4 Flagrant Lies About The American Confederacy

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, left wing groups are taking down monuments to Confederate leaders like Robert E. Lee (a pro-constitution, anti-slavery, non-drinking, non-smoking, no-profanity pious Christian) faster than they are putting up new gender affiliations.

Why? Because two years since the murder of nine African-Americans in a Charleston church (which the left still just cannot shut up about), there has been a powerful SJW-dominated domestic jihad on any public memorials to the Confederate States of America. All because the white male perpetrator was seen holding Confederate memorabilia in a few pre-rampage photographs, most notably the “Confederate Flag” (more on this later).

Return of Triggers

SJW’s insist that the flag represents slavery, oppression, white supremacy, terrorism, Nazism, and a laundry list of other naughty buzzwords which are 100% unsuitable for our enlightened ‘social justice’ conscious nation.

However, just like Vox Day and his book have pointed out, SJWs Always Lie. This article will address four prominent examples of how left wing groups lie about the former Confederacy to try and achieve the moral high ground (virtue signal) and legitimize their desired destruction of Confederate memorials. Objects which countless European-Americans in southern states hold dear to their history and sense of regional identity.

1. “If The South Won, We Would Still Have Slavery”

Brazil was the last western territory to abolish slavery in 1888, but virtue signaling leftists want to pretend we would “still have slavery” in 2017 if the Confederacy won.

Of all the most retarded claims against the Confederacy, and of all the most lame virtue signaling efforts to try and fully legitimize the Union war effort from a contemporary perspective, is the “we’d still have slavery” argument. That is, assuming the Confederacy won the war and a hypothetical C.S.A. was alive and kicking in 2017.

However, did anybody in social justice la-la land get the memo that Brazil was the last Western country on Earth to abolish slavery in 1888? That’s just one human generation beyond the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, and almost a full 130 years ago from this time of writing.

In the mid 19th century, slavery was going the way of the Dodo around the world, due to both rapid technological advancements in industrial societies rendering the cost-to-benefit analysis impractical, as well as it simply being the current moral zeitgeist of the age.

Yes, admittedly there was some damning rhetoric from some Confederate leaders supporting slavery in the 1860’s, but do pea-brained leftists and SJW’s truly believe that black slaves would still be purchased or sold via smartphone apps in a 1st world Atlanta of 2017 yet still developing and semi-dysfunctional Brazil would have otherwise been the last western territory to stop such nonsense 130 years prior?

buckhead betty

Confederate Atlanta, Georgia in a retarded SJW dreamworld of 2017. A blonde “Buckhead Betty” is giddy and excited at purchasing a new well-built black slave on a Tinder-like auction app with her husband’s money. (The husband just told her to get a gardener, but when he’s away she has more “domestic chores” in mind).

Here is the truth that an emotion-driven leftist simply cannot comprehend. Chattel slavery would not have lived to the see the first day of the 20th century in a hypothetical and intact Confederate States of America. Assuming even the worst case scenario where Brazil actually beat the C.S.A. to abolition in the late 1880’s, by that point slavery would not only have been rendered completely irrelevant by industrial technology, but the international pressure for emancipation would be incredibly severe.

Beyond the industrial north, the powerful British and French colonial empires (the biggest world powers of the late 19th century) would likely have threatened or acted upon bottom-line bleeding trade sanctions and other isolating penalties. Inevitably, Confederate slavery would soon throw in the towel for good, and the modern C.S.A. (if it existed) would be incredibly apologetic for some aspects of it’s distant past. Much like any other browbeaten white-majority country in the 2010’s.

By the way, the world does indeed “still have slavery”. Except it’s almost entirely black African Muslims enslaving other black African Muslims in countries like Mauritania, which SJW’s and ‘Black Lives Matter’ don’t really seem to concern themselves with for obvious reasons.

2. “The Confederate Flag Represents Slavery And White Supremacy”

battle flag

This has had to repeated so many times, generation after generation, that the sheer level of willful ignorance on all sides of the debate should be on the verge of legendary.

The “Confederate flag” at it is popularly known today has absolutely no direct political affiliation whatsoever, unlike say…. the Nazi flag that modern day SJW’s are always trying to compare the flag with. It is a battle flag which was utilized primarily by Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, and upon careful observation it hardly “represents slavery” and certainly not “white supremacy”.

95% of Confederate soldiers did not own slaves, and I’m sure that the maintenance of “white supremacy” over their non-existent slaves was the number one thing on their minds as a 6-figure sum of southern white men (compared to a negligible amount of black soldiers on both sides) met their maker as a result of kissing some hot lead from a battlefield musket.

Furthermore, here are some quotes from the battle flag’s top general, Robert E. Lee himself.

In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution is a moral & political evil in any country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages.

While we see the course of the final abolition of human slavery is onward, & we give it the aid of our prayers & all justifiable means in our power, we must leave the progress as well as the result in his hands who sees the end; who chooses to work by slow influences; & with whom two thousand years are but as a single day.

So far from engaging in a war to perpetuate slavery, I am rejoiced that slavery is abolished. I believe it will be greatly for the interests of the South. So fully am I satisfied of this, as regards Virginia especially, that I would cheerfully have lost all I have lost by the war, and have suffered all I have suffered, to have this object attained.

Sound like the talking points of a pro-slavery and “white supremacist” bigot to you?

3. “The Confederates Were Traitors”

thomas J

Southern states in 1861 follow the nations most revered document and peacefully convene to form new government. Get called “traitors” by 21st century SJWs.

This is one you’ll find in the comment sections of prominent left wing (lie wing) blogs and websites such as Washington Post, Salon, or Alternet when a Civil War related article is posted. The Confederacy was just full of “traitors” and all those evil white men deserved everything that was coming to them.

However, if any of them simply stopped being driven by virtue-signaling emotional rhetoric, and actually bothered to read a history book or two, their argument would be filled with bigger holes than Swiss cheese.

All the evidence clearly points out the Confederacy was peacefully following principles laid out by the founding fathers, the declaration of independence, and the 12 amendments of the U.S. constitution which were in place as of 1861. “Patriots” the Confederates may or may not have been. But “traitors” definitely not.

I am with the South in life or in death, in victory or defeat. I never owned a negro and care nothing for them, but these people have been my friends and have stood up to me on all occasions. In addition to this, I believe the North is about to wage a brutal and unholy war on a people who have done them no wrong, in violation of the Constitution and the fundamental principles of the government…We propose no invasion of the North, no attack on them, and only ask to be let alone. – Patrick R. Cleburne

4. “The Confederates Were Terrorists”

(SJW Thom Hartmann’s spiel on Confederate “terrorists” at 21:24 – 22:52)

This preposterous label is a more recent attack on the history of the Confederacy, and almost as retarded as the SJW idea that the south would “still have slavery” in modern times if they won the mid 19th century conflict.

As you may already know, the left is currently obsessed with using a combination of fact omission, subterfuge, and red herring tactics to try and divert attention away from Islamic terrorism (a genuine problem), and instead tell you that “white terrorism” is the real scourge.

Of course, the politically incorrect (real life correct) statistics do not indicate that “white terrorism” is a major issue in the United States, considering that whites make up over 60% of the nations population while Muslims are barely 1%. So why not loosen the definition of a “white terrorist” to essentially include any Christian white man who has held a firearm against somebody before? With the Confederacy in mind, the SJW’s are granted their wish to demonize Christian, 2nd amendment-friendly, southern white males on a mass scale.

As for the true definition of terrorism, Hartmann and the rest of the SJW’s have a lot of nerve to act like the Union army never raped, pillaged, or terrorized the southern people via the policies of number 16 (Abraham Lincoln) and his wild lap dogs like General Sherman.

William Tecumseh Sherman. Union General, terrorist, and all-round mega bastard

My aim, then, was to whip the rebels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their inmost recesses, and make them fear and dread us. Fear is the beginning of wisdom.

War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.

This war differs from other wars, in this particular. We are not fighting armies but a hostile people, and must make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war.

I would make this war as severe as possible, and show no symptoms of tiring till the South begs for mercy. – William T. Sherman

Sound like the talking points and actions of someone who is anything but a terrorist to you?

Finally, here is a well made and researched video showing number 16’s cruel war of subjugation and terror against the south. (He is on the five dollar bill and has a giant monument in Washington D.C. which, unlike statues of the pro-abolitionist and pro-constitution Robert E. Lee, is unlikely to ever be removed.)


It is undeniable and unfortunate that the Confederate government (not Lee’s army) fought for the maintenance of slavery as one of it’s core objectives, despite it’s inevitably short-lived continuation in the event of victory.

It really does hamper and limit the amount of praise which can be given to this short-lived nation from a contemporary viewpoint. Because otherwise, many of their reasons for seeking secession from the federal government were sound, understandable, and above all legal.

However, I will also not stand idly by and watch SJW’s use slavery or “white supremacy” or “white terrorism” as a crutch to lie profusely about the Confederacy for political brownie points and agendas which are designed to further browbeat and humiliate 21st century southern Whites. The Union side of the conflict got their hands really dirty on plenty of things as well.

Pun intended, the history of the Civil War is not as ‘black and white’ as the left wants to make it out to be.

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467 thoughts on “4 Flagrant Lies About The American Confederacy”

  1. The Confederacy would have been very opposed to the Third Reich. Leftists always equate the two. The Confederacy hated central planning, government overreach and heavily favored states rights. National socialism is opposed to all of these things. The Confederacy would have been even more ideologically opposed to Nazism than the Union.
    Further, given Lee’s character, if a Confederate soldier in the Army of Northern Virginia had murdered black Christians in a church, he would have had that soldier executed for murder. Lee did not tolerate attacks on civilians.
    I disagree with the characterization of Sherman: it was war, and slavery is a crime against Christianity (a similar view was expressed by both Lee and Stonewall Jackson). I’ll bomb half the civilians in any country if it will tangibly lead to defeating an enemy who supports slavery. Sherman’s strategy worked, and I hesitate to judge generals who make battlefield decisions under pressures that no one on RoK (and maybe a dozen people alive in 2017) have ever experienced.

    1. Potentially the Confederacy would have disagreed based on policies of statehood and overreaching government. That said, 1880 to 1926 isn’t really that far removed and all signs points to Americans being largely in favor of ethnic cleansing from Margaret Sanger to Madison Grant, John Rockefeller, and a few others. Despite public outcry against the unveiled atrocities the Nazis committed, there were legions of people from California to London, and the United States at large, who looked with pride and hope that Hitler’s acts were their dreams brought to fruition.
      With that said, enough is in dialogue to note,there is no true link, aside from the irrefutable fact that the South supported slavery as an institution in the efforts to galvanize the southern states in war efforts. Really is no telling what a South rule would have been like as people like to forget the country still had Pearl Harbor/Red Scare and public trials like that of Carrie Buck.

        1. What I mean is the adherence to the Constitution as written instead of the “living Constitution” drivel that is forced today. I submit that America in 1965 in my alternate timeline would be superior to the one we experienced

    2. The Confederacy’s weak central structure was a major factor in why they lost: they have armies by state (the Virginia army etc) whereas the North was much more centralized.
      Same in WW2: Germany, Japan, and Italy were only nominal allies: they never coordinated. Whereas the Allies coordinated greatly together.

    3. So you would murder whites to free slaves from slavery, an institution that wasn’t nearly as cruel as it has been made out to be? That makes sense …NOT

    4. You do know killing people is worse than holding someone a slave?
      You sound like an SJW nut calling for the murder of someone who is against fag marriage or who voted for Trump.

  2. Sorry, Southerners, but since the Confederates were engaged in “levying war” against the United States, they were clearly engaged in treason, as defined by Article III of the Constitution, and were therefore, literally, “traitors.” That’s what happened.

  3. I really don’t care one way or the other but I think it’s funny how confereracy lovers cling to the myth of “kindly General Lee” as if he was some philosopher poet who was forced into war.

    1. everyone who feels passionate about this issue, regardless of which side they feel passionate about, is a fucking idiot

      1. In the Marines, we studied him, Stonewall Jackson, and others because they were brilliant military strategists. But we also studied the tactics and strategies of the Japs and Germans too. People seem to forget that there are things to learn even from your most hated enemies.
        I think a lot of people – all retards – have trouble separating the merits of an individual that are worthy of recognition from the whole man with his flawed parts. If we can’t venerate anyone who has flaws, we may as well tear down everything. That said, it is retarded to worship these people – any of them – as saviors or some such. If you worship Grant (who was happy to send thousands of his own troops to certain death against well entrenched positions, and who had no love for the civilians on the other side he inflicted misery on), you’re just as much a retard as if you worship Lee. Admire what there is to admire and disregard the rest.

