3 Reasons Men Need A Dog

The manosphere has ruthlessly dedicated itself to bettering the well-being of men, grounding them in civilizational roots, and landing worthy women for dating, mating, and marriage. One of the easiest and simplest boosts to those objectives has been sitting under our nose: a dog.

Mark Twain famously wrote, “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you.  This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”  This famous quote would have been even more portentous for the Current Year if he had substituted “woman” for “man.”

It turns out that caring for a dog can improve a man’s physical health, mental health, and boost relationships.  Not to mention that any self-respecting king would have had a hound or two lounging about his throne room.

An exercise buddy who is never hung over.

Dogs Make You Healthier

Multiple studies have found that owning a dog improves your cardiovascular health. Whether you’re finding it difficult to get the exercise you need or you balk at gym fees, just taking a dog outside to walk gives you a boost in the moderate walking paces that researchers say is equivalent to jogging.

While power-lifting and intense workouts have their place, general moderate mobility burns plenty of calories. This is one reason European women tend to be more slender than their American counterparts—they walk more. Even if you are doing intense workouts in the gym, additional exercise will bring additional benefits—pet owners make less excuses for weather they might normally stay indoors for.

I’ve not found bench-pressing to be a good day game topic, but walking your dog after the gym gets you out in the field with a built in conversation starter.  Studies have found that men who sleep better have higher testosterone and, lo and behold, according to the Mayo Clinic, a dog sleeping on the floor of your bedroom will improve sleep quality.

Who wouldn’t want to be this guy right now?

Dogs Make You Happier

Part of the red pill life is a ZFG (zero fucks given) attitude and recognizing that occasional female rejection builds a stronger, smarter man, but sometimes it hurts, or it’s lonely, or you’re in a post-break-up phase, and ZFG in every walk of life tends to lead to dental decay, head lice, and hermitude.

Men need their psychological batteries recharged too, but often we go about it the wrong way—rebounding, putting on the Capt’n Save-A-Hoe cape, or calculating that MGTOW brings less pain over the long haul.  What if you went home, had someone there to greet you, tell you how wonderful you were, how much they needed you and then licked your face?

People who own dogs report a better quality of life, and one study found that not only does owning a dog boost self-esteem, but it prevents the formation of fearful attachments—those dreaded rebounds.  All of this psychological research is predicated on the owner actively taking part in the dog’s life—keepers of junkyard guard dogs showed no statistically significant boosts.

Be this dude.  He knows how to make a woman compete for his affections.

Dogs will make you more attractive

There is a reason that the Instagram account “hotdudeswithdogs” is approaching half a million subscribers: chicks dig a guy with a dog.  My fellow ROK’ers will rightly dispute the “hotness” of many of the men pictured there, but what makes them a “hot dude” in women’s minds is the fact that they have a dog at their side.  As said above, a friendly dog makes you more approachable and more seem open without having to step out of frame.

Research has shown that men with dogs favorably raise a women’s appraisal of a man, and also make her more likely to invite him to bed.  It should also serve to note, especially for men who are vetting a potential spouse, that a dog works as a barometer both ways—she will see you as a “provider” without you having to actually provide for her, and within a relationship you can gauge her level of caring and mother potential in how she treats the dog.

Suffice it to say, my belief is that any woman who asks a man to choose between a dog and her needs to be shown the door, posthaste. And, except in the case of visible hives or choking anaphylaxis, “allergies” are just an excuse.

So easy, a girl could do it…

Dogs are easy to get and natural to care for

Humans, men in particular, have an almost symbiotic relationship with the dog.  It was the first animal domesticated.  They have been with us a long time and even a guy who has never had a dog before shouldn’t be intimidated.

Your humble author does recommend, however, a dog that is both grown and a family-friendly breed.  Puppies are great, but they do take some experience to train and a much larger commitment of time. If you feel ready to take care of a human baby, get a puppy.  If you’re looking for a companion, get a friendly adult dog.

There are three good places to get dogs:

The local animal shelter

Fees are nominal, and there’s a never-ending, immediate source of doggage.  Because backgrounds are not always known, I recommend introducing the dog to several different people, if possible, before adopting to discern phobias or neuroses the adoptee might have.

(Insert specific breed) rescue center

Fees are moderate, but the dog is a known quantity as far as behavior and at least partial history.  This will allow you to select a dog based on a breed that matches your life conditions and temperament—an important consideration.  The dog will also have been cared for by knowledgeable folk for some time.

