culturally different, especially in the field of personal accountability. Let’s compare and contrast Earl Warren and Margaret Thatcher.
          At least Earl Warren owned up into his mistake of putting innocent Americans to internment camps, while Margaret Thatcher got away with supporting Apartheid, subverting and quashing the miners’ revolt in England, ‘anti-communist’ dictators, to name a few.
          Yet, it has become clear you have a gynocratic worship of Margaret Thatcher, in spite of her ruining the livelihoods of Englishmen.

        5. Except for a time Christian monasticism. Bro’s in remote locations coastal locations hoarding gold and writing stuff in books. The Vikings were after pedastals alright. Gold ones propping up bibles. Females around 700-1000 in England barely had property rights. The situation in Scandinavia was in all fairness much more egalitarian.
          Where did you get your historical data?

  23. How does this skinny loser get women!?
    Blown away.
    Some skinny trailer park loser — Who was a total
    chump around women— Read some psychological
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    Hard to believe?
    Josh is known as one of top dating coaches in the
    He has about… oh 100,000 or so clients who are
    using this system.
    The success rate of those clients is a whopping
    I will be back tomorrow on the science behind it all,
    but if you want to find out what the undectetable
    loophole is, find it right here:

    1. Geez, I’m so happy we’re Swedish! I have a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and watch Marvel movies with me. God damnit, American girls are never gonna run the world…

    1. Btw, this is from
      Can you imagine if there was a service called Woman Servants? The tag line would be “A woman, but better,” and you could name her whatever you want? Ridiculous.

  24. LMFAO! Especially at that granny who is now ready to settle down!
    It’s amazing how fucking awful this big gender social experiment has turned out to be. We can laugh about it, but it’s pretty tragic at the same time. It’s gallows humor at this point, but there is really nothing else we can do other than laugh.

    1. This is a real time genocide.

      Note Behar and Barbara cackling about this as the blonde attractive woman vanishes. Goldberg, Behar and Walters. The apocalypse is upon us.

      1. Enough of the white genocide nonsense. Seriously, why do you care about white people so much? It’s not like white people would give a fuck about you. Just the other day, I saw a white guy kicking the living shit out of another white guy.
        If you were down and out, I assure you, most white people would not give a fuck about you. So seriously, take your aryan brotherhood and KKK mentality the fuck out of here. All humans are the same- we breath, we live, we die. End of. Period. No one will give a fuck for you or your family or race at the end of the day.
        Live your life to the fullest and stop worrying about race. Fuck humanity.