    2. Slaves owned by General Lee later were interviewed and said that he was the meanest man They ever met.

      1. Read alot of history, but never heard that. Source?
        Lee freed his slaves, which he inheritrd from his FIL, before the war started. His men trusted him. I will use that to measure Lee by.

        1. I have a degree in history and have read extensively on the Civil War. I am always quite surprised when I stumble on his former slaves complaining how he treated them. The only account that comes to mind right now is testimony given by Wesley Norris, a former slave of Robert E Lee.

        2. Have you read the Federal Writers’ Project: “Born into Slavery?” It doesn’t make it academic circles much.
          “I have a degree in history..”
          No reflection on you, but I have an acquintance with one from my old alma mata and he was a bit behind the 8 ball on a lot historical bits. He was instilled with traces of the “SJW fever” as well, but keeps it to himself.

        3. I got my my first degree (history) in the late 60’s from a major State University. I did not take a single American history course as I knew that it was all leftist propaganda especially any course that was Reconstruction:1865 to the present, as that was too close a time frame to the present for the left not to have a serious stake in disinformation and propaganda. I took all foreign history courses and they were propagandized enough. History was the easiest degree I could get while running my business and with my minor in business, it was a steppingstone to admission to MBA grad school. Being a large State University with class sizes in the hundreds I was able to stay in the back row high up in the auditorium and sleep through most of the lectures. The SJW Sh!t was very mild compared to today’s insanity. I could not have been able to withstand the bullshit today involved in a liberal arts course. At that time I read American history on the side for sheer pleasure as it has been my passion since I was eight years old.

        4. I read alot as a youth and was lucky enough to have a few men provide direction. My grandfather spent most of short retirement reading and collecing books on the Civil War.
          When I got out of the army and went to college I used to argue with the history professors (electives). I could back up what I said and would get the A (they were at least fair in the early 90s).
          They stopped teaching anything of value a long time ago.

  4. ”The most vile criminal people that ever walked the face of the earth
    Now reside in Washington DC and they are your masters
    And Jesus Christ is going to bless this land ?
    How dare you even consider it?”

    1. Well, to be fair it sounds exactly like the place Christ would bless.
      “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but the sinners” Mark 2:17 (also Luke 5:32 )

  5. Unbeknownst to most people, the Civil War didn’t start because of the slavery issue. It started because of excessive tariffs placed on goods that were being imported by the South, to the complete benefit of Nothern special interest groups. As usual, history has been rewritten to suit the needs of the mindfuckers:
    “Although they opposed permanent tariffs, political expedience in spite of sound economics prompted the Founding Fathers to pass the first U.S. tariff act. For 72 years, Northern special interest groups used these protective tariffs to exploit the South for their own benefit. Finally in 1861, the oppression of those import duties started the Civil War.”
    You can read the whole article here – http://www.emarotta.com/protective-tariffs-the-primary-cause-of-the-civil-war/
    Also, Lincoln wanted to free the slaves, but he wanted them sent back to Africa, or to some other locale with a suitable climate, and so did the vast majority of Americans back in the day:
    History is a bunch of lies; you’ll find more truth in a classic fairy tale…

      1. Yep. Money starts all of it, then they rewrite the historical record to dovetail with the bullshit they are doing today, which also revolves around taking people’s money…

        1. Like John Prine says, “that’s the way that the world goes ’round / you’re up one day, the next you’re down / there’s a half an inch of water, but you think you’re gonna drown / that’s the way the world goes ’round”
          I think the problem is in the reaction. Once you realize that it is and always has been money how do you react? Do you try to tear down the system? Good luck. Do you just complain forever? Have fun. Once you realize how the machine works, then you use it to your advantage. The fact of the matter is that the world has to work someway and it just happens to work this way. You can’t change it and complaining doesn’t do anything. So learn it, manipulate it to your advantage and come to love it.

        2. I totally agree. I can get worked up about issues, but in the end, I exploit shit to my advantage. It’s about survival. We all want to thrive. So do the requisite math and plan it all out and thrive…you can’t change the world at large, but you can damn sure change your own world…

        3. see bob I get that about you…I think you get yourself worked up about issues for fun which I think is bat shit crazy but the kneeman don’t judge what another fellow does for kicks — but in the end you are a healthy pragmatist and I respect that.

        4. Everybody needs a release…mine involves spewing out a couple of thousand words and then I’m good (until the next time)…

        5. It took me til I was forty to figure that out for some reason. And the last five have been about coming to terms with that reality and adapting to it.
          Would have made life easier if I had run across certain books twenty years ago.

        6. Maybe, but I honestly don’t believe that is a lesson people can (or really should) know in their 20’s. Spending a little time being an idealistic douche bag is good for the soul. I realized it earlier than you, but not before getting a doctorate in fucking philosophy lol

        7. Lol. I ditched idealism and I’m only in my early twenties. Pragmatism is the only ideology I subscribe to.

        8. I am with you now but it took me until about 30 to catch on…I always had a little bit of it, but I tried playing both sides for a while.

      2. That new Sherlock Holmes movie had a telling line in it regarding how the folks in charge operate.
        Moriarty: “I want to be the one who sells the bullets AND the band aids.”

        1. yup, I like it. I am a HUGE fan of all things Sherlock Holmes. In his impetuous youth when the kneeman thought getting tattoos was cool a tattoo of Sherlock and Moriarty going over the cliff at reichenbach falls happened.

        2. Reminds me of Emperor Nero and the Vigiles (the City Watch). There were rumors that Nero ordered fires to be set up in some parts of the city and he would then send the Vigiles to put them off.

        3. wanna gonna post a vid of worst tattoo ever(Arnold from The Last Action Hero on the guy’s calf) but u tube is down….never seen that before

        4. As much as I absolutely love the Cumberbatch Holmes, my tattoo getting days were over nearly 20 years ago. My Tattoo is the Sidney Paget illustration. Unless you are asking about the Moriarty who wants to supply bullets and bandages, then no, that is the Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Downey Jr) and the competently played Moriarty of Jared Harris

        5. I’ve started reading Sherlock Holmes’ stories written by Arthur Coan Doyle for a while now. I can easily say that I’m already a fan. Great character, wonderfully written stories. I shouldn’t have ignored him in my teen days.

        6. They really are great right? I read them all once a year still. I get such a great laugh out of Watson’s doctoring. It’s always like “oh shit, this man has been bashed in the head with a brick…quick, give him some chemicals to smell and a big glass of brandy” and what’s funniest is that Doyle was a doctor!
          One quote:
          “Mr Melas(after getting his head bashed in), however, still lived, and in less than an hour, with the aid of ammonia and brandy, I had the satisfaction of seeing him open his eyes and of knowing that my hand had drawn him back from that dark valley in which all paths meet” Nice cure for a concussion.

        7. I just can’t get over how Cumberbatch looks like an alien. Can’t put a finger on it, but his face seems really off to me.

        8. Hahaha, Arthur Conan Doyle had a wonderful wit.
          I’m also surprised that, besides the stories being entertaining, what great an insight the author had on life. I also particularly like the kinds of mentality Holmes has on living his life.
          For example:
          ‘I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands on it. Now the skillful workman is very careful indeed as to what he takes into his brain-attic. He will have nothing but the tools which may help him in doing his work, but of these he has a large assortment, and all in the most perfect order. It is a mistake to think that little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent. Depend uon it – there comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something that you knew before. It is of the highest importance, therefore, not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones.’
          Never thought of it that way, but reading this line, it all made sense. And I find it’s actually a very useful tip particularly in this age of internet where all kinds of information are available.
          It’s very, how should I put this… elementary.

        9. “He looks like and alien with a goatee. 0 stars”- the Champ
          would look great on Rotten Tomatoes

        10. very much so and this quote is particularly good. Yes, the original stories have a bit of everything and are truly amazing imo

        11. Agreed…but it fits the character of Holmes to a T. Tall, lanky, awkward, anti social, sociopathic….in all ways Holmes should seem off and odd and creepy….he isn’t Bond with suave debonair mannerisms…he is basically Asperger’s cardholder numero uno. Short of the late great Jeremy Brett who will always be Sherlock Holmes in my mind, I don’t think anyone nails it as well as Cumberbatch

        12. Kind of hard not to ignore Doyle as a teen. His books are dense as hell and very few classics were well represented as literature in the 80s or 90s, even if the characters had cartoon shows and movies. Have a Conan the Barbarian anthology that I have yet to open but expect good things from that as well.

        13. No, bend the dick Cum on her back “Sherlock” is a very liberal progressive show. Moriarty is cringe worthy in that show.

        14. I love how Jeremy Brett added compassion and a hunger for justice for its own sake to Holmes without compromising any of the “Cumberbatchian” qualities (the aloofness, the bruskness, etc). Brett’s Holmes is Holmes, period, for me as well.

        15. He truly was perfect…I think the reason he was able to add those qualities without losing the aloofness and sociopathy is by playing it in a way where Watson’s primary purpose, other than biographer of course, was as healer…both in capacity as doctor as well as allowing Holmes to feel a sense of humanity. It really was brilliantly done all the way around.

        16. As long as it’s only Robert E. Howard writing the stories, anything written about Conan by other authors is terrible fan fiction. Other notable characters of Howard’s were Kull the Conquer and Solomon Kane.

        17. Check out the book “Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes” by Maria Konnikova. This Konnikova chick ( who’s kinda hot) and a Phd in psychology from one of the Ivy League schools wrote this book. Has a TED talk and segment on “Big Think” all about the brilliance of Sherlock etc…

        18. Cumberbatch is perfect for the caracter,so Martin Freeman.
          But holy shit the writers have been ruinedthe show with their crap about women and “super emotions” everywhere

        19. The last season did seem that way. I thought the first two seasons of that show were startlingly brilliant and that the Scandle in Belgravia episode might be the single best stand alone tv show ever

        20. Solomon Kane was an epic hero! I strongly remember his tale where he hunts the wolf who either raped or murdered a virgin. Solomon tracked this guy, Wolf, to the ends of the Earth and saw through just about every disguise Wolf had. Haven’t read anything on Kull but I’ll check for that character next.

        21. I love them but after the first 6-7 they start to get a little repetitive. I’ve read them all a few times and would suggest reading in chronological order. Some real gems

        22. One of my great grandfathers (1863-1959) was a pharmacist who carried around a flask of carbolic acid (today called phenol), his cure-all for any injury.,

        23. Do you have any of his old tools or kit or even empty bottles. That stuff is so cool, like old times flasks and doctors equiptment and shit

        24. No, most of his stuff went to a granddaughter, my mother’s cousin, who expired at nearly 100 earlier this century and left the stuff to her descendants.
          I have a couple of his books, like a first edition of Brady’s “Photographic History of the Great War” — the Civil War, that is. A couple of the volumes are damaged, but so far it’s largely intact. Published 1901 I think.

        25. I managed to procure a shit-load of these books at a swap meet a few weeks ago along with a few dark horse comic adaptations as well. Bloody excellent reads, my only complaint would be they’ve turned me off reading anything else.

        26. I’ve found most of the L Sprague de Camp/Lin carter stuff to be not too bad (they still seem to be about 80% Robert E Howard) Its when you start getting into the Roy Thomas and other comic writer crap that it starts to get really unbearable. Have yet to read any King Kull or Solomon Kane, any you would recommend?

        27. That’s great, dude! The Dark Horse Conan comics are very faithful to the original Robert E. Howard stories. I’d also recommend Conan: Born on the Battlefield if you haven’t read it already.

        28. There are some anthologies that were made of both characters and well worth the read. One thing was for certain, you did not piss off Kane because he would (and often did) hunt his prey to the ends of the earth. King Kull went even further.

        29. I know what you mean; I was introduced to Sherlock Holmes when I first read a collection of condensed Holmes stories when I was around ten years old (nearly fifty years ago) — been hooked on Sherlock Homes stories and films ever since.

        1. Humm.. Some people need money to live ?? Most of us do ?? Some people live for money ?? There’s this distinction ??

        2. some people do, but that is a pathology that isn’t set by race or religion…some people are alcoholics. To my mind I can’t remember anyone ever saying they wouldn’t like more money and believing them.
          In the end money = power and all men have a will to power

    1. It is simply unbelievable how many lies are told in human history. You can’t even trust events that occur in the present day, let alone thousands of years ago…

      1. Hell, now they just make shit up and say it happened. If it’s on TV, the public believes it was real. Amazing stuff…

        1. I used to be a history buff when I was a teen. Now I couldn’t care less about that crap. The present moment has all the magic I need, and I will use it to make the future I desire.

