The 25 Hottest Girls Of Ok Cupid Los Angeles

To the girls of OkCupid:

Let me be the first to thank you for your participation in what has been history’s largest, and most unflinchingly honest, female beauty pageant. Though you didn’t realize it, by creating your online dating profile, you put yourself in the running for the coveted title of, “OkCupid’s Most Attractive (read: bangable) Girl.”

OkCupid didn’t tell you about this because they never intended to release the results—but I got my hands on the list of winners, so I’m going to do it for them, starting with the hottest girls of OkCupid Los Angeles.

How did this happen?

Before the results, a note on procedure. This ranking is based solely on data pulled directly from OkCupid. It represents the collective wisdom of thousands of men judging thousands of girls in the Los Angeles area. Whenever a man visits a girl’s profile (or vice versa) or views in it OkCupid’s ‘Quickmatch’ game, he can rate her on a 1–5 scale; see below.

this is how you rate her

Girls: while your account was active, hundreds if not thousands of men rated you based on your looks and written responses. OkCupid kept meticulous track of their judgements.

All the many ratings your profile received were averaged so that—in the proud tradition of oppressor males everywhere—the guys who built OkCupid could reduce your attractiveness to a single number on the 1-10 scale. They used that number to rank you against other girls in your area.

Gaggles of chicks flocked to OkCupid and, over time, the cream rose. In this no-holds barred competition of female value, there were winners, and there were a helluva lot of losers.

The girls here are the winners. They had the 25 highest ratings in Los Angeles when I pulled the numbers, and they provide an illuminating look at what men find attractive, when asked in the privacy of their own dating profiles.

To be eligible to win, a girl had to:

  • like guys
  • be between 18 and 49
  • live within 25 miles of Los Angeles
  • and have a photo

I tossed all such girls into the mix, and here’s what came out. For each of the 25 winners below, there’s one profile picture and a representative quote from her profile text. I’m keeping the screen names to myself, because I’m a selfish bastard. Plus, privacy concerns or some shit.

If you were among the losers, take note:tThere’s much to be learned through observing your betters. For your benefit, I’ve included a quiz at the end to gauge your comprehension of the material presented below.

The 25 Hottest Girls of OkCupid Los Angeles

#25 (tie) – age 20

#25, age 20

#25 (tie) – age 18

#25, age 18

#25 (tie) – age 18

#25, age 18

#25 (tie) – age 24

#25, age 24

#25 (tie) – age 24

#25, age 24

#24 – age 19

#24, age 19

#23 – age 43

#23, age 43

#21 (tie) – age 22


#21 (tie) – age 22

#21, age 22

#19 (tie) – age 25

#19, age 25

#19 (tie) – age 20


#14 (tie) – age 26

#14, age 26

#14 (tie) – age 24

#14, age 24

#14 (tie) – age 24

#14, age 24

#14 (tie) – age 19

#14, age 19

#14 (tie) – age 18

#14, age 18

#9 (tie) – age 23

#9, age 23

#9 (tie) – age 23

#9, age 23

#9 (tie) – age 23

#9, age 23

#9 (tie) – age 20

#9, age 20

#9 (tie) – age 20

#9, age 20

#7 (tie) – age 24

#7, age 24

#7 (tie) – age 22

#7, age 22

#6 – age 19

#6, age 19

#3 (tie) – age 23

#3, age 23

#3 (tie) – age 22

#3, age 22

#3 (tie) – age 18

#3, age 18

#2 – age 19

#2, age 19

#1 – age 18

#1, age 18

Final Assessment

There is a lesson behind all these pictures. Take this quiz to see how well you’ve internalized it:

1. Recall that girls ages 18 to 49 were eligible to win. Expressed as a percentage, how many of the winners were 22 or younger? 25 or older?

2. By the standards of 2014 America, how many of the winners qualify as “thin” or “skinny”? How many are “curvy,” “full-figured,” “overweight,” or have “a little extra”?

3. How many of these winners have pixie cuts?

4. How many have visible tattoos?

5. How many have gaps between their thighs? How many have holes in their Lululemons?

6. How many appear to have distinguished themselves based on their intellect, eloquence, experience, confidence, professional success, maturity, political / social awareness, grrrl power, or other qualities not visible to the naked eye?

7. Speaking of naked, how many of these girls appear uncomfortable showing skin or presenting themselves as sex objects for the gratification of men?