  25. A few things i want to say.
    I have been following both Roosh V and Return of Kings for a couple of years now and find both sites of interest, visiting each on a daily basis. Some of the articles on Return Of Kings are excellent, and some on Roosh V have been interesting in the past although recently they have sunk into melancoly and hopelessness.
    What I wanted to say is that I think the advice to men offered on both sites is variable. Some of it is great and will help its readers while other advice I feel is misleading and does not help the reader.
    I am now 43 and married, and have been with my wife for 12 years or so. Before this I had a variety of GF’s of variable quality. There have been some key phases in my life.
    1. Early years up until 21. Absolute shyness and no confidence when it came to girls. No idea how to get them into bed but was very good at entertaining them and making them laugh.
    2. 21 until late twenties. Either in a relationship or single. Often in a relationship which was not ideal but stayed there for too long or single and finding no opportunities. Mainly hanging around with friends who looked down and felt above approaching girls and chatting them up and not willing to go to venues where women were available. The odd one night stand from a nightclub.
    3. Late twenties until meeting my future wife. I independently worked out what these sites call ‘Game’. Not to commit to relations. Keep free. Play the field. Keep what now seems to be known as harem of about 8–10 girls over a few years. Not get into a relationship until i wanted to get into a relationship. Played tough and firm but fair when it came to committing, but never lied.
    4. Found someone who was worth getting into a relationship with and dropped the harem.
    As you can see there were four main stages of my life with women. Early on I just didnt have a clue about how to move from making a girl laugh and entertaining her to kissing and sex. I guess even when I met my first serious girlfriend at 20/21 that i still didn’t but then i gradually learned. This is where I would have benefitted greatly from the tips RV and ROK frequently publish about approaching, and the techniques and mechanics of doing this. I just didnt have the confidence or the guts to even ask a girl out let alone move in for a kiss.
    In stage two, that lasted several years I found i was often in a dilema. Either in a relationship that was acceptable but not great, missing great opportunities with great girls while in a relationship but then when I was single finding there were no opportunities when i needed them. Probably still lacking confidence and techniques to meet and pickup girls many of the tips here would have helped. Some of the relationships were good for a period, but then i found myself in them too long and hanging around with friends who seemed happy to be single or have low quality girl friends, and so not wanting to chat with girls in bars etc.
    Stage three was the harem stage. Here i learned that being confident, non commital, but enteraining, fun and nice but also very honest actually led to more women than ever. I rectified the mistake in stage two and never committed to anyone i didnt feel i wanted to committ to. I often said to these girls that whatever they did in their own time was up to them (insinuating i felt the same about my time away from them) but that when we met up and went out we would have fun, have a laugh and have a good time. I also said that if it ever stopped being fun we would stop doing it. I described it as just how relationships were in the films. I was very fair. I didnt talk about other girls and i didnt question them on other men that they may see. I am sure the fact i said that we would make the most of our time together and continue having great times until it was no longer fun, made them realise that if there was ever jealousy or questioning it would mean the end. I never said i loved anyone i didnt love or led anyone on.
    When one girl said that she wanted to be in a relationship with me instead of this loose arrangement i said i understood, but i said there were three options: 1. We could just be friends with no sex, but that if we decided to do this i would never try to overturn this. 2. We could continue as we were, having great times and sex but both free to do whatever else we wanted or 3. I understood that we may have to stop seeing each other at all and just remember we had a brilliant time together. She thought hard and said it had to be option number 1. I politely accepted it and with all honesty said i would abide by it 100%, although we both knew that this would also mean us seeing less of each other. The day after i got a call and she said she had changed her mind and would take option 2.
    This is when i learned that being able to walk away was a key strength. As Felix Denis wrote in his amazing book ‘How To Get Rich’, if you are willing to lose you often win.
    I took a similar stance with all my girls at this time. Not cruel or mean. Just totally honest. We will have the best of times when we go out. No hassle. No jealousy. No questioning or interrogations. No strings. No committment. But enjoy each others company and sex when it happens. I was always clear, once it stopped being these things we didnt have to do it anymore. The result was that in effect the times with me were their favourite times with a man and the result of my honest non committment was that each and everyone would have eagerly taken a relationship with me if i had offered it. I was something they wanted but didnt have, which made me even more desirable.
    Funnily enough, this period was great for boosting my confidence but over the course of a couple of years it also made me far more choosy. In the end i couldnt really be bothered hanging around with some of these girls so dropped them. But by this stage in my life i also learned that sex — for me — is best when you have sex with the same girl several times or more. One night stands often resulted in shit sex, the lead up to sex often being the best part of the whole process.
    One reason i didnt get into a relationship was that in the past i had got into relationships with average girls and then — as i dont cheat — found that when i met a really good girl i was blocked from them because of the relationship i was in. I stayed in average relationships too long and wasted too much time. I also learned at this time that women find men who already have a girl more attractive than a single man. It elevates the man to something that they want and value.