        2. agreed with uncle bob over there….very healthy and intelligent attitude.

        3. You remember that dumb saying, “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”? Only those who are too stupid to adapt to changing situations are the ones who are doomed.
          Over the years, I’ve observed that people do nothing to change themselves even when their surroundings are against them. They stubbornly hang on to their old ideals and blame everyone and everything but themselves for their sufferings.

        4. I agree and very well said Champ. I also find that most, if not all of these old sayings are absolutely wrong….as it turns out, watched pots do boil. The world and society is an amazing, dynamic and always moving ek-statis of forces….it will do what it will do and it is better to understand the momentum of today than to understand the momentum of yesteryear unless you have a time machine…

        5. It is the wheel of habit. Once the motion is set, you need to run on a new concurrent, equally fast wheel to change your direction. Most people opt to tilt the wheel they are on assuming this tilt will lead to the results they desire.

        6. Exactly. They think that reversing the trend will somehow change everything back to the way it was. As if it is some kind of time machine.
          Every change leaves a permanent effect on the environment. Adaptation is the only option.

    2. Good post. I hate the idea of celebrating slavery abolition when the people were still not liked and had little power against that regard anyway. No different than the indentured servant aspect in many regards. Indentured, freed, slaves, while some stations were horrific, none at the time meant equal treatment as people, equal in the eyes of the law, or freedom to operate in Western Society.

      1. Exactly. Hell, we’re all slaves unless we are extremely rich. This has always been about class warfare, and nothing else – not race, not politics, not religion. Lincoln has been resculpted over the years to make him appear as a god. He sent troops to New York City to open fire on U.S. citizens who opposed the draft, among other heinous acts. The guy was a barbarian, which really doesn’t make him much different than any other president, when you boil it all down…

        1. “This has always been about class warfare”
          Even broken communist manifestos are right twice a day.
          “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.”
          –Communist Manifesto
          Now I am 10k miles in the opposite direction from communism…if anything I am a total laissez faire capitalist but when you are right you are right and in this case marx is right.

        2. It is times like this that I am most glad that I was the first of my family born in the United States. The history here is too saturated in lies and hidden agendas to not scrutinize whatever you hear, read, or see. That is the first I am hearing of Lincoln’s attacks on potential allies to get them to side with him.

        3. Dude, the NYC Draft Riots are a very overlooked aspect of the Civil War story. In all the modern rah rah bullshit about how compassionate patriotic northerners just wanted to free the poor slaves, you never hear the story about how these fuckers went apeshit over being sent off to fight for that purpose, burned down their city, lynched a couple of thousand free blacks, and had to be put down by several regiments of soldiers advancing under artillery fire with fixed bayonets.

        4. Funny how selective the history book writers are, when it comes to selecting their facts…the movie “Gangs of New York” touches on this theme, but even that film glosses over much of what you wrote there. Basically, Lincoln was telling the public, “Either you go die for the cause or we’ll kill you right here.” The Great Emancipator…cough-cough.

        5. Wasnt there a scene where the Irish are literally getting off the boat and are told “you will be a US citizen if you go off to fight the war”?
          I only mention this bc Ive heard this is going now, except its happening overseas- i.e., join the US military for X amount of years, and you will be granted citizenship

        6. This has always really been of interest to me. I first heard about this from a buddy in the Marines who was a big history buff, and we discussed it when that Movie came out (ironically, we watched a bootleg copy in Kuwait before invading Iraq!). Anyway, I started looking into it on my own and I have noticed that the casualty figures for this are constantly being revised down. I distinctly remember that a while back (probably a decade now), the History Channel actually put out a program on the draft riots, and they estimated that thousands were killed and that the real total is unknown because many of those killed were either blacks, who no one cared about, or poor whites, who no one cared about. Basically, they were people off the grid.
          But over the years, I have watched with interest how the Wikipedia article on the draft riots has been edited. The casualty figures constantly go down to the point now where I think it is only a hundred or so killed. I was a combat arms officer. The idea that ARTILLERY was needed or used, and only 100 were killed is facially retarded. Wonder why those figures keep going down….?

        7. Same reason the Holocaust numbers go down…revisionist history. To quote from another film (“A Few Good Men”), “You can’t handle the truth!” (Meaning, us sheep can’t handle it…)

        8. Yeah, that went on back in the Civil War days, from what I gather. And I’ve noticed that the Army (I think) is offering some large bonus for people to reenlist these days. $50,000? Something like that. Funny how you never hear of a battle (during a war) in a gated community…the rich never get their homes blown up. I’m sure it’s just an odd coincidence.

        9. Protip – I was a combat arms officer, fucktard, and I guarantee I know a lot more about artillery than you do. Bo back to something you are an expert at – slizzurping hillaryz hot ballzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

        10. Protip: actual marine officers go to college, and can write whole sentences without looking like 14 year old girls. LOLZEE!!!

        11. That is, of course, a dramatization of the victory of the U.S. Marine Corps over the Tripoli pirates.

        12. Why should white men die or end up horribly maimed to free blacks? Think anyone in Africa sent food to the Ukranians during the Holodomar?

        13. LOL. Reality doesn’t change because of your hope and dreams! In other wordz, you will forever remain Hillaryz bottom, no matter how much you dream of top status. Gurgle, gurgle, SLIZZURP!

        14. Take a look at your own post. You mention a Leonardo Dicaprio movie, a History Channel program, and a Wikipedia article – you clearly have zero specialized knowledge of this subject. Even an actual marine officer wouldn’t have any special insight into the lethality of archaic artillery pieces, in a 19th century urban environment, during a historical event they know nothing about. Once again, you are a laughable boob. Find something credible to lie about.

        15. LOL! Fagtard thinks Marine officers don’t study history or know their craft or the historical capabilities of various weapon systems. Have you ever met a Marine officer, or do you just see them on TV commercials? What a complete fucking clown.
          You know, I’m going to break character here and offer you a final observation coupled with an actual piece of advice. Since you infected this site, you have done nothing but make enemies of every man here, all of whom have real world experiences and hard won knowledge to share and pass on. That obviously makes you feel deeply insecure for some reason, and makes you act like a typical woman would: bitter, angry, jealous, petty, and in complete denial about your own failures. If you were smart, you would look through the archives on this site and realize that instead of trying to tear other men down, you could build yourself up, through self improvement so that you would have your own accomplishments and wouldn’t have to feel so inadequate in our company. You could actually talk to those of us who have been around the block a few times and learn something instead of acting like a prissy, sanctimonious homo. In the end, you would feel better about yourself.
          And yet, I suspect this will fall on deaf ears. Splash on Faggy-girl comment in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

        16. If you “studied history,” you wouldn’t be citing Wikipedia articles, bobo. I’ve known plenty of marine officers, that’s how I know you were never one. Sad! Find something credible to lie about – pretend to be a janitor.

        17. Marx was good at explaining the WHY’s of a lot of things – it was he suggestions of what to do about it that ran off the rails…

        18. They weren’t fighting to ‘free blacks’. They, like all soldiers, were fighting to defeat an enemy force and get home alive. That’s it.

        19. As predicted, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming. “I’ve known plenty of Marine officers….on TV.” Herpity Derp derp SLIZZURP!

        20. “Listen up, Devil Dogzz! (giggle) Today, I need to tell you about something on my mind (blush) Creamy jizz! (giggle) Sempurz Fydelizzz!”
          That would have lasted about 11 seconds before some lance corporal broke your neck, for the good of the Corps, and they’d never speak of it again.

        21. Up until 1990, the plaque at the international holocaust monument at Birkenau read, “Four million” (deaths at Auschwitz). In 1995, the plaque was removed and new ones were put in place. One of the new one reads, “One and a half million” (deaths at Auschwitz). And yet, at the Auschwitz museum, the official figure now reads, “1.1 million” (deaths at Auschwitz). The two Birkenau plaques appear below –
          The original numbers didn’t add up, as there were more Jews allegedly murdered in camps than existed in all of Europe. So they kept revising them, moving the figure down…

        22. Haha. Clown, there are plenty of breadcrumbs in my posts – that you obviously don’t recognize – where someone can verify that I am who I say I am. Go back to watching Heartbreak Ridge. So realistic. LOL.

        1. Could have been, but the men with wealth had the clout in the state houses. Once machines made agriculture cheaper to harvest, slavery would have been dumped in a minute.

        2. The importation of slaves into any port or place under the jurisdiction of the United States was prohibited by a federal law signed law by President Thomas Jefferson which took effect January 1, 1808.

        3. And most freed slaves stayed with their former owners and even took their last names. Hmmmmm…….
          Doesn’t sound like they were treated all that bad, does it?

        4. It really depended on the plantation owner and the attitude of the slave. Recalcitrant slaves that ran off or caused trouble were often “sold South” to the large cotton plantations. Conditions tended to be harsh there. But for the most part slaves weren’t abused. From a financial perspective they were capital assets like mules or threshing machines, only a lot more expensive. So it didn’t make sense to mistreat and abuse them. Furthermore, most wealthy Southerners were Christians and had a sense of duty to their slaves. They were an essential part of their livelihood. So housing, clothing, food and healthcare were provided in exchange for basic duties and in many cases overtime was paid for work above and beyond that. Some slave owners even allowed their slaves to hire themselves out. If the slave was a blacksmith, a wheel wright or some other skilled craftsman, this could be quite lucrative. So it was possible for an ambitious and industrious slave to work, save his or her money and buy their own freedom. The county I’m from in Virginia had no less than four freed slaves that owned land and, get this, their own black slaves (proven by tax records) prior to the War of Federal Aggression.

        5. To be fair, where were they suppose to go? Come up North and work in the coal mines and steel mills and die around the age of 40. Umm.. no.

        6. No matter how humane, slavery in general runs against the grain of the founding father’s vision. It really had to go one way or the other.

        7. Oh absolutely! I find the practice 100% reprehensible. I wasn’t engaging in apologetics, just pointing out that it was not as has been portrayed in historical revisionism to justify a needless war. What turned out to be far worse was that the 13th Amendment actually freed many slaves into abject poverty. They had to stay on at the plantations where they were formerly slaves and work for less in many cases, because of the financial devastation “Reconstruction” imposed on the South. The bottom line is the war was fought over the tariff and federal supremacy. In fact the states that seceded had a 100 day window under the Emancipation Proclamation to reenter the Union and keep their slaves! Furthermore, the Proclamation did not free any slaves where it could have in Union occupied territory. The original 13th Amendment which Lincoln supported would have perpetuated slavery in the South. The real issue was preserving the protectionist tariff on Southern ports and ensuring that the South did not engage in free trade with Britain to the detriment of Northern industrialists.

        8. Actually I am a student of the truth and that is seldom the “official” story. I was raised in a house full of books by a mother who is an historian and genealogist and a father who was an archaeologist and anthropologist (as well as a master gunsmith). We lived way out in the country so I had no social life to speak of until my late teens. The three words I heard the most when I would ask a question were “Look it up.” By all normal standards I am seriously fúcked up…

        9. Similar here! “Look it up” was the answer to my every query!
          ….and the so-called ‘normal standards’ as we’ve learned are that which is fukked up!

        10. Right on bem! I’ve seen “normal” in America now which seems to be overweight, unhealthy, overmedicated, socialistically delusional and entitled. Did I miss anything?

        11. How is one supposed to motivate someone to work for them if they’re beating the shit out of them? How is one supposed to have viable workers if you’ve beaten them into a cripple? The present image of a slave-owner is someone who would never have been able to afford slaves, because they wouldn’t have any business sense.

      1. There were actually more abolition societies in the South than there were in the North prior to Nat Turner’s raid.

    3. I wish Lincoln would have sent those people back to Africa !
      I wish ALL the muslims were sent out from Hindustan at the time of Partition !

      1. Lincoln in all likelihood believed in “Colonization” right up to the day my namesake gave the tyrant his just deserts (albeit a bit too late). The black leaders and abolitionists of the day were having no parts of it though. They knew that “Colonization” or more accurately forced emigration of blacks to Liberia was virtually a guaranteed death sentence from privation and Malaria. Forced emigration to the Caribbean was hardly a better option for them either. It’s funny how modern Lincoln apologists studiously ignore this or try to downplay it when confronted.

        1. I always thought Boothe killed Lincoln because he was wearing that big hat in the theater. Very rude…even if you are president.

    4. Thanks for the links. Even though I’m not American I love America’s history, and it’s hard to tell what is true and what is fabrication.