EXTRA CREDIT: Briefly, if the offense is not too great, consider girl #23. In order from most important to least important, rank the following factors that might have contributed to her high score:

  • Visible cleavage
  • Promise of fast, no-investment sex
  • Redhead fetishism
  • Thirsty simps
  • All other components of male sexual attraction combined

If you struggled on the quiz, check this list of L.A.’s 20 runners up for remedial instruction in what men actually value in girls. Others of you can go here to learn more about how this ranking was compiled.

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142 thoughts on “The 25 Hottest Girls Of Ok Cupid Los Angeles”

  1. man, I want to put these girls in my harem, then pass them around my bros, and then pimp them out for cash

    1. “Didn’t meet her on OkStupid though, met at the club.”
      Haha. I think being on OkCupid automatically put you on the ‘do not bang list’ for these girls.
      OkCupid strikes at the very heart of Game in that it significantly lowers your pre-selection. Sloot logic dictates that the guy shouldn’t be actively looking because he already should be attractive to many sloots. It should just happen, you shouldn’t be actively looking. Oh Sloots, you never fail to amaze.

      1. So true. I would bet my life savings that no one who actually “rated” these girls actually had sex with any of them

    2. my bet’s on the coy looking bitch with the iphone… no#3 tie – 23… she’s about the only one worth a mention, unless you like the child molester skinny blondies…

      1. I hope you realize what you consider “child molester skinny” there in America is what we consider “average” everywhere else here on Earth…

        1. not really man. That chick’s like….unhealthy. I’d only bang 6 of them though because ass is the deal maker/breaker for me, but then again, I’m black, so maybe you’re different. That ginger’s disgusting, BTW. I’d rather just jerk off than accept any sexual advances from that! Oh, and I counted 6 girls with ass, which is what I call curvy, not that fat disgusting BBW shit feminist s talk about. However, I think chicks get confused easily, so I’m seriously not sure what word to use. People think we like fat chicks. We don’t. Sir Mix a lot wanted 36-24-36 at 5’3″, not 40-40-40, you know? Big ass, tiny waist, nice tits- best thing you can ever get man.

        2. it’s one thing bedding a girl young enough to be your daughter, and another altogether when she looks like she’s yet to start high school… no#1 surf chick looks about 15… so do some of the others…. not really my thing…. and probably terrible in bed.

        3. Quote: ” hope you realize what you consider “child molester skinny” there in America is what we consider “average” everywhere else here on Earth”
          Agreed. Slender physiques are normal in societies whose female population are not bloated sacks of pig vomit.

    3. I’m sure you aren’t the only guy that banged her from that club. I’m sure she gets around like a record

  2. And number 23 is proof of American men’s obsession of huge tits being able to overcome a multitude of sins.
    Shaking my head America. Same damn people that made Kate Upton a supermodel.

    1. this article nearly made me puke on my laptop……. shopping carts 1 and all…. will that be paper or plastic sir ?

    2. We’ve learned to live with the shame…
      An American man that doesn’t fuck trashy overweight gingers that look like their crowning achievement in life was waiting tables at Waffle House.

    3. I thought the list was like ‘who puts out easiest + comes across as dumb’ versus ‘girls who come across as the nice/sweet/innocent girl’.
      Big tits + mentioning you’re c0ck hungry = winner, in her case.
      But yeah, I would not bang unless forced to.

      1. She has a good rack, and no ass. She comes from money, so she has the contacts to ensure such hype.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t bang most of these girls. Are these women really hot and I’m missing something?

      1. Guys preferences can be different yo. I personally care about the big ass and small waist so much that I can’t get hard without it, and will overlook a girl’s busted face if she has it. Fuck, I say bags aren’t just for carrying shit. So I’d only bang six of these girls, but I’d fuck them with the force of all the Broncos man! I especially like number 1 and number 2, and the last 9 might make me premature ejaculate. Just saying. but that ginger….who the fuck would touch that? Would you? if you were on a dry spell? If she coerced you with her titties? If all of the above were true and you just drank half a handle? If all the above were true and she’s trying to rape you? For the record, I’d run, and if I can’t, I’d beat a hoe, just so I can leave. She might like it or try to arrest me, but all that be damned, I’m protecting myself from AIDS.

    1. I agree: except for a few hotties (#3), most of them are barely doable.
      But I am in Europe, so my standards are different, I guess (poor American men, if these overweight degenerates are what you consider “attractive”, I can’t even imagine what the rest of them look like..)