Retired show dogs from a reputable hobbyist

This is the best kept secret in dog-dom. There are a limited number (a thousand or so) dogs retiring from the show circuit a year and most owners scramble to find a place for them when they are bred out or have reached the end of their competition days.  These dogs are typically between 5 and 8 years old, are impeccably trained, and, by virtue of age, mellow.

The fees may range from free to thousands of dollars (these owners have invested plenty, carting the dog around the country, premium food and training, etc.) but once you have researched a breed you might reach out to several breeders asking if they need an extra hand from a fan of the breed. They’re much more likely to gift a beloved champion to a friend than a stranger and, in the meantime, you know your new dog well.

No dynastic struggle should be undertaken without a loyal hunting dog.

All this is to say…

It is said, wisely, that clothes make the man.  The idea is a dual one: we are the image that we project and also that exterior accouterments tend to change who we are inside.  At the risk of sounding like I’m reducing a companion animal to a mere accessory, owning a dog changes the perception of people around us instantaneously and the daily tasks we undertake in the care of that dog change us slowly on the inside.

Men are, at least evolutionary, providers and now have something besides the fickle woman to provide for.  This helps keep perspective on who the provider is—who is the king of the castle.  A companion dog is one of the most natural leverages for proper frame yet devised.

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63 thoughts on “3 Reasons Men Need A Dog”

  1. Owning a dog helps divert attention. A women hates it when their male doesn’t meet their selective 100% attention requirements. And women love what they hate.

    1. @Burt this can be extrapolated to having superior life goals than simply a relationship. If your entire existence is based upon the relationship, your woman will subconsciously lose all respect for you eventually. Having greater ambitions and goals that do not involve your woman is essential. Never lose your drive and zest for life. She’ll shit test the fuck out of you for having more important things in your life but at the end of the day, she’ll respect you for it and she’ll be satisfied.

    2. Dogs are a lot of responsibility many aren’t ready for. Just get your picture taken with a dog if instagram fame, game, ect. is what you’re after. Try to look more like the pussy magnet in blue via workout.

  2. Tips for dog owners;
    If it annoys you when your dog jumps all over you; hold your knee up at a ninety degree angle. Use the counter or the wall for balance if needed. Aim your knee toward the dog. The dog will jump all over your knee, it will become awkward for the dog and the dog will stop. No need to yell at the dog for giving you a friendly greeting.
    How to control your dog with a leash. Place the leash just underneath the jawline instead of the neck and collar bone. I was able to control my 155 lb dog this way with my finger tips. Allow the leash to fall back to neck and collar bone and it’s back to tug-of-war.
    Remain calm and neutral when leaving your dog. Don’t get the dog excited then slam the door in his face. It creates a lot of anxiety for the dog. Remain calm and the dog will match your enthusiasm.
    Last one: make sure your dog has access to water 24/7. Water is more important to dogs than humans. I have witnessed people cutting the water supply at 6pm “so the dog won’t have to pee at night.” This is cruel. Dog should have unlimited access to water.

    1. I have witnessed people cutting the water supply at 6pm “so the dog won’t have to pee at night.”
      Correct. Someone who does this is lazy and lazy people should not have a dog.

      1. I agree. A lazy friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to get a Siberian husky. Man, we gave him hell. ” You’re so lazy, why did you buy the most active dog?” Then he complained about the dogs energy. “Well you bought a dog that was bred to complete in the Iditarod, not lounge around and watch you sit on the couch.” Smh

      2. I had a Mastiff puppy that would drink too much at night – we cut her off at 10pm after the last walk during house training.
        But 6pm is way too early.

    1. Sure, it’s cute now. But what about when you catch it chewing on your soul in the middle of the night?

      1. Then it won’t be able to get more Kratom. Just like a pimp addicting his bitch to drug, I would addict my Lion to KRATOM!!!

  3. This article is spot on. My latter half of my military career through today, while my kids are my first love, my dogs have always filled in the holes and made life exceptional, no matter my other trials and tribulations. If you want in biased and unending love and respect, you will only get it from one place. A well cared for dog. if you want one thing in your life to ever be a rock solid constant, it will be the returned affection from a furry pup. The only prerequisite is, you must treat your best friend humanely always, keep him or her well fed and healthy, and not ignore him or her. If you show your dog affection and attention, it will never turn on you. Abuse your dog, and he/she will return the favor. If you want one thing that will allow you to mildly tolerate all the moron people around you, a dog will do it.