      1. I have come to realize that the harder the story is pushed, the more likely it is a lie. After digging for facts on all manner of subjects that I once thought to be true, I have come to the conclusion that this axiom is pretty much absolute. You have to consider all the evidence on both sides of the fence, prior to making up your mind. Because if you don’t, and you have an opinion, your mind has been made up for you…

        1. In my honest opinion, there is no point in doing that unless you want to satisfy your curiosity. To study both sides, search hidden accounts and draw inferences from there takes too much time and effort. I used to do all of that before. Now, I just think there are better uses for my time.

        2. That’s why I read the comments section, always pearls of wisdom in here, with much sifting required of course.

    5. The other reality is that in retrospect, the Civil War was likely completely unnecessary even if the goal had been to free the slaves. There was not only a growing abolition movement in this country, including in the South, but the rapid advance of industrialization, and agricultural industrialization in particular, was quickly rendering slavery economically disadvantageous. Why pay to feed, clothe, house and pay for a small army of slaves when you can buy a few modern pieces of machinery that can do several times the work they can?

      1. I have an acquaintance who is a USAF Colonel. He and I have discussed what war is really all about at length. And we both agree, it’s about thinning the ranks of the lower classes, first and foremost. And the usurpation of resources. But primarily, it’s about killing off the lower classes…and it’s always been that way. Who am I to disagree with a USAF Colonel. If anybody would know, it would be him. The Civil War was no different in that regard…I’m not sure if this is the exact figure, but I believe a man could opt out of the Civil War draft for $300. This was an enormous sum back then. So the poor did the fighting (as is always the case). Which backs up what I was saying about war being primarily about thinning the ranks of the poor…

        1. I have thought about this same thing. Though I have reached the conclusion that this is often a beneficial side effect, and not always the original intended purpose.
          I made an observation in another thread the other day that most of human advancement happens BECAUSE of war. If you look at the technology sitting around you – phone, computer, internet, TV, etc… you will see that virtually everything has advanced to its present state of development in some part based on warfare or the need to prepare for it. Fuck, I even drove to work this morning on an interstate that was created for national defense purposes!
          Mankind needs adversity, and I have taken the view that while warfare is undesirable, it is necessary periodically, both to kill off the dead weight, but also to help advance humanity. It’s just the natural state of humankind, and to deny it is to deny reality.

        2. Agreed. In “Gangs of New York”, there’s a scene where this rich dude says to another rich dude, “I can always hire half the poor to kill the other half”. The quote has been attributed to industrialist Jay Gould…and it is the unvarnished truth.

        3. The advancement of humanity by destruction, I heard the theory. Humanity only advance and evolve in harsh times, so conspiracy theorist believe that there are some secret society of Illuminati reptilians fucking society in cycles of build and destroy but in every iteration humanity advance in every aspect. So we are now stuck in the end of this cycle, I think is the plot of the dark knight, league of shadows destroy civilizations and cultures when they reach a high point of degeneracy, and they used economic warfare (Communist), but they should have use cultural war (Cultural Marxist) it would be more accurate to the times, that is something not even batman could stop.
          Another theory Hollywood make movies about conspiracy theories so people mock them for talking about something that only happen in movies, like when we see a bunch of movie about government spying citizen in the early 2000 and people believed that something that only happen in the movies, and now your toaster record your conversation.

        4. I agree and have thought this for some time now. War is a means to perform a culling, among other things. Both sides are privy to the planned chess moves of both sides (in the higher ranks). A surprise attack is only a surprise to the lower echelons, casualties and loot are planned/agreed upon prior… war theater with a script written and approved by those old rich dudes with many benefits to the higher ranks and none for the lower. At the very top those dudes are not angry at each either or fighting, they are playing agreed upon chess moves. But I’m preaching to the choir I’m sure heh.

        5. Yeah, we are both in the same choir here. I met this business client in Marietta, Georgia, about seven years ago. He was a Freemason, and he thought I was, too, for a bit. (I’m not.) Anyway on the wall of his office is a photo of the Masonic Lodge in Marietta. It was the only building Sherman didn’t burn in Marietta, during his infamous march through the Atlanta area, on his way to Savannah, and the sea…

        6. From Steve Earle’s song Copperhead Road: “I volunteered for the Army on my birthday They draft the white trash first, ’round here anyway” I believe you are quite correct. The elite use war to cull the herd. You take the lowest classes and make them cannon fodder. You take the smarter and higher classes and put them behind the lines as technicians and support. You want to keep them alive because they may be useful servants and craftsman later on in addition to ensuring that the cannon fodder make it to the front lines. Perhaps I’m a bit jaded and cynical, but I have a bit of experience in this. I fell into the second category.

    6. The problem with that is that every state which seceded, in its declaration of secession, mentioned slavery and its economic importance copiously. A common theme was that in addition to needing slavery to sustain their economies, they took great issue with northern states not enforcing fugitive slave provisions that were enacted into law at the time. On top of this, the CSA Constitution not only explicitly permitted slavery, but it also made it illegal for any member state to outlaw slavery on its own.
      While the North initially did not fight to end slavery, it cannot be denied that slavery was arguably the single biggest reason that drove southern secession.

      1. I can believe the states signed off on that issue, and made it the underlying rationale. But politicians lie – it’s what they do. They always need a cause that the people will rally behind, especially when it comes to starting a war. The real rationale – well, aside from lowering the population of the poor, which is always the primary cause for any war – was the tariff issue. Southerners were enraged at the tariffs imposed by the Feds. I’ve read many letters written during the pre-Civil War days, which attest to this fact. It’s all been scrubbed from the history books, pretty much. I guess in the end, it works like this – either a guy chooses to believe the history books, or he doesn’t. It’s up to the individual…

        1. Even if the whole thing was a lie, every state that seceded made it very clear that slavery was the big issue.
          And this wasn’t just any kind of slavery, it was the disgusting practice of slaveowners fornicating with their female slaves and then enslaving their own children that were the result of that. If i was John Q. Southerner, I would not want my kids fighting and dying to preserve some slave owner’s business model.

        2. “Even if the whole thing was a lie, every state that seceded made it very clear that slavery was the big issue.” Meaning the politicians made it clear. And all they do is lie…we could go back and forth like dogs chasing our own tails over this. I see it my way, you see it your way. It’s all good.

        3. I think that Lincoln’s initial motivations for wanting to keep the South as part of the USA was that he may have feared losing other parts of the country to unrelated secessionist movements. No doubt that had the CSA broken off, it would have emboldened others to try the same thing.

        4. Politicians say they support the second amendment because the people do… Oh wait they’re lying. The people with guns actually want the government to come take them and are pro gun control. I’m sorry I don’t buy it. Of course politicians lie, but I think Obsolete is correct on this one.

        5. Quite right and that’s why of the 14 out of 15 Southrons that did not own slaves and went to war, preserving the “peculiar institution” was not a driving force for them. The real issue was that a sitting president would send federal troops to make war with the several states in violation the Constitution. What Lincoln did was high treason! The Constitution was a voluntary compact and New England had threatened secession several times in the past. Everyone knew that the states had the right to withdraw should the purposes of the federal government run counter to their own. Lincoln was in favor of a high tariff which fell disproportionately on the South (and by extension on the slaves who provided the goods to pay that tax).
          How about this from “Honest Abe”? “My politics are short and sweet, like the old woman’s dance. I am in favor of a national bank … in favor of the internal improvements system and a high protective tariff.” ~ Lincoln, Campaign Speech, 1832. Socialism at its finest.
          Or this: “If I do that, what would become of my revenue? I might as well shut
          up housekeeping at once!” ~ Lincoln, in response to the suggestion by the Virginian Commissioners to abandon the custom house of Fort Sumter. The custom house was the tax collection point!
          “But what am I to do in the meantime with those men at Montgomery [meaning the Confederate constitutional convention]? Am I to let them go
          on… [a]nd open Charleston, etc., as ports of entry, with their ten-percent tariff. What, then, would become of my tariff?” ~ Lincoln to Colonel John B. Baldwin, deputized by the Virginian Commissioners to determine whether Lincoln would use force, April 4, 1861
          The 10% Confederate tariff was essentially free trade with England as opposed to the federal Morill Tariff at nearly 40%. There were a lot of wealthy New England federal bond holders who were very concerned about keeping the interest flowing into their bank accounts. Then there were the northern industrialists who wanted infrastructure improvements (canals, railroads, etc.) subsidized by taxpayers, of course, and the chilling effect the tariff would have on foreign competition. The war was about money and power. The federal government didn’t give a rodent’s rosy red rectum about negro slaves at the onset of the war.

        6. . Everyone knew that the states had the right to withdraw should the purposes of the federal government run counter to their own.

          When Andrew Jackson threatened to sent in Federal forces to end the Nullification crisis that happened during his own presidency he imposed the doctrine that states could not simply ignore laws that they did not like, and that the USA was inseparable, in spite of regional desires to break off.
          Lincoln most likely acted outside of his powers as he prosecuted the Civil War, but the idea that states could secede willy-nilly was dead by the early 1830s.
          The powers that were in the South should have seen the writing on the wall regarding slavery, and worked to end it themselves. It is wrong that 3.5% of their population was able to plunge the whole region into war.

    7. people should have realized repatriatization was going to never work: how many boats would have been needed in 1860? 10,000?

      1. I have this funny feeling that the guys who were crowing about repatriation were just blowing smoke. Their long-term plan was to integrate all along.

        1. Blacks have served as a useful weapon against domestic dissent for over 150 years now. They are used by the elites today and have always been.

        2. Blacks; an easily controlled thug nation for threatening the middle class into submission and an increased police state.
          Take away the father from homes, isolate neighbors from one another with technology and dilute the church and you have government stepping in for full spectrum control.
          We are reaching the zenith of that control. Any stragglers left behind in opposition will be deemed terrorists and eradicated with the moral superiority of a false flag denoting nation security interests.
          Welcome to the 21st century.

    8. Lincoln didn’t even want to end slavery in the South.
      He made slavery a thing to present his war as morally justifiable and to gain more support.
      Abe was one heck of a demagogue.

      1. I forget which nation it was, either Britain or France, but one of them considered supporting the Confederacy, but balked because of their slave-status. Lincoln pushed the Emancipation Proclamation specifically to press that wound.

    9. Unbeknownst to most people a good portion of slaves didn’t come from Africa. Copper colored native “Americans” and guinea natives were predominant. So the hero lincoln sending them to africa…well it was what it was…most people that I know are well aware that Lincoln wasn’t some enlightened benevolent leader for equality and that the war was about paper. The South was the cash cow and the North was still building its infrastructure. The South was right in wanting to form their own union in my opinion. The whole taxation without representation argument comes to mind. I hope people never stop talking about the terrorist that shot up that church though. Maybe they’ll wise up and arm up when they realize, oh, these people hate me and will come kill me where ever I am….

      1. guinea= italians? I know Italians were imported after the slaves were freed, they replaced slave labor with almost but not quite slave labor. There are a ton of people with that heritage along the southern Mississippi River(esp in LA)

        1. No sir guinea as in papa new guinea. They have old documents that actually differentiate between negro slaves and guinea slaves. Look the people up. They have afros like dr j. They look like so called African Americans. They also have pitch black people with water blue eyes out there in Oceania…and blonde hair…

        2. thats fascinating- any links? Papua New Guinea was/is so far away from the east coast- why import them from so far away?

    10. Yup. The president represents the corporatocracy and bankers first, himself second, and the people… he doesn’t represent them at all. He’s just there to act like he represents them, and the people gladly vote to continue the charade.
      However, once he launches war and sets aside the very constitution that put him into power, he must continue to justify his crimes by substituting the reasons for his murderous waring. Abolition of slavery only became Lincoln’s God-ordained purpose and the rally cry of of the union when he faced defeat in reelection, mostly because voters were war-weary, didn’t see any real meaning or purposes in mass murder of their fellow countrymen, and could not justify the continued expense of destruction of their people. lands, and goods.
      Abolition was the great justification for Lincoln, who really could care less about the slaves, but had to preserve his presidency and power — at all cost. It’s akin to George Bush spinning the Iraq war as some kind of crusade to “free’ the helpless people of Iraq from the oppression of Sadamm Huessein, a man the same government installed to do it’s bidding at the bequest of corporate interests.

      1. how did he represent the bankers first? he told wall st to pound sand, no loans for the war, he issued his greenbacks- thats what got him killed

        1. Only during and after the war was raging , as he saw the death of his beloved union at the hands of the banksters. DId they order the hit on Lincoln? Perhaps. i know that’s popular conspiracy theory. But, to support corps is to also support the bankers that fund them and run them.