    2. No. The problem is the presentation. If you saw them in person you’d probably like them but seeing them in these pictures one after the other they come off as obnoxious — like they’re trying to shove contrived sexuality down your throat. This is why the Web distorts our images of the opposite sex. It’s as if you asked for a bit of whipped cream on your sundae and someone doused it with a gallon — it’s no longer tasty even though it’s the same stuff.

    1. physically most are relatively attractive, not exactly model material but OK……
      sexually they all appear happy to put out for the right masculine guy
      but intellectually, i think i’d have a brain embolism spending 5 minutes talking to them…
      this is where my recent hooker mentality comes into play….
      no BS. quality of service, relaxing, no gossip, privacy, and no i don’t want to hear about your BFF, ex-boyfriend, momma’s new boyfriend, dreams of being an actress, court room lawyer, rocket scientist, etc. or listen to you giggle over your iphone and facebook page… it’s makes my brain feel like someone injected jelly into my ears….
      the time and effort and not inconsiderable costs that will go into wooing any or all of these girls, doesn’t stack up, especially since most of them are probably terrible in the bedroom and are waiting with clipboard in hand to judge your performance – and tell all their friends about it.
      it’s demeaning for a real man to have to stoop to the level of these women just to get laid…. you’re only fooling yourself…. it’s like working a shift at macdonalds just to get a free hamburger. I’d rather eat out of the dumpster than put on a uniform and prepare french fries for drive through customers.

      1. Many hot women are bad in bed because they don’t need to put any effort. They get your dick for validation, while thinking of high heels, sushi and Jared Leto. The second you complain they can get another man.
        Actually, many 5-6s are better in bed than 7-9s, since they do actually have to keep an alpha happy in bed to ensure some degree of commitment (or at least a call).
        As for the hookers, it is a financially sound expense with low time investment and no bull attached. However, the thrill of getting even a 6 in bed is worth it as a man becomes red pill aware. That is why I refrain from hookers, for now.

  4. lol @ No.14 (The 24yr old blonde one) “lets just say my professor gave me an A+”. And that ladies and gentlemen, is everything that’s wrong with america in a nutshell.

    1. What’s wrong are those fu….. high-placed white knights. For any girl that gets “affirmative actioned” by those dickheads, a decent, hardworking guy is sidelined.

    2. I was a TA when I was in grad school and blue pill as hell. I look back on those days through the red pill filters and think of some of the girls I could have nailed and it just depresses me.

  5. Following on McQueen’s comment, this article may generate an ROK “Eskimo Bros.” Follow-up.
    The results, might not be that shocking….

  6. I would do:
    14 – not real, it’s a chubby hipster brunette who found that picture in a catalog
    14 – volleyball shorts…….enough said
    9 – both the manipulative bitch blonde and the blonde humping the couch who probably smells like a combination of mothballs and cigarettes and is probably sticky from the sweat of her popping mollies the night before.
    1 – is a cute as hell but she’s got 20 surfer dudes who wear hurley tshirts lined up
    By the way, these girls are such cornballs with their cliches of shopping, partying, sushi, creep, phone, “I enjoy life.” I respect #2 the most because she just flat out said “I like sex does that make me a hoe?” Which means she is a hoe but I salute her.

  7. “I have two bunnies . . .”
    . . . and I’m saving up for a neck.
    “I have never tried sushi.”
    Good to know that you’re not like “I like some seafooooooood, mama” #25.
    “You like beer.”
    I’m a celiac, you insensitive clod. Do you steal pencils from blind men too?
    I’ll be here all week (where the fuck is spring already. I ain’t in LA, I can tell you that. In fact, I just did).
    Surfer girl is surfer fit. I like that enough that I could give a pass on the meh face if she didn’t feel obliged to make it all goofy and shit for the camera. Definite self-esteem issues there. Once upon a time, but I’m getting tired of dealing with that shit.

    1. With that pose, she shows off a nice, fit body, and she’s dressed elegantly. To me, that’s so much more appealing than “Ooh, look at my tits!”

  8. The second #7’s comments made me laugh out loud. “I’m 22 and a true unique person. I love to party and have a good time.” Self awareness; she knows it not.

  9. Most of them do not have particularly beautiful faces, but a few of them do. Number 14’s photo was obviously pinched from a magazine. I guarantee you she’s not on OK Cupid.