  4. If a woman then asks why you don’t seek wont seek don’t care for a relationship with her, you can always point to your dog and say, “You will NEVER be able to top the deserving status that my dog has. He/she gets all that it needs and then some and will NEVER betray me or rob me or divorce rape me or file false charges against me. My dog is always loyal and affectionate and never plays mind games with me.. You aren’t even on the same planet as he/she is. Why would allow you to occupy a space to do those things to me and to victimize my dog too?

    1. Why would any woman want a relationship with a spiteful annoying asshole like you, to release all your mental illness on her? Just stick to dogs and wanking. At least you’re accustomed to them.

      1. Exactly why I prefer the company on people not hung up on their sick selves. I really give less than a rats ass what you think as a simp or insufferable hatchet gash bleeder. I prefer the non-mentally ill type anyways. Now scurry away back to your feminist gutter.

  5. I’ve gotten through life comfortably without a dog. To therefore describe a dog as a “need” is false.

    1. Since the early ‘80’s unfounded articles espousing the health benefits of pet ownership have claimed lower blood pressure, longer life and less allergies. The studies have been funded by the Pet Food Institute (PFI), which represents the manufacturers of dog and cat food. Of course, they want more pet ownership. I’ve read studies in Australia in which pets caused elderly people to be isolated, less amicable and die sooner.

      1. When it comes to studies, people don’t realize how they work. Do dogs magically make you live longer? Or perhaps do upper middle class people responsible enough to take care of themselves and their own health, choose to then take care of a second living creature? Relation doesn’t equal causality.
        If you isolate the studies to dog owners in inner city chicago, you would probably not find that they increased ones health or life-span. (Well, maybe guard dogs.)

      2. we are all going to die eventually, the ones who obsess over it are the miserable cucks that go alone. when i go, im coming back and am going to haunt a whole bunch of assholes and motherfuckers and drive them all insane.

      1. Yes. The Ancients had the ideal of ‘sufficiency’ as the goal, not maximizing political or financial success. Epicurus who preached freedom from aggravation or ‘ataraxia’ explained why one needs only enough to prevent unpleasantness.

  6. Love dogs – But now hate women/fags and their dogs in New York City – and the dog shit everywhere.
    if I lived on a farm/ranch – yep…
    otherwise is substitute for real children – and the shitting never ends…
    and freedom is compromised.

    1. Its really not the dogs that are the problem, just the owners that have NO decency towards other people, no respect for others, and then surrogatize pets to curry to their being childless (thank god they should not have kids, poor bastards) mental illness but humanizing their pets and then giving them complete license and no BOUNDARYS to be insufferable nasty untrained lap curs like their owners.

      1. You should go on safari to NYC, you coukd write a book on the impossibly retarded crazy cat(now dogs in public) ladies…

      2. Yeah some creep had one of those yapping little bastards that went at me while i was walking home. So I growled at it and threatened to kick it, and it ran away since im a meaner dog.
        Then his faggot owner, who had a lot less sense than the dog decided to also yap at me and ran right up to me., threatening, literally “to bite me”. Well, that didnt go down the way he expected. But I did begin to grasp why his poor dog acted so obnoxiously to someone who could beat the living shit out of it.
        And no, I didnt kick the dog, or gratuitously beat up the owner. I may be a wolf, but I have self control and common sense.

    2. I knew that pets as child substitutes for women was a well documented phenomenon, but I had not heard the same for men who were not homosexuals.

    1. Next ROK article will be what to do when your girlfriend leaves you for your dog because the sex was better and he was more hung. LOL

        1. You know, if it weren’t for the tattoos and the whole beastiality thing, she would be somewhat hot.

  7. The only thing I have less human empathy for than selfish self indulgent and self centered women (and their feminist cohorts) with heir nasty new age habits, is a dog owner who abuses neglects and ignores their better halves. Or the scumbags who anthropomorphize their animals and then have their sick twisted sex with them.

    1. I almost lost a relationship with a woman, who was otherwise awesome, due to her shitty, stinking, seven pound ugly shitzu rat. Women who adopt these small dogs are clueless when it comes to animals.
      The rat-dog would growl and cry if I even tried to kiss her. It would constantly shake and shit itself if it was let down for one second. It would scratch, beg, piss and shit at the door if we wanted to have sex.
      Someone above said that women, being childless, adopt these stupid little dogs now and let them get away with murder. It’s so true.
      Luckily, my girlfriend finally saw the light and gave that stupid dog to her parents. So many Americans aren’t having children and instead are adopting these fake pseudo children. It’s also on the Cultural Marxist agenda.
      Fuck I hated that rat.