        2. Read the Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked, both books by Thomas DiLorenzo. They are meticulously researched and will give you a clear picture of what the man was actually about. He was a corporate lawyer and crooked as a dog’s hind leg. There was a tremendous amount of hatred for him in the North. Among his noteworthy accomplishments were locking up over 13,000 political dissidents in the North, some for merely not speaking out to defend him when others spoke against him. He had over 300 northern newspapers shut down at bayonet point because their editors dared disagree with him. He issued an arrest warrant for a Supreme Court justice who said he had no Constitutional authority to suspend Habeas Corpus, that only congress could do that (the U.S. Marshals refused to carry it out). He even deported an Ohio congressman (Clemente Vallandigham) for exposing the illegal nature of Lincoln’s actions. In one speech before congress he condemned Lincoln for “the wicked and hazardous experiment of calling thirty millions of people into arms among themselves, without the counsel and authority of Congress.” Of course he had a lot of other things to say about it too. So Lincoln had him turned over to a Confederate Army commander in Tennessee. There’s a lot that went on during that war that is almost unbelievable and carefully omitted from the official narrative.

        1. His wife cursed “the house” when she found out. She didnt mean the white house, she meant the house of Rothschild. Central bankers extraordinare.

    11. As much as I agree with this article, I still think it was totally stupid for the CSA to open fire on Fort Sumter. By doing so, they gave the North the perfect excuse; “they fired first”.

    12. Imagine if George Wallace became President of the United States in 1972 instead of Richard Nixon being reelected. History would be very different, we would not be living in the retard reality that we have today. Wallace was a “Democrat” but in those days the Democratic party was totally different.
      Nixon and LBJ led the west on the path of globalization and multiculturalism. Look at the world today.
      The only thing that temporarily stalled America’s slide was Ronald Reagan 8 years later, but that went away once he left office.

  6. I do not understand why are so many people still passionate about the “Confederacy”. It`s past and it is not going to come back. Slavery had to be abolished. The independence for Southern states would make no sense, neither geographically not politically-economically. Obviously the Civil War was not just about slavery and independence, but that discussion would lead us too far.
    While the original flag of “Dixie” had nothing to do with racism. Sadly, however, that flag has been used and abused by too many individuals and groups with racist agenda. (Both in the US and elsewhere) The negative connotations have already been attached to that flag – and nothing will make them go away.
    Would be banning the Confederate flag too drastic? Well, insisting on using it in 2017 is equally foolish and unnecessary. Really, the only places where the Confederate flag belongs are museums and movies depicting the Civil War.

    1. The flag would be a forgotten relic today if not for the Civil Rights Movement. (Racist) Southerners starting displaying the flag in the 1960’s, after the inage had been revived by the Dixiecrat party, to show opposition to MLK and the like.

    2. “I do not understand why are so many people still passionate about the “Confederacy”. It`s past and it is not going to come back.”
      I assume you’re not MAGA.

      1. How is that relevant to the article. Stop bringing in personal matters. I blocked your friend “lolknee”. I will block you too if you don`t stop your trolling.

        1. eventually he will block everyone, and he will only be able to communicate with that googlebot(but at least he will make $88 dollars an hour)

    3. Banning any symbol, at all, is too drastic. And individuals decide what they want to own and display, and not government, period, end of sentence, full stop.

    4. I’ve come to believe that secession was a bargaining tactic. “Let’s secede and then bargain our way back into the union.” I believe they would have traded slavery for abolishing or lowering the tariffs and come happily back into the fold.

    5. Slavery was going to be phased out due to technology: it would have been better to have done it gradually over 20-25 years than in a cataclysmic “you’re all free now!” campaign of war and destruction

      1. If it was really “all about slavery and only slavery”, they could have regulated it away – slap ‘term limits’, ‘mandatory freedom ages’ and the like. Basically return it to more of an indentured servitude than slavery.

  7. If any Southern soldier was asked why they were fighting, they would probably tell you that they were fighting to protect themselves and their families against an invading force and against what they believed to be an overreaching, overarching government that was going to take them in directions they did not care to go morally. Along the same vein, I would state that the South was far more religious and the North was far more secular, and the South was the most fertile ground for the Catholic Church to grow because it was a hierarchical society, much like old Europe (with the aristocracy and the like); I remember reading that there was an agreement between President Davis and Pius IX to start an apostolate to educate the newly freed slaves (but we’ll never know that since the Union “won” the war).
    As a side note, most Confederate soldiers did not own slaves and some blacks fought for the South; most blacks were treated like family.

    1. There were more slaves in the State of New York than in Georgia…history is a gigantic clusterfuck.

        1. A lot of that depends on how you are living. If you are talking about living in the 5 points, yeah sure. If you are at 4 West 54th Street in the Rockefeller Mansion, not so much.

        2. The Five Points…the pentagram. New York is evil!
          Wait, a lot of cities have a Five Points…all cities are evil!

        3. No Kneeman, they didn’t. They got to die in New York. Slavery was abandoned in the North in no small part because of a high mortality rate. Worse yet the skeletal remains recovered a few blocks from NY city hall in the nation’s largest “Negro Burying Ground” indicate that NYC slaves were literally (Hitler) worked to death. This burial ground was used for over a century and holds the remains of between 10,000 and 20,000 blacks. It operated for over a century and was finally closed in 1794. This “peculiar institution” was hardly isolated to the South and a large part of early New York was built by “bonded” labor. In fact, the wall that Wall Street takes its name from was built by slaves! The North actually had a vested interest in keeping slavery alive in the South, since wealthy northern industrialists supplied, rum, hardware, slave cloth and various other goods to the South and the Caribbean. I highly recommend Anne Farrow’s book, Complicity for more detail. It’s eye opening to say the least, especially coming from a Yankee liberal.

        4. That is one bit of new York trivia I did not know, but have to say, no offense meant, simply isn’t that interesting. In the end, everyone who isn’t wealthy (including the working rich who can live a wealthy life so long as they get their asses to work) is a slave and the rest is details. Fuck, I am being worked to death and the fact that it is taking longer and that I eat better during the process only means I’m a house nigger.

        5. Yep, when someone tells me slavery was abolished (if they are working and not on the dole) I respond, “Right. Look at your paycheck stub.” Income tax is involuntary servitude my friend, there’s no other way to look at it.

        6. Until you can walk away from work, never go back and live exactly the type of life you enjoy living you are just a nigger. Your boss might as well call you “hey boy” That they don’t whip you is inconsequential. Just makes them relatively benign. That you might be in charge of others just makes you the house nigger. Slavery still exists for sure, it has just become more sophisticated….less rebellions this way. Everyone has a buy out number. I have a number…when I have that number I can walk. Your number has to do with your age and how you would like to live your life and when you hit that number you are just an old slave who has been allowed to go free after a lifetime of good service — that’s if it ever happens…..and all of that BEFORE the involuntary fucking taxes.

        7. This is truth…all of it. Very well said Mr. Knee.
          I was thinking about this bit of irony the other day. Blacks refer to white men as “white boy”. That’s totally acceptable. But if a white man refers to a black man as “black boy”, oh shit, look out, the race war starts.
          You see…we ARE slaves. Mostly our minds; our minds are slaves to the whims of the elite. They program us. We respond as programmed. Until we realize we’re robots. Then we can stop being robots. Until then, we can’t.

        8. Oh I was just being snarky. I prefer to know the truth in all matters. Without the truth it’s pretty hard to properly plan things for your own benefit. Like in this case, we know that we’re in a huge forced labor camp where we have some freedom to change dormitories and wardens, but that’s about it. Even if you are independently wealthy, you still end up paying in something even if it is just imposts, excises, duties and tariffs. The alternative is being so poor the government has no interest in you or dependently “poor” and on the dole, neither of which appeals to me. So I take measures to live well and stick it to “the man” every chance I get. One act of defiance is my wicked fast motorcycle. Speed limit? Only in the bike’s ECU, lol! I also do a lot of trading, private sales, auctions and the like to help support the grey market cash economy. Plus I raise my own meat and vegetables, pay hired help in cash, anything to keep the gun-vermin from getting a cut. It’s a perverse pleasure for me to find ways to thwart the parasites I suppose.

        9. That’s fiddle-faddle…..It kills me when people compare work to slavery. At least someone working for a living can TRY to improve their station and locale. And there is something to be said about CHOOSING one’s own master.

        10. This was many decades ago, I was working with some black guy and used the expression “Oh, boy!”. Things got frosty.

    2. And similarly, any yankee soldier would say he was fighting to put down a rebellion that threatened his country.
      Slave-owners? The people with THAT level of capital never fight in any war!

  8. American Civil War, or as I like to call it, the Third War of Scottish Independence, which is basically what it was from a demographic standpoint. Scots and English fight, French get in the way, just like the previous two wars. Film at 11. Heh.

    1. Astute! David Hackett Fischers award-winning book, “Albions Seed, Four British Folkways in America” breaks down the different British cultural groups that settled early America. In a nut shell The northern states were settled by populations from East Anglia and other areas of England while the southern states were settled by people from the Scottish borderlands between England and Scotland. Needless to say, the two different peoples didn’t get along any better in the New World than they did in the old and continued their enmity in America, resulting in the American Civil War.

  9. I really don’t care about the Confederate Flag on the surface, but I do care about people trying to erase history just to feel good about themselves.

    1. Exactly. The same people who smarmily call the southerners “traitors” will also tell you that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg weren’t.

  10. It is right and proper to compare the unamerican left who wishes to erase their history with ISIS, which does exactly the same thing.

  11. Our elites also want to retcon the history of America’s space program because of all the white Southerners who worked in it, along with engineers from Nazi Germany.

    1. we all know it was 3 sassy black women who got us to the moon: see “hidden figures”
      wernher von who?

        1. well, it’s gonna be wernher von who once we set the record straight and set it black hur hur hur

        2. I prefer being called honkey. if it was a good enough pejorative for george jefferson, its good enough for me

        3. LOL- Iwas gonna post that hours ago- “Von Who’s on First?” the unfunny German version of Abbott and Costello…

      1. Ever met a person who will take the other side, no matter what you say. Water is wet. No, it’s actually a semi-solid. Then, the next day, you tell the guy water is a semi-solid, and he says, no, water is wet. Don’t you just love those guys. Me neither.

        1. I most certainly have….They are one of the holy trinity of people who annoy the fuck out of everyone
          there is the Counter Argument Person (as you mentioned)
          The One Upper (I found this really nice pebble….oh yeah, I found 500000000 really nice pebbles) and of course
          The Expert (the guy that knows everything about everything and will offer you unsolicited advice at every fucking chance….)

        2. Funny how things come in threes. The naturally contrary person bugs me the most (you say, “You’re just naturally contrary”, they say, “No I’m not” – which proves it)…sheesh, it gets under my skin.

        3. Actually, I have a friend who wrote a dissertation on this and argues that there was a time when things came in twos and then there was an epoch switch and now they come in threes and eventually there will be an epoch switch where things will come in fives and on a long enough time line sevens and elevens. He will eventually get around to writing the book on Primology but it is truly brilliant work he did and continues to do.

        4. He is a reclusive genius living in the suburbs of Knoxville who rarely leaves the house. An interesting guy to say the least.

        5. In some tribal societies, their shamans deliberately remain as lone wolves, away from the rest of the tribe. It’s hard to remain dialed in when there are hundreds of people jabbering in your ear…he sounds like one of those guys.

        1. Breaking News: obnoxious, fat black woman with hippo mouth doesn’t like that some white person of moderate income exists.

        2. this just in: teen girl who kept nudging her BF via txt message into commiting suicide was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter…really!

        3. nah dude, I get what youre saying, but she was cajoling him into committing suicide over the span of weeks- “have you done it yet? what are you waiting for?”
          Evil stuff

        4. Yeah…I keep hearing all about how evil she is. Well duh.
          Now I’m gonna stick my neck on the block and just say “Fuck that guy”. I have a certain distain for weakness. I just can’t muster sympathy for someone so weak that they kill themselves because some bitch told him to. I already have major hate boner for blue pill mangina chumps. I would say this dude committed the ultimate sacrifice for the Precious Feminine, and to me that is a level of blue pill pussyness that I just can’t seem to find sympathy for.

  12. All other issues aside btw that quote from Sherman is absolutely fucking bad ass

    1. yes absolutely badass.
      “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”
      People don’t seem to understand this. Being nice or following rules of engagement, not torturing, trying to be civil. those are all for the birds. That’s how you lose a war. The faster you don’t give a fuck… the faster you win. period.
      “kum by ya mutherfucker” -me

        1. Half assed mercy or the overuse of conscience is what makes war last. Case in point Hiroshima. Give one example of your assertion. You go until the other screams “Uncle” so to speak and not being willing to break bones wont get you there.