    When i met my future wife i was free to go out with her and get into a relationship. I dropped the harem and we have now been together a dozen years. She is really great, sexy, intelligent etc and we have a brilliant relationship and friendship with trust and loyalty. We both have freedom to meet our friends and follow our interests. There is a balance between us of power. We are both confident but both care for each other and are willing to adapt to help each other. Neither of us are weak. Both of us have the ability to walk away. Both know that each other and ourselves would be perfectly capable of finding new quality partners if we ever split. We choose to stay together.
    From my experiences these are my key learnings. Some agree with what this site preaches and some dont.
    1. Overcome shyness and lack of confidence early on. Hang around with friends who want to do the same. The shyness and lack of confidence is often caused by the fact when you are young and inexperienced you tend to put girls on a pedastal.
    2. Don’t commit to a relationship unless it is really worth it. Don’t stay in a relationship when it is no longer worth it. Do not waste time as it is valuable.
    3. Understand that there is no guarrantee that whoever you are with will be 100% faithfull. Don’t let this make you mad with paranoia and jealousy. You will never know what your partner is doing every minute or every day, but just be clear with yourself that if you ever discover something you will just call it a day without any drama.
    4. Don’t get back into a relationship that has failed before. Don’t waste your time. It will probably fail again once you remember all the reasons why it ended the first time. When you finish it, finish it for good and don’t go back. Don’t be friends either.
    5. Lots of women are great. They are great to talk to, share ideas with, listen to, laugh with, have sex with and share time with. Some are brilliant. Some of these girls are great for relationships. Some of these same great girls are destined to be just a few dates or a few weeks of what will become great memories.
    6. Some women are trouble. They bring you problems. They bring you hassle. Avoid them. Especially avoid getting into relationships with them. If you make that mistake then end the relationship. One of the best ways of judging people in life is to listen when they talk about their friends and what goes on in their life and also watch and listen carefully to see how they treat other people that they can’t get anything from. This reveals their true character. Are they rude to strangers and waiters/waitresses etc. Is there a never ending story of how uncaring their friends are, how their friends let them down, how they care so much and others don’t. This is a clear sign post that they are going to just be hassle and problems. Another thing, avoid girls who don’t seem to have any friends or just one. There is often a reason for this, and it often puts lots of pressure on you as a bf if you get together.
    7. One of the most successful periods in my life for women was when i took a resolute and firm but honest and fair line. Where i was willing to walk away if it didnt work for me or her. Where we would continue to meet as long as it was still fun. This in effect pressurised her to make sure it remained fun, because as soon as there had been any arguing, jealousy, questioning etc she knew i would call it a day. At the same time i didnt play mind games to get the upper hand.
    8. I often read lots of men on these sites seeming to love the fact that women lose their appeal once they are past their early twenties. This is crap. A sexy woman is about her looks, her figure, her body, her sex appeal, confidence and style. Although its true many women peak in their twenties and then quickly go down hill, i see and know many women in their thirties and forties — and even fifties — who are brilliant. I mean i would love to take them to bed, often far more than some twenty something with no experience or charisma or sex appeal. Some girls definitely peak in their thirties and forties and start off in their twenties as very unconfident, and this has a detrimental impact on their sexiness in their younger years. I guess we forget that while its obvious i had no clue in my early and mid twenties, many girls are exactly the same. They also have no clue in their twenties.
    9. My happiest and best times have been when i have been in a good relationship, however long that relationship lasted. Also i had great times casually dating. The worst times were chasing after one night stands and when i staying or go into unsuitable relationships.
    10. All the advice above i would happily give to women too. There are good and bad men as well as good and bad girls.
    11. Finally, i really advise you should not be cruel or mean to women. And women should not be intentionally mean or cruel to men. But, it is important you know what you want and are honest and clear and resolute about what you want. If you spend time with a woman you should be funny, humourous, caring and look after them. You shouldnt be weak and pandering. You should be strong and have conviction and direction in your life and confidence. But to be honest all this goes for women too, they should also have these attributes. Life is not a competition to be cruel to the opposite sex, but you should also not be a walkover or a door mat.
    12. Be happy to be single sometimes. This gives you the opportunity to choose. Dont expect a woman or man to solve the problems in your life, make life interesting or chase away the boredom. You have to make your own life interesting and exciting and give it purpose. Don’t expect this to be provided by your partner. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a relationship is poor because your partner does not provide these things. That’s your job, do it for yourself.
    13. Don’t make future women pay for the mistakes you have made with women in the past. Don’t project your anger forward. Both men and women do this. Don’t burden your new partner with tales of how bad old girlfriends or boyfriends were in the past. If you’re still talking about the past you have not moved on.
    That’s my view.
    Really i would give very similar advice to men and women.