  8. I agree completely with the writer on this subject. The only pitfall with owning a dog is ultimately they will break your heart more than any woman could ever hope to…

      1. Horses for courses, chap. If you need to read a book or visit a website to pull, or be a man then you take whatever advice your given.

  9. Do not get a dog because you think it will help you with the ladies. You will be disappointed. Get a dog because its the right thing for you.
    Or better yet, get a cat. They walk themselves and bury their own shit. Usually in your neighbor’s flowerbed.

  10. As much as I love dogs (a lot), I don’t have it in me to be that much of a care taker. Sure, every once in awhile, like with future children, I will come to the aid of the mother and also play with the dog/kids regularly. The late night bathroom breaks, the whining, the crying, the CONSTANT need for attention. I can’t give that much attention, even to a beautiful woman.
    An ex had a dog that loved me and I had affection for him but she took care of him. Every once in awhile if she was swamped and I was free I’d take him for a walk. I think I took him for 2 walks over 2 years while I was around.
    Dogs are great companions and a useful tool but we don’t need them as much anymore. Since their usefulness in modern times as a tool has waned they are more for women now.

  11. Soon you will have SJW advocating to FREE ALL PETS! Owning a pet is enslavement of the animal.

  12. Having come from families with extensive hunting dog training experience, I recommend to all of you who want to train your pooch to get a copy of Wing and Shot by Robert G. Wehle. Even if you don’t plan to hunt your mutt its guidance is legendary and indispensable for creating a well behaved hound. Bottom-line, patience, consistency and repetition. Canines are pack animals, but look to you to be that Alpha. A successful pet owner is never his dog’s ‘bitch’.
    Now I am not a dog lover, I am a dog owner. My dogs have always been machines that eat. That’s not to say they haven’t been trusted companions to my children and grand children. But because they were properly trained I could leave all small parties unsupervised to interact.
    To ensure respect, positive control and loyalty you need to be the all-power God of that critters universe. And there’s nothing more satisfying that watching that dog work the field, fully exercising their breeding and potential, even without pulling a trigger.

  13. I grew up with dogs, then went several years without them due to apartment dwelling and such. I missed the bonding, loyalty, gratification, and security that came with dogs. For the last 18 years, I’ve owned a home and had dogs. Better company than most of the dolts, half-wits, and dullards I have to slug it out with daily. I don’t have dogs to meet women, nor have I ever, in fact, my big fierce looking dogs keep the feminists, hipsters, manginas, and punks terrorized and at bay. There’s vet bills, care, and food , but the costs pale compared to the benefits, and are far less than divorces, alimony, child support, and mental anguish.

    1. I’ve head the slogan “kill and grill it” but perhaps that’s a bit over the top for puppies as chow.

  14. Delirious Dog Dudes and Crazy Cat Ladies. This is now the world. Meanwhile, dog licks its ass, then your face.

  15. I remember the family doggo when I was a kid: fierce as all hell against strangers but lovable to kids – she once managed to get on the school bus and was sniffing and licking everyone.
    The cheeky things developed expressive eyebrows to better bond with us. That is domestication for you.

  16. If someone wants my wife’s pain in the ass dog to feel more masculine let me know, I’ll hand deliver it. Pets are an unnecessary expense and hassle and make your house dirty and destroy things. I’ll take my aquarium.

  17. For MGTOW yes, for married or guys that Fuck crazy…no. everything the article mentions is very true and more. But everyone has a story how an ex sent their dog to the pound or killed it outright. The dog will be used to hurt you if you allow it.

  18. I looooove my precious Pookie-Poo-Poo Doggie Woggie Pup Pup!!! Sooooooo much! 🙂
    I can not wait to return home after a long day at Planned Parenthood to snuggle up with my little poo-poo Boom-Boom! 🙂 Who needs a girlfriend when my precious ball of fur is waiting at the edge my bed to lick my face and nuzzle my nipples with hot, growling breaths! Lick poom-poom Lick me! Ohhh! God Its soooo… GOOD! Uuhuhhuh UUUUUUUUUUH!

  19. The things my dog has seen….
    If my dog could talk I’d be in so much trouble, “another one? I liked the last two from Monday way more”

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