        2. The opposite of cruelty isn’t “half assed mercy or the overuse of conscience.” Superiority in the art of war simply has no need for it. Besides, cruelty fuels hatred and fires it into eternity. People will surrender to a superior opponent. To cruelty? Only for a while. Tyrants will go down. If you want an example take your pick.

        3. We are arguing outside the point. I never said anything was opposite to the other, I made an assertion and backed it up immediately with an example. You are taking the word cruelty to a literal and specific degree while I’m taking it as a description of harshness and going “all in”. Letting War be war is the point here, win at all costs. Worry breeds hesitation, hesitation compounds your mistakes and in war mistakes are life and death propositions as well as win or lose props. We disagree on a level of principle not details and as such ill leave it here and just agree to disagree.

  13. OT, but…I can’t stand it when strangers come up to me and they start talking about some political issue that they are all worked up about. “Whaddya think of that Trump? He’s INSANE, isn’t he?” That kinda shit. Yeah, he’s so insane he’s worth a billion dollars (or whatever) and he’s so insane he’s gotten you all worked up over him, and it was all done on purpose: just to get you, and guys like you, riled up. Yeah. You’re right. He’s insane. You’re not. You’re in total control of your own mind, and your own thoughts. You’re not a puppet…uh-huh…sure.

    1. Whoa, calm down Mr. Smith! You can actually apply what you said to yourself. Don’t care about what others think or say.

    2. Come to the gym with me twice a day, lift heavy and eat 3 pounds of meat a day….pretty soon the only thing strangers will do is get the fuck out of your way.

      1. I find they come up to me and say things like that because I’m in the same ZIP Code bodywise that you are in…they’ll usually skirt up to me carefully, and they will go off like that, if they think it’s something I’ll agree with. I get the yappy dog thing a lot – yap! yap! yap! – on my periphery. “I don’t need to lift weights to be a man”…and I get this a lot, a couple guys will sit down a few bar stools away (younger guys), start talking about what badasses they were in high school. Discuss their athletic feats from back in the day. And I get “Steroids!” a lot, or “Rambo!”. I enjoy it…

        1. I love when I get steroids. I don’t know, I must give off a vibe. I can’t think of anyone who, in person, in my memory who has ever randomly mentioned anything relatively political.

        2. Comic Book Guy: “Quit butting in please. Your IQ is a mere 155 while mine is a muscular 170.”

        3. Comic Book Guy: “Im going back to my comic book store now, where I dispense the insults rather than absorb them.”

        4. There is no better feeling to me than when people ask me if I am using steroids….

        5. I used to get that question when I went to the university clinic for allergies … nurses would ask me if i was on steroids … wish someone offered me some 🙁

        6. seriously, you get your T levels checked>? you say youre tall and good looking…maybe thats the culprit?

        7. A couple whole slabs of home cured bacon on either end of a bratwurst substitutes for dumbbells any day in the kneemans book

        8. That would be the correct response to our local 100+ year old german butcher which makes all sorts of goodies by hand.

        9. Might have to do with the locale, and types of places you visit, versus the types of places I visit. I go to dive bars a lot. That’s where I get that sort of thing. Do you ever have this happen. I get this a lot. I’ll be out and about at a bar, and some guy’s girl will look at me. And then the guy will look at me. And then he’ll get this look on his face like he wants to kill me, because his girl is looking at me, but he figures it’s likely that I’d rip his head off before he got the chance to do any damage. Man I love that shit…heh.

        10. This might very well be the case. I do get people who ask me where I went to school or what my title at work is and it isn’t just polite conversation.

        11. Sounds like that might be the kind of shit that happens when guys get what I like to call, “Beer muscles.” They have a few drinks, they get cocky, start blowing shit at people based on their own insecurities. Guys talk to me in a really loud voice quite frequently, when I initially meet them. And it reminds me of that scene in the movie, “Jeremiah Johnson”, where this Blackfoot (I think) is confronting Robert Redford’s character, and he’s yelling at him. So Redford asks his partner what the hell the guy is yelling for, and his partner responds, “He’s afraid of you…”

        12. Yeah, I haven’t been in a place where someone has raised there voice without being asked to leave in years lol. Most of the places I go require a jacket. There is a lot of cocky arrogance, but most of it is not drunk enough for beer muscles but there is absolutely a sense of elitism.

        13. I like being around that sort of scene occasionally. Mostly because I always get underestimated. I dress like an upscale hobo. That way, nobody ever sees me coming. When I’m in Nevada I don’t drink as often, and I never do it in casinos or sports betting parlors (because I don’t like being that visible when wagering).
          So you’re gonna love this story. I’m back in Phoenix for about another three weeks here. So I’m outside yesterday looking at some emails on my phone, about 15 feet from my hotel room, and this girl walks up to me out of nowhere, and she says, “Hi, Bob! My god! How have you been?”, and she’s all excited. She’s with this younger dude, he’s probably 23 or so. She’s probably 28, ballpark. Damned if I could remember who in the hell she was. But she knew me – intimately. “How long are you going to be here, what are you doing later,” etc. And then I realized that I must have banged her when I was really drunk. I spent about the next half an hour trying to place her, but I couldn’t do it. Best I can estimate, she worked at the strip club down the road…but that’s a guess. I have picked strippers up from that joint in the past and brought them back to the hotel here (it’s closed now), and when that happened, I was usually wasted. But I figure that’s a story the Kneeman would appreciate…as I’m sure it’s happened to you. Come on, spill it, you have to have a similar story (or 10) here…

        14. Ha! Nice. Not I though. Too many elements to that story that are outside my periferee: I never forget, I never go to strip joints, I never don’t drink when I’m out.
          This one was quite nice.

        15. you ever watch a show on AMC called Comic Book Guys? Blobby Kevin Smith and a blobby guy with grey hair and a beard epitomize the comic book guy from the simpsons

        16. I’m not jacked like you guys, but I lift, swim and eat primal so I am very fit and lean for my age (almost up there with you Bob, 58 this year). I hear the same kind of “back in the day, I could…” shít from a lot of guys who now look like expectant mothers. I want to say “I don’t care what you did back in the day, put down the fork and step away from the table fat boy!” But I try to be diplomatic and if they ask me for advice I freely give it. So far, only one guy I know that’s my age has shown the kind of self control it takes to actually accomplish anything though. I learned years ago that the best way to improve the performance of your bike was to shave off some weight…from the rider. And it doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit when the neighbor’s hot teenage daughter is out by my pool and says “Ohhh! You’re an old guy with muscles.” Living well really is the best revenge…

        17. I agree, the very best revenge…I used to think that people who said “Age is just a number” were full of shit…but now I’m a believer. I’ve accomplished more since I hit 50 years of age than I ever did when I was younger. I’m in better shape than when I was probably 22. I get just as many looks from young women as I did when I was a young male slut. So it’s all good…the only thing I regret is that I can’t live another 100 years…I am really enjoying life now…

        18. “I’ve accomplished more since I hit 50 years of age than I ever did when I was younger. I’m in better shape than when I was probably 22.”
          That is the most promising shit I’ve heard all week!
          Hats off to you, good sir!

        19. No I mean when guys ask if I’m on steroids because they are surprised I can do what I do without them

        20. alot of it stems from the fact that most people are lazy. They dont want to work out or take the time to cook healthy foods. And the laziness hurts them in their later years hence why alot of older people are so feeble and have a huge risk in medical problems. If you properly take care of your body, mind , and spirit you should live well till you are on your deathbed

        21. The pool, the neighbor’s chatty teen daughter peering through the fence – the whole setting triggers me to begin mentally shuffling my ‘chat ‘er up on the fly’ cards. The old chinese proverbs like ‘never shit where you eat’ are ignored. That’s a case where a young girl needs some real red pill patriarchal preaching. Just an innocent neighborly sermon. She must be exposed to the proper wisdom before her mind gets scrapped at some shitlib college. A preaching neighbor with a T-reeking bod in a speedo conveys the mesage. No hard pump game, just invite her poolside, friendly like and let her oil your pecs with tanning oil as you grace her with red pill history lessons. Maybe then a bike ride on the back seat of your hog later.

        22. Oops, thanks, I was ‘speed reading’ and thought you were replying to Bob’s top level comment.

        23. You have a great imagination and built an interesting scenario around my post. So to clarify, the teen in question was actually poolside. We’ve known her since she was little right after her mother passed away. My wife, who is very red pill in many ways, took her under her wing and has done her best to teach her to be a lady and instill a strong work ethic. I have done my best to convince her not to crop off her hair (it’s down to her waist) or get pierced and tatted up which she seems to have taken to heart. We are having some resistance on the subject of morality due to publik skule influence unfortunately. But my wife is working on that too. Although I could probably still get away with a Speedo, I gave up that style back in my 20s – it’s unbecoming to a middle aged man IMO even if he’s fit. And since she has “blossomed” (and after a couple of other comments from her), I keep her at arm’s length other than an occasional grandfatherly hug; so no oiling my biceps. And I actually ride a ZX-14 rather than a hog which has a cowl over the rear seat. I prefer to ride alone on the street since my riding style is “questionable.” But she has been all around the pasture on my KLR-650 with me and loved it. She wants to go to Harvard and I suspect she is smart enough to get the scholarships she needs. I fear for her.

        24. Yes. I also go to Cafe Boulud, the restaurant/bar, at the Surrey pretty frequently. Daniel, the flag ship, is more for special occasions. Good stuff, though for the money there are place I like better

      2. “So you can either sit there crying and eating can after can of dog food until your tears smell enough like dog food to make your dog come back…”

    3. I just finished a business conference (I’m the only American) in Madrid and thought I just might get through it without any one asking me about Trump. No such luck. Meh. I am suppose to take out some colleagues to dinner in a few hours, but I am considering reserving a table and calling them a taxi. I just want to smoke a cohiba, sip a cerveza and watch all the women walk by in their minny skirts (it’s just under 100 F).

      1. People from other countries assume all Americans just LOVE to talk politics, especially about Trump. They would never even consider the notion that some Americans don’t want to talk about that kind of thing…especially when traveling. Whadderyagonnado. (Shrugs.)

        1. I’ve noticed that all those who feel the need to give unsolicited opinions on politics share one thing in common; every single one of them spend large amounts of time on social media and the news.
          Every. Single. One.
          Purely coincidental, I’m sure…

        2. Thankfully most people know not to discuss politics or religion in polite company. Normally just a couple of bad apples in the barrel.

        3. I think the Trump topic is a disease, and it’s contagious. Transmitted by the mainstream media. “Kill your TV…”

      2. My German Vermieter crapped his pants when he saw the huge Trump portrait hanging on my wall yesterday. “But…but…this man is horrible…you will take it down , won’t you ?” I was like “whatever man it’s your opinion and forget about me taking it down” . Than proceed to bitch for more than half an hour about how unkept the house was and how I was damaging his precious goods. Bitching like a bitch even though everything was reasonably tidy and well-kept here. Honestly , I can’t understand why an American such as you would live in such a pussified country.

        1. I have one colleague who won’t let it go and I simply smile and say, “Sollten wir noch einen Krieg haben? Lass das. Genieß dein Leben.” He’s leaving anyway.
          I am well paid for what I do and until that stops or Europe goes full retard (which it just might), I will most likely be sticking around. I feel sorry for my daughter who is attending School here — she mentions there is a lot of hate about Trump and Putin by both faculty and students, but she knows her parents are supporters. Told her to keep her mouth shut and ignore it. You cannot make the blind see.

  14. Little known fact: the Emancipation Proclamation freed 0 slaves as it only applied to states that were in revolt.
    Can you imagine being a Southerner and the President of the United States instigates a slave revolt, telling all slaves to rise up and kill their masters? You would fight like mad too…

  15. Frankly if I had lived back then I would have fought for the North but the fact is you are right here on all your points truth is Slavery as an institution was dying out by economic forces and on that issue the South Believed it to be a matter of the States to deal with and not the Federal government they did after all though recognizing slavery as a constitutional right in their constitution also gave the states the right to abolish it but at the same time the south was abusing States Rights as much as liberals are abusing Civil Rights to a political end indeed Democrats did not get into State’s Rights until AFTER they lost they started to lose control of the Federal Government, they were pushing ‘race’ pretty much like democrats are pushing ‘gender’ today to legitimize a lot of perverted thinking, the idiotic ‘One Drop’ Rule defining a negro pretty much runs like the ‘Gay Gene’ today. There are so many things today in politics at play that remind me of those days maybe the phylosophers are correct when they say the more things change the more they remain the same.

    1. When I look at the past and the talk of ‘gender’ which was pretty much like the talk of ‘race’ back then I often find myself thinking of the Slave Children of New Orleans series of photos that really got northerners to support abolitionists, seeing the light pale skins of the young Octoroons and Quadroons the children of slave women fathered by their masters who reminded them of their own children.