  10. Somebody needs to assemble a contest where we go the other way, and pit the least desirable Ok Cupid members in our respective areas against one another. The Ms. Empowered Woman Pageant 2014, brought to you by Doritos and 5th Wave Feminism.
    Also #14 for the Volleyball shorts.

    1. Winners of such contest would include fat, polyamorous, bisexual, tattoed, skrillexed, feminist, anti-patriarchy sluts, both pre and post Wall.

  11. If you were among the losers, take note:tThere’s much to be learned through observing your betters.
    Such as trying to be slender and toned.
    P.S. I don’t understand why you bothered pasting those sayings from the girls on top of their photos. Everything a girl says is irrelevant anywayz.

  12. Would bang:
    #25(with the white shirt)
    #21(with the cat costume)
    #14(all of them)
    #9(first and last one)
    #1(by far the best on this list)

  13. aren’t you pedestalizing women right now? You should be ashamed, beta male. Thirsty men are the ruin of society. There is also an article on ROK about it.

  14. Oh God, as if you would want to go with a delusional LA woman.
    Note the one who thinks she’s a model and an aspiring CSI. She’s been watching way too much TV. Wait until all the i’m-a-woman-in-your-face attitude comes out.
    You may as well star in the Deer Hunter.
    Enjoy boys.

    1. Yeah, a “Criminal Investor” sounds awfully exciting and lucrative. That must be some high-risk speculation that only the sharpest, most cunning, and most daring of amateur models buy into. I bet the classes she will be taking at the University for her Criminal Investment major are going to be grueling…

      1. I bought Marlo stock when the Barksdales were still on top. Still counting my $ from that wise Criminal Investment.

  15. Your “Final Assessment” was the cherry on top… Good job man. Hopefully liberal/feminist women will take note and stop living in their fantasy world. Not holding my breath though.

  16. OMGOMG thanks so much for triggering my eating disorder!!! It’s so cool that I’m not a real person, so I can’t feel the hunger pains, anyway! All the hot alphas LOOOVE getting bruised on my sharp pelvis! And I live for being treated like a series of holes 🙂 ^_^ <3 which I am, cuz I’m a dumb little slut! Revenge of Kreeps is the coolest site ever! I’m so happy I discovered it before I hit the wall at 19. I’m only 12 so I’m still HAWT. When I do hit the wall, I’m soooo hoping one of you alpha studs will shoot me in the head!! Yaaaay, I’ll shut up now cuz a woman’s mouth should never speak or eat, only suck.

    1. Read the profiles of the university girls overestimating their intelligence sometime. Smart or dumb, they’re all retarded.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, it’s primarily the looks that make a woman attractive, but I personally find it a big turnoff when a girl seems proud of being ignorant/ retarded/ slutty

        1. Looks are all that most women bring to the table.Their obnoxiousness can be so great, it can put anyone off.

  17. I know it’s a matter of personal taste but some of those American bitches are masculine as fuck. They make me want to puke.

    1. Especially #9 and #2. They’re 5s at best, but I guess since they show their badonkadonks they get ranked higher.

      1. I respect 23 just because she’s still out there, post-wall gobbling cock like a trooper. I wouldn’t fuck her or anything, but if there was some welfare scheme providing handjobs for retards,I wouldn’t feel cheated as a taxpayer if she got the job.

        1. She is an escort that charges 160 bucks an hour.
          (Hint you can negotiate these types down to under 100.)

        2. I guess with a government contract that would get her work satisfying maybe 5 retards per day, some sort of multi-cock discount would be in order. Though in fairness she might have to get extra if she has to deal with the sort of liberal wankers who administer most government schemes- not even the skankiest bitch in the Northern Hemisphere should be forced to spend more time than is necessary with the sandal-wearing dykes and closet-paedos that make up the vast majority of government bureaucrats. Compared to those faggots being a hooker is an honourable profession.

  18. No.23 ???. You put that in to shit stir, didn’t you.??. Gross. As for the other attention seeking slags, pump and dumps ….

  19. There’s no accounting for taste, of course. But I actually found the girls on the runners up page to be more attractive than most of the ones on this list. But on average, most of the girls on both lists weren’t very hot, IMO.

    1. I totally agree with you. The runner sup are (as a group) much more attractive, but their photos are less slutty. Also, most look 5 to 10 years older (like 30 or 31). But about 6 or 7 of them are quite attractive.