    1. Interesting take. I have found that I am at my UNhappiest when I’m dating. Constantly on edge and feeling like I have no time to do stuff I want to do.

    2. Wonderful comment; i can see how much effort you put into writing it and finding the perfect wife.
      I used to live just like you, shy and confined, but eventually i met the one. I’m so happy i had a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and loves to watch Marvel movies with me.

  26. As someone who has lost close relatives, and a friend of mine who was in his 20s, and who has also been to Auschwitz, I find two of these photos deeply offending and infuriating. How dare they take those photos

      1. LOL!
        Killing a 6 bazillion Jews is hard work!!!
        The Holocaust is like Feminism both are total B.S…

  27. “Western Girls Be Like Me” …….versus “American”…….c’mon you guys…so USA centric (like most Internet topics)….you want to expose Feminist Hate….then include the rest of the West..after all..your BS hollywood propaganda machine helped cause it…

    1. You realize Hollywood is in America right? American girls are the archetypes of feminists.

  28. Rhoosh is just a traitor. He hates America and the Constitution. Nothing, but a liberal in disguise. I expatriated and the girls were the same in that country. They drank starbucks, dressed like sluts, and all had facebooks and cellphones.

    1. “I expatriated and the girls were the same in that country.”
      – lol
      Did you ‘expatriate’ while dreaming during sleep?

    2. I’m not entirely certain that moving from New York to New Jersey is technically considered expatriation.

  29. Americans eat some gross shit too. I work at a water park in the restaurant in the break room, so I only serve fellow employees. I want to gag after seeing pretty much all of the orders that I get. A 600 calorie cookie, some cheese fries, a coke, and some cheese bread or chicken strips is pretty common. There are some Germans and Russians who are here temporarily to work as lifeguards. Their orders are much more reasonable. It is usually just a coffee and a salad that they can load up with lean meat and vegetables at the salad bar. When I ask them if they want dressing, they look confused. The American girls that get a salad get like 3 packs of ranch dressing for about 600 calories. There are a few decent looking girls, but I know that with a diet like that, they will be another obesity statistic in a few years. I’m the only person who brings a lunch lol.

  30. Got a few good laughs here thanks! Glad I haven’t dated an American girl in years.

  31. I think these are funny, but I don’t know women who say these things. This is not my experience of American women.

  32. Why is there no criticism of American girl’s dads who raise (or are not around them, or molest them) to act like this?

    1. Often the previous generation of american girls’ fault the current one has no fathers though..

    2. Because the diet of American Girl culture is too pervasive for any father, present or not, to fight — and is being fed to said American girl in many cases by the example her mother sets.

      1. Are men weak and defenseless? An individual may not be able to fight off a whole culture, but it sounds beta if you can’t fight within in your own household.

      2. Hmm…so you’re saying men are too weak to stand up to the wrongs of society? That doesn’t sound very alpha male – sounds like dads should just accept defeat and not even try.

  33. “Train up a child in the way she should; and when she is old she will not depart from it”… This just shows what kind of up bringing they have. Parents should set rules..Strict dicipline isn’t bad if it will make them a better person.

  34. Whew, thank goodness we’re not American… and i’m proud to have a daughter… she can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, play shooter games and hack them like a pro, kick boys in the ass (and balls), and she likes to watch Marvel movies with me. I’m proud to be Swedish.

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