  16. If I had known things would turn out like they did, I would have picked my own damn cotton.

    1. They turned out pretty good relatively, at least compared to the rest of the world, until about 1965. Damn hippies.

      1. Well, we made it through reconstruction but, then they desegregated the schools and it’s been going downhill since.

        1. i’d say the war on poverty, the war on drugs, and the creation of the department of department of education led to alot of those problems.

        2. Alex Jones I think is the one who cleverly coined it ‘the war OF drugs’. The bureaucracy perpetuates the problem. Same with the ‘war’ on illiteracy or poverty. The mother department of bureaucracy ‘The Department of Departments’ is basically the false opposition dual party system and its backers. That entire department needs shuttered.

      1. If you stay out in the field until you get a good tan you will blend right in 🙂

  17. “The AMERICAN Confederacy.”
    The Confederacy was not American. They were a separate country. (Unless you define “American” to mean “from the Americas as a whole”).

      1. In modern English, the demonym “American” is used to refer to people/things from the United States of America, and not any other country that happens to be in the Americas.
        Not only were the Confederates not American, they SPECIFICALLY DECLARED themselves to NOT be American, which was the whole reason for the war.

    *takes out walkie talkie*
    Captain Goldberg, the neo-Nazis are disarmed and we’ve secured the building, what next?
    Officer Silverstein, are they actual neo-Nazis?
    Well, I don’t see any women or people of color in here so they must be.
    You know what to do, Silverstein. SHUT IT DOWN!

    1. Note: I’m glad the union won the war and I’m not a confederate or a southerner, but the left in this country is ridiculous

        1. I would prefer that a million white men hadn’t have died and the South and North could have negotiated trade deals etc. What good is preserving the union if you murder its citizens?

  19. Civil war was about state rights and attempting to succeed from the union. As my highschool history teacher said “its like the mob, you can get in but never get out.”
    Before the civil war it was “these united states are” , not “the united states is”

  20. Beautifully articulated article. The statue of Sherman proves without a shadow of a doubt that the leftist elites care nothing about the virtues that they signal, as long as their political agenda is enacted swiftly and by any means necessary. I still find it hard to believe that they continue to poison millions of minds even though the truth is right in front of everyone’s face. Unbelievable.

  21. Liberal dirtbags tax the holy hell out of traditional, industrious, Christian south to make up for their wanton greed. These rothchilds and scheming thieves continue to play the same games.

  22. Oh wahwahwah, Sherman kicked our sad asses! Lmfao he predicted the outcome of the Civil War before it even started, fought war how it should be done, & got results. Read some of his quotes. Southerners are dumbasses.

      1. It wins wars, then the losers can play victim card 100 years later. Kinda like how the Sioux fired the first shot at Wounded Knee, but since the US Cavalry whooped their ass so absolutely-it’s referred to as a massacre. Sherman understood a nation cares much more about property damage than dead soldiers.

    1. Maybe some Confederate guerillas should have visited Sherman’s family, had some slaves rape his wife, kill his children, and leave a note saying, “War is hell” :duckface

      1. He was just doing his job. Was not personal. Same with the Indians. Uncle Billy was quite possibly the greatest general in US history. Could you imagine him vs the muzzies?
        BTW, on another note, he looked like Chris “the Canadian Crippler” Benoit’s great great great Grandfather. How cool is that???

      2. Instead, at the Battle of Bull Run, when the union boys ran, Washington, D.C., should have been taken and burned to the ground. The war would have ended right there.

      3. Nathaniel Forrest was also a genius & cavalry pioneer. Sherman went to Westpoint with the men who would command the south & knew they were spoiled, arrogant plantation boys bluffing.

  23. Prior to 1860, the issue of slavery came up time and time again in the state houses and Washington. It had been a regular issue in the state houses when they convened but was stayed and negotiated to the backburner. Most states north of the Mason Dixon line and especially industrial centers had already ceased the importation of slaves.
    In the south, many areas like parts of central and coastal Georgia had more black slaves per capita than white citizens. A newly settled white family from Europe often could not find work in the south. In many counties, the large plantation landowner bosses had the legislatures in their pocket. They had outsourced all local jobs to cheap third world slave labor, much like the global corporate bosses of today.
    White settler families faced starvation so they packed wagons and headed west. A massive white European exodus westward to the frontier then commenced in the 1830s-40s. The deep south and tidewater grew blacker while the plantation ag bosses grew richer. Mississippi through the portmouth of Virginia would have the demographics of Haiti within 50 yrs, and all to the greed of the plantation bosses.
    ONE HAD ONLY LOOK south to the fate which Haiti suffered only 50 yrs prior.
    Once known as the ‘Crown Jewel of the Caribbean’, Haiti had one of the richest economies in the sun belt under colonial rule, but they continued shipping in slaves 11:1 to white settlers.
    Coinciding with the French Revolution, The Hatian revolution 1796 – 1802 swept the outposts first and then the settlements.
    Blacks slaves continued to rampage the land butchering the few white families remaining. Feminism played no role at the time. It was demographics and a collapse of law. Sweden could face the same fate only worse. Feminism greases the course for sweden. The ‘Sweden conversion’ seems to race its course on slippery teflon with no resistance whatsoever. Sweden is resembling a mechanized chicken slaughterhouse during the industrial revolution when electric powered machines entered the scene.

    1. I’ve seen depictions of the slave revolt in Haiti. If you want proof that whites have no racial loyalty, see their reaction to those depictions of blacks massacring the French in Haiti. Most – almost all – all will cheer or express some form of glee: someone owning slaves justifies being tortured to death in their minds. Truly bizarre.

      1. I went to public school before hip hop/rap was invented. In history class we viewed some slideshow about colonialism and one slide came up with an overseer whipping a slave. One girl in the class, a cutie but bimbo with pep squad friends says aloud “ooh I just want to kill that bad man whipping that slave. That’s so mean.” Just one girl with an opinion. She still got Cs and Ds on the quizzes. The whole class wasn’t radicalized though. I can’t imagine being in public school today where a whole class chimps out and begins soapboxing what they gonna do to some long dead overseer. Chimping out incidents in classrooms today seem to be sparked by the co-ed environment having mouthy females shit testing their unearned entitlement to the limits.

  24. As a dictator who rode roughshod over the Constitution, caused the death of over 600,000 Americans, said he’d gladly free not a single slave if it “saved the Union”, etc. Lincoln is the one whose statue a free land would topple.

    1. take a “ghetto blaster” and have ‘the bonnie blue flag’ on repeat all day at full volume

    2. Can’t resist, love military marches. Nothing to do with topic. We are a Dixie Jap family. Warriors going back on both sides. Love this one. Sending Jap soldiers off to war. Cathy tune.

  25. If SJWs are pulling down monuments of the south, because a white guy killed 9 blacks, then I want all of the streets named Martin Luther King to be renamed, I want national MLK day to be revoked, and I want all of the media to stop interviewing and making heroes of black sports players. It’s only fair, since over 50% of the violent crime in this country is committed by blacks, who are only 13% of the population.

  26. Taking down the monuments is Talibanism. Falsification of history. In USA for crying out loud. I’m flabbergasted.

  27. 2 worst mistakes in American history:
    1) Participating in the African slave trade.
    2) Giving women the privilege of voting.
    Without those two things, the US would be a near paradise.

    1. If only they had discovered the superiority of wage slavery over chattel slavery 100 years earlier (let the fuckers fed themselves!).
      Female suffrage was one of the purest examples of political amorality: all the pukes who made it happen cared about was counting the votes.

      1. “Female suffrage was one of the purest examples of political amorality: all the pukes who made it happen cared about was counting the votes.”
        All those blue pill mangina pukes who made it happen cared about was making their wives quit bitching in hopes getting some feminist pussy”.
        Fixed it for ya 😉

  28. We still have slavery. The US still imports millions of foreign laborers. The elites take advantage their lack of citizenship to enrich themselves and drive down wages for every working man. What has changed?
    Plus the taxation makes us all slaves of the corporate/single mother welfare state.

  29. Fuck Lincoln. Fuck the liars in the MSM.
    Truth is the main reason Southern States seceded from the union is because of the union. Tariffs were put in place to protect American industry, which at that time was centered in the North. England, France, and other European countries in turn placed tariffs on American goods.
    Problem is, the only thing America exported at that time was agricultural products. Namely cotton. Where was cotton grown? In the South.
    So, the federal government and other liars think the South should be happy to be broke. Representatives of Southern States didn’t ask for tariffs.
    That whole war was fought to protect industrial and banking interests.
    “Oh no,” someone said, “the North wanted to liberate black slaves.”
    That’s a goddamn lie. Northerners cared less about blacks than Southerners did. When slaves grew too old to work, they were taken care of until they passed away. In the same era, those who worked in factories, in the North, were cast aside to fend for themselves when they became too old to work.
    Besides, slavery was on the way out anyway. And the ONLY reason the union won that war was because of industry and their navy. That’s it.
    Instead of taking down Confederate Monuments, why don’t they take down that bullshit statue of Ted Kennedy that allegedly cost seventy million dollars.
    If I upset anybody here, I don’t give a fuck.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Great post Mr. E.
      Especially this:
      “”Oh no,” someone said, “the North wanted to liberate black slaves.” That’s
      a goddamn lie. Northerners cared less about blacks than Southerners
      did. When slaves grew too old to work, they were taken care of until
      they passed away.”
      As you already know, I am here up north. In the bluest of blue regions (blech!!!). I live in a 30% black town. Been here for 25 years, since I came back to NY from a 2 year stint in Ca. Save loads of money on rent that way. But imagine that. An ultra alt-right wingnut like me in a black area with no one bothering me! While those limousine liberals live in their lily white gated communities. What a pack of vile hypocrites!!! They deserve all the horrible things that are awaiting them in the future!

      1. Liberals are cowards. They’re tough when the police are standing nearby to protect them. Tell you the truth, every New Yorker I ever met I liked. Don’t know why but New Yorkers are cool.

        1. In the 2 years I was in Ca, I would occasionally meet a native NYer like me. We would always say the same thing. Californians are nice on the outside, but phony on the inside. Real NYers are somewhat gruff or mean on the outside, but truthful & decent on the inside.
          And the Southerners I have known are honest and decent through and through.
          A good friend of mine is an NC native. I was out of work last year, for 3 months, for the first time in my life, and no one else gave a crap, but he gave me a chance and gave me a contract on the spot without any hesitation. Without any personal gain for himself. Great guy with strong convictions and a wonderful family. God bless the south! Have a great weekend.

        2. I agree with what you say about Californians and New Yorkers.
          I lived in California for 4 years. And from 1982 to 1983 I was stationed there for a year. Not that I’m an expert, but very few Californians are good at all.
          All New Yorkers I ever met, everywhere I been, are among the best people I ever met. Yeah! New Yorkers are cool. At least all the ones I’ve known are.

    2. Hartford, the capital of Connecticut, is the home of America’s big insurance companies. Well guess what? Those insurance companies grew rich, in part by insuring the slaves of Southern plantation owners before the Civil War! A couple of years ago there was a big fuss about that in the media, but nothing came of it.

      1. Hartford is now a shitlib hellhole. Taxes on a house worth only $300,000 are $20,000 a year. To live in HARTFORD CT. The wealthy have been fleeing wealthy Fairfield Co too(Greenwich located there).

        1. I lived in New Haven for a long time. The cities of Connecticut along the NEC are either rusted out deserted gun munitions factories, state run housing, window rattling hip hop, and Popeye’s Chicken as far as the eye can see…or top shelf universities, million dollar homes, and Coldstone Creamery. Most of the time like 1 block from each other. And then the rest of the state is woods. lol

    3. Follow the money, always follow the money. The north wanted to increase the tariffs on Southern “King Cotton” by %40 in one fell swoop. The central government wanted to gorge itself on something it had no hand in creating…..as governments always do.

  30. The Confederates were traitor, as they committed treason against the USA, but who cares all the US founding fathers were traitors to king and country, the question was were they justified in their treason, and I think it is a resounding “maybe”.

    1. False. The confederates were exercising the right of succession to leave the Republic as defined in the US constitution. Read the document some time.

      1. it would be the right of secession, which isn’t in the constitution. The Confederate’s argument was moral not legal.
        If you read through the founding documents you will notice that the right of secession was purposely never enacted, only explained for self justification of rebellion. Your only legal argument is it is a natural right, or maybe breach of contract. But if you violently and with organization resist the sovereign authority of your government that is treason, by definition.
        But I said earlier being a traitor isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in a very very limited circumstance, they could be heroes who were morally righteous.