  20. holy shit, the clubs sluts that give be BJs are miles better than this. LA sucks, never going there.

    1. Well you know what they say: a girl’s gotta make a living.
      And I’ll also note that she looks rather like a member of the Clinton family and leave it at that.

  21. Outside of #23, I think the back half of the list is better than the first half.
    Also, I can’t believe some of the 18-20 year olds need to be on OKC. They must have started their slutting early if they already need online ego boosting

    1. As I have written before, stay away from the young ones. I’ll add especially the good looking ones.
      If they weren’t social rejects of a fairly high order they’d be too busy rejecting guys IRL to be soliciting online.
      And many of them are simply scams of one sort or another. At best the scam is as you state; ego boosting. At worst . . . well, the worst.

    2. Women so young and/or so hot use OKC for pure attention whoring, and perhaps for free dinner/clothing one in a while.
      It goes like this:
      Girl: “omg my heel broke sniff -signs in to OKC, 100+ messages, reads 3, signs off- yee sushi lets party!”

  22. Anyone else notice that only the Russian girl (#21) makes any attempt what so ever to look classy in her photo? All of the others are the typical over-the-top, sexually provocative photos, where the girl does her very best attempt to look like a slutty “party girl”.

    1. I have had great experiences with Russian women… the one I was married to for four years hated feminism. Sigh, should have never let her go.

  23. please stop posting these chicks pictures on the internet. now they think they’re super special and more entitled. every chick on here has been used and abused…you’re just number 5000 in line waiting to buy them dinner. nothing special..move on.

  24. I find it pretty odd tat a good number of these girls are not very spectacular looking. A number of hotties, a number of 6’s, and even some super plain-janes… and a middle-aged dumpy troll. With the thousands of girls that are on OKCupid LA (and how many visually appealing girls live in LA in general), I guarantee there are 25 broads that are all 9’s should be on this list.
    Interesting findings… one common denominator is that they are say pretty typical and slutty things.

  25. This list is nonsense .. I was waiting for a funny twist at the end but it never came ..
    If you are red pill and alpha all that list shows is how generic these bitches are with all their clone like poses and ‘uniqueness ‘ .. Hot ? Who cares .. 80% sound like idiots .. And you want chicks to espire to this ? Or am I missing something

  26. #21 managed to be sexy and classy. No thrusting cleavage or Miley Cyrus tongue. And she’s not from the US. Surprised?

  27. Looks-wise, there are less than 5 of these girls that I would’ve expected to make OKCupid’s top 25 hottest for a big city like LA. Most of them are just ok. And almost all of them have annoying comments. This article seems like an anti-advertisement for OKCupid. I’m not signing up for a profile any time soon.

  28. Number 21 seems decent, she’s not American obviously. The rest not worth their weight in salt.

  29. Wow… does a free scorching case of genital herpes come with bending any of these skags over the sink?
    Of course it has been a well known inside fact that online dating services plant fake profiles of hot chicks to lure guys to their site. let’s face it: if you’re a hot chick you need not use the online personals to meet guys, period.
    So the hot chicks on online sites are either fakes, or skanks that just want validation of loved starved men who send messages like “OMG GURL… UR LIKE…. SO HAWT!”

    1. Exactly. I mean outside of the 43 year old — why seriously would I believe any of those cunts need to join a pathetic website like OKC to get a date?
      They are attention-whoring for validation and ego boosts only; thats IF they are even real profiles/ pics. Same bullshit at POF.

  30. The author forgot one major thing on his list of commonalities. They’re all white. This certainly looks nothing like the demographics of Los Angeles.

  31. All white and Asian girls. Lemme guess the author is a White man. White men are so predictable. I am black and I like girls of all races but I especially prefer Latinas and Indian girls. Some mixed girls are hot too tho. Too me Asian girls tend to be the least attractive cus they all look the same and they have no body whatsoever.

    1. Yea I’m suprised there aren’t any latina girls on here, they have the best bodies (by far) compared to everyone else.

      1. Maybe they dont post profiles on POF because they are worried about getting their fat bean-stuffed puta illegal asses deported.

    2. To the rest of the world blacks are the least attractive. This isn’t an Afromitive Action website. Take your bitching about “European normative…” over to BET.