  31. Great article.Particularly moved by the Cleburne quote and plan to put it on my wall for inspiration.Thank you,well done.

  32. The divisiveness surrounding this issue is not what it once was;
    and as South Carolina proves, it is a bipartisan issue the left and the right agree upon:
    “We’re a state that believes in tradition. We’re a state that believes in history. We’re a state that believes in respect,” Haley said before signing the bill. “So we will bring it down with dignity, and we will make sure that it is put in its rightful place.”
    Early Thursday morning, the S.C. House of Representatives voted 94 to 20 to take down the flag, giving final approval to a bill that passed the state Senate earlier in the week.
    The vote count was more than the two-thirds needed, but it came after a handful of lawmakers mounted a tenacious last stand, proposing amendment after amendment that led the debate to drag on more than 12 hours.” http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/09/us/south-carolina-confederate-battle-flag/index.html

  33. American history as it is taught in the public schools bases its proudest triumphs as overcoming the evil bigotry of the south
    The evil of the trail of tears by the slave-owning southerner Andrew Jackson
    The evil of slavery overcome in the civil war
    The evil of segregation overcome by our saviors MLKJ and Rosa Parks
    The evil of fighting indians (who massacred us brutally)
    The evil of southern and coservative anti-illegal immigrant protesters
    And soon the evil of homophobia overcome in Obergefeller v. Hodges (2015) (the gay marriage case)
    And the evil of ageist discrimination against pedophiles
    And the evil of speciest bestiality laws
    And the evil of necrophobic requirements of mrriage to be between 2 living person
    And the evil of……

  34. Steve McNallen – a proud son of Texas, and whose motto is “The existence of my people is not negotiable! ” – created a truly superb video about the current war to erase the Confederate legacy, equating this war with the ISIS campaign of smashing ancient statues and monuments – EXACTLY the same mentality! He also points out that the war against Southern heritage is also a war against ALL White heritage, and he says (in that regard): “We are all Confederates now!”. Here’s his video:

  35. As a lifelong Yankee who nowadays lives in the heart of Civil War country, I am sad for the desecration of Southern/Confederate history, pride, and heritage that has been wrought by these SJW idiots. For one, they wouldn’t know a Confederate flag or even cannonball if it hit them in the face. Second, even though I am sure in their twisted version of reality they mean well, attempting to erase history is a tool of groups of slobbering idiots like ISIS. Third, none of them, nor their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, or great great grandparents, were alive or enslaved during the Civil War. Taking down the “confederate flag” outside a state house or two simply attempts to right a perceived wrong by erasing its evidence in the present.
    I also noticed this weird phenomena with a lot of my students, they seem to think nowadays that you can’t talk about, or acknowledge something, without being that thing. Oddly, when I once lectured about the Nazis and their beliefs, I got a complaint from a (Jewish) student that I was clearly a Nazi, or at minimum some kind of white supremacist. This thought process nowadays is very odd. Talk a lot about giraffes? You MUST BE a giraffe!

  36. My ancestors fought for the confederacy and were the biggest fucking cretins on earth. People from the south are all historically iodine deficient, which explains their tiny brains and their love for authority.
    Lincoln was a tyrant, but the Texas Rangers hunted down runaway slaves. Get your fucking facts straight before you come back to “trolling for a living”. Your “career” is just a joke where you are so obviously just saying the most attention seeking things you can think of. You’d like to think you’re Thomas Paine, when all you are is just a pathetic troll, and now the GOP’s bitch.

  37. What’s not a flagrant lie is that Southerners aren’t fairweather fans. They’ve been rooting for their losing-ass squad for decades, waiting on that comeback.

  38. Always wondered – is William tecumseh Sherman’s middle related to the war chief tecumsseh?

  39. My family fought in the civil war against the southern traitors. Your pathetic attempt to rewrite history, to deify seditionists, is just that: pathetic.
    My family has been military for many generations. We have a written, contemporaneous, record of many battles in may wars. Some of these were returned posthumously, including two from the civil war where 3 of our family died fighting. The only point you got right was the battle flag was not (one of) the flag(s) used as a national flag. Of course it is irrelevant as all flags, battle or national, are the rags of traitors and seiditionists that should be spat upon and burned on sight.
    The war was about slavery, as the north had the machines and didn’t need it. The south did need slavery, since they didn’t have the machines. Economics 101.
    William Tecumseh Sherman was only talking like a soldier, pre-“smart weapons”, who knew you couldn’t necessarily wipe out an army on the run in home territory but that you could wipe out the will to fight. See also: WWII as a recent example. We carpet-bombed, fire-bombed, and more, whole cities in Japan and Europe to defeat the enemy. Too bad for the southern traitors they got the 19th century equivalent.
    I won’t bother to get into “Comes the Jubilee” argument because the simple fact is the traitors lost. I also don’t bother getting into “Comes the Wehrmacht”, “Comes the Rising Sun”, and so on, arguments either. They lost, tough shit, get over it. Any SJW who bothers with such pointless arguments is a moron trying to read irrelevant tea leaves.

        1. This is what I don’t get. We want to punish leftist traitors, but you want to celebrate traitors. A traitor to America is a cuck. The South was full of good little cucks serving their elite masters.

        2. Your comment makes no sense. I know its asking a lot to request that extract your brain from your ass for just a minute and actually learn something. Here are the pearls being cast, are you swine or are you not.
          The Northern Democratic and Republican parties favored allowing the South to secede in peace. Just about every major Northern newspaper editorialized in favor of the South’s right to secede. New York Tribune (Feb. 5, 1860): “If tyranny and despotism justified the Revolution of 1776, then we do not see why it would not justify the secession of Five Millions of Southrons from the Federal Union in 1861.” Detroit Free Press (Feb. 19, 1861): “An attempt to subjugate the seceded States, even if successful, could produce nothing but evil – evil unmitigated in character and appalling in content.” The New York Times (March 21, 1861): “There is growing sentiment throughout the North in favor of letting the Gulf States go.”
          Third paragraph American Declaration of Independence
          That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

        3. As always, a coward seeks weasel words to shirk. You can quote the declaration all you like, but the truth of the matter is that the Constitution of The United States was in effect. This binding document, of principle and duty, did not give them the ability to secede by fiat.
          My family killed traitors, a few died killing traitors, to uphold the Constitution. I see someone flying a traitors rag, I let them know (battle or national) it is a traitors rag. I do the same when I see a German swastika rag. The oath is to fight all enemies, foreign AND domestic. Not simply when it is convenient, but when it is hard.
          I understand this is difficult to process for you, because you have romanticized the traitors as people in a grand struggle, but the simple fact is they were traitors. Doubly so for those who were active military who took the oath.

        4. Yeah right, you and I both know what a liar you are, you wouldn’t have the balls to say anything to someone who flys that flag, because they would kick your ass, just like we kicked your ass with a tenth of the men and less weapons technology and we still killed more of you than you did of us. Like every other northern invader your better at talking than fighting.

        5. The traitors lost, get over it you cuck for landed elites.
          I do own weapons but I’ve never had to kill a person in anger, yet. I expect some incompetent coward will make it necessary at some point, whether it’s a criminal or a traitor supporter. I’d rather not, but I only control my ability to engage in violence.
          I was raised with weapons, since I’m from a military family, so they are just another tool to me. Just like people are simply a silhouette. If necessary, you use the tool and shoot the silhouette just like you were taught. I was raised with a simple ethos: You don’t start a physical altercation, but if someone starts one with you then the only thing that matters is you are the one who walks away. You don’t “fight fair” because you can’t expect the other person to fight fair, and you have to expect your life is on the line.
          So if we ever happen to run into each other, or one of your spiritual traitor supporting brothers decides to try in your stead, we’ll just have to see who walks away.

        6. Spoken like a scorned fag, you’re the assbitch for elites you’re just too stupid to know it, it was elitists that started the invasion of the South, you are truly eat up with the dumbass.

        7. Spoken like a cowardly cuck too fearful to admit their ancestors were traitors and seditionists. Your cowardly, traitorous, cuck ancestors lost, get over it.

        8. So the 101st chairborne descendant of traitors, cowards, seditionists, and cucks can’t handle the truth? Like a cat lady, you just can’t face reality.

        9. Let me guess, you’re a fa99ot who likes to get abused. That’s why you keep coming back, you like the abuse. Go cruise a local public restroom again, maybe you’ll get lucky this time.

        10. You certainly have an unhealthy focus on homosexuality, perhaps due to your own self-loathing. Perhaps you should cruise the public restrooms less…
          I’m guessing I’ve been a RoK reader longer than you, and contributed a fair share of advice to guys (from my personal experience) in how women can be expected to attempt to manipulate. How sluts act, and should be treated (wrap it up, bang them, and walk away if she gets possessive, ABC) by men. Never wife up a slut, or an over the hill bitch about to hit the wall. Treat single moms like dangerous playthings, with the exception made for a gal who was widowed if it was an auto accident (et al.) without substance abuse. To stand up to the town bike, you know the gal who lets anyone take her for a ride if they can give her something she wants. That marriage in the West, and even many former safe havens like the old East Bloc countries, is a true sham. That they shouldn’t buy affection, but simply show they have status and resources, and make women validate themselves to earn those resources.
          So I’m guessing you’re just another ignorant cuck.

  40. You are propagating swill and nonsense. Ever read the orders of Secession? They state they are doing it to continue slavery. Heres’s a conclusion for you: The Confederacy LOST the war. If we had hung all of the traitorous leaders instead of letting them retire to mansions (the real reason Johnson should have been impeached) we would have any of these damn statues and half brain idiots like you going on about the “real” reason the civil war was fought. “Death to Tyrants” indeed….and ALL traitors.

    1. I see you writing your idiocy from a corner of Starbucks with you other little beta-male pencil necks.

        1. Knew you were a fa99ot, your foul mood must mean you got turned down cruising your favorite public restroom last night.

        2. I knew you were a fa99ot, you seem to be in a foul mood, must have got turned down cruising your favoite public restroom last night.

        3. The basis for your existence is taking your genitailia, meant for divine procreation, and inserting it into the dirty end of another mans large intestine. Your life is degenerate and corrupt.

        4. You were on your knees with your mouth open in my favorite stall – but I passed because you appear to be disease ridden and stupid. I still prefer sheep……..say baaaah.

  41. If the North wins it is not alone the destruction of our property, it is the prelude to anarchy, infidelity and the ultimate loss of free and responsible government on this continent. They are the tribe of Commerce, Factories and Banks and we should meet the Federal invaders on the outer verge of just and right defense. No quarter given to the invaders of our homes and firesides……..Stonewall Jackson

  42. The main problem the South had was the mosquito killed white and red men at rates that made Africans economically the best choice for labor during the 1500 and 1600s. At this time, no one in the entire world had a problem with slavery. By the 1700s, when there were already very large populations of Africans in the South, people began to believe slavery was an injustice. The problem the South had was what to do with all of the enslaved people who were too different to comingle, and would always represent a separate group with separate interests. South Africa today is a good example of what Southerners feared.

  43. The civil war was fought over taxes plain and simple. The marketing that it was a slavery issue is one of the biggest cons in history. The North had many slaves and they knew the only way to destabilize the south was to turn the blacks against the locals…The US Gov is worried about a tax revolt, after Obamacare being the biggest tax increase in the history of our nation, & Trump win, needs to abolish any references to any anti tax movement or organized opposition. Hence it is going after the Confederacy because it is still very alive today and after Mexican Gangs and Muslim invasion is the only grass roots organization that has any momentum and history to stand up to what is coming down the pipe……

  44. No, the Confederates were traitors. Heck, WT Sherman started off as a lover of Southern culture, which only ended because they disagreed with them seceding from the Union. They weren’t terrorists, since all records show that they fought battles fairly, but that doesn’t deflect from the fact that they were traitors who would have weakened the US by leaving. Also, nobody benefited from them leaving aside from the slave-owners, whose high status allowed them to con the rest of the populace into thinking that Lincoln was going to rape their culture if they stayed with the Union. Lincoln wound up destroying them, but only BECAUSE they left.
    Also, Brazil was able to get rid of slavery organically because there was no culture of white supremacy there. They were a racially diverse empire only bound together by their loyalty to the Emperor. That’s why the slavery question there was never violent, whereareas in the US, pro-slave and anti-slave forces were already killing each other in the Western territories before the Civil War broke out. In Brazil, slavery was an oddity on its way out. In the US, slave-owners fought for the right to own slaves as long as they can. That’s why they tried to turn the Western territories into slave states, and why they seceded from the Union.

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