  32. Think the author has been suckered in by the classic online dating attention whoaring phenomenon .. Bit sad this kind of beta enabling behaviour is creeping into rok

  33. This list is shit I’d have them all in completely different places, some shouldn’t even be on the list including #23 I wouldn’t touch that fat,old bitch for a million dollars, also the runner up list is better than this list!

  34. You do realize that 99% of women use fake pictures for their online dating profiles?

  35. If those are the top 25 on OKC in LA, a place known for hot chicks, I’d hate to the see the list in a city known for fatties and uglies. Like, say, Seattle. Must be horrid, full of land whales.

    1. How true. Seattle is the tops for pasty white fatties. I lived there and could not wait to return to SoCal.

  36. 25 looks like she’s 12, literally. No curves, and the face of a 12 year old. Way to go pedophile

  37. Very few of them even look like they should be on a “top 25” list, especially in a city like LA. These are probably just the ones who show the most skin, so they’re the most popular. Girls who just put up respectable pictures, even if they are much more attractive, aren’t going to make this list.
    I don’t get why any college girl would turn to OkCupid to find dates. They’re surrounded by guys on campus. After college, it gets harder to meet people, so I could understand it then. But that mostly applies to nice girls who don’t like the bar scene and resort to online dating as a result – I doubt nice, respectable girls would generally make this list. Very few don’t look like trash.
    As for the “under 22” comment, there are many 30 year olds who look better and younger than these girls do.

    1. Yep noticed the same. The runner list is much better – #45 accountant babe would be exactly my type for example. The #45 boat girl has a nice sense of humor paired with great boobs and a fine understanding of men’s minds.
      All in all the runners-up list is much higher quality….but it seems the numbers come from people who are of much lower quality themselfs and will be attracted so similar shallow, bimbo people.
      Remember when I wrote that a higher education, better job etc for a man will raise his chances while for women these things are limiting their options?
      Who wanted proof, here you go.

  38. #5, the “gap” is important. It may be one of the most important features.

  39. social media, killing long term relationships. Narcissistic mentally ill women getting endless validation.
    I bet these women are on their smart phones all the time, like gormless losers.
    Social media has fucked the sexual market place, distorted it.

  40. Even the pretty looking ones have shit taste in make up, fashion. They manage to make themselves look ugly.
    Western women are dysfunctional and insane.
    Best looking women I have known don’t wear make up. If you are fundamentally good looking, you don’t need to do anything.
    I have seen 17 year old girls with flawless skin put on foundation, why bother?
    Women are freaking nuts.

  41. Biggest takeaway for me was that the foreign (Russian) girl was gorgeous and classy where nearly every American girl was attention whoring and trashy. Seems like fewer Americans -didn’t- talk about how good they were at sex and/or partying than did.
    I’m a critic of the ‘manosphere’ in general because a lot of what’s said comes across as aspie whining, but it’s hard to argue with this one.

  42. What’s wrong with world peace, i didn’t hear it ,these girls are not real models.

  43. Don’t find number 23 and 2 attractive at all. The second number 25 (the one who mentions the bunnies) is anorexic, I would know, I worked at a mental health clinic specialising in eating disorders for 3 years.
    It seems like most of these girls aren’t totally unconscious about their sex appeal, and know how to mess with a guy’s head.
    That’s the problem with most men today, we let women get away with crime for the sake of pussy.

  44. I’m not that into these girls.
    I like Emily Blunt, Naomi Watts, Jessica Biel, Evangeline Lilly, Natalie Portman, Alexis Bledel, and Claire Forlani
    Almost all my favorite movie stars are a B cup or smaller. And they almost all have green eyes.
    And they tend to have dancers legs.
    These girls seem to be all tits, hair, and teeth.
    If breasts were not a factor, how many of these women would be on a hot list?

  45. # 25 Criminal Investor, what a dumb broad, investigator and investor are two COMPLETELY SEPARATE THINGS and she’s too dumb to understand either of them.

  46. #25 (tie) – age 24 Was the hottest one by far for me. Russian being a second. I had no idea the thirst was truly this bad. Must be a serious drought in LA for these 7,s and lower to make it to the top list. Ughhhhhh

  47. Where is the article? I only see one pic of 5 different girls, which is not clickable.

  48. People wonder why I am still single at 37. Look at the trash that I have to pick

  49. People wonder why I am still single at 37. Look a t the wonderful trash that is out there. Looks aren’t everything ladies or how hard you can get a guy